Hour 3: Making Amends?


Gatorade knows there's no one path and athlete takes to unlock their true greatness for decay. Metcalf greatness starts with early morning grind going hard when everybody else wants to quit for world. Record-breaking track star sidney mclaughlin. it's all about setting a goal working hard every day to shatter it and for jason. Tatum greatness starts with giving everything to live up to the legends. That came before him. Whatever path you take to greatness. Gatorade is there to help you fuel it. Because greatness starts g g. sanjay willing to with the podcast okay. So fully agree to and and are not fully agree to a not fully sign just yet and here the details. Do we know this. Now you're fine fifty thousand dollars a day if you do not show up to training camp and i asked schefter about this a little bit further and just said like is there a possibility he could be slapped with that fine and he said essentially both parties meaning the packers and rogers. No what they're up against here practices not start for the packers until tomorrow so they have. Today is when everyone needs to report the practices and startles. Tomorrow they have through today to work out these kings and hopefully they will so that everything is fine and dandy for tomorrow and aaron rodgers is indeed your number one starting quarterback for the green bay packers and jordan. Love takes back seat unfortunate for jordan love. Y'all all he got was not as you know like he doesn't even get he's ready right from all the reports we've heard it seems like he's still working at this thing and air. Rogers had to sit and sit and sit some more and worked out pretty well for him. So it's not about how you start it's about one you start and how you ultimately finished so jordan will get his time. What is time camps at eight right now any right now but nonetheless it is a good day because we've been leading up to this day. When packers report to training camp with aaron rodgers be there. What would happen with this entire saga. Now it's kind of coming to a close slowly. And that is that he is going to spend at least the next year and green bay uniform him and likely davante adams and they're going to try and go out and win a championship and then we'll see what the future holds for them. I wanna talk about some moves. Now that's happening in vegas because they always seem to know things Caesar's william hill has moved the packers back to minus one twenty j. They started the day at plus two twenty. Maybe you can tell me what that means. Exactly plus twelve hundred two plus one thousand for rogers. Mvp that was the move from yesterday. So did you hear that. So plus twelve hundred two plus one thousand where the rogers. Mvp odds that moved from. Yesterday i would imagine the one twenty minus one twenty as they started the day plus two twenty would a would be in regards to their ability to win the nfc north. That would probably make them the favorites. And that's about you. You're getting it at meaning you. You're not an in plus money. It's minus one twenty. So they're heavy favorites. I'm imagining what that caesar caesar's william hill number of minus one. Twenty is the packers. And so where's the value here like. At this point the fan base is kind of looking at this a little sideways. Like what is going on. Where's our quarterback. Why is there all these. Disagreements amongst management had not really met leflore packers aaron rodgers etc. Are we going to finally get this thing figured out. We can start focusing on football a little bit like you have to think that both the locker room and the fan base feels this way at this point and hopefully we're going to have an end to this kind of solution so the faster and i'm speaking for you a little. I guess the faster. Aaron rodgers shows his face at camp the faster we can get to football and stop worrying about all this nonsense. No yeah but do you think he's on a clock have to get there you think. It behooves him to get there as soon as possible because he's in danger of losing fan base losing his teammates. I think losing the fan base. But i think i would guess in speaking to my dad. Who's a diehard packers. Fan lives in. We'll show dog peplum. I i know that this is aggravating. Them like this has been a lot of back and forth and it's making packers fans feel almost like what are we not go to like what's going on here. We not good enough. Why is there all this back and forth. let's get to camp. Let's play some football. Hear you it's a. It's a natural sentiment to come from your father and probably many others in wisconsin. And i'm not disagreeing with him. Because he's my father-in-law that's always smart. Play anybody who's married knows duck peppers a great man. Now that we've covered that part. I would say this. That's all fine and dandy but once aaron rodgers gets back on the field and plays like aaron rodgers. Everybody's gonna forget about this stuff because it all came in stem from this desire to have their guy back so whatever dance they did doesn't matter rogers comes back and plays like he did last year and the team looks like they did last year and that offense looks like it did last year. The minute that happens poof. It's gone him. Being a camp is start towards that. I'll say this though and it plays to the theater of what this year can look like. They're in green bay because of all this drama understanding. It's only one year if if aaron rodgers comes in there and doesn't look like one of the elite players in the national football league people like your father who've had issues with how this summer played out are going to be like see. It's because he doesn't care it's because he doesn't wanna be here is because he was focused on everything else but football in the off season they might even do what men always seem to do. Blame it on the new woman in his life and say shailene woodley celebrity. Got him away from what he's doing on a football field. People will go to the most ridiculous extremes to find reasons to poke out why aaron rodgers is in playing at the level. He should be playing. So it's gonna be interesting. It will be interesting but nonetheless. I think all of us. Because we have i have we have spent basically since drafty which was back in april talking. About what aaron rodgers is going to do this upcoming season and now we know he is going to be the quarterback for the green bay packers. He is going to be there in camp. Yes as we heard from shefty. They still have to work out some minor details but they are very close to reaching an agreement for this upcoming season. Now that leads to devante atoms hit his wide receiver and we saw the instagram stories over the weekend of the two of them posing the exact same thing. Scotty pippin and michael jordan on the basketball court essentially Resembling a last and sort of situation where they're going to try and give it one more. Try this upcoming season and go when a chip and so the question is now. What if they don't what if they don't win a super bowl. Who does this fallen then. Does it fall on aaron rodgers shoulders. Does it fall on upper management shoulders. Does it make everyone in wisconsin. Feel like well. This was a big waste of time. What if they don't win a super bowl and jay. This kind of reminds me. Because you and i had a conversation like this about the nets when they brought in kyrie irving and they brought in james harden and they have kevin durant and i remember thinking myself. What if they don't win the championship and look what happened. They obviously don't a different team from the east won the championship. Is it that same kind of pressure that we're going to see in the nfl this year. Or is the men's pressure because the pressure is of course to win the title this year for the green bay packers and bringing back in rogers and hopefully davante adams but the pressure is even greater than natch and gouda Murphy that green bay brass they too. I imagine like the rest of the world watched the last dance last year. And in that a big thing that was a takeaway was wow jerry. Krause had no idea what he was doing. That's raw jerry. Krause was one of the most brilliant guys in constructing a dynasty and the man. May he rest in should be celebrated as such hall of fame caliber and what he did there. But what is jerry. What else but what is your across remembered for. Not being able to keep that thing at the level was not keeping that team together now keeping that dynasty together leaving money on the table so all the good that he had done in his career Nobody remembers that they remember what happened. Mj left the dynasty. They left money on the table. And you would hope good akins. You would hope that murphy saw that and said okay. We've got a year in this year. How can we not be jerry. Krause how can people remember that. We did have this consistent thing here that we did do great things with the packers and we did keep aaron rodgers. We didn't leave money on the table. They have a year to figure out how not to be jerry krause and how not to be unfairly viewed in a way that maybe they don't have to be so and they do it in this year winning. We'll go a long way so who wins. Who won this whole scenario. Okay packers aaron rodgers or visit us at the end of the day. We win this scenario. Everyone wins this scenario. Everyone wins because aaron rodgers starting with him has a chance to further cement. His legacy has a chance to chase a second title. There in green bay is still playing at a high level gets the consistency around him to continue to do that. It's easier to play in a place where you know the system and you're comfortable and where you're established not have to go somewhere else. Figure it all out so he wins in that regard. He also gets a flexibility at the end of this year to do something previously until the contract was worked around that he would have had. He's got that flexibility. Rogers wins packers win because they are now the front runner to win. Nfc north a true favorite or one of the favorites to win the super bowl completely. Relevant don't have to throw jordan lab out there and hope for the best you've also piece fans we win because we love the last dance documentary last year. Love it like everybody. It was drama. It was an inside peek. Peel back the curtain. We got two little and that was going back in the past. We already knew how that story was. Written present day we get the last dance remix. We get to see this whole thing. Play out real time. We get to lean into the drama. We lean into the moments if things do go sell if it goes south. The speculation that we'll be doing the media that fans will be doing that. Drama is going to be so real the peaks and the valleys. We live it real time. That's what sport delivers theater and moments. They're going to be plenty of them. Green bay plenty of them is right okay. Well we'll continue with this story throughout the entirety of the morning. Aaron rodgers all but done deal to be back in green. Bay's the star this upcoming season for the packers much more to get to on the football front by the way this is key. Jalen zubin coming to you. Live from the seaport district at pier. Seventeen and we are brought to you by chase and there's also a lot going on in the midst of a baseball season right now because the trade deadline is on the horizon. It is friday and so we're going to go to the goodyear hotline. That's what we're presented by here. Keyshawn zubin and we're gonna be joined by former. Mlb player he also has a world series ring with the red sox as names will meadow brook. Joining us on the goodyear hotline. Good morning to you mr well. Let's start with the yankees. Shall we if the yankees by. What are they buying. And if they're selling what are they selling well first off. Good morning my favorite couple. The fact that you guys can do a radio show together and remained married as a base knows because his wife is in business and they do it to tell. This man gets what he's talking to hear the debate. We have over sport but yes. Let's get to the yankees because x red sock here love talking yankee especially when they're struggling so let's get after it they can't sell. Let's be honest the yankees their their egos too big. They can't sell And really realistically. They're not that far out of the car to three and half four days out of the wildcard there they're still in the mix there Their there uber talented. Now but i had a couple weeks ago the next couple of weeks. You're gonna tell me how aggressive they going to be at the deadline. The more and more. I thought about this doesn't your date. Of course they're going to be aggressive. I think they're gonna be ridiculously aggressive. I think they're going to be in on shares if they're going to be in all story boxed in all these big names. I think they're going to say forget the luxury tax. We've been trying to stay under all year and all last off season. And i think they go for it. I don't know if they can get all those players. I think they're going to be aggressive and trying to get them but they're going to have to take on a a lot of money to do that Like i said you can't sell because your first piece to sell your most valued players. Aaron judge. how much money does he bring that organization with ticket sales surging. Everything he's the face of the franchise you can't sell him. That's a really bad. Look to your fan base. So i think they go after sherzer. He's saying i want an extension. If you're gonna if you're gonna trade for me cover stories we're gonna have to extend him immediately but that's a really good team and you make those moves your all the sudden much more dangerous ball club and well. It's really interesting with the yankees because it's the yankees so they're never going to really be sellers I understand that pressure to remain relevant because of the standard set there but this is a team that's nine and a half games back in the slyke it's going south not going north and it doesn't really feel like it salvageable especially with some of the questionable managing coming from aaron boone which is another conversation but with all that being established. Does it behoove the yankees go. Chase assures her. Give up the farm for a team that is are. They really going to compete this year. If they make that move well there three and a half hours the card. So if you just this a playoff system if you get in with a derek coal you're gonna win. You have a good chance of winning a wildcard game and if you goget sherzer you don't necessarily have to give up your farm. You're just going to have to take on a lot of money and the issue. There is not only what he's this year and whatever you want to extend him and pay him. The issue with his contract is deferred money from twenty twenty two to twenty twenty eight fifteen a year since extra hundred five million dollars in deferred money that they would have to take on. So it's it's stretched out over the years and if you start looking at fifteen a year for a guy like that not that crazy to think. But he's thirty seven years old right now. He's not getting any younger pitcher. Start throwing harder this point in their career. So would it make sense for them to go get them. I really could see them making an effort to go get him. I if if they're willing to take on that all the deferred money because with this playoff system. If you get in with two star pitchers you have a really good chance to deepen the postseason interesting. We'll metroplex right now joining us on the good your hotline. A former mlb player. He also won a world series chip with the boston. Red sox okay. We talked a lot about the yankees. How about we go to my cubbies shall we. Did you see last night. The reaction from hotter dyas after he hit run home run. I'm sorry it was a walk off single against amir garrett. What did you make of that. Well number it's the first game of the series too so this could get a little hairy over the next days but amir garrett is we know he's taken on full dugout the teams for the past. He's not scared of throwing the hand but He didn't seem to get that mad. So that makes me think there is a relationship between the two so Amir is very quick to get really angry and fight and he didn't do that there so that makes me think there's something between him and his Kind of playful competitiveness. I don't know if it's gonna turn into something Unless another pitcher takes exception to it. But it seemed like fun competitiveness and didn't really seem like they got very angry about it. But hey that's exciting baseball. We need that. I love watching the cubs needed right now. Because over the next few days it might get a little dark there and in chicago. And let's go there will because i joked with my chicago cubs loving wife ear that remember that moment from hobby buys because there may not be many more in those cubs pinstripes there and wrigley field as for the cubs including hobby bias. Who do you think it's moved from these cubs because they can be difference makers on some of these contenders yeah they had so many valuable pieces to contenders they'll start with kris bryant. He's an mvp candidate or he's been an mvp he's got mvp upside. And i think even more importantly he's his defensive versatility makes them that much more valuable right so you can play thirty to i. I wouldn't waste his talented. I focus wasting his athleticism but he can play all three outfield positions at a high level. And then he gives you a middle order bat that can change one sweet so There's a lot of value there. I think the mets make a lot of sense. I guess i mean a lot of things. Make sense for chris brown. I guess it was person that you can plug in anywhere. And that's that's nice organization. The messa giants the phillies. I feel like are the top. Three the mets being Having the biggest need. I could see them trying to package kimbrel And brian to go the math. I feel like that's a really good fit but it would take it would take quite a haul For that and then by rizzo look. There are a lot of red sox and rizzo talk. He was drafted by the socks. We were drafted in the same draft. Together we play together in the low minor league before he was traded to san diego but I don't know if rizzo to to boston's a great move. He's he's still a really good player is a great leader He's not the same bat. I don't know if you're going to get as much for rizzo but start looking interests. He's got a little more control on his contract over the next couple of years So you can probably get a lot return controllers as well. I hate all this comes on. This all over voided anymore. Will i would talking to will middlebrooks right now. Former major league baseball players as a twenty thirteen world series ring with the boston. Red sox Let's go to shohei ohtani okay. His thirty fifth home run. But since the all-star break has kinda struggled is he worn out. I mean he is doing the most stealing bases hitting runs pitching at this point. What's going on. He's just tired and this is what we call in baseball. The dog days. It's you can't haven't really caught your second wind you might. Trade deadline gets here. That's over worth getting august and you had the second one. Then you the last sixty games you feel a lot better. But there's a span from the end of june through july where you're just exhausted especially every player. And that's not even i'm speaking just a hitter. I wasn't Itching every day either so He and his all star break. He didn't get a break even his off days he wasn't in the homerun derby or playing all star game. He was traveling. He was flying somewhere. So we didn't get a true even one off-day during the all all-star break to just sit on the couch and benoit's something on that's why you know so What's he deserves. Yeah he started off four for twenty four With a homer to start the second. Half which. I was not surprised. He's like. I said he's just exhausted but the last three games started heat up. He he had some walks last night but he's still pissed. Well he's do hit a hundred miles an hour ninety nine pitch last night He has what five hits in the last three games. He's heating up again. The homers and start piling up again. I still think he gets fifty homers and mike transplant even back yet so it might trump eventually comes back from this catholic phillies issue. That's gonna he's gonna hit behind otani. Oh it's gonna get more pitches to hit especially with runners in scoring position Because they won't have to pitch around otani because you can't pitch around on to get somebody trials beyond it so that's going to help us best as well. We'll some some news. It surprised me yesterday as a big move in the national league. I assumed adam frazier would go from pittsburgh. Stay and go over to the american league and end up with chicago. White sox out of frazier did not get moved to the white sox. In fact Moved to san diego padres and it's interesting to me because these padres feel like they are making a statement like we are coming for the hardware this year. What does this do for the padres. How does it affect. What now becomes a national league arms. Race adam frazier. I mean super undervalued player. Because he's not he's not hitting mcdonagh homered that's valued in baseball right now but he leads. The league in his canadian has a twelfth. Strikeout rate average is like twenty so this is. He's an anomaly right now in this era so he's versatile too so he's the second baseman Mo- second basis here but the politics cronin were very good second baseman So adam frazier is also. He's played some outfield as well. It's gonna give doesn't some flexibility there lineup and this is a depth movement. I think this is gonna help them. Once the postseason gets here Also to get to the postseason. I think we're gonna see three playoff teams from the from the west. The issue is they wanna make a push to win the division. Because you don't want to be a one game winner take all against the dodgers or giants in that wildcard game because both teams have really good stuff. Pitchers has do as you the padres with darvish now and they have a ton of pictures as well. But you just don't want to be in a position to put your your season on the line of one game so of course they're gonna push for that all right we'll middlebrooks. Thanks so much for the time. We really appreciate this morning. Giving us the latest from the world of major league baseball. We'll talk to you later. Guys thank you. Take care buddy. Will middlebrooks is brought to you by samsung galaxy. You won't be able to go back to mediocre after this. Are you ready for this life. Find out at samsung dot com slash. Reserve okay back to football. all thirty. Two teams will be in training camp by the end of today. But not all. Starting quarterbacks will be jordan. We'll tell you who's missing camp next keyshawn jalen will zubin on. Espn radio and on espn news. This is a metaphor for your businesses journey. Sometimes it feels like the course keeps changing right before your eyes and in order to maneuver. You need an expert biocide. That's what technologies advisors do. They have the tech solutions. You need help you get out and stay ahead of the game colin advisor today at eight seven seven ask down. I do more with modern devices and windows ten pro. Do you own or rent your home. Share you and i bet it can be hard work. You know it's easy. Bundling policies with geico geico makes it easy to bundle your homeowner's or renter's insurance along with your auto policy. It's a good thing too because you already have so much to do around your home. Go to geico dot com dennis quote and see how much you could save. It's gyco easy. Visit geico dot com today. That's geiko dot com. Good morning keyshawn. Jalen even presented by progressive insurance guests. Join us here on the goodyear hotline shane jordan cornet filling in for the guys. This morning. yes we are in new york as cheese was just telling us talking a lot about aaron rodgers but nonetheless all thirty two teams at this point jay have reported to or been at training camp and so the unofficial start to the season is officially underway. But we are going to go to the jets because somehow someway the jets always find themselves in the news for not the right reasons and it is continuing this morning. Quarterback wilson remains unsigned as the jets. Open training camp today tomorrow. Is the first practice for the jets. And there's an issue here. Essentially with zach wilson. He's in southern california based on his instagram story. Training probably with his kelly based quarterback coach john beck. The two sides are haggling over contract details. Essentially which has offset language in it. espn's rich demeaning said discussions over the offset. Language could be the reason why wilson has yet not yet signed with the jets. Such language would allow the jets to recoup some money if they cut wilson before the end of his four-year contracts. Now there should be noted that the jets typically require this in all of their contracts. And so i ask you. Training camp is starting their rookie. Quarterback's on the other side of the country. Is this kind of a bad luck. It's a bad look. It's a tough situation. And you hope it can say previous history has shown that this gets a little dicey but ultimately the jets have been able to figure it out when push comes to shove. It's a big deal because robert saleh and this was something he was asked about early on was kinda. Roll the dice without having a veteran backup. Qb their new york and that not to not have one is now really an issue because this team with camp starting looks to us ernie stewart with a new coaching staff. And get healthy and offense and they've got pieces one now the first team reps. If you don't get zack in there. We'll go to. James morgan and mike white. What about james morgan. And mike. What nothing and you know with his teammates. They probably to know nothing about james or mike so this becomes somewhat of an issue if it doesn't get resolved because naturally this is your franchise guy but there's no veteran presence in the meantime there's no okay. Well at least we'll get off to a right. Start with guys who know and then we can get zack in here. You need zach their day one because he is your day one guy as we talk about trae lance justin fields. There's other guys. They're they're gonna lean on those other guys. These guys will get the chance. Later on wilson zack's good to be the guy so he needs to be in camp. He needs to get acclimated a big time talent but needs to get acclimated with his teammates immediately. Agree with all you just said. Also this is the third time in four years a jets first round pick is remained unsigned just days before training camp also. According to rich amini again they are squabbling over offset language. Those are his words not mine quarterback. Trevor lawrence has no offsets. Justin fields has no offsets for the bulk of his money. The jets always do deals with offsets and that is likely the hold up. So what does this tell me. Jets get rid of the offsets in the contracts. You're signing for your working quarterbacks. This is happening year after year. Clearly this is a problem time after time. Apparently stop it like there's always issues with the jets. That are fixable problems like if this is. What's holding your rookie quarterback who has never played a down in the national football league to not be at training camp. Get rid of it and move on so you can get the rookie quarterback established with his team so we can build some chemistry and start working towards some ws in your future. I'm sick of the nonsense with the jets. It's year after year. There's always something there's always some sort of problem. It's stupid like get rid of this language. None of these other rookie quarterbacks have it why do you. You make phenomenal point and those taxes jersey new york area. They no joke. So you don't want to mess with any other language guaranteed money and you also don't want to get off on the wrong foot knowing what we know about this league as much of the news today zeman dominated by aaron rodgers. You want to from day one. Treat your franchise quarterback like somebody who had any moment could turn and walk now. It's a rookie contract. He'll be under wilson assuming good sign but when that next contract comes around you want some equity you wanna relationship built in. That's all to a good start. This is a bad look. Because they're on both sides because he's being nickel and dime with something in a language that has had Previous strap picks about issue with so as you look at it. I'm thinking. Hey the bengals did. Right by joe borough went and to the guy he wanted. Jamaa chase We've seen what's happened with russell wilson. When he felt slighted out there we see and aaron rodgers. Tom brady was about being slighted. Probably not just new scenery but guys are gonna remember stuff. They're going to have a memory and so in this kind of situation you would hope the jets figure this out. This doesn't linger and ultimate because there is no presence at the backup position for the jets at you. You're probably like me where you believe. Wilson is going to be a heck of a player right Yeah that remains to be seen for me. What i do know is he's going to be the week one starter and so all. This nonsense is just delaying the inevitable. Which is delaying the fact that he needs to get acclimated with his team and he needs to get situated as a week one starter. Who has a lot of stuff to do a special amount of time absolutely especially because of what the jets were last year. I think they were able to get him in the first but you know what they started to do. Some things and we're still competitive down the stretch last year. But you're wiping clean and you're starting a new c. Don't want anything problematic. You don't want anything that's like you don't want any negative news. You want a fresh start. You wanna come. In zack's our guy coach salazar guy. We are healthy. We are ready to make moves to put all that behind us. This is not that they need to get this result okay in two thousand eighteen darnold representatives. Sam darnold that has had an issue with not just offsets but also language that will allow that would have allowed the jets to void guaranteed money if they were fined by the nfl. Okay eventually the jets took the language out of the deal. Darnold did agree to have offsets in his deal and there was also a fight over how his signing bonus would be paid again chaos like again with the contract. Chaos teams can defer payments darnold. Got all of his twenty million and so on and so forth again though. Why do we keep doing this year after year. Like there's all these disagreements and this isn't a disagreement right out of the gates. Training camp opens today like teams report. Today why are we still having these kinds of discussions. This is what perturbs me about about the jets like. It's just always last minute. Not necessarily get to the bottom of it and move on. There is no tougher position for work to do. There's no tougher position for a rookie to adjust to then a rookie stepping into the quarterback position in new york city in new york city with the with all eyes on him because again. There is no backup quarterback there. There's no other decision when you say he's going to be the day one quarterback. I know you are totally against like most of starting a rookie quarterback but when james morgan and mike white are the other options there. They've made the declarative statement. There with these jets. Zack's our guy zack's playing week one. So if that's the case this guy it's imperative you get this figured out. He can't miss a second of the information he needs a soak up and the rhythm and the connection. He needs to develop with this. It is essential and there needs to be a sense of urgency and handling it. And i just remind everyone to they face week one the carolina panthers and you know who they face week one the guy that does know that off will not really 'cause they they've a new head coach does know that organization inside and out and sam darnold. That's who you have week. One jets until the time that you are wasting right now with this manusha in a contract is absolutely silly. When you have a quarterback the not only has moved completely across the country coming from byu notch. New york. City needs to get acclimated with maybe the toughest city to get acclimated with in the united states but also now is dealing with this outside noise of not having a contract and needs to get to know where he's going to be practicing all the time and who is going to be practicing with what he's got going on like. This needs to get resolved and it needs to get resolved in the worst way. I repeat week one against the panthers and the former jets quarterback in sam darnold. You don't think there's going to be a lot of headlines writing a lot of headlines. I'm excited for sam. Darnold to get a new start equally excited equally and for different reasons but to see. Zach wilson get out there either or the guy the stuff that i hear about him is you'll be wowed by what this guy can do. And he's confident as all get out so for guy coming into new york a guy that might be coming in late because of this contract nonsense. 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Fdic all right. Stand up green bay. A-rod is in town getting ready for training camp amongst the cheese heads keyshawn chamberlain zubin presented by progressive. Insurance guests join us on. The goodyear hotline. Shay jordan cornet filling in for the guys this morning. Jay we've been saying all morning but we might as well reiterate. The fact that aaron rodgers indeed is back in green bay and he's just working out the final details of his contract restructuring. If you will so he can take the field and be a part of training camp. That's a good to get underway here today as the packers and the rest of the league will report today and so after today all thirty two teams will have reported or participated in training camp so the nfl season is officially underway. We're going to get the latest of what is going on in green bay with our guy rob domanski. Espn packers reporter. Good morning to you rob. I know what is been a very busy off season for you and it like it's only just beginning this morning but nonetheless aaron rodgers sounds like he will be there if not today in the very near future. So what can you tell. Us is the latest on the situation. With aaron rodgers will shake touchdown last night and green bay at austin struggle international airport and yes we have an international airport. Hearing players are reporting to lambofield today the first mandatory team meeting is at around noon local time players. Already begun to trickle in this morning from various meetings and physicals and testing and the like now rogers in town. That's one thing but does he actually show up here at lambofield and participate in that order. Does he wait until the final details are hammered out. We'll wait to see on that. Were not expected to hear from anyone with the packers today. Whether it's matt leflore or rogers or anyone else the first time that will really see them is tomorrow. When they open training camp practice matt leflore. The coach will speak before practice in selected players after. So we're in a bit of a holding pattern at this point so rob. The report as it's told to us is concessions. Were made to get aaron rodgers back to green bay understanding that the is have been dotted season up in cross. But can you elaborate on. What those concessions or not really jordan. I mean that that was shafter report and and what my guess is that basically the main concession is that they're going to consider letting rogers go and trade him after the season if he'll come and play this year now obviously there's other things that he wants we know he's wanted input into things like hiring coaches and and keeping or not keeping certain players so i'm sure there's some of that but one league executive texted me yesterday after the first report came out and said welcome to the nba. And i think what he meant by that was the fact that is really one of the first times in the nfl that a star player can really sort of dictate his terms on what he's going to play and we see that a lot obviously in basketball. It's not all that common in the nfl and this executive also said to me jordan said well. It's i guess it's bigger than the team. It looks like a one year deal. And then they trade him. Okay so i want to build off of that because that's something interesting here because when we look at this from our perspective it's like the packers won the situation yes. There was a little bit of compromise but nonetheless. They do get their starting quarterback back in aaron rodgers rights. So don't you think that it's the other way where the team got what they wanted versus the player. Well i don't know if there were any winners in it really shame. More of a compromise. You can say aaron rodgers Also won because now. He's going to get to decide whether he finished his career his career here or gets a chance to tom brady and play elsewhere. The only thing he had to do was play for a year so You know who knows how how he'll play and who knows what kind of attitude he'll come in. I mean let's say he shows up and you know it is unpleasant to be around or i'm just speaking hypothetically here but what good is that too. I mean you would think he would be all in but you know who knows until he's actually on the field and in the locker room and and the other thing is what impact does it actually have on the other fifty two guys in the locker room when they know that one player you know is is getting to dictate things Across the board i. It's it's an interesting dynamic and it'll be one That will be interesting to see how it plays out. It would certainly love to be in an open locker room. And sort of get a vibe which you know unfortunately given the circumstances of access during the pandemic. We're probably not going to get that. I'm mean where is my popcorn. This is incredible. This is we've made all these references to the last dance and mj. And scotty and one more ride announced devante and aaron in that regard. And like you said rob. You can't wait to get in there to get a vibe with the team and see how this thing works and we don't know how aaron is arriving. What his head space is. It's going to play a role as best as you can project. You know having the beat on this team covering them and understanding the dynamics. Do you anticipate. There's some fracture relationships and there's some stuff that needs to be worked through because of what played out here in the off season with aaron absolutely and and that's a great point and that's maybe why maybe he won't come and practice right away if he doesn't it's probably because there's some things that need to be worked out behind the scenes to make sure that the hurt feelings are mandated. We'll find that out on wednesday when they actually hit the practice field to see you know what he does if anything but there are some things that need to be repaired. Rodgers can come out and say hey look. I never said this publicly. This was all you know. Backchannel information and and he can deny it. But the fact of the matter is jordan that a lot of this stuff that has come out signifies that rogers has some gripes with the organization the way they've handled things over the years. He told us toll. Kenny mayne i should say in that sportscenter interview back in may that it's about the people it's not about the building it's not about the assets it's about the people in the relationships that are made that produce winning football teams which i gonna in monterey now. Espn pack reporter quickly before we let you go. We only have about a minute here. Rob what does this mean for matt. Leflore in gm. What does this mean for. Upper management rather with the packers brass going forward leflore. Shay was in a weird spot because he wanted rogers here all the time because as any coach would he knows that his best chance to win he was sort of put in the middle of it. Once they drafted jordan love little over a year ago. So you know the floor has been all in on trying to get everything they can to get rogers play. Meanwhile you have cocoons to the general manager and president mark murphy who are charged with looking to the long term success of the franchise. And that's where jordan love comes in so it's an interesting dynamic. Rogers said all along. I love my coaches. I love my teammates. I love the fans. He never once mentioned shea in that interview with kenny. Mayne anything about the front office. Like reading between the lines. Rob man after my own heart. Thank you so much for the time this morning. For all the details. We appreciate it and know you've got a very busy day ahead of you. We'll talk to you soon. Thanks. that's rob ski. Espn packers reporter. Giving us the latest talking to rob it kind of opened my eyes to. I think a conversation. We might have to expand on obviously run the show in this next hour again. You run this show in the sex. Our i think there's something really to dive into their in in regards to this dynamic. Maybe there is a lot more to it. As i think about having played on teams. There's something but here's another angle that i'm thinking as we talked to rob. This is aaron rodgers devante atoms and it's us to in a final dance in his last dance. It's us to do in this thing now. Brought it's fifty other guys along with you to like. There's there's there's fifty one other guys along with you too out there and there is a divisiveness that aaron has brought to this thing. And if you're going into this together there's a way in which it feels like errands elevated himself as being bigger than the team. Is that going to be that big. I was saying all morning long. I married you. Because i love how your mind works. I mean come on is time you. It's a business. No one's gonna feel like that when i'm wrong this. Why don't do look what brady day. No one said a word look what. Mj did no one said a word. And you beg for somebody to apologize to you all the time. and why would i not when. I'm wrong when you do it like this. Why can't i try to evolve. You're keeping me stuck in quicksand. Here let me try to say you're right bay say it again. You're right and i think we got something more. It's a grab damanski to tell you for you to actually listen to what i was saying the whole time. It's not just about aaron rodgers who break. We'll see we'll stay with the packers next right here on k jay z. Radio espn app. Do you own or rent your home. Sure you do. Fortunately geico makes it easy to bundle your home and car insurance. It's a good thing too. Because having a home is hard work go to geico dot com. 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