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Packers-Chiefs, Browns, year of the Coach, and where Colin was right & wrong


What's up I'm willful in from thrill us with some amazing podcast news we just launched our very first podcast guerrillas best and the rest every you can hear me and my amazingly talented colleagues talk about the best of the best in food drink travel and entertainment from the scariest movie of all time to the best hangover the saints then there's the packers let's just no map more against San Francisco off three practices would have been suffocated happen? I've Seen San Francisco New Orleans in New England against quarterbacks without experience I saw San Francisco this weekend offensive playmakers that Smith Rudders at linebacker are playmakers and deserve all the credit in the world and I love the acquisitions but we got a gap here between the niners the Patriots over fifty percent on third down he threw for as many yards as Aaron Rodgers six point six yards pass this was not supposed Matt Moore why couldn't Green Bay stop him this was not supposed to be a shootout this was going to be mahomes Aaron Rodgers game of the year it's radio dot com or stream it live every day on the iheartradio APP by searching heard you're listening to Fox Sports Radio says that constantly make quarterbacks uncomfortable Matt Moore was completely comfortable Green Bay does not have a great defense they have a couple of really really good Matt Moore who hadn't started in two years was playing high school football last year after kind of a rocky start he got the groove men more cuyler Murray couldn't move the chains map more should not have been able to do that New Orleans New England and San Francisco have defense did against New England multiple picks against the saints couldn't move the chains he moved the ball up and down the field after a little bit of a rocky start you know you'd think that against a young quarterback it was a horror movie fitting on Halloween Week I've Seen New England against younger quarterbacks who aren't very good New Orleans it'd be listening we are live in Los Angeles Halloween Week iheartradio Fox sports radio F s one very drive into work this morning oh Aaron Rodgers you see that play I've seen it he's great I'm not disputing that and I do like what Green Bay's doing running backs the story last night one hour from now common right Colin wrong maybe our longest one of the year what was wrong a lot right occasionally gravy and are set looks unbelievable thanks for listening to the heard podcast be sure to catch us live every weekday from twelve to three eastern nine to noon Pacific on Fox sports radio and F S One find your local station for the hurt at Fox each school football coach a year ago he had three practices with the chiefs first team offense he coach High School football last year you have a little rocky start so now I've seen with Green Bay I've seen Philadelphia in Lambo run it down their throat Oakland get four hundred thirty yards against him ghoulish scary turn on F s one day our studio is all jacked up for Halloween ghouls and goblins enjoy Taylor is joining me Dallas and data mostly second-half over five hundred yards and I watched Matt Moore up and down the field so yes Aaron's great but that's not moving the conversation we know Erin Oh oh it is a Monday and this is the heard wherever you may be however I guess onset today an Halloween is not just for kids it is an adult vacation might be it's it's inappropriate to say Halloween's my favorite the it is great to have you again one hour from now Colin Right Colin wrong let me start with this Aaron Rogers whose great last night okay I know that Yeah Yippee okay no fourth July's mind a blow stuff up and drink beer love fourth July party and so as we're very little responsibility great we know we can make great throws that doesn't win the super bowls you know the great thrown the NFL's like the whole in one and a golf tournament if you don't enter pots keep the ball in the fairway lose the tournament but everybody shows the hole in one on Friday K we know Erin ridiculous we know errands talented and it does appear sat football game and the teams above you in the NFL Green Bay San Francisco great coach Great Defense New England great coach great quarterback multiple it's fast it's clever it's quick you have to defend the perimeter and they're doing it out Davante Adams I'm inouye knocking Aaron Rodgers for that but when I watched matlock fleur at least emotionally schematically is right on point with Aaron they finally use the running backs like it's a real offense now it's they last night that Defense Oakland up and down the field map more up now the field Philadelphia takes over that's my takeaway on that thing and by the way the other team right defense saints great coach Great Defense Great quarterback so the three teams no league that have separated to me really separated from everybody else Green Bay I can't put James this is a defense that's become turnover dependent they didn't get turnovers against Philadelphia in that second half they couldn't get the ball back for Rogers Detroit that didn't get turnovers should everybody that we predicted they would struggle early and then as their schedule loosened up because Cleveland got talent they would beat a bunch of terrible teams it just doing on fourth and eleven when they took a penalty against the really well coached teams they embarrass themselves dumb penalties dumb mistakes that's not that's not that's not the colts young line that's not Dallas as a line all right let's shift to this America get ready get ready Asia Vu all over again Cleveland is two and five and is about to get really obnoxious so I want to remind off by Freddie kitchens thirteen penalties I three snaps three turnovers three for twelve on third down not even sure what they were this era Zona and by the way I predicted I predicted this I said Cleveland is GONNA lose early don't ask me what Baker Mayfield's fumble play was I can't figure it out but starting next Sunday it's a bunch of nonsense it's a denver the buffalo team that's well coached but can't throw get ready America Baker Mayfield to credit admitted were look bad real off a bunch of ws against crappy teams with average coaches and we quarterbacks well the quarterbacks now our backups and gene that lost again and is selling parts steelers twice backup quarterback Miami Tanking Cincinnati borderline tanking twice this is a poorly coach team that's not very smart when they faced McVeigh when they faced Rabl who I think and coach when they face Bella undisciplined mess I like that part non disciplined guys not been focused on doing their job starts first and foremost with me ourselves appreciate that he made a good point on cadence anytime they using cadence guys are jumping off sides they're not accountable they're sloppy I judge back wouldn't yesterday when you start looking at the when they face Kyle Shanahan they were outcoached outplayed out group. You can't have map more out of high school doing that stuff can't have it over fifty percent on third down and that's not a great Kansas City oh line it Kyle Shanahan badly to bill ballot check butchered it against Pete Carroll and Sean mcvay and off a by judge a coach off a bye happens the team Cincinnati Miami are more terrible than I thought and the steelers who they play twice over the next two months of a backup quarterback but I want to remind you they lost badly even bobble they will go to basically have three games against tanking team Cincinnati in Miami and the steelers backup quarterback and then keiler Murray turnovers or a mess and that's where we're at all right coming up next right wrong top of next hour Chicago's smarted out everything but it's going to get really soft and really weak and like last year they're gonNA FINISH WS and they're going to be outraged all of US media and you that we don't get it no we do get it we got it last year we didn't buy into it we got it and allow offseason we knew they would be over for by I watch Cleveland off a bye New England short week and don't tell me the talent was that much different Cleveland was a mess. Cleveland was a mess I three snaps night Cam was hurt Carolina Cincinnati twice seven touchdowns no picks Cleveland last year comes out there awful than the schedule lightens up Baker completely impressed your first pair is on us we're that confident you'll fall in love to get twenty percents off your first order with free shipping just visit me SOx Ts to help with your working form and recently launched buddy bands so you can match with your best for baby we offer sizing from extra small onto touchdowns against bad teams and all of a sudden all we heard all off season super bowl stay Jabu all over again aft and we knew they were going to struggle this year I'll stand by my prediction Cleveland will not make the playoffs but they'll be in the eight and eight nine said they're going to get a little come up they're going to play Baltimore near the end of the year and they're gonna get crushed at home and it's working out perfectly but what's going to happen in Cleveland years ago on the promise to deliver the world's most comfortable underwear for men and women today were celebrating twelve million pairs sold in over one and a half million customer via leader every single down get our guys lined up make sure there were set were paying attention because if we can't use cadence you know we're this is what happened last year they were terrible the schedule weekend baker comes in and Baker goes at the end of the year has against you know bad bad defenses at last this this year in the NFL it's been the year of the coach and let me explain ballot check loses his defensive coordinator to Miami Brian Flora's ballot check takes over the defense and it statistically the greatest of all time Sean Payton Loses First Ballot Hall of Famer drew brees Teddy unspecific on Fox sports radio one and the iheartradio APP hi Jonathan Shokrian the founder of miandi dot com me undies launch aw takes Lamar Jackson fully supports him. The kid who I thought was a project over a prospect and they're going to win this division going away and there's as we've evolved over the years so have our products today we make matching underwear for men and women amazingly soft lounger for those days in matching that and the San Francisco Forty niners coming up again Colin Right Colin wrong top of next hour be sure to catch live additions of the heard weekdays at noon eastern undies dot com slash founder that's me on these dot com slash founder cold and flu season Halloween look at our set on F s one Nice Job Fellas Ada undrafted George Kettle Fifth Round Tevin Coleman third round they're missing both tackles the pro bowl left tackle and the exception talented successful like Sean mcvay Lot. His offense clearly is very dependent on a work horse running back as far as I can tell she's off by Lou Holtz is one of the great coaches in college football he was great Alpha by Urban Meyer off a by a Barry Alvarez it was concentrated by Andy Reid off a bye Sean Payton of a by Bill Belshazzar or excel Mundy's uses micro fabric which is a full three times softer than cotton we're really redefining goals. If for whatever reason you're not fleet legitimate Carolina team yesterday they do everything well and they're not doing it with great talent Jimmy Garoppolo second round running back Matt noted that we would go oh that that the best coach in the NFL is in the NFC west it just happens to be Kyle Shanahan whereas McVeigh smart of the coach in the NFL but Kyle Shanahan is at the top of that list not Bella check they destroyed a to make a move at quarterback Nick foles Teddy Bridgewater I don't care who it is they've got to make a move and Bill belichick picked up his three hundredth win and I want to talk about leave every week Bella check gives you a schematic advantage we all believe that right I do SOS Kyle Shanahan the Kyle you're watching these good receivers dominant running back a great I mean everything Carolina's got everything they have a backup quarterback who looked fine the entire season so we San Francisco not depend on anybody he moved the ball with Nate mullins tight end receivers they've lost their top James yesterday I'm five minutes in everything's working against Ron Rivera a very good defensive coach everything is working it is exceptional and guys and gals great job on our set twelve hours works for at least twelve hours Vic sinus nasal spray use as directed well of all things I said this enjoy was here I said we've all fallen in love with Sean mcvay and I said this after last year my prediction was before the season they're young and like a young fighter they get better fast here's their coach the more games you win the more confidence going back to last two years they lead the NFL in running percentage almost sixty percent of the time even more than Baltimore they are unbelievable they're clever no right tackle they've had multiple injuries to their wide receivers they had to go get Emmanuel Sanders even he worked yesterday cliff Kingsbury he got fired by Al-Matar he's done a terrific job in Arizona every game they should have won they won it has been the year Joie goes five and Mike McCarthy leaves Oh Matt Leflore what do we know he's been terrific with Aaron Rodgers John Hart are Slick when George Kendall is not only open but when a player is that open is a pro bowler that is matic's I'm looking at these numbers yesterday is a scary thing about San Francisco they are young saw say reminds me that Seattle team right before they won the super bowl they're not just good I always call it the Mike Tyson quality it's that pit bull quality a young basketball team will have these unbelievable nights but young teams it's Carolina this was the shock of the day for me third down efficiency fifty percent six and a half yards pass six and a half yards a play four out of five in the red zone total domination this is the Carolina defense that's exceptional this an exceptional defensive coaching staff there Shawn Watson today's the MVP he is now two games this year on just the literally Houdini the charger game in this game he is to make the throw after the Game Watson told Peter King that he wears number four for a reason and he thought the touchdown was very far like play behind Pittsburgh yesterday it was steamroll come out of the gates and then hold onto the league and not get too conservative so right now in the NFL my eyes tell me skit just like the more games you lose in a row the less confidence you get both can be a little bit contagious and the team and I think our guys you know we've we've won a lot of different ways watch out they don't even know what they don't know but they've also won several different ways last week in Washington defense they've trailed in games they've had to come Eddie Pineyro misfits after the Game Matt Nagy was asked if he thought about trying to get closer for shorter field goal attempts and he insisted that that was never even thoughts and to be uneven what I like about San Francisco they have all the upside of a young team they play with a ton of emotion when they get rolling in their confidence is going you know it's like Whoa don't know if we have the picture of him after the game but if you saw him after the game he has his eye he looks like he got done with a boxing match some other news coming out of this game though. Jj Watt the team that Does that stuff something you can always go back on and I'm no matter what the circumstances are you can find a way to get a win in fifty one point seven Oh young teams you turn on the news this is the headline news while does Shawn Watson continues to prove he's the real deal he threw for two hundred and seventy nine yards and three times downs in the Texans went over the raiders but there is one play everyone is talking about the go ahead score after he got kicked in the eye and adjusted his helmet as he scrambled the football so you lose three or four yards so that's that wasn't even in our process as coaches to think about that go the football just trying to get a little closer been in a lot of different types of games I think our guys the more you do that more you can reassure yourself that you can't pull out certain types of wins the more you can have Alana's defense as jaw-dropping that's like okay we got a new team that should be favored to get to Miami in the Super Bowl here's the news said there it is the bears had a chance to beat the chargers with the game winning field goal yesterday Chicago ran the clock down biscuits caen and set up a forty one yard field goal but and an amazing throw yesterday although I kind of suspect that he might have been trying to throw out I know that sacrilegious to say but throw the football right then and there what happens if you take a sack fumble try yeah exactly so no there serve I truly love this game and I can't stand let you guys down thank you for all the thoughts and well wishes I'll tell you the MVP vote today I'm I'm over Stanford Cisco Maybe Best Team in the NFL that's what my is telling me beating different way D- winning different ways beating different teams and what they did against Karen it was amazing late in the game a minute and a half left and Frank Reich decided I'm not going to try to gain extra yard I'm GonNa Bring Adam Vegetarian for fifty order Adam sanitary they were reacting to him missing the field goal had we had he made that field goal would we be as critical and I personally could not believe that he let that much time is to kicks so in this sense I know it was the same thing so you gotTa be careful about crushing Matt Nagy Frank Reich did the same thing with the kicker admits to kicks and it went. Tom Brady couldn't do it Aaron Rodgers nobody else in the Russell Wilson's the only one I can even think of that could come close to making the plays he does with that align yesterday that was all beat up again right this Shawn Watson is just he's in a category all his own I mean Dabo Swinney said it before the draft that he was GonNa be you're passing up a Michael Jordan and world series in game five last night very rowdy game five lesson I go pitched jam with only one earned run nine strikeouts and seven innings Houston's bats simple as that well that's also telling me what you think Mr Bisky a really you think of your whole team not just your Bisky I thought a lot about this and ah I mean he's he's not quite Michael yet but he is incredible we show the picture of his Iro really quickly it's impressive what he was able to do that so far and away the best player on the field and remember Joe he's done this the last two years with either horrible offensive lines or injury riddled off it looking alive in Washington after throwing only seven runs in games one and two the Astros put up nineteen runs on the nationals in three in the next three games of game six in front he is out for the season with a torn muscle he will have surgery this week he said this game can be beautiful it can also be brutal absolutely gotta they won't be able to finish the season with my guys and give the fans with Houston tomorrow and coverage begins at seven thirty eastern on five yeah Houston couldn't hit in the first couple games they've kind of struggled a hit so far in the playoffs now they're hitting again excuses for that it's not the forty one yard field goal is is a makeup field goal it's not that's not he needed actually yards clearly and he was in the same position he had missed field goal earlier in the seven thirty eastern on Fox tomorrow he'll be great joy with the news well that's the news and thanks for stopping by heard lie is interesting Dallas was off yesterday and I actually missed Baltimore I had so much fun watching Baltimore they're just the opposite of the National Football League and they were off yesterday but Doug Gottlieb through telling you we just don't trust guy I I don't know I just didn't like that call finally the Astros turn things around this weekend and won all three games in DC to take a three two lead is on today and he's on with us now the Duggar Fox sports radio after our show here on a Monday Trent Dilfer next hour Colin Right Colin wrong so I I don't mean to be negative I know you have I'm Greg twohey from Houston bailed on them after they fell behind bail would nar by the way are you one of those superstitious people now that they're winning you're not watching are you coming that shouldn't have been what we saw all right I don't know I'm look- Andy Reid is one of the great coaches in the history of the League one of the things he does best is made name I just don't like that much time and I'm with you like this is what I'm saying like Frank Reich should be criticized just because they went through that was a huge risk but it's come out and say like dude all Aaron Rodgers needs he doesn't need the best defense he doesn't need the eighty five bears he doesn't need last year's bears he just needs a competent defense they have that and then his talent is so obscene quarterback look better than he is right yes go back to Philadelphia you're right and all in Kevin Cobb how much money did he make because he played for any resurrected Mike because that's how it's happening then you might you might end up Jinxing Max Max Scherzer did not pitch in game five with neck and back spasms and game six pitchers are Stephen Strasburg and Justin verlander criticize them if they made a mistake I certainly wouldn't criticize Matt Nagy Oh to criticize someone who made a mistake at the end of the gang third and goal earlier in the game like they're just they're telling you what they think of their quarterback game so and the strength of the packer defense is their pass rush and they have the greatest screen game in the NFL this is what they do. You have an exceptionally bright close personal relationship with Aaron Rodgers so to state farm but I'm watching and my takeaway on that yesterday is okay I mean when when it announced Patrick won't play on Friday we're all like okay that's GonNa be a blowout and I'm like Matt Moore was totally comfortable and Played Heist he was coaching high school football. If Green Bay this morning you wake up you're like quarterback in Matt Moore who's played forever yes he was a high school quarterback coach to start the year yeah but but the fact is that I kind of think you're burying the lead that's a makeable field goal we gotta make the feel that I can understand but they'll come out and say the reason why you didn't do it because you were afraid we're going to make a mistake and lose the game like no I would back no because they're gonNA lose tomorrow night against Strasbourg and then go to game seven games that's literally hasn't seen thought of that that's the low I'll just be brutally clear zero thought of throwing the football zero thought or running the football you understand me that's exactly what it was so go either way game I think Cleveland a win it I think Denver's kind of imploding I think that loss for dominating the game the way they did in space against the colts and losing Joe Flacco I'm not even going to get into that that's I have zero thought of of running the ball and have taken an opera the chance of foam the football or you know they know you're running conversion percentage it's about red zone defense it's about takeaways and this defense is right there in the top ten in most in those fields okay you disagree with me we talked before the excuse pick Donald mcnabb Don mcnabb was an above average to above average quarterback who wasn't terribly accurate super bowl down to suitable and all those consecutive NFC champion Houston win here you literally stopped watching doing yeah joy I left him for dead I told you and then and then they suck you back in verse Jinx Well You should you should be careful though considering where their defense had been where it is now yeah and and look defenses more about it's not necessarily about gross yardage anymore it's about third down through and that ball by the way six four yards it goes through so those yards do matter matter absolutely like there's no everything in moderation right right now you're cutting out the complex carbs you drink more water you don't drink soda like this stuff you have to exercise daily you know bring yourself to to believe that other than the competition appears to stink they come out of a bye week and look awful they have thirteen penalties the Cleveland browns are diet and even if they lose drop twenty five pounds here okay the fundamentals of it won't work long term right that's really what a fad diet does south beach show I think Cleveland and I think it was fairly predictable I said they're going to be really choppy early and then they're going to go to Denver and my takeaway is Denver like he wasn't throwing that ball of the corner of the end zone he was maybe the Jimmy Graham maybe out of bounds but as much as you're a few some we should be with our praise of d touchdown passes and he ran went well but if you're sitting on the bench and you're not watching the game because you your defense can't get them off the field I look I got it I understand we've just does have some fundamentals to where you're cutting out the carbs or whatever right but like everyone knows what you're supposed to eat what you're supposed to do thresholds fad diet and you like drop twenty immediately but it's coming back on that's what they are they're poorly constructed team you got all these personalities and names you don't have a good offensive line even inexperienced quarterback who doesn't appear to be as talented or maybe as accurate and isn't getting the coaching that he needs to give an inexperienced head coach who can't command the respect you have talent deems they should because they are fundamentally flawed I will say this their defensive line Brady was uncomfortable yesterday multiple times I find New England Fascinating Shawn Watson conflict in the eye and throws a touchdown pass and beats the raiders that same raiders team played on the road last week in green bay how to go in Rogers cure ever listened to thrill us best and the rest on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts you know basically everywhere anywhere you can find podcasts it's like a high school team and you have a guy who's frankly not competent as head coach maybe he could be a head coach of Cincinnati Bengals who are trying to be bad this year the team after conservative it's over like so I think Cleveland is going to go on a street here I went in a bunch of games you don't necessarily agree well I did just what leads you team penalties coming off a bye week in game which you're playing against the best team in the best run organization National Football League you're dying to beaten and there's some plays just food entre trying to be good and they are not accomplishing it so I don't care what they do but I do think they're not going to be as good down the stretch here against the softer schedule as I mean I don't know if you saw the play the report on CBS but it was fourth in eleven and they want to go for it so he had his player jump off sides just like all of this stuff makes its a go out the almost entire minute it's really funny joy because there was a game Indianapolis yesterday did something that I didn't like so Jacoby like Shawna Hey we think he's smart but I watched San Francisco and they're not depended on anybody now all teams are dependent on the quarterback but todd Gurley kicker gone receiver out another gone gronk retires left tackle center fullback in New England winning but let's shift into this so we both right and then honestly the Garoppolo injury last year helped them they get Nick Bosa who might be the best defensive player in the League they have a ridiculous defensive line with all I. Va loved the nets last year was their culture that they played for each other but they also had their own kind of selfish point guard Ngelo Russell but sometimes they would substitute Spencer also remember that they basically tanked they were bad loaded up on draft picks nailed most of them and then ran the got the benefit of Garoppolo on fire sale and so I got that and so now I wanNA show that I'm the best play he thinks he's the best player in the NBA and he's marvelously talented my question is what is how how who okay okay so let me start with this Kyri wanted to be the man and Kyrie is the man and I have questioned about a small guard that get both losses and he's missed did he make a huge mistake in leaving Austin leaving Lebron then Brad Stevens what do you sing with the man on the bench for three years I'm watching San Francisco yesterday Doug Shanahan looks like the best young coach by a long shot in the league well actually shouldn't surprise us I don't know I don't know I honestly don't know if that's the focus of his career like I'd love to say that he was simply about winning champs but I kind of think in his mind I've already won look I mean this is not what it's going to be when Kevin durant comes back and I do wonder what he ultimately does to their culture right the reason he went there the reason that people around the right he was the one who made rg three look good they got them to the playoffs and then Atlanta though there playcalling was was sub optimal when they're up twenty eight to three they're up twenty eight to three attorney lot being the man if you watched what's happened in Brooklyn Doug he's the man he leads the League in shots and they're one and two and he's had the shot at the end of and that can be really really frustrating especially in the ball doesn't go in but he has the sweat equity having won a championship hit the big shot in game seven and he did score fifteen is first game draft yeah so this is a great play caller yes has he prepared his entire life to be a head coach absolutely does he have a tremendous staff and equality GM yes blitz on the Patriots because of his play calling and then it was the perfect timing right he came in to San Francisco when they had a lot of talent didn't have a quarterback draft picks to the cultures intercede because what they had last year was a team that played for each other and what they have right now is a team that simply gives the ball to Kyrie and watches play Garoppolo game a big contract then he got hurt so they got Bosa as well and the reason they got bozos because Arizona decided to take Kyle lowry instead of taking the best player in the draft so dinwiddie in yeah he's been an an one mix tape he's made some incredible shots like let's not kid ourselves he's done some things but will the ultimately win you a championship Colin wrong i WanNa do to because in the NBA season started doug was tremendously gifted college basketball player seventh and assists in the history of the sport when he retired look at this all this stuff would you major enjoy broadcasting Oh okay is she actually prepared for this storm I got mine because I could barely put a ball he's some luck and timing opportunity coincide yes there is some luck to it yes he's a Fab is a marvellous coach that really shouldn't surprise US thirty minutes from now he's playing scoring poorly but he's getting wanted no like this what you want it you're you're you're kind of in New York and you get to be the man but you're with the nets and I do think the nets thing is really really hard I mean there the sixth or seventh most popular professional sports franchise in the tri-state area and once you or laughed or whatever guys do in college so graduated there you go you got you got a degree congratulations I did where to go what did you major in by the way marking that's good humour yourself school of business They have the worst bench in the League Steve Kerr was king of the mountain politically big progressive opinions semes- one more NBA store. I WANNA touch on Golden State Warriors Klay Thompson they announced he won't play I ran into Steph Curry's agent regularly a recently thirty seven points at the half against Oklahoma City and people are dancing on the grave because like look they still walking as golden state they walk in with the two time mvp they walk in having made get below five hundred and we get into January people stop paying attention even if you are Kyrie Irving Doug Gottlieb is joining us by the Way New York sports now amassed the giants the jets the mets Brooklyn and dominated the world and Steve Kerr was the toast of the League he may have one of the bottom three teams in the league right now overnight I don't know if he has bottom three teams the best player in the League is gone who helped you at both ends of the floor you lost Klay Thompson who's a top ten player in the League who helped both ends of the floor so their defense is a joke you had in de Ngelo Russell Russell is not a winning player people only watch box scores the nets were better at the end of games a lot of times if he wasn't making shots right he everyone could take part exactly as they are today we're celebrating twelve million pairs sold and over one and a half million customers me undies uses micro modell I'm seeing it in politics I'm seeing it football sixty five seventy years old is not a death sentence guys are doing their best work we'll talk about that coming up be sure to catch live editions of the socks and Amazingly Soft Lounger even match your best for baby with our buddy bands we offer sizing extra small to four xl and if you're not Dans La Russell away they'll get they'll get something back in return for Diangelo Russel they'll replenish that bench they'll see which of those young players are for real and get rid of the rest I think it's ever the world's most comfortable underwear for men and women in an industry known for pushing unattainable beauty standards I wanted to create a platform for self expression where quarterly impressed your first pairs on us on top of that we're offering twenty percent off your first order with free shipping just visit me undies dot com slash heard weekdays at noon eastern nine am Pacific Hey everyone I'm Jonathan Shokrian the founder of Mayonnaise DOT COM Meoni's launch eight years ago on the promise to last what five NBA finals right so they carry that so they're everybody's biggest game this is a free fall no well I mean I don't know what people expected you lost now and some thoughts about what Belichick has done this year why I think you could make an argument it's the best year of his career and I'm seeing this Liam's the giants really really need defensive line help and burn laughed not much of a pass rush they struggle for the jets are basically saying Robbie Anderson Wide Receiver Leonard Williams Leonard is going to be very expensive right until the jets actually have some very he said if people think this is strength in numbers before they got Kevin Durant you forget that that team not only had good off the bench they had Leandro Barbosa they had all these under that's me undies dot com slash founders welcome back join our hair top of the Hour Colin Right Colin wrong get your own hair guys stop borrowing your wife or your girlfriend dove men we'll pay him he's as good as anybody in the draft he's a good caddies productive we'll do it now the jets get a third round pick this year which they need they joe Douglas is the new GM Doug's got up a podcast on my network it's fantastic all ball with Doug Gottlieb does college pro a lot of NBA stuff it's fantastic he does the show after me the Doug Gottlieb show on Fox sports radio they need picks they're paying Levian bell a lot of money get some picks they're paying CJ Moseley a lot of money go pay Jamal Adams a lot of money top of the league gets better so the jets now season's over loss to the jags they just gave up excellent defensive lineman Leonard Williams to the New York giants which by the way is up like eight hundred percent you're crushing it good senior button on Monday all right coming up Tom Brady at a funny thought about bill belichick winning his three hundredth game is third all time now north Joe Douglas new GM that's what they want they want new culture new players and maybe a new coach Adam Gates coaching for his job so jet US care all the help you need available at Walmart strong and resilient all right we got breaking news we gotta trae trading deadlines tomorrow joy one thing about the NFL the NBA does this very well events or didn't he is probably a better more consistent player at both ends of the floor and then like this is why dream on is not a superstar he's a superstar role player because if you tell on have some offensive pieces I like their garbage on defense so there you go I thought this was interesting yesterday so bill ballot check one is three hundred game baseball the NFL moved their trade line back a couple years ago so that teams go to six and they just start trading players so the bottom of the league gets really ugly and the APPIER I don't think they make the playoffs and I think that that the big question is how much steph curry trying to carry this team does he try and go for forty nine does he wear himself out for his future by the way get offenses off the field they couldn't get cuyler Murray off the Field Matt Stafford couldn't get him at times off the field so the giants say okay we'll take your defensive linemen certainly hard earned well deserved and only better than three hundred zero zero one so we'll be back at it this week you know it's really interesting when I hear everybody's excuses why they're losing Philadelphia we need to Sean Jackson we don't have a speed wide receiver we gotta get another baseball was like the sport right it was the national pastime in the numbers are massive you think bill ballot check all these years I'm shocked it's not more than three hundred games it feels like he's been winning for twenty years every Oh stop it just think about New England just their offense just think about their offense they lose their left tackle alberic which is a full three times softer than cotton we have everything from classic and bold colors too ridiculously fun prints you can match your significant other in undies the field just been a great mentor for me the amazing to think that he coached for another place and they didn't think it was good enough you know and then he comes here in does a great job this is rare the jets and the giants have never giants have never made a trade with the jets I was just told I don't know that to be statistically true but one of the guys said so the jets and the giants make a trade they lose their center now those are the two most vital positions on the offensive line center calls audibles left tackle protect stomp losing both they lose a fullback and star wide receiver common ABC last an hour get rid of him could have been massive conflict they lose Josh Gordon another one gets hurt they have a first round draft pick it island's one of two teams in the League San Francisco the other a lot of their offense is engineered through the fullback they lose him been using linebacker at fullback recently they lose I mean they've had a dozen injuries a first round pick that's not playing a center a left tackle key full backup kicker too wide receivers you're right but he he went after the game and Tom Brady came up and said something pretty funny three hundred wins is pretty spectacular. He's it's make deal depth at defensive line trading deadline tomorrow we'll give up a guy who's expensive giants are like that's what we really need among the things we need a giant I you know best coach of all time and it's approved through play for him for as many years as I have he's taught me so much you know on and off we're back here that you're chargers in our offensive lines beat up a rams are offensive line's getting old we don't have the depth that running back pro bowl kicker sort of matters in a sport where every super bowl you know New England is decided by field goal they have a super think this is as good a job as he's ever done I think he's the smartest coach of my life and I include Jimmy Johnson and that the Andy Reed's you know all all the great coaches five six six excuses on offense six reasons they should be a train wreck and they are efficient on a short week yesterday a defensive interior line depth Quin Williams our top draft picks a very good player so they feel like they've it's one of the things about the jets I liked our interior defensive linemen they get rid of Leonard Bella Check Loses Defensive Coordinator has to get on the headset now and call the place distraction right to the best defensive ever had receiver can't get on the field they lost Gronk Hall of Famer and they're eight now and they're point differential is sixty points better than everybody so they get a third round pick and probably a fourth round pick if the giants resigned Leonard Williams before the start of next year so the jets get a third and and their point differential it's not even close yesterday you watch them on a short week a short week against the team in a by and who looked this oregon part one more heard the heard streams twenty four hours a day seven days a week within the iheartradio APP search her to listen live or on demand whenever you like is it wasn't the browns I three snaps of the game but for three straight snaps they had a turnover on a rainy wet day they never do they never have the big mistake I we needed scored twenty I can't do that he ever seven last year in the regular season that's not who he is you also their bench I mean loss Andrea good dollar and you lost shot the veterans I message just a fall it's amazing what you have to do this is a gap year for them Okay Klay Thompson comes back next year they'll probably send trade the town I live in Los Angeles takes Halloween seriously and I mean it is a hard tae it actually iheartradio brings you some of the biggest podcasts of all time like stuff you should know and stuff you missed in history class plus the hottest podcast of the last year like the Ron Burgundy podcast there is everybody in this league as an excuse why they're not winning New England got one two three four I diss graceland and monster the Zodiac killer not only does iheartradio produce some of the most popular podcast in the world but now the free iheartradio APP is the fastest growing APP for listening to your favorite podcasts over two hundred eighty thousand podcasts all easy to find and free to listen to on the APP or anytime at iheartradio Dot com I hated her and she poured bleach in my plants but I'm giving my ex-girlfriend The Philadelphia Eagles one more chance I know they've burned me a million times I like the Taylor we do this every Monday and I do it all year used to do it for football season that people liked it where I have big strong opinions but sometimes I with and I have to be they take him seriously yes they do an amazing job of decorating I look forward to this week's decorated Thanksgiving week is decorated Christmas these Tom Oh here we go hour to live in La this Halloween week is the heard wherever you may be and however you may be listening we're on is beating Ohio State Michigan football even with Bo Sham Boeckler Lloyd Carr one nine nine and a half games and were sub five hundred super bowl I'm tired of hearing how he can't coach Jim Harbaugh Michigan yes they can't beat Ohio state WHO's beating Ohio state except Clemson who nine percent for the year Which is about where I've been I went with dogs and they were all dogs with fleas my dogs were dogs and it was one of those Sundays it's the same thing I've gone for the last twenty four years a respected newsman a respected veteran newsman they prediction where Colin was Roy blazing five was trash I was one in four and I was lucky to be one in four I got a back door cover with the giants I am now fifty L. to ask Carson Winston throw forty times they're built up front they're emotional their physical when a team organizationally gets an A. in the Gordon ballgames that's what Michigan is they get one or two big wins a year like this one they lose to your Ohio state they'll lose another game and they finished nine wins anew forty-five minutes in I'm like my teams stink why do I take the jets that's on me that's not on America I'm at fifty nine percent which is Kinda wear four things I care about owner? GM coach quarterback I can't bail on him and I wouldn't bail on them and they delivered for me Eagles thank you for my I generally land fifty eight fifty nine percent lazing five where Colin was right Michigan beat Notre Dame I predicted that on Thursday I said Harbach and coach he got minus program and if he wins the favour games going out and we predicted they would beat Notre Dame hill finished with nine wins where Colin was going nine this year now I don't think they've been good at quarterback as they should be he deserves heat for really really not delivering quarterback but and right now guess what Michigan after this has six wins they also play Maryland Michigan State in Indiana and they're going to win those three games and then lose to Ohio state and they'll finish with one and Lamar Jackson our projects more than prospects those two are twenty one and eleven what does it prove coaching matters in the NFL Buffalo. I did a remarkable job creating a halloween sort of montage earlier this all sorts of things already Fox sports radio one of your driving around Los Angeles and then you listen to the show turn one on our staff we could show a couple of shots stop they're not Alabama they're not Ohio state they're not Oklahoma they're not Lsu they're not USC historically they're a very good aid crucial spot and listen they've got wide receiver talent they've got running back talent don't tell me the bears don't have offensive talent they've got players in fact it wider players and prospects are all a mess where Colin was right. Mitch Trubisky let's move on this year six games five three fix I got thirty two starts with Mitch trubisky thirty two. NFL starts all you need to do is watch how Chicago bears offensive staff treats him that nine wins and if they win a bowl game which I think Michigan should every other year fell finished with Tan Harbaugh took over a program with six wins a year he's got him up to nine yesterday penalties ten darnold is running for his life sacked eight times should have been twelve but he's still making they wouldn't let it roll out throw a six yard out pattern to increase the kick percentage wise to about eighty five ninety percent they're petrified for him to do anything is also listening to his critics develop more of a passing game but I will say this The guys I thought were projects are winning football games and the guys I thought were immediate and this is Lamar Jackson who went to a good owner a good gm a good old line coach now now Lamar is also very coach him and the via knocked them out of there but okay right owner GM quarterback coach. I give all of them an A. This team's not Rau- quarterback class in twenty eighteen where I said Baker darnold and Rosen are ready to play now they're sixteen and thirty seven and I said Josh Allen I didn't like him as a draft pick I think they made a big mistake on drafting him and it's a mess in Chicago where Colin was wrong speaking of a Mass Adam confidence they're not getting better PAT's missed tackles missed I mean they had a really good opening drive and that was it third and goal earlier in the game late in the game not willing they just kneeled at the end of the game they wouldn't even let him throw a role he's a very good athlete offensive lines or injury plagued offensive line remember when Dabble Swinney said he's Michael Jordan I don't know what the critics don't see he's completing the more have very good coaches But I was thinking about it this weekend the higher you get drafted the worst team you get drafted to and the real winner now again the offensive line's injured and we know when the offense in line goes south outside of New England teams go south but they do not look well coached yeah I thought Adam Gates was the perfect Elixir for Sam darnold rookie mistakes and Rookie Year where Colin was right Deshaun Watson at intern organization too much to bail and I said on Friday they're going to go to buffalo and they're going to win convincingly joy was here's proof and Buffalo was on fire and Phil pulled out when I with so Colin right caller on Monday here we go where Colin was right said Friday I know I know this ex-girlfriend ruined my credit my friend seaver they got a little depth and trading deadlines today make the move we up from day one tomorrow by the way I said they want I didn't like him in college the defensive line that I like I like their safeties and the defense of interior they're a mess he's awful optically at the press conference he instills no I don't see gruden finally echoed the sentiment of his college coach Dabo Sweeney see Michael Jordan you see you know some of the great athletically ace had a had a winning record would tannahill in Miami and beat Bella check twice the jet disaster now I think a lot of this has ownership and the previous GM but I watched I will say that all the places that I've lived at Miami gets pretty serious nice weather so everybody can be out but la takes it to a whole new going this year Listen I I said Mike McCarthy were blaming him for everything Aaron can be condescending and difficult and I still think Aaron can be difficult but the bottom line you as a playmaker he's a top three quarterback of my life Russell Wilson's also in there he's absolutely remarkable and here's what I love about the Shawn Watson is that McCarthy is a failure but I have to be honest Green Bay is fast multiple clever Aaron Rodgers is happiest the rams drafted Cooper Cup I said watch out he is going to be one of these players you look back years later and go WHO's decisions in throws he should be coached out they have no running game in bells average and slightly over two yards a carry they don't have a single unit on the team except the interior ever seen him. They're really doing a nice job using the running backs running backs yesterday Aaron Jones had seven catches the running backs had four touchdowns he's doing this the last two years yesterday the Texans offensive line once again was all beat up he is doing this with either bad atla floor had it he'd been a coordinator for one year and Tennessee's offense regressed with him this is worked errands happy floors been very clever when I like about leflore and Aaron has how they communicate in the sidelines face to face Mano Amano they come over they talk they work things out they clearly are at least generation really kind of the same it out of his team and make something out of nothing and I didn't love him as a thrower out of college he's gotten better with that I mean Here we go where Colin was wrong I defended Mike McCarthy for years there in Rogers I said he's not a bad coach stop telling me that workup he came in yesterday was just insane against Cincinnati he is to me not only the most underrated wide receiver make Aaron Rodgers happy and I can sit here on my pedestal and say it's on Aaron but Aaron great talent and you gotta find a coach who works with them and I didn't know if Todd Gurley got hurt last year I said okay that's fine but they're still running the ball with CJ Anderson. I said if you go back and look at Jared Goff when Cooper Cup gutter wake stories as an against Mister Rogers that to that movies coming out in November twenty Kazakhstan so excited Rogers then you love Tom Hanks yeah all right we do it ball fine last year they got to a super bowl you know with Todd Gurley not playing but goth has never been the same when he lost coup the league but is it crazy to say he's a top five wide receiver when guys are open significantly open on third down guy young handsome Kinda Glib Funny Smart Guys it works McCarthy does look when you watch this he looks old where Colin was right some of its scheme some of it for a wide receiver is you can't hide him and he's still open where Colin was raw said Golden State would be super cop will I went to the same school eastern Washington he second in the NFL in wide receiver yards leads the NFL third down catches and third down yards when aw man there are Cleveland could have him right now not not a shot at Baker they had the number one pick they took Myles Garrett good player than it took Baker they take the shown washers shots field goal attempts this is what you want and I said be very careful about bailing on a great coach and sports be very careful about bailing on everybody's excuses are ridiculous right like chargers offensive line isn't San Francis- George Hill Fifth Round Matt Brita undrafted Garoppolo ninety nine percent of his throws. Don't tell me just an athlete he's completing higher than like Tom Tom Brady category his past writings five what is it that people it's like the air was let out of the balloon they've got five G. Leaguers in the back end of that bench I mean it's just they lost too much human capital they lost Kevin Durant people can blame Steph all they want this is a bad bad roster outside of the top three players where Colin was right terrier having three games lost two of them too bad line they'd be a fifth seed playoff series they're officially the worst defense in League history listen once Klay Thompson announced I'm out coach's be very careful about bailing on the broad in his prime he had two game winning shots one missed one blocked because now when you prepare for him you can and the culture last year which was about team now about the man and by the way he's small injury prone and I guarantee you when you rely on this many minutes they lost Klay Thompson they lost the leadership and smarts of Iggy they lost Shaun Livingston Alfonzo mckinney they moved off demarcus cousins there Dublin you put your best defender on him because there's nobody else on the floor This is exactly what I was going to happen he's GonNa get shots he's going to be the man they're going to clear it out burke that's when Jared Goff was not the same quarterback I'm not saying he's not great but C. J. Anderson came in Iran the James Memphis in Minnesota Kyri he went there to demand this is what the man looks like this this is what he leads the NBA points add it's it's you know sometimes in countries you have a lost year with the economy this year they're trophies they're not going to be a playoff team it's not close Havington's bears do there's a lot of coaches mahomes and Watson there's a lot of a lot of GM's in this league as in any sport you gotta tip your hat to them three times and then he makes an unbelievable thrown a kid makes a great catch we're not the first gotten I mean this guy's spectacular he will nine deep not going to be what you think in Brooklyn Colin Right Colin wrong pack today Trent Dilfer is around the corner congrats the Tiger Woods I didn't watch but he WANNA golf. This many shots watch Kyrie irvings health deteriorate over the next two months being with more Braun he's like your bodyguard being on the Celtics they ran died on the iheartradio APP apple podcast or wherever you get your podcast the ashes are just one win they play football fits a Teddy Bridgewater and Eli Manning Mitch Trubisky holds this team back and it goes back to conversation we had a couple of weeks ago what exactly qualifies us to guide you around the other side while you did write a book about ghosts and spirits I think that qualifies but you brand you're the best about double what Sam Darnold has I do think you can make judgments and I think you know Mitch Trubisky didn't love him coming into the pros don't love him and I think I looked at the NFC the giants those teams were built very similar to the bears. I agree with you this rosters too good this team's too good how Stephon things we hope that will make you laugh so hard. Up Little but mostly find peace no need to be joining us every Wednesday for a new in my nut saying trading deadlines tomorrow Chicago go out and get Teddy Bridgewater and don't take no for an answer that's at all way from punching another world series title game six heads back to Houston Nationals Astros Tomorrow at seven thirty eastern on Fox Astros hitting again Greg Sports Radio One and the iheartradio APP Hale I'm Julie and I'm Brenda were the hosts of insider's guide to their side you may be wondering Tennessee the coward global satellite network my friend Trent built for the Monday all right I I didn't say this lightly I I gave this thought and I said listen thirty two starts in the NFL I spend every week into spiritual room or we definitely promise it will be a ride a ride fellow psychic communication humor and lots of stories and other wives is excellent I would make a move for Teddy Bridgewater his work is done he's leaving New Orleans at the end of the year you can't pay him and drew over fifty eighteen million dollars don't know who that is and I can't wait to hear him Trento for is coming up next be sure to catch live editions of the heard weekdays at noon eastern nine am Pacific on Fox fancy Schmancy P worthy episode of insider's guide to the other side iheartradio was number one for podcasts but don't take our word for it listen to insiders guide to the other artis guys I know knows quarterbacks football as well as anybody in now as coaching at a Nashville rebuilding a program there the Lipscomb Academy head football coach and Beautiful Nashville like you do yeah so trudeau for next Trent says eighteen in this league has found their next Tony Romo and the guy you know a guy to someone who's an expert that usually is indigenous to that area the other side is like your homeland you know since birth I think that would both qualified to take our lives the next nine weeks they will be at a quarterback deficit in eight of the nine weeks I think Chicago's coaches good in their roster let's talk about their rival the Green Bay packers I look at the top three teams in the League Saints Niners Patriots I get great defenses drake coaches and very good eighty two Oakland Philadelphia control the clock there's a difference between the great defense to me Trent and some great defensive playmakers I in Green Bay he bailed on him and they did nothing that post w to e to I played a decade and a half in the NFL won a super bowl with the ravens he made a pro bowl one of the like that move is I totally agree with the Teddy Bridgewater play I would also put in the Eli Manning play I think Eli Manning if you look at the two super bowls he won it's the love button syndrome but that GM fell in love with Mitch trubisky through the draft process in overvalued him a now he's holding on as the best team in their division. I think the Vikings are because of defense I think the Vikings defense's sound solid tested I think the packers defense is feast or famine in a show bravado and they're going to want to do all these really cool Manley things on defense and they're going to give up twenty eight because they're going to face a really good of op six to ten the differences when he gives up six to ten that turns into points As a quarterback is a really good offense you're looking for a feast or Famine d take advantage of it I very much like Greg Williams I think if you're looking for a comparable to Greg Williams comparable how he coaches defense yeah they're going to blitz you in there on run action team run the rock with Nick Job and then play action pass off of it let Baker Mayfield split the field and half get it out of his hand to talent playmakers quick I know she ruined my credit but I love her and I gave her another chance come on they went to Philly baby they're for Real Trent dilfer they're almost hitchens in the browns offensively Nick chubs a good kid fumbled but thirteen penalties. I just looked at Cleveland and I thought Ah I came away from that game last night saying if I'm Green Bay I'm a little worried about the defensive side of the football hyperbolic here not at all I don't think passed protecting offensive line's lit come down hill let him play aggressively I don't know why they're not doing this stuff this is remedial type stuff onto long because Mitch's his love button and he's forever connected to them this happens a lot in the NFL it's happening to the bears and is holding the bears back quarterback this is okay keep doing this stuff keep being unsound and eventually I'm Gonna I'm GonNa Catch Your Your unsound and I think that's that's exactly what the Green Bay packers are on defense against the wall and said okay let's pull out one often try it was the identity of the Cleveland browns you know we talked about a couple of weeks ago and they start right in the ship little bit they should be what about play Green Bay's defense I've watched Matt Moore last night be very comfortable five hundred yards to Dallas four this does not look like a team off a bye right I'm not being too critical I wish we could disagree more segments so much better when we disagree it's always been that way with patent you go back and look at patents DNA is a play caller a hill win eight to fifteen plays a game because a scheme but he's going to go events you know it's GonNa be a there's GonNa be difficulties at time but you know you're going to expose where their unsound in this is unsound defense at times and the really good players again rally they also have the young quarterback fumble it three times I mean they were given the game in in a in a sense as well so I think you're you're going to be which you don't talk about on draft weekend and you wake up and you're like Oh lord he he's a playmaker so I mean he is awesome back drew bledsoe drew bledsoe and I know another buddiers were texting last week and drew said we were not wrong this kid is a France I think whether the second best team their division right now wow I judge teams off by when you give good coach extra time not all coaches take advantage Fremont it's this and I think I know where you're going you said there's a quarterback out there that is the next Tony Romo which is we don't we don't watch a ton of his college jeff we know who does Sabin Barry Alvarez had a great record urban Meyer ballot check read but we know they are to come off a bye and Freddie I they're almost like they're almost good and almost fell five hundred and you're overreacting they played well it was a big win for Carson Wentz find on this it looked like spitball offense to me elevates spent all week saying oh that's cool play that's a cool play oh we can trim air oh we can do that and they just threw spitballs in the NFL and and I think it goes back to conversation with a long time ago I think pretty kitchen is a good guy he's a good coach he's out over his skis and it's it's obvious we know a couple of things we know the longer baker holds the ball the worst he gets when he's on time when he's on rhythm he can be deadly accurate we know they have speed guys twitch really getting comfortable with a full field throw Cadillac You know the second layer two balls the throwing guys open on the boundary that through guys open the most often the guy that had gun barrel toughness all those things is true passing instincts passing pedigree Gardner men shoe the I studied the purest passer the guy at the greatest instincts the guy that could wiggle and shake and move just enough in the pocket to craze time in space rogers comparison to Shawn Watson Aaron had three years to sit there and watch Brett he came on early on I remember you not being a buyer early on with Aaron is right now watching the watching the Cleveland Cleveland browns offensively and just how much they struggle all right now let's get to the disagree stuff Philadelphia is quarterback he's not just a starter he's the guy you can build long-term around if you're the Jacksonville Jaguars he's Tony Romo Tony Romo was a sneaky you're gonNA grow increasingly more frustrated if you hold onto this is GonNa make you feel really good and then they're going to break your heart because they're guys at the skill position let them win early they don't need to win late let them win early a puncture the inside the defense with the running back you don't have a great happened guy the difference is I think mini shoes judgment is a little better not like he's panicking Baker feels like he's bailing on the I've been on teams where you're almost there but you're not there and I think that's The Philadelphia Eagles all right here's another I don't know I don't know five seven ten years good stuff Trent Dilfer Love Them Lipscomb Academy head football coach a super bowl a pro bowl fifteen years noses had to convince Ya in Bristol give them a couple of years and then he becomes one of the elite players in the NFL I think to Shawn's in that period right now where livers throws hundred five passer rating with a battle line or a beat up old line and you saw him what did you see him when he was sixteen or seventeen are you can see it coming but it's GonNa be a Patrick Mahomes to Shawn Watson discussion for the premier player in the NFL for maybe the next A. and trying to make something at absolutely nothing where she feels more under control and is giving him space joy with the news and here's the scary thing Kolon he's only gonNA get better because they're only going to get better at the offensive line bill O'Brien's only gonNA grow the offense that was fun yesterday he's just you know what I like about. He reminds me his body a little bit there's a little Baker Mayfield a little thinner but he can run around guy he kind of making stuff most career a great great franchise career for the Dallas Cowboys and the Jacksonville Jaguars have the same thing Gardner Minzhu by the way Nick Foles Chicago Bears Nick on take our audience back to Shawn Watson I mean D- Trent it's it's absurd I mean he's doing this he's completing seventy percent a little bit more there are only GonNa evolve as a football team and to Sean just beginning to tap into how good he can be he's just now on the last call sixteen stars the day after the game Freddie pointed out to those two things as lies seem didn't put together a better fights against the undefeated patriots it's very lettuce where I talked about it studying all these quarterbacks coming out last year in the ones coming out this year the Herbertson the tools and the froms lash of the guys that came out and everybody eighteen years old and I said on this show a couple of weeks ago you can't truly appreciate until you spend a lot of time around him and that's why Davos said what he said about him being Michael Jordan when he left Clemson partner men choose your guy he is man and I spotted this last year early in the season is Washington state I wrote an article for looking to please interaction between Brady no doubt look I don't like to read too much into a fake picture that's a real I didn't I didn't love the timing of it and bakers there to look at it I mean after after a loss like that is that really even the appropriate place to do that title flick of the wrist underneath stuff I mean he never really develop at at Clemson and now he's starting to develop that entire throw catalog I think you gotta start making the error I went through with his word and gave Brady the custom cleats this is the picture that is circling circling the Internet's everywhere Baker can be seen in the background there it yesterday was a messy game it's always even Vegas oddsmakers always say you can't you can't come out and say this team they recovered nine fumbles this year it's kind of a hat foles make it call it Jack another one Gab Chicago right now looks like Gartner mentioned was the guy who was better than darnold yesterday no question okay now let's get back to something I think we'll agree turn on the news this is the third line news around a lot of mistakes along the Patriots yesterday the turn the ball three times and committed thirteen penalties late round pick nobody was sure only eight and parcels really believed in on they knew it was gonna take time gardeners come on even quicker than Tony Romo look at Tony Game Time approach turned into gratitude just grateful for the opportunity to get back out again grateful for this team mistakes were another team that is less experienced or less disciplines may be excited to get a fumble recovery or an interception but what you do with that do points they don't beat themselves and we came in and beat herself everybody in the locker room understands what needs to change everybody's got a commitment to changing and getting that done and that's what's getting us beat turnovers and that's turnovers and penalties and I told guys how they wind is it was always considered random some years you lose them some years you don't to show you how well New England is coach joy there are the only team in my life that is obliterated that stat they don't fumble in spite this injury like having Ted Teddy Bridgewater step right in go undefeated feel great for Teddy Bridgewater being able to go out there and showcase when he can still do so you know he's and I definitely had some some butterflies maybe maybe a little more than usual I think a lot of excitement you know and then as game stuff's straightens me out when I get wrong about that we got another Tony Romo he's down in North Florida in Jacksonville how about that Trent great senior bearing buddy you bet loss you say hello shake hands say hello to your friends and then you you live in your loss like on the not talking on the bus on the way home kind of person then I don't I don't do losing very well maybe that's just me Dupree's returned from his thumb injury against the cardinals Sunday and was as dominant as ever in the thirty one nine win three clearly outmatched by Michigan losing forty five fourteen they fell out of the top ten to number sixteen Michigan ran the ball just pounded the Ron three hundred and seventy three yards and three touchdowns lead the saints to their sixth straight victory goal after having surgery was always returned this week after the game he said he was grateful to be back on the field they're going to play their game and they take advantage of the mistakes that you made that's at their thirty s is incredible in the history of the NFL joy there was always a staff that meant nothing fumbles Auburn had fifteen penalties could not move the ball and had a freshman quarterback and you won by field goal Lsu was so much better than I'm out of it changed the momentum of the game that's what you feel like every time you have to have a turnover making mistakes the Patriots it's like you can't afford to do that and also Odell he is right about that the Patriots do not beat themselves they are not the ones that makes mistakes at the end of the Games they don't do they don't they just don't they don't make me on ten. NFL teams joy were abandoning them. The Ten Commandments is the ten commandments ten teams done for the year and won can have starting job next year which is great drew breeze comes back a week earlier than I think most people would certainly myself Amazon let's not bang on Arizona burnoff offensively and one by a field goal at home was a mess offensively I don't I think nine I well I mean defensively but picture I thought that was fake I saw the Internet last night I thought this was a young gave his custom goes leads to Brady after the game and he said that's what he was going to do yeah two weeks to prepare John Good Point I get two weeks or drawn prep for two weeks or saving prepped for two weeks you can't have fifteen penalties on the road can't complete a pass football rankings this weekend Oklahoma was stunned by unranked Kansas state forty eight to forty one and dropped from fifth to ten eight people and as you predicted Notre Dame was the what did they want who they love are they good neighbors to you are you a good neighbor to them neighbors are people who live close to the I'll get pushback that's coming up be sure to catch live editions of the heard weekdays at noon eastern not am Pacific what are you know about your neighbors his neighbor and his neighborhood we learned how to be kind how to respect each other he told us he liked us just the way we are US figure out how to be good neighbors in a world that so often seems chaotic and violent and divided that you have lots of neighbors that you play with don't you the only by three and tell me Lsu's the best team in College Football Game Yup I like I like Ohio state and Penn state by the way is joy with the news. Well that's the news no I look I don't WanNa pick everything apart with this 'cause 'cause I ghetto Dell and and I get the whole thing but just I don't know I'm kind of old school when it comes to that like after challenge they're able to talk with each other and be with each other and that's what you Mr Rogers invited each of us halfway through and I don't think it's just about record I think there's teams that you know like Cleveland had a brutal schedule to start but I think their schedule gets really easy I'm grateful for the for just this moment. NBA have this moment matter how this saints season turns out this has been a fun season so far happenstance like it's it's not all equal right you what you do with turnovers is really what matters and that's what he's talking about the Patriots make you pay for well they both have buys next week and then they play other on November nine house to our for sure is to out for sure and not well we don't ever buy so we'll probably know more about weeks absolutely can't pass I think Lsu I think Alabama's GonNa beat them and beat them convincingly Alabama Senate beat Vincent with the backup quarterback yet at least one and one and then they they peeled off so I don't think the Cleveland browns season is over it'll be fool's gold at the end but it's not over the chargers great and like you said earlier they're they're at the top of the best teams in the NFL all around so Exciting for them yesterday finally too big losses getting healthy are looking at the chargers schedule they won yesterday in Chicago a lot of people thought that was an l. they turn that to a W. So I don't think the charger season is wallace host of a new podcast called finding Fred from fatherly and transmitter media I'm curious about how the spirit of Mister Rogers neighborhood can help checkout finding fred on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you listen welcome back to the her don't be the guy in the room there's Baltimore's a better team Cincinnati onate Denver it's over NFC giants Redskins Falcons box and the Chicago bears now you're looking at it sir thanks for stopping by heard lie the Ten Commandments. Today we're going to unveil the ten abandonments were quitting or this weekend and they have to beat Buffalo in two weeks those are not easy games at Denver in Buffalo at home I think they're going to go to those games and then I think I would do Teddy Bridgewater Teddy Bridgewater is absolutely an NFL starting quarterback and if you look at Minnesota and Green Bay's Defense Fluke hand on the helmet it was not a hamstring it was not a back it was not a neck it it it's over drew's back look great plan the rest of the year back in if they make a move in the next twenty four hours at the trading deadline Nick foles is out there ally manning is out there over even though the chargers are three and five I look at their upcoming Games they're getting healthier but you've heard of the ten commandments there's a third of the League let's calmed ten abandonments were abandoning these teams were done talking about including the steelers play tonight in the AFC jetson dolphins once tanking Teddy's contract runs out saints can't pay drew brees twenty-five and Teddy Bridgewater sixteen you can't pay forty million dollars at quarterback they're moving off Teddy Bridgewater Mrs and Detroit's Matt Patricia you've got to have an efficient thrower of the football teddy bridgewater is that remembered drew brees injury was so I do not think the Cleveland browns season is over I think they're going to go in a bunch of games in the second half and get in that eight and eight nine and seven wildcard discussion they do after beat Denver or cousins and some of those team great defense is so eight of nine weeks Chicago you are at a quarterback deficit before that game starts now tour tanking the jets traded Leonard Williams today they're out of the Competitive Competition Business Pittsburgh backup quarterback two and four Cleveland got more good the GM good front office good head coach and this is a division in which Minnesota can kind of get tight in primetime games the Arizona's last three weeks had played terrific football at least in spaces they close their tough out they do a bunch of new stuff breeze the bears have wide receiver depth and defensive line depth they don't have a lot of good picks this draft but the following draft they got a first rounder second aim Chicago plays nothing about this here's the next nine games Chicago plays eight of nine games. They're at a dramatic quarterback trade it should be noted that the teams are the jets dolphin steelers broncos bengals giants Atlanta Tampa Washington Chicago's will discover match for new card members only I will say this anybody watch Philadelphia Philadelphia is it Carson Wentz Matt Stafford Jared Goff Daniel Jones I think Daniel and trubisky pretty even Matt Stafford Dak Aaron Rodgers Mahal not a chance to play Minnesota and Green Bay's defense is good it's not overwhelming like San Francisco New Orleans or New England it's or even Carolina's defenses better via found their identity part of it is the weather forced them to run the football but they're also very emotional team Orlando scandic they cut him he came on our show last week by the way go further than ever discover it miles card they matched the miles you earn your first year. thirty-five can become seventy thousand miles discover dot com slash travel they got their picks and they have depth on the wide receiver and Defensive Line Front you can't put on the season I went this morning and I looked at the next nine that is supposed to be done what was the other reason that you could have not done it I mean you can just look at the Minnesota game I mean we're planning half coverage is a very emotional football organization they love their NFL in Philadelphia and yesterday Philadelphia played emotional football with along sloppy looking untucked shirt gotTA UNTUCKIT Dot Com Code is her twenty percent off G. Q. Calls it perfection all right so we're halfway through the NFL season over Auburn. You don't get to tell you something I think Ohio States the best team I've seen I look you know what I just okay I'll give you my thing on Lsu so galvanized football and found their identity in the two games philly has been great at Green Bay Buffalo Pound the Football Carson Wentz has been looking for an identity all year and I said Friday they're going to go to buffalo and they're GONNA win and they're going to win convincingly did NFL teams. Tom Brady's been saying Whoa Chicago bears only three and four. I'm not saying mathematically eliminated one team of my ten commandments Chicago he got everybody fired up in Philadelphia he ripped the team Orlando Scandal on our show Friday remember this when you have a job to do and you don't do it and you know throughout our identity it took Philadelphia Awhile to find it they found it run the football play with emotion play action to those big tight end to apply as Bama Rolls Them I watched the entire Auburn. Lsu Game they snuck by US lose it so the eagles well Jenkins teammate supported him Jenkins came out and rip scandic but what it proved is Philadelphia pest and this like the steelers I think than Green Bay's top to bottom so my the ten commandments these the ten abandonments I think Chicago can pull themselves out with so call Chicago Call New Orleans don't take no for an answer secondly make call Jacksonville now with Gartner minzhu winning and get Nick foles throws on play action too big tight end targets that's what they are they found their identity now the weather may have forced them to run the football but Tom Brady's like we can't I went back in for one more day those those droopy beautiful brown is real and paid off and our three next one more heard the heard streams twenty targets this is what Philadelphia can do this it took him a while it took him half the year Philadelphia the team I like the girlfriend that burn me and ruin my credit you know he's not over the top we beat seventy yard touchdown by digs and it's just oh it's okay jinx it happened you know it's okay you're good player in this about the Patriots all year we don't have an identity we don't run it particularly well we don't throw the ball down the field what are we Tom Brady's worried about New England we don't have identity offensively defensively we do filled remember even looked like they were joy yeah backup quarterback Jones kept Alabama undefeated and to his absence but LSU jumped to the top spot after a big win so you've been a good player you can do it it's okay you know it's okay gets you ate some cases seven and nine so Orlando scandal ripped Malcolm Jenkins season's over Chicago can move off that list even if Pittsburgh Winston I forget it Baltimore's winning division and Cleveland's going to beat you at least once probably twice the rest of the way went over the weekend I was watching World Series I was watching college football I was watching the NFL I was watching NBA. Lebron looks old by the way I'm tired surly four hours a day seven days a week within the iheartradio APP search her to listen live or on-demand whenever you like guys stop using your girlfriend sham you with entre Bisky your left it's okay you whiffed but you can't put on this season you got good players who get your own dubbed men plus care available at Walmart Bucky Brooks played in the NFL second round pick by buffalo then was a scout or Seattle and Carolina help build those rosters. Okay so let's talk about this you you don't even need to mention the player but even you finding Fred on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you listen is there he did a great job of pre snap motions shifting and bringing the sweep action deception to create the running game and I feel like this girly thing is holding the rams back is that telling me that McVeigh's system you're making right now Mitchell trubisky is one of the worst starting quarterbacks in the national football league and they will not advance to the playoffs or beyond the thing that he got away from he did the motion but he wasn't he's not giving the ball to everybody like he was given it before Cooper Cup Brandin Cooks Rubber Woods Russell Wilson Sean mcvay Shanahan Garoppolo I look at the rams now and then I watched the niners the niners are not dependent on any one thing offensively not a division like where it's a mass and you could sneak your way next nine weeks they'll be a quarterback deficit in eight of the nine the only time they're not Daniel Jones sidedly better than Mitch Trubisky so I think you have to make him over punt the season and I don't think you should pump the season Okay so let me let me ask you about this so we all know veteran quarterback you talked about trade for Teddy Bridgewater Nick foles or going back in a draft next year and drafting another one but they have to be honest when it comes to the he is not going to get much better this is what he is if we wanna get beyond where we got last year we have to get a better quarterback and that means getting God if he is distorting quarterback Minnesota Green Bay have Minnesota's defensive roster is one of the top five in the league so that's the thing also in this division it's it's not it's is running back dependent he doesn't have it and it's a very limited offense without it no I don't think is necessarily L. Shannon's good coach that goes without saying but I said before the season started I like McVeigh a lot but I don't think anybody can dominate this division because a Pete Carroll a new early it's not gonNa work and I look at Mitch Trubisky I'm thirty two starts in Bucky Bucky Brooks joining us just admit it watson did with the Houston Texans the Chicago bears don't feel that way about Mitch Trubisky so what they do is they have to make a hard decision they have to make the decision like Allwood Law Carey's when those guys touched ball now on defense you legitimately have to defend the entire field because anybody and everybody can touch the ball it happens to Bet Bella Check has with a lot you remember Chad Jackson the receiver from Florida First Rounder to Chicago have to go out and say Teddy Bridgewater Trust quarterback because they had situations where if you trust your franchise quarterback you call plays to put the ball in his hands and you trusted he's going to make the play just look at what who I think would trubisky at this point confidence abilities you know I'm not going to say either wants decidedly better but I think jack is one of the weaker ones they face in deck his back on their roster Coleman Brita Mostert all those guys can run defensively you're seeing that investing in the defensive line all those he has to get back to that but what I will say is I'm encouraged by the way they played the last couple of weeks when they don't turn the ball over they are still a very very good team a team that can be it doesn't have a dirty he's limited because girly is not playing the way he's played two previews two years I will say this having talked to defensive coaches dead defended the rams to I two years McVeigh's this was the shock of the day for me dominant performance dominant performance on both sides of the ball the forty niners have the recipe to be a championship team foles wanting you guys just we're not taking no for an answer they have to they have to do something with a quarterback because what is going to happen if Mitchell trubisky and you're trying to play around him and they did yeah everywhere and by the way teams twenty five years old the a lot of these guys are on the second contract young teams tend to not get hurt as much there I mean what did you any team in the league it is all about managing the game and not turning it but it will just let's take a look at San Francisco's highlight from yesterday that's different IC- dynamic players they can run the ball at any point in the game and dominated this is the third game where they've had two hundred rushing yards you typically don't see that in the national football league they can do with any running great job of playing around him last last even earned pro bowl honors because Mac Nagy was so good at playing around him with the tricky we we're now when you to and then you can oh so if you give a great ceo an extra week to prepare for a board meeting they're sharper an average CEO wastes time Freddie kitchens off a bye for as good as they've been running the ball he hasn't been as dominant as you thought he would be forgot it viewed as a franchise quarterback we're seeing nine touchdowns seven interceptions we're seeing the giveaways he is the one guy did hasn't played up to the standard and so if they're going to be a championship team he thirteen penalties forget the turnover for second thirteen penalties situationally again not good first round picks they have five first round picks playing within that rotation and all of them show up but we saw Nick Bosa half his game yesterday they can do it on defense took over a High School coaching job it listen I like a lot about Freddie kitchens is it possible listen you went from a position coach to a head coach too quick and they have some championship pedigree with Richard

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