The Sedano Show HR 2: Lebron and load management


Appreciate you guys tuning in this. Is the Sodano. Show ounce Lee one DEMARCO far filling in for George on ESPN LA seven ten. We we should have just kept going right in that break. We're both get fired up on on certain topics here. I just look it up and you know if the Lakers had the play the mavericks in a seven game series. I'll COP. How confident are you that they could beat the mavs and seven games nuggets to You'd stop right there on those two. Yeah good no problem no problem. I'm okay with like really absolutely absolutely and in a seven game set Denver sitting back saying okay the way. This team is constructed right. Now so this is why with an inconsistent assistant Kuzma yet. This is why You know when we're talking about Lakers making some type of move before the trade deadline it's to chase. Nobody but the clippers clippers. That's it really. That's that's the only team taught chase. They're chasing you when I say chase I mean If if they played right now they could very easily go seven games those two teams. But I still don't feel comfortable about walking into that series so so for me as I look at this Lakers team and I say and I think you said as you said it best you feel like the clippers are built to go up against the Lakers aren't they. They're built yeah. The way they're built is to try and go toe to toe against Los Angeles. They got a lot of Lebron Insurance and the Lakers. There's right now I feel like they are a piece away from kind of reacting a little bit to what the clippers have done in the off. Season Look Lakers. Pretty much had their team together rather and I know they signed Danny Green filled out the rest of the Rosser but when pgn Kawhi Leonard came like that that was now. You're you're looking at that team saying Yup that's the team where it's going to be US versus them and nobody else really matters but before we go too far off the point I got a couple people that want to talk about. LBJ Okay. I'M GONNA take their calls because we were always good. Andrew Andrew. How does going on On the point that we had about Lebron James Zach's on the four. Oh five freeway Zakhir on the Sodano showed demarco far announced. You guys are doing. I love you got a mess and I'm going and raised here in La. I remember going on the former as a kid. Seventeen thousand five oh five and graduated high school in Nineteen Thousand Nine Hundred Sixteen Years Coby coby lever lately lover accent. y'All number time keep going glad you're good and so And Lebron James Rowe always GonNa King was no rings you know. I always thought that the good far but when it came to La. It's kind of like the game Bronstein new king in town. You gotta bow down especially if he's GonNa take you to the Promised Land I love Legrand. That's great I do not like him. Exciting uh-huh and here's what's going to happen and let me say something and because exactly because you're Laker fan like I say this as well and I appreciate you calling on in Demarco. If this is the best way I could put it if the Lakers get to they get to the playoffs and they were eliminated in the second round. You don't think I'm going to be critical about LBJ. I believe you would be you. Don't think I'm going to say things like well. Colby delivered. And if Anthony Davis in deliver you don't think I'm gonNA bring up powder Saul and some of the other. They're great power. Forwards have played for the Los Angeles Lakers franchise. But if they do win. It's a different story so we should be giving. LBJ Credit. Because he he definitely helped. Turn this franchise run. I think he's the entire reason why this franchise got changed around but the expectations are always going to be. The same. Expectations is going to be no doubt you either one a chip or you didn't didn't win chip. I got a question for you when they say Lebron James is the best basketball player on the planet. Do you believe that or are you. Everyone just afraid to go against that to say he's not not because that's what I get I mean how can if you're a Laker Fan. How can you not want the best basketball player on the planet plane for you even if you love Kobe Bryant? Yeah how can you not want that if you WanNa win championship you know you know what I paused for a second. Because I was hesitating whether I was going to play this clip Kellerman was on I. I take earlier today. Obviously Stephen Smith and Molly Kerem that conversation came up. I'll give you my opinion in a quick second. Let me play let me play. Max's take who would I say is the best basketball player in the world after the last year. Go Wide Leonard. Yes what have we see opening night. Coli Leonard did Lebron want him no he did. Not What did you sit there saying as you would say religiously from that point on the broad you better show up Christmas Day. It's not that Lebron didn't show up it's that guy. Why did gave him thirty five and twelve with easily the best player on the floor four and they want again with the whole world watching Kawai Leonard Better Than Lebron James? That's the Lakers problem high. That's Kellerman right. There fo is not the Lakers problem. He's not I mean. I'm sorry you want to compare stars to stars I will take LBJ in a d over. Cohen Paul George. Ten Times out of ten eighty is going to win defensive player of the year this year. I think you'll eventually win. I know it's a small sample size almost halfway through the season. Lebron James is still the best player in the world. The only way you don't think LBJ's the best player in the world is if you're not watching the Lakers. Every single night fair enough. I'm telling telling you DEMARCO. He controls the entire game for the Los Angeles Lakers. He goes off on the bench. Everybody struggles he comes back in. What are you know okay? CPI three threes. He got a D. on a couple of lobs. Dwight Howard has a couple ops. He controls everything for the Lakers. He has nights where he has a triple double. And I'M THIRTY MINUTES INTO THE POST game show and I start talking about him then because I'm too busy talking about Danny Green having sixteen and I'm like did you see what Danny Green Danny Green tonight. Let's not from daddy greed. You know like your it's become so normal for Lbj to perform like that at age. Thirty five I I don't think people understand how valuable is the lake. So where would you rate. Why because he's they just said is better like hands down? They think why Leonard has heard. Both guys I say that so of LBJ is the most he's the MVP of the League. The best player whatever the most valuable. Where would you rank Leonard while all this is this is the point that I want is eighty together on one team? That would that would be dangerous as well but let let me say that. Let me say this I I. I think this was the one problem. That had with Kelman's take on that he said. Why is the difference between the Lakers and the clippers the difference is not Colli the differences Lou Williams the differences mantras Herrell the differences the role players and tyrod bench players? That's the difference between the Lakers and the clippers. Because if if you took right now hypothetically speaking and dock and doctrine doc rivers by the way by the way we might come playoff time and some of these players. Danny Green's means a playoff player. It's not like you didn't sign him because of an eighty to walk right signed him in that third game when the series is tied one to one. He's GonNa hit that corner three and that could be the difference of the series like that's why you signed him. Rondo supposed to be that player. Dwight Howard Deville Maggie Lakers have players but the Lakers problem. If you're comparing them to the clippers I don't like the collide verse. Lebron comparison. Lebron has been the best player in the world this year. That's why the Lakers. At seven thirty and seven the comparison Harrison really between the Lakers and the clippers are your role players and your bench players better. What about the part where Mac says? Lebron wanted no part of why some some truth to that. That was Steven Steven had said that. Yeah I know you're you're talking about what he said. I don't pay attention to any of it. Okay I really felt like look. Lebron James Matters Most in the postseason that would change. Lebron is one of the most accomplished athletes in the history of all of sports. Why would he not want some of coli? Do you know way the way the clippers play. DOC doesn't put Kawai on Lebron. At least I some of these doesn't put PG. He'll put Joe Michael Green. He'll put on Wall Street. Patterson you'll put Patrick Beverley whatever. The case is. EAT THEM UP strategically quickly. Sometimes you know you obviously think that's Lakers need Andrea. That's they need. Yuki I'm more of these phone calls when are we into rams in the NFL. I can I. I can't get off of this more fun doing this If you WANNA be a part of a part of the show phone number is eight. Seven seven seven ten. ESPN THE RAMS had Kobe. This is The Sodano show Allan Allen Demarco far filling in for George on. ESPN LA seven ten. This is the Sodano show Allen Su Demarco far filling in for George on. ESPN LA seven. Ten let's go straight to the phones. You guys want to be a part of the show. It's eight seven seven seven ten. Espn we've kind of jumped all over the place with some of these Laker topics The last topic was about the Lakers and the clippers it was about and Lebron Kevin in La Kevin. You're on the Sodano show with Honestly One DEMARCO far guys pleasure to talk to you know. I don't know what a half we have to do in his lifetime to get these top of responses for talking about all walks fans mass killer removed from La talking crazy. Sometimes you come back. We Love Max Max come on. Do listen guys. He claimed now Max always claimed he was from. I'm confident I think but just so you know but you can get away with it. I keep going keep going and that fan earlier earlier guys that called in talking about the Laker Fan. Wow you don't sound like it. Listen Lebron James is not gonNA fall into this market of you telling him what he needs to do. He's not gonNA fall into that trap. Arcane demands more out of him didn't that clipper ship data. That ain't never probably never will but that's another story. Lebron takes in more guys. I if you understand Eh basketball and watch Kevin is doing everything Kevin. He's literally every single game. I mean like you just mentioned. I told DeMarco Lakers played at Denver. I mentioned this this with Lebron. They won by nine without Lebron here at Staples Center Against Denver. They lost by twenty four. Come on man. What are you could never see? I don't I'll put Koby. I'm sorry I love Kobe. The depth look. I've never seen a player controlled the floor. Everything that's being done on that floor you you have to answer to well. A bron. James Period Period Point coaching everything. I've never seen it so so I hear college calling. I'm he he quit. That's an insult that would come on. Respect the man don't don't do that that's disrespectful and then quit appreciate it. I really appreciate the call. Appreciate the call. There's a look by the way you can get both sides of it and I got no promise somebody if somebody thinks the other side call in you know. Make your argument what. This is an opinion at the end of the day right. None of that is factual factual until we bring up some of the facts. How many games and so forth? You're you're proud of your franchise franchise and you. You'd hoped you you wouldn't have to go this route to get that guy to get you back in the championship hunt but this is where you are. You Have Lebron James. It's they will enjoy it. So do you think you think there's part of the Fan by part of the fan base. That didn't like the way the Lakers got Lebron. Is that what you're saying. Yeah I mean look at you era guy that you grow your own stars for the most part or at least in the Kobe Bryant respect and then you add pieces to that and you go compete against everyone else. You don't have to go get your cornerstone guy from someone else and then build around that again. Yeah you know what I mean It's kind of like a hiring mercenaries to win the championship. Kind of devalue devalue your franchise some I don't care I'm happy Lebron's here you know what I mean. Yeah Lakers are in the hunt with him. Don't get me wrong long. There's a there's a respect level to how the spurs built that dynasty right right there's a respect level warriors the warriors. Drafting all those players right. But I think there's a lot of times too that you take advantage of the assets that you have one of assets the Lakers have is there in Los Angeles. That's that's an asset and by the way they're taking advantage of the brand that's been built for the past thirty forty fifty years Dr Jerry Buss arguably pry. Don't even make an argument. He's the greatest owner of all time. They've built something that the Lakers can do. Things at the suns can't the Lakers can do things that the Sacramento Kings can. So if the Lakers are able to go out out and signed LBJ. Because they're the they're the premiere franchise then they're gonNA use that to their advantage. Sure and if the Milwaukee Bucks can't and do that but they can draft Jaanus intensive Kubo have the best record in the NBA and maybe they win an NBA championship. The next three four years Kudos to then if the Dallas Mavericks mavs can do it in two thousand eleven with Dirk and Jason Kudos to them but at the end of the day. There's one goal how you get there. No doubt how you get there. Does it matter how you get there. Sometimes for some people it does. Yeah no I mean I. I don't think James Harden has the same problem in Houston even though they were championship franchise before he got there. You know what any but he doesn't have the same. I guess sort of CACHET. Lebron does but if you win with Lebron it's like you're giving Lebron another championship chest in your Jersey. So belongs to you but it belongs belongs to him before I got drain. La's it'd be great if it was you know. Do the album coming either. I go ahead man go ahead. Wall did not basically the clippers play over their head. And I says the Lakers were playing in the mode and people have understand. The the team flows Bronco so enough. Clever gags you know. We got the best seat right now in the West He's playing out of his mind and he's playing in the last ever played in his career so the comparisons to do his own love girl. We don't even when I got both players on the court. It can't beat the Houston Rockets. Top fourteen in West one draft. I'll tell you this I appreciate your call man. I do think there actually is something to beating the clippers. Because I I. I'm not comfortable as a Laker Fan. Saying we're all in too against them and on the biggest stage on Christmas where I thought the story line is going to have nothing to do. With the Lakers. Beating the clippers the only storyline. That comes out of this game is of Lakers. Lose to the clippers. I I I don't think they're a second round team in the route. I think the clippers are legit. And I'M GONNA give them credit because I I do feel like come playoff time. They're built for. The playoffs. Were built for the playoffs but LBJ has lucky. He's just done. Some amazing things for the Lakers this year. All of it can result in one thing for the Lakers. You either win a chipper. You don't championship or buses. Would you trade Lebron for straight up right now. The problem that I let me tell you what the province Faucet let me tell you right now let me tell you the problems his age. Okay so yes or no you calls you up so gonNA have seven more years with Kawhi Leonard. So you'd make the deal if you told me right now to trade Lebron for Kawhi Leonard. And you're only worried about this year. I'm taking LBJ LBJ's the best player in the world right now right but for the future you would you have made the move over half to right. Yeah just like if I if you said right now or Jaanus honestly I would say Jaanus you would. I'd rather have gone. I would stand. Pat Jaanus is twenty four years old right now and I would. I stand pat with Koi. You'd keep cool. I would keep Koi. You got four more years not that many people I would trade Qui- Ford. I don't think there's actually any if I had Kawhi Kawhi Leonard on my on my team. I wouldn't trade him for anybody but I mean for an older Lebron. I'm might make a move while listened as you're thinking of of big picture right now the Lakers can't think big picture they have Reich of today right now okay. So that's the difference right now I more you guys phone calls we come back and and then I want to get your thoughts on the Tom. Brady part you made a little. Tom Brady comparison a little bit earlier. And then the the name has been floated around with the chargers and I want to get your thoughts on that and I know jess you have some thoughts on this as well as far as some potential scenarios orioles that we can play out with Tom Brady. So we'll do that coming up next. Stay right here. This is the Sodano. Show ounce DEMARCO far filling in for George on ESPN LA seven ten ardia hour and a half in demarco far. Yes sir how. That happened And Bron James and the Lakers. All you gotTa do we get stuck with it here in Los Angeles you start talking. Some Los Angeles Lakers basketball It's as entertaining as it gets. You know what I love about it too when listeners call in and you you kind of go back and forth you know these are real fans it's not like we're talking about It's just different. The Lakers here is is the equivalent of the Yankees in New York and obviously the rams are building their brand the way they are. But there's such a historic history to the Lakers. Dodgers breeds breeds as well but the Lakers have been so successful in here you are you got shot at NBA championship anytime. You start bringing up these topics it gets everybody heated so it's always always a solid car for for for Laker fans. The people that have called in. How long have you spent hating Lebron and then all of a sudden you've got to change now you know what I mean of course come in the other way let Mutai someone who's in Miami? Yeah there wasn't I can't tell you when Dallas won the NBA championship the heat. You thought I was born and raised in Dallas. My family was out there. And then when they won when the Spurs beat them. Yeah you'd have thought I grew up with Ginobili okay right. Yep and then all of the sudden when he's playing when it's cavs warriors in the NBA finals and cavs haven't won a championship in this long. And there's a seventy-three wind warriors team. I couldn't tell you how much I wanted. The warriors to lose news and I was ruined for Lebron. No doubt I'm with I saw it firsthand when indomitable suit came here. Couldn't stand the gay until he put on a rams uniform everything J.J. Now now you know he's he's not dirty he's just aggressive. I appreciate it. I mean he's just playing to the echo of the whistle on your head. I want to change gears here So it it's Kinda fascinating it's a fascinating topic Patriots obviously eliminated this past weekend against against the titans shock and And Israel I dunno if you thought just your experience in the NFL. You're watching. These is games a different level than I could ever watch. Your knowledge of the game is completely different I don't know if you thought that there was a chance that the Patriots would lose in the first round at Foxboro did you. By the way we talked about Two days before the game. You've got a like a punchers chance you've got a derrick. Henry chance of beating the Patriots. And that's exactly what happened. He controlled the entire football game. He did Any look Tom Brady. Hasn't been Tom Brady for at least a month. Now maybe even too so the Patriots were vulnerable especially on the ground and they expose them absolutely. You know they foreign four to end the season. Obviously the loss. It's the dolphins so they were playing five hundred football walking into the playoffs. They were the healthiest and the hottest that time like most teams need to be. I thought Stephen a hit right on the head when you talk about Tom Brady and talk about all the things he wasn't this year. We'll think about what he didn't have you. Were expecting to have ROB Gronkowski not there. You're expecting to have that nutcase at receiver. The one that went beserk not there. So element was in and out and banged up so there was a lot of stuff going on with New England and here they are. Are they finished with twelve wins. Yeah made the postseason so it wasn't horrible. It just wasn't up to the Patriots standards. What we're used to seeing you're listening to Caspian Los Angeles Angeles. So this is what I want to set up a lot of conversation now about what decision Tom Brady is GonNa make. And there's some ties here. Oh he made it already. There's some ties is here to Los Angeles. Yeah you you had. An interesting point about was an instagram post. said he sent out earlier today. A tweet one of the two he said. I still have a lot to prove house through an instagram posts. How old is Tom Brady now? Like he's fifty two. He's not that old but I mean a guy that owns sixty six super bowl rings and he says he has more to prove rupee already. Answered your question you gotTa respect by the way he wants to keep playing football and I don't want to keep playing. Let's set it up this way just kind of kind of set this up here all right so you think that two scenarios can play out for Tom. Brady this offseason And you already think that he's obviously going to be playing in the league Come come next season. So twenty twenty regular season starts He'll be playing just kind of set up the options. That Tom Brady has so Tom Brady. Is You know free agent. He can sign with wherever he wants to sold everything up there. In the in the northeast he did yes he pulled up stumps he can go as a winnebago. You can go as far far down with Miami as far up as I don't know what team is. Seattle I guess. I'm not Seattle but you know what I mean anyway. So but now he's not going to go anywhere. Where just anywhere? We've kind of talking. We've kind of limited to its. He they're going to return to the Patriots are he's going to go to the San Diego chargers now. This is what I want to get stuck on time. You hear what you just. La chargers Dallas. Let me let me tell you something right as soon as I get at them right. Las Vegas Raiders Right. Listen you're right. It is still the San Diego chargers in here much more fan base down there than is ever going to be here in Los Angeles the Angeles unless something happens does it just sounds Yup. Some just going to see the chargers so now this is what I WANNA do. Yeah Allan Yeah. You'RE GONNA play Tom Brady. That's not good. Where's your wife I want you to play the GM of the pats let's and the GM? Oh chargers okay. GM combat. Since Tom Brady right across from you to re either resign with the PATS. What's like all the ballot? Check Voice Right. Oh no no. No here's here's a question DeMarco. What's the argument that you're GONNA make if you're running the Patriots for Tom Brady to come back there? And then what's the argument to say. No no no go out to the west coast. Go to a franchise. That's trying to figure it out where three years in Los Angeles Dude still call him. San Diego chargers right so play out those two scenarios because this sounds like. It's much more realistic realistic than I am. You've already kind of by you. Saying he sold everything off here. And there he pulled up stumps yeah he made it known that he's he's leaving New England right and so to speak. This would be it for Tom Brady there. But here's this is what I would say if I was working for the Patriots first of all I would do the pitch inside the stadium and I'd walk him by those banners and I keep he point those things out remember that one. This is word started. Remember this one you know we we. Everyone counted us out and we still got it done. Remember this when here and when everyone was talking about the rams and Sean mcvay being the next great thing and the next big thing and we beat them in Atlanta just a heads up. There's a snowstorm right it now on the field so you can't actually go out on the field and we got. We got umbrellas allows. You're in one of the press box. We're just losing some of your losing some of the The lightning they're not just we're walking around. We're looking at banners. Because I'm telling you the most intimidating thing I ever saw in my life and I've been on a lot of football fields and a lot of places watching Tom. Brady warm up in Gillette in with the banners in the backdrop. I mean the guy that did all this is still active. And he's still playing and he's playing against you today. That scared me so I would do that for him. Remind him I must say one thing. There's power to that. Yeah and it's interesting when ad came came to the Lakers when he was traded He tells a story about sitting in genie offices Genius Office and all those championships are lined up right there right. They're all just sitting there and he said I want one of those. I mean I know Tom Brady is already got him. But like that's a powerful pitch that that not many franchises can make. Obviously Tom Brady the foundation of what they built. You continue on and be between you and the head coach. You and Bill Belichick you and bill. You can build a legacy or you've already built it but you can build a legacy here that will never be matched ever in any sport let alone just professional football. You could win seven. You can win eight. You can possibly nine super bowls if you continue to play like you said you WANNA play until you're forty five. I got three more seasons. I will put the best team around you that that I can possibly put to win another championship. I will have you write off into the sunset Kinda like John Elway but greater than everyone else that's ever played the position. That would be my mission to you Tom. If you stay a New England Patriot that would be my pitch. And money's no object you know and we know how to do would they give him a what kind kind of deal massage the salary cap like they're doing now with Tom Brady. They know how to pay 'em in certain ways to where everyone gets paid everyone's happy and you can build a a pretty good football team around him. I have some curiosity on this one is does Bella check you know so much of the conversation is is that ballot check is thinking about the team. He's thinking about. The future is thinking about the big picture. And he's not comfortable with a forty two year old getting a three year contract. Let's say hypothetically and you paying so much money to Tom Brady to to keep him around is that some of the I is that some of the thought process in New England or are they the one sitting back saying if you please just come and give us another couple of years. We'll do anything to do it. I I feel like there's mixed reports on. This is how I would go if you decide. Decide to stay with the Patriots decide to stay home with us. Then you will answer to me. Bella check will answer to me. I will have veto power over the both of you. So if you feel you can play or you need a tiebreaker. I will be that guy but it would be a partnership between Wean quarterback coach and owner. If you stay with us your voice will be heard and it will be valued not more not less than the coach coach. It would be on equal footing with the New England patriots. That would be myself point to him. All right. Let's play the other way right so Tom Brady. He doesn't have to go. Anywhere chargers are coming to him all right so they're gonNA make their pitch to To what Tom Brady. Here's a franchise that has been in La la now for three years who can't sell Carson The Pskov a dignity health yes staubach. Whatever whatever artis twenty-five thousand and Change Seat Stadium Eighty percent of the time. It's the opposing team. Eighty one hundred percent of the time. It's the the opposing team right. This is this is the reality of the situation. Right Mike Zimmer just said it was nice to win another home game and they played here. Yeah that's okay. So here you have a franchise that by the way I this one this one kind of connects with me more. I'm from San Diego so I had you know a team that I I grew up watching and God bless La. I know what they care about here in Los Angeles and I'll tell you one thing they don't care about they don't care about the chargers so you got you obviously had one of two professional teams that you haven't as de ripped away from you so I'm not I definitely have a bad taste in my mouth when I talk about. The chargers. Talk about the move that the Spanos family made and everything else but I can also be objective and talk about how desperate the chargers must just be in the current situation that they're in Where you're walking into a new stadium if you couldn't sell twenty five thousand and the twenty five thousand that? Oh You did sell or twenty thousand twenty or twenty two. Those were raider fans over chiefs fans or broncos fans or Vikings fans or whatever the case is what the Hell is going to happen and when you get to the new stadium which is coming up just a few months from now if you are If you're the Los Angeles chargers I want you to kind of start. Are Some of your conversation if you're having Tom Brady. We want to be in the Tom. Brady business we would absolutely love that. By owning the franchise over to you. TB twelve will be everywhere and no one knows how to sell or have a premier better than Los Angeles you will see TB twelve on every billboard in Los Angeles. Everyone will know your brand. And we'll even go as far as to give you ownership in the franchise because we know Oh look. We're we're struggling to sell tickets here. We're struggling to find a foothold here in Los Angeles you come here. You fill up the stadium this this brand new stadium that we don't have to pay rent into yeah dollar a year longer year. We'll cover that part. You put the butts in the seats. We will be partners. We we will give you an. We will give you the era treatment. You'll have an office in the stadium. A TB twelve office in the stadium and when you retire you move right it to the front office. You'll never have to leave. This will be a lifetime partnership between the chargers and Tom Brady. We want to be in the Tom. Brady He. Business the Marquis. That's a good pitch. They're absolutely that's a good pitch. Let's do this when we come back. I want to get your thoughts on what you think Tom Brady will do. Because because if Tom Brady I'm trying to imagine here not just what you think he's GonNa do but I also want you to paint the picture of what he can do of. What would happen if he became a part of the Los Angeles chargers if excuse me if he became like you're saying potentially part owner this and that this isn't your career and then it's over? No no no no. It goes much further than that. What would that picture look like? Let's do that when we come back. This is the Sodano show and DEMARCO far. Fill in for George on E._S._P._N.. L._A. Seven ten.

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