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Joining us. CAN HOST CAUSING What a weekend is, sadly, launch on will be largely empty, but that doesn't mean we're not looking forward very much to the pre deadlocked trump in which the wonderful enable. Is Hoping to win the race for the third time. We'll. We're hoping cheese I'm not sure what she's thinking anyway before we get to that we've got I super is on Saturday on it. Plus loose look at the other group ones on the first day of our weekend, and then our attention will switch to one of the great days of the year Octa at Longchamp on Sunday joining me. Bruce Meeting Center located this feast of Racing. David. Jennings. And kaethe melrose from the racing post as what has potty Powell's run mccue now then last week, we showed that there are more than one way to skin a cat or indeed pick a winner Dj very lucidly explained why alcohol-free would win the chief depart which she did she. Was One time and then gee, wrote in a slightly more roundabout. Why so of explain but didn't really explain why it's supremacy was guns win the middle part but he did that is one seven to one well, done dj for that like I say you were slightly more fluent but we got we've both got there in the end. So TJ better go I am going to look at the one forty at Newmarket, which is the tattersalls October auction stakes to race over six furlongs one I saw was race he's with. Phil what we got strong favorite Ryan. Yeah we do indeed Bruce Mighty Girka the net thirteen days m currently, Riccardi Power Clare inform the bet and very doses next in at seven, the woman. Brought Organising derogates. It's obviously revolved Husky this race mighty Gorka the really high. Michel Lindon for a coming off the back of a group free when the last time I guess to best performance of probably came on the all weather. For that reason, I was going put up with maybe each way the race Gif list. Effect Them. The soft ground is a key air grounds can be pretty tasks new Mike itself had been repricing around twenty one at the moment getting weight off of also Roy. This top gift list was of interest but as mighty Gorka, would be very popular demise nose day Okay. Thank you run. As Ron pointed out that guy's going to be the guys actually going to be atrocious everywhere I mean, some of the forecasts are pulling so to check in the morning. How heavy it's going to be but I think we can assume the oil around the country. The hooves are going to be going nice and deep into the turf. Okay. Then there's a lot of interesting races. This way can this isn't one on out tra- thrilled about perhaps you can put up value that will infuse middle of it more yet while I'm taking on the favors and I think the favorites fire to show. Our scrambled overlain of grocery last time on ratings. Obviously, she'll be the one to be but I like the second favorite undeterred favorite night almost coupland dust and per se and profit will be my first choice for ferry does hands off when it wouldn't new breeze. So that would kinda sway me think I should have save on fairy dust but just Peraza and it was just a nightmare last time and doncaster back over. To. Which sends ridiculous because he was just prior to keen then get into the rhythm I. Think he likes ours I think stepping back up to six here where you get lead thirty thrown installed twenty seven and in the last couple of years Lord. Warner. From stalled twenty seven in today's eighteen and accidentally just aged style. Turkey and says and sixteen. So being high could healthcare. So at onion go cross who I think has value. Okay. An Kato Dude I. Broadly agree with to be honest I thought by darker desperate of obey because I do think about horses to shore as one of those things where the of. A cascio form. Really outstrips the actual worth the and I think I would be pulled who's come down against the I'd go further digi I think this horses above I think quite frankly you tools harmful I also some pill flashing at York when he came through but it might be just the saw horse and a massive fueled race like this and joins picking his way through and finally to really to public performance. Okay. So no love for the five in the first gift list and Proto Oil. First tips we move onto the to ten at Newmarket, which is the British AB. Premier Phillies handicapped while diaper mice. What's the light expecting run? Autumn about heads of AETNA, to warn, it's eleven to two David six million Paris along with once words and it's nine worn vitamin for this looks a struggle. Kaethe do your best to solve it for us and well, it's personal life. So I don't know if anybody wants to put league's follow me in here but I did be more chest last time. I. Think it was enough there to give it another go. Everything that happens adjusted the legal right and once you're slowly away you're sort of struggling anyway she has won previously owned solve dot lock she's been dropped and patterns on previous comments are. Quite got the ball over. stunned. Okay. Be More for case defense anything here Ryan. Bruce I think it's a wide open race and I'd be happy to listen about Dj keys tossing. Okay well, let's get DJ's thoughts on it. I can't believe this first outweighed until we get to the act where going absolutely crucify keep Matt Rose Bush, I go absolutely hundred percent agree with here would be more go further and I. Don't think America's cotton down to the fact that be more has three times on soft ground and she's wounded three times unsolved crimes including at markets, and just she seems to be a software in Philly and the and the knock on effect of our Ronin, quick go to firm obviously when she a and she's crying. But then share on twice you toward and test Bryce Taylor thinks he's better. We're cutting the credit, which means you consider on of eighty nine, which is only three Penn prior now last minute mark, which I thought was possibly even as good a race not better than this and I think ninety one cracker price. I think when people realize how well she subscribed. She'd be half price. I'm looking forward to hearing you. Crucify. Me Doesn't banking. He's feeling a while back in the. act. The. Words from you saying. It wasn't that good. The Green Open on consumption is three. Gibson she was three lots. They send the great she lives. Kate, you'll miserable views on enable to later on right what will be avenue lights the grinch. In the meantime look ahead to the heart of the newmarket caught it's the to forty five, the Kingdom of Bahrain Sun Chariot stakes a group one for the Phillies Mas- over a mile really interesting rice. Ryan gives us a show betting and then DJ and tell us all about Shampoos Elise. At least the bet seventy to actually join for even repeat flu MSN The to regular missing there will be the. Witness's ethos at six eight to Denver esiason bigger prices S A KITE DJ Salami Shumpert leads as a rags to riches story for Johnny to in Ireland. Just tell us about Andy she'll selection. At Yeah. Unbelievable. Story Bruce One of the real feel good stories of the summer on that. Obviously, with the way the covert has been. It's nice to get a story like this should have been Tom Kong I forget one earlier on the season at Handicap of eighty, six, hundred ninety she was supposed to be sold Hong Kong put a failed the vet because it does it's not it's not a good Walker and dad. They obviously she wasn't to Hong Kong, and then she was almost sold again in the same thing happened again anything and she subsequently WANNA list race advice Atlanta calway she wanNA grew trae echoed Al Gore impact obviously on the matron group one brilliantly ask percents but they're going to be the grinch hair bruce because I think this is the bachelor of the weekend here he's for this seventy two is massive massive massive amount. Urge everybody if they can just take that seven, the two-night because you will be looking at a docket that will be singing. At you at the base to forty four on Saturday 'cause I. Think this is going to be a monster down but I really to at this pace for am oriented O'Brien a couple of weeks ago and he told me that she would return in the nation but that she would she was his favourite saying she'd be just about ready to start back I'm Dan I tachi random blue cracker in the matron day went hired. Teams. Heart they went up front fancy blue multiple group one winner Clinton to pay state on its peaceful was up there through acts and he and she kept out. So she did despite the fact that she wasn't fully farther rates and I think she could be one of the stories of of the awesome because I love to see are going for the champion stakes I think she's tackled and I did want her to go to France at running the pre Labra for fancy blue same owners run stare but I think it's actually a true choice because I think she'll handle the grind she was just beating. Them heavy at newmarket last year but she does in the Bryant and I think a mile at newmarket on describing would be a test. Osama. That's where peaceful interro own. That's where I'm not convinced of a champion. Lisa. Lacerra sent me a little bit easier. I think seventy-two peaceful is a cracking bad and it's my strongest fancy the whole weekend. Now, Ron mccue sounds like a decent man unlike that horrible Riley lost weight you remember eight did when you Power Co. freight a shot the price after you put the case up and wouldn't put it back out now I know Roy and he's a good guy. that. Seven to two. Peaceful. Kaethe Melrose, who'd you like in the Sun Areas? Don't have a especially strong you. Suddenly on DJ level I think the feeble it should be trained by John Gosden I think Ted Belem's echelon second the. Would probably the best species of? And the field and I thought the MAKIHATA wrong in that regard unfortunately, I couldn't particularly split the myself maybe normally Ted Bella because I think she's more progressive in the BBN. But it wasn't uneasy. What trump going to begin talked the genius. Akito key thank you very much kate and Ryan who go. Talk to her about it was probably the most interesting for me and she's back from a break. She's going to be fresh coming into this. I take a role in the last time probably came into quick after two previous efforts. She's been improvement racing ultra lassie's then again this season I talk to you. She was the one I went to a little bit visa. Jolie good. Thank you very much. We'll often run ask dot net. Putty power streaming all K- and Irish racing. Our APP new bet required just look in and watch terms and conditions apply must be able to talk. Welcome back to the Racing Post weekend postcards Bruce Millington, David Jennings, Keith Melrose and Patty Perez, Roy mccue, we've got four I TV races on Saturday from escorts look at next, and we will start with the one fifty five, which is tot-, DOT CO DOT UK row stakes a listed race over five firms in asker like everywhere else is expected to get a law of Ryan. So mudlark all the way and a wide market run give us the show of betting and. Going to pass the post from. Or the Dakota Gold heads are better at ninety two, a lot of open rates this weekend mosquitoes in there for one along with his mavericks and six one eight in India with bigger prices down the rest and for me in this race Bruce a top made of India manmade most appeal she put up a career best performance last time to fly in fly correct albeit was on different ground. She was a winner ankle to soften the past as she beat Dakota goals around this time last year as wealth in which context of this race she gets. She gets into weight off Otago penalty to carry, try and follow up his success in the race last year and considered a cop. Six to was drive back provocative sheet to handle the heavy Goldman to. BE AT A. Certain. Stage usual selection. Operas Haiti's. Sprints that don't evolve. Batas. Genuinely no strong opinion if post taboos. Thank. You An- kaethe. Very Tiny Criminal Ryan Center to go penalty, but it's not for winning the series last year because the penalties only apply for the marches for winning the beverly boomer. And August, and the crucial thing about that is it was a Steph FIFA. Finish on soft ground on I just think this horse is on. And the US obviously about form in Salto Gardens he can do to step five, but he can get prominent heavily on and maybe not see another rival and Michael we can't get be the most thing I'll ever see but do a horse weld be favorite. Yeah. As beauty is nailed the heights goldenrod rhino move onto the two thirty this is interesting. The coach dot co UK Cumberland Notch stakes a group three over a mile and a half and logistician dominates the market run. Eight fifteen is the price Bruce. marangos there at seventy two for any food each way punters. Six to one highland chief and ask one battles. Well, you'd have to tread carefully data. If you WANNA, do any dirty eight tracey because he's eight runners at the moment but given the amount of rain that's about full you wouldn't be long odds on the it will remain runners notwithstanding that Dj. What did you think of this common logistician has never really beaten a good host. Like. I know we're GONNA come to the laser and come to an end but but I don't like them type of arguments when horses keep winning right fair enough if they're beaten every so often they're beaten every second round. Pick. Up the race that they won't you say I will look was beat next time. Limitations exposed but how do you? Keep winning mcglasson doncaster was it's like in the in the later last year like I don't know what he's supposed to do like he he frankie was pulling them up like fifty hundred in the line like I think courses that wind racist I don't know what else they're supposed to do. They can only like I know you can use. Lens. For All this. Is, so. Easy. I think it's very, very hard. I just think he's very, very good hearts I'm you know some people shrewd Georgia's were put him up as a tiger in the Ark and Maranda was going absolutely. It's order grinds but I don't know if it's to sway the verdict back in Imran's favourite is apn between them and racing's and. I think I think he will cope with the it was okay. At Newmarket last year go to solve only okay but I think he will have the grandma thinking with I think if there is a each way by the way, can they? Do got spice off as hard and chief Robert Miranda. What do you think? I'm probably GONNA. On. Principle because this favorite should be in the arc well, price be. Might be single figures. Yeah but I mean that wouldn't. Value at single would actually this whole should be joining in the ARC on come here to get background Liu might not get it. But Yeah I think also you'll probably he is a any good horse agreement. Is better than this long but Y-, harrumphing because he was probably any other one or he would be the. Why keep like hold on a second rice, they have got a horse that's trying to create history in the same colors with the same train are on. Earth would they say? Oh, let's run logistics as well. Who Cares about this is about one of the greatest as potentially in the history of the sport I think they're damn right. are legitimate asked well, accountability goes many awkward as Marcel Boussac, joy ties, or at least you can hold that could right away loves to help the awkward on maximize by running one of the best horses as well as enable. Nine it's not that. Well. We'll see in the meantime Ron, a you wave or against the Julie. Thank you have to be very disappointed if this sloppy the mostly Miranda the ground is gonNa really suit him. He's he's a model of our. I'd be very disappointed to needed. You could make an seven in a row what he will be. Ben- price for me at that I. Know I'm going to take him on on what you think. three I five ascot this is difficult. ISSUES NEEDS TO TOTO UK Change Cup heritage China Cup over seven furlongs Zillion. Rana's wide favorite rhyme. What's late suspecting? Your pain paying life place in this kindred heads the. Joint Favourite River nymph raising signs in their thirteen to two Blue Mr Seventy one King Oscar. That's will will gonNa Arrest Kaethe. Long. Lost I'M GONNA get paid out on raising sandy's GONNA run and he's GonNa win isn't it? Well? Yes. We have been cooled overcome. All of those occasions tended to up myself as one of those of standards this prohibition of five, and we'll see how we go on certain things and if he does look mortal yet he is. You don't need to explain why you biking raising sun particularly do you he's got off all over the course distance. He has a form of guns on on on the software side. So yeah, he's. He's really sold at auction the prices starting to go let old but. I think he is the race and who'd you like Ryan? Or buying for me Bruce One I thought was most interested. He has four on slow going in France when he was Chrissy trained over there at Jamie. Spencer around for the first time last time at Scott, he just caught my all use the break Eliane before running late finished fourth I think Jamie. Spence. Will note also bit more after writing that day in around twelve won't cease to be drawn on the right side too. So I take him. Man Ryan. Thank you very much indeed and David Jennings. At twenty, five to one for me here, peruse at blown by wins f America Johnson who has so many runners every day we know that, but it's just a lot of horses a notice that work gradually as a form air on the season coma back to themselves very impressive Kempton. Bomb minutes and I just think to slow by winning again it's granting like when when he won that novice event that Windsor a couple of years ago that was on heavy graves overly bombed under James. And most of our ground gets very soft as well, and if you go back to last October, he beat none of the month who's A hundred and ten at the time was raises Asia as and was given months time plenty away fight I think that day on South Rights windows losses way little bit this season and you just wonder you know Willy Willy. Win again after sort of America's. There's a hundred walks i. thought he okay at towns for last time he missed the break and was never in the right position and I think if he breaks better faster can get blown by windows I. Think he's GonNa Rally describing them he doesn't have a bad win rate for. Harstad run. So often these five, Winston Twenty Five, consecutive four times I didn't twenty one is a big price by by went. When you said You were to for twenty five to one show I thought you were going to go for the ropy ropy guest who's in Handicap Company for the first time easy thorny shetty's made and he's quite interesting. Isn't he? Yeah the actually look let's start. Don't know if you've seen the race he was like Whoa tree and fast spent looks like a first runner on opiates I don't believe he's going to lose again. Quite snugly at the line like below hearts. Yeah I think after five run him then okay. The other ass rice the three fourteen is the John Dressing bengals stakes is a group three over six furlongs Kite Byron the five run. Yet, a combined age did I treat a baton is twenty, two years of age K- Byron Exit and ninety. Four. The ten months in their trade war with Brando and breathtaking look vote in their at eight ten to one a bigger remainder to sales I'm Ron, you're going for the boys or one of the young guns. Yes not a race I'm going to be involved in to be honest with you bruce. I taught myself kate. Byron was fit and ready to go after breaking within but it's been race for me. Is it for you David? Yeah I think 'em. Like and. You say to yourself you know year olds but he actually is reasonably like you race like he's run seventeen times but. You. Know we customer either Tofino season last season for said, he goes fresh one first time last season this obviously problem which has kept him on for so long but you look through this field and you say to yourself hold on here secondhand to ten minutes as and why we ran okay the last twice like. Whether is able to be capable of Cape Boy, his ninety five percents Rondo is a front was definitely not as good as prime. The was breathtaking. Look definitely has a chance. If Cape Byron is ninety, five percent. The horse we saw last season plenty was at his peak. Parliament. Who Do you like case I assume kate by Vince having a spin for jumping sprint. And? Therefore, tighten up for this and I thought the ten might be the best in the race. Obviously these late-season sprints when the going gets testing, he does tend to to pop up in one of Gracie's the jumping spent in the past, and obviously he just needs it to be a little bit easier and a group please exactly. He was second in the far side cooked and. SPENT COUPLA legal hoard from that site. So you can see in pretty good form and I just thought that assuming keep Biden has beggar decent agenda ten months doesn't these days so he might be. Good out the Tim man now muster the show him one race at Redcar I wish it was the to fifty, which is the guys were stakes featuring the of Escobar, Colucci? My over on and others but he is actually the three twenty five, which is the William Hill two year old trophy, a five nights a six furlong rice with a wide open market and a big field and Ryan extreme vetting. Yellow Buoy and sprite coke had are back at a fight one at the moment Simonis in their sevens or go jumbos endure eight to one, and it's ten to one the at bigger prices the rest raeside trying China volume the same this year. No Bet for ruin who fought David. Chance Blind. Beggar. Here. Second run for Richard Five He. Still made actually after four or starts on. Probably is. In, the in the main, that car will at your work on the Dan actually ran A. Race then actually terrified own Kontum. said on a good day are air few weeks ago all his form is actually working really well, and last time I was like. Eight completely missed the break was the back stumble again actually before half way and. Flew home only half length. There was as you fall but I think he's got near ceiling of his ability. He's much better. National Debt Twenty one is a big price of a blind beggar. Okay. I'M GONNA put ten to one up here. If you can get an extra places, I think member Wam the likes Scranton and will run very well indeed Patty Power Carney twelve to one till you're gonNA, go full and probably going to split between horse-drawn and underway and. horse-drawn his dog twenty, two, twenty, two, Thongkham Jumble. Obviously we've seen him run not CEO's race that York Doncaster should loans the pace that day I think the market on torture the he was the he was a Kevin Right Horse that was meant to go the best and indeed identified really good. Then you'd think on the basis of coming by just a little bit interest would be to his benefit and also to Kasey, my district Chris Element, he's thirty three to one. Already are listed level and is to on sends a bullpen include races thence. Good with the first time in Richmond unbending a by that captain I the bike and just go neurons all I think with a cleaner run you'd have been might go forth so. Listed race is just uh slight stat Bennelong along talion on if you can split stakes across your your essentially antiquing joy the hopefully unless the on come right in the middle and that's the to Algal. Thank you very much kaethe. Let's switch our attention now to launch on Saturday oversee the main action takes place on Sunday but as a couple of group ones on a really really good call those races. Now first of them see to fifteen is the Cata pre to royale your image king rife as the favorite in Manuel divide Iran yes the Vega heads baton at seventy two pissed his there for two for Joseph Bryant. Wonderful. Tonight is in at fires at eleven to two big remainder is. Just to confirm that, which is cool pace, they're also runs at pissed but I don't think that get a a case who are you going to be backing here and civilian interesting one particularly strong one said and just pissed a whole ship. The way she's come on from June making DB to winning the Park Hill. Say It don't cost last night Still. Showing signs that greenness and yet quickest lake. She did to win that race violent and a half. She could just be a little bit better than over and I think she is backing. It's not good asking me because I'm GONNA Manuela to vague king rife on soft ground that will do for me who's going to win it in Your Eyes Ryan. I think Monica Sharif as a chance that prices around nine one at the moment of issues more black and okay. Candy Bar not. One from each renders and teach I. This is a fascinating hate kate says it is. Yeah. I would do I think peace that is a rapidly improving affiliate I think Manuela Vega like this is her these are her terms and conditions like has degraded the trip the type of year. Seems to be in her favor and you just back to that Rhoda Hejduk earlier on the season where she basically hammered finding Logan. If local obviously having our first start to the season for that was extraordinary performance absolutely bolted up and I think it'll take a big performance from piece to beat my mother the Vegas. Manuela de Vega Campers Demand Aj now than the pre cadre and always used to be the last group race on our done many some time I've been scrambling around trying to find the winner to try and get myself out of trouble but instead it's been moved to Saturday takes place four o'clock is over two and a half miles and it will take some getting and there's a local favorite here on. Your call, the wind will be all the rage at. As far to five Princess Zoe be grey store, and she was teasing Dr. Levin the four TV well-supported over the past few weeks when she confirmed for the race tink of me is next in at six one bigger prices the rest you can side with the five run. I think. So yeah, I think he's a solid option in the race although I would like to see Princess E. Wait I'd be questioned Mike over trip two and a half on this Saudi ground she shot a teufel to win a golf twenty one. For me call the way and just looks very additive Dj is one of racing's great storyteller. So why would print zoe winning be so nice. It's just. It's it's probably. Type store year just a hard-fought from France for a lot of body that started off in a handicap off America sixty four and it's more like Tony Mullins is obviously Willie's brother. A Donny's father. He's jost arena kind of he's a character just Kinda has lovely fraser. Some just kind of doesn't take himself too seriously just the excitement in his voice. When he talked about this this this mayor, it's unbelievable and he said, basically, the plan is to the mayor's novice hurdle at the Chapman facile. That's the long term aim for princess only but I spoke to him last week and he said you know what she wins this, and then when she wrote, she's GonNa run the Prix Royal Oak then. Going, very hard to go hurting after went into important. I don't care bashing ways. I just wanted to watch this race I. Just I just love tall of like an eighteen year old jockey who am claims type pain in Ireland obviously can't claim here going over to write a horses trained by Tony? mullins. It's just lovely beautiful story. That's if it did come together and she did happen to win it would just lies up the weekend and I just I just really hope that happens because if you if you smile when Princess Zoe wins a groupon elaborate smart, lovely stuff, Dj thank you very much for enlightening on. The says Zoe story over to the grinch as by job Italian, she's got no chance now with you know she's got. The price suggests to be honest. She's obviously progressive. By progressive against the horses. Moves the law would be about even money four or five, and the other would be about three one. So yeah, I think that's about right. Jolly good. Thank you, Kate. Okay. Before we get the nap St Joe Thinking you've got one you want to tell us about Saturday this on the TV yet add this racing asset temporary. On Saturday and actually a critical carrot as well as some stakes action and one that I like in the. Just got up nine percent. Know you like to know the Times of the MRS at one that I liked in the one fifty that listed coolmore Churchill stakes at cosmic runs here for Jessica Harrington and Jane Foley owed very impressed. This harsh when you want it's made not leopardstown and he's taken Ontario around last weekend Likud of just take the edge off I'm Tara in cosmic Vega is a nice. Carson. On Kogo varicose let's get the naps. Will stop with Kaethe Melrose. Probably To show. Kite Roy McKie. I'm going to bet left feeling the tipperary for three twenty, five starting Monday I thought would win the thirty five into for thank you ron and TJ opera. So excited about this at. Two forty five new Mecca excellent without further ADO. Let's get stuck into the Ark Count. Here, at Paddy power where the home of the money back special with some incredible offers every single week check out the website or APP. Today terms and conditions apply eighteen plus begun dot org. Welcome back to the Racing Post Weekend Postcard his Bruce Marines and David Jennings Keith Melrose and Ron Cue from Patty Pelican ahead to one of the great days of the Year Arc Day at Longchamp on. Sunday sadly, only a thousand lucky people will be there to enjoy it, but the action is on TV so we're very much looking forward to it, and there is a host of great group one action with the art first, and then we'll do the rest. The out takes place at three Oh five it is the CATA pre out to trump to give it its full name, Ryan I want to. Show of betting first, and then the most miserable man in writing Keith Melrose the man who stunning says we're always all spent awake. Si- excited about enables historic third outbid and he wrote this piece there she's notepad. She's quite good. But anyway, we'll get his thoughts after you've given us the betting run. Yeah. Will the average Philly has better the fall painful places in the race at each hundred? Stratovarius in their Turkey to Utah He'd be second favorite stats aid to warn in Swoop Ninety one eleven to one that bigger the rest coming. Then why won't she? In case I don't think she would I'm just saying that she obviously shoes at point in her career, which is going to horses travelers but that doesn't matter because his middle distance division isn't as good as it was then travels around. So she has been she's like. Striven into Guinness does. Just keep. Making it so that you'll always beat the pipe. She's about. And she's very likable. She deserves to be favorite for this race and even A. Week but. You know the. This. Spring says motorboat me by able to been winning listening group. Sneeze all this tight rather than the ones that cause actually the her likeable in a way she's she has. Achieved a week because of odd. If, you want to ask you what good actually back and the Ark. Of. Toasters over and. It's hard to find much. Dj's obviously be horse. Industries is going to clip force for some point I think you've got Japan mogul. I hate to think what he's going to do. Next progeny probably go to bowl about to the poor house, but I think boggles wanted to be back at twenty two one. He's always stole and I've always picked us up from. Thought he's a good horse and he finally looking girl Peter Perry and we. Wants to find on form you kind of everything twinkies but I think this may be the Horse in a week Hawk besides needle. Do think that this would be the horse twenty one is going to run into place or maybe even better and he's a very, very big price although water look at seconds I think he has got to need for for a really galloping. Be A bold move. Now fight through that. Dj, came off the mute button I thought it was going to jump in and have it go. But you've how would you fight each? What's to say? Just the neighbor like I wouldn't subscribe to the theory that travels in a completely differently to enable. While you basically. You're drinking Guinness and there in the Middle and I just don't see how you can knock, enable and say that she she wouldn't have beaten Trav- our traffic Flintshire then hill was was only be a couple of lanes of one of the ACA travel travel is absolutely amazing. So to is enable and you see all these codes and and it seems almost like the cool thing to do with the moment from a from a from a tipping and debt racing expert teams due to Knockin able because you go through her farm and you say, Oh, well, hold on a second look at that that race you only by a couple of some you know look you know she wouldn't she be Chris Ocean by Paige neck in the King George. Allows The Times are eating enabled one more. Than the winning margin suggests, you can point last year. and. You can say, yes, she was beaten fair and square by Walter Geist I just think the way the race does I think Frankie would lower back and I know you can't good horses. You don't need to make excuses for, but I thought that was one occasion where you could make an excuse for I think she would offended exceptionally higher give so much way to love I really do on on any way decent grades but I think that is the way I take enabled probably win I hope she does because I think deserves to be taught evasion the tribes, and what one the seabirds obviously see barred was was obviously amazing book I think she if wings. Being you know the top five horses we've ever seen and I think he deserves to be there I think she is really exception I. Think she hands described as regards abetting proposition. I, just want to win I wouldn't be back there I wanted to win and look. I'M Ki, spoke there how many cliffs minor in here and I'm obviously ashamed to say this but I think the one at the prices that's most value at the moment given the way conditions are is Japan and again the clocks in he's gone for Japan again. No I look I should probably just showed up mail but. Just in a couple of seconds Japan and Mogi obviously broader that both by the same Japan seems to handle the software is much better than Mogo and he won his maiden at the. So I'm bottomless heavy granite like when you get partners heavy granite stole, it's it's Atlantic stuff. It is unbelievably soft habitat a and you just go truest form when he gets. Caught on the ground over mile and a half, he's actually a very good horse and. Juice from speaking to aid. Does make excuses for her spire too often but you just got the impression. Everything has been debate the. Japanese connection and I'll. Hang on to say as as being everything is being he's never. Next dreicer. What's the point of scenes? So I want to look at the food book Dj Yeah Well. That's my point looking at the four book when when he has got caught on the grounds like on over my house, if you go back to last year. When you know he was only three year olds I thought he rambled absolute cracker to be only beaten four lengths by. He was buying in the mix he was six. I had the magic and latter look he's eighty into one I know I I give this facts many chances but I'm just gonNA afford a more. I'll tell you what I do need to rescind the I've just I've just literally said the stupidest thing I've ever said why'd you listen why? Brian we'll preps because he's to be gene Those drizin. I must say they start they played gopher kills and Thomas City. Half, Iran said, who've you for the killing yourself t Japan for the arc and he stood his ground. So Yeah, you've you've got a supporter that run you've been listening to the boys bickering away. Who Do you think's going in the UK. Am three interested in Serpentine draws after put me off slightly obviously drawn whitest of all, which is not idea. Just, the fact that an eight week got from the epsom Derby to lung is an extra. You went off shards of your brain runners that day definitely had one eye on this race when he's sending them over to that race and draws status pulled me off but I think he's very interested running around twenty four heavy key to take on a Presley. Zoom. With with the drawer there presumably, they'll just blast out anyway like you know as hope you're hoping that you just hope that he didn't have to do to to to get to the position that he probably has the best chance of women to get that position. He's got to do something early. So I'm not even sure it matters where he is. Sorry, Kaethe. Crystal would benefit too much. Effort is obser- jokey song shoot. He'll do a good job in terms of minimizing decker acceptance us to expand. I just want to buckle but Ryan said about the Grocery Watch that I was morning from mogul washed second paper seventeen not was a spin off of it. I saw one here's into the. unconsumed just give gives a word only source in soup. I'd never even heard over the weekend. He's now single figure price case which are making that prices massively got on this horse. If you're on a Good Bear, I was sitting was mighty who's put up in Isaac. Much the same with his Cya. Fluke was another software monster. When the gunman coming up, one, the aqua back him about one, hundred, ten or. Rodman two thousand and twenty me but not but. And me didn't. But yet a special forces you look at that say low show lasted grumpy Depari. You shouldn't be half the price and we'll go and respectable president. needs to be said I think. I think mark was going to win but I wanna know what you guys. One two three with start with you David Jennings. Enable one Japan to and sucks Sassari. Keith. Google. One. Enabled to. Let's say three and Royan Serpentine enable stratovarius thrown on the get hurt. Off mentioned, good old Stratovarius we okay chaps that was the arc knowledge Tyke in all these other great juicy group ones at Longchamp on Sunday stunt with one fifteen is the cuts out. Please join luke lagged. For the two year old coats it's over seven firms and Ron Nando prod the hundred fifty two on shook winner of the COF- is a lot shorter, hair. Ryan. Yet, quite a bit shorter are as eleven to eighty two win this race seven Max basilicas in their to one one-seat away at six one can go on is in their eight sommes lamentable to gun laws of indices that ten, twenty, one, liberty, I'm GonNa stick with you for the selection run. I think say specific it should be a lot closer to abandon under proud than they currently act not the proud of neck and front rid of master. When he ran the last day she subsequently on being beaten I just like to look at a national states this year I think there's a really strong race. He's Simak specific to me still looked like he was kind of learning he kind of run around the mid part that race white the fact he's one on southbound has made on southbound that farmers being France and it she'll be a lot closer to the band's none of eases. For me I couldn't agree more. DO YOU AGREE DJ? Couldn't agree more he said, I wanted to say Saint saint-marc Silica Okay and Asia Full House for some mark's basilica Keith I'm Jay Distance? Would die because normally this is you're basically Frances Jill Harstad guineas trial and yeah a lot of these horses and Israel are real to you do not will produce feeble by Kodiak and they're all that also to be too usually pop and Las Basilica who's getting better but the Ron and I became eb spill the suspense that making feel because I think he's the only one of these is really still improvement left than. I think it should be clear fever. Excellent. Stuff we all Greece mark's basilica. Let's see what the views of the leads are on the one fifty s Qatar, pre muscle BOUSSAC. This term, the two year old fillies is over a mile and Joseph O'Brien has the five run. Yeah, pretty gorgeous is currently seven to four. being ever seen a few good knock around into seven save rovers in their flights will next Betty Motor Eric at age one with Tiger Tanaka's. Combatants. Okay. Now, DJ, if we think the second favorite is is is too in the lack of dad it's not case shortly faves go close it's. Just doesn't doesn't she at? No I think pretty it says the best of these by a considerable marriage and You know she beach Al at the Koru originally group to on soft ground. Obviously, she was beaten by Shale Stakes are in the in the Not The national. Stakes them. Both a everything above screens class and even last, very short runway like how she was justified. I stayed That's why the trip here's a bit of a worry but she just travels a wealth, the race drawn installed fourteen again a little bit of a concern. But that's I think factored into the price I presume to be devens for this I. Think She's I. Think she's very, very good I. think should win next year would peasant guineas if she's even sematech takes me eleven to ten I like Phev rover Kaethe likes. Federal nominally, I'm not going to have a massive R.. A. Rudin last year thinking the Marcel Boussac. So he's Weiss's off Katelyn. It's not often opposed Albania for that reason and she went quite well federal var is the mile vegetables bars as. We fight with a trip. Along Saudi on really testing ground. Yeah. cheapie the wannabe backing, but it won't be big YOU'RE GONNA go full Ryan. Agree DJ said Pretty Guard is looks completely different. Philly out software on YOU'RE GONNA get the weekend and I think she's The ZAND Rodeo we move onto the rice off the which is the three fifty the pre Lac la four phillies amas over ten furlongs Donna. Carr's got the favor actually nice joint favorites on they run. Yet join fans to fight to about Alpine Star see blue talking and his next game for the home team Florida. And at six to one time now and twelfth one Dan Biden for. A case off give. A wash to let pink and green face paint off after a neighbor's won the ARC who will be back in this. I think I'll start the really good horse and I think I think I. Think I'd want her be favor. If I was pricing public, you know Horror Chiba. Talk you'll be to inform in the really soft and really selfridge. I'll pay star was second obviously lasts in Shannon Wa wa and it looked like only her and palace Pierre really handled the conditions which which. Basically might as well been running into. The channel marred, it was really really testing that day. So you can't have any issue with the conditions. I think my to ultimately be a best track I do like awful awful law so we'll be backing. Alpine stoff Kaethe who for Brian? Agree keyed said Yeah. Slightly disappointed fancy blue and the last day in the matron is appoint star performance that she she put open the jockey. Marwat. Think that'd be good enough yet. And I'm pretty sure your an Alpine stall fennel us have been. Oh Yeah and and I think she'd probably win the worry I have a fancy blue speaking after the matron he was to. So what I'm for runner in the matron, a quick right was not Francie blue ones and I worry. Might have. been out of her, she hired race they're staying on strongly. And, and that's that's just a nagging date in the back of my mind I think what point star she's had a nice break forty nine days since since against policier that was a crack effort and. It probably didn't suit are making their own in the in the French oaks I, think. Maybe just sitting off the pace suits someday she started out for here shamefully gets on really with her and and yeah, it's it's it's a ten fold brought by but this a Helluva race tell you what did you in future when you start your horse just a method that that says I spoke to execs with right at the start. They all quite interesting insights Kaethe. What are you gonNA come back to that one that was quite harsh that wasn't it? The grinch is done neither yeah. Yeah, he's probably right. I don't know I like to from from what they heard from the O'Brien nothing right? Wasn't that was more jobs. I I thought that was interesting. He was disgusted that he actually even runner like she was favors for a group order to finish tired and it was just a strange reaction. I only say things that I think are strange Keith yet no that. Gone Kaethe. Obviously. Does morlet by every. horsey presumptive involved in Brian. Thanks. Well as quite, quite influential family out there to be fast. So I think at writing reports each bring Walt, the main men have to say is always valuable. Now, they traditional highlight of the arc on the Cardi's the abbey she's been I is now much. Shawn Takes Place at four, twenty, five over five phones a Weirdo she if you go to launch from, you cannot say things they've got grandstanding the way they charged right up the middle the camera work he's mad they change angles every three seconds you I'm GonNa clue what's happening? You've done whether winning money's but we can assume. quickly, well, that's roughly isn't it of? It. I was at the the last I had heard like half hour away. It's just a status in reading this man even if say mad when they were Sean see because actually disappearance the forest I mean is it's the kookiest race of all time anyway to compare the sun five drive 'cause say. Yeah. Even. It's Kinda. Similar thing. It's just straight down the middle in a miles away but it's Tony sees what is the fact that you can't say anything because they've got the grandstand on the on the FAW. Saudis just so peculiar. Tracing. Dahbi we recycle picked up. The. Until the final hundred Josh and it was absolutely mental, isn't it absolutely is it's wacky writes is last year's when gloss lip is one convincing enough can she do it again more importantly how did Patty Powell right? Her chance? He's run ninety four at the moment to repeat the fee may make a challenge in their seventy two left around the farm from the flying, Floyd but are. Ordered his next in at six one S I won't bite. It's obscene event. I'm GONNA stick with you run she fancy clothes slippers. favors. She probably could get as mature on the day and given the strength of the opposition just gone to this morning for me. There's no real value would make a challenge. We put them up with the priciest, but I just think he gets his conditions here. He wants heavy ground the heavier better on 'em. He was drawn on the wrong side of the flying five last time. So I. Kinda Kinda upgrade that performance that only beat to like last labor. So Ateeq Mak- challenge might be lastly, but at the prices and it doesn't really look for bat seventy to get bigger to be honest. Is there any value in this list David? Jennings? Yeah? I spoke to Denis Hogan yesterday and that's a joke and I I take Mega at the roller joke in the Irish. Racing Post practice room. With myself and Justin O'Hanlon because it's all even massive. Patasse final I always say potash is. Perceived when he's audited game and Justin always comes back with, he'd never be challenged on south down. We've had this rodent joke the WHO log like I'm making time handicapper share. How can you say how can you put them in the same sentence on I text them yesterday morning and I said you know. I may challenge is going to win I was actually calling to find to beat by tasks on Onoda tends predicted, but the crowd is just so heavy he's going to love it so much that he really is a rump session seven to two at this is like everything he wants in a nutshell he will absolutely adore degrade he's been trained for the race and everything about us farm screams are said he's a group of winner waiting to happen undescribed. Don't forget. He's straight at ridiculously short in Ronin and for last year's champions. For. Six. From looked over, just didn't get home. At Lounge on heavy rain, you will see the best of make a childhood so I think he. Case Drew Gray. To have sympathy with. All we're going to get better pricing. We are horses or putting up because backlashes Combo. To. Wars and don't onto. On the basis of of really attesting Greg, it's also because the only thing you can rely upon this fight for long course alone is Probably dead and I can see glass slippers drifting for that very reason Jordan won the whole school doctors dream who I think is a software monster as record on solve. This is really quite good. The haydock when he had in July is a is what can agree to be well, he was again in that said, farsight could have been his last thing we can talk. Travels. Well, off the think you'll be back at five. I was expecting more like twenty five, zero what prices Eighteen you. Appraise still pretty happy with holiday tweet on happiness it would be far from the least likely host to get involved. Given the history industry. So yeah, but between Belgium excellent, very much indeed I'm finally long show on Sundays. The cats are of foray takes place over full. Over seven furlongs I great rights for fans of the. Call the under appreciated seven Furlong Division, earth-like Favorite Ryan. Six to four. Bruce treated one in their master at. Lakewood. Safe. For is next in. Affordable Lobi Fernandez's. And then at sixty the rest. Kaethe will go to you first, who is your selection unity her well obviously, the masters under appreciate hospital she's like horses and trading women. are are very good horses by my positive biggest. On I think this is the conditions under which we'll see the best of LUPITA Fernandez. It's been sort of. In the middle he'll relieves third in the Irish, and then you are a few sprints and and boost the commodore cop on the spread. Cup is just one of his little and between. Ga, he was seconds dependency will increase. And then he was third to space blues the motive. Doing his best work at the finish in the lot occasion I think about forms. Is Good as most any horse in his as I think seven furlongs at low shall even the way is quite fast seven alone shown the grind will be testing and make sure there's a reasonable off tested the trek I think these conditions and at nine hundred, one, I think he's definitely the bat and the race interesting. I like the cut of your Gypsy Day Grinchey. Rohan who you're GONNA go full. I don strong opinion on who will win the race but have a strong opinion. Don't feel it when the race IB team to take on airtight racer and you've really sought options if you have taken him on eligible masters Safeway at your short on the races and I, try over seven foot on the last day on Goo ground at Samford on on various around this time round two, thousand, find him out. So I'd be against aired light on. Novi Fernandez with respect at T. Mobile, Jolie good and finally David Jennings who you're gonNA go for here. I actually think Eric would win this. It's it's it's obviously not set saying the ordinary but I think he's better than these and they are good horses and they're good Sam specialists but he just could just be a notch above the Monday you know he started eleven to ten favorite for the Primorsky St- on. Them? He was a little bit disappointed but I actually tell us he was ridden probably a little bit too aggressively they're and space lose kind of paged and I I just take. It's simple theory but I just think he's the best arson the race he's not much value though. Sometimes it's best to keep it simple away from long case thing you've got couple of forest very quickly. Do, come tracker Horses Coming Back Council. The jumps must be just trying to corner as stay humble runs in the too easily how to agoos for polling dopson sheet well, both times and I think he could win that said the to Happy de Council and then in the deal simply. Team coming back and not respond to the time. I'd cracking destiny a horse I like even more. But cool. Next I think is made for two miles or drawbacks trip and it had been you're. Getting Ready for this even though we fight, we can see him being a good price in the workplace I like to get involved now. Thank you. sussed one for us as well on Sunday having. Iran. Away to see in the like of the fly Novice Chase Bruce it looks at cracking or newly the race. He gets four year olds allowance. He's a sound jumper he wanted WanNa Kagan last time is There it's that's in the three, thirty, eight, tipperary. No Sense. I've ever read out a kite chaps. Thank you very much. Indeed it's been a marathon ause sprint but hopefully, case David an run have pointed utes white the whites would some way can valley don't forget if you enjoy the shows, we'd love you to write review and subscribe wherever you're listening. MATTY's going to be back on Monday to review all the action and we're back next Friday for more great rice in post casts. Here. 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