Ep. 14 | Cereal


Waltham to applesauce and horse feathers Krista am am sage and where magically delicious and everything with trace magically delicious didn't all. I would agree. Gosh from serial killers is to cereal. Right makes perfect sense. Yeah a little bit differently but one delicious one not so much. Sorry Hello Dahmer. So we're onto cereal like the eating cereal. C. E. R. E. L.. For those of you in the back. spelling helps the people in the back of your sitting upright. You can clearly spell office slayer I mean. Hello so cereal. Did you have fun with this. One like you do with cheese No Oh because I was like All over the place. I couldn't focus for more than three seconds because I'm like Oh this and then I would stop and then I'm like Oh this and so there is nothing and then. My computer crashed that so many times. Like my interwebs went down and finally I gave up and we talked yesterday. I said stay away from cal. I didn't even look up. The word Kurla does as soon as we talked about serial on episode thirteen during true crime. As soon as we did I was like I know exactly what I want to talk about. Okay now. Here's the deal though. I am so interested. So you'RE GONNA have to get to it fast. 'cause I really WANNA know wouldn't you look nothing the Oh great let's see National Cereal Day as March seventh. So we missed that I did but it's coming up again it is. That's the brilliant thing about years for all of you who missed now hard eleven-year-old yeah. Don't worry you'll get it again next to bring Syria the year. Oh I did. What did you But I don't have allies hero because I usually don't eat breakfast which I was telling you this morning because I started to do intermit- intermittent fasting a really Let's talk about that. Which is very interesting? I don't know it's I don't know if it's helping or not. But so the the reason I'm doing it is because There is a lot of dementia and Alzheimer's and my family and I've been reading about health benefits and have been quite not I'm paranoid is not the right word. I'm not paranoid about anything that I'm I want to really figure out what I can do to help as much as I can and do not get dementia or Alzheimer's and I don't know if I can't help but Intermittent fasting as played a role diet has played a role And of course they're still figuring out of tennis stuff so I'm trying to been finding out a lot more stuff. Yes soon. I've been doing Intermittent fasting and then the I read a book called the Longevity Diet which is really cool and They talk about physically the five. It's not just exercise. It's not just nutrition. And it's as he calls the eating five pillars of whatever and he did who is Serge Idaho. I have out a white beard. I don't remem- soon white hair. Something in Class I was I was watching a little video from Maria Shriver driver. She does she been lately. I don't know her husband was caught cheating on her not Maria Shriver. Oh who's Arnold's wife. Maria Schreiber okay. Oh he did. YEP member came out. He had a son who was like twenty or something like that. Looks just like him with I I WANNA say his hurts North Moist soon. It's not. It's not a syllabus time. It is a tumor not the son. Okay this God. So she's got some really interesting. She has people on and does all sorts of like Interviews people about all sorts. Just up in there. Yeah and Alzheimer's and wellness and everything and anyway so I found out about this. Oh that sounds fascinating and so then I ordered the book. Tuck and then I got it for mom and when she was here in the summer and I will let you borrow it but it's fascinating anyway so I that that is a big thing in the in the back he talks about the the way he does toughen For different and how it helps with different like cancers and all sorts of different stuff. Yeah and Alzheimer's anyway. He doesn't take any of the proceeds of his book. He puts it all back into research at all. I can't remember where is that. I don't think it's research research. I think it's too. I can't remember anyway to start in Iran passing which is the long way of saying that. I don't eat breakfast usually but then I was doing that. Yeah Yeah and not in. It's not a calorie deprivation right at all. But it's just It's fascinating I've been listening to some blogs and breakfast is the most important really fifty right. So then I'm trig so then trying to like navigate between that and what's the it's maddening you really get into anything. It can be maddening because there's research to for days you say in the intimate or in the book the longevity they also talk about inner minute intermittent fasting as well which is interesting. Yeah Anyway Yeah. They're not about starving yourself off. No it's not letting your body Process and get back to where it is and you don't need to? We eat all day long right now which we don't need to. Yeah well unless you have like I I know some people do like six small meals a day so my I get my blood sugar levels. Go down and When I started doing intermittent passing so I would get totally shaky and if I didn't eat like that little meals and after I started doing intermittent fasting that went away really? Yeah Yep because you maintain enemy there's a whole will put some stuff about and again. I'm sure you can find different people using different things but there's been a bunch of studies on it and yeah saw put some stuff up there crap. Yeah very interesting so there you go so I did bring some cereal it. It is GRANOLA love GRANOLA. And then I looked in it had. That was one of the things like when I was looking at. This didn't look too much into it. But this sugar content is asinine sugar content and so many cereals is crazy is cray cray right. This has sixteen grams of sugar. Wow and a half cup while I've made my own GRANOLA. I can put that recipe up. It's so good I have yes. Recipes are yeah. They started out with stick. Men ended worth. Aw Oh I love Granola so good but sure as a kid. If it wasn't sweet enough my brother and I would add sugar sugar. We and we weren't really allowed to get the sickly sweet stuff here actually. I tried to remember all this details. Serials we say cheerios. Yup were a big one. Honey nut cheerios. To Raisin Bran do scopes does but I actually at one is hugely hugely sugar. Yeah he did Oh Darn it What's IT'S A? I can see the box right now. It's a warm Ciro cream of wheat. Oh love me some we some raisin had so I gave him as like but that you never. I don't think I've ever actually eaten. It just sounds gross like motion. Like I didn't like oatmeal growing up either. But I like it now. Tom Me Too like homemade. Any we talked about that. Oh mark and Christine when we did our when we went to the lodge member number. They made overnight oatmeal was so gosh I think that was. Christine knows so duck. I don't remember it. Yeah remember something overnight opium. Yeah it was really good I was I was. It's rough rough couple of days. It was a rough time of the month just an in particular that month. For whatever reason season chest yeah so it. Didn't Brad tell you what to eat or what not to eat or what was that. That was me me what vegetables. I just like them and that I just went off on vegetables. Edged ables even know poor Brown on my God to this day. I mean this was what three or four years ago to this day. I still AH CHECK TO STOP AT. You gotta get over that well because he knows what but instead of press okay. I'm GonNa have to talk to him about that if may but also everybody eat your vegetables vegetables. Do I can eat him. Oh aw I was bitchy. That's basically I was such a bitch. Not Regan we all have our moments. Don't you worry do and it was a super bowl weekend. which was actually good? China had disappeared to or as I call it my room and stupid bowl weekend. I mean we miss the puppy bowl but I could go to my my room and read for a bit and Yeah Yeah Yeah so that was nice like sort of an excuse not to socialize. We played poker those actually beautiful. That was fun. Those those are fun. I think it would have been. We have great hike. Yeah in the and it was some all my bass and marked at that time. They're big they're big and Marbella. Adam Bo you marked it. That Oh Yeah God. That was a ladder kind of like a scavenger hunt. But you had to solve on a crazy susie. That was amazed ball to solve all these crazy stuff and yeah it was amazing anyway. Why Anyway Kerryon Kerryon Kerryon? Let's see golden grams. We had occasionally Oh withers the little bear shaped Syria. Now they're like little Squares they were like Graham crackers. Almost okay what are the bears Teddy Graham. TIAA chocolate wants to have those are like cookie crackers. I don't they they. What are they true? I noticed it was like she can say it makes me happy. Did they also have cereal. Cereal every look at Ireland's they had less than an hour. Let's see lucky charms. I remember having sometimes rice krispies. Oh Slim born Chris Corner classic cornflakes we would add a bit of sugar tomb. life obviously frosted flakes fruit loops occasionally occasionally only occasionally yeah and My favorite Korac Leno brand. That's when I was talking about Chris. Golden Grahams Rams this is a golden crispy has Barrett said Beer Syria. So that's not and you must have been right. Maybe they are cookies and I just wanted them Jimmy yet. Well I mean I mean yeah and then ten grams teddy. Graham Breakfast Cereal breakfast bears there. You go yum yum yup babies Choco Teddy so I found this website An hour and I didn't get the COMPLEX DOT com. It's a pop culture everything in this. This guy did the fifty greatest breakfast cereals long mine and so I looked and and winter and of course they all bring back memories and crackle and Oprah was actually pretty high on list really. I put down what he wrote and will will put that gentleman's name up on the blog but about crackling O'Brien. He says both the name and the recipe indicate but this cereal is a source of dietary fiber in a way that many other joints aren't for many consumers. This gives way to the notion that crackling oat the brand is only for grey hairs needing to stay regular no. These square nausea rows are filled cinnamon and nutmeg is like Christmas and a bolt with the extra surprise being the promise of a really satisfying shit gifts about stay regular but it is I love. That's I've I've never had that it's so again right now number. I will tell you so I I started having it in middle school and I don't I know who got it and how because I don't think they would have bought it. You know for us for the kids so I don't remember my first bowl and why but I loved it and then I noticed list at some point the tastes changed and it wasn't as good. It's still delicious. But it wasn't as good as it used to be. Well let me tell you Y yes. Please let me see so this crack note. Brennan's part of Kellogg's so that was part my say spill at girl. All right tailpipe changed him and I need to know about so it was introduced in nineteen seventy seven. By Kellogg's I did not settled. It is made of Oat Bran flavored with cinnamon and Nutmeg and is held together by brown sugar in the shape of a rectangle It's a source of dietary fibers. Its first you ingredients are whole loads and sugar Is that Terry Fiber. But it contains a significant amount of saturated fat. The palm oil used in the cereal is modified slightly to suggests more of a sugary flavor than normal palm oil the recipe for crackling Oat Bran underwent a major change in nineteen eighty nine when consumer health advocates pushed for Kellogg's logs to remove coconut oil which is ninety two percent saturated fat. Yup Wow yeah said that and I I remember that and I could never I never even thought to look it up but back then obviously there is nothing. You didn't see it in the news. Then right did it happen. uh-huh oh that's interesting did have a maid ended affected it. I just remember this has nothing to do with the cereals excel themselves except for. When was it that there was a big like the price changed on everything and then people were getting outraged because the price the either the price of cereal and bread went went way up or it stayed the same but the boxes got smaller. I don't remember was I just remember like a huge thing. Of O'Brien is one of the IT. They don't have big boxes. It's one one of the smaller ones for like five bucks. Wow I know that says not when it says special occasion cereal yeah. I don't get Cyril all that often. But Yeah Yeah. I don't either because I doubt lots for. I started doing A friend Jimmy this recipe four Adrian For one older. Hi Adrienne Almond milk and she seeds and a little vanilla and you leave it in the fridge over night so the Chia seeds you gotta like Kasese so the Chia seeds like absorb it all and then Roy shall good in the morning. You can put a little like Muslim banana or some the grass berries exit in and it's Duck Adrian by the wake gave us our very first review. You did shout out. I happen to be posting tomorrow. Really made a little ya'll remember. I said I I wanNA share our reviews. I just kept forgetting obsolete surly. Yes I made one for. And he's the first one and if you're listening right now you We would love a review fantastic on I two S- we have how fourteen reviews. I me yeah better kick in the pants not too shabby you. People are listening. They like it. They like US Emden. I'll me about Kella. We well Muesli. I love Muesli. Oh I think I like that one too it's it's European it's oats. Oh I am a raise that route and yeah just little and I'll just add milk to meet at like zero or you can put it in your yogurt. Oh whatever and you could add more fruit But that one is also good for fiber. And it's funny as you get older. Your sooner tastes change but firm in your sugar not your sugar. And we weren't even allowed to have the sugar sugar you on right. But I'm surprised they let us put sugar at. I don't know and then there beats leftover sugar with the milk and oh in the drink no no I was never into that. Probably consider still sure. Yeah Yeah and that we we get. I get more boring. Like oh Muesli. It's not an exciting cereal but it's so delicious and so good for you. Yeah we're the same. We didn't get Blair. Wear the marshmallow. Do big sugary things. But at Christmas my mom would each let us pick out our own box of four really disgusting delicious cereal would get. That's word bird and I would eat the marsh I would separate them out and eat the marshmallow separate from the serial. My roommate in college wrote wrote. Why didn't they send the entire just wrote? This is before you know so. She wrote the company and talked. About how much like the on how much you love the marshmallows. And then all of a sudden she gets huge package in the mail is just this giant bag of Martin Bats so off is really shot up to look. I think they've added a new charm. I don't remember what it is that that there's horseshoes rainbows rainbows horse shoes. Shooting Star clovers clever shooting stars. I think so. I don't know we. We better not forgotten I wonder if there are any pictures of all of those. Oh I'm sure there are. I mean of the uh-huh of the big bag. That would be awesome. So what else did you like No you have to talk. Oh my gosh okay. One thing I found out I probably won't talk about it today. We'll just put it on the blog. Is that a New York Times article on seared. The history of cereal it gives each decade. And what happened. So that's a neat little. We'll give me the first one who okay. We have mid to late. Nineteenth Century in eighteen sixty three James Caleb Jackson a religiously conservative vegetarian. Who ran this is a theme by the Wick who ran a medical sanitarium in western? New York created a breakfast zero from gram flour dough that was dried and broken into shape so hard. They needed to be soaked in milk overnight. Oh my God called it. Granola John Harvey Kellogg a a surgeon who ran a health. Spa in Michigan later made a version and named it granola using the same idea former Kellogg patient C. W. Post created grape nuts would be popular product to offer a discount coupon hosts cereal and Kellogg and count from from way back when when I actually liked grape nuts too. Yeah great born. I didn't like him as a kid I did. Did you did but I do now. Yep Yeah they're great but again in yogurt and stuff through yeah or by themselves but add fruit and eat your vegetables or crystal hunt you seriously seriously. I will bet you out eight your arm I just I just find it. I've met so many who men who refused to eat their vegetables and and I don't understand. Yeah but I finally trust me battle for years now and that and I finally just had to let it go because it you know. It's not my life. Yeah to deal with your end right. I mean just a lot of classes. I'm not saying it's just in my experience. This is just purely your experience. Yes yes. These aren't facts while they're facts to me. Not that the people I know who grew up and still don't eat their vegetables or the throw up. I don't think Brad is not one. No but some of the other ones and really liked saw but he won't look them like I have to remind yeah. Did you make us out to. I think alike Mitrovica Salad Jamaica Salad did you make a sad Bradley's to they'll supplement with vitamins and minerals which show that ninety nine percent of that all goes out in your piece basically you're just paying for colored P but enjoy our colored people. Yeah but you do get some of it and if that that your nutrition somehow it's best to get him from the source yet because otherwise you're spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Yeah could address that healer already. Fresh fruit and veggies are already expensive which is ridiculous cheaper than the vitamin. Yeah except they go bad so quickly you but because you have to eat them. I know you can't just the nutrients from MM keeping them in the frigerator. y'All get it there osmosis. They don't just like I am slowdown. Ari Oh I am so sorry. Everything goes to everything everything I've known in life. What even is life? I know that pro-syrian picking us. That's the one. Mikey lakes. Let Okay so Mike Garissa. Some food and wine had this fun little article about the most popular serial and every state according to Google renew sleep which is based on the surface. Yeah and this googling googling cereal us all the California Colorado Connecticut Washington DC Kansas Minnesota Missouri Nebraska Oregon Utah and Washington. You all picked life those. Those were the ones that with as Moss only funny I duNNo. I'll I'll pay down on April just not as again. Yeah I like that one I am and do you know where the word serial came from. Know from series The Roman Goddess of harvest in agriculture interesting could make a paid lead here. How do you spell that C. R. E. S. the Roman goddess own Herbs Immune Culture? All right well thank you series. We enjoy series your bountiful. We'll crops actually. Cereal is a crop. It's not an actual is breakfast food. But it we make it into that right an and adds sugar. Yeah and marshmallow marshmallows and I recently saw what Syria was. But then I'm like this is boring so I didn't down like Ri- It could be cereal. Crops Rice is oh so I think there were five Quique Week quick tweet. I like puffed rice. Are you seeing that snack in middle school to spy ourself very strange kid ever. All kids are very strict her lovingly every yet they all have their own strangeness. So if you think you're strange you're right and that's good and that's a good thing. Yeah right so where do I even begin. Oh my God I'm so excited with the Kellogg still at you're killing me okay. Well here are. Should I just run down the headings real quick. Yeah so I have Kellogg brothers and company will. He's one of the brothers workweek because that's interesting. No am I allowed foundation. Send Terry Him and Dr Kellogg Look how long that is Madam. tractions masturbation ooh Yum which we are to got to. That was cracking open. You should see sages face. And Masturbation mission. How does it Margaret get into this week? I D I have to use the restroom. I let's mastery now to pay what you do when I am using the restroom. KRISTA is your own. We'll mark this. One is explicit. All better yeah. Hey also look what I found in the pantry. Lots of rich. I forgot that Ben Likes to get this occasionally. Let's see here's my sugary gummy I like the one inset. Aren't sugar either that's most. Yeah let's see this one without milk sugar. Total sugars five grams well. This is interesting addressing. If you add three Quarter Cup skim milk. It goes up to fourteen grams. So skinny sugars milk Interesting interesting well. Anyway near you may pay Oh yes made ordinary fortified with folic acid B. Vitamins and iron. I did look about a little bit. Amy Continue on this. And then I'll tell you about Fordham eat the fortifying fortifying. Yes Lee fortify okay. No no but go PA- KANTER Antonio Antony anytime aware of free and you know to tell me about fortifying all okay. Kellogg brothers and company Johny now class. Oh wait no okay. So that's going back to the cheese episode if you remember gave so case though okay so a lot of this information I got from wikipedia and some various articles. And I'll mention those when we get to them. I guess so. Okay so I said okay so again you. Jeez the Kellogg brothers were Dr John Harvey Kellogg and will case Kellogg and fun. Fact my father's middle name is Keith And my brothers. Oh that's it was the thing my like to give your child your Middle Name because my dad is Edward and my brothers Edward Oh and then his son is Edward the the middle names my. Yeah I have Elisa's my middle name and my mom's And if I had had children and had a girl she would have been any lease as well. Aw Doc that sweet anyway so they found it. A health food company the Battle Creek Sanitarium Health Food Company in eighteen ninety eight but before then I tried to get this on in order the sanitarium sanitarium health food a health food company yet because they also did sanitarium like thirty years before or something but but this is just like briefly on the company briefly I say and then may skip a whole bunch just because okay so they produced foodstuffs for current and former patients. They merged with the cintas nut. Food Company also founded by Doctor Kellogg to become the Kellogg Food Company in July Nineteen O eight and they also sold old nut butters and meat substitutes in fact Meat Substitutes Yam Dr Kellogg was a big proponent of vegetarianism UNISOM even though it didn't have a name then and nuts and he might be the first person who created a version of peanut butter. But we're not sure that's interesting one of the first people at least yeah let see to to to to to. We'll get into that later. Kellogg Company of Canada published a book named a new way of living that showed readers quote how to achieve a new way of living. How to preserve tally how to maintain enthusiasm and energy? How to get the most out of life because of physical ability to enjoy it and it touted the all bran cereal as a secret to leading normal lives free of constipation so fiber so if yeah if If you're constipated you cannot enjoy life. Correct yeah this is correct. I I never really had a problem with it until a couple of years ago and Oh my God I suddenly got all the commercials and really really. I've never had a hit. Yeah it was just like now. I know whenever we've dogging him out that's funny. It was bad okay. It was bad bad. I'm better now. Thank you fiber and Oh will Kellogg. Here's a little fun fact. The non non doctor brother was the first to introduce prizes in boxes of cereal. Oh cracker Jack's Jag. Ah I mean that's not a serious. I adding I think prizes at the crash jazz. Let's see I have a lot more on the company but you you can also look that up on Wikipedia and this is going to be long if I don't okay so let's move onto will because by far and away. Dr Kellogg is I wouldn't say the most interesting but he's interesting so we'll get to will quickly. I like well. You're killing me breeze through this kind at this dockers that will Born lead sixty died in nineteen fifty one. He started out selling brooms with his brother. His his father was a broom salesman. And then let's see. He moved to Battle Creek Michigan to help his brother run the battle creek sanitarium. The kelloggs pioneered the process of making flake. Cereal cereal and will want to keep this a secret. But John Allowed any anybody any patience or workers in the sanitarium to to watch it and one of their guests was as we mentioned before C. W. Post. And so he copied the process and started his own company at which became post cereals and then later general foods the source of posts. I million dollars and will got pretty upset and he left the sanitarium and created his own company. And let's see. The brothers eventually argued over the addition of sugar on their product nineteen six will found at the battle creek toasted cornflake company later becoming the Kellogg Company. kellogs said and this is not. This is a weird segue so pause. Oh Oh Kellogg said. I will invest money in people and the Kellogg Foundation quotes him as saying it is my hope that the property that kind providence has brought let me may be helpful to many others and that I may be found a faithful steward and after learning more about him and seeing all the things he did I would say he it did will yeah will is a is a good guy. Here's one thing he did that. I found fascinating in nineteen thirty November. Nineteen thirty. I I have. I have the little news here. He decided the company would go to a six hour. Work Day because of the Great Depression would be able to hire more people Helping the unemployed so they did that. Wages increased twelve twelve and a half percent and then more men were hired to run the company to run the factory twenty four hours a day and put more people to work and and it worked and they kept that for a long time. I can't remember when it stopped or why I didn't. I didn't go into that but it went for a couple to a few decades trades. Wow that's yeah I might have. It didn't last until the eighties but the eighties. Basically when capitalism just kind of flipped and decided it was more important to make money for ourselves and our our stockholders or whatever then and then to invest in the people which is which is interesting. This is coming out now. That did you see that. A Bunch of Oh yeah companies. Were already that he had signed something. Saying we'RE GONNA get we're going to go back to investing in our people and the communities instead of the bottom line anyway So staff increased by twenty percent and shorter hours have benefited stockholders and work hours. So that's cool. Yeah so that was really great they also or he also founded his own foundation founded his own foundation. The W K Kellogg Foundation in June nineteen thirty so this was just a few months before he decided on the workweek six hour. workweek is not a book the six hour workweek or work dash six work. Yeah yeah there's some maybe it's a four hour has what is it. Some sort of thirty five hour workweek or something and everybody looks like we're nuts for having. Yeah we're not allowed to basically have less if less than forty. Yeah you're a slacker. Her and if you don't have like sixty and what are you doing yet trying to have a life. That's what I'm doing the four hour workweek that I've heard of that in a way I think that's like a thing for rich people I call. It's better for you like Oh yeah the resumes that actually have to work. Yeah we don't get that luxury anyway. Continue I guess we'd have to see what correct I have looked into that a bit. Okay so Kellogg Will Kellogg donated more than sixty six million dollars in company stock another investments commits to the trust which is equivalent to nine hundred ninety million dollars in twenty eighteen so the yearly income from that Trust Trust continues to fund the Foundation and as of the early twenty first century. We're still kind of there. The foundation is the seventh largest philanthropic foundation in in the US really yeah. It started out focused on children's health in Michigan and served seven counties in South Central Michigan It targeted targeted K.. Through twelve education and public health in row here. We go the role. CUERVO rural rural rural cookies rural mcnaughton roof and country side community where they like to eat gooky crisps cookie. Chris we did not have sorry. Random actions came up with that sucks make cookies and pour milk all over the most selena cookie and Krista and bree both McKay's okay back to the foundation addition So during the early years of World War Two the foundation went beyond Michigan and the US more than four hundred fifty steady fellowships for Latin American health professionals paved the way for extensive programming in the Southern Hemisphere. I I got a lot of this information from but we compete and the the foundation website and then I tried to look too 'cause obviously it's biased right but yes I tried to look elsewhere and they also gave grants France to help revive a modernized farm economies in Europe war-damaged Europe the annual payout. The amount spent for charity purposes skyrocketed. Did from twenty six thousand dollars in nineteen thirty two four point four million in nineteen fifty five. That's quite a bit of course there's what sort of looking for him inflation. Yes thank you inflation and everything. So I don't know what what that would be. But anyway that's quite a bit They focused on areas of postwar concern. Like the need for more nurses and healthcare administrators and two year community colleges. This I found really interesting in the mid mid eighties. They expanded its program into Southern Africa says in the face of apartheid scholarships from the foundation gave a unprecedented opportunities to black South Africans. Changing social needs also prompted an evolution and foundations grant making resulting in the creation of program areas S. including philanthropy and volunteerism and food systems and rea rural development. Mr Kellogg once said Will Kellogg. I once said dollars. Do Not doc produced character. I got so as its assets have grown. The foundation has considered continued to seek more effective ways to advance his vision of a world. In which all children thrive the current mission statement was adopted in two thousand seven and not says the W K Kellogg Foundation supports children families and communities as they strengthen and create conditions that propelled vulnerable children to achieve success as individuals and as contributors to the larger community and society at the Foundation is investing assets. That's in a way that realizes book financial and social returns so it sounds. I keep that was his thing from the beginning social as well as exactly yeah and an and he had said look. I've been given this. I I want to pass it on and do some good and add a little bit of sugar. Let me ask me some sugar around. Everybody's lost either so they come right back exactly Do you have anything to say any fortifications. Would you like to fortify if I don't find But it was interesting is on live strong DOT com. I think there was a the noted results results from a recent study from the WG which is the environmental working group. That said that major brands still a lot of major brands have cereals with levels of glysophate which is an ingredient found in roundup and it is round up weed killer. Oh my gosh and that that is like beyond the WG's benchmark of safety and That's glysophate is probably carcinogenic to humans. The CRAP APP that we put in our bodies is cray cray. Which is why F- I mean I'm trying my best to get away from processed foods? It's I that I don't process myself like if I make a cake. It's I think is different than if you get the cake. Mix in the you know but then you gotta do like the the Non Gemma in any way talking about going back to be an But anyway with Ford. There's another article tune the New York Daily News. That had that was saying that most cereals are fortified with amounts of minerals and. I don't know if this is still true but I think it is with minerals and vitamins. But that's based on adults and most I would think that must sears. I guess maybe not but that kids seat of it so they're levels said that they had been getting way too high of levels really Do you think kids cereals do though where testing I don't know anyway. I don't see if I don't know run. That one was lies but yeah they were testing album like even which was the two scoops raised Brian? Yep to add those it's the levels are for and if you look in the back it's an adult two thousand Calorie which I can't do? Now let's get down to two thousand calories. I would be way overweight but yeah so all of these levels and things are all for adult level so kids were getting too much. I did see something about this with Kellogg's and an I included at here about the F. T. C.. Finding fault with their claims like frosted mini wheats. Improving kids attentiveness. By nearly twenty percent in fact I'm probably for half an hour after they ate all the sugar and then boom right sugar crash and they. Oh my that's history. Yeah and then. There's there's some other things like a pop tarts I love darts. Oh my gosh. That's a treat for me. I'd get them but they have every so often. Yeah I like the cinnamon in one with the frosting on top and behalf to toast them and then I eat the outside for of course they don't need the normally eat outside. I I actually do eat them do you. Yeah I get the organic one S- because then they're healthy. Yeah but they're not the same. I'm just kidding. Romantic does not mean healthy. But I do off. There are certain offramp things where I'm like. No you gotta get the full on. Yeah Yeah and sugar a little bit better for me. You know marginally better for me getting this brand by knife. You're going to do it. which is why inserted a tree and moderation? Yeah get it released like Soda. That's what we did growing growing up. We didn't have soda all the time. It's kind of a treat. Yeah and that's how I still treat me too same with juice. I drink orange juice. We used to drink orange juice all the time we used to have. Yeah I like the fresh squeezed. Yep kind which is hard to find. sprouts Watt am I remember. We're in Lucille's the elder yeah Great Creole restaurant and Denver. There's this one time where right away. I remember this the waitress my brother and I ordered orange excuse and the waitress looked at my mom and said what they like fresh squeezed or frozen and my mom looked at her and said I don't know ask them. I don't know Y I remember that we were shy so our parents. My parents would never have said that we were so shy. I do ask them. And they probably won't. Like for Rosen Kay So he was was the nice brother. Yeah give me some good okay creepy brother. I don't even know if he's creepy. I just said Creepy Sanatorium. It could be argued. He's he's a lot of things Dr Kelly so he was born in eighteen fifty two and died in nineteen forty three Pretty long lives this yet. They they both they both did. Yeah both I good gene. The cereal yeah you're going. What else could be So real quick sanitarium sanitarium was built on seventh day. Adventists when my views and help principles but something I found. Disagreements disagreements with other members of the church led to a major schism with him and he was developed in nineteen seven but continued to follow the beliefs and directed the sanitarium until his death in nineteen forty three. Oh yeah their parents will in. John's parents believed that the second coming of Christ I was imminent and therefore they did not receive any sort of an education. Formal education was unnecessary but they prematch which educated themselves in reading a whole a whole lot of stuff and some people took Dr Kellogg under under their wings and was to say to be a doctor. Sure don't have to be at least a little bit educated. And he was actually very famous. He was one of the most famous doctors at this time at publishing books as we will get to some really some really good books at but yes But some of the people who took him under his wing he he really believed in what they they were saying and what they did and okay. Here's the thing about Dr Kelly. He had some really good points and did some pretty good things. But then there's there's the other things Soleil lows. Yeah Yeah Yeah well. People are real is usually pretty willie a good one but Dr Kellogg anywhere. for instance. He followed the adventist views. In favor of celibacy he married maintained separate bedrooms never ever consummated his marriage. We'll get into that a little bit. were to hence the masturbation all right keep on godless. Wear a serial comes into a masturbation so the sanitarium can love your cereal. Just don't your cereal so the sanitarium it was huge and people let me seem officially opened. Its doors as a battle creek sanitarium in eighteen sixty Six but opened its doors as of Western Health Reform Institute in Eighteen Sixty seven between eighteen seventy and into the great depression a lot of famous people. It's not just I mean thousands and thousands of people visited but also some famous people such as according to Dr Howard Markel this PBS article. That he wrote John John. D Rockefeller Jr. which I thought this was interesting. He says fleeing from the disastrous events in his family's coal mines at Ludlow Colorado to remember the ludlow massacre. No my gosh. That is pretty horrendous. Thomas Edison and Henry Ford Amelia Earhart before her flights at Warren g harding before for he started his presidential run for Criti- Washington and sojourner truth. George Bernard Shaw and he didn't say this but I found this elsewhere elsewhere. Madame CJ Walker who is a black entrepreneur and philanthropist. But what's fascinating about her is she crew was a self made believe millionaire. So she's a black woman and she creates her own beauty and skin care it products in Hawaii and then it just goes from there. In fact one of our early dates might Benz was to an opera about her and he threw up later nut night. That was this. That was the night on the way home. I was trying to decide. I was like trying to tell him that. I I want to not date other people you know not necessarily like be boyfriend girlfriend or whatever but you know not see other people either. And he wasn't feeling barrel his roommate had been throwing up. Oh I think I remember the so. He's not feeling well on the on the way back doc and he's driving and then all of a sudden he's like I got I gotta pull her so he's Yeah Oh poor man he doesn't need to sell straight anyway so he didn't feel. They did not see interfere their people that no. Aw that's really funny. Oh my Gosh Oh quick fact the complex the US Army purchased the whole complex during in World War Two and they converted it into the Percy Jones Army hospital. And it's it became other things after that but anyway so they came up with sanitarium three am by taking the word sanatorium which was a health resort for invalid soldiers and Change Two letters and a new letter. You're a new word was entered into the English language Kellogg saves the number of patients grew from one hundred six eighteen sixty six to seven thousand six patrons patrons during while wanting six yeah so a lot of people did this. He explored various treatments his patients including diet reform and frequent queant animas. We'll get into that. He encouraged a low fat low protein. Diet with an emphasis on whole grains fiber rich foods and most importantly nuts Kellogg also recommended daily intake a fresh fresh air exercise in the importance of hygiene all good. Maybe the frequent in animals. Not Not so much but all good so the sanitarium was known as the sand. The sand It was world renowned destination of health and healing healing and it was mostly due to Dr Kellogg. Dr Markle says he was a medical celebrity bestselling author magazine editor. Skilled surgeon public health expert a popular speaker. And Seventh Day adventist Christian missionary. He was five foot four. He was a little bigger but athletic and He dressed entirely in white wore glasses and had a pointy beard and proclaimed that God had chosen isn't him to make the world a healthier place. This is to me. This is where things get dangerous. I'm doing the Lord's work. This says cy and again some of this as good. I all of the stuff that we know. Yes this is but then you get to some other stuff anyway. So the people who would visit the thousands of people who would visit would go with Illnesses ranging from cancer to heart disease gastric ulcers digestive disorders and some of the things combined. Where like modern medicine? Modern at the time medicine surgery and Bacteria Lau L. Bacteriology and Hydro Pathy vegetarianism electro therapeutics exercise and spiritual uplift to basically just everything in anything. You can think of. Just toss it in there all the things yeah. They had dozens to hundreds of physicians and Nurses Masseuses Bakers waiters cooks bell hops orderlies and attendance. Dr Kelly himself examined every patient and prescribe to each an individualized plan for the mind body and so they had an enema room and it had an machines that could deliver fifteen courts of water per minute into a human colon. He ordered his patients to produce four or more bowel movements a day. He was obsessed with body clip bodily cleanliness external and internal Turnham If the water were not enough you had to consume a Pint of yogurt each day followed by a yogurt annum or I saw that. Eat Half the yogurt and the other her half is for the animals gusting so yeah which I mean there is something to be said of unit the bacteria the bacteria gut but so he kind of knew who he was. One of the product is almost love and like ahead of his time a little bit. He is a bet and he's one of the first people to realize you know the stomach bacteria and everything thing and and with a yogurt animus. That would try to introduce healthy one so he was kind of on the right track. I guess He has a new restaurant relaxation very important so he had all kinds of entertainment and Diversions Theater Lecture Hall. Dances musicale use a cow's horseriding carriages. sleighs you know hiking besides animals so far so good okay. All the meals in his dining room were were his own creations or he and his wife They were very inventive and willing to test things. which is kind of how the you know the cornflakes came him about but Okay so we talked about the peanut butter nut based meat substitutes vegetables and whole grain based dishes a coffee substitute made of molasses and toasted grains cornflower He said that every bite of whatever you every bite must be chewed at least forty times. Hail not speaking anytime very lightly to smoke the longer times do according to so that one saliva was thoroughly mixed with the food thus initiating a healthy process of digestion and preventing overtaxing the stomach and bowels. He also required his patience to drink eight glasses of water day. Great Forty afforded chewing forty times is a little ridiculous but Garfield would not approve exactly He his philosophy was called biological living. So you you know healthy eating and vigorous exercise plenty of fresh air complete abstinence from sex alcohol caffeine and tobacco one of his most popular SEABROOK's tobacco ISM published in eighteen. Twenty two is considered by many medical historians to be the first popular text alerting Americans to the dangers of tobacco smoking. Oh yeah so that's interesting. Oh some of his contraptions by the way are on the Queen. Mary like we can go see some of them. Awhile like the Mechanical Slapping Ping massage device. I'm not sure which contraptions are met. Queen Mary but we have the mechanical slapping massage device. And you basically stand in front of this thing with like like ribbons that like slap you back and forth The ARC lamp treatment to ear and there is a picture of a gentleman sitting in a chair and an and with a light shining in his ear and the window tent for fresh air sleeping instead of opening up the window. They had this like ventilation and system. Where you've got like a big tube and it creates a comes out and creates a a tent over your head so you get the fresh air drought way over your head? Yeah Yeah Okay without opening the window. Hey so good that Oh but here we go. Let's move on to Masturbate Shaan now. All of this came from Theresa Neil from Jessica and a few other a few other places. Okay so as we you said he's doing the will of God and now let's get into the destructive power of masturbation. He strongly warned against the habit in his own. Words saying being claiming of masturbation related deaths such a victim literally dies by his own hand. He felt that it destroyed physical and mental health health and moral health as well he also believed the practice of this solitary vice as he called. It caused cancer of the womb. Urinary Diseases Doctrinal emissions impotence epilepsy insanity mental or physical and or physical ability. He thought that masturbation was the worst evil. One could commit goodness he wanted you to avoid consumption of sexually aggressive food. Like T- Candy Cinnamon peppermint they show on one hand. This guy knows that bacteria gut is good for you. Good for you and that you need to exercise and eat well and And and then on the other hand peppermint is GonNa give you cancer. No manager Komo peppermint will will I guess What story I'm looking for? We'll give as evil and more. You WanNa Masturbate. Yes no the Yes it. It's an APHRODISIAC. Basically or as Morris as an love island. It'll give you the the fanny flowers. The final honours my God. Then you'll wanNA masturbate and that is evil and can lead to death and cancer while he said this is a direct quote tea and coffee have led led thousands to perdition in this way candies. Spices cinnamon cloves peppermint and all strong essences powerfully excite the genital organs and lead need to the same result. So basically you need to be boring And plane and your cornflake eight your cornflakes sugar in them simion. Oh now similar dreaming and Ren Sleep. That's the 'cause that's That happens because of masturbating and if you have a clean mind and you're you're not doing any of that you don't dream and he would disregard any patients claimed that they can't control their dreams And he would say that she chooses to so as to continue lascivious desires as to rezone. You'll put it. Here are the symptoms. He gave gave to parents to identify whether or not their child was engaging in the secret vice quote unquote that wedding changes in Behavior Insomnia Trouble Colin School. Lying bashfulness boldness fearfulness unusual vaginal discharge seductive behavior in little girls. Okay so basically. Every normal behavior of a child ever. Yeah well all of the and yeah having a lot more of these is is cause for concern because these will maybe unusual. Vaginal national discharge is not a stretch vaginal bright cow. Besides that the rest of that town's like all normal childhood stuff. Yeah but if you see there's there's a good all I'm not arguing for it by the way I'm not saying these are signs masturbation what I am going to tell you as these are the exact that same symptoms that modern medicine psychology identifies as potential signs of a child. Being sexually abused are though changes because being bowled a child very bold children. They're bashful children. Yeah heads lie astronauts at well I think I think they mean being suddenly bashful. Oh okay out or having bashful to maybe in certain places yeah said Solo instead of. Yeah it's these. Children have been sexually abused. He's thinking oh they're they're masturbating and so instead of them being victims they're bad. Yeah Super. Yeah yeah he was a leader of the Anti Masturbation Movement which was a thing and he promoted extreme measures to prevent masturbation he circumcised incised himself at the age of thirty seven and to rehabilitate cereal. masturbaters he would would mutilate without anesthetic on both sexes. He was an advocate of circumcising young boys to curb masturbation and with girls. He applied carbolic acid to her clitoris. fucker yeah So the the men eventually will still. They can still masturbate after after. They're better for the boys after they're better the girls though that took away their pleasure and was incredibly tortuous so here ah when I talked about being under you know. Somebody's wing when the person's was ellen g white and he was also an adherent of Sylvester. Graham who who inspired the creation of the Graham cracker and that was advocated to keep the Diet plane to prevent sexual arousal. That's where you're Graham crackers come from but they're delicious you know. Wake me want to mess debate so much less because the marshmallows chocolate on foot autumn. Oh and they have means oh my gosh out. So he okay so he fought a plane line and a healthy diet with only two meals. A day would reduce sexual feelings and those experiencing temptation were to avoid stimulating food and drink. When I get as very a little meat sexual? He'd Lynn. I'm sorry Cornelia okay. So he wrote a bunch of books On this at when I say a bunch of books it's the same book it just keeps getting added to over the years so the first one first suggestion of plain facts about sexual life was published in eighteen. Seventy seven when he was unmarried. So this is the first one three hundred fifty six pages consuming. He doesn't have any children. No we'll how could he. They fostered a lot and officially adopted a handful but no biological children which might be. I don't know so. He and his wife apparently during their honeymoon added a one hundred fifty six more pages and the new edition claim facts for old and young came out in eighteen. Seventy nine two years later and it's now five hundred twelve pages by eighteen eighty six. It was six hundred forty four pages by nineteen o one seven hundred twenty pages nineteen o three seven hundred ninety eight and in nineteen seventeen. He published a four volume edition of nine hundred pages because he wasn't having sex or masturbating. Yes great right yeah exactly. He's trying to get that that that out somehow nine hundred pages. Oh my gosh is that all I have. Oh Yeah I mean. There is so much more information I took out. Why did you see my face? I love doing this more for the podcast because I love how excited you get. Yeah and I just sit back with whatever food. We have right now now mail to been crunching on the GRANOLA sitting bag listening to Chris. It's fascinating there. There was Kellogg opened up a cereal bar in Times Square. I think it was a pop up and they did one here in. La That's a pop up or yeah it was a squirrel caffeine Kellogg's and it was called breakfast for dinner. Oh wait a second. This one had it was limited time. We missed it. This was a couple years ago. A breakfast thing pop up it featured innovative sweet savory and delicious cereal infused dishes that are short. Please any breakfast liver so here. Just a few the fruit loops. French toast looked motherfucking delicious. Our species Scott. A Scotch Egg at Special K Tong Katsu breakfast bowl and this one. Oh my God. We'll watch the what the KRISPIES Scotto. The Special K. Tom Katsu breakfast bowl. It was a Japanese bull. Looks I got intrigued. Yes and Macho Rice krispies treats with smoked ocht strawberries. Oh no not going to be on that in my mouth and we discovered there is a cereal bar downtown channeling so I found. I'm up with this up yet. from Rosetto Dot Com. They had a list of seventeen cereal. Cafes from around the world I only wrote down. I think London does Oh yeah would you like. I think I have a picture of really yeah Let's see the first soon cafe in London is called serial killer cafe at the hundred types of cereal whereas thirty types of milk and twenty toppings and they even can have a cookbook. Wow so I actually Kinda WanNa get the book now. It's called serial killer cafe cookbook and it has Five Oh and then. There was one in France that is called bull and Bagel and Clermont Farrar France. And it's an upscale hands-free fraught S- Claremont fraying and French France would call it. It's France would it. I call it a camera called France. Yeah it's in French and then That's an upscale cereal Israel bar of course and then there's one called serial lovers in Madrid which has over a hundred and fifty types of cereal sixty toppings into beverages and my sister they used to live in Madrid so I asked her if she had never been there and she's like I haven't even heard of it. I think yeah big cities you there so much yeah. There's so much to do so and if you don't happen to hear about like the pop-up Yongin hear anything about that We're not in the coup telling us but Allah a WHO kids with puppets and their music in your modern day music. They able these days. Yeah you ran out. I'm good did you. Did you any other facts. Nobody return of. I only wrote a few things. Okay ready would you get. I haven't fasting Alzheimer's et Cetera. So Yup various diseases and research and everything and Madame. Cj Walker Okay I had those as people I mentioned can also that Jesus Super Bowl poker milk. Milk nut butter or not. The two -Tarian ISM sanitariums capitalism. This to says Ville I don't I know who he is but Fill fill we can. Let's do a whole world. I don't know why I wrote pill Gut Bacteria Korea Tobacco Oh and Ludlow massacre had circumcision genital mutilation but I really don't go out and yeah you just mentioned in them it's like okay So maybe write down talk to and see if we have a matching. Okay okay. I'm not going to out all the other people. Okay All right wait. What were the last few after capitalism sanitariums capitalism phil look what all the fills famous cels? There's doctor nurse Hi everybody. I'm Dr Who Rousselin from the Simpsons. Hi Everybody I'm Dr Along Dr. McClellan they haven't McClure meal. I'm troy McClure's McLaren Footsie they have one on sesame street. Dr Phil Yeah. I can't remember named gut bacteria area and tobacco. Okay okay okay. What are your top up to okay? Capitalism K. and having a tough time trying to side between just picked just pick one. Because if you don't match then we'll go to undermine for okay ludlow Lo let's go at the ludlow massacre okay. My top tour intermittent fasting in tobacco. So what are what's three and four. You tell me three important so my three and four are nuts and madame. Cj Walker her okay so my three and four are madame CJ Walker and tobacco so we have to okay CJ Walker and tobacco so now we will you get. It almost did that one and then I'm like Especially because I've had this book it's called the S. word The history of an American tradition socialism. Thumping okay I completely messed up that title. It's about socialism. And how how it is is an American tradition. Okay this time you have to choose Dylan. an-an-an-and antennas is those are is. Oh here we go. You want my right. Hinder my the left hand. No left what is it. What is it what is our next one? Is Tobacco Baggy. Okay well we get into a lot of stuff with no. Yeah we can yeah. ooh This'll be interesting. This'll be unsettling Yeah Yeah Oh my we're going to delve into a lot of things with that one. You already tell yeah. So what's interesting about settled stone in. Forget about that until we we have to do. What's interesting about the Sierra one is? We didn't get into the history. And the first cereals and Blah Blah Blah alive I because I automatically skip that I know I learned automatically skip over. The history is so funny too because of my own. I figured out how the name Cereal Kim about even write that one down Krista GonNa do now I decided I knew I knew a bit about the Kellogg's dugs and their history and I was like this is so interesting though interesting. Yeah I'm Krista Q.. Alright so well done you. You will see series thank you thank you. You got us of wheat and Agriculture and Agriculture and Oh harvest service to harvest culture culture They're beautiful all right till next time. Oh how do we get out of this one. Just take a by. There's not a pun. Shouldn't they all end on puns. No see do mm-hmm delude. doodoo could do little Dune. Do do do do do.

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