Alaska's Silent City


Welcome to kids myths and mysteries. I'm your host kit crumb today. The silent city of alaska the silent the city of alaska mirage aurora borealis or just another myth saw one hundred thirty years ago the residents of the outside world. We knew very little about alaska. They knew it had glaciers giant polar bears and not much else america's purchase alaska in eighteen sixty seven was derided in in some quarters has seven point two million dollars for an icebox. Some people even believed alaska to be a mysterious magical land land and were giant cities appeared hubbard light mirages over frozen glaciers that stores started but the prospector and 1897 expedition led by c._w. Thornton that sent out to investigate when i was being called the silent city said that it required no effort of the imagination to liken what we were all seen as a city so distinct that it was difficult to believe that it was not a city another witness had written in the new york times that houses streets in trees all well-defined could be easily seen here and there were also tall buildings on july twenty first eighteen eighty eight near muir glacier glacier bay. A photograph of the city was taken photograph was even mentioned in some of the numerous accounts of alaskan travelers as well as books such as the best selling the wonders of lasca by right alexander batum in eighteen ninety one. The story was repeated newspapers across the entire country. Of course there were skeptics. Although mirages ashes were a common atmospherics nominal few mirages were distinct enough to be captured on film producing a slightly blurry photo university diversity of alaska fairbanks physics professor martin truffer said he'd seen mirages on glaciers before but nothing quite as dramatic. I asa discernible shape seth campbell. The director of academics research for the juneau icefield research program said the conditions are much more ideal. I deal in now artika from garages. According to some sources the negative of this silent city was sold to the san francisco chronicle for five five hundred dollars but at the same time you could buy pictures of the silent city in juneau for seventy five cents then he thought that the mirage was a french or german city although it was finally decided that it was in some mysterious way a reflection of an old russian city it was eventually dismissed smist as a negative that had been doctored and it was all dismissed as a hoax but in nineteen forty three u._s. Aerial reconnaissance photo of the area revealed a large city over glacier bay the silence city of alaska was produced here night owl sounds studio and brought to you buy books savvy studio owl creek solo writer's retreat and that would be at al creek cabin dot com and the metaphysical library prairie and if you're a writer novelist a beginning rider somebody with an idea for a story. You won't want to miss my podcast building. A writer's life live every tuesday and thursday well. This is kick chrome. Thanks for listening.

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