Episode 416- Jamie Winehouse - Milo Yiannopoulos & Ari Shaffir


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That's okay, files Ps, one half of the locks, one third of the Jay, who was the other lock says that it was Jada kiss styles p and Luke. You're just making a benign, now, there's three there's three members of the locks. Billy Jack Johnson. Everybody's leaving the Skaggs. I'm your host. Big Joe Kherson the Skaggs are all here. Of course, right next to me, the Puerto Rican rattlesnake Louis j go, man. The creek were banned. We band. I know depending on what perspective as we're banned. We were told to leave infinite, Grayson generosity. I suggested that we moved, despite the fact that we didn't have to, to save you guys twenty to thirty thousand dollars on security. Yeah. I'm gonna pay we nice person. Big. Rate of throw some hands. Four oh, look throw himself in front of a lot of people out here who look like they didn't have much to look forward to tomorrow. So those are the people. Yeah. Those are the people, you won't protect in you. For the moment. He didn't save any money you saved the Louis late in prison shit. Shake the instructors that we, of course, David Smith is here. It's good to be here. And I really liked this new venue, that we move the podcast. All right. Yeah. It's, it's really it's super comfortable. I like it. And there's a whole observatory people can watch. They filled it up. Looks good. Joining us, of course you know, I'm in love and everybody I mean, an honorary scan at the end of the day, the proprietor, if you're fest, everyone joins us coming revenge. The revenge reckoning is upon us going hurt you. And of course, sitting with him the most controversial situation, I've ever been a part of, in twenty years of my career, and I am nothing short of impressed. Ring, and I ran a whole kiddie porn ring pump blood guilt. I'm kim. This was nothing. It was really good porn also worthless. They give me some time off for the artistic to something cinematography is flawless. Good point involving children, the idea what to do. Right. It wouldn't be born. No three year olds. Of course. Everyone voice Milo Yiannopoulos, everyone. Thank you for being here, despite the I thought that you sent it extremely reasonable requests of for a change of venue because of out crazy was getting well we didn't realize. Excuse me. Not diva request. No graciously suggesting was was kind of me that was a request request different your own wine glass. Just because I knew that I would have to drink out of styrofoam Filipino Cuba. I gave the restaurant over the road. Twenty can I take a wine glass, and I don't want to explain why just drink out of out of Stara foam for the next six hours. He's already stolen it. Never bought the salt shaker. What's nice nicely? Well educated person. No, no, no. I suggested a change of venue to save Hugh. Sure, probably a good idea. No, no. I'm not arguing. Book this with him. And we didn't know which regular guest. We're cool miles coming up. Flyer? Next Monday, I figured some people be upset some fucking shit. Yeah. But we didn't know just from booking. A gay guy. There'd be all these faggots online. I wanted to say, I can only say the response to the situation has been nothing short of gay. People have this huge misunderstanding that gay has something to do you have sex with, and it isn't just like to reeducate America because I know they're listening gay means crap or lame. If you want to suggest that somebody is having sex with the man, the correct phrase, but monkey or puncher. Puncher or you know aficionado if the chocolate stuff on guys. I just checked Webster's checks out. Check that I speak, only facts. No, no. No, no gay means lame or crap. Definitely a way it's used to mean solely that and it's it, but as soon as it said, you know, as funny in arguing with people are passed, you days, how much I've wanted to I've never being such a fag or something like that. Hold onto that word. I'm not calling I'm not making fun of you, because I think you have sex with many. I've never called the. The word faggot describing fag. It's a thousand times, you know. But it is funny. Great. Well funny. In both senses. I mean gay sex is funny. It's funny because you're doing it up the poop chute and you should be doing it in a nice inviting fragrant smelling vagina and you're not you're. What girls? Evidently, a better class of. You're only fuck me after a long jog. You don't want to have sex of the kind of who run. Yeah, right. No. Yeah. Better than me. Exactly. Getting into whole world of goop. Jay egg Maffia who don't want to have sex with women who have sex with the woman. By accident. Not because I thought it was a man, banana peel, male female twins. Fuck your on. What is this much wins, both y'all? Switch ruin. I have had a switcheroo. Would you sort of like show up to someone's apartment in the guys like forfeit to in Asian, and you're like that's? Four people on those. Fine. And then, and then Hof way through his light identical twin appears from below the bed and just okay, now I'm completely and totally. I've been completely taken advantage off. This is literally just rape those Phil. Okay. So go. Once you're ready getting, you're dick sucked. It's easier to go. All right. Fine. Isn't it isn't it? This is how so many people get themselves in trouble a boarding school. No. This women I've had sex with are now deceased. Oh, incidents. Killed them with his come. Immigrant Nazi come realize. People most of my life. And have sex with someone on death row. There's nothing nothing on God's earth. More tractive than the idea of having a just being taken by somebody has, like four days to live. It hasn't fucked in years. Cool. All right. Enough of the Nazi the whip. Overdose car accident and suicide dick. What? Involved in every single one. Really use it anyway. Window in the car accident. Body of mine that gets under any pressure during sex is my nose in the pillow, but. The problem with these women. Any other red blooded male? I was obviously attracted to damaged women because, you know, you y'all know how that is. Wonderful, so you were straight at this time it wasn't. No, no, no, no, no, no. But, but in that sort of in that in that, you know, there's a suit of perfunctory period in teenage years way, oh, you just sort of go through the motions because you're largely motivated by just having sex with whatever will have sex with you. I'm still going. Fucking. After that quickly, when you have cheekbones. The, the problem. The problem is that I went for these heavily damaged goals and, yeah, no one sort of probably shouldn't. But I don't really terribly mind because I mean she's dead, who has Jamie was ago who was a heroin addict, and had previously been, you know, band to ban to ban White House. Different. Someone else I can't remember her real name. What's your name? Shut up. Railing me. No. Just they just. Jamie Jamie wine. Hence the problem is I. I like to think of myself as somebody who coincidentally homosexual generally have much in common with, with other other gays. I find out the gays I'm bearable just awful to be around. You're gonna fit in around here. I just don't like them very much. You don't have a. Well, I've gained -ployees but don't friends. One of them's in here laughing. Like I don't mean it. Yeah. That one. Yeah, we're not friends. No. It just just I. What? What's wrong with the Veith fly? So awful, I gave up about forty eight to be here. They. First of all, they would never your friends in the first place. All you're better off without them. I like to think of myself as a sort of cleansing fire, you know, like anytime that I will encounter a person or put cost or masthead, or whatever all the people that say, oh, you. So has your life being an tell me, honestly, and give me the on est God answer has your has your life being enriched, or damaged by the people who've told you that never gonna speak to you again. And I have never heard anybody in good faith. Honestly, say life has not been immeasurably enriched. I agree all the people that are I've been blocked by people that are like dude, we have really relation. Are you are, you know, each other from the comedy walking me now? Like what the fuck is y'all over the cuts. You off. You just have this feeling like this, actually. When you want to break up with somebody, and you don't realize it, and you don't know it for like six months, and she's like he's working anymore. And in person you've course have to be like, oh, no inside. This feeling in there. You're Jamie here takes this heroin. You'll note, I've accomplished something great to great things release, if all of the press and drama and attention has happened around this show since it was announced that I was going to be on. You're welcome. Yeah. I agree. Are you really going through this weekend? Like we talked about this great show. Shrines. I mean. On the other end or something. Even trying to break through for years. Imagine that some wa- speech, gay knots would be. It would be the moment you finally crack came down from his castle in Yorkshire. Us. Marlow. Really? Best used to my boss accent, Jay's accent. Jay's British accents. Oh, that's great. Oh, tell jokes. Do I did. Stop. I've been doing it the entire show. And you know what the saddest thing is yours is the best. The closest no American should ever do. It's British ex it's you can't do it. I agree. I'm good. Do you do a good American? No, I mean I, I kind of do valley go. Maybe she'll come out later. I don't I just come on. She comes out when she comes out. Autism. Right. She may come out later. She may not promise you. She is her own woman, this why they want my own the show though, he's to charming guy. We're like, oh my keep going, please tell us about the Ethnos state. Joking of course from from sticking to you do not want it. And from researching best, God, the guy who guy who never has sex with white people. Why would I want to know state who wants an Aetna Aetna podcast? I mean maybe you go. Vacationing butthole break state. You mean no country, why would it? Why would it need a break? I just, you know. You go to a low. The Neo sporran were. GT light UT, penis me. Yeah. No, I'm definitely not open. No, no. I'm not. But I'm saying it hurts. Little bit. I'm not Gadol but I still wanted you to. Milo touch my shoulder before and I was like I like that. He he. Grab my arm. I was like. Gendron sexuality and the everyone likes to be touched by a ten. Just how it is. Fucking kill for. All the people who furious at us for having my low on they are ten times, more fury's kill themselves. They're looking for an offering the fact that it's already been established that Milo just going to be funny, along with us. And they're like, why aren't you grilling him about his Nazi views? Giving him. What is the thing that you said that makes you think that they that everyone, why is it that my people that I consider friends that will not speak to your sitting with me? First of all, I'm so glad we go. Dead goals. Well, you try to make it. No, no. Actually cares about lady. I hate that you've given her a better nickname. Okay. Let me I'm mystery for you. Nothing that you say specific do in any subject. There's no one utterance we're bred to believe that people kind of kill their careers because they he misspoke he made a joke. No. This only happens when somebody's already in the sights. Somebody's Joe, Joe Joe Rogan, for instance is one of the next big wants to fall. He's my buddy. I know he's your buddy and I don't happen to think it. I know it was one of the benefits of being. Hugely successful will reflect a huge successful popular and wealthy reflect is that you create deep lasting excellent. Interesting friendships with very, powerful people, which survive your alleged defenestration. So I happen to know who's coming up and I can see because I'm one of those people that has a consider see round corners quite effectively, in culture. One of the things makes for dangerous. He's one of the next on the chopping block, and they're going to come to come for him for enabling and giving it platform to the extreme right now Joe has legitimate. Joe? Right. Nor is it. He doesn't really well. He knows it can for for now. But I mean he has a lot of legitimately Alice friends, so not you, but. Legit? No, I'm just the person. I'm talking about successful people. I mean, people people whose name I'd heard before. And I'm just kidding Jewish guy from Rogan. Shafir. I totally thought he was someone else. Adam Schafer the original, host of man vs. I'm just kidding. Lovely, but he does have some legit A-List friends, and he's also represented by top rank talent agencies and the rest of it. This is all going to go away within the next six months. This is all happening within the next six months because he's going to be he's going to be presented as an issue, Persia pretentious, an example of somebody who is enabled will give them a platform to. All right. Whatever the fuck that is. So I happen to know who's in the crosshairs, because I know a lot of the people who orchestrate this stuff. And it also takes awhile. We heard about trees, but it's funded it's funded and orchestrated as soon as, as soon as the backup saying, I remember hearing about that Louis was going to get that Louis was gonna get written up like months before came out and. Jay. I don't want anyone comic coming big-name clean comic. That's coming. Don't do it. So you Cosby. Going down. You're stuck. So you haven't had this yet about him. You probably will in about two months, and then in about four months off that will happen now. The problem with, with with him is he's actually big enough and strong enough and famous enough and powerful enough to write it out. But he's chosen not to. And if you look at the. Well, look at look at the choice of guests in the last six months, I mean, the guy used to have, you know, me Gavin mcginnis an inch Hughes to have interesting people and now he's retreat just now. Well, now he just has you and. Go. Thank you. Exactly. He still has has been Shapiro and. And Jordan Peterson. These are the safest of the safe Jones Alex Jones, he just had on again. Cartoon character I love Alex, Alex personally and off Cameron on camera. Alex is the same personal the rest of it. But as far as the media's consented to cartoon character, which means that he's not as much, but do you know Mike? Do you know Michael malice? Yeah. Teachers had him on. I think he's a little bit more, not I'm sorry. We boring you face booze cruise. Yeah. You can have some wine. Let me feed you. This. Nazi juice in the hall. They're force force-feeding the alcohol. Republic over. Got him onto the train. What do you think let him to reduce just walked into the camp? No. Nasi gathering. It looks like spring break at fire island. With about. Body shots off our. Before before that little dribble. He was actually doing quite a good job. I was pouring more than it looked like this. Are you competent swallow? I'm a clean freak. So I want to get rid of anything miles flirting with Oreo right now before no, no. If I were going to have sexy, I'll rank have we? Okay. You should be all quite. Davis, one number one, obviously. No. You're wrong about that. Dating game. Puerto rican. Personality. Let me show a little pizzazz personnel. They're the only Hispanics are okay, because they're American point except the Cubans because they vote for us. Okay. So that, but. Or he does not co-sign the Puerto Rico. I get what you're saying, but spend some more time with him. We didn't we need to get we did Brian special treats today really quick. We also got Milo his. Is it is it Ricky whistle? Little Goja straight. Okay. Let me. Try somebody else that you might know Reggie Bush at your own intern. Oh, thank you. What are you serving milkshakes? Intern ruch. Intern Rukh, first of all, I had so much fucking body hair. Oh my God. You're beavers man. She's so much so much Asian beaver man might might is my surprise coming soon. Oh, that's not a bad milkshake. Here. I'll take a whack at you. Really? What can I try to villa? Yes. So are we supposed to each other work great? No anytime you need anything. You know, this is you want to smoke. You let me do that. He cannot smoke cigarettes here. Excuse me. Specify precisely. Why can't let me call my business partner? Lewis five seconds away from convincing, please. Claim fucking facial hair. Let me call. My low lick is visually. I don't care. Hey. Definitively not fine. If you call somebody then, of course, he's going to say, no true. If you ask for forgiveness later say, hey, we're smoking on. Do that. Do that do that to that to that. All smoking. Give me the phone. You ask Greek Milo Yannopoulos. Ralph sutton. Okay. Read is number. No, it doesn't say. Smoke it up. No answer somebody get my cigarettes, please than the Newport's obviously turns. Back here smoking I was really hoping. Please be professional. More options. Hi ralph. My name is Milo Yiannopoulos, and I'm guest on this week's was. I'm sorry. I'm guest on this week's leading of skanks. I'm smoking in the studio. Sorry about it but love you. Thanks. Callback. We both did. Their fire things. Hosting. They didn't put down. Always mad at you. He made him going to one hundred percents. Bobby's equipment and we can't add smoke around. All right. We can't guys what does that mean? We can't why don't we do this has stop up? Okay. I'm not vape everyone. Because I again in my life. Yeah. Cool of Sixers stop cigarette. Don't stop it. Bobby Bobby equipment that we can't smoke thing. You talking about. I'm made a nice joke, is used for fucking rock stuff. Lie. Just about to go down you guys smoke. Right hand, man. Raise a fucking. Well for Milo. Come on. Ralph. Yes. Antismoking. Well, yes, bought a vegetarian really more. Yes. I'm on his many books about the good. Good. Yeah, the racism, the anti semitism. The genocide blah, blah, blah, blah vegetarian is Hugo Boss. Outfits are overrated. They were fine, but they were not dramatic whatever dramatically better than other fascist regimes. All right. His real aesthetic accomplishment wasn't really his album. Spear who was the architect, who reimagined the rice thug, and who did the least list, you know, the cathedral of light. Three idiots. We're all nodding. Obvious. Spears cathedral. I'm actually on the next month. Show their Sunday night at. Yeah. Yes. Door deal. My walk with. Rubles. What if whatever gruesome origins led to this? I'll tell you, it, it'd be father and a mom, you hung out a Jewish mom hung out with pikers for some reason. No. That's makes perfect sense to me. Yeah. The whatever happened to you doesn't prevent you from going to a library. No all logging onto Amazon. Hey. Yourself about the fundamentals of history of western civilization. I, I saw a documentary was about the rock and roll parking lot. The decline of western civilization is about. Sounds like it fantastic. Playing this game where you gotta guess, like a building. Yes. Or no questions. He got down to. It's a publicly run building. Guess everything else except museum. Everything. Well. Favor. Remind me we are dumbest shit, which is Larry's, so we did a parody video of us because we're ever Hugh on. So they must be LA comics. But they found a clip of the legions gangs Miley, Annapolis episode yesterday. It's actually pretty funny. Of welcome to the leasing of skanks podcast. I'm Billy Ray. But do go with me is always big tanning to go and honcho the big man on. On the program day your controversial figures. So I gotta ask you something say the effort in front of your mom. Hold on my little before you answer that. Right. Does that mean you don't shit? In my head. Brought to get that picture out of my mind. Dude, hold up if I can give real first second homeless guy had tits. You answer that dude that literally the most messed up thing. What is wrong with your mind? We gotta move on. We're gonna go around the horn more shit. Choose. Okay. So ate too much candy last night, way too much candy in my mommy, spanked me in front of all my friends at the rainforest cafe. So I gotta ask, how awesome it is that your dad gets a fuck, your mom Milo? We gotta get to the big stuff. Google common electric, Akini picture printed out in Hyde Anita pillow, interrupt. I gotta plug my tour dates my head stuck in the sewer, great tonight and screaming, the F would into the sewer. That's my next show me, I'm gonna fall into the Hudson river and drink throw it up all over myself and splash around my own filth someone is paying me to do this. So that is technically a show at me while I'm not as much comedian as much as I am a guy who owns fingerless gloves. I gotta ask dick get grounded with no candy. Kind of. That's what they actually didn't hit me at all. Because they are unintelligent unfunny cowards. But they got you. Smash this. I'm not one to break rules order attention to myself, but since since around the cock you should know this about him. He lives owning little disobeying him, you, you use three described him as basically the fourth co host, and I can hear a dial tone. No look, I can hear. You described him as the fourth co host. And if he smoking than, yeah, if the only guest Joe Rogan two thousand twenty can get. Why are you back? Okay. All right. I mean to be rude to this charming, young man who's obviously doing way more than he should for the. Posssibility of a career in something. But. Stand up comedy. Flock, there's nothing. Yeah. You frankly, texting Ralph mell just let it. Do you know what you've reminded me texting you guys? Well. Phone thing. I didn't I didn't. Look. As this, you, I think we're invited to sort of Tempa me down with no worry. This mind. On twitter. How dare you allow him his hate speech unopposed? I know. I'm not talking. Excuse me. You're not required. Don't put that fucking shit covered finger. Oh. Dirty finger. Choker. He doesn't like it. No. To be honest with you. My husband is very he's a man finger Adamy. What? I know well enough to not even bother to try. So no, but, but maybe from some two thousand try wants and you went So he you're, you're the bottom of the relationship. I didn't listen to Jordan Peterson interview but I guess something that I picked up from the internet. Why we talk about. Coming on. Crazy. But I guess your husband has a check how we got into the venue trouble. You know, he's like oh, just thought it was a regular guest I at the call the guy. And I'm like, yeah. So you get the it's like inviting fucking Steve Bannon or something on the show. We couldn't do this. Yeah. I. Sure your people should warn me. Okay people how. More Lewis because. Because this is one of the rare occasions on which deigned to appear them something unpaid. I decided, I wouldn't bother to put it through my agent, and I would just have my, you know, idiot assistant deal with it really. Hey, everybody have great is this. We got Milo Yannopoulos coming on. I guess, one off, by the way, off to you scold him and tell him post the venue, anywhere, and then I suddenly notices thing going around to with the date the time and the place and I'm like, that's not happening. That looks. Saying give me the longitude latitude, so I can plan my missile. Mawr Soros-funded black bloc activists. Want to murder. Come on down for bike lock day. Legitimately get real death threats. I didn't realize we were Gavin on. We've had fucking owned Benjamin on, we've had Kumi on, but none of these people bring the type of fuckin- hysteria that you're bringing and BRAC. Yeah. We are you the number one rabble rouser right now? I'm Alex Jones who's up there. I'm very grateful for my department, you can find them at antifa NYC. They do. It's great. I don't even have to pay them, which is. I didn't have any money. No. I'm very grateful to my, my relations department who without whom I would be nothing. No, it's fine. I mean you know. Look, I don't hold it against you. And we had a wonderful resolution, but the way that the way that unraveled his, his, his thing, I'm not getting promise. No, I'm just we just having a discussion. Normally when I talk a guest on something so dry blue in this time. Own it fine. Pump filter. It was bad ass. Jimi hendrix. I thought he just got flight and really bad. Oh, you've set fire to it now. But I just normally what happens is that you can't allow this hate speech to go unopposed. We must have an alternative speaker so him for the amazing racist guy. Did more research? Racist. I looked you up the drill. Any gave me okay? Here's what happened because we and it was I was being sarcastic. I said, all right. You are not together. She Milo, we have super jewelry, EC. You can't. So much stuff than I ever had not even close. He's closely. I was I was being sarcastic. I was in my fans and the fans of the show understand. Yeah. From your perspective. They're saying. Okay. No excuse anyone could read anything any tone, and you thought that I was legitimately bring somebody on to counteract a lot of. In because I looked him up. I was like, okay lots of Joe Rogan appearances so compu- completely insane or awesome. Because he doesn't have anyone in anymore. Have you spoke to him if you are you friends with you? I've been on twice and I speak to him infrequently, but the thing about him. But the, the problem with him is he's always friends and this, this, this high-powered representation his guests choices go so much safer recently because he's been warned well, unfortunately, it's not going to save him and the tragedy of Joe Rogan is big enough, and powerful enough and popular enough. It could ride this out, and he could make make an enormous and significant powerful denting culture by saying, I gave a shit, which is. Which is. That's what he's doing. What are you going to mind, what he's doing what by? Hopelessly safe people know you had Louis on a month ago. He was in. You guys on. Safe, and how safe you were. Show. You're not talk like you talk here. Fucking cut it up. Putting in a cigarette. How come? Skates Rogan you fucking. Thank you. No gays. Baggage. Jokes. It takes strength and courage and fortitude and Bill an ability. It takes an ability to withstand pain to be gang. These guys were faggots. Rogan time's take some kind of giant gigantic African American appendage honesty, that takes courage and ability to withstand pain, y'all. On the other hand, very disappointed, and do it. Why is wrong with you kinda like pretty big? Tap it in also also, there was a couple of times, Joe, also I made a couple off color jokes. I did it myself. You wouldn't lesion of skanks, you Alesina fag. Jerry. Traits. Joe Rogan the first went on Rogan I made like two or three like off color jokes. And for whatever reason those were three two or three things that he took that he went like, I don't know. What do you mean by that? Joking. Joking. Don't because, you know, you're, you're well. Well, not funny, but. You have your moments. Jay he's trying to flex right now. Hard. And I'm like. Flex when he did it say, El Al everybody just health of Fags, who shit. So kind of good. Good luck on flex. And then do flex. And now I'll know. Oh, yeah. So do non-flight this arm, though. Admi left. My left is useless treated like a polio. I don't I don't know how to flex it. My brain does not tell my arm. The other on you'd think. Right. I know. Yeah. I mean, science would. But I can't for some reason, I'll be generous non flex all. No. Regul- fuck and ham hawk right there. Little onto the arm. Sweating for sure. It'd be attack with milkshakes. Maybe so horny angry. How do you feel they'll just be like chocolate me, my lump lose? It loses flex you? Gotta grab it. Thank you. Your biceps. Thank you. Your biceps. Stay by ship stink. The only pretty great. No shit. You think you're going to be to get away with that. No sent here don't flex. I don't flex verse. Okay. Come on. You lose the only thing about them. Relax feel the fat field. Really happy. Relationship it to me. And I still Peter. Much better than you. Oh, yeah. All right now, kissing contest. Pissing. Contest though. Is aggressive. He goes to too much tongue. I don't wanna touch anybody here in an intimate way question Milo. We asked to every guest when you masturbate. Sometimes you never masturbate. I'm catholic. Oh. I wake up next to an underwear model. Why would I masturbate in your life ever faster though? Sometimes I just don't wanna fuck. Here's your significant other. Sometimes you want just fantasize about. Mother walked teenager. Nothing. Of course. That's never happened. You can go back to your teen years. Lewis would like. Okay. Then you can also the question up to a not, including when you have masturbated in your life. I I've asked sorry, this insures was have you ever gotten so into the fantasy that you open mouth kissed the air. No, there's no way they will say, yes. J don't lead the fucking witness. That's the most peculiar fucked up thing. I've ever heard obviously know, for sure have yes, say. Israeli sixteen. Person the world. Even once or twice. If you if you mess debate face down, it's quite difficult to. Face down. The bed when you were little. Open. I mean you know, say after put two pillars and another pillow and just high was so on board with being disgusted by Louis make out with the air thing. But you're humping the bed thing is way worse fuck into the bed. So you put your dick up on your stomach, what? Yeah. Your own stomach. Your ticket your stomach. Your stomach is the top of the Posey. The bed is the bottom of the pussy, and they Sam what your huge Posey, exactly. Yes. Better, fewer uncircumcised. Hey, I didn't I couldn't do both ways. Way to go. Okay. Hey, you played your cards. No answer is no, that's demented and weird. I want those guys that do the impression allegiance. Thanks do their own podcast every week. Subscribe, listen it was fucking best. Guy owns fingerless gloves. Better tit too far. Come on. That's a pretty good question. There's a lot of discussion be have around the horn. Really quickly. We got a lot going on today. We're just starting the show. It's just that we just let him answer any question. Dead girls, locate, we gotta get to okay we're getting to those escape this. No. Tell us about one of those obviously murdered. Because you're trying to avoid the, the reason I have stayed gays. The I don't want to be responsible for the body count. The only three women, I have had sex with all ended up dead. Like a line, but it isn't number two car accident. We all believe you. Right. What happened with the other? Feels like. I have to go. Outside hard to sit there. What do you got mad at Ralph for, for letting women shoot their bodily liquids? I support the engine. Why do you smoke? These the American Indian. They work for the good from the reservation. From this reservation like a cigarette in Britain and it's made from the offcuts of everything else, you know, like in the factor, they just sweep the floor dogs. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. 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It's just a function of do give them the cock of the nuclear, I would imagine. The experiences were even more dreadful for them. They were for me out of the suicide, the car accident, and the overdose who was the most you're like good riddance. Would it be awesome? If the suicide walked in front of the car. Because the other overdose. The other one. I don't take the loss of life lightly. Okay. We'll in that case you're in luck they're all here tonight. This is your life. No, I don't take it. I don't take it lightly, but I it is true. And I haven't, I think that, that's a major factor in me becoming. Sexual didn't hurt though, probably didn't. 'cause you're very gay. We were you always like. No, I'm not very you're. Your. Yeah, you're at ten ten. Fuck would it help? If I said, hold on this. Better. He whine. Gear. And just like let's can we can we always. And if I if I stopped using straws. Without getting things on your lovely. Show. Flicking. He really is. Ultimate milton. What is what is this? Okay, so daily game you can choose any three questions. The concept of the game here. Date tour of glosses my sister, because you get my office. That was a bad. Small, and it was all New Zealand. Spectacles? Want me glasses? Do I did get me spectacle? Can be focused from the Jim. No jacket. I said, no fucking jacket. Do you wanna make your fucking Schiff? You wanna make your booking travel today? Take your jacket off. Okay, every time he's in. I want to hear that music have so much. Off. Luke looks even care or with the jacket Luke have the same size breath on my body. All right. Right for him girl. What are you normally? What is your role? I don't see race except in the glasses. There you go. What what, what do you do here? Very she was a friend. So how did how did you get roped into appearing naked for this? He paid us. Lewis calls me and just said, would you mind being in phone? It was turned down. Hey, looking person we've ever met in our lives. No, no, no, no. I've been at twinkie and you are twinkie than I ever was. Can we see your buck Luke? Let's see. Milo, does that do anything for, you know. Only because the but I know you were clinching but it was still good. Are you in the bud? Do you ever go with another? But. What would be the point? It's just like blues bouncing book. Fairly easy. Stick it up the ass complicated about the same zen. I've been trying to name a new gay sex move to guys scissor and their Dicks like go together up like that. And then one guy sits on both Dick's and I call it nine eleven then the word Cohen, the fall of the towers. We should make our own book of gay sex, moves the comma do DRA. Just like that at all. Realize whether show hasn't taken off you'll see tomorrow, we're gonna be huge. You're welcome. Repainting my grandmother's husband. See scum go home, and you're like Jewish grandmothers door. What's happened my great aunt, which is hitting the head of the bike lock, but on poor them of all holidays. Welcome in life. No, I think the spray paint Jews houses, thank you. Yes. I should go home. It is hilarious. I will say this, if not a legitimate Nazi. Walk in right now. The guy was swatting attach your fucking Jew. Friends. This should be in another right now. I probably punch him. I mean like we. How'd you get in here? I want the right again. I just know no one's reading sarcasm at all. But when they put that up there, it was like they posted Nazis. Go home. I. Oh, yeah. Agreed right like fine. Yeah. Of course, something we can we'll get. Dan, my nose down the deck. All out of. Right. Oh man Shylock's and such. Choose. Look for. On looking at outside, jogging. Hit Ari Ari St. down on him. It's killing me, killing me Rebecca anything going on. Nothing. Acri. Nobody protested. It was probably that you're coming. Probably it was probably the awesome of statement. They went out on the com-, which was telling when you should've just well. I said. Well, we didn't want to show. Maybe has their own agendas. I've said you got a great idea this guy fucking gets it. Why did you say anything you should just let them show us the whole, 'cause I don't want him to destroy Rebecca's? Nothing shows up. No. I mean they were gonna but it doesn't matter insurance, be the best. The best marketing. Down to cave. Trending on Twitter, New York on Friday and I sent her a screen shot of it was like. Trending. Number. Somebody's so published because I I'm number one in affirs Centric made evil. Doc is New York. Everybody gets the number one bestseller tag on Amazon. It's like. This moment I thought we were training. I thought that was trending nationally shooting in New York. Trending in New York. Well, great congratulations, choose day. Vania. It's New York. That's decent creek. We were also trading also trending in Duluth you. It's been a long day. Twitter. They work been Trendall. Yeah. What's with the tic-tac-toe sign? Right. Has. Zayn hot fashioned, tag Fash tag. It's called the Fash tack. Fash Dougie, wait a minute. Well. You're in the middle going this Nazi, this, the fish tank. So, basically, what they killed her family. They did pretty good. Happy about that. Jewish approach to things. I see. So. No, no, no, no, no, no. Every once in a while. Meaning every couple of weeks. Mischievous people on the internet Troy to convince the idiot, press that some new symbol is the new underground supremacists. Oh. Three pointers. Basketball three point because mostly the white guys outside shooters. But that doesn't really mean meeting wrong. Can you picture up again? It's a, it's a again, I would call that the flash tag because it looks like the flashes uniform. Anybody anybody in the room at all tech simply what is what is this gets? Okay. So in the for instance in, in the run-up to the last election, some friends, and I decided that it'd be funny to try to convince CNN. The okay, sign was a white supremacist symbol. We invented. Fucking. The reason they show up outside studios when I. We decided that we would try to we would try to convince people, this is a white Palestine is the w there's a PD. So hold on. That's not a white power. So we. That every black passes me by well, could you want to know you're a okay with? How did you get it going? Well, see start seating it on fortune h. You know, then sending it privately you send enormously to journalists and you just hope for the best and the best of west comes. So hopefully. We just invented. This is the White House and in studies of me doing this at the White House. Behind the podium in the briefing room in the White House press. I'm like. And then a bunch of my friends doing it, and we persuaded CNN out of nowhere of nothing that this was a so because this was so successful. Now, other people have taken this own. So this new Fash tag, the. Right. So they quick. I'm sorry. Sorry, ass on our table. Yes. Idea. I didn't know either. Is that a known thing that I did? Yeah. I mean, probably eighteen hundred people here. Listeners will be shot. Bits off to that other people have started doing the same thing. So the new Fash tag, the idea is that it's to ages together the hash tags. Of course Hitler. Someone's a step ahead of me. So anyway, the idea is this is this Hitler. So there's a bunch of them. What was the last one before this? Three eleven Nazis because three. Alphabet. Hey. The frog. But all this stuff guest, invented by me, or my friends, will or kind of Milia the university, which we exist, just as fuck with the press. Right. When you begin to understand how humiliated we have made them up to an including the election of Donald Trump, which was sort of Memed in willed into existence by about seven of us. It's like you know, it's like me Steve Bannon and Coulter, and maybe five other people may Donald Trump president, and it's like, shh. Okay. Let's have some fun. Stephen, wires you go. And he's like, why don't you do the whole free speech on campus thing? And I'm like, okay, whatever. So we just spent two million waiting the American right? This is the biggest issue. Everybody has the everyone every Republican the country's main campus and I'm like dude, like made up in a four seasons over cognac. So. The whole fucking Republican platform now, like okay, okay. Move on. So you wanted to get Donald Trump to become president as like a joke on the fucking like how. You believe his absolute politics, absolutely necessary for the country and a million different ways. But I mean, the was was not was an unhappy secondary. Come. Consideration that Spacey's people talk about him being Memed into office, and he wants because the primary way that. So if you listen to an Coulter, who's a friend of mine, I love her. She will say that people voted for Trump economically because they care about the border, you know. You know, maybe that's part of it for some voters. But for me, this was the first cultural action, it was, like I at action since Buchanan, that was cultural, people voted for Trump for two reasons, one, they absolutely hated the people who aided him the people who've been quoting Vaneau, boo. All normal. Well adjusted people think they're crazy. Right. So all I need to do in college campuses, China liked on them. Which I did. And the second thing when you're dealing with nineteen year old hysterical feminist who but it wasn't just nineteen year olds I go nineteen year old all the way up to Simon and Schuster to do it. I got everybody made the whole country, go insane. But the second the second part of it was was Trump embodies in a way that perhaps no president has for maybe since Reagan and before the heroic, masculine virtues. And by by that, I mean, courage strength indefatigable ity. This is going on. I'm rich fuck models. I don't care. I was wondering what I was wondering pipe up. I wanna see you almost taking credit for that seems like self grandiose yet above the reaction. You get to argue. It's, it's affective history. I don't need to complement myself and I can call myself. I'm agreeing with you sing. It sounds seeing the reaction you're getting so it's like to argue it when I say I don't. When I say, I I I'm happy complementing myself, but I don't need to sit step outside the facts in doing so. Right. 'cause I had billionaires behind me. I had a huge amount of money, and I was able to just run riot and do whatever he wanted, and it had an enormous affect who were the billion so Kanju Westwood he knows that what he can Google it. But, but. But I'm between billionaires. The second thing that people. Is there like j what is this, this nobody for like, you know, lost cultural icon seeking new? Dating. So. Adrift you walk Joe bar right now. And not be harassed. No. We were pulling out pulling up and her fucking regular color. This is my natural color. Oh, christ. Here we go. Milo, spray painting, t shirt. No, no, it's not Milo is the ice hotline. If you want to report illegal immigrants really. Three four seven navy. Didn't get you in trouble before you are now. Eight six six three four seven two four two three that's eight six six. All right. I'm really bad at reading upside down eight six six three four seven two four two three. Call. If you think somebody living in your neighborhood, maybe there illegally. You've reminded me actually if something I need to do. Yeah. Taken away. Alone. Papers are good. Luke show me your Luca Tokyo papers. Your sexy song. Oh, chick out fucking chicken of green card? How? You can you can move this. Dance someone has the wave moving. No. You know, there's a horror story that I will share with you. I think I think you said to one of my opinions of his face over here yesterday. I had no idea before this, what these people really go through. I'm like, well right wing normal center. Right. Reasonable respectable like high share the same opinions about sixty million Americans. On top of that gay on top of that massive not fact. Don't call me a fag because what you do on Joe Rogan. Puncture, you, y'all Fags. Fucking put back down. Completely. Right. Sat there. I. Studio. You have we pick your wear wolf. Let me hold the sword. Crossbows, Mr. drawer. Are you making jokes about what you did? Difference between us is I will suck any cook becomes across me. U-3 only one Kach, and that is Mr Jove. You gotta climb right? Damn shame. This. You. You. He's crying. Underwhelming. Always crying with laughter. Why didn't they bring it? For one reason, and one reason, bring the heat. Legion of. I mean, we were we were outside smoking joy for seven conversations like skilling there. Fucking fuck leisure. Skaggs, bro, really say that I'm sure. Embarrass us bash yourselves. You embarrassed America bad, but we're back big time. Whatever feel about announcing that was even happening. I was having such a good time. I lost my thread. What was that, Jamie? White house. No. Right. When people getting a lot of shit, and no. It's gone. It's finding them might. Oh, yes. No wait. Yes. It's back. So still gotta Rados. Eighty game from the other. No. So I'm I rent nice townhouse in Miami's like five thousand a month, but it's because it's Miami's tiny and the first year goes fine. But then something happens and the land lost being difficult after about a year into a two year tenancy, and I, of course, being sneaky in and whatever I saw looking her up and it turns out, she's a Venezuelan, lesbian immigrant, who has all these, like, Fook Trump and LGBT things in her Facebook profile because obviously, I looked her up because I was like what's going on? Three months before the end of the tendency. She falls, an vixen action, and I'm like, oh, held. So I decided to oversee fucked the bitch up. No, no reason just doesn't like you. And completely spurious. I'm like getting what bitch you wanna try to make life difficult? I'm gonna machine gun you unit death, which is exactly what I did taken out of context killed her also Lewis doesn't let me. Spurious for four fucking forty seconds. Let me. Time clarify I meant in a legal sense. I would experience means here. JD no experience met. Yeah. Oxbridge. That is the best. Came furred. You see let yourself. To make that joke. Anyway. So I have gone through this, like, seven months hell was hell hell for her and for me. She, she basically started screwing up in court because she's I don't know if any of you ever been to or lived in south Florida or the Miami. No, I know you've been to cool, but south Florida basically, is like now like Latin America. I mean, you know, given the unfortunate fury about this show. I don't want to say anything. Interpreters racially charged garbage. Say pit bulls music. Sounds like one song. Homer. We have episodes at a row, coding part one negative, don't worry, what we're going to say on this show. Those. Those those are good ones for anyone listening to you don't necessarily need to obscene negative part. True, by the way, you write about how some well endowed African American men have find it difficult to maintain really rigid. Erections time you're right about that. By the way, I think it was last week or something, not that I listen regularly, but because I don't have -solutely. Absolutely not. Talk to hold it. But I know this is the thing it's difficult. And so this is out of team. No, I get into a lot of trouble with fellow right wingers about my support for reparations. And they've said, what, why would you support that? It's obviously insane. I just want them all to have. Silence. No. And good schools, and good schools. You're getting dangerous, but mostly salis. Anyway, tell my girlfriend makes you feel good about my dick. She goes, yo big huge Dicks like they have a hard time. Staying hard on my can't right? That was a compliment. No. It was a super good complement. Right. You said it was you said it was was. She did. She mean to say that you're doing well based on all of the other big dixies head. Yeah. How many other big Dicks is you had hundred. Bucket drink. Oh comparing you to to in Christ on the cross. No one knows I've only had sex, one, other guy from Dr. She has his bed on that. So. Sausage? Dan, Accardo this point. No snapback. I'll tell you what really amazing. Eagles houses me. Nice. This is interesting because all I've always been described as tight and I'm like. How? Are you never the top? Previous entanglement like he just he wants let you know, just after the initial entry, and it was like, you know, sort of snug and he was like, if you've been faithful. No, baby. My best friend. He said his boyfriend at the time was like, he knew cheating all time, but he was like, could you please? Just don't give me aids. And he goes, I can't promise. I want. I want. Attention in weight loss. Your bug. Jason that's, that's a whole subculture in big cities. Sitcom bug. God, it's basically an invention of the media. But there are couple of people like it at once I'm sure it's Norton numbers once. It's an invention of the media. Okay. Dave. You are so much funnier than the show. For years, and you sit there, and you're so quiet. And then every every like, you know, every like fifteen minutes you'll commit somebody's actually genuinely amusing. We'll just get lost in the in the testosterone. Malaysian Q Milo for recognizing it. You've probably thought that you're, you're like US p was was being good looking, and it's like, well, but actually, your funny, he's not going to break up. Do it. Belong. Spilled a drink cigarette. I wanna I wanna be I wanna be your Yoko part. You are my John Lynch. With even the nude. Milo laying there and the rescue. Who's this? My landlord because this really good throw. Yeah. So anyway, about this, what you're saying. The power you had to make white power fake thing nationally against one fucking dumb Venezuela, chick in Miami. Got nothing to do with the okay hen sign. All right. You're going to have the ability to make that happen. And you're gonna put effort into. Oh, I see taking that, well, the to that is, yes, so, but, but listen to Mogo she fucking started it the bitch. She's like, oh, the some hateful white supremacist, blah, blah, blah, blah, Trump. So she falls, this spurious. Thank. Spirits. Every time I say, spurious you have to drink. Milkshake drain drag on your illicit cigarettes. Now sitting around shake does not really taste. Very good. So we go through this whole thing. And so eventually, the final the trial happened like last week, and I figure typically metaphorically I'd just like to point out machine gun the bitch to death. She came she was the reason I was asking about Miami's lazy entitled stupider and immigrant late. Try to do anything to rent a car tried to get something photocopied try to overnight. Fedex something in Miami, your count, right. You cannot get business down there things that would take twenty minutes and you'll take an hour and a half and what your theory, and whether it is Spanish people. Let the man. Let me let me explain. It's the race. It's the culture. You know, you import the book cultures you get third world behavior. You know what I'm saying? You can run fucking convenience store or the boombox. What do you think? They don't have it together enough run a stall, because they wouldn't fuck and reorder the things in time the shows would be empty. There. So they all take your that they take their ill-gotten gains in venoms from Venezuela. And they bring over the they invest in was probably anyway. This bitch. Tries and fails, the judge throws out instantly tries and fails me. And then it becomes a question of who owes who money because she's trying to say, like LA, so this is typical example of the way that lazy Latin American culture, will. What's out this is what the left has a problem with? Problem with this. You try living in Miami for one. One week. Walked will hate China. Up for fucking thirty minutes. Leave me alone. One is everything smell like this. China. And the first thing you see is donkey on the street being sliced up and fried on the street. Dollar while riding it's still brand. Like the moment that you were like this is what the left's going to be furious about, I was like, finally myla's getting going. All right. What do we got? One of these lazy spics doing team. Isla. It's not about racist about culture. Yeah. This Lisi colts. Switch to race. Why don't you white like Lewis? You come from this culture in Venezuela, where it's okay to be white. All right. Well, you're in Miami now, I don't care what someone skin is I just want them to show up when they say they're gonna show up. They say I want them to get into listen. Do you know how difficult is living somewhere where you all force, we oh, hell to get Uber Lux? Because I mean, not that I would get anything I was anyway. But if you because if you do get into ex you're thrown out the cab because you don't speak Spanish. Is a daily reality that you put the address into the they don't understand street signs true gangs on. I've actually brought several times and had problems. I go, I don't if somebody's here, an immigrants here, working I have no problem. Definitely definitely. Learn English and I have a problem, I think those now I know of these jobs, they can get. But I don't understand why someone who has a hard time with the language is on like drive through microphone. I've never. John. New Jersey and for all of New Jersey's Foltz live now right in New Jersey is whatever but New Jersey drive through McDonald's. It's like okay. Okay. And you and your orders. Correct us. Years. Yeah. I'd like Big Mac meal? That's number one. Baby in the back. One thing wrong. Didn't nail and fairness, whatever you order wooing Toby. No. Tell you what. Son of a bitch beans. I know it sounds bad. But if you drive from, if you drive from, for instance, if you drive from Palm Beach down to Miami, the experience that you get. No, no, no Venezuela this, so dramatically different. It's social America. First of all, I mean I lived on a tour bus when I I lived here. So I saw everything and everywhere and. Strangers. Sorry. Skaggs today. Sorry, mr. What did you say it wasn't a tour bus? It was a greyhound bus just like the fuck lot. Push your fear. The joke, and then it was over puckered heart there. He Rogan again. Cuck first of all, I've seen him have gay sex, put that on the record. All right. Joe? Poem tight on our. Both times, witnesses have gay sex, and weird was some sort of luminosity orgy. It was Dana white was there. People data's wait, he knows story checks out, because I did that secure my cancer. If you've previously listened to advert assessments on this show and. Allow me to introduce my British accent consideration. 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So I get. No, you see my cleaner was Honduran and she was here legally. Let's find him because in the infinite grace, majesty generous to the United States off to the great Honduran metro disaster, OSA generation ago now, United States basically said, if your whole Jew, and you want to come to the United States, common in this extrordinary thing, and it was a whole generation of Durance just given your pro that resident know given residency and. Follower, bouncing ball, residency and permits in perpetuity. And Trump was like. Anyway. So I so she hires a lawyer, who I speak to on the phone, and he's like he doesn't quite say she's impossible. We didn't wanna break privilege, but he goes all the way up to saying, I get documents out of her. I can't get a straight, what out of her. She's given three different names and six different addresses and every time he's she's also question. She says something different, and he's like can't take this into court with me. So I'm on the phone with her lawyer for like two hours. And I basically get him to fire her. So the next day he fought his paper and says irreconcilable differences, I represent anymore. She wants to lose lose horribly Boba. I get a tip off thereafter after this malicious illegal retaliatory eviction attempt, which could have really serious attempts really serious consequences, for instance on my credit. I've only been in this country to drive. I got an vixen order my credit, it could go with me for seven years, I I'm like, oh, hell no bitch. So. Convey here vaping as all hell relig-, you smoke your fucking Newport's mile because they're an actual real cigarette. We not the smoke twenty week or you high high high with us Milo Wiberg says the Cavero smoke uppers person cannot anyway. So I get this tip off. She's no in the country legally and I'm like, oh my God. Only in, in Venezuela being the status and if you have money and you Venezuela in the US that means you would take legal action. Right. So she's coming, she's embezzled, or robes basically Venezuelan poor people because she's been somehow connects to something of their money. And these people now like can't afford a wheelbarrow to carry the pile of cash that it takes to buy a cucumber. And she's, and she's remember that story from the WJR Republic right, where people would like tipping because because the inflation was so incredible. All right. Only two supervisor following the Jews. We were doing going. So, so people will these wheelbarrows of money because the hyperinflation deutschmark where people would like taking wheelbarrows full of dollar Bill. Bills deutschmarks to the to the supermarket, and they would come outside and find that the cash had been left there, but the wheelbarrow hoods been stolen because it was worth more Jews were doing pretty good on my right? Hell yet to kill. Why do you think we started the second? Claim his gymnasts another anything else. But. Anyway. She's obviously been some connected to some kind of whatever I get a tip off three days after her lawyer has dumped her as a client, and I'm like these things can be completely. Unconnected letting me know that she's in the country illegally. So not only is she like, in the country legally, but she's also trying to like destroy the lives of people. She just agreed with politically the ball. With over prophecy, the money from. Which is obviously from anyway, so the ice hotline and I. I thought I might ring them. Well, yeah, I'll be here what they had to say. Right now. Ritter. Shoe for two. Barbie. This is the time you're reporting her. No. I would love this report an illegal immigrant, you'll be quiet because. Go. I mean it. Dangle nine one one to tell you. That's kind of funny. I can't hear the options. W I. The I E N kids. New or. Monk. Numero. Vanish option to report them. He's family feuds. One. If you are calling to provide a tip or information to an existing report press two for gentlemen, summation of the. Is for reporting suspected crimes and violations of United States was man, we should have done this at the creek. Investigations is the investigative division of immigration and customs enforcement on. An agency within the department of homeland security to buttons with him getting. Yeah. M Y. Voice over was done. This voice in LA actress, really reacted sassy gay. Be recorded. Eight false report is time violators navy prosecuted. Options and the next available analyst take your old times vary. Hard when she thirty five. Minutes. Just one person who has engaged in a project marriage for the purpose of. Be quiet zero. Zero over. Two American serta's. Agents operator. Human. All right. I'm gonna go outside and do it. No, you're then be quiet, quiet. While you're on hold the whole time. Jason. If you're watching this, and you feel lightning reporting, your local illegal, please call. How do you feel about people seeking to four to three? How do you people seeking asylum for something terrible it to the wall? Runs the country because they're being beaten the and the laws of their own place. Escaping a beat down. Yeah. How about this mom? It's carpool and she's playing fucking classic. Some normal, your Baresi me. Government. But if they're afraid they're. Say. Escaping a beat down. If someone escapes, the fucking Congo of being like costly. Right to come here. I could see them fighting someone fighting for them to stay here. People ask for side him on the southern border as they are aids written transexual. In Tijuana, telling me. Those people they wanna free apartment in San Francisco. Like I get it. But no do you get a free apartment San Francisco for being illegal immigrant. Probably if you're aids ridden or all. Oh man. That's like their whole thing. It's so expensive there. Now. It's one of the most expensive. It's the most expensive. This is really pleasant whole busy for deportation. Reporting, someone who's going to be deported. They have way worse. Hope music this, you really should just like fuck in the. Catapult. This motherfucker one hundred thousand dollars for the two years that we were living in that house, and the bitch, try to have any victims. You didn't. Let my politics and she's bullshit. I'm with you. I'm with this particular story, a weird segment on a podcast though, Milo. It's a whole bunch. Let your assistant hold it. When it gets really come back, bringing in Russia in Russia is okay. Leaks today. What is that? Salia. She's a rapper and she the nudes she was fastening. She was fascinating. Fuck three were they hot checks. I bet they were hot. Yeah. The cream heroin chic, you know, sort of like somewhere between Scott Weiland actual Amy wine house, and, like what's that skinny beer, skin? No. This skin. Yeah. Like somewhere between some of them are K moss. And the other one was more like anyone else. So. Yeah, Milo, we've already come up with other on. Hello. Hello. I'm so sorry. Yeah, yes. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. I'm actually just cooling to make a report, if that's possible. I was so I had a landlord in Miami and Florida who attempted to illegally, evict me. And it was later brought to my attention by couple of people who know her that she is in the country illegally. And so we just we just actually had the court case rule in our favor. Of course. And, and, and the woman in question is, is a Venezuelan national who, who shouldn't be in the United States? So I was just wondering if, if I could make a report. So I have some friends that noise I was just wanting to make a report. Okay. So she's given about three different names to the court. So I'm going to give you this. I'm going to step up to do this. She's, she's given about three different names to the court. The concerto Smith Maria can cheat along famous people to Jennifer Lopez. Doc. It was ready with a legal thing. It was like, hey, stop kidding covered there. The, my mild bleeding heart is still on the Buderus. Right. L. I don't understand how we got to this part of the podcast. Why did decide to do this phone call? I'm not quite sure at all planning it. I Milo smart he gets what he's doing tomorrow. He having to say that I was looking one. About it. And so he went ahead to go outside and do this other thing we're going to go along because we have bad as metal the dating game. And we also have who's most justified in saying the N word one of our brand new segments on the show. We have got new editions editions. That's so great. And we also do a show every week. We don't have to get everything tonight. Jay. What would you even? Like that. What was negative at that at all said, we don't get everything will be fine. Why do you hate Hispanics? All right. I get what you're saying. You want them all this country. All right. Can we do a we're we're an hour and a half into this show? Okay. Go pretty well on great guy, the guy's awesome. He's a nice guy. Does he seem a little get definitely? That completely. Well, it's funny, you know. Quarters of the way through so far I I've no problems with him. But isn't that exactly what Nazi would want you to think how they get, you know, I was going to somebody comes back, but I think it's interesting and you know, this from my, my, my ex mother in law, religion who's an immigrant, ex mother in law, actually is taking me, a second to think about who's your here. Okay. She's still your mother-in-law get a got here. Yeah. That's. Hole. That's. Smiling. Smiley dying inside. My ex mother in law. Making Ari laugh. She's here legally a lot of legal immigrants. Enjoy this. Doing it for you. Now, this is real. This is completely real most legal immigrants. It's comfortable. Comfortable. Oh shit, Milo. Give some type of drug so we can fuck. Feet ari? Most legal immigrants, not fucking like. Ahmad guys, I'm trying. I know for a half hour I feel like this is going to be the ones. And go, okay, more mostly do not like tacos. I would say question, because they're not all from there focus comedic genius. Because when we went, okay, this is the one you're gonna go. I know there's no chance. The only funny thing to do to interrupt. Yeah. New head to. I'm not gonna walk into this trap door. Took charge. We're supposed to positions charge. We're supposed to hate my low. What was it that he did? That was so bad that we're supposed to hate him for think he raped a boy. The point. He's just keeps the conversation going jokes. And people can get. I mean, people are very quick to assign him things that other people did. Well, I asked I asked Beethoven hailing Hiller. What is your thing is that he said, what is the thing that he said that was so crazy? I wanna know legitimately tell me that I also posted a thing I was like, please come. Let me know why I'm wrong to book Milo come in the realize podcast and break it down for me. There's none, even nobody gives me an answer. They keep saying he's a Nazi to fucking Nazi, bro. Nazi? What are you talking about? Give me specifically. Oh my God. He's not on the phone. He's filling up with gas. People. He's mustard gas Lewis. You're here legally Lewis. That's funny. I literally put the same invite out on. I didn't even realize you had done that. But I was actually wants to come argue this or make your point. Why not somebody in the streets and they did not want argue it? Street J into the air. The comic yesterday James fucking did Jay. Well, I don't want to give attention if they want to name names on Twitter. I don't care. Don't name names health. No, I'm saying more like to give any traction to a fucking dope. But I mean no one knows who that anyway. I know but it was like, well, but the noise me about is these comics people, I fucking shook hands before a bunch, and welcome to our fucking thing. And do you know what I mean? Like that. Those people have to on some level soup like think they're in the complete more right here. I don't I'm telling you it gets to appoint and Dave mean David conversation about this before, if you look at it, here's almost what's going on a lot of good points. They're like people people over giving shit. It's I'm telling you. It's everything from weird looking cat lady women to smoking hot women and a bunch of fucking guys who are like, that's they think that's their way. I can't none of these guys, genuinely believe any of this. You mean that guys who think they're the, the guy with a big fed, ugly guy who definitely like one time, some girl was like you stood up for something Justice there. And he's now like to. That's what he does. He think. That's, that's his identity. Now here's one easy to talk. Now he had no. I asked the men Harrington at one point begging in the streets. Tell me a thing that makes sense about what you're saying an arguing that throwing shit of people isn't violence. It was. It's bananas. It was such a rational behavior understand what you're saying. Okay. A person who is advocating throwing milkshakes at us. They're planning on doing it. Also, we'll wait. Milo has head hit. Headbutted one of the cameras. That's how much of a Nazi is. Media. Hamra multiple times really before you. But nobody could give me any kind of straight. You get out of the country or what? Filed a report with the department of homeland security and death. My mation and given given all the information that I have about her. So now of the, you know, I'll just call some friends that I happen to know in the ice, and make sure that, that particular files expedited you think when you call now. Go. Hello goes. Oh, hey, Milo. Put the put up on the desk. Viggo list. No, Tony Rodriguez. We school. I'm looking at. Legal over here right now. The end of the conversation, just your name, and phone number. In case you want to get back to you, and I was like, okay so the first name is Milo Milo, and he's like, oh. Really? No, obviously, obviously being me. I have plenty of friends within the department of home askari. So makes no gay friends weird. I like I like friends who can actually get things done. DHS and no facts, no, gays and homeland security. Well, people who maybe get off on saying. Here's one thing that I thought was really interesting because we to we have to start baba for. Well done. What's that band thing? You do what we're doing right now. I to make one point. Interesting like we're, we're not like fucking, we're not tough guys. We're not like violent dude. We invited you here to be fucking Selley and sit down. And, you know, we know Paul I've known Paul for a couple years now at this point, you know, my moron you're, you're more on. Yeah. And he reached out, and we were like, let's fuck it, it'd be a funny show. We'll have some fun. We don't I don't care about people's politics. We just talk shit. Right. So Cacho but, you know, we did this thing and then people started posting a line. It's like, oh, why there's a milkshake shop a few blocks away from the creek, and I guess the new thing is that throwing milkshakes figures of the alright, and I don't know that means by the way it's a milkshake. It's like. And you put it in. Sorry. This is very tasty. So it's, it's from the, I've never had this perspective before because it's like if they came to the creaking cave, let's say we did with creek tonight, and they sort of chugging milkshakes at us. I'm telling you, forget me. I. Waste milkshake in front of Jay. Shit candy, as my father would say, they'd be picking up the broken fingers. Exactly. But this the point that's a great line, this, that's great crew. They're, they're literally creating this thing, where it we we'd be on video punching these kids in the face. We'd be on video punching. This is in the face where it's like, well now but this podcast into Gavin in the proper people, they throw stuff on you get your face. They like up nudge. New say. How about you get out of my fucking space, and you clock them. Suddenly, your some kind of like Neo Nazi assailant. It's crazy. I never. Never. On video being like, hey, if these guys get in your face fucking knock them out, and then what they play is not out, and they don't they out the fucking beginning, is it to the five. The de Blasios intent on putting in jail or black. You know. And it's like, oh this these the white supremacy two. Yeah. Two out of five of these problems, which, by the way is not racist organization. They are a pro western civilization organization, which is the most notable organizational mantra. I can imagine literally, the least offensive east remarkable thing I've ever heard in my life. You know, it's just like we're, we're pro western civilization. Oh. Western chauvinism. His in meaning that you're prejudiced in favor of freedom democracy property rights equality, the rule of law. I'm how shocking. With on that except but there. That's another show. But I agree with you fucking but the thing that's weird is that it's like when the evenly when Trump was like, oh, these whole countries and everyone's like, oh, he's such a fucking mom. It's like yeah. Imagine you were being deported to that country. Amaro. How would you what would you say? Go. You're going to go live in Haiti. Who's posting what's his name? The talk show host is, is visible like of his of his Weiner, Bill Maher. No. Who's that? Talk show rose, right? No. Conan o'brien. I think maybe. And they're all posting pictures of them these in these idiotic coves in hating. It's like, yeah, you're at the four seasons where if any Haitian people actually will can they get machine gun to death? Figuratively. Like I did to mareo blah, blah, blah, blah. But we got a first time wave. Wave your Gomez. They're probably five hundred thousand of them in Miami. It's okay, but no. And it's like yeah. Have actually been because the Dominican Republic walked across the board. And I've been like. It is a shithole people go to all those countries when they're like, oh, savannah, talking resort, you can go to anywhere. If you've got the money to resort at the, you know, at the Ritz Carlton and fortunately in my life, most of at most periods in my life, I have. So I have been to those kinds of places. City, you get a little bit off the boardwalk and. Atlantic City with actual gold in, you know, some spray, but once you get away from like the mall and the fucking thing you're being terrified for having your hair out. If you're a woman, or if you hold hands with your boyfriend, you get, you know, you end up buried under the sand. Celebrities perform Colton shit. Full sleep. Hilton Brunei's second cousin's son is having a birthday million dollars for Riyan on you. Like you fucking bitch. This more public they are. For six people. Look into this. Joe than two million dollars. Why would this be available? Tent country who whose? There is one place that slavery persists in the in the world in massive in just in this room here. Fucking shit. It is the Middle Eastern. It's doing it to their own people. Okay. It's a northern Africa to Africans have been selling other African since time immemorial, but the Middle East is the only place where there is money and sophistication there, they didn't place with our venture capital funds and skyscrapers, where people are still selling other people. Yeah. Northern african. Are you gonna call? North Africa is Muslim is the Middle East is a world. We're on the same page. Hitler? At least kill people that he thought weren't his people Stalin and the Arab Middle East enslave and kill their own Milo. We're trying to be on your side. Really? Milo go off. Realize more. He built really good. Great. I see where goes. But what you say they actually agree with? I should have prefaced it with no that meant it and evil and messed up hit the walls. It goes without fucking saying obvious. That's my point. I'm saying you're saying. You're saying take a size to say. He was bad sorry, but he went against people. He thought was like an enemy. He say versus identified in his sick twisted evil had identified as the other as the people who were wrecking society identified Jews in his imagination that people who wrecking society eight off the truth. Three because. Rogin fucking. It was the did nothing wrong on rose. No sick twisted discussing imagination at least was attacking people ahead into fight as the enemies of society you Stalin and the middle and Middle Eastern. You know, society today, by the way, in the in the latter case who are in slaving in murdering their own people just because they're, you know, convenient whatever you're more shocked. If someone kills her own families in the neighbors, I think you're more like your. Because that person is like. I mean none of it's good. Sure. No. That was an active. Is something especially demented and sick about people who go for their own versus people who go. However, wrongheaded. Leeann, however. Yeah. Against whoever they've identified as the bad guy, because, you know, they can be told the others like some sort of evil thing. You're one of us, you're my auntie whatever, and I'm gonna kill you anyway, because drapes. This is the kind of this is the law. This is this is this is this is I mean, without getting too serious because I need books, but. Without question is bought a bunch. So I got a new believe audio bookcase coffee table books. On amazon. No. This is this book read. Tumble. Walk like civilizations. Don't have Christianity Christianity. When it comes into Europe basically invents. For the entire western world, the idea of, of individuals as having a unique wolf. Right. Sanctity of life and the unique moral worth of the individuals invention of medieval Christianity, and places that don't have that still today. Don't respect the individual autonomy and wolf of the individual right places that have had Christianity do is when we have the debate about abortion, in the west wall in the middle INS is calling you back. DHS but okay. This is this is one way against the, the, the eyes of the self worth. So. Christianity. Does a bunch of things that completely transform society in the middle ages in the supposedly doc period, when Islam was like holding onto maths and science versus all complete bullshit? But that's for another show. In the middle ages. Been Christianity comes into two to Europe. Not only does it. Invent things like consensual marriage, where the woman has to say I do as well. Prior to which men could just say, I'm marrying her daughter in the Dacca say, okay, then the woman has no say in the matter. And by the way, that still the case in the countries that don't have Christianity. It also invents things chivalry, where women are elevated to their proper places in society that treated as objects of reverence and appreciation, and they all give concocting maybe. Yeah. Maybe this might be the wrong crowd for this. But, you know, women the, the idea of opening doors for women comes from medieval codes of chivalry. And this is this is from this idea from Christianity the women don't chattel the not like your oxen, all your house, or your land. They are human beings deserving respect and dignity and veneration in love. And this comes. Got it wrong. Dr. Wholesome slide your fucking talking to your telling me now. I gotta have a house for my chattel and my. The pigs anymore channels too much. This is the thing in the Middle East. In Raca, they do still live with the pig. Joking aside. We don't really want women to be treated that way. Dumbed. Women, we want women to be treated with respect and dignity because that's how good reflection on Austin. It's deserve to be the obvious. These these things. And that's a consequence really of what I'm talking about Christianity kind of invents, the idea of the of individual worth, and the and how everybody is equal under God. Right. We're over here, and the way that Christians phrase, this is were created in the image of gold. Right. But this ultimately becomes a legal principle that everyone around the table, probably a hope I hope get behind, which is equality before the law. Right. So whether you are a monarch, or a billionaire or homeless person the penalty for motor should be the same, right? And this is a legal principle, that most people can, you know, get behind. Now, the idea of being equal before the law comes from having equal moral worth, as a human being, I am worth the same as the king, and we would ship alongside another in the pews, and we share the Eucharist together, whatever, even if he goes back to the palace. And I go back to what have we are at least equal in the eyes of God, we are we are equally valuable as moral beings. Right. This isn't a mention of Christianity. But it still doesn't exist in the countries that didn't have Christianity and all the things follow from that all of the sort of concomitant Horace that you would imagine from societies that haven't made that basic innovation, we'll, this is why the Middle East is in a polling in disgustingness why they treat women like crap, why they mood reach other without thinking about it, because they don't regard, the human beings, as having intrinsic Wayne that we in the way that we'd Milo I completely agree with you. But I think this is the wrong podcast, man. I kind of feel that halfway through. And then I was like, I'm, I'm in a thought, so I'm gonna get through the end of it. We will tell you issue. We get back. Bands. He's alienated. Interested in that woman do do the do the band thing, how I gotta pull rank here a little bit. I wanna sees. They stopped me from looking at him outside with it would be on here. We listen to the c make it. She's an address. Is. Oh man. Yeah. Dick that quick lactic only one. I know that Tucker. Oh man really great. Great. Oh, click it. Good. Not. Counter rarely moving. Yeah. This isn't. It's. That's hard course. She gets that fat, d. Eyestone five that dick dude, I wouldn't even fucked to kill my Steen look away. Don't look at that big fat, d it's too much. Learning her turning her see wants. She's hurt. I think she loves them. She dating game Milo while we're watching this porn put us in order of who you would Faulk Jane, Dave now, I have to preface this by saying based desert island purely on handsomeness, everything based all Celtic who's going to win. Fuck it. Hedgehog clever. How long? No, please stop this. Two. Yeah. That's it. Struggle. I, I. Trying to deny that's you. Daughter did a report on people. She as your transition J. No, it's not. You cock. Sucker fuck doing a comedy podcast. My daughter has a fucking. It's the eightieth time. I've been bulled over that. Trust your struggle my daughter did a fucking like a hug, my did. I would wanna flying sixty nine me what that means come here. She did over port alien. And that's either. Right. That all trust your struggles like the headline of fucking thing. And now she's getting railed. Thank you. Hugging. It's gonna be on four th he wants to fuck. Fourth not wrong. Shot. This is your couple now there's going to be. That's become show. The come shot. Position changes. Good for her. My looks like the next door neighbors in American, dad. Terry, terry. Nets. Put the top it. That big of a deck. She's making her moans making so much noise. Any him? Yes. That's fat to you. Don't even see your face. Oh, yeah. Right. Right. That's fat. He jump ahead to the come. Shuffling. He is a big guy. I mean he's listening nothing. Oh my God. All. Smaller than that picture for some reason phone in the whole get close. You know what I mean? She's really spread Jay. He's got a huge dick shut. The fuck arguing respect is she wrapping yoyo young year off. All right. Let them right? All right. Very, very nice. Oh. That's. You want to report it a fucking ice right now on the phone country. No, it's not. It's just it's just six women just reminds me of death. What a correlation clockwork orange into the French say, you know, the orgasm is little it doesn't for me. It was the big messy highway death. Wait, you're saying these. Bitches orgasms. Of course, of course. No, but many years later, they spreading your Asselot them. Looks like Pete Davidson. Legal recall art. Deck. Deck sock. Okay questions, we didn't get rush through them. All right. Rank. Okay. So it's based on whether I would whether I would be. Desert island. I'm not interested in whether you'd be good partner for life. How? Exactly. If the morning off, I'd be like. Noble like we have to talk at breakfast. No. Jason. See what we're talking. Go go go. There's a great diner. Because you're mitigating factors conversation food. No. Okay. So at four the person who will be fine. You know, but. Would be you. Would. It all comes and that eleven he also did that through the is a heartbreak. Did you this gives you? I just feel like offering night with you. The I would be left, like wondering, still in my own body, you know, just like I wouldn't look up and see, like handprints on the headboard whereas. Yeah. That's crazy. Maybe Louis, probably be fucked the heart their various. That's my shield. So there's all this right here. So, you know, 'cause you haven't gone back pulled up picture. Picture. That is our pupils always wearing our Hitler moustache. All three of us. This is how I know it's. Number three. Number three. Sorry. The reason I say, no, no, no. Earlier. I say that a little bit too nice. Oh, yeah. He wants it rough. Now you're nice and I, I wanna be wrecked. I wanna be fucking ruin. You don't kidney punch him in the middle of I feel like I feel like it would be. All. Very. I never want to be all is that, okay? Ask you that I ask, if you can't even all over my face. Came right. Tonight. So everything today. Right. Would you like me to carry on with that? Or do you want me to change it up laughing 'cause you're not wrong? My girlfriend's fucking shitting. And that's like, basically the least attractive thing in the on a so awful. So maybe four three was as bad as you said. No, I said, look, it's because you're nice some women like that. I'll take some women didn't get the roles effect on this is us because they said, I was too handsome. I'll take that rejection too. File that away. My okay with rejection. Here's the number to have a statement on that number. I mean it's obvious. No way. Because he I mean Louis to see who was getting there. Let me tell you. The last one with fucking. This little tool to is you too. I said Lewis was going to be right. Yes. Asshole, which means. That number one. The I just I just want to be leading from every orifice. Gonna fuck you with a knife. That's fine. That's fine. Like I want you to be like, hold the back of my head and slice. Bits of me off while you. I chose grandmother kicked. I just want you to MS thirteen the fuck outta me. That's what I'm saying. Right. Just call your nanna. How would it even be a guess? Yeah, it was Louis Louis all along. Eight myla is racist the wrong way. If you wanna give me a call talk immigration policy. I'm there for your bro. I'm not really excited by policy, which is the reason you're number two. Exactly policy wants to get fucked hard by Lewis media. But I'm saying after that. Saying you'd like to be friends. Yes. Friends, but now, those people just work for you, bro. Done with Louis, you bring that wine, glass, you bring everywhere, over to my place down. I, I bought this from the restaurant over the road because I knew that you would make me drink out of styrofoam. Plastic glass, literally book last gave to true. Branding. Listen. I'm very low maintenance diva and I didn't want to expect to or to assume so I gave the bar over the road twenty bucks and I say this one gloss. Okay. So I had anyway, whatever three deportations later. I probably. Tolstoy ninety four minutes ago. I'm. The question. The question. I think we're gonna get better. Before you pick -scuse me, his cost is this. Excuse me. Jacket. Whose custody. Nuclear war. And you had the ability to save one racist people, which would you choose to save black because I want to have sex when. Because I mention because I love music when preparing for romantic evening blown passionate sex opponent. Please describe your personal hygiene habits. Fulling cantu. I'm actually really naturally spotless. I've never do in my life. And also never left a stain, so I'm fine. Guys, dick. I've never showed is what's the what's the? I think I just have a really squat full in the nation. Now, I just have really good like diet and exercise. So here's what I've had sex with girls, those been like they have to not eat all day. What? What role? Normally normally. Yes. Kito or fasting Kito. It smells even. Out than. If you know you're talk to you. All right. I don't eat. I don't have to most people do have to clean those. Shit to the side compartment. Okay. Six works Lewis. Chamber. He's right. It goes into an antechamber. True. Appeals. No, no. He's, he's right about that. You show up to family barbecue sisters dating Batman. What do you do steal him? If you have. What was the order? It was gonna be your eighty. The question. His dating game questions but I'm finding more interesting. Just honest, the myself. Attention weight loss all you more topper about him. Where do you like to travel to get away from other races? I wish America New Jersey. Right. I look America is an invention of white and black human beings. You know. An America, the all America, and the of course it and choose to be here, and it was, it's, it's a, it's a horrible wrote history. But the nature of America, the future, America's unimaginable without whites and blacks, the problem is, is been has been Hispanic into the market is not like Florida going at it. Choose me. Added nothing to. Presenting themselves as a as a perpetual drain shut up. Louis fuck out of our country. But before we do fuck Milo. He's in American Puerto Rican. He's fine. I don't care. Everybody here provide attack the cow and the majority of people here are not taking big come from one particular contents lost the bets saying that too. Jews Puerto Rican live with yourselves. Oh, I see. If we were to walk out in a park. Walkout if we went out, well, the whole lot knew what if better race Puerto Rico, do why obvious don't try to go out counter on this say the obvious. What race Puerto Rican? Joe go. Jewish oversleep. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you Jews. Okay. I'm a professional troll. I wind people up for living mealy being Jewish, annoys, everyone left and the best right to them. Yeah. Could be more wonderful to being Jewish way. You'll MIR existence annoys people funny kid makes a point. Plenty of people do not out on a walk in the park and a mean smelly. Unbathed savage. Throws Puerto Rican. Question doesn't say that throws a milkshake at me. What would you do lick it off? What's your worst quality? I don't have any. Who's your whitest hero west? What are your biggest pet peeves about other races? We've dealt with. Yeah. Okay. So now you can do the music. We're go we're, we're gonna save it because it's the shows regard. We couldn't over two hours, a great show fantastic. Listen, you're fucking great. You're not you're. You're, you're not. You're this was exactly the problem that everybody had they knew that he would come in and be charming, and we didn't have to talk about politics. We didn't talk about policy, which is stupid and laughing and bus balls. And, and sure get one woman deported. I'll tell you collateral damage for funny lateral damn funny. Is going to be the most downloaded episode in your history. Small price to pay Milo Yiannopoulos, Mary. By now. Anyway, anyway. Thank you know, I'm. My fans is returning to the eighteenth nineteenth century where you actually had to work, you had to put some put a bit of F to find the thing that, that are lovely eighties comedy. Just head to go man. I'm exactly I'm a sort of Kona says brand now and you have to telegram. He said an hour Currier pigeon telegram, Tony, and I allow me on on YouTube and dangerous, which is the best man in the world. Oh, isn't that awesome one hundred and twenty five thousand dollars? Not that much. Wanted, spend two thousand dollars on podcasts. Merch dot com. The name of my first book was dangerous. And I just wanted to own the would. And now I do so. No, it was. It was worth it for me actually at the time. And now so you can you can find on telegram and, and YouTube for the time being. But I'm comfortable with the idea of people having to put out a little bit. Thank you so much couple grow quake. If you love the show every episode we've ever done available on demand. Castle night were network dot com. Use the promo code L, O S get access to everything on demand. Five days early ad free uncensored and more. Go to Lucia almost presents Lucia Gomez dot com for the special. Websites FM here. Fear dot com. Uh-huh. Big stuff's coming at comic. Dave smith. You what I will make you eat. My kind you on, I promise you. Stuff's coming. If you disrespect my life away, my, my son, you said no shit at the fucking thing. No shit. I'm saying no piss no. No would be nice guys. Thanks for listening. We'll get you guys next week. An gangs piece. Been listening to the legion of skanks podcast with big J O Curson release up on. Of a shepherd of shit hits. Luis gomez. Jay Gomes, if you look at me on a break your puck, and John, I wanna punch you in your fucking nose male punt magic, and his fucking head and comedian Dame Smith fuck you. I got I feel like if I wanted to be gay fucking stick your fist of your ass, blew the legion of skanks podcast. Yoed ding-dong. We're done here. Time to go.

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