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AP Laboratory - Weekly Chiefs Mailbag (Ep. 76)


What's up everybody. Thanks for joining us today. Wanted is the AP laboratories the mailbag edition after a thirty three twenty eight win for the Kansas City chiefs of the Baltimore Ravens in the home opener. We've got a lot of questions chance to try to get to. We're GONNA try to get through as many as we possibly can today in here to help me get through. Those are my dear pals. I find on twitter at chief chief and Carolina Matthew Lane Aloma Front I do. I'm good man. I'm excited going with all these questions. I was is really disappointed that we didn't get to see you this weekend. I got to see Craig but I didn't get to see you this weekend. The goal was to get back there but we had some other plans going on so so. I'm trying to make up all my alone vacation time from the family for the senior bowl. This year senior was going to be fun. I'm excited. I'm already geeking. We've already. We're already a little bit into prospects already. Believe it or not do you think our third member. He cranked out find him on twitter barley. hops excited for the senior bowl or do you think he's still recovering from from his time at Arrowhead. I'm definitely not still recovering. Maybe maybe vocally I'm still recovering a little bit guys. I'm a terrible yeller at sports games. I I get way into it my voice out so y'all. GonNa have to deal with me a little bit lower in active this week but it was was great time. I'll dig the new seats at Arrowhead. There's more room to stand more room to move around in the aisles a little bit so good job arrowhead crew. I have one burning question for you did you. This hold my standard of Lamar Jackson slander during the game. I slandered him plenty eh throughout the course of the game as I do with every opposition quarterback but yes I definitely upheld your standard of Lamar slander. You're going to be his last year. I had quite a few ravens fans not too happy with us in our seat that were sitting around us. It's kind of funny I I've met with Craig for the last two Ravens Games. We Miss Matty this week but we you guys were in town for the last ravens game we were. We were good time. Yeah Med. It was a good time all right. We've got a lot of questions to you through. I- plenty so we're going to try to get through as many as we can I I I appreciate all the questions you guys have sent us a lot where start with the Jamila account go to. AP nerd squad at G Mail Account G mail if you don't have twitter if you don't leave a five star review here's the question from Matthew Muck and Thaler. That's a great name been watching the franchise and noticing a trend where the sausage is usually leading the team coming down the tunnel down the stairs next to homes next to read think anything of it. Does he have a large leadership role on this team. Most of us don't know about yeah he does. He has a little bit more than you. You would think and he's kind of a glue guy. He's well liked by that that locker room and I think he he actually does kind of have some poll will in some leadership to him that you may not have expected and I think some of this stuff even the even the stuff like you know rolling in a in a in a car rolling up in a leotard those kind of things like I think those those are almost conversation pieces in the locker room another question here ear from the g mail account. Bill Belichick seems to covet and keep defensive backs around longer than defensive lineman. Should we be paying more attention attention to this. This is from Matty in Cincinnati Mattie. What do you think I I wanNA save these first few questions. The people have asked them are excellent people. They have antastic big names. They should be very proud of their names and as far as the actual question. I think that's something that you should pay attention to at early. In this kind of Patriots Dynasty I think it was a little bit of the reverse and they had some study defensive line with Vince will for regency more stuff like that but it seems like as they've gone on they've shifted from valuing valuing these pass rushers these big guys up front to value in quarterback's probably the most followed by safeties you almost every big. New England move coming in Now is a cornerback and go from Akeem Toledo Darrell read this now they have Stefan Gilmore like they bring in top tier corners all the time when they need one. They're more than willing to let those pass rushers. Go like Chandler Jones flowers so they're moving on from pass rushers. They're keeping cornerbacks and there's a reason they're defense stays good year after year yeah part of its bill spellcheck but the way he's building team is definitely something to keep an eye on. That's one hundred percent the case. They don't like to invest very hard and defensive line. It's Kinda counter a to what Brett beach has done in his time here and what John Dorsey before him had done in his time here. He likes a bill. Belichick likes to go get those corners likes to go get those safeties and then likes to pay them to stick around. If a guy gets out from bill bell check from the secondary guys. You should be wary because because he wants to pay those guys so you. You just got to kind of keep an eye on that. He likes to draft a lot of them likes to keep reloading at that position so yeah I. I wish that there was a little bit more check in. Vh from that regard maybe maybe the corners would be a little better if that were the case yeah and they've they've gone bargain-hunting along their defensive line. They've traded day three assets for guys you know before in the past two and they've found success. You know just peace in that thing together all right. We got some some questions from the five star reviews. I I wanted to make sure to shout out Mama Lucas cafe who they didn't have a question but guys guys. They play the show at their bar one day a week and I think that's incredible so shout out Moluccas cafe. That's really cool. Here's a question from Emmaus. One eighty-seven pat will hopefully hopefully only have to play fifteen games this season but do you still think I think that he could reach six thousand yards. I think he's close if he's only played fifteen. That's going to be a pretty tight pretty pretty tight. number two hit but man. This dude looks good for only put in the foot on the gas for like one quarter a game to start stored the year I would have said there's absolutely no way because I thought that the offense would be a little bit more balanced the defense points and they don't they don't have to put up as many points as they did last year the doesn't matter the offense is just willing to throw the ball all first half and then Kinda coast second half in fifteen games. It's GonNa be tight but there is. He might get as close as you possibly go to fifteen games this year. They keep letting them throw this much. Guys are almost say this right. Now we played three games oto so so so fifteen games he would throw for five thousand nine hundred and seventy five yards. If this projects out to be that he you would come up five yards. Shy of six thousand yards for playing fifteen games he'd also throw fifty or fifty touchdowns downs in those fifteen games as well just. Why would andy play him in the last game. Just get six thousand instead of all one hundred percent one hundred percent. There's no way that doesn't happen if that is one hundred percent happening if four on the first play of the game and just trying to hit in quit it and then pull him off the field byron pringle catches the six thousand yard reception one hundred percent well. Thomas is on the field too because they're you know they're sitting tyreek much like a demarcus. Robinson Gach six Robinson milestone catch guy hi for Patrick Mahomes. No one hundred percent thousand yard receiver Damarcus. Robinson is getting benched that game because they WANNA make sure to protect him too because you know honey. Oni thunders just been balling out in the contract here. Okay Twitter Question Time. We've got a lot. We're going to try to get through them. Please forgive us if we're not able to get to all of them. We add a question. Can you guys explain why Frank Clark is much better than Ford so just just in simple terms so that the twitter quit twitter crowd can finally get it throughout the whole game frankfort gets. It's more attention than D. Ford ever hasn't his career. Yes default on a passing down. A team pays a ton of attention to team still pay as much attention to Frank Clark on passing downs. The big differences are rushing downs teams not only don't run at Frank Clark. They actively avoided him as much as they possibly can. That's something you never solid before you saw that as much justin Houston who was a very good run defender he was great at it but teams didn't avoid him like the Ravens were avoiding Frank Clark good pass rusher very good pass rusher good against the wrong simple yet that that that's a great one especially in spagnolo scheme. Were guys have to line up further inside. They're going against big heavies a lot more often. They're not able to just kind of run up. The ARC like we've Seen D. Ford do it guys the Ravens spent forty four percent of this game actively avoiding Frank Clark almost half the plays. He's they went out of their way to either move the pocket away from Frank Clark runaway from Frank Clark. Throw the ball as quick as humanly possible muscle chip Frank Clark forty four percent of the game. D Ford never saw that kind of attention that question by the way was for Major Richard six good question. I hope that maybe pumps the brakes on some of the slander happening on Frank Clark K. Govender our guy asks will the thrill of watching Patrick Mahomes in a Dome Maki reconsider the sliding roofing arrowhead. I have never been against the siding roofing arrowhead realize if we get a sliding hiding era roofing err on Arrowhead. There's a chance that Jesus whole host a super bowl and now there's a chance that she's host the Super Bowl and win the super bowl in in their own home stadium because Patrick Mahomes the quarterback bringing it all back to back full circle. I'm not sure who was against it initially but yeah it's always kind of been the thing if once arrowhead gets a dome. There's a chance to get a super bowl. They don't have one until they do that. The airport's getting redone now to allow something like the Super Bowl and the draft to come and and you put a sliding roof on there. I don't know why anybody would be against it. Seeming that can lead to a super bowl big in Kansas City at Matt you also forgot the World Cup which is very important to Kansas City economy in twenty twenty six guys. I don't WANNA dome. I don't Patrick Mahomes a plan to dome because I I want to be able to get the into Patrick Mahomes career and say look at these numbers compare them to the grates that all these players as you know peyton manning everything peyton manning played in a dome almost his entire career same drew brees Patrick Mahomes doing this outside in the elements he he's just is to study. I want him to rack up as much as possible. In adverse conditions it makes the myth myth grow even more. Here's here's a hot take. I think he's going to shatter all these records anyway so no one's GonNa care whether it was in a dome or not like no one's GonNa be apologizing for peyton manning especially after Patrick von the homes wins more super bowls than Peyton manning whoops in no one cares dough because he set records playing outside in one season so pats already been there done that we're good yeah there. You Go Corey. Peter Asks which team on the schedule not known for cheating concerns you the most from here on out. It's it's it's the packers for me. That defense is a lot better than I think. Anybody expected. Their pass rushers are good. Their corners are good. They're safeties have been playing pretty well as well and then on offense you got Aaron Rodgers. They haven't looked necessarily as sharp as they could but with Aaron Rodgers there is always that chance for them to click and and put out some big points so that combination of those two scares me just just a little bit but I'm not that scared of them can't. Are you ready for the answer. I know where you're going. Kirk cousins lead kidding. It's definitely not the Vikings. It's one hundred percent the Detroit lions because that's who we play next one given time boys. Oh what an answer I love it. That's an easy answer it was it was like a hint of Todd Haley answer. It is just a little too. Well Cry Gross. Actually I was gonNA say the Vikings. I think because they're run game is really really really really good and their defense is really good so they're. GonNa ball control you to death. I'M WORRIED ABOUT THAT GAME ACTUALLY MR C David Asks which which AFC team is most likely to stand in the way of an AFC championship rematch this year while I'm GonNa leave the Mattie answer on the table able. I'm pretty sure I know what he's going to say so. I'M GONNA leave that one on the table for him but I think we just played them. I think it's the Ravens. I do think that they'll they'll click on defense. I think that they're going to win that division especially with Pittsburgh being nothing and the browns look an awful so I do think the the Ravens are probably the biggest obstacle between the chiefs and the Patriots in a rematch of the championship game yeah. I think it's a tie between the cheese and the Patriots because they just heads entails above the rest of the AFC so unless one of them choke. They're gonNA play each other again the AFC championship game froze. I I thought you were gonNA say the chargers terrible to send their awful awful. They're not good guys I have. I have a confession to make I like Tarez. Paler have a guilty pleasure. Oh Oh baby and it was a josh. Allen led yeah flow bills. I I may or may not follow them a little bit you. Just you know under the table. It's okay the they look right. They look all right. The clan MacLean asks. I think this is Keith McLean pillow back up a second. The bills look okay beating teams like the jets with a third string quarterback in the Cincinnati bengals matter. You're such such a hater. Keith maclead asks Patch Levine Mahomes. Is it just me or does. He look incredibly better than he did last year. Keith you're correct. I don't like here's I we. We washed been training camp and you could see this new ad level of confidence. You could see this command control of what he was seeing and what he was what was getting called for. It's just it's a thing of beauty and it's translating onto the field. It's absurd. The guy is it's like a more efficient version of what we saw last year and I think what what I mean by that is he hasn't had to create as much on his own which I oh I think is indicative of seeing things correctly getting the protection right getting the ball out of his hand with confidence. I think those are all indicators that your seeing being a growing advancing developing looting. MVP just crazy. It's crazy but it's true. I'm sorry I was on the wrong question. Tyler boys so that is at one hundred percent on me yet though the homes look better this year he's looks were not even composed but things are coming easier to him. I like the fire. You've seen seen a little bit more upset when things aren't going perfectly which just shows you that he's Kinda gotten that level of comfort were he expects great things to happen every single play. I like the fact that he's getting mad when things aren't perfect and everything just covered so easy you see these throws where he's fading back off his back foot and he's still hitting guys wide open in part of that's a testament to Andy Reid what he set up for him but paget seem so much more comfortable reading the defense playing even under pressure. He's he's been there. He's done that. It really shows this year. Yeah at Patrick Mahomes is more upset about twenty eight a two point one percent of his throws not being completed than than I've ever seen a quarterback be. He's been outstanding handing. They've they've just needed like a good quarter out of him and that good quarter in more than most quarterbacks due in a game so it's it's ludicrous ludicrous what he's doing right now. He is better. They're just continuing the Golden State Warriors comparisons because they just go out and they have a quarter that just obliterates the souls of an opponent own it and one other thing about this. I'm just going to Gush for a second that touchdown demarcus Robinson. That's more than just rare talent like that's not just just being a special unique talent on the football field that seeing the pressure anticipating you know the row trust that's just a-. At High Level Football High Q. Football and these are the little things that you're seeing that just like it's it's redeeming. Lamar Jackson Kid did that twice to Willie snead Seth Route Okay Craig. What was what what what did Lamar Jackson's. Day Look like three quarters into the game name by the way would you would you like to know three hours of the game yeah there. There was one hundred twenty four yards passing harm your quarters into the game. That's it yeah he had. He had some good scrambles. He had some good runs. I I'm not gonNA say that he wasn't running the ball well because the entire team was running the ball well against the chiefs run defense but a hundred and twenty four yards passing that was it through three quarters. It's almost whatever I'm not. I'm not I'm not GonNa Petty Lamar Jackson. He's he's way better. I don't WanNa dunk on them too much but like it's just it's different. It's different watching our guy in their Guy Risa mahomes asks. Can we assume things for the defense for example the secondary namely or can we can we assume things for the defense for example the secondary namely the quarterbacks will be target by the trade deadline this year sorry for the confusion there one hundred percent. I think that more claimed one's going to factor in when he comes back but I think there is a ninety nine point nine percent chance that another cornerback is brought in hopefully it somebody good enough to crack the starting lineup for sure hope if we cornerback one but you're gonNA start running out of available guys at the trade deadline still aways away but there's not going to be a ton of top tier quarterbacks get to get out. It's just the way it is in the NFL every year. You get one. Maybe two chances to don't make it work. You gotTa have to settle but there's going to be a new cornerback there. They don't seem happy with but they're cornerback play. I know the run defense was also a problem this week but overall the chiefs defensive coaches seem a little happier about their linebackers doing what they're quarterbacks. I absolutely agree. I'll even go one better one hundred percent chance. I'm not even that point one percent. There's one hundred percent chance they Atagi every single corner. That's come come available right now. Grant that's just fitzpatrick and Jalen Ramsey a big corners on the market. The chiefs have been tied to. They tried to go get me Fitzpatrick. They reportedly were in on Jalen Ramsey. Just like everybody else was still but they they're interested arrested in adding another guy particularly a young guy with talent. If somebody like that comes available they are going to try and pony up for him. I think the the it's kind of an anomaly that two guys like this like Mingka Fitzpatrick and Jalen Ramsey are actually available. I mean this is not very common to see this surly in the season. Let's let the dust clear. Let's find out which teams are actually bad and then then. Let's see what kind of quarterback they have one guy keep an eye on keeping an eye on his James bradberry from Carolina. The panthers are one into now. I believe but things are not training well for them to this point. Look let's keep an eye on him because he's a guy would extend right guy plays and things could be trending in the right direction all all ow aw slander. I don't I'm not here for the CAM. Slander Risa oems asked this question. I think David asks a similar question to Mattie. When then will the Michael Slander from Matthew Stop He has to admit that Bob will pass that was tipped and he turned into a I was pretty cool making something out of nothing Mattie so this question asked by a lot more people than just those two so we're GonNa put this out there. The whole thing right now McColl Hardman the evaluation of him has has been essentially spot on. I know people are not going to be happy with that because we were not especially me as high on him is a lot of other people but so far what Coal Hartman has run fast and he's run fast. That's what he's done and that's what we said coming out. My issue was with the fact that I didn't think he did a whole lot else. Worthy of being a second round pick decides be super. Fast now clearly my valuation like how important that was specifically for the chiefs may have been under sold a little bit. I'm not certain certain you couldn't get a guy that runs slight bit slower than it would be. Almost as good as Michael. Hartmann has been in this offense but as good as he's been. You can't take that risk if you can draw a play that gets a guy that is fast him wide open because he's getting free releases author scrimmage and being asked to run a completely straight line down the field. You can make that network play after play after play. You can go find you can look. Hardiman snaps when he's giving targets. It's coming off free releases usually from the slot where he's running a vertical route out most often a nine route occasionally skinny post but that's really about all he's doing when he's getting targets or he's coming behind the line of scrimmage like. We said he could do that and that's what he was. GonNa do. I think Andy Reid has surpassed my expectations for how often he was going to be able to make him help him get wide open using that speed. I think that's I think it's pretty fair he he's definitely exceeded my expectations early on about what Andy would be able to get out of him and I think and we all kind of said like we know. Andy knows how to use the speed trade but it's just always going in looking at an evaluation. It's scary to say this narrow skill set this. This narrow group of of of abilities is something to bank on when you're when you're putting big town but to the cheese credit to McColl's credit frankly wrinkly he's. He's exceeded my expectations early on. I know he's exceeded all of our expectations too. If if if the chiefs offense is the Golden State Warriors he's your her. He's your three point special off the bed. He is not Klay Thompson. He's off the bench. Matthew listen scene. No He's like man. I wish I would have been more well-versed on the on the bench. I've been actually playing with a comp article about the golden state whereas the cheese but I haven't got McColl yet but I credit all the credit roll to to McCall and all the credit to Andy Reid. He is kind of being used how you can look it more keys. Hollywood Brown for the Ravens how he's being used compared to Michael. They're putting him on the line of scrimmage on the outside he has comparable speed. Arben urban and he's been very good this year as well but he's not being put in situations where he gets run completely free down the middle of the field over and over again until he makes that one bus that's that's one hundred percent. Andrea Co Hartman does get credit for tracking the football understanding spacing in how to run down field very fast and avoid help covers like he gets is credit for that too but the usage has been put in his been perfect for him and I think that's where he's really separated. I did not anticipate a team would not be able to put somebody the over. The top of him is infrequently. They do yeah and whenever tyreek gets back. It's going to be scary but I mean look at look at where his targets are. It's spine line scrimmage image and its way down the field where we guest but he's thriving and he's absolutely threatening thriving in it and I can't wait to see what it looks like ten weeks for now. It's GonNa be fun. Jason Michael Asks if Damarcus Robinson continues to play like this. Do you see them extending him. It's such a tough question because it's GonNa be really hard to understand what Damarcus Robinson will get on the market. He's GonNa have a productive season. He's pacing for a very nice year in a contract year. He's pushing pushing a thousand yards receiving he's made some exceptional athletic catches and he's really been a solid piece but I I don't know I don't know how how are ultimately going to get priced out. I ultimately think that she's going to get out of it. Here's the tricky part with the chiefs wide receiver situation. Is that if they keep Sammy Walk Ins. There's no chance they keep Damore Robinson if they're gonNA cut trade let Sammy Watkins Go. I think they're very much to try to keep demarcus Robinson. The really tricky part comes in though nobody else play Sammy Watkins Position Right now. We haven't seen any other wide receiver. Take his ex receiver role. The Guy on the line of scrimmage constantly beating press running over the middle of the field being a more possession receiver using Robinson has the size for it but he still hasn't done that every time he's come into the game even going back to last year. He's definitely taken more of the downfield threats Kinda rule so or a slot role so it's just going to be interesting to see if they have someone to replace Sammy and if that's it's the case and I could see a chance for them to keep Damarcus Inlet Sammy Watkins go care to jump in on this Wide Receiver Talk Greg. Oh boy that was a lot of offense offense. I think I blacked out guys went away from Craig for like six. I mean like the Craig how people throw in the ball catching it. Damarcus Robinson is going to get paid like twelve million dollars next year. Deadline advisory is the way that he's lying right now. Look at him. Look at what he's doing on the field that kind of catches that he's coming up with contested catches catching in the corner of the end zone there he looks great and I think that there is a chance for him to continue to look great. Even after tyreek hill comes back they can still find room for him there. I think somebody will gamble on him and pay him double digit million dollars lers your and the chiefs just can't do that unless they're moving on from. Sammy Watkins like Sam Jones Joe Honestly he could definitely pays for Marvin Jones with the bengals type output and then get that fat contract by another team based on one or two use Marvin Jones by the way totally worked out for Detroit so far is the market for them. demarcus Robinson GonNa be Patrick Mahomes First Austin Collie. ooh ooh guy that just gets paid because I just I don't know how wreck I don't. I just don't know how replicable it is like. I feel like Mahomes and St Rob's connection is just slander and Albert Wilson has already done that. Oh that's true and Albert Salaam Album Albert Wilson Yeah. Okay whatever it's true. D Johnston also menace read twelve asses question question is Emmanuel Ogbonna. A good candidate for an extension during the season guy has had a phenomenal start. I think there's a chance just because the guys behind Frank Clark and Alex four aren't necessarily set in stone Tano passing. No certainly seems to be coming along breath and speaks is on. I R who who knows what they're gonNA do with those two guys it. Ogbeh continues on this arc and his usage is different than Frank Clark. It's different than Alex Okafor. He doesn't require the same focus he lines up in multiple different spots. He's definitely taking advantage of every opportunity. Did he gets his unblocked. If he's the guy that's operating as the looping man on the stunt. He's definitely getting home and making the most of those opportunities I I do think that they could put something on the table that the little lower ads year goes along if he continues along the same arc reggie per se. He's definitely got adds an option for it. I think he's he's been every bit of kind of what we thought he was going to be when they first traded for him. In situational usage he's been very good with freelance speaks uncertainty. I don't know a ton of passengers long for this team beyond this year so that kind of leaves the door open for backup the end to question just becomes does OGG dog but think he's going to be worth a starting contract because I don't think the chiefs can offer him that guys. I I tend to think the cheese won't be able to extend and there's just a lot influx all along their entire roster however the compensatory formula looking very nice right now og. Blah and D. Rob all these guys. It's just looking real real nice. You know what's Larry. We've talked about the compensatory formula several weeks ago. You know who's on that Kindle Fuller Darren Lee who else were we talking about Angel but the whole Xavier will yell whole point is though they've given themselves a large pool in some of those taking full advantage. They have a huge pool. They're GONNA get at a time to draft. Pay Compensatory picks twenty twenty one without even trying. We are GonNa take a break and we will be back with more of your questions right after this. Hey I'm Spencer Hall. I'm Holly Anderson. I'm Ryan Nanny. I'm Jason Kirk and we're the host of the shutdown full cast your avengers of College Football Football podcast it says here in the script onto riff on what that means and basically what I mean is. 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OC and Kathy Griffin we talk about how they got to where they are today and how their work is changing our world new episodes of Rico Decoder released every Monday and Wednesday and we often have bonus episodes on Friday subscribe for free to be the first to hear them on Apple podcasts or in your favorite podcast APP. Oh okay taking more of your questions from twitter start with this. One branded ended four twenty two asks. What is this year's wrinkle that Andy is added delete concepts. I don't think it's necessarily leak Cobb sets I. We've I think we've seen one one real but it was just a really great dial up. It was a great time to use it I think one of the things that I've noticed is one. I think they've been a little bit more. Pass asks have even than they were last year so I mean that's not even really a scheme wrinkle. That's just a philosophy wrinkle but I do think that they've been more aggressive down the field even more than they were last year. They're really just just letting it fly and they're challenging teams down the field. They're challenging. Coverage Rules Downfield frankly which we've noticed you know all these guys keep keep running uncovered and I don't think it's an accident. Let's just say that you know like that. We've seen multiple coverage busts down the field in three different weeks so so the chiefs are really one of the things. I wonder if Andy just really spent a Lotta time trying to challenge teams vertical coverage Rolls I that's something that he's really emphasized and spent time on this summer. I don't think there's been anything like super distinguishable. It's like brand new that we've had the last a couple of years but I'm with He seems to be challenging downfield a little bit more. I think you've seen a lot more intermediate in deep. RPO looks which is pretty uncommon for the NFL game usually RPO are shorter drop shorter route concepts getting the ball out quick. I think they've gone downfield little bit more off those you're still seeing ton of the over outs deep deep crossers. I think you're getting even more of those than you got. Last year which the chiefs ran a ton of doing a lot of it out of the Y. Eyeso- with Kelsey on one side trips ride receivers here's the other and the last little thing when the homes goes under center it seems like bring Nola at the snap the indoor around motion and a Lotta Times. They're double play action out of it. Sometimes sometimes it's play action into round did a run they went to the double play action pass and the double play action with the screenplay they think. I've seen that in two different for game so far when they go under center that Kinda like the one that jumps out to it it does feel like those those deep overs are more are and more prevalent with petrol bombs hitting. Those deep passes more often. That's kind of what we we've seen with Marcus Robinson and McColl Hardman when and they've gotten free on those deep passes because the safeties having to come up and respect that deep over and they're just kind of forcing forcing teams to make a decision either you're going to give up a twenty five yard pass to Sammy Watkins over the middle of the field or you're going to try and force Patrick Mahomes to hit on a forty fifty sixty yarder and thus far. I mean if you watched his tape last year. You'd gamble on the deep one because he didn't really hit it too often this year. He's hitting it significantly more often and that's kind of what we're seeing more guys are running under football's this year than they were last year and mahomes has has really taken strides down the field and it sounds weird to say that because it wasn't like he was he wasn't Yanking and Duncan last year and he wasn't wasn't wasn't that he wasn't challenging it. He just could have been better challenging. It and I think you're seeing more touch. You're seeing more accuracy. and I think everything about this offense offense as just improved vertically which is just. It's crazy and we're only three weeks in just just wait. Things are things are trending really well. tyree kills not even play so trendy. Kill asks is Craig's breakout player of the year worth breaking up with Hitchens was awful this week I guess do the chiefs need linebacker more than they need. CORNERBACK GONNA say I thought Anthony Hitchens was pretty aren't good the first two weeks of the season now. Nobody was particularly good against the run this week so I don't know how you single out Anthony Hitchens in that I'm I am not selling hitchens yet. The Baltimore Ravens are horrible horrible matchup for the chiefs slower linebackers. They just don't get out well on stretch runs guys through three quarters win when the chiefs were blowing them out before you know the Ravens started kind of hooking the ball all throughout the field the ravens ran at the C. or D. gap eighty two percent of the time like they were running to who the outside they were running. Stretch plays the outside trying to force those linebackers to have to run horizontally to get to the sidelines. They're not not going to beat Mark Ingram Lamar Jackson to the sideline. We saw that and that's kind of how they were able to do damage against the chiefs defense so. I'm I'm not worried about it yet. I do WanNa see how he performs a little bit better in upcoming weeks. They got a couple of like the lions are GonNa hand the ball off a lot at this week after watching what the Ravens did I wanNA see him. Step up have a better performance against a team that doesn't have to account for a running quarterback and maybe isn't going to stretch the edges much and I'm not specifically selling or worried about hitchens agree with Craig. He's looked better this year. My concern comes within. It's exactly what Craig said. Teams teams running the outside. You saw Leonard Fournette now. You're seeing barking. Redo it. If you're those two running back to the running backs beating you to the edge your linebacker so the edge that may be a problem problem. You have slow linebacker play. Those two running backs are not the fastest most dynamic running backs in the League to my my cell is more of with Anthony Me Hitchens Damian Wilson being the most played linebackers and not that I dislike either as players. It's just when you put both of them on the field together. You're asking in your defensive ends to cover a lot of ground to the outside. You're asking your safety get downhill and really help them out because they're not. GonNa keep up those running backs outside. That's my bigger concern. Daringly hasn't gotten the kind of role that I thought he would so far this defense. They definitely only playing him on Bass. Downs not in the nickel will been Neiman's been the dime linebacker so they don't really have an athletic speed linebacker. They really trust the play instead of Hitchens or Wilson just that is something my monitoring because it's been three weeks now without the linebacker. Play hasn't been bad. It just hasn't been fast Larry McKiernan asks. Can the math work to keep Chris Jones on this roster. I think you could probably make the math work. I guess it's just a matter of all all the commitments that you're going to have to make short-term and long-term. Patrick Mahomes is only going to get more and more expensive. You still have to figure out how to fix the cornerback position. The chiefs next year in twenty twenty have various ward Rishaad Fenton at cornerback include the practice squad guys Alex Brown and Tori mctyre because they normally signed a reserve future contract still. That's just not enough. They've got to improve the talent there. They're going to have some other decisions just to make a long the offense of lying there. They've got other things looming. It's GonNa be hard to you can make AAC it. Work is just you're GONNA be sacrificing other areas. I think this is Chris. John Drones last year in Kansas City. I think you can make it work but it comes to the sacrifice size of you're not getting better at cornerback next year or likely even the year after that. You're not getting a cornerback at the end of the first round that is going to have a big enough impact that you can really bank on to improve that position and you won't have the money to spend in free agency to bring in somebody that really changes that group especially when you consider the chiefs have literally leaderly nobody with fielding at Corner Back on the roster already for next year so if you bring Chris Jones back you're going to have another season of leftover cornerbacks in presumably zoom ably a high round draft pick cornerback. That's just not enough to improve the position so if you're comfortable with that as beach and yet it's possible but I don't think they're going to be at this point. In time. Chris Jones is having another season where his hot moments or really hot and his coal moments or really cold There's a number of we talked a lot about the run defense. I'm sure we got more questions coming up there. A number of times Frank Clark said a good hard edge and Chris Chris Jones got completely blown out of the gap and it was huge yardage for the Ravens. He looked at the end of the first drive throughout the course of the game. He looks like a guy that was very gassed the entire night or the entire day on Sunday so I would be worried a little bit about giving him that amount of money when you are getting hot Chris Jones he is a top five defensive player in the NFL when you're not getting Chris Jones a hot Chris Jones. He's not worth twenty million dollars so I would just be very very reticent to pay him that amount of money. I think the chiefs chose Frank Clark over Chris Jones. I just do Don Julio asks. How can the chiefs fix the run. Defense Craig not play Lamar Jackson that would help. I'll tell you what guys is really tough when a team runs a pistol zone read offense and and you have a quarterback. That's comfortable keeping the ball even when he's taken hits is really really difficult to play against a run that way now they didn't tackle well on on Sunday that was I think the most egregious part of this whole thing I felt like spagnolo actually made good adjustments. I felt like he tweaked to the defense to help. Stop the run a little bit better and he kinda got guys in better positions. He spun the safeties down because Lamar Jackson wasn't really tested them deep and he wasn't very accurate accurate on the day so they did a good job of making the necessary tweaks but even Frank Clark who we've been talking about praising and people accuse us of being too you know too positive additive about him. Frank Clark missed a bad tackle on Mark Ingram that on a touchdown drive that would have ended up scoring Fred Tire Matthew Mr tackle tackle out in the open field. They did not do a good job of wrapping up making the heads bringing guys down. That's got to clear up if that clears up I think there's a big big big difference in the down and distance that you see and they don't run the ball nearly as much this past week. I think specific victims are always going to give the chiefs run defense problems right now. This goes back to my whole issue with just the Shin Role linebacker speed you teams that run a lot outside zone you eighteen like Baltimore more whose quarterback can also run. They're running. These read option looks were somebody's threatening outside over and over again. It's going to be hard for these linebackers to keep up with everybody. Everybody running outside and all it takes one player in a one gap scheme to lose their assignment and there's GonNa be all like everybody has do something correct for it to work work so there's always gonna be some holes there now. I don't think a team is gonNA come in and just manhandled them. Even the Ravens they had some good runs right up the middle but they were setting all that latte up off. These outside run looks option locks. They weren't just running. Halfback dive right down the middle of the chiefs defense over and over again. They're not gonNA get bullied like they were last last year. It's going to be speed that gets them in the run game and I think there is going to be teams that will be able to take advantage of that but when you're twenty points a quarter doesn't matter it doesn't a couple of things Andy Reid. I think mentioned today. Some of their run defense was this week. Specifically were just anticipating summating insider runs and getting hit outside orientating outside resig inside so there was a little bit of maybe some tendencies broke in or something along along those lines. Also I think Craig's point. I think Craig mentioned it you know I thought they were actually well positioned for good stretches of the game. It's it's just they struggled to finish the place. They struggled to complete tackle so far away. I think they just I think that they actually really showed some spurts where they were able to get some stops. They were able to put defense behind the sticks. It's just a matter developing more consistency and they're going to be just fine. I'm I'm actually I'm actually not scared to death and I think it is a little bit different than what we saw last year. If I'm going to be honest Dave asked the the ravens strategy of going on four thousand attempting. All the two point conversion screamed of desperation to me. What did you think in. Did you expect we will speak see other teams. Take this approach as as they desperately try to keep pace with the cheese prodigious offense so I think there was two that that that said you should you should be more aggressive. I think John Harbaugh has kind of harped on that a couple of our today too. I do think it's you know it might be trying to maximize every possession you get in every opportunity you score I think it might have been partially and I think some of the fourth down attempts are directly associated with. I WanNa try to maximize as many possessions as I can. I want to try to steal as many opportunities as I can and the chiefs get to the fifty anyway. So why am I not why am I you know giving them the ball on the fifteenth so they can get to the fifteen to plays anyway. You know so. I think there's a lot of factors in there. I could see teams being more aggressive aggressive and that's when you know frankly that's when you do need to run ready to take some steps here because I think they could be facing some more opportunities like that. In the very near future analytically the ravens did all the right stuff. If you'RE GONNA go all even going to the first quarter just based on the distances the time the teams are facing like they were all correct in terms of the statistics and probability of how it plays out. I do think it shows not necessarily desperation but a lack of confidence that your defense was going to be the south the chiefs which for good reason though like. I don't think it's desperation when they should not ten minutes yet. It's not desperation. It's just it is what it is just like last year or any year. When there's a super prolific offense or even defense that you're facing you're going to have to throw in a ton of tendency breakers to even have a chance offenses oftens. Is they play. The chiefs are going to do things. They don't normally do because of the chiefs offense. You'RE GONNA get teams during the test the ball downfield. They'RE GONNA YOU'RE GONNA get teams that are trying to hold the bowl longer. They're just is going to play differently because of what the chiefs offense can do and I think you're gonNA see a lot more teams. Go for it on fourth in short to medium especially near midfield when the cheeser likely to push the ball out like Kim said to midfield at the very minimum and it wasn't just the fourth down in the two point conversions that were the tendency breakers like like Mattie was talking about. You have teams that are gonNA come in and try and do different things. The Ravens used a lot more twenty two personnel. The Ravens used a lot of balanced pistol looks whereas they had previously been just kind of using unbalanced pistol looks running out of those ravens very win. They were getting snaps off in the play clock. There were a lot of times that they snap the ball with twenty seconds left on the play clock and there's other times that they'd let it take all the way down to four three two seconds it was they were purposefully trying to keep the chiefs defense on their heels and trying to move the ball and control the clock as much as possible bowl and just kind of do things a little different. Keep them off kilter. We saw Timothy Breakers. I believe that the Ravens next week probably won't go for a fourth down probably won't go for a two point conversion. I do think it's directly related to the chiefs offense being so good but I do think that there will also a number of other things that were happening during that game as well to try and counter what the chiefs had seen on Tape Casey Kim Guy Asks why wasn't Daryl Williams given larger consideration fedaration in the running back rotation the drafting of Darwin Thompson the consideration of hide and now McCoy seem overkill. Daryl Williams has shown good hands adequate speed and has better size. What is the hesitation so here's the thing Derwin a very good game. I've been a daryl fan before. Most other people were Daryl Williams fant. It's he's a good back. I think he belongs in the NFL. I think he deserves carries the NFL his running style is not perfect for the chiefs most most chiefs offense similar DECARLA side. He's a one cut and go runner. He has solid vision. He's good at putting his foot in the ground has good bursts in power through the whole that works from the chiefs are trying to milk the clock out in the fourth quarter when you're a little bit earlier than game in it's a lot of the RPO looks where you're having to stand still pat your feet and wait to see if you're getting the ball or not. Endemic celebrate at an angle usually playing the patients game until sump it opens up that's not his or Carlos Hyde strong suit and I think that's kind of why I would lean towards getting somebody like Leshan McCoy Damian Williams out there instead because they're a little bit better system there a little bit better in that kind of system in terms of the running backs in Lesean McCoy has been great this year like we can't rule out how good he's been with his vision his patient setting up his blocks knowing win to take two or three yards and so on Darwin Thompson. I hope to see more of coming soon. I think the dare looms is a better person to get in there to milk. The clock out. Dr Thompson woulda been. I think Darwin Arlen Thompson gives a different level of dynamic ability that the other running backs including Daryl Williams down a dad's kind of where it comes from for me. I don't know if he's a perfect fit for the chiefs. Most host the chiefs offense and let's not forget the low. Shawn McCoy was looking great in that game. I mean we're we're all gushing about Durrell the Burrell Williams that you know he had sixty two yards on nine carries. The Shawn McCoy had fifty four four yards on eight carries. I mean I get that that. Williams caught the ball well out of the backfield but the couple times if he was running down the sideline with with defenders behind him guys. If that's Damian Williams he's gone. That's that's six. I he's running away from those guys and I do. I think that that means that in the passing game Andy Reed's going to prefer a guy like Damien Williams a guy like Darwin Thompson even if he doesn't stay inbounds when they need the clock doc to keep running but I do think he had a great day. I want him on this roster because of games like this when they get banged up you can and lean on him a little more. You got to change the game plan a little bit but he he had a good day but that's why he's not seeing time over these other guys a couple of things how about that vision on that outside zone on that cut upfield by Daryl Williams that was nice. That was really nice one thing I want. I want to say about Daryl Williams. I I think he's got tremendous value to this team. He really does and I'm not just saying that. He's not as dynamic as some of these other guys but he still is able to to step in. When you need a guy that's pretty good in pass protection that can get tough yards that can run against a physical football team that can catch a little bit. He's basically guy that you lean on. If I don't know your number one running back it's hurt. He's he's got a ton of value hi to this team. I really like him. He's he's definitely an NFL player. I I think he fits a role where you can utilize him in do enough with him but you're not you're not it's not a dynamic element to his game but for what he is great judge very great and you should be happy be about and I suspect he'll be here through his undrafted free agent contract for for days like this like weeks like this or why you have Daryl Williams. Yes and I think you should be really grateful for what he provided. Against the Ravens Kip Daniel asks. I felt I saw more emotion from Patrick Sigma homes on Sunday. especially some concerns controlled frustration. Do you feel that way. Yes I know Mattie alluded to earlier. I thought it was great. I think it's just to matchplay. I think it's a level of ownership. I think it's a level of confidence in what he's seeing what he's understanding his preparation. I think it's carrying over I think he's also really continuing to step into that leadership role. He's got such a high standard for himself and he's got an immensely high standard for this football team and I think this entire football team feeds off of that and I think some of those moments where he's frustrated with his center for a bad snap or he he doesn't i. It looked like he might have been frustrated a little bit with some of the issues maybe with personnel with with the play call some of that kind of communication. I should get an play call in and out. This guy is trying to operate sean operate a high level. I don't think it's an Aaron Rodgers type thing where you know. Maybe he gets a little moody and I. I think it's a good way which where it's helping make this team better. I don't think it's vitriolic or anything like that. I think he's feeling comfortable enough enough to call people out with their making mistakes now to like he would be willing to ask you to tell them he would be willing to talk to people about it in everything but he was not getting as visibly upset he was not demanding them to be better in. It seems like that's kind of what's trending. which is one hundred percent fine? That's what he should do as the leader at his the quarterback you you wouldn't keep missing up bullets. PICK UP OR PICK UP ON INTERIOR OFFENSIVE line. You should get yelled at by your quarterback once he's gone hit late by Matt June to the thirteenth time in the first quarter like that should happen so I'm more than okay with it. I think he is showing more. He has kind of all year and then also comes with. He's lending his emotions flying even a little little bit more that good place to each saw the big flex after they picked up the screen that last third down conversion. He's out there. He showed emotion. He's being a leader by all means continue it. It's it's nothing to be worried about this as a family podcasts keep this PG guys but this is Patrick von Mahomes team and he's not messing around this is he wants this entire thing he wants the championship he wants those rings and that that kind of intensity that kind of competitive nature we've heard about that from him all the time you just seeing it more and it's contagious. I know that the cameras wit back and they caught Patrick Mahomes after that screen pass guys staying in that stadium it wasn't just him that was flexing and going crazy. Travis Kelsey was going absolutely bonkers. All the way to the sidelines the entire sidelines erupting flexing just that was it felt like think they'd come back from thirty down like it was that kind of raw outpouring of emotion and it was because mahomes was that level of fired up it's just contagious and he's going to make sure that that intensity stays there for the entire season guys. We have three more questions. We gotta cut this a little bit short. I'm so sorry for not being able to answer all of your questions. If you stick around this long thank you so much. We hear blame kit. It's all my fault. quick three quick questions. I'm GonNa have each of his answer. answer it or one of answer each question. Craig the lasy asks. Do we start seeing more secondary blitzing. When Moakley born comes back in week five yes or no I don't. I don't know that there will be more. SPAGNUOLA has done plenty of in the last two weeks. I think it will be potentially more successful because they'll be able to play a little more man on the outside and quarterbacks. I have to hold the ball a little longer eighty five mattie. Were you surprised given how well Baltimore was running. That spags didn't give Reggie Ragland shot to to help stop. The run rattled did actually play a couple of snaps on the defense. He was out there but I'm not really surprised. I think putting Reggie Ragland out there. The best you're doing is taken Darnley off the field assuming that it was a base down and even then you're adding another slow linebacker when we already talked about. They're getting the more of the outside up the middle you needed you would have to replace one of the other two linebackers keeping out there. Are you just you'd be decreasing your speed. No matter who you took off the field ready Raglan win the ravens were begging the ball tackles. How Mountain Asks I'll answer this one regarding Darwin he was remarkably absent with two running backs out slash slash questionable cause for concern nil first off Darwin Thompsons a sixth round. Pick anything you out of Darwin. Thompson is going to be a great value also. I don't think this was a perfect game where you throw him into the fire. This was a Daryl Williams game. I think I said that before the game even started ice expected Daryl Williams to get more run thin Darwin Thompson. He's still coming along. He still developing. He's got ability and I anticipate at some point. You're going to see a package of plays for him. Let him get in space. Let them get a little bit of burn. There's plenty of time this year your three weeks and if you've already seen the chiefs have to lean on three different running running backs up at this point. It's it's just the nature of the position. Darwin's time is coming. Don't stress that is going to do it for this. Week's episode we will be back with a preview of the chiefs going to Detroit playing the undefeated lions will catch. We'll catch you later this week

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