Weekend Stakes Preview Presented by NYRA Bets - May 22nd 2020


Welcome to the weekend stakes preview on the horse racing radio network presented by naira vets and Buber Morris now moving up on the outside from fourth to third the second by a head. And now alongside the leader Gouverneur Morris enforceable and Max field both moving behind that out the quarter pole gouverneur Morris has taken the lead from American Butterfly. Here's Max field. Moving up on the outside to challenge Gouverneur Morris off the far turn and Max `field strides forward and takes the lead by a length and a half to likes the final Furlong Gouverneur Morris second enforceable third. The rest are far back. Max Field off. Breathtaking Rod at the top of the stretch kicks clear by six. Max Field to win the Kleber breeders featuring for Jose Ortiz. Now here's Anthony. Stabile and Bobby Newman. Good evening everyone. Welcome to the weekend stakes preview presented by narrow here on the horse racing radio network on the big. Am IT NEEDS TO BE L? In New York Bobby Newman is down in south Florida. Our producer Leila Pena is in our Lexington Kentucky Studios Seven stakes. Coming your way we get the road to the Kentucky Derby back started in the Matt. Win The grade three derby points on the line Churchill downs and all stakes leaked. Pick five over those five a couple of the great race place as well. Bobby Newman a fantastic sleep. I am really looking forward to that late. Pick five and the return. You hear that dulcet tones of our own. Kurt Becker on the call the majority from last year the return in the Matt Win of Max `field it's going to be a great card of Racing Churchill downs tomorrow and it begs. The question is at the road to the Kentucky Derby or now is it the road to the Belmont stakes which is going to be run. Eleven weeks prior to the Kentucky Derby this year on Saturday June twentieth as one of Eddie. Murphy's characters in coming to America in the barbershop scene said Well yes Beaumont. Stakes will be Saturday June twentieth. We'll talk about that in a minute. Everything getting back started as you see retracts opening left and right north and South East and west all points in between Hogan used to say Yea and tomorrow all the action the bulk of the action will be at Churchill. Downs all is down there. We'll see how `field dozen his return is five stakes wonderful card. You can watch it all on America's Day at the races. It's the only place in fact you can watch churchill downs nationally during their spring summer. Meet catch all the action. America's Day at the races kicks off right around one o'clock tomorrow spiteful. Addition of talking horses coming your way as well on Fox. Sports to starting at twelve thirty. I believe Believer Anti Sterling and Jonathan Kinchen on that broadcast so you can catch tomorrow. The coverage starts twelve thirty over on Fox sports too and then all weekend long they bounce back and Forth Fox sports one sports to there's local affiliates as well And the base the place to play all the action of course is over at naira head on over the naira bets him in that to sign up for a narrow bets account last night and he'll be using the Promo Code. Hr and twenty and with Nyerere does deposit match up to two hundred bucks a year. Deposit two hundred bucks once you bet. Four hundred bucks is a two hundred dollar. Wagering credit in your account Head over to an IRA bets dot com for more details. I know there's a lot of lot going on over there. You just head over to the promotional counter I noticed some free piece for these races Of course our friend over a prisoner giving free. Pp's for all of the Churchill. Downs races. Ed Rosa told us last night on the prison dot com calling show that in fact all of the races that will be covered on America's Day at the races going forward will have the free. Pp's posted from prison as well. So good stuff over there and of course this weekend all we can long at Churchill downs last race cashback so once you have your account you download the APP to your phone the last race of the day. You've got twenty dollars to win or more on any horse. In the last race at Churchill downs. This actually works for the next three days Saturday Sunday and of course Memorial Day on Monday. If you play and you'll horse finishes second you get you twenty bucks back. You can get that every day if you play every day and your horse doesn't win any of the three races they're going to give you twenty dollars regardless so head over to our DOT COM. There's a lot going on America's Day at the races. We got you covered here. We'll get into those stakes in just a little bit But Bobby you mentioned it is at the road to the Derby is at the road to the Belmont stakes. For the first time the Belmont stakes will be first will run the Belmont stakes on Saturday. June twenty four weeks from today one would say a per- perfect placement of the Matt Win. When you consider for the first time in a very long time the Belmont stakes will not be run. At the test of the champion distance of a mile and a half of the we wanted a mile and an eighth shoot up to sixteen. Starters can be in gate for the Belmont stakes. I'M A BIG BELIEVER. That will get the sixteen. We may even get an overflow. When you consider that it's a mile and an eighth which is a little more palpable to some trainers this time of year and having not had the preakness and the Kentucky Derby to get these horses ready for the mile and a half so the mile and a half and then of course it's the first leg of the triple crown. It's stolen American classic. And there's a million bucks on the line. There's a lot of factors at play. The also the fact it other than the Matt Win. There's only one other three-year-old big race between now and Belmont stakes time. And that's the Santa Anita Derby and that's only two weeks prior to the Belmont so it really kinda hamstrings. The horses are the connections that were thinking about running in the Santa Anita Derby because that would have to come back two weeks later ship cross country and run against likely fifteen other rivals in the first leg of this year's triple crown so I'm interested to see who from the West Coast. Maybe skips the Santa Anita Derby and go straight to the Belmont stakes. I certainly would think that would see. At least a few from tomorrow's Matt Win in the Belmont stakes in four weeks then The ones that were not going to see in the Matt Win Horses we already know pointing for the Belmont. Tis The law Nidal Charlatan solely balante just to name four of the real big ones. Tis The laws probably pointing toward the Belmont before we ever knew when the Belmont was. Barkley tagged mentioned that you know they were hoping to take the New York path to the first Saturday in September and Kentucky. Derby Day will now the they at least have part of path with the Belmont stakes on June the twentieth and then after the Belmont stakes the question is what happens between the Belmont and the Derby because there are eleven weeks now between the Belmont stakes and the Kentucky Derby so you know you would think that the winner of the Belmont as well as the horses that run behind him or her will run again at least once between the Belmont and the Kentucky Derby could it be at Saratoga when they come out with their schedule and either the Jim Dandy or the travers whatever they decide to put those racists. Maybe they'll just stay in New Jersey and go to the haskell which is scheduled for July eighteenth so four weeks after the Belmont but still seven weeks before the Derby It's very interesting this year. What we've got as far as looking at the triple crown schedule and of course after the triple crown getting to the Breeders Cup in early November keeneland. Tis the Law New York. Brad Barkley Tag. Sakho togas stables. This story sound so so familiar and if it does it was seventeen years ago that those connections teamed up to win the Kentucky Derby and the preakness with the gutsy yelling funny side. One of my favorite horses of all time he could not win the stakes third to empire maker and ten most wanted to see a slop on June seventh. Two Thousand and three. He could not be the first triple. Crown winner in twenty five years. Tis The law went to the Florida Derby and asserted himself in the Florida. Derby certainly made himself one of the top contenders. Bobby mentioned three or four of them. Here here is his law taking that Florida Derby the rest not of consequence with five sixteenths. Doron on the outside. Tis The law bids up boldly now the challenge at t Indian for the top Chevron. A huge number cuts the corner and tries to fight on Gouverneur Morris as loosen charging on the far outside less than a quarter mile to go many Franko sets down his. He's moving away. Chivalry is out running at you. Indian for second GOUVERNEUR. Morris is now four if less than a sixteenth to go in the Florida Derby and it's time to respect law to the law. Is Your Florida Derby winner? He won by three over chivalry. Second Take Indian third then Gouverneur Morris and independence hall to complete the high five in one fifty flat. Pd L. O. Is On the call of that Florida. Derby was all kids the law. He's been the mile in eighth. He has a win at Belmont Park. He took the most prestigious two year old race with all due respect to the Breeders Cup. The we charity the American Farrell. He took the champagne at Belmont Park in just a second start of his career so he has plenty of experience there. It's home pretty much for the tag stable throughout the year. Belmont Park and his the log on to try and defend the home turf and get the job done something his well his stablemate his buddy funny side could not do seventeen years ago. Bobby Newman and that's when the Belmont stakes and I think the most intriguing thing about Tis. The laws that Barkley tag is said that this is a horse who likes time between his races. So th this schedule works out almost perfectly for Tis law because he'll run in the Belmont stakes on June the twentieth. And whether he wins or not he will most likely run about a month later. Either in the Haskell or whatever they have at Saratoga whether it's the Dandy of their travers and they will not mind taking seven weeks off between either of those kind of races and the Kentucky Derby in early September as other horses may be one a little bit more racing to stay fit. Tis The law. It seems like this horse who wants that month and a half between racists to really fire his best shot yes he doesn't you know. Tis The law the local favourite here of course in New York New York Bred Barkley Sack Toga. A fantastic story. Of course there could be two courses. One Newman standing in his law and the entire teams way. And it's the silver-haired Fox Bob Baffert the hall of Famer. He's of course the trainer of the last two triple crown winners American farrow and justify no stranger to success and failure in the Belmont stakes. He's one a few. He's lost a few. He's coming to guns. Blazing couple of undefeated ones. A lot of people were really more wowed by the dollar over Charlatan. They each one of division of the Arkansas Derby. Here's an adult under Joel. Rosario and Dole has put his head in front wells by. You is going to have to battle back button. Doll has taken over a clear lead. He's now two lengths in front at the top of the stretch King Guillermo up outside of wells by you three and a half to Farmington road and finish the and code runner madal still has to get a final furlong. He is a length and a half in front of King. Guillermo finicky fierce runs a big one in third and adult is two lengths in front king gear and finished the fares. It is doll undefeated and the Arkansas Derby winner Dalwin by two and a half king gear. Second Finnick affairs third and Farmington road finish for it. That wasn't a doll. He ran his record to a perfect four for four answered the mile and an eighth test with no problem in his division of the Arkansas Derby. Bobby will talk about him in a minute charlatan. Making just a third of his career was in the first division of the Arkansas Derby. And here's VIC staffer with that call Charlotte and now a quarter mile from Arkansas. Derby glory leads by four lengths basin continues to run in. Second Governor Morris's third then to the outside and Ano- door final furlong left handed whips for Charlotte and he leads. It's a three length advantage over basin who is running his heart out but he is just not good enough and Charlotte ten is going to run them off their feet and win the Arkansas Derby. We will see you. In September. Young Man Charlatan wins by six basin. Second and finishing Governor Morris. They had two big big chances for hall of Famer Bob Baffert Nidal Charlatan. A perfect seven seven combined. Dave both in the mile and an eighth. Everybody's been mile in those three. We just talked about. Bobby Newman. They gotta cut back to the one. Turn now which could play a key role in this year's on steaks it certainly. Could you also going to have a lot of writers who were maybe not used to those big sweeping turns Belmont and the one turn mile and an eighth type races that are going to be converging on Belmont Park on Saturday June twentieth? So there's a lot of play. I think post position just like it does every year for the Kentucky. Derby will mean a lot this year for the Belmont stakes one turn mile and an eighth. It's another thing where I I wouldn't think you'd want to be caught down inside unless you're you know you're a horse like Charlatan who could probably out sprint the field early on. It's really going to be a lot of funny. Throwing horse like solely allante. Who ran a very good second in the Tampa Bay Derby when we last saw him trying to close from way out of it into a pace? That really didn't favor his kinda running style. I think he's going to have something to say. And I would not be surprised. If a couple of horses in tomorrow's Matt Winn stakes jump up with big efforts and they look like they have something to say in the Belmont on June twentieth. It's going be a lot of fun opening day at Belmont Park Wednesday June third. Just about twelve days away. Can't wait for. That should be a good time before we go to break get into the stakes action. Let's see another guy who's looking forward to Belmont opening up. And that's Lewis is. He is the subject of tonight's blood horse news update and look at the top headlines from blood. Oors DOT COM size draft Kentucky Derby appeal suspended fifteen days. The Kentucky Horse Racing Commission has suspended. Jackie Lewis is for fifteen days for as Roger. Last year is Great. One Kentucky Derby by Woodford reserve after the Ryder withdrew his appeal of that suspension. The regulator issued its decision May Twentieth Suspending Sayas from May Twentieth June third. Four his right aboard maximum security in last year's derby size who the country with one hundred and thirty wins. The season currently is writing and Gulfstream Park. He began this mentioned. His scheduled may twentieth. Maximum-security reached a wire. I in the twenty thousand nine Derby but was disqualified for interference. When he came out several paths near the Five Sixteen Paul. In the mile a quarter classic me fourth Churchill downs stewards ruled at maximum. The maximum security veered out. He directly interfered with war of will and chain reaction appearance with long range toddy and Bodey Express. He was placed seventeenth behind long-range taty country house. Who reached a wire? Second was place. I that wraps up addition of blowers news update. Bowlers daily has the largest subscriber base of Emmy Thurber Industry Latronic daily newsletter. Keep up to date on what's going on in our industry all the president of the changes and especially now with racing picking up throughout the country. Download the free blowers daily APP. Wherever email sent to you today get started right now. Go TO DOT COM backslash daily. So Lewis is when an eye on beautiful Belmont Park's opening June third withdraws his appeal takes his days and he'll be ready to roll when big. Sandy opens her doors in twelve days. Bobby and I think that's a good move by Lewis Sayas and his agent care McLaughlin. Mine as well take those days off. Now get your mind right. Get up to New York and boy. His good is just about anyone in the country right now if not better than anyone in the country and I think he's going to continue his winning ways when he gets to that tougher circuit up at Belmont Park. All right let's take our first break when we come back. We'll give into the stakes Jackson. There's an all stakes pick five. Which means is all stakes at Churchill? Down tomorrow afternoon we'll start and reached number seven the Shawnee. We'll get to that when we return listening to the weekend stakes preview presented by bets here on the Horse Racing Radio Network and watch the races worldwide from the palm of your hand with Nyra Bats. Sign up for Nyra bets today and take advantage of from your perks with the best. Live racing minster replays in hd exclusive promotions and earn points on every bet sign up for today with the Promo Code H RN twenty. I don't deposit match bonus of up to two hundred dollars again. That's H. R. N. twenty with Nyerere. Bet You can bet any track anywhere at anytime head over to an IRA best. Dot Com racing is back at Churchill. Downs every Thursday through Sunday with a Special Memorial Day Card on Monday may twenty fifth. I post each day is one. Pm Eastern this Saturday catch five stakes races including the grade. Three Matt win featuring undefeated grade one winner and Kentucky Derby Hopeful Max Field. Plus the return Breeders Cup juvenile fillies winner sharing in the one hundred thousand dollars tappin stakes. Although spectator free Churchill downs offers great wagering opportunities with big fields and horses coming from all over the country visit. Churchill bounds dot com a social distancing tip putting distance between yourself and others critical to slowing the spread of Corona virus. So here ways to stay in contact without the physical contact part call center text set up a video conference post on social media. Dedicate a song on the radio. If you have symptoms of fever dry cough and shortness of breath call your healthcare provider before going to their office for more Info Visit Corona Virus Dot Gov. Let's all do our part because we're all Hashtag alone together. Brought to you by the Ad Council Down Threes Tracking Casino picks off their summer meeting a Memorial Day weekend and we'll continue with live racing every Friday Saturday and Sunday through Labor Day. 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This is the weekend stakes preview presented by Nyerere bets that quarter of a mile to the finish. It is diamond King America on the outside diamond. King narrowly American anthem has all out and second then back side of the moon. Wicked trick is out in the middle of the track as they pass the ball. Diamond King in front American anthem runs in second. It's diamond king with the lead American anthem giving Jason Back Side of the Moon Diamond King from off the layup to win must I made. American anthem was second then back side of the moon and third the one the only the voice of the New York Racing Association John Embryo on the call of the Stymie Diamond King. I'll tell you there's five stakes at Churchill downs tomorrow afternoon. They're all tough. I don't know if there's a tough one the blame. We'll get to that in just a little bit. Welcome back to who we can stakes preview presented by Nyerere bets here on H. R. and I'm looking forward to seeing. Everybody opens June third. I gotta be honest. I'M GONNA play favorites here. I can't wait to see Johnny one of the most selfless nicest helpful. I mean somebody who just wants. What's best for you before anybody else? He's just an amazing person a great race caller and a mentor. And I cannot wait to see John when we opened the doors back up on June. Third haven't able to see him since this whole thing went down and it'll be great to see him. I can tell you that. He's a great guy. He's a fun guy to listen to as well I mean but even before he got the full time job at Nyra as the announcer when he was he's been backing up for seemingly thirty years right now and He's always been pleasure to listen to. It didn't matter whether he it was his job or whether he was backing up. Tom Durkin or even in the Marshall Cassidy days. John Embryo has always been a pleasure. Listen to you know. Exactly what is going on in the race he's got great inflection and he's just he obviously cares about what he's doing he's just a pleasure to listen to work in You know once upon a time we got to see him on TV and it was a pleasure to watch him work as well. Yeah he's the best these. The absolute people say that a lot about other people. He's the he's salt of. The earth is the absolute best. Can't wait to see Ghanaian here. Those calls starting June third. We'll hear travis stone tomorrow at Churchill downs and the action kicks off and race number seven. The Sean One hundred thousand dollars it's a mile and a sixteenth for the phillies and mayors. There's a field of eight now action derosier on the burden at DOT com. Show last night and you can watch all of these. Churchill rates America's Day at the races all weekend long informing that there was some rumblings that the forty five morning line favorite Dunbar. Road may come out of here. You joked on red brand radio yesterday on her biggest fan I loved on borrowed And I gotta be honest with you Dunbar. Road coming out tomorrow would really hurt me. Because she's my lean if Dunbar road runs tomorrow. She's my single in this salty. Pick five secrets. I think there are other ways to go in every other one of these races. I think all of the other favorites vulnerable. She's Hickory to me. She's my pick if she runs if she doesn't think he got gotTA use two or three of these phillies see. I thought it was. I thought it was a to philly racer to Philly and Mayor Race between Dunbar road and number eight. She's a Julie who's the second choice on the morning line thing. That intrigues me about. She's a Julia even though when she faced on borrowed in the Spinster and was soundly defeated by her. I think she's a Julie may end up being the lone speed in the race tomorrow if she can clear number three. Aw Emma who has shown speed at times? I think she's a Julie will be the one in front when they make the swing for home. It's only a mile and a sixteenth. She hasn't run since October. But dunbar road her biggest Biggest hurdle hasn't run since last year. Either she's a Julie has been working a lot. She has eleven works off the layoff Mostly down in New Orleans and a few over a keeneland like I said. I think she's going to be the one in front Dunbar. Roads going to have to pass now dump by road. There's no doubt about it in my mind that if they're all fitting running their best race she's the one to beat but just because of this I picked. She's Juliane top. I would use both of them if I'm playing the pick five. Yeah if Dumbo road stays in. She's my single. If she doesn't I'm going to be using she's Julie I'm going to be using vaulted takes the blinkers off at show all Rosario second time for Brad Cox off in November layoff. She ran into day at Oakland. We were covering the show the race. On Redmond Radio Speed was king at Oaklawn that day on closing weekend. Vault got blamed got in front and kept on going It was a speedy Speed really held. I like her a little bit. Those would be the two. I would use Maybe on a ticket I would. I would use them but done by roads to be my single if she runs if not. It's Volvo and she's a jewelry for me Ray. Seven goes as the Sean Race Number Eight. The return of Breeders Cup Juvenile Filly turf winner. Sharing is in this tappan named of course after the Great Race Mare of the mid twenty teens flatten turns Churchill. Downs feel the fifteen entered one eighty evil war. We'll see if the todd pletcher runner gets in. Tell you what you gotTa Breeders Cup winner coming back making her first start of the year. So you looking at about six and a half months. Since we've last seen sharing she's found some place to launch her sophomore campaign. I agree and I'm not even sure she'll be favored. Tomorrow number. Fourteen alms. I think is the best filly in the race. She's undefeated four for four but boy she is number fourteen and that is not a long run to the turn going one mile on turf at. Churchill at so take a shot against her. I'm going to take a little shot against sharing our use them both. If I'm playing pick fours and fives think a long shot number. Six in good spirits has a chance to go wire-to-wire but I another long-shot number five hendy woods for mark. Cassie and Declan Carol. She is to for two in her brief career. Both at a mile down at the fairgrounds. She comes from a little bit off the pace. I think there's enough speed in here to set it up for looks like she's going to. She can continue to improve and if she improves even a little bit. I think she can give the big names of sharing an alms. All they can handle from a much more favourable. Post position you know. It's it's funny. I you look at this. Raising see the accomplished phillies right alms. A three time stakes winner. She's undefeated of course. We have the Breeders Cup winner in sharing outburst three in a perfect two for two in North America for nearly she wanted to grade. Three Florida oaks last time out walking. Marrakesh just got beat to outbursts. She just got beat to abscond. Who's also in here? They ran one two in the grade. One the town up at Woodbine last year is two year old. But the truth of the matter is you can make a gigs. I was able to make a case in here for everyone. Except it's easier for me to say except I thought the one was tough to make the eight the eleven and thirteen if any of the other eleven including a eve of war won this race. Got IN I. It would not surprise me at all. I'M GONNA use all of there's a ticket where I'M GONNA use all of those so I have a little bit of expensive ticket. There's a horse in the race though. I think you need to use. If you're using longshots your horse. Definitely I worry about her getting cooked on a speed tool the other words. I think you have to use the number ten. Pass the plate for Paul McGee and of course your selection The horse you're going to use a little bit the five I'm sorry you you mentioned the five Hendy Woods. I think us in good spirits to Hendy Woods. Markazi will be more appropriate than him. Winning the tap in the newest hall of Famer Markazi Would Be. It would be very appropriate to win. One after is Great Race Mare named after various but pass the plate started a career and a sprint against a nice looking shook filial a gay and crafty woods. Then one two in a row WANNA keelan want to Churchill downs. Those are the only two times Julian Peruse Readiness Philly. His daughter are temple city. Her next three races one was on the dirt. I guess when you're that talented on the turf you almost half the try to dirt. She didn't run poorly. She didn't want as well she'd rolling turf next to start quite. Frankly the start in the in the in the lottery memorial. I think Corey lowery pulled the trigger a little too soon in the Bourbon at oaks. When she tried the all weather she came running late now. Leper Ruins phillies like. She's a little tough to ride. She's reunited with Peru and Julian Peru is famous for being able to get along with these sources of the first one that comes to mind and Sadler's joy always time that move which adler joy perfectly Maybe another sadler joy here past the plate. I'll tell you what twenty one morning line. I don't know if she'll be that price she's one. That'll be on all of my tickets. However I play the race in and to be honest with you. If she's hanging on the Board at eighteen or twenty one. I'm going to have to make a win better hard because I've always been a fan of her. There's some pace in here. Some of the other phillies didn't draw that well namely alms. I'M GONNA use a bunch. Sharon can obviously win. I'm GONNA take a little swing and trying to get past a plate home as at a huge price in recent the tappan race nine the blame flat mile out of the shoot another huge field here fourteen another race bobby. I think half the field can win this race. It's a very tough race. A very talented feel a lot of speed in this race. I'm having a hard time figuring out. Who's actually going to be favored in this spot? I'm leaning toward number three global campaign who I always think that Stan huffing is crew. Thought was going to be a really nice one. He debuted very impressively at Gulfstream last year. Only two times as horses lost the horses. Who finished in front of them. Were Code Honor Tax and Tacitus and if any of those three were in this race they'd probably be favored so global campaign making a second. Start off a layoff. I think we'll sit a good trip just in behind the speed going. This one turn Mile Iran very well last time out in a basically a stakes caliber allowance race at Gulfstream Park. But I'm not worried about him. Moving technically up in class other horses. That are scaring here. The seven silver dust is very accomplished. Eh Against Good Competition Owen. Dale making his first start of the year extraordinary. Jerry scratched out of a race yesterday to run tomorrow instead. American anthem at a price has shot. Mister money did not one well on the wet track at oaklawn against toms data last time out but his previous tries would all make him very very tough uneven number. Fourteen diamond king who Is One of the speed horses in here. If he doesn't get cooked and dual he could be as I think all of them would be used on my ticket but my top choices global campaign. Yeah you know if you put a gun to my head and said make a top pick it would be global campaign. There's another part of this the one and the only things you didn't mention that and they're all fantastic points the sources three for three around one turn and with his style where he likes to sit off the pace. Make the one run. These one turn mile races are right up his alley right. He's never been a mile in fact but he's won. Both of his starts at seven furlongs. He won the on eighth. Peter Pan at Belmont again. That's one turn. We'll see that in four weeks for the Belmont stakes. He happened to beat last year's Beaumont. When a Sir Winston in that race so you know. They tried him in the Jim. Dandy belong break to the allowance race at Gulfstream where he ran well he picks up Jose Ortiz. Yeah I mean he's the goods I like. I WANNA use a few of them in here. I have another horse at a huge price and I'm definitely using. It's the to Bourbon resolution. Another horse his one turn race is pretty good. No one. The Ben Ali around two turns but he won the race at Gulfstream in February of last year twenty nineteen off of the June layoff from the prior year and then he ran this year in the Sir Shackleton and quite frankly they just got away from him. It was his first start since last July. So it was I start eight months. He came running late. He's GonNa get to Churchill downs where he's at the board a couple of times he's like. I said one for one of the one turn mile. There's enough pace in here. I don't think he'll be that far off of it in fact I don't know if he'll be a too far away from global campaign he'll a huge number two so I'm GonNa try and get him home especially you know if if if Dunbar road doesn't scratch and she runs and she wins. It's going to get off to a talking start so you may want to try and get one or two of these bombs in there. I think he'd be the one in here. You mentioned silver dusty. Moving knowing del ever fast ran really well. Last time. Short structure the mile. He showed a lot more speed than ever had down at Oakland Park. First Time for Jackson who gave him a brilliant ride to get second in the preakness back aboard for the first time. I don't know if I want to let him beat thirty two one I owe nothing too long range taty because of a John Court claiming foul. I would have got nothing in the Kentucky Derby last year. So Yeah this is a wide open race. Mr Money's a wind machine was a the sheen for six months. Last year he's three for four Churchill. Lot of ways to go a wide open blame race number nine tomorrow at Churchill downs right. We're a little more than halfway home. We come back time to Talk Matt Wind Kentucky Derby Points on the line. We'll wrap the card and the coverage of Churchill downs with the war chant as well. You're listening to the weekend stakes preview presented by naira bets here on. Hr N that and watch the races worldwide from the palm of your hand with Nyra bets. Sign up for NYRA bets. 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Twin he said Gins after they've coughed or sneeze orbit outside to virtual play dates. Social Land. Physical distancing can help save lives. Tell them they're saying that. Show your love and pride is. We'll get through this together. Find OUT MORE AT CORONA VIRUS DOT. Gov a message from the CDC and the AD. Hey Everyone Mike Pence here join me tomorrow morning. Eight to ten. Am Eastern on the equine forum presented by FARM PAINT DOT com? I'll visit Godolphin's Jimmy Bell to talk about the undefeated Max. Peel talk with Graham motion about in her return to the races. Jeff True General Manager Ruidoso. Downs joins me to talk about their upcoming meeks and a Special Memorial Day visit with Gerry. Finley from West Point thoroughbreds. It's all tomorrow on the equine forum. Eight to ten. Am Eastern right here on Sirius. Xm To one as streaming worldwide at horse racing radio DOT net aromas. You're listening to the horse racing radio network. This is the weekend stakes preview presented by naira. Bets it run around the floor. Turn get smoking still the target South Bend so pursuing moving into the clear fantasy four wide. Mr Kringle three wide hunting room homeland. The rapid top of the. It's still get smoking the later many chances buying them as my anouilh unleashed down the center by Kathleen Homeland. Never got through get. Smoking needs another sixteenth. South Bend takes out and feel passes next and here comes feel bats and Falko field passes time feel passing Lopez horses late in one. Thirty five three is on the call of the Danube beach. Field Pass took his show to turf way. Park to take Jack Ruby Jeff Ruby Stakes Jack Reuben stakes. It'll be a completely different race. The Jeff Ruby stakes. He'll go back to the lawn tomorrow. At Churchill in the war chant up and just a little bit. Welcome back to the weekend stakes previews by NAIRA BETS ON. Hr Any watch all the action on America's Day at the Races Fox Sports One Fox sports to kicks off at twelve thirty tomorrow with a special edition of Talking Andy Shirley and Jonathan Kinchen. Bring that then. Right into the live action of Churchill's the only place you can watch all the Churchill races nationally. This is on America's Day at the races bouncing back and forth between Fox sports one Fox sports to check your local listings cash back last race at Churchill weekend long at least twenty dollars to win on a horse in the last race at Churchill. If you second you'll get your twenty bucks back if you do it every day of the weekend and yours runs anywhere but winning you'll get a twenty dollar bonus regardless and you can do that on your brand new. Nyerere count head on over. Hr and twenty two promo code. They'll deposit match up to two hundred dollars of your initial deposit match dot com for more details Bobby Newman Tulloch folks about the point system was originally was not supposed to be that many points but Churchill downs and the Kentucky Derby decided to bump the Matt Win and there are some real derby points on the line tomorrow afternoon race ten while the win obviously was never supposed to be before the Kentucky Derby but now since it is they have put eighty five points on the line as far as the road to the Kentucky Derby the winner of the Madelyn will receive fifty. The runner-up gets twenty third place. Ten fourth place five in past years fifty points has been enough to guarantee a spot in the twenty horse field in the Kentucky Derby now there are a lot more quote unquote prep races. They're not really preparations they stand alone. These races But there are a lot more races leading up to the Kentucky Derby this year that are going to be worth points so including the. I'm sorry to interrupt you but including the Belmont stakes right and the Belmont stakes. You get one hundred and fifty points for winning and I believe you get sixty for being the runner up which in the winter obviously would get him but most years that guarantees that the runner up in the Belmont stakes would be would be guaranteed a spot in the Kentucky Derby But there are a lot more. I mean now the Santa Anita Derby is is hasn't been running. That's still going to be one hundred to the winner. The Los Alameda Sturdy which was never getting points is worth twenty two the winner the Haskell which is usually after the Derby one hundred to the winner the Pegasus twenty two the winner Indiana Derby twenty two the winter the bluegrass which they're negotiating in Kentucky now to have a keeneland meet in the first half of July just before Saratoga opens the BLUEGRASS will be worth one hundred two the winter and then of course the Ellis Park Derby and the shared belief fifty to the winner each. We don't know those dates yet. So it's a really a lot of excitement but what we do know about the Matt. Winn stakes is whether they planned it this way or not. It is perfectly timed per for the Belmont stakes. Four weeks after that win is the first leg of this year's triple crown the Belmont stakes and then he still have eleven more weeks to decide what you WANNA do. Tell the Kentucky Derby so this Matt Win maybe more than any other year is a very very important three year race. And you you could add. You'd have to assume at Saratoga. That's GonNa get points as well somewhere about a month before the Kentucky Derby lots of points available so this becomes that much more important especially for a horse like Max Shield. Who's just getting going now? And I think a lot of people would agree this race in all likelihood goes through. Maxwell he has to negotiate the layoff which is a lengthy one. He didn't run since October of last year. So you're looking at well over seven months for this son of street sense. Of course the Kentucky Derby back in two thousand and seven Brennan Wall strains for Godolphin will hear from Godolphin president of US racing operations Jimmy Bell tomorrow morning on a loaded equine form presented by foreign paint doc on trainer Grand Motion Talks About. Breeder's cup juvenile fillies turf when Sharing Return Ruidoso downs. Gm Jeff true previews their upcoming meet and offering Terry Finley. The founder of West Point orbits racing and reflects on Memorial Day. That's all tomorrow morning on the coin form presented foreign paint dot com You'd have to think MACs field would be the one that would wanna get going the most and if he shows up with that rate especially from last year in the British maturity He. He's GonNa be right there at the end of this Matt Win Tomorrow and it certainly looks like he's been working well for his return to the racist. China Brendon Walsh. Long Series Of works both down in Florida and in Kentucky and they've gotten pretty fast since his arrival in Kentucky. Those works over Keelan interesting. I think this race comes down to three horses and all three of them only have two lifetime starts in their careers. Number One. Mystic Guide number two pneumatic and the favorite number. Ten Max field. My top choices actually. Going to be number two pneumatic. Who won I? What I think is the most impressive maiden race of the meet at Oaklawn Park back on February fifteenth. The runner up third place. Finisher I think the fourth place finisher all came back and won impressively in the starts and pneumatic came back on April eleventh with a very impressive win going around two turns and facing winners for the first time I think he's just bred to keep getting better and better as the distances stretch out being by on. Komo out of a tap at mayor and I think pneumatic can cause I wouldn't say the upset but the anytime you're going to beat a favorite light Max `field it's A. It's a little bit of an upset. So I think pneumatic is my top choice. I love the way number. One mystic guide ran last time out breaking his maiden at the fairgrounds. Obviously these are much deeper waters in the Matt Win. But he's got a great post position and that last race that maiden races about as good as any of these other horses have run speed figure wise and there's no reason he can improve his fifteen to one on the morning line and then Max field like you said. He was so impressive. Coming from far off the pace in the breeders futurity last year and just blowing the doors off that field if he runs that kind of race off the layoff. He's obviously the one to beat but there is that small question mark of whether or not he'll run that race tomorrow so I'm just using him as one of my three. I'm using numbers. One two and ten but number two pneumatic my top selection. You may be forced to live in the pick for the pick. Five to root for quarter. Who is here right? The other Chad Brown. The other. Bob The other. Godolphin in here Mr Guy who's GonNa be fifteen ten fifteen points higher than Max field will be on. The board. Yeah pneumatic is probably pneumatics. The question mark in here because of pneumatic keep I say the question what. He's the wildcard. Rather because if he keeps improving boy Max fields going to have to come with a big shot off of the layoff to keep up with this improving son of uncle mo who as good as he wasn't his maiden win he came back and look even better once they stretched out and he's finished the job both times very nice. Final quarter for miles. You know. It's very rare. You see a horse. Go One on nine and four for furs maiden win making up ground right not. He didn't even do it on the front end so you have to figure. At the end of that race he was he was coming home nicely and then stretch out and go the go that one turn that to turn short stretch mind. That's warm impressive to. He didn't have the entire length of the stretch in Oakland to win. Last time he didn't need it he was You know when when they got the eighth pole which is which was really the sixteenth. Paul he was well on his way. It taken flight at that point so this big stretcher Churchill. Yeah I think. The wildcard is pneumatic. He could very well be the goods. And I think you'd be remiss to leave off of of any of your tickets. You have the US Max feel. I don't know what you do with the other horses who we've seen a lot of at this point. I think we've seen we've seen attachment rate enough. I don't know how how much trouble he got into last time it says bumped. I. I don't know if the source really wants to go to turns the mile and a sixteenth. He may be better at the middle distances. What do you do with major fed who you know? He ran well in his division of the risen star behind modernist he was wide around there and then Louisiana Derby Day. It was tough to make up ground on that track and he did it. He didn't break. Well you know I just don't know if the Mile Sixteen is long enough for him. I know he broke his maiden going amount on the sixteenth. But I think maybe against a little bit better Class A horse. He might need a little bit more distant. He's the kind of horseshoe look at. I do anyway for the Belmont stakes for the Kentucky Derby where that Mile and an eighth at Belmont with the five furlong straight run to the first turn might be more than the two turns. Churchill especially from that draw but there are a lot of dangers in here You like three of them. I can make a case for five of them. I'm trying to find a long shot to give you in these numbers as well because a lot of this chalk looks tough but know. Churchill downs has been known to spring up senator to in its storied history necker island speaking of Churchill. Downs is over four in his career. When he doesn't want to Churchill downs at Churchill? Now he's two for two. We broke his maiden and then he won in the slop. He's another one. I don't know how far he wants to go. I didn't love the ride last time. I wanted them to be more forwardly placed from the rail. It didn't happen He gets Tyler Gaffney Leone back aboard gasoline wrote on one time we had no real chance in the swell. He's a son hard spun so you would think the mound sixteenth. We'll be right in his wheelhouse. He's going to be a big number. I think he'll get ignored. He's the kind of wish you WanNa get into your number. I think but I think new medical Max field is likely going to win this race but maybe you get necker island gimmicks to juice things up race number ten. The Great Three Matt Win Fifty Derby points to the winner race number. Eleven wraps the car. They'll pick four pick five all stakes at Churchill. The war chant flat mile on the turf for the three year olds another full field of fourteen. There's a and here as well. We don't have the star. Power of sharing in an alms in here. But like we do in the tap in. But I gotTa tell you about. This is another wide open one. You can make a case for seven or eight of these. And that's what scares me about. This race is then. I think it's so wide open either. Have to do a major spread and really pair it down in your other legs of the pick four. Pick five or you just got to take a shot or two in this race. And that's what I'm GONNA do. Even though I think more than half the field can win. I'M GONNA only use two horses in this race. Number One south bend whose twelve to one on the morning line and number nine smooth like straight south bend is going to be my top choice. And I'm kind of a sucker for this source. He hasn't won in quite a while not since October of last year and he's never won on turf but his turf starts have been pretty good and he's drawn well down along the inside reunited with Julian Peru. Who's been aboard for all three of his starts? I think he had much chance last time out in English Channel. When he was caught wide every step of the way he should be able at least save ground around the first. Turn tomorrow in the war chant. There is some speed in the field and one of the speed horses number nine smooth like straight. He was actually favored his last two starts out at Santa Anita and ran good races. Although not winning races picks up the services of John Velazquez for the first time and I think that may help him. A lot is shipping out to Churchill downs in first time actually outside of southern California so one in nine for me with south. Bend my chops choice. We're running out of time. I think any combination of one two four five six nine twelve thirteen to win this race. I had a tough time with this race when I do I Trust Joel. Rosario pixellated getting a rider change. Joel Rosario I think there's some space some some pacing here. I hope he settles. I hope he makes one run. I think he's like the Churchill downs course for a little bit of the longest stretch of some of these other places. I know fairgrounds. He just missed last time I also think that a quicker pace is going to help the sources 'cause I'M GONNA TRY PIXEL BUT AGAIN. I think of eight of them couldn't win it race. Number eleven goes as the war chant. One more break when we come back. We'll have a few minutes to talk about a couple of graded stakes race place. The Daytona and the trolley winning Ham. You're listening to the weekend stakes preview presented by naira bets here on the Horse Racing Radio Network that and watch the races worldwide from palm of your hand with Nyerere Bets. Sign UP FOR NARROW BETS. Today and take advantage of premier perks with the best live racing misery plays in hd exclusive promotions and earn points on every bet sign up for today with the Promo Code H rn twenty under the positive match up to two hundred dollars again. That's H. R. N. twenty with Nyerere. Bet You can bet any track anywhere at any time head over to an IRA best. Dot Com aims. The Spring and summer meet is live at Gulfstream. Park tune in thoroughbreds compete every Thursday through Sunday now through September the heart pounding action download racing schedules and get up to date analysis from our top experts at Gulfstream Park Dot com or get in on the racing action with I bet official wagering APP Gulfstream Park. That's Gulfstream Park Thursday through Sunday now through September at Gulfstream Park Dot com good news live racing has resumed at Santa Anita Park and although the public will not yet be admitted you can play the races at the great race place by logging onto I bat. That's the number one. S T BET DOT COM or download. It at the APP store with a huge three day memorial weekend upon us. I posted through Monday. Memorial Day is twelve thirty PM on Saturday. We'll honor the memory of the legendary Bald Eagle degrade to two hundred thousand dollars Charles Wittingham stakes at a quarter on turf and are supporting features. Saturday is the great free one hundred thousand dollar Daytona stakes. The highlight of the weekend comes on Monday but a pair of greed one three hundred thousand dollar turf stakes gamely for fillies and mares at a mile and one eighth and the shoemaker mile for three year olds and up also on Monday fillies and mares go five and a half on turf in the grade to Monrovia stakes we thank all of our fans for your patients and we hope to reopen to the public as soon as possible please visit Santa Anita dot com for updates racing is back at Churchill downs. Every Thursday through Sunday with a Special Memorial Day Card on Monday may twenty fifth. I post each day is one. Pm Eastern this Saturday catch five state phrases including the grade. Three Matt Win featuring undefeated great one winner and Kentucky Derby Hopeful Max Field. Plus the return Breeder's cup juvenile fillies winner. Sharing in the one hundred thousand dollars happens stakes. Although spectator free churchouse offers great wagering opportunities with big fields and horses coming from all over the country visit Churchill Bounds Dot Com. You'll guys they call me Jersey Joe but it's only job. Bravo me whatever you like. Just so happy that you're listening to horse racing radio network this weekend. Stakes preview presented by NIAGARA ABETS CHURCH BRAHM. United cut loose on the outside has chosen vessel is up to try and get by. Brown storm on the inside of their multiplier from the back of the field. Cleopatra Strike at Oscar Dominguez United Storms when he has company late in the form of Cleopatra. Strike will be to win the San Marcos. I'm Anne Frank Monroe Monty on the call of the San Marcos United Man. He gave bricks and mortar. All you could handle in the Breeders Cup turf last year. He'll be the favorite in Charles Winningham tomorrow at the Great Race Place. Welcome back to the weekend. Stakes preview presented by naira bats race number five before they run the Charles Wittingham Daytona grade. Three five and a half furlongs on the turf back in your old stomping grounds bobby late. Pick five kicks off in the Daytona. So there's two stakes in late. Pick five nine race car to the Great Race Place Tomorrow. Post time twelve thirty Pacific three thirty eastern time field of seven in the Daytona where land? I think it's a two horse race between the five citron and the six wild man Jack they both have similar speedy running styles. Just because of the odds I think number five citron will be my top choice. I also wild man. Jack is coming off two races out and Dubai usually like to give them a race back in the country before they fired their best shot so sister on my top choice but I would use. Both of them in the horizontal. Wagers likes to strong as well I I I really wonder who's the aggressor right. And if I had a bet my money I would think that victory. Spinosa is going to be the aggressive with soprano who has shown I mean. There's last two starts his versatility. He won the grade one big crosby when they were able to steal on the front end. You don't see a lot of forty five half's in grade one Santa Anita on the dirt on dirt and he was able to go get the wire that day when he was left alone on the front end and then last time out in the San Simeon at Santa Anita in March. So you saw big layoff. It didn't matter. He was able to sit just off of a little bit of a more contested face and get there just in the nicotine time. I think his form as well. You see that record sanity the turf. It's it's a little dirtied up by those downhill races. He's a little bit better in these five and a half long races. I like CISTERNA lot tomorrow. Race number five goes as the great three Daytona race. Eight to Charles winning hand the ball. The Eagle has this one named from a mile and a quarter on the turf. That'll start right on the turn. And then they'll make their way around to stretch a couple of times another field of seven and united we heard him loving and Paddle Rightful Hall of Famer Richard Mandella. He took the San Marcos back in February. So he's going to be dealing with just about three and a half close to four month. Layoff six to five on morning. Line what are we thinking about him? Well I think he's going to be a shorter price than that and I had a hard time finding anyone to beat them. The only thing against united is the fact. There's not a lot of speed in the race. And he comes from a little bit off of it but the speed of number three bold endeavor doesn't look like it's quite good enough to beat a horse like united and that's why pay Flavian Pratt to ride united. He's ridden this horse and slow paced races in the past. He'll just have to lay a little closer. The source fires a good shot almost every time he goes to the races six to five morning line. I think we're GONNA see three to five and I can't get past him. I hope I'm hoping there's a little pace in here. I'll give you my selection in just a minute because it's time now for the naira bets. Best Bet if it is the NAIRA BEDS. Best Bet bobby seven to choose from where the land for the naira bets best. Bet I'm gonNA take one of the toughest racist a handicap than ninth at Churchill downs and it is the blame and I think that the standoff trainee global campaign is going to get a good trip in behind the early speed. I Trust Stan. Huff and everything that he does with horses like this global campaign picking up the services of Jose Ortiz. Second start off a layoff and we'll look for him to capitalize on a nine to two morning line from just off the pace in the blame. Tomorrow we've talked about trust earlier in the show right. I say when I have a wide open race I trust and Joel Rosario. That's why I took picks late in the war chant. He's not an IRA best best. Bet It's the other Ortiz Brother router. Tease Junior who has stayed in Florida. I'm sure he'll be New York sooner rather than later takes to flight out. West for in Chad. We Trust Chad Brown rock emperor place. This is a horse. I've been a fan since day. One with a better attribute won the Belmont Derby he had no chance in his trip and those Saratoga Derby invitational. He had less of a chance last time in the moonies when the turf course was playing rock solid for speed on now he gets a mile and a quarter he gets the services of maybe the most accomplished jockeying. Orlando tease junior and hoping to get a little bit more in there appears to be on paper and maybe synthesis can help me with that rock emperor the number seven in race number eight. The Charles Wittingham rock camera mine. Naira Bets Best Bet. I don't think I've been more excited for a weekend of racing than I am for this weekend of racing. We look ahead Valmont. Opens in twelve days. The Belmont stakes will be run for the one hundred and fifty second time under a little bit of a different circumstance on June twentieth. Lots to look forward to have a great Memorial Day weekend everyone. Let's remember why we have Memorial Day? Bobby great job as always. We'll do it again next week. I appreciate a pal great weekend. All right everybody have eighth. Try and celebrate the holiday weekend as best you can start a summer. Hopefully lots of good things to come. Certainly on the racing horizon all right. That wraps it up for Bobby and on the big anthrax. Hope you have lucky night when all your photo finishes have a healthy and Safe Memorial Day Weekend Baltimore for the Equine Forum. You've been listening to the weekend. Stakes preview presented by Nyerere becks.

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