Special Report: The Power of Grayskull


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Just because of the title editors wrote feasting portray human reading three small children will be moved to emulate now. It's deal to play toy of superhero and those days city potentially damaging to clear twenty. My favorite rose remained so always the we'll be it goes so quickly and we made so many figures in excess as and poised to the in six eighty seven bigger army for your little boy when you find this character in this world where imagination is beyond dream. It's just amazing. Hey folks will special episode of the projection booth. I'm your host mike white on this soda. I'm talking to randall lob. The co director of the power of grace skull the definitive history of he man and the masters of the universe before we begin. I just wanted to say that the quality of the phone call. Maybe not the best during the first little bit then we eventually switched over to phone she my new skype and i also wanted to say that the dark crystal documentary which randall refers is now available on net flicks. That's the making of the new dark cristal series also. I wanted to say that the term i._p. Coming from the internet world i kept thinking internet protocol in means intellectual property so wrap your head around that as you enjoy this interview with random lop randall lob. Tell me about you and tell me how you got involved in doing. Gosh do a little bit of everything producing writing directing acting acting miscellaneous crew. How do you know about acting outed. That's secret get out there. I think you acted in the short brothers in law aw i forgot about brothers in law i did. You're right about people who have to do all the things. I've never had <hes> sometimes. They're called what hyphen as i go into some inordinate detail. There's one detail that are used to be in the film industry league making commercials. I'm from south western. Ontario rural part of ontario kids tend to get jobs young and kids work right. You might go work on a farm. You might work for your cousin your uncle in my case. My dad sold tractors. I was not a good employee over there a. Uh but my uncle was action near. He's learn how to drive things and deliver things impact things and load things and you have a different way of looking at the world that the city could have you have to learn to do a lot of stuff. You're resourceful so when i got into the film industry out of film school i already knew how to the drive trucks and i knew how to load stuff and like i just had a general laborer skilled certainly not a skilled <unk> not good with any tools in specific justify but in general group of kids where p a pack and trucks i would immediately say he'll let me go in the truck and you know you can rise through the ranks quickly quickly of people see you to sweep. This guy stays late this guy's first year. I was that guy and did well there until i fell off my bike bike hit my head go ahead two kinds of amnesia retrograde enter grade and when you have that you nowadays we know but post concussion syndrome back then i'm one hundred years old. There's no such thing you just got your bell wrong. People expect to work and of course the sharks smell the blood in walter and they circle and it's hard production is hard work so i couldn't do it and i didn't know why and so i became by fluke that goto into became a high school teacher and i thought i can and in my so called spare time can get back back into the film industry and maybe i'll teach and get myself figuring and and by the way why would a head injury make you a teacher because it's controlled the bell rings and you go go to the next class. You're familiar with early september the seasons change your back at school. You know it's a very structured kind of lifestyle and you know it since the time. You're five years old so it's a very smart way to live. If you had whatever i had long story made longer i as a teacher started to understand stand this group of kids. I was teaching so these would be sort of people born and <hes> maybe coming of age in their born in the seventies and early eighties and they're coming of age in the nineties and i think we all know about millennials jen's eds and all that now but i was watching this generational shift and these kids weren't like me exactly i was the age that immediately understood what the internet was going to do. From a nation perspective we saw that technology with mesh into the world and sort of had a front row seat to building it so i saw well how education was going to be encompassed by the internet and how the internet would department and then i immediately extrapolated that onto entertainment so very early on was thinking about how the film industry that i was doing on the side working development for people and you know writing freelance on stuff and features and all kinds of whatever you wanna say freelance writing and so on it all started to go in a direction towards tack so very early on we were putting coursework online we were looking at how hypertext get used in learning and you would say what does this have to do with making movies. This takes me to a place where i'm making or using technology to make education material more palatable to a group of people all that we now know as millennials later jen's ed gen z. If you're american i started to presumably learn some ways of building handles or this age of person and i started to see how the currency of that culture whence change it became more pervasive. It became more developmental up mental so you would see something. That was just sort of out there. Batman batman is out there in eighty nine. Batman gets turned into something else. Send you realize batman can be this and you know this idea that subsumed batman or anne of these franchises the big corporations were learning how to get people to come back to them again and again and again and there was a time you remember i'm sure when superhero movies kind of didn't work and marvel movies were particularly not hitting the mark and at this time when this is happening as a teacher. I am seeing what i think would do a better job or what doesn't mean i'm right what i think this age group group of people or what these younger looking for and i started to get further down that road and eventually we started working in two thousand eight nine on the teenage mutant ninja turtles franchise and that's a whole story of its own which you may or may not know or have heard but that film became the testbed sped for all these threads like the use of technology the 'democratisation of filmmaking technology in tools the social the proof of pudding your material online in a context where someone else's material was only that other person's a professional musician or filmmaker the idea you being you put your website. Mike's website and it's in the same space the same parlor as you know bill gates his website and all of a sudden you are as good as bill gates in some presentation away and the idea of having a place online nine in this space and having content to put into it and building handles for people to grasp that content that was what we see in turtles us on to make six was released and that process really refined those skills. I ended it up working with isaac elliott fisher <hes> cinematographer and he's very d._i._y. Filmmaker and younger than me and younger than markazi two mile so worked who was a post production in tech wizard and so we realized just the three of us have this wide range if i'm writing directing in producing and kind of during the strategy and thinking about online and what you might say if you're in a corporation innovation management or or forecasting where we should go with this or that and thinking about marketing and content and all of these sorts of kind of boring semi-barren corporate things but applying them to education and entertainment and intellectual properties and these big franchises and then i meet isaac and isaac this young guy who can build anything and sets and he's a painter. He's talented artist production designer. He's got a camera. He puts his own skin in the game. He knows how to shoot. He can light and we we get working with him and markazi. He has a lot of you know at the time cutting edge computers for editing and teaching himself all these programs on all these workflows and and building them from zero we have this entire production line marks 'cause he's blur matthew hussy. He is singer keys a keyboard player you can qatar and he can do soundtracks compose and perform looking around in the small town where in and we think we can end to end these movies please but the big question that we would have had is can we approach i._p. Can we sort of perform some with this that adds enough value that these big corporations will either edison or point echo which would be a story of this in how that works or would they reach out and say just either to get it off or to allow it in the room and sold it and we finished. It and we're able to do everything that we needed to do that. Movie is called drill power the definitive history of the teenage mutant ninja turtles the people who owned the turtles at one point kevin eastman and peter laird and all of mirage that grew they were all happy with us and they really liked us and they shared their information with us learned this way of doing things immediately after that and by the way you'll find this interesting we started conan but we started started ponant because it was in the office of the lawyer for turtles grabs. Your layered brutal french official or you've been lingers in his office was a bunch of conan's not about conan material and i'm just saying actor turtles the parents happy we did yard. We have the con- san comic con. What's happening really great and we really wanted to platform into the next film. He called me. He should render world. Donna ex wanted to be <hes>. <hes> any won't have to work with me. But what are you thinking of doing next and i said conan the barbarian and and he got dead quiet and said you're not going to believe this and i said what he said. I represent coenen. I can't get you through tacona. Properties paradox entertainment. I believe was what they were called an end named fred malmberg and fred momberg who lives in los angeles and he's from sweden originally regionally he and his husband jay own basically we're we're managing the franchise at the time and i thought oh here these two games. Swedish men are running opponent franchise. This is amazing is an incredible story. I loved it so reached the fred momberg we became friends and we started isaac and my alphand markazi we started working on conan and we got along down the road doing conan and you're gonna say randall. You've been talking this whole time. I wanna on and nobody power of grace skull. You have been yeah well. If you know about your history you know that the turtles in human where of concentrate he man comes out and really influences aspects of the turtles toy line and you can see that in the sizes shapes and the fanciful characters send you know the bizarre mutations and all that there's an this kind of an interlinked there but there's more than that there was also a guy named mark taylor was involved in both franchises sizes critical to human for many became important in turtles and a few other people decide except to me you should do he men next i said knowing that's a complex france. As it's all all split up. It's different parts at universal and different parts are are they with mattel and who's doing a movie and it just seemed like it was distributed weirdly and wasn't wasn't focused right. Nothing was coming so i said neither wanted to. He man we're going to stay with conan. Well we find a document in the conan archives that linked pieman and conan. It was some kind of a lawsuit some kind of activity between in effect conan properties at the time and mattel and it was all about the john milius movie so there's one and we interviewed bill stout william stout the artists and he's talking about conan he worked component component while i really did a lot of work on he man and isaac and i looked at each other and then williams so chose team and stuff on my god amazing. I i say not to things aren't enough. We have another one well we ended up at gary goddard's office and he did the universal show conan live <unk> show whenever you look stunt spectacular sort of thing has set the sort of model for those types of shows but he directed the human movie so isaac turns this to me and he looks at me in gary gutters office and he puts his arms up and he was okay. How many more do we need. I was skeptical. I thought this is never gonna work. Mattel l. is a very big company and i thought there'll be protective. Whenever you want to say is negative so component was something we were developing really thinking. We were going to put out in twenty fifteen. I want you to think about that. It's twenty one thousand nine hundred. We're still not a so we got a lot of stuff shot a lot of stuff in the can and during this period of <hes> summer twenty fifteen odd mccallum had done nintendo quest he knew about turtle power and there were actually a few filmmakers who reached out to me into isaac or to mark and just said hey. We like turtle power. We're wondering how would you approach this or what would you do for that and i'm not talking like it's not the hollywood moment went. Were sony calls you up and says can your under whatever version of that it's more like a filmmaker saying saw that i'm curious. What did you do how how did you do can solve this problem. <unk> from general quite friendly so chatted up well. Rob mccallum did a little bit of a trick on isaac komo message on facebook and he said i'm going to do a documentary on emek panicked lord of the rings and take whatever big franchise new feeling fear the one who should do and probably some of that is an ego but mortgage payment right. You're passionate about a french inch so isaac contacted me and said you know this guy rob mccallum he lives near us strangely enough sitting nearby and he wants so do eamon and should we like hurry up and do it or what a nicer we'll. Why don't we team up. See how we can deal with that and so we over couple all month period. We hit it off with rob. We thought we had a workflow by the way if you make films you know it's not easy to pull someone into a system that could be addio syncretic or whatever you wanna call it. We have our own workflow and i do not envy rob coming it robert if he prefers robert it coming into that workflow and then having to you know basically wear these clothes that we made and robert. Here's your suit right so i can imagine it. Was you know he probably got on this call. He might disagree because he's a nice guy but he might have had trepidation trepidation nations he wanted to co direct and co write and i'm if anything is known about directors. They're probably control freaks. Male female young old doesn't matter so we figured out a way to work together and we started that documentary kind of set conan aside because of other factors which i'm happy to chat what about you know if you want if you ever get a word in edgewise and we thought about going to kickstarter because that was roberts kind of area of knowledge that once compared with us. I'll be honest when we made our it. Will you know mortgage. Your house can make a movie see what happens. Try and sell it with conan it. It was we'll take if the at a little bit of money leftover from turtles. Can we put that into another picture yeah. We did <hes> he man. It wasn't gonna work that way. We were going to run out of money immediately and rob had the idea of kickstarter forward is nintendo. Can we do a kickstarter starter any kind of campaign using our skills to have a really nice opening video and put together some added value materials and and just really all that we'd be make work and that's how we <unk> king on it before started we had some pieces birth and not the jump into full till if you've seen a lot of you know about you know we've got a lot of people unsure here. You have questions about some of that. I have to stop here so you something that. I know that you're there the he man. What did he mean for you you and the rest of the full pop media guys to say this is going to be our thing robert mccallum one of the reasons reasons why it was good for us to work with them. He man was incredibly important to him. He was the perfect age. He was in a situation where he wanted and needed some role models. He wanted some comfort from that show and i don't think i'm speaking out of turn about him. I mean he we had quite a start. He made a film called missing mom which if people saw that they know that's it's quite a strong and so i think he really bonded with the characters and he man and it was meaningful to him for isaac. It was something that he wanted toys. A beautiful castle grace called place that was to him something really powerful than totemic or mark hussy my business partner and person who is in that's room with me right now. I don't think it was particularly important him either. He had younger siblings so it was on his radar for me. It's important that i'm on the outside i if you approach these i._p. Deeply inside the tendency is for its color color your choices and if i don't find myself at a remove a safe for move i can't make the decisions i make in quite the same way. It's it's like you can imagine if yours your son or daughter hands you a piece of work from grade two or something and it is beautiful to you. You love it because is that your child and so you don't have quite the same perspective on it so i really try to be objective about all of these i._p. So for me. It's it's been merging my enjoyment of the franchise both in the turtles and inhuman comes from the people that i meet so when we start making the documentary it a voyage for me to discover these amazing people behind the scenes and we really i think i speak for mukasey as well and then is it can robert. Are we really come to like people that we work with and we're talking about and talking to and so that's how really the franchise in each case is as colored entirely by the world behind that character behind all the different versions action figures and what have you so so you see what i mean. It's very different. People used to say to me. You know who's your favorite character then. My favorite character might be mark taylor. My favorite character might be adult one grand or franklin jail. You know what i mean. It's it's totally based on the way that i interact with the the behind the scenes of of it which is probably the opposite of what a lot of your fans would think you talked a little bit about some of the inroads made with he man inadvertently certainly while you're doing your research for conan but i'm curious about how you went about the rest of it as far as who you managed to talk to and especially when it comes to some of the for lack of a better term the super fancy that you talked to because they have super interesting stories which i wouldn't necessarily think you'd think about really hardcore super fancy okay yeah. They're kind of blinded to everything else but these guys actually had really interesting stories to tell what part of it is who you choose. I'm not pointing at anyone or not pointing in anyone but if you were to look at any fandom as a filmmaker coming in from the outside you know i'm accusing the ones that have good stories not necessarily in advance but you know it's possible. There's someone on the cutting room floor not for any fault of theirs or anything negative get of about them but their story perhaps wasn't as touching or as you know interesting. Someone else's so you do have that effect of the editing process is waiting. You know it seems like everybody. We chose had a great story. The other side of it is that people remember things that happened to them in their childhood with a different color and they remember things that happen to them when they're in their say their thirties or forties or or even their twenties their twenties this kind of an interesting period separate conversation but the things that happened when we're children. They actually form our brains right. Your brain isn't done when you're a boy. <hes> your brain is growing and developing thing until you're probably twenty seven or eight or something. Maybe more your four brain and so a lot of your emotions a lot of your sense of yourself. These things are literally created created by the activity of proceeding something and then amalgamating it into your experience and your thoughts and your feelings so you know in my case if if i watched the spiderman cartoon that old crazy old cartoon from the sixties throughout back she <hes> produced cartoon with the great jazz music that music is very powerful for me. It's short short circuits directly to my emotions and i think the case can be made that the feeling of nostalgia we have comes right out of the power and the primacy of the emotional actional memories and so somebody who watched it at a certain time has a certain feeling and all of those feelings are are awakened because you know your brain works by association creation so all these things are clustered together and i think people they do get into the heart hope their feelings or their ideas. He is rather <hes> about the franchise at the time they watched it. I think even did not david wise say that different documentary the writer david wise is you might have known david wash transformers or turtles. He made a line he said the perfect era for the perfect age for science fiction and people were trying to say was it the fifties the sixties and seventies i think east it was theodore sturgeon and said the perfect age four science fiction is thirteen. I really like that's a great and then by the the way i probably misquoted probably said the wrong author and probably said the wrong age that david y you get what i'm saying you mentioned before that you had had a head injury when you're growing up and when was that so actually i was twenty three everybody my age had head injuries in the sixties and seventies these parents back then were more love affair. They let us do stuff and we got hurt when we got banged around so i've had probably eight or nine good concussions and cushions and i'm fine. Trust me this one in particular. When i was twenty three it was a it was bad enough that <hes> i had these kinds of damage. Yeah i lost about a year. I don't know i don't know how long i was just curious because you're talking about that whole idea of the graham the brain growing and then what that might have affected your maybe even your take on pop culture with that payment. One hundred percent true might take about culture comes one one hundred percent from being a desperate kid in small towns in rural ontario canada with no access to the things that i am interested in and and kids growing up now have no idea of the scarcity of enjoyment so you think about yourself again. You can tell me your age or or you can just tell me something. He loved as a kid and i'll know but if i loved david bowie in nineteen seventy four and i did it was next to impossible to get any information about him. There's no inter. I can't go buy a magazine cream magazine or whatever rolling stone magazine. I don't even know about those until somebody's he's older. Brother leaves one on the floor. You know what i mean. It was hewer hunger so i'm from an era when if you want something you have to go oh and actively get it and you have to participate in it in a way that is really really active. I'm looking. I'm going to stores seeking what i want and i'm going to people's houses and looking through their records. Oh my god you've got this so if i figured out that neil adams did batman at a certain time periods to go back to our batman structure. I don't think i knew neal adams was until i was in my twenties. I just knew that name is good. That's a good batman. I wish i could find more of those. I don't know who he is. I don't know where he is. I don't think i was even aware of how comic book was made c._c. This way of going hang out into the i._p. Digging through it and approaching it with reverence and elevating or or recognizing that it is elevated by my need is giving me specifically me a certain mindset. I'm very much a hunter a secret to hold and look at an exam and and then you know if you've ever had that experience of sitting down with your album or cd and you read all the information on you figure out mutt lang produced use this a._c._d._c. album and you you know you start to make a composition of the world that is not the same as someone who's just listening to music watching the music nick for a lot of kids my age. It was star wars right. Who's this george lucas. Who's richard edlund. Wait a minute what somebody made this. You know that's a real switch being flipped but i was always that kid. I was like that my whole life always wanting to know more and desperate to get as much as more input martin which is handy for doc filmmaker when you approach he man. Do you always know i mean there is a at least until maybe maybe a year ago when are two years ago. Whenever the she rock cartoon <hes> started back up and now we've got the announcement yesterday of kevin smith read read the turning with the animation of he man but until then we had a pretty clear beginning middle and end of the he man story but how do you approach. I'm going to give this much focused to this era of it like the movie itself. It could have been an entire documentary yeah and we cut a bunch of stuff of course so what you have to do is go by feel. The first thing is it's the best idea always wins and you can't put your ego in the in the argument or the discussion so if i'm sitting down talking to the other guys and and we say you know this whatever this little threat is this story thread. This is really interesting so and he man one of the really interesting threads for some other. The people was who invented he man. Can we see if mark taylor and roger sweet can have an argument or get too. You know there's some loggerheads to play out there. That's valid for for someone to do. That's their decision. I approach is a little more like see what people say about our creative and you start to as you. You listen to people if you really listen to them. They'll tell you what the movie is about. They'll tell you what the story is. It's because they say the thing that is most important to them and when you hear if we interview sixty people and sixty people say these important things and i start to line up all the commonalities and then way might eagle gets out of the way anyway because there's the best ideas are the things that they said so then the other filmmakers that you know they're sitting here with me. We go okay. They're saying this. We should say that too so there's best idea win second part. Is you have to come up with something that allows. I was itself to grow so if you imagine having a checklist an interviewing someone they're going to give you basically an answer to your question cia. But what did he say something to them. That elicits an unintended response now you're having a conversation and so by just talking to the people listening to them and letting them sort of decide what they're going to let this interview be or where it's gonna go where what it becomes <hes> you get into a place where you're sort of following this as we call it an emergent story so go back to your question you you start off and you get some pretty cool stories and that's interesting. Let's keep that <hes> but that second thing we had there that feels like the same thing only different so you pull that out and you just keep doing that over and over again and you see these connections and some of us you know again. I'll say i proven this overtime. I'm able to hold hold basic thesis points in my head and i know okay go back to turtles one. We're talking about. I first comic first cartoon first movie. You know you talked about verse with he man it talk about how the group comes together group think how the different contributors layer in elements elements so if you were gonna say what's the narrative thread there that you stuck with its when people add interesting elements so mike barbados says well snowed spout. I'm i'm an engineer. My job is to figure out how to get the water in squirt the water out that's interesting because here's this engineer layering his element and you watch the duck differently when you realize oh well these people are doing is saying it takes a village so anytime. Somebody says i did this and i did. That doesn't really fit. The a senior you know doesn't fit that idea. See might discard that way. I would suggest we do it. We have basic points. We have basic ideas. We have themes teams and theses. We have metaphors in our head. We have all these kind of markers that we wanna hit and then we just let it feel like it fits and sometimes there's a special trick. I'll do a big jump like you might be point. Someone's criticism of the film could say <hes> well at the handed kind of russia's they go over. They gloss over a bunch of stuff quickly fiene yeah we did because there's really no end in a way we you wanted to talk about the movie that was in development and we get it yeah. We didn't get a chance to get their like you. Were looking for something and then you realize oh it's not there and then you realize this franchise never ended and all of a sudden. You realize that's with the movie kind of shows so a lot of stuff happening and there's this pent up feeling. There's this sense of. There's there needs to be more. What's what's next. What's happening wears he met and we kind of put that in that in the film that feeling like and so some people don't like that and that's fair but some people feel the excitement at the end like oh my god what's next and by the way if you came to me and said hey would you make the second half i'd say yes. That's art of the feeling you never feel like you're done. We could do this again. We could pick up where we left off. Yeah how long does take between when robert mccallum kind of tricks you and when you actually show this for the first time at what was at power con yeah. I think it was two years. Let me just that's mark mark. He made was two years right summer summer twenty fifteen to summer twenty seventeen yeah. I think so there you go. That's remarkable that you could fit all of those interviews and all of that in just a two year period of time. If you saw how quickly we got together those interviews it would blow your mind. There was not mistaken. Maybe a two week period where isaac counted up that we had done over thirty. Yeah it's crazy. It's not possible like i don't know how we did. I don't remember exactly how we did that but you do it. In in in in bursts right it would be nice if i could work eight hours a day and then that would be much pick a movie but it's more like exploding exploding periods of time and then waiting for something to happen and exploding period the time and then waiting for something to happen. Nestle teaching at this time are you. I was for for a big part of it. <hes> i was teaching high school english and i was head of the department <hes> but i was you know you're teaching stuff that you really know well. I have the kind of memory. I'm able to read something kind of retain. Obviously i make these films but <hes> i taught up until august fifteen and then pulled that of you with franklin. Gela was probably one of the best things i've ever seen. Oh man near so kind but i have to say i loved it and i think you can do that. You can totally tell that. I'm having a great time with him. He's just so oh sincere in that. He holds that performance of his in such high regard. It was so wonderful to hear because there's so many times where some of these in something that is an entirely considered a box office boom or whatever and they just know brushed under the carpet but he is so into to that was great. I'm going to have to say here i again. I've said this before but i i i'll make it make the point for you and your listeners. It's adam s. goldberg that made that happen adam f goldberg who made makes the show the show the goldbergs on a._b._c. That's about his life. He's a huge fan of he man and he reach out to me during the kickstarter and said you know i wanna see this movie if you would come out and talk to me about it. I'd like to be involved doc and you know. I didn't go to them and say hey can. You cut me a check or anything like that like. I imagine lots of people do because why wouldn't they. That's how it feels hollywood works but i went out and said i'd love you know to have you involved. How would you like to be involved. Decided if you're in trouble and you need something. Let me know particularly people people so he got us grin and franklin jill which would be if anything. It's two of the best parts of the movie like you go. Oh my god they're they are and it's exciting citing and it was exciting for us that he made that possible and here's the crazy part. Franklin jila told us is it can i that he loves loves talking about it. He wanted to talk about it and he was relishing the chance of think of that. He hadn't had many opportunities to discuss the film and and he really wanted them so when you get a chance to get him on camera and we were by the way at his place he will come to his place. I won't say where but we went to where he lives and we sat down in his comfort zone and he just gave us the truth and you could tell even use it to yourself. You could tell he really really wanted to talk about it. It was important to him and his kid and those great the other thing that i was really compelled. By during the documentary was on all of the discussion discussion of gender roles and i know that that's very important of course to kids that are growing up but just the here the adults talking about how they wanted to make shirt that genders were being presented and just the way that she was kind of being put under the current. Now you're talking talking about these things themes that are important not just to me personally but to says a group here i don't know if you have a mother forever did but i did and and almost everybody i know has her head mother and i don't know if you've ever had a sister or girlfriend or a wife or daughter whether you're gay or straight you you interact with women on an ongoing equal basis but if you do something culture especially and what people call nerd culture a geek culture you you often don't see a lot of women and you often don't see good representation and if you are on twitter right now you see a lot of and so it was important to us talk about that you know when you talk to fifteen dancer and she talks about some of the things that were called for her to be a toy designer and to be taken can seriously and to be accepted as a person and not as girl doing boys job and whatever they said at that time period it becomes obvious that i have to talk about it. I would have liked to have gone further at one point that mattel. There's a female c._e._o. And she was very powerful there and obviously fleet you know it would have been nice to talk to noel richardson who show running the sheera show on netflix. I think that's her name. Correct me. If i'm wrong. Sorry <hes> milk noel l. stevens. I'm sorry i've i've dropped her name but those opportunities to talk to women and to talk about their perspective on pop culture is critical. A lot of young girls growing up you know had some pretty unpleasant role models to look at a guy with a daughter her. It's incumbent upon me to do what i can to stop that if i can play a part in getting positive messaging at their responsibility as the dad as a teacher as a co equal person in the world full of people who are both men and women and whatever in between works so what is the plan to have have the stuck inventory rollout now for the public. It's a complex world. We live in now. You know you sell some rights to net flix or or licensing rights. It's for certain window of of streaming there and then there are other rights that you try and sell off elsewhere or you get a sales agent to help you sell those rights off for you know there's some of this. You can see universal soon. They're putting something out and you'll probably see it and it's going into a physical media in september through high-octane pictures and it's just building sort of ways of getting the movie out there that become tricky cookie and so took a long time obviously and you don't get hold for a while. I wanna movie like this. I mean people. I know some of the kickstarter starter fans thought hey man you're done whereas all the stuff and then we compile everything you know there's a lot of work involved and some of that work is dictated by uh-huh distribution deals so you might be told you know netflix has requirements that you behave in a certain way or publicized certain things are not other things so at affects what you do or don't do at a certain time and then you know the next rights windows after that or affected so again it's boring and it's business and it's not as fun as where's the movie by september. I think thirty this you will be able to go and buy this available other places nice and we've wanted that all along because people ooh you know and people who are happy off. Don't the physical d._v._d. As many extra s- on there i don't wanna say where the extras will oh be but there will be extras you and you will have access to them. In a number of places we had to make a number of different extras in a number a different forms. Yes is the answer like i know this is important to fans and it's important to me and to everybody here to robert isaac and mark. We want everybody to see everything that we can get in there so there's a way to ten pounds of content five pound bag. We'll try everything we can to get it in and tell me about riddle of steel and how that's going for you so this is a <hes> one of the vagaries of being a filmmaker in modern modern culture <hes> we are very close to fred momberg and he's running the franchise and he's doing any here's the whole robert de helped <hes> library the state and not the state the intellectual property attached to our e._h. and he's trying everything possible to get conan back out there and everything and not just from a business perspective like he doesn't just say hey. I bought this i._p._m. Wanna make money. He's a true i believe he loves it and he had been in it for a long time so something was said. I'm not saying anything secret here. This is all public information. Something was set up at universal and it looked like there was going to movie and it looked like arnold who's going to be an and we thought we would be putting our conan documentary sort of in the ecosystem system around that movie that movie didn't continue on it fell apart in whatever way and so there was something somewhere look like to be at a particular company and perhaps be a television program to some degree a series and that didn't work out as expected for a number of reasons and so they're back at at square one. Try setting up something else in what we hope to be a manner that allows us to get that documentary put together. We're ninety percent done by the way i could sit down and watch a. I think it's a three hour cut of that movie right now. Yeah i had a five hour that i was cutting away way up with isaac and i think we got it down to three and we just have a few more things. We'd like to get and one of those things is not a secret. We can't put this out until we aren't. We just can't for one third of conan fans. It's about arnold one third of the conan. Fans are marvel comics people and by the way marvel and dark horse. I should say but marbles new cone and stuff. I don't know if you're reading that. It's great. I love what jason aaron's is doing. Gerry duggan. I'm really enjoying it and and i love seeing that happen. I like the conan games you know. There are some coney games that right now that are i think are killing us. There really really interesting. I like it being back but we really need to come out with something else a movie or a series or else you know you just can't go to arnold's hosts and shit shoot with them. There has to be a has to be something there or you know his times. He's still arnold's right and he needs to know like oh. There's a world around this. Now i get it and i think you'll agree other way. I'm speculating remember should franklin. Jealous said he wanted to talk about it and it was hard to get him up until we got him and then he said man. I'm i we should call me sooner but like that happens a lot. There's a lot of <hes> a lot of that that goes on where people well either act like they wanna do or act like they don't door. You just don't know how the business works so. There's a lot of layers out there too. That's it's right and once we get him where we're basically done on. Honestly there are three or four things that that would be nice to get having him would make this like we interviewed john. Milius think about that. If you interview john milk you need to have arnold because that's really that's two guys that we associate really strongly with that film and the film's uh-huh very important. Did you shoot him before he had the stroke we shot with him in the fourth or fifth year after his recovery and and it was it was amazing we spent the day with him and he's he's getting out of the world more often now but and it was a very difficult thing for him to come out of the stroke and you know i don't want to say too much. It's not my place to come in someone else's help but there's a guy who really has had it will climb and it's still that way having a stroke i mean you are your brain and with the brain that that man had you know that's a lot of stuff stopped got impacted a lot of a lot of big guy to deal with and so he's had a really tough go and i don't <hes>. I don't know that many people would the strength to do what he's done but he's getting back every day. We haven't seen him in a while. We hear that he's going out and doing conventions and stuff. The time now which is amazing mandolin riddle of steel comes out. I'm definitely going to want to talk to you about that so i'm. I'm putting that on your calendar for. I never oh man i wish asia. I know you've got a lot of irons in the fire. You know you're doing not only documentary work but then also working on narratives. You've got screen plays. You've got and then <music>. I'm curious what else you have going well. There's something that i can mention but i can't talk about it. <hes> august thirtieth net flicks like says dr cristal series comes out dark could the dark crystal age of resistance and i am pretty sure there's a documentary going behind the scenes on the dark crystal that will blow people's minds. You'd like to go in places where nobody gets to go. Oh and you like to see things that nobody sees. This documentary about this stunning achievement will be very appealing and i feel very proud of that documentary almost as if i was involved you know what i'm saying. Now you understand me yeah. I think i'm picking up what you're laying down. Sometimes have you really feel and this documentary. I've seen it many times. I really like it but more to the point. That series is a stunning achievement. It is visually insane. I don't know if anybody is ready to watch this that it is incredible. You need to have more than popcorn. Let's put it that way. You need a lot of snacks a lot of drinks. It's going to be multi hour trip through a fantasy world like very few people have imagined randall was the best place to keep up with you and your work people who want to know what i'm doing should check out definitive film with no s that's definitive senator film on facebook or twitter or you can look for me <hes> on twitter or instagram. I'm the lab coat guy and <hes>. I usually louis post stuff. That makes you wonder what i'd like. What you know the time i make a frustrated comment but normally it would be look. We met look. We can't talk about look. We get specific. Let's say we were shooting at the entry about something and we were traveling and we couldn't didn't show why doing i might shit your shoe and the floor in a place where not allowed to shoot and i would put that up and people would say i don't understand what he's doing doing here and then later can tell the story we kinda flood with the pictures so that that would be after august thirtieth it would be good to find us fun twitter facebook and you can go to our website definitive film dot com randall lab. Thank you so much for your time today. Listen thank you for being patient. There's a lot a lot of monologue here. People listen to the cut down version. That's probably ten minutes long. They'll be very surprised by how much is on the floor. <music> uh-huh <music> <music> breath sir <music> ooh aw aw doc uh-huh <music> <music> uh-huh eh clearly <hes> <hes> book bad unbelievable and if you enjoy this show and what more people to know about it head on over to i tunes leave a comment and rated five stars. Make sure you like insurance on facebook and don't forget to follow us on twitter just search for christopher media. Thank you in advance for supporting christopher for media by clicking on the paypal and by clicking through to all the sponsors who support christopher media dot net most importantly we would like to take the time to extend an extra special thanks to you. Christopher media could not exist without your support. Thank you for visiting christopher media dot net and thank you for listening christopher media yeah. Let's make some noise stylized lounge presents an evening with the progressive box. 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