Corona virus Update March 21st with Dr. Daller


Doc is another edition of the captain's log Dr Dollar. We've been talking about this now for five weeks corona's a real thing it's affecting everybody. It's closed down my business. It's affecting now your business and let's talk get questions guys. We're happy to answer all your questions. Now's the time if you have a question about the corona virus let duct dollar. No He's going to answer it live. You don't have to wait long lines what's going on down. How are you? We're here and Casey thanks for watching? This is the cabins locked out the dog and answer your questions. You don't have to make these calls dot what's going on. Tell me well you know a captain Brian. We started talking about January. And we knew about it in mid-december at least I knew about December. I did not expect it to be where we are now. I when when my son Jillian mentioned CORONA VIRUS IN MID-DECEMBER? I thought you know it's five people at that time you know in China. It's not going to get here and but unfortunately it's here and it's all over Europe. It's all over the world. It's in every continent except Antarctica. So we have to be prepared so today I really want to talk about what you do prepare yourself. I want to talk about the end of the session. I really wanted to bring some good news because I have I you know. I looked at all the good news. What's going on good news that we we have some good news. Okay and I really want to talk about. I made a list of all. The good knows and that we have so. I know everybody thinks that first question. Is it possible that somebody already had the corona virus and has gotten over it even know absolutely and so Eighty percent of the patients are going to get across the virus. And then not going to any symptoms whatsoever. Captain Brian and. They're not going to know that they had the Koran. And it could be Captain Brandon. You'll have the virus and you just didn't know that you have any symptoms and A. That's why we when we talk mortality of three percent three percents people a three point six percent of people. We really don't know that number because we don't know what will how many people really had that disease. Only when you do blood testing later on we don't have this. We're going to look for antibodies. We look for what is what is your immune system reaction and you've got to know whether you had the disease or not but right now there's not test. There's no blood this yet available. I have a question. Yes so there's a guy that's an isolation now at thirty days and he. They mentioned that he could possibly have dead cells. That's why they keep testing positive instead of it. Already coming. And going 'cause he says he virtually has no symptoms. He's been there for thirty days. They keep testing. It keeps coming back positive. Is that me so some of the patients and and You know I read several articles about patients that again. They test positive in politics. They have no symptoms and it's more than fourteen days mourning being Beijing time and we're not sure. How is the test not sensitive enough or is still communicable is still can can deliver some of the disease talk people so I also have a question? We're going to get it and your house becomes. It's going to be in fact there's places in Your House. This are not pick up the virus and kill it something that you can you get it again. Great Russian and we don't have the one hundred percent proof of that answer yet but we think that once you get it because as long as this virus does not mutate once you know that you got it and you get and you cannot get it again it's like this see or HIV once you have HIV you can get HIV again. You are already you have the immune system in yourself right now. He doesn't go away interview the whole go away but HIV if assuming that you have symptoms today with medicine and everything patients are walking the streets of HIV and they have no symptoms whatsoever. They have viral load of essentially undetectable. So let's talk about hepatitis. A. B. C. Let's talk about the flu the moment you have the floor. The floor is different because you have. The flu does every year. It changes inflict mutates that much smarter in my opinion virus than the carbon nineteen did not mutate yet. Let me interrupt you. You say it's much smarter because it's changing we don't know if ours is changing it though is that not true did not change it so we don't know if it's going to change in the future and we don't know if it's going to become more aggressive or less aggressive and is so far did not change so so when I said change mutate mutate. These were the the virus changes a little bit. Just finally did and then all of a sudden you immune system does not like that fight so don question. It's Pollen Season Stuffy. Nose no fever. What does that mean you know? I you know how many people come to me. And they've never and jumping about every year. You have chances. Did you get the corona virus is set steams still very very low chances that you have allergies and you have the flu and runny nose stuffy nose and you have sinusitis or you. Have you know? Overall the corona virus does not come with a stuffy nose. That's not our presented so dry concert Ryshkov. That's right it's a dry cough and so it stays dry cough a few days and then it becomes an ammonia so it's lower respiratory infection so it becomes like a New Orleans and from there you go but it's not a it's not as they like the flu or runny nose or or is h. e. So why is it pneumonia because the post nasal drip goes down the jets and not as an all of the virus itself likes to is being attracted. These has an affinity toward your nor long and as a result of that attacks lung and it becomes you become you get pulmonary fibrosis. You'll get other probably move your lungs and it tax villains. Casey has a question. Wouldn't it be better? If the people all got it in. They became immune to it rather than trying to avoid it. You know it's a great question and it's an it's an ethical. Question is so if we all got. Let's say the entire world eight nine billion people got the disease and letting the mortality rate is not four percent. Let's say it's just one percent because I think at the end of the day when we're going to do the math. The mortality rate is going to be only one percent because they're going to realize more people have been able to tap that about that before absolutely so all of a sudden. It's amazing captain. Brian is listening to me. That's how I learn things. It's amazing so let's one percent and those one percent are your parents and grandparents and the people that are very dear to us. Can we sacrifice them? In my opinion we can all do that. We cannot sacrifice one percent of the population for the greater good and so so we need to do whatever we need to do to save now. It's the issue is here. Should we protect those one percent? Those people the most likely yes absolutely. Those people should not leave the house. Those people should not around and go to target and try to return something and get five bucks by. Because that's not the time right now if you want to return something due to Walmart to target two months enough very months from now and when we have because Kevin Brian I have no doubt. We're going to have medicine to treat these. I have no doubt that that in the near future what I do I say near future. Three four five months from now. We're going to have vaccine. There's no question there's so much money involved in that. This affects the entire world. So why can't they find the vaccine for the flu? That actually works then if they if you're so sure that they're going to find something but this much money wouldn't some billionaires. Say My God if I cure the the flu but I'm GonNa have enough money because the flu viruses. I said before he's smarter deliver on a changes as a result of that all of a sudden. This does not work in this when we were when we create a vaccine. We have to develop those indexing. It's Salif mutates and we have to all the time. Make sure that vaccine works on those people and so nothing is one hundred percent even when you get the vaccine. You still have a chance of getting the disease. Is it possible that if they do something now and catch it before it starts to mutate? We a better chance of storing it. Quicker absolutely view. We catch it early on and you vaccinate everybody but again you can order for this to work you have to vaccinate everybody's all those anti vaccine people ought to become. I think that will get the vaccine design. And but but let's assume everybody gets a vaccine. You're talking about a nine billion people that needs to get a vaccine to create that make that to produce that to go through testing to to make sure you're really getting what you're getting to make sure you're not a complication. It's a big deal. It's a big. It's a whole movement absolutely so guys. We're taking your questions on the Catalog Log Mitchell. How're you John? Thank you for watching. I see a lot of people on the jets have questions for Dr Dollar regarding the virus. Please type and right in there right now we will answer your questions live Dr Dollar. Tell us some positive things that are going to be happening or that you see are ready with the virus. Gears positives there. That is positive kept the Brian. I did some research in the last couple of days and and even today significant amount of research and we're going to go over some of the good news so first of all the good news the number one good news if I see that China had closed down its last corona virus hospital. There are not enough new cases to support hospital that are just designed for the grownup by loud so as you recall. China had built hospitals for five six thousand people just with the Virus Day. Close those now. They are being treated in regular hospitals. Sending US masks and sending right face mask and everything else saul doctor in. India treated also not new that came to the doctors in India successfully patiently corona virus with several drugs between the patient. We've issue with different things and that had been working now again. These are still law. The law of research about drugs way. Jv drugs for the floor and drugs for different drugs that they currently already have improved corrosion. That's correct isn't it? Super Expensive Association super expensive absolutely but again the moment he becomes a you know. It's an epidemic. This is a pandemic. The price goes down automatically. This is not the money that Gamers I know. Shut you down correct and I saw that good. Absolutely this is this is a war. This is a war against a terrorist called Corona virus. Casey is a question. Why should someone go get tested if they have it if they see to see if they have it? If fever is a symptom is always something you should do. Yes fever is one of the infamous and but but again if you think you were exposed or you feel like you have those signs and symptoms that are associated with the coronavirus going check. Now it's drew in the US. We've been a little bit behind on the checking on the test. And but right now some test centers in Lee County in different counties all over the US that are available. But you do need you cannot just walk there and say. I want to be tested. You do need a doctor to send you to refer you to those centers and live corwin quest and all of them are going to have the very very soon and he's going to be running but again a doctor has to refer you. There is a website. They actually take pre-test right. There was created by Google but they crashed already salt. Crashes Morning I think many people so that that website I think it's designed really for the west coast of the US and mainly for the San Francisco Bay area and then they are listen. They are going to work on that. They are going to develop all the APPS and the what every takes I have no doubt they are throwing so much money. This these is going to go away. Captain Bryan. We are going to have this session three months from now. And you're going to say I can't believe we're talking about coronavirus. We're going to talk about sex again because I really want to say I really don't talk about growing a virus but we have to talk about growing virus because that's was on people's mind right now basically the more sexy had the less caroni again. What was that? That was a big thing that was saying. You know one of Martin's yes I iphone victims. No no doubt any other questions guys. Hey Sam what's happening? You're watching the county doctor dollars going over right now. So good news that he actually pulled up from the corona virus and some positives. They're already starting to come out. Keep going interest so the next one is an patient that these one hundred and three years old in China grandmother fully recovered from the corona virus. Again we are saying that the elderly higher risk and everything else. A hundred three year old female had a grandmother had the disease and fully recovered. This very very good news and the next one. Cleveland Clinic developed a bit nine hundred ninety s the deals resulting hours. Not Days Right now in the. Us takes four or five days through the CDC allow inquest and private. The lab testing are thinking about days. But we're talking about hours remarkable and other good news from South Korea where the number of new cases I declining. And that's what we're going to the US in two three months if we do the right thing and as it true that your orgasm can help boost your immune system. Absolutely not about the slain. Staying healthy. Staying healthy is very very important. Sexual activity is very important. Unfortunately after Brian I never seen anything my practice. Elderly patients say you know what I'm a little depressed. I'm GonNa let you know because of everything going on because you know I lost my boy. I lost my practice lost this. I lost that a spent so much money in Costco. I have no more money. People getting depressed and when depressed. They don't want to turn away from station. Turn back on the sex press absolutely and offering aside. You know you don't get a coronavirus virus from fudging yourself so if sex doesn't work touch yourself everything's month my favorite can again. I want to remind somebody know everybody out there. Actually I saw me. And he was a gentleman who creates memes in some of the memes. You've seen around the world this guy as she created he said my oh he says your small population of what did they say. of the people that are the most prone to it. They're saying high-risk yet your small high risk population to me is my everything and it was. His son was very sick but he just wanted everybody to understand that. Yes you we're talking about. A small percentage of the population but imagine if that one person is your grandmother or your signing has some kind of immune deficiency that absolutely is. It is for us in general our population. I think to protect everybody absolutely absolutely. Let's go over a little bit more good news again. I got a lot of research about many many things that we can talk about if they have questions but again. I really want to cheer things up here. And so scientists in Israel likely to announce the development of the corona virus vaccine several companies and the Israel are working on vaccines out their breakthrough technology. Amazing stuff that they are going to make the vaccine also when it comes out much faster than normally. We used to make that. How can they be sure that the vaccine over if they give it to somebody fast track that had nine months? There's not some kind of repercussion. Because they didn't get nine months of testing quite. How do they do that so they hit so when when you fast tracking things you can't but when it when you're dealing with something that in the pandemic some something it's worth the risk worth resent you are? Every every time I give you an aspirin at one has been taking your wrist. There is a risk of bleeding God otherwise so if you're taking the risk when you take an aspirin any significant risk of aspirin vicky an aspirin. Captain Bryant is significant. And so every so when we are taking you know the vaccine for gas and so often. Let's forget all the blood absolutely saw blood-thinning bleeding central. That's I'm not talking about the coronavirus. Let's talk one second about the coronavirus and asked me monitoring advil Aleve and steroids salt studies. Show that if you develop corona virus and we all are going to know. We've talked about the months ago that we're going to know somebody to develop the qualifies. Make sure they don't take any aspirin mull dream and the Aleve or any steroids says there was prentice on anything that decreases your inflammation absolutely. Your body needs and inflammatory response. When I punched in the face it becomes swollen. That's an inflammatory response. All the good stuff is rushing into that area the platelets and the plasma and the growth factor fix that area. If I will give you a motoring information will go down but it will not repair itself. You already your inhibiting so there were four. Patients infected died in their fifties. The fairly young people and when they follow those people fifty essay. Welcome a fifty year. Old Man died for me or female die from that. They realized that they all took anti inflammatory medication. So if you have if you develop that take tylenol title J I loaded up with two three hundred pill counter tylenol thinking. I was going to do something great. They may over no middle. Big Sam's Club size of five. They're probably expires though. But that's okay you know how in cost here also Cambridge the aspirin correct aspirin or any anti inflammatory medication. Like Ibuprofen type very important. People do not know this I disagree. I heard as on these goofy prejudice. I don't think our guys will keep firing your questions off that you'd O'casey for your Thailand question. We helped you with that. One dollars asking Answering your questions. Meanwhile he pulled up a whole list of women of the good news. It's happening so sloppy so three Maryland. Virus stations fully recovered able to return to everyday life. Great News captain. Brian L. That no no I mean we did not know the patient to the hospital and you know severe disease and after a couple of weeks go back to normal life we know that if you develop corona virus and you have symptoms deal but if patients go to the hospital they're sick and then they are being released in good shape. That's different story okay. That's that's very very positive very positive. And what else San Diego? Biotech company developing the Kobe. Nine Thousand Vaccine Collaboration with Duke University and the National University of Singapore remarkable and all seven days that were treated in New Delhi in India where recovered completely all these. What would I'm trying to say? The tire world is working on something. Everybody wants to be that one that save and I won't die. I give credit for everybody that is working for that. That's wonderful we need that and now's the time to be positive. Don't don't sit down and say wow. It's the end of the words we are going to get through. We mentioned that Captain Brian in at the end of January. We said we want to get through this. And some of us are going to get a few punches in the face at the end of the day as Darwin said. You know it's not. The strongest animal did survive. It's not the biggest animal. Survive is the animal that was able to be malleable and change with time and so those are the animals that survived. We are going to survive because we are going to adopt in change and be positive and say what do I need to do to protect my family? First of all we need to do to protect my practice. Do I need to change something in my practice? You're doing some new stuff now undoing new things. We're all going to evolve and become better and better. Let me ask you when you get when you get to caroni patiently. Take you in the hospital. Since there is no treatment. What are they actually doing for your symptoms? So its main supportive treatment so the treatment is going to be hydration for example. If you need floyd's if you need a respirator they're going to echo to intubate you and put you on offense later and if you need some for example you develop in addition pneumonia. That bacteria pneumonia. They want to give you my audience if you develop a anything else. They're going to help you to support your heart your lungs your kidneys everything else. So it's mainly to support you not treatment right now so not a lot but enough that's GonNa keep your absolutely and the key is really. You're not to develop other complication. The key is to survive that period and to let your body fix itself. And hopefully you're going to be out of the woods. At what point does the doctor say? Okay we needed me own. Doctors are going to say unique the criteria if you are fever if you have Chelsea if they think you're a risk for the patients if you're a risk for your own health if you are if they think you're going to communicate that disease they have a holiday so things that are looking. Well is unstable stable. If I sending always going to be worse off. Is he going to come back by sending meaning is going to be? That's never good when your dog goes and you home and ten hours later because the next articles a hey what happened. How can we sending all right? So there is a gentleman that took a jetblue flight right and he took the test prior to getting on the plane from what I understand when he got close enough to be able to open up his phone check email. He was told that he had the corona he was positive press. So is there a bunch of things that they tell you during that time? Okay now you have to notify everybody around you. Like what do they do when they tell you? I hate to get the opening up and say I'm positive and be sitting in my living room. I think I shit my pants but it is very scary. It's very very scary. Because you're not scare for your sound. Fear scare for other people who scared that you gave it. It's like you know if you're not a killer and you're going with a loaded gun and you start the I don't know why shot it's scary because that's uman being you. You're trying to protect people you're trying to. You don't want to hurt anybody and that person is thinking who they sit next to. What did I touch wood? Iheart Khudai what did I do that? If I was that I can communicate to any of these guys. Feel very very fearful to get that phone. Call something yeah. Absolutely he is if you have any more questions to wrap it up but Dr Dollar as always having the latest and greatest he uses are not the school of Google. Like I do the journals. Polls Obama's information for you. Guys live on the podcast. Thank you for watching the captain's log adopt dollar another episode boom of Corona. You know we're watching it so thank you. We appreciate your time. And if you like what you see share let us know. Go on our website the captain's log. Podcast DOT COM checking out. We're out these guys. Thank you bye bye.

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