Episode 295 "Pressure. Direct And Steady."


How would to this genocide to these things. You knew there was a deep quite well here. We go another week after A week off which which was not planned by the way but you have reached native opinion. We are an indigenous information and education radio show and podcast every week. We talk about current affairs related to and from our own native american perspectives. And again as we've done this now. Two hundred ninety five times. My name is michael kicking bear and he of course over there he is. David grill she. Oh everybody could morning and we're late twenty because of me. I had a technical problem with clean feed and we discovered that you can only have one tab open at a time so if you think about it uses that tool just know that i couldn't blame it on windows. This time i tried you. They give you a neighbor. Did trust him. After after after he was incredibly frustrated with the situation. I text him. I said by amac. And you know. God i even asked him. I just remembered. I asked david. Look how about a middle road. Get a tablet. no new refuse. They said that yup right here. we are. Nobody's as we're probably thoroughly angered you guys like okay. Are they doing saturday shows anymore. Not going to give me live anymore. They're going to be prerecorded. Ah what is going on. I don't blame you guys last week. We add unforeseen circumstances with prior commitments. That needed to be addressed service so and there was so. Oh there's hell mid-morning house so they went out. Okay just thing. If you guys listen live and you come into the chat and interact with us. It's one confirmation that we know actually stuff is working kind of sort of slightly. We appreciate a good see. How now today is what we call a thick show thick episode dave little bit because it was As as so many republicans pointed out our historic week during the confirmation hearing debra holland congresswoman deborah helen for the department of interior secretary. And we're going to get into that and that's that's going to take awhile. Yeah a little bit. I'll just say that historic event was overshadowed by her treatment. I'll i'll just meet now. You know no doubt absolutely so you know so. We'll definitely get to that so how you can reach us here on the show house done We have a chat room on the instructions. How to use that of course are on our homepage. At native opinion dot com can also email us. It's hosts with an ass hosts at native opinion dot com in quite a number of you did emails over the past week and a half Our time permitting today unfortunately We just not gonna be able to get to the feedback this week so We again policy is very much for that but Just so you know we did. Get your your messages and and we will. We will fit those in probably at the next saturday show So i just wanted to point out that little production snafu there another way you can reach us of course is also twitter at native opinion over there. 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They're they're very tasty so our dog say marley loves his order. More matter of fact he he. He loved him so much he would beg for them. So that's how much he enjoyed the sweet. There you go with endorsement he would come up to me and sit and look at me with pitiful is and i would have to figure out okay. He's been fed he's had his morning treaties had his button. His button is his nutritional supplement. So i said okay. What's left. And then i go towards the bag. And he's like yup that's it his tail wagging it's like. Yeah some so. Thank you amanda for those streets. Want put the link to your website in in the chat that would help to. Everybody can sure check it out and experienced. Our dogs did awesome awesome. Alright so i guess we should transition into native news because again we have. We have a lot to talk about. Yeah we'll springboard right into that this. This particular article made me smile. And i'm hoping other states will Jump on board as well but more. So i'm hoping the federal government will get on board with it. And the title of this article lists oregon law to decriminalize all drugs goes into effect offering addicts rehab instead of prison and this was written by lindsay sh-sh-she schnell for news dot yahoo dot com so for jamie benn rock-bottom came slowly and all at once a longtime drug and alcohol addict. Gawky some lucking son. I hope i pronounced that right pushes back on the idea that one terrible day on the street leads to an epiphany and i climbed back to normalcy. That's what happens in movies. Not in real life quote. I've lived in the bottom for years for me. And people like me. I laid there and wallowed in it for a long time. She says but if she has to pick the lowest point one that lasted years not days. She said it came shortly after she hit thirty in nine hundred ninety eight at that time gullickson there we go had five kids ages five to eleven four different men. She came home from work one day at a locksmith to find that her ex husband had taken her two youngest and left the state horrified and convinced that this was the beginning of the end. Her life spiraled. She dropped her other son off with his dad and left her two daughters with their mom and soon became an ivy meth user in prison. Six years later well. Gullikson was contemplating joining intensive recovery program. When a striking mag- magnetic gorgeous black woman walked into the room held up a mug shot and started talking about being in the very chairs we were sitting and that was a quote gullickson remembers. There was life on the other side of addiction in prison. The woman said but you have to fight for it. Gullikson believed her quote. I remember thinking. I may not be able to do all that but she was but maybe i could do something different than this quote call. Gullikson said that day. I felt the door open to change in healing now. Executive director of the mental health and addiction. Association of oregon. She's determined to give other addicts that same opportunity. That's why she pushed for the passage of measure. One one zero i. It's kind legislation that decriminalized possession of all illegal drugs in oregon including heroin. Cocaine meth and oxycodone. Instead of a criminal justice based approach the state will pivot to a healthcare based approach offering addicts the same treatment. I'm sorry offering addicts treatment instead of prison. Time those in possession will be fined. One hundred dollars a citation. That will be dropped if they agree to a health assessment. The law goes into effect monday. And this article was written on the first of february this year Staining yep so the laws are really in effect and will be implemented over the next decade by by state officials at the oregon health authority. So i think this is a great program. will discourage drug-use. I'm not sure but it's a step in the right direction. In my opinion because loading up the prison system with people that need treatment instead of incarceration is not the answer. either. And i say that because there's just a big drug problem in the prison system as they raised outside the prison system People are still getting drugs in the prison. So like i said. I'm not sure that this this law that's going to curb illegal drug use or a curb drug use. It's no longer illegal. But i don't. I don't know that it's going to curb drug use it but at least it's a step in the right direction. It's you know you have to lay foundation and you build up on a foundation. So let's hope let's hope other states will kind of adopt some of the same policies offering treatment instead of incarceration will help people stop drug use. I guess that that's curbing drug use to some degree. So let's let's see. I'm gonna keep my eye on this one and see how it develops Through time and the rest of this article will be in the show notes. Do you have anything. Wanna add brother. Thank you brother. No actually when you're talking about. I was thinking about my son and who Who has the prison ministry indigenous prison ministry here in connecticut So he tours the different Different state presence in don was curious. What his what. His position on that might be Common 'cause he may he may come across folks that are there because of that Am not not entirely sure. But you know. But i'd have to. I'd have to ask them if the lady that was featuring. The article is from an indigenous community. He didn't really identify but it did. Not but yeah. But the reason. I a gravitated towards this one because it you know there are lots of native people cauti- rated for substance abuse so that that would apply to them as well This new law that oregon has instituted But i'm sorry to interrupt your train of thought. No no. that's okay. So i you know i. I'll have to talk with them about that. Probably see him this weekend. So i'll try. We'll try to run it by and see what he says. So all right This next article title reads federal judge. React excuse me rejects apache strongholds request to halt transfer sacred oak flat because they are not ready sovereign. They're not a sovereign nation. We there is a line between education and ignorance and another line between education ignorance and willful. Ignorance So it doesn't matter if you're a united states federal judge or local judge or someone in even even an attorney in general your biases can still play a role in decision making. So i'll throw that out there before. I even read any of this. Yeah i've been trying to get a hold of wins lert noise. He's headed this. This fight for a long time. I know of windsor through another friend. And they had mentioned the podcast to wins a time to. So i'm going to keep trying to get a hold of him call. Let's see if we can get him on the show like a plan on so out of washington and this is brought to through native news. Online dot net for the source. Excuse me. I'm having a problem with my throat today. Washington goes on to say the united states district judge on friday denied apache strongholds request for an injunction to prevent the gateway. Excuse me to prevent the giveaway and destruction of sacred oak flat to rio. Tinto resolution copper to a mining company. If i remember practically be The district court judge steven logan A stephen logan up Having a problem reading today district court judge steven logan apache stronghold has no right to ask the court for help because they are not officially designated quote a sovereign nation in his ruling. Logan said the united states government has no trust responsibility to the apache. Even though their treaty of eighteen fifty two says quote the government of the united states shall so legislate and act as to secure the permanent pro prosperity and happiness of said indians sounds pretty straightforward to me. Why a federal district court judges having and difficulty reading federal law and policy must be that thing you mentioned. is questionable. So you know. I'll be bold and say i if the judge is having difficulty interpreting federal law and policy than said judge should not have a judgeship. Perhaps because it's not about. Oh michael kicking bears mad because a judge didn't rule in a positive way for an indian tribe. No read again. The government of the united states shall so legislate and so as to secure the permanent prosperity and happiness of said indians and said indians is identified in the treaty of eighteen. Fifty two for the patchy nation doesn't about michael kicking bears. Bias is about doing his job. The judge that is correct going on says in reaching this conclusion the judge quoted a case saying quote the exclusive right of the united states to establish indian title has never been doubted. And whether it'd be done by treaty by the sword or by purchase by the exercise of complete domination adverse to the right of occupancy or otherwise it's justness is not open to inquiry in the courts close quote. Are you kidding me. That wasn't ballsy quote. We are disappointed but we are not giving up an are excited to appeal to a higher court to prove our points where we disagree close quote apache stronghold leader informal san carlos. Apache tribal chairman. Dr wins ler noise senior. Said quote quoting him again to say that we are not being. Coerced is not accurate. As i am living there. We are praying there yet. If rio tinto gets i'm sorry i won't be able to pronounce this kilkeel O. teal and the land becomes private property on march eleventh. We will be arrested for criminal trespass on our own. Sacred land insane Why do i feel like A bunch of people are going to be converging on rio tinto in the next lynx. The it should happen. I am. Here's the sad thing. The appeals process. Slow the mind will be open and operating before an appeals court. Here's this case. Damage will be done. People will become sick. Land will be desecrated before this gets to a high court and the high according to this this point will be probably the supreme court. I believe so so. The federal court of appeals as a stepping-stone before before the supreme court. Here's decide whether you'll hear the case or not and of course that's that's that's their prerogative over there. The they have the ability to deny cases as well as accept them. So i'm i'm hoping deb. Helen's confirmation will carry a lot of weight and stopping this process. You know here's the thing. I'm sure there are other lands that are not native lands although all turtle island native land. But i'm speaking of land that has been designated public land that doesn't involve native religious sites burial ground reservation property etc etc. Where they can do this mining. I see this as a concerted effort to target native people's as often as they possibly can and stealing. That's what it's about I don't think it's about well we can't we can't get it anywhere else bul hockey. Here's another problem statement. I'm sorry i'm scanning ahead here in the article. But it says judge. Logan also concluded that the complete destruction of oak flat turning into a two mile wide crater over a thousand feet gps and eliminating the apache ability to practice. Their religion is not a substantial burden on the apache because they are being coerced to act contrary to their religious beliefs by the threat of civil criminal sanctions close coat. Even after oak flat became private property on march even out even though after oak flat became private property on march. Eleventh apaches praying there would be subject to arrest and prosecution by criminal trespass so there is a provision in federal law. You know it's it's it's known as The native american religious freedom act which does apply if they are on tribal land and so for as david pointed out an appeals process. That's that's takes time to you know. Get squared up In since this judge did not see fit to Put a clause in that. Says you should upon repeal appeal if it's a sale transfer whatever whatever the status of oak flat currently is he saw fit not to do that and add additional protections at least for the for the tribe in this particular case. Now another thing. I wanna point out is this is this is this is a district federal judge and on this show i have. I kept trying to bring awareness to people That the bigger damage being done to Indigenous people in this country is at the district court level not the supreme court level and the and the amount of district court judges that were seated by donald trump administration is higher than any other pass administration of record and so these are conservative judges in many cases and so this is the kind of rationale and misapplication of federal law that we can expect until its address now that aspect of process deb. Helen is not going to have an effect over. So i just want to point that out that this is this is going to be a continuous problem. anytime an area like this. That is sacred to us or a tribe. If i wanted to be a little more. Balanced comes under scrutiny Well here's the thing this isn't new and it's something you know the apache people in other other tribes there have been fighting for a long time and i am glad they mentioned it in this articles. I did some research on this Icenhower had been protecting that that area since fifty five nine hundred fifty five four. it's cultural environmental value and it was two republican senators and it will republican senator during a democratic senator That gave it away. Gave it to resolution copper in twenty twenty fifteen through legislative process. That's bs that's like reaching into somebody's pocket. Bringing out a handful of dad presidents looking at the person standing next to them and saying here. You can have this. That's what it amounts to. What is the matter with people. What is the matter with people do you want do you answer that. It'll take another hour. No that was that was that was a little hyperbole hypothetical in it's just come on people where lawmakers. Oh when is enough going to be enough. When when are they going to have enough money to say okay. We don't have to steal from people or or desecrate sacred lands. When is enough enough. Well i can answer that in sort of a tease for the deb jalan segment. You have senator barosso on the energy and environment committee senate committee. Who's been in office. I think i still have the slide up me. Let me double check Second guy sorry. He's been in office since june twenty-fifth of two thousand seven yet to get rid of the old guard is my point. I and hopefully bring in people that that are a hell of a lot more open minded and have a desire to you know to follow policy and law that has been long established and then on top of that make improvements to those policies and laws because nothing is perfect right so no. It's not. Nothing is perfect but it's a good reason to go to why this matters dot org because it talks about doing some of the same things my brother just mentioned we have to get rid of the old guard and it's not that the you know. Some of the old guard didn't have good ideas they did. But some of those old ideas got lost in the shuffle. no republicans. No some of that old guards idea got lost in the shuffle when groups like the tea party came along and they ran roughshod over the party. Totally totally so. We have to put people in the position to run for office who are wanting to buy demonstration. Listen to those people who are going to vote to put them there who see some of the same problems that their future constituency and know that. Something's gotta be done to stop the greed stop the hatred stop the destruction if not you know. The last flush is going to happen because we are already circling the drain. The last flush is going to happen. And there's no way back just to round out this article. Okay flack excuse. me oak. Flat is located about seventy miles east of phoenix on the tanto national forest on lands historically by multiple tribes including the apache the of apply the law and the Oldham we've talked about before their their their border reser. Their reservation straddles The arizona and new mexico border giving me mexican border. Excuse me and and Trump ran his. Dan wall through the middle of the res- prior to the writer. Oak flat has been protected from mining since nineteen fifty when they mentioned president. Eisenhower protected the area for its cultural and environmental value rio. Tinto admits that they're oak flat. Mining will create a crater almost two miles across in more than one thousand feet deep middle finger. Fu to them. The can't like you can't find another place to do you're damn mining. Yeah like i said a moment ago. I know the representatives that pushed this this legislative rider onto the fifteen defense department funding bill. Yep that's where it was. That's where it was stuck in. it's called pork. John john mccain along with an kirk kirkpatrick and paul gosar push this bill through course to republicans and a damn of course into the defense department funding bill. So you know come up people. This has to stop. It has to stop so all right all right brother europe so it's next segment. It's going to take awhile morning. Everyone in jack is dave likes to say a. Grab your favorite beverage. Have a seat because This is probably a not necessarily looking to myself or looking for accolades. But this is probably the most amount of writing i've ever done to to date for the show because it required an An unusually an unusual additional amount of research and deconstruction to counter are lot of bs from Republicans and. i'm trying very very hard to be good today with my language And dave heard your mic. Click off. But i hope i hope you're going to jump in here. Different points Because there's going to be a lot of things that need to be responded to. I feel By both of us but anyway this congressman woman have howland with from the blow of laguna and has been representing new. Mexico's i can gush congressional district. Since twenty nine thousand nine hundred. She was also one of the first. Two native american woman elected to congress here so before we move on with this segment here is congresswoman deb. Hounds opening remarks in her confirmation hearing on her way to becoming the nation's first indigenous cabinet secretary for the united states. This is going to take about six and a half minutes But i but you know. I think it's obviously fair that you know we play Her statement Because it's oh sure absolutely that's absolutely critical this is. This is the person that joe biden his pick to become the next interior secretary. So here was opening statement. Thanks guys guazzini. Hopefu- do it's arteaga schumi hano chairman mansion ranking member barosso members of the committee. Thank you so much for having me here today. I wouldn't be here without the love and support of my child. soma my partner skip. Who is with me this morning sitting behind me. My mom eri toyota who's watching from pueblo. My extended family in generations of ancestors who is sacrificed so much. So i could be here today. Acknowledged that we are on the ancestral homelands of the koch tank anacostia in piscataway. People as many of you know my story is unique. Although today i serve as a member of congress and was vice chair of the house natural resources committee. If confirmed i would be the first native american to serve as cabinet secretary this historic nature of my confirmation is not lost on me but i will say it's not about me rather i hope nomination would be an inspiration for americans moving forward together as one nation and creating opportunities for all of us as the daughter of a pueblo woman. I was taught to value hard work. My mother is a navy. Veteran was a civil servant at the bureau of indian education for twenty five years and she raised four kids as a military wife. My dad the grandson of immigrants was a thirty year career marine. Who served in vietnam. He received the silver star in his buried in arlington national cemetery. I spent summers in. Minnesota are small village on laguna pueblo. The location of my grandparents traditional home. It was there that i learned about my culture from my grandmother by watching her cook. And by participating in traditional feast days and ceremonies it was in the cornfields with my grandfather. Where i learned the importance of water and protecting our resources where i gained a deep respect for the earth as a military family. We moved every few years when i was a kid but no matter where we lived. My dad taught me and my siblings to appreciate nature whether on a mountain trail or walking along the beach. i'm not a stranger stranger to the struggles. Many families across america face. Today i've lived most of my adult life paycheck to paycheck and piece together. Healthcare for me and my child as a single mom and at times relied on food stamps to put food on the table. It's because of these struggles that i fully understand the role. Interior must play in the president's plan to build back better to responsibly. Manage our natural resources to protect them for future generations so that we can continue to work. Live hunt fish in prayer among them. I understand how important the department is for all the stakeholders rely on it in the communities whose economies are connected to it. I know the bipartisan accomplishments of this committee. Stand out in congress. Your work led to interior. Having significant resources and authorities especially with the great american outdoors act and the public land's package will work collaborative collaboratively with all members of this committee to ensure these are implemented. Well as chair of the subcommittee on national parks forests and public lands. I also worked on these issues in congress and listen to all of my colleagues and constituents about ways to improve management of the department. I am proud of the bipartisan manner. In which we move these bills through my subcommittee and to the house floor as i've learned in this role. There's no question that fossil energy does and will continue to play a major role in america for years to come. I know how important oil and gas revenues are too critical services but we must also recognize that the energy industry is innovating in our climate challenge. Must be addressed together. We can work to position our nation and all of its people for success in the future. And i'm committed to working cooperatively with all stakeholders and all of congress to strike the right balance going forward as part of this balance the department has a role in harnessing the clean energy potential of our public lands and create jobs in a new economic opportunities. The president's agenda demonstrates that america's public lands can and should be engines for clean energy production. President biden also knows that restoring and conserving our lands through a civilian climate core. The potential to spur job creation the families of fossil fuel workers. Who helped build our country ranchers and farmers who care deeply for their lands communities with legacies of toxic pollution. People of color who stories deserve to be heard in those who want jobs of the future. I vowed to lead the interior department. Ethically in with honor and integrity. I will listen to and work with members of congress on both sides of the aisle. I will support interiors servants. And be careful steward of taxpayer dollars. I will ensure that the interior department's decisions are based on science will honor the sovereignty of tribal nations. Recognize their part in america's story and i'll be a fierce advocate for our public lands. I believe we all have a stake. In the future of our country. And i believe that every one of us republicans democrats and independents shares a common bond our love for the outdoors in desire and obligation to keep our nation livable for future generations. I carry my life experiences with me. Everywhere i go. It's those experiences that give me hope for the future. If an indigenous woman from hong humble beginnings can be confirmed as secretary of the interior our country holds promise for everyone. finally. I want to give special. Thanks to you chairman mansion for calling this hearing today and for sharing with me the issues and needs of the people that you represent in west. Virginia if confirmed. I will listen to all of the people represented by members of this committee and this congress. I'm grateful for your time today. And i'm ready to serve. And thank you senator heinrich for kind introduction and i look forward to your questions so there you go congresswoman deb. Helen president biden nominated deb holland as his pick for secretary which would make her the country's first indigenous person to hold a cabinet secretary position and only the second indigenous person to hold an administration cabinet position overall. Most people do not know that a native american once was vice president of the united states. unfortunately american public schools failed to educate its citizens of this fact. His name was charles. Curtis what is known about. Hurt us is that he was born in eighteen. Sixty two a white father and konso or cau- indigenous mother. His mother died when he was three and he was left in the care of his concert. Grandmother according to the official website or the combination of oklahoma the nation during this is a quote the nation derived its name from the co on aca or south wind a reference to the tribes role in sarah in war ceremonies using power of the wind. When recognizing warriors among the many variations of the name given by french traders and other europeans were conza or kanza. It's important to keep in mind that. When europeans heard indigenous languages spoken in north america they attempted to translate those names into english and other languages phonetically the condemnation the original people of the mid western territory where they originally lived was renamed by europeans. Later to be called. You guessed it. Kansas curtis later became a successful lawyer and was elected to the. Us house of representatives. He was then elected to the senate serving as majority leader. Curtis was a republican and is documented as being an advocate for women's rights. He has proposed or excuse me he had. He proposed the very first version of the equal rights amendment so if an indigenous republican can introduce positive legislation in the early nineteen hundreds. What the hell's wrong with these modern day. Republicans tea party because their behavior towards indigenous who is the current nominee to lead the department of the interior was anything but positive in this segment. We will look at statements made by some republican members of the senate committee on energy and natural resources and we will also deconstruct the lies that they perpetuated during their testimonies a congresswoman halland it was pretty shameful but sadly also expected before you continue broad. Let me let me interject something. Good thank you some of the statements that you're about to hear coming from or actually let me backup some of the attacks that you're about to hear throughout the segment are coming from republicans. I'm gonna say this much. i'm not. I'm not using behavior by some democrats as well. No no no. I understand but in this segment we're only dealing with republicans. Want to be clear about that. Thank you and the reason. I mentioned this is because some of those very same republicans are on. Guess what the indian affairs committee. The indian affairs committee absolutely are how oxymoronic is that. And those republicans are senator lisa. Murkowski for alaska senator. Job hoven from north dakota senator james langford from oklahoma senator. Steve daines montana. Sure i don't remember rounds or moran testifying there if they did it must have been remote missed it but some of her worst attacks are coming from three of the four people that i mentioned early. there's one individual that very unkind towards her and he's not on the indian affairs committee. But you'll you'll hear his comments the upcoming but how oxymoron issues the fact that you have people that are supposed to be on the indian affairs committee working on the behest of native peoples ripping this candidate part for no other reason than you know doing the bidding of their their corporate masters yup absolutely so think about that as you listen to the comments from these individuals in. You'll you'll wonder why in the heck are they even on the committee. There uber. Okay no problem. Thank you brother you all right so to kick this off. Here is the committee's new chairman. Joe manchin with the democrat of west. Virginia who explains the responsibilities of the secretary interior. And i thought this was important so that anybody. That really isn't familiar with what. The responsibilities of the interior secretary are felt that that playing his setup is very very important grilled about three and a half minutes. So here we go. Committee meets today to consider nomination representative deborah holland to secretary of the interior. So good to see her here and she has honorable young with your friend of all of us for many many years. We want to welcome her to the committee. Thank you for being here this morning. And for your willingness to serve in this important position the role the secretary nearly one hundred and thirty years ago. The supreme court described the secretary of interior as the guardian of the people of the united states over the public lands but the court's description barely scratches the surface of the broad scope of the secretary's responsibilities. The secretary responsible for managing more than four hundred eighty million surface acres nearly one fifth the land area of the united states. Seven hundred million acres of subs- subsurface minerals and two point five million acres the outer continental shelf. These lands include over four hundred national parks over one hundred national monuments and over five hundred national wildlife refuge along with nearly five hundred dams and over three hundred reservoirs that supply water to thirty one million people in era gate. Ten million acres of farmland in addition the land managed by the secretary produce nearly twenty percent of the nation's energy that is critical for energy independence including twelve percent of our natural gas. Twenty four percent of our oil forty three percent of our coal half of our geothermal energy and much of our wind solar and hydropower. Those public lands also generate twelve billion dollars for the federal treasury. Now i don't know if you guys that in the background i'm trying so hard to fool at my language because we've already gotten feedback about my my mouth. Somebody in the background said you sure you want this job. Yeah i heard that okay. it's it's little. There's there's a ton of What's the word. i'm looking for. Micro aggression yes. Thank you perfect. That are going to play out in this. That was one of them now cliff. i don't know who that was but you know and they try to flay as jokes. I'm just joking just joking but yet you heard it yourself. They support one point eight million jobs and contribute an estimated three hundred fifteen billion dollars to the us economy. The secretary also maintains government to government relations with five hundred seventy four indian tribes holds in trust fifty six million acres of indian trust lands provides educational services to tens of thousands of native american students in twenty three states. In addition the secretary is responsible for reclaiming thousands of abandoned coal mine sites paying health benefits to minors overseeing one of our nation's premier scientific agencies the geological survey and protecting thousands of endangered and threatened species from extinction. Finally the secretary oversee seventy thousand employees in the department of interior and the annual budget of over twenty one billion dollars it truly is an enormous and important job and it is critical that the secretary be ready to take on the management of the department and have a deep understanding of the many issues under purview president biden nominating representative holland for this critical role expressed his confidence that she is up to the task and that she will be. A true story of our national parks are natural resources and all of our lands. Representative hauling currently represents the first congressional district of new mexico in the house of representative. She served as vice chairman of the house committee on natural resources. And as the chair of its subcommittee on national parks in public lands during the last congress as a former governor. I've always believed that. The president should be given wide latitude in the selection of his or her cabinet. But i also take the senate's constitutional obligation to advise and consent to the president's nomination seriously like many of my colleagues. I look forward to hearing from representative holland today and getting to know more about her views and the policies and programmes she will pursue if confirmed to this important position. Okay now for the benefit of some of our listeners. Outside of the united states the process of many senate and house committees is to alternate testimonials in questions between generally the two main political party representatives that of democrat and republicans. Right for the most part our country gets done because representatives are more interested in toeing the party line and arguing amongst themselves rather than truly representing the people in their interests here. This process means that. For every positive statement and support deb jalan receives. There was an equal and negative reaction from the other side. This was on full display in this confirmation hearing now again. i'm not really focused at all on democrats. The democrats have pretty much lined up in are supporting the which is appreciated so You can disagree with somebody but you don't have to be. I'm so used to used to just saying what's on my mind the way i want to say it but you don't you don't have to you. Don't have to be mean spirited about it. i'll put it that way. Okay all right so to begin. We're going to start by deconstructing. The opening statements of the committee's ranking member. Which is sort of like A second in command position and this is going to. This is republican. John baracoa at the moment who represents the state of wyoming. So here's our first clip of mr barroso. I would now recognize my colleague. Senator brosseau to make this opening statement brosseau. Thank you very much. Mr chairman today. Our committee is considering the nomination of representative dave holland to Services secretary of interior since two thousand and nineteen congresswoman holland has represented new. Mexico's first congressional district. Which includes most of albuquerque and several surrounding pueblos suburbs. If confirmed she would be the first native american cabinet secretary for that reason. Her nomination is historic and deserves to be recognized. Bad right acknowledged deb. Howland stated that her appointment would be historic. but then here's his very next sentence. Same time i am troubled by many of representative holland views views. That many in my home state of wyoming would consider as radical radical views. Okay sure he's entitled to his point of view. But just because you disagree with someone's point of view doesn't necessarily mean that they are radical the word radical is defined as number one very new and different from the unusual ordinary now we purposely played congresswoman deb holland's opening statement and actually that was out of order the way the hearing actually when but i did that deliberately because i didn't hear anything radical in there i heard somebody that's willing to work with both sides as willing to take a balanced approach to policy and work with everyone the second part of the definition radical is or of relating to people who favor rapid and weeping changes in laws and governments so in the context of the department of the interior brosseau to define what he means by radical so moving on with broncos opening remarks. Here's the next part secretary of interior's critically important job in my home state of wyoming and to the entire west if confirmed as secretary of interior representative holland would lead an agency with more than seventy thousand employees. These employees manage twenty percent of the nation's lands including our national parks. Our national monuments are wildlife. Refuges are multiple use lands and other end the entire outer continental shelf. The also serves managed the also serve as managers of the largest water supply in the west the secretary's responsibility that includes upholding our nation's trust responsibilities to five hundred and seventy four federally recognized american indian tribes and alaskan natives. So here we're also kept using the word our in the context of responsibilities of the secretary of the interior our nation's lands our wildlife refuges. Our multiple use lands our national monuments. Let's define the word. Our in the context of indigenous in american history. No senator. it's not our anything. The lanza deb howland would have oversight was never hours in the context of the country now known as the united states of america they are original indigenous occupied lands that we're in some cases forcibly taken after wars displacing hundreds of thousands of indigenous peoples then later noncompliant treaties were written by early united states union leaders and not every tribe agreed or sign them then later still through theft in bogus. Land deals and policy changes such as the united states relocation. Act that senator. Barosso is how you must define the word. Our in the context of terrestrial and submerged lambasts in north america. Anything else denies proper. Historical context so if senator barrasso is going to open his testimony by stating how deb jalen's appointment would be historic who better to begin to correct the egregious crimes of the united states which has committed against its indigenous peoples since its inception now. Are you saying those are pretty strong words. You damn right well. In my opinion brussels words were especially his use of the word our it was used to imply other to cast her in the light of otherness. Absolutely absolutely now there was something in mnuchin or munchkin or whatever his name is his openness damages in his opening statement and most people missed it. And it had to do with you. Do you mind playing that again brother. There's a reason why i'm asking you to do this. Only what three minutes. Yeah three and a half minutes. Yeah please indulge us for a little bit if you would please folks. There's a reason why. I'm asking my brother to play that. And listen really. Close to what he says about mine. Reclamation and who's responsible many meets today to consider nomination of representative deborah holland to be the secretary of the interior so good to see her here and she has honorable don young with her a dear friend of all of us for many many years. We want welcome to the committee to thank her for being here this morning. And for your willingness to serve in this important position the role of the secretary nearly one hundred and thirty years ago. The supreme court described The secretary of interior as the guardian of the people of the united states over the public lands but the course description barely scratches the surface of the broad scope of the secretary's responsibilities. The secretary responsible for managing more than four hundred and eighty million surface acres nearly one fifth the land area of the united states seven hundred million acres of subsurface minerals and two point five billion acres of the outer continental shelf. These lands include over four hundred national parks over one hundred national monuments over five hundred national wildlife refuge along with nearly five hundred dams over three hundred reservoirs that supply water to thirty one million people in era gate. Ten million acres of farmland. In addition the lands managed by the secretary produce nearly twenty percent of the nation's energy that is critical for energy independence including twelve percent of our natural gas twenty four percent of our oil forty three percent of our coal half of our geothermal energy and much of our wind solar and hydropower those public lands also generate twelve billion dollars for the federal treasury. They support one point. Eight million jobs and contribute an estimated three hundred and fifteen billion dollars to the us economy. The secretary also maintains government to government relations with five hundred seventy four indian tribes holds entrusts. Fifty six million acres of indian trust lands provides educational services to tens of thousands of native american students in twenty three states. In addition the secretary is responsible for reclaiming thousands of abandoned coal mine sites paying health benefits to minors overseeing one of our nation's premier scientific agencies the geological survey and protecting thousands of endangered and threatened species from extinction. Finally the secretary oversee seventy thousand boys in the department of the interior the annual budget of over twenty one billion dollars it truly is an enormous and important job and it is critical that the secretary ready to take on the management of the department have a deep understanding of the many issues under purview. President biden nominating representative holland for this critical expressed his confidence that she is up to the task and that she will be a true story of our national parks are natural resources and all of our lands. Representative hauling currently represents the first congressional district of new mexico in the house of representative. She served as vice chairman of the house committee on natural resources. And as the chair of its subcommittee on national parks forced public lands during the last congress as a former governor. I've always believed that the president should be given wide latitude in the selection of his or her captain. But i also take the sense. Constitutional obligation to advise and consent to the president's nomination seriously like many my colleagues. I look forward to hearing from representative holland today and getting to know more about her views and the policies and programmes she will pursue if confirmed to this important position. There you go okay. He specifically mentioned abandoned coal mines and that was something that his state is particularly interested in because a lot of cold comes out of west. Virginia a lot of coal correct. But what's more important is. And what's more important to know. Is who manages the payment programs or the benefit programs for the miners who worked in those coal mine. The federal government manages the benefit programs for those miners. Most people don't know that everybody's heard of black long everybody's heard of that and that's something that minors acquire who work in the coal mines but what people don't know is how many billions of dollars sometimes millions and the millions of dollars with benefits that are paid and i'm not saying that those miners aren't eligible for that. Of course they are but a lot of these programs that we are paying tax payers are self inflicted our governmental self-inflicted entities that cost people their lives. Eventually black lung is horrible disease horrible and my other point to this is the government is paying literally millions of dollars into these programs. They didn't have to be but they short the indian welfare system the indian health system. Excuse me by millions of dollars so when these senators are beating holland over the head. They're not thinking about you. Know the indian health care system and how they voted a lot of them to not fund the indian health care system adequately but they want to throw billions and millions and millions of dollars and two programs. They didn't have to be because of greed. That's my whole point about you. Know asking you to play that again brother in mansions or whatever. His name is mentioned of the coal coal fund. This links here that i'm gonna put in a chat and they're pretty eye opening so you know it just. It just galls me that you know. The interior department is managing all of these different fund. And they're not managing indian health service as adequately as as. It should be no argument there. And i'm not saying like i said i'm not saying that. These other funds aren't aren't aren't people. Aren't you know qualified or shouldn't receive them by all means they should but you know the same breath under a under a tree. Viant trust obligation fund indian. Health service in abundance. There should be no debate. Absolutely no debate. And what year was it twenty. Nineteen the government bailed out coal miner. Pensions ten mill ten billion dollars. That's what was sold out to save coal mine coal mine. Pensions ten billion dollars but the indian health service get shorted and they they they they quibbling in in quail over how much indian health services should be given exactly. There's there's no even application whatsoever again. We we'd speak about two sets of rules in this country constantly and improve it with verifiably with with examples like that and it still doesn't seem to change the behavior right now not at all. I'm like i'll share these these links and the show or show chat because it's important and it it all plays into you know why these people are beating up and demanding that she do this and do that. I'm gonna circle back to mention. Actually even though. I didn't really have him originally scheduled Not in the rundown. But i just quickly edited a piece because There's a price to pay for votes in like. I said i'll come back to that in a moment so back to barosso's opening remarks and again For those that just joined us and everything barosso is the ranking member or the second in command of this particular committee that's overseeing the confirmation hearings of deb holland and so senator barrosso who was from wyoming then transitioned into the first aspect of what republicans are truly so bent out of shape about energy and who will control the future of its production. Here we go. This is short. I'm sorry why did i lose. I've lost my audio for some reason on guys. It's probably has something to do with the cut just made Let's see let's see. Yes sorry guys. All right we get back. We did what is going on. I guess that's my brother. It's my turn to have some weird stuff happen. Hang on audio. Pack over wow. I mean to stop the whole show like this Pity okay so that was there now. Let me flip it back back to the board all right now. We're having all kinds of technical problems. Guys i'm so sorry. I'm not sure what's happening here. All right you. What brother are you there. Dave muscle unless oh okay here we go okay. I'm having a having a problem with my Outs my turn having a problem. Because i i edit it something which was stupid in the middle of the show. Also i to have to restart. I think on the system. So why don't if you don't mind. Why don't you jump ahead to other news for us if now sure and i'll get this. Thanks guys. sorry. All righty so in other news before i do that. Those those links that i shared in the chat room will. They'll they'll pr on the show notes as well but go take a look. There's there's so much that you know voters are left in the dark about. And i'm sure you know if they were given the straight scoop. They could find out about a lot of these things but a lot of times. Voters have no idea how many how many of you knew that. The black lung was a fund paid by the The interior department or partially funded by the interior department. So you know. There's just so so many things that voters left in the dark about the voters should know about so there. You go something to research but ahead jumping into in other news. It's seems that like say if if we needed to get results from something we have to apply pressure and that should never have to be the case and this article is is an example of some of that directive steady pressure diplomatically. Mind you but the nc response to hollan helen holland opposition urging her immediate confirmation as interior secretary and this was written by gina coons. Gm pronounced that right for native news online on wednesday the national congress of american indians and this was written february the eleventh convened an emergency meeting resulting in its public urging for the immediate confirmation of congresswoman deb holland to secondary of the department of the interior amid a growing chorus of pushback from republican senators. And a lot of and again. A lot of that. Pushback came from senators on the senate. the cynic committee the committee. Excuse me for indian affairs. Go figure that out. That's where a lot of the pushback came from senators who sit on the committee for indian affairs quoting department. The us department of the interior carries a broad range of responsibilities including the management of public lands water resources minerals wildlife management and cultural heritage preservation. And that last phrase cultural heritage preservation is important additionally it is charged and entrusted with upholding. The federal trust entreaty responsibilities. Of the five hundred. Seventy four tribal nations and more than five point. Two million american indians and alaskan natives. So that whole thing was important and if you think back about The article that we read on oak flat. It falls within that purview. As well as a result of these unique few dishes area entrust obligation to tribal nations. It is time that the ranks of the interiors leaders finally include a voice from the community. Who's day to day. Lives it impacts the most in quote holland congresswoman from new mexico and a citizen of laguna pueblo was nominated by president biden to leave the interior department in december but a growing number of republican house members have joined in opposition to the nomination citing concerns that holland. It's too radical which we heard before and some of the comments made by some of the panel members but in its emergency meeting with tribal nations on the eleventh. Ncaa president fun. Sharp cornell indian nation said that organization is aiming to educate lawmakers in and the general public. About holland's bipartisan record quoting. I'm very confident that deb holland would look to the best possible public policies in a way to manage our resources that honor public trust. That will heed the advice and recommendations of subject matter experts and make decisions that are objective fair and ultimately designed with an eye to preserving our natural landscape for many generations to come in quote. Sharp told native news online. So you see. Ncaa i has has had has found itself having to apply some of that steady direct pressure on congress and the panel that would service the confirmation or non confirmation of Senator holland so. Let's hope that she gets nominated. Let's hope that she gets the support that she needs from a majority of congress and like like we've said you know sometimes you have to apply pressure to get where you need to be and get results on things that you need results on. And it's sad. When pressure is the only thing that will solicit a response and if that be the case then directing stated pressure is called for absolutely indeed each and every time. and if that's the has to be the case then so be it all right. You're back for yes. Sorry guys it was like yeah and the rest of the article will be in the show notes software. Faux pas usual brother. Even max canal problems. That's true but that's true. It's tech but not anywhere near as many as windows. So i was i was. I was waiting for the rest of that. And thank you for that. Actually it was great reinforcement off of Pretty much where we were at so absolutely r right so That's hey it's why that's that's what we do. So all right. So as a as i originally was trying to let you guys know that again barossa transitioned into an aspect of really honestly what republicans are all pissed off about right. It has to do with the future of energy production from their their point of view. And so here was. Here was barosso's starting point on that discussion. The secretaries most critical functions is to oversee the development of traditional renewable energy supplies on public lands. And waters in wyoming. We're proud to be america's leading producer of coal uranium trona bent night wyoming ranks number one in federal production of natural gas and number two in the federal oil production. Almost fifty percent of wyoming surface area and sixty nine percent of wyoming's minerals are owned by the federal government. The collective size of the surface area owned by the federal government in wyoming is mr chairman larger than the entire state of west virginia. That was that was for information. Alaskan here in a moment. I'm in trouble right now. All right now that laugh you just heard our white male senators who are really heavily subsidized by oil and gas lobbyists money. Only they laugh at stupid jokes like that. Yeah that's very true. okay. I'm going to have to do a little research. I'd mentioned something about the The the the indian affairs committee indian affairs committee. I don't know how many natives are actually on that committee. I don't that's up my head either. But that's something. I will find out about but you know listening to them. That cackle about brussels joke you made me think that there's there's no natives that i know of on the committee and some of those committee members are sitting there cackling at brussels joke that are on the indian affairs committee. But i digress So okay so you heard barosso mentioned Some of the industry's you supposedly concerned about. He mentioned the production of for example trona. What is brother. It's used for a lot of stuff like glass and nanking agent in baking soda. I'm impressed yes but for everybody else. Here's what toronto is. Join me on a journey as we discover soda ash from the ground up. My name is selena downs in this series all the exploring white granular substance. That's been with us for more than five thousand years yet. Most of us very little about its use to clean. Our air even helps to sweden. It's used to manufacture the gloss in our buildings and the bottles we drink from as well as keeping our houses clean and this chemical is also playing a key role in the new wave of mobility. It's used in the batteries that power today. Symmetric vehicles like this one. It's also being used to minimize air pollution from our local shipping industry by drastically reducing sulphur. Emissions this is a story of manufacturing prowess on a global scale. This is the story of sodium carbonate known as soda ash. But what exactly is it. And where does it come from to find more come to the british geological survey based in nottingham here in the heart of the uk. I'm surrounded by some two hundred thousand rock specimens and four and a half million fossils and off to meet andrew blood worth the science director. Sarah andrew what is soda ash soda. Russian chemically in sodium carbonate is derived from mineral. Trona used in all sorts of things that we use every day everything from glass detergent pharmaceuticals to food. It depends on the economy. The ancient egyptians were the first people to use soda ash. They found deposits of trona out in the desert and they use that for making gloss like we do but we also used it for preserving mummies summation civilization made it from plum osh so certain plants that grow particularly in salty areas like marshes if you burn them the ashes quite sodium richard hence the term soda rush produced today in two ways. One is to a chemical process and the product that comes out of that as like synthetics direction and the other is by mining trona. Let's explore further the story of natural soda ash to find out more about how it is produced on crossing the atlantic to the big planes wyoming in the us because as well as its famed yellowstone national park by naming has a hidden secret underneath these planes. It is head deep within the green river. Basin with crystal structure of trona can be found in the lead evaporate deposits underground some eight hundred feet beneath me. Ladies boss natural deposits that were formed some sixty six million years ago. It's the reason why yeoman is called the soda ash capital of the world. I want to get a closer look. So i'm meeting with my manager. Wendy strobe to find out about conventional mining in wyoming where we just descended down our service voice about eight hundred and fifty feet. This area is the oldest area in the mine was constructed. Nineteen sixty two with conventional drill blast so the miners would have rolled out around. They would have used a cutting machine around the perimeter and loaded it with explosives and then blasted it out. And how does it stretch so innocent tired if you were to go east and west. Approximately five miles and north and south. It's proximate ten miles. And why do you find so interesting. It takes a lot of different people to do the planning and execution to actually produce the trona and get onto the surface. So i think that it's it's really good to see from front to back the entire process. Assassinates me for the past. Four years this mine has been run by jenner. It produces two and a half million tons of soda ash each year. I'm off to meet with. Ceo president ozark him to find out more. They're not many natural soda ash resources around the world this location. We're sitting on actually the ninety percent of the world resources located here. This is a two point. Five million metric tonne production facility with great ambition with growth. Also two thousand twenty five. We are adding five million tons of soda ash production about forty miles south of where we located today with two new facilities. So how long will the to. Last there is over one hundred years of resources available on that new project without considering any expansion around i think responsible mining and you utilizing the resources effectively is a key. Tell me about your workforce people you employ. We have the most productive workforce over in the green river. We have four hundred and forty four employees located right here in this location and we have forty four additional over at the headquarters. We just become a huge family or continues to grow. So that's toronto. And the king barosso sitting on top of the largest deposit in the world. So i'll give them that. A lot of things are made. Our that is dave said as you just heard in the piece which was produced by the way by bloomberg news and the host there was selena downs The other thing you mentioned was bent night ben tonight. His brother one for to now been tonight is actually a clay. That's where it is due purdue. Ding ding ding. Good thank you ooh. What is the purpose of drilling. Fluid claim the bottom of the whole to coal clean and lubricate the drill bit to maintain the walls of the whole transport cuttings to the surface and to prevent entry of formation fluids into the well bore water based mud consists of three parts or phases as mud. Engineers like to say. I is the water. Phase second is the active solid and third is the inactive or inert solid. What do we mean by active and inert while active. We mean that the solids respond or react when they contact chemicals here for example ben tonight. Clay and active solid has been put in a bigger of water which is a chemical by the way so dave get surprise. It's used for a lot of lot of different things matt. It has a medical benefit as well. S- correct. I saw that as well. Yeah okay so yeah. It's it's it's been around a long long time. And you know here's my thing on mining i'm not opposed to mining but do it responsibly. Clean up after yourself. If you abandon a mind. Fill the mine in with materials that you were going to discard and in the ocean. Put it in these minds you know like slag from you know smelt smelting process. Put it in the mine. Fill up the hole that you left in the earth. Just don't leave a gaping cavity. That does it. it's not going to benefit. It's only gonna cost problems. Do something about it but mine responsibly responsibly. You don't have to tear up sacred sites people's homes or you don't have to do anything like that you don't have to kill countless number of animals and restrict gracious all of. That's not necessary. It's not necessary mine responsibly. But in the case of ben tonight senator brosseau is worried that somehow the appointment of dab howland will magically make the production of ben tonight clay. Which as you heard is used to cool off. Drill bit heads will disappear drill. Bit heads are the key pieces of equipment used in oil and gas extraction production ding ding dang so to complete deconstruction of committee minority leaders opening remarks. We're not gonna turn to republicans next key argument against the appointment talent or her nomination and that is jobs and the economy. This'll be a little bit longer. So the about five and a half minutes. Let's see or dude. I have the wrong. Oh i am. i'm sorry. I have to add a clip guys. I'm blowing it today. God i got to tell you no problem relying it. It's it's been a a non tech day just not working like it should and also rust or something man all right so actually this not five minutes three minutes so higa. Energy production on public land creates good paying jobs. It provides tremendous revenue for state in wyoming energy and mineral activity on department of interior land. Had a seventeen point. Three billion dollar economic impact for fiscal year two thousand and nineteen and supported over fifty seven thousand jobs for years. The state of wyoming has collected over a billion dollars annually in royalties and taxes from oil. Gas and coal produced on federal lands within our within our borders and wyoming isn't the only state that benefits from energy production on public lands in representative holland's home state of new mexico. Energy and mineral activity on department of interior lands contributed twenty one billion dollars in fiscal year two thousand nineteen new mexico's collected on an annual basis over a billion dollars in royalties and taxes from oil and gas produced on federal lands. Within its border. We shouldn't undermine america's energy production and we should not hurt our own economy yet that's precisely what the biden administration is doing by signing an executive order to ban all new oil coal gas leases on federal lands. The president is taking a sledgehammer to western states. Economies aban on federal leasing could result in thirty three thousand workers. Losing their jobs in wyoming in representative holland's home state of wyoming sixty two thousand workers stand to lose their jobs are states will also hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue that is used for essential services including hundreds of millions of dollars in funding of k. To twelve public education the biden administration's moratorium robs our children of their vital education funding and the senate agrees on february fourth. The senate voted ninety. Eight to two for my amendment in an effort to restore the hundreds of millions of education dollars that will be lost to biden administration policies in his first month in office. President biden has declared war on american energy. He's crushed jobs and threatened vital education funds for our children representative hollins past statements. So she agrees with this strategy in may of twenty nineteen representative holland said unequivocally in an interview with the guardian newspaper she quote. I am wholeheartedly against fracking drilling on public lands on her campaign website representative and said we need to quote keep fossil fuels in the ground and then went on to say. I pledge to vote. Against all new fossil fuel infrastructure close quote representative holland's positions are squarely at odds with the mission of the department of interior. That mission includes managing our nation's oil gas and coal resources in a responsible manner not eliminating access to them. I'm willing to work with representative holland. And the biden administration to conserve our national parks and monuments to uphold our nation's trust responsibilities and to protect multiple use of our public lands representative holland in tennessee. Us the department of interior to crush the economy of wyoming and other western states than i'm going to oppose the nomination. Today's hearings gives us an opportunity to hear directly from congresswoman holland and to get more clarity regarding her views and vision for the department of interior. Thank you mr chairman. I look forward to her testimony. Thanks in abruzzo all right. So here's where the fun begins so let's breakdown some of those statements and also as nine twenty nine nineteen member of the indian affairs committee. Okay i senator. Brosseau stated that wyoming has a positive seventeen billion dollar economic impact on what he called quote department of the interior lands. Close quote those lands. He didn't really define beyond simply being in the state of wyoming. He stated that the biden administration and deb jalan are seeking to quote hurt energy production close quote and also quote undermine our economy close quote so we focused on his state of wyoming. Took a look at one of the largest revenue producers their oil and gas jobs and the economic impacts. Okay so in two thousand eighteen. The oil and gas industry in the state of wyoming employed eighteen. Thousand two hundred seventy three people with an average annual wage of fifty six thousand nine hundred and sixty two years paying total into it just over one billion dollars in twenty nineteen. It went up number of people employed nineteen thousand. Four hundred and sixteen average annual. Wage was fifty seven thousand. Nearly fifty eight thousand dollars and total wages was paid about one point one billion dollars now. Those figures from the petroleum association of wyoming. Okay when we look at historic revenues in senator brazos state during the obama biden administration in two thousand fourteen to twenty fifteen the revenues from oil and gas production. Were ready two billion dollars in two thousand sixteen to twenty one thousand nine hundred. During the republican republic can trump administration wyoming revenues from oil and gas. Were down as of twenty nineteen reported revenue. Would one point six seven billion dollars. So despite trump and republicans claiming a strong economy prior to the pandemic oil and gas production in the state was down under republican control. But we didn't stop there. In our last example we used pro appro industry source. So what if we look at a source that looked at the impact of alternative energy on the state of wyoming in an article by high country. News jane hugh took a look at the wind energy sector in that state. The tight over article is new. Wind projects power budgets in wyoming as the pandemic hit the fossil fuel industry renewable energy projects filled community coffers. Those the title. So here's what she said. When covid nineteen pandemic hit robin lachmann feared the worst for her. Town of cheyenne wyoming. As the city's treasurer she estimated that it might lose up to twenty five percent of its budget in tax revenues stalled and Stalled than the prices of oil and gas and coal tanked eliminating money. The city typically received from the state as royalties from the extractive energy industry. So the city did hardwork laying off eighteen employees and cutting funds for travel in training and then surprising thing happened. The huge deficit never arrived in fact over the summer. The city brought in more tax revenue than the year before so again twenty eighteen to twenty nineteen july and september. Shy cheyenne wyoming. Saw a twenty point five percent increase in tax revenue compared to twenty nineteen in. I'm sorry that so. That's twenty twenty in september alone. The increase was staggering three percent or one point four million dollars quote. I was shocked when i saw it said lachmann. She feared the good news was a mistake. So she called the wyoming department of revenue to confirm the numbers quote. The tax reported was legitimate and was due to the roundhouse wind project said lachmann referring to an energy development project. West of the city throughout wyoming county typically depend on industries like coal oil and gas drilling mining tourism and recreation to bring in the taxes necessary to pay for education community programs and infrastructures. That sound familiar. Oh yeah that was barroso right. Overall economic activity is down. Statewide sales and use taxes shrunk six six percent over the last year but revenues from mining quarrying and oil and gas extraction are down nearly twice that okay so hold. Let's read that part again. Revenues from mining quarrying and oil and gas extraction are down nearly twice that again all of twenty nineteen through and into the pandemic of twenty twenty. The economy was all on. Trump's republican. watch wasn't it. But what the wyoming petroleum association reported revenues were strong and up from twenty eighteen to that timeframe. Someone is lying. Your i would think so. But i trust numbers and i and reported wyoming state. Revenue should be reliable revenue coming from alternative energy saving wyoming economy but barosso said deb and under president biden's direction we'll destroy the wyoming economy. Right so barossa lied during his opening statements. Yip not only that he set the stage for what can only be described as a huge hit. Job orchestrated against congressman. Deb howland by some of the biggest political a holes. The american system has to offer. You wanna know some more hypocrisy about that whole thing brother. I don't i don't remember hearing one thing about what the interior can do to help native tribes coming out of any of those republican mouths. Not one thing. I in fact i in fact it's the complete author so let me move on in it is you'll you guys will understand very very quickly so again brosseau. But let's move onto other people for this. We're going to start with senator lankford from oklahoma who question congresswoman helen on oil and gas leasing programs on tribal lands versus federal lands. Here's what he had to say. Central langford ex-chairman reserve Thanks for being here and for the dialogue. i'm sure you're very aware last week Across much of the mid west we had very extreme cold temperatures that We had a test in the southwest power pool while there was a lot of national attention on texas in the long shutdowns. There we had issues as well Are wind towers froze up In fact for several days in the southwest powerful we were actually running more diesel power than we were wind power which is not uncommon frustration. Forty percent of our power by wind. Power we had a A real pool on oliver solar panels. Obviously there were covered in snow at the time or very cloudy days. And so we had. We had quite a challenge on just being able to maintain power when we were negative fourteen degrees so the issues about power and reliability and resilience matter to us because we wanna make sure that we don't lose access so while jobs matter and those are extremely important it matters every single consumer the cost of energy the availability of energy in the diversity of energy So we are truly all the above state as you. And i've talked about before we haven't we have more renewables in oklahoma that we use in our power than new mexico's We are significant and our use of renewables and an appreciate those But we have some real challenges that we wanna make sure that we pay attention to so. Let me real down a few issues because some of your past statements and and want to get a few things just in conversation. The osage nation in the on stage mineral council They they have a lot of oil and gas development in their trouble. Areas had a challenge in fact we asked him about it. They said they've had seven years of devastation. Brought on by onerous regulations restricting access on their oil and gas while records and then the fish and wildlife coming in and adding environmental impact statements. That were entirely new to them. It's a significant portion of the income for the tribe and it's significant to the state as. Well what would be your standards on oil and gas development mineral development and tribal areas. Thank you for that question. Senator and i Your comment about oklahoma. Having more renewal was in new mexico. I don't know about senator heinrich but that sounds like a challenge to me. So perhaps we can work on that. Senator with respect to the pause on leases. I know that it's it's just on public. Lands not on tribal lands and so tribes should continue to move forward with with their operations. Do you assume that the rules would be different for tribal lands as they would be on federal lands in the days ahead because as you make recommendations. You've made some pretty bold statements in the past. Say no fracking no pipelines. I mean some the statement you made in the past and make recommendations to the biden team. And you've said several times you'll follow prison biden's direction but obviously the secretary of interior making recommendations them sitting at the table as well. Would you recommendations be different for tribal land development and they would be for federal land development. Senator i want to. I assure you that. If i'm confirmed secretary that is a far different role than It is for a congresswoman representing one small district in my state. So i understand that role. It's to serve all americans not just my one district in new mexico. I i. Of course. I can't answer fully those questions at the moment i am. I am not there yet. If i am confirmed to secretary i will absolutely take all these issues into consideration and and of course look forward to consulting with you but would your recommendations be that there would be unique. Difference between tribal management of their mineral rights and oil and gas development fracking. all of those things pipelines than there would be on federal land on senator. I would be happy to to look at the issue to to study it. Then if i'm confirmed and and and speak with you. This is a map of one of the units rolling gas area and it doesn't matter the state but it shows the puzzle here for a second every one of the republicans brought easels maps charts. You name it. Every one of them have their staff running in through doors behind them bringing in their lovely little foam core pieces to supposedly illustrate their points. Just wanted to point that out because you can't see it on audio podcast. The the complexity of this for many of these leases that come up a portion of the land would be in this case. it's Area that is tribal land is what you see in the tan here. And then in the salmon color it's recording engineers managed But that's still has be olym- oil and gas leases on it so the challenge becomes there's different sets of rules When they go through this process What i'm trying to get at is this is a common look As you go through the different pieces are there that anytime they start to do. Any kind of unit a development they could complexity on what the rules are going to be. The rules are different in each of these areas. If you change that air from travel lane to private land that even changes in more so means ask a question permeating wise. Would you look at this type of map into say permits. Not just the least but the permits would be different if the federal lands had a moratorium on them could they still develop the private lands. Could they still develop the tribal lands. That are literally right next to the federal land. I understand i. it's a. It's a concert of a complicated issue. So but that's what the real world looks like. Yeah yes. I understand what you're saying and i would be happy to take a look at those be briefed understand the issue far better and work with you. If if there's issues in your state thank you look forward to a second round all right so here. I'm going to insert a couple of points in and then Completely disrupt what he just said. Langford is one of the republicans that continued to advocate that the election was stolen from donald trump while the capitol was still under attack very clear he was still before they evacuated everyone from the chambers. He was still party to and with one of the signatories of that resistance. Just wanted to point that out. Now analysis of langford exchange with deb here is very easy. It's obvious he attempted to use the plight of another indian tribe against deb as an indigenous woman herself. But this is what these modern republican pukes he tried. He tried to tie a restriction. The biden administration put on the bulk of the oil and gas industry to try to show how that hurt an indian tribe in this case the osage nation. We're who are located in langford state of oklahoma. He's originally from dallas by the way. And i always chuckling at cliffs remark and chatty said well oklahoma and texas. Can you spell winter maintenance. But here's what osage minerals council stated in their press release quote in the first two weeks of the new biden harris administration. Federal officials issued several executive actions and statements related to tribal sovereignty tribal consultation and climate change in light of these actions and statements the osage minerals council calls upon the biden administration to continue to listen to the voices of tribal officials from tribes that rely upon conventional energy production like the osage nation to develop their tribal economies on january twentieth. Two thousand twenty one acting secretary of the interior scottdale vega issued secretarial number. Thirty three ninety five which suspended the delegated authority of regional and local interior officials from making certain decisions related to fossil fuels for sixty days under the secretarial order. Interior officials are prohibited from issuing any fossil fuel authorization including approval of leases and permits to drill. Now jalan explain this to langford reading head on january twenty fifth after hearing from many tribal leaders including the osage minerals council. The department clarified that. The secretarial order does not apply to tribal and individual indian lands quote. We are thankful that the federal officials listen to us and quickly clarified. This order said osage minerals council chairman andrew gates quote and while we are encouraged by the administration's quick response to remedy the concerns of tribal leaders about fossil fuel. Authorizations the osage minerals councils committed to developing a strong relationship with secretary nominee deb halland and other interior officials to ensure the interior fulfils its obligations under the nineteen o. Six was sage allotment act when other mineral development issues arise link for. Didn't say that when he pulls the questions. That congressman helen diddy. Nope lankford also tried to position his questioning about different rules around drilling right implying that it's unfair that tribes get to drill while others don't and the quote others close quote that he was referring to is of course largely white owned oil and gas corporations. The truth is yes. Because of this country's history of abuse and human rights violations against indigenous peoples a series of federal laws which indigenous people have fought for and are designed to tribes and our governments. Are they perfect. No but they cannot be ignored or destroyed not by langford or the white supremacy republican elite. The federal government. I would suggest that senator lankford review the following federal law enforcement through the bureau of indian affairs and the bureau of land management. Because they worked together on these issues so that statement you just made just seconds ago shows. How much of shows how much hypocrisy there is in that panel because langford barosso and makovsky are on the indian affairs committee. They know this stuff already. They already know this absolutely now. I mentioned a moment ago. And i did this deliberately. That they bring in charts which means they've got staff doing supposedly all the research. But you didn't hear link for quote this. The following some of the laws and regulations for the oil and gas leasing and development on tribal lands. This comes directly from the bureau of land management. Mineral leasing on tribal lands is governed by indian mineral leasing act of nineteen thirty eight And the indian mineral development act of nineteen eighty two indian tribal energy development and self determination act of two thousand and five as amended. And then there's links era says regulations for indian energy and minerals can be found here but he didn't mention any of those in his statements. Now did he know so to end this segment on the republican hit. Job on congressman. Deb howland here's a montage of additional questions posed by her by by senate republicans. Okay i tried to keep this short but it's not so short. It's about thirteen minutes. It's letting you guys know. This is who she was before science Do you know what the recovery criteria are for the grizzly bear in the greater yellowstone ecosystem specifically. No sir so the the the answer is five hundred bears and would you know how many bears we currently have in the nickel system. I do not so the most conservative estimate is seven hundred twenty well above the recovery. Target many estimate it's closer to a thousand bears well above the recovery criteria well above carrying capacity yet on may seventh two thousand nineteen you cosponsored legislation that provided federal protections for the grizzly bear in perpetuity forever. Why would you sponsor a bill like that when the science tells us the bear. Numbers are well above the recovery targets. I imagine at the time i was. I was carrying about the bears. And why don't you believe. The grizzly management should return back to the states. Wants to recovery. Targets are met well i. I'm not saying that it shouldn't be returned back to the states. But that's what you your legislation. Cosponsored said is he would keep it in federal protections forever in perpetuity. Well i i would be happy to take a look at the issue senator if if if i can help with that issue of course i love to speak with you more about it as secretary you will get to have it your way. Will you recommend extending the leasing moratorium. And how do you justify this. Moratorium with the requirements of the federal law under the men releasing act senator. It's my understanding that it is a pause on just new leases not existing of valid leases. And if i'm confirmed as secretary it is president biden's agenda not my own agenda that i would be moving forward and appreciate your advice on this issue congresswoman holland. Thank you enjoyed visit. Your personal story is compelling and one thing we spoke of or those families such as yours and frankly such as mayan growing up whose parents were able to have a better living because of some in louisiana on many of those better livings are related to oil and gas industry pipelines etc. And we understand that if if there's kind of a campaign against them there's many families which will have a less bright future so that said let me first ask. Do you agree. With president biden's executive order to stop the keystone xl pipeline knowing that eleven thousand current or future jobs are eliminated because of so in the case of the jakoda access pipeline. Which would say he has more than you were. There and protested the pipeline. Are you still opposed to that senator. I yes i did go to Stand with the water protectors during that several years back. I'm the reason i did. That is because i agreed with the tribe that They felt they weren't consulted. In in the best way. I know that tribal consultation is important and and that was the reason i was there. What is your position. The bible in today well senator. I know it's an important issue for you. And i understand that i also Agree that whenever these projects come up that we absolutely should make sure that we are consulting with tribes if in fact these projects do affect their their lands their sacred sites and the like so. I understand i'm sorry. Did you know. Sir i mean i. I am happy to get briefed on on any of these issues. If i'm confirmed. And of course senator i would listen to you and consult with you and and work with you to the best of my ability at my time has expired and i will go to senator brosseau. Thank you very much. Mr chairman representative yesterday when discussing the effects that president biden's ban on oil and gas leasing have had on workers. You stated quote. You said i feel like in the short term. Hopefully their jobs have not been affected. Made that statement. Yesterday their jobs are being affected. Now i have a letter from the northern arapaho business council in wyoming if you're familiar with members of the northern arapaho tribe in wyoming and they are opposing the president's ban on leasing the northern arapaho business council letter states delays in leasing have already already negatively impacted small to mid sized operators the longer the orders remain in place. The more revenue will decline in result in additional blows to our economy. The oil and gas workforce and wyoming's education system. So mr chairman. I ask unanimous consent to enter this letter into the record of the hearing today. Thank you next. I'd asked that my Chart be put up on the screen so you have a chance to see it. I have a copy of it of behind me. You have stated that you are quote wholeheartedly against fracking and drilling on public lands. You have said that quote. We need to keep fossil fuels in the ground. You have also stated that you oppose all fossil fuel infrastructure if confirmed president biden is likely to ask you specifically whether we should extend the ban on oil and gas and coal leasing on federal lands and waters. Now you've said repeatedly the president biden's agenda is your agenda but what this committee wants to know is how will you advise him that. How will you act because you're the principal role of secretary of interior. So so how will you advise him. You encourage the president to extend the sixty day ban on leasing or not thank you ranking member. I appreciate the question. And yes. I will reiterate again. President biden's agenda would be my agenda. If i am confirmed i recognize that roles are different the role of a congresswoman and one district in the country is much different than the role of a secretary who is fighting and working for every single american and all of our public lands across the country. Those are those are those are two different things. I recognize that. I want to make sure that that. If i'm confirmed that we're looking at things and working to strike the right balance. We need to care as much about the environment as we do about the fossil fuel infrastructure in your state and other states. We need to balance those priorities. And i feel that that yes sometimes it might seem like a tricky sort of balancing act. But i think i feel very strongly if we have a mind to protect our public lands for future generations of that will also be able to protect jobs for future generations as well. I very much excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and chairman mansion and i have spoken about this technology opportunities innovative opportunities for workers across this country and i think there are a lot of workers who want to have jobs of the future. And so what i would like to do is just make sure that i am doing everything i can to help. President biden in his bill back better plan to create millions of jobs across. But we'll talk about those workers in their jobs for the future because in two thousand eighteen you campaign on eliminating oil and gas production in new mexico and you were specifically asked how you would make up for the loss of oil and gas royalties which the state uses to fund public schools. And your answer. Was you would vote to legalise cannabis. That was your answer. And that you said if we legalize cannabis and we have a new funding stream for our education system. That will help tremendously. That was your that was your statement. Do you still believe that states should replace oil and gas royalties used for public education with taxes on the sale of of marijuana. Is that your position. Well i think the point of that ranking member was to say that we should diversify our funding streams for education not just rely on one so is selling marijuana. Among what the biden administration calls better choices that the biden administration has promised to give displaced oil and gas workers. Is that the better choice. Marijuana ranking member. i honestly don't know what president biden stances on cannabis but we know what your stances on replacing the revenue from the energy jobs. Jobs that power our economy and the energy that powers our country and your preferences to turn to drugs is what you've recommended to the voters at a time when we know when there's high unemployment and energy workers lose their jobs we've seen it in west. Virginia we've seen it around the country. There's been an opioid crisis in this nation. And yet what i hear from. You is the answer in a better choice. World is marijuana. Thank you mr chairman. I guarantee you guys right after that. The very first thing i did was light went up. Probably there wasn't anything i have to say. Let these fools stand on their own. They're of course was a lot more testimony but by now. I'm sure you can see what deb jalan had to contend with one dimensional single focus questioning by largely corrupt individuals who sought to discredit her in any way possible. Say i'm sorry go ahead. Senator barreau said in that last clip. He sounded completely desperate. We hope deb holland is confirmed. We believe she has a good understanding of the issues and the interior department. She will do her best to bring a balanced approach to policy. You just heard her mention it there regarding the environment. It's something that's been lacking for several years across both political parties and administration's she will provide open and honest advice to the president and consult with all parties. She said that in her responses we also think and hope ending country will be better served with her in that position. So go ahead. Those individuals on the indian affairs committee should not be there between them and non native department heads. A the department of the interior have jointly been running roughshod over tribes for decades. And it's a threat to them to have a native person in there who's going to look out for natives for once so i'm hoping she gets a confirmed. Well it chance go ahead. I was gonna say it's more it's more than just for tribes. Though i know i i understand that. A she very much That was very honest about a balanced approach to the position so incorrect. I heard that and i understand that but if if you will if listeners will think about what the interior department has been doing over the decades like i said the head of the interior department in the fairs committees have not been working on the stuff all individuals. Sorry about that. I don't know what that was neither. They haven't been working at the behest of all individuals they've been running roughshod over indian tribes. Absolutely so that's why. That's why i made the point that deb holland's going to look out for the benefit of indian tribes. Of course she's going to look out for the benefit of everybody else but this time she's going to include indian people are in that mix instead of being excluded in allowing to look in from the outside. And that's what they're afraid of. No question desperate. I called it so you not that we have to but if we look at it from their perspective they're guy trump lost trounced their their beloved capital was stormed by a bunch of white people not people of color white people and now they lost their presidency and now they're about to have a person of color and an indigenous person at that head up one of the most important departments in the in the cabinet quite frankly in my opinion absolutely. Yep go ahead. That department is the gatekeeper for old an untold number of wealth resources. Yep that's why they don't want to relinquish that that position exactly yep so all right so one last thing that you have to mention now like i said we focused squarely on on the republicans in this equation right and they spoke for themselves quite well. You know who they are now for. Sure all right but there was one problem child at least leading up to the hearings and some might even go as far as saying even in today one of the of the of the testimonies because it was over the course of two days and that individual or the democrat. His name is joe mansion. Joe mansion is the chairman of this particular committee that we've been hearing from. He finally made a statement and said that he did intend to vote for deb. Haaland joe mansion is from west. Virginia joe manchin has taken an enormous amount of oil and gas and mining lobbyists money enormous. And so i pulled this this. This clip wasn't originally going to play it but But i decided to do so. And i apologize that this has been so long today. You guys but obviously you can hear. There's there was quite a an credible amount a bs the other. I wanted to play at least for our audience and you know. Feel free to share this episode. If anything is because you're mainstream news media did not cover any of the hearing at all. They covered more merrick. Garland and a couple of others is important as interior secretary cabinet. Post is your corporate in mainstream news. Media couldn't be bothered to cover this and that infuriated me now. Joe mansion as i said takes lobbyists money so on day two. He decided to open up a line of questioning of his own. Deb jalan and it went a little something like this. Thank you senator constantly holland. Yesterday you come into center keen to review the methane waste prevention rule. The methane waste prevention rule. The majority that rule was fired by district court judge last summer and the fact of the matter is far too much methane. That's being emitted. We all know that. In two thousand nineteen oil and gas operations onshore federal lands vented or flared almost seventy five billion cubic feet of methane. That was eighty three percent increase from twenty fifteen levels. This is especially troubling because venting and flaring of methane can be prevented. No that that doesn't happen on private land. So i start asking questions. Why are we wasting this product. Why would any accompany in conscience let that much value. Go up in the air when they could be selling it and putting it in a product line. Their problem was this. We cannot get permits to put in the pipelines to take the methane off property. Because they couldn't get the permits and only thing. I'm saying we've got this resource. We're using this resource. We're going to need an ability to have a permitting. Process is going allow us to take the methane off rather than polluting it because they they've got legal leases. They're working on so anything. I would ask you if you will work with us on finding a pathway forward to make this a reality and not vent seventy five billion. Cubic feet of methane senator. I would be happy to work with you on this issue. I i know that millions of dollars go up every year that could be spent on our public schools. Certainly in new mexico. That's been the case we do need to reduce methane pollution and of course that can create jobs absolutely and and also care for our climate. So i i appreciate that. I think benefiting the tax payers is always a good idea and i would be happy to help find solutions. The main thing is is the permitting process. We're going to need help on. I'm gonna ask you to work with us. On that to make sure that we can get this and not flare not vetted or flair and i think it would be tremendous for the for the environment tremendously helpful I wanna get facts on the record that make sure that we're working from the same page. It is my understanding that the orange gas industry continues to hold twenty six million acres under lease onshore twelve million acres offshore of the nearly fifty three percent of those acres onshore and over seventy seven percent of those offshore are unused and non-producing so they have the leases in hand. They just have never produced him. So i have defended president by saying i want to take a pause. I think we need to look at his inventory and finding out why or what. Their intentions are the leases. They're holding over. Approximately seven thousand seven hundred oil and gas permits are approved but currently unused with these apd's in hand companies have obtained the necessary authorisations. They need and beginning operations at their choosing. We haven't showed anybody down. We're not stopping anybody. And i want people to know that it's also understand that executive action taken by the president. Put the pause the pause on gasoline to allow the new administration to review the leasing program. Which i have asked for also i wanna know. Hot with determination are what determine these leases are how much they're paying for these leases. Why they're holding so many with non productive status and i believe it's prudent conduct a review releasing these products processing and want to work with you. So my question would be well. Any company with existing leases as you understand if they have those existing leases. Were they still be able to apply for the permits or begin operations based on the existing permits have abc's on those existing leases including those that are currently non-producing two thousand as producing thousand. Could i move to my next leases without running into impending in impeding my Process on that from the government agency or department of interior chairman. Thank you so much for the question. It is my now. I'm not at the department yet. So i don't know every single issue however it's my understanding that yes permits are still through. I know that each permit might require something different with respect to how they're reviewing it but it's it is my understanding that they are moving. Those through and and i agree with you that a review is is a good idea and we're going to bring the companies in find out the basically if there's going to be a reach back to where this putting additional regulations that they won't be able to use the leases. They've already obtained legally and gone through the permitting process. We wanna make sure there's a fairness to it. And if we have better ways to basically improve environment in doing that such as pipelines taking methane off no methane flaring things of this sort. But give them a you know some kind of reprieve That there's a possible way of doing everything that we need to do. A may be much healthier for the environment and our climate so with that my time has expired. And i will go to senator brosseau. Thank you very much mr chairman. Okay so the press release that came out about joe manchin saying he was going to nominate or he was going to support the nomination of pailin came remarkably short right after that exchange which means to me. This is just me alone. i don't. I don't know how you feel brother but to me. That was a great example of you. Want my vote. You got to pay for it because notice. How super hyper focused. He was on permitting. I'm going to need your help with this many times. Did he say Okay how's that because permitting lesson. No go ahead. I'm sorry two points on permitting. He was talking about uncommitted leases that were out on the Out to sea as well as dry land now out to sea means two things to me one loyal and gas production in the gulf of mexico and that apparently there are lease areas Which means the ocean floor bottom where they haven't put a rig up yet uncommitted but okay by the federal government for oil and gas production. So i'm reading that correctly joe. Manchin is concerned that they have untapped potential resource yet to be exploited. Second to that is an area. I'm very familiar with and working on a daily basis on as a matter of fact offshore wind energy because you can call projects that haven't been built yet as uncommitted and again he said i'm going to need your help on this okay by my vote and i'll help you out. That's how these people work. Oh of course she should yes them to death and then get in there and go psych. But but you see this is this is where the limitation is in what she can do and the amount of pressure she's going to be under and as some other folks within indian country have stated there like i have said things like will we don't. We don't know what everybody is so excited about deb jalan being in that position in not being a congresswoman anymore. Because she's going to have to Cow tail to these interests. And so when you hear when you hear an exchange like the one that just happened between her and joe manchin you very quickly conceive how easy it is to form that opinion so time will tell It will take time willto. And i want you know one thing i will. I'm sorry go ahead. I'm pretty much on her. Said but you guys know who. I am I put skepticism ahead of of Of even optimal. That's just the way i am. That doesn't mean everyone else's so what mentioned did munching. Whatever his name is. The chairman brought up a good point about methane. And you know. I have to agree with him there. I have to agree with him about the methane. Well that's also. I want you to watch. And this is a recommendation to you guys as well But i i sent sent of the name of a documentary out. There called kiss the ground and deals with methane production and why it's needed for plant growth primarily talks about regenerative agriculture. That's that's really the focus of the film so Look for it on netflixif again. It's called kiss. The ground is narrated by woody. Harrelson the actor but yeah. I think there's a balance that has to be struck between methane release in methane recapturing There's a balance that has to be struck. Me exactly yes. Plants do need methane to some degree as an energy source but we as a nation have just poured literally trillions of gallons. I'm sorry trillions of cubic feet of methane into the atmosphere decade upon decade upon decade. And that is in fact contributing to the greenhouse effect. I mean that's that's been proven you don't time and time and time again. That's a no brainer. Good portion of that at least from the united states perspective is is big agriculture. Big egg get a good portion. Now if the if the the interior department as it's been operating years pass with really concerned about the environment they would have done something about capturing a portion of that. nothing they would have so i. I'm i'm curious to see if the chairman. I can't can't remember the guy's name i just call. Call him. munchkin. I'm i getting away because it's very close to mnuchin right. Was the treasury secretary under. So i'm curious to see if he's going to put his money whereas mouth is in relation to methane and whether or not he will serious when he spoke he has concerns to deb howland about methane. Because that's an un unused energy source period. It can be used to fuel. Plants were energy power. Plants for energy can be used but it's poured into the atmosphere and in in in turn it's caused catastrophic damage to the to the environment doing catastrophic damage capturing methane and reusing it and some of the regenerative ways but especially that's depicted in the film will in fact help reverse climate change. It most certainly will. It will correct it entirely on its own but But that's that's the case they're making their but Right it can be reused in other ways most. Certainly so you know. There's there's no reason why it should not have been looked at as a viable source for energy methane. Coming from a a well is in fact. A natural gas yes yup. It's just another form of a natural gas. They it's it's over the years they used to call it dirty gas and nobody wanted to deal with it. That's why you see the little flames burning on oil wells out in the gulf or little flames burning with. They're not little but looking at a photo. It looks like a little tiny candle flame. The i should say this. Because i'm going to be like everybody's going to think. I'm such an immature something or other but it made me think of it when i saw when i saw house Response and chat he goes. I know where a lot of methane it's coming from and whatever referring to is as children Some of us. I'm saying that generically Used to farts on fire. Some adults still do and some folks used to call it. The internal blue flame. True very true in the name of science me right. Sorry which could lead to internal combustion so we close this out entirely hear the segment for sure this long segment long segment we've ever done. I think Giving any partying words for the republican elite brother. I put myself on the back done pretty good today. You've done exceptionally well. I'm proud of you. Have a special word for bourassa. It'd be a sort of rhymes on a leave it at that rhymes with poll known. So yeah my parting. Words to the republican party is get rid of those elements that are dragging you down to. Hell no doubt and get back in the game of doing. What's right for for people. That's that's my parting words for the republican party. Talking to you as a republican. So you know. Get your head out of your Dark nether world where the eternal flame generates the eternal blue flame. Generates you get your head out of that. Neither nether region. Because you're going to become extinct. Stand with us or step aside That's my message. Beth says and chatted. Have you seen the golden trump statuette cpac. Yes it's been called the golden calf. No i i care not to have no interest in but all right well well. It's time for our old standby segment. Yes it is yes it is. Take them in america I'm trying to remember. Did you have story as well No al safin next saturday. Okay all right. I think this episode will have been quite long enough. yes it is So this'll wrap is up for today but But i i wanted to play. Because i thought it was thought it was rather interesting so during this month of february it's of course black history month right. Cbs news produced a piece that Caught our eye that we feel worthy of this segment It pertains to american history and One serviceman regarded by many As a hero. But because this is america There's a right that needs to be corrected. So here was the piece that cbs produced. As we celebrate black history month we're highlighting one of the first black officers in the army special forces the fame and the courage and valour of retired colonel. Peres davis earned him the respect of his fellow soldiers in vietnam and a nomination for the nation's military combat award. He never received the medal of honor. His file vanished at the height of the civil rights movement. Now nearly fifty six years later senior. Investigative correspondent catherine herridge shows how davis is heroism may finally be recognized nineteen sixty five washington. Antiwar protests raged bloody. Sunday in selma alabama galvanized the civil rights movement and in vietnam. Then army captain peres. Davis broke barriers on the battlefield. Or you one of the first black officers in the green berets. Yes i would. How did that work. Well because you can call me. Captain davis but you can call me and it and it did happen northeast of saigon near bunk song. June nine hundred and sixty five davis lead and nearly nineteen our rate were stacking bodies the way you do kangaroos in a grocery store hit by a grenade and gunfire davis would not leave behind americans. Billy want and robert brown. Both gravely injured brown had been shot. I could actually see his His brain pulsating. It was that big and he said. Am i gonna die and i said not before me. Were you ever told to leave. Well twice as davis first revealed in nineteen. Sixty-nine to an up and coming local tv host phil donahue or told him sarah. I'm just not gonna leave. I still have an american out there. And what did he say. He told me to to move out and just disobeyed the orders thereby davis aside ron dice now. The team's youngest survivor. Kevin davis refused and said no. I'm not leaving while. I'm not leaving out off the field. General westmoreland who led. us forces in vietnam visited davis outpost and his commander. Billy cole recommended davis for the medal of honor. And then somehow the paperwork vanished in vietnam. A nineteen sixty nine military review did not reveal any file on davis. What makes the pierce davis case. Stand out that it was lost. Everybody i've talked to that served under him. Says he's the best officer they've ever served under. What really stands out to me. Neil thorne volunteers time to recover. Metals for overlook saturn's. How common is it for medal of honor paperwork to be lost or destroyed very uncommon. There would have been multiple copies in nineteen sixty nine. The army was ordered to submit new paperwork. Asep for davis. In for a second time there is no evidence. A medal of honor file was created in one. Thousand nine hundred. Eighty one statement. billy walk. Whom davis carried on his shoulders to safety wrote. I only have to close my eyes to vividly recall the gallantry of this individual over the years davis teammates also lobby congress but each time. The process stalled. Do you think race was a factor. I don't think i know race. Was a factor of questions. Says he experienced. During his twenty three years in the army he recalls an encounter with another pilot he rescued will on a different mission. I saw him. At ford greg. With his wife and his skid. They saw me. He went on the other side of the street so to speak if that had been white guy going over and hugged him. That's racism eight percent of medal of honor recipients for vietnam. Were black now is he. Approaches his eighty second birthday. There is new momentum to recognize davis. Were all trying to right or wrong. The army isn't commenting an expedited. Review of davis's lost nomination is due next week. The final call rest with the defense secretary and president biden. Mo- would it mean to you. It would mean all the things that i haven't been able to dream about for cbs. This morning catherine herridge strasburg. Virginia catherine herridge. i'm speechless. thank you so much for bringing us that story. Talk about writing a wrong. Well how about riding a wrong and where you have people in his own commandment said i wouldn't be here if it not for him. Yes and actually brought to tears recalling the the the episode of make that right you're watching. Cbs this morning. We'll be right back. Yeah i agree. You know i it's yet again. Another example we have we have we have example example after example like this ending country to where you know country puts blinders on when it comes to people of color in their contributions being in war or whatever right very true i hope he i hope he gets his mantle of honor that he so justly as as earned this government. I tell you this. Government has has crapped on almost said it. This government has crapped on so many of its service members. That i can't i can't i can't give us your your give us your body to abuse as we as we see fit and don't complain you know it's only part of the game we'll take care of you after we've we've used due to the extent that we can even that's a lie. Well you know relevant to the military okay in for our indigenous communities as well We looked at Joining the military as a means to support our families despite the cost that could very well take on us. Meaning the call the ultimate sacrifice right. And i'm not trying to diminish that but that's what we're talking about we're talking about someone interests a service to feed their families and Someone may not never see their mother or father again. Depending on who by and large and at that time of but at that time it was mostly men enlisted but you know women in less to and now go to combat and so you know that's a risk we have this for indian country. We have this Documentation of you know of are people going you know into the military to quote unquote defend the country that crops on them as you said In this for us this goes back into other industries as well. Such as whaling might people were you know To provide for families got wailing vessel. And sometimes they don't come back so this is what we refer to and we're talking about. The country owes a lot to absolutely absolutely but in the case of the military a lot of military people period. Forget you know regardless of their their white or any other color but by in large people of color in those positions or forgotten about has that story points out. So i hope like dave said i hope i hope he does get the recognition that that he deserves. Now there's another recognition. I want to talk about because it's bothering me. And it shouldn't and there's other indigenous people that don't hold this point of view either. And i respect them for their position. How is it that corporate mainstream news media can dedicate A segment almost every day for a whole month to celebrate black history month. But they won't do that in november for native american heritage month. I don't know if you guys noticed that if you've ever seen programming on television during a month dedicated to you know recognize something accomplishment or or people in history. You don't say anything about native people. I saw something in it. Shocked crap out of me on the history channel remember when it was not during november. But they actually did a focus piece on a novel woman It wasn't a part of show it was it was an actual spot. Somebody bought so. Why can't these news outlets. Do this do the same thing for for other groups. Same thing with asian americans by the way. Asian are are starting to get some notice because they're being attacked now because white america thinks it's it's their heritage fault that were in corona virus in fact this morning. Cbs did they did a follow up on a story. They did a gentleman who had been able to keep his restaurant going in new york city. But the guy actually wrote back to the network and said hey just wanna let you guys nose sort of as a follow up you know. I have to close the restaurant early because my staff is being attacked. The i remember that that was this morning. There was another story that i remember where that same exact thing happened. They had to close early for that. Very same. reason is being attacked by tree. You guys live in some of you. That listen to this show so called americans that claim. They're all excited about the melting pot. They call it. We want people to come here but then we want to be able to discern who. We really like a who really don't. That's the truth of america. People can denied all they want and they can call me whatever but it's as plain as the nose on everyone's face so i don't know i just i would just like to see some things change and you know change from the heart where people really truly mean it. Not not just some something. That's that sounds good. I get a pipe. I got support. Black lives matter. you know. because it's they look at it more as a trend as opposed to you know. Look we really need to make change. Police departments are a problem in this country. Oh yes you know what i mean. It's not a mean. It's an identified problem that needs to be solved tons of them. Are people willing to do it. And that's you know. That's what i'm particularly sensitive to. So what right i'll end on that but Sorry fort it being somewhat of a downer episode but the same time it's reality guys it is reality so You know now like like my father always tells me okay. You've you've you've identified the problem you've complained about the problem now. What he doing about the problem. So that's incumbent upon all of us so all right so as i play us out. Thank you guys again for hanging with us for another saturday. If you want to comment on anything you've heard in this past episodes you can email us hosts with an s. hosts that native opinion dot com. We will we will share the feedback that we've received over the last couple of weeks of sorry we weren't able to get to it today but obviously as you can see we had a long segment so my name is michael. Kicking baron from the mashantucket pequot tribal nation here in the state of connecticut. And the guy with air force. He is david gray. Al citizen of the cherokee tribe of alabama. Thank you for being with us and be safe out there. Where your mask. Yes shots or not. Wear your masks exactly. I do too maderno shots. And i'm still scared. I'm just being real just being honest. I'm i'm still scared. So all right you guys have a great one. Thanks again and say because all you'll hear from dave on wednesday absolutely. Don't go i guess be well take care gear bye-bye.

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