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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Jeanine herbst Georgia's attorney. General is asking the Justice Department who opened an investigation into the handling of the Ahmad Arbitrary Case Chris Carr says the family community and state deserve. Answers are very was the twenty five year old armed black man who was shot and killed in February as he jogged near his home to white man. A father and a son were arrested on Thursday. That's two days. After state authorities took over the case from local law enforcement and ten weeks after Berry's death national outrage over the case swelled last week after video surfaced purportedly showed the shooting. New York's governor. Andrew Cuomo is laid out tough new guidelines for hospitals and nursing homes where the corona virus has been especially deadly for vulnerable patients does rate. Diario from member station W. S. H. U. has more Cuomo says nursing homes must test staff members twice a week for Cova. Nineteen and hospitals cannot discharge a patient into a nursing home facility until they test negative Rehab alternative facilities for Nursing Home Patients. Covert or non coped. Remember what we did here. We created forty thousand hospital beds. Cuomo says Nursing Home Operators that do not follow. The new guidelines will have their licenses revoked. The governor had faced criticism for an earlier directive that required nursing homes to take back their residents when they were discharged from hospitals even if they were positive for NPR news. I'm desert Yorio in New York. The Taliban say they are not holding an American contractor who went missing Afghanistan in February. They made that statement after a senior. Us On boy requested the group released Mark Ferex and here's a hadeed has more from Islamabad. The Taliban told the IP that such they ranks including their affiliate militant group the Hukou Network and said he was not being held by they. Fight is the fate of the navy. Veteran appears to a vexed American officials on Saturday the FBI took the unusual step of releasing kidnapping notice offering a reward for more information. The Taliban have held other foreigners who have swapped to release their own men from prisons but other criminal networks militant groups are active in Afghanistan including Isis Hadeed. Npr News Islam about a ceasefire northern Syria a region. That's home to millions of internally displaced families and other civilians. It's once again under threat. Npr's Ruth Sherlock has more the ceasefire around it lip. The last rebel-held province in Syria began in early March. It was a welcome development for Syrians us. Towns and villages have been blitzed by years of fighting. But the pools is tenuous this weekend. Rebel fighters attacked a government position. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights Monitoring Group said some twenty two rebels and government. Soldiers died in what it called the West violations since the ceasefire began and Paris Ruth. Sherlock reporting you're listening to NPR news from Washington. President Trump says the government will buy three billion dollars worth of dairy need and produce from farmers. They're struggling to sell amid the pandemic but asparagus farmers in the northwest are reaping. Some of the benefits. This after a decade of being challenged by lower cost imports labor shortages and farming costs the northwest's news networks and a king has more. The Corona virus pandemic has disrupted the foreign asparagus supply. Air travel is down so there aren't as many plane bellies to fill with Peruvian asparagus. Mexican imports are down. To and cold. Weather is hurting. The crop. In Michigan and Ontario Allan Schreiber is head of the Washington asparagus commission. He says the tighter market is a little more expensive for consumers but good news for Washington. Farmers generally asparagus supplies are tight throughout the United States. Even right here in the Tri Cities Yakima Valley and Yakim all which is the heart of asparagus country. A standard crate of. Us asparagus usually goes for fifty dollars right. Now it's sixty two for NPR news. I'm Anna King. After a fifty. Five Day lockdown because of the pandemic Francis slowly reopening. Starting tomorrow people will be able to leave home and gathering groups of ten or less. Small shops and markets can open with limits on the number of people but bars restaurants and large museums. We'll have to stay closed. Many schools will also reopen on Tuesday. Asian markets are trading higher. The Nikkei the main market in Japan is up one point one percent. I'm Jeanine herbst. Npr News in Washington.

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