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So it's a humid Saturday morning in front of Manny Pacquiao. Senate Fancy neighborhood in Manila. Tintin is a senior writer for ESPN align fifty. Five hundred people long had formed because. We're spread that. Manny was going to be giving out money to poor people that day and he stood in his driveway next to one of his guys who was holding a bag full of money and he handed out money to these people. They approached almost like they were approaching the altar to take communion. They took their money. They bowed their heads and they moved on after three hours. One hundred and ten thousand dollars worth of Manny's money was given out to these people who took the time the lineup and watching it. It was hard not to think that all these people are not only is fans but they are potential voters if manny decides to run for President of the Philippines in two thousand twenty two many patios legacy as one of the greatest boxers in history is all but assured but in his home country of the Philippines Patios power and influence go far beyond the ring. Espn's Tim Kyun spent a week with the boxer in Manila for his rise from the streets to the Senate could set them on a trajectory to become the country's next president. I mean at times it's Wednesday February twenty six this is espn daily presented by Adt Down Again Pac L. floors third time. How HAS OUT TO TIM? Most sports fans know many pack. Yao as one of the greatest professional boxers of all time he's won twelve major titles in eight weight divisions. What else is known for well right now? Manny Pacquiao is known as one of twenty four senators in the country of the Philippines. He is also not incidentally considered the front runner to succeed Rodrigue Oh do Turkey as president in the next election in two thousand twenty two. So he's got a lot going on. He's still boxing. When the Senate is not in session you know he could end up being perhaps the most powerful athlete in the world so I want to be clear. He is a legitimate candidate to be the next president of the Philippines. Yes like no joke. Not only candidate but front runner. I think that would be safe to say his popularity. Obviously his name appeal puts him above almost anyone else. I mean the only person that is considered a possible. Contender is Sarah detail. Who IS PRESIDENT? Rodrigo duterte taste daughter but two years ago. Rodriguez do tae endorsed Manny for the job. I asked me Rome precedent to be lending Gill Tim. You spent a week in the Philippines with Manny. Who gave you incredible access? What did you see while you were there spending time with them? I spent a lot of time with him at his house. Mostly watching him play chess with his friends and I also mean got to watch him at his job. His his job in the Philippines on on the Senate floor spent two days watching sessions there and saw him interact with other senators and got to see him. Go through the Monday daily business of Filipino politics. Well what is the current state of politics in the Philippines? Right now tim. Well I think the overriding state of Filipino. Politics is Rodriguez territory nicknamed the punisher Rodrigo. Taddei is a holly writing former city. Mayor who speaks his mind made my country. I only answer beautifully. I will not answer to amy other Bush. It's almost impossible to discuss. The State of politics in the Philippines without first discussing do taste drug war. The Philippine leader has faced harsh criticism for launching a bloody drug war in his country over the past year. Thousands of people have been killed in the brutal crackdown. Cbs News now. The drug issue in the Philippines is is massive. Twenty million people subsist on a dollar twenty five or less per day. The poverty has led so many people to resort to drugs out of hopelessness. It has affected so many people both the consumption of drugs and the trafficking of drugs. What detail has done is he has created. Essentially a lawlessness is sort of martial law. Unofficially in in Manila where people are killed just for being drug traffickers or being drug users. He has just come in and said he's going to have no tolerance for it and it has resulted in vigilante killings it's state sponsored killings so instead of dealing with it in more humanitarian terms. They've decided to deal with it in very draconian terms and I think that is the appeal of duty is that he's strong in that he protects everyone. And you're not GONNA have to be worried about this anymore. How have humanitarian groups are other governments looked at as drug war well? They've they've looked at it with with Shaq and in some cases rage. I think they feel that. It's a war on poor people. They feel that it is outside of due process that is created a vigilante system where people can kill their neighbors and just say the person is is a drug dealer and there's not any repercussions for that it still remains popular. It remains popular because in large part to charity has used his rhetoric to convince people that it should be popular and these extreme measures are the only ways to combat it. Tim was pack us up. Bring like in the Philippines. Manny grew up with nothing. I mean he grew up like the people that are on the streets of Manila now. He grew up with his mother and his siblings and they lived in a homemade shack on the street with coconut leaves for a roof. We were dead before I had the work. Since the age of seven to help my mother feed my three siblings and me many days. I was lucky to have one full meal. He started boxing in a very young age. Preteen years and he's he just had an aptitude for it. There is a boxing much every Sunday. We knew fight. Even you lose money. That didn't at that time. Insulate him from the real world he also became a drug user. Any talks about that. You know that that was one of his pinpoints of his of his storyline. He's definitely the rags to riches story. That people cling to. He's hope how did I get into politics? Politics in the Philippines are run by family dynasties and it almost feels incumbent upon someone with his stature to gravitate toward that world. Know he is he. He ran for Congress. He lost the first time. And it's interesting because the story-line at the time from Patios camp was that he lost because the people didn't want him to stop boxing and they felt that if he became a congressman. They would lose that part of him so he eventually ran for Congress in a district where his wife is from and he won and then he ran for Senate in one very easily. Well just in this morning boxing. Great Manny Pacquiao appears to have won a seat in the Philippine Senate this is according to some unofficial and now. He seems to be on sort of a gilded path to the next step. Everything is so wrapped up in his fame and his status in who he is what he means to the country and how everything stops when he fights. He's so beloved as a fighter that I think people project that onto him as a politician they feel like he is that guy in the Senate that he's going to be the guy that sticks up for them he's going to be the guy that that represents them and it's something that the country is going to have to reckon with as they move forward is separating that man from the fight coming up how Manny Pacquiao who could be the next president of the Philippines feels about the country's drug war. You may have heard of c o by the name of Dylan Moskowitz. He's a real business owner who struggled with finding the right fit for his director of coffee role until he turned to Ziprecruiter. 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Y. ziprecruiter dot com slash. Espn daily Ziprecruiter. The smartest way to hire Tim as you point out in your story in the West people know that manny is a politician in the Philippines. But it's often couch to sort of a side note when we talk about his boxing. I don't think people really grasp how powerful he is winded it. I really hits you when you arrived in the Philippines that he was a actual contender there to replace Deteriora- as President I think it was more Sort of a visceral feel that I got. I was driving around with him leaving the Senate Chambers and heading toward his home. We've got this caravan with the motorcycles out front and the security van behind us. There's two state police officers national police officers with M16's across their laps. You know ready to go. I mean they`re. They're like head on a swivel. Making sure that nothing's happening to the senator and in the escalate. I'm I'm in with manny. We're in the second row. And and you know. He's sitting there with his left foot up on the center console. And he's looking out all these buses going by and all these poor people in just tired looking people are looking down wondering who's inside that car with the blackened windows there's a nine millimeter handgun right in the seat back in front of him and I just think that you know we're used to athletes getting this sort of treatment in in a way not to this extent but when I saw that it was like yeah this is this is real. This isn't just a guy who's a dilatot in politics. I mean he is definitely somebody that is taken seriously. How has he been able to both? Continue to be a boxer and be active senator. I it's been a juggling act in. He hasn't always succeeded within. He leads the Senate in absences and boxing is still I? When it's time to train. He comes to Los Angeles in the trains for six weeks and lives in his home there. He has probably managed to do it as well as he could. His trainer Freddie Roach famously was fired for suggesting that he couldn't do both since been retired but he had to take fight off for saying that so yeah he. He is managed. He's he's worked at both of them. It's kind of like a dual sport. Athlete I guess. What did you see when you went to the Senate with him? I was fortunate to be there during time when they were. They were debating one of his Co sponsored bills. The MONEY GOES RECOGNIZE. Nice which was a sin tax on alcohol tobacco and vaping all that the food and Drug Administration or if I shall politically regulate and You know he was mostly uninvolved. I will say the the female senator that was his co-sponsor did almost all work in each her. She and her staff were hard at work figuring things out and manny mostly just sat at his spot. It was fascinating because the president of the Senate. It was a tie vote in the president had to break. The Tie was about fifteen minutes before manny's official birthday president of the Senate and breaking the tie said I don't agree with this amendment but our champion will be having his birthday in fifteen minutes in this is essentially might gift and he voted in Ohio. It was it was like this microcosm of many pack yells life. You might not have earned it in the political sense but he got it anyway because of who he is is his platform pretty similar to deter tastes does not seem to be any daylight between them when it comes to things like the drug war is very openly on deter tayside into the point where and this drives the human rights world crazy is he denies that these extrajudicial killings or even happening. There's no excellent detailing in the Philippines. In fact the president tell them told them that we don't want extrajudicial killing and it's really hard to get where he's coming from if you're not there and then when you're there and people say he cannot in any way dissent from territory because that's where this is leading is that if he if he goes against through territory than his presidential ambitions are shot. Tim As you mentioned. Deteriora- is controversial in much the world. He's been criticized for the drug war and has many responded to those criticisms. Did you get the chance to ask him about any of this? I did? We spoke at length about it and and it is mostly denial it is. It is a defensive detaille. One of the ways he defends in this to say he basically doesn't mean what he's saying that do tear. Tate is using this psychological warfare to get people to see that what he's doing good for them and and you can't take everything he says at face value so the conversation can get a little circular when it comes to something like that because it's hard to get to the heart of things one thing man he will say and he says that that that the drug problem is is problem number one in the Philippines and that the answer to it is disciplined. This country needs to be disciplined and do taste the guy to do it. Or maybe a champion boxer. Yeah one starts in the other continues. Perhaps what Spannis lifelike now ten Amina. It's it's very extravagant. I it's it's hard to really put into words. Just how many people work for him. And how many people at his house constantly and you know he's got a guy that his job is to cut his meat before he eats. I mean it's just like there's there's nothing he has to himself it seems except via senator. Nba fighter is birthday. Party was so lavish it was. It was unbelievable. It was in a beautiful ballroom in a five star hotel. There was an attire table for foreign ambassadors. There were six hundred people there. The seven course menu there were entertainers. There was a philharmonic orchestra. There were these two game. Show style emcees. There were singers. There was manny singing. His wife saying it was it was so so over the top. The highlight of every Manny Pacquiao. Birthday party is the Raffle at the end where he gave away two cars. He gave away money. They were stacks of money on the table and he was giving them away like two thousand and three thousand dollars per raffle three days earlier. He was standing in his driveway. Giving out essentially twenty dollar bills to the poorest of the or it's fascinating do you think in the Philippines. His rags to riches story too great riches you describe it is part of what makes him so admired. Oh it definitely is and I. And I think that combination of that and his generosity toward toward the people that live there and the poor people even his harshest critics will tell you that his generosity is genuine that that is the truest part of his platform is the idea that instead of in some ways going through the government process of helping people that then he prefers to do an himself. He has a housing project outside of his hometown of General Santos City where he is given land that he owns and put homes on it and he goes to squatters camps. He randomly picks up people and says here. You know come with me. You're getting a new home. In such a poverty stricken country. His wealth does not seem to be criticized or or envied. It's it's okay because he made it and he made it through the power of his own discipline in his own hard work. He still one of them. He just happened to figure this whole thing out in a way that is almost unthinkable in terms of its awed. Tim It's twenty twenty. The next presidential election in the Philippines is in two years. How could this all play out for Manny? Timing seems to just works so perfectly. He'll be forty three years old. I mean the fact that he's boxed as well as he has to. This point almost feels like house money right. I mean you guys. Don't stay this good in their in their early forties. It all seems to line up. Pretty well the exit from boxing and the entrance into this presidential race. It seems like it could be pretty seamless and if that does happen if Manny Pacquiao is elected president of the Philippines. T- think he'll go down as the most powerful athlete in human history. I wrecked my brain for a comparison. I can't find one. This isn't a tiny country. This isn't a sort of figure head job. It's an important place in Scott. A LOT OF PEOPLE. It's not over a hundred million people he would go from this abject. Poverty is a youngster to president of this country just the trajectory is is is unthinkable and I think that it would make him by far the most powerful athlete. Thanks so much. Thank you mean. I presented coming up a Philadelphia. Mascot is in the headlines. Yet again now you can win two hundred fifty thousand dollar home renovation designed by the Scott brothers and at. At Smart Home Security System to enter just head to ADT DOT com slash past protection. And tell us what you want to protect. A beautiful home is great but a safer home is even better. Now's your opportunity to get both the winner and the winner is home will be featured in eighteen video with Scott brothers. No purchase necessary void where prohibited ends. March sixteenth must be eighteen or over and a homeowner as a February first two thousand twenty to learn more about the contest and read the official rules good. Adt Dot com slash pass protection? Here's another story. I want you to know right now. We're seeing how every Emma bt looks ahead of the upcoming season and while some organizations have made over at the roster's Philadelphia chose to revamp their conic mascot the philly fanatic. The team unveiled. Its new look on Sunday and while fans were of course prepared to be outraged because when as a classic ever been improved upon in sports there really wasn't much cause for backlash the new fanatic has feathers on its arms stars around its eyes alight. Blue Tail and blue socks with Red Shoes. It also has a bigger but perhaps inspired by gritty the Cross town on New who has set the mascot world on fire but for the most part. It wasn't a big deal or so I thought it turns out. The Look of the fanatic has been the subject of controversy for quite a while pitting the phillies against the creators of the original design for now claiming that this makeover is an attempt to deny them of their rights so fanatic was made by a company called Harrison Erickson last year the phillies sued them accusing them of forcing the team to renegotiate their original agreement for the fanatics rights which was something they negotiated back in. Nineteen eighty-four This Week. After the redesign was unveiled the company called it an affront to both their intellectual property rights and. Phillies fans everywhere. Now this is actually the second high-profile scandal involving Philadelphia Mascot in recent months the aforementioned gritty was accused of punching a thirteen year old kid in the back and was subsequently cleared by the local police. Which is a real sentence. I typed and just said out loud but this one is unlikely to be resolved as easily as we know in baseball wants. A star gets locked up. Long-term teams are loathed to let him run or in the case of fanatic wattle away. I mean it comes and this has been ESPN daily. I'll talk to you tomorrow.

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