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Wait Pop Because I have anxiety about everything because I'm a new mom and I've just started to realize that I am not one of those cool. New moms is just so nothing bothers me and my baby to be around tons of sick kids and airplanes will people coughing offing and grab food off the floor and eat it. Although she's not eating food she's still only eating milk but not stress about it like I know. I'm the one who goes to on an airplane and my kid gets around people sneezing and she shows up around kid and I called my pediatrician crying. Because I I am going to worst case scenarios and freaking out and I hate that I am that way because it creates image anxiety in me but I am and I will tell you every step forward I have taken was sonny like this. I travel experience at so much anxiety about what to pack for her getting her. How are we gonNA travel through the airport poorer? Harrigan sit in the plane. Is She gonNA cry all time. Her ear is GonNa hurt. Do I have all the things that she needs. So she doesn't lose it and if she does lose it why be able to like calmer down and what does she has a blowout poop. Blow out a weight. She did she poop through her entire onesie biggest explosion she's ever had at the airport It's funny though you know. It's great how to change clothes awesome. Everything's fine you know what it was all find because what I have realized is the more you can just do things. Oh and then also like. I've been on on a strict schedule because she's been sleeping through the night and all of a sudden now. We're going to be traveling in airplanes and cars and different timeframes and she can't get her naps it. And what if she doesn't get her full nap and what she isn't going to she gonNa stop sleeping through the night. Is She going to be crying all the time. Is it going to be a disaster Ah All that stuff control control. Control Control is what I'm screaming. I need control. I need control and you control. Give me control. But you can't have control control all the time if you're going to get involved in life so that's where we are getting involved in life. We had the first three months where I feel like we kinda posted up. Hit hit away in the house started creeping out slowly around month to and you know getting more in the car. You're going places every now and then but still trying to save very strict on the mat on the NAP schedule. Not really going to many places wanted her to be home for her bedtime at seven thirty. Get a bath every night but when you're traveling and going to see family and gone on planes and going to do whatever you need to do. We'll obviously even if you have other kids like. I just have one kid so I can keep Rana scheduled pretty much but if you have other kids kinky Birkenau schedule because they've got practices asap you gotta go to. They've got to pick them up from school. They have all sorts of things that are happening in their lives. And what they're GONNA do. Leave your baby at home while you go get your kids from school. No you're GonNa Start Your baby in the car and they're gonNA come with you and that's just the way it's going to be and they're going to figure out how to adjust so anyway. This was such a good trip for me. Michael and sunny did amazing. They were perfect. I was a wreck. The whole time. with the beginning of it and then by the end of it I had totally relaxed so I made a list of everything that sunny needs to travel. And I know you'll are going to ask me for this list so I I am going to post this up in stories right now and I'm going to put it on my Highlight reel under sunny. So if you you want to find this travel as it will be on my highlight reel under sunny okay. So you're gonNA probably sent me messages. Where's the list whereas the list that's where it is? All my highlight highlight reel understanding so I put. Here's what I traveled with and honestly I feel like kind of nailed it with packing for her. You have to have some sort of certificate that shows they are so we had our vaccine report and then we packed her stroller and our car seat and we packed our base also because we knew ordinary Henry driving in the car lot and with a stroller system that we have we have up a baby. You don't have to have a base you can just attach the car seat without the base. But we don't want to do that says we're going to be in the car so much. We packed the base. And we checked the base and then we'd put her in her car seat and then we put that in the rolling stroller part and we push that. Yeah through the airport and then we took the car seat out when we got to the plane and we checked the stroller part like the rolling in part and we just carried the car seat on. And it's the plane's not full which we were flying southwest. We just put the car seat in in the seat next to you have have to put it by the I O. I didn't know that you've got to put me by the window. Got To put the car seat by the window. Let the plane's not full just put your baby in the carseat and put it by the window and I promise you nobody is going to want to sit by you anyway. And so if there's an open seat just put your babies carseat there because who wants to sit by. Have you have an option to sit anywhere other other than next baby. You're going to so people aren't GonNa sit there anyway so I did not feel bad having an extra seat when the plane was full. So that's what we did. So we check Dr Stroller. Roller scare the carseat on and it was great and we we check checked the base and we got it at baggage claim and that was great and then I packed her monitor. Her her sound machine. I am religious about putting her alad on her foot which monitors her breathing and heart rate. Oh that's just a little super obsessive. Mommy thing that I do you. You don't have to have an outlet they are Kinda Pricey. They're like almost four hundred dollars. I think but to me that was one of the greatest purchases and gifts that I have gotten because it gives them peace of mind I can look at it. Her her breathing and her Heart rate on my phone and there's also this Green Bay slight right that when it's green. She's breathing well. Everything's normal and if it if something goes wrong a big red alarm goes off and so it just gives me peace of mind to be able to go to sleep because I have such a hard time sleeping. I would have such a hard time sleeping if I didn't know that there was something that would wake me up if something went wrong with breathing and obviously it's a machine and not everything is one hundred percent but it gives me a lot of peace of mind so we'll pack the monitor the machine at the pack and play And then I didn't packer hacker playmate. I just packed a blanket and then I packed her. She has this little elephant. That sings a little song and lights up. That's on the planet so I packed that and they've had this near that she she likes to look at in a pack a few toys and I didn't actually pack the full play Matt but it worked fine. I just made a blanket down and put a little toys around and is great great for playmate packed. Swat burp cloths onesies Like I said blankets a towel. forbath although we we didn't give her but one bath and five days because it was just too hard to give her a bath But like Basso Lotion brush if you WANNA brush her babies. He's here but we don't really need to then impact pump. My Pump Bra Which I use simple wishes a lot of guys? Assets Pump Bri user u simple wishes A packed my milk bottles and caps. I packed I think for the past five bottles and I think that was the right amount for me about five bottles And then I packed my pump parts. I packed one bag of frozen milk. Because I wasn't sure how much supply I was going to hold up and it held up great and then I brought a full bottle with me For the plane and then I packed I'm a bottle warmer and then a sponge washer to wash the bottles off and then bottle soap and then diapers and wipes and it. It was great those everything we needed. What I carried on on the plane was her stroller? And then my obviously my baby bag which which had an extra change of extra ones before her it had diapers. It has Passi. It has a few little teething toys in there Wipes keeps it has I have this so I have a like a a waterproof wet bag or something. I don't know exactly what it's called. It's like it zips up and you can put anything wet in there and it won't leak out and I'm so glad I did. Because she had a blowout poop explosion at the airport and her clothes were drenched. If you look at my instagram you can see it completely. Drenched poop and it was hilarious areas and I went. I had to go in the changing station which I also have a changing pad like one of those portable ones that you can lay out on top of stuff and you can change major baby anywhere. It's like a fold up and you can travel with it. I'm so glad I did. Because the changing station in the bathroom was disgusting there was like white flaky. Cressey stuff all over. It made me throw up but what are you do. You have no option. I lay down the changing pad and then I changed her blow out onesie and then I Put The changing aging pad and the ones in the wet bag when I was done with it zipped it up so is like all that Gross Discussing pooping contaminated pad had was now zipped up in. This what Baxter didn't have to get on all the other clean and then I packed a blanket and my carry a little Barefoot Dreams Blanket. Thank it in my bag because because she got cold or I could put it over her carseat when we're sleeping in the car. If she needs a little little darkness to make it a little dark. And then I had a portable sound machine. Just like a little portable sound machine that is battery operated that is tied onto her carseat and actually either on her carseat all the time and that helps calmer down and helps her to go sleep so I had that as well and that is pretty much all that we pay. Oh and I have have one of those It's a car seat cover. It's you put it over your car seat. I don't know what it's called and like it fits perfectly of your car seat and it kind of makes it just like a turtle. Shell covers the baby and it just makes it like a little cocoon in there and I put that over there so it protects wchs from germs in the airport. I mean more than not having it and it also keeps the light out so that was what I packed and I felt like it was great. I carried on a full bottle so I fed her right before we went and she had a full meal right before we got on the plane and then I fed led her. I think at the airport and on the plane and tip that I learned was sunny. Amazingly doesn't have sensitive sensitive ears like her ears did not get stopped up and she didn't like cry because that's why babies cry is because the pressure taking off and landing really hurts your ears. Sonny's didn't so I'm so thankful for that. But a tip is breastfeed or bottle. Feed your baby during takeoff and landing because that keeps their mouth moving popstar ears for them and so we did do that the first flight and she was fine and then I didn't do it coming landing because she was asleep in my arms and I just WanNa wake her up and she slept right through it and then the flight home. We didn't even. I didn't put a bottle in her mouth and took off and she was fine and I didn't put the ball in her mouth when we landed in interest fine but that is a tip that a bunch of my mom told me so. If your baby has sensitive ears definitely breastfeed or bottle feed take off and landing so then we got in the car and we got our luggage and sunny ended up just like napping where she could and it was fine. She did finding the car she might. I've got a little fussy like trying to get comfortable in her car seat because she has not really been in a car seat that much because she isn't crazy. OCD MOM that doesn't leave the house But she degrade and what I realized I had some big revelations on this trip is that babies can't we'll get they're hungry they're going to let you know and they're going to eat and if they're tired they're gonNA close her eyes and they're going to take and so she got her caps whenever she could in the car or or if we were home at my sister and brother in law's House I put her in the in her little pack and planes. You take a nap there but like I just didn't stress out about it too much. The only thing that I made sure sure I did do was sheets five bottles a day of six ounces. I breastfeed her in the morning. So a bunch of you guys acid. I'm still breastfeeding. I am breastfeeding one. Time and breastfeed in the morning at seven when she wakes up our breastfeed her until she doesn't want to breastfeed which is only like ten minutes. She'll breastfeed and then I told her off the bottle and social normally take like three or four ounces after she finishes breastfeeding so high that lets me know that. She's getting about three ounces breastfeeding and so then the rest she'll get on the bottle so the only thing that was important to me when we were traveling was that she got her five bottles of six ounces because that is how your baby grows that is higher baby stays not fussy. That has higher baby sleeps through. The night is getting all of their milk that they need in my opinion again getting all all their milk that they need so I just gauged everything off of her five bottles. I was like okay. We're going to try to get the naps. Where could I tried to get that first? I nap if I could cause her. I NAP is two hours long so she ends up sleeping five hours a day. If she's on a schedule shall wake up at seven. Have a bottle go back to sleep around around eight thirty and then she'll normally like two hours and then she'll wake up again and have another bottle and then she'll go down to sleep for two more hours usually from like one thirty to three thirty and then she'll wake up and then we'll have another bottle and then she'll take a quick little nap. Maybe around forty five a forty five minute or hour nap and then she'll have another bottle and then I'll give her a bath and get ready for bed and then she'll have one more bottle around like six thirty six forty five before she goes to sleep between link seven and seven thirty so my goal was everyday just make sure she gets those five bottles around the same time that she normally beginning them. Whether or not we've had our baked good naps and then I would try to get that first big morning nap in which was like two hours. Try to get that one and then the rest of them. I just let her grab naps wherever we could one of them. I was at my mother-in-law's mother-in-law's house and I just had a holder for forty five minutes of my arms because we're hanging out talking on the couch and that's where she napped. Another one was in a car when we're driving to go see another family friend. Another one was Just the usually they're in the car or on an airplane should grab a quick on the airplane when we're flying there's an hour flight so it's just like I just let go of the control of the naps and let her try to nap where she could and I realized that like she normally naps five hours hours. A day to naps or two hours each and then she's a quick hour nap or a forty five minute nap afternoon. So if I could get close to napping five hours a day day however she got those also high viewed it as like okay however she needs to get these hours great if she only gets four hours today. That's fine. We'll go to bed a little bit earlier like I just didn't stress out too much about it. So that's how I viewed it five bottles a day of steak Santa's made sure she got those all day and then if I could get that big morning nap i. I was super happy about that. If I couldn't then I just realized that if she could get close to sleeping five hours however she had to get it in the day. Then that's just how is going to be. Sunny was a champ. She was great. She did amazing. I had so much control issues and so much stress S. but finally by day three and thankfully we're with our family Michael's brother and his wife and their five kids and they're so laid back because I mean they have five kids come on they're not stress. You can't be super stressed and OCD. When you have five kids because life is happening at that point for the College Football Klay off as for teams battling back to back semifinal games I chain hurts looks to cap off his college career with another title as the Sooners Square Off with coach Joe Borough and the unbeaten. Sec Champion Tigers number four Oklahoma persist number one LA delays you the chick filet peach bowl at four eastern then Dabo Sweeney Trevor Lawrence and the unbeaten. ACC CHAMPION APN. Tigers begin their quest to repeat against Justin feels chase young and the undefeated. Big Ten champion Buckeyes number three Clemson the reigning national little chance again defensive for number two Mojo state. Justin feels in this. Offense can attack you in multiple ways. The police station Fiesta Bowl at eight eastern mark. The College Football Playoff semi finals December. Twenty eighth on ESPN and streaming live on the ESPN APP. And so it was really good for me to just be thrown into the mix of life travelling all the things letting go of control. And realizing how resilient zillion sunny is she was on the airplane around sick people coughing. She was fine. My sister-in-law had two kids who are actually getting over being having cold old of course is freaking out about that. They were fine. We just kept sunny at a healthy distance away from the kids. But it's like really can you so I I was freaking out. Call my pediatrician. A utrition leg. Oh my gosh. She's going to be an airplane. Mike my the nieces and nephews are coming off a cold. Like I'm freaking out. What do we do what we do? And he's like calm down now so many women in the nicest way he was like helping. Ease my pain. He's the best. He's the greatest pediatrician Arab so thankful for him He was like so many women at Sonny's at the point in Sonny's live are working under job where they can't work from home so they have to take their kids to daycare in the kids are exposed to everything day here. And he's like it's honestly it's good for their immunity to start building up and being exposed to germs. It's not a bad thing. Every Rica is going to get sick. It's going to be fine like just don't worry and so that was great. Tomato is that it's good for kids. Buron germs it's good to build immune system. Every kid is going to be sick. I don't have to go to this worst case scenario. Everything's just GonNa be like it's not gonna be as dramatic as I make uh-huh dislike you hear about everything that happens on the news. You know like you see on social media and you see on the news and you hear all these terrible things things that can go wrong and so when they're all in your head and you're an. OCD worried mother. You can't help but just like think about everything that could possibly happen. But you just can't stress about it. I mean you have to be responsible but then you have to let it go you know and so. That is what I learned on this trip. I learned the kids are resilient and that it is really great to get out in the world and to just not not were not so. It's small stuff like work hard. You can't keep him on the schedule. Give him the food that they need but then just let the rest flow. Okay guys. I'm I'm a talk a quick break. Got It no. That was put it on pause and I went and picked up sunny. So if you hear a little baby scream It's sunny because she's joining me now so here. Here are some questions that you guys have asked me about traveling with a baby. So I'm just GONNA run through some of them. Elena might already answered answered some of these just by rambling. But I'll just hit them up again briefly so I can make sure I cover all your cushioned. Yeah Sunny you got something to say okay. What is a must have while packing a bag for a baby A Reggie off my list so I honestly think all of them your bottles your pump your pack and play Your sound machine pretty much. I felt like every diapers pretty much. Everything that I listen to not what I read off earlier. I think you need but for the airplane. A change of clothes for sure for your baby diapers extra breast milk or formula. Whatever you're using Wipes toys to distract them. Irma's Passi okay Do you nurse public baby. Three months old refuses about I get nervous to feed even with a cover girl you rock rock that nursing and public sunny takes a bottle better and like I said earlier. I only breastfeed her in the mornings now. Just because that's what works for us but if I was breastfeeding I would force her one hundred percent nursing public. Actually for one of the airplane rides. She wouldn't take the bottle and she was crying a little bit and so I stopped my boob in in the middle of the airplane and try to breastfeed her. She didn't want it but I offered it to her with. No shame in that game when your baby is hungry and needs to feed you. Bust your boobs out and if somebody has a problem with it I am sorry I am one of those people that is like you can just go off by yourself. Because ain't nobody got time for that. You're feeding your child. That is the most beautiful thing you can do you for your child and if people have a problem with it then move along. I I literally have no I understand like in the past. Maybe women wasn't quite as open or we weren't in a time where women were women. Felt like they had to be more put. I Dunno perfect or things. You couldn't show the truth about being a mother you had to like. I don't I don't even Minoan. I'm trying to say but like this day and age. I feel like we're in such a beautiful time because we get to fully embrace all that is being a mom and we don't have to put on a front that everything's thanks perfect. We don't have to act like relieve it to beaver. dislike strand of pearls and petticoats. On like we can show ourselves and our friends and our an- in live in this world and I really be authentic and breastfeeding is beautiful and if people have a problem with it just just can't handle it. I cannot handle it so breastfeed recipe public if you feel more comfortable putting a cover on their cover on but do not go hide yourself to feed your child and stress yourself out even more. Just do it right there in public. If if you need to go to little corner or something you feel more comfortable having a little more privacy do that but yes do not even have shaming that put my about right in the middle. The plane didn't even care Did you pump and dump if I had an extra or did you fly back with milk. Great question and you can fly with all the breast milk that you can carry on. I had so much extra milk traveling back in. You know. That's liquid gold. I just put it all in little three ounce containers. I think you can put like three point. Five ounce containers and carry those on. I carried on like six of them so I just carried them all. They carried them on. They put them through like a little screening testing. They don't take the lids offer anything they just put take a machine to test to make sure there's no like bombs or something in it but I like six bottles on and it was great so do not dump that stuff keep it keep it. Cuba Cuba Kit keep it. What did you do to help? Equalize pressure in her ears Like I told you. Do the breastfeeding either breastfeed or bottle. Your baby when you're taking eating off and landing for the pressure and apparently that helps sunny was. I was lucky and send. You didn't have that but that is definitely What all my friends say to do? So Oh that is. My suggestion is traveling with the baby. Better or worse than you thought it would be better way better. I was really stressed out and I thought it was just going to be a disaster and I was so nervous and I had all these I just went through all the what what can happen. Is She gonNA lose their mind and you know what she did great. It was so much better. I just prepared packed all my packed everything she needed. I tried to keep runner schedules much as I could but let her take her naps. Where else else were where she could grab them and she did awesome and just always said enough milk with me and fed? Her kept her on her feedings scheduled pretty much like I said before a federal five bottles throughout the day on the same kind of schedule but it was fine. It went great. It was so much better than I thought. How do you minimize packing with the baby? And how do you do you keep them. I'm on your schedule or do you wing it I i. I don't know if you can truly minimize packing because you kind of need all the stuff like you need to sound machine you need. Did your packing play. You need their onesies. You need all your bottles you need your pomp. You need the stroller. You need the car seat you need. I think you could leave your drying rack at home like that. Little grasp thing that a lot of issues to dry and you could just dry with paper towels like let them aired around paper towels. I think you could probably leave your play mad at home like I did and bringing little toys and use a blanket but overall oh I feel like I pretty much packed a bag and put everything of hers in it and I needed everything packed. I was glad that I packed everything because I felt way more comfortable being prepared and knowing that I had everything she needed as opposed to feeling like. Oh my gosh now. I'm stressed out because I don't have what she needs so I liked being prepared parrot and I just decided to pack a bag. Put everything in it and like I said I'll put that list up on my highlight reel under sunny so you can see what I packed and then keeping the baby on the schedule like before I tried if I could get her naps to fall if I could get that big two hour nap when at home again at my cousin. My sister-in-law Brother's house. I would try to do that. I big two hour nap and try to win the rest of them but on the travel days she would just sleep sleep where she could get him. Sometimes it would be like forty five minutes here and there and I try to just make sure her naps added up to like five hours in the day or four or five hours. But the thing is if your baby's exhausted they're going to go to sleep. They're gonNA fall asleep and so I realized it actually did not mess up her schedule for sleeping through the night like. That's that's what I was worried about was that she wasn't going to sleep through the night and she slept through the night great and it went great and she did. She traveled great. And so overall I think do the best you can stay on the schedule official as best as you can just make sure you get your feedings. Do Your feedings Whenever like how much feed your baby make sure you stick with that but then just grab the naps when you can and let let Iraq and then I'll end with this? And what was the biggest challenge for me. The biggest challenges myself which is usually how it goes in my life. I had to get over my fear of everything. Fear of her getting sick fear of her missing her nap sphere of her not sleeping the night fear for being fussy fear of her being unhappy happy fear of it just being shit show which was she should have pants airport like crazy. Just fear fear of everything that could go wrong. It was just running through my head over over and over again and I think realizing that she is so much more adaptable than I thought she was. That she is so much more resilient than I thought she was. That I don't have to have everything perfect. And if it's not on a perfect schedule and everything she's not in a perfectly sterilized environment. Mytton all the things. Everything's not perfect. She's still going to be happy baby. She's still going to be rocking and rolling and she doesn't know any different and I don't have to stress out about it like Dr Thought. I did because I thought if it's not put together. Everything's not perfect. I know stay on the schedule. It's all part and it just it just doesn't babies a resilient and they rock and and I think the biggest lesson I learned on this trip was that I don't have to be so stressed out and I can let go of control. Yes keep your baby on a schedule as best you can when you're at home and there's no reason not to schedule but if you need to get involved with live and do stuff and get out there and get her off their scheduling. It's okay it's going to be fine and that was is a big eye opening thing for me is that it's going to be fine and that Sonny is so much more resilient than I am like she rocked this thing. I was on those distress bucket but she was great so that was great so I hope this podcast helped. I hope I answered your questions. I don't like always when I get any of these. I have no idea what I've said so hope this was helpful Overall I would just say prepare yourself. Pack Pack everything that you think you need Pack a good carry on bag with milk diapers changing changing Pad Extra Clothes Toys. Passi your carseat. All of a sudden you need to carry on and then just let it rock and if your baby cries on the plane your baby cries on the plane if someone has a problem with the same thing with like breastfeeding in public. We don't have time for those kind of people because that's not life we're in real life here okay. We are doing the best we can. We are loving our children. We are trying trying to do our job support. Our families do all the things we need to do. And you're bringing your baby your babies coming along your babies part of your life and so if your baby cries on a plane or if you need to breastfeed in public and someone has a problem with it then you just have to not even acknowledge those people because like. I said we don't have time for that. We're we're living our lives and doing the best we can. And we are honestly superwoman. Women Mama's we're crushing. And I think I'm so proud of all of us so proud that were all sticking together and I love having these mom chats and out yes ma'am sunny and I love sharing information. I love oils questions and I'm always just try. The answer is lease I personally can i. Of course don't know anything. I'm learning this on the go. So I love that we can be in the community together and Hope this helped. I hope your travel experiences. Go well and happy happy holidays. Much love to you all. Hey guys with the holidays coming up. Don't you want to give a really special personalized gift to your loved. Ones the answers here. It's a love book. One of our very best friends propose to his fiancee now. Wife of the love book you can create characters that look just like yourself and the recipient de onto outfits and accessories. You have the option to personalize each page as much as you want. But the express option creates a complete book with just a few clicks. It costs about the same as buying flowers and you have this forever as a keepsake so visit love books online dot com slash. Get Real to receive a special twenty percent discount only for our listeners. You won't regret it.

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