Fri. 3/27 - Harry and Meghan are in LA FOREVER?


Good afternoon everybody. And welcome to the CELEB- news ride home for Friday March. Twenty seventh twenty twenty. I'm your host Kate wrapped. I can't believe March is already almost over. It's my fourteenth day of quarantine so I guess you know it's a big day for me. You know big day. Big Fourteen probably doing this for a lot longer. But Hey I've logged fourteen days in. That's that's great good for me. It's a windy la. It's a little chilly. But God this guys are so insanely clear like you can see the San Bernardino mountains like super super clearly. It's gorgeous. I mean I guess this is what L. A. Looks like when no one has really been driving for a few weeks? Damn it's truly stunning if you need a silver lining in all of this at least. La Looks Good La never been hotter la hotter than ever. La's Don some work done. La Got a facelift baby. Okay let's get into the topics shall we okay? Today's topic's Britney Spears. Says she's faster than you. Sane bullets. Okay Harry and Meghan Hop Donna. Jet Do lax with a dream and card again. Actually they flew private so it was probably at the Santa Monica Airport not lax. But Harry and Megan are here. They've moved to La what time to be moving Let's see actor. Mark Blum has died of complications from corona virus. Evangeline Lilly finally apologized for stupid anti-quarantine comments in finally. We've gotTA talk about. How Courtney Kardashian got better son Mason district for going on instagram lives? So she's deleted his instagram account. But that didn't stop Mason from going. Live he just went. Live on Tick Tock. So we'RE GONNA WE'RE GONNA play clips from all of his live post and we're going to play a clip of Courtney talking about the whole thing. Okay well let's just to get into it shall we? Here's what you missed today in the world of Celebrity News. Okay this is definitely my favorite story of the day. It's our second Britney Spears story of the week. Britney Spears Comrade Britney I should say is just on fire this week. She's firing on also endures. She's never been better. I Love Britney I love Comrade Brittany Anyway Comrade Brittany posted something on instagram. That caused quite a stir. Yesterday she wrote quote ran. Might I five getting over. Your fear of pushing it in. The beginning is key. Once I did that I hit five. Usually I run six or seven. My first try was nine and now did it. Whoop one hundred meter dash running EMOJI. Flower Emoji it's Emoji. Winky Emoji end quote and then she posted screen shot basically implied that she ran the one hundred meter dash in what is essentially half the time of the current world record holder. Us Sane Bolt Brittany saying. She ran it in five seconds. You Sane Bolts record is nine point five eight seconds. I mean listen. The odds are pretty high. That Britney just got her math wrong. She probably wrote the wrong type of run. Maybe she did a ten meter dash instead of a one hundred meter dash. Who knows but you know what I'm GonNa Take Britney's word for it I'm GonNa Take Comrade Brittany's word for it. She says she's the world's fastest runner and I believer. You know what I believe. Britney good for you. You're the fastest runner in the world. And I'm proud of you for that. Okay women can have it all okay. We can be pop. Stars can become Rad's but can be the fastest runners in the world. We can be Britney Spears. Okay WE STAND. We have to stand. We have no choice but to stand comrade Britney. The world's fastest runner. Oh that was sudden but I guess Harry and Meghan officially live in. La Now reports have come out today. That Harry and Meghan have officially moved to La. Apparently a royal insider spoke with the Sun and said quote. Harry and Meghan have left Canada. Now four good. The borders were closing and flights were stopping. They had to get out but this move was planned for some time. They realized Canada would not work out for various reasons and they want to be based in the Los Angeles area. They have a big support network. There it's where their new team of Hollywood agents? Npr's and business managers are based make in has lots of friends there and of course her mum Doria end quote. Wow okay this is this is sudden but I guess I get it like listen. Does Canada have way better health care than us. Yes absolutely would that not be where you WANNA be during a global pandemic a? I guess they don't really get why they'd come here but sure but listen. They're Prince Harry and Meghan Mother effing Markle. Okay it's not like they're normal people. They're not in the same world as all of us like if they get sick and hospital near them is crowded like they're they're royalty they can have a doctor come to them. You know what I'm saying. You know what I'm saying. So that's why I think they moved to La. Because I think that they'd be closer to Megan's mom and obviously they're doing all this Hollywood stuff now and even though Hollywood is fully shut down. I still could see them. Maybe you know wheel in deal and and you know getting some stuff sold or were pitched or whatever during this lockdown the also seem to be starting a new charity venture. They have hired this woman. Her name is Catherine Saint Laurent and she was the I guess the director at pivotal ventures which was Melinda Gates Says Foundation for women and families. Anyway Herron and M- Harry and Meghan have poached her. She's now working for them. Page six got a copy of Saint Laurent's email about quitting her job at Melinda Gates is company to work for Harry and Meghan. She wrote quote beginning next week. I will be acting as chief of staff and Executive Director of the new nonprofit enterprise for Megan M. and Terry they're embarking on a new chapter themselves and I'm thrilled to be able to play a supporting role in realizing their vision and enabling them to achieve impact on the issues that matter most to them and quote. Okay so we we have that to look forward to have got some charities stuff or something anyway. Megan probably also moved to La. Because she's got a big movie premiere coming up. I mean listen. All the actual movie premieres are cancelled. So it's going to be an actual physical premier. But she does have a movie coming out. Okay she did the narration for that movie. Called Elephant exclamation point. Disney nature announced the premiere of that movie yesterday via twitter writing quote Jay's knee nature's elephant and original movie narrated by Megan the Duchess of Sussex starts streaming April third only on Disney plus and quote. So I guess you know. Megan moved here so that she could get Disney plus. Maybe they don't have Disney plus in Canada. Who knows okay? One final bit of Harry and Meghan News here. Megan is allegedly considering writing and other cookbook. A source spoke with us. Weekly about this and said quote the former suits actress. Thirty eight is interested in writing another cookbook. Following Twenty eighteens together our community cookbook a source reveals exclusively in the new issue of US Weekly. In addition to this the insider revealed that Megan's looking into relaunching her former lifestyle blog the pig and potentially developing a kitchen where line aside from her solo career aspirations. Megan and her husband Prince. Harry are still invested in continuing with their philanthropic interests. Megan has heaps of projects in the works. The source says and quote. Wow Okay so this is how they're gonNA fund their new LA lifestyle. She's going to be pumping out cookbooks. Having like I don't know some kind of target kitchenware line or something maybe maybe crate and barrel maybe Williams Sonoma who knows what echelon of kitchenware line Megan markle will sell. But she's allegedly thinking of doing it if the TIG comes back. That's huge guys. The TIG was like Meghan markle's goop knock off from like way back before when she was just like kind of like a you know kind of like a sea level actress on a cable show. She had a lifestyle blog. It's been scrubbed from the Internet. It doesn't exist. They got the royals got rid of it when she became royal but hey now that she's not anymore she's getting back to what she does. Best which is lifestyle okay. This woman loves lifestyle and we love her for it and I'm thrilled thrilled. Welcome to my city. Megan markle hope to run into. I mean I'm you know I don't know what part of La they live in. But I just feel in my gut. They're living in Malibu. 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This is so sad Actor Mark Blom has passed away of complications from Kovic Nineteen He was an actor from desperately seeking Susan. He was also the evil guy from the show. You on Netflix six. You know the older gentleman who mentored pen Badgley and like was kind of like a like a villain character on the show. He was also in crocodile. Dundee in was in general just a well known Broadway actor well known in the theater community. New York Mark was sixty-nine years old. This is just. This is so sad. I think this might be the first like actor celebrity death that we've seen so far. His desperately seeking Susan Co Star Madonna posted a tribute to him on her instagram. She wrote quote. I want to acknowledge the passing of a remarkable human fellow actor and friend Marc Baum who succumbed to corona virus. This is really tragic and my heart goes out to him his family and his loved ones. I remember him as a funny warm loving and professional when remade desperately seeking Susan in Nineteen eighty-five another reminder that this virus is in no joke nothing to be casual about or pretend won't affect us in some way we need to stay. Grateful BE HOPEFUL. Help each other and follow quarantine rules and quote okay. So evangeline lilly is finally apologizing for her comments over a week ago where. She said that she wasn't taking the social distancing thing seriously and she was like no one's GonNa stop me from dropping my kids off at karate practice or whatever anyway she obviously was like dragged online for basically going against what the CDC was telling everybody which was stay home. Don't go outside flat and the curve etcetera etcetera it was especially like cringe because her lost Co Star. Daniel Day Kim like was diagnosed with corona virus. So like the whole thing is just it was just was not a great look for every Angeline. Lilley was not great. It was not a great anyway. She has obviously been proven wrong about her theory that we should ignore isolating ourselves and she wrote an apology on instagram. She posted a picture of her kids playing a board game and wrote quote. Hello everyone I'm writing you from my home. Where I have been social distancing since March eighteenth when social distancing was instituted in the small community where I'm currently living end quote. She basically said that she posted her original post her local government wherever she lives said that the restrictions only applied to two hundred and fifty people or more anyway. She said obviously things have changed since then and she has some egg on her face. She wrote quote. I want to offer my sincere and heartfelt apology. For the insensitivity I showed in my previous post to the very real suffering and fear that has gripped the world through covert nineteen grandparents. Parents Children Sisters and brothers are dying. The world is rallying to find a way to stop this very real threat and my ensuing. Silence has sent a dismissive arrogant and cryptic message my direct end special apologies to those most affected by this pandemic. I never meant to hurt you. When I wrote that post. Ten days ago I thought I was infusing com into the hysteria. I can see now that I was projecting my own fears into an already fearful and traumatic situation and quote. Okay evangeline and we're glad you said sorry. I just checked to see if she liked deleted the old post where she was like slamming people for isolating. She didn't delete the post but she did change the way more innocuous. She just wrote she changed. The revised competition is as follows. And I quote just dropped. My kids off at gymnastics camp. They all washed their hands before going in. They are playing and laughing. Hashtag business as usual Ya. That's a lot different from her original caption. That was like way more messed up. Alright angeline apologized there you go. Do we forgive her? I don't care whatever. Sure I forgive her. Why not only doled a grudge against Angelina Lilly? I love the online saga of Mason disick. So much it's so funny to me. I feel like the Kardashian. Pr Machine tries so hard to keep their PR. Messaging consistent like Kris. Jenner is always on the phone all day and all night making sure like they don't have any PR crises and they keep a lid on it or whatever they want to show on. The show corrects the narrative that they want to put out there. But one thing Kris Jenner didn't predict was that Courtney Cam Kylie Khloe. All of their kids are to grow up and go on social media and say kind of whatever they want to say because maybe they don't understand the concept of PR in the first place which brings us to Mason disag- he's ten years old. He's obviously discovered instagram. And so he. He did an instagram live. Where he told people that Kylie and Travis Scott aren't together they haven't gotten back together here. Is that clip from his initial instagram. Live but just keep in mind. This is just chapter one of a three part story here. Okay so here is Mason disick trimming in about Kylie's relationship on instagram live. Because obviously somebody asked him about it now clearly knocked another. Okay so funny. Anyway Courtney Kardashian deleted Mason his instagram account. He's not allowed to have an instagram account anymore. Because you broke the family rule which is don't Blab to the public about us unless we can make money off of it. I'm joking of course. Okay so she. She did her own. Instagram live Courtney. Did with her friend Sarah Howard who she does push with anyway. Here's them talking about deleting Mason's instagram accounts and what ask us and so he doesn't has a an edit computer for his school so anyways I did delete it because Scott and I just felt like he is he's ten. I think there's an age limit with instagram. I think it's thirteen percent so persistent Gerald. I'm saying but like General. I just I think on instagram. The thing that really worries me with kids just comments people can be so mean and I need it. Private eight unneeded starts it back to public without me knowing. And he I I just mason is so funny. I fully love Mason District Now. Like what a funny kid you just. He's like oh I wanNA make it on private love it. It's gone. It's deleted anyway. So she talked about deleting Mason's instagram but that didn't stop little mace from going live. Okay because there's always a little thing called tick tock anywhere have the audio from Mason's talk live that he did He talks about his tick tock account getting deleted. Because he's too young but I guess he made another one because he needs to be online. He's unstoppable and there's nothing more relatable than someone who desperately needs to go online right. Here's the audio. What happened to your chick talk? It got deleted because too young because I went viral. I would've had two point seven mill by now. I kept it up. I absolutely loved that Mason. Dusek is like fully in to being a part of the family business which is just having a lot of followers being famous. He wants to point seven mill. Okay mom good I see new on keeping up in the Kardashians. Yeah I'm on that. All heavy scene stories gently nokes. Corona God. No he can't see stormy because corona but hey this is my. This is my favorite part of the whole video right here. House cocoa good. Are you going to grow? He can't even go to Coachella because corona this is so sweet mason. Disag- is a bona fide. All Sweetie and I love that. He's addicted to going live. I mean it's great. This is the Kardashian content. I crave right now especially because the currencies and is so dark. It's dark. It's getting dark on that show. This is this is late. This is fun this is great. This is a good time. Okay everybody that's it for today's show. Thank you so much for tuning into celebrities ride home. I've been kate raft. You can follow me at Kate. Raft on everything you can follow this show at Celeb- ride home on instagram and twitter. Hope you're staying safe. I love you all. Thank you for those lovely reviews on Apple podcasts. Keep HIM COMING. They make my day even the mean ones make my day. Just kidding they don't they ruined my day. Don't leave me mean comments. I like it. Thanks to write home. Media and my co producer engineer. Jack Allison Levers Review on Apple. Podcasts already said that Oh have a great weekend. Everybody a great great weekend. Stay inside if you can and I will be back on Monday with an all new brand new episode up celeb- News Elad home Okay I love you.

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