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Dorothy Stratten Pt. 1


Due to the graphic nature of this week's crimes listener discretion is advised this episode includes discussions of sexual situations abuse and violence that that some people may find offensive. We advise extreme caution for children under the age of thirteen. Paul Snyder was upset his wife twenty year old Dorothy Stratton was about to be crowned playboys nineteen eighty playmate of the year but here and the crowd attent. He couldn't get near her. He could barely see her and he got the distinct impression that Dorothy didn't mind that he'd been shut out. He don't another glass of Scotch and then pushed his way through the crowd. Some some people stared others looked away. Hollywood he learned was a fickle place. Once the crown decided you didn't fit then there was nothing you could do to change its mind. Finally Paul Reach Dorothy stable. He slid into an open seat beside her and reached for her hand but she shrank from his touch and pulled her hand away as if he were a stranger as if he were just another other. Leering Fan Paul. Suspicions were confirmed. She didn't love him anymore. His hurt curdled all to rage. He'd show her he'd show them all he might have looked small time but he'd leave his mark on Hollywood one way or another Hi I'm Leney. And this is crimes of passion. Upper caste original the legal definition of a crime of passion is a murder that occurs in the throes of extreme emotion leaving no time to reflect on the consequences but in this show we explore how passionate relationships sometimes times lead us to criminal activity out. Does marriage progress from husband and wife to killer and victim or killer and co-conspirator if there's a thin line between love and hate what manipulates our relationships into deadly results. You can find episodes of crimes of passion Russian and all other podcast originals for free on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts to stream crimes of passion for free on spotify. Just open the APP and type crimes of passion in the search bar at podcast. We are grateful for you our listeners. You allow us to do what we love. Let us know how we're doing reach out on. facebook spoke and Instagram at podcast and twitter at podcast network. And if you enjoyed today's episode the best way to help us to leave a five star review where ever. You're you're listening. It really does help this week. We're exploring the troubled relationship between Dorothy Stratton and Paul Snyder. We'll see why dorothy stayed with him as her career took off in one thousand nine hundred eighty despite multiple red flags next week. We'll see how dorothy burgeoning fame and independence Indi- lead to tragedy and how it's impact reverberates even today in one thousand nine hundred seventy eight eighteen year old. Dorothy Hoop straaten was a high school senior. Working at a dairy queen in Vancouver British Columbia single mothers struggled to provide for Dorothy and her two younger siblings so for the last four years ears. Dorothy worked at the CUE to help out by all accounts. She was hard working intelligent and stunning a fact that she he was completely oblivious to until during one of our shifts she match when he six year old Paul Snyder he walked into the shop wearing a long fur coat wrote lizard skin boots and gold and diamond jewelry. Dorothy was dazzled. She had never seen anyone so sophisticated he asked Dorothy the her name and they chatted briefly then. He drove off in a flashy black sports car. Dorothy never expected to see him again but only a few days later. Paul called the shop. He wanted to take dorothy out. Paul Snyder dropped out of school. At the age of fourteen his teen years were spent hanging around the biker gangs and pimps of Vancouver's Eastside. He knew oh he wanted to be rich. But a real job didn't interest him. Instead he gravitated towards various scams and hustles. Most of them involved women woman he tried pimping and groomed girls to be strippers but neither was that profitable. Eventually he turned to promoting auto and cycle shows us but a side. Hustle was never far from his mind when he met Dorothy. He found it as he told a friend after meeting her. That girl roll could make me a lot of money on their first date. In the winter of one thousand nine hundred seventy eight. Paul showed up at Dorothea northeast house in a long leather coat and more diamond jewelry. He drove her to his bachelor bad where she took in the skylights for rugs and platform bed. He cooked her dinner porter. Sparkling wine played songs on his guitar and told her she was beautiful. Dorothy knew that she was being swept. Opt Offer Feet in her journal. She wrote I was being sweet talked by an expert but I wanted to hear more and who could blame her. Her her previous boyfriend had never paid this much attention to her. Paul Bader clothes makeup and jewelry luxuries. She'd never been able to afford. There was only one problem. Nobody liked him not her brother her sister or her boss her mother. Nellie couldn't and stand him. They all thought Paul was rude entitled and Pushy he put his feet up on the coffee table at Dorothy House and flirted with other women right right in front of her door. These best friend asked her how she could stand it but Dorothy had the same answer for everyone. Nobody knew the real real Paul behind closed doors. He was a softy and he made her feel special. Before I continue you with Paul Psychology. Please note I am not a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist but I have done a lot of research for the show psychologist just doctor Andrea. Bonner has pinpointed. Certain behaviors used by those who wished to control their partners early on in a relationship behaviors like attention affection and nourishment all seem positive things. We want a relationship but they can also be powerful tools. Used to manipulate others when other people start to complain or point out troubling facets of the relationship the victim is unable to see them. Everything free thing. Paul did in those first few months of dating. Dorothy showering her with attention. Buying her gifts even cooking for her made her his biggest defender but his most effective weapon was allowing himself to be vulnerable. A Guy who strummed the guitar and told her how he truly felt about her couldn't be that bad. When dorothy claim that Paul was actually a big softie she thought she was seeing the real him but it was all of Assad in the end her friends and families instincts were right after eating? Just a few months. Paul told Dorothy that he wanted her. To pose. Nude Playboy magazine was on a hunt for its twenty fifth anniversary playmate. The prize was twenty. Five Thousand Dollars Poff aunt. Dorothy was exactly the type. Playboy was looking for the sexy gorgeous girl next door. Dorothy didn't want want to pose nude. She was extremely modest and worried about how her mother would react. But Paul wouldn't take no for an answer. The argued even when dorothy broke down in tears. Paul didn't stop. He minimized her feelings. Posing nude wasn't a big deal until finally in May of nineteen seventy eight. She gave in all brought Dorothy to to a photographer named Ken. Honey who already had a track record with playboy can needed dorothy his mother to sign a consent form because Dorothy was only eighteen a year younger than Canada's age of consent. Nellie Dorothy his mother was in Europe but somehow Paul procured a signature and left Dorothy the alone with Ken for the photographs. At first Dorothy was shy but after only a few snaps she relaxed and started to pose. Naturally truly when the session was over he had her fill out a questionnaire in the space where it asked for her to give her ambitions. Dorothy wrote to be a starve. Starve sorts already. Paul's grand talk had meet an impression. Her photos arrived at playboy on August. Eleventh Nineteen Seventy eight or photo editor Maryland. Grabowski took one look and knew that Dorothy had something thing interesting. Innocence Maryland called Ken and asked if he could arrange for Dorothy to fly down to Los Angeles the next day. Dorothy was thrilled but Paul was annoyed. He didn't like seeing Dorothy so excited by someone else's attention and and he didn't like that playboy was only sending one plane ticket after all. He was the reason she was given the opportunity. In the first first place on August thirteenth nineteen seventy eight. Dorothy boarded a plane to it was the first flight of her life. Paul Steed in Vancouver Fuming. Paul wanted Dorothy to be a star but solely holy on his terms when Dorothy took steps towards that ambition and away from him he reacted with resentment at the airport in Los Angeles. Dorothy was met by a waiting stretch limo. It took her to playboy's headquarters on Sunset Boulevard where she met the magazine's photo editor. You're Marilyn Grabowski when Maryland saw the tall stunning blonde step out of the Limo. She assumed Dorothy was a seasoned model. Then she spoke to her. She realized that Dorothy was and her words. A total babe in the woods not used to thinking that she was was really beautiful. Dorothy went right into a session with Mario Caselli playboy star photographer after drinking a couple of glasses asses of wine during the shoot. Dorothy began to relax she. Ethan began to enjoy herself but the true test to our confidence and what happened been afterward when she got to the playboy mansion when the Limo pulled up in front of the entrance dorothy realized she was trembling. She'd Never Seen Gina building the St Louis before she walked around to the back lawn where people had gathered to eat a late lunch. The jaded group took one look at this beautiful vulnerable teenager and was instantly. Charmed this included. Hugh hefner the founder of playboy. He said years later she was the epitome of the girl. Next door the sweetest person I ever met angelic. She lit up a room. All the corny phrases raises were true about Dorothy. It had only been one day and already the gates of playboy swung open wide for Dorothy but she had no idea what she was walking into a world of excess hedonism and abuse when we return northeast entrance into the hedonistic world of playboy complicates an already troubled relationship. Russian ship while true crime is undoubtedly a passion of mine so is playing best fiends. It's a great way to clear my head and relax. I've been playing since April and I've made good progress so far. I usually play when I'm in the kitchen waiting for my t to be ready or well well lounging with my dogs. The characters you collect are super cute. They launch attacks and uncover hidden goodies. You come across all kinds of tricky obstacles. But that's what makes it fun. Some of the levels are very challenging. But it's a casual game. If I get stuck on a level I usually readjust which characters I'm using and that often helps me. He clear it one of the things I like. Best about the game is that you don't need to be connected online to play so it's perfect if you write a train or subway to work engage your brain in with fun puzzles and collect tons of cute characters trust me with over one hundred million downloads. This five star rated mobile puzzle game is a must play download download best fiends free on the apple APP store or Google play. That's friends without the our best fiends. Now back to the story three in one thousand nine hundred seventy eight eighteen year old door. The Hoop Straaten flew to Los Angeles for her first playboy. Oh boy photo shoot. She sent her photos to the magazine at the insistence of her new boyfriend. twenty-six-year-old Paul Snyder. He thought that she had the right. Look for the magazine. His instincts were right when playboy salt. Dorothy test shots. They flew down to Los Angeles immediately but on that first trip dorothy entered a world that she barely understood. Playboy was founded by Hugh Hefner in nineteen fifty three. It was the first magazine of its kind pictures of naked. Women were nestled between articles on how to mix the perfect cocktail and short stories. As by Ian Fleming and Kurt Vonnegut. Playboy wasn't a Nudie magazine. It was elegant. Entertainment for men by the Mid Nineteen Seventy S America was having a love affair with sex and playboy was writing it all the way to the bank sometimes sometimes selling over five million copies a month. The brand expanded into a line of clubs casinos and resorts at the center of it. All List founder Hugh Hefner. He patted around his mansion and Silk Pajamas carrying Pepsi and a pipe an ever-present smile on his face. He considered himself a fighter for sexual freedom. A liberator who was also a naughty libertine. He lived entertained gened and ran the playboy empire from the Playboy Mansion a twenty nine room estate in the hills near Belair built in the nineteen twenties. It had an aviary theory a zoo and acres of manicured lawns to the Kasuali. It looked like a genteel English estate playmates and playmate wannabes were encouraged to spend time at the mansion to mingle with the mostly male guests and enjoy a free meal but there was an unspoken spoken rule that women had to make themselves sexually available to guess or even to hefner himself if they wanted to stay Lu win Fernald a married playmate who became dorothy trusted friend. And Confidante spoke of living at the mansion as a slippery slope women competed. He did with each other to win the favor of Hefner and his inner circle and it was quote a game. Where if you won you lost dorthy worthy was little prepared for this kind of world? She made sure to let people know that she was in a serious relationship to protect herself but even her boyfriend had had warned her that she might have to sleep with Hefner to seal the deal. Dorothy just focused on her work. She shot with Mario for three days. By the time I'm she flew back to Vancouver. Playboy wanted her to come back as soon as possible to shoot for another three weeks. Paul was irritated irritated. He barely been able to contain himself while she was gone. Now the thought of her leaving again and this time for almost a month made made him more resentful but Dorothy was undeterred. She quit her job in Vancouver and flew back to La in late. August of nineteen. Seventy eight Paul responded with panic. He called everyone all the time. Time Dorothy Maryland Grabowski Morioka silly. He wanted to know everything though. His behavior was unpredictable and end obsessive. Dorothy didn't seem to mind as Marilyn Grabowski told twenty twenty. Dorothy was always on the phone to Paul. She thought whatever success she was having and it was embryonic at that. Point was all due to Paul. It's possible Dorothy aligned yourself with Paul Pau for another reason during these three weeks. In August of nineteen seventy eight. She again stayed at the mansion this time. She was even more more aware of the CD atmosphere. There is no evidence that she was ever sexually assaulted but Dorothy wrote in her journal of this time sometimes the Times I cried myself to sleep. A lot of men were entering my life all of a sudden and a lot of them wanted me. No one was ever pushy or or forceful but talk can be very powerful especially to a mixed up little girl too naive eighteen year old. Dorothy a controlling controlling boyfriend like Paul offered some safety the fact that he needed to keep tabs on her wasn't a red flag. It was probably welcome and giving giving him credit for all of her. Success may have been a way of appeasing his jealousy. Dorothy returned to Vancouver in September of Nineteen seventy eight. Her entire life had changed in less than a month. She'd gone from working as a secretary at the telephone company to being one of Playboy's rising stars Paul's predictions for Dorothy were coming true and at a rapid rate he had to secure his position now before her starshine through his iron grip. He wasn't going to get edged out of his do. He told Dorothy that it it was time to get married. Eighteen year old. Dorothy wasn't ready for that. She was excited by the traction in her career but she wasn't ready. Break up with Paul either. She didn't want to be alone. A two thousand thirteen study by researchers Stephanie. SPIELMAN found that the fear fear of being single may cause people to stay in less than ideal relationships. She found that in the early stages of a relationship. Those who fear being single may settle for less responsive and less attractive mates out of a fear of being alone. Studies have found that those who have lower than average self esteem team also have low comparison levels or expectations of relationships and will tolerate bad relationships for longer than others. Dorothy I self esteem less likely affected at an early age by her father's abandonment. Studies have shown that children who are banned by apparent struggle more with self esteem and and feelings of self worth then children. Who aren't in the end? Dorothy told Paul that they could consider consider themselves engaged. Things were moving fast. She didn't have time to resist not to mention that in mid-september in eighteen seventy handy eight. She learned that she would not be the twenty fifth anniversary playmate rather she would be Miss August nineteen seventy-nine playboy was ready to spend the next several months photographing their future star. She would need to move to. La as her newly minted fiance. Paul was going to join her. It was around this time that Dorothy made another big career decision she shortened her name from Dorothy Hoop Stratton to Dorothy Stratton. It sounded more like the name of a star. Dorothy and Paul were both ready to launch themselves yourselves into a life of fame and fortune when they landed in. La and October of nineteen seventy eight. Dorothy brought an anxious Paul to the annual playboy Halloween party. He couldn't wait to be introduced to the playboy sphere. He had reason to be excited. Everyone who had met Dorothy was eager to see the man who's won her heart but when Paul walked into the party he didn't get the reaction he expected expected and his White Dora for Jacket Open Silk Shirt and Gold Star of David Necklace. Paul look like a pimp. The people didn't know whether it was a costumer not this was dorothy fiance. The person most put off was hugh hefner eight thought. The sleazeball went against his whole elegant. Gentlemen brand he made small talk with Paul and then wandered away as fast as he could Paul for his part since that he didn't fit in his brother. Jeff later told biography that the mansion made Paul feel inadequate on one hand. He was thrilled to be allowed inside the gates but he never truly felt like he belonged a nine hundred ninety nine study by researchers at the University of Michigan again found that a lo- sense of belonging is a key predictor of depression male. Depression intern was bound to be associated with a higher propensity towards domestic violence and a study by the University of Bristol. Pulse feelings of being shut out from the world. Dorothy had entered and conquered heard exacerbated his natural insecurity to cope with his feelings of inadequacy. He did whatever he could to foster his own success. Paul promoted wet t shirt contests wet underwear contests and even John Travolta look alike contests then he came up with an idea for a show. Put on by troupe of male strippers. Pau brought the idea to his friend. So men Steve Banerjee Energy who owned Chippendales at that point just a struggling nightclub in west. La Bonner G and his partners like the idea of a male troop Paul even designed the cost him a spin off of what the playboy bunnies war but for men Abo- tie collar and cuffs over a bear bear muscled torso. They put on a few shows which were a big hit but the club owners eventually found a way to cut paul out of the deal. Will he made no money on Chippendales. Even when it became successful franchise soon it became clear. That Paul's main source of income income was going to be his fiancee. He printed up business cards. That said he was a manager but Dorothy was his only client he. He kept tabs on her the way a manager would he watched her alcohol. Intake forbade her to smoke or drink. Coffee and send her to Richard Simmons. Aerobics classes a sticky her weight down when she went to acting classes. He did to just to keep an eye on her but to some his obsession with her raise some red flags their roommate. Molly Bachelor notice that Paul openly bullied. Dorothy he read her male flirted with other women when she wasn't around treated her like she worked for him. The dorothy never complained never never seemed to argue. As Paul's career prospects floundered in early nineteen seventy-nine daugherty's only seemed to rise. Paul didn't want want to leave anything to chance. He knew he had dorothy loyalty now but he could feel her starting to outgrow him to make things more permanent. He told Dorothy that they had a lifetime bargain. Whatever profits? She made They shared them fifty fifty. He was sure she was going to be a star and he wanted his part of the pie today. This kind of behavior is considered financial abuse but in the nineteen seventies financial abuse between romantic partners was unheard of single women's financial rights such as they were shaky e it wasn't until nineteen seventy four that credit card companies were forced to allow single women to open a credit card. Even domestic abuse wasn't wasn't considered a crime as late as nineteen seventy-nine courts considered what went on in the home between a man and wife private and not a matter for the Criminal Terminal Justice System. Dorothy felt intense pressure on one hand. She had Paul's intense expectations to meet on the other. She had playboys whether it was Paul Snyder or Hugh Hefner. Both men had are on a leash in the winter. And Spring of Nineteen seventy-nine Dorothy uncovered a natural talent for acting in her classes soon. Her teacher compared her to Marilyn Marilyn Monroe. This didn't go unnoticed by Paul. Aspirin veered into summer and the launch of August issue approached. Paul sized his moment. Why not get married now? Before she went on tour she'd already agreed to his lifetime bargain. Why not make it legal? We'll dorothy was thrown once again. Things were happening so fast. She didn't want to marry Paul but she still believes leave. She owed him all of her success. The folks at playboy saw it differently Maryland. Grabowsky told Dorothy that she didn't. Oh Paul Call A. thing whatever she became would be because of her. Not Pau. Heffner told her that. Paul had a pimp like quality. He even ran in a background check on him though. It came blink but Dorothy was unable to listen to reason just as she had in the very beginning. She made excuses. He uses. She'd say the Paul Cares about me. I can't imagine being with anyone else when most people or didn't know. Was that Paul threaten to leave her if she didn't marry him. Being alone was unthinkable for Dorothy her father had walk down on her at the age of three she wouldn't be able to survive another man walking out on her too so on June. First I nineteen seventy nine. Dorothy and Paul Got Married at the Silver Bell Chapel in Las Vegas. Paul was now legally entitled to half of door. These earnings when we return. We'll talk about. Dorothy is romance with a famous director. And how it brought Paul to his breaking point now back to the story by the fall of Nineteen seventy-nine nineteen year old. Dorothy Stratton was on the rise. Not even a year after her first nude photo session and she become a playboy playmate her August issue had flown off the stands. Her press tour of the states and of Canada had been a smash success now. Dorothy turned her ambitions to acting just as they had with her modeling career. Doors Open swiftly for her she he stood. Apart from the hordes of beautiful blonde women hoping for stardom casting agent saw something different in Dorothy vulnerability. Her first role was a walk on in a movie called America. Thon in the summer of Nineteen seventy-nine a short while leader she signed signed with film agent and got another role in ski town. USA then she took on the lead in a low budget. Canadian film called Autumn born. Paul Snyder wasn't the only man in Dorothy. His life excited by her movie career. Hugh Hefner had Hollywood dreams of his own. He never been able to make one of his playmates a legitimate actress if he could he'd wield real power in the entertainment ecosystem. Dorothy was as good a contender for this as he'd ever seen Hafner made two key decisions concerning Dorothy in the fall of Nineteen seventy-nine. He gave Dorothy of running part in a TV special he produced with. ABC called the Playboy Roller Disco and Pajama Party. When air too high readings in November playboy made an announcement Dorothy would be their playmate of the year for nineteen eighty Paul all was giddy vanity plates that Red Star Eighty and put them on the Mercedes he bought with Dorothy money? He found a house on clicks in road in West West. La Worry hung photos of Dorothy all over the walls but inside Dorothy was starting starting to slip into despair. She felt suffocated in her marriage and exhausted by her commitments to playboy towards the end of nineteen seventy nine and. She started telling people that she wanted to leave. Paul but divorce would mean dealing Paul a financial blow that he wouldn't be able to handle. It was already hard enough on his echo that he was completely dependent on her if she took that away she didn't know what he might do. Lou Infernal and her husband Chip Clark became friends with a couple of during the fall of nineteen seventy nine win win. Notice that Paul was bossy controlling and had a wandering eye to boot but it was her husband chip. Who really saw Paul's true nature on the days? The two men spent hanging out he watch. Paul kicked doors start fights on the street and throw food on the floor at restaurants. If he didn't like the service Luan said later that it was obvious that Paul was a ticking time bomb. Dorothy told her that she wanted to leave. Paul around Christmas of nineteen eighteen. Seventy nine but that she was afraid of hurting him. and Oh Dorothy didn't actually say this Lou and sense that Dorothy might be afraid of the consequences. Just when Dorothy had started to reach her breaking point she met someone who would offer her away out. Director you're Peter Bogdanovich. The forty year old filmmaker had won acclaim with his movies. The last picture show and paper moon but his personal life was a mess on the set of the last picture show. The director left his wife and two children for cybill shepherd. The twenty twenty one year old ingenue public opinion turned on him by Nineteen Seventy-nine Bogdanovich and shepherd were over and he was struggling to make a comeback. Bogdanovich was a frequent visitor at the mansion and spotted Dorothy there. They struck up a conversation. He learned that she was married. But not happily. He was casting a movie and asked her to audition. It wasn't long before she was cast in the film called old they all laughed already. Smitten Bogdanovich rewrote the role and made it larger for Dorothy. She was the ideal the launch. A new beautiful innocent and talented Bogdonovich on of it fell in love with Dorothy knowing that she was married but dorothy assured him that it was in name only she planned to leave. Paul exactly the win. She didn't say but she let Bogdonovich know that his feelings were mutual. They didn't do much more than kiss that. Winter of nineteen seventy MD.. Nine but Bogdanovich. Dorothy were primed to have an affair yet. Her feelings for Bogdonovich meet her less tolerant of her unhappy marriage edge. Her relationship with Paul took an abrupt turn for the worse in January of nineteen eighty during her photo sessions for playmate of the year door. The often returned from phone calls with Paul Crying Maryland. Grabowsky said later that the same fragility. She'd noticed noticed the first day she met. Dorothy had grown exponentially. She told biography. I was very very worried about her that same month. Dorothy made another movie. Galaxia Paul alienated the cast and crew with his outbursts and demands. The makeup people became used to seeing dorothy arrive with a face swollen from crying. Paul Dorothy success as any parasite would head but it only drew attention to. What he knew was her greeter economic power to correct this? He did whatever he could to bully. Dorothy a two thousand eighteen study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Found that sexist heterosexual men may underestimate how much power they actually having relationships which can lead to more aggression against their female partners. I well we have no evidence that he was physically harming dorothy during this time. Paul's emotional abuse financial abuse and intimidation all qualified as domestic violence. What's heartbreaking is that well everyone was aware nobody intervened Dorothy co-star jd? Hinton befriended Dorothy while making Galaxy Gina and early nineteen eighty he noticed that when Paul wasn't around Dorothy earthy was social and happy dancing to music but in his presence she retreated inward withdrawn one night in in with a couple to dinner. He watched shocked as Paul began to hit on a couple of girls. He couldn't believe that a guy who may dorothy call him to check in several several times. A day was now flirting with other women in front of her Paul's attitude towards his wife revealed itself in another another way on one occasion hidden found himself alone with Paul and his apartment. He'd gone there door. These invitation to watch her on television but when he arrived she wasn't there yet. Paul picked up one of Dorothy playboy layouts and showed it to hidden. He asked him what he thought hidden had. No idea what to say. Staring at Dorothy naked body was strange enough but being asked to evaluated by my her husband was over the top finally Paul answered for him. I think her breasts look real good. Don't you Hinton recoiled. He saw Paul Snyder for what he was a snake. Who cared nothing about Dorothy? As a person only only as a meal ticket the only person who seemed to be able to pull dorothy out of her trap situation was Peter Bogdanovich. She landed in New York in March of nineteen eighty to shoot her role in they L. laughed. Dorothy was co starring with Ben Kozara Audrey Hepburn and John Ritter. Everyone in the playboy sphere was thrilled but Bogdanovich kept his romantic interest. Endorse the away from Hugh Hefner. He sends that hefner wouldn't be pleased and his is Dorothy earthy belonged to him and playboy. Paul Somehow agreed to stay behind in Los Angeles during the film shoot. He drove Dorothy easy to the airport in a Rolls Royce. He borrowed from their housemate and put her on the plane but home by himself he grew more and more anxious. Dorothy had hired a money manager before she left now. Her earnings went into a corporation. He still had access to her money but he had to ask. Dorothy fifty four it. It panicked him. He could feel her slipping out of his grasp. He started making exercise benches and selling them through the classifieds side's desperate for some income of his own it was during this time that he saw a bondage bench in a sex shop. It retailed for around three hundred dollars over nine hundred dollars today. Paul went home and recreated the object but he couldn't bring himself to sell it instead. It's stayed in his bedroom. He seemed unwilling to part with it. Mostly Paul began to obsess over Dorothy and how to wring more money from the uncertain situation. Eventually he hit on an idea find another pretty young girl and groom her to be the next Dorothy Stratton. He found a seventeen year old girl. Who lived in Riverside named Patty lawmen? She was no Dorothy but he hoped he could introduce her to the playboy crowd. Meanwhile Dorthy were-they and Bogdanovich continued their romance in New York when Dorothy returned to La for a press conference for playmate of the year. Lewin notice that dorothy seemed worn anxious and tired when Lewinsky asked her about it. She said I don't know what to do about Paul. I wake up in the morning and I'm so so unhappy and need a cigarette to calm down. It's all a have. Dorothy was too nervous to speak to Paul in person about a separation reparation but while on a promotional trip to Canada. She finally breached the idea to him in a letter she wrote. It's time to let the bird fly. Why if you love me? You'll set me free. Paul responded by Flying Canada and fighting with her with all her efforts to separate failing miserably. Dorothy went back to New York to Bogdonovich and to the movie by the end of June she had had a lawyer sent Paula letter. She wanted a separation. Paul responded by clearing out their joint bank account. He founded divorce lawyer. Mike Kelly Kelly who introduced Paul to a private investigator named Mark Goldstein. Paul told Mark he had a simple job. Follow Dorothy. Dorothy in Bogdonovich returned to Los Angeles on August first one thousand nine hundred eighty as plain touchdown at LAX Dorthy. Were-they took his hand and admitted that she was scared. bogdonovich still oblivious to pause instability assured her that all would be fine. She had his lawyer now until her divorce became final she would live with him and his Bella home protected by gates. She wouldn't have to see Paul Snyder again but she wanted to do the right thing by Paul. A part of her still believe she owed him. They met for lunch she confessed her. Love love for Peter Bogdanovich. He tried to tell her that he was just another Hollywood scoundrel who would use her up and discard her. But dorothy didn't listen. She took a few items of clothing from the apartment and left but not before promising to call him in just a few days then she went to the airport and picked up her twelve year. Old Sister Louise who decided to come from Vancouver for a visit. Paul was devastated when she finally called him a day late from a a photo shoot. He was furious. Louise's could hear him screaming through the phone. He sounded like a man on the verge of collapse. A man on WHO's only companion left was the cord feeling of desperation. Dorothy begged him to stop. She cried don't do. This is to me Paul. Don't talk to me like this. Dorothy agree to meet with him in person and a few days. She didn't want things to end like this. Yes she wanted to be fair to treat him with dignity on the morning of August fourteenth. Dorothy woke up at Bogdanovich pitches house. She told her younger sister to stay home. She since that Pau would probably make a scene and she didn't want her sister to see any of it. She asked Louise not to tell anyone else where she was going then. She met with her money manager and asked how much she had saved. The manager told her that she didn't need to see Paul anymore that she should let the lawyers handle it. She smiled and said that she wanted to remain his friend. Then she scribbled down on a piece of paper a figure it was half of all of her assets. What she planned to give Paul? She also withdrew eleven hundred dollars in cash down payment of sorts for him. It was only fair as she parked in front of the Clarkson House she felt a sense of dread his voice on the phone the other day had sounded crazy disturbed. Maybe the money manager was right. Maybe she didn't oh him a face to face meeting but she was an adult she. I thought she could handle her husband. She'd gotten herself into this and now she would get herself out. Lifetime bargain win or no. She stepped out of the car walked to the front door and rang the doorbell from a distance investigator. Mark Goldstein sat in his car. He watched the door open. He watched Paul Greet Dorothy. And then he watched Dorsey go inside when he was satisfied that all was well he drove away. He was the last person percents to see either them alive. Thanks again for tuning into crimes of passion. We'll be back Wednesday with part two of the Dorothy Stratton Story. We'll look at the crime. It's devastating impact on Dorothy his friends and family and the mystery that continues to this day of what really happened in Dorothy. In Paul's final moments you can find more episodes of crimes of passion and all other podcast originals for free on spotify. Not only to spotify if I already have all of your favorite music but now spotify is making it easier for you to enjoy. All of your favorite podcasts originals like crimes of passion for free free from your phone desktop or smart speaker to stream crimes of passion on spotify. Just open the APP and type crimes of passion in the search bar and don't forget to follow us on facebook and Instagram at podcast and twitter at podcast network. We'll see you next time. When True Love Meets True Crime Line crimes of passion was created by amax Cutler and is a podcast studios original executive producers include Maxson Ron Cutler sound design by Trent Williamson with production assistance by Ron Shapiro Zero Carly Madden Travis? Clark Joel Stein. This episode of Crimes Of Passion was written by Joanna Philbin with writing assistance by drew Cole. I'm leaning Hobbs.

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