Big Brother 21 FINALE Recap


From Mine Mansion it's rob has a podcast and now here's The guy who is not rob sister Hino. I am a brand log on. Hello everybody and welcome to our age. AP's continuing coverage of Big Brother Twenty one. We are here to talk about the Big Brother Twenty one finale and obviously I am not Rob Suster Nino Robertson and tearing Armstrong are in the backyard as we speak of big brother twenty-one house they are getting ready to ask your questions to the House guests but that is not going to stop us from having our fund tonight. I rot three fantastic to talk about this a little bit snooze worthy finale. If if I'm being honest I you know her from my adventures on Rupa's drag race and you love her and I love her. She was my team for so you think you can podcast and she's still my number. One one is Leona Boris. Everybody who are you and thank you for bringing back that memory honestly Jackson. Finding out that America thinks that he could be racist and coming out to confetti looking just so incredibly upset actually makes this when palatable so I'm here and ready to talk about everything I thought odd spirits noticeably improved when that happened by the way when the winner was announced was the best moment of the episode for me and not because Jackson was winning. Let me just just tell you that also with tonight's looking absolutely fricking stunning. I must say is cursing said what Kirsten again is from candidate Intersex. What's up girl. I really thought you were. GonNa say looking stunning Matt Liguori but hello aircrew. I'm so happy that Nicole is America's favorite and like you know what got a boy wanted confetti and I guess he probably should have wished for a little bit more because that rags that is exactly what happened see I had this genie bottle and we've been talking about all the time that wishes. Don't come out the way that you want to you have to wish for exactly what you want and the boy wanted Confetti. He got confetti but he's got a whole lot more to talk about that. Also is Matt Liguori not area. You great so happy to be here. It was crazy season and not the ending that we wanted but our girls walked away with some money and I'm so excited for that. I'm so happy she's out of that house and free to go be with some actual good people her family. I'm so happy for Nicole tonight and that's the main storyline that I'm running with so happy to be here. Thank you I. That's one of the main storylines that I know I'm running with. I do notice some people in chat asking about the backyard interviews the backyard interviews are not live. We we do not have that capability yet so they will be uploaded. After this podcast odd cast throughout the night I know Scott saint-pierre is going to be working hard on it all night and you should see most of them live by sometime tomorrow. Check those out when you can as I said previously if you have questions Scott Saint Saint Pierre is monitoring social media Hashtag. RH AP and you can ask US whatever you want we will tackle it but I have to go with the overarching arching us from tonight. The big lead Jackson does indeed when big brother six votes to three Matt's. I know you were talking about Nicole. Is your favorite storyline align tonight but we have to talk about the winners. So what do you think how did he do it. Jackson was such a such a interesting story story the way that he won the game by winning so many competitions by being the one that was initially kind of pushed aside from his alliance and then ends up you know making his own new alliance with Nicole and cliff which obviously saved him in the one round the game that he wasn't safe ends up bringing him all the way to the end of the game where he has a chance to win himself to the end. It's not something that I wanted to see happen. It's not something a lot of people wanted to see ended up happening and honestly. I don't have a whole lot of praise for him. I think think that you guys have talked about it. Terrence talked a lot about about how the competitions kind of more physical than in previous years and that's kind of frustrating because obviously Jackson was the front runner and all of those competitions at the end of the day it does seem like all of the crying that we did for the past couple of years about how the stronger anger players should be the winner came back to maybe a little bit this year because the person who the jury perceived as the stronger player is the one who they ended up giving the votes to and and this was the one season where I thought maybe we shouldn't think like that. Maybe we should have the person who had the underrated game walk out victorious and I thought that he did a really good job tonight right but it seemed I really feel like the jury was determined to prove that look. We're going to get it right this season. We're GONNA vote. You know emotions aside. Tommy and Christie were both like we're. We're voting for the stronger player and this is where we ended up so yeah. Mickey is our winner. I think that that was something that was apparent it from Jerry Roundtable and I know that we hear it a lot like Oh. It's my head versus my heart but I really think that this is the season where the jury felt like. We need to reward the person who we think played the best game regardless of some of the other events that happened and that being said the people that Jackson was truly agree just to in the pre jury so it's a little it's easier when you were the direct target of some of his microaggressions or macro aggressions as it were to reward him the half a million dollars although we did see three votes go towards holly which is a direct result of him being kind of a jerk and by kind of a jerk. I mean a lot of a jerk and so I'm actually surprised by the result tonight. I think there were a lot invest. That sort of felt like this is the outcome that we're GonNa see and I think the jury roundtable plus what we've seen previously kind of all makes sense all come together to to give us this final result Kirsten. I have to say though that between Leon. I feel like there's selling Mickey a little bit short here I am. I maybe it's just me but I feel like that. He really did do a good job of navigating gaining big brother especially when you look at the people that he took out insists and Jessica to people as we talked about on the round table a couple times removing pieces from the Jingle single board that didn't upset the balance too much I mean he he wasn't safe the entire time and yet he still managed to make it to the end. I feel like that that has to be at least given do yeah definitely there's some things that were good and getting rid of people that aren't going to make yourself more of a target definitely a valid strategy but I mean I'm happy I don't like. I don't think that he was great and I think that from Cliffs First Jury Question About Jury Management Jackson's answer was very very clear that he does not know what that is like. He literally did not understand the question and that's a problem for me personally. So as much as it's like yeah he did make some really brilliant moves. There's just so many negatives that I find it hard to be like the best player one because but I think I think I think that's something where separating the personal things that he did but aside and then looking at the actual game play modes because I will use the move that he made at the final five as for for me the most clear example of his grasp on the game and the way that he learned to turn a social situation from something that was not trending in his favor completely absolutely force it into something that gave him what he wanted. I mean I am extremely impressed by that. Move and I know it's one move out of ninety nine days. Okay you have to play the rest the time and if he's going to be a jerk the rest time I understand why it can be hard to award the half million dollars to somebody who played like that but I mean I'm kind of with Brian here like I am impressed impressed with some of the things that I saw with Jackson. You are able to sort of pull that apart from him as a person into. I probably didn't convey that very well but I I'm with both of you one that I think that his his moves to take out those people he did on his h while it looks on paper like you only took out jess and says exactly what breakfast those those were two pieces that kept the bigger players in the house to be going after each other and of course you know holly and Jackson were still such a big target but by having Christy and Tommy still in the game when they were both such big threats for a for big brother in general but just the two of them like being such a tight duo with Tommy kept taking Christie off the block. It was very very clear that they were keeping them in the house for a reason they they were taking pieces away from them when they took us out that did you know that did the job without actually taking a shot at the other bigger players so. I thought that was great. my only thing is i. I guess I don't know I didn't even know maybe I'm trying to say that. Holly also deserved it just as much I I was having a little bit of a debate with some of my friends during the jury portion when they were pleading their cases I felt holly did really well and then a lot of people thought that holly didn't do so said Oh well. I thought that Holly Played The game from the position. She said she played it and she was kind of behind the scenes and I thought that she played it more effectively then maybe we have been giving her credit for lately in the way that you are ticketed it during that jury speech. I thought was great so just it seemed like in more more than in the previous years when you had tyler and Paul I felt like both of these to play deserving games. Obviously Jackson's was much more in your face game but I felt like holly could have gotten the the votes as well. Yeah I had to say as I said at the beginning of show I here's the thing I felt like it was newsworthy finale until we got to the pre jurors and I feel Philip part of the decision was to start with the roundtable a little bit misguided because there wasn't a ton of energy or much passion. I thought like coming from the roundtable Kirsten. I felt oh like that. They were here's what roundtable was telling me. That holly probably had no chance Jackson was probably GonNa win and they would probably give Nicole if she got there but we knew she probably wasn't is going to get there. Is that what you were getting. Did you enjoy at war with Dr. Will Yeah I thought that that was that was definitely the vibe also so much of it being driven by like on a lease and in her thoughts on people make really hard to be connected to it because she's confused as she said several times and so it's like well. We're not confused used about this so having explained to her like she's five is not all that entertaining. I'm Jack Calling Dr will dock and bud is offensive to me. You really don't like that. Jack Jack think you are who you are exactly Leon. I have to say that my favorite part of the roundtable table was cat when the whole season and she's like I'm not a bottom feeder. I'm not Peter I that was the whole thing that will stop the bottom feeders from moving forward because cat would not recognize this year was a bottom feeder and then she was in the main alliance cat says Hollywood after big targets Mickey went after the bottom feeders and pointedly looking at assists and Jessica with camera shots include. I was living for that moment and I know the cat was too yeah very sassy very much like so if if you get it which justice is probably did not but implying that they were the bottom feeders. I thought that it was fun to see some of the interpersonal dynamics between them. Although yeah I thought overall it was pretty lacklustre again like Kirsten. My favorite part was just being confused saying I'm confused by her gameplay. I'm confused. Okay okay says what's new. To what kind of game does this thing. She played thank you. I'm sorry rare. She gets like Oh Holly. Just was was with Jackson like I don't know what kind of game that is. I'm sorry what did you do chicken costume okay. She was shaking costume and I felt like Nick. It did Kinda backhander a little bit with which was Hollywood at least one to h h is what did you win. What did you do girl. I felt like that's what he was saying there. I have to say okay. That's the roundtable was this news but but part two of h competition was even snooze easier. I WANNA point out one bit of Fake News as I felt like we got from the finale tonight. Where Holly sorry you don't have a soundboard here for you. Is the holly directly saying in the diary room. I've never been rock climbing before. I don't know what that is probably should have done that before. I got here and I'm going to her. INSTAGRAM Holly Allen in Malibu California hobbies hobbies include spontaneously climbing things with her on a rockwall so girl. I'm not buying that and I feel like we need a recount on that one man she's trying to hide her capabilities abilities from us all season long and she just continued that into the diary room so. I don't know what you're expecting from her but she's playing the game. I told it really was though but I was so disappointed with parczew because you know we talked about this before I felt like the questions were super easy. It was mainly physical tearing and I totally really bemoaning the fact that there was nothing that really resembled anything that it was really difficult in either part for Vito Part to H. O. H. And I was really bummed about about Leon I it was like a whole school big brother. I feel like it's going away and being replaced with all of these physical competitions where yeah it's mental and the producers can argue. It's mental until so because come home but you and I watch big brother. We know the if we know the answers to some of those things you. We know that they are not that hard. Come on yeah and I mean I think you can also say the the same thing about part one of the competition's like Oh. It's not an endurance competition. You know because they have to do a puzzle. It's like okay yeah sure they have to attend second puzzle and then go run across you know like chasm for twenty five rounds or whatever league no it's ultimately it's a physical competition and I feel like this was sold the same way. Oh sure it's day is calm because they have to then go up and then the day cop okay. It's mental today's Cobb memorization when really yeah it ultimately seems come down to who could climb the rockwall faster your it wasn't just that this was pointed out to me on twitter that they're only two instances of non comp non eviction events that were on that rockwall while you know the houseguests know everything about what happened what day and who was evicted by a vote of what the what and who played veto and all that they don't remember necessarily as what day the clowns announce came in you saw the both of them had problems with that there needed to be more things like that on the wall like the day that the alien came in and Berated Jack things like that the JV Jackson was blowing was blown up with the alien alien doctor when it kept floating on him all of that kind of stuff. I felt like would play really well in a competition like that because they don't don't necessarily remember stuff that they weren't personally involved in are paying attention to on the other hand. It seems like big brother kind of want stuff like this where the more physical person wins Kirsten. I and I'm not really happy with it. I can't imagine terrorists you. I know we were both bitch about that but just revealed that sophomore tonight yeah. I'm sure Taryn is absolutely seething thing and I'm not happy about it either. I feel like yes being you know. Physically fit is part of big brother and there are always going to be some physical competitions but what I find most compelling when it's like. How badly do you want it or you know. How hard have you worked to get this. Not what. How many weights have you lifted. How fast can you run a mile. How much rock climbing have you done. I just like I understand that those competitions maybe are a little bit more visually appealing but they're just empty and meaningless as far as I'm concerned and not the prevailing opinion but I don't know for me. It's way more visually appealing to see someone and cut their hair off like I want to see someone. Shave their damn head. I think it's actually really interesting because if you think now let's say this. This is a trend moving forward the sort of Adage of Oh. We have to get out. The physical threats well. Whatever it's the later cops big brother aren't physical well now. What if they are physical so now that strategy to get out the stronger physical players actually might be relevant next season? We're GONNA like strong. Physical Player pissed off because Jackson ruin. Did that woke muscle amazing human. They're GONNA go home without getting this year. Everyone loved Nick and Jack when they walked in the house awesome then it was like that. I like to stay for the record that I did not like nick from the start but I'm pretty sure I have tweets. Are I was like I don't get it guys. This season receipts on Nick but Jack Happy full so on the topic of the final three comes before we too far away from it. Part three was pretty bad too I was it's getting dark three okay well. Maybe you're welcome. I guess for leading right into it was those questions were terrible. There was one question that I wrote down that I thought was good. The fact that they included a memory walk question which was also along the same line of my criticism here that it was just so easy that each one of these questions by the time they were done answering the questions isn't the by asking the questions both Mickey and Holly had the answer's locked and they weren't even like second guessing at thinking about it. They weren't you know debating it in their head. They have the they have the answers. They knew that they were waiting. Julie Chen to come in and say what she always says when it starts happening which is please wait for me to say answers. Here's please before you reveal your answers because he looked really terrible on television. No Yeah I agree with that when it's very clearly that easy when you have people that especially Jackson standing back folding his arms being like Oh. I already got this on lock. I mean it's not really that intense although it was intense intense but it wasn't got took a nap. It looks so calm. I know they spend all that much time making some glancing setup and they're not doc and enjoy it like they both got every single question correct except for holly misreading one of them. She thought that the one about six said that was not there for consist. Wasn't there for Zing bus. She thought it said that this was their freezing. Bot and she must read it other than that. Both of them got every single question correct that that tells you something. Those questions were way too easy. I I don't know why they are how they expected either of that like maybe they wanted it to go down to tiebreaker. I'm not sure but they were just really bad. I I have to say maybe they wanted to go down to a tiebreaker because that allows them to quantify it from a TV standpoint. It's live television. They want to know exactly how long something's GonNa the last. We probably haven't calculated out. This is six minutes and thirty seconds that this is GonNa last if we go to a tiebreaker if we don't it's GonNa be seven minutes thirty seconds something like that but to me. I'm I'm with Matt Questions. Were really easy and the house gets. You know you're stuck in the house all day. You have nothing to do but think about questions like this who was a victim of what day in who played and what veto competition and how many times they played in the competition and anything like that. I felt like that again if they would ask more non comp non eviction questions but what was happening what day in your what what day what happens things like that. I felt like that would have been played. Better on on television. Overall would have given us a more interesting result bolt yeah I actually I appreciate the fact that they're asking questions that have to do with events that happened in the game. That's what I appreciate appreciate but like I think they're saying I would rather than be a little bit more difficult and about things that maybe didn't directly relate to them or weren't necessarily like exactly game related like some funny stupid stuff to you know what Data Jackson get his watermelon smash you know like in the punishment right like that's something that I would rather have more fun but but in terms of the actual format of the final three I think I like these types of questions more yeah I would. I would agree with that although I don't know tearing mixes point in the Round Table that the questions in the pass up until big brother nineteen which Josh Paul in part three of the HBO competition because it was. What did this jury member say. How does this jury member feel that kind of thing things that are not easy for people to necessarily answer gives us a more interesting result and I went. I think I was like the same person for nineteen the and seasons who I was like I hate part three because you can't necessarily study for it and win it but then when I saw Kevin Martin do what he did him to grill a candidate and now I see what they're doing on big brother twenty twenty one getting literally everything right. It's really not fun to watch and I go back to the old way and I think Taryn. The robot probably had it right the first time when you the final there is an element to to being the winner of the season where if you don't win that competition you have to have convinced the other two people that you're the best person to sit next to you so in a way you know you can't. I mean nobody should be relying on themselves winning to get there. Obviously that's the most ideal path to be the one who who wins that finally gets to pick where you sit next to but you need to have the opportunity where both people are. GonNa take you if you can't take yourself and if you're not able to do that you're not. GonNa win the game a lot. The players have gone down that way. I mean go look at Vanessa did not win. The game lost. I didn't get to the final two. It happens and it's annoying. What happens because you want to see that person rewarded but that's the game and I think I'm I'm with you that I should go back to that kind of competition yeah so Carson we have Mickey win eight two seven three any chance that we had holly evicting Jackson and taking Nicole with her to the final was totally obliterated in that moment when she missed her out the question. I was bitter about it. I don't think she would have did Mickey Anyway. Although she should've based on the results that we saw after but I thought it was not even good television then and when holly and coal we're giving their speeches Nicole I don lover. Maybe there's no chance he's GonNa victory there but I felt like she really said nothing in that final three speech which she really didn't give Jackson reasons to keep her except for saying. I hope let is thicker than water. Whatever that means. I might say something about five hundred thousand dollars. That would be something good to say yeah. I feel like it's it's the point where that decision is made earlier like there's not that much that you can say in that thirty seconds. That's GonNa make that much of a difference. I do think it's a good opportunity to hammer home the points that you've been making all week and it would have been nice to see more than that but I just. I don't think that there was a chance that he was not not gonNA take. I will say that I'm glad big. Brother didn't give us too much. Hope where they Nicole lost part to. She's crying. That's that's terrible to watch. We got one segment of her talking to holly on a where it was like you know. Here's the reasons why you might WanNa take me. If you're sitting next to Jackson. It's probably going to to be looked at as he drove the bus and you're writing behind you. You really want that. You could take me. I was in favor of coal really throwing Jackson under the bus all week league long. I don't really feel like she ever did exactly what I wanted her to say. I wanted to say something more about women empowerment. How much of a baller Hollywood look like by evicting Jackson? How the the jury would literally just down her hand or the money because they are also frustrated with Jackson he was the mover and shaker of the season but Nicole never did that in bus she was evicted eh up at the final three and it was it was bittersweet to watch yeah actually in terms of pacing of the episode they were on a clip which I really appreciate it because they you're obviously trying to get through everything and so I think part of that was just showing this brief snippet of like you know look. This is what you expect this to happen. It's probably not going to happen so we're not going to spend a lotta time time doing it. Although yeah Nicole really needed to hammer home to holly this whole concept of that holly will lose if she is next to Jackson going to happen. I mean holly needs to send it and get rid of Jackson and we didn't get to see that and that's why probably the show didn't really talk about it all that much so yeah. I go ahead man. I've been as I've also been disappointed in the coals game. Play the past week slash two weeks. It seems pretty clear to me that after she realized the mistake that was made in evicting Tommy she kind of just lost all all motivation. She lost hope but she she realized that she had made the wrong choice and she kind of just looked defeated from there on out. She didn't seem like she was. She had the the drive to keep going into. Make make a push for the end. It was kind of like all right if we win the cup. It's like that's when her cliff made that decision. They said we know we need to win. Competitions were not gonNA beat Jackson and Tommy so we have to to be competitions and b both of them so I think at a certain point they just kind of saw the game only winning competitions obviously many other ways that you can get yourself to the end by talking to people oh by talking to holly and making those points which yes she really should have been making all week and saying holly. They're voting for Jackson. Every single person who left the House has said Jackson is a strong strong player. Jackson deserves to win. Christie left the house saying Jackson's got this. It's been pretty clear that Jackson is a strong player and if you want any chance of winning I know how much you love about well how much you love him. You can not sit next him in the final till we probably have an equal chance maybe or maybe you have a better chance than I do but you cannot be Jackson. You have to take me point blank period. It has to be that way and she didn't say it that way she didn't she didn't lay it down. She just said no hard feelings if you don't but I think that you should do this and that's not good enough at this point. I think it kind of goes back to what happened earlier in the during next. Hoa Age like Nicole had been doing a lot socially unkind of you know being a little bit more active behind the scenes and when she she was kind of caught and called out she kind of faded back for a while before she was able to get it back together and then start really making moves again on and it's not that she was doing nothing during that time she just like she had touched the hot stove unburdened. She didn't want to touch it again. I feel like a she's a very reactive person and so when she kind of had that that feeling of failure when Tommy went when cliff went I think it takes a long time to recover from that and so she just needed a little bit more time before she would have been able to really make those compelling arguments that way like I think she has in her but she seems at least from what I've seen the type where if something goes very wrong it takes just more time to kind of get back into it and it's something that I think she'll learn from and I. I think I tweeted about this. I think if there's any locked from the season to come back Nicole. We'll be back on the future season big brother. She's not getting taken by MTV. She's not the challenge type. They are next season or whatever it is. Nicole will be back on big brother Sunday. They saw the reaction to her. They need to get her back in the house and I think when Nicole sees how the rest of this game played out has a lot more time to think about it. I think she has the capabilities that next time she'll know. I have to go in for the kill well. I have to play pretty similar to how I played. Last time it worked for me. I got far with social game that I had but in the end I need to go for the kill and I think she can do it next time. It's it's like she needed to do the Kellyn from survivor where she she needed to trust your gut because she went with cliff cliff gut and really got her into trouble in the end but then man we got to see something really cool where even though it's bittersweet to watch. Nicole at the final three. She walked out she gave Julie. We Hug. She started talking to Julie. She was all composed then she sees her mom in the audience and I don't know about you but my heart right literally broke. I was just I was so happy for her but yet my heart was breaking for her and it was it was really good TV. That's it's just like raw television. Just just I really miss she. You know she just looked in the audience in that emotion just every single person that was watching the shelter yeah. I also like unaware. She was talking about how She Dashi came in as a butterfly but really she came like a caterpillar and eventually was like the butterfly obviously fast forward to forty five minutes later when Julie's suit. You are the butterfly girl yeah. That was so incredibly sweet. It was such a nice full circle moment. I think that that entire interview is just really horrible well. It's very clear why Nicole One F. P. I think that you can say oh well. The May set her up to be particular way or she was the underdog but there's such a good heart there and so well. I think that that this interview is just indicative of why she deserved winning America's. They were player. She did exactly so we get to the final two and as has I tweeted out if if he didn't fight for this money I was going to be in the vale tonight I really was I needed to see her fight for the money. I was glad to see Kirsten that she did fight for the money and I don't know about you and I know you don't WanNa guys. Don't want to give a lot of credit. That's fine but I thought the best thing he did. Tonight was when holly was giving her answers. He didn't look Pissy Hissy. He didn't look mad. He wasn't condescending to her because we've seen that in the past every time Josh even opened his mouth on nineteen. Paul was like shaking his head and ranting ranting and stamping his feet furiously but on tonight I saw Jackson pretty composed and smiling while he was giving her answers while she was giving the answers he was doing a good job of that but then you would see as it was cutting to commercial he had his jaw was just clenched like maybe on smiling so how much is bearing his teeth you know and I think that I didn't do a good job in her answer. She knew that she had to say a lot in a short period of time and she was trying to get those words permanent out and I felt her for that. I think that she did a good job and I personally. I don't think Jackson did a great job answering the questions that were asked so I kind of like maybe Holly Scott this. I don't know I felt like you did a good job of answering the questions as a politician he didn't donate. He didn't answer the questions that were asked. He was asked about jury management. He talked about day forty four kristen. How does that have anything to do with jury. Manage was Dave forty-four well. What was that about. It would have been nicer to be like I noticed days forty four that I was at the bottom of my alliance and I knew I would have to win. You guys over if if I wanted your votes in the end I knew I had to get rid of you. Even though I worked with you and I you know something along those lines you know talking about what he had to do to get their votes even though he knew he had to get rid of them after that point but no all it is your mom a guy tell the truth and I was loyal when I didn't have to be and and I was honest when I didn't WanNa be yeah. I am Great Alabama Guy. That's his basis for winning and it's like well openness that he owned kind of more of what he did. Yeah I felt like Liana. He owns enough though with clip because I feel like clip was ready to vote against Jackson if he needed to if Jackson didn't give him what he wanted but Jackson at least did say I am from from my perspective did pretty well. Jackson did pretty well in the in the questioning he was quick to answer. He didn't stumble. Holly had a couple of awkward pauses. That meter seem a little bit not as respected as a game player. Jackson was totally serious the entire time. I felt like he did a pretty good job overall about making sure that he was viewed positively by the jury yeah. I actually thought that Jackson's answer to the first question I know. You can probably speak like oh did. He actually talk about Jerry Management. I don't think that matters satyrs because I think that first question was really about owning the game that you played but I think Jackson did a really great job saying look I. This was game for me. You know there were maybe. ABC's stumbles about the whole loyalty thing but I mean at least he was saying that he was playing the game. He lied when he had to whatever Blah Blah Blah so. I think that that answer was really good. What I did did not like was the question about the women on the jury feel that you're being condescending and then him like well. I'm an intense person. Everything I do one hundred in ten percent which in the back of my head. I'm like okay so including the sexism right got it you do that also one hundred ten percent. That's Kirsten. You're a woman a why was this question being asked by Tommy. Can you say about women for women to Jackson about his treatment of women and Tommy is asking a question because I feel like Blake who it's hard to face Outta here as we move into the audio version Zhanna Kirsten Kristen has a cat and the cat decided to decided to start cleaning itself that very moment giving her answer and on television anyway so I'm trying to have Abbas serious topic and Mike had over here is being inappropriate anyway so I think that probably a part of that is like part of being a woman in this world is is that a lot of the times you're facing behavior that you would not otherwise phase. If you are a man behavior that you don't want to deal with unwelcome behavior and a lot of the time when you confront that oftentimes you're GonNa get a good response because guess what you're going to get called a horrible names and it happens literally every day all of the time to I guarantee you. If you ask a woman in your life they've encountered unwelcome behavior and it's it can be uncomfortable to confront that and so you no Tommy at least you're standing up saying something and so I can't get too mad that at least somebody stood up and was commenting on it and bringing it up and that's what I would ask any man and to do is when you are hearing about unwelcome behavior that a woman is facing that you say something but yeah it would be nice if like cat heads at it but I mean like the decision that we're going to give this question to Tom. Yeah that was probably not Thomas decision to like this unrelated but they were like okay. Everyone has three questions that you decided on. Oh this is why they're giving us four-time three questions and get such a better during questioning and then they call us one. Oh where did the three. It comes from the three questions collectively you for each of the final two. That's what they were trying to save and do a very good job of. I was upset because I had like a brief moment of hope that they were actually going to do a slightly better to hop on questioning. This goes back to what I was saying just about. How if this was like if this was last season if this was the season before Jackson loses is this Jerry vote six to three because those those superfan votes the Christie. Tommy and cliff votes were if this wasn't this exact season coming off of the past two do they. They very clearly made it seem like we we understand the game play but we don't want to vote for him but to the side and we have to vote for him because because we have to fix big brother right now that's what their intent was now. Let me ask you the are you mad about that and it seems like you're mad about that because I'm like I'm a timberlake. Here's the thing I I know. It's generally a horrible person but I'm glad Jackson won the game. I he played the better game. It was certainly the more aggressive game and I feel like that. He look what he did. At the the final five cannot be overstated. I know that people don't WanNa. Give him credit for it but it was pretty amazing to watch the but just the thought process to follow Tommy into the have not room when he saw him on the screen they he knew he was going there to talk to clip Nicole. He listened in on it. He wove that information into his live what he said. Tommy said to him and he stuck to his story like glue and I know some people out there. Were like Lascaux Rozan saying well. You obviously clinical should've discerned that the Mickey was the one line because he was the one who was absolute about his story and Tommy was more nuance but in the Big Brother House nuance doesn't go a long way. Sometimes I felt like the black and white story was the better one and that's where oh he did his best work and I. I feel like that has to be commended. So are you matt that he won or you just kind of wanted to bitter jury result for Shits and giggles no. I don't have a good answer for that. I think I met that he won but I'm also like I understand why he won. I I'm not doubting anything about why he won. I just feel like the way that the game has been evolving is that the juries are are taking their emotions into account a lot more often lately and that just feels like we're big. Brother is Ben obviously if this is a result that this jury result is going back to the way where they don't take take their emotions so much into account people. A lot of people are going to appreciate that because that's where they want. The jury vote juries to be voting so I'm like this isn't. I don't think this has to do with the personal opinion. I'm just pointing out that I thought the Jackson didn't do so well with jury questioning. I think that the answers that he gave and the reaction that he had to some of the things like when Tommy asking that question he was just like I was. I was just being myself and I just you know being intense and that's who I am like that kind of answer wasn't GonNa fly last year so I'm just I guess my point is just that. I don't think that he did so well. I think that he really just kind of one because they these jurors were were had a point to prove Liana. Are you with with me in terms of you're glad Jackson one in terms of at least it wasn't holly because if with Jackson is a win is going to be Holly Allen Twenty Four Wyoming Wins Big Brother and I am not as surly here for that. She likes helping makes fun of her obvious interesting. These the jury felt like they had a point to approve because if the point to prove is to award the game to the person who played the best. I'm actually kind of okay with that. We're going to appreciate appreciate that the fact that they're going back to that way voting and like I said I don't know which way I land on that right now. I I get both sides. Yeah I mean I think it's absolutely hard to process especially actually when someone that you don't like you don't appreciate their behavior you don't respect their behavior and you absolutely don't WanNa see them rewarded for that behavior yet at the same time when you take a look at the moves is that Jackson made throughout the game like well compared to Holly. I know that she tried to answer her jury questions by saying she played a different game shook bigger targets. She played an independent independent Games Jackson. I mean if you really put all the cards on the table. I still feel like Jackson played the better game and so there is a part of me that feels okay with him winning because of that yeah I hear Ya I was in Hollywood but the one thing that I feel like that. She didn't get enough credit important. She really never remembered was on day forty four when she lied because that was her moment in the sun she she didn't do anything win. At the final five when Jackson was she was basically they're holding her hands to her face not even talking to Tommy during that house meaning but on day forty four. She was confronted directly. Do you know cats. We think you know cat you know her and she was like no. I don't even know where this came from. This is crazy. Talk like what are you guys talking about. I've never heard that before and I never heard of brought that up and I would have liked to see her. Bring that up a little bit Leon or Carson. Whichever one of you wants to take it I felt like that? She did herself disservice by not talking more about the time that she did lie effectively in the game because because I feel like that those votes were gettable if she gave them a reason to both for her yeah. It's almost like she doesn't realize parts of her game that she could have magnified to convince the jury like she doesn't know which parts of the most valuable and not I think is the main problem there yeah. I think she had a hard time conceiving okay. What is my game. Ah I know I WANNA make it distinct from Jackson. But what exactly does that mean anything that that was pretty evident in the her answers to the jury questions I mean I'm sure she was nervous. Completely understandable Santa Ball but at the same time I think you have to come in with a super cohesive narrative that will resonate with the jury and just felt like she didn't quite have that down. I think she she needed a cleaner speech cleaner. I felt like she needed to throw Jackson under the bus. I felt like she needed to really hammer home. The fact that you know I like even though you guys look it looks like he was the one driving the bus and I was the one with the rains behind him. I'm like really wanted her to drag immoral and be like you you know I used it as a shield in front of me because I knew I needed him to get myself here. Look what I did. I needed it to be a simpler story for the jury to buy but I have to tell you once got to the point in time where they're putting in the keys in the box. I was like Jackson's got this. I mean Christie Christie as well a matter put her her key out in the open open about point when she said that you know she she feels a a couple of different ways but she's GonNa vote on game and that's what she's going to vote on. I mean I knew she was waiting for Jackson. They said they just all right. Yes Oh my God Jackson may get Jackson but Jackson. Maybe time I wanted to say really quick before you addressed that that win win. Julie cuts the final two and said Mickey Holly. We're GONNA hear your final two questions. You can give speeches and immediately Jackson. It's been a it's been amazing. It's been this life with you in the game and I love you and that's great and I was like that's just a little more shaded Julie then they got the last laugh in when they wrote Mickey on the fricking keys and Mike still bugs me. Oh my God I have expected to just walk like I'm sorry. Who is this person right. I don't know I'm waiting for the backyard. Interviews versus claims that she meant to vote for a holly instead and she says she pulled a Topaz but we just didn't see it happened and his pictures on her keys. She still would have been confused about that. Oh Oh my God. This is what they look in. The end like holly got more votes than I thought she. She's GonNa get. I thought she was going to get like if I was seventy two or eight to one cat voting for holly but she actually did get votes from the Coal Jessica and cads so Jackson wins six votes. It's a free but before we find out Jackson wins six votes to three we got to talk to the pre jury and this is where we're things got fun and I was definitely here for the first thing and I was in I was Kinda shocked at included this the House meeting with Nicole being locked out of the Hoa Term Kirsten it was really really fun and that they were dragging the people who were a part of that and over the spokesperson for that and I was here for it. Yes it was absolutely perfect. They set it up very well. Lovie is incredibly well-spoken and did a really good job of explaining what was absolutely not okay about that situation and then I mean Nicole did not have prompting to know that that was is going to come out but I think she did a good job addressing as well you know. I tried to forgive him move forward but I didn't see the footage but lovie like literally calling them out was great. It and I was really glad that they brought that up as well as the other bad behavior. I suppose Paul from nineteen our eighteen and nineteen on twitter today and he was talking a lot about how he's just so surprised that there's still no big brother Reunion. I mean survivor has a reunion. Challenge has a reunion. The every show on earth has a reunion these reality shows and when you think about it. It really is Kinda surprising that they don't do anything like this. this felt like like like. I'm so glad that they covered all this stuff like. This was some important stuff that we've been hounding. CBS and Big Brother all season call them out on this call them out on this like you have to say something so you can't just let this go so glad that got covered it also just kind of feels like the stuff that maybe would everybody would benefit from having these a day or two later where they're just able go. Look and see what they're talking about. you know they've just been through a whole like ninety days and this happened dates twenty four so as much as we remember it. I feel you like it would be beneficial to all parties involved if everybody knew the exact clips that were being talked about. Obviously they know what they did but they're they're like. They're obviously talk about it and it didn't the problem here. I had a little Birdie told me that Kennedy was GONNA. Let them have it the finale on and I was certainly here for it but I really wanted big brother to help her a little bit more and play some clips and receives of what she was talking about so the house. Tsk couldn't be like cursed Kirsty Christie. I'm so used sinkers mcinnis or Christie where she's like my hormones than I didn't feel good in Initi- apologized but she didn't know what she was apologize. I had no idea what they were talking about and no one hundred percent so a friend of mine we're watching the episode together and essentially she and I had this whole conversation about how we felt like big brother gave way too much time to the people who had caused all of this aggression and essentially taking away from the people who are actually marginalized in this situation because you have people like me who got to say a little bit but I mean really not all that much. Where were the REC-. It's like I wanNA throw it in their faces. Excuse Jackson J it's fine yes yeah Jack in Jackson Christie and everybody everybody time to try to clean up their own mess where the that time could have been spent more Kirsten by showing receipts what happens yeah absolutely because only only jock had seen any of the footage and even then Jack Manage to say his whole spiel without one time actually apologizing to me when he's on solid Salaam footage so he should have actually been able to do so like you'll notice his words were. I can't ever apologize to you enough. I can't do enough. I can't apologize you know it will go a long way saying I'm sorry and actually apologizing at all. No I didn't recognize the sorry is never going to be enough and I may never be able to make up to you what I did instead but I am sorry and I'm going to try to make a change that goes a hell of a lot further than personal doesn't reflect to him as a person and I can never apologize enough interesting how that's not an apology. I went Jackson apologized. She said I'm sorry if I offended you allergy so apology. Yes I have learned that in the past ten years of my life yes all right so then we disarm really what I want but I'm glad to see that can say some some some stuff on onstage onstage and then they wait another direction which I did not expect them to go but I was glad for it. They talked about the camp director thing and who Jackson banished for camp director and this is when things started go downhill for Jackson this when he really got the shift smacked out of them Liana with what's coming to him in the real world when Julie pointed out that that you know hey you banish these three people and Cliff David Kenny Jessica and cliff some viewers meaning all viewers thought ought to little races so what say you Jackson and he was even though I know I see Duman the Chad saying that they clearly prepared Jackson but I agree with that because got away with his pants down here early on yeah there's absolutely no way I mean judging on his reaction first of all to the question but then when they cut to commercial Marshall Break and you can see him talking to Holly. He's like Oh my God. Did you hear that I mean I just love you believe so for that so shocked and mouth. I'm not racist is what he was saying like. There's people who could clearly see what you're saying like. There's no way they prepare him for that. Oh my God it was so funny though because then his defense to that was well it's based on. I'm first impressions. Oh what might dictate a first impression Jackson. I don't see that like I don't see race. The Liberal leader he said yeah race played no factor in it and like it's really cute to say that when he obviously has no idea what an implicit biases that's the that's the thing he didn't walk in their same E. N. Word I mean it wasn't something overly racist that we can all identify but when you pick three minorities and the old guy I for banishment on day one. It's going to have a bad look and not only that I've talked about this before. I wanted to see what some of the preachers like Sam Bella what they thought the fact that you know the first three people that were victims from the house where all people of color it was like how can you not. How can you not see that it. Is it just something that you're oblivious to and if you don't notice the fact that the people who are victims from the House or Obi David and Kenny and then you know obviously clip on he's like in and then they just for shits and giggles there to make it four for four people of Color. It was like what are you doing. Do you not see the optics of what you're doing and it was like Liana was totally lost Jackson and the other houseguests. I guess even people like Tommy may not have been fully aware of how it looked in what I was asking home was. How can you not see this like. You never thought about the fact that everybody you're kicking out of color. I'm telling you Jackson doesn't see because Jackson doesn't see the of race above that I know I mean I think I actually really really appreciated David's answer because I think he addressed a He bridge the gap enough to say Jackson. Look I understand that you know. It was a game move. However there was implicit bias that was part of the situation and I hope hope that you know he can grow Jack and Jackson he addressed both of them can grow from the situation which I think that that's part of the issue of Jackson's at feel like he did anything wrong and so if one bit ever GonNa improve then he has to recognize that the things that he's doing our exact examples of implicit bias yeah that's the thing though I talked over him a little little bit when he said implicit bias and maybe it didn't get through Kirsten they did like almost everybody else got to have their say Jackson Jock Christie. All all of them got to have a full say and then when Davis talking. I'm making a really great point. Julie's okay sorry David. We don't that's not enough time like he should have been able to finish that thought yeah L. Well. We had to get into the really hot news of the Hour Matt where we get to confront nick with his bad behavior where he left the house or when you left the house bell left the house saying don't make me look stupid. I think they've been shared a couple. I love you is in there and then he goes to the jury he makes googly eyes with Cats Anza into kisses and whatnot I mean picks her up and it's all on camera and he knows it and not only that producer even asked him about it. He knew that the roosters asked him about it and he's like well. I was hoping they wouldn't show it googly eyes and kissing and whatever that's what's been going on Gerald. I don't want to get into this time. I have to watch myself here on the Primetime Primetime. JP Boasting Kirsten Yeah Yeah Yeah you know he was not ready for that. He will I tweeted. He was not ready to see Bella in any way he was not like. There's no point in his life where he would've been ready to see Bella again. After all of that I mean after he left the house. He was very clearly like all right. She's gone now. I'm just announcement assists again and obviously we saw he was Oliver. Tommy which was another story and then he gets to the jury house and he finds somebody he can actually like be with and probably was with pretty consistently. You ask what it looked like so yeah he he did not have any idea how to handle the situation and you can tell that she was very upset. You can tell from social so media that she has been very hurt by all of this and the two of them probably not going to be the best of friends outside the House to say the least not I I would say go sorry someone like that. Where Nicholas my mind win in a different direction. I wait the Jerry head. Your head went into wrong direction and obviously as I said previously in the PODCAST. Make sure so you get your questions in our. Ha P we're going to go to them in a minute. Here's Scott saint-pierre so mixture. You are getting your questions. If you want us to answer them. We talk about it. that's where my notes mad. Jackson wind six to three holly gets the votes of Nicole Jessica and cat. Do you have some pressing news. You WanNa talk about the the reason we're all celebrating tonight at the very end of the yes that I didn't look. Here's the thing I stopped writing at that point because I was so excited that it happens happen. The most important part of the episode will Nicole Winds America's favorite player. That was the most important part I was living for that and we will put a pin in that really quickly as we go to these questions so we will come back. I I'm sorry I just what are you doing well. What is this under his favorite player. I know you have to wear the Unicorn. I don't think they can see you right now. I'm pretty sure that equal yes scholars skype. They can see you sure if they could see all the question and the four of us but now they can see you so that's Great Okay Scott. You can put that question about this question from Lauren Brooke Liana. Who says can you all. Please discuss that Jackson's. Father Aka fish apparently always says there is always a bigger fish. Did you understand this question awesome hidden meaning. There's always a bigger fish. I don't know I'm not sure you although I will say fish like Bernie Sanders from behind says. I thought I thought who was up there but but yeah I don't know I don't know if that means maybe that's all part of the colloquialisms that Jackson used by the way column fish because he always says that this is definitely the possibility. I see some people in the chatter making fun of me that I made my screen name. Brent from RHA P. I was actually on my weekly meltdown and I had to put in my screen name so I put Brent from. HP The and then I haven't been back on streaming which is what we're using to stream since then so it just naturally came up because my computer remembered it and that's why I'm Britain from our HP and I if you guys didn't need a reminder then you have another one so this question from E. N. E. N. Rice says add ROB CICIRINO RHA Hashtag. If if there was a game called a big cliche is their number player in history who could compete with Jackson Aka Mickey. What do you what do you say met? Uh Tyler Tyler was big on those. I feel like I feel like Mickey's better better but if there was somebody to compete with them there depending on I just I I appreciate Ian for clarifying that it's Mickey in case. Any of us. Were confused. Wait who who is again. I'm confused okay. I'm going on a Kirsten. Take this one from friends of Han thirty three as much as I hate Jackson the player who played hard one. What does this mean for future future players. Will we have more cutthroat gamers on bb twenty two so this question talks about a little man talked about which is what effect will Jackson winning winning having played a really hard game line his pants off the final five unsuccessfully coming through basically treating cliff like shit out the door at the final four and still winning the game. What does that say about the players and bb twenty two and how aggressive they might be. I think that there is a chance that we will continue to see more aggressive games. Get rewarded but I think that's something to consider is always at the end of the day. These are real people that are experiencing real emotions and if the player who plays the hardest is not able to own their game in a way that makes the jury feel okay voting for them then they're not going to get the votes and so that's that's also something to consider like Jackson was able to own his game enough that it made people feel like okay. I can vote for him right whereas if if someone doesn't own own et and tries to lie about what they did and pretend they're not as cut throat as they were. I think that will go the exact same way. The last few years have gone yeah. It was oh. I can't remember who was maybe he was mad at him. Maybe you made a point of saying that some of Jackson's worst behavior was to the pre jurors and I felt like that the jury itself and the people that made ended up. We're really able to wash their hands of Kirstein and not really take too much too hard. Maybe Kat did but I felt like that you know since then she'd revealed but she knows holly. I'm guessing she revealed. She knows holly that it was. Maybe seen the the the the on deaf ears. I felt like so with vote. The Jackson was never going to get and no one ever really took that seriously the whole season anyway so I don't think she was really going to be in a position to sway the vote so I I think that's probably true at real sunny twenty says. Do you think any of the house guests changed their votes. After hearing out Jackson Holly Matt I felt like that they didn't change their votes but I felt like Mickey actually persevered and got a couple of votes that maybe could have gone against him if he had answered badly with cliffs question especially in terms of owning his game athletic again like I said he owned it just enough to make sure he kept that vote from from cliff yeah. I think the way that I saw the votes tonight was that they were pretty locked in from the start. I definitely think I see your point that maybe maybe they could have changed if his answers were worse than they were and you know people didn't like what he had to say but it did feel like the votes were kind of locked the vote the one vote that surprised sized me which I don't know if it changed or whatever it was but Nicole she said you know being in the House with you to the last week. I made up my mind in that last a few days then this is where I'm deciding to vote in you know she voted for Holly is something that I have the statistics right now at a pull up for you but I feel like a a Lotta people who come in third. Don't vote for the person that affected them. I don't know if that's because K I mean just last season. Casey one took tyler and JC voted order for Tyler. Obviously the person that is in third also vote for the person they like. They have a relationship with a person they're voting for usually but the entire season it did seem. I'm like Nicole was closer to Jackson than she wants to holly so that was one surprising to me. That is a good point Leon. I like the Joe Jackson really did lose. Nicole's vote in the last last week because he was so just absolutely piss whenever Nicole in holly spend time together whenever when he heard from holly that Nicole was was campaign to her he was always talked about the fact that there was this was his money and he no one was gonna take it away from him. Nicole even brought that up to holly like you always talks about the fact that this is his money and holidays like like you know I'm there too and I want to win the money and he acts like I'm not even there so I felt like that. That was really the impetus for Nicole changing her here. I agree with Matt that I felt like she was Jackson. Accident vote all the way up until the last week but I felt like he did a good job of losing their vote by how he treated on her way out the door. Yeah absolutely I think it just goes to show that jury are- management is important every single day that you are in the house and you know even though you think oh it's the last week. I've got this locked up. Whatever it's fine no the person that's still there. It's important how you treat them. I think that that's something that Jackson did that was definitely detriment that lost him that vote so I completely agree he would spend the entire the the competition would end and he would be celebrating with Hollywood run off and you would see him celebrating. He's one step closer to the wind and then he would go find the coal like hours later and be like hey buddy. You're doing okay. Hey right like let me give you a hug like we're still you're like my little sister right and she was like this is stupid. Why are you. Why are you trading this this. This is dumb so yeah. He definitely lost her. Yeah I think so too at jellyfish. ninety-three says who is on the shortlist for being a guest on the show. I'm guessing they're talking about our show. RH JP but maybe they're talking about different show. I Dunno Kirsten. If you can make sure you answered Chilean question about. It was like a stiff like hat's could chill out. I think they do mean on very feel like God cliffs on the shortlist shortlist. I'm sure lovie will be back. We'll be back yes and at this point. I feel like it's a good opportunity discussed. The fact that Azmat noted Nicole one with over one million votes America's favorite player also in the top three were Tommy and cliff in a surprise to me. All of the online polls that I had seen Matt had Chemi in the top three although I think cliff was number number four did it had been really close. Yeah they the Chemi- votes Ravi coming from the fans online. I it seems very unlikely that the casuals remember her. I don't think that she had been in any even like any clips on the show sense she'd been convicted unless I missed remembering but I always felt like we made a good push. Show the people who are voting for I feel like she's number four in that count and I had been really good for big brother like if they want to try to put a nice bow on the seasonally on when we're talking about all the shit that happened with the pre jury and everything that they were discussing about the comments that were made and the implicit bias. If we actually got Kenny into the top three would would've been living but then I saw over to the side when they came back from the break. I was like oh I mean. I think that there are things that show can and do to make that happen. We've seen that began where one edit on one episode can cause a particular thing to happen and when it comes to a fan vote so I think if the big brother producers had truly truly wanted that they could have at least done something to make that happen and we didn't see that kind of thing where like they could allied. They could have been like the top three. He is harming a coaling. Cami just to get the reaction because does ultimately matter who's really in third place. Nicole knew who cares just to get that reaction. I would have loved to see everybody's face the job drop that you know that moment of I'm sorry who's on the top three who who is that person even in our cast who yes yes the person that you've been talking about all season long the person's name who you can't get out of your mouth that that person isn't the toddler. I remember when cliff was making fun of the fact that Oh you know Kenny might end up in the top three America's player but ha ha ha ha and I'm like you don't even know what you're talking about. In clarify your your famiy and I had some hits misses this season but that was not a good look and I was really annoyed by that. It's all right for Nicole Nicole. I want to also mention as the first woman to win America's favorite players since BB fifteen fi- five seasons in between sixteen seventeen anything twenty five guys sense then have one and she finally pointing out. I did nine backs away from the guys so happy for her on all levels and just I heard genuine like she did not see that coming and sometimes you know when somebody expects that they're gonNA be like Tom. Probably expected he was going to be there. Cliff was probably hoping like hell he was going to be there and Nicole knew she had to have known that. She was probably somebody that the fans were. I I know I that's that's true I think I think that Nicole thought that I mean there've been plenty of people who were victims. In third place who we didn't give a crap about. I feel like Nicole all thought that she made a dumb move. The final five she paid for it at the final four with clip getting victim and gutters the final three in the thought she was thunderhead. I I don't funding. She ever heard million years predicted that she was going to get all the love and attention that we want to give to her yeah. No I don't think so either. I think that she somebody who underestimates herself in a number of different elements and so. I think that this is just another one of those. I think that she you know she said she was like I want to be sort of the underdog winner and I don't think she truly realized how much of an underdog she was and how well like she was and so it's really nice to see her when AFC and just sort of have this physical and financial representation of how much we value her. Yes not happen to a better person. It really could not. I was so psyched four by the way for those who listened to the audio podcast. Matt has his Unicorn Unicorn. I thought you were in the mast the mass singer. I really thought that this was what was what you were promoting here. You're like the Liana. Don't you cover that show or something. I guess showing support. Did you rent it from somewhere. Where did you get that from. I'll tell you later. Oh No. No that sounds like till nine. Uh on at many bond says I feel soiled after watching the finale. Do you think Jackson got what was coming to him. Should Julie have have called him a racist on national television with only a few seconds to respond whoever wants to take this one can go really discuss assets like we would have liked to have seen video clips so that everybody would know what was actually being said. That's the that's the that's the point that we're trying to make is without receipts. It's like anything in the news these days where if you don't have it like if you don't have absolute proof and even then some people sometimes people in the world don't believe it if you don't have absolute proof of what was set at what time into what person you're you're not going to remember it. You're not going to think about it. Just let me go outta sight. OUTTA mind and I really like to see more receipts on because they had ready ready for Jack. They had them ready to go for Jack but no one else it was like we're just gonNA take our word for it and they were able to Yada out of their way out of it. Okay okay all part of that though is because production just hates Jack like did you see in the final three the final part of the competition. Everybody gets their own segment. An and Jackson is like sitting in the wind with terrible fan work because his hair is literally blowing in front of his face mattering at all and the woods. I think that that was the final dig at Jadwin like he was doing a really terrible job. He does not have he does not have work as Jason Momoa standing because he's not a good actor actor. He did terrible job. Curson with the handwriting there when he was pretending rate would just a really write something what are you doing. You have a notepad there. No one is going to read. You didn't just start scribbling letters. Write the alphabet. I don't care touch the pen to the paper. It was so bad so bad all right. Here's a question from Brendon Lynnwood who asks Matt. I will give this one to you based on the tone Julie with the jury and the call outs does Hashtag. BB twenty-one get relegated to the fifteen purgatory where production pretends that never existed. What do you think about the season. We're going to talk about it or they're. GonNa try to forget about it. They're not forgetting about it. They had some characters on the season that they loved and some of them that I think I mean as as much as I mean Christie Kinda came under fire a little bit tonight night but like the amount of effort that they put into keeping her in the house I think from behind the scenes they they loved Christie. They want Kristie around obviously Nicole. I I have been saying that I think Nicole we back. I don't think it's anywhere near that level just in terms of like. CBS is like perspective on it. I think that they've been under fire since the Chemi eviction when the three David Lovie and comey were on stage and everybody was pointing out to then. Do you see what this is. Do you see what this looks like one of my tweets even the people are all about it and I remember what exactly what I said but it was. CBS Like what like explain yourself and they took this opportunity. I think to explain themselves so they. They had a lot that they you needed to say about it but I don't think that they're anywhere near ready to just let go with these people the way that they did with bb fifteen. I think the I think they like a couple of them. I think so too. I think it's GonNa get relegated to the fifteen waistband asked Amanda please. Manda cult tweets asks Liana do you think the casual audience blindsided by Julie and the previous questions regarding race some controversy since they did such a poor job of showing it throughout the season. I think this is a great question to talk about this. No I totally agree. I mean even I think tweeted out something about like hey can you send me the receipt for Jackson's racial comments because essentially it hasn't really been shown we got to see the re the receipts from Jack but apart from that I mean a lot of the stuff is really swept under the rug and so you know I know Matt you talk about like Oh well. There was a people magazine article and they sort of talked about it but when it comes to the actual show really wasn't that much that was shown and so I think that there is policy that is trying to sweep it under the rug especially because they went to Jack they went to Jackson may told them directly in tyree. The room like this is how you're being perceived. You need to correct this behavior so clearly they were trying to stop that before. It really escalated into anything. I mean obviously obviously they were unable to prevent that from happening Kirsten. I have to believe you're with me on a and I'm sure mad on this question the blind side of the audience at the Union of finality by asking about all these things at the pre jury and raise controversy but they never showed it on the show except for checks fiction yeah and again that was only moments with Jack. There wasn't that much of everything else that happened so I think that without seeing what had happened throughout the entire season is going to be very difficult for someone who's only watch the episodes in is not keeping up online to know where this came from like what I'm talking about. They're gonNA be like Oh Mickey's a hopeless romantic and protected showman's and that's what we've seen so it's just a little a little tough without receipts. I just hope that the audiences smart enough to see when the shots of the of the jury were were on screen and it was look who's talking and you saw Sam and then four people of color and they were all all you know expressing how they feel about the situation you know from from everything going on this. I have to hope that the audience even if they didn't remember that NC the clips they see what they were talking about. It was yeah that's a good that's a good point. I felt like that the best time even though it heard that it was really interesting when cliff one the by that competition because then you saw aw lovie and Cami and David sitting up there in those uniforms from camp comeback with Julie Chen and I felt like there was I talked about this before there was no way the show could hide from it anymore because they hadn't said boo up until then and they finally had to address it and Julie Chen that was right around the time where they may be rice pudding comment Liana and I feel like they had they finally had to face the facts that there were some issues with some of their casts okay so I went to the big brother facebook page where we we can truly tap into the casuals. He'll okay so this is the comment that has the most liked the most liked it has nine hundred nineteen eighteen likes at the moment and it says big brother you should be ashamed to try to turn the live finale into a racial event and make it controversial is absolutely terrible. I've been a fan for twenty ears and this is the worst it's ever been they go on for a bit so anyway and then we yeah exactly. I mean there's no setup for for this right because they don't necessarily have the back story. I understand why they feel that way but that's the thing I don't even blame this comments or the nine hundred seventeen people liked it though there's nothing to draw from didn't see it in. I have to believe that someone like who who writes something like this and has no compassionate hearts whatsoever for what some of the jury went through probably would would write this comment no matter what they saw on television but the fact that they didn't see it. I felt like gives them a little bit of an out yeah. It would be nice for it to be a situation where there is no out where you can't say oh. They know. Ignorant should have been shown so that people would know yeah. Let's make this our last question by the way those of you in the Hash in the chat room rather it can give us a Hashtag you. Do you WANNA see us for this. Show get that thinking right now. At a Libya has says Hashtag Rha love doctor will with the jury very roundtable how he called out. Jack was great scouting not love this roundtable Olivia but anyways but be that as she says but who else would you like to see mediating mediating the jury discussion anyone WanNa take this. One doctor will so much from big brother nineteen. She Pre Jury Jessica. Ah they should have no one's laughing anyone who actually believes about what's happening a clown. I was around. I thought there was more of a snowball's chance in hell that it might actually be happening because I just reasons and you know part of a showman's I mean and I just felt like in my from Big Brother Nineteen that they won the amazing race. Moore a lot of people like cody and Jessica. I was according to Fan Look I. I feel like the here's the thing I two things I felt like that. Jessica was intentionally trolling people by putting that out by trying to get people to think she was doing it but then I also enjoy doctor will L. Kirsten trolling likely Jessica from bb nineteen by saying that you know every year I hope the roundtable and I don't know if you saw the tweets or the interview that he you did but other former houseguests always like to pretend that they're going to host it but it's just to get attention and I really feel sorry for them. Yeah he definitely was referring to a very specific the person there in response to question here. I think I mean Daniel. Ray has said that she is interested in doing has been in the the final two she has. I've been on a jury. I feel like it's no brainer. I feel like they need a winner. Though with you in terms of January as who should be but I like the show wants a winner. It's cleaner for them to say look I won and you didn't so let's talk about it now so that they have ownership of it but on the other hand if it was just like I can see January as doing the mediating and she said she wanted wanted to do it on the other hand like these people who watch big brother these days. They don't even know who their big brother. History is so it's amazing that they know who. Dr Will is you know. He's got gray hair now but I don't know that they do. You think that there's probably a large majority of people who are like. I don't know who this person is. Who Comes and goes around table every year sad sad. My answer is nobody. I want Dr Welby well all right well. This is what we uh-huh coming up at port where you on as I said on the jury the jury roundtable though L. F. C. roundtable. I'm thinking gee roundtables all the time the NFC roundtable. I have something very big plan for you guys so you know here's the thing. Armstrong and I had been looking for a vehicle to do something together and we haven't found the right vehicle. I like the chemistry that I have with Taryn. I think it's a very union chemistry. He gets on. I get back at him and we we love to hate each other and hate to love each other but ultimately I like him and respect him and I I do like working with them but we've never found the right thing for us to do and then his political. We had a couple of weeks ago. Who as those those of you who follow Rha P no is the winner of sequester season two and you might be intrigued to know that even though I was the one who campaigned for Kim to be on the show oh I actually had not watched sequester at the time so when rob asks Kim. What is sequester all about? She said it's like a cross between big brother and the genius that was basically her description of it. The Korean game showed the genius and I wasn't honestly intrigued with like really that's what it is because I thought it was online thing but no it's live that's in a house and it's like big brother but with a twist and so I went to watch it and honestly I was addicted from the moment that I watched it. I tweeted a couple of friends of mine that this was like my new favorite thing. I was totally into it. It's so much like big brother in that Inter House but there are elements of survivor in it where majority rules. There's no nominees. There's no head of household or anything like that. You're still voting so your social game still is king. However there are elements of the genius Senate where the format of the game is changing from from week to week and you have to use used your strategic acumen in your social ability and your physical prowess to adapt to those changes in the game for instance one round they had around where the person with the lowest number votes went home another round they had the everybody had a bounty for every other person remaining in the game and if you've got that person eliminated from the game and voted it out then you would get an advantage in the game so I instantly fell in love with it and I was really really psyched about it so I went to rob asked him if I could cover sequester Wester season three because semester season three is starting tomorrow believe it or not and he said yes. I asked Taryn Thomas very much like me never heard of it before but once he started washing he was totally holy into it so for the first time are JP can announce that we are covering sequester season three. It's coming up in this November. I think it's it's Audrey Middleton who runs it produces it and doesn't excellent job by the way the production value of this show on a shoestring budget is absolutely phenomenal Liana. I just want to tell you you that they have a big pot of money. At the end you can win and it's twenty crazy gamers like us people who I think it's twenty five five hundred eighty five hundred twenty thousand dollars twenty thousand dollars budget to work on but it's twenty crazy gamers like are they. Here's the thing I don't even need the money but I'm glad it's there but they have twenty crazy gamers like ourselves who all live and breathe reality television. Audrey Middleton doesn't cast any Alice's any Jessica's. They're not they're Liana. It is twenty crazy. nutcases like ourselves and I have more big news. I am going down and it to Atlanta tomorrow to interview the cast of sequester season three really excited about it. I got a new Susan everything thing and I look I just WanNa say so. That is what we have coming up for you this November early on. Are you excited about it very excited. That's so great. You'RE GONNA go down at the castle. It's been crazy to see where sequester has come. 'cause I remember watching the first season jumping between like youtube chat rooms to follow everything and to not having a real house and having having coverage. I think that's so great. I'm really excited about. Let me just tell you I told Audrey Middleton. I'm like I'm so stunned by is this is like a real show season. Two who was spectacular tackler there was a time when it was not as good like online and you can follow and you had to be there live and I admit that that wasn't great to watch it wasn't easily digestible by a mass audience audience but now it is she learned so much from Susan wants to season two and it just like it really hit me like where the hell of I been. I know you are a fan of the show as well because it had your boy Jesse Lozano Salon. I loved season two. It was great and having some you know it's hard to say returnees because they're not returning to sequester. Some of them actually were but having people that we've seen before on big brother candidate big brother. US The amazing race like all of those people that participate in the game. I don't know anything about the Castro season three okay but if that's the case again it's so much fun to see those those people mixed in with some hardcore fans of the game who just dying to play something and you know not everybody can get on big brother but there's a a lot more room for people to play the game so I think this'll be a lot of fun. It's really issue. Obviously I have to tell you guys like I said to a friend of Mine Tearing Armstrong. He's he's a tough nut to crack like. He's a tough audience. I wasn't even sure when I went to him like I said hey would. You like to cover this with me. I don't know if you've watched the show before he's like you know. I meant to watch it but let me take a look at it and then he got back to me. He was like absolutely love it. This is great. This is like if you're fan of big brother you are going to love sequester as I told rob it has catnip for HP. It's got strategy. It's got a gamers. It's got physical competitions. You know the the format of the game changes week the week and I am so here for us so that's coming up for you this November. Make sure your lookout for that. We're also GONNA do an introductory podcasts tarrant about why you should be watching sequester for and what to appreciate about the game and why he worked before by the way for those of you. I see this in the chat all over the place. I made first of all I made this this art that you're seeing right now on the screen screen but the there's a lady in sequester it's called the sequester bought and she only has one arm so. I just put me in turn. Armstrong space over it and that's why it looks like I don't have an arm but I am well aware of the fact that I do not have an arm. I wanted to put me in tarrant together in the screen. It actually looks like we're getting married Matt. That's getting from this. That's what what we all expected. There's GonNa come eventually reality television to US covering sequester season three and me going down to interview the contestants. Thank you ready for it more very official. I'm very proud of you. I the professionalism jumped out yeah. It's always exciting to get more coverage. I haven't eighteen also questioned season two but I've watched some what I've seen is really fun and I think it'll be a fun new element to get some coverage of it as it goes and it's a perfect time of the year for JP from November to about early February when we have a crap ton of content on our because survivors N. Dean and then with December January February not a lot so I feel like it's a perfect time of the year and and look for that like I said we have a Hashtag from the chat room. I think I saw `boy Hashtag. Boy Gets Confetti. I saw something about Brent's takeover and you guys can use that if you want but I like. HASHTAG boy gets confetti because we all know what we were thinking. Liana when we saw the boy gets confetti this time so beautiful aw he was so upset that he now affected bring we needed yes some looking for the Hashtag while we might go without but there is some more stuff coming up on our. Ha I wasn't sure if we had more stuff coming up on our J. P. R. Hashtag Nicole Appreciation Party. Let's continue. I'm fine fine yeah well. That's okay. I I tell you what we're changing our my Hashtag Nicole appreciation party. I know some people were trying to get that trending earlier. They did a pretty good job but the with the strength of RHA P. I feel like we can really do it and concentrate on something good so screw Jackson in the boy gets Confetti Hashtag Nicole appreciation appreciation day. Nicole appreciate was a day or Party. I don't know I'm pleased. Rabbi Hashtag is the Chad Nicole appreciation party also coming up for you survivor thirty nine episode one recap who is this with all my God. It's rough sister. Nino and tearing Armstrong at this very moment I know each other and also another season thirty nine premier or recap with ream daily Curson Goddess Ream is coming back and I know you're happy about it. You know what I'm happy about it. I am I'm did on so that is that's the lady who we WANNA see also Liana for the survivor thirty nine episode one podcast the premier the first study podcasting the flop herself. Nicole Serena is your guess. What are you have to say about that. You WanNA tease it. Oh my gosh super super excited head. Nicole is on last season and it was amazing so definitely looking forward to this. Mike and I have already chit chatted about a few games. We're going to do so definitely. Check it out. It's going to be a lot of fun excellent. I can't wait for that. Also David Bloomberg Jessica Lewis or back with Wi- blink lost. They're going to talk I. I don't know who lost and I don't WanNa know because I'm not sure I was preparing myself Laura tomorrow from my interviews. They have to do plus the finale podcasts tonight. I was getting ready for everything to David Bloomberg back also if you want to become a patron of his podcasts and get all this great content and support the podcast you can do that by going to rod has a website site dot com slash patron and you get access to patiently shows discounts community rha Swag. I actually have some Taryn Swag that I may wear tomorrow sometime when I'm not in my suits so it should be a blast and as I said we're going to go with Hashtag. Nicole's appreciation day are sorry. Nicole's appreciation party as the Hashtag Tag Kirsten McGinnis work. Can people find you if they want to see you. After this show yes you can follow me on social media at Curson said what a lot and they can find me doing weekly. Riverdale recap podcasts with Mary. Quick Hausky on cow ski cast that is cow with a K. That is another sequester alumni as Mary quick cash gas ceased sequester she played before it was in the real world. Yes yes before it was the real world exactly so Matt's where can people find you you find me on twitter at Matla gory and if you want any more in the next coming weeks the challenges still going pretty much just started and I'm doing weekly recaps of the challenge over on the Diamond Colin Network so check that out and hopefully it can happen with you guys at some point and Talk Wester. It'll be a lot of fun. That will be a lot of fun. Domin Colin big the big friends of the podcast. I'm glad to see you're still getting work over there. Liana where it can be able to find you can find me on social media at Liana Boris in addition to the HP BNB puja and I will be covering the mass singer hung while we're going to be covering all of the ridiculousness Massingir thank you for inspiring me so definitely look out for that the wrap up seed excellence and you can always find me at one lucky gay that has his Nicole Unicorn hat back on that is such a great job. I love that I'm so glad you brought that out tonight. That really makes it a for me anyway. I've gotten all of the appreciation will be destroyed. People telling me that I'm rocking it as a host. Thank you guys. That's very sweet of you. I feel like I did a terrible job because at the beginning I totally lost my place because I heard my voice coming back. I mean I was like wait. Can you guys you're too because if you can't podcast but no you couldn't hear it so that that is great Hashtag Nicole's appreciation party. Thank you guys so much for joining us and CI look for the Big Brother Interviews with rob sister the entire Armstong they will be uploaded on the website as time allows later today and into tomorrow. Thank you very much guys later bye

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