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Switch to Joel checkup. J U L dot com slash sports. If you don't smoke don't start warning. This product contains nicotine nicotine is addictive chemical. Greg Cody Tuesday. Hey an morning, Greg. Good morning, Mike, Greg back. The long time. Miami Herald sports columnist an expert in south flor-. Sports and the situation for south Florida sports, appears to be pretty dire. Everyone is struggling it's been better. Everyone is struggling and the one team that we were supposed to count on pause up who we're talking about a thought, you know. No. But that's that's an extremely baby. How about those Bush cats yea Butch cats, certainly an exciting story, but the one team that everyone was sort of pointing to to sort of take that next seven be legitimately good team in a sea of bad and wagon. No, not the panel cans everywhere. The Miami hurricane and there's all sorts of. Anger surrounding the program right now, they've been the most disappointing. Right. They for rating. Oh, yeah. Like who's been the most support? I don't know, Greg. What do you? What do you think considering the expectations? I mean. Yeah. The expectations were tempered by the idea that last season didn't end will then with three straight losses. So you factor that in, but I agree that they've been the most disappointing to losses in a road of Jinyan BC unacceptable in you know, I think you can't help. But contrast Rix current struggles with to the north UCF is just absolutely sailing. Yeah. They had a great year last year. No hiccup. They cross leaves. No hiccups. Exactly. I mean, and that makes you you wonder because you're always gonna compare at phones should be on vibrate. I know you're always going to compare you against the state. I always used to be the big three with Florida and Florida's state. And now you have to add, you know, the knights of UCF. And it's not looking good as a comparison for Miami. Did I see was it Rozier or the team that's lost six out of eight against power five teams? I saw that stat. I'm not sure if it's in rose your starts or it's just we lost. I mean Perry baby Florida state, and that's our five team. And Rosia wasn't starting that game. They also be North Carolina which is power five team and Rozier was inserted in that game. Yeah. So it sounds right. Yeah. It sounds right. I thought we were past losing to Virginia and Boston College. The Boston College game was south both teams had an extra week to prepare. I thought Boston College did some different things Miami did the same exact things that they've been doing all season, which is milk toast. It's so predictable so predictable. And so many people are mad that Rozier is still starting. And I think it's been a little unfair. What Mark richt is getting because a lot of people seem to think that Mark richt is tethered to me grows year. When Mark Rick has been nothing, but honest when. When it comes to me Crozier, he was honest with Kaya too. So I would I would lay this out there for you. Rozier was not Mark Ricks recruit. Cozy Perry was Mark Ricks recruit. And cozy Perry came in as a highly touted recruit, I believe he was third in terms of dual threat quarterbacks. If anybody would be tendered tomorrow Rick would be Nicosea Perry. Why would he have this sort of blind loyalty to me Rozier, right? I pose you suggested more is going on here than just what you're seeing on the field which hasn't been great by any stretch of the imagination. There have to be some other issues that haven't been reported on publicly is he being punished for the thing that was reported on publicly for the the cash money in my lap video. That's what it's seems ever since. Then like seems like he's just gone back to Royal. I think what happens is the situation is Mark Rick doesn't have a quarterback he trusts. He didn't trust me Rozier, which is why he benched him for Perry. Perry pretty quickly demonstrated that maybe he's not ready to lead a team. And so he goes back to the safe choice, which is Maliki to Mike point though. I feel like if it if he really wanted to like like see what he's got he'd go with the young guy. Like there must be something going on like if they're both equal you go with the younger guy. Well, here's the thing. He's still trying somehow to miraculously get into the ACC championship game. He hasn't given up on this season. So I think he's going with the safe choice who he feels like gives him the lowest risk and the best chance to win. You know, in you know, coaches think I mean in his mind they're going to finish nine and three and get into the ACC title game. And he's probably not thinking like this. But then get beat by forty by Clemson again, and by the way, the Gulf between Miami and Clemson Miami Beach, Florida state by one point and we saw what Clemson did FSU. I mean, it's it's such a Gulf between the Clemson Florida state had one of those out golden, Clemson games, and the athletic director that hired Taggart took Oliver looks position in the college football playoff committee. So he might actually be in some legitimate trouble. As far as job security goes, which if you're in Miami fan, you wanna see Taggart there as long as possible, I know recruits. Well, but the results on the field. He's never done. Well, in terms of win laws even. South florida. They got really good after he left Oregon improving after he leaves. So you wanna see Willie Taggart there as long as possible? Would you still go to the championship game? If it's Miami Clemson. Yeah, potentially if. Got blown out by Clemson last year. And I had a wonderful time. Okay. In Charlotte being ACC championship is some sort of reward. And it helps at the Clemson fans are the nicest in college football. If they were jerks. I would not be if they were jerk fan base was actually going to blow the doors off of us. I would have zero interest in going. Let's talk about the Miami Heat last night things were actually going well over the weekend. Nice win over a good Portland. Trailblazers team. Really nice win. The offense seems to be clicking. Josh Richardson's taken some steps you who shall not be named as actually playing really well. And that's why last night was kind of confusing. I know the kings have been playing a little bit. Are they a good team? Or are they still the kings? They're they seem they've had some results on Shumpert plan really well for them. But he I'll yield. Willie collie Willie Cauley sign. Well, it was so confusing. I watching you get a career high thirty one points from Josh Richardson. I don't even know if he finished with that. I saw thirty one. So he had thirty one points a career-high. He shall not be named a monster game on the glass yet. Rebound something like something along those lines, four rebounds. Most by any guy in the NBA this why he shall not be named could not stop Willie. Call a sign on the other end. And it's just one of those head scratching losses at this team. As in them, it's been the same sort of team. They lost city Aaron FOX last year. So it's been the same sort of results in that tends to happen. When you try to out the very same team. It's it's very early to even sketch any sort of judgment on the heat exacerbated by the fact that I don't feel like we've seen the heat yet. You know, we James Johnson has to get back and be a presence. They really miss Ellington Henry's. Ellington was available. Hasn't been playing the last couple of games what's up with that? Jerry Jones junior stopped playing all of a sudden in the rotation was very odd last night. I heard the mentioned on on the local hour. And I thought says low made a good point the morning show the morning show here. This is a local. Yeah. My bet. There's too many guys to get minutes for right now. I think they have all the same guys. Yeah. It's like tunnel. Johnson is pretty useless at this point to be honest. There's just too many guys win Johnson is healthy again and telling useless rotational, pretty useless nineteen and a half million. God what a what a trade with a trade kicker, by the way a contract. They gave him a thank you very much Brooklyn nets. But continue to your point my point is I don't feel like I've seen the heat yet. I still think they're going to be what everybody thinks which is the the team that's four or five games over five hundred fighting for the seventh seed I feel like I feel like I've seen this team for two year. I I understand what he's saying. But I've seen the heat, and it's the same guys. They have. Have a bunch of guys. That's why they actually play well in the face of injury. They can afford James Johnson being out because Justice are just comes in. And he's just younger James Johnson. They have a lot of guys that do the same thing. They have a bunch of like seventy five video game. So one goes out you just coming eighties. Yeah. It was seventy eight sometimes you replace them with a seventy six not that big of a drop off. No stars. No. And it's weird. Because Dwayne obviously is still on the run. So but he's a shell. Well, whoa. He's plan. Okay by leeann. Yeah. Game home Orlan Ed game. I mean, the shooting has been there. He does look a little slower this season. I I will say, and I don't think he's back to maybe. That's just what he is. Do you think twain Wade's invested in getting in the same kind of crazy shape, or is this pretty much the Dwayne we're going to say farewell tour? It is a farewell tour in every sense. The thing to watch with weighed in these games is who is going to give his jersey to at the end of the game. Right last night. I was like he was that center court. There was a lot of. No, there's no one really on the kings. They like that's the guys to I didn't see I don't think he gave to anyone last night. I force it, right? Like Shumpert came up to him. And I was like he's not going to give it to Shumpert. And he of course, you could bet Shumpert in his mind is like I'd love this jersey. But I'm a mon- Shumpert. So I don't want to ask and get rejected. I mean, the kings are four and three they've won three in a row Iman Shumpert plan. Well, well, well, Wael maybe he is a free agent wail on data in them boys surprising outweigh you wanted to talk about expectations. And how the Miami hurricanes considering the? Expectations have fallen on their face irrefutable. But the Panthers in their own sport and their respective sport have fallen on their faces and they had pretty maybe equally high expectations. Yeah. Absolutely was supposed to be a playoff team to season. But again slow store slow to use where people saying that besides people in south, Florida. No people were saying it naturally. They will say that they were going to be a playoff team it made perfect sense. Didn't they set the record for points without making the playoffs? I think they're the only only the third team in history in NHL history to have over how many points they finished with these. So I think there were only the third team in history that had over ninety five points at miss out on the playoffs. They brought back their young core. They have these guys on cheap deals. I understand the injury Tila Longo, but this is the same sort of situation with the Miami Heat where you lose a seventy eight golden place them with a seventy six maybe and not to get the the slope into Finland this week. I mean to hurt going somewhere else. I mean, they've been bad everywhere. Yeah. I'm not so worried about the travel this is so they've gotten themselves in an early hole, if they could just also second periods, though, I feel like it'd been bad, you know, to leave. So they've gone themselves into this early hole and then inevitably January slash February. They'll go on a heater. Yeah. And that's heater will put them just five points out of the final playoff spot. And it's deja fricken wvu with this team again. Yeah, we got break this trid. We've done that. Once we made the playoffs. Hopefully, hopefully, soon they'll start to get this heater that you're talking. Well, no, no they made the playoffs when they started. Well, when that was when Yager was here, they have never, and they are amazing at this whenever they've gone on that midseason surge to be just five points out of the late last playoff spot. They have actually never gotten the spot that they're chasing. Right. They have done this dating back to the David booth days. They had done this for twelve straight years. Where they start slow, and there are these expectations that they'll actually make the playoffs because the previous year they did the exact same thing. And they just miss out on the playoffs. What is with this team? Are they cursed? This is the most consistent thing in sports that they're going to be five points out of the final playoff spot, and we're gonna get excited and oh they're just three points back now. And they got a couple of games in hand because they had this weird scheduled to start the season. And guess what it will end five points out of the final playoff spot. If I didn't if I actually cared. I'd be really upset about this. Oh, the top and a wildcard. But he lost a tiebreaker with ten games left. They're going to definitely have to win six of them or seven to get in. And another thing who likes the way that the playoffs are structured in the eastern west using once in a weight eastern Western Conference. What is this metropolitan division? I don't understand any of this. Greg look at Greg. I'm greg. Have you even cared to research, the new NHL playoff format? It's confusing as all hell. It is just like they're all star game changes formats every year. It's insane. But I will say this about the Panthers don't write him off yet. And here's why beyond the fact that it's early. I mean, right him on ROY see what you think about this comment there. I think five of their first eight games have have gone to either shoot out or overtime. That's right. They ain't getting blown up by five goals. I mean, there there a very you guys are having the same homecoming homecoming for barky homecoming for Joe hula, Mika are signs that the Panthers aren't close games. Yeah. Yeah. They're not a bad team. If we could just not play second period. Roy. Oy. Period. Yes. I think it only win some of these outs. It's this same conversation. We've had I interned there. When I was eighteen years old. They were having these guys it wasn't NHL lockout season. And yet they were still five points out of the final playoff spot. It's absurd that we do this with this team. At least we'll get one point nine the deal every time exactly the same exact point. So we I am I your counterpoint telegraphed with this team. It's the same thing with the hurricanes and the heat too, though. I mean, well who the same every time, you know, Billy the hurricanes made it to NEC championship game. By the way, we finally bucked the trend. I heard you say that you'd be happy. If they got there this year that is not what the attitude was going. No, no, we'd be lucky. No, no, no visiting Billy. This season's been incredibly disappointed for the Miami hurricanes. I thought that they make it to the ACC championship game. Maybe with one loss whether it was in that LSU game or some rain ACC loss. But I thought they would get back to the ACC championship game. Easily. And then this season was about seeing how much you could close the gap between Clemson and them understanding that Clemson is still probably a few years ahead. But this losing to that quarterback Perkins in Virginia who was somehow the worst quarterback on the field, and there were three bad ones. No, no. No. No. No. No. No. No. No, no this. This cannot stand. The gaps got a wider. Oh, yeah. Absolutely. I mean, come sin. They got the quarterback a true freshman Trevor Lawrence looks better than anything. We've had walked through here on shine. I mean, it's absurd Bill. You're actually right about this team ever. We are going to schedule early on. We were all like all win win win. You're like how many more loss? Do you think they're going to house stop? Let's not do. Well, here's here's the thing. All counting bowl games or no bogus. Well, you gotta count if they're playing a power five you gotta count that. They're losing the ball game. But I I actually is embarrassing say I had a feeling we didn't talk much canes over the last few weeks. But I was telling you have from a few. Two months the random ACC loss was coming primetime at Boston College. So my Princess of you, they're gonna lose. No, man. No remember going to saying that Iran is I found the random ACC loss. Boston college. I hear that game Virginia thing. Yeah. The Virginia thing knocked me on my on my Easter. I'll be honest it really deflated me. And it's no coincidence that we stopped talking Miami football pretty much after that who gets a better bowl game f I you or Miami. Well, clearly, what's the thing with that. Were they'll be bull eligible eligible. No, I understand they're still in the kind of conference that they have to be like Super Bowl eligible, right? Or did that things change when they made it to conference USA USA last year at a couple bowl teams still get in. I mean, unless they lose like the remaining games, they lose four shaking right in a local bowl because they don't travel right, but because of their conference if you're in the ACC in your bowl eligible, you're you're definitely going to a bowl, but they're still in that you have to get a bid. And accepted Serling Don. Thing is Butch cats thing of trying to make it a thing, which which cats one word capital, C Butch cats. That is not a real it is now bring it wouldn't tracking the domestic dust bunny. You come to find them hiding under wardrobes next to Las soaks due to scarring off what's ugly fascinating about the dust bunny is that although they are not actually essential creatures when they would not only saves people money, but also has a ninety seven percents customer satisfaction rating this obvious to them you should switch because Yesler. Switching to Geico is a no brainer. Ono is the dust on his own natural predator on the lung dust on his run along. Donlevatar? I was wearing these pants. They're like, I don't know if they're navy or if they're gray. And we like me and my wife were debating about it. You can't tell whether they're grey or navy. So I decided to call them gravy. Well. Good gravy. Stugatz. Also, you guys see Austin. Also, really, so so there's an also after that a you just tossing random thoughts and us that we can't do anything. Well, before he said to me life should have Disney buses, and then I quickly realized that life does have they're just called city buses with our show with the stugotz on the ticket. That's great Cody certain on the second or with a cough. How're you doing you? Okay. I'm good, by the way. I just heard that rejoin I wanted to bring my gravy pants today. But there in the wash because I warm over the weekend bringing them Wednesday. What color are they when they're wet just out of curiosity? I don't know probably more navy. I'm telling you that I looked at them yesterday and the dirty clothes toll gravy gravy pants there because you can't tell if they're very or navy. I'm telling you, and you think that's a weird that that that could never get mixed up. I'm telling you bring him in gravy. I wanna bring back that interview segment that you guys debuted last week, you never know with Greg Cody where he interviews weird occupations. So I'm gonna go ahead and clear the lines to do that real quick. I want to get into some Cain stuff. And I want to take this call from Jim. So let's go to Jim. I we'll go to canes give you guys time to load up the lines. Jim who do you look like? You know, I kind of look like a Brown hair. Orlando bloom. Oh, well, Orlando bloom is often Brown haired. So you look like Orlando bloom. Yeah. I always go with the Orlando bloom in Lord of the rings, though. So maybe that's my problem is that you walk around with a capon or something why and Lord of the rings. I don't know. Maybe it's just because I'm kind of a nerd, and I love that movie. All right. Go ahead. Okay. Thank you. Do. I think that we can all agree that Dan loves spotlight and he wants to shout from the mountaintops, right? We're always also looking for ways to expand the reach of this show and look for new vehicle to promote the people on it. I think we can also agree that Greg your master of all matters of the heart your father figure to Dan in a radio and TV giant when I mix all those things together. I come to one logical conclusion a reality show hosted by Greg Cody at guide, Dan and his Seon say through the wedding cleaning and climax at the nuptial, which is obviously officiated by Greg Cody. All right. So they're going, and they're they're at bed bath and beyond. They're looking at plates, and Greg cody's there with the camera crew is making sure that they're making the right decision of bringing everybody into that. Hey. Between they're deciding between beef and chicken, right? And they get into an argument. Great your dare to guide them in the in the immature in the in the in the early early relationship trying to get them to the point that they can come in grow into the great man that you are today. Maybe got a name for it. We can call it. I do in it. Greg, Cody, I doing it. I love it the keys in the name. You know, I love the idea, obviously because it centers around me. No. I think it's a fantastic idea. He mentioned them a father figure, Dan, I like to think of it as an older brother finger, but we don't want to nitpick on that. But no, I think it's a great idea they need guidance. You know, neither has been married before that I know of. And I mean, you are on that beam. You would know if Dan was previously married. That's also the elephant in the room with all this whole concept is they're not exactly pleased with Greg Cody at the moment. Well, I broke the news, and I'm happy. I did it broke a like a a bottle of celebratory champagne on the Bova ship. You know? So it's fantastic news that I broke about their upcoming naturals. You know, the the show that he proposed featuring me guiding Dan and Valerie through their nuptials. I think he mentioned that it's going to end with me actually, giving the valves and -ficiating. Yeah. I don't think it should end their honeymoon. I'm willing to be on the honeymoon to you know, help in the marital boudoir as needed. And so we're going to be an all service, friend and mentor baby baby. I really think there might be something to you officiating this wedding, Greg Liam, you really need to try to make that I think we should start a campaign today with Dan because I think he loves you enough that he'll let you do it. I think a lot of people in our audience would let you do their wedding. Well, I would I would do it. And here's a here's something that's in my craw. Christopher and I have mentioned this Christopher your of an age where a lot of your friends are getting married at cetera. So you can speak to this nowadays. You know, all you all you need is some mail order. Ticket. And all of a sudden, you're a clergyman qualified to officiate a wedding. I don't believe in that. I think it should be like a pastor Reverend a rabbi priest it should be someone legit. Not just a friend of yours who's a mail. Order thing lady that did my wedding. I was her first wedding. That's right. You don't like that? I would ban her nothing. Nothing personal, you know. Nothing nothing against her. She did fine. But you know, if I'm officiating a wedding, I'm going to wear a dress like a clergyman, and I'm going to do a fine job. We were talking during the break and be sure to call seven eight six four five six three seven if you have an occupation that Greg Cody would be fascinated by to return of Greg cody's. You never know never know we were talking about during the break if the Miami hurricanes were actually better because I sort of threw that out definitively, and you correctly pointed out, well, how like why they're worse when laws how do we know that they're better? I think they're better. They've got. A really good defensive unit. That's elite. I know they didn't play so great against Boston College. But all bad game. That was her first bad game of the year. These these athletes it started to show out a little bit. Last year have had another year of development. They've had a solid recruiting class. Even though they've been really hurt by the Amun Richards injury. They still have a great young receiving core. And maybe the offense is a little credit because arm Richards. I was somebody. They would they were counting on having that somebody that was projected to be first round draft pick all these receiver any had that terrible injury. That ended his career. Yeah. Now that's fair with with Oman Richards. You know, I'm looking at at at the UM scores this year and exclude savannah state and Toledo to a degree. Not toledo. You can even Toledo though, you know, forty they they beat North Carolina forty seven. So leeann Toledo's a team that puts up sixty regularly. I know I feel like they're better than North Carolina. I know I know that they're in the MAC, but and that seems like a cartoonish conference, but they have a solid often. You know, Miami has to reach a point though, where every game is not close the last two weeks. Obviously before that they beat Florida state by one they'd played three games in a row. The that were either losses or just, you know, just real nail biter so to speak, and and you know, big teams have easy Saturdays in Miami doesn't seem to against the no against power five the quarterback play has regressed since last year. And there was plenty of room for improvement. We thought Rozier on and I'm certainly guilty of pushing that narrative improved during the offseason because he was pretty spectacular for himself anyways in spring ball and fall camp, and they absolutely grass and on top of that they had an incredibly predictable offense. And I think what you've seen here recently. With the Miami hurricanes. I don't think it's a coincidence that their offense has mightily struggled against Virginia in Boston College because Virginia Boston College were both coming off extended weeks of preparation they were coming off their buys. They had an extra week to prepare for an offense that quite honestly is very predictable insanely predictable. And it drives me crazy. That Mark Rick sorta defends his play calling by saying these are played this. These are plays that have worked for thirty years. That's not exactly that you're not you're at the cutting edge of innovation in offense thirty years ago. Some of this stuff is so predictable. We know one Chuck raids going to get the hand off on a fullback dive. We know the tight end screens when it's working especially last year. You gotta go with seven straight times that everyone knows what they're getting with a Mark richt offense. And there's a lot of rightful claims for MS call step down from that position. In by the way. Miami was coming off a bye against Boston College. Well, teams were you know, I don't have never thought that that the offensive line under Rick has been anything special and Rick's guy who I think would prefer to pound the ball and run the ball if he had the proper offensive line working in sync. I I don't think throwing thirty passes as ever anything that he wants to do instinctively, but he just doesn't have the the offense of lend that's going to really pave the road. You know, you mentioned the offense blind. And I was actually surprised entering that Boston College game. According pro football, focus has gone into the college game as unit. They were ranking the Miami hurricanes the third best in the conference, which I assumed they were way worse. I think what's really happening on that. Offense of line is have you seen these rotations? If you go to a game they're rotating their offensive lineman in and out sometimes when they're going into a short yardage situation on key downs. They're bringing in new offense of Lyman. So there's very little continuity on that offensive line. I'm sure they're trying to find combinations at work. But at this point in the season, you'd hope that they had identified some. Sort of consistent line, and I get that their explanations for why the quarterback has struggled and why the offense of line is struggled. But ultimately in college football. It's the players at who's in charge of recruiting the players. It's a head coach the head coach in the NFL can blame the general manager can blame the front office for not having the right players and everybody can understand that. But in this case, if you don't have a solid offensive line or quarterback that you can trust three years into your time down here. That's that's an indictment on you. Mark richt. It's an indictment on you. Now a few weeks ago. There was tweets by you about Kohl's under fi. Like is there? Like, can I bring like is there any kind of hotseat going on here? I'm just asking. Oh, they absolutely need to run the table. We'll loss against an ace. Well, no, I think he his job is an offense Apponator is absolutely on the hot seat. How can it not his decision that this is someone above them? And they be like reports athletic director. He's a he's pushed back on that dating back to his as in Georgia. He's very defensive. When it comes to his play calling. I understand it in his defense. He says he's place. I've been working for thirty years that doesn't really sound like somebody that wants relinquish control. But something needs to be done. They are so vanilla on offense. It's infuriating, we come back with the return of Greg cody's, you'll never know in which he interviews random occupations. That's up next donlevatar. Hey, gravy vampire? I'll stop let so. Gravy vampires? Good, right. Stugatz. I don't even know what it means. Exactly. Like, what am I doing might just showing up while you're eating gravy? And I wait for you to consume it. And then I attacked your next could get the gravy as it goes down. They suck the gravy at a fable. Okay. But I wait. I just hang out at like golden corral waiting for people to put extra gravy like out of this extraordinarily niche, vampire work. This is our show with stugatz on the ticket. It's the shipping container. It's Greg Cody Tuesday before we get to you never know. Didn't do it today. Sorry to interrupt. You didn't do today like a trick or treating with you on a Tuesday or anything? Well, you know, it's not Wednesday. Spoiler. Sorry. But before we get to you never know where we were. Greg interviews people with interesting jobs, Greg you wrote a get rid of tannehill column, I wouldn't refer to it as get rid of ten. He'll calm. But I was I invite people go to Miami Herald dot com and read my latest column, or or you can follow me on Twitter, and I have a link to it what I wrote was that they have to move on from tannehill. And the time to do it is after this season because his salary cap hit triples next season to twenty six million unless they can really renegotiate that down. It just doesn't make any sense to continue in the ten a hill era. The problem is which I explained in my column is that this is a bad in your column and just give us your thoughts. Thank you disembodied voice. Come from almost sounded like lebatardshow, but but made more sense. Three reasons. Number one. It's a bad draft in two thousand and nine thousand nine quarterbacks. Number two, ten hill has very little trade value. The just are not a lot of teams that would consider him an upgrade the giants and Jaguars come to mind and those are both arguable. You know? And so the timing is not great to move on from tannehill. Although they need to. So that's a dilemma for what happened in the last four or five weeks because after week three he was like an above average quarterback. And now he's he hurt his shoulder against the raiders Homer. Father picked the dolphins and several games lost. And now has written that they need to get rid of tan well of of sort of in writing that increasingly for about seven years the thing about tannehill after three in those start is that it's always in the context of the entirety rear. He was playing. Well, splitting. Okay. He had eight touchdowns and five interceptions. Dan. Would you be open? Greg your wedding. I'm not sure I want him at the wedding all brothers first art show. He got so drunk that he knocked one of the paintings off the wall. That's true. Did you have to buy it? Did he damage it him by? That's fleming. Bought to your brother's paintings, by the way, Paul you're on. Hey, doing Greg always wanted to talk to you. And I'm I'm happy to be part of the local hour. This is actually my second radio appearance in in a in in the space of an hour. So I'm really pleased to be a part of the show talked to you. What was your first radio appearance, Paul? Oh, good question. Billy. I I was on a local radio station in Kingston New York to promote the museum and working at Maritime Museum. Wow. Are you a curator? I am not actually the education coordinator. So I do a a lot of scheduling for group tours as well as promoting educational opportunities museum. I feel like it'd be more interesting. If you with a curator, how's that great? Why'd you think education that is good as curation? It's it's more valuable. But perhaps not as interesting, you know, American Museum, if you're the curator, you know, your deep sea diving in is that what you said American Museum. I did. Yes. Yeah. And you know, so you're deep sea diving. You're you're looking at a mollusc encrusted Bill in carrying a few museums that interest me, but I would certainly agree with you. We do we do have a lot of that stuff. Available for people look at jail looking at it. It only has to half the battle in hype. And you still have to learn about it. And that's that's kind of my job is to teach. You what you're looking at explain why it's important. What what's the most interesting thing? You can teach us really quickly. That's a great question. The thing. I can teach. You is Henry Hudson would the ruined in North America. And probably died of starvation. Is that the Hudson river guy that is the Hudson river guy. You're never know that how he punctuated. Call paul. No, no. I like that that work. All right. Thanks. Speaking bad at this like just your unspeakably bad get off my air. Trip. You're on the local hour. Hey, good morning guys. I've got to travel pet peeve. I wanted to run by to see I'm either right or wrong in the some sit situations. Here's what I got cross country flight from Las Vegas back to North Carolina where I live. So we're talking to five hour flight, I use some of my travel miles upgrade to a nice cushy first class seen wrote to a and the people in that were there's a couple that were in two different seats and they wanted to sit together. So then what they do. They recruit the airline stewardess sit there and like pressure me into moving my seat into basically like one b which is a window seat. And I'm a tall guy. Six foot three. And I wanna get get up stretch my legs. That's why picked off feet, and I hate it. When people recruit the airline personnel to sit there with their arms crossed and like pressure you in a movie in my in the writer arming the wrong here what's going on. So we're both members of the couple window seats. One one one of the people was in. Yeah, they were both in like window seat. So I couldn't get an aisle seat. So I basically downgrading because the seats were basically at the bulk, and I hate being in like crow like one because then I can't put anything under my feet, like, my, you know, my backpack and much stuff. You gotta put it overhead super inconvenient. 'cause every time you want to get something you've got to stand up, and you know, keeps up out of the overhead. It's annoying. Well, the rule of thumb is this, and I'm an I'll man with a capital A and a capital limb I will change rose to accommodate someone else if I have an aisle if someone is asking to move from an aisle to a window or heaven forbid a middle seat. Forget about it. I actually have a story with Greg Cody in this when we when I was younger and a lady and her small child, she was separated from her small child and she asked my dad it was to give a middle seat. Right. You had an aisle seat. She asked you to sit. In the middle seat. So she could sit with her child, and you said, no, correct. How would that even work? Why would you move to a middle seat because then you wouldn't be they wouldn't be sitting next to each other? Well, it was a baby if I remember correctly, it was an infant. I think I was kinda I was polite to the woman. They'd split up. If you sit in the middle you split up the window in the end the aisle. Yeah. I don't I might have the details of the actual seat messed up, but hell is going. But I think the point is this the point is that you rejected a lady's requests, she had a child she was separated from that is definitely happened. He asked you to switch and said, no, I said, no politely. But I think what needs to be mentioned is that the woman was an out of uniform flight attendant. She was flying for free on the airlines dime and trying to impinge upon my space a woman changing low this summer, that's right as a paying customer, and so that ain't gonna fly she had a child. Well, you know, millions do. Child. I was just going to do that. Kevin welcome to the show, Greg. This guy's an interesting job. If you wanna ask him about his job in. It's what do you want to just about? Oh, sorry going. Yeah. Greg garbage garbagemen. Nice. That's and tests. Out here. Live in a dream as a kid. I always used to look at Trump's just like you watching the garbage gets compact. Right. And I'm out here. Living my dream the garbage, man. No. Are you the guy? Are you the waste management with the big great green truck? Oh, well, I'm not actually in Florida. I'm based out of New York. Okay. So it's a city job. Okay. In what happened years ago? I always phone. The the phrase garbage man was perfectly neutral, no insult at all meant or taken. And then all of a sudden, they became sanitation engineers, how do you identify patient worker Santa patient worker, and it doesn't really matter? Yeah. Because there's no insult and calling. You a government? What you do? Is. You recycle garbage. You put it in the back of the truck you pull a lever. Right. And it compacts it. How does that work? Yeah. Compact it. Yeah. We throw it in the back of the hopper, and we hit the levers wants a hoppers get full and everything gets compacted Inc. Hopper. And does New York City have the garbage bags or are. They the big bins. Well, it depends. If it's a big Bill in it has bags and we do residential help house. It's garbage bins. Do you ever? Are you ever concerned that what you're dumping into the back of the garbage truck may without your knowing it be a dismembered body? Now about that. But I picked up many of that animals raccoons and live rats jumping out on you. It's it's very hazardous Joe and do people ever applaud you in any way or offer you bottles of water as you're making your daily runs the night people off of water, but most people will get annoyed because the garbage Trump's block the street and people can't get that. So like public where public enemy number one. What's the most interesting thing you've found in someone's trash that you could say on radio? One time. We we took the TV back home like a someone threw out of old TV one of the big back TV's, and we get back to our garage, and clubbed it in and it soon as we plugged it in a million roaches. Just started crawling out of the though this does it work like that anything that's in the trash is now your property. You can take whatever you want. It's the city property as soon as it's on the street. It's considered the city's property, but I usually don't I'll try to take anything home. I don't I don't follow it. A the the rule. One man's trash is another man's graduate. No, come holiday time is it considered customary for people to leave a tip perhaps, you know, took a twenty dollar Bill in their tracks. Yeah. Not not many work because we can't take any tips. Really? But you could if I slipped you twenty million right roaches, wink, wink, Lewisham some a little weight. But now no city workers can take while. That's something. That's not fair is it. I guess not. But. Okay. Well, who's gonna tell on you like the driver? What do you ride on the back? Let you hang off the back of the truck. When I thought it you can hang at the back of the truck, but safety issues, they forbid it. Now, they took away to the steps in the back of the Trump. No, this is my dream. Shit on a truck. Gal of archery ride the back of the says. Yeah, is it a two men truck is at the driver. And then the guy in the back just said, they don't do the back anymore. What do you mean? The two men. It's the two men truck driver gets out and throw the trash co. It's not just one driver. I one guy load on a truck where where are you position on the truck? As well. We both. We both sit in Trump. Yeah. There's a driver's seat in the passenger seat. And then we pull up to a stop and in both people get out and throw trash house. How far away your stops? It seems like a huge waste of energy for you like just getting in and out of the truck over and over again, it's not that bad. If you do if you do a residential place house the house, you just stay out of a truck, and you just walk. Among among the sanitation workers. Do you guys ever gripe about the idea that, you know, the EMS workers the so-called first responders sorta get all the credit, whereas you guys are doing every bit as much a public service? Yeah, we are definitely a public service, but we're not considered first responders. But when it snows the New York City where in charge of snow removal, so police department by department EMS, they can't get around. We we quit a snow snow. I feel like you guys are next in line though. Like, if the EMS workers all of a sudden went on strike, I feel like if I called in saying, I have a heart attack that. Yeah. A garbage truck could very easily come pick me up and transport me to the local hospital hard out.

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