Highway Hi-Fi Ep. 79: The Music of Cults, Part 1


The. Woven highway high by a podcast where we go track by track through the underbelly of music, history, research and Trivia to locate the roots of our obsession with vinyl records I'm Joe and I'm Ryan and congratulations. You have joined the Internet's finest podcast for music that comes from Inorganic Vegetarian restaurant. Today. We're GONNA start off with. A little bit of Trivia Indoctrination. More. And I. saw. All right I am going to start. The ceremony so to speak with some audio trivia. And so the theme on this one's pretty obvious, your job is Joe or good listening audience. Just tell me. The name of the band and the name the song. Are you ready. Yes, trek one. Track to. Do. Go. Last. Class to. This trick three. US. By. E Fly. You've. Burning Trek five better than. I don't mean. Trek six. Trek seven. Look. Will Rise? To. The ground etrechy. Everything they go? You WanNa make. The. All right. So, I think the theme is. Pretty obvious, so you don't have to worry about guessing it. Just do your best to give me the name of the artist and the name of the song. We'll see how you dude you get any. Right now. I feel I feel okay about with about fifty percent of them. Okay not necessarily both song and artist, but I know I recognize. About half of them, I think they range from pretty easy to add be amazed. If anybody got it, so we'll see how many. Great. For my non Audio Trivia Round. What I'm GonNa do is describe a belief system that is either a cult or a band. And I'd like for you to tell me name of the cult or the band. And that's it. That's all you need to do right, so you're going to tell me a set of Dogma and I. Just have to decide whether it's a cold or banned until you which Cold War which banned. Correct all right. Let's do it all right. The first one just to give you an idea of what what I'm trying to do here. This leader started his sect in the mid to late nineteen seventies, but his followers never even saw him in person until two thousand four, despite his prolific sermonizing, which was sent to all who would listen mostly through the mail. I'm guessing that would be Janjic. It is Jandak Yep thought good art one that. I thought we were familiar with Iran softball warming up. The leader of this cult encourages his followers to eat only food that has been found with a lot of it already partially eaten and to avoid bathing at all cost. He also frowns mightily on laughing at least for now. I think that's Charlie. Manson I think that's a family. It's not. It's actually a cult called the brethren now. Okay, they are also known as the garbage eaters. So that's a real. A A rose by any other name. A HALF EATEN CHALUPA by any other name so. The hefty garbage and they can't laugh about it. They are not allowed to dance or laugh until Jesus comes back. Sounds like a certain groucho. No. ME. Oh Oscar! If the shoe fits. Okay here's the next one. This. Cult leader claims he can see someone's past and future by looking at their feet. Quentin. Tarantino Very good. It is a Japanese cult cult Ho no Hana. Wasn't going to get. That got like thirty thousand members. And that crazy, so he just looks at your feet and can tell your soul. Making see your past and future. All Right? This group dresses up in World War Two. And tries to catch food and goods that fall from the sky. I have no idea. Is that the that the December I? It is. That's good, though it's actually a cult, it's called the John from cult, and it's one of the most widely reported examples of a cargo cult, so a cargo cult is a group that formed around. World War Two usually right after on islands where soldiers were having food and shipments dropped from planes to them, so Beija believe that performing these same rituals they will then receive more cargo. Sort of a real life. The gods must be crazy type situation yes. All right like many Colt leaders. This one claims to be from outer space, and the leader could very well be the most convincing of all of the leaders who claim to be from outer space. In front of followers and outsiders alike, he was always adorned with close from his home planet, and would speak in tongues and front of nonbelievers. Spe- son Raw I thought. Maybe you would go there. Zola X. Zoeller ex. That's it Oh God good. I knew they had their own language. This cult led by a guy who calls himself Jahic with started as an offshoot of a prayer group for teenagers a broke off from the Presbyterian Church. After a service was canceled in favor of watching the super bowl. I feel like I've heard this before. I? Don't know it's not the trees community is. Now it's called twelve tribes. Oh yeah, yeah, they're like the Yellow Deli people. They tried to recruit me. Wants really a year Mata restaurant. How or why did they want you? Because I. have a spectacular beard the. Like wearing a beard flannel, which is apparently kind of what they wear, so I thought this guy's shooting. He already the look. Is True, story. They wouldn't leave me alone. I couldn't eat. Drink my yearbook, Mata and peace. That's the one that. What they do is they don't have their music, but they will host music grateful dead, and those sorts of concerts they will host them and kind of sponsor them and recruit heavily at those concerts, so they do kind of have a time to music. Oh cool I'm glad you mentioned that. All right This cult leader professes that spaceships with God is a passenger have come to Earth to save us. All the leader moved his flock to Garland Texas. Because garland sounds like God's land to him. He predicted that on March. Thirty First Nineteen ninety-eight golic would appear in the leaders, his likeness on channel eighteen of. Television set in North America. I researched this will. Hold on. Give me a second. Think. He had any music. He's Asian I, think. Yes. I forget I won't get it. The colts is called true way cult true Yep. All right. This leader was. A racist Amazon genetic and he was naked during nine any of his sermons, members would bathe in his urine during services. And when he died, he was buried with whiskey and heroin. That's gee-gee Allen. It is yeah all right. Let's call. It has leaders who insist on being called generals. They follow a military like structure inspired by the Salvation Army members are trained to surrender their free will, and are not allowed to do anything. Their leaders wouldn't want them to do. I was GONNA. Say Salvi me. I don't know Sergeant Pepper's lonely hearts club band I don't know. It is called the aggressive Christianity Missionary Training Corps Whoa. Weird? Got Two more. This cult was formed by a leader who covers his head and face with a cleansed container. He preaches to his followers about the evils of eating meat taking it even further, he claims to have been raised by chickens. The container he puts on his head is preferably a KFC book. That helps. Bucket bucket head. I couldn't get more. See Out of my head. Assistant does more see. Where container on his head sometimes. Last one the of this cold believes he is the human incarnation of a supreme being called alcon Torah, which combines Christ Buddha Muhammad, and a bunch of other deities to create a nine dimensional heaven with him at the head, and its tax exempt in the US. No idea. The colts called Happy Science. Happy Science Wow. I think I got most of the band's. I should have got more of the colts. Yeah, you got three. Colts out there or you got all you gotta four. Yeah. I just thought it'd be kind of fun to go through. Some of the Trivia the colts that I didn't think we would be talking about at all, and because there's no music engulfed. especially, the garbage eaters. Man Thought. You wished the garbage had had a band. Play play the old chicken boat. Trach Gan leads. That's it for Trivia for this episode I think it's time to move onto our main feature turntable talk. Every month is talk in me. I don't hear a word this. Only the. Serve! The snow rage. The engine finally died in the car slowly rolled to a stop. Returning from a concert Dave, bixby felt familiar darkness encroaching again. He started the agonizing walk home. The past couple of years, he felt like shadow of a person. Carefree Highschool revelries of Pot Beer beach parties banned practices had suddenly change too constricting nightmares on Bella, Donna and LSD. Police psychologist. His parents all refused to understand his emptiness. The acid trips had left him fragmented. All the people he used to know to quote another musician. Where lose to him now? He was in hell with no way to communicate. He looked at the filthy slush on the ground seep through his shoes, more and more with each step, and he thought about giving it all up. That's when he became aware of presence. The street was desolate except for the snowfall, but he heard a crystalline voice chime in his mind David I'm with you and have been with you from the beginning. He knew it was the personage of Christ. Dave tried to share his encounter with his friends and family, but they dismissed him as just another Bernau. WHO's hearing voices in his head. And maybe that's all. He was even thought to himself. Feeling totally lost and alone eternal music, and started writing songs about his life, his pain struggle with drugs and his hope for something more. He wrote about thirty songs in a two month ban. Finally Buddy from one of his former bands took Dave. Two Small Youth Prayer Circle at the House of a guy named Don to graph. The graph understood and believe Dave and prayed over him. David never felt so spiritual engaged with anyone. His mind was beginning to clear. Bixby went home from the prayer. Meeting fasted for three days and was born in new. He had found a family who believed in him. Shortly after this awakening to graph heard bixby play his gorgeous harrowing songs at a coffeehouse to graph, was taken with the power of his testament and encouraged bixby to play his prayer meetings. Based on the charismatic preaching of to graph and Bixby, sincere music, the number of kids in attendance skyrocketed. They started using church basements in local schools and colleges around grand rapids. Michigan for larger meetings and gatherings. bixby's heartened music was. To graphs, message and extremely important in getting more kids to show up regularly for the meetings. The people who attended were dubbed the group. By nineteen, sixty nine to graph, convinced bixby to record an album and paid for the studio and pressing of a thousand records. The record would be called Ode to quit. Sakado it's a stark and lonely album with just bixby and guitar. quicko coddle is the Aztec Serpent God of wind and wisdom. Bixby connection to the myth that he would walk the earth as the protector of men with Christ liabilities and demeanor. On, the back of the record was bixby simple testimony. I destroyed my life with drugs and removed myself from reality never to return in my darkest loneliest moment I cried unto God for my sanity. The record was so painfully honest and immersive that people who herded felt drawn to the destruction and redemption contained on this mesmerizing wax. The record would be sold by members of the group and Bixby's music would bring more kids and more money into the fold. He had gone from lost and alone to being a messenger of God and playing in front of three hundred kids a show. However as the popularity of the music and membership of the group grew things with the graph started to shift. I he started asking people to refer to the group as the movement. And he was to be referred to as sir. He started telling members of the movement that God had wanted them to start peddling amway products a pyramid scheme for selling beauty accessories. It also panhandle in south combs, stating the donations were for their youth group. All the money went directly back to the movement and to the graph. Also he'd started making a habit of taking his younger female followers to bed. Sir compelled bixby to record another album. However, this record was a bit different. Played with a full band album, second coming was simply credited to harbor with no mention of Bixby at all, despite him, pending all the tunes. Several songs on the record were about the power of Sir though they didn't specifically mention him. The cover is a painting of him embedded in sunflowers. Bixby has said that the graph wanted to be invisible to the world and to star at the same time. Sir had his members hanging posters, selling tickets and selling records out of the trunks of their cars. Bixby was drawn deeper and deeper into the new found fame. By Nineteen seventy-two, the movement was raising eyebrows with parents. Amway and the FBI. Graph quickly moved his people to various enclaves around the country Ohio Florida Alabama and Texas at first. Eventually to graph had amassed enough money to buy a small ski resort in the SANGRE decrease. Dome Mountains of Northern New Mexico. which operated under the name of the Religious Order of spectrum? During this time, men in the group had to remain celibate while the women were to bear servers children. Over the course of several years expe- stayed with de Graph, but started seeing the hypocrisy in his teaching and the exploitative nature of the movement. Eventually, he got out and started helping others get out as he felt responsible for bringing so many of them in. In Nineteen, seventy seven, he even worked with parents to find the kids at the ski resort and help them reassess their lives. He said they just needed someone who was there to say this. No longer works you need to make some decisions for yourself and quit being shot. bixby eventually faded from the spotlight as the renown of ODA to quit so coddle grew as a loner folk classic. So acclaimed and rare that copies would sell for two thousand dollars. Eventually! He was tracked down and told his story for a couple of decades he work playing cover songs in bars and lounges moving from town to town. He has since helped get. His records reissued given interviews about his involvement with the movement and played concerts to still completely enraptured audiences. The whereabouts of graph are unknown. For a time. He took a small Harem to las. Vegas It's rumored that he died in a helicopter crash, but as Bixby says, who knows. moved. Among. List. I should be calm. Off. Life if you haven't been paying attention is complicated. When threatened with the onslaught of realities, challenges, often a flight mode kicks in. Not only are we running away from something? We also run to something if not into something, a safe harbor and away. A place that is inviting and. Family and hope. All the While we look for easy answers to questions that are often impossible to answer. The meaning of life and a nice manageable bite sized chunk. The need for collective belonging and the need for faith. Faith in something. This is why colts have been able to exist on the fringes of society for so long. And why so many people can fall into the societal traps? Once in snared is difficult to untangle in escape as one sense of self and identity are slowly broken down. When French political scientist Alexis de Tocqueville visited the United States in the eighteen thirties he was most impressed by the fact that Americans of all ages all stations in life, and all types of disposition or forever forming associations. For people that often pride themselves on individualism, Americans tend to be very realistic. Right now there are thousands of the colts in America and maybe tens of thousands worldwide. While the vast majority may only have a handful of people many flourish with significant influence through membership money in message. Some of these groups might be seen as quirky, but ultimately benign some not so much. Colts can manifest themselves in any number of ways. They deal in the currency of human beliefs, religious political racist or terroristic beliefs. And can be delivered in the form of a prophesying doomsday, increasing human potential or enhancing one's position, using new age techniques, black magic crystal skulls anything on Gwyneth, paltrow's website or other supernatural means. And while it can be difficult to know exactly when a group is truly a Colt. They tend to share three things. A charismatic, often authoritative leader and indoctrinating program into a transcendental belief, system and system of control through exploitation. These self-styled leaders prey upon the most valuable members of society. Generally those are the most stable and predictable of us. Cult US burying means of conditioning and thought reform through deception, isolation, dependency and fear. One of the more fascinating tools in their horrible toolbox of manipulation is the use of music. As with the case of Bixby and graph, there is a strange balance and co-dependency of music and mind control. Music is consistently seen playing a role in the establishment and functioning of colts, radical sects and new religious movements. It can not only bring people together. But it can also bring people into the fold. Today, we will delve into the bizarre world of music made from within colts. The tunes that were left behind as relics of evidence of exploitation and excessive destructive devotion. Results that are so strange because they were almost certainly weaponized by brainwashed minion. Music that is created in a vacuum of narcissism removed from free thought and outside influence. Hymns to self appointed. Prophets Savior's divine conduits Christ reincarnate. Gurus Faith Ailey leaders and stink probably. We'll look at music from some of the world's most infamous colts as well as the songs that are so insular. They make no sense outside of their context. Even when that context itself makes no sense either. So cleanse off. You Shaqra Open your mind pool under robes and lace up your nikes today the music of the colts. Join US, won't you? Forever. We. Don't typically bother qualifying of much. We say here, but this one's a bit different for us. We fully understand and recognize that many the people in groups mentioned in this episode are evil in Garnett. What we're trying to do is look at and study a specific tool of manipulation that many colts used in various ways. When we make light of any of the following colts, you can refer back to our laughter records episode when we speak about nervous laughter being helpful when discussing serious and scary topics. The use of music and sacred ceremonies of course has ancient roots. Ritualistic Song and dance is seemingly as oldest humanity itself. The U. for chemical reactions that music and in our brain are powerful, emotional addictive. And while these properties are certainly what drives our desire and passion for music? They also leave US Open for manipulation. From the creation of inappropriate feedback loops that link are automatic emotional reactions to stimuli that is being wheeled by long bearded, White, robed puppet master. Who wants to sleep with your sister? Think Pavlov's dogs except that instead of salivating at the sound of bells, dot's feel intense mind expanding pleasure at the sound of bad folk music. Coupled with a charming leader, social isolation peer pressure, and often drugs and sex. Music is a strong controlling mechanism. The possibility for exploitation by colts through music takes many forms. The I of course is recruitment. Just as owed to quit Sakado appeal directly to people already feeling listless music as a social bonding force much like you might seek out people similar cultural taste, those looking for a strong communal tie be attracted to music that speaks to them who they are and who they want to be with. This especially so if that style music has been prohibited in the past by authority figures like parents or religious leaders. Music is also particularly good at finding a way to teach doctrine in a light and memorable way. Think about how Sunday schools across the world teach children about their faiths tenants through catchy silly songs. Same idea, except the songs are meant to elucidate the reasons why the leader should be praised and needs two dozen wives. And that togetherness that you feel when you hear lots of people singing about the same set of flawed dogma creates even more of a feeling that what is being espoused is the truth. and. It makes you fear questioning it, and possibly to the point of no longer finding reasons to question it at all. When colts produce their own music, you provides the opportunity to create more isolation in their ranks. They are selecting what music is acceptable for their believers, while additionally shutting out any outside influence, the outside world in this music is evil destructive. An additional layer of control that like many cold acts can be seen on the surface as communal and family building. But actually isn't dusing dependency enforcing submission. Sometimes colts will even used tunes from Popular Music but adapt the lyrics for their own purposes much like a deranged self-important weird al.. For, example scum of the Earth Borough Baptist church is especially fond of perverse parody songs that elaborate on their hateful garbage beliefs such as Santa. Claus will take you to hell. Trust us. It's it's not worth hearing. Music can create a sort of altered consciousness leaders, hoping to discourage critical thought tell their followers to turn to music, chanting rhythm and meditation whenever they are presented with a challenge. Rather than using healthy expression of emotion or dealing with the issue by thinking about realistic steps. They have no opportunity for a reality check instead focusing on the leader and positioning them as the answer to their problems. Songs of worship aimed at the co-leader leader, both feed the EGO and project power. The delegatory music establishes him as an overseer master and leader without forcing them to actually perform any tasks. It allows them to play out a self, idolatrous fantasy of rock and roll star, but within their own personal vision of the world. If people are writing songs about someone, they must be important, right? On the more crazy end of the spectrum are the groups that believe the music has magical or scientific properties that are necessary for actual physical, reshaping and transcendence. You see these beliefs in more new age focus groups with reliance on the song itself to be transformative. In while the sort of whimsical idea, that music can be used for mind, control might conjure images of more primitive Hossa, animism, spiritual possession, trance, dances, or hippy dippy crystal powered out of body experiences. You don't have to look too far to find instances where mainstream conservative Americans believe that music could control behaviors, the hypnotism record fad music stimulus progression. Billy Joel's records were the back masking. Panic. All the same there are definitely colts who believe music has the ability to elevate one's mind, regulate one soul or restructure one's body. Take for example. This track that a group called the wing makers listen to as a vehicle for genetic reconstruction as provided humankind. By Nice time traveling aliens. Has Your DNA Joe. CRISPY! As! We discussed in our episode on the Jesus People Explosion of the late nineteen sixties, music became an integral factor and gathering and recruiting kids to convert them. This movement was soon taken to extremes as colts used the same idea, but in a more dangerous narrowly focused manner. The explosion of colts happened to coincide with the private press vanity record industry boom of the late sixties through the early eighties. An endless amount of records were pressed in tiny quantities that were entirely focused on drawing people into these factions. These records are often very boring. Occasionally very funny. Once in a while very terrifying and rarely very good. Colts also have adapted further by embracing the ease of cassette distribution of the eighties, the website boom of the two thousands, and of course modern social media where you still find online forums on platforms, like read it for Chan and even youtube channels that nudge young impressionable people toward extremism through a combination of memes, conspiracy, theories and algorithm driven playlists. Once fully and meshed. The Believers are sent out to recruit like them with all the recruitment music videos in memes at their fingertips. Make colts great again. As, we start to discuss specific groups in records. We need to mention that we are not going to talk specifically about bands that were formed more around a commune or art collective. Even though there may be some similarities in style and approach, the lack of coercive persuasion to ideology means that they are a different crystal ball of wax. This will be bands like the Perth. County conspiracy, the trees community on dual the Chai Commune Akron family, the family of apostolic or Wavy Gravy Farm. Artists with Colt Lake Habits and following such as Sun, raw or failure Cudi. We are also going to leave out records from a cult figures like Alister Crowley Wylie Anton levay. Though probably will be coming back to these sorts of bands at some point, and we aren't going to cover the band the Colt so sorry if you're waiting on that. She sells sanctuary somewhere else. By the seashore. This'll be a two part episode. Next week we will get to some of the lesser known wackier colts, but in this first episode we're going to focus on the music of a few of the world's most recognizable colts, Colt leaders. Unfortunately the most notorious of these colts established the reputation after hideous tragedy, often featuring a terrible waste of life. We won't spend much time talking to the actual Colt history itself there about a billion podcast documentaries out there that. Have you covered on that? But we'll just mainly discuss the musical aspects of those groups. Might as well start with the granddaddy of the modern new religious movement. The SCIFI writer turned founder of the pay to elevate Church of Scientology. L Ron Hubbard. He likened himself a composer and producer, and was said to force his devotees to patiently listen to any and all of his musical whims, and what he calls the symphony of life. In nineteen seventy four, he had the house band meet bags from the scientology sea or ship the Apollo make a wacked out jazz fusion album under his musical direction. The album was titled The power of source by the Apollo Stars, and it's a frantic Afro. Beaten acid jazz tinged tour force. Hubbard would play the entire record complete with the dance troupe before meetings. A little slice Z. new. But he didn't stop there. In Nineteen Eighty Two L. Ron recruited some pretty big jazz rock names from the scientology ranks including chick. Corea Stanley Clarke Nicky Hopkins to make a soundtrack album for the novel battleship. Earth! The record that was made under his musical supervision was called. Space, JAZZ! Hubbard was really into a computer synthesizer called the fairlight. SEE 'EM I which cost over twenty five thousand dollars at the time, and it was used extensively on the album. Along with a bunch of inexplicable whore, sound on the song wind splitter. A few years later, he wrote a rock opera soundtrack for his ten novel series. Mission Earth Andy had. Heartthrob Guitarist Edgar Winter. Recorded It's got some gnarly. That sends those e meters off the chart. All. Aw. Later he gathered a few of his most famous acolytes John Travolta leave Garretson and frank, stallone or fly to his friends to help him spread the Dianetics Gospel by singing, soft rock ballads on record called road to freedom. The gusto of the delivery of lines like you are not mind or chemicals, you don't even have form. You're a trap of senseless lies. It's time to be reborn is enough to stir the most seventh beaten and make you get out your checkbook. which you probably need as members of the CIO s were encouraged to buy several copies of the album to distribute to friends and family. Naturally it is the vocal stylings of Mr L. Ron himself. That really gets you exterior arising. In an episode that will be full of terrible songs. This one might be the worst, so we're not gonNA. Play it. Just kidding, one of we ever held back onto you. Here's the BIGWIG himself singing. Thank you for listening shortly before he dropped the body. Try not to clear. I do not see what I. I'll give them. A. Wide. Their wise too will have you. Believe it or not the next most famous musical madman cult leader as a connection to scientology. Charles Manson gave it an honest go and prison in the seventies, even spending one hundred and fifty hours auditing before deciding the religion was just too crazy. Let that sink in for just a moment. Of course, Manson's own helter skelter musical ambitions might be some of the most famous in the world a colts. A self-styled Songwriter Manson was totally enmeshed in enamored with the Laurel. Canyon seen charming. Many prominent rockers including Dennis Wilson, Neil Young John Phillips and CASS Elliot among others. After learning to play guitar during a stint in federal penitentiary, and understanding the allure of rock and roll along with sex drugs, he came out to La and worked hard to get a record deal with some minor success. The beach boys infamously covered. His song ceased to exist. As a nineteen sixty eight side retitled never learn not to love making it the second most evil song. The beach boys ever did. Right behind Kokomo. Denny took the songwriting credit though as he traded it from Manson for some cash. And a motorcycle. Here's both versions. Never had an ESA. I ever. We all get. Not. MISSION IS A. God given brother. Understand. Allegedly there is a tape a full ban demos that Charlie recorded at Brian Wilson's home studio, but like Manson they're not likely to get released anytime soon. That joke was written more than a decade ago. I've been sitting on it. For a brief moment, the birds and Paul Revere and the raiders producer Terry Melcher. Had agreed in principle to getting Manson a contract, but decided against it as he felt for some reason, the kid might be a little to a radic. Go figure. Anyway, this shunning set into motion, the horrific family murders at the Tate Polanski home, which had until recently been meltzer's house. Before that, he was able to lay down a demo with Bill Kauffman. Kauffman actually did time with Manson before becoming a player on the scene by managing gram Parsons and being a Rhody for the Rolling Stones Emmylou Harris and Frank Zappa. Once everything went down. Manson begged Kaufman to put out the recordings. He raised three thousand dollars, two thousand copies pressed and released the record with the title. Live the love and terror Colt in nineteen seventy. The record was distributed by the Bootleg Label Trademark of quality, which was also famous for bringing Dylan's great white wonder to prominence. Despite it only originally selling three hundred copies slowly, Manson's album was an underground hit and has grown in. It's dark history with a huge number of artists, covering his tunes, including guns and Roses Sonic, boom gee-gee Allen Crispin Glover defender Ban, heart and the Brian Jonestown massacre. Brian Jonestown massacre's Anton newcomb claims that he had recorded with Manson, but didn't really detail how this collaboration occurred. Just explaining that is a mystic, so check out. The family that he casually suggested to do his sadistic bidding had long been wrapped up in his music. They're singing songs whilst the dumpster diving for food. Around, the Campfire at the spahn ranch, and of course famously walking to their trial. And eventually family members on the outside with commit to tape his songs likely is request. The record called. The family jams doesn't have Manson on it, but he is given credit for all the songwriting. Recorded around nineteen seventy, it wasn't released until nineteen ninety-seven and featured Clem Grogan Sandra good squeaky FRAHM, Catherine Gypsy, share and others. It's crazy in the sound of delusion, devotion to their imprisoned leader. Here's the spine tingling track. Get on home. Yang? Poll. On. Honestly for lot of this album, if you didn't really know who the band was, you might think it was a pretty good private press album. It's worth listening to just not backwards. There are a couple. Other cults have bands that will be talking about on this episode in the next episode. That are also pretty good. This is up near the top for me. The most skilled musician of the family was undoubtedly bobby, Beausoleil. Beausoleil had some rock and roll bonafides. He was in an early iteration of love with Arthur Lee. Called the grass roots, but not the midnight confession guys. He then formed a free form instrumental PSYCHEDELIC group with an occult bent called Orchestra. David La flame later of it's a beautiful day was also in the group that made a name for dark electric orchestrations like this poon jobs, barber. After that beausoleil starred in filmmaker Kenneth Anger's Alastair. Crowley's inspired flick Lucifer rising. Though. The project fell apart and was shelved. Listless Beau Soleil fell in with the Manson family, and like an unfortunate many members of that club ended up murdering someone. While in prison, he was able to convince anger to let him try to record a soundtrack for the movie after Jimmy Page angers. First choice wasn't up for the task. Using a band made up of inmates dubbed the Freedom Orchestra some handcrafted electronic instruments, and a cell made prison studio anger was able to create a fantastically creepy atmospheric soundtrack, which was released in nineteen eighty. Beausoleil has continued to create interesting music while serving his life sentence. How he made such a involved in. Intricate album in prison is is beyond me. It really is. There are some people who you think. achieve their fame through those horrible things. And there are some. People who you feel like could've achieved fame and. Artistic expression in a much better way. Beausoleil I, think really could have. Done some great things had he stayed away from Manson. Murdering someone really hindered his career, yes. Of course, possibly the saddest chapter in the history of American colts was Jonestown. Five years prior to the end, we all know about nineteen seventy three members of the Jim Jones lead people's Temple, or in a different world, where ideals such as unity, racial equality and social justice are being taught in practice in a flourishing new religious movement headquartered in San Francisco. One of the members at the time was a young man named Jack, Arnold, beam, whose grandmother and parents had long been devout members of the People's Temple. Being had played in rock bands and had the look of a young hipster, so Jones asked him to reorganize modernized the church, choir and band. Beam immediately added new material including more modern songs and sounds and pushed the group to play more professionally. The group reflected the diversity of the church with people of all ages and races represented. As they became more cohesive. Jones would use them to ramp up the fervor at temple meetings before and in between the sermons, the songs are mostly hymns with the occasional pop hit thrown in albeit with modified lyrics, sometimes to make the songs more politically in line with the group socialist beliefs. And sometimes just to have a little bit less Jesus and a little bit more Jimmy. Eventually being approached Jones about getting a record cut as a fundraiser Jones love the idea and the resulting album. He's able is a passable but typical gospel pop record. Bridge. Bad. Sue. The cover features scores of choir members in blue uniforms at the Golden Gate Park. On the back picture of their leader with the quote, our choir consists of people from all walks of life. We are dedicated to one common cause making the humanistic teachings of Jesus Christ part of our daily lives. Our inspiration is a lifestyle demonstrated by our pastor James W Jones. The man himself appears on the record as a soloist on the song down from his glory. Beam! Recalls. Jones came in around bit night, surrounded by bodyguards, never taking off his sunglasses, and belting out the song with the zest of a man singing of his own divinity like Frank Sinatra saw. Law. He. Saw Shaw you say all. Allegedly forty thousand copies were pressed and thousands were sold though this honestly seems like an overestimate based on the rarity of the record these days. It's like they must have thrown thirty eight thousand into the bay. The production sounds professional and has some not abysmal tunes, though probably would have been lost in the annals of time, if not for the bleak future that awaited many members of the choir in the of Jonah. Beam left the group of four. They moved to South America but many members of the choir were at Jonestown. Some were even in the commune's house band the Jonestown Express. That was playing the night that Congressman Leo Ryan came to investigate. Jim Jones's soon to be fallen utopia. Father yoed formerly Jim. Baker might have the strangest life story of any musician, cult leader, or maybe just person in general. While history is far too vast in Labyrinthine to cover here. Some of the highlights include. Questionable World War Two medals a Swedish massage school. Failed Tarzan tryouts. jujitsu mastery Sandal shops. Not One but two self-defense murders by Ninja Chop to the throat. Three alleged bank robberies a purple. Rolls Royce lots of pills. LSD, booze and broken families. A shifty, Guru. Yogi Bijon. And one very successful organic vegetarian restaurant on the sunset strip called the source. This is all before starting leading Los Angeles Colt that would make some of the best psychedelic music of the era. The immensely hip health food restaurant that was patronized by a WHO's who of Hollywood elite, would be a springboard for newly christened father Yo to practice and teach a new form of mysticism that would coal practice some biology and fashioned from any number of transcendental cultures including Hindu. Native American Egyptian. DRUID norse templar and apparently Atlantan. Unlike some of the dirtier earthier, local other Colts Yoda was insistent on him, and his following, looking sharp, he sported a leisure suit. Slash AEROB- hybrid complete with giant medallions, ridiculous hats and a beard. That would make Santa. Claus blush. He soon recruited ranks, especially good looking girls from his spiritual training sessions, which included cold showers yoga in imbibing the sacred herb, as it means that passage to the halls of a Mantha a mental journey to the center of the Earth. He also got married I to just one woman. Who He convinced to come with him to an Ashram for some Kalani, Yoga, instead of going to her friend Sharon Tate's house for an informal. Get together. However he then got married to thirteen. Other women dubbed his spiritual wives, several of whom were eight age. They all lived in a rented mansion with a bunch of other devotees and hangers on funded entirely by the restaurant. Things with father got a bit more intense as he started getting into Golden, dawn, sexual magic preaching about an upcoming apocalypse. And he began calling himself. You Ho, which was his term for God. Eventually, the group got strong-armed California and move to Hawaii where you Hawas decided to try hang gliding for the first time without any help or training whatsoever. He died from injuries sustained during the crash landing, Allah. Toga wearing while coyote. And all that would be crazy enough, but during this time Father Yoda and his followers would record read landless lay under a myriad of different band names, Father Yoda, and the spirit of seventy six children of sixth root race Yahu, Wa Thirteen Fire Water Air, savage sons of Yahoo A- breathe and my favorite yoed ship. Excuse me is. Just ask questions. The. Band's origins lay in the collection of musicians that were gathering at the source home. Father sent his followers outwit thirty thousand dollars probably of their parent's money to buy instruments and recording gear and set up a makeshift studio in the garage. After morning spiritual boot camps, he would gather the band to start. Rockin out and was always recording after some major labels rejected Yoda advances. He took the show on the road and played a bunch of high schools and colleges with a constant eye out for the future. Associates! Rolling up to a rock and roll concert in a Rolls Royce flanked with lots of great look and women, wearing his finest double-breasted robe, probably helped his cause, and certainly didn't hurt his already engorged ego. The Band's lineup was constantly changing, but normally had the source family members Jin Aquarian Guitar Octavius aquarian on drums and sunflower aquarian on, Bass. The music is entirely improvisational with no album taking longer to compose then the time it took to record. The sound veered from intensely powerful to laughably amateur. There is the occasional milk toast folk stuff. But when the band went off, they sounded like a Proto Kraut, rock, heavy acid trip. Lots of tribal drumming and freak out guitars with father yoed chanting, proselytizing, chortling riffing, and on rare occasions singing. He also played a mean kettle drum. There are some records that were recorded under Yahoo spiritual guidance, but without his singing sky, Saxon of the seeds was a member of the cult for hot minute and played on a few tracks. The band's under his umbrella even continued recording after Yoda. Bout with gravity. It's rumored that sixty five albums. Worth of music was recorded though only nine wherever actually pressed and an incredibly small quantities, these were sold at the restaurant for ten bucks, a copy or given out amongst the commune. They become some of the most sought after records from the PSYCHEDELIC. Era and command incredibly high prices. If you can even find them. Fortunately tapes of the unreleased records and several of the main albums are slowly being reissued by drag city. There is a world of madness to sift through. So here are a few of the records that we think you should be listening to I. Use debut album Kodak was recorded and released in nineteen seventy-three. The backup singer shine in the band is decent on the instrumental sections, but play with less conviction when Yoda singing. For this album yield is not the answer. His voice is affected, but he's really good improvisations. His singing comes off like a sermon, but not a sermon from the mound or in a church. Take Away. The music is his sermon. You'd hear in the parking lot of circle at bar. Time. He never runs out of Gibberish to tell us. Nineteen, seventy four Yoda and company recorded and released seven. Four using the name Ya, thirteen and three using father yoed in the spirit of seventy six. The. Album, all or nothing at all was the first one of that year and. It's the first one in which she doesn't make an appearance. He may have been in the CAN. It's a very good album on its own, but as a YODA ALBUM LETDOWN Decent folk psych with pleasant singing and music, which ends up being disappointing. The next album for is one of our favorites. It's called contraction, and it has a much more confident preacher at the helm. His rants nearly make sense, and the band has gotten even better adding more funk and tribal rhythms. This album comes closer to actually containing distinguishable songs, but it's it's basically one long song with a couple blips that may not have been recorded at exactly the same time. By the end of the song that makes up ninety percent of the album yoed reaches his climax with a wailing. You need to hear to believe, but please don't believe at all. For the next album expansion. Yield and the gang pick up right where they left off with contraction. And may have even been recorded during the same acid trip. Contraction was the stronger material and probably enticed more members into the madness. You are the indestructible struck a. what is it about time you have? The next two releases in nineteen, seventy, four absolute peak yoed worship. I might have joined the fold just to get my hands on on these records. The first of them is the best album I've heard by the group and it's called I'm GonNa. Take you home. The album cover shows Yoda in mid procreative functions. Not only is a member of the flock pictured. But YODA own member makes its first appearance. That alone is worth the album. Oh, and it's a gate fold obviously. Songs finally show up on this album to in the songs are incredible. The Band is tight and has more of a crowd rock edge to it and yoed is full of ranting and proselytizing at its most mystifying. The next album is called penetration, and it's another. Burn Burn. The Band is cracking in. Yoed is in full control of member. From there to mostly downhill there are three more respectable releases immediately, following penetration with to being released in Nineteen, seventy four. These are savage sons of Yaohua and you Hoa Thirteen. Sons doesn't have yoed on it, so it's a hard pass unless you're only interested in good musicians jamming without wretched screaming. Yoho thirteen is the commercial album. He was clearly trying to be more radio friendly with this one. There are songs on it instead of a song on it. They also seem more thought through and planned. In some way. J.. Pouch. Singing. The last one we're going to mention is the best yoed album after GonNa, take you home and penetration. It's called principles for the children. Yoda's back in his sweet spot with basically one song on the album on this album. Yoed is indeed the answer rather than simply a question that goes. Unanswered as he wasn't his last couple albums, hear him scream and picture him gesticulating in his nearly open rope. In your mind, you can see clearly the only member that was allowed to get out. You. Form the. USURP. Teens for Christ was one of the multitude of gatherings formed in the Jesus people wave, but was soon twisted into one of the most heinous and far-reaching colts called the children of God or eventually the family or the Family International. Four by David. Berg or his preferred name of Moses David who found that if he dressed like a liberal arts, Hippie college professor, he could get more people to listen to his vision of spiritual. Revolution Apocalypse, soothsaying and distrustful message of the system and the empty headed system Mites. Soon. He was using horrendously exploitative. Maine's of recruitment in particular practice called flirty fishing, which has just as discussing as a sounds. He's also very fond of using music, particularly aimed at youth to draw people into the various one hundred and thirty commune's colonies scattered across the globe. Hit A big name to Jeremy Spencer. Was the guitarist and fleetwood Mac when it was still a respectable British blues band, not tangled ball of cocaine and hormones. After some bad mescaline trips and increasing paranoia about touring with the band. Spencer left a dear Mick letter and his hotel room the night before a huge show at the whisky, a go go in nineteen seventy one. The band and their manager searched la looking high and low for their loss guitarist. Most mostly high. But when they found him, he take it up with the children of God, and couldn't be persuaded to return to the MAC. Spencer used his rock and roll credentials to quickly rise in the ranks and was in charge of the group's musical output. It didn't take long for him to put on record called Jeremy Spencer and the children to sell Berg's babble at concerts. The record is better than average Christian folk rock stuff with a really talented guitarist. Here's. Can you hear the song? God! Pat? Spencer put out another album called flea in nineteen, seventy, nine, the sound, sadly like us trying to imitate the current fleetwood. Mac Sound with lyrics, spouting disturbing Eh scatology and not Tusk. Breath. The spring. Boost. Spencer continues to play music and be affiliated with the family. I would recommend for people out there. Do not do what I did. Do not look up what flirty fishing is. Nope not good stuff. Of God's numbers rose to the tens of thousands Berg encouraged his followers to play guitar and write music and do a lot of panhandling. Interestingly, he had his acolytes make music appropriate for their country to spread his twisted Gospel. In France a eurovision type band, called Les and founded do were on nationwide television and Atta hit single with my love love. The organization directed followers to buy the records from the stores and then sell them on the streets in an attempt to skyrocket the record in the charts. Oldest. They. Used similar methods with popular co G. Bands in Italy and Mexico they also had a few Itam set some good old fashioned built rock here in the states. Check out this anti-capitalist system track, green magic carpet ride, which according to the band will only cost you your soul. It from a record called the bold die. Young credited only to the children of God. Some blow on. Washington on his queen. It. Serial number six, six, six ten. You're saying in. Three magic copped. COSSO Todd. And I. Read the small print said. As technology devolved records gave way to cassettes, which soon would be a powerful tool from the Colt, which was now officially called the family. They started producing a ton of tapes and posters under the label. Magic. The artwork on these tapes looks like Lisa Frank on Magic Mushrooms listening to Evangelical Am Radio, the music is clearly geared towards kids. Sort of new wave rapture bubble gum, but with themes of Anti Technology Anti Satan, anti, new world order, and of course anti barcodes. This track called Cathy. Don't go is Jangly. Vapor waves soul shine about the dangers of losing your soul to Satan via the grocery store scanner seriously. Sal Go to the supermarket days. Go The supermarket. Restraints. At the checkout stand. Kathy don't go to the supermarket day. Don't. Come Future ID's no way to pay. Say. SALONE rise. By. That's just. To down there what you always? Honestly despite the pure evil that is behind this colt in this propaganda. Can't help tap in. My toes gives me happy feet. They are easily available on the Internet, but you have been warned. David Koresh might be the perfect example of how cold leaders get themselves. Justice mixed up about being rock rocket roll size as they do about being just regular movies. The prolifically icky baby maker Karesh wrestled away leadership of the branch Davidians some Minor Uzi Center gunplay, litigious, double crossing and a corpse racing contest. But before this, he had actually moved to. Hollywood, to jump. Start a career in music. When this failed. He moved to Waco and continued to play rock and roll music during the power struggle for Mount Carmel. Crash was not just claiming to be the prophet. He was also proving it through his soft rock Christian evangelizing. Starting as a singer Songwriter, who turned the inhibitions all the way down the river of all the way up. Here's his ballot waiting on you. Home. I. You? Moon. Play prayer, sessions and bars, and he would other bands back to the compound to jam into the nights with some pretty sophisticated equipment. At one point, he even had shirts printed up. That said. David Koresh God rocks. There's a clip of him holding a guitar. and He. He says this is my Song Fifteen Guitar. Except, it has like a naked woman in a package on it. Not Quite up to my Bible but I'm pretty sure. There's no paces in the psalms. Here's the most prescient and famous track mad man in Waco It was actually probably written about his rival for the control of the congregation George, Roden who did incidentally kill someone with an axe. It's true that Koresh turned up his flying V set up his band and blasted some rock and roll rebellion in the form of cover of the calls I still believe at the ATF forces occupying his land shortly before they cut the power. Not sure if that was a psychological tactic or they weren't big fans of the call. Famously ATF FBI I. returned the favor by constantly blaring a hideous podge of sound back at the sect in hopes of forcing surrender, the cacophony was a mash up of Tibetan. Chance. Bugle calls Christmas carols. Nancy Sinatra's. These boots are made for walkin telephones, ringing the sounds of rabbits getting killed and. Achey breaky heart, which is pretty much the sound of rabbits getting killed. There's an oddball record called Waco by artist Nick Van Wert where he enlists missions to musically recreate this torture mix tape. Not recommended for your summer. Chill, barbecue, playlist or that girl. You've had an eye on. Of course Kara's music. Really Take off until long past the aftermath of the disastrous raid. It. Now dwells on the Internet naturally. Which ATF guy do you think like? When they're gathering ideas on. which awful sounds they should put together to play at the the branch. Davidians raises his hand and said I've got a tape of some rabbits getting killed. Do you think that would be at a use? ooh, boss! I got achey. Break your heart. I think the AM radio was just really bad in Texas. Another strange chapter in the horror gone viral archives will be the life of Shoko Asahara. His Doomsday cult option Rico. was propelled to international ignominy after the Tokyo subway Saron gas attack, which was trying to set off an apocalypse. The Colt believed in Oshawa Harrah's WEIRDO PROPHECY OF COMING WORLD WAR. Three Armageddon instigated by nuclear attack from the US Asahara used esoteric fringe bits of Hinduism and Buddhism along with snippets of the Book of revelation and Notre Dhamma, says writing to craft a doctrine that can generously be called nonsensical. He claimed to be partially Vishnu and totally Christ, and that he could take away the sense of his followers and keep them alive to upcoming day of reckoning. As looney as this all sounds, he proved to be masterful when his recruitment using Yoga anime riding and mind control techniques, leading his believers to undertake all sorts of violence activity. He had his followers make off brand j pop music for other minions to listen to while they were developing the nerve gas including this song. Seriously, Extreme discipline. After the attack in nineteen ninety, five hush Hara instantly became the world's most famous villain while hiding from law enforcement. He used Russian radio stations to broadcast across Japan. He'd Spread Propaganda Declares Innocence and drop a couple of tunes including this disturbing earworm called Lord deaths counting song. He got. into the. He? named. To. Talk. To to. Own. Gugo. Own? He wrote. Oshawa Hara executed by hanging in two thousand eighteen, but splinter factions of his colt still continue to terrorize today. That Lord deaths counting song is haunting, and it is calming in a very scary way. In the context of that. We're trying to be thorough. Really looking at how colts used music I think it's important to kind of include especially with him using the radio and. Making basically some sort of strange work music for people but man. This guy is was totally creepy. And he was just very powerful in a scary scary way. Yup. Made famous by a recent documentary, the Rajini movement that circled around the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. Aka Osho gained prominence when they moved from India to a remote town in Oregon causing all sorts of drama. Thousands of red-clad Rajini she us moved into a compound, following the teaching of their Rolls Royce, driving sex guru. What's with these guys and Rolls Royces and being sex googlers? Things turned sour as the group took over. The local government attempted to assassinate a US attorney and added Salmonella to the salad bars at several local buffets, poisoning, seven hundred and fifty people in Nineteen eighty-four. Eventually Osha was deported, but his school of Philosophy is still active today. The group provided vacuous new age meditation music for years on Cassettes, CDs and now online. However at one point prior to moving to the states, the Colt had a pretty groovy Beatles in India rock sound as heard in this track. Oh. You brought me back in the ring by Ashram Music Group. Man, Even still while we've covered hugely evil actions taken by these notable societal misfits. The most troubling aspect of colts is that they are so pervasive in society. For every Marshall Applewhite, whose notoriety propels them to household recognition disdain, there are hundreds of small time proselytizing hacks that are wreaking havoc on the people that fall into their backwoods and basement colts. There's one down the road from me. That preaches that every person has a direct portal to God. That simply needs to be plunged of all earthly seats whatever that means. We skip that booth at trick or treat. Give him a wide berth. We will continue our exploration of the music of Colts next episode by looking into the even stranger and more insular borderline denominations, and do age hives, and of course the Cockney of madness that they produce. When we were researching these always kind go through and look at how much the records cost. Some of these things are ridiculous private press records. If they're good, can often cost a lot of money, but a lot of these aren't good at all. It's just really that memento of having a cult leader or a killer or rapist, record or something. It's very strange. Some of them are good, but those aren't. The ones that are super expensive like the Yaohua albums have been reissued by drake city. They're not that that expensive. It's the really bad ones. I think that I found were impossible to get because of the price. And a lot of them are bootlegged 'cause I think people pull the stuff from the internet or they pull it from old CD's or tapes. So a lot of the stuff has bootlegged. But? Yeah, it's ridiculous. How much people? Pay and want for the music. And some of it is good, but most of it is absolute garbage. Just wait till next episode to. There's going to be some horrendous music there. There's some good stuff out there, too. That's worth hearing, but for the most part. It is very bad because it's not. It's not really supposed to be good. Having its has many purposes, but quality is not one of them. It doesn't really matter it's. It's about getting people to do your bidding or people to feel like they can belong to you. If Utilitarian, it's like a commercial. That is designed with a specific demographic in mind to capture them and bring them in. And we talked about this a little bit, but a lot of these guys just have that that rockstar delusion. It's like they have no business. Playing music at all they just the same reasons that led them to lead a group of people to their own means. To their own ends is the same thing that allows them to think that. They need to have lots of people listening to their music and by rights. Neither of those things should be happening. One person that we do want to acknowledges Mica who has a show on Wfan. You called music of mind control with MICA. Exploration into the musical output of religious cults, new religious movements and individuals of a spiritual inspired divine nature. It is this stuff like? Tenfold all sorts of crazy stuff and he's he's on every Tuesday six to seven eastern, a lot of stuff that we've kind of pulled out we. We kinda found through him, but if you're into the stuff, he does a great job. He'll play the songs and. Talk a little bit about the colts knees. He's real, funny and dry, but his. He's really great and. We definitely pulled a loss for the next two episodes from that radio show, which is awesome, so do need to give him his credit. All right, how about playing some songs? Now we'll do it. I'M GONNA. Go first tonight and I'm GonNa play a song that we talked about earlier. It is called drug song and it is by Dave bixby. To be. Alone. I. Withdraw! Is. God down. My. Law. A. I. saw. Talk. May? Be. are that was Dave Bixby with drug song? which is the opening track on the road to quits? Accardo that we talked about quite a bit. The version that I have came out in two thousand eighteen. It's obviously a reissue and the label that reissued it was called garrison I out of Spain I'm probably not pronouncing that correctly at all but because we talked so much about him and really the song. It's I just thought it would be a good idea for people to hear how good. He really is, and the song is haunting and sad, and it really does describe his. Journey from. Nothing just feeling alone and desolate, and really it's. It's a song that kind of. Helps define the phrase loaner folk. I think this is this, is really it? And again I'm not GonNa talk a whole lot about it because we did earlier a great album all the way through drug songs, the first one, but every song on this is pretty good. Yeah. He's he's incredible. Right I song is called Diva Tae of the Lord. And, it's by Murari band. Whose Dad Laundering. In town. The airport and the malls and the concert at the UNDERGRAD. Think. Never accepting. Opinion. Builders. Blown A. Young! Reports. Standing. George door with half a dozen books and his hey. The died money. Your. Own read that. So. Nothing! And you find this on pain. Thing that honest. Active? You gotta live. Don't you work for me? The camera rolling. Never, checks. Bison! Rising and setting us. there. Gossiping. A. Bad. Birds made here. I may try to convince him. He's wasting. Body northbound the. Changing last. You can find him out there. Getting Getting in. Irving. K. Let's. Talk? A. AW Ah. All Right? That was the Murari bandwith with. Of The Lord. That is a band that is part of a Christian group that runs a farm in Tennessee spiritual farm. And they also have abandoned. This is one of those records that is entirely met to draw people in to the Hari Khorshid or escon beliefs. The whole album kind of sounds like a waffle house song. That you play. They're sort of like advertising the farm. It's about how great the farm is. Come on down to the farm. You know we have the answers to life. That song in particular I kind of like because it sounds like. Hari Krishna Steely Dan so not a ton to say about it, but it's kind of a fun Song I. Think the Woman's voice particulars really strong. The guy's voice, not so much. The whole album was just strange in makes. You feel strange to listen to it. But it's also kind of pleasant so I. Guess that's what they were going after. We talked about this a little bit, but there seems to be kind of. Two sides to this there are records that get put out in huge numbers because they are meant to recruit and in record. There's actually kind of a flyer with a whole bunch of like here's books. You can read. Here's how you contact us. Here's how you can get more records. And everything costs something of course, but don't lick that card. Maybe I should look that guard and it came out in nineteen, seventy, nine on the desire tree label, which was I'm sure the Hari Krishna Label. All Right? My second song is called. Witches will had spy master Wilburn Brett. A. right that was which is will master Wilburn. From nineteen seventy three record grim Warr Guitar that was put out on a private press label called the breath. I have it on a light in the attic. Compilation called. I am the center. The private press New Age music in America Nineteen, fifty to nineteen ninety, which came out two thousand thirteen. So Master Wilburn. is an interesting guy. He basically was a mail order mystic out of California who became known for his strange ads that were you know in the back pages of magazines like fate magazine, or beyond reality, her nonstick news or high times, and it would say stuff like now you can experience transcendental consciousness without spending ten years the bet and monastery, so he offered these kind of psychic meditation courses. That are designed to help people. Traverse time and space and to help with that. He taught them how to listen to his music, because this music was the vehicle to get people to astral travel. His records are amazing to look at their Kinda. HAND-DRAWN PSYCHEDELIC covers. They're just ornate gorgeous, and they always came with very detailed listening instructions written by himself. As guitarist or as an instrumentalist, he was really good. He was classically trained in effect. He taught classical guitar for a while. He had kind of a weird experimental style, and he even made an instrument. which was a guitar with six different types of wood? and. He called his instruments in Pro Guitar and was pro music. And so, it was sort of like guitar and electronic, and he used some drum machines, so he's way ahead of his time, even for do age music. He said he didn't seek to play music, but he wanted to play emotions, and he was a big proponent of frequency. Stuff where he thought certain frequencies could control moods, and he could direct his listener to. Where they needed to go, he believed that the universe is composed of. Vibrant Tori atoms and vibration has movement and movement as time and that. Any creative spiritual breakthrough man must rise above time and his music could help do that so. His records have been reissued. Numero is put out several of them. They are fairly expensive, but but you can still get some of the reissues reasonably through seventy one to seventy seventy, put out seven records and a single. And then all the sudden he. Burned discard everything related to his music. All his musical expirations, and just totally dropped out of the limelight, which for him, he was getting to be a pretty big figure on the burgeoning new age. seen so that was kind of a a big thing. He just kind dropped out and he's kind of interesting. I know I'm kind of going on about. About him even told us at. Maybe I shouldn't do them because I feel like we could do a turntable talk, but maybe not enough stuff, but if you like that song at all and I think it's kind of beautiful myself. I would highly suggest. Go Out and research master wellborn shots, not really a Colt game or say, but he did kind of. Try To. Use His music to. Elevate People's consciousness so. Really interesting. Do Do. You know what he's doing now or is it just kind of? You said might be well off all ready. Numero put out kind of a vague post about him. They did work with him to get permission to do the reissues, even though he seems still pretty wary or cautious about his music. They say he's done very well for himself. What that means I don't know, but he's good. He sat so whatever that means who knows he doesn't do interviews about his music. Really after the seventy seven, there's not not anything about his meditation courses, or music, or instrument or anything like that other than you know referring back to. He talked about in the seventies which he talked a lot back then, so there's a lot to go on all post on the episode post. A few of the album covers the little booklets that come with them. They're just. They're awesome. Much like the father goat stuff. All those are great to. Speaking of Father Yoed our last song for the night is going to be from a y'all wa, thirteen album, and the song is sort of called children's song. Where we? Thank. You. Off. League. Please! ME. Can we. Can. AAH. That was children's Song by Ya Thirteen, and the reason I lead that off by saying it was sort of love titled is because originally when the album was released in nineteen, seventy five. Like most of Yoda albums, there are no titles. It's really one long song, and they just don't the only reason they break it up is because the record stops and they somebody needs to flip it, and so it's really just one long song. But this one is a little bit different. This on plays at the very end of the album, so the end of side two. And it was clearly not recorded at the same time as the rest of the album. On the initial release, there's no credit given to anyone. It always says who played on the album. Suto, say sunflower octavius Jin Isis whomever but. On the issue that I have from two thousand six on swordfish records, there's actually a sheep that comes with it so that you can get some more information, so it talks about who actually wrote that and it was a guy named Hamam h o m and. I'm just GonNa read what they said about it, the Children's Song was sung by the children of the family and side note. They're probably all of us kids. As they represented the next generation. Father said that his wisdom would be for our children and our children's children. Basically the fourth generation we are seeing gifted children being born now they are called. Rainbow Children Indigo Children Miracle Children. Children of the light hi soles knees CETERA. They proceed the new age to help. Bring it in, and who knows that generation might even end up. Being US reincarnated up to our old tricks again. Oh, it was sung by the kids I think the song is. Really Catchy it's pretty and like a lot of the other ones that we talked about or a few of the other ones that we talked about earlier. It's really pretty in a way that. Makes me very uncomfortable. But, it's hard to get it out of your head I think. Seems like in this episode Eddie Song that we kind of like we kind of like, but we kind of feel uncomfortable. Liking it. There's a lot of that going around. Yeah, listening to some of the songs is kind of how I imagine. People who don't like the word moist feel when somebody says it you. Right and I think that song leads perfectly into our. Trivia answers. So I'm going to go ahead and play eight clips again and your job is to tell me the artist on the song and I guess it's probably no secret by now. These are all songs with children singers requires. Track one. Trek to. Go. Last. To. Trick Three Commercial maze. June crude bomb if fly. Logs. Trek Five. Six. Seven. Will Rise. and. Touched the ground. Etrechy. Everything, they go. Do you WANNA. Make tea at the. Right Joe which got. I had a really hard time with the first three of these so. Number One. My guess was something like the white stripes. It sounded similar I. I didn't know what the song was at all. Very close the number. One was the cramps and the song is people ain't no good. Okay okay. Number two I don't even have gas for. It's not something I recognize in anyway. Oh okay. I thought you might known the song that is a nuclear war part to Baio Utah Tango Okay Okay. Got It soon as you started saying it Yep. Good one. Number three, the first thing I came up with was maybe this. Is Charlotte Gainsbourg as a kid singing on Serge Gainsbourg? Album by him, but that's all I have. No, it sounds like it could be that. It's actually Nico off the desert shore record in. It's a song called lip petite Chevalier. Okay. Very Record John Kale produced really weird. Yeah, record I just couldn't place it. The fourth song is one of my favorite songs of all time. It is smog with hit the ground running. Now that song is fantastic. There's anybody out there who hasn't listened to smog hit the ground running. You should I love that song may do. Number five is ecstasy with dear God. Nip Good. One number six is the smiths. I thought it was hanging the DJ It's called panic their titles. I don't know. Close enough number seven Leonard Cohen but I I don't know why I cannot get the title in my head. What's the title of that one last year's man by Leonard Cohen Thank you. and. The last song to me I mean it's a clash song. Career opportunities maybe but I don't know I'm not sure. You got that has the clash with career opportunities they Re recorded it for Sandinista with kids singing out Guiso. Trying to fill out some space on Sandinista apparently, but yes, but you got its clash with career opportunities. Nice, I feel good about finishing that strong, but those first three were rough. Should have mixed it up a little bit, but. There is a lot of songs that used children's singing. Tried not to do like just children. Choirs try to pop songs that US. So really good trying to find some songs kind of like you do pretty good. That was kind of a tough one so. Hopefully everybody out there home did real well onto or got a few fomer maybe heard some stuff that they liked. All right we want to thank our podcast network Pantheon. There's lots of other fantastic music podcast on Pantheon. swing by there and check out some other cool shows. and. Please check us out on. Social media we are on instagram and twitter and our name on both of those is highway. Hi, fi pod. We have a facebook page that is easy to find, and we have an email address. If you'd like to send us any email, our email address is highway podcast at gmail.com. Yeah, definitely reach out We appreciate everybody who who emails US and. Once they how to Hannah. She wrote a review for on I tunes. She's been she's been there since the very beginning so. Thanks for drink in the flavor aid with us. I guess and we we do appreciate. We, do appreciate everybody who listens and please reach out. Email. Send us a message on facebook or instagram or tweet, or whatever, and if you can, if you do have time to write, a review were. I guess that helps other people. Find us, so we appreciate everybody who does that. And please go out and support record stores. Or support artists. There's also streaming shows I think the. As. We're recording this already passed. Put it out I think tomorrow is one of the record store days, which unfortunately is. Very different this year and Probably been hard on a lot of record stores to not have that singular day. That really helps their income, so do what you can to celebrate record store day. Maybe by some records I knew I probably will. All right thanks for listening and we will see you next time. Marketeer here to promote something, we're really excited about our upcoming episode with one of the authors of the new book brother Robert subtitled growing up with Robert Johnson. We will speak with Preston Louder, Bach, who co wrote the book with on UC. Anderson Robert Johnson's half sister, and in our interview he gives us a view of how his book will. Affect Blues History. I think it will certainly add a personal dimension to it that fans of Robert Johnson have lack people. Keep asking me well. You know this book explode the mythology and I really think that those two ports hang side by side. He gives us insights into the mindset of Robert Johnson as he made his way into adulthood. Remember that he grew up with several different last names, and you can only imagine what kind of an identity crisis that would cause with a person, and he gives us a glimpse of why the long held notion of Johnson as a loner was wrong, Robert didn't divulge his family history around beliefs friends and he didn't really go into. His music career with his family, and so he very deliberately kept these lives separate, and yes, we will discuss the devil. We will release our interview in what we see as the truth about this important figure in music history on July, sixth to set the table were re-releasing are two episodes about Robert Johnson and the progenitor of the Blues on June twenty ninth and July second to wet your appetite for this exciting new story line about the great. Robert Johnson catch all of it here on the imbalance, history of rock and roll on the Pantheon podcast, collective or wherever you get your podcasts. By.

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