BK Recaps The Raiders Game with Ryan Edwards


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Obviously now has a team there in your rival the raiders. And you lay that kind of goose egg. And what's frustrating is at the broncos had plenty of chances to take control that game or certainly stay in that game and quarterback drew lock and the rest of the offense as well as at times. The defense has let them down. the raiders. were begging the broncos to take advantage in the first half and whether it was the end of the half with the holding penalty on noah fant and the interception by drew lock the inability just to put points on the board. The defense came to play in that first half. It was ten six at halftime. It was thirteen six until that. Josh jacobs touchdown with thirty six seconds left in the third quarter but five turnovers no takeaways. And you're sitting here scratching your head now. You couldn't get anything going on the ground you had had to abandon it at some point and you really just couldn't sustain drives the broncos even though third down numbers weren't atrocious. They weren't efficient enough when they needed to be. There were seven fifteen which you'll take most weeks. Forty seven percent. Actually better than the raiders. The raiders came in as the second best team on third down nearly entire league. Whereas the broncos came in twenty ninth. I think our thirtieth on third down but too many three and outs too many more. Plays for the raiders. Dave logan on the broadcast said to start the second half. It was twenty three to three. Because the raiders dominating time of possession over all that that number ended up being thirty six minutes and thirty eight seconds at twenty three twenty two. And you can't turn the ball over five times not win the game. Vic fangio said as much dave logan. We'll hear from vic fangio. We'll hear from drew lot. Do locks not going anywhere. He is the quarterback until the end of the year. You know last week. I played had the conversation with big alan. You heard him say he's not worried about drew lock. I don't know if that's still the case. But he's more worried about the play calling and and the opportunity put drew lock in position to succeed. You'd have calvin anderson. Start your fifth different tackle on your depth chart fourth different to play there this year. Obviously john james opted out. But no jake rogers demar dotson was available but only in an emergency setting. So calvin anderson got his first start. The broncos didn't give up a lot of sacks. But i do want to go back and check the pressure numbers. I haven't seen those yet. Didn't do a lot of digging though. Either i ended up having to do post. Game broncos. react for man. Mike reiss who was battling a cold and losing his voice. So that kinda threw off my my normal post-game routine but drew lock was flush out of pocket. Plenty although it's one of the things we have to go back and look and say was he flushed because of pressure or did he just kind of sent something and bail more quickly than he needed to. So the the broncos now at three and six for the fourth straight season three and six through nine games. It's confounding and there's plenty of blame to go around vic fangio indicate here in just a second and you can start at the top visit. Joe ellis fault. Is it the bowl and families. Fault is it is it john. Elway's fault is vic fangio vault drew lock and the rest of the team. I think there's there's plenty of blame to go around. And now you get a good dolphins team coming in this weekend. So no rest for the weary after that it's the saints. Don't love drew brees or not so that would sort of change things when the saints come down but the saints have a really good really good team this year and and it'll be a challenge thanksgiving weekend but right now you gotta worry about a team. That's won five in a row. Then you've got to figure out how to get this thing turned around. So i could sit here and just keep talking at you. You'll hear my conversation with ryan edwards in just a little bit. But he and. I talked on broncos react. So we'll get thoughts from those broncos country night bullets here from the guys who were on the field vic. Fangio is ed coach. And then you live from drew. Lock bryce callahan. Really pissed off. Dalton reisner and josie joel. So we will get to drew's chat after vick's. We'll do vic. I vic with dave logan and the big zoom call. Because obviously there's more detail in zoom call at times is based on the time constraints. Dave has anywhere from two to three minutes. Typically and jim can go from five to ten depending on whether it was a winner a loss typically and sometimes for some of the players but for for vick and drew before we get to victim reminding about chug water chilly chug water chilies. Spicer western life go to chug water. Chilly dot com use my promo code chug. Water became save twenty five percent. You can find your local grocer but it is chilly weather here on the horizon. Although we gonna have a really nice week here in the mile high city it's going to be mild in the sixties and seventies here the next few days then it's gonna start getting colder but you're listening to me anywhere you got friends and family that you know love chili go to chug water shield dot com promo code chug water. Bk to save twenty five percent are. Here's vic fangio. Game with dave logan tough one for sure. I'm not even sure where to start with this one. But offensively you guys turn it over five times four interceptions in it. You don't need me to tell you that you just can't win a game. Turn the ball over that many times. Now that's pretty obvious. Seven artists ever been done. But i wish we have to do a better job of protecting the ball to do a better job of making first. Downs sustaining drives whether it be through the air or through the ground right now. We're struggling in both areas to be consistent there and we gotta get some more critical stops on third down on defense touch. Your defense honestly played pretty well in the first half Down ten to six and you throw an interception that could have you have a holding call on a play that would put you in the lead but then in the second half. I thought defensively you wore down. You're out there a long long time and the second half we were know the offensive struggles and some of that you know we gotta get them. Stop theirselves defense. So that's a two way street. That's a team step and we gotta do better in both areas less question you now. Three and six. You know you've got You've got seven games left after a game like this when it it just nothing seemingly works on offense as a head coach. What what what's your message to the team. How do you get them to to move forward into into play better. Well all of our fingerprints are on coaches players. Everybody involved in it and we've all got to take a good hard look at it. We have been doing that. Obviously we haven't found the right formula solutions but we're going to grind away at and get ready to play good miami team next week. Okay vic thanks thank you. Everyone fingerprints are on this offense defense. Certainly special teams got more people calling for tom. Mcmahon's job i'm not going to be one of those people may just happen or won't but the special teams continues to be an issue. The hunter renfrow punt return. The usual crack back block really had nothing to do with the return. So it's just more bad coverage and and that's a concern but the biggest concern is drew. Lock throwing four exceptions. So here's vic fangio on his postgame press conference on zoom in. That was where it began was how how bothered are you. How big of a concern is it. That drew lock went out and threw four interceptions especially so many in the fourth quarter. Well obviously it's a very much of a concern obviously four interceptions You can't win turning the ball over that much We've got a good job of evaluating why we've thrown these interceptions can do the help in our everybody's fingerprints on that performance coaches players and we all have to take a good hard look at it which we have been on a weekly basis but we haven't found the right formula yet to be consistent on offense or lock again you see has confidence shattered. And if so how do you rebuild it. 's only one way to rebuild. You gotta go back to work. And he's got his start experienced experiencing play We've got to devise are passing game at our offense are running game to where he can have be more successful. I see a lot of good throws by him. I see a lot of good catchy by receivers but we seem to have that Player to that You where we throw a pick or that stops a drive so we've got to be more consistent and more efficient select bus just glide in you pull lock when things were going so bad maybe you know earlier in the game when you still when your defense was still fighting hard and give ripping a shot. Well you know we're committed to drew. And the more. He complained the better. He'll be and he's got to fight through this. Like all most young quarterbacks do at some point in their career. And we're gonna continue to play a big burst that he expressed rusty. You had been hurt in the ribs in any way Drew i mean the the trainer sent out a little something but by no means did he think that drew or the trainers think. It wasn't wasn't anything that he couldn't play with. We didn't sam. I told it offense coaches to closely watch him and then he was laboring at all. We're favorite and then The sequence of plays right before the half. What impact did you think that. Add on the game. Overall the the nullify touchdown followed by. Obviously you know could have been thirteen. Ten our favorite half or ten nine their favourite half if we don't go in and scores so obviously it's a big swing there so this critical. What kind of impact position have like right from the start off that kickoff. You're starting back at the three and you had bad field position most the first half now. We didn't start well. There was a poor decision. On the return. there we ran it and Obviously feel position does play a big part in any game and that was a part of the game that obviously came out on the short end of the stick their dick twice in the red zone there on defense One one time you had. What nine or ten players undersea. On another time. You had a content with twelve players on the. Who's responsible for that. And how does that happen. Well the one for sure that you're allergic to you know we're we're in a personnel group that we play a lot down there. One of the guys just ran out that once ran off. Feel that once boasted. Then the other time the it was there was confusion as to what personnel they had on the field which was are affecting our call. And that's why we called the time out after a few more next with run d seeming. What was the key. Sarah or to the poor performance and then gashing especially in the second half good running team obviously And we didn't we just didn't play the run well enough you know particularly if you use your edge in a game it's gonna show up in the run defense more so than anywhere else in thinking that fourth quarter you know. We just weren't sharp as you need to be playing the run. Yeah vick with a tough stretch coming up. you know. Things are only going get more difficult. What is the mood in the locker room right now. Where do you think this team mentally moving forward. Well we'll see where they're at. We get back to work on the next tuesday and wednesday and see whether out. Obviously everybody's disappointed All of our fingerprints are on that game coaches and players. Then nobody's happy about it obviously fact. Everybody's probably did very disappointed disgusted by that. A ten six game at halftime can turn out like that. But turnovers will do that too and we've got to play better coach. What is your message to the team. After this game right now well i message was the second half was unacceptable. We didn't play or coach. Good enough in that second half to stay a game. That was a four point game at halftime. And all of our fingerprints out with got regroup as you guys to. We got another really good team that we gotta play against coming up here shortly and we've got to get regrouped refocused and get our energies in our motions pointed in the right direction on ride. Our much on in terms of pressuring car was that with there. Were black or was it him. Throwing quick our our pass rush You know overall on third downs in particular wasn't one quite good enough. We were rushing for. Because they're very good passing team. We're playing coverages there to help with their passing game and they're good group receivers and you're right to pass rush wasn't good enough there for the most part known historically derek carr gets rid of the ball really really fast yes. Von miller gotten too many talked about it last week but there didn't have to do too much. He did just enough. Sixteen twenty five no sacks not dis Hundred fifty four yards. But when you run for over two hundred yards on the ground you don't need that much from your qb. And josh jacobs. Those twenty one carries one hundred twelve yards two scores devante booker. Hey we were meant. Ram sixteen carries eighty one yards and two. Tv's as well here's drew lock postgame. I appreciate druze. Honesty and his confidence does seem to almost never a waiver. And you'll hear that. In the conversation with dave logan and then it is zoom. Post game. Presser her as well. But here's drew. Lock in a dave logan following this tough loss. Tough day at the At the job site. I guess you guys had some had some opportunities in the first half and just seemed to sorta short circuit. Just talk about what what happened in the first half that just sort of bogged you guys down a bit. Yeah it was just me. It's the same old song and dance. Just hurt ourselves on third down Anytime that you know. I mean we're below fifty percent on third downs. That's gonna be tough. You know that's gonna get you off the field and put put their car in a really good offense out there on the field. I thought defense in an awesome job. Today stop them weekly. Put them. I put them in some bad physicians in they out a couple of times the the playwright before halftime you score on the. I don't know if it's a zone read. You kept the ball. You waltz into the end zone. The holding cohen noah fant and then he come back the interception right before halftime. Tell me if you can't kind of what you saw that play. Yeah you know is the backer. Mike backer made sure he opened up and he did. And the whole defender. You know allowed me to sodium behind but it was a safety that drove on it since we were in the red zone. They don't have to worry about in beat over the top and he drove it and made the play on. It's a ball. I probably should thrown back on that play But i thought i had it knee undercut it drove on pretty well. Yup a dead horse but you have four picks today. How how do you mentally as a young player. I mean how. How do you go about or do you even know how you go about. Sort of battling through where you are right now and where this offense is right now. I know how. I've had some rough years of football in my life You know the only thing different about it is. It is professional football now. It's not college football where you know. She's a bunch of kids coming plates grown men with jobs and livelihoods in. I think that's one thing we've got to keep in mind. There's there's no quitting on this right now. there's no comment with your head down to work in our snow. United just pouting is a ton of people that would love the opportunity that we have right now. What we do and It's our job to represent the team in the state than we're doing and that can be done if we'd all come in and just keep working enough. Drew appreciate they so now. The question of do you believe drew. Lock your advantage of say that. He was going to be their quarterback. He's got at least thirty seven games and and hopefully more but i think consistency is something that you're going to need to see. And you'll hear ryan edwards talk about that. You hold your josie jewel talk about consistency as well drew. Lock postgame presser. I wasn't part of it because i was racing to the studio. And the last minute call to fill in for. Mike reiss and broncos. react But i have gone back and listen to the audio cuts out. So i added that part out for you But the first question was more detail on The interception to heath to end the first half yard. And talk to dave logan about it. But that's where drew started his postgame presser. As well you'll hear again a choppy at it. All i did was take away about a minute of them trying to figure out where the audio and video went so but this is drew lock beginning his postgame pressure on that first. Half interception down there. The game was tied. Set on that window to jerry In the middle backer open up the right lane. Dropped a little bit. Didn't drop enough to where i felt. It could be a problem on the thrill. But now the sake you drive on it may display on it but the back more pistola eric Did you get dinged up. And and what's your level frustration right now. Nothing i'm fine because you definitely frustrated after they like that self anita work on us opening you better at so pushing occupied accident wanted. The raiders. haven't had that kind of success. Intercepting passes today throw some looks at you that were different than was on the film going at this game not necessarily gave us pretty normal looks. We're expecting. I just didn't put the ball in their hands. There by a thought it out i keep your. Do you feel like you're making progress in certain areas and improving your game or center for interceptions but if tempted to talk about that but just holistically. Do you feel like you're taking steps forward in some areas. Yeah i do. There's a lot of areas of taking steps aboard on but not play. Nfl only played quarterback. There's a lot of areas that eventually pop up that weren't talked about in the week for even for just a lot of stuff like goes into play position. I got to keep learning. Keep balancing good place from bad place want somebody. There's a point there in the second half before the win. The game got out of hand there. That things were getting worse for you. What our you keeping yourself. Golden you know as far as going back out there for the next series while you know doesn't pay me this base doesn't steer us on for me to quench on anything allowed to carry me off the old firm. It's just that's just what it is and we play quarterback can have bad days. Good days it's going to limit the add on the bad tour to dr drew. Where does your stand. And how do you remain confident with the offense. Not getting the results. Clearly you guys and now seven games left is time. Do you believe to kind of get this thing back on the rails and and for both the offense and use specifically yeah. There's always time there's always time if you have a mindset that's good and that's positive obviously have a very real mindset. I realized that it's not very good today. And it hasn't been very good the past couple of weeks but you know doesn't get better if you dwell on it. Keep moving forward and you keep looking into next week and plant. Just keep pushing also from what you saw last week when you were looking at their game video where they more aggressive coming after you than they had been against other now. That was there that was that was their deal. You know they were gonna come get us and we had a good idea on what they're gonna do and you know it's crazy miss imas one or two You know i did see one or two to a place you know. It's my job to see that. Get us protected and you know when he missed a couple of those and game. They're gonna they're gonna get you there and you get to and it's going to be negative play in a better job of making them not that negative plays when when i do miss we do. Miss drew lock. Says all the right things in wins and losses. Now it's about doing the right things and you hear him talk about getting back to work and and his teammates are are echoing that maybe none louder than dalton reisner the wiggins colorado native knows all about the rivalry with the raiders and knows That this is not what broncos country needs to see your wants to see your expects to see and he was asked by andrew mason. How do you describe The this loss to the raiders. That was How he kicked off his zoom press conference and here's dalton answered it unacceptable we that was unacceptable performance today and we know that we're going to dwell on that but i don't care. What the reasoning is. We obviously have watched the film yet. We don't know what the reasoning was but that was unacceptable from office standpoint and we need to be better. Those claims simple. We got to be better fellows and we. We weren't good enough today. Our team win. Don't how do you guys as an offense kinda keep competence flint. When you haven't been able to score to the degree that you want to we're always gonna keep confidence all the faith in the world and my quarterback in my running backs and the elephants lined wide receivers this organization whenever it is. There's gonna come a day where we look back on right now today and we're gonna be smiling saying man. We're glad we went through those hard times. Now look at us. And i got all the faith in the world in the organization and my teammates in you where i get the conference. I get it from my teammates. We were. We were every single day together. I look up to so many guys on this football team. I'm so thankful to be a part of this team. I look around on my teammates and they pushed me. They gave me the confidence. I could name thirty forty plus guys that are out there today that they give me confidence that were be a great football team like i said the previous answer you know. It was unacceptable from an office standpoint marquette in time for one more after this dalton anger frustration analysis. Where where are you at your head right now. A little bit of all of them angry and frustrated for sure like you guys said you know grownup broncos country not only just grown up being a big bronco fan but being a part of this team working with these fellows like i said the words unacceptable man. We need to win. Football games like this new play better is an offense and i can't give you guys analysis right now. I can't tell you exactly what went wrong in that football game. I can tell you that. I think there were a lot of good things. That might be a shocker to you guys. But i really do think there was a lot of good things speaking on the offensive line but i think that there is also things that we got better at three or four players to mess up a whole football game. You guys know that a lot of emotions right now but but those emotions don't override. We're sticking together. Anyone can go away from this program. No insert giving up on us. Whatever it is. We don't want that. They can all the matters. But we do here internally. I can promise you ain't giving up. We're not giving up. Coaches are coached. Aren't giving up on us. We're not giving up on our fans. We're not giving up our city. We're going to give him up on each other. Also kind of went into that answer. My question dolphin. Where does that confidence come from his at the culture you guys created because the outside looking in is three and six it looks ugly today obviously was a mess or does your confidence come from that you guys can get straightened and show some improvement of its second half. It comes from each other. Exactly troy answered your question man. It comes from the culture that we've created come from the locker room at us being. You know each other's teammates you know we're not looking at each other pissed and point fingers and and saying this things over and looking at like somebody y'all might be looking at it and saying it's a mess you know of course. We know that we have to be better. But we're looking at each other and saying we love each other. We know that we can do this. We believe in each other. Screw being three and six. We were way better than that and saint kind of sounds like the same old record the same old thing. Same where better football team than this. But we are and we're gonna continue to believe that and we're gonna continue pushing each and every week. I heard drew answer earlier. We're not gonna so can we're going to continue to push and wanting to get more wins on the board or they're going to help from the other side of the ball as well. You'll hear frustration in both bryce callahan josie jewels voices We will listen to them. And then we will hear my chat with ryan edwards from broncos react on koa broncos radio networks. Bryce callahan i. He's not a man of many words he just doesn't give long answers i think he's a smart kid on a lot of dummies at rice So i'm not. I'm not saying that he just he's not very loquacious and he doesn't talk to is very often but he's playing at a pro level according to pro football focus and You know he and his teammates not their hands on the ball enough yesterday. That's for sure But here's bryce callahan. Missed last week's game with the ankle injury Back against the raiders. And he knows that this team has to be better than what they put out there on the field against vegas gotta do better planning simple liking. Go out there and put that on the field. We gotta go do better so next week. We gotta come together. We got to be focused now. Practices have got to be detailed notes. Gotta get the ship turned around. Bryce ten points a lot in the first half thirteen halfway through the third hole. How small is your margin for on defense right now with the offense like it is. I know as a defense know we we could get more turnovers and stuff and helped offense out there we just gotta we just play better because on you know the the run game. I know it's not like necessarily your forte but just as as a defense collectively the run game that have been issue. Yeah i mean. I can talk miss the tackle in the wrong game so you know just for me i know. Make the play attack on figuring. That's what i say for everybody else. Take any satisfaction in your season this year. We haven't really talk that you're playing well but you're just defensively for whatever reason you guys. Just it's been tough sledding slots four weeks i mean it'd be better for getting winds through then celebrated. We're losing. I mean i don't. I'm not trying to worry about my status from trying to actually win football games. That's what makes football fun. So that's also how big of a challenge is those two drives in the third quarter where they have the ball for about six minutes each time and just kinda move the ball slowly and steadily donna field was at the turning point in your mind. Yes that's kind of where things started to get out of hand. You know as a defense you know we just got to find those those ways to get off on third down and you know. Give offense a chance to for someone called. It's estimators will give second. Is there anything you guys have done. Better stock those drives in those feels bigger cashing loans. No i haven't looked at the tape. You just gone off the field of the game just getting on third downs sites this answer. All right and then finally josie jewel. Who was the second leading tackler for the second week in a row just behind alexander johnson. They might be battling for leading tackler but josie is going to have to have a big day. He had ten to to alexander's twelve. Justin simmons right behind him at nine but josie went into the game. Seven or eight tackles behind. So he's gonna have to have a twenty five from alexander johnson in order to catch him. But night josie joel. Post game was asked what happened with the defenses momentum. Ten six at halftime. Did you guys run out of steam or oh can you put a finger on our point. Two y the second half played out the way. Did i think details. I talk about details all the time but it really is. You look at the gap kings. We're in whether it'd even fire zones or whether we'd be displaying covered you know three or one and we just gotta be able to stay in our gaps and bills that keep that has seemed gone. We can't we can't run out so you know i think it was. Maybe may we lost energy in there somewhere. And i think we We didn't do our job specifically on every single play. Might we did first. Half which was nice. Josie you've been around for a couple of these three and six starts. What is what gives you hope that this team can turn it around. I mean you just look at look who we got. I mean we got. We got some players here And really disgusted positive. I mean we haven't had the best start but all we can do is is look through next game. All we can do is try to fix the problems we had here and there's really no room for negativity in why abbott when it's not gonna make you better plus kind of defeats what i was to ask because you know look like you guys are fighting hard clay in you know well and keeping the team in the game in the offense just kept given the ball disheartening for you guys and especially in that third quarter when he had only three plays basically you might a guy guest. You get a little demoralized when the offense can get it going. We try not to look and wash off. It's too much. I mean we're on the sidelines. Usually talking to each other about when you do better on the next series and stuff like that. I mean yeah you always want everybody to play better But really all we can do on the defense focus on ourselves and really focus on how we can better the team. We takeaways to you know. They've gave up a couple of times in a. We need to take the ball away from other people. Fumbles interceptions. so that's something when you stressed because you talk you talk about details. I think on a jacobs touchdown there in the third quarter. You guys said ten guys on the field and the next On you call time out with twelve guys on the shield. Has that happened. And who's responsible for that the players. I mean we just need to be able to know who's in there. We had a couple of different personalities that we put in this week for the personnel. So we just need to know who's on a field and when they're on the field. Somebody's hurt somebody else. Needs to step in And i think that was the problem. Was maybe somebody who's hurt somebody else to try to come there. And so it's just all on his players time for a few more next pounding rosie in terms of the run game. Obviously lots of turnover. But what are you alexander wrestle. Linebackers has to do with that with those front guys You know better cohesive and prevent times. Gashing raiders had my second half. I think it just comes down to whatever coach calls. We just got to be able to re ready to feed off each other. And sometimes don't trust the guy or sometimes if you're not sure which gathers supposed to be and you know maybe you're not gonna hit his hard and i think we say i saw a couple of those today were linebackers or somebody else in the back. as hard as we usually do And that made a soft in the run game a little bit. So i mean like i said it's going to be coming out of the details and really understanding what gap you got. Every single play no matter what fence we call com. Even if they're you know running plungers why off their guys power counter marquez. On follow up since i got one last one for you said go. Jordan mark dalton. Don was saying joking that he understands people on the outside are probably losing faith. Maybe not believing you guys have circle the wagons mentality. What is it about the culture of the locker room makes you guys make you specifically you guys get through this. Yeah i mean we've seen it before but also know the guys we got. We can be good. I mean it's just. I keep on talking about its execution doing small details and being kissing we. We've had a couple of great stops three and outs offense at a couple of drives and you see little momentum shifts where we can be really good and it's just that consistency of will do it the whole game and not just that second half now just the first half and run out of steam do throughout the whole game and i think we all see marcus apple as you. Well know a growing up. It's tough for young team to do in this league. How do you define success. The rest of this year just just to be able to see consistency on the field. I don't know if there's any i mean. Yeah you wanna have you wanna win out. You want to win every single game on the on the calendar but really. I think we'll all people are worried about his consistency as what we do. The rest of the year is being able to show. We can play Showing that we can be consistent and you a small. Thanks right Which man will get the win. So you know i think it just comes down to that and then at the end of the day that should produce win so it's really what we're looking forward to know cancel. How quickly can you turn. The page broncos are off on monday. It's always there off. Takes guys getting treatment. They'll be back in tuesday. Just a lift in get work done. They're actually meeting virtually say had been. I'm not sure they're gonna continue that. Maybe i'll ask vic fangio that when we talk to him later this morning or i guess just afternoon right edwards l. was nice enough to hop on the react. Show with me last night. I filled in for mike reiss. And so we'll just jump right into it. Skip all the pleasantries. you can catch him every weeknight. Though broncos country tonight and then big big part of our pre-game festivities from the bet. Fred opening line. Koa football out and then he hosts countdown to kickoff. That starts two hours before kickoff for two hundred twenty. Five minutes depending on the kickoff but Ryan of course does a great job and so here are his thoughts and our post game conversation sunday night following this stuff thirty seven. Twelve loss to the raiders. Certainly through the the first half into the third quarter There were times that you felt like the broncos were just so close. I mean even the interception before halftime. Just one of those like okay. You know they get that. And and who knows what the momentum but instead it's a complete swing on the other side and interception you get nothing out of it and it just really is kind of addicted of how this game went well so we could go a lot of different directions and i mentioned right before the break. That the raiders were doing all they could to let the broncos only stick around but take the lead and j t. The brick texted me. That i think dave said it on the on the broadcast. I imagine that's what you were seeing from your vantage point. That's what makes it even more frustrating. It's one thing when you get your teeth kicked in from the get-go it's another thing to be in it and make so many mistakes that you you cost yourself the game in so many different ways well exactly and that was so many times that the entire game was like that so we had the interception the jamarcus walker offsides. That gave the raiders new life. They ended up getting points on that drive. You had the sack ended up. I think you had a hold or something like that. Adam you just go ahead. Sorry sorry keep going. Okay so just i. It just seemed like the whole time that The broncos find themselves in situations. You know you had you the ball back and then Daesean hamilton fumbles it. And i i mean i was really close out his news down but if they called it down the price stayed with it but instead they decided to go that way so yeah i was just an overall kind of a upper strating. Fans are obviously upset. Think justifiably upset. But you know in the end and what we're gonna do on broncos country is what we always do. It's kind of trying to figure out. Okay what wrong. How can they fix it in time for the next game. Because that's really all this is and for the broncos they're gonna give drew lock the remaining seven gains and we're going to hear a lot of hyperbole over the next twenty four to forty eight hours from people about is he the guy isn't he the guy. Should they be thinking about quarterbacks in the off season none of that really matters what matters right now is you've got folks on the next game. You gotta dig out of it. You gotta find a way to dig out of it and that's really what the team is gonna start doing tomorrow into tuesday while and then you look over the horizon. Not that you want to look too ahead because you do want to at least dissect this and figure out what went wrong before you turn the page you get a team. That's won five in a row with a really good looking young quarterback into a two dunga by law and the dolphins come in you. You probably pencilled in as a win early in the year. I don't think anything pencil and as a win at this point. And so i guess before we look at miami specifically just. How do you go about doing that. Looking at figuring out what went wrong and what seems the most correctable in the short term. Well the turnovers is the most obvious thing when your mind is five Whether at home laura on the road doesn't really matter That's that's significant and special teams. Obviously put them in some some bad positions today. So you gotta fix Couple of those things on special teams. That's been a little bit of a problem throughout the course of the season. But i mean yeah. I mean drew. Lock him throwing four interceptions. That's an easy one. You know right and i mean you you just You can't i gotta go through and watch it tomorrow. I'm going to figure out what their average starting field position was. But i assume it was really really bad off the top and it was the to the seven. The to the twenty was like when the twenty. You're starting field position not great especially when only happens once. Well right exactly. We're talking about team with a pretty narrow margin for victory almost in any given week. And the raiders been playing pretty efficient football. We came into this game knowing what they going to try to do. You knew they're gonna try to run the ball. You knew that Derek carr who has been throwing a lot of interceptions was probably not going to give the ball up and the broncos basically base. i mean basically. This game played out in a lot of the ways that we mostly thought. It's just that the broncos offense couldn't capitalized and when they did get any kind of momentum and once again they put themselves in a bad position through mistake. Well let's go down and do just for a little bit. You mentioned that he's going to get these final seven games vic. Fangio talked about that in his postgame. Zoom press conference and i think we talked about it all weekend. You talked about on your show. What do you need to see. I mentioned the big al-said mountains. Anything rule out everything. I need to see. I'll be curious. A big allies backtracking on that a little. But i'll ask the question again to you. That was asked to me last week. What do we need to see her in these final seven games because drew lock. Certainly if there wasn't doubt before or not a lot of doubt it's growing the amount of data his groping. Well certainly i maintained that the thing i want to see the most is is consistency. I think a lot of people want to see that. I'd like to see him play a full sixty minute game. I want to see maybe even a few times. I mean to to know one way or the other you know at this point. He's played a few nice quarters in there. He's played a couple of decent half's of football. I mean you maybe even give them a couple of games. Replay three quarters. But i don't think i could find many games where i feel like. He's played the entirety of the game. You know like the detroit lions game last year again detroit. Lions were so bad but that was the closest thing to a complete game that he played in. The numbers were eye-popping by any stretch. So i mean yeah. I think this point you wanna see the upside meeting the consistency and do that for an entirety of the game. You know go wire-to-wire if you can but at this point it's a combination of of locks inconsistency and bad decision making it's the defense really not get you know they're not getting turnovers either. They're giving up over two hundred yards rushing into the last three games against special teams. Let me just start out. The game. Deontay spencer return and put yourself already in the shadow of your own goal. Line is just so many things to kind of fix unless saying they can fix all at one time to be able to beat miami but incrementally you gotta start doing something this week. My goal for them was to be better at third down. I gotta go over the percentage here but you know in the end. They were seven for fifteen. That's not good enough. You're going to have to be better. I do quick math. You're saying they were seven. Fifteen seven for fifteen. Our offense forty seven percent. Yeah then but then the raiders. Were one of the best teams on third down coming in second best six of thirteen so for a while. You're off to a good start. There are one of five. I think but at some point the the levee broke and the defense certainly can share some lame to your point not forcing turnovers and we know. They're undermanned upfront. But that's my thing. I have forty let you run is what do you want to see from the defense knowing that shelby may become back. I don't have the timing will allow them to be backed by the dolphins game just because of when he gets cleared and all that. But in general i mean even certainly brought the first avenue i think at some point it was pointed out that it was twenty three to three plays to start the third quarter at some point years going to run out of gas well. And that's right. I mean so time of possession you can obviously see you know we're talking about twenty three minutes versus thirty six minutes in that that also explains a little bit of the run game. I mean the the defense is is going to have to get off the field and third down. They're going to have to get the ball back to their offense. Play some complimentary football us to a token on my lower highest been. He has some turnovers and there. There've been relying on miami's defense to sometimes dig them out and you know what miami's defense has obliged but but the thing about it is your percent right. There are teams playing with a ton of confidence. Right now versus. What the broncos look like is a team that is mixed at best in their confidence level. They have of quarters here and there. They have momentum moments. And you think okay. Well maybe they can build on this but unfortunately it's just not consistent enough and that that's going to be a problem. There's not you mentioned it. They're not going to be favored against any opponent. The rest of the season justifiably. But was you really. Take a look at this team. The way they're playing right now and and think that they could beat anybody no but they will be teams. And why couldn't it be miami this week. Well guess that'll do it for this monday. Edition of the broncos daily podcast. Maybe we'll have some more answers as to what went wrong after talking to vic fangio today and depending on when you hear this if you hear it in time vic joins logan lewis every monday at ten thirty five than drew locks at eleven bradley chubb slightly after drew. Maybe at eleven thirty five so you can check all those out there. Also on the logan. And louis page on the koa website tomorrow hoping and talked to rick. Lewis usually do on tuesdays. A lot of it depends on his schedule but that is the plan and then we got a busy week. Getting ready for the dolphins course lew behind enemy lines. Find out how to on these. Dolphins are doing so well but right. Now it's about fixing the broncos. The one thing that i will say if you're looking for a silver lining injuries Think anyone's really banged up during the game. If they were it didn't last very long. Melvin gordon shaken up and drew lock certainly banged up a little But nobody really left the game with any issue. So there's that i guess and it's nice to come out of a game like that. Considering how many games you had to deal with guys on the shelf for the entire year so i appreciate listening and hopefully. It's a better day for you here in the mile high city. Or wherever. you're listening across broncos country and we'll catch you next time on the broncos daily podcast. Did you know that experience in the stem or cyber field helps to develop the critical skills needed to gather intelligence and investigate crime if you're looking for a career with purpose than consider a career as an fbi special agent. We're looking for candidates with diverse backgrounds to help us stay ahead of the next threat. This is a job. Were self-starters thrive in your skills could translate into a promising career of public service. If you're between twenty three and thirty six years of age take the first step and learn more at fbi. Jobs dot gov.

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