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Call of Duty Warzone


Hello Gamers let's talk about anchor. If you haven't heard about anchor it's easiest way. Make a podcast. It's free and you know us a budget arcade. We love free. There's creation tools that allow you to record. Annetta your podcast right from your phone or your computer in fact. I'm actually using that to record this ad in traffic as I said at a late. That's amazing Anchor would distribute your podcast for you. So it may be heard on spotify apple podcasts. And many more you can make money for your podcast would no minimum listenership. And it's everything that you would need to make a podcast in one place so go to anger dot. Fm start slash. Start to start your own. Podcast I can't wait to hear your podcast. The following podcast is not affiliated with the developers who have created the game's being reviewed. The reviews are solely the opinions of the hosts to be used to make an educated decision. On what games to download and play took. Hello AND WELCOME TO BUDGET. Arcade a free to play gaming podcast to help you navigate through growing realm of free to play game. Scott I'm just I'm Elliot and welcome to episode number crap. I forgot what episode of her on seven fifty seven question-mark close or tune in for professional. Podcast this is what happens when I go to biweekly and you guys are producing extra content. Really could either way amazing all right? Elliot what was this week's Game. We played call of duty war zone This is a free play battle. Royale came out March tenth of twenty twenty. It's on xbox one dom playstation four it's on P. C. It's kind of a part of the two thousand nine call of Duty Mar warfare but also kind of not I'm sure we'll talk about it It doesn't require the purchase of modern warfare but again it kind of using it's developed by Infinity Ward and a Raven software published by activision. It allows online multiplayer. Combat among one hundred fifty people set in the factual city and it is cross platform between all three systems. They're using xbox playstation more. Pc which I said the beginning. Thanks for listening. Ira set it now three times. Now you got to censor it oh How many downloads the first twenty four hours? You think seventeen no not that high. I'm GONNA say yeah. Six million in the first hour with the size of the file. I would say Two Zero and then thirty million in the first ten days so after the first hour you know the people with a high speed Internet. I was our three that they got there. If you own modern warfare it wasn't that bad of download you did not own modern warfare. It was between eighty on the low win one hundred ten on the high end. I believe depending on the system game play. This is a battle royale. It the PUDGY. Think of well SORTA I got three months out at. You WanNA interrupt me already. I mean that's beyond her case. There's a circle that you have to get into those people that you you don't have to take so. It's not exactly like fortnight. So can't we just let me say this but there's not a circle in some mode Jeff. It depends on the mode. You're playing Jeff. I always play well. Then you did not play the true version of this game. Let Me Tell You. The hell did agreed. I liked him. I played this game than you. Both did combine this week. You played the wrong game then the whole time. I did the battle. Okay then you tell me the utterly mode I'll tell you the main game road battle royale money blood money. Oh my God this do what is right about Mike. Oh my gosh yeah a genius Tony Back It. It wasn't even called blood money with when they first started it was called plunder in wonder but it's now called in the middle of this week. They changed your blood money. Kodiak and start a podcast or sit around and listen to our own recordings. That's typical of cody. So yeah it's a first person shooter. That has a battle royale mode as well as a blood money or vander mode. Yeah you know. He got the basics of college games and really is to two separate games to say it shows about Asinine not one hundred percent that yeah. I said it right the first time. Let's talk about the battle Royale section. I art this is great game so Obviously you're used to like any other battle. Royale you drop in with a hundred plus but in this game you have one hundred fifty but it actually feels like more And I'll get into that in a second but you drop in. You look for loot now. Unlike pudgy you don't have to look for attachments. All your guns when you pick them up or in the state they're gonNA be You really can't make them any better. With the exception of the stopping rounds that you'll find occasionally But if you want something with a scope you need go find a gun that already has a scope. You can't find it separately and attach it and it makes it really simple to get your looting done. I really liked the looting system. And of course your circle shrinks and you kill each other so if you played any other battle royale though systems you know what you have not run into is. There's an economy in this game where you're finding cash getting cash from getting kills opening chests In completing missions that happened in the battery authors these mini missions The Best of which is head hunter where it will actually put a bounty on one of the other players and they get notified that they're being hunted and you guys go after him. It just creates a lot of action. The biggest change in this game and the best change in this game is the introduction of the Dulack. You've seen other games where you can respond. You can do that in this game by buying back in. But whenever you die you get your first death you go to the Gulag which is a one. V One area where you both have the same guns in the same Grenades or lethal and nonlethal accoutrements And you battle it out one life. If you win you go back to the battlezone if you lose. It's over unless you're with your team and they can buy back in if you win. Yeah Gulag was very. It's I don't know what the Gulag Gulag Gulag was cool. That's Goulash so here's the thing. That guy has an Australian accent. And you guys know. Australian acts does so it's Goulash let's hear a little bit just a little bit of your accent real fast. I'm not gonNA offend Australia listeners. Another shrimp on the Barbie Line. Would I listened to a lot of Australian podcasts so I won't disrespect them like that. Do go on everyone very good. Podcast phenomenal Nominal Anyway so the Gulag. The Reason Gulag is so great is it keeps people wanting to stay alive in it keeps the action coming unlike other battle Royale Games like fortnight and Pudgy. There's this big fight at the beginning. And then there's your big fight at the end and inbetween is Alana wandered around in this game. You're constantly running into people it's all action. It just doesn't stop and. I think they've designed a really great battle. Royale one of the best. I played a has the long lineage of Kala duty and expertise. That's gone into making equality. First person shooter. But here it's Great. There's vehicles and all of that. The perk system well and it pushes the vehicles much heavier than most games. Yeah and they're still. There is a couple so on downside with that the vehicles are like one hit. Kills when you run over someone so you gotta play smart around vehicles. And I think there are touch overpowered but not. It's not too bad 'cause you can seem common on the map from a mile away but you can take out a driver on the vehicle pretty easily. So they're not too bad but if there's one around you really need to play it safe because you will get ran over one. Hit sometimes just even grazed. I mean that's the parachuting is also unrestricted. You can cut your line and re like the parachuting is a little different. I think the Paris shootings really good it. It feels like to get where you want to go there. Some skill there is like you cut your parachute and you glide and then you redeploy and cut it again and you almost get a lot more momentum that way so I think that about covers. Most of the game play There's a pending system that we've seen in games like this before and they actually changed the layout of the button halfway through this week as well with the Ping Yeah Console. I noticed that too. Like xbox was the up on the D pad and then later in the week they switched it to the right or left hop jabber now so. I don't know how they changed that on PC. But I don't think that changed him. Xbox probably playstation they did because it's just PC gamers usually USA setting their own stuff but You can go into the settings and switch it back like I did a back to the default setting It's Kinda weird that they just automatically switch your controls for you As opposed to letting US go into the options of discovered ourself minor gripe but That was weird. Well there was. There had been like a lot of Backlash on like the rented sites or something like that. She truly straight abridging like. I don't know if there was no way to customize your controller before I didn't actually look I think default controls are pretty great but I do think having the Ping on the on. The bumper is really nice because you can aim down sites and hit your bumper So I get that. Why people want that but why not just naturally pick style to to go to overwatch? I play a lot of Lucio enroll. Writing is a big part of it. I didn't write Jeff Kaplan and tell him how stupid it was. That was the jump and wall right. I just moved it over to the L. Trick but he did write that letter he just didn't send it. Let's be honest clear about that. Yes so the other mode. We're not I never wanted to have at it may okay so plunder you actually can start out with a load out You get to pick up your low doubts you have your kill streaks that you get to set up beforehand even years before you start so when you actually hit the map you don't have to go searching for guns you have your guns in hand one hundred percent at the beginning. What you're searching for is actually money that stern around the map within the boxes blue boxes. That are stern around the map as well and the kills that you get whenever you kill an opponent they drop money as well the really cool thing about this is the more money that your opponent has when you kill them the more they drop and the object of the game is to get to a million as a team before any other team and then once our that once one person gets the meal a million then you go into like almost like an overtime thing type of thing where money becomes like thing. It's like twice as much doubled Elliott. Yeah Double Okay so any money you find has doubled and so it's actually you can actually get ahead of the person who's the team that's in. I pretty quickly and it also tracks like how you're doing or how your team is doing compared to the team who's currently in first so you can see how far away you are money wise. You can lock your money in like you can airdrop your money out to lock that money in place but if you die you're back two zero two so well back to one hundred zero. You do lose a portion of it. I know and I didn't really pay attention. To what the percentage of losses because you always have a little bit of money when you respond because you don't lose all of your money but you lose a large chunk of Of Yeah now with the banking. Your money like Elliot's talking. There's two different ways to do that. There is a set way points on the map that you can call it a helicopter that drops a bag that you throw your money into an takes it away and then within some of the boxes. There's a balloon drop where you can throw that on the ground or your money in that and then the balloon takes off in the air. Had Safe whenever you do that. But they like the big areas. That's about the only time you see real heavy. Combat those big drop off areas or the C. again. There's quests or I came up with a name of then actually called quest but there is you know it was the things jeff talked about the anthem forgetting the name to. I'm sorry Jeff was you called it. I don't remember I just call the missions. But there's like bounties. Yeah maybe it's that yeah. They're they're like missions basically so a lot of them were like you know. Seek out this player and kill them Also in this mode if you are the top team or the top player with the most money you basically get like a A hit on you and everybody on the map knows where you are at like. They know the general position. Like they don't know your exact position but they know there's like a circle large red circle around like where you're at and they can find you within that circle to try to kill you and take your money. Think it's like the top three teams. If I remember correctly have back that put on them which is really cool. I Really Wanna I wanNA talk about the enormity of the map and how they're looking at adding up to two hundred players for this game in a single match and the Baptist big enough in this big buildings and there's rooms to go in so many places to go and loot and it's a dense map. It's a big map but there's a lot there. There's not a ton of open-field you're running through with nothing I really like Napa Lot. Well the the big thing too is like the maps. I wouldn't say the map is any bigger than like a mobile pudgy or a fortnight well in excess map. What makes the map so huge? Are The buildings like okay? So for example. I was in a building where I dropped on the roof. When I was air-dropping in I had to work my way down floor by floor and it had like twenty floors in this building so if you were to get caught outside of the circle in the middle one of these buildings you're gonNA take some heavy damage before you even get out of the building to you know move onto the next thing is is that you can redeploy your parachute just about any time. So if you find yourself on top building just jump off and deploy your parachute and land safely. Yeah how many times did you guys break your legs trying to come into hot in not deploying a parachute in time zero. I've done it a lot because I like it either. Something satisfying about the I got a video. I took the posted on my twitter baby. Scott and re tweet aware In so in your staging area like when you load into the game. Everybody Kinda loads in the same general vicinity and you get weapons right off the start and you can kind of shoot and play around before the match actually starts and I was dropping and you actually get experience points for every kill that you get in that and so I was dropping I cut my parachute and when you cut your pear shaped you pull your gun out for a little bit. I snipe someone while falling through the air it was beautiful and have recorded and Oh yes. I was playing with nomadic and who's in our discord One of our listeners and him me and his buddy were all playing together and we all drop to the same area You know one of the guy. One of the opposing team might members like stopped or cut his parachute and sniped. No mixed buddy. Out of the air killed him mid air and unlike redeployed his parachute and kept going right at the beginning of the game. Yeah so I think is such a good time to get in the game because there's so many new players I never like. There's some of these long standing battles house or the jump in and you just get destroyed right now this just so many new players that if you want to play get in now so you can learn along with everybody else and half a chance. I think that's true but also this I mean I picked up modern warfare when it came out and this is if you play Mara warfare this feels like a patch to that Gabriel. It's the controls her until recently identical. Everything felt very very similar. So for me was really easy to get into this game after playing modern warfare for about two two and a half months where everything just felt the same and it carried over all my experience carried from modern warfare carried over into the game and I mean it even feels like like black ops. Three did a lot of times too. Like the the general. Gameplay how feels is very somewhere this one is actually developed by Infinity Ward and the Blackhawks. Three was trae art so generally speaking both of them still kind of feel the same. I actually think this one feels a little bit smoother and more satisfying to me A lot of the gun play. But it's minimal sort of thing you'd notice unless you played a lot of black ops three. If you're an avid gamer than the Lord Party a video game. Podcast the show for you. More than a hundred episodes covering over twenty five different game franchises. The rotating hosts focuses entirely on the stories and the rotating one is the one that spins. He sits on a platform that actually spins him. Yeah it's innovative. Yup Not rotating host The rotating hosts Focus entirely on the stories characters in universes of their favorite games So for us to every podcast like ours doing reviews they take a different path. They tell you about the stories and characters in the background. It's less about the actual gameplay experience a more about the stories that are told you can expect to hear topics ranging from the LGBTQ REPRESENTATION. The mass effect series. Which is Larry the next episode Gary and listen to the secret poke among wars. Which was the first episode. Elyssa too which is really good the source of handsome Jackson Sanity in the Borland Game Wars. Anything like the Secret Morse they have like Spiderman. Pocono pretty much exactly. Not even a little bit. You could join the conversation by following the LAW PARTY OF VIDEO GAME. Podcast on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts. He will also this as of right now. I don't have any desire to spend any money. I don't feel any pressure to spend any money other than occasionally a pop up. Show up asking me to buy a battle pass. So this is a game with a battle pass which is pretty much standard now for any free to play. Sorta situation where you run through different Objectives in gain. Different in in game items There is now I don't. There are a lot of things I think you could purchase perks. Wise and Then set up like kits for yourself that you can unlike actually find in game. These loot drops But I haven't really looked really look that much into the Micro transactions because I never felt pressure to and I never felt like I ran into anyone with a specific advantage because they spent money. Yeah I don't think you'd get an advantage now. You don't doesn't in a lot of a lot of it is to as cosmetic Elliott you said you had modern warfare before this came drop correct. Yeah Yeah I had a playstation okay Jeff how about yourself not modern warfare? No I'm not much of a quality guy. Okay lasts on black ops three. I really liked it. All at late was Valerie out. Do you feel when you're on the title screen for this. Do you feel like it's kind of a commercial for the modern warfare because it's just sitting there on the left hand side purchase modern warfare. I mean it'd be done with them not like I. I kind of felt that way. No no and I agree because it's I mean even though this is a standalone game this is still part of that modern warfare game. Yeah but I don't feel like it's in your face like I don't know I would say would be those pop-ups got to buy the battle pass But it's really not that big a deal But if you want to spend money sports game of stairs so if I find myself playing this months down the road which I do see happening You know might go in on the next battle pass or something like that but largely. Don't feel the need to now. So speaking of the battle pass The currency what was the currency. Carleen MoD BOB's conchords. Yeah so couple of years back. Jeff and Jason purchased black OPS. Three for me When they purchase that it came like a bundled I believe in gave me some of those cod bucks and they actually carried over into this game because I had never used them and it was enough for me to buy this. This battle past the first battle pass interesting. Yes so and that's why like I said you know it's Kinda get the feel of the Black ops three because I mean at least their money system. It's all linked so anything that you purchased Mike Blackhawks three or modern warfare. If you still have any of those cog books they carry over into this game as well. That's really interesting actually replay ability replay ability. It's okay let's just point out something that I've put in a ton of hours in this game already and I have not touched Klunder. Which is youtube auto about Scott but Elliott certainly sounds like its your favourite mode of the two. I played one round of the battle. Royale and everything else I have played his plunder and I play probably fifteen to sixteen games. So there's a ton to do Because the battle royals by their nature are high replay ability. Call of duty has been around a long time. They know how to get you to get back in the game and play some more passably. Cry Does Have Cross Cross. Plays a huge now for minor. Stand you also cross play with PC? So yeah you will run into people who have the advantage on you. Yeah no on. Pc HIS BUDDIES ON P. C. And all three of us were playing together. No issues and I didn't feel like dwarfed by flavorings. Pc players like even though there's that element. I still feel total it like I go into this type of game. Not Worrying about winning just kind of getting better with each game and I have a blast. I know in and the other thing is is. This game is extremely hard to win. Like even games on that at like pub. Gee I would get the occasional win but this game is hard because specifically the battle royale mode because so many people get a chance to reenter so remember is saying has one hundred and fifty people. But it's actually kind of more because those responds really add to that it adds at least another fifty lives. That are on the map at some point. So it's a tough game speaking of that. I think If you Lou. If all three of your teammates lose in the Gulag I think than your team is actually low. Yes if all yeah yeah okay and you only get one shot at Google log with. Oh Elliott Goulash as opposed to do lag Mr Jeff over here who log Jif GIF potato potato tomato tomato nope no well the replay ability here so good because how smooth the game is right it replay. Billy here is not a problem. Because a well polished again if they old adage that are retired their sensory playability. But do you want to replay it? You absolutely want to replay like it's addictive the nature of the Galea of diving in grabbing some gun greed. It's it's so fun in the fact that you essentially get to lives really adds to the fact that you're not when you're playing as a team. There's a lot that has to happen for your whole squad to be out of the game and so it just gives you longer in game experiences. So it's not dropping die reload drop in Die. It takes a little while even when things go completely south in squad on the battle Royale Mode. Will it isn't plunder employer. You just keep responding right so right so that but the nice thing. Is You respond in the air close enough to the rest of your team that you can drop back into the battle with your team if need be but the downside of that the enemy teams that you're fighting have that same option so we can have a battle that lasted twenty minutes and like two sided battle where you guys are just taking each other out and each time. Obviously you're going to be dropping more and more money because like it's it's just like just completely compounds on top of each other. Oh judgment to set the episode. We give the game are seal of approval. It's a thumbs up. It's thumps down. Were basically saying whether we liked the game or not. Each of us gets vote and it requires two people to vote for the game. That's majority two out of three saw mathworks sixty six percent. Jeff What are you saying? This is easy. This is what a wonderful two weeks this has been because sometimes we get a game and I really have to force myself. Sometimes I play it and I I have to pretend to have played it when we come on in record but this is fantastic. I love it. I was playing it literally right before we jumped onto record and as soon as we're done a going back a plus tasking lilly. Yeah I think I think it's a really polished game. I think it's unique enough with the Gulag without Royale The blood money different I think though the the one thing I will is. I think this game sufferers where when you can play with friends and communicate with them You definitely have a big advantage over the teams that don't do that. I played with no mic one night to and we played blood money and I don't. I think we lost one or two games like loss and by coming in second or third. We won like almost every game. We play because you could just communicate the whole time So I I think. Communication in this game makes a big difference. I'm not so much what system you're playing on but overall I really liked it. It was fun. It's Mike and Peter for a little while so it's a thumbs up for me. Speaking of the communication I know on Xbox was having issues with them hearing me I know you had the same issue Elliott even though you're on PC and they're on PC. Yeah I didn't I I was doing on my end. I fix it once. I knew what I had done so it wasn't still have fixed. It was user error instead of really the game's fault. I think I. D Two into your. Yeah it was definitely a me. It was a setting. I'd had set up earlier from playing regular modern warfare. Okay I probably similar setting the screwed mine up but yeah I. We ended abusing discord display ad or still worked out well and it was. It was quite enjoyable This definitely gets thumbs up for me without a doubt. I'M GONNA be playing this game for a while. It's it's going to be disappointing when I can't play this and I have to play other game suggest to a review something because this is one of those games. I would like to go back to on a regular basis to play. Now kinda like dauntless and all that it's like this is one I'm going to just be like how I WANNA play the game for him. Sustaining pile of terrible mobile games that we're going to be playing in the coming months. Pretty much I think there's a couple of good games that are supposed to come out because I don't want to have reviewed on the show and this is going to surprise but on mobile. They dropped the mobile version. A team fight tactics and as of right now it is not worth playing now. Might get better as of right now. there better options a dro auto chess or my favorite chess rush But team fight. Tactics is needs some work still and if you play. Chess Russ you can join our geld as fantastic. I've almost diamond. I am a platinum non. Anoma kid diamond yeah. I told her today but he didn't listen. He didn't he's he's addicted to that. It's all your phone Jeff. Gladly take all your phone speaking of nomadic and are what do you call discord? We actually have a lot. Lot of Commentary this weekend. We do all right. So there's choose that Three gigantic paragraphs. Who's taken. What here I can take Lincoln's. He's the first one I think. Okay go ahead. You're up top there Mr. Ra my boy Lincoln Two and a half men or whatever's man and a half. That's his podcast. Listen TO MAN HALF SUED. F- man whatever Lincoln says if you were a battle royale fan or call of duty fan you will probably enjoy coming from a world of call of duty modern warfare it is of course graphically outstanding call of Duty Wise. It's the same basic mechanics the sliding crouching jumping going prone while still retaining any more advanced mechanics of modern warfare like peeking doors. Slamming them open with your with the buddy your gun mounting your gun and most impressively finishing moves which is worse zones equivalent of dancing on top of people and four-night in my opinion it triumphs blackout with no running over your teammates having find attachments and of course being free to play instead of. Fan Finding attachments. They simply they simplify the whole process by making them. Come on your guns automatically with how many attachments on your gun being determined by the rarity of your gun the Gulag which is a special which is basically the gut the gunfight mode from multiplayer a modern warfare. They very neat feature and his in his better than all the games that don't feature revival system even if you lose the one view one but as within a game instead of them reviving you. In in my experience they go back to they. Just go pick fights. They can't win and die but that is a player problem while you would expect. A huge lag with the huge player counter is not and they are planning to expand it to two hundred however there are some pay to win aspects like the full Mara warfare players having the chance to learn the weapons and already having leveled up classes already being created thankfully full monty warfare players don't have to download the whole game. They just have to get a twenty gig update and can jump right in from the menu. Sorry is not a good paragraph nuts finally could no worry about it. Yeah so no MIC One of our active members of the discord he wrote in warzone is a good game. I'm mostly reviewing plunder as what I played. The most basically plunder is like division a division dark zone needs battle royale grabbed cash extract the using helicopters balloons While under fire complete bounties along the way it brings a whole new angle to the battle. Royale John John Mara. It's very solid mode and when you're leading with the most money you're being hunted by multiple squaws on the server. It's quite the gym adrenaline rush. However as great as it is there are minor Minor complaints were noted. Unless you're unless you squad wipe the enemy team. Enemies will land on you as they respond in the kill. You as the RESP- as you respond. I noticed the respond was always in the same spot. Same Direction if a member of your squad stayed alive long enough so it was easy to guess where I becoming from another complete game throw. Sounds at you nonstop larger than life. Shooting sounds next to you. Shooting sounds next to you. But it's really four city blocks away. I agree with that completely of the sound design. Pudgy still has the best. Sound design of any Battle Royale like you can tell where stuff is At the end of the round it gives you quick summary and not a really And Not really a quality match summary if you place the top ten or your squad. Kills Cat and cash amounts. I'm really butchering apologized. No mixim the unlocks can be overwhelming at first. But once. You learn the attachments to your load outs It has a lot more. It has a lot of style to your. Gameplay one of the biggest negatives of plunder is that if you're not chewed up with a premade squad you're random member. Uranium members could bail out at any point in the game and leave you a hefty disadvantage. There is no punishment from leaving a match. Blender can take up to thirty to forty five minutes and it's quite difficult losing members twenty minutes in with all these negatives though it's still a fun experience when you counter a good match or a friendly player or take out a squad trying to extract their cash via helicopter nothing quite as satisfying robbing your way to the top of the game solid. Free to play game if you're into. Fts thanks no matter. I am coconut wizard. Cod warzone sounds like an outdoor area where you everyone shouts and throws fish at each other most likely the smell of the fish. 'cause people to run out run or pass out and the power of must include the nose plugs gas masks fishing nets to repel fish from back at your assailants. I'm going to butcher this even worse in our current time. A physical distancing. It's recommended that you use the triple rifle with a whip nevermind. How Long Distance Advantage? But I prefer the Mahi Mahi mini gun for more grand scale. Walpin not floundering about in the game is key to survival so keep moving to avoid being trapped like a can of Sardines Best Practices to make you to make sure you swim upstream to have the advantage of the high ground. I of hooked on Card Games as I get old and crabby but the quality is still there consistently. I'm sure it's Ueli Fun and I think I've spouted off enough about this. That sounds like a review. I would write when I didn't play the game that we take. You realize he wasn't a real two long apparently Gosh thank you. Coconut wizard for that. So next game we are going to be playing is going to be curse of Era Suhel. That's the one I'm mobile now. Yeah now we got a fantasy star online to just came out Anything else that just came. Wasn't there something else that came out. Something else came out. What let me pull of course of a fantasy star to a R. O. S. A. Let's an M. M. O. big game and fantasy star though. I don't think he's out for a is only for xbox and I don't even know it it's just Beta. Yeah this is just this. This is early access in the Google. Play store didn't feel early access. It's only available for android. Well knows it only avail android needed that when never mind? Well Pope Sticks Was at a other one on. Xbox was expert says ones only on xbox. Yeah but I think it's only xbox. We can't do that one either poorly it'd be left out of. Do you want to only do that? Fine offensive. I don't really want to do the finance one either. I don't WanNa do to fight tactics. I already still WANNA do another team. Tactics of yeah should we? Should we just play Fan Service into fortnight? Yeah let's let's do fortnight. I can play that for ten minutes and pretend to have played a bunch. I only play. You did play a bunch. I have waited my tunnel by installing outlook Sotoudeh in. He shouldn't have said that around. This could be edited home alone on on a wire of never. Why are we doing this? Why are we not just doing the interview in two weeks and by them will come up with a game all right so next episode we are going to be interviewing the gentleman? Who Does the voice actor worked for the resident evil to remake? Leon Kennedy? The name of the game is not Leon Kennedy character in Resident Evil Two Nick Last name it's like. Oh please sponsor us Suppler Liuchiu APOSTOL. Is Nick Apostilides? I don't know yeah. I'M GONNA ask him safe sort of butchered butchered on the episode. It'll be butchered on this emphasis though. Also if you're a fan of Scott and chess which is isn't I mean sorry. It's hard to say that Al Lying. The two of them were on a new party now brand new medicine. Elliott. You're just interrupting people Elliott interrupts. Tessa is going to have us on the show and he interrupts both of us constantly so yes come listen to Scott Jeff on Tessa and Elliott argue as Scott gets super inappropriate very quick. It's fun reporting it so as much as I pretend to not like Elliott Lactate him so much more. Oh you're gonNA love the week after this one because Tessa gets intoxicated and really tells you how she feels about Tesla nights okay. She's all talk talk. He walkie talkie. Oh not at all not at all but ten August episode in the ages of. Let's get the hell out of here. It's hot aren't we want to thank everybody for joining us You can join our discord from our show notes or also our website We also have a Patria now so if you want to help support the web. The show you join our patriotic as patriots dot com slash budget arcade. Now we're actually trying to get some money up so we can upgrade myself in Jeff's PC's that way we can play some stuff on anything but X. boxes well off Also you could interact with us if you want on our discord which Scotto talk about later but we have a twitter account twitter dot com slash budget or K. Were on hurry talk. Would we did? Do you not listen to how yes that was the first thing you why joyner discord and I'm the amateur Laura. Liam sherm cloudy commit that now. Www DOT com instagram at budget. Arcade don't forget hit us up on FACEBOOK DOT COM SLASH K. Let Scott Know. How much enjoyed ladder? Twitter himself. Nobody enjoyed that. Oh my my my friend Danny Kaye. Enjoy Yeah Danny Kaye. Who We all know and love. Yes Danny Kaye. Next night wherever you listen we ask that you leave us a great review. And don't forget to subscribe wherever you listen and game on

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