REShow: Kyle Brandt and Josh Duhamel. Hour 3 (11-25-20)


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These oil deals are for everyone. Quality parts helpful people. That's napa know. How know how generous based pricey sales price is not applicable state local taxes or recycled these offerings eight. Thirty one twenty. This is the rich eisen. Show rudy back to throw. He spins it down. The right. Side and intercepted. I wanna start there right from the rich eisen show studio in los angeles. Jim gray here on the rich eisen show. You interviewed brady more than anybody else. What do you think he's thinking right now. J. why did i throw those passes earlier on the show. Saints head coach sean. Payton chargers quarterback justin herbert coming who host of good morning football. Kyle brandt plus from the new film. Buddy games actor josh. And now you're rich is all righty everybody. It is time for our number three of the rich eisen. Show orient sean. Payton in justin herbert and those were great conversations great conversations even though my conversation with justin herbert ended with me making one last talks about how young you looked at his haircut. He didn't really respond And the rare instance of interviewing somebody where you go. You still there either. The last two quarterback hurries one ended with me. And just he's still there you're there. Oh yeah. I'm still here great and then yesterday arrogance harran How do you watch a game. Like monday night football. You know tom brady versus Jared goff and you know might have to face the bucks again same thing with the rams right at some point like how do you watch you watch you break it down like you watch the rashi watch the protection and you watch this all rich getting you know. I have to go to sleep early. I was reading a book. You read a book about. Oh dreams tell me more about your dreams are like literally a turn it to dr melfi. And that's the way it won't last two of quarterback interviews who knew all righty. We've got josh duhamel. The dreamy josh mel Going to be joining us He's got a new movie called budget where he and his friends do stupid stuff. It's basically the plot and it's fun and It's kind of like the the great Holy-moly with mini golf on steroids. Basically all of that. That's coming up. But i'm very thankful for this man calling every single wednesday his podcast is dynamite and i am quite frankly Thankful that there is a show called good morning football that starts off. Nfl network every day and is one of the most watched and relevant shows on tv and And we have a show like it on. Nfl network and one of the members of good morning football back here on the richeisenshow. Brian how are you brother. I'm great to talk to you. it's an awesome. I'm i'm thankful for you too. Thank you for the kind words. try Spend most the thankful for your conversation. Just herbert relating to haircuts. Because frankly rich. I i really like it when you got any topic of hair. We once shared a dinner in which you expect. Shared your feelings with me about brian. Urlacher being a traitor to your kind. And i thought it was very funny and so i'm into it and i would have loved to have been there in studio with you for the herbert conversation. I appreciate that and yes this was. I believe last year right around christmas time in tampa when when you were there doing good morning football prior to bucks and texans and we had a fun dinner the night before where yes and i told this to our landers face that he is a traitor abroad Brockman is jammed. His well the ball brother. He left us behind left us And we don't take kindly to that he's base of o'hare airport bryant. Relax you cannot leave or enter the city of chicago without seen his face with the fake hair on billboards all over the airport. One of the billboards even says o'hare h. I. r. rubbing. You're not yeah okay. Got it So we just did mulligan super bowl mulligans to start this show. Because i'm getting ready for tomorrow's nfl game day morning Did you take a mulligan on your preseason super bowl pick or no no sir not in the afc my friend. The pittsburgh steelers at and And who'd you have in the who'd you have the nfl none. I i took a lot of heat at the time as you always do. If you pick anybody in august other than the reigning. Afc nfc champions But i just it. Everyone said oh. Come on rothlisburger. He's you know. Wash dot com. You're living on planet delusional. If you think big ben is gonna come back from that no way no way not enough offense then it looks pretty good ten and Postponements aside but nobody knew about chase claypool. Nobody knew how good ben would be. I feel great there Therein lies the rub in the national football conference. Though i as we talked about early on in this season big i went all in on the tampa bay bucks which i don't feel great about and yet i i don't love really anyone in the nfc. I think there's a there's a lot of good teams. And if you're talking about a great team like i don't see chiefs. I don't see pittsburgh even new orleans you know it's the they're in a really strange to this and right now and the team that i'm i'm falling slowly in love with like we're we're just slow dancing. It's it's hands on the hips. We're playing simply red or something. Classy i like. I like the rams. Were saying that mcveigh. Yes while you were going with your Your underwater the fish under the sort of set up right Chant under the. I'm into it. I'm into the enchantment under the seat nance yes because we are pointing at mike del tufo who got off of his buccaneers pick prior to the season and jumped on the rams to win the nfc. They are his mulligan very rarely. Do i point to mike del tufo and say you. You're you're thinking would be similar. His let alone in terms of trying to sound expert on the subject of football but their defense is frightening. It is aaron donald team. Now on what you're looking for an identity. It's donald in the front jalen and the back kind of like you know A mullet like a football mullet. Yeah and and offensively. They didn't even need a run game to work. Games that requires apparently run game. Two to work off of on monday night man. I'm the crazy thing about that. Game two is aaron. Donald was not in the stats sheet. Aaron donald molly. Not a sack. He didn't have tackle in the game. I'm not exaggerating. Cooper kupp had more tackles than aaron donald for the rams the other night and they still won and it didn't matter because the effect the game that much they have so many good players around him now that they don't rely on their defensive tackle to take over the game and they can still win And i would be remiss rich we're talking. Nfc to not to bring up. I feel like. I've got a pretty good sense of the things that that both of us and the guys find hilarious and the the fact that we're here in twenty twenty and somehow the comedian gallagher is relevant. How awesome is this. That gallagher is the face of the dallas cowboys right now like late night. H one gallagher. Unless here's here's ana ana i'm to. I'm going to keep pulling on this thread. Kyle brandt here in the rich eisen show that i do feel like cowboys. Fans over the first eleven weeks of the season were actually draped in garbage bags because they were afraid of all the detritus that was gonna be thrown upon them based on the sledgehammer. That was the dallas cowboys. Season offensively and defensively. I do believe that there is already some similarity to the cowboys season. And the comedian gallagher. That fans had experienced did not actually however see that coming similar to. I think the last time a super bowl. Winning head coach brought up a pop culture reference. Nobody saw coming might've been when bella check went. Mona lisa veto on on during deflategate coming. You know they were asking him to talk about you. Know if affected cold weather has on inflation and out of the other another galaxy bill belichick. I'm not the mona lisa. Veto of temperatures like bill. You've been sitting on that forever and yet listen. We've seen strange mascots whether the rally monkey for the angels Remember at one point. Pedro martinez had a little friend that they referred gallagher of all things And it just it just makes me wonder wilder be more friends. Like if you're mike mccarthy do the speech to smash the watermelons and it works. What do you do as an encore. What comedian from yesteryear. You break out. I have some suggestions. Hold on a second kyle of before you do that though. I think maybe before you get to the suggestions. I think you're you're you're might wanna work if you don't mind me work shopping it before. Is that instead of the same team pulling out other comedians. From the past that may be in this wide open dumpster. Fire of an nfc east. Maybe joe judge goes and gets carrot top for his own team and they do battle and these old older comedians do battle. Because i'm assuming gallagher you go and you get the the john lennon of prop comedy carrot top. And that is if if the raiders aren't aren't using them yes that would be great. Also i think gallagher up. You've got to call them. I believe the gentleman's name was with jeff. Dunham will have the old man puppet. Or the vince terry fatal. Just down the street to them. I think you'd find my guy yaakob smirnoff country matter. What a contract to america's team the motif that's perfectly and then i think before the eagles week you go to the legend and you say if you're on the worst division of all time and you still can't win a game the philadelphia eagles you foxworthy and they just just run the gamut these guys and you go all the way to the super bowl. So who knew potentially. Wow the road to the super bowl went through branson missouri. Who knew that that would. That's the town off smirnoff. Might be seen right now. A pre pandemic to branson missouri. And you bring the family and and you enjoy the moscow on the hudson. Comic stylings of yakov smirnoff. There you go and if anyone does. This doesn't know yaacov. He was sort of a he had a little bit of a barrage stick before boron was in russia. This in america this then he'd be like america what country you don't have tanks and your parade. You have baldwin goal. I love this country. It was a great stick for a few years. Now he just kills and we bring out and decided to make his last name but it worked. he's still doing it. He still owns the state of missouri. And i gotta tell you rich. A little promotional thing here on the network. I know tomorrow morning. good morning. Football was doing our defacto hand off to you guys on our pre game coverage. I am going to be on my driveway tomorrow remote. Show and i'm going to smash the watermelons and mazda gal pal. You know what i can't. I can't wait for that but in all seriousness. Kyle dea think mccarthy came up with this himself. I mean how what is. What is the genesis of what trying to smash a watermelon style to show everybody prior to this game coming off the bye in minnesota that whatever the hell the analogy would come from. I mean who do. We know where this came from. If the great question and there's there's a follow up question of really think that anyone on the roster take home. That i don't know if lee vendor ashes familiar with gallagher but he went with it and i it strikes me as car the if if we were to line ball thirty two coaches ridge and say which one is least likely to do a gallagher. Prop humor smashing watermelons. I think mccarthy might be the guy this is the guy who used to show up for interviews. And you know you would ask. Hey mike we found this interesting thing in your background that used to work as a toll booth operator before you got it right and he would say yeah you know. I actually think it's funny. Okay mic tell us about the packers running game. He's not a dude and yet he's smashing melons jerry jones. I thought maybe. You should have gone with sid. Caesar joke maybe the cowboys long snapper is lp. He he's been deleted long. He's thirty nine. He is possibly the only one new song. Snapper got it. I think is has the water country. Vhs actual research yakov smirnoff. Jeff done with the puppet. That's great okay. He's the guy lands. I would be surprised. If andy dalton gallagher thing back in nineteen ninety far lewis was all over gallagher. Come on and love gallagher guy monte kiffin fantastic call brent here on the rich eisen show aright brother this look. You've had a lot of great celebrities who podcast. You've got a lotta great celebrities on and you've done you've done a yeoman's work when you got some tim robbins on and nail it with all pop culture ever but this has to be right. This has to be way up there for you. So far for your podcast. This is my letter d. This this is why i got out of bed in the morning. And the have scott stapp from creed who comes on tells all the stories Completely self deprecating and has an awesome connection to the nfl scott stapp responsible for the iconic two thousand one thanksgiving day halftime performance. A game in which. I believe he was the brian greasy. Lead broncos visiting the ryan leaf red dallas led dallas cowboys and higher and they played their other songs and he gets into all the details of the flying ribbon men and all the decorations and he's wearing number eleven jersey with staffing back. I said it's got. Why is it. Eleven was it a your. Let's oversight of the he says no eleven because that's two ones put together and that's how many number one hits. We had at the time. And i was like oh stab. You are beautiful. He was so funny and so cool. I was hoping his answer would be because like a spinal tap answer because that's where the volume on turn it up. When we're playing higher could could've said that but he went to number one hits. Tell all the story of his recovery creed. How much love aaron rodgers. If he's willing to play a private concert for cousin's birthdays legend. So how did you connect because these are dots that you you can connect yourself from your podcast guests right. Yes it at the end of every episode we asked you know we ask somebody all right. So you've done a show call somebody out who come on challenge them you know like one of these viral challenge styles. So you know. Mcconnell says woody harrelson come on here and ann. Rogers says James wholesaler from here will kirk cousins as we know is an unabashed proud creed fan for day. One and after cousins came on it a great episode. He said i want to have scott. Stapp come on here. I don't know what steps up to never met him. I don't know if their touring reach out to stop. He's i'm in. He shows up hangs out ninety minutes of premium stuff and he was in and he in kirk cousins may work out something for a private concert of my own prison. Kirk birthday great. You do know you gotta get gallagher on now though right i mean i know. Gallery your gallagher's a huge get right now. I don't know if people are. Trevor oliver and barbara walters competing and very gallagher right now. He's hot and i'd love to get them. I gotta tell you kyle. I mean when when when bella check dropped that mona lisa vito reference. Now chris was. What was that. The thursday or friday before the super bowl was right visiting the weekend. Saturday the saturday before just landed in arizona right so it was our first super bowl that we did For this show Along with direct. Tv and we are all set up. And you've got the sound scientists. I'm not an expert in football's. I'm not an expert in football measurements. Just telling you. What i know would not say that. I'm mona lisa veto of the football world. He was in the car expertise watching my cousin billy the night before. Like just fantastic so we immediately said we have to get. Even though i mean we had so much working you know So many moving parts. We've never done this before at a super bowl for our show. And you know we had so many moving parts and the guests were aligned up. We said we had to go get maria. Tomi as a gallagher. We had to get so i immediately started calling people who knew i'd run into her once or twice before. She wound up being the only time she could do. It was the first segment of our first ever seen show the first ever super bowl we guest in the history of this show was in fact marisa tomei who said that her phone totally blew up out of nowhere having no idea why and her life basically for forty eight hours went crazy. 'cause bila check right there with the kremlin winner in that role and you in the show with it. It's a really amazing frozen. Mummy which i remember and i only wish there was more i. I wished that ballot check when referring to the two gentlemen who inflate the footballs referred to them as the to us that he takes pride in his grits. And that's how he knows how long it takes them to time the ball. He had gone down a huge huge wormhole from my cousin. Vinny and maybe still has that in them. You opening the show super bowl week with the oscar winner. It was going to leave a veto. It's an all time. It was great and i'm wondering gallagher's film must've blown up. Wherever the hell that was we could pay them in. Branson see i wonder though like gallagher not exactly maybe the ideal radio gas alley zoom watermelon. Describe for me. The fruit exploded. Gallagher's seventy four. And i think he's retired in idaho. There you go. Yeah i know we've got takes two. There was a time when comedy central name their top one hundred stand ups of all time and gallagher was literally number one hundred and he didn't he goes fine. He's pissed he starts name. Said i never heard of this guy. I'm gallagher like he he he but maybe i take it back so somewhere. Somewhere around redfish lake in the two seconds that the that the five g kicked in his phone could actually get some sort of reception. It buzzes. Like what the hell's going on with the dallas cowboys it worked. They won the game. It worked you gotta keep doing it so jerry. Jones's somebody go down to the supermarket. Dennison more melons with on his on. Jim be this morning and we said what do you think of jerry and jerry. Would you be willing to swing the mallet yourself. Absolutely and he did say if it means. We're going to win games more than health to help out. So he said yeah. I'm game spitting his hands. Rub it together and smash somebody go to the arlington Shoprite and buy up all the thanks for the call. Kyle happy thanksgiving. I'll chat with you. I guess in the morning when your show hands off to go from good morning football to nfl game named morning. You the man. I am leaving right now to go the supermarket to find watermelons. And i'm not kidding. I'll be cannot wait. Please take a photograph of of of the cart. Okay i gotta go outside sweet potatoes. There's there's one idiot. Get by twelve Watermelons november that'll be me. You'll like flounder. animal house. I'll take ten thousand watermelons. That's me i gotta. I gotta get watermelon jane. there's cover. I never leave. But my gosh wow. I wasn't expecting to talk about gallagher with them. But that that mike mccarthy doing a gallagher act to fire up his team and it worked if there was any head coach that would have done this. It's mccarthy right so you wouldn't he basically said he's like the last one you'd think that would be a tune of that sort of thing i don't know i don't know i don't know of any any like comedy. Standup up. comedy aficionado identified. Maybe i guess have zoom zoom into the team so crazy whatever works man cowboy fan model win. Who's a familiar with gallagher's work. Dj jefferson. i know it. I all at second. You must have met him right. You've met everybody. I remember that. One time when ashton gallagher komo and we picked up watermelon backyard and tiger. What i've met yaacov veered off at the comedy store. Actually adam in the back said true story. Yaacov did a podcast episode with my roommate in my apartment living room adam in the back yaacov snap yaacov getting any question. Probably all right. We'll take a break josh meals. Join us next and other fun game coming up. He's he's he was on the unfortunate wrong end of the gallagher trick. He's a he's dire vikings fan. He's coming up next. Do you own or rent your home. Sure you too. And i bet it can be hard work you know. It's easy bundling policies with geico. Geico makes it easy to bundle your homeowner's or renter's insurance along their auto policy that's a good thing too because you already have so much to do around your home. Go to geico dot com. Get quote and see how much you could save. Its gyco easy visit. Geico dot com. Today that's geico dot com support for this podcast comes from pluto. Tv need an escape drop into pluto. Tv for a world free tv stream hundreds of channels and thousands of movies and shows all for free. Yeah free no. 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What's up am all my friends who gave bagels because of the eight or camaraderie roderick times. The bengals massey's have we figured out our discount on these masks yet. No okay back here on the rich eisen show radio network all good. I didn't know if we got you know what a great conversation cobb rent. Did we talk football very much at all little bit. Let god it's so funny again. I forgot to even promote his pot. Again it's a ten questions with spotify and ringer staff of is his guests. Good morning football is on the air at seven pm tomorrow or actually no wait a minute. We're on at Even know what the hell we're on at ten am eastern time tomorrow. So they'll be on at eight hour lately it'd be great i'll be watching is Is our friend josh on the phone. Of course as promised the film buddy games it's available in theaters and on demand digital and dvd. Right now marks his directorial and writing debut. He also plays the role of bob. Father in this film. Along with a livia. Mon and dax. Shepard nick swanson was phenomenal. And kevin dillon and so much. More friend josh. Do mel back here on the rich eisen show. How josh thanks for having me. Thanks for coming on this program. I greatly appreciated Now this film josh before we get into everything else he'll let's get right into it Buddy games it is your direct and writing debut. It's a it's about a group of friends who come back together to play the games and a lot of these are they're interesting. Let's put it that way josh. They're interesting. I give you the floor on on some of these games that you play very tame way to put it. Yes they they they are interesting obviously We in some of the events for for cinematic value We don't actually do a lot of the things that you'll see in this movie but We do some pretty crazy stuff. My buddies and i have been doing this for. I don't know twenty years or so And i've known these guys since. I was like some of kindergarten bright and and we had an idea to write the script a few years ago and we wrote it and decided to take it in and we ended up. You know w w loved it and and let me direct it. And it's it's you know. My my goal here was to do two things. One was to tell a story about friendship. And all those friends Become more valuable as we all get older and you know some real underlying Teams here but you know most wanted to do something that that really pushed the envelope. I wanted it. It'd be moments in this thing where people are like. Oh my god. I can't believe they just went there. And there's some stuff you just can't unsee in this movie and it's we showing it now. A few times theaters people absolutely lose their minds. Which is what. I was rooting for. So let me let me let me walk through one by one year and you tell me if you've actually done this or your friends have actually done this with you And or you just made it up for the film. If that's okay. Josh do okay i one is you take a laxative before going into a bar and hit on girls before The laxative kicks in. Is that something you've done. You know we have not actually done that but that would be a pretty fun. We might try that one next year. Okay but that is That is what is done in this film. Well the idea is to win the challenge. You got everybody have to download bottle of laxative. You've gotta go. You know you gotta get a girl to buy you a drink. Yup gotta get him on the dance floor and you gotta get into the give you a kiss on the lips and if you do all that before you lose it you win the competition. Here's another one the hold on hold on a second. Here's another one Playing chicken with a komodo dragon with meat strapped to your head last one a bell wins but he got on that one. Josh how we we actually have not done that. One either that is that was one that we made up for cinematic of value. It was the idea there is that you strap pork. Chops is pretty self explanatory pork chop to your head. Everybody sticks head ups up this you know in started this whole so you don't think showing your head released a kubota drag and the last one who stays about the whole ends so what in. This film is something that you have done. I've just named a couple of them. I don't wanna give up too many But what have you done in real life buddy games. Well i mean this last year every year we we do everything from ping pong to wiffle. Ball golf okay. All the basics but there's always one competition that's just outrageous this last year we Bob the guy who i play in the movie has made us All strip down into our underwear gave us a cup and a helmet. And you have to stand there with your arms. You know spread. Why both ways and the other team would shoot a paintball about twenty yards away and if you flinch you the point and you got hit you know depending on what part of the body you got hit you. You would get a certain amount of points. So that's the kind of You know adolescent behavior that we revert immediately back to you soon as we all get together and again i wanna give anything away in the film but in real life. What do you win when you say you get points like. What does this bragging. That's it that's it it's not even like a plaque or trophy that you could just point to and say this is what i got. Because i didn't flinch when a paintball let me in the nuts like literally. You know you don't even really get a trophy. At one point. There was a trophy. But that i don't even know what happened. I think so. Yeah just bragging rights and now that we're actually talking it out loud and think there's something wrong with me. Josh duhamel here on the rich eisen show and how many of these i'm a. I'm assuming the number of zero but how many of these is something warts and said that's too much can't do it come. I'm not even kidding hammond. Him and back at all. I mean james day is amazing and the guys you know. It's not just screw all stuff either. It is outrageous. We're talking about meeting the pina colada part of it but but yeah it's a truly wanted guys who would come in we are. We only had eighteen days to shoot so we had to go quick. I wanna guys who were You know actors. I but also comedic and could improvise it. I let them just just kind of let them go. We had a we had crammers. We had to keep within the scene to push the story forward. But you know. I want these guys to feel sort of creatively liberated as they went. And that's what i. That's the way i love to work. And and that's kind of environment research and they came in and just laid it down and it was so much fun like summer camp. So did you at least attempt to get dame judi dench in the cast streep. Did you ever go on that. Well what do you think. Oh i did. I did but apparently she was busy. Just maybe just. Maybe the stunts were just too easy for. She wanted something more. Challenging could be that you know you could use obscene run that forty yes data benefit concert. You're always welcome. And i could do the one where you have to run in protective gear with the arrows being shot. I could try that one you know i can be a good one. How about this one josh. Here on the rich eisen show again. His director oriel and writing debut buddy games available in theaters on demand digital dvd. Right now the insane. Obstacle course that includes electric shocks and beer-chugging. Did you pick that one up when you when you showed up on the set of holy moly recently. Did that one from josh. No no. I didn't actually s i. I you know i scrub the internet. I found some ridiculous stuff we do. We got ideas and we sort of you know molded them to the way we needed him to play out in the movie. But yeah i just wanted to have this and that actually does come from something that that's a different group of buddies that i met out here in. La who do this thing called trae sambra's and they did this giant obstacle course that includes all kinds of crazy stuff. And that's sorta were. That idea came from but we just kind of made different version of it for for the movie. Yeah you know this. Is you know this is the thing about. This is that is crazy as it sounds. It is truly something we all look forward to your guys all over the world. Do stuff like this Maybe not this extreme. But you know. I think it's important to keep that. Kim alive inside of you you know and i in mine is alive and kickin believe me and i just i. I love to sort of first of all. See my boy. I i love these guys and you know we just kind of immediately. Rip back to our sixteen-year-old cells and they get together and fun. And i think that's okay. It's fun it's just a tennessee one. It's a laugh riot man. The whole thing dotty games. I think it's a good time for it to you. Know there's there's there's nothing but a good time here. And i think that you know right now is a great time for this movie. Being come down we just wanna get lost and just have fun and forget about all all you know real world stuff. I mean i had jared goff on last week quarterback the rams and easing fantasy league with all his buddies from back in the day. Just like you know. I mean i guess it's version of buddy games in a way. Josh is that he said even though he's not paying terrible attention to it but he has a friend who is as general manager. The loser of the league has got to do something totally crazy year in year out. Two years ago it was. The loser of the league had to go fly nome alaska for day and and last year it was. What was it the barstool. Chris has some sort of a fight. Every rough and rowdy rough and rowdy data go fight in the barstool rough and rowdy at the super bowl. Like that's what they had to do. That's what what do you need to fight like a fistfight. Yes like boxing. Yeah like actually get in a ring and a half to get get an actual fistfight competition with somebody because you lost a fantasy football league. I mean people do this sort of stuff all the time and it's fun it's fun to see man you know i agree and i love that. Those are those are my guys right there. i bet. So how did you show up on set of holy moly it. I honestly like i was watching that. I watched it with my kids. We love it. The whole family does and then just seeing you there. I think was zach. Ephron was in the crowd to was. How did you wind up there. So my buddy tanner Was competing in it and and you know. They've got a similar group of buddies kind of like mine where they're very tight now. Kind of hangouts right. And she was on the show and they said dude. You've gotta come in watch you gotta come on counters on holy moly. I went out there. And and i had no idea. They were going to put me on air like they. They knew that us common. I guess michael like wait. I'm sure here to support. But you know being the pushover. That i am. I agreed to do next thing on on sitting next to rob riggle booth larry's evacuate really fun time. It was again like it kind of is the same without the komodo dragon. But it's a similar sensibility where it's just like. Let's all get together and do something. That's really stupid but it's fun and there's a certain camaraderie to absolutely absolutely. I'm all for it and i don't even apologize for. Its part of part of you know when you grew up in north dakota you gotta you gotta be imaginative and this is. I think where we got these. These sick twisted sense of humors is just you know out of sheer boredom and in on a cold front of north dakota in the middle of winter before i let you go. You think you. Vikings still have a shot this year. What do you think what do you think. I'm not that confident you know they. They have games. Play well I think cousins He's passable quarterback if that's the right term. I don't think he's the kind of guy that is going to take him over the top No fence is his abilities. Because he's a good quarterback. Obviously i just wish we had somebody like rogers or mahomes but those guys aren't exactly a dime a dozen. No dalvin cook is a that version at running back. I think i think you've got yourself a superstar. Would we definitely up cowboy also lost a lot of talent last year. I think that that hurt us. Well lost a lot of guys on the d. Line right owens a little beat up. your picked up some good players but just doesn't feel like we have enough to really do damage. Justin jefferson and cooked together. I think for years to come. You got i mean. There's there's something there and your cousins is the right triggerman. Then maybe you can make some run here. I mean four and six. It's entirely possible. They could make up south. I love zimmer. I do like the team. I don't even dislike cousins. I just right. I just have not been able to buy all the way in There's a kid out of north dakota state. if you've been following him at all that trailer lance tell me about him. Tell me more about him. I have heard of him and his name. He was a true fresh weight. No use a redshirt freshman. Last year played Played player that. You wanna walter payton award when jerry rice award first guy ever to do that. I think i didn't have twenty some touchdowns zero interceptions as a really nice arm and can move and and he can improvise. That's a guy that i think they need to watch for. As is you know as much as i'd love to get a guy like trevor lawrence. He's going to go to the jets. Probably it is Josh and everybody needs to back off from trevor. because he's the jets the jets property. You don't go ten and then dropped the ball this close to getting him. That's not happening man no way you know. He does have another year of bite your tongue. I'm selling your movie for you. Come on hey listen. I would like to see. Trevor lawrence go do like jets and i think that they need a guy like that to sort of come on seriously in new york city. Don't you think he would be dynamite in new york city. Don't you think they do right. What what what happened with the kid out of usc. What's his name Darnold i don't know the jets broken out. They broke him into brother. Can't it doesn't matter. What the quarterback you got the right guys around just sorta coach him up to no matter how good they are right and i think they got to get that right. That is correct. I think they will. I think you know the best of the best will raise their hands and say i want shot here so trevor lawrence. I think that will attract the right kind of people to come in. You know groom him right. But if not Maybe the young man that your town right now could be a quality. A few will silver medal or bronze medal. I don't know but know. I wanted to go to the vikings i want. I want three lancet device. He's from minnesota to well. Then that would be somebody that they got a trade to go get. Because i don't think you're going to be closer on our own. Maybe he'll drop. I don't know that would be a bad one. But what a great choice. The problem the vikings are always good enough with number. Get a great draft. They never get like that. Super high draft pick. So we're always right. There were kind of middle upper pack And then we haven't ever that. I can remember grabbed the court like a like a young quarterback that we've been able to develop. We always get like somebody who's been kicked around a little well You know there's still more football to be played. Maybe you've got a a a run in here. And i look forward to everybody checking out buddy games in theaters on demand digital dvd. Right now Josh congrats on. It's a fun movie brother and olivia munns in it as well. A lot of a lot of fun moments and just have a good time watching the director and writing. Debut of josh. Thanks for the call. Thanks to the always you know that. Have a great holiday. Have a great holiday. That's josh right back actor. Josh duhamel at josh do mel on both twitter instagram right. Here on the rich eisen show. Let's take a break right now when we come back juda maccabi of fantasy football players. He's gone way past the hanukkah. Eight days of oil. Burning is a christian. Mccaffrey mike davis and your phone calls to wrap up. Everyone is eagles hall of fame quarterback ron towards ski. And i am so excited. That the hottest new podcast for the nfl and gaming welcomed the jaws mix between me roj dorsey and some of the most famous names in sports music and entertainment as i give you my expert analysis and predictions of each and every nfl game so far this season. My predictions are over fifty five percent correct against the threat at number folks and over sixty seven percent picking winners straight up. You do not want to miss out on this podcast. 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Tv drop in watch free save by the bell bay sides back people starting today right here on peacock saved by the bell and original series brought to you by a friends at peacock peacock original backward new students new stories in some very familiar faces start streaming saved by the bell was berkeley. Mario lopez go. Mr belding play by john patrick higgins right from america says yep. He's so funny. He is certainly of john michael higgins. Pardon me john. Michael yeah he is so damn funny in all of the yes. Christopher guest movies. Best in show and also pitch perfect with elizabeth banks. He's calling all the pitch perfect competitions. He is so damn funny. He is so very funny. You ever seen them. In the break-up. With vince vaughn and jennifer. Not now the aniston brother jennifer aniston's brother. Your backyard are radio network okay. We got one segment before we go into our thanksgiving weekend right. I'll be on. Nfl game day morning tomorrow at ten a. m. eastern time. We're taking off on the show tomorrow and friday and then we'll be back on monday after a full weekend of football but let's empty the phone banks before we go into our weekend. Let us go to jeff in detroit's been holding on for two plus hours and we always thankful for his friendship. What's up jeff. Hey what's going on what's going on. Nothing much just was wondering I'm thankful for matt staff. Because when you got a quarterback like that you'd never out of the game he'll get you down the field sixty seconds or less with no problem and i had a quick question for this small thing. Bomb quarterback with one rain means another. And we'll get it folks. Russell wilson allies drew carey. The jeff doing his usual drill troy right now Who's gonna do it. I whoever retires. I my gosh more no no. He's needs the second one. So i know they're getting into the halls. 'cause i gotcha ibis aaron rodgers. Why far didn't get too. Yeah but people don't think farms the greatest of all time i. There's a lot of packer fans think. Aaron rodgers is better than tom. Brady are on the same level as tom brady. Six to one get one second rings. Not going to put anybody on the level of tom brady. It's just that tom's got sex. He's been a nine. that can touch him. I gotta sit here and talk about brees a little bit. I mean he's got every record in the books every single record in the books he gets a second one that would be significant. Certainly if he walks off this'll be a walk off this it'd be like l. way. This would be like strand. The boss lewis. That'd be amazing. What do you think jeff I honestly believe is like you could almost go here. 'cause there's good as and heart disease. If he got that second rain. I mean it because people are always say. He's the most talented bright relying on. You guys wanna give. It really needs you guys you take care. It's jeff in detroit. Jeff from detroit. I think people think russell got the second one anyway if you just give it the if he was allowed to hand the ball off i'm serious man. He had come on. I'm serious if he hands off they're done you know who we were there. What if he audible. Is it ever come out. He's definitely it'll be blades. Gerald bevo for this. But what if ross audible to that play Let's go to jason in miami's been hanging on for an hour. It's up jason rich rich. How you guys doing. And i was doing good. Just call to chop it up with you. Listen i hear you tj. i gonna. i'm gonna. I wanna be part of the show part of the crew. Okay i called you a couple of weeks and especially being on wednesdays after car brand. I love his so you know maybe i. I'll give you a call every wednesday. We chopped up. Can even picture of ourselves put me on the banner wattage as yet thing i got a couple of give you my what i'm thankful for but i got to turkey's i wanna get out. I the first turkey. Is we all know the owner of the dallas cowboys hall of fame. And we love her right. We love him but the general manager he didn't get an zero. Gm right of the year for that guy. Okay second turkey of the year number four in your program number one in your heart. The mvp of the big ten nineteen eighty six. You know where. I'm going around jason Classroom from michigan class. Ninety two. i gotta say that every time you so you know this with you. If you're in michigan class of ninety two. I'll have to call time out on you on that one. So what else you got all right so As far as i wanna give thanks You know there's a lot of people sports fans who have never seen their team championship. This people cubs fans and red sox fans some of them have lived and died and not seeing a championship. You born after nineteen seventy two know you haven't seen the dolphins the lions etcetera etcetera. I'm not gonna say what happened in nineteen sixty nine so me. I'm just grateful to be able to have the my teams when cowboys and seventy seven. That's really went on. I became a fan when they beat the broncos And then the nineties cowboys. And then obviously in ninety eight you know with with with wolverines pulling that out that was one of the yes absolutely steph It's a shame that we had to share that. I tell me about that. i've already. I've already been on a record for that. Thanks for the call. Jason direct messages a photograph. And we'll we'll get you suited up later. Jeff Mark in iowa. What's going on. How have you been mark rich. Eisen how I I just wanna call and offer. My things. And i hesitated at first. But i thought now. This is the one of the main reasons. I am calling to give you things. It's been a rough year for a lot of people. And i'm not gonna pretend to speak for everybody but no gain time when i'm about to say i'm sure is the fact that many more people than myself you know. It's been a crazy year. I fought the. Kobe went through that but she's been lost. My my only son and in july. I am so sorry mark a lot. The job that i do but i find myself always tuning in and it's for several reasons and one is. Is that the preparation the content. The humor sincerity the the true feeling that i get like i could just sit down with you guys and it would be just like man. I haven't seen for a couple of weeks. I think it just makes you feel part of it and it has helped me tremendously that. You folks enrich the things that you do and how you put things to give the people you bring together to make this happen and for folks like me that tune in on a daily basis it. There's so many things go with feeling it Humor the sincerity. Leka said i. I'm just very appreciative. How you oh my gosh mike. Stone says and and let's get through twenty twenty together and their mark yes or no You are part of this show. We're greatly appreciate and you're such a part of the show that my guys would forget to include you in the pizza order okay. So that's how that's how you're locked in. Okay appreciate that. That's how they show love here. That's how the show love mark. Thanks again happy has good thanksgiving as you possibly can have. An i appreciate that. Take care bro. i say that along. We greatly appreciate all of our fans. Mark a phrase of But he's gonna go through anyway. I looked down at the bottom of our call sheet. And i see somebody who i know who she is. I know who she is. And i show you. I know she lurks and weekend. Is i understand what we can normally would be lives in los angeles. You're on the rich eisen show. How are you liz. What's up liz. Hey rich first time. you're not no no. i'm. I'm wondering how we're supposed to celebrate thanksgiving this year without the ohio state michigan game. It's been played that the saturday after thanksgiving two thousand ten and here we are without it so you know i'm kinda lost of what to do but at the end of the day this has to be good news for you right with with the game not being played until december twelfth. That's gonna allow you to enjoy thanksgiving this year. I think you know since you're not going to be experiencing that dark abyss of anxiety. Hope diety. that's a good name. john lewis. We have two minutes left. What else you got cooking. Talk that time i did. I didn't know what the date change would drag out the feeling of inevitable dread or if it's just a relief these all rhetorical questions right. I mean you. You want me to answer them. Is that what you want me to do or just you. You can do what you deserve a chase to cut to being at these next two weeks. Go ahead don. What does the all god. This is the graphic you show holy. Shit i'm working. I'm working blue here. You know what that graphic tells me now that you might be much. I'm not the mushy. I mean the wreck analytics like daryl morey would tell me differently. Wow anything else. Let's rush happy thanksgiving. Thanks liz will chat soon the pizza. You got the pizza that got sent here right. You got the pizza seniors part of part of one yesterday. It's delicious the good. I'm glad that you got pizza. That was sent here by viewer right or or less nerves in here because they felt bad. Because you were left out to. I'm glad you got some list. Despite you throwing me under a scarlet and gray boss here as we go out the door. Thank you for the call. This time of the year if i didn't let tradition die chattan and there's elizabeth we'll chat to five minutes. Did i always thankful for working with all of you. I really am. I love doing the show. We'll be back here on monday. Love everybody out there and it really does touch us when people call him and say that we we We can make a little bit of difference in anybody's listening and viewing so everybody had a happy and healthy and safe thanksgiving for our peacock. Viewers will take you to brother from another but to all of our radio listeners. We love you. Amil chat monday while the holidays may look a little different this year. The season of giving is in full swing kiko delivers hands on science and art projects for kids of all ages with kiko gift subscription. Kids can engineer. A walking robot design a paint pendulum conduct bubbling chemistry experiments and more all from the comfort of home. Your child can get super cool hands on science art and geography projects delivered to their door every month. Each colorful create comes with everything. 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That's napa know how know-how that participating napa auto parts stores and napa auto care centers while supplies last offer ends thirty one twenty.

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