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Sporadic where we think just ten ten minutes to get smarter on the collusion of tech business and politics presented by bridge bank be bold venture wisely. I'm dan back today. Show facebook hot air and new china china tariffs. Take a bite out of apple but i delete your accounts so that is the social media mantra of axios editor and chief nick johnson and he's only kinda kinda sorta kidding the basic idea is that platforms like twitter and facebook have become places where journalists write things that they'd never put or be allowed to put imprint not just silly the pet pictures but sometimes unvetted news items or snark that can negatively color future reporting why it matters today is that there was a recent new york times story about how an ad hoc group group of trump's supporters had screen shotted social media postings from hundreds of journalists plus their family members and lower level media company employees and plan to disseminate them when needed to discredit future reporting. Actually this is mike allen followed up today saying that the time story ended up ironically creating a much more formalized process in in other words people saw the times story and thought hey we should turn this into an organization and a group of g._o._p. Operatives is seeking to raise two million dollars for an organization that that will investigate mainstream media reporters and editors. This is a major escalation of trump's fake news attacks and could play a central role in not only the two thousand twenty election but in how media interacts with its audience in the future by the way my twitter handle remains at damper mak sorry nick in fifteen seconds. We'll go deeper with mike allen but first this the equity fund resources group at bridge bank is a central hub for the venture capital and private equity communities offering banking services for funds partners in their portfolio companies bridge ridgebacks financial solutions are designed for the entire innovation ecosystem and include creative credit solutions robust treasury and cash management capabilities and a suite of international banking products bridge bank is division of western alliance bank bridge bank be bold venture wisely joined now by actually co founder founder and executive editor mike allen so mike this plan you report about. This morning sounds a lot like traditional g._o._p. Red meat attack the mainstream media messengers is is this different than that or is it just a much more formalized effort well dan it's four wise and also it goes one step further that republicans have typically attacked hacked media outlets. Now the plan is to look at specific journalists within the why it matters of this is that this is a great expansion chen of the trump war in the media over the weekend access wrote about how the trump twenty twenty team republicans in general all plan to target target these social media platforms facebook's your twitter's to argue that they are biased and try to undermine people rebe is it to undermine that or from your perspective or to put their fingers on the scale and try to basically convince facebook and twitter to start introducing political bias where the data so far shows. There isn't identify well. I think that <hes> they for sure are trying to work the refs old a bit as you suggest but perhaps even more than that they pretty successfully convinced a lot of trump supporters not to believe what they read in organs that they've respected all their life on the network news or the most respected well resourced newspapers resin website what they're saying now is don't necessarily believe what you're seeing in your fee that maybe that is influenced so it's a little bit of insurance insurance against whatever bad news may be coming in the months ahead. One of the things you talk about today. Is that this plan and granted. It's kind of amoebic at this point but this plan is that they would kind of slip damaging info maybe the kind of trump positive media organizations like a breitbart but if possible more mainstream media organizations so i'm curious. Do you think whether it be the times or the poster us we bite if the information is substantive or will mainstream media circle the wagons on the stuff so far. It's been the latter arbit- for something. That's a legitimate story sure meteorite or is going to pursue and they should but if you look at what they call primary targets in this effort to raise at least a two million dollars for this effort under capitalized primary capital targets they see c._n._n. M._s._n._b._c. broadcast networks new york times washington post busby the huffington post and so the idea is to as they say track reporters and editors these organizations. That's the piece that's new whereas going. After particular news organizations media matters for america on the other side has been doing that for years with fox news and others and so this is <hes> little bit effort to mir that model and take it to the next extreme from your perspective you know leading this talking about how nick john ritter and chief has this mantra delete your accounts in terms what reporters should do and editor should do in terms of facebook twitter etc. Are we going to ever get to that point or is it just because of the potential danger really protect journalists from themselves elves or is it just too tempting to use those platforms for journalists where people who like to tell stories where people who like to tell people what we're thinking. We can't avoid it. Don't post stupid stuff like echeverri basic rule that applies at the axios pies at the new york times and that is don't post something on twitter that you would nine us in your pro rata newsletter that you would not say and the pro rata podcast in new york times is a case would not appear in the paper like that's very clarifying refined bar and it makes sense when you think about audience i is how actually has always decides these matter and there's no reason that if you take a journalist list for particular news organization that the audience should have to distinguish among the platforms where they're seeing people in of course these are all increasingly. You've fluid increasingly recently all talk to each other. There's no reason that they should have to sort out. Oh this person's on twitter so it's okay for them to sort of like reveal a little biased because i know when they go on the website or in the newspaper that they'll be down the middle that makes no sense from the point of view of your audience my final question for you as we go into twenty twenty trump said the word fake news. I mean how many thousands of times a tweeted at how many thousands of times at this point do feel that for a large percentage of the population population there really can no longer be a blockbuster news story that actually kind of gets everybody on board positive or negative have we as a society has a portion been so so conditioned to not believe what they see anywhere that they won't believe what they see anywhere and it's not just believe is that there's so much right like the expression that we use is is everything burns off including the fluff in the trivia that should never been in your mind anyway and things that really matter and that's one thing that axios axios really invest in journalism mike yours dan primack that helps people understand where the puck is going up some understand the trends that are going to shape the next five to ten years and that's very rare out there and a big part of it is because of the volume and that's why even things that matter people can miss. That's why you need axios. Mike allen executive editor of axios. Thank you very much for joining us. Good pitch my vital to right after this the equity fund resource group at bridge bank is a central hub hub for the venture capital and private equity communities leveraging nearly two decades of expertise delivering solutions to emerging technology and growth companies bridge bank now offer services for funds s._p._i._c.'s general partners including creative credit solutions robust treasury management capabilities and a suite of international banking services bridge bank a division of western alliance bank be bold venture wisely now it's time for my final two and first of his facebook which today announced it will purchase is an enormous amounts of wind power from a still being built project in texas called aviator winds east once aviator wind east becomes operational in two thousand and twenty. It'll become one of the country's largest wind power projects and for facebook let the company support hundred percent of its operations with renewable energy and also cut its greenhouse gas emissions by seventy five percent the bottom line here facebook already was the world's largest corporate buyer of renewable power and this will only widen its lead and finally a whole bunch of new tariffs serves on chinese imports went into effect on labor day which is a big reason why the stock markets were down sharply at this morning's open now a lot of the tariffs that would specifically hit consumer tech goods remain main delayed until around the christmas holiday but this new batch will take a particular toll on apple products not the iphone specifically. That's in the later group but things is like apple watches. I max air pods and some beats headphones. The big question now is if apple will assume the added costs or pass them onto consumers but we won't know the answer on that nazi until the current in-country inventory gets sold and we're done big. Thanks for listening to my producers. Tim show wimbley have a great national bowling league day and we'll be back tomorrow dr with another pro rata podcast.

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