City halves its coronavirus case rate after month of mask policy


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The whistle matters show weeknights at nine eastern on MSNBC. Rachel has denied off, but be assured she will be back tomorrow, and it's a big show. There's a metric ton of stuff going on right now. In the news. The Supreme Court says justice. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is home in doing well? After a night in the hospital to treat an infection that's reassuring the twitter accounts of some of the world's most famous people posted patently scammy, sounding junk today as hackers broke into twitter. The implications of that are far from reassuring. We're GONNA. Have more on that story coming up in the hour, but just in this last hour the president has changed up the leadership on his presidential campaign. His current came package campaign manager is being demoted and being replaced with the current deputy campaign manager in other. News we have new polling on the presidential race. That I didn't see coming. We've got an interview with Senator Bernie Sanders as I said there is a lot going on, but we begin tonight with the story that has reshaped all of our lives and the time that the White House promised. We would nip this thing in the bud in fifteen days. were, announcing new guidelines for every American to follow over the next fifteen days. As we combat the virus, the guidelines are fifteen day trial. Guideline this guidance for the next fifteen days what you can do over the next fifteen days. To prevent the spread or fifteen days to stop the spread initiative and everybody in America does what we asked for the next fifteen days, we will see a dramatic difference. Much of what we're talking about is for the next fifteen days. Fifteen days to slow the pro spread that was in March I was four months ago. and. It was quite possibly the only time that this. White House has been united behind a single message about how to address what is now an out of control crisis. They made fifteen days to slow the spread powerpoint presentations. They made PSA's that ran online. They printed out the guidelines on paper to wave around task force briefings, and in TV interviews, despite the vigor with which White House officials shook those guidelines in the air. The spread was not slowed in fifteen days, and they did not stay committed to that single consistent message about how to address the corona virus. Ever since then, the administration's approach to the pandemic has felt more like a bar fight then a cogent policy over the past few days, the White House has rolled out a new strategy which involves publicly attacking an undercutting a key member of its own Corona Virus Task Force. Dr Anthony Fauci. The started with leaks to the press from anonymous White House staffers who were trying to tarnish Dr Fao Cheese reputation at the same time that he was speaking up about the seriousness of our current crisis, it continued today with one of the president's advisors, writing an op Ed under his own name, asserting the doctor she's medical. Advice is not to be trusted with new infections on a meteoric rise in this country. This is the new White House strategy to publicly embarrass a well respected medical expert with a reputation for truth, telling at the height of this crisis. Today after days of taking it on the Chin Doctor Fauci, speaking up, he told the Atlantic magazine that he finds the White House. Effort to discredit him bizarre. He called the attacks against him nonsense and completely wrong. He told the Atlantic quote when the White House staff, let's out something like this and the entire scientific press community. Push back on it. It ultimately hurts the president. Bracing as it is to see Dr Fauci having to defend himself like this. Maybe his decision to fight back means the white. House will back off. We can hope. Because the crisis, wearing right now would be hard enough to solve if everyone in the administration were on the same page. Let alone if they were not attacking their top medical expert. There simply is not the time to waste this disease forecasters at the University of Washington have revised their prediction for how many Americans will die from Corona virus now this is the very model that was once touted by the White House as the gold standard for mapping out the spread of the virus. Forecasters believed that by November. First Corona virus toll in this country will be just shy of a quarter million Americans. By Election Day. Just shy of a quarter million Americans that kind of prediction is of course disturbing to see, but in a way it's also the next step consequence of the out of control surgeon cases. That's ripping through the country right now. This week started off with Texas Florida and California crushing through new case records now it's Vata in Oklahoma. Today Nevada hit a new record high for the number of Cova patients hospitalized in the state. That is right on the heels of record number for new infections that Nevada set yesterday. Oklahoma reported a record number of new cases. Today was the first time the state has reported more than a thousand cases in a single day since the pandemic started. One of those cases by the way the governor himself. Oklahoma's Republican Governor Kevin Stint. Announce that he's tested positive for corona virus. The first American governor known to contract the virus. By the way is the same Oklahoma governor who just last week said he remains opposed to any kind of mask mandate in his State, and the governor notably has not changed his position on requiring masks in light of his diagnosis quite the contrary. He says that even though he just tested positive himself, he respects people's right not to wear a mask if they so choose. We're hearing that sort of thing from Republicans all over the country. The president's former White House doctor. Ronnie Jackson Remember Him who just won his primary last night in his bid for Congress has said today that wearing a mask is a quote personal choice. Scott Doctor. Wearing a mask is what most scientists agree is an incredibly effective tool to slow the spread of Corona virus. The president's own CDC director says if we had a national mask mandate the United States could get the pandemic quote under control in one or two months. We do it right. We might get this under control in one or two months and yet we are nowhere near that. In the absence of a national policy on masks, only half the states in the country plus DC require mask wearing in public, which is why some American businesses have taken it upon themselves to act where twenty five governors have not. Walmart Sam's Club best by Kroger. Kohl's big retailers with loads of stores from coast to coast are all requiring their customers to wear a mask inside their stores. No matter what state you're in regardless of whether there's a mask mandate in your state, which means if you shop at Walmart in Oklahoma. It does not matter that the Republican governor there thinks that is your personal right not to wear a mask and possibly spread the infection. If you, WANNA shop there. You need to mask up. Despite half the country, being allowed by their governors to roam around massless if they choose, there are signs that the tide may be changing in states that were slow to ask act on masks today. The governor of Alabama became the newest governor this new estate to announce a mask requirement. Republican governor Kay Ivey cited the surgeon case load in Alabama as the impetus behind the order. She told her constituents that she was not just asking them to wear masks, but quote pleading with the people of Alabama to wear a mask. There's no time like the present. Alabama hit a new record number of corona virus deaths today. It's second one in a row. There were more than seventeen hundred new cases in Alabama the tenth day in a row that new infections were greater than thousand. Only twelve percent of Alabama's ICU beds are now available. Thirty hospitals in the states have few or no ICU beds left. The governor of Alabama, says her states corona virus outbreak. is quote definitely trending in the wrong direction? Joining us now is a local. Alabama, official, who did not wait for the governor to pass a mask requirement? He instituted a local requirement of his own weeks ago in his corner of the state. I'm talking about the mayor of Montgomery Alabama. Steven Reid may or read good to see you. Thank you for being with us. Even in your state, you instituted this mask requirement in Montgomery I believe on June seventeenth and it's valid I believe for a month if it's not renewed, I don't know what's happened since then, but you did that because you're a city. Council failed to pass such a measure the night before. Absolutely and what we've seen since then has been our case. Growth rate cut in half, and so we've seen a positive statistics and data coming from our residents way amassing our businesses partnering with us to enforce that. Mask, ordinance I had the state level. We've seen the seven day rolling average of about five times what it was at this time in June so even though we're creasing statewide here Montgomery we're starting to see some better numbers because of the mass mandate that we pass by second border now. Our City Council has come back to. Put that into an ordinance, and so we're happy about that, and now with the governor coming online We're happy to have this going state wide, and we think it had been done maybe a little bit sooner. We'd be in a better position that we all right now. So you actually saw remarkable just to go back before June seventeenth, you had seen a remarkable acceleration. You did this and you are now seeing the fruits of it in a in a reduction in your seventy rolling average. Absolutely, and we see now. Hospitalizations go up every month a prior to this month at a at a clip that we just could not sustain and so since we decided to. Issue an executive order. We're at our lowest level month over month that we've been in terms of hospitalizations from covid nineteen than we've been a sense of. April, so we've seen some positive data. We just have to keep it going and make sure that we remind our residents that we have to stay vigilant. We have to be disciplined about this and we have to try to make something. Into a group effort. About me it is about those frontline workers it is about all the essential workers that are really helping. Economy continued throughout this pandemic and make sure that we're willing to put ourselves into somewhat, and I say somewhat of an position by wearing a mask because in the grand scheme, it's really not that major of an issue unless you have a pre existing condition which. Allows you to be excluded from the mandated mask ordinance that we have Right now? It's not that physically uncomfortable, but it is representative of businesses that want to open people who want to get back to work parents who are worried about their kids and what they're going to do at the end of school, so it becomes difficult to know when to press the gas pedal, or take your feet off of it a little bit, and that's the problem. Right? We do get complacent. We see these reductions in. In seven rolling averages in some parts of the country, including the part that I'm in, and you start to think it's OK guess what everybody starts going out there. Little careless about their masks, a little careless about their distancing and we. We see the numbers. COME BACK! How do you? You had a bit of a struggle getting this ordinance in place? How do you ensure that we don't pull it off too quickly? I think what we have to do is to make sure we say in front of the public, and we remind them that this is a marathon, not a sprint This is something that we're going to be dealing with for months on end. We can't arbitrarily say about Labor Day about Thanksgiving. This is going to be over. We don't know when it's going to be over, so we just had to do our heart and I think we continue. Continue to do that, not only here. Montgomery, but throughout the state in this country, then we'll see some of these strange, but on our hospital system I eat a little bit because we had to be mindful mopping about medical professionals, and those who are keeping a all of us safe and healthy whether or not, we have cove nineteen and we have another issue because you know a win that strain workforce is really going to be tapped beyond. Any level that we can imagine right now so while we have the data, we have the information from the experts. We have to do our part and take personal responsibility and make sure that we're doing things in a way that is really protective of not just our health, but the health of others. Mayor, thank you for joining us this evening. It's good to see you again. Montgomery Alabama Mayor Steven Reid may or read is not the only local official in the country to have pushed out his own mask policy ahead of leaders in the state, Florida has one of the fastest growing corona virus outbreaks in the entire country. Deaths are increasing. Hospitals are full. The situation is dire and yet Florida does not have a statewide mask. Mask requirement and just so like in Montgomery. Alabama local officials in Florida have been instituting their own local mask rules. Palm Beach County in Florida instituted its mask requirement in June, but there was something unique about this one. The mayor of Palm Beach County Dave Kerner announced that along with the new mandate. The county a county would be mailing face to anyone with a palm. Beach County addressed to cloth masks and to disposable ones. Kerner said quote. We WanNa make sure that every member of this community. No matter where you live has access to the personal protective equipment that is needed to keep yourself safe. Those masks will start to ship out to palm. Beach County residents this Friday joining us now is the mayor of Palm Beach County Florida Dave Kerner Mayor Kerner. Thank you for being with us. Obviously Palm Beach County. The issue wasn't. Probably people getting masks. There is obviously some message involved in the city, the municipality, actually sending the masks and saying please do your part where this. Well there is and it's not just the city where it county of one point five million people. It's very diverse county, very large county about two thousand square miles, and he felt that the most effective thing combat. A Rona virus obviously is wearing a mask till we passed the Hornets as unanimously seven, zero bipartisan, and of course we went one step further, which we think is very much warranted in this actually mailing four bass to every resident of county. What have you seen in the way of pushback? It's kind of amazing because we've seen these clips of county meetings city hall meetings Many of the Florida where people are out there in force, telling their elected officials that they have a right not to wear the mask. If you've been having you get much pushback in Palm, Beach County. We were all over the national news. We had quite a passionate contingent of. Anti massacres who believed that AIDS ineffective or be? We don't have the right as the government to impose requirement. We have been sued and we did. receive a lot of pushback has is notoriously very unique state politically. It goes either way in presidential elections. We have a Republican governor. There's also a very passionate group of a very conservative folks that live in Palm Beach County on that. Get their point to show up at the county commission meetings and fight every governmental action that we do. The. They've actually some of them. The anti massacres have filed a suit. On June thirtieth in which they the the Palm Beach Post reports, they say the Palm Beach, county has no authority actual or apparent to force medical treatments upon any individual in Palm Beach County including, but not limited to forcing people to wear medical devices such as facial coverings. A lawsuit states arguing that the only person who can who can order facial coverings. Is the State Surgeon General I? Do you think that's going to hold up in court calling wearing a mask medical treatment? Well. I'll confide in years. That I am. A lawyer have practiced A. Bit Of Constitutional Law in my time on not acting as a lawyer right now, but as the county mayor. We don't comment on litigation, but if I was wrong, I will still go to sleep tonight. Though we did the right thing, I can tell you it. The public health in this county and at the end of the day. That's job number one. Does that ultimately sway people. Because you'd think it would be right. You'd think that at some point you can leave your politics at the door and say hey. The masks in the social distancing seemed to work. The other. One isn't working particularly in Florida. Well. You know. I'd like to say that I'm rarely surprised in politics and government anymore you'll be police officer of for many years, and I always remember foot, chase or a car chase. You never had an officer in your ear yelling that urine idiot or that. Your mom is about teamwork. It's about help, and it's very basic concept that wearing a mask will help. Your neighbor will help. The business will help us move forward economically it'll save the public health and I've got to tell you. I'm pretty surprised at the reaction that we've seen from a very vocal minority of large I can tell you hear. Hear, county in the numbers are starting to bear this out. Are People are embracing the public health embracing wearing a bass? They're embracing using our economy effectively, but intelligently and keeping us all safe at the same time so I. Think there are a writer times ahead. Leadership comes from the top, and if it's not going to come from the federal government, it's GonNa come from our local county fairs and city mayors. You skipped a level there. Your state governor if he's not gonNA, come the president. I thought you were going to say that it should come from the governor. That's not happening in your state. Well, I'll tell you that. The governor and I have worked very well together and county I believe is in a very safe place right now. That doesn't mean we're GONNA take our foot off off gas. We have a lot of things that are going on to ensure the public health I. Don't know I'm not the governor. I do know that the governor provide a discount he with all the resources that we need and in the large counties like Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach we do have mandatory mass policies also Jacksonville which is known as Duval County. Area the state. Are there sixty seven counties? I don't want to substitute my judgment for our governor, I would rather that we'd be a team and that we use a scalpel is urgent scalpels here to find the right recipe for each community, but upon each county I can tell you there will not eat dago echoes by that we will not have a mass order for the public health, and we are a very large urban county. Mayor! Thank you for your time tonight. Appreciate talking to you Palm Beach County Mayor Dave Kerner as we mentioned at the top of the show. We do have this breaking news tonight about the trump campaign shaking up its leadership wave of new polling. Today might help explain why. 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Sign up today for a Norton three sixty with lifelock membership, and save twenty five percent or more of your first year by going to norton dot com slash meadow. That's Norton. Dot Com slash motto for Twenty Five Percent Off. Wagers to go to the moon and the other thing not because they are easy, but because they are hard. I'm Chuck Rosenberg on my podcast. The oath I speak with those who sacrificed for the common good who do things because they are hard this week. Former National Security Council official Fiona, Hill We. Can ourselves have a serious rational discussion about where we want the relationship with Russia to go, but we have to stop using Russia as part of our domestic politics. Join me for season, three of the oath and MSNBC podcast search for the oath wherever you're listening right now and please subscribe new episodes every Wednesday. We continue to follow the breaking news of a shakeup at the president's campaign team. The New York Times was first to report tonight that Donald Trump has demoted his twenty twenty campaign manager Brad Parcel, replacing him with his current deputy campaign manager Bill Stepien. Will stay on as a senior adviser for data and digital operations, which was his original job. As The Times notes, Parse cal quote suffered something of a mortal wound in the role three weeks ago when a much hype rally in Tulsa Oklahoma to Reboot, Mr Trump's campaign was sparsely attended end quote. The president later confirmed the personnel changes in a facebook post writing. I look forward to having a big in very important second wind together. This one should be a lot easier as our poll. Numbers are rising fast. That of course is patently untrue. Rather trump continues to hemorrhage support in the polls new polling tonight from NBC News in The Wall Street Journal show that the president's handling of the coronavirus pandemic continues to hurt him in a head to head matchup against Joe Biden Joe. Biden now leads the President by eleven points nationally up from a seven point gap in last month's poll, and for those of you out there who tend to national polling, the same poll shows Biden with a twelve point advantage in the eleven most tightly contested battleground states of Arizona Colorado Florida. Maine Michigan Minnesota, Nevada new, Hampshire North Carolina Pennsylvania and Wisconsin twelve points. Meanwhile, support for the president's handling of the coronavirus pandemic continues to plummet. The latest poll shows voters overwhelmingly disapprove of the president's handling of the virus, only thirty seven percent now approve of trump's virus response. That's a drop of six points since last month, and it's easy to see why trump continues to ignore the science and promote the wholesale reopening of the economy in the midst of the pandemic voters are not similarly inclined. Look at this. By a vote by more than two to one margin, voters say they'd rather vote for a candidate who focuses their efforts on controlling the spread of the virus, then one who focuses on reopening businesses. because. The voters are not stupid. They get it. Nearly, three quarters of all respondents say they always wear a mask while out in public. Here's something. The share of trump supporters who say they always wear? A mask also jumped fifteen points to over fifty percent. which is a small bit of positive news at a time when the headlines are focused on the explosion of new cases across the country and continuing shortages, when it comes to timely testing and PGA supplies, meanwhile, the health crisis continues to wreak havoc on the economy, leaving millions of workers without paychecks and without healthcare a new study this week found that from February to May, more than five million American workers lost their health insurance coverage as a result of jobs destroyed by the pandemic, a separate study projects this figure could rise to over ten million by the end of the year, and the bad economic news keeps on coming. Today American. Airlines announced it plans to lay off or furlough. Twenty five thousand of its employees in October that followed a similar notice from United Airlines to thirty six thousand staff a week ago. Both airlines say the need for cuts is due to a lack of demand, but also because the congressional stimulus package given to the airlines ends on October the first. The deadline facing many cash-strapped Americans will come even sooner. Extended unemployment benefits. The was passed by Congress are due to run out by the end of the month for more than thirty million Americans without further action by Congress, and while the White House and Republican leaders in Congress eager to provide new federal funding to schools provided they comply with the president's goal of reopening in the fall, the prospect of any further help to workers laid off through no fault of their own remains murky at best. Remains up in the air for the unemployed. It is also very bad for low wage workers who still have their jobs. A brand new study finds that minimum wage workers who have their jobs cannot afford a one bedroom rental in ninety five percent of US counties. A one bedroom rental. In Ninety five percent of US countries is country. Counties is inaccessible to minimum wage workers. All of these health and economic crises require policy solutions that appear to be sorely lacking in the Carter Administration. That, since dropping out of the Democratic race and endorsing Joe Biden in April Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has been working on solutions to some of these problems and last week, task forces convened by Biden, and Sanders unveiled the results of this collaboration. It's this one hundred ten page policy manual laying out their recommendations and priorities for addressing the economy, healthcare, climate, immigration, education, and criminal justice, joining me now to discuss this and other topics Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders Center. Good to see you. Thank you for joining us again I. I WanNa Talk to you about the success that. At the moment, it's early days but Joe. Biden seems to be having among some of those voters with whom you really connected people who felt that they had been cheated by the system and somehow believe Donald Trump's idea that he was going to help them out. He was going to make America great for them. It seems like people in rural counties. People in working counties are saying this isn't working. I'm choosing Biden. While there I think A. These people and most Americans have caught on to the fact that Donald. Trump is a total fraud. He is a hypocrite who says one thing, and he does something very very different. What we are seeing right now for example. And I think working families all over this country understand. Tens of millions of people have lost their job. If you've just indicated, millions of people have lost their health insurance, people struggling to put food on the table. People are deeply concerned by the millions about being evicted from their apartments and their homes, and yet in the midst of all of this in a rigged economy with massive income and wealth inequality. What's going on since the pandemic? The richest five hundred eighty four people in this country have seen almost six hundred billion dollar increase in their wealth Jeff bezos. Guy In the world, so you know you seventy billion dollar increase in their wealth so I think the American people catching on that we need a government and an economy that works for ordinary people, not just the wealthy and the powerful. I want to ask you about the four five point four million. Americans who have lost their health insurance in fact I want to quote you from New York. Times headline five point. Four million Americans have lost their health insurance between February and may stretch in which more adults became uninsured of job. Losses than have ever lost coverage in a single year, according to a new analysis by families USA that numbers estimated to go up to ten million dollars a ten million people in the next few months. We have lost ground in the effort to cover every American. Look Alley what it tells us what you and I are discussed on numerous occasions. That today we have a health care system. which is dysfunctional and in my view, extremely cruel. What this is! What's going on today tells us is you cannot continue to tie health care to your job. It should not be a job benefit. It should be a human right. We remain the only major country on earth that doesn't guarantee healthcare to all people as a right rather than just tying it to our job and I hope that out of this terrible painful lesson that so many people are experiencing at people understand we've got to do it. Every other major country on earth does go with a Medicare for all single payer system. We have to have the courage to take on the greed. And of the pharmaceutical industry charges the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs. So I would hope that out of this terrible terrible moment we move forward universal healthcare as a human right. So arguably? This had some degree of popular support, and then eight seemed to increase as the pandemic set in as people realize they saw these people including some of our frontline workers who didn't have healthcare, and then you add this five point, four million people who have lost their healthcare and the four point six million who will continue to lose their healthcare, so you would think that this would be that moment. Why is it not in your opinion? part of Joe Biden's a platform at this point. Well as you mentioned, we put together a number of task forces with the Biden campaign. One of them was on health camp. he, in fact moved of a whole lot many ray areas. He proposes to lower the eligibility age. For Medicare from sixty five down to sixty strong language on lowering prescription drug costs doubling funding for community health centers very important issue because we're very weak in terms of primary healthcare I'll. Let you ask Joe Biden that. As to why he is not a supporter of Medicare for all he is not. But to my mind what this moment is showing us? Is that the current system. Is. Not what the American people need. We should not be paying twice as much per capita, the healthcare's combat, any other country, and yet have one hundred million people, uninsured or underinsured. That's absurd. Centered I want to ask you a story. I'm going to read to you from the Washington Post about the about defense spending the Washington Post reports that after years of virtually reflexive bipartisan support for shoveling more money at the military progressives led by Senator Bernie. Sanders and others will push for a ten percent cut in the Pentagon's top line budget. The seventy four billion dollars in savings would instead be used for distressed communities vital needs. You've got some big name support in this. We do. Chuck Schumer has come on board. Chuckers, you know. Here's the Democratic leader in the Senate. We think and hope that his support will bring all the Democrats on. We have the senators from Oregon Wyden and Merkley the senators from Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey I'll so what we are trying to do here. Ali Is. Begin the process of transforming our national priorities. When so many people are hurting? When so many communities are suffering from extreme poverty housing crises, healthcare crises educational crises. We should not as a nation be spending more on the military than the next eleven nations combined. At a time when the? Pentagon is the only major agency government not to be able to fulfil an independent or where there is massive amounts of cost overruns waste fraud. Almost every major defense contractor has been found guilty of fraud. Pick billions in fines. You know what the time is now to change our priorities. We don't need no. We don't need more nuclear weapons. We don't need more fighter jets we do need. Need decent housing and healthcare and education for people so I hope that this amendment does well I hope that some of these Republicans who talk about how deeply concerned about the deficit understand that we should not be spending seven hundred and forty billion on the military hundred billion dollar increase, since trump has been price on it I hope they will join us and redirect priorities in America. Senator good to see you. Thank you for joining me. We appreciate that Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders Still. Ahead there is important and troubling new information about the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. We'll have that next. In Minneapolis. The Hennepin County District Court. Today released previously unseen body camera footage from two of the officers involved in the fatal arrest of George Floyd. I'M NOT GONNA. Show it to you. The footage was made available for viewing in-person and by appointment only, but it reportedly shows that officer Thomas Lane was the first to interact with Mr Floyd, and that he did not initially tell him why he was being investigated. It appears that Mr Floyd was distraught. Almost immediately after being encountered by police, he began crying about two minutes into officer lanes, body camera footage and appeared reluctant to exit his vehicle after being offered no explanation for the police investigation. Early on in the tape Mr Floyd was asked to show his hands when he did not do so we immediately officer lane pulled his gun, pointing at Mr Floyd, the officer later told investigators that he did so because George Floyd appeared to fumble around for something in his car. The Washington. Post Paints initial interactions between the two men in even greater detail, saying that officer lane with his gun drawn quote shouted at him to show his hands at least five times at one point, floyd appeared to begin sobbing, tapping his head on a steering wheel and holding up his hands. According to a transcript of the body camera footage Mr Floyd, said quote. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I didn't do nothing. What did I do? Though what did we do Mr Officer? After. George Floyd was handcuffed. He appeared to become more anxious telling the officers that he was claustrophobic. He pleaded with them not to put him in the back of a squad car. In the struggle that later ensued. The officers eventually pulled George Floyd down onto the pavement and held him there. From there the minute start to tick by with Mr, Floyd pinned to the ground officer Derek show WTN's need pressed into his neck. The Associated Press reports the officers sound clinical as time passes. I think he's passing out. One officer says. You guys all right though someone asks. Yeah good so far says one. Another apparently lane says my knee might be a little scratched, but I'll survive. Eventually one of the officers checks for Mr Floyd's pulse, saying that he can't find one officer show Van continues to restrain George. Floyd with his neon his neck until after paramedics arrive. With the release of today's videos, we now know that officer show had his neon George Floyd's neck for close to nine and a half minutes, even longer than previously thought. But another one of the more startling pieces of information that we learned today has to do with the medical attention George. Floyd received after EMT's arrived on the scene, according to a reporter for the Minneapolis Star, tribune quote about nineteen minutes and forty seconds in lanes video, a paramedic arrived and took floyd's pulse at the neck. The paramedic walked away without essential sense of urgency. The Associated Press reports that lanes. Camera shows him following an unresponsive floyd on a stretcher into an ambulance where EMT's instructed him to perform CPR the video shows lane, performing constant chest compressions by hand with no visible results. The ambulance parks a few blocks away from the store for several minutes while Lane, and the MTV's work on floyd rather than heading straight to the hospital, even though they all know at that point that floyd is in full cardiac arrest as independent indicated by the dispatcher audio. A spokesman for the hospital that provided the ambulance told the AP. She couldn't talk about. George George Floyd's treatment because of medical privacy restrictions, but she said that it is not unusual for paramedics to load a patient onto an ambulance and moved to a more secure location as they provide lifesaving care. This has been an absolutely heartbreaking and horrifying story from the onset. And unfortunately, each new piece of evidence each new, development. Makes it even harder to bear. Barack Obama is the former president of the United States. That's the highest office. Anyone can hold in this country, but he also has another distinction. He's also the most followed twitter account on the entire Internet with over one hundred and twenty million followers worldwide, which is why it was more than just odd when today Barack, Obama tweeted this I'm giving back due to Cova nineteen all. All bitcoin said to my address will be sent back doubled. If you send a thousand dollars, I will send back two thousand dollars. Obviously, the former president did not actually send that spam message. His twitter account was hacked, but it wasn't just Barack Obama the twitter accounts of Joe Biden Elon Musk Kanye, west and Bill Gates. All sent similar messages after their accounts were compromised. What can only be described as a massive hack on the entire social media platform twitter responded by locking the accounts of all verified users, the ones with the blue checkmark. It's a category that includes most journalists, politicians and celebrities keep in mind. This is the website that the current president of the United States uses regularly the out policy decrees to fire his own top aides or lash out at foreign leaders of nuclear armed countries and. And this hack today's not just some phishing scam that happened because someone clicked a bad lincoln suspicious email. This level of access to protected social media accounts could only be pulled off with access to twitter's internal systems. So imagine if someone thinks something like this were to happen just before modern own. Let's say a presidential election only instead of trying to scam. People into sending them bitcoin is about deciding the fate of American democracy. Joining me now, my good friend Ben Collins. He's NBC News report and he's the first person I turn to for stories like this. Ben you've had a few hours to digest this and talk to people. What does the scope of the access to these particular hope? High profile accounts in this hack tell you. It tells me that this could have been really dangerous day. Not just for Democracy for the world You know we don't really fully understand what happened yet. Neither is twitter. Really They took some steps. They banned verified twitter accounts from tweeting in the interim, but we don't know if they the people who have this had access to people's private direct messages if they did that that's national security issue frankly. And they could have posted anything. Thankfully, I think we got lucky so far. You know they just wanted people's bitcoin. They wanted to make a quick buck if they wanted more than that. If they wanted to create, chaos wanted to really destabilize the world. They really could have done it today. We got a twitter message from Jack Dorsey saying they're working on it. They're going to give us more information. When they get it, but really the latter question what you just said is the more serious matter does seem that some money was set to these bitcoin accounts. I'm kind of fascinated that anyone set money to these accounts, but they sorta shut down the operation fairly soon I still don't have my twitter account back, but the bigger consequence here is. How does twitter move forward on the understanding that it can be hacked like this? You really you can't right now. They're gonNA fix this thing I. I was shocked. The website stayed up for this mom. Kanye West. Twitter Account Elon Musk all these people who are influencers in these spaces and people who use bitcoin you know. They were able to get some dukes over one hundred thousand dollars in the first couple of hours. That's the scary thing in. We don't really understand what happened. There are guesses out there by people who work in dark web spaces who? Go and buy the House that maybe there was some access to the a admin console, which is basically the the entirety of the back end of twitter, which allows you to tweet from any account on twitter in like you said you know we have a president that will tweak things in the middle of the night that you can cause some panic these people could have done an incredible amount of harm, and maybe they still can. We don't really full full yet. We're just lucky. This didn't happen on November first November second. In and how now all they want somebody. I'd say about one hundred thousand dollars may have been said I get fascinated that someone would find a bitcoin account on twitter and send the money. Because someone asked them to send the money instead they'd send twice as much. Back I I I I don't think most people do that, but there's a connection to the winkle. VOSS brothers here and the and the site that was used to collect the bitcoin. What is that? One of the first accounts hacked to. They, said long this to the wall. Basically, it's a bitcoin wallet. And they can shutdown basically the transaction so these people didn't even collect that much money. It's weird that Frank. That's the weird part about this to me. Is that these people S- probably spent a lot of money for this, and they probably took a lot of time to figure out who they were going to target and how they're going to do it. In be, there was shut this down. Some of these tweets through on must account for a long time maybe an hour. So that's the weird part to me is a it looks like it's not. It wasn't fully thought out, or maybe it was both open. It wasn't that well engineered in I I. Don't know it's it's not fully there yet and it right now. It looks like we're really lucky, but we don't know that yet. And I know they're already been calls. I know Senator Josh Holly of a Missouri is on top of this. He He's calling for something he's calling for. Jack Dorsey of twitter to come before Congress. Yes so, Josh Holly, who has been a thorn in the side of social media companies from the right for a while now you know has a really good reason now to say hey, is this really? Is this a safe website? I think it's a real question to ask at this point. because. If you know the prevailing notion right now, is that somebody at twitter was hacked, and had those credentials spread around to the dark web that were either later sold used by that person. If that's the case, that's not enough security for website used by president at states to make policy just simply isn't so you know that there are many issues at play there, but the end of the day that website has to be more buttoned up security. Could you see my friend now? You've got work to do to get to the bottom of the story. Ben Collins NBC News Reporter Thank You for joining US tonight, and why would have been on the air tonight? Another use that he has voted for a mask ordinance, trying to stop the spread of Corona virus. This one is the city council in Tulsa Oklahoma voting for masks by a vote of seventy two. The head of tells schools told the council. We need to get. This trajectory turned around. We want to be back in school. We would need to be back in school. Our children need to be back in school. Their families need them to be back in school. And our teachers want to see them back in school, and with that the city council voted to pass a mask ordinance. That's news tonight out of Tulsa Oklahoma, we'll be right back. The Big Hack today was not the fun part of twitter for an example of that consider the account of Donald Trump's niece, which sat unused for nearly two years. Here's the latest thing or the last thing that Mary trump tweeted. It was August of two thousand eighteen. It's one of those pictures that you have to stare at for a while to find the hidden cat spoiler alert I'm not going to show you. I am going to show you where the cat is, so cover your eyes. If you don't actually want to know three to one. Here's the Katy cat there. It is all right. You can open your eyes. Eyes now on Monday, a judge ruled that Mary trump. Can publisher tell all memoir about her? Dysfunctional family called too much and never enough how my family created the world's most dangerous man meeting her uncle, the president of the United States, and after the judge ruled that Mary Trump can talk about her book, and therefore her fear that her uncle might somehow become a two-term President, Mary trump started tweeting again her first tweet, some subtle shaded or uncle's administration quote. Happy Infrastructure Week followed by one yesterday for Steve Day vive, La Stalls and today, a picture of a can of black beans, most definitely a non Goya can. So the Mary Trump unleashed era has begun in earnest. Her book is out and she is allowed to talk and tomorrow night. She will do just that right here on this show with Rachel motto. You will not want to miss that conversation. That does it for US tonight. We will see you again tomorrow. With Rachel the Madame Show weeknights at nine eastern on, MSNBC. Hey everyone, it's mainly. MSNBC correspondent and host of the podcast into America is mid July, and it already feels like it's been a long hot summer with folks all around the country calling for overdue change. We're seeing this energy. Play out in the racist for elected office. Take Jamaal moment, a former middle school principal who claimed victory over sixteen term incumbent Eliot Engel in the race for New York Sixteenth Congressional district absentee. Absentee ballots are still being counted, but I talk with Bowman about why he decided to take on one of the most powerful Democrats in Congress, and I'm going into the hard Philadelphia to catch up with district attorney. Larry Crasner crasner ran on a platform perform three years ago, but his job today is tougher than ever as the city faces the pandemic, a spike in violence and the ongoing ravages of the OPIOID crisis. And with all this news, you have to be able to take a step back and just laugh. Demon young is a writer, a friend of mine who's been reflecting on how conversations about race inequality can be? Exhausting Q. Guy, just dismiss cream on a hot summer day without talking about this stuff. I hope you'll join us for these conversations. New episodes drop every Monday Wednesday and Thursday search for into America wherever you're listening right now and subscribe.

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