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Jobs in the New Economy


Welcome to future state. I'm your host dick Clark. This is a podcast about our future. Our future as a nation as a democracy as a people. In this period. Before the November elections will be talking to the real experts about some of the issues voters should be thinking about should be talking about before we vote and one of those issues is the future of work. We have very low unemployment right now, but we have a threat looming in the near future of artificial intelligence and robotics, replacing human beings in a lot of jobs with machines, and automated, we're going to talk to the man who is the seventy second governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia Terry McAuliffe, a man who made his number one priority as governor getting jobs for the Commonwealth of Virginia. Governor welcome to future state. Thank you. You have talked a lot this year about going around the country. And helping Democrats get elected. He's talked a lot about the future of work and the quality of jobs, not just the number of jobs, and yet when you look at the statistics, we have never had such good employment. The unemployment level is the best in forty five years. Why do you think the future of work is an issue when the numbers are so good now while you talk about this. Well, there's a big different train the unemployment rate and underemployed or those individuals in this country today who are working two or three jobs just to get by. I think if you go across the spectrum of America, there are so many people you I think that young woman who's SEI you worker whose clean bedpans go into three different homes day getting on and off buses all single and still can't provide for her family. That's the problem we have in this country today. So when I was governor for Julia. You know, when I became governor. We invent hit hard by sequestration we had become way over reliant on the federal government defense spending. And I said we have to build a new vibrant economy. And when I talk about jobs for me Richards, always good high paying jobs because too many people in America today are in jobs that are dead end jobs form, they don't wanna be in those jobs. They can't provide for their family. They're just not making enough money. So I sat upon a course to redesign our county I made Virginia number one St. America for cyber security number one state in America for data data analytics data companies and the number one state for unmanned aerial systems. Why these are all twenty-first-century disruptive new academies that will have provide jobs for years and years. So they're additive jobs in there, and they're well paying jobs, right? You can have a job today, but richer, they are not providing for their family. Their life is not in good shape. You know, they spent everything they have just to get by every single day. There's no leisure-time form. They can't afford a vacation. They can't give their kids the quality education they want. So I never really look at the unemployment rate. I look at how Americans are in the workforce and how they're providing for their own families when I left office in Virginia I had about forty five thousand jobs that we create in the cyber security space starting pay was eighty eight thousand dollars in all you need is a two year degree community colleges. You know, the four year college our education system Richard was built for the industrial revolution. It's over. And you started cybersecurity training in the community colleges and federal two ish in grants and all of that at the community college level, but in my fear when I look at this unemployment number now and everybody says, oh, it's great my fear is. Yeah, the economy is doing well because it's on crack at the tax cuts, and particularly the way they they went basically to help the rich and and and corporations that that then did stock buybacks. Instead of investment the economy is kind of sugar high and when you're on a high you crash, I worry about is. When this economy crashes, it's going to be around the same time as we get things like cars that really can dry themselves and long haul trucks that can really drive themselves. And I'm told the number one job is for twenty five to sixty five year old white males driver, the number one job for twenty two in this country. Yes, sir is driving. So what happens when we get automated cars, which we're going to you can't done. Yeah. And I'm not sure we should stop couldn't stop it. Even if we wanted to. But that's right. But so what happens to all those guys there couple things in what you said in the employment rate, but. You're right. And it was the tax cuts, but those tax cuts Richard have done nothing for working families on this. It has solely gone to the wealthiest corporations. They were supposed to use it for bonuses and pay raise. They all all of it went to stock by the supposed to go into investment and building new facilities. Are none of that happened? So it's going to crash I think most people I talked to the economy because of this tax cut, you know, the enough money injecting the system to take us probably through twenty twenty another two years of it. But we're not doing in this country as I say is building for the future economy. That's why Virginia, you know, when we start teaching cyber security now, I changed our whole education system kindergarten. We start doing cognitive thought process critical reasoning get rid of bunch of standardized tests. I put a billion dollars to redesign it. We now have dollars for primary educate twelve to redesign our entire education. It doesn't work in America. You know, I've been. A lot of businesses. I used to have a big home building company built six thousand homes. You know, if I had a lot of things can go wrong, as you know, when you're building a home in sinks to or remodeling. And think of taking it from the ground up. You know, I didn't care anyone who worked for me what they got on their SAT. Yeah. But if a problem happened did that person have the cognitive thought process to figure it out in solve the problem problem solving. Street smarts. I called in. So in Virginia we start teaching street smarts beginning in kindergarten cognitive thought process critical reasoning quit teaching kids how to take a test. But you had you had kind of Virginia's huge people don't realize that takes eight hours to drive from on corner to the eight and a half million people, and it's kind of two or three states, and you got northern Virginia, which is a high tech. Corridor. And then you got way down almost into Kentucky. You've got part of Virginia that's up allot you and has had terrible on the placement. And and what I was struck by down. There is there's no jobs and yet they don't want to leave. And it used to be when you didn't have a job, you know, the the the the Oki's from Oklahoma all went to California people would move across the country together job. And yet there are lot of people particularly in in the apple each in region. The just love their home and their family connections. And they don't want to move to get a job. How do we how do we help them? And you can't blame them. I means of beautiful part of the country. They have the family relationships that got their buddies. I get it when people don't wanna live. So what I viewed as governors? We gotta take the jobs to them. And we had a great app to brought in about twelve hundred new business enterprises while as governor twenty billion of new capital, I took the unemployment rate in every rural county in Virginia down by at least half. We create a lot of new jobs, and I really worked hard for you know, because we lost Virginia coal textile furniture in tobacco as happy. For last forty years ago. Those were the foreign industries that were Virginia. That's right. And almost all gone. Yeah. And yet you got the unemployment down the centrally nothing before you before you left, and you were able to do distance jobs, and you're able to do foreign investment in these rural location. So. How do you get somebody in Japan or Germany to come and invest in the United States? I most important. I was the most traveled governor in America. No surprise. I went to thirty five trade mint trips and four years to five continents. There is nothing like, and I did it in Japan. I drive two hours outside of Tokyo Koto welding facility out there, this rundown olfactory, but they wanted to get into the US market as governor I would show up, and I would get those deals, and as I say, I brought twenty billion of new capital in to the KOMO that was about seven billion more than any governor. And I really worked hard to take him to the rural communities because first of all Richard hard working folks, they show up for work every single day, and they're great workers. So the manufacturing we created fifty thousand solar jobs during my four years as governor renewable energy is a huge space. You gotta take broadband all these communities, and we worked hard to really make sure all. Our rural communities have access to the web because you can't communicate. You can't worm again, educate can't educate. You can't sell camp by let's talk about this. You've been to how many countries on trade missions. I went thirty five trade missions to probably eighty countries, so eighty countries and now we throwing tariffs on on all these imports into the United States on. They're throwing tariffs on us. So we have farmers in the United States who used to make a lot of money selling soybeans to China. And now the tariffs Chinese imposed in retaliation, the Terrassa so high they can't sell the soybeans. That's right. So Trump is paying of the US treasury paying the soybean farmers who used to be making real money. And now they're on the government dole. And the way I look at it China buys, our our our bonds other people do around the world to that's. But basically we've got China in a buying our bonds. So that the US government can go into debt to China. So that our farmers don't sell them soy beans. It's nuts beyond you know. This is some and as I say, I think in my forty years, I've probably been doing business travel to probably close to eighty countries that's a lot. How many we got one hundred and how many countries we come close to two hundred. Yeah. So I've been this is up. My I've done business all over the world. But as governor my goodness gracious. I went all over traveling, and we need open markets for us to compete. We sell soybeans in Virginia. We sell poultry, I got to chicken ban lifted. I went to the embassador from China to the US banned all chicken in China. I got him to lift it for Virginia. Percy brought the first cargo ship over to China and beautiful little chicken. And in front of C C TV in front of hundreds of millions. I ate that chicken. Beautiful dayglo sauce. But in this is what bothers me about Trump. I I think he's really clueless about trade by thinks the trade deficits problem, which is not you know, obvious to me. He doesn't understand any of us kept saying we have a surplus with candidate kept talking about the deficit that we have with Canada we've a surplus for him. It's all the game. But it's not a game. I can tell you for governors know, unlike members of the house and Senate we have to create jobs every single day trade is a big big piece of our business billions of dollars. And I personally would take Virginia's calling card. All we ask for is fair ability fair trade agreements is supported President Obama on TPP that was an agreement with these eleven countries relative explain TPP for people Trans-Pacific Partnership business with seven countries Asian countries. Basically, it was to deal with where the banking relationships are done to deal with a lot of the high tech issues that we have to deal with in this country that we you know, the. Evolution of the high tech. It was an agreement that really favored America. It was a great agreement because the Kurt's concern is in we kept China out. If we don't do this in China will take over. So guess what happened Trump pulls out a t p p erupted up ripped it on day one. And guess what happened then Chinese to their own every country all eleven countries have now done a one off agreement with China, and guess who's out the United States of America. And sixty two percent of my trade Virginia went to those eleven countries. This is a here you are on the east coast and sixty two percent of your trade went to Asia. And the Chinese are logging up that market, and we had the deal. Yeah. And more importantly, they now control the banking relationships. Yeah. They control the money flow, which we were going to stop with TPP. But people made it a political issue. I think most of the people many people on the hill. I don't think understood the whole dynamics of it. But I can tell you this governors get it, we, you know, we don't have deficits richer. Governors. Don't have deficits we announced budget. We gotta create jobs the filibuster. So you're governor for four years. You're the only state in the country that limits you the four years how many how many of your budget? She had four budgets. How many of them were balanced everyone of them? And when I'm very proud of is when I became governor. You know, you inherit the budget from your predecessor. Yeah, they left me a two point four billion dollar deficit, which I got fixed. And I'm very proud that I left so much money in my outgoing budget. There's money for everything I want to come back to the trans-pacific trade deal because you know, a lot of union Democrats have a problem with with trade deals, and they think, you know, it's it's bad for labor. Oversee Hans it's bad for the environment. We don't have enough tough conditions in these deals. I thought the Obama administration solve all those problems in the TPP agreement. They they had good deals for union workers. Good deal for labor standards. They had good deals for environmental pollution considerations. What was wrong with the deal Ableson before? I listen, I spent a lot of time with this. I spent time talking to the president himself about this vice president Biden ambassador from I spent a lot of time. And then I went out with governors in a bipartisan way to support it. Labor sheri- were there environmental assurances for their. It became like a talking point of political talking point. But my point is the people who are doing the talking against it didn't know they're talking about they've never negotiated a trade deal. They've never been over to China bringing cargo container after cargo container poultry, and we do that. I do that every single day. And it's nice to sit up on Capitol Hill and attack something it's different when you're sitting in a state office actually doing it every single day and understand how important this hurt for gin and the end day as governor it hurt. My ability create jobs, I'm talking hundreds of thousands of jobs involved. We trading those jobs than people are in thou other paying jobs than it's in them. You know, the other thing that I hear you talk a lot about this year. And when you were governor is word is the terrible word doesn't really describe the thing. It's meant to describe. And that's infrastructure. Yeah. And I remember Trump when he was on the campaign trail who is talking about how he was going to re he's a builder. The bill. These of infrastructure, and then and then I waited nothing happened. And then they White House announced Tuesday is infrastructure day. You know, one day last year and nothing happened on infrastructure day. And nothing has happened since I look around and the airports, I go to are crappy. The highways are falling down. There's not enough subway lines. We have to put a huge amount. His usually I think about it. When I was a kid there. One hundred twenty five million hundred fifty million Americans. There are now three hundred and twenty five so there's more than double the number of people in this country than there was when I was in sixth grade, we haven't doubled the facilities that not even close. There's nothing that's been doubled. So we have a lot of catching up to do. And. I don't see a thing being done about infrastructure. Even though he said he would. Yeah. Federal governments of no help to us at the state governors. He promised he would do it. I personally taught the president. And I was chairman of the national governor's association. I was in charge of all the governors. It was our number one priority that in healthcare, but he didn't do anything about it. And then he came out with this crazy plan which is unacceptable to the states because we couldn't afford of what they wanted the federal government to do on a match rate. So basically as a token amount of federal money. Yeah. We'd put up all the money. They do toke. But you're right thousands of bridges roads. But it's not only that rich. I'm talking about our water infrastructure. We waste two trillion gallons a year of water that drinking water that is leaching leaking and leaching out of our pipes today. This is serious. Our ports. I'm very proud. As governor. I put ten billion dollars into infrastructure roads in Virginia when I became governor. Our port was bankrupt net maintenance covenants, I left office is now one of the most. Supports the United States of America. I built if you're here in Virginia sixty six red and ten lanes. But even with that, Richard. I'll be honest with you, so many people are moving into this region. There's nothing more to build, and we have got to get onto the mass transit's modal we have got to do other forms because I can tell you northern Virginia in this Washington metropolitan place to put a road new road. You can't put on and widen them anymore than they've been lied. And so we need public giants. This is not just northern Virginia is true all up and down these goals country, the whole country, and there's no vision, there's no plan this and the presence first responsibility. I think the next president United States because acting to get done with this guy. He's clueless hill is to do a massive infrastructure Bill. How do we pay for it? Well, you got to look at the gas. You gotta look at the people who actually use it. I've never been you know, as a gas tax to look at each of people, actually, use the road user fees, of course. And but you also gotta you ability to do bonding. Public private partnerships. I built this new ten lane sixty six here in Virginia. Not a penny state money. I did a public private partnership outside vendors have paid for it. So we're going to have ten lanes you have three free now going each direction you're going to have three free after but in the metal before lanes. We call express lanes if you wanna choice to pay for that paid for all the new lanes were now widened coming all the way into Washington D C, which was the biggest choke point in the United States of America. They tell me I get stuck on a little. Yeah. But not a penny of state money that I have to use so creative financing some bonding public private partnership, we can do this. But we need to invest is is America instead of two trillion dollar tax cut that went to the wealthy corporations. Golly. Jeez. Richard weaker taken two trillion was money, which you could have done. You could have turbo charge. We have thousands of bridges today deemed, structurally deficient. Yeah. It's not just that. The bridge is falling down the economy doesn't. Spans without infrastructure supporting it number one, number two building this stuff, and then maintaining it is hundreds millions of jobs. Yeah. And yet we do nothing. And it's it's listen, we had a horrible tragedy. Member Minneapolis when the bridge collapsed. And you know, we pray to God every day. It doesn't happen again. But you do worry. I mean, I can tell you. I know the conditions of the roads in this country, the roads and the bridges we have dams that are in very serious situation. You've seen that now with all the critical infrastructure affected by extreme weather patterns happening. So let's talk about that your governor Virginia Norfolk Virginia is one of the cities. I think you'll get Miami. Maybe Boston, but Norfolk is one of the first cities that's really already feeling the impact of sea level rise. You won't talk about that in this. I was very proud as governor. I was the first other state through executive order. I couldn't get it done legislatively, of course with legislature. But I've Julia's now we joined Reggie the regional greenhouse gas initiative is the first state to do it. But I actually said to buy the climate deniers, and I had a few in my legislature more than more than a few more than let me tell you what the second most vulnerable region in America behind lease Hannah is Norfolk Virginia, and guess what we have the largest naval base in the world in Norfolk for giant, and I dealt with the admirals. They're very concerned about this. The navy military get it, they get it. You bet they get and I told my legislature. It some point if we don't as a state show were serious about climate change. They can move Norfolk naval station. They can move that entire operation with all those carriers to a higher ground state. This is serious you go to Norfolk today, Richard where it's rained for two or three hours. Not a lot. I'm telling you half. The roads are closed you'll allow I did I was down there a couple of months ago, and they said the schools were closed. So why the hell schools of the holiday? I don't know about. And they said, no, no we have to close the schools a lot when there's a full moon. Yeah. What full full moon high tide and it floods right? When a superstitious thing. No, it's incredible. We're already there. So first of all ground is sinking. Let's be very clear in the rising one. You know, I didn't get really much press off of this. But one of my greatest achievements. I would say it's not sexy at all. But the aquifer the diminishment of our aquifer down in the Hampton roads region. We had allowed so many companies to take so many millions of gallons of water out of the aquifer every single day that we went in and they had contracts, but working in working with Molly ward, my secretary, natural resources. We're able to convince those corporations to cut their outtake dramatically, otherwise, Richard. I'm not lying. We could have seen the total elimination of our aquifer in Hampton roads. And it's how serious as sinkholes popping up everywhere everywhere. You know, we had paper companies down. There's no paper companies use a tremendous amount of water for the leaching through with the pay. To make it white. And we got no offense. I see white paper and funnier. Yeah. Probably should have great paper. Do you know how much water is used to make that paper white? If you knew it, you wouldn't use white papers. But it's all coming over aquifer. None of us want big government. But to do interest structure, there's got to be a government role to deal with sea level rise and climate change. There's gonna be a government role. And you know, I think back your friend Bill Clinton. I am too. I think back what would Bill have done. I often ask myself that and I know what he was doing. He would turn to a bunch of us and said gimme a ten point action plan because he's he was action oriented, and you're kind of action guy in. How is it that there's no national strategy? No national plan for dealing with climate change and Siegel rose. Well, don't know if you saw the report the other day, I'm sure. You did it scared. The daylights out of everybody that we're going to go up a point in degree on the temperature. I think people read that this was a bipartisan group of scientists and Nobel laureates wasn't some political group. And I think people will go up to the fact that in we've seen you've just saw what we saw with Michael which came so quickly. Nobody saw it coming these extreme weather patterns and in raise very important point. But it goes to the president states when he came in office. He pulled about listen every country in the world signed the Paris climate cord agreement. I think we had what Nicaragua and Iran didn't think even ran was. Okay. Mom, eventually, and he pulled us out of it. But what I was fascinated happen. If you're if you read the federals papers what happened? This is the first time is really happened for when the federal government pulled out the democratic governors in America said, no, no, no, no. We're not gonna take this we collectively. And I did too. -secutive order many states were able to do their legislature due to we collectively came inside. We're still going to meet the goals of the Paris climate agreement and our states that we collectively came together was bigger than any other country in the world. It's a first for that to actually happen. But it was sad. Do I could spend all day trying to talk about Trump and figuring them out. I think it's virtually impossible the figured on. Yeah. Think I have to I think most Americans. Yeah. Let's pause for just a minute. Just a minute in this. Great conversation. We'll be right back to who wanna talk about sire travel. C R E I've been using personally Sira travel for the last ten years. I think I have probably been on close to a thousand flights and the last ten years around the country and around the world all of them arranged by Eric who bond and his team at sire and sire by the way is Eric spelled backwards. I can't tell you the number of times they have gotten out of jam when a flight was cancelled when the weather went the wrong way, they were always thinking about me and thinking about me beforehand before I did just last winter had a storm move in the head to book revoke sixty of their. Clients and they found every one of them a seat now the middle seat. Everyone of them a seat on the plane that night going to where they wanted to go. The team is always on top of it. Now, I know a lot of you think I don't need a travel agent. That's so nineteenth or twentieth century. You do you need a travel agent to get you the best fares you need a travel agent to book you when you're in trouble. When things don't go. Well, the way they were planned you need a travel agent when you're trying to figure out. What's a good vacation the experts at Sar trouble? No. And they take care of you. And so I can enthusiastically say the sire C, I R E travel dot com and use them for all of your personal and business travel back to our conversation. So we're coming up to an election. This week big election. It's now the presidential election. But it's I think it's probably the most important by-election or midterm election in my lifetime. And when I see is a pattern across the country of the Republicans trying to suppress the vote no question, and they taking people off vulgar lists. There. You spent a huge amount of your political capital trying to put people back on the voter lists. And I thought that was a roic effort and the Republicans blocked you with every step, but you won in the end. And I don't know why you're handed and fall off signing you won't talk about he had. So this was the disenfranchisement of felons in America today. Richard forty states. It's automatic you serve your time to by judge and jury went you're done. Guess what you get your voting rights back the paid page of price, you paid your price. But ten. It's primarily southern states. Remnants of Jim crow, in fact, when I did research on this. I found out that nineteen o two Senator glass who did it in Virginia puts us disenfranchise felons. And he said that day I'm doing this quote to eliminate the Durkee from being a political factor in Virginia that is intentionally designed to keep African Americans from voting to eliminate the Durkee from becoming a political factor so hunters bitch. Yeah. New sheriff in town. I said I'm going to fix it. So I had the authority according to constitution dick Howard from university of Virginia legal scour and so able twenty-second twenty sixteen I n franchise two hundred six thousand individuals in game the rights back. I gotta tell you to see grown men cryan. There's not a day that goes by Richard that someone doesn't come up. My mother brother sister. They're back their full citizens again, they feel like real human being on was going door to door for Obama in both both times Graham and down in Culpepper county, forget it. And I would knock on the door an African American man with open, and I'd say we need you vote for for Bronco Bama. And he said brother, I wish I could. But they know let me vote, and is what do you mean? They don't let realized and I can't tell you how often that happened. Yeah. It's unbelievable. So is you know, I did it. And then the Republicans Senate speaker the Senate leader in the house speaker sued me, Republicans took me supreme court. Unfortunately, our courts wanted to where they pick the supreme court. So the plaintiffs were the people point reappoint, but it was clear. I mean, this kind of a rigged game. Yeah. But they ruled against me quote, not unconstitutional Serey. They said we're not going to do it because no governors done it before. Well, they sound a constitutional theory. They said he has to do it individually. So I said fine. I'll say everyone myself, I'm happy with that. Okay. Well, they didn't like that. So the Republicans went back to scream court and sued me for contempt of court. How do you like that? Now. Meanwhile, you said you're in the sun every. Individual case. How many cases were there? Two hundred six thousand. You authorized two hundred six thousand. Yes, sir citizens. Yeah. To vote again. Yeah. And meanwhile, the every editorial page in America had supported what I did. And they really attacked supreme court. And I think the court wanted to find a way out of this. So when they said, I was going to do it individually. They got me do it. And so now, you know, we've been franchised all these people, but it's just human dignity, human respect. I was really tired. Just the store you told. A father's telling me then election day, they go to a polling booth and hope somebody dropped one of those I voted stickers. So they put it on and go home, they'll go because you're embarrassed to tell their children they could not vote in America. Good now, we're gonna have in Florida on the ballot in a couple of days is going to be enfranchisement of one point six million of Floridians does as no good this year. No. But I think when when I was able to do it in listen, I now have the record of enfranchise in more than any governor in American history. It was clearly my proudest moment is governor. My worst moment was probably Charlottesville when Neo Nazis, white supremacy. All right. Let's let's talk about that. Because I was a terrible day and made worse by the fact that our president engaged in moral equivalence between peaceful demonstrators and awful Nazis. Let's just call them. What they were. They were these were not people most of them people from Charlottesville Charlottesville. Oh, they were all from out. Stand two thousand came in marching down our streets armed to the teeth never seen anything like it. Where Adolf Hitler shirts with Adolf Hitler? My father captain World War to fought these folks and your now like a man who killed six million members of the Jewish faith. They're walking by synagogues screaming. We're gonna burn that place down. Like, we burned you at offshoots. I was standing there is governor watching these people walk by. And I just asked myself, how did we get to this place? You know, people used to wear hoods because they were embarrassed about the things they said the actions, they took they don't even think they need hoods anymore. It was the most disgraceful display. So I talked to the president that afternoon he called and I gave him a briefing horrible people. Neo-nazis white supremacist. Alright see you saw with your own eyes. And you told Trump what you saw. Yeah. And I said, you know, he's going to do a press conference is great. I'll do mine after years. And so I waited and he agree on the phone agreed. General Kelly was on the phone and he came out. I couldn't believe it. And they delayed his press conference for like an hour. So something happened. So I think he got back in the people in the White House, whoever it may have been changed the whole tone, and he came out and condemn both sides. Now, Richard Heather higher was a thirty two year old young woman who was there protesting against hatred. She was killed that day. Nineteen people were run down by this maniac in his car this young kid from Ohio they were there protesting against hatred. It wasn't both sides. So when I did my press conference, I made it very clear, and I told them get the hell out of gin and get the hell out of the United States. America said you're parading around here. Like, you're some big hero that you're some patriot. You're not a patriot. You're a coward. And it was just crystal. You also lost two state troopers that so trooper one which is actually my helicopter. They were doing surveillance that day and the pilot who. Always flew me around Jay, Colin and Burke Bates who'd been part of my personal security detail on my protective staff in new these goes, yeah, he had just left to become a Lilia just left my personal detail because he always wanted to fly, and I tell you it was tragic, and they both went down on a helicopter day doing surveillance, and it was a rough day to get my speech. And then I drove up once the Colin family in the in the Bates family to see the families both two adorable children, both families just it just breaks, your heart. And but for those people never haven't been there. J Burke Heather would be alive today. It just breaks your heart, and these horrible people spewing these thing this is not who we are as Americans go into voting where we are the greatest nation on earth. People should be given the right to vote they need to vote people have fought and died. You know, I got a son in the marines just back from Iraq. And I talked to and I gotta tell you men and women today are fighting for our freedoms the least we can do is vote. When you think people are gonna vote this year? I think we're going to have a record number because I honestly think Richard happen in two thousand sixteen ninety two million people did not vote. That's incredible ninety two million people who were eligible and in terms of citizenship and age. Try and Hilary lost three states, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania thirty million votes won the popular vote by three million, but in the electoral college, seventy seven thousand in those three states, and I think would happen. The next day is people woke up and said holy cow. How did this possibly and you saw last year? The first test was Virginia that was the first after the sixteen election. We had a record vote turnout. We picked fifteen seats the most eighteen eighty driven by women. Eleven of the fifteen were women, and you got eleven new members of the Virginia house who were women. And I remember staying that night to see what the results would be and one of those elections came down to a single vote. A single actually by the time. They ended up with the tally. It was tied. So people say to me, oh, my vote. Doesn't matter. I talk about that night. Yeah. Because that election was tied in the actually had the throw a coin to the side who got the the seat and the Republican got the seat and that Republican getting the seat at the Republicans continue to own the house control the chamber one vote literally one human being going invalid election night, we one by one the opponent took one ballot. Just just one of those that have been thrown out a spoiled ballots. It was an over vote in his, you know, Richard under federal law over votes count went to a friendly judge in gotta counted. Then we got to a tie, and then they pull the name of a bowl in the state capital. So when people say, oh, my vote doesn't count one vote would have given that seat to the Democratic Party. Yeah. That one Representative would have given control of the chamber to the Democratic Party. Tell me vote done cowgill. Now, we gotta work hard. What's going to be exciting? I'm feel very confident. We're gonna win the house. I think the senate's tougher map possible. We'll see on turn out. But when I'm really excited about is the governorships, I think we're gonna pick up those you've been working. Yeah. I'm in. I'm going to twenty two states leaving for New Hampshire tomorrow. I just got back from Georgia as was Stacey Abrams. We're gonna like the first African American woman who think so you think so this was down to feel the energy that they say the race is very close tied if any races tied Richard we're going to win because of what I talk about people who didn't vote in sixteen a really energized to come out. So I feel great. I think we're gonna win in. Maine. I think we're gonna pick up in Michigan. Gretchen whitmire is up ten points where illinois's over that's a pickup for us. I think we're going to beat Scott Walker. Tony Evers winds. Oh, I hope so. Yeah, we're up their New Mexico's pickup. Nevada's pickup for us, Florida. Andy Gilmour is gonna win in for dynamic wonderful. Oh, yeah. But you know, Ohio, we're dead even or up one in Ohio. We come out of election night. Fred Hubbell's up today in our. So the reason this is unusually important is that the governors are coming up on the year of the census, and the Democrats, you know, got screwed. I think in the last round of of the census because the redistricting that resulted the Republicans own the state houses they made the decisions about the redistricting. And they drew lines in the way that would get more Republicans elected hermit majority. How do we how do we solve this redistricting problem? Well, a big part will be is as you say. So the people who win this year's gubernatorial will be in the chair in twenty twenty one Republicans control two thirds of the state chambers. So they're going to draw maps. Protect their congressional and state house seats, one person thirty five states can stop it as a democratic governor. That's why picking up eight or nine of these governors would be historic. So they still control the state legislature and the governor. So he can veto he'll veto it. And maybe then it goes to court, and maybe we got a fair out. You'll get a fair or outcome. No question. So we gotta get to that point. But the point have tried to May's I've traveled the country no offense to the house and Senate, but they're nothing happening there, and whatever is happened is not good. But the rollback of things we care about our I care about the progressive values of who we are. I'm very pro jobs governor, I'm also very socially progressive. I vetoed. Richard one hundred twenty bills governor the most of any governor of Virginia. Governor I was one hundred twenty two zero small band Democrats stood with me, and they could not override my veto. But if I weren't governor in Virginia today every single Planned Parenthood clinic twenty plus clinics would be closed that Bill passed every year horrible, eight speed. To like LGBT, Cuba. Those bills would have passed and been signing law. You could sell machine guns out of gun stores those hundred and twenty so when I try to tell citizens, you always think the presidentials big sexy and everybody votes, it's your governor. They invented spends all your education money does bilge erodes front. Your health care. They are the ones, but we have been a backstop against these Republican legislatures putting forth horrible legistlation anti women anti gay anti environment. Progun anti voting rights happening all pass them. They pass them. And I was the only democrat governor in the south for two years. But for me sitting there, they would be lauded, and I can tell you this. I told my legislature guess what I got Amazon Google Facebook, Microsoft, all big investments in Virginia. They would not come to a state. I can promise you this. If you pass any discriminatory legislation though because they can go. Oh, anywhere absolute. And they choose to move into place. Like Ashburn Ashburn Virginia go out to Ashbourne. It's it's bigger than silicone valley in terms of data centers most of any state America dome. Yeah, I got co star to move to Virginia to Richmond eleven hundred really high paying jobs, they left North Carolina because of HP too. So tell me legislate, you think it's neat to sort of introduce these Bill base. It makes them feel, but it hurts your Bill to create jobs, and we've stopped that now with the legislature. We got when I took office. He, you know, off your we were red state were a blue state today. That's why I'm very proud of. We are in great shape used to be Virginia was a purple state. But but but off your was hard for us. Yeah. But but now you look back at the last several elections all statewide offices are Democrats. Yeah. And your legacies. Among the things that are part of your legacy. Is that your successor? Yep. Got elected overwhelmingly, very important your Lieutenant governor got elected overwhelming in large part. I think because of what? You were doing. Let's talk about people were happy. The they were with record jobs record investment. People were happy. Let's let's talk about the future say the Dem's when the house this week should they make impeachment their number one issue, what should their Jyoti not really hopeless to their agenda? I've been in the trenches for forty years. Now, you were you you're the head of the Democratic Party. Yep. For years and years I've done every job. You can do. I doubt you'll find a tougher fighter for the Democratic Party. But at the same time, the most important thing, we can do is to push our Jenga what people care about in want us to that. In a good working relationship with my Republican legislature on jobs, put a record investment and education, transportation, I got everything I wanted veterans the program everything social issues, we disagreed Democrats. Gotta come into office. They do an infrastructure Bill right off the bat right off number one. And they need to fix healthcare because the damage that Trump has now. Done on the individual mandate issues cost sharing subsidies. His now sent premiums up in all fifty states. I saw reporting Virginia day one plan went up sixty four percent. Well, that's not the fault of ObamaCare. That's the fault of what Trump did to Obama. That's right. Listen obamacare. What is it? Eighteen million people today of healthcare than have for that alone. Is a great president. Did it need to be tweaked at need to sure we all agreed with President Obama greed. Right. But what he did Trump came in. They wanted to donate it. They put so much confusion into the market ensures didn't know what to do because they thought it would be rid of if you were being elected speaker of the house next next month in January. Your number one issue is infrastructure. I'd be infrastructure healthcare healthcare. Those don't get those done pass them send them to a Senate. That's probably maybe Republican controlled closer but closer, but at least get it done. Yeah. And stand for something Stanford and do something for folks, if they just see us coming in being bomb throwers and just going after Trump on peach -ment, people listen what what do people want from their elected officials? You know, what they want to jot quality job kids to have a great job. Great education. The roads were and official in the world. The world isn't heating up and and and flooding. Yeah. Yeah. Voters are asking for much, but they don't want to send you there. Just to create fights office get stuff done. That's why I always say, it's important. And you know, we're blessed in Virginia. We've had great governors Tim Kaine and Mark Warner and Doug wilder. We've had a great role in Virginia. We're a different state today. -solutely, and it's all because people got out to vote. That's it. Remember when I want I had to break a forty four year trend whoever wins the White House. The opposing party wins. The governor's race hit for forty four straight years. So Obama one and twelve only because grassroots people say Terry who's the leader of the Democratic Party? It's the class roots. It's those people knocking on the doors making because TV commercials and radio, Richard. Yeah, they're fine. None of that works. It's peer to peer. I think the most important thing is that the Democratic Party stand for something. Right. And the able to explain that easily and quickly and it stand for something not. Something that divides people, but something that unites people, right? And I think infrastructure jobs healthcare, those I I think you're right. I agree with you on those priorities. I would add doing something on the on the environment and on sea level rise. It's going to be hard though, we have one branch to try and get it through the Senate and then to get the president's signature if we really do something on climate change. We got to get rid of Donald Trump and twenty twenty that's clear. Let's talk about twenty twenty. I'm by my count. I think we've got thirty Democrats who've at least raised their pinkie finger to saying, you know, maybe I'm interested and in a red, Dan balls on the other day in the post and your names on that list. Your your names on the list of the twenty or thirty there, the great whisper, the great mentioned hers mentioning, and you know, I see you go into New Hampshire. I see campaigning around the country. What's up? So what I have been honestly focused on these. These eighteen races. As I say been a twenty two states. I think it is campaigning for these candidates. I. I'm just telling you the future the democratic party's on the line this year because what you and I talked about the redistricting twenty one we have been wiped out at the state level wiped out and they've passed horrible legislature. We gotta stop it at the state level. I think for the folks are looking at it get through six, and then I think you're probably right. There's probably twenty people actually looking at it. I think everyone good thing the way that many sure I always think it's great. It's going to be a hell of a debate. Yeah. Well, I don't know actually have all maxi get in and do it. I mean, you can say you want to do it. You probably got a raise fifty sixty million dollars. That's gotta be the entrance fee probably to get into this unfortunate. You know, it's too much money. I agree. So you gotta look because you know, you can be a great candidate. But if you can't communicate or hire the staff having everybody's going to have to have a series conversation with their family. That's the first and foremost thing to make sure your family. This is a rough tumble business. I'm in a long time. I love it a member. Mark Warner in the former governor began new thought seriously about. And I think his family Gunness said. Yeah. Please don't do that. Yeah. So I think most people around thanksgiving Republican after the conversation. I haven't made any decisions. But if I did it I can promise this. I've probably had more fun than anybody else in the race. I love life have a great time. And you know, I try and project a message of what you and I talked about as a pro jobs with a socially progressive message with a successor to. Here's what we did is a southern governor. If you don't run I hope to God, you stay in the game because the enthusiasm that you bring the political process is something that we need. Yeah. It's been fun. And if if you if you do run come back and talk to us, I love to thank a great to be with you, Richard. Thank you. And thank you for your service to this country. We are a safer nation today because the intelligence work you and your team have done for very time. Thank you for being with me today. Thank you hope to see next year. Thanks for listening today. 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