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Dear Bobcat Ep. 14: Your journey has just begun


Welcome to deer bobcat the podcast series of ohio today radio where we ask ohio university alumni to write a letter to their freshman selves and read it live on stage or in the two thousand nine graduate floral russell's relationship with ohio has had its ups and downs in her letter. She shares what she's learned from her journey away from athens and what brought her back she read her letter live on stage at the athena cinema. This spring deere bob cat. Are you in for quite a journey as the first kid slash family member in your family to actually go away and attend classes on campus and live. You've got something comment as a theatre management. Major working at memorial auditorium was quite possibly the best decision that you'll make and you'll have lots of crazy stories by working behind the scenes. Maybe i've pointed little wayne in the direction of certain the things that will make him happy so we'll continue to perform. Maybe you'll end up having to take a state van to go to lucky east by all the old man liquor that you can for travis trip and you'll also have to figure out how to bite your tongue when bobby mcferrin is around and not say don't don't worry be happy you'll also years later wonder why we were fortunate enough to be alone and a green room with bill cosby and not end up on the cover of time magazine but you survived and you networked and you ended up with an internship on broadway with richard frankel productions as the company management intern of stomp which is still up and running one of the most successful theater productions in new york city in the world built on about thirty forty thousand dollar budget which is like nothing because it's garbage cans and junk so you'll we'll do that one somewhere in new york and his off some people at the school of theatre because you're getting a paid internship instead of free internship at monoploy yeah that two hundred and fifty dollars got me real far after taxes in new york city. I've made some contacts in pittsburgh that have been very influential and moving back to new york city. You're not gonna believe this bob cat. It's someone who's in film who you were actually interviewing with ringling brothers and it was either new york city or the circus new thought for certain like how did i get here. What's going on well. Bob cat your life. Take some interesting turns on the circus turns you down which is kind of a disappointment because don't you run wayne. Join the circus. When you run out of funds you the hell. You're doing so again bob cat. You're going to do something else just as crazy as attending college the first in your family gotta yada yada and you're gonna move to new york city with two hundred dollars in your savings account your bob cat degree and some connections you end up not working at theatre somehow symbol into a job at n._b._c. universal working for oxygen bravo u._s._a. And sci-fi dealing with contracts with the real housewives of whatever city you're sitting outside brandy. Not brandy of andy cohen's office dealing with that crazy. Comcast merger happens you lose. Is your job and you freak out because you're thinking oh i think he realized now saw gonna work out. I'm bob gap and you we use some of your connections that may or may not be bob cat most likely ohio ends and you end up with their job a charter communications which was formerly time warner cable. Oh and you decide hey. I have more free time now to actually get active alumni network and you think back but how bitter you were that the school fine fine arts gave you so much shit back in the day when you had your paid internship that you felt like paying it back even further so you decided to get involved in really the getting involved with your alumni network and then you become really really happy and proud that you're bob cat instead of being bitter bob cat so bob cat. You'll make it through it. Trust me you'll end up back in athens ten years later and wonder oh my goodness. I can't even believe i made it out laurel. Oh thank you for sharing your letter. I wanna ask you what was that experience like getting on stage and then sharing those thoughts to your freshman self it was interesting it was it was really nice to reflect back on a time that i had a lot of ups and downs and it just brought me back to like all of the moments it's not. We're actually positive and have gotten me where i am today. As the adult that i am all your time working at memorial auditorium sounds like it was was filled with a lot of those interesting experiences. <hes> did that job make you more or less interested in the field more interested in on the field definitely more interested <hes> well with each with each either concert or guest speaker. I got more understanding ending of what the entertainment industry actually entails <hes> and it's not an easy industry to actually work in <hes> it's pretty much dealing with personalities and egos house and talent <hes> they're artists of all different types and artists. They're tied to their work personally so <hes> each event that we completed and that was successful astle. I just built it up. This confidence that i had that i didn't have before actually entered ohio university going back to some of those ups and downs. You've talked about not having the greatest relationship with the university well in school and maybe a few years after you left but you eventually found yourself now. Well you know getting involved with your local chapter and returning to athens. What do you attribute to that shift. <hes> it was actually other oh you alumni but <hes> really encouraged me to think back at the time in athens and that he did have positive i mean i definitely did have positive influences of the school's theater here but i don't feel as if i was as encouraged as i was at memorial auditorium <hes> but when i did end up working the funny bone and the two owners one graduated waited from oh you and the other one regretted not graduating from o._u. It it was interesting to see. They cared about me and the only real bond. Was this university awesome well. Is there anything else anything else. You left out or would want to say <hes> no. I think deer bobcat. I feel like more people should do it. It's like a really good personal reflection <hes> and and actually made me love. Oh you even more <hes> and it was really really ought to get to do it at the f._b._i. With other oh you volunteers so i i'm glad i did it. I would strongly encourage others to do it as well today. Laurel is of course back in new york city and works as an executive assistant to the vice president of sales for spectrum business thinking about what you'd say to your freshman sell. This is your chance. Send send your deer bobcat letter to deer bobcat at ohio dot e._d._u. Or better yet recorded by calling seven four zero five nine seven one thousand you can also visit ohio today dot org slash up cat for more episodes of the show and more details on submitting your home letter here. Bob cat is produced by ohio today radio and recorded at w._b._z. studios in athens <music>.

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