Welcome to five minutes of momentum. These episodes are short five-minute bursts of inspiration motivation and Massive Action. If you need that little hiccup about to get things moving into a spicy take Massive Action that every single Thursday. I'll be sending you through a five minute episode to download digest and Implement to finish your week off strong. You ready to get started off. Let's go. Welcome back to fly from its own momentum today sort of quickly is all about the top beliefs that you need to adopt to make sure that you are elevating yourself to success our belief systems Drive everything they drive our Behavior out there drives that our motivation our procrastination. So if we have belief systems that aren't necessarily supporting the success that we want to create the success that we want to live and Achieve. We're more likely going to sabotage our success then actually achieve it. So I want to take you through the top beliefs that I feel ones that are going to support your success. So the first one is about failure because we need it. It's part of our journey off to the belief is failure is the path to success. I love this quote and I feel like it's such an interesting belief system to adopt because it helps you to continue to put yourself in the face of failure. So then you can learn from it. You can grow from it and continue to take those steps towards your success. The next one is done is better than perfect. One of our biggest things is perfectionism, right we get stuck off. Trying to perfect things when really perfecting something is actually putting it out into the world seeing the response it gets things that the result that it creates to know whether they're actually works or not. So this is one that's absolutely served me and my birth of Entrepreneurship and so progress over Perfection always and done is always better than perfect. The next one is every step. I take gets me closer to the success I deserve so there's two elements just belief one is believing that you deserve it your success is there for the taking but you have to believe that you deserve it. Otherwise, we will sabotage it and the other part of it is that every step I take so a continuously taking action towards it because if we believe that the action that we take all the effort that we put in is not worth it. It's exhausting I'm burning myself out basically, so if we're focused on all the effort that way to put it in when measuring every step of exit and we'll always going to be on the back foot. We're always going to be exhausted. Whereas if we know that every step is leading you towards Mastery every step is getting you closer to the success that you deserve went off. Likely to want to take positive action. The next one is about abundance. We must believe that there is more than enough to go around in there is but if we're focused on scarcity and lack and competition life and fearing where our next client is going to come from then we're always going to be get caught up in a scarcity mindset. So if we want to adopt that true abundance, we've got to start to believe that there is always more than enough clients. There is always money enough opportunities. There's always more than enough whatever it is that you possibly need for your business to succeed. You must believe that there is more enough to go around the next one is about progress. So I mentioned earlier about a progressed over Perfection absolutely but it's also about how we spend our time. So the next one is where I spend my time. I progress I love this one because it helps to remind me of okay off to reflect where am I spending my time? Because the most likely going to be progressing in those areas. So I want to make sure that the action that I'm taking in a step that I'm taking are actually where I want to be progressing cuz we can get off. Caught up in doing all the two dues. Admin list gets get out of control where it's actually not helping a level of success. So really want to pinpoint what are some of those money-making activities? What are some of those impact-driven activities them create the success that we desire. So where you spend your time you progress the next one is anything is possible. Now. This one is really interesting because if often we can get caught up in what it's not possible and we end up setting goals that are keeping us playing small. Although we believe are possible and that's actually hindering our success. So being able to believe that anything is possible allows us to stay open to New Opportunities new possibilities and keeps things rolling in in our abundance, right? Because if we're closing ourselves off to those opportunities and being aware that are being even open to success looking a little different because sometimes we have this hard and fast way that we want success to happen. Whereas when we're open to anything or what open to possibilities. Sometimes it can happen very differently than what you first expected wage. And that is beautiful. And so I want to make sure that we believe that anything is possible. And the last one is that I have the ability to change my reality. This is one that I revisit on a regular basis. So if something is not working for me if I'm getting frustrated with something if I feel like something's really challenging if I feel like I would like things to be different. I remind myself that I have the ability to change reality. So what am I going to do about it? So it kind of Lights a fire in my belly to help shift my focus and go. Okay. This is within my control I get to change this but I've got to choose to change it so often am I choosing every single day? I am choosing where I spend my time where I spend my money where I spend my energy, where am I choosing to spend it? And what am I choosing to believe? It's going to set myself up for Success. You absolutely have the ability to change your reality. So let me recap failure is on the path to success done is better than perfect every step. I take gets me closer to the success I deserve There is more than enough to go around where I spend my time. I progress anything is possible and I have the ability to change my reality. So did you find this helpful make sure that you woke up to those belief systems. Now you have the ability to change my reality and I would love it. If you can rate and review this podcast. If you get any value out of these episodes, I would love it. If you could just take a moment to leave a five star review in a couple of words about what you've taken away from this episode. Thanks again, and I'll speak to you all next week.

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