Cooley: Tough Grader


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Subscriptions for just the price of one get unrivalled sports coverage for an unbeatable price. Go to the athletic dot com slash. Sheehan receive to all access subscriptions for just the price of one. We hope to see you there. You don't want it. You don't need it but you're gonna get it anyway. That kevin she and show he is kevin cooling. Don't break down today. It's going to be the offense from the win over pittsburgh before we get to. I've got just two or three things from from the tuesday night game The baltimore dallas game. You told me before you didn't really watch it if you go back. And just watch lamar jackson on his pocket throws there some of the worst throws you will ever see just horrible With that said though it's very interesting to me and it's just an observation when he's out of the pocket throwing on the move not from the pocket but extending play outside the pocket going left. Or right i think he's tremendously accurate. Like he his touchdown pass. Is you know he's out of the pocket he's extended. He's moving left any makes a beautiful throw. And i've noticed that about him over the years and maybe ravens fans would say nah. That's not really what happens when i've watched him. I don't i it's like when he's moving and it doesn't really rely as much as you know on pocket mechanics. I actually think he's really accurate. and i was wondering if you noticed the same thing and if you did why you would think that would be definitely noticed this thing but at the same time i've noticed that he can make accurate throws while he's standing in the pocket it seems like it's their their weeks when he's much better in the pocket then it seems like they're weeks where he's really not good at all in the pocket. I don't know why that would be timing of some of the things is is of certain things. He knows how to anticipate as he gets out on the edge. Just very good at that. I don't know exactly what it is. You know drop the the three five step drop mechanics. Getting them off rhythm. I can tell you this on normal drop back and to a wide open tight end coming on a on a crosser. He sailed the pass six feet over the head of the receiver And i just thought it was interesting. He has very much a different throwing motion a lot of the time he'll go super site armor kind of side arm or not. That much sidearm. It's like it's like. He's throwing motion changes too much what. He is almost like that with dwayne two when he wanted to throw something with a little bit of touch he had changes arm angle. Yeah he definitely changes his arm angle allot he is however as a scrambler or just as a read option runner he. There's nobody better. I mean you're you know it's funny. I'll never forget before that draft you said and i quote lamar jackson's the best running back in this draft and it's not even close and if he is willing to play running back i would make him my first round choice almost making my first overall twice first overall choice. He's that he would be that great of a running back in the nfl and ways he is that he's also a guy that makes big plays with his arm too but his his pocket Mechanics in pocket. Accuracy is is poor on. They had edwards. Ba had dobbins back the ingraham back. Last night they rushed for two hundred ninety four yards. They won the game. Look i i was thinking about jumping on dallas last night plus the nine I didn't and i'm glad i didn't However in watching that game dallas actually came out and played pretty well on offense as early missed three field goals in the game so that alone would have given them the cover It's hard you rarely. Do you see kickers. Missed three field goals in a game. He was one for four by the way. Justin tucker missed a thirty six yard. Or it's the first time in like seventy kicks inside forty that he's missed but i by the way i was looking at his numbers. He's a hall of fame kicker. He's having a hall of fame career But the The cowboys had three misfield goals in god. Did they get absolutely screwed on almost every call that seemed to be you know. Close was an absolute grievous. Pass interference On cd lamb. Who did a stop and go at the end of the half he gets grabbed and the ref is right there. They didn't call it. They spotted the ball multiple times. Formerly seem like the cowboys got the wrong end of the stick the entire game. they're done. They actually came out and played. I think with some heart last night but they're done three and nine that's it for them. it's a two horse race not that we didn't say that before it's it's giants it's washington and And it's gonna be fun here over the last month Just as an aside. I i took some of what you said on the podcast. Yesterday and those. That haven't listened to it. I would urge you to go back and listen to the whole thing. Coolies thoughts on the game in our conversation which was a ten fifteen minute conversation about whether or not washington is limited. And you were very adamant that you shouldn't put limitations on them. And i i agree with you. I do and we. I took that to the radio. Show this morning and took calls and you know the there were mixed reactions but one of the things. I said that. I didn't say to you. Yesterday is that you know. And i'm not being defensive here not really. Maybe a little bit defensive To you know people who would say. Oh my god dude. They just. They won one game. They're five and seven. Just relax but the truth of the matter is at this time of year in years past we would be discussing the rest of the league because our team season competitive portion of it. Anyway more times than not has been over when we've got ended to To the month of december. And i love the nfl and you love the nfl. We love watching football. Most of you. That are listening. Love it and if i took washington and said They're houston are the this team that you're watching his playing in houston we would be having an objective conversation about teams that are playing well and the conversation about washington would go like this. You know if they were houston. Yeah you know what houston's five and seven. They've won three in a row. Cooley their defense. He's really good. I mean chase. Young's a monster munt has sweat. He's having a pro bowl season allen and pain they're really good defensively in how about our smith like he's what a story like. I don't think i'd wanna play them. If they get into the postseason they're capable of winning a couple of games that would be a in other. Nfl cities that are just talking nfl and not about their own team right now. And they're looking at you. Know kind of a sleeper. I would bet you. People are looking at both the giants and washington and washington in particular because of the defense and saying that team's pretty good. You know that team if they if they win that division you know. They might win a gamer to that to me that i think that that's a reasonable conversation that you would have if you were totally objective. It's hard to be for me. And for you and for many of you out there but i would be having that conversation about a team from outside the city if if i was watching them and watching the way they're playing. I don't see how you don't have that in. Yeah i i you know for me. I have to try to be objective at this point in the past. You've said cooley. Homer whatever you wanna say i'm not. I'm cathy lose right now. I think anybody really knows me knows that. It's the opposite of agenda. When i say they're not limited. Yeah it's for me it's a five Part of it in. We're in any of the pass these that i'd been in the past. Maybe that's that's a homer opinion. But i'm the opposite of that right now. I've i've been critical if anything of this team and have no reason not to be greeley critical of this team. And i'm just telling you watching ball. I don't think they're limited. I think that there's something to this team. I'm not suggesting they couldn't they. Here's the other part of it. They can lose any game of of course they could but i think they can winning right now at least in the nfc if you take like right now assessing the nfc and of course it changes. It's the nfl. New orleans is really good. An offense defense. Whether it's with tatum. Hiller drew brees their defense has been the surprise for them this year. Green bay's aaron rodgers Those are two teams. That are i think are going to be difficult as we speak right now to beat in the nfc playoffs But everybody else like you know. I've watched minnesota. i've watched tampa minnesota's defense is really inconsistent and at times bad Tampa obviously there's something going on there with with arians and brady that is in good seattle. You can move the football against arizona. I don't even know if they're gonna make it The rams goff can turn it over three times in a game. washington defensively. You know is is gonna be is going to be there. And then i think coolly and i forget if i pointed this out yesterday but this was a big part of why i think it's really hard to put limitations on them right now. This is totally unique this year. You're not what are we. Typically in a conversation say yet. They are playing well. And i think they can make the playoffs and i think they could win a game but the problem is they can't win at lambeau. They can't win in the super dome. Will this year's totally different. These are neutral site environments. There's no we gotta deal with the sound and the noise of the superdome. Were we gotta deal with with the lambeau situated. You don't have that so road teams winning this year. It's just gonna be easier whether or not they get through it and they and they pull it off is is another story. Be sometimes the better team just wins but you're not gonna have the added disadvantage of having to overcome crowd noise now washington if they win the division is going gonna play a home game two and they won't have an advantage at home against you know minnesota or tampa or seattle or the rams or whomever it would be a four or five matchup But anyway i think. Do you know that dinner. That washington is the only team with a losing record. That has a positive point differential in the entire. Nfl they are five and seven their plus four in point differential which i think is. I don't know why i think that's an interesting thing. Everybody in the division including the giants Obviously have a negative. They've got a positive point. Differential plus for part of that comes from you know to blow blowout wins over the cowboys right. The aggregate score being what was it. Forty one and twenty five sixty six to where they have in the first one three sixteen nineteen sixty six nineteen So that that disparity in those two games obviously helps along those two games by those forms. Yeah so anyway. Alyssa's played other teams closer than that. Yes they have they have i. We'll get to coolies film breakdown right after this word from one of our sponsors. We're going in depth play by. Play the gleeful breakdown. Cooley and kevin Time for police film breakdown from the pittsburgh game on monday night. He teased us yesterday about. He couldn't wait to evaluate alex smith's performance. So let's start there unless you've got an over arching theme kevin alley having overarching thing. It's you do. I mean i just i always have something. I can't just start. There has to be stuff all right so here. I want to go through a couple of a couple of thoughts on this game k. One there's some things that i like. What they're doing offensively. So i think they should start the next couple of weeks with this especially with gibson not being available with the turf toe situation. Because i can't imagine that he's gonna play. I would be surprised if he played the next week. Although they're going to need him. You still got kiss. So we'll see right. Yeah what they're doing with some of the empty set because you keep talking you were talking about some of the empty set stuff which which i absolutely love is they are starting in empty set and then alex has the opportunity. Maybe not every time but definitely some times to look at the safety rotation and say if there's to safety back to the to the empty set and they're gonna play a saucer dome coverage then we're going to bring mckissic back in the backfield and we have an opportunity to run the ball because they go empty. It doesn't necessarily mean that they're media gonna throw the pot. They're letting now i've seen him brought back into the backfield. Yes as a tell if you bring them back from that empty set into the backfield that they're going to run it. I mean it doesn't have to be tell because you can bring them up. You can have a check with me on that where you're still going to go either. Empty set quick game or empty set. Easy pass bring back back and then still go with a run action right. Bring back in the backfield and go screen. You can bring it back for anything you want it was still to place called in the huddle right and then you can also bring them back and go. Rpo out of that as well. So i don't think it's at tel per se would be at the only thing you did when you brought them back in the back of was to run the ball but you bringing it back to run the ball because you have a advantageous. Look to run the football. I i like that. But i think when they start getting mckissic out of the backfield y- alex starts to find rhythm that was more in the second half from late in that ballgame when they really started to get into a ton of the empty set. Looks i thought. That's when alex really started to feel comfortable and feel some rhythm for me if i'm wrong place. I want my quarterback to being rhythm immediately in that game early in that game. And so i think getting some of those empty sets quick. Maybe hurrying up to some of those empty set looks continuing one place called where mckissic split out. It could give you a good start to the game then off of that. The thing that. I really think they're going to start to get is some better. Hi lo throws with mckissic running some snag route and inside route type of stuff because you have to come up and play him the when you start watching this stuff. Forty one flashes on film as its second seven catches it for three. But he's still getting a first down its third and five and he's getting sixteen instead of six yards and so if you don't dictate your coverage is gonna come up then. You're in trouble and what i haven't seen a ton of some in breaking stuff behind a mckissic at about twelve to yards. So i really think you have an opportunity to put mckissic and probably terry on the same side of the field and let mckissic run that underneath stuff and maclaurin that deeper stuff and if you're in zone coverage you gotta pick one. I think that would be an opportunity to get alex into some easy rhythm where he doesn't have to do more than take one extra hits to throw over the top mckissic if they come up and play so. I think there's a ton of things that they can do with that. Empty stuff and alex is really really comfortable with it. And ultimately you use mckissic is is a one read every time with some deeper combinations following it and the other thing you you can bring crossers from the other side of the field. Put mckissic in whipping over the ball and if they come up and throw crop from the other side of the field over the top of it. There's a lot that they can build on with this. I think. I think they should start early with some of the stuff I wanted to go through the trick. Play in the fourth and one trick play. i don't. i'm not convinced that inman was supposed to be on that play. What do you mean. i don't know if it was cam sims. That came off the field or something happened where somebody else was supposed to be on in that spot. But is they get up. To the line of scrimmage you can see that right is over there a little bit in a tight set and then logan thomas and rights pointing at the spot. Where inmates should be like. Hey someone should be right here. And then alex has gotta look over and get into like. Hey bro you gotta be on. The other side of the field again. Has no idea where he even is. He lineup on the subject field. That's not a shift you can tell. It's not a shift because the receiver on the right side right is pointing like we're missing a dude and then alex gets him over and then as he gets over he has no clue he. He initially aligns to wide. He has no clue who is going to block. He's looking at what he thinks. He's cracking what he has. Not run play before okay. That's my that's my bet is. He is not run. That play is that no. It's okay. I don't know i would bet on it though that. He had not practiced that point if he had practice that play. He was in la la land when they did it he was the most. I mean to watch him one of the things. That's interesting about watching him in this play. He is really. He's he's not paying attention so he he lines up in the wrong spot you think and he comes over and if you watch him because i'm watching it right now he really just he. He's looking down the line he you're right. He doesn't know what his responsibilities but when he sees Was it hilton break into the backfield. He realizes he fucked up. I think he realizes that there's someone there i think. He has no clue what he's doing. Okay yeah i mean it was bad. I mean if alex if they had the wrong personnel in the game than alex. Should i call a timeout. Well and that's what. I'm as soon as as soon as inman has no idea what he's doing. He's the first point of attack blogger on that side as soon as you realize. Coaching staff the call the time as soon as you realize that critical situation that fuck in doesn't know what's going on. You got a timeout y- they. They had to take a timeout right there. So that's my bet on what happened on that play. Because i i wrote why are right in mint at the point of attack. The two most critical blocks on the most critical place came on that side of the field. It would have been sims in terry for me. It's worth in one puts interior over there. No one knows what you're doing on that way. I mean maybe they thought that. If they put terry on the other side of the field they get safety rotation away down for terry side but they're overloaded with a bunch there. That's the strong side for the defense. Pittsburgh does a heck of a job playing is and kean. The play It's it's really well. I don't know even if it's blocked all the way yet if against gets to the edge anyway because hayden's outside on block but but he's he's gotta get a half a there's no way hayden's gonna stop them and by the way mckissic in the open field has excellent moves and wiggle envision. He gets that easily if going to be pure open-field because i'm not sure if right gets enough block you you and you can never there's no way to determine that because once the play goes inside of right then. You can't see exactly what's going to happen with that block. You don't know exactly how that's going to play out anyways. i. I'll bet you well. I'm sure this support from one point. This is not just a walk-through play. They had an extra couple of days. This is something. They practiced a couple of times. It's a true botch onion. Men's part it's a missing assignment. I think twice one lined up wrong to have no idea who's blocking i to me. That tells me the guy didn't run the play in the week of practice so you could call as soon as they realize. Inman didn't know coaching staff to call timeout. Because it's not necessarily on alex's part to know who ran the plate and practice that week it's not like i'm sure he's thinking just get over there and get your guy and then finally one thing they're going to really have to work on in the run game is pittsburgh brought a lot of lot of pressures with stunt upfront and it really messed up their run stuff there. There's zone operation the the if someone stunting back inside you don't wanna fall back inside of the blocker in some down stuff. They blitzed from backers. They blitzed with nickel pressure. They really made it tough on first and second down to have some of those zone runs. They got off key with protection that got off key with some of the gaps and stuff they got out of that in the second half which was a good adjustment like they clearly. You could see that pittsburgh had a good plan for some of the first and second down run plays a run action place in terms of pressures that they weren't going to be able to pick up and in terms of getting guys into the run lanes. Where are the the line was discombobulated. It wasn't like johnston said in the broadcast as color. We've we can't get there. Were five we're going to. We're gonna keep adding no. They had a plan. They were going with six seven men pressures throughout the game multiple times even late in the game with some all output pressures. So that's something that you're going to have to clean up in terms of the zone. Run stuff is man you a. You gotta pass it off to the next guy inside. You've gotta gotta keep going keep climbing angle if he dies inside he's out of play. Trusted alex. Smith goes through alex smith. Good and the bad ten altogether in the game has a escaped the gaps scramble throw where he hits sims junior open. It's an awesome scramble. he's climbing the gaps. Just didn't need to do any of that. He had seems open as soon as possible he was jumpy early. You could see that. He immediately early in the game was a little bit jumpy and my thought is back to my initial thought. Let's go get them. Three easy throws them mckissic. He feels rhythm the defense gets out there. Timing you gotta lot to worry about. What the empty stuff. And then let's mix in some of the other things we wanna make in the first act of the game. I talked about some of the. It was a run action. It was a really cool package by. Pittsburgh on the offensive line's left side. That three defensive lineman they brought both linebackers and then they brought nickel up. There was no. It was almost impossible for them to pick everybody up that that barbara went out. He picked up nickel splaine. It's forty one. Splaine comes completely free. That's going to be really tough on lucas. To pass it. All the way back off was a it was a i. Don't know a defensive a good sack good blitz pressure that they'd drawn up. Alex had a delay of game early in this game to Man he End of the second quarter that throw he makes the logan. Thomas is awesome. He really hung in the pocket. That's that was one of the first throws he really hot on the pocket to It was awesome. They tell got action downfield. These he can tell you got something going downfield and he stayed in their hung in there. And i think that moment really started. He started play better after that he did miss it. Throw down the seem steven sims junior. That was the one that yeah that got broken up. It was the one that got broken up into also the play where he took to clear to the to the to the leg right basically the leg and technically to the lake. That's close to big play the sims open room down the middle of the field. He'd get a little more air on bomb again. You hit thought. He a great. While on a deep shot to terry mclaren That should have been caught. I heard by the safety. It he really just didn't get his android on that ball. So i thought to mean that was that was a good boss a couple opportunities for alex in the first half of that game but they didn't get a lot going on and it's very is really good on defense. And they they basically said like your. It's going to be hard to beat us down the field and did a very good job mixing up some coverage and back into that thing the second half of the game where alex i really started to shine ultimately The positive in the second half the throat. A logan thomas on the corner out in the third quarter of the twenty nine yard or down to the one yard line that i can ball man. That's that's a good throw pittsburgh really trying to hang the plane cover to look but that corners really trying to fall off into anything deepen. Alex held him just long up with an underneath looked. Mckissic which is where mckissic becomes incredibly. Impactful is he's such a problem that still has to hold even even for a team like pittsburgh who wants to fall off the perfect. that's huge. It was a perfect ball. Is that the read there. Because you do have you. You've got you've got safety. Help the whole thing It looked like. I thought. I don't have the play in front of me. I remember looking at it yesterday. It looked to me like maclaurin was open on that play. You have a shot. But he's reading the entire way and high lowing that cover to corner the flat player and he sees that he's got a window over the top of that guy that safety to cover to state safety really shouldn't be able to get into that corner. Throw i mean you can get close in and we can t contest it but you should be able to body the tight end and let him make a plan for the safety. You what you're worried about is the flat corner in that in that situation Awesome on the fade ball to Tim sims. I was going to just ask you if you're i was waiting to see if you're gonna skip over that throw as a great throw. It wasn't it it was a great throw. Yeah i'm talking about well. Did he drop off in the engineer in the end zone. Yeah that's good ball great ball. Good ball we'll talk about that with him Really good throw in a better throws of day. He's drifting left in. the pocket. Goes across his body to the right hits mckittrick. I thought that was the most difficult throw because mckissic going away from him and he's moving left and he's got to turn his body and throw. That was that was incredible. Like that's such a good throw. It's great it's it's exceptional. We're waiting pressure. They're down seventeen ten. It's a second nate. Play in the third quarter but yeah. That's a huge thorough. By smith the touchdown to logan. Thomas is a good throw. Logan's wide open. It's really. it's a good design and logan to the great job logan's running like a wheel like a flat up. Logan sells it long enough that the cover three corner on that side takes the bait. He takes the post to the middle of the field. Exp- wrinkle gets a ton of credit that look sprinkle going in there and getting picking. That's a zone underneath coverage. Someone's gonna try to come out and carry that wheel route but that's tough for an inside backer to carry that as it is the guy that's for pittsburgh that's going to need to make that place is the corner. I don't know it depends on how to call it if they called it. Pure locked by the corner. Then it's inside the should play over the top sprinkled. But that's good throw and he takes a big hit on that. By because morgan moses is doing god knows what on that side jumping wide outside like attacking heart up like homes like a run. Play on a drawback that it's weird. Actually really weird. Morgan does on that play. Really good shot on the inside fade route to sam's the one-handed catch. I mean that's huge empty. Set right empty. Set one on one. Look down the scene kind of in between the numbers and inside line inside fades really popular through. What do you want to mean that. You know wondering what. I'm gonna call that when i when i call them my offense to call their The couple of negatives in the second half late to terry on the first play of the second half just little over out just just a second late too. it was a bad snap attended. Double clutched it. Maybe not necessarily as far but he's late to it to low ball to sims on the leg catch but not completely accurate all you ended up getting it so that was good. I under through sims on a go ball. When cam sims didn't see. I think it was a little bit underthrown but simpson at all is still. It's a good idea bad zero blitz on that throw where they brought everybody. It's a good idea to let it go. I like it. It's a no risk throwing my opinion Second seven throat. A mckissic ends up being conversion. I have no problem with it. You're taking a positive play. It's ten seventeen in the fourth quarter if you want to this. I think he's going to have is isaiah right on the wheel but the ball. Val i still think he's gonna get right on the wheel route for deeper. Throw down the field. But that said you know you're gonna get the first down with an open mckissic. You take him taken a positive play from that and then tied seventeen seventeen. There's a third and ten zero right before they ended up kicking the field goal. They get since dropped. Oh yeah the sims junior had the drop cam sims dropped it on the woman it would've. It would've kept the clock about yeah right. yeah. I don't have a problem with the accuracy on that. Throw but if you look at that again it's it's really all out one free safety. I think he he's gotta throw trust ball maclaurin. Hope really muth on one on one with running deep corner out. Sims is not going to get the first down. It's seventeen seventeen. You can't take a sack and you can't throw an interception. You're already in field goal. Rena picture maclaurin to the sideline. he's not gonna throw. He leave that. Went up to the sideline no chance. It's not going to be a pick. He's not going to take. It's going to have to throw the early before. Terry comes out of actually cooley. In this situation. I was actually surprised. They chose to throw the football. I thought that they should have run. The football made pittsburgh call their last time out or get it to the two minute warning. They already at a forty five yard field goal year. You weren't gonna make it worse with a run. You may have made it a little bit better now. I say that. And at the same time if i weren't worried about pressure in this game in sacks like what happened at the end of the first half then i would have been going for the first down to try to you know win the game there because if you make the first down you're basically now in position to run the clock down to very little time left and kick a game winning field goal but in that spot we already saw two sacks at the end of the first half and i remember thinking in the moment you know what. Run a draw here. Run the ball. Let's get four yards. Make them use their last time out or get it to the two minute warning. So that when they touch the ball on the other side of the two minute warning and kicked the field goal because his third and ten. You can debate whatever call. You won that debate but on the call was made. I think if. I had to do it again. If i was alex i would say. Let it fly. Flatten out the corner to the sideline where you're not throwing high at a high angle down the field. If you throw it with some air under it terry can break and run flatter to the sideline and has a chance to make that play. It gives you an opportunity to get the first down again. I'm not. I'm not sitting here saying it's a terrible throw. I think based on leverage with cam sims there. There's really no chance on that. Five yard our out that he's going to end up getting the first down there right. I think alex would've known new when he did it. He he didn't want to take the sack does a good job getting the ball out and not taking this. Yeah my point. Is i think he can throw a ball with a little like the guy that i always see do this. Is tom like three steps. Is tom brady at three steps. Before they're coming out of the break the balls in the air gonna let one go with a lotta loft and he's gonna let his receiver adjusted abbasi. Come into the break. In the air right kerry had a stab terry was gonna terry did win on the corner out. It just would have been thrown early. I think it was cam. Sims is only bad. Play the game. You dropped the ball. That's a good throw. Yeah no he definitely dropped the ball. It's just gonna be four four seven yard play. yeah Yeah i mean if you look at it ten times and it's way early when he's going to have to let that go to terry but there's nobody. There's no safety health. There's nobody there is a pure one on one situation with very sophie. Flattens to the sideline carries got a chance to go make a play on the ball and only that putting that to the side. The missed opportunity. Perhaps on the play did run. Do you agree with me. That maybe they should have just run the football there. What would your caliban. I think you you know that they're coming with some kind of pressure. Because that's pittsburgh started doing late in the game. Especially in those third down situations is bringing added pressure. I don't have a problem with the call. If cam sims wins one on one on that out route just enough to turn it up. He's going to get the first down the five to six hundred outbound right if alex vise just enough time. He's got a one on one shot on a corner. Harry where he can flatten throw. I hate that. I just think. I don't want him dropping back in that situation against that team downfield position one sad and fifty four yards her. You're in you're telling me you're telling me right now. You don't trust our quarterback a it's not that i don't trust the quarterback. I trust the quarterback but the quarterback at the end of the first half took back sacks that nearly cost us three points and this is for the gallon. I mean they were both of them. Were bad place. I mean we didn't. I didn't necessarily talk the first act. The took ridiculous it to open receivers. He's trying to six rector from the eighteen yard line. He's definitely keen terry downfield and he's got right in front of his base right right in front of his face. He's got sims on an easy our out by the way you. You didn't comment on the play. Before which i mentioned to yesterday so remember the third four one handed catch gets him into field goal range with two twenty left in a seventeen seventeen game on first and ten. They run peyton barber for two yards. Pittsburgh calls their first time out pittsburgh now trying to conserve time. 'cause they're they're assuming now they're going to be down at least three. The second nate bubble. My god was that thrown into significant traffic. I mean that's not an alex. Play i so. That's a stream that's not an rpo. I know that i know it. It's a it's it's it's baby soon. They're bringing nickel pressure off of that side. And logan thomas comes across in motion and in an ideal world first of all. That's his guy. The nikko guy in an ideal world he'll sense that nickel pressure has no chance of turning around and getting back out to that play in a bypass him. You know continued to climb to the next dude. Ideally you'd want logan to just climbed past that but that's his numbers counter that screen. I'm sure that's what we've got but if you watch that play in that that nickel player on that side going it should be actually a good cause. He's going to bypass he's going to come back into the backfield overrun that play. You said it's not an alex play. And i agreed with you at the beginning but i'm watching it again. The throws not great the three not a great girl the throw is high and simms has to come down with it. And you know if it's incomplete or sims gets a hand on it and it goes up in the air. I just personally. I love those plays in in the midst of a ballgame on third and fifteen or third and ten or even in normal down and distance situations. You are then in sort of we are going to take the lead here as long as our kicker mess which you know is a big. If this year. I'm going to be you know i'm gonna make sure that we don't put on our team in in the position of of a bad play and i are always think that the tunnel or bubble or whatever kind of screen. You wanna call it. I always think it's such a timing play you know. It's so based on timing that there's always some risk in that play. There's high reward in that play but i always think that there's risk in that play to. I wouldn't call that. I used to necessarily love the call because three second longs that had preceded that play ended up being first down conversions to mckissic. Right here. empty self was was really really good. It seems like an interesting mix in. But you don't know you're going to get it zone-blitz off of that died with nickel pressure and then scraping over the top to cover that up there already flowing just to cover the nickel pressure. You don't know what call you're going to get against it. The game was a good call. By pittsburgh. there could have been an adjustment. I think by thomas to give you some more room. It could have been a better throw by alex. But when you say risk play i mean. How many times do you see that. Play blown allied result. You see that play blown up blown up find. I mean well blown-up can can we do a turnover and by the way it won't play resulting. You almost never see that. Play resulting the turnover. You you see that play you see that play in it years ago Spurrier really at florida was 'cause i remember my friends and and i would refer to it as the college play like back. In the ninety s we refer we refer to the tunnel screen or the bubble screen. Is the college play because they never ran. This in. The nfl was a college play. And i could be wrong. It may have been somebody before. Spurrier spurrier was the first at a high profile program. I i remember. They used to run it all the time in. It was unique the first time we saw. 'cause throws the traditional screen was the traditional screen. It was a running back or full. Back out of the backfield with offensive lineman leading the defensive lineman come and then getting out in front of the of the pass catcher to block downfield and that became a new wave a screen and it was you know it was a lotta hit or miss. You know it was big play or you know eventually became potential blow play. We run a lot of this scott. Turner runs a lot of bubble tunnel. Whatever you wanna call it screen wide receiver screen stuff. I just think that the down distance time clocks core. I wouldn't run that there because it's a play that can get blown up and this one did in lost two yards and the throw wasn't good in the other part of that too Cooley is that if the throws high in it's incomplete which ended up being incomplete on the next play. Anyway you don't force time out you know you don't force us user timeouts. I don't know. I think against that defense. I wanna go for the touchdown. I wanna go for another first down. I also want to make sure that. I don't come out of that with anything. Other than a very makeable field goal attempt for the lead with about two minutes to go against the undefeated team in the league. I hear exactly what you're saying. And i think it's a call. That's a change of pace. Just call a change of pace when you didn't necessarily need that because some of the second down stuff they had was fine so i don't i'm not gonna say that i love the call but i'm also going to say that they called it into a look. It wasn't a good look and they don't know they're going to get that look. I don't see that as a high risk play. I mean it's not often. The high risk would be turnover type. Play or i mean. I don't see that play resulting in a turnover very often. That's i feeling on it again. I don't love to call him. Continue i mean look the two sacks at the end of the hafer bad i both of them i think he had opportunities But he really. I thought played well in the second half of this game. I mean i just. I thought he was consistent with where he wanted to go with the ball. I thought pittsburgh tick away. A lot of the things downfield. I do think the shots that he had to get. The ball. downfield took some of those shots. I don't think that alex missed opportunities down the field the week before against dallas. I got three or four in the first half where i thought they were missed opportunities down the field for bigger place. I don't necessarily see that in this game. I thought alex pretty good job with it fairly mostly accurate with mostly with the underneath. Rose what do you end up like thirty one or forty six something like that. Get at least two bad balls. He had at least a couple of drops in the game. You know realistically. I thought he was accurate. I thought he was consistent. I thought he played well Take away a couple of a sack. I i think it was pretty game. I alex is a b plus but you agree with me. He was a little bit jumpy. A little bit skittish early In that led to some inaccuracy early. But but to your point got into rhythm end of the first half and then it just carried over and he had some drops to. I mean he had four legitimate dropped balls and two of them could have been really big. A one of them could have been a huge play. The maclaurin play. Yeah i think the mclaughlin play was was a huge opportunity. Play that can come down with. It was a good look one of the first look. They had where he could really push the ball down. The field mccoy got over the top of the safety. I thought it was a well thrown off. Yeah they also had a couple of throwaways in the game that that he just had to throw away a couple of down in the red zone throwaways on so he also once again extended someplace with his legs in the pocket and outside of it. There's a play early in the game. I can't remember exactly when it was. And i think it was the third down that he threw short on but he sacked. Somehow he maneuvered his way through the pocket now to the right and threw the ball. I don't know who threw it on that. One maybe mckissic sims juniors. That was during the first place. I was talking about the you know. It's great that he extended that. I just thought he had sims wide open of baker. Okay okay where are we going to be plus relics. Yeah be blessed for alex. Let's go to logan thomas so look it makes a couple of huge plays in this game which is big time. You know catching the corner out early to the right side of the field contested getting his body in front of safety. That's a big time play man especially when they hadn't had a lot of plays going their way down the field that was massive. You know the touchdown catch was a big time. Play the great that touchdown that he has he does a great job selling flat long enough that he pushes the corner. There in the corner takes the deep ball and he's wide open. I mean there's but it's great that he's wide open. But i think because of his patience on the route it gets him wide open. The fumble recovery was a massive. Play in that game massive. Play funny on that fumble. They choose to run outside zone appetite. End tj wa is lined up in a three four defense two yards outside of thomas and i thought initially he didn't okay java blocking but that's the one of those ones where you're like. I always wanted to stream and offensive coordinator. Put me on the ball with my hand in the ground and you asked me to block the best outside linebacker in the league who has two yard leverage. Come on man like let me motion to him or let me get up. Get out to them somehow. You can't put me in disadvantaged situation. It wasn't a terrible job that said he let wasp fall off inside and stripped up album. Right it's not his fault. That mckissic fumbled but the huge huge recovery. That's one of the two biggest plays the game in my view and then another huge catch on the corner out that we talked about that. I thought was great. Ball down the left side that it gets down to the one yard that was absolutely massive The third down in fourteen. He converts how they don't get that. I don't know that little hop step back. Cut inside. I for the first down the the great effort play you. Everybody should have great effort inman. And everybody's going to try to get that first down it was it was. It was great effort and it was. I just don't know how they got that wrong. I don't know how they got it wrong. Either it makes literally no sense to me but they did. They did he's getting better as a as a receiver he really is. And i think is run after the catch is pretty good too. It's not amazing. He's not quick twitch which is weird because they just watch him. I think he's quick twitch but he's just he's not You're you're right about that like he doesn't when you think about like an athlete accord a performer quarterback. That's playing tight. Ender a former basketball player. Who plays tight end. And i don't know if. Logan thomas was a basketball player. Not betty was But he doesn't have like this like real ability to make people. Miss like a quarterback would especially you know he was a zone. Read you know of quarterback under a under the virginia tech off wednesday's when he was there And and yet and yet. He doesn't really make people miss in way that you would expect like a quarterback kind of an athlete to do it. You know giving hips. Yep he doesn't have fluid hits he's got no wiggle You got a lot of credit and the broadcast for being a physical blocker and there are things that he does with real physicality like early in the game with check down catch on a third down. I think he. He's chipping fifty six on the edge. The guy that came in for bud dupree knock the shit out of him and knocked him. Down the line of scrimmage. Yeah that's awesome. Some of some of the blocks were. He's coming across or he's got a little space to close on a d. end he is physical. He's not afraid contact. There's no doubt about that. But in terms of like physicality inline blocking he's just averages in line blocker. When i say that his average is an inland blocker is better than almost any tight in. That's played there since i've been there better than most. It's not good but it's not bad that make sense know you. You've been very nikola colon bedroom. Titans you've been very difficult in the titans here as blockers anybody. That's watching them would be they would. He doesn't have that in line pop and part of that is. He stiffened his hips because he unloads that quick. Pop is not quite there. He's good at accelerating through contact when he's got time to accelerate through contact Fifty fifty on the outside on secondary stuff one of the bubbles. That was out there. He was excellent flip. Spend us great. There was another one that was a two yard loss earlier in the game where they threw. Rpo bubble and he gets the do the outside. And i think that's one of the ones who are johnson's like man. That's a great play. Because logan thomas is such a great blocker walker. He really depend on. You know shitty landmark shitty angle by logan and he got out leveraged quick when he should've wallowed him up so i mean i guess i really loved the idea though that logan is becoming a better tight end. I watch them on film a lot over the last couple years. I've valuated a lot of the titans. And i think the more he plays in the more they're showing beliefs and better. He's getting. I don't think he's ever going to be a true separator but he is getting better at using his body and you know the tai l. Push off stuff. I'm getting a more impressed every week with thomas. He a beep lesson this game boy. You know i mean. I know be pluses a good grade. And you're you're typically a harsh greater on tight ends and don't don't even start to debate me on that. But i don't think anybody that watched that game would have thought that. Logan thomas is great with anything lower than an a and most would have had it as an a plus. You've got it as a b plus your critical greater when it comes to tight ends but you you just explained why and you also had another false start in the game which was a weird call and remember like he kind of went in motion. Yeah there were two guys in motion at the same time and that's not a false start. That's that's illegal shift isn't it. Well it's it's not an illegal shift because if they reset before the ball snapped then you can have as many guys in motion as you want it right well then then. It shouldn't honestly though i've watched it like seven times. I think he tried to cover up a false start by going emotion. I think he tried to cover up in a legal shift maybe by doing. I don't know. Yeah you're i think he kinda jumped then went and motion to cover it up. I think it was really smart. Split-second thinking like kind of moved into motion. And said i can't. I mean you'd have to have slogan what happened on that play. But the way is fast as he covered up. I don't think they should have called. It did look really jerky right at the start of the motion. Who's gonna idea. Let's go mckissic kids in the third fourth quarter. Every single thing he caught ended up being. I down second ten seconds and five seven thirty five. God he's got so much patience as a route runner to he's pushing real depth on some of these routes he's holding zone coverage long enough to break away from it. He's got some quick man. I love watching this guy run routes. He's such a weapon. But he's such a savvy situational player after the catch and he knows where to go. You know how to get the first down. You know what he needs to do to get it. he's he's really smart football player in and out of break very quick. you know. They're the the one that i thought was interesting. He got held down on the goal. Line by t. J. watt ended up being a dpi in the game another set of doing across. Yeah he stumbled coming across the field motion again. He's like is he. Got restarted stumble a little bit right there D in that situation. He had the fumble. That's costly that was was costly. Play in that game. Good as a back. Neither back is gibson. And we'll talk about barbara next but neither back is gibson. The kiss good as backup like get more gary but at the same time you're sitting there saying okay. Do we to give him that. Many carries when on second and seven. He's going to get you the first down th really interesting decision. They end to make their with. How many touches. He's going to get because how impactful it touches are in games mckissic. Plus in this game barbara. Here's what i see in barbara. Really good in between the tackles guy with good initial vision but doesn't drink cuts together. He falls forward after his first cut. They're not a kind of spaces for him to run the ball in some of the situations. He's in but he's a one cup forward back and that's probably wise. His average over his career is three and a half whatever yard is because as he gets to where he should make that second cut he just falls forward The the couple runs he had were big. Though and in between the tackles you get the i mean the first and ten fallen forward four yard game. That's a that's a good play. You know second. Six situation the touchdown run like immediate downhill. Kind of deal like it's it's look that take the ball. One hesitation step down hill. barber ended up. Fourteen carries in this game thing not a lot of yards a couple of big runs including the big run. No there's no doubt about it. Barbara was a b minus in this game kerry Two drops he did he did. He had two drops in this game and didn't really impact the game. The way terry maclaurin normally impacts the game. You know what's amazing. I think it's the first game he hasn't got plant. I mean i didn't have some more. Splint called kerry Not a huge impact in this game either way other than he did. Have those couple of jobs chance to make a big play down the field. I thought there were a couple of opportunities where he was open and wins with speed down the field where they did not get a ball. But there's a d plus what did you say deep in a d plus yup two drops no impact in the game. Okay used you started to see you have a chance to move up or down. You're not just a beep start because you're terry maclaurin right one game. Gotcha here. it's one game. Great deal sims man. That i catch got him going in the end of the first half run after the catch was big the taking down the sidelines. Big it really did. It really did get things going for them. You know the other thing in the first half before you get to what was a pretty big second half talking about third and fourteen in early in the third quarter no. I'm the one that got in on the field goal try. I'm down in the third one. Fourteen was huge low. I'm you'll get to all let you get to go on. Yeah yeah. I mean he did get beat up big time on a hitch early in the game. It's not the most telegraphed route man. That was good defense you you think about baltimore undermine little six yard six-yard buttons hook also known as hit you. I don't see him as i see him as a build up speed guy. He's not that immediate. Jump off the line of scrimmage so in with db's within five yards. He doesn't initially sell that true vertical threat. I don't know if you noticed that watching him but he's a bit me. Look like more of a build up speed kinda guy. I know what you're talking about. I in twenty three in the second. Half that glade catch got out of into a situation or then they go right and then you get to a third and fourteen on screen. Where did a phenomenal job. Setting up his blocks and getting downfield and making a really big play. That was a critical junction in that game. It was you talked about it yesterday. We talked about it yesterday. But when you watch this film you really see that. They didn't have a lot going offensively. They were really stagnant. Until about that point you know couple throws down the field but other than that. 'cause we're i mean them on defense and that i thought got him going as they finished towards the end of that drive. There's a fade thrown down in the end zone. He's drifting away from the ball and he doesn't hi point that ball he lets it come to his body. You're a six foot. Four receiver go up with high hand. Strung hands catch that at the highest point brings down paid and doesn't have a chance to break it up as you go get that thing. He's got to be able to make that play. I know it's hayden. But he's what six five sims you got them down with that thing. That's a good. That's a wealth on ball. You want to be really critical. Alex could've put it a foot higher but he let's get into his body as opposed to go up and attack with his hands and is good. He's drifting away from it just a little bit. That doesn't work in the nfl. You gotta go get especially against quarterback hayden He had the ball that he didn't see down the field the globeop that he didn't see Just always expect the ball. The other thing like i always loved his receivers just to take a peek inside. And you can see pittsburgh's coming all out or take a look at coverage at their flat across the top one on one. You should expect it every single time. Go ball he should be a twelve yards and hedge be around. He was at twenty yards before he looked for that ball. That's just not necessarily seen or something coverage maybe these wanna one but not knowing how important it is for the quarterback to get it out of his hands in that situation And then the other the only other negative that they're intend drop just got his hands mixed up on that one but god. The one handed catch on the sideline was another. Maybe the biggest play the game. Seventeen seventeen and again. Well they'd had some things going on offense. A lot of it was short field stuff. A lot of it was a couple of plays on like that. They needed that play. That changed the game right there to me. That was one of the biggest plays to begin so again like overall. You're looking at sam's and you're like he made to massive place in this game couple time plays in this game and then other than that you know. Not bad not great. He's a b. Plus i really. I've i debated this whether he's a bb minus player because he is of those two plays but god they were big place. They were two incredibly important place. He's it'd be plus right display later in the team tough grader. Tough graders forget. Will he dropped fade. He dropped a third and ten. You know he got locked down on a hitch was average as a blocker. You wanna be tough. I'll be tough to next. And i'll also keep in mind. They didn't put up forty on steelers and the steelers are very good defense. This wasn't an explosive offensive performance. Yeah i got it We can do with inman was garbage. He was immigrate was. I can't watch that shit past right. Didn't play a ton know had maybe anyway did you want a great inman isn't that i said you know what those guys like. He didn't play. That much wasn't good Right had one catch in this game for right draw for the end up to and he had to drop the one catch he was the second seventeen running like a little snag route like an over and then kettle whip out journey at two yards bro. Five yards right because it should. It should have resulted not in two thousand fourteen but realistically like a certain eleven hundred ten. You're that a little deeper. You'll have more separation. Should've been more. He did yeah. And nifty jump over the defender on that play though to get the extra two yards with a three yard reception. Yeah if he d minus for right not just go players. We miss anybody Recap all the grades. Fims be terry d plus mckissic be barbara barbara eight minus b. minus maclaurin d-plus shuffling papers is did you want a great sprinkle sprinkle the d. Would you give some junior. I didn't grade them. Senior simms was. I thought since junior was a c plus in this game. I actually did. Have that written down. You know you have the one drop. That was really really bad. You downgraded more for that but there's some things that he does a route runner like syms junior carlos stick out on the inside and you just watch like his savviness to push. Hold the defender inside. Breakout he key create separation. He's got something about him that when he's really operating which he he can he create separation. He also shot down the scene where he was over the top twenty eight but if alexey it's a little bit more on it it's a big play. I i think sims union should have more touches. I can send you just think it. There's something about him that they don't. I don't know if it's trust i don't know what it is. Hans how about lack of ball security hans maybe part of it but it's also he to me is one of those guys once you really start to buy in and he's getting more touches like towards the back after last year that he can make place. Where you you've you've got mckissic kerri sims a compliment to the biggest the next biggest playmaker. I think simpson. We thought that we thought that before but cam sims him sim senior Or the other sims We we. he's clearly the number two wide receiver threat. And by the way. I'd ask you this question. Do you think he's a legitimate. Starting number two in the nfl does he look like potentially that. Down the road if not now. He's a legitimate starting to he's i don't know if i see him as a dynamic to vote number two. If that makes sense. I hear like i don't know if i see him. Just yet as a seventy-five catcher year guy. I think he's more like a thirty five to forty. Catchy your guy. I just don't see enough like quick twitch separation on some of the stuff that he's doing the there's enough positive. I think he is a legitimate starting to in that you can count on him for what you need them for. But i don't know if he's like he's that we need it. Let's go to him guy just yet. Let's do the offensive line right after this word from one of our sponsors task. No on the athletic. I have been staring at my closet. The last nine months and i hate what i see. Same old stuff in there. Twenty twenty one is common time for a refresh. Soon you'll be hearing people say new year new me. 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Start with martin. Luther's first time of the year you had three false starts. Although not call on one right. There were three or four times. He's off the ball. Franklin that boss nets or right before that it's it's faulty should snap it the second. Here's what is alex. Say by the way. Alex has a weird delivery on his final cadence. What isn't is I can't. I'm trying to think of what it is. I have to go. Listen but is he slurs like the seco- sick set go or to the sounds like say what said what. It's a weird delivery that's not relevant. You don't hear it as much. I actually am interested in finding out what it is. Could you find out. Just go watch the game again. it gets hard understand. Yeah go pull twenty of them and we'll figure it out it's set goer set hot. Why can't think of exactly what it is right now. I don't know but it's the he slurs them together. That had nothing to do with morgan. Moses is three times being too quick. They're used to that Push around a little bit by. Tk what got bowled. What's twice got beat by speed. Once or twice godse touchdown to by logan thomas. I can't i can't for the life of me tell you what he's doing. Go pull up in your. You'll watch it with amazement. Like he's just attacking hard outside like he's jumping outside of of what basically saying here. Run inside of me and the quarterback was interesting. What he did he had to have had a plan for it. I'm just not sure. Why are we like to hear that. Morgan was a deep loss. Sheriff s consisted. I i'm gonna say this though that pittsburgh defensive line is is good their stout air hard to move. There was not a lot of movement upfront. Even with sheriff and he's staying on blocks he's fighting through things but it's not the double team push guys five yards up the ball. They're no kendall. Ray as playing for pittsburgh no no But i thought it was pretty good in pass protection you know. I the first like real downgrade. I had them like. He's got his ass whipped. What back watch it again. It's wes martin wes. Martin was playing with my came in for for five. Plays right when jeff got hurt. Share for the be in this game really not excellent in anything. He did not terrible in anything. He did not movement in the run game but on blocks not great quanta the second level but still try. It was a c. minus it was just an average performance by three. Maybe a little bit less than average sweitzer again You look at some of the stuff has versus what we have what we've seen in the past few weeks and you can just tell they're a better team. I mean it wasn't a bad performance by sweitzer wasn't necessarily a great performance. See and then. I think the interesting one is lucas. the one thing i think lucas can do. I think one on one with with some coming off the edge. And i'd like to see him against the a true big time defensive end. 'cause fifty six is what they see at sixteen charlotte last year. Highsmith highsmith last year at shot. He's a rookie lecturer at the university of charlotte sixty s still impressive. Of course he knows how to rush. But i think lucas just one on one pierce that he's got a chance you know with some speed or some parapet edge. I think there's something to look there. But he's got slow fees right now. Some of the zone run stuff really slow feet not aggressive not attacking really slowed passing stunts off. We almost tight and steph in terms of passing. Some sounds awfully inside. Put work was really average hands. Were just barely okay in in some of the things just first game completely playing in a tough environment. Tough situation not a lot crowd noise. Lucas was a deep in this ball. Game in it's you've been consistent with anybody that they've put in that position. Besides i thought morgan did a pretty good job the last couple of weeks that you really just average right idea that that's something they're going to need to address. So the biggest win for the franchise in years a performance offensively where they were down fourteen. Nothing and they scored twenty of the game's final twenty three points. It's not like the defense. Got a bunch of turnovers or a couple of big special teams plays. I mean they had the last interception that set up the last field goal but You you ended up grading. I think harshly. I mean In one of the most important games and important winds your best grade. You didn't have won a in the game. And i would have thought going into this. Logan thomas mckissick cam. Sims and alex smith would have all been potential as and maybe with alex because of the first half in the jumpiness which i described also As part of my recap that you that you also saw on film you know the be plus a good grade for him but The offensive line which gave up three sacks in the first half none in the second. Your best grade was a b and everybody else who's either a sierra de interesting i've got i've got one calculator real positive. You should take a real positive out of this. Yeah the question was with a quarterback that can just manage a game in a really good defense and some you know okay. Skill players around him other than terry in mckissic. Can you win football games and they wanna football game. that's true. They can play better than they can absolutely play better than that but they played a really really good to get tough. Pittsburgh is so sound defensively. They play great vision and great is in the secondary and on the linebacker level. And they make you earn everything you get their stout in the run game too hard to move off the line of scrimmage. They attack physically downhill from linebacker spot. They're good run defense. They're just across the board. A good defense and alex found a way to make enough plays in this game had enough timing and rhythm to get the ball out to guys that he had to get the ball out to and the couple of big shots when they are available. They took them and they got him. They got more than they didn't when they took shots down the field. So yeah. what we've said is is alex off. This game. shows me that alex's enough for this team to win any football game so is i graded harshly. I think in watching this grade this game. That's probably the best defense. They're going to see for a while. They found a way to score points and won a football game. Yeah that's the positive. I have one question for you to finish up the show right after i quickly tell you about mybookie. It's the most wonderful time of the year that can't end soon soon enough. We all deserve a win. We all deserve a little extra money in our pocket. We all deserve to have a little fun. The only place you're guaranteed to get. 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I could see plus. I don't think he helps schemed him. I don't think he did anything crazy. But here's where i would maybe even go into the be range. I thought they made good adjustments is the got into the second half of the game to make one. You've got away from your primary run scheme with antonio gibson and you've got away from some of the first and second down calls in the game where you were getting blitz pressured and you didn't necessarily have the exact answers for in those moments. I think that that's really impactful. I thought he made good second downplay calls throughout the second half where they did not have to get into a ton of third down situations you know. They weren't good and third downs. They re the third down playcall throughout the game. Were really simpleton playcalls which pittsburgh covered really. Well that's a rude. They're not simpleton. They were just more basic than i'd like and i think in part they get more basic when they don't feel like they can pick up pressures so they're trying to make you know really average type place down the field But the second half they did find a way to keep some balance with the run game. A couple of those touchdown drives they have decent runs on the play or on the drive and ultimately i thought he kept his team rhythm in the second half other than you talked about that one weird bubble. I didn't i didn't like that call. I mean i'm gonna go back and save it. It's not dangerous. But i. I thought that was one of the las rhythm type of calls the other things you can get to and i don't know why they can't get to that with all the blitz pressures and first and second down situations. They still do not know how to find a way to screen to the bat. I'm getting. I'm getting six seven men pressures and i and i and say hey. Let's let's call screen is back. You know there's but it wasn't it wasn't. I wouldn't say that it was an all around game. But he went to what he knew was going to work in the second half and some of the empty set looks were was working against pittsburgh and they attacked to the underneath part of their defense and they made some place when they got a couple of those plays. They took a shot over the top on. They could get him. If i didn't say this to you yesterday. I think part of the problem is with the first half was obviously. they're playing. the best defensive played awhile. Secondly they had shitty field position. They started at the fourteen. They started the nine once they started at the one once. It was a terrible field position game for them throughout until they cut the last turnover they had the one the field drive at the end of the half was the best starting field position other than the turnover at the end of the game and that started at their own forty one after a relatively short punt you know with a minute to go and when fortunately i thought there for a moment that rivera wasn't gonna call us timeouts to get the ball back at the end of the first half but he did call him after second and third june and i think actually he approached that the right way. Because you don't want pittsburgh you don't pittsburgh got a one or two yard gain on first and ten from their own ten yard line. You don't want to call it there and then have pittsburgh get aggressive. You know so. I actually thought he handled that well. but i think field position had a lot to do with it against a really good defense still to this massive. You start thinking about how many downs people get against pittsburgh company. Big place people get against pittsburgh. You know it's not. It's not a lot so when you're starting backed up. Your percentage of scores on those drives are are really love. The the one thing i would say is they didn't flip the field on a couple of those poor field position opportunities. The defense is going to be good when we do this tomorrow. I'm sure the defense is going to be outstanding. But it wasn't bad. I'm not sitting here telling you it was terrible enough. I would say that. I take more positive about it then. I would negative even though the grades positive. I think that you look at this and you save. They know how to win a game on offense or they know how to do enough to win a game on offense with a really good defense and they protected the ball of other than the one. Mckissic fumbled again. It was and it was good enough. And they didn't losing fumble all right and that was the that was actually the question. I think we had is good enough on offense. Get enough to win games. It gets good teams in the jets. It's certainly was the other night. Which is why we think they're potential. Moving forward is without much limit Thanks good job back tomorrow. Cooley will have The defensive film breakdown On the show tomorrow. And then. I think it'll be a really interesting preview. On friday of the forty niners who you know on paper should be the second best defense are going to face here down the stretch Have a great day cooling. I'll talk to you tomorrow.

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