Podcast 75: ManyVids 80% Bonus, xFans, CirclePay


hey guys welcome to be webcam start at dot com can land podcasts week in review aries saunders if you don't already know me my love is love shares in celebration of pride month tacking june i will be junior prerecorded podcast this week so let's get started need some lemon water there's a lot of news this week all right so first in the news popular clip site many beds that has also it can cite now is offering eight promotional percentage increase on video sales only well you are streaming live so during the summer if you're alive on envy and having to make any video stale you will actually get eighty percent instead of their standard sixty percent this only works when you are streaming live so make sure you head over to me this and sign up if you're not already a model and if you are i mean hey love on stream hang out people didn't even have to be sexy show streets in video games watching tv show somebody just be alive because you can secure that eighty percent which is freaking awesome i'm reading the news from my phone so judgment expands by eight i i don't i don't know how to say that only fans clone site script they released it expands which is a new script that allows masters to deploy a website similar only fans and other fan club platform is the latest scripts by eight end at it oh you're name who also offers them expert can expect memberships i feel the networks in more so basically if you wanna create their own clone of only fans or a similar fan say you can get the latest script by then in get your own fans sign up and running on their list of the twenty nineteen team to tony nineteen why not kim awards nominees has been released they've been in now 'em see why not came where they're coming up on august seventh he could go through favorite candy models on me officials say we've got a list of nominees in shout out to are working sort of contributors rosalyn and mika who both received nominations in the why not awards so make sure that you go in you know giving the show then some love all right circle bay shut down payment processing 'em they are adult brownlee as far as i know they've never been adult rally but everybody said about it so figured we cover it circle pay closing down not a thing anymore they weren't adult friendly anyway cashier money there haven't already i believe you have until july do so so get your money out of their fourth of july tips for cam girls in porn stars by me i did eight tip seeing on camping in creating clips for for fourth of july it's pretty standard is on par with all these other non major holidays like saint patrick's day and you know stuff like that valentine's day see it's not like a major tipping holiday so it's it's about the same traffic wise but the perk to holidays like this is the sights and sounds usually hyped up and create contests surrounding the theme seeking create some teams content and usually end up having the criteria to participate and he's contest an also just make sure that if you create conflict that you kind of throwing some other topics that are necessarily holiday related to that you will be able to profit off of this content year round next sector freeze big bang fourth of july contests someone's fourth of july there's probably gonna be a bunch of these exciting 'em slippery out there big bang contact i'm in a run from july first for more detail soon an will update the person becomes available if you wanna see them to propose obviously keep an eye on what kim start up dot com and keep an eye on there anyway 'cause that's where we announce everything so i know as much as you love to hear me tell you what's going on and also check out what's going on by yourself if you just i dunno don't have the time to listen to me go on and on and on and emily rothfield swap pittsburgh fundraiser on it really is lowering her consultation raised by half in all the profits from the fundraiser will go to swap of pittsburgh 'em yeah it's good emily raw raw rothfield emily rothfield i'm so good at talking today but she is eight phone sex operator extrordinary i see her all the time on twitter offering great helpful tips so definitely get a consultation with her especially if it's half off is definitely information where it's happening on expo august sixteenth through eighteenth in saint petersburg russia see new camping expo it'll be coming for the first time in russia this year will be featured networking seminar parties in my judgment training workshops tickets are remodels and people in industry so if you're in russia and you're looking for an opportunity to network with until a model considered checking that out affiliate marketing last jen wordpress plugin by wp script there's a lot of nerdy stuff that's become i dunno thomas's wb scriptures release alive judgment wordpress plugin not allowed judgment affiliates could easily automatically important jackman content into their wordpress sites pretty easy peasy understand you have wordpress site there you go congressional committees plugging though on streaming juicy service wire transfers now napping essen connect updates on streaming announced the number of updates from in their june updates newsletter thing and they we talked about choosy surveys making wire transfers to columbia either he user easier jeez why can't i talked to 'em updates in connecting neon app as well and then many of its having a monthly contest summer slash this is apparently the safety of its last year twitter following got a good laugh out of that many lives and out there theme for june smugly contests and lovely thing is summer splash i'm participating in it if you're not participating in it and you have a summary splash seemed picture make sure you go throw you're picture up you get a chance at winning best photo just put the picture up if you win and it's totally worth the time you something if not if not people might still come near page anyway 'cause they think you're picture is just so dang hot hot so make sure you still picture up there and then very briefly are upcoming events are see him unity event so why not come august fifty seven quebec expo from august six nine the why not cam awards from just on august seventh i dunno was insane from august seventeenth to august seventh like dot com august eight through eleven so yeah and if you wanna keep updated on the current is well i'm not here battling you're you're off make sure you check out what kim start up dot com i'm gonna say it again okay i'm sorry dot com where you could turn tips and tricks of candling in cash in hand this was a really really short week in review i feel like i should just sit here and talk for a few and it's not allow lodges in but make sure that you subscribe to our youtube channel here that's not where you're watching us if you're listening to podcasts on any of are very podcast services that were hosted on make sure you head over to are you choosing subscribe it's much better to listen

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