The Conspiracy Farm Ep. 106 911, Epstein & More with Ryan Dawson


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I'm really stoked about this episode today. Man a returning guest multiple time returning guests the guys everybody knows like one of the dope is researchers in authors. There's that I've really seen on so many different subject of history not just nine eleven and geopolitics guys is quite the savant in a very productive way and There's a lot we're. GonNa talk about today. It Amen obviously with when I post this will be nine eleven but we're recording on the tenth. We're GONNA talk a little nine. Eleven rob is GonNa talk a little Jeff F. C. and a little bit of everything so joining us today he he's the host of the ANC report and just a good friend of the show man great guy. He's a tribesman inch Ruth Ryan Dawson. What's up Rutta that was it's a nice show. I got him mentioned that Doreen Slam North Carolina is the island where I'm from hit pretty hard by that. Florida always takes the news but little places. This is the always get ignored ocracoke in roanoke. Hatteras island hit pretty hard. They're all parts of the United States by the way and we often it. Don't get don't get mentioned on TV but a lot of history down there. I had our family had some damage too so but this is still a great day eight because John got fire. John Bolton got fired ladies and gentleman and I don't know I know you know whoever does or doesn't drink that's fine but I have a little shot of some Jack Dinners right here that I am throwing back four the removal of the war mongering piece of Shad John Bolton. NSA Director was fired today he is in the Unemployment Line Salad Ladies and gentlemen. NSA adviser he not anymore. I that's the first thing I tweeted till MSA bulletin. Why do you have national security advisor. is your title. You're not a national security adviser. You got fired writes. He needs to change his twitter. Now it is hilarious. I mean we we've known that do yeah. We've known him to be a bad guy for a very long time and honestly you know we can talk about. I saw some you know I post something about it today and someone someone posted if he was so bad why did trump hiring in the first place in. Pat Has an interesting philosophy on that kind of keeping your friends close and enemies closer type thing. He wanted to keep an eye on the bad guys. What are your thoughts. I paid for it as why there we go so each other not on the same day he gave a part in the Lewis Libby so now and then trump trump will put stack the table opposite sides and let them fight with each other and he can't this Lincoln did this and I hate Lincoln but this was a good strategy was all all he has to do his favor one side over the other so they both have to give them something other because he's the deciding vote type thing right and but Bolton was just he'd sabotage you too much in North Korea. He'd Kinda did get along with trump on Iran but he really blew it on Afghanistan and we recently had his chance to remove five thousand troops. Taliban was was willing to talk can comply doll prior demands an Bolton went in there and sabotage the whole thing and so did pompeii but POMPEII pair just sort of follows Bolton's lead so you'll see trust me. You're going to see POMPEII attitude change a lot without a John to hide behind. was there something l. said what did attleson or one of those guys say something critical about. Netanyahu's well in the last couple of days. I mean that's the one that like the selling point for for Bolton is trump actually is very pro. Israel and like pro pro Likud and Netanyahu specifically. I wouldn't even say Israel. I would say this faction. Kushner's yes and Netanyahu our friends and he sleeps with their house right and trump's daughter is married to one of them so he definitely has a sort of nepotistic bias there as and so he's on that team and that's probably what got bowls foot in the door but every time like trump trying to talk to Kim the North Koreans called John Potent did effective human product uh-huh and we used to conduct effective human mustache mad is a met him. He was walking up the steps. Whatever that were AH heard you're the most evil person on the planet glad to meet you so it's a nice meetings of the mining there Mattis hasn't met Richard Perle yet very the few people worse than Bolton there. There's still some but he was the worst person currently in the administration like some leftover. Bush people people were are worse than Bolton and he worked for them to well. We're going to get more into that and a lot of these ties. He was probably worse John McCain where he he returned to hill as what happened. It's a dry heat. We just had his anniversary death party. On the twenty fifth of August. I was in Ireland for that. John McCain never never saw Moore. He didn't didn't like what before we go down this rabbit hole brother you. Did I mean again. You are such a you know just diligent researcher man you bring the pain with so many your videos and so much of your research shirts and that's why as a as a history guy somebody really likes the nuance and the layers of all this shit and seeing how all the dots connect. I I really love with researching as we know man shows like us. Aso's like yours shows like ten hatch Tripoli. You know we're getting shadowed and we're being censored. You know these words. There's a there's a there's a there's a war on truth if you will and you have have had a lot of issues man going back to your meal page where they took a lot of money youtube hits you with strikes for just bullshit saying it was harassment or bullying or whatever the guidelines that you didn't infringe infringe. Jack opposite of what I'm doing yeah exactly and then you know you really put your boots on the ground man in your money where your mouth was because you went to Europe tells about your trip to the UK in Ireland and you were really not a fan of London when you went there man tell us how everything went down and and how if it was successful. I was very disappointed with London but you know I I say these things but I of course I want to change things there. I want to help them but man it was it was an eye opener going there but the reason season I went to Ireland is because the for tax evasion reasons and other purposes a lot of giant corporations plop headquarters in Dublin and so so the the headquarters for all of Europe was in Ireland and the headquarters for the Americas over in Texas as so oh I had to go to one of those never been to Ireland from Japan it didn't matter so we went to Ireland and because the Asian one they don't deal with videos in English pushed him when to the an the most censorship on in the Google sphere is from the EU is from Europe. I mean they you say the wrong long thing at all and always banned in all these countries is like there are a lot of my videos that aren't in Europe at all except for like Iceland Norway a couple other places you know the ones outside he you yeah so something banned in the UK to specifically in the U. K. R. U. K. fans at his. I can't see this video you know that's there's and bit shoots banned in New Zealand and his band on a lot of the ISP's in Australia too but if you live in Australia and you call hall and Complain About that you can get it reversed so it's not the whole country but it's a lot of Internet service providers New Zealand after that shooting. They decided to get rid of bit shoot. Even the guy live streamed on facebook. Go figure never heals your there right. That's like Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia's supposedly attacked us on nine eleven and we go to Afghanistan right. Tell us about your conversation with Google folks over the bug man yes that was creepy so first of all. I couldn't get hold of a fricken human being and I've been gill this crap since two thousand eight right the erase my first channel two thousand eight everybody. Whoever did the day I put up this video called war by deception. It got raced at Unday took down my whole channel and I had no means of doing anything and there weren't there weren't even a lot of shows like this. Whatever like a lot of these type of shows rose got going around like late two thousand teens or whatever like back in the day it was myself Rivero Antiwar Dot com there was no one was doing videos or anything so I had no recourse really but I had a backup Channel Day made and I just didn't like the name so I I just like our Li- `send so at the one I have now so like you can't make a new channel technically I never did. I just kept using the original old. Take us over there when you said they were flagging your unlisted stuff in your private stuff yeah that so I got you know I got banned completely in two thousand eighteen again in March and they hit they took down my website my t shirt company my Youtube facebook like everything was gone ironically -ironically except for video within would ban me on Halloween and what they do is the end of the month when they have to pay you so the very last day of the month they banned Andrey Psalm Videos into all my September prophets and all my October prophets so and that was my best month September September eleventh just been on all these new shows and stuff and took it wow plus plus. There's the money I lost where I had to go find another place that could hosmer videos and get around piracy and Blah Blah Boston but really it was it was more than what they took is the damage they did but finding bitchy are you finding less censorship and less problem L. Yeah bit. She doesn't censor my videos. It takes a long time to upload sometimes and all but this was these were videos. I was trying to sell and and so Vami was the place I could do that. And now I have to pay for the bandwidth and hosted myself on Isa's Norwegian company called Clang. Some people have problems with the a player and is that it's you know but at least they didn't send my t shirt company got taken down. They went after that. I had a shirt just said boycott. Israel like Mirror Noor Anti Semitism like cinematic talking about what doesn't matter and then with Youtube again like in February they gave me strikes and I waited the three months. Get my channel back. Start using it a couple of weeks bom. They give me three strikes again so I I was sick of it. I'm like why why are you flagging these for hate. Speech is clearly the AD L. S. P. L. C. or Shit libs whatever they just don't like whatever video and they all pile on and flagging get for hate speech now hate speech in their own rules says you're promoting violence towards it should say anybody but instead it lists. Everyone is like you you cannot promote violence towards ethnicity race. Religion Veterans Gender something on which is that you know what I mean. I heard Damn Tripoli for for tweeting somebody about correcting the term retard on twitter. He was down for a week. It's just like it's yeah well. Daniel McAdams from from the Ron Paul Institute got his twitter completely permanently banned for calling Sean Hannity Retard over something so you know you're supposed to say you're supposed those to say mentally challenged or liberal or something like that chrome challenged and what I I I put out there. You know that there is a new definition for retard it no longer describe someone who is mentally challenged describe someone who has all their faculties but he's a fucking moron. Yeah that's all. That's what it means means like. Nobody's met picking on people down syndrome or something. They're just saying that. Oh that's your targeted. Some some people say oh. That's gay whenever they're not talking about homosexuals. It is clearly like the Internet to like grow up like people talk show on the Internet Woo. Whatever get someone got called retarded. I use that word sometimes. Sometimes I call people who say the Pentagon got hit by a missile retarded. I'm like there's debris the plane in the building selected butthurt in this man and I know you've talked about and we've talked about it. It just is so infuriating when you have people focusing in utilizing their energy to go after I'm hearing more about Antonio fucking Brown. I think his name is in his helmet. Whatever then more I'm hearing about Epstein. People are so more upset about calling people racist or sexist transphobic and all that other shit when we have global global wars taking place global black market economies that are trading in human beings and drugs and body parts were children. Isn't that same they used and killed but yet we have interrelated about this other dumb shit. Sorry Oh yeah I mean I I hear you it's selective outrage and it always went on Amtrak bully the other day. We were talking about this sort of manufactured factored like acceptable outrage because no skin in the game. If I were in Libya or something then there's a whole there's huge faction against me because Obama Thomas started out so they're just going to be on that team or whatever is a conservatives are mad about can Benghazi and the liberals are mad about Volusia or whatever but they're not there's no lake doc sincere principle what stop killing Brown people or whatever and the same people that are yelling races sexes who said are supporting these war they're saying aside odd must go and supporting al-Qaeda supporting open air slavery and Libya starvation in Yemen etc the because you know their team did it so that's okay or something something. It baffles me. I'm like if you're a moral person. You have any common sense. You wouldn't want to frivolously murderer people amass. That's what we're doing. I mean war. Modern War is just a messy profiteering violence. Whatever you WANNA call it confirmation bias extreme tribalism able ISM people have so much ego wrapped up into their thoughts on geopolitics. They just have to be right. They can't take a step back or while. You'RE GONNA bomber explains it. We're we're going to get into that too man. We're GONNA get definitely into that. 'cause I found that very fascinating when you brought that up because back in the day when I read a little bit of the Unabomber's manifesto and I'm going to say this out loud right now and I'm not advocating violence or in any way shape or form advocating violence but he was raising some damn good points missiles in the nineties talking about technology and I wound up getting into in reading it. When you KINDA advocate a couple of weeks ago people need to start reading the unabomber manifesto he predicted the radicalization of the left and so we're getting read things from people who did bad things that doesn't mean there hundred percent evil and whatever I mean the guy had you know he has issues with a child genius fourth through school very young so oh intellectually he's there and he's definitely a math genius and whatnot but socially you can't take someone out of their age group and just throw him of college kids or whatever when their eleven eleven like there's it's bad but and he got he was isolated indebted at a you know people smart people can do dumb things but that doesn't change what what he said you know and saint like at? Hitler said the sky is blue doesn't mean the sky's blue you know what I mean like and what Kozinski broke down on the oversocialization allegation inferior and feelings of inferiority. I've had people read that this year and go. Oh he's talking about ANTIFA he was talking about this way before they existed did but yeah he kinda is nailing why they are the way they are whites big group of Betas and so on it's a type of psychology people. This tribalism isn't just justed be part of a group or something it's got a a deeper root in that and it's not about some sincere principle of justice otherwise this you'd see criticism from against killing across the board or something so all the stuff that they went even when they criticize imperialism to terrible things things the United States to the UK is done. They don't say the same thing for communist regimes which are guilty of as much or more of the same of more articulating starving and so on it's what they really hate is. Western ISM because they have feelings of inferiority and so anything that's associated with being rational strong any of these positive categories makes him feel worse about themselves because they don't want there to be a superior inferior so they cling onto these groups that preach each equality not in the sense of equal treatment but just like everyone's the same great that way that that levels them up rather than everybody has a participation trophy him now. They hate masculinity. They hate rationality most of the core Western values that have been conducive to success S. in the West and so the there can latch onto legitimate causes you know legit criticism of things that that have been done but the it doesn't matter the institution of Slavery etc but they don't realize that it's western Civ that ended all these practices before anyone else women's suffrage or universal suffrage child labor laws the ending slavery all these these things happen in the West. I people vote in New Zealand spread throughout West. The first people to get rid of Monarchy's in thousand years was the West the first people in the institution slavery was the West and they spread from the West into other societies. The last people were getting rid of it was the rest of the globe so where you ought to look at the West and honor and say yeah they had slaves guess. What so did everyone else yeah. They add subjugation of females so did everyone else. How do they break out of that. They broke out of that from the Western values in western philosophy that led to you know you know owning your life liberty and those those principles or what gave rise to the behaviors ended up manfully and all these institutions making more fair more free and capitalism is the best equalizer ever. Some of these Socialists are wannabe social comedy. She would think that they're reading from some playbook of these rave successes throughout history when almost literally that's not the case down killed wet fifty million really see capital jumping over fences and swimming across ditches and to get into a communist country very reason. It doesn't work welfare. Does it work. central planning doesn't work especially on the scale three hundred million people whatever you know no one even if they were a benevolent. Evelyn King or something would have the knowledge to properly no the exact amount of all industries that you have to let market forces and competition figure that out since you mentally in a prison you have market forces. She mentioned welfare not working. I have to bring up a little bit of everywhere but the immigration stuff is this being weaponized to start giving people people free shit to weaponize and create a voting block for the left to create this Socialist Marxist authoritarian state that people warnings coming. It's it's it's partly that and it's partly that just the opportunity to virtue signal because a lot of hard core leftists will do is if you oppose e legal legal immigration talking about just illegal immigration while then you're xenophobic racist and throw out all the `ISMs right in for them to support poured it then makes them feel like well. I'm not xenophobic racist and what a good boy I can pat myself on the head for doing nothing right like that's just normal to not hot like categorically hate people that should but the thing is a lot of them are racist and xenophobic and they know they're not supposed to be and so this is the way of them exercising their way out of it. Nobody's more militantly. anti-racists is someone who's just newly getting over that. You know what I mean. It's like someone that comes up to me and out of the blue says I got a lot of black friends or something. I'm like Whoa don't care. It's not a question like would you ever do that to somebody. Anglo like I think girls can work well. It's it's like Tom Arnold when he commented once. I'm back to me on twitter because my wife is an immigrant. She came from another country. We get everything legally and things like that so yeah. I I am fully against illegal. You know mass mass entry to this country. That's going on right now but you know he said. It's a matter you worried that there's going to be a Mexican mowing your yard and I go did is that all you think they're capable of disgusted right so that's the that's the thing and and they just they they the thing that's most athletic about. Liberals Liberals is that they actually think minorities need white liberals to save them like actually return Listrik racism as what it is is so bizarre was art and they just it's crazy. The subtle racism of lowered expectations Yep. That's what is that Thomas Oil. I don't know but I heard it. I think it was thirty rock. I heard in and Tracy. Morgan said that he could've stole it from somebody but I that was a great point but yeah in a year honestly ladies and gentlemen check out. If you don't WanNa fucking read there's an audio book of of the uniform and the Unabomber's manifesto I was actually I read some and then I listen to summer works but it's just like it's so you're like. WHOA dude this guy. Just write this couple of months ago this. It's it's almost thirty years ago. When you start hearing the social impact that he almost predicted published thirty years ago he wrote it before that right out in the woods and Montana just there was a there was a Netflix movie out there about him that front pretty he's like. Why did you stop at a Red Light. It was very fascinating is kind of interesting the judgment when we go back to skip to the to number eleven and read like eleven through seventeen if you're super lazy just read those six paragraphs in you'll be like reading the rest of it exactly what we go back and talk about you know the the rise of anti and all of this going on when Jeff talked previously. I was on the Andrew Wilcox but we'll come majority on the blaze. TV He had come to Washington DC to jump on his show and we talked about Anton. I I said a lot lot of the you know the mass shooting stuff and all this other stuff that's going on because boys are being D- Masculine and they're that boys are taught not to be masculine not to be strong John. They're also drugged. Ritalin and PROZAC and all this other stuff. There's forty million adults on on Secretary of drugs in America Erica alone forty million adults and I think roughly probably ten to fifteen million children are on drugs so they are just turning all these people in zombies and and I think it's maybe you've done the research on this warning but over ninety percent of the mass shootings are perpetrated by people who are raised on these drugs yeah. Sr is in particular and in paragraph. One forty five in the manifest says imagine a society that subjects people people to conditions that make them terribly unhappy then gives them drugs to take away their unhappiness. Science fiction is already starting to have that's what he was talking about and this is before the PROZAC and Wellbutrin and all the rest of the whatever axioms and stuff ask your doctor. Ask Your doctor they they that was something when I came back from Japan one time and I've lived on American TV. There are commercials for prescription drugs. Isn't that weird. I know slight like there's prescriptions so there should be based on your symptoms and then a physician says. Oh you have these symptoms. This is a drug for you. They're like no ask your doctor about. Blah Blah Blah and then have commercial marshall is you're. GonNa lead out of your eyes. You'RE GONNA shit spontaneous possible cardiac arrest suicide depression like your suicide side. Almost billion dollars is spent every year by phone companies in advertising so you think about the networks they literally we couldn't survive without those ads you know the the the evening anchor or less whole certainly would be driving. Mercedes Benz if FIRMA cynical wasn't advertising on their station. It's gross. I mean just like the soap. Opera became the soap opera back in the day. Now it's the that's why I call it now. The military-industrial leterrier dust telecommunications pharmaceutical complex because the level of the dollars is right up there with all these military defense. I think that's why they also also try to Hollywood when I'm saying they tries to stigmatize what little masculine programs and things are with like whether it's professional wrestling or UFC or whatever they try and be like all this offer dumb redneck or preservatives and just the the idea of the redneck the people actually rose up with guns and federal government for Labor Rights this idea of self sufficiency and hunting and any anything that has to do with masculinity is is portrayed as backwards and dumb and negatively. I mean I remember when I was a kid all the Joe. Gi Hey joe transformers got just yanked off the airman. Whatever happened that year legislatively all of that was gone and it got replaced with snorkel and just the man yeah we had over hawks the whole nine but it was just gone after like wanted. Something happened a lot of it was Japanese programs Voltron Toronto transformers for example but then yet the the toy company's marketing to young boys were who put out he-man for example. which was a huge success? I mean they made over four hundred thirty million dollars and it dropped down to just think eight million here. It's coming out. I saw that I saw that. I hear it's coming back. Though I hear they're bringing some humane back well if they could. Redo the movie we'd be Kazaa that was painful. That was totally painful but we watched though right as kids were like this is awesome only historical perspective. Can we be dialysis terrible even saying it was like it was a he-man seaman movie but it was about Courtney Cox breaking up the point in front or something very much Ad. He's like that early Captain America Marin Doll Film. He got blown up. He got shot by shotgun on from Dolphin. I said you gotta say it was like just three days of shooting and he was in. He actually kept them in for a couple of scenes. Whatever but I asked awesome the telemark you gotTa tell them how how great he was the first thing he's like he did he goes. I'm going to enjoy shooting you. He never did bounce back from that diddy. No He's supposed to be dead after the shot oh you mean yeah did well with rocky and I didn't know what the new ten languages like. I was you know he's like an MIT. He's a he's a Kuczynski in the waiting. Maybe maybe I don't know I wasn't the guy who played boss Hogg. I forget his name the Dukes of Hazzard he's same thing spoke like all these language and he worked for the CIA Jefferson Davis but we look at that with the Sky Q. Rash go train. We move on these gentleman. I didn't Care Bush and Cheney a little bit yeah. The little fat debut the only thing here rush Google. Try exactly you know the dog's name Flash was a PIMP so we're moving on man tomorrow and Daisy Duke Started Daisy Dukes he she did and they they changed. Generally is the S. J. W. Wars. Where is that flag slavery triggered his name Roscoe he he was Ab- Senator or Congressman from Iowa Pat the I forget his cooter became a congressman from Virginia was Virginia? Okay my bad yeah. I'm sorry cooter. That's different. Yeah BRASCO Roscoe. I think was an Iowa. He just died recently. Roscoe live summer or maybe but the conversation Grassley all over the place nine one one is upon US Ladies Gentlemen. It is actually nine eleven where you're adding hat and Tokyo Japan today right now. It will be nine eleven tomorrow for us. Gosh I you know be another youtube motivated attack. You know enough video that inspires people to do it because he actually sent pat. You remembered I like to buy this youtube. Video did standing in front of the caskets of the dead family. We just had on before for this episode Chris Parental Cristiano Ronaldo Dude who was one of the bad ass. You survived that whole thing and it's it's a harrowing story Dude. I can't even begin to imagine his frustration. The station of the frustration of any of those guys like what you turn down order for help like what we talking about like on the way we can't go insane and I was like hey how how abnormal was that for that to happen. He's very thought ship yeah so it's here. It's it's here what eighteen nineteen years in deep you know. I don't know where almost likely fifty five years later. We still think we harvey Oswald did it. You know that day we had multiple attacks one building to building Pentagon Shanksville. Two buildings collapsed one. I mean we were also psychologically traumatized. That was almost a point to open this checkbook this war on Antero. This never ending war here. We are eighteen years later still in Iraq still in Afghanistan expanding it to Iran possibly in these other places arming arming places in Syria cetera based on al Qaeda arming al-Qaeda. Whether it's whether it's the people who actually fucking supposedly did it Saudi Arabia giving them two hundred billion dollars of weapons which is just insane in itself. How how far have we come do. Are we getting any hip to what's going on because this never ending war is continuing whether Bolton's there or not Wesley Clark Senate ages ago Iran's on the list Lebanon's on the list. We're seeing developments there with Hezbollah. What's going on that? We're going to be seeing more and more of this by the way I doubt it. The problem is almost the entirety tirkey. This is saying the same thing with Kennedy and nine eleven they focused. They're obsessed with physics right with Kennedy. All they talk about magic bullet. NAMI shots exactly this is instant edited out. Yup and not looking at the politics of it. It was nine eleven the the loudest voices are the ones that talk about mobile been seven and how it looks like Bhai eyeball knit demolition or something and not looking at the politics of it at all and shit our own F. B. I. Has Saudi royals funding at least three the hijackers probably how why so absolutely insane that the skies were empty except for the bin Laden family two or three days after it happened like what what the fuck dude how there was another attempted hijacking on the thirteenth to ever heard that all all ten of them got arrested nine. Emma released the only one they kept us the pilot and what was weird is he was a pilot posing as a different pilot so he actually could fly but his his iden- stuff was faking based on a different pilot but and that's that's all of my film. We've explained all that that that section of it there is a guy named Nelson Nelson Martin. He made a film called six on seventy seven that talks about that a little bit too a building seven. I jacker flight seventy seven rather than than five thought a building seven blatantly collapsing like the sands in Las Vegas like we all kind of know that isn't kind of just a blatant red. Ed Pill almost like an Epstein dying might my mom called me and like Jeff what the Hell's going like. She's not a conspiracy theorist but it was one of those like everyone knew something was up when that happened when you see a building living seven collapse. Isn't it like a w moment like all right dude what and then you find out what always there unless you caught it live. YOU PROBABLY DIDN'T Z. Building seven collapse until around two thousand six when Youtube comes about because it just was on TV and then done right and so it they announced that it had collapsed at ten forty five in the morning everyone says Oh yeah on the BBC they announced it like just twenty seconds before art fellow every way before that on several different channels and I've catalog law CPA Jeff. My face catalogued catalogued it in my in more about exception so you can see the reports thing is Fox and CBS and CNN and they're saying in the Fire Department saying fifty story building fell in forty seven but there's so much smoke around ground zero. You can't see but it maybe it was supposed to fall then but it hadn't but it was is let allowed to burn uncontrollably for seven hours so the fact that it would fall eventually with uncontrolled fires for seven hours really isn't don't that big mystery. WHAT'S WEIRD. Is them announcing that it had fallen hours before it did and then announcing minutes before where did again. That's where it gets a little screw. You not feel like we're going to be like well. What I feel is. It's not a not the best star we away stronger evidence than people arguing about whether or not it was demolished or Bern just based on looking at health fell. You know like we caught explosive devices in the parking garage in vans in the World Trade Centers on Nile reported live. That's like suggest. Why are you talking about this over here. When you got known vans with bombs in never sure and shall we go where this company goes back to because they got arrested. Did they had foreknowledge nine eleven Miami. FBI field office is telling new work. Oh did you know that one of the nine eleven hijackers actually use this moving company to go from Florida to New Jersey right right all right all the story of the dancing Israelis etc like that they have to distract from that so what happens is you get an obsession with physics. The dumbest thing was the Pentagon stopped because it's part of the not the first note Planer of all four plains eventually. They'd say we're holograms. Whatever right I will planer thing was the Pentagon and it's real simple disinformation. If there's no plane there's no hijackers akers no hijacker new paper trail back to foreign state support but if you have a plane then you have hijackers and then you see the Saudi royal you see the Israeli role but if he can get if you can say the hijackers are still alive like basically anything that ever his mouth Zach that that was disseminated everywhere as all mice base. I got a physical. DVD in the mail right and there's nothing in that movie nothing that's correct is all disenfranchised from start refinish yelling. I got right was the date I I think it's Burma's. Jason Burma's promoting again. I think it was the second edition or whatever but no I mean I I totally all this nonsense and like there's what baseman though I mean I agree dude. I mean that's that's that's been since time immemorial what you just said like. God I mean ever since I was a kid and JFK was my thing. He was always about how many shooters will know. James Tag got hit with Michelle and he was all about that day who shot from where the dog takes Billingham about how many shots could Oswald get off from forensic ballistics standpoint. If you're a nerd like that that's cool but I'm a history guy so it's like that's when we start getting to this kind of circumstantial evidence flaky better evidence right as far as physics go. Kennedy's brain went out the back of his head. He gets for sure front period. That's that's that you don't need to spend so so much time on the on the physics and stuff like RFK was prosecuting the mob. the mob was blackmailing hoover. They're looking Johnson changed and what he didn't change nothing to do with the Federal Reserve by the way that was one I jumped eleven zero had nothing to do with it. 'cause that pass staunton didn't reverse. It stayed on the books until the eighties. All it did was limit who could issue silver certificates. It actually was pro fed. No one even bothered to read it. I mean just go and look up the order and read it doesn't do what you think it did. Kennedy was profane and they were all money like he gets unfairly romanticized by one side and demonized by the other there but Kennedy really pissed off certain factions that that needed him to die and all the people around him and you have to include his brother's death into it to like and rather than having to separates theory for everything might take on Kennedy once explained people are like Oh Dang. That's that's what happened. I mean it makes perfect sense. It just takes a long time to say well. Hopefully we have to be initiated in the mob like know about what was going on already for you can start explaining you know yeah well. There's really good on that as Doug Valentine is very good on the golden age of the MOB Lansky and Hank Greenspun respite Irma is a got a lot of good documents on Greenspun he was a weapons runner but he also used his prophets is set up modalities in the Flamingo hotel to cover bugsy Siegel's operations and eventually sold it to the for Titas is better for you. I didn't say their name talking. They didn't do it and they just bought it from mobsters right when it was weird 'cause like I said intermarriage in the families though I've I've chewed on so much of the JFK stuff and you hit me up to a lot of stuff kind of the the Israeli role with Kennedy went to inspect a nuclear sites. It's over there as well as you know you heard about the Mafia the mafia and I never really looked at the Russians slash kind of Jewish mafia in that role and then I started reaching more deep into my lands he just I me granted. The Italian mafia was powerful as well but the mafia was was just created the top two and they overlap here and there yeah Jacob Rubinstein that shoots ause wom long right Carlos Marcello is Italian I guess but he and Traffic Kante were moving drugs and guns back and forth Israel Israel and and easy we needed. We're jumping ahead because we need to have you for this is September eleventh. We're now. We're talking. The focusing on the physics exactly exactly exactly so Ryan at maximum. Do is tell you what didn't happen. Exact doesn't tell you what did happen precisely and getting more into that the politics of nine eleven I mean I was you know right. We have some time here so if you can break down how it wasn't nineteen. Saudi hijackers with box cutters right well the only fifteen of those nineteen were Saudi or had Saudi passports. Okay Springfield they are on the fast track program so just because data passport from there doesn't even really mean that Greenland those those passwords being acquired was that the fast track program set up by our own. CIA that was John Brennan. I thought there was a name attached to it but maybe not why I mean like who set up the whole program was the CIA though okay they they let them in. I mean they let in daylight in the blind shake before the World Trade Center bombing of Nineteen Ninety three he was in an Egyptian prison. How the hell did he get in. One of those guys had a recording the FBI was setting them up like the FBI gave him the explosives for that for that. I run you familiar with that yeah. Salam said he was there in format and I was telling his handlers look this. This is the target there here's our warehouse. They're making the bomb. They pulled him off the case. They says because he wanted more more money. Give them the money see. They were obsessed. There were like we and we're not worried about them. we we want you where wire and get the blinds shades to incriminate himself so that we can get the blind shake and he did that but they still never swoop down and because he was pulled off the case. Ace as the bombmaker they lost their informant and then Ramzy Yussef was sent to replace him there and he's the real mastermind of nine eleven is Ramzy Yussef so one one that formulated the millennial platinum Jinx plot and using airplanes as weapons he did successfully pull off the ninety three bombing and wasn't caught for another year ear so he's in prison with Kaczynski right now same spot in Colorado get yet. He hasn't been suicide Epstein Yeah. He's in Colorado so so so the major politics behind it my friend. I mean you're looking at now. Eighteen twenty years of defense contracts excahnge private contractors trillions trillions of dollars redrawing the map balkanisation of certain regions throughout the World Middle East Africa were moving into South America Etcetera Etcetera Cetera what what was it about man what Ki- Bono who benefited and what was it we all about a lot of industries profited from this new war on terror brought to replace the Cold War the Cold War used to be the Alan call it a budgetary excuse because it really was a Cold War. There really was a Soviet eating all but it was good for business right now like I'm not saying they manufactured or anything it was real but that was the gift that kept on giving and they would over exaggerate adrain threads and sometimes they invented them like I have a film called decades deception that shows a lot of shenanigans that happened in Central America where the Americans Erickson's brought in our the CIA brought in our own guns pointed to him and said look the Soviets and went in right and so a lot of things overblown but the Cold War for was an excuse really wasn't a Cold War. Millions of people died. Millions of Vietnamese were killed. people die in the Bay of Pigs. There is a lot of fighting Afghanistan Astana especially that a lot of people died in the quote Unquote Cold War. But it was Moseley I guess mostly foreigners we did lose tens of thousands thousands of Vietnam supposedly fighting communism but it was really for Bell helicopter and heroin call it the the warfare went and helicopters but that with the Soviet Union falling and throughout the nineties Clinton actually closing bases down and they were looking for something and they tried hi domestic terrorism I and KC and going after white supremacist groups and stuff but that just wasn't everyone knows it isn't real enough and you know it wasn't there the Oklahoma City bombing was the largest terrorist attack on American soil after Waco until September eleventh right but with September eleventh with you had all these neo cons in the Bush administration who had been pushing. They tried to blackmail Clinton into a war in Iraq to that's how he got Lewinsky and he did bomb them while he was being convicted and when the Senate didn't confirm his impeachment then he called off the attack so went into Bosnia ended other plainy bad things both twenty as far as Bush that Lewinsky Lewinsky was a possible intelligence plaza honey trap one hundred percent who saves address with cement on it. Come among honey. Linda tripp the hottest chick on the planet star who was also a lawyer for Epstein. Emmy's in it's in that whole click on his map. GET GET INTO WE'RE GONNA get to it but yeah that the purpose of nine eleven for the US incentive was replacing the Cold War the war on terror a were they can never end because it's a warrant tactic. You know I remember eating data and the what was it Brzezinski Book the Grand Chessboard. I think it's like the first couple of paragraphs it's like the US must always have a stronghold in Eurasia whatever Goldstein yeah and he's he's the father of yeah exactly and he's the father of funding the first mujahideen against the Soviets which was obviously in our benefit but that kept going on throughout throughout decades and that's essentially essentially kind of what we're seeing now bro the byproduct as we know of nine eleven is US funding all these proxy armies and set up a so the US I was the US in Israel have already been joined at the hip since assassinating Kennedy and in one thousand nine hundred seventy six brought the Saudis into the fray because in response lost to the competitor or seventy three the there was the OPEC royal weapon so there were gas lines in the seventies and they realized we can't beat you militarily we can't be checking but we have this vital resource and if all of us Jack up the price you can't afford it so they needed to break up OPEC in the Middle East as the country with the most oil reserves Saudi Arabia so they if we can get Saudi Arabia OPEC is done because you can't have a cartel wants. There's a rate breaker right so so they they pulled the Saudis into their wing to join with the Israelis into this next is called a safari club the French the Moroccans others remembers and so is Iran but only for a couple years because after the revolution seventy-nine they're out of the Click of course but people don't understand that these will hobby and Zionist Zionist these religious fanatics. They're useful cannon fodder right. It's useful rhetoric to generate wars with their neighbors and people think Saudi Arabia and Israel at odds not at all I mean they're both funding Isis right now and they both they both supported al-Qaeda but one of the other thing that makes Saudi Arabia a soft target is is the monarchy you only need to bribe a few people and you got control the whole country right and they also need to have a this Milton Islamically form of Islam because the justification to have a monarchy is from their religion so it they need to have that needs to be the Sunni version and not Shiite version otherwise otherwise different family. You'll get it so that's the real political tension behind the supposed. Theological debate is not the debate anymore than Protestants and Catholics. I mean it's almost the same faith just a little bit lineage of Mohammed whatever that's not it. It's about tribal nepotism. If this groups empower this group gets all the jobs other groups in power that one gets all the job that's really the real tension is but Saudi Arabia with the royals was able to set up a foreign bank uncalled. BC CI which was used to launder money to terrorist they needed a way to off the books push money and wash money and get it to out what's now al Qaeda and in Afghanistan for example and a lot of groups throughout Eastern Europe Etcetera Sandra and the source of the money of course was the narcotics trade that was a big chunk of it heroin from Vietnam for example and and then once they have the narcotic straight. That's an off the books budget but then you can't just give somebody billions of dollars on explain like how they get all was money and guns right so that you have to say they're selling narcotics right. They're the ones running the opium trade in Afghanistan and make all money into helicopters and stuff like that you know I hope so that's BCC. I was able to to funnel money and wash it and the Saudi set up this bank in in Pakistan physically but his Assad creation that was the role in in this is of these rallies had a most translators leaders in intelligence on the entire Arab world was from them. Our offices really don't have that many translators. It can't speak Farsi can't speak Turkish Gains Begajah designee that we don't really have a lot of linguists these rallies do in the US lied heavily on them for intelligence in that region of the world and of course they always lied to us uh-huh and there's also a lot of just religious ideological overlap between Christian Zionists and and so they just are on team team Israel because that's what they're familiar with you know and also people need to steal stuff from on the other side so go to go against the side. That has the resources you want. Israel doesn't really have much in the way of role resources or anything that we're going to talk about what they did get a certain company of of that faith or of that ilk drilling rights in the Golan Heights but as any land tube connections genie energy and we're going to love that that it is nothing compared to the amount of money that's under the sand that they stole from Iraq that they stole from the finessed from Saudi Arabia Cetera but well and again it was already the in place before nine eleven. I want to stress people that these rallies and the Saudis Israel and US work together in Iran Contra two but these international clicks it's not just the CIA or something kid the Massad and see I have been working for decades already financing in creating al Qaeda in Afghanistan and then after after nine eleven you see these same factions running guns and money and supporting Isis and al Qaeda in Syria so if they're supporting al-Qaeda in creating al Qaeda before nine eleven the supporting al-Qaeda after nine eleven but you WanNa think during nine eleven at none of these group they were just completely independent did that all by themselves but but none of these intelligence agencies had anything to do with it. That's so naive right and we have evidence of it. The problem is I think it was a they had a green in light. It's not like they did this a high in America's back. We all did it. Robert Mueller covered up for the Saudis Excuses Al Bandar Bush is so close to the Bush would be embarrassing for the president or something now you in that relationship and go after I mean it wasn't that is because the whole thing we come down and the Israelis really have Saudi by the shorthairs right now because if Saudi Arabia doesn't you know do we say up oil production in order or lower if they don't act as a proxy against Iran if they don't behave at any moment Israel which definitely runs our our press can say Bam Saudi Arabia Bandar Bush in Princeton been Turk facile through their wives sent money to o'meara Humana Sambas nonoo finance hijackers in California and Louisiana Khalid Al militaire and Alhazmi then they were pilots. They were on flight. I seventy seven not pilots on flight. Seventy seven hit the Pentagon and is important to admit that hit the Pentagon because if you don't have that plane then you don't have them and they don't have them Saudi connection but they have that blackmail over Saudi Arabia forever. They're not going to report on their own role. Nine eleven and Saudi Arabia can't report on it because Saudi Arabia doesn't run the press right the Israel has huge influence over our media. I mean there's a forty five year conflict in Palestine and we still call Jewish colonies neighborhoods Blake they top the bottom a run the show on on the propaganda the Middle East in the morning of all these talking about snipers. He didn't kiss genitals. Commits gets the balls and they sit out in lawn chairs and watch his Gaza gets bombed is horrific but the thing is Saudi. Arabia has a very bad public image of the United States. Where's Israel's get pretty good image for the plant based so if it came out in the media that Saudi Arabia had a role in nine eleven other toast. It's literally toast will be. I mean if if Israel decided that Salvador. AB is getting out of line. All they gotta do is simultaneously. They have their talking heads. Explain any of the known points that are already admitted in the J. 's report and others that Saudi Arabia royals finance nine eleven hijackers. Oh Oh cramp has all they gotta do and it was interesting like do you remember the twenty-eight. Pages Am yes twenty I already in my film year and a half and four to the the Scott unredacted written out everything that was in the twenty-eight pages and was able to do that because I went to the same field office primary sources and read exactly where they read it from at which you know took a few years in all and it was a little bit of pain but you already had that information and a few people were talking about it but you know what's interesting is if this is legit and it is and it's all FBI field office reports from mainly the West Coast. We're like from Phoenix and Denver and and like all west of the Mississippi Obese and this is where you're getting your Intel on the Saudi role in nine eleven I art and giving them logistical support and buying an apartment living with them for a month beheaded a Saudi informant live with them for a month. The other guy lived across the street from one of them got a job. This is they've been handled given because they couldn't speak English. They had people there helping them holding their hand the whole way the plane to go east and all that and yet wouldn't you then. WanNa read the field office reports from the East to when you WanNa know what Miami said what Newark said Arseny say right and almost nobody bothered to look at it but if you look at it it goes all into the Israeli role inside that was almost almost lunacy for supposedly these fifteen new intelligence agencies because excuse me. FBI doesn't talk to the CIA the CIA FBI so we need to create all these new intelligence agency so communication education could be augmented well. They wanted the DHS is the hub because they're they always blame incompetence but they're excuse because because these hijackers that Saudi Arabia was financing were known already as al Qaeda members they had been witnessed meeting Khalid Sheikh Muhammad in Malaysia at Al Qaeda summit meaning and do an al-Qaeda j. They al Qaeda had the meeting Larry but all the al Qaeda heads are there and these guys who were going to flight schools who are meeting with and stayed the night right with a colleague. Muhammad are then living in the United States with their real names with Saudi informant who bought them a house like it's insane insane the levels of logistical and financial support that they got from Saudi Arabia but are unseen did not inform the FBI that these two had entered the country gene. We're living in California. They didn't tell them until August the two thousand one and by then they weren't in California anymore. They'd moved over to the East River Getting Ready to do nine eleven so there's no excuse for that why didn't the CIA tell the FBI was going on with the obviously like they're supposed to reach their the target we are shielding them from local law enforcement and let because it's not like everyone's on this you know the top bottleneck so police who are trying who were monitoring people and and the FBI who are trying to follow al-Qaeda suspects in east every time they try to get into their telecommunications processes assesses they'd change them is like the they kept staying two steps ahead of them and we found out later that come converse infoseek two Israeli software programs fifty percent owned by the Israeli government had a backdoor channel so I'll communications San were they actually removing the hijackers around physically move them around with they had six different moving companies. One of them was called Bourbon moving systems heard of that one another yeah then there was white white glove and the one that got caught moving was something internationalized. I'm getting a brain fart. I've explained this so many times. All the plastic asked ago is called Classic International Movers that one moved nine eleven hijackers from Florida. Up to New Jersey and there seems to be more but it's all redacted but when you have pages of white it out information that means something bad they don't want you to now right but you can infer Rosetta stone a lot of it because it had six reports and they didn't reject this exact same things each report so you can kind of piece together for just one has dissenters thou an assessment as he can get the most of the story and you can get the names because the names were in the police report and then the FBI doesn't have the names but it has their dates of birth to meet so we combining the two it it was a lot of legwork but I put it all together and put it all on a movie but explains this is really role and these front companies Dominick Suter who ran urban moving systems in New Jersey fled to Israel he left furniture stranded just sitting in the Warehouse Lake mid move close the business and ran away because five of his his employees were busted van that had traces of explosives hood earlier in the day been witnessed celebrating the nine eleven attacks there are pictures of the now that released last. May they whited out faces but I took their mugshots and put them on top of the white squares China would probably look like there is celebrating the attacks and then you did the FBI files you find out the driver of the Van Savan Curse Berg he had actually been to Doric towers where where they were seeing celebrating ratings standing up on top of the van and flicking lighters on September tenth the day before nine eleven they were there are eight in the morning the tax don't happen until forty five five minutes later so they're just sitting there smoking cigarettes in parking lot looking at the World Trade Center is waiting for this to happen then they're taking pictures there filming it the celebrating their getting a van and drive away so what trump said some other dancing. Arabs was he just missed dancing middle easterners yeah whatever it was labor for the Middle East from Israel era okay my he heathen inflated that because Dan Rathers went on with David Letterman Letterman I believe it was he went on what one of these late shows and was talking about the people across the Hudson River celebrating and but he didn't know they were Isreaeli at once it came out that they were you'd never heard about this story again on TV but they were celebrating because they knew and this is not the the Assad. These are not the people that the team. These guys are in their twenties. These aren't cracked season Masada agents. This is like the C team at best right. Foreknowledge didn't have enough disappointed. Just lock shut up right. They had to go there and film and get their trophy videos. Yeah I have an inner spat on my discord. I want these kids to sort out on their own. They when it comes to these companies these companies then dissolved right after all of them or do they still exist. I mean because obviously we know the. CIA has a lot of different types of companies for operations France. Well what was interesting is by glove movers their two companies with the the same name and so it seems like what they did is they. I think one's white glove ones white gloves zoo or something like we let are different or whatever and I don't on anybody. Let go and harassed them. They had nothing to do with it but they are. They got they took names that were pretty close to companies actually already existed but dominy suitor took out a half million dollar loan just in two thousand one nothing prior obviously nothing after twelve in the afternoon on nine eleven he shut his doors and ran away it and he and his wife lead back to Israel on the first plane available and we're out of there the employees that were caught they they had had a huge party already on September tenth and I have the fires for the DJ that they use so I contacted. Dj The music in Brooklyn where the brothers were Paulus Savan curse bird and your Schnell was there are more sorry. Amir memorial was there and elmer was there Karen something another Zehr December first name but all these people from these different moving companies were having this huge party in Brooklyn and as you do on a random Monday in September on a minimum wage furniture moving jobs breath but they go there celebrating again after the planes hit there filming it and then they got up on the roof of urban moving systems because both towers had been hit already and they're filming them collapse right there and a weird thing. That's in the report. Is Somebody says to memory because it's in his interrogation so I know who's being talked to but but I don't know which one of them I think it's yarn she will just based on the man of letters in the white space but whatever it could also be dominick suter. He doesn't have a C in his name by the way Somebody told him come up to the roof. They're about to take down the second building and it's like he thought they meant the authorities like the Americans took it down on purpose so it didn't go like that and crush a bunch of buildings. Whatever because this guy really wasn't part of the click he'd only been there a couple of weeks. He he only joined the the buck he was in the secondary business of like building boxes and stuffy wasn't even a mover but he was there because he wrecked. Sifang Curse Berg and and he had served in the army together and he just noticed them one day and it's like Oh yeah I can get you a job doing this so he was shut his mouth or kept out Lou blue because they would have private meetings the Hungarians and Russians the guys that actually did the lifting in the work work for moves would say that the Israelis would have these private meetings in Hebrew whether they were not privy to and I doubt they're talking about you know strategies for moving couches or something but they were in there. There were seventeen computer hard drives for this little moving operation right which had been confiscated but we don't know what's on them. I'd love to know and that's something that we ought to have attention on. In Foia Requests Worse I find out what's on these hard rows but nope and a guy that really stuck it to him. On this is Justin Raimondo from antiwar dot com he wrote a book called the terror Anathema Israel and I never connection he passed away in June this year but that guy was on top of this from the beginning but he got so inundated with the Cook Movement like attacking him that he just gave it just stop talking about it right but he he followed the all the primary sources verses on the day of the Jewish daily forward the Bergen Record from New Jersey reports Army Radio everything that was going on in the day. If you piece it all together he started getting this more clear picture about these guys now these guys they're just sort of like the avenue to a bunch of other characters and more and all all the other fronts and it but they're the ones they're the morons that sat there and celebrating got caught and thrown in prison. He's right and I have their interogations allegations. Even if it's even though they're heavily heavily redacted as a lot you can deduce years apart in there with you refer to the brothers so I know savant Paul Brothers brothers. Mike von not want Paul's that was Maury. These two can only be you know that kind of deductions stuff there is also a part where they forgot to redact a footnote about the Jewish Agency when Paul Curse Berg at one that failed his polygraph test even though he he refused to take one for months they all failed by the way he say and that they were sent there by the Jewish Agency on the Jewish Agency which was the precursor to the Israeli government in the the war in forty eight now deal with moving around I- aspirin and stuff like Abbott. We all they ever well-known. Everybody knows there's plenty of books about it that they're they're a massad like operation that the but they what they do specialize on spying on Arab terrorists and infiltrating groups in blaming things on others there's and false flags that is there by deception by way of this get this the wealthiest man in Israel or time. Wertheimer is on the Board of governors for the Jewish Agency. This is the man that had the police commissioner of New York fly to Israel on August twenty six to the twenty nine and gave him a quarter million dollars in in a loan that had no no contract running away when you have to pay this back or what it's four innings rainy directly he did it through a middleman named bobby Witt cough who moves marble around in New York which is deeply tied to the Gambino family and data which Charac then later went to prison for ten years for his role in fraud and also a taking bribes from the mafia to give them specific contracts and building owning signing Louis Up and the guy found a nine eleven passport. He's the police commissioner he's been taking a quarter quarter million dollars through an intermediary from their wealthiest man in Israel on the Board of Governors of the Jewish Agency who sent the people there for a moving company caught celebrating the tax and also traces of explosives in their van. Now other vans are also found that day in Pennsylvania and in New York and is it's his long long web. I made a five hour documentary about it but very interesting wanted the Arrow trucks outfit which is what they use to make their moving vans. You just put your logo. Oh go on generic truck right is was in Tennessee and a lot of these guys got driver's license in Tennessee is you don't need or at that time time. You didn't need a social security number to get a license in Tennessee and that's to make it easier because there's a lotta trucking in Tennessee Fedex cetera all move through there and so that's why they did that. You're not thinking nine eleven's we gotta happen but there was a serendipitous case where as tragic news people died but the the DMV did a stake had the I was watching them and did a sting on a group that was getting a lot of ideas for people shouldn't have them and there is a focus on this DMV employing Catherine Smith who is getting these licenses for people who are doing whatever with them in these Arrow trucks and staying hits six guys in the parking lot of the DMV the ringleader was named Kaleo Dolla who had bought a car for Catherine get that's where she got her car and five other guys all from you can guess where and on the one of them this guy named secure. MoD who had a cousin also last name Hamade MoD- who is in the World Trade Center he had a card for this Denko mechanical magic heating and Plumbing Company didn't exist by the way that allow an pass asked to do work in the basement levels of the World Trade Center dated September fifth and they asked him. What were you guys doing there. They said they're they're working on the sprinkler systems the fire prevention systems that failed by the way so they were breaking the fiber systems and you can bet there was a team the other tower. They just didn't get caught because if they're in. I think this was the South Tower there in the north tower and so the fire prevention systems if you don't have if that doesn't come on in you hit ninety some floors up in the air. You're almost guaranteed that at least part of the building's going to collapse like if you can't get hoses on it and you you don't have any water coming down as it should be. You're you're you're maximizing damage. He maximizing your your ability to do damage and and so to Melt Steel Ryan you don't have to melt steel just have to weaken it enough to drop loads for that for a night to be to be L. to bear the weight above it. What happened wasn't the steel beams melting or breaking it was the joints that connect them that gave way and it is enough to to do that. I'm not GonNa Argue about physics you know I I was I was having around. There needs to wave band. There's there's a molten metal not molten. There needs to be a band combining the JFK in the nine eleven called took the band. The band is the banking in the towers I'm giving you names in this physics right so I'm like no. I'm not even going there with the band is called single pancake theory. That's the name of the band combined. It's what people do is. They're judging they're watching. This is lasting on physics where they're looking at exterior career the building going like that right but they don't understand that behind those walls inside. That's already collapsed. It's group structure most out on the upper floors awards. It doesn't have the beams all the way up to ninety four only went up like thirty two levels and then switched so the concrete can be pulverized and I mean there's still bill in the concrete but he is smaller as tapers as you go up but this is called a tube structure was all the bang in the sixties what you're seeing go down has already been gutted for lie and you've got a third of the building dropping the amount the impact that that would make folly one floor. Renault fires at all whatever is about ten percent of the Hiroshima bomb like it was gonna plow right through that. It's not it's not a mystery. If you WANNA talk to real engineers and stuff not eighty nine in eleven eighty nine elevens the same group said on airplane would have to smash through six reinforced walls at the Pentagon steel and concrete not true the Pentagon Pentagon shaped like a crown that king would wear is got rings on the top and it's just one straight tube on the bottom plane went in one wall and the landing ending gear punched a hole in the ceiling it. The rest is just sheet rock and stuff. There aren't six rings. That's all bull. If you don't know what the architecture of a building is is that you don't get to have in architectural opinion word engineering opinion road you know at the building like now like this the same charlatans run around they have this new study from Alaska Lear did it twenty seventeen and they didn't fix any of the problems they did two years ago. It's I don't even want to I get real triggered on that with multiple the larger question bro I mean that's I mean he's is in Tennessee by the way thrown in prison except for the ringleader guess where he goes Israel dislike dominick suter. They let him leave but his fall guys they're in prison. They're not in prison for nine eleven. They're in prison for false. ID's and so on but they want to question them about the role nine eleven leg. Hey what's going on there. y you guys doing work in the basement the sprinkler systems when the Port Authority didn't hire you and the Pe- as one in charge of that now the PA at that time they're the ones that sold the properties Larry Larry Silverstein just before nine eleven right in Kushner Charles Kushner is one is trying to finesse himself becomes chairman of the PA later but and bought what up property I was about that fifty million square feet just in case something happened. All these people have somewhere to go like they're all the living following the financial trail so much there and people don't ball. You'd help me out with a perfect segue bro so that was a you know you gotta appreciate. Ryan's analysis on Hafid Smith was murdered the day before the trial burned alive so severely burned arms had fallen off her body and her car was was burned. Everything was burned so the key witness in that case was murdered while they're in prison except for that which means someone out of the prison had killer and FBI agent you Susan Nash reported as in USA Today and some other papers. There's gasoline in her clothing. So that's arsonists murder. She didn't dunk when people commit suicide they take pills a hang up very very few people burn themselves to death now and women especially if it is a violent death is usually men choose that women the day before trial don't set themselves on fire in their car recently charged the White House and sent them so fired charge the White House Askari Shit but no this is a perfect perfect segue my friend I mean the finances that are always all over this you go back to your BCCI and now we're we're seeing the new incarnation of the BCCI's essentially and helped me out HSBC. We're going to talk with Jeffrey Epstein my friend and while we've I've heard in the news for years quite frankly about Jeffrey Epstein's has proclivities in everything relating to his sexual proclivities and and I don't mean to make light of this but we're we're gonNA find out that it goes well beyond that leasing gentlemen. They worked hard in. They played hard. Jeffrey Epstein was a part of not just facilitating the trafficking of children. He was washing the money for drugs arms guns in this goes back a very very long way and I'm going to put a link to well. Ryan has done. It's essentially he calls it. I the Epstein maps and it's essentially a flow chart. You know what I mean of all these different associations and it'll blow your fucking mind how it goes are necessary because it's so many names and business so so many so many that we've all heard of you know. Seagram's brought you know the broth the Wagner's Victoria's secrets. It's in saying mainly the mega. I'm going to ask you all about that so as we kind of wind down and we're GONNA wind down with this subject but I'm GonNa more kind of throw out names in kind of association and you kind of explain who this is but I mean just overall Jeffrey Epstein. This guy in my opinion was was a part of the Mossad operation honeypot blackmail operation operation blackmailing people to like you said earlier whether it's politics or whatever it is basically to get periods of mostly trying to steal technology and scientific and that's another that's what I WANNA get into how how tech companies are hugely hugely related to this. This involves nexium to you guys smallville the Allison Mack who was just pinched with the whole smallwood because her family the WHO is the daughters of Charles Bronfman were involved with Clare Bronfman Rothman guilty so off the top. Jeffrey Epstein is arrested once again not a while ago and two thousand four has got a sweetheart deal from I guess the US Attorney at the time in Florida who wanted becoming the Labor Secretary of trump Mister Acosta who was relieved of his duties recently but epsteins arrested and we all were like what the fuck he's arrested. That's crazy. There's this into the whole like who's the white hat trumpet rising thing that to me again that yeah I was wondering shocking thing and the whole thing is oh. You really rearrested him. Okay so who did that. Who is obviously clearly. It's not the deep state because they don't do you think he's dead first of all. Do you think he's actually did oh yeah because he's useless alive. He can't do anything for him. He's got too much heat on them and peace marches started talking to other inmates whatever they're toast and he was. GonNa plea bargain that Little Sissy. She couldn't stay in jail like he'd never really gone to jail before he lived in a apartment adjacent to the jail and six days a week he got on release right where he's still media and even told. Clinton be arrested for this and that I mean he was he had some juice. The guy had definitely have some juice and we're going to get into the last thing he said is. C- on Sunday Yeah Right he twelve hours a day was meeting with attorneys. He was still having sex he was having female lawyers come in on conjugal visits and he would go meet with them. He was still you know you. He's still laughing at at all and he thought he could get out on appeal and he'd be able to have house arrest in York mansion and continue his life and they needed him him away because gelling maxwell can disappear and has as Yali Brunell can disappear and has but there's certain people can't disappear prince. Andrew can't can't disappear to let let's do it. Let's do a little cliff notes. Can we throw out the names we gotta qualify for anybody who might be just listening and getting their news about abstain from this particular outlet or yours. Julie Maxwell was the daughter of What's his name Roger Robert Maxwell who died suspiciously who apparently had ties to foreign intelligence Masada etcetera etcetera fell off vote naked and drowned yeah fell off the ges lean or whatever the off his own yacht named after his daughter and then his daughter winds up kind of linking linking up with with Jeffrey Epstein but then it doesn't really start a somber company. Yes I was just going to say you need to go to Ryan's Epstein Matt because because Essentially Christine Maxwell she headed up what does it I think it was a chilly add chili add software company and I think in two thousand four chilly add software company which is lean makwe sister after Maxwell's sister Christine headed up installed their particular type of software into the FBI counterterrorism database the CIA NSA in Ryan just mentioned a little earlier about back doors and how they really fucking spy on people so this goes day develop that on their own exactly that's why I say this goes so far beyond as as horrible I mean God. We can't even get it. It's hard to listen to some of the horrible shit. They do to children but he goes so far beyond that backers are mega group which is they'll wealthiest. Zayn exists in the world created Glick all the Brompton aren't Leslie Wexner is in it Stein Hartson. They're all it's a WHO's WHO's lists of prominent billionaire clean-air. Zionist and the sole purpose influenced Canadian. US policy I in the direction that that Israel wants and they set up Leslie Wexner exer gave him a seventy seven million dollar home. Don't just give people mansion since York right and they set up the wexner foundation which was a way that Epstein was on was chairman of by the way they got to push money into the coffers of Ehud barrage so when you're saying why now all like who went after him is not the deep state. Da Da the reason that Epstein was thrown under the bus is because this week Israel has there's an election and Ehud Barat is running against Netanyahu epsteen there are pictures of who'd Barat trying to wear disguises as himself is in the New York Rape Mansion and he was also on flight lists to the Caribbean and his phone numbers and everything are also in epsteins black book book so this Netanyahu's tweeting pictures of VIRATA and say Oh Broccoli Watch is going to Epstein this is way of smearing during his competitor Brock on the other hand is is talking about the corruption scandal of both Netanyahu Andy's wife right so huge smear campaign. Israel trump trump personally hates Epstein and has for a long time. Take Quick Story of the history of these two 'cause all the press is said is they keep recording that thing with trump saying all I've seen him on the younger side or whatever and I have minutes friend for fifteen years. Well let me tell you fifteen years ago. It was a real estate deal. There's something that is that's exactly what happened. Les Wexner used to own the property adjacent trump's Mar Largo and sold it to this guy named Gavin doesn't matter but this guy got in trouble with the law and had to liquidate assets so fire sale and Epstein new that trump wanted these properties because if he got it adjacent to his he could expanded into a large resort which ain't doing so F- seeing goes and gets trump and he's rubbing his is nose in it because trump was in financial turmoil. Everyone knew it. He's acting like you have more money than he had and Epson gave them a tour of the property and and I'm GonNa do this. I'm going to do that and this everyone like whoever got this would be able to flip it and it would've been extra great for Donald Trump. 'cause adjacent property already owns. You could add that on really they wanted us. We didn't have the money and Epstein was about to buy this and put it back into the wexner in right which was his financial parent you could. I'd say and trump through the hyatt that he had invested in so much combined with the apprentice show that he was able able to pull the funds together and outbid obscene by just like one million dollars and take the whole thing and flipped it for a huge sum of money and so Epstein was livid and said he was going to expose trump and how he didn't have any money. He's got to tell everyone how you know we used to deliver you lunch when you're crying under the covers because you're broke and he was going to embarrass trump decided okay he stuck the police on Epstein even though Epstein had and donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to palm beach when he was at Mar Largo. He actually hit on employees. They're like well. The daughters of employees their children Jesse maximum was hanging around around the locker room tennis courts and that's where they met Virginia Virginia Roberts and other girls Jane Doe two three four there on the map but there tell ya you can be traveling masseuse into that. She's she's fourteen years old and trump knew that Epstein had been hitting on and recruiting and same lewd sexual things to little kids and told the police this will please start putting case together and that's why Epstein went to jail the first time was a what trumpet put them onto and they follow him the FBI even right and he had called along with them. told him everything and they came out later said trump was the only one that cooperated but not everyone else was eight off hush hush or compromise trump wasn't trump's into models to trump's in that circle he married three of them right nothing wrong with liking supermodels any legal about it either Epstein like the little kids with braces with the Ballerina look that's his thing but MC two model model agency which found a lot of famous models and went did got models Victoria secret in and so on that was owned by John Luke Brunell who also sleeping with kids and who has gone missing in the last week it was yeah he's at large. They're probably he and Maxwell are probably in France with Roman Polanski. Having T- talking about raping children Roman Polanski by the way was represented by Alan Alan Dershowitz also Mr. I couldn't arrays directly under one. That was his excuse. He's like yeah. I got a massage and yeah it was at Rape Island but it was a girl of age he's like were there other things going on in other rooms with other girls. I don't know like Oh he's just the house is still big I would. I know what's going on over there. Are there little kids in the house at all like why. I don't have a bunch of little kids in my house. Do you come on. He's a piece of show off of those in New York. The houses adjacent Epstein Bill Cosby who lived across the street talk about a dangerous neighborhood for kids. They were it was real estate property of Mark Epstein Jeff's Jeff epsteins brother and that's where they housed a lot of these MC two models models that is so if you cleanse stuff in that area to residents in that area wasn't it kind of like that particular area New York Pretty Pricey tuned with known predators Yep. It's they had a good thing going for themselves and they can tell these girls. If you don't comply you don't go and start archaea started. They started with a regular massage and kind of scale up. They could kick them out of their house. Then they're homeless. They can take their passport away their foreign models which most more from eastern Europe anything for blond girls too and Sarah Kellyn was staying there staying in markup scenes housing and she's now she's actually the innovation of Creepy Prince Andrew Poking his head out of the doors. Little kids are going into now Maybe high school you know are under. It's disgusting. I mean they go so again when you start talking about the layers of this. I don't know who we said Christine Maxwell who owned the software accompany her husband was a gentleman by the name of Roger Malina. Mr Molina ran a company called Leonardo when he ran out of the MIT media labs in just. It's the other day the head. MITEE media lab nations had to had to resign because let me ask you obviously you know that's public news at that gentleman and had to resign because of Epstein ties in this Bates. I remember back in the day Aaron Swartz who killed himself supposedly hacked the MIT media labs and supposedly with suicide site. What did he hack. Did he wind up finding out some of this stuff that you know that was going on there that he probably should have known he got sentenced for whatever kind of Hacky did and then I think one of one of the things that are working on this stuff called micro wire and die have an interview the lawyer for this case from the people who this is long story is named John Natio- and so people as you report and type in micro wire you can see what they're working on and using gene university grants in Mit in particular. That's one of the things this stuff can like change trajectory of our artillery in mid-flight and all kinds of fun fancy military uses not might have been something there after. I mean it's so I mean. MIT's the place to be when you're looking for the cutting edge tech and and and also brainpower so for association interesting I mean I don't know what he might have hacked but that Roger Malina and then out Roger Molina's father Franklin Lena was tight with Jack Parsons the you know one of the founders of JPL and then you know get into Jack Parsons in his time with Alister Crowley Etcetera Etcetera. It just makes very interesting conversation. You know what I mean. They have to thank the Cuban community for pushing my first Epstein Map. I got banned right after that until I physically went to Google as we talked about in the beginning but they didn't grab the next one's on the on the financial stuff whatever I guess you know with the month month media's appearing they came up on me or something but I was posted on bit shoot and whatnot but my youtube by couldn't add two strikes can't risk losing all my material now so so fix now while you're while you're on it on people resigned there was also an official from Brown University who was suspended who who is connected to the to the MIT lab. I keep getting bigger and bigger with him dying and they dropped the case. I wanted to ask you that you think think it's going to just go away. Well there. I mean how many people can you can you. Clinton like what does that jeopardize the whole gone all the Jesse Maxwell. Well I mean they. It's not all the evidence. They raided his house in New York the F. B. I. Even after obscene died still went to little saint John's still rating the properties. They have his disk that he was keeping his fake passport a lot of his money he did throw the bulk of his money into the nineteen fifty-three trust so that will go back to the mega group but this isn't overbill bar is livid over this whole thing they want heads to roll. There's still a lot of public eye on this and it's up to us to keep this up to not let it die like yeah. You can't prosecute a dead man right but what about all his cohorts right was was speaking speaking of the main Wayne Person Anyway in me in these conversations. Everybody's like trying to you know kinda almost pull natch it out of pepper any tie hi. They just kind of run with it. I heard you mentioned on a on a conversation that bill bars father. I forget his particular name but he wound up hiring Jeffrey Epstein at this school and you want him getting fired. CETERA KC but you you felt that that tie was somewhat. I mean just because they know each other. He didn't know necessarily he's going to be a pedophile but other people bar but he got pushed out of the school yeah and got replaced by Gardner who also raped a fourteen year old so the headmaster school that hired Epstein was living with fourteen year old girl. WHO's molesting same situation. No no father poor needs. She's like Oh you can stay with me. He and his wife was dying of cancer while he's cheating on her with a child and then you've got eight. Greenberg who's also been brought up on sexual harassment charges had bear stearns a hires. There's Epstein and his employees they got bought out by J. P. Morgan Chase you know and their employees are meeting with Epstein after he's been arrested for prostitution itution and pedophilia and doing face to face meetings in Palm Beach while I supposed to be doing prison time what was so important you couldn't pick up the phone and that's that's I fished that out in the map of the financial maps called Epstein map to or something like that yeah that was going to say that's another one that people really need to check out because it's stuff. He did billions of dollars that was collateralized debt obligation stuff and commercialize setup sieve actually set up a structure investment vehicle to hide toxic assets for bear stearns by this company called liquid funding. Ltd in Bermuda and bear stearns Dublin's way of getting around American regulations sets up this liquid funding Epstein says forty percent of the cash ask and the chairman of it and all they did was basically take on all these toxic securities and then what bear stearns reduce they'd have the rating agencies season all come in and look at their books while this debt obligation is on their book because they sold it to their subsidiary and on the first of the month to go invite back again you so you just temporarily get it away like a kid shoving all his toys under the bed saying see mom. Dan Marino elsewhere that maid maiden lane comes in Yes Maine Lane set up by the Newark Federal Reserve and May would be senior loan to for J. P. Morgan Chase I think put up like one point two billion they put up twenty eight point eight zero in the by the by them out but a lot of this commercial paper that Epstein created in liquid funding ended up and money market funds including JP Morgan Chases Sal. I mean hundreds of millions of dollars of it. So what do you think I mean now. I mean obviously part of the conversations I guess is. They're going to let the the economy collapsed and caused a recession and blame it on trump. There's all these rumors of what's going on Deutsche Bank being insolvent etc.. Do you see your economy guy. Do you see a recession coming. What's going on a not for those reasons. I think opening the discount window and messing with interest rates you're looking at massive housing crisis prices but nothing like two thousand eight and the dollar is not going to collapse. I mean America is American dollars not backed by oil or any this is backed by bullets and it just is what it is if we collapse so does everyone else is the largest economy in the world. Everyone has a vested interest to make sure that it doesn't go belly up right so those kind of exaggerations as fearmongering. I'm not saying they're lying. I think they're just wrong and they don't they can lead to be kind of where we're going to close out. I mean everyone's been talking about the dollar collapsing invest in gold etcetera etcetera. They're going to say that every day I know I know the wrong invested in gold though I know I know I'm just saying that not because it's GonNa Collapse. That's almost older conversation but now it's like. They're getting rid of cash there. You know everything's moving into crypto currency etcetera etcetera almost going back to Epstein a little little bit he had so much invested in essentially a lot of tech companies eugenics companies. You know the tech supposed technocracy and transforming. Do you see any yeah that kind of being the next evolution of things and he wanted to freeze his brain and Pena's not someone one that wants to kill himself. He wanted to live forever. They hung him but a lot of his old broken bones in his neck their cameras outside that were designated malfunction the cop sleep through when they're supposed to be monitoring them his own lawyers. Who've been implicated rape took him off suicide. Watch he's alone. His cellmate had moved out when he's not supposed to be of all these Cohen Seduces the happen and then he's dead for like an hour before they start working on him. I mean he was on four Chan screen shot from Alex Navin who's an emt was telling me that he thinks if a body'd been cold for forty fifty minutes. It doesn't matter how long they work on he's never coming back and then they spread this stuff as they will look at his ear nose. Why show something someone's mouth and pull their look down their nose occur. That's another poll Harris face because you just got. Hong ears can be purple. It's not a big I mean it. There's bodies. There's indentified buzz brother. You can get DNA evidence of it. If you had to the funeral he is in Florida. They put his body next parents. Yeah there you go. It takes to law a too much to fake his ways. You're just kill. 'em Great. You're of the mind that he's alive. He's real well well. I might look here's the thing is it's not impossible to think now. I think it's likely no but it's not impossible to to think that a guy who's got that much. Money couldn't pay his way out of there. Certainly when you start handing out millions of dollars each person that's going to get you out and I'll massad operation comes in and throws body on the floor and takes you out. You know I mean it's not impossible some possible they he when he first got got injured my first thoughts were he choked himself a little bit to try and get a transfer to rent is trying to get in house arrest to get out of prison right because he had minor like bruises on his neck or whatever but he told his own lawyers his cellmates tried to kill him yeah and I'm thinking tried to the guy wants to. He can't answer yeah ah but maybe he's worried some coming by or whatever but if he's paid off but you know. Patrick goes in the same cell and he worked for both of them moving around honey to dictators in Africa that's what he's in prison for and he's who was in. New York fucking like clearly on the royds he took all the royds cop killer guy from New York who they transferred out like Carolina or inherited something that was that was his cellmate. Maybe they didn't transfer him out and she killed him and then the cop open the door and either did it himself or let me go in and finish the job like Epstein was a dead man. Walking walk in everyone was making jokes about it like that. Guy Are ever going to trial. He's just can implicate too many important people he's gotTa die and Jesse Maxwell Rice's snarky snarky thing in her fake in and out picture that was dead encryption in it by the way where she's reading a book about Chelsea. The espionage right yeah and her father was drowned right. She's obsessed with saving the oceans. Were father died. her father basically died for the state and his eulogy was read by the Israeli Prime Minister. He's buried in Israel and all Massad Assad chiefs radish funeral. He helped capture Mordechai Vanunu he's supposedly trying to blackmail the Masan that was a part of what where he was in debt because he had been stealing pension funds and he he wasn't working for them aside like as an agent he was at a somebody in media who assay an m-type who who told on them because of his own Zionist ideology and he knew when Mordechai Vanunu was reporting physical pictures of the warheads in Israel of their secret creek nuclear weapons program to the Sunday Times and papers in the UK Maxwell being in media in the UK new help set up the honey trap in Italy that captured him another thing he did is he stole the promise software from the duty which ended up becoming Pegasus which is how they caught Kashogi the Saudis caught him and killed him was using that Israeli really software to monitor his phone by the way even his uncle was going to say into with the Rape Tours and his headquarters in Spain which epsteins using fake passport go visit a bunch of times of the fake address in Saudi Arabia so it all it's so much to say I've done seven or eight interviews and maps and stuff about it is absolutely huge. I've been talking to them. I don't mean to interrupt you but just before you go on it doing this in July. No Hell no you should is thorough dude but people do look pal into into your software promised software in the other one you just mentioned because yeah that's really deep. I mean this stuff just goes so much deeper than like again. Child exploitation patients that is horrible enough. It really is smart wears and what's really stick. How many people covered up right. We've had this before Denver Gene Pelfrey. Yes Jimmy savile like you name it. He goes all the way up to the top. Have you seen the latest victim that dropped a Youtube Video Jessica something or other in the last day or or two she was she was linking it back to the DC Madam exactly. She mentioned her name. I mean I don't know I I don't know if she was toilet or non mother's house yeah like a day after she was on. I think maybe it was a alex or something but she said I'll never never kill L. myself within winds up hanging in that's that's what freaks me out bro you go at rex with your mom and kill yourself in the back. No do that come. This is what freaks me out when I get so pessimistic like nothing will ever happen when things like that happening. Hey I have a black book that says all of this and I'll never kill myself. She winds up dying. We're looking at Komi. Supposedly walking like nothing ever happens from your bear stearns in two thousand eight Gulf of Tonkin light but nine eleven because the press doesn't say anything we have an alternative press now and as absolutely I'm telling people fighting the censorship from Google and Youtube is the most important thing because you can't report on any of the other stuff. I don't care if it's immigration order pedophile rings or war. Whatever your thing is you would not know about it without the Internet and right now. There are a few real realistically. It's monopolies monopoly's. We've got to be able to have free speech online where that's that's why like of all of of the Democratic candidates Tulsi is the best one because she's suing Google and she supports free speech and obviously there's only one nominee on the other side. Donald Trump was right. Donald Trump went after Epstein and he fired John Bolton so he's on like side well well. This goes back to Pakistan about the Internet man Ma Bell back in the day. It's a utility now. You can't just I know they have their guidelines particular platforms but like follow their guidelines headline. They just make it up arbitrarily true yeah and that's that's frustrating man but you're right. I mean it is so ubiquitous everybody's on their phones and utilize these these platforms we definitely want to be able to utilize them to get these kind of word out because what they'll turn it of you know media and the Rachel Maddow and how much information did you learn about the truth truth of WMD's and the rest of it online versus watching the talking heads right all of them lied lied about it and all of them did Russia Gate. Even Fox's took a fan of trump and even in two thousand sixteen election. There's no way he could fuck and win. Police say Hillary Clinton so far ahead I mean it was just ridiculous election. They all said you know what I mean. The oldest ran minute and it was it was so I mean again. I'm pretty apolitical but whatever you know I tried to did you to join all that. Oh that's a wasted vote don't do it. She's got ninety one percent chance of winning watching the video in the Hillary campaign spot where she was supposed to have the party and they were weeping. They're like putting their heads on their friends shoulders. I get almost like that so that's Gosh that's beautiful. I wanted it'd be there with an Empty Cup to get a vote doesn't mean I like trump do but just have meltdown yeah. That's it. That's IT I wasn't. I'm not at pro-trump guy but they're arrogant has affected the pain right there. Watch Anna the House Armenian. Just completely lose it overnight meltdown. Van Van Jones Van Jones was crying. I think some of them say it was back and forth from CNN day. It was great when it was comic. Really Likes Jeff Jim. I don't need any stand up between CNN and MSNBC like weird weird our in Japan and my grandmother my mom's suffer like on skype. I like he's got Pennsylvania each state that went Brad. We're just like I I just wanted. Hillary lose for real because she you know she wanted to do and seems crazy. this she nine. She not quite happy they but you know what he's GonNa win again. He decides got they got pop. Bite like embolism embolism the eyeball yeah that's crazy. Ramallah Harris has the black vote. All locked up is Hillary though is she white possibly is Hillary on I mean just you know we all know Hillary and we all love her but isn't quite possibly the most unflappable human being on the Planet Hillary Clinton. She looks like smells like pee. I don't know why Zik fixate on P. Like a hot bottle of P like in the summer. That's been heated up in his warm hot urine. I can say as far as Kamala Harris. She posted on twitter if she wins or when she wins the election action she's GonNa put new standards for the amount of Meat Americans can ingest and I said I just I tweeted her and I said what about Willy Brown's Meet regulating how much meat you can eat. What have you heard about that Ryan. Did you see that I did. I saw them into London. I wanted try some Bacon. You got a search for it. They don't have it anymore. People think pigs in the double whatever game yeah bill actually one of my favorite comics billboard has released his special today that he recorded in the UK and he did little series of three parts as well as is in the UK just on how terrible the foot is yeah food is. It's it's it's I went. I the Food Ireland was great. I thought it'd be similar to the UK. It's not it's it's way way better. I can't say UK I can say London visit the whole country anything. I'm sure they have real foods somewhere but that city is terrible usually big big city as much as I hate New York. I can't say the food's bad like you can get anything you there. They have good restaurants and whatnot might be pricing all the London. I mean they screw up fish and chips. How French fries so bad it was so bad pun there after coming back from Dublin. I bought American cereal in the grocery store and just eight that I am not wasting any another bad meal with a screw up the order and a waste of Pat Sterling. I'm not doing it. I ice. You're looking forward to airplane food on the way home. How yeah and that is not a joke. I was looking forward to the airplane food. Who'd Singapore and the food too. It's GonNa go like an Indian place or something to get anything. That tastes has taste at all. Wow how it's like. I did get a free meal though from one of my shirts but I was like I'm not going to go off on London at the end of this thing like I. I did enough London bashing but I I find that that was that was interesting because you hear you hear the stories kind of anecdotally to hear i New Delhi or something and look if I if I went to a New Jersey Yeah exactly I've been in New Jersey was there was so much filth in it. Just smells like piss this smell coming from Japan which probably the cleanest industrialized society on Earth. Our streets are clean. I it's Oh we're we're spoiled. You know I didn't have that state. I've been to American cities in Washington. DC has ended. I've been as west coast. It's pretty disgusting. I've been to New Jersey during the trash strike people at yeah. We were walking around mask and stuff stinks in the nostrils it. Yeah New Jersey's not known not known for Beauty Morale Jersey City and there's guy other good things in the state but adding one of London was filthier than New Jersey or DC. I mean it's like San Francisco level bad so I hear what you did. Killer words McDonald's touch screens every single one of them had on. I saw that it's a reminder that SNL skip back in the days like you just walk around. Everything's cool but then you got on FICO vision and it's just spots freaking poop everywhere. I'm at Baker Street liked Sherlock Holmes all that yeah. There's a statue sherlock. Holmes is the only Anglo I saw. It's I'm in line behind. Southeast theast Asia to get a ticket. I get up there discover. Oh it doesn't take cash you have to have coins and cards zone work so I go and buy a drink or something to get coins. There's a coin machine but two homeless wissman or beaten L. Out of it won't leave hanging on it and stuff. Cops aren't doing anything. Nobody's doing anything we get on a to go one. Stop breaks the one in front of it broke so it broken and get out at a baby in a stroller and carry it up steps casino escalator whenever stop after Baker Street and it's like forty degrees Celsius in these tubes people just yelling at each other. I'm I start laughing. It was like watching trailer park boys the Rim now the kids are screaming at each other and like people trust up in burqas and the women have to walk behind the men and just like this is where am I I bet about in books and stuff like I go to the Tower of London. They close early 'cause they. You know the Schlomo gotta go out to the clubs. Whatever so into five thirty they closed at five of five. I just wanted to see Lionel lease armor and Marmaduke Dawson and stuff. I just wanted to straighten the white tower never got to see it and I'm never going back on ever see why it was terrible. smelly dirty sculpting overpriced food socks logistics really suck tubes braked trains break history all right about that dude very polite. Very nice food still sucked though but it was fine it's such a huge hugely historic place transforming right before is made in history will definitely absolutely right it is it is it is just it's all bobbleheads in curry in whatever and I you know I would hate that if I went to Taran Iran and it was all white guys serving cheeseburgers you know I'll be like the middle sinners. Where's the Middle East meets Antonio's pizza Tehran Iran in European in in London right except the museums the museum to see what London was you know and the and the Saint America they're taking down statues. Eric Heritage is being erased and it all if you're pro European and what you hate the Middle East of I I've spent twenty twenty years of my life trying to fight against wars in the Middle East and help Palestine Iraq is senator. Don't give me that shit like I just don't. I don't WanNA complete cultural takeover kover of historic European city. I think sat well like you said I think trying to their. WanNa get rid of the old and bringing a new that is in kind of their image I in my opinion interesting title any kind of identity other than consumerism umping well. That's the thing it's it's you destroy the identity of a nation and and they have nothing more to fight for. There's nothing left to fight for and I'm sure there's plenty of native Americans who will Ecu Echo that sentiment quite frankly because they're trying to in the native Americans aside from disease they lost to the Western Confederation in military battles from Pontiac Cup so then they started the welfare program and that's all the Indians were done reservations destroy them and the the disparity of wealth between native Americans Ana reservation and not on a reservation. I love to see the status but just from like my life I can tell you. It's the three deviations below. The poverty line is all trailer trailer park trash on almost every reservation off the reservation you you can't tell the difference between any other American. It's very close family members who were raised on the Pine Ridge in and it was it was all kinds of ups is all kinda messed up. It's bad news bad news bad but it's welfare kicks data out of the House and all this is another topic. I guess but I mean no I mean that's absolutely social engineering man and that goes on throughout the country man get rid of Dad. You know incentivizes producing more fuck solemnity yeah exactly. There's a lot of layers to so much of this dude. That's why I'm so glad to be able to have these conversations with my man. Ryan show any social this yeah I do I. I can't thank you enough man because I know I mean you are a very sought. After guest. It's a release to this subject and a miniature cedric subdued. I love you brother and I'm so glad you were able to take some time to come enroll. The today show any social networking. We find some of your work deathly. I'm going to attach the Epstein Map to the description of this video but working. We find somebody other stuff appro. I'll give you the most updated map after this A. N. C. report. Dot Com is sort of the main place that will have everything else and there's a a donate button on their phony. Buddy wants to throw some coins my way. I just had a very very girl to Europe but that's there and yeah that'll have my bit shoot youtube in article. Everything's on ANC STANDS FOR ANTI NEO-CON ANC REPORT DOT COM and and we'll have this interview up there shortly and thanks for having me on again touched little on nine eleven a little bit on Kaczynski a little bit on Epstein getaway deeper on all of those say there's so much of that can add to your map here. Epstein Map Peter Clone is the director of development computer scientists and data at Brown yeah. There's there's a couple of names that I got to add a detect sector. Stuff is actually a whole nother map. I didn't have the energy he got so demotivated after loss Youtube and Mike why put all this time into make a map. Two hundred people say you know what I mean like. One as these flow coach goes so deep people who basically question we'll just because he knew him didn't mean he was associated with all this other stuff. I don't want to get into connections on no absolutely but it just guilty by association. That's very very fine line that we walk in almost like you said. Donald whatever don't don't Kevin Debate in this thing like did they receive money where the cohort and crime do not just like. I didn't list everyone that worked bear stearns or something I just got the ones that are involved in sexual escapades or met with Epstein and person and made a deal or very gary. All everybody on this map is solidly connected to absolutely some someone that did whatever and and check out check out genie energy and you know the day before Epstein died their documents came out that former governor of New Mexico and former US ambassador to the UN Bill Richardson was involved with some of his stuff but the fact that he was on he's on the board of Gene Energy Bates larger questions as well. There's a lot of digging made book former former Secretary of Treasury under other believe Clinton Former head of Harvard World Bank Association and stuff like that and they go through this goes beyond right left and I've heard you said it before brother brother and I we stress this a lot the powers that be whatever the fuck you WANNA call them. They don't care about what tribes we are. Whether it's right left Jewish settlement or Palestine you you know Serbian or Muslim Kurt. They don't give a shit. They use shift to weaponize against we play against each other while they continue this insane racket packet of died the following making fight each other absolutely they'll use race religion gender whatever they can get to get us addi throats. That's always been a class war and we got this rope that in its own sort of tribal nepotism and if in their their minds is us against them type of thing and they do it from the shadows so exposed sunshine is is what they fear the most. They hate being tone. They hate being seen and Epstein there. Are people begging the courts right now. Don't put my name in this. Don't reveal me on this 'cause whether they catch catch. These people are not the story's going to get out there anyway yeah and everyone they're involved with where they all going to hide. People want just pack up and hide either sexually families the things you can't just leave. Do you think the documents something yesterday or the day before. There's something about a thousand plus names going to be released something like that. Do you think there's nearly a thousand names. Is that coming. I take that's not hold my breath on that. I want that to come early. WanNa say yes I feel like reporting about it. Coming is helping helping forced it to come because if it doesn't go hey whereas these names we were promised or disagree more conversation Komi Walk Nobody again. Nobody gets accountable. I was talking to pat and I don't mean to extend this too much. Longer is trump white hat while that bates you know the Patriot laws still patriot. Act is still law indy a one or two that allows indefinite detention assoiation without representation of no due process. That's still law if he was string constitution that would have been gone already if this was all constitutional like he says says and I'm not saying it's just about that but those are some pretty heavy things as it relates to cats like pat right wing the bill of rights the constitution these things are still on the books he still so as we know Juliana Guyton JV who were trying to get on and going to talk to she's uncovered more information about one on Yemen. Yeah Yeah we're just more more weapons are going to al Qaeda and are going going to these Islamic fundamentalist groups. The proxy war is continuing so it's like it's almost out of sight out of mind because we have all these distraction over here with these mass shootings in it and that's Kinda new he'll he'll hire to replace John Bolton Bucket. Shit would be an improvement did I did. I mention that possibly his former chief of staff off. Fred fleets is in the running for his successor but as we close my friend moving into this election year shit is crazy it it always is is in my opinion. We're seeing false flags everywhere the deep states in the corner. Possibly more people are getting hip to it. Epstein being killed was a mass red pill by told you my mom and my dad called me like what the fuck is going on. People are just lay. People are getting him to send them yeah. So what do you think man what's going to happen are we. Hitting A ran. Are we is assist is delaying the inevitable as far as hitting ran in Lebanon in this global hegemony which continue like Wesley Clark strong. It's not one thing that'll title stop it is we can't stomach the casualties the US could take on ran but is not worth the war the war happening now more asymmetrically with these trade deals sales and economic you know when you get into like China and Osceola and what's going on in South East Asian. The one belt one road are things happening in wars happening more trade in economically now and and a little bit of covert ops. We saw what happened to that. It seems like Israel is very close to pulling the trigger on Hezbollah so that could be the next one but Iran you know they already. The boat was released. Two point one million barrels of oil goes into Syria as planned Turkey still gonNA be finding the Kurds in northern Syria but right. Now you know relatively is looking pretty good compared to before I would love the war in Yemen and it doesn't look like it. I love the war in Afghanistan and and asked the one I think we should pile on and do because with Bolton Admiral way we have a real chance of removing troops from Afghanistan honesty and trust me. There's no reason to be there garden opium to get out well. That's what I'm saying that. That was that that money's been flown for decades. Why get out of there us like you you said before Vietnam was the writings on the wall. There's no reason to finance isis in Syria because they were there any parts facilitating that that that heroin trade whether it's the French connection or what went on in Vietnam or you know we've had it locked down in Afghanistan openly admit when Afghanstan for heroin they the excuses excuses supposedly you know for sure but if we get out of there doesn't that kind of shutdown that a part of that trade yeah so the real no incentive yeah exactly. That's what I'm saying. There's no real incentive like you said we announce we might get out and meet with the Taliban and then it was a car bomb that day or the day before so it's it's you know same function playbook but but two thousand twenty you think who's. The Democratic nominated you think and vice president. I heard Hillary kitchen to get in. I mean I think Mr BS probably the as the most grassroots support Mr Mr embolism in the eye comrade Stalin. What's his name Bernie Sanders. He's a Biden man. He's kind of like the Giuliani he ain't gonNA make it to change Bernie's their Goto can mean wow he's getting get destroyed. Kamala Bernie removes. I know what's the what's what's the guy's name is at Wong Lang Yank and why he posted that he was winning in polls when compared to trump and I I was going to write something. They're just leaning. It's like anytime they shit. Come on dude. That bullshit got played in two thousand sixteen. I know I wanted to make fun of that House. Alice give everyone thousand dollars a month for Obama. There's there's a lot. There's a lot of people citizens in this this country. They deserve it now. We live in a very old man. We live in such a great world and I'm again. I'm so glad to be on these kind anna conversations because yeah you're talking about. Ted Kaczynski and I'm not likening myself to because yeah but Ted Kaczynski shirt anymore because he's finally gone says Bolton must go and he's gone. Is You know you were saying how Kozinski like. He couldn't relate people like everyone was an idiot and I'm not saying I'm Ted Kaczynski but having these conversations make you feel good during the show with pat makes you feel good because I realize I'm not alone in having these conversations tasers reaffirms that he does go so deep. I'm not bucking crazy and it frustrates me because nobody has a fucking clue what he it has a clue and that's what allows so much so much of this to keep going in. It's frustrating well. I think there are a lot of people have a clue but they don't the the field of politics is so hostile. They don't feel like dealing with it publicly so they just keep it to themselves not really out there expressing. They'll vote or whatever but they don't let you know that they know you know what I mean 'cause. There's when you do you gotta deal with all the backlash from all the morons right so I think there are more intelligent people than we realise. They're just so. It just seems like everything's you're. You're a professional wrestling guy. You've seen the video of the kid. It's still real real to me. Damn it talking about professional wrestling and that's why I think people defend in college six well yeah people defend this right left paradigm so hard core because you know other extreme tribalism confirmation by Cetera they just can't go beyond that and it just sucks because the whole thing does go beyond that listen to a video today so much they play conspiracy is like sixty percent of independent voters. The right and left are not the majority. That's just the one that's in your face all the time. That's thus far. They're going down. We're going to have a paradigm shift like this happens. If you look at broad historical trends where we're there. We're going to have a paradigm shift. The left is already starting to fragment into two different parties. Are you of the mind that is going to get worse before it gets better. As far as you know false flags eggs and I mean obviously never never be one hundred percent just chill but like you said everything is so viscerally divisive with politics are are low point was around two thousand and two. I think we're getting better as we get more. We have more vibrant alternative media than ever before. We can't get boots on the ground like we used to be able to do the second rock war. We are trying to get out of Afghanistan. Were talking to North Korea. we did downsize some troops in in Syria. We cut off funding in Syria. We didn't go into war in Venezuela. Even though Bolton tried as hard as he could Bolton just got fired but what about the kids that's who they what about the kids who they've seriously weaponized as far as the Second Amendment Cetera who are starting to get into voting ages. You have no fucking clue about the nuances of this shit. They're just rolling with the kind of that. AOC AOC squad very social justice warrior amy that's who I worry about 'cause I see them. weaponising the youth in this like those kids will change the first day they get a real job with all that Martin's rhetoric and all that stuff the first day you get your first paycheck with taxes singing out of it. You're like wait. Wait a minute. I've asked people that I'd like. I Argued With you on this now. Like what was it changed your mind and they're like working right to go. Start realizing like you your boss. Whoever you're working for and stuff like you have to sell products or services and and that's that's how you get money and then you just have to give it away? People do not that that is the the core difference. Twain like people live in the real world. People don't or have you. We know fantasy jobs like being an actor or whatever they that's where the left presides people don't live in the real world when you get out of the perpetual who'll students which I call professors and you get out of like actors and stuff and you have job jobs and you're really working for eleven and really having earned that money it sucks to have to give it away. They're talking about expanding health care to illegals except for Tulsi Gabbard all the other. Democrats are like Yep. Lets you take a middle class family that can barely pay for their own health insurance or health care and you're gonNa tell them now. You gotTa Pay Pablo's. They're going to be like built. Another wall like we can't extend social benefits to the entire Third World. It is economically. Not Feasible doesn't matter how big bleeding heart you have how much you want to do do it. That's not gonNA work. If you really want to help those people stop predatory lending stop warfare get rid of NAFTA. Get rid of the lopsided trade agreements prosecute white collar crime I wrote a long list of things that you could do that would help fix the third world so that they don't have to relocate poverty. You can just not be in poverty and we know it works capitalism. They don't have it. That's what they need. That's their number one enemy anti Fawn. All these things are all communist the scratch him you could see the red underneath they hate capitalism western. ISM Masculinity nuclear family traditional values the hate these things because they work and they walk that free lunch to have that in common attitude and want to demonize everybody with `ISMs and instant press. They're the ones that are obsessed with Esi and race Jason. I I don't think about that stuff in my day to day life right and I lived in a ninety nine point nine nine percent of the people around me are are they know not my group would ever lose you. Are you a citizen of Japan or they're on a certain visa or what. I got a three year visa right now now every every year so I have to get a visa so we will. I don't a marriage visa. My Wife's actually Korean but we live in Japan so we both guys like but yeah there is here visa and I'm working and I worked in Japan ad work visas when I was I still do part time work in Japan for the gets me longer visas usually do some work in Japan but obviously I'm doing journalism on. That's not is kind of both because I'm spending my money here and ah but you can legally immigrate to Japan just you're. GonNa have to work your ass off. Learn another language like 'cause they meet. I don't blame them for having having strict immigration rules they have they did new become China overnight at I'm not saying China's bad. It's just why do you need. Japan to China to you know you can go to China Z. Chinese stop Japan deserves to have Japanese Culture Japanese language. They're preserve their way life you know from same with the UK Leguizamo I would would hate for Asaka to become Beijing and I don't want London to become Islamabad or whatever like there's nothing racist or anything about. I wanted to preserve the culture is a good thing you wouldn't want. Anyone insists appear I've seen that happen to American Indians Languages Gone Culture Culture gone like that sad and I don't want that to happen to anyone else. Preservation isn't necessarily race. Separation people don't quite get that sometimes because it's all refused as well it does even in a case of Japan and China still be the same race but you'd have a completely different. Culture doesn't matter races yeah. I mean if you had a whole a bunch of Ukrainians flood into Germany wouldn't be Germany more. If you had a bunch of Germans going to France it wouldn't be French anymore. My Lot of Germans went into Rome and in the Roman Empire buyer didn't exist anymore to do German lot of Germans after World War. Two sort of disappear into South America didn't they all out of scientists ended up. I've been NASA paper. Which is another interview. No absolutely band-aid Ran Ryan Dawson. Thank you ladies and gentlemen. Please be reflective think research on this nine eleven day. Let's get it together. Legitimate peace so much love.

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