10.10.19 How tariffs are playing out; Watch out for crafty MLM's; What if your luggage gets damaged?


Media viewing trends are rapidly changing Americans are watching more video content across more screens than ever before brands need to adapt to the changing habits to get their message heard multi-screen TV advertising can help and it's more efficient and effective than ever advertisers can select their target says are coming in just a week and these these new taxes will raise the cost talk you through what you need to do if you are traveling this Thanksgiving or Christmas so we the first decision concerned European airplane maker Airbus that makes its planes in the United States in Alabama I five percent tax for you buying butter from Ireland there's a long list of items and yes that's the power of TV get started today at comcast spotlight dot com slash podcast any five percent tariffs on them which are basically taxes that you and I pay as consumers and these new tax. I'm so glad you're with us here on the Clark Howard Show where it's all about you and your wallet as Clark -rageous moment man multilevel marketing how do you know when one is legit and when you're just having your wallet have a trade spat going on with Europe and there are a number of items that we have just slapped lines they're gonNA put a lot of countries in recession maybe even us and this one in particular is really fast waiting because there are international actions that the US has filed against Europe and Europe has filed against us so Airbus was accused by the United States and now has been validated by an international tribunal as getting cleaned out. I'm going to give you an example try to get you on the right path when you're interested in doing a multi level and coming up yet later of wines from Europe most winds twenty-five percent cheeses from Europe twenty five percent and a variety of other when you have a problem with an airline how in the world do you file a claim and actually get them to pay not easy I wanted thing to sell their planes to airlines including many airlines in the United States and Boeing is items will go up twenty five percent a lot of people love butter from Ireland but we're punishing the Irish with a twenty I am if you've listened to me rain period of time you know I hate trade wars I hate tariffs thing lead to economic using a similar action that the ruins not gonNA come out for several more months because Boeing also has been receiving what under international rules are illegal subsidies brand substituting even without thinking about it when we're buying something and an item we love is up tariffs on other countries so when when you shop the effect on you as an individual vigils is usually not very large and a lot of the other tariffs that have happened have raised prices so this is a very very messy thing when we start fighting with people particularly with our allies in Europe but for you to learn ideas so you can save more and spend less and don't let anyone ever rip you off speaking of which coming up in just a few minutes is that they affect you and me as consumers generally a lot less than you might think because we do what's called increase American employment and affected industries actually had the opposite effect and reduce employment and some of the industries targeted consumers the impact and this has been true through so much of the Hullabaloo how blue about tariffs last couple of years and the Europeans are going to be able to slap us with all kinds of tariffs about that and this is this is odd stuff but for you and me is is pretty small if you work in an industry that has caught up and trader trade wars tariffs all that you just gotta gotta gotta have that cheese or butter or wine or whatever this is a non event for you so yes my apprehension about it was that they've only been around since last year so I was wondering so if you can go earn more elsewhere and their FDIC insured go for it and I think I explained recently why in price we might not even realize we say I don't want to pay that I'll buy this item over here so the effect on us as it is absolutely fine for you to put your money in any of these online banks okay all right yeah that that was my main concern this on end goods that you and I buy like automobiles that are made right here in the United States have gone up around enough because is one that has been something concerned a lot of people say hippie with it well it's concerning online savings accounts can be very heavily affected it can cost you your job and the oddest thing from ally the tariffs that were put in two years ago they were looked at as things that would did on the bank rate survey will be FDIC insured and as long as you're not sitting there with more than two hundred fifty thousand dollars problem with that at all banks count on us being creatures of habit that once we've done something that we don't change it I just want you to know that for your own wallet this is really not a story you need to worry about or fred about unless l. a. q. for everything you do for everybody well it's my honor and it's great to have you here and you're asking me a question I gather that I've had one for about a year or two now and I received an email last week stating after straight was now going to be too that was coming just from the news and everything but I went to bank rate and found a bank on there was giving you money earning nothing and so there are more and more people who say no I don't WanNa earn nothing at all and they go to one of these online bank terry is with us on the Clark Howard Show Hi Terri Hi Clark say it's a real honor to talk to you and I'm a long time show some get up and go and go take their savings elsewhere knowing that most people won't do anything about it and we'll just leave their very there are so many of these online banks popping up and it's because the big banks that control half of all banking but you going from your two Oh to a two point four two you know if you have a substantial money in there that will mean a meaningful difference to you a two point four percent believe it was the best in the nation right now is something called vio or vio is at the one you saw that is the one sure of each of your passports on your smartphone and keep your passports in the safe at your hotel it to Paris Paris in March twenty fifth anniversary in February we bought tickets are half price toward the end of March liberal Sign of the place to stay I've been on all the major sites and you can go along even the ones that are not hotel chains wchs and get better rates Robbie's with us on the Car Coward Show Hi Robbie Clark Great Thank you robby you're headed and what you'll have at the end of the year and there's no consequence to you for bang copying and they don't even worry about it because so few people to it just put down your shirt into your pants salary then just have a few euros in your pocket maybe one credit card take a picture the tourist areas of Paris which are true a lot of other tourist-oriented cities but just happens a lot in Paris you can go to target and buy one individual neighborhoods in big cities and producer Chem just pulled up for me in Paris AIRBNB has descriptions of twenty nine herself and had been around I think it was like two and a quarter or two and a half percent at one time so I and they all have pros and cons majority of them have the same cons as I do pros but it's the problem is where state where like eight dollars or buy one online for somewhere between five and ten dollars and goes around your neck strap goes around your neck and the pouch you'd airline of April first tickets almost double now that is exciting you get to celebrate your twenty fifth wedding anniversary One thing I will tell you see you don't mess up your anniversary trip have money pouch because a lot of pickpockets and is states have decided that they don't need to pay any interest people that's why they all pay pretty much zero and they just dare their customers hotel by is whether they feel safe in a neighborhood and like the neighborhood's proximity to the main tourist attractions you're going to want around the world even if you're not using them to book a trip Airbnb Dot Com has a thing where it describes give you some some strategies for you to find what you're looking for so in big cities the bill well here's here's my main question is I've got a good deal on the flight we're going into march because it'll be not so cold but it's not a part of this equation is trip advisor that when you're looking at an individual hotel and you're thinking you know I would really like to stay I think in that hotel let's somewhere else but when you when you're looking it's really hard to say okay I'm going to be in a spot where everything's going to be sort of close spanks her own bank raid including that one if they're all safe to put my money into as long as they are FDIC insured which any bank only saw the list of neighborhoods and it's quite impressive but how do you not neighborhood is where you're supposed to be all right so that brings me the second if you go look it up on tripadvisor you'll see if the hotels really any good or not based on the ratings and you'll also read if you go major neighborhoods in Paris and you can read through them and see what feels like you and what doesn't feel like you we and then I was wondering is is it any big deal to go from bank to bank you know that's paying the highest centers for or not double booking and then two weeks before you go go read my briefing on how to shop for a hotel I'm priceline and is it just didn't look at major hotel chains when you're going over there not necessary at all and read extensively the reviews of a hotel you'll be able to see what people like and don't like about and one of the main criteria people judge is just great and Paris have you ever been to Paris no it's a great destination I mean it's really really fine this or higher you're going to have a great hotel that's number one number to book a hotel right now that's refundable so much it's hard to make a decision and you think well I'm GonNa make a wrong decision and you know you're not GonNa make a wrong decision all right let me tell you some things if you stick to because the rates you're seeing now are higher than are going to be available close to your anniversary trip but you're going to be nervous I can tell vo- care will they've now been busted by the feds for misleading people about how much money they'd make and now for extra money for Christmas shopping are really keen on joining multilevel marketing organizations son who really surprising but also there are so many crooked ones one that was really popular for awhile was also neighborhoods and locations imply daunting so Florida to go and start looking and you you just see so but even though there are legitimate multi-levels most of them most people lose money in shared how much money recently was he is a hotel. Today's car courageous moment is just an early warning system something happens every fall people looking audience and geographic areas and deliver their ads with minimal waste comcast spotlight helps brands put their message in front of the right audience on any device look at Airbnb if you really feel like you're going to be out in about most the time stay in a hotel I've done both my preference for me and will not be a legitimate business opportunity grabby here on the Clark Howard show where it's about you learning ways to keep more of what you meant can you tell if you don't do a lot of traveling how do you tell where you're gonna stay isn't a good spot because you might find somewhere that's close to the Eiffel Tower you might find some more to tripadvisor hotel rated four and a half circles was almost non knitter five circles and are rated four stars quote unquote distributors but the distributors really didn't make any money from product they only made money from recruiting other Pe- I see so it's a methodical thing where you just right take notes because you'll get overwhelmed pretty quickly as you try to cross reference hotel gene level the FTC complaint Federal Trade Commission complaint says that people pay thousands of dollars to buy inventory and become at under one hundred and twenty five dollars a night two weeks out or less since you mentioned them to recommend a hotel as opposed to AIRBNB you know that's really a lifestyle choice that's a personal choice if you like the idea of having your own kitsch and then being able to stretch out your own living room rangers or is the real money made recruiting other people if the real money is made recruiting other people then it crosses the line generally maybe doing that well I want you because you don't travel at go ahead and do the research I'm talking bout book the best guess you can on where you'd WanNa stay that's a refund apple and that is the key smell test with any multi level is the money made from selling product or service destroyed AAC CLARK DOT com is our main website cart deals dot com is where you find bargains deals all through the day and night some of the they have to pay a hundred and fifty million dollars in penalties for the money they took from people promising big earnings in since normal kind of adventure for you waiting till when I would wait which is really close to departure so bull recommend it go look at the price line listings and more often than not you'll be able to get a really high end hotel four or five star hotel else we post now our travel deals and if you buy one of those deals and you're going to go somewhere so many people traveling for Thanksgiving Christmas new years and many people who travel through the Thanksgiving New Year's period is the only trip by air you'll take all year people to avoid high checked baggage charges I do not check a bag period I don't do it I won't do it that's why you always WanNa have something that you can take with you with electronics. Whatever I have a backpack being known by you it's important that you have your Madison's electronics spare pair of glasses that will fit and I have a micro Kerry on that I take anytime I fly doing what they've continued to do through prior holiday seasons and all year long you can check two bags free last year the three full fare airlines American united and Delta and the Mid Price Airline Alaska and your tickets non-refundable no matter what and they will give you more often than not united and basic economy and whenever I fly allegiance spirit or frontier because with all of them a carry on bag more people flying very compressed periods of time the airline systems get strained and so you don't want to be in a position whatever you know Gosh if you had everything in your carry on they take it from you and they lose it you may not even have a toothbrush I mean Konami and so if you are shopping for fares almost always what's going to pop up if you're looking ninety percent of the time be taken from you and you won't pay for it to be checked but it'll be put in the belly of the airplane so with that if you wear prescription glasses one set of clothing anything you're going to have to have if the airline loses your bag you have to pay and pay dearly for so you got to know that check bags now it's very hard for most particularly at American united and Delta was going to pop up or going to be these basic economy fares which on united have all started doing a big push selling what is generally generically called by some airlines actually what is called basic were they take your bag away from you and then there you are without the prescription you're supposed to take three times a day or and you can bring a carry on and you can bring a personal item like a backpack so all that free and that should be away I rent skis now when I go because it's cheaper in most cases than paying for the baggage charges and you should know that southwest is still seaming get you a carry on bag permitted on the American United Delta Not Allowed to have a seat assignment bag scout lost more often from Thanksgiving through New Year's period why because the weather can be more iffy and when airline started going to charging I own my own skis they were older I gave them the center seat it's just the way it is you'll board last if you have brought a carry on that carry on will probably centered as you're buying some if you do need to check bags being able to fly on southwest if they serve where you're going to and picture one travel blogger is so obsessed with this that they always take a picture of their boarding pass at the time they're checking along with what I've been telling you recently about staying in a hotel staying in an AIRBNB renting a car use your smartphone to protect yourself taken it's just a massive money savings when you do check a bag this goes bag so there's no question what bag they had another travel blogger always takes a picture after they packed bag but before they close it so that if the bag goes missing airlines will fight you hand to hand combat not literally but figuratively overpaying you for the missing contents and deny that you had this set or the other that's why the suitcase before you close it is a really great idea but the outside as well because if they damage the bag airline idea of taking a picture of your suitcase before you close it is really important if it's never found again and you're having to make a claim who's big money is at stake deep in airline has to pay you big money now if your bag goes missing and you can document what you had in it because have hundreds of the document was the maximum amount you can claim now and it used to be just nothing and so now the airlines are we'll say well proved to us it wasn't damaged before you checked it with us how are you ever going to do that and that's why the fighting you every time you make a claim and saying how do we know you really had that purse or how do we know you had that fancy pair of shoes or whatever so taking a picture of your idea from a blogger of taking a picture with the boarding pass most trips are gonna come off just fine but when you're booking winner travel more possibilities of getting to where you're going in the event there's weather problems equipment problems or whatever when you a few weeks ago came to me and asked me if he could borrow out of his five twenty nine college fund to learn about book yourself for early in the day rather than the last flight out you see all those people sleeping airport terminals in the winter particularly being a holiday is because they didn't book the first or early flight out Allen is with us on the Clark Howard show Hello Alan or cold weather season travel unless you hate yourself don't book the last while the day book early in the day because that gives you first of all I've never heard of any day trading system where they put their money hey good afternoon to

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