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Screamtime: Haunted House, Holy Water


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Endless thread is bringing you scary stories from reading stories of the supernatural stories about children and creepy moments with family photo albums story about zombie aunts and a story about a creeping searing feeling of impending doom. Josh had the genius idea of calling this series not snacktime but scream time truth and to introduce scream time. I think we should all give our best Halloween scream you guys ready. Sure. Three, two one. I'm Ben Brock Johnson, and you're listening to endless thread. The show featuring stories from the vast ecosystem of online communities called Reddit. I'm here with my co host Emory Seaver, Tsen and producer, Josh swertz, and we are coming to you from Boston's NPR station WB. When I say haunted house, Amery we'll comes up in your mind. I'm afraid of most houses in general. So I'd say anything that has more rooms than people living in it. Like if they're a bunch of empty rooms in a house, they've got to be haunted, Josh. What about you? I think about all those horror movies where there's like a group of unsuspecting teenagers who decide for some unbeknownst reason to investigate something in a haunted house that clearly does not need further investigating. Yeah. All right. Well, I think of the intro to that show tales from the crypt with the skeleton in the basement that pops out of the cop and you guys know what I'm talking about. No, no. Sounds like another dated Ben, Brock, Johnson reference. I guess this old decrepit skeleton is showing his age. From the claims. Okay. This story we found is a kind of classic haunted house, stored troubled teens hanging out where they don't belong symbolism, holy water. It's got it all, but it has this added layer of strangeness to it because it really happened according to the guy who wrote about the experience on Reddit. Hi, my name is Alex Assefi. My dad is from Afghanistan and my mom is from Puerto Rico. I live out in Martinez, California. I'm twenty seven years old. Alex grew up in California's central valley as a teenager. He was pretty skeptical of the supernatural before what happened. Those nights, I didn't really believe in goes, none of that was something. It was always those scary stories. You heard about a friend's friend and whatnot, but after those visits that house. I became a firm believer that you, I cannot be convinced otherwise. Third grade. Actually, we met riding bikes. He was outside Ryan, his bike outside riding my bike. So for for years, just bond over riding bikes taken up through the field. So riding off makeshift ramps, China, race cars, and we just grew up and then eventually got into exploring abandoned homes. The story takes place, Modesto, California, the city I grew up in. Around a freshman junior. So. Two thousand six, two thousand eight, the housing crisis. It's been ten years. So you kind of forget that there were whole neighborhoods that got turned into ghost towns by the housing crisis or neighborhoods where it was more like an encroaching blight. Certain streets were like mouths with random, rotting teeth. Alex's hometown was one of those here. And there you see abandoned houses. Some of them look like they were hit pretty hard. Other kids. Gang members, tag it up and break into it and just smash it to pieces. It was just me and Ryan f I, we saw these abandoned houses like, why not? Let's go inside. We would always set out around twelve m I always drive stark. So the blend Dr Darko is blended with a night, and I tried to bring little with me as possible, just travel light so that we can run a lot faster from whatever. Ryan is funny. You always had this. It wasn't really a trenchcoat, but it was like this military jacket. And he can shove so much stuff in there. And that's exactly that he would just put a bunch of knives or or whatever he needed. He didn't travel a he, he carried. He was the artillery. The front yard was fenced off and outside the defense, there was a, there was no sight along gravel backyard was not kept well grasses pretty tall. I had this really crappy flip phone. That was our only source of light. I remember he had picked the brightest background and they set the thing full two Fulbright. And that was. Door, that least straight into the garage in the garage door that goes on the kitchen. Those both those doors were on locked, and that's how we got it. Empty. There's no furniture, none that. So after we did a full round through that house, we found ourselves back in the kitchen and above the kitchen doorway. There is a bronze shield of ornament. Hanging of it even look nice, honestly, looked old dirty after I pulled it down. I, I did take a look at it and then I was I was just too lazy to put it back up by putting it back on the hooks, but I just couldn't figure it out. So I threw it at my feet. And as I did that, I took a step into further into the kitchen where Ryan was standing. And as I took that step, I hear something slide across the floor. It was a marble floor and I could hear something slide across it and it hit the wall. So me and Ryan just sat there staring at each other kind of scared because we didn't know what the hell that was. So we both go down there to see what it was. This is freaky, but Ryan and Alex investigate, and they're relieved to find the shield. Alex thinks he kicked it by accident when he took a step in. I mean, he doesn't actually believe that, but that's what they agreed tell each other and they figure out how to place it. Backward Nally was above the kitchen. Doorway. And then I took another step in back in the kitchen in behind ACA here, the metal hit the floor and slide across the crown. Again, there was definitely someone in the house like there had to be someone else in there with us, and we were just too scared to go any further. So we we left through that back door that was in the in the back room started to make our way home. I think like a week goes by. I think I mentioned it to a few friends, so it's like, no, no, that didn't happen. Let's go check it out. So we, we took him with us. We went to the same way the door was still unlocked through the garage and through the kitchen as walking into the garage. I noticed this shelf full of light bulbs and I'm the last one into the house through the kitchen. And as I shut the door behind me. Is sound like someone was just pulling the light bulbs out of their boxes and just throwing them on the ground here. Just all the glass just breaking on the floor, and we all froze. And I'll super scared because I was next door. So I thought someone was going to run inside attack us. The friends who had come to the house for the first time are fully spooked. One of them says, that's it. I'm out. So the group decides to leave and they get out of the house is fast as they can through the back door and into the long grass. Oh. The backyard, and I turned around and I noticed Ryan's not right behind me. He's still inside the house and he's staring down the hallway. He's doing like a lean behind all looking down the hallway, but against that wall, there was a door that was off. It's hinges and I'm calling Ryan. I'm like, yo, it's time to go relieving. And he's not listening to me soy call him a few more times. Just like Ryan, I get progressively louder. They finally, he like he looks at and then he takes a step forward. And I could see the door. It looked like someone tried to slam the door on top of it. That's when he ran towards me, and I was like, holy shit do the door just like flu on top you and we both just like ran towards group. Once the kids scramble out of the yard and into the street where there's more light. One of the new explorers says, there's something wrong with his leg where he feels this terrible burning sensation. He pulls up his pants and sure enough. He's got three. Scratches that go up his best start from his ankle. Go like midway through his calf, these, scratches clawed up the kids leg. They look really weird. The kid who got them has no explanation. He's just terrified. He was like, I'm never going back there ever again, that kid didn't, but Alex and Ryan guess what? They went back. Why? Emory? Why? Why did they go back? Hubris foolishness. Who knows? What inspires these horror movie moves either way. We are going back into the house with them in a minute. Emory today, I learned that you are really into cars maybe despite not having a car of your own. That's true. I love them. I mean, not all cars, but you take the all new Toyota Avalon for example, and you got yourself a dream car sporty and slick, but it's also really sophisticated and sharp. All right. Let's talk features here. The all new Toyota Avalon touring has something called sportplus mode, which sounds awesome and technically maximizes and adaptive variable suspension system for better handling and performance. Yep. And then there's the new Toyota Avalon hybrid limited with the standard, fourteen speaker JBL audio system what is better than listening to endless thread in your Toyota Avalon though. Listening to it out of fourteen speakers in surround sound oh, and because you're a tech guy, Ben, you should know that the all new Toyota Avalon comes with the standard nine inch touchscreen can't wait to put some finger. Greece on that. JBL is a registered trademark of Harman, international industries Inc, learn more at Toyota dot com slash Avalon. It would be easy to write off. Alex is haunted house story, except we have someone to corroborate it name's AJ. Alex is a friend and Ryan Ryan's, my brother, Alex kind of guy that if he if he sees something or whatever happens in a situation like it could be anything he gets excited about it, but he doesn't exactly eight pretty much take him at his word. Ryan. Alex came back one night like they just like any other night after school. They would go off on their adventure, just roam the city. Well, I came back with stories like, do this crazy stuff happened, you know, of course I'm like, yeah, right. But they're like, you do, let's go, let's go look at it. We'll show you. And when AJ gets there with his little brother, Ryan, and Alex, the vibe of the place immediately just doesn't sit right with AJ. It looks like has not been taking care of months, and you know, I was thinking it could be like a homeless person sleeping there or something. But I think if it was a homeless person, one of us would have seen or heard a person this time before the guys go into the house. They case the joint little more from the outside. I kinda wanted to take a closer look. The house next to the house. There were some bushes, so I kinda step closer. In that direction. I start to get really scared for some reason. Like the sense of dread just came over me and I as turning away to walk towards the group. Something. From the corna my, it's it's hard to say what it was, but a look like something jumped out of the bushes. Some black humanoid thing jumped out of the bushes and into tall grass, and it did this really weird. Motion. It looked like from the corner, my leapfrog out of the bushes and into the tall grass, and I snapped my head over real quick. And nothing was there. I didn't see anything. It's like holy shit. Like, what was that that I really see something I'll call my. So I kind of like hustle over to the group piles like, oh, I think. Think I just saw something. And then we're like, you know, we kind of just like take a glance and look and we don't see anyone. So we just like kind of like brushed it off and ignore it. We make our way to the kitchen and we're, we're chatting in the kitchen. I'm sitting on the windowsill and across is AJ. He's looking inside the the living room. I feel like at tugging on the back of my shirt and just like, you know, just like thinking, it's one of the guys, I'm like, hey, do knock it off lers nobody behind me. I'm realizing that everybody's in front of me and as AJ's turning around to face us to me, it looked like pulled him into the room like they've wrapped a rope around his waist and whatever was Yang them into the. He was so scared Hughes, hanging onto the walls for dear life. I keep he was just smack and everything just trying to hold onto something, but it pulled them hard and he couldn't hold onto the door frame. So he fell on his butt. And as soon as he fell on this, but he jumped up and he ran over to me and I'm like, okay, that's that's what I was like, yeah, it's, it's. Time to go. He was like, I wanna get the fuck out of you and on our way home, that's where I notice Ryan starts to have will Ryan mentioned his pain on his back. He's grimacing pretty. Pretty hard. I've known Ryan for years. He's got the highest paint. Haunts I've ever anyone I've ever met. You pop him in the face and he just smile and throw punches right back act like nothing. So Alex lifts up Jay shirt, and he sees like a like a big scratch like a it looked like somebody with like three fingers or clar something. Well, I must say it looked like somebody with three fingers just like scratched him from his shoulder all the way down to like his his hip. You can imagine it like, so took them little tiny metal wire and scratched your down down your leg or something. And it left the thinnest scratch, but it was it was deep. He drew blood. And we start making our way home further. And then he, he notices his pocket. Knife is missing my brother Ryan. He had his pocket knife and that he always carried him. He always had a knife and he was like, I gotta go back for that. I was pissed off all's like, do. How did you, how did you lose that? You know, I, we were just like, you know, let's just it's gone. We'll come back in the morning or or it's gone. He was just like, I do. That's my favorite knife. So of course, I'm not gonna let them go back in there alone. So we go, we both go back. This is a terrible idea, but they do it anyway. And immediately when they get into the house, the guys realize they've made a big mistake. This house has come a live. That's when the banging really low, the banging and what we think something was getting thrown whenever we would leave a room, the thrashing start behind us, and then we would hear throwing further down in front of us just sound like somos thrashing inside the walls, and we hear all throughout the house every time they race into another room to confront whoever whatever is doing this. The sound moves elsewhere in the house and worse. The guys can't find the knife in any of the rooms. I mean, there was nothing no evidence of his knife anywhere like. No hallway bedroom. It was. It was gone. So they decide to get out of there before something really bad happens. They head towards the kitchen in the front door. And as we creep up on the front door, my light starts to show more and more and you can see the big ass knife like someone with all their all. Their might shoved it into the door. But we heard nothing no sound. And that was definitely gonna make a sound out of these. Make a huge throughout the whole house, but we heard absolutely nothing and the knife was just sticking little. I, we would home and I never went back after that. I don't think I ever went back after that. I, I don't do stuff like that anymore. I, I don't know if it was a house, but I grew out of it at a time, but every every house I went to after that I always deep down, I was afraid that it would happen again. Me Ryan would always question what if this house is just like that old one, why do you think you never got scratched? That's a, that's a good question. Ryan at his house. He had holy water. And every night before I went out, I don't my hands and make the sign of the cross over my over my body just to protect me from what I was going to happen. And I, and I honestly think it was the holy water. Vacant for a while. Until I'm not sure who moved in, but they had some old lady there and she was creepy. Sure. I was really thin and she kind of always like she was an days sitting on her porch. Every time I walk by the house, I always stared at it and sometimes she'd be outside staring back. The people who don't believe I, I don't blame you. It sounds crazy. It sounds like I made it up. Swear on my life, everything in that red post. Everything I've said today is true. While we were getting the story from Alex AJ we were having trouble getting one more important poice Ryan. The other guys said he works long shifts and he's not really into answering his phone, but one day we called and he picked up. Ryan, California, and I was one of the other guys that house. I remembered hearing that used to like older. Join living on. What about these? Scratches you got scratched one night right. Oh, yeah. Yeah, actually. My brother was there at the time. I'm one hundred percents yours. As we're leaving. I just had this burning pain in my back. Lifted up my shirt. I guess there was three long scratch marks the top of my neck all the way down my lower back. What what did you think it was when you first discovered that. Honestly, I did think it was something like care. Something are percent, do believe in the paranormal now, like you see in the movies, definitely very close to. The kicker of this whole story is I suppose what this house has become. Yeah, people do live there. Now, it's an old folks home and we called the company that runs the home to try to talk to them and they would not talk. I'm not to give any information in a way. That's okay. Because as AJ said, there's the school of thought where the more you talk about paranormal stuff, the more you might be affected by. So maybe it's better. We don't tell them anything else. Next week, we've got another scream time story for you a chilling account from read it about a creature that hits you with venom, so powerful, it makes you want to die. If somebody offered me gun, go and thank you off the planet. That's next week's episode and let's threads scream time. Endless thread is a production of WB are Boston's NPR station in partnership with red it by the way. Today's story is included in this season of the podcast scooped from snap judgment. Thanks Glynn, Washington, Elisa Smith, Eric, Lance, jasmine Aguilera, Mark, rich and Sussman. We are huge fans of snap judgment and spooked from WNYC studios. If you don't already, please check those shows out in subscribe. If you don't subscribe, we will send the goals your way. The next time they ask us who'd mercilessly our shows a dream realized by just Alpert who says urban exploring is my job. My job, iris Adler is our executive producer, and she says, are hunted house episode is perfect. Timing. Mixing sound is I'm by Paul vica sin, John Perotti, and they think humanoid creatures and bushes are awesome. Our web producer is making Kelly when we asked her if she's a jock or nerd, she said, Michael pope is our advisor read it, and he uses his flip phone for casual conversation. Our fellow producer Josh Schwartz can also say that endless thread is something I made extra production assistance from James Lindberg. Our intern is Candice limb theme. Music is by swelter. Thanks to read it or Mike Phillips art for this week's work is called Inc, Tober haunted house unread. We are endless underscore thread. If you want to contribute art for upcoming episode or gives us a juicy story tip. So we can tell it like we did today, hit us up there. My host producers, Emory secrets, I'm senior producer and host Ben Brock Johnson myself.

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