Better Rivals Ep. 290: Stock watch and top takeaways from 49ers vs Cowboys


Welcome to this week's addition of the niners nation dot com better rivals podcast. My name is oscar up ratio and this week. It is a win almost wednesday david. I want to know why the hell there is a strike through in my notes. The preseason is here and we have the injuries to prove it and with me this week to run down his top five hundred abuse david newman dammit. That's it. I'm leaving over. This is what you get for strike doing my intro. It's not wednesday ends they. It's not wednesday but you know what this normally. It's supposed to be wednesday for the first time in a while. Actually listeners will actually be listening to this on wednesday so it is a win wednesday for them. That's fair. I'm just you know what i had to pathy this episode. I put myself in the listener shoes and you ruined it. How do you read whatever you want not ron burgundy. You don't have to read whatever's on the prompt. You have no idea how close me being the ron. Burgundy is actually true but let's get to. Let's get the preseason in game because we have a game action we real things and even though this is just a glorified scrimmage. I still talk mad shit to all cowboys. Fans knew like i've i've got two responses for preseason right. If anyone comes that they would like oh you guys laws while lights. I send them immediately. Alan iverson gift we talk about practice are and it shuts it down real quick because it's like dude. You're sitting here and you're gloating about be teams rubbing up against each other and trying to pretend the play football like no but what if we win oh man you gotta believe i'm throwing all the shade and it was fun. It was a lot of fun because i've got family. Members cowboys fans even when it's only the bottom sixty players of your ninety man roster abba chance of of suiting up shit my goodness so let's get to the for those that her initiated to our preseason structure. Let's walk you through it so we're going to walk through some takeaways that we had kind of the bigger things that were watching over the course of the preseason and the preseason games. We're going to bring you an the era up arrow down section which is where we talked about the players that help or hurt their roster stock and we're gonna try to stick to players on the bubble or players that aren't assured a roster spot but really that those bottom the roster players that are or can make an impact or help themselves and get onto the team over the course of the preseason and then this year because we've got some rookie is that we want to keep an eye on. We're going to go through a quick little. I watch which segment where we're going to review the rookie players specifically because sometimes they don't do enough to get on that arrow aero down area but they're still performances that we want doc to watch so david. Let's say let's talk about the first take away and it has everything to do with a quarterback battle because it was more of the mullins methods show and if you listen the shanahan. He says they didn't really do anything to separate from one another. Was that kind of the case in this game. I don't think too far off. I think at the very released i would give a slight edge mullen but i could definitely see like how he'd come away and say that it wasn't definitive enough to to be like yeah okay. He's clearly you know taking a step forward. Ahead bathroom based on just what happened in this one game alone right. I think the case right now is is obviously over a much larger sample and what they did last year and everything anything but yeah. I think we kind of saw pretty similar things from both obviously being preseason. We're sticking pretty basic on concepts you you know pretty basic coverages that they're getting so <hes> both guys kind of able to to get the ball out to their first look quite a bit and that definitely helps matters <hes> mm-hmm but yeah overall. I think we've seen kind of similar stuff in this game what we've seen from them when we watch them in larger samples right and that's kind of where i landed at the end of this game is to me it was more more of the same that there wasn't anything that differed from last season and i think at the end of last season in my mind mullins ended up ahead of c._j. Beathard and so to me. You had a lot of the similar the things that you had at the end of last season in this game. Nick mullins was a more accurate thrower in this game. I think that he did have some areas where he didn't have the most accurate ball. Even the first pass of the game richard james wasn't the best throw in the whole wide world but on the whole he was bit more accurate and i think that his processing is also a little faster when he was blitzed against the dallas cowboys he averaged over ten yards per cent like he's. He's not like as fast of a processor as the elite fast processes in the n._f._l. But that's only makes up for his is kind of noodle arm and that's i think it's a good skill and especially in shanahan offense. It's a skill that has kind of propelled them to do as well as right and i think the the accuracy is something the does separate him from bethany and we were talking before the show and putting everything together talked about how like with the three quarterbacks that they have in the roster. It's it's like three redistrict tiers of accuracy that like you have garoppolo who when he's on is among the more accurate passers in the league mullins is is definitely not that but he is in kind of this middle tier of accuracy and that he usually gets the ball into a decent enough place that it's catchable right it may not always be the the most ideal spot to help encourage more yards after the catch and allow the receiver to kind of run in stride and make it but he's at least giving them opportunities to make plays most of the time and then a third who is kind of a little bit more wild and just has too many passes that that just are way off the mark and don't give the receiver a chance at all so. I think that was kind of the case here. Yeah mullens from an accuracy standpoint definitely wasn't perfect. There were a few plays where if that apollo was a little bit better. The play mentioned the first one of the game to richie james. It was ended up being a little bit high is he's trying to get it over the linebacker there. There was another one that comes to mind from. I'm a catch that jordan mathews had over the middle where he's got a step. A separation man covered their plan so if this is a good ball that allows him to catch this stride. There's some chance for some pretty big. Check on that play because there's not a lot of guys on the defense that are kind of closing in able to help and make that tackle right away so but the ball ends up being a little bit low down by his knees and takes him to the ground so he has throws like that and i think the other area that you would notice like accuracy that isn't exactly where you want it and this was something that absolutely showed up with him last year is he does struggle a bit on the move just just for whatever reason is far more comfortable when he can be stationary stationary in the pocket definitely doesn't have that same level of like touching it just tends to leave balls kind of behind or just again like on on the outside edges of the catch radius for for the receivers on the accurate adjacent exactly exactly so i think yeah that was <hes> kind of the most encouraging thing overall though from him compared to third and then and then you saw them both kind of had a play that wasn't so great that kind of stuck cows well. Let's talk about the interceptions for a little bit because i think after the game you look at shanahan's post-game comments and he was pretty explicit. They were both bad interceptions and then it seems like ah on mayo goes pod that listened to today. Maiocco said that he kind of put the c._j. Beathard one a little bit more on jalen hurd and kind of walk that when a little bit back but when you look at their interceptions perceptions i think they are they both had some elements where it was like yeah. I can understand why he threw the ball and also man that sucks that it was a that was an interception because you look at mullins interception option and you've got to laugh in the formation dallas's playing cover three. You've got two of the hook defenders in the middle of the field and one of those hook defenders should really carry that at linebacker the third receiver on the inside all the way up the field and he doesn't and he's able to kind of peel off and get into the area and intercept the ball. If mullins lins holds the ball just a little bit longer and actually throws that tight end he's going to have a pretty begin in front of the safety and that titans not going to be able to recover so not only was it kind of like got. You should've kept the ball a little bit longer and throw it somewhere else but then the decision you do make you kind of can put a penalty on that one right so i think they're they're kind of <hes> an element of of force in like i think you know it's tough to say definitively of course but i think there is an area that he theoretically put that ball right the completion so one it's compounded by the fact that he's getting hit right. He's releasing the ball and so that definitely alters the trajectory. The ball takes any sort of air. Kinda like sends it on a more downward trajectory that goes right to the linebacker so where he would need to put it in order for this avid chance at being successful is kind of more up in a little bit away from where that linebacker that only linebackers dropping to you and so when when the hit comes and it sends that ball down it just take any opportunity that that's going to happen but even if you're just looking at it from a decision like you mentioned. It's still kind of a questionable decision so i i think there was an opportunity for kind of a clear big play within his vision kind of in his i read that he's looking at their if he stays on that for a beat longer in his able to get a better read on the leverage of that linebacker vacher in sees that he's not gonna be in a position to cover this route. He can let that go and you're likely looking into big game but instead he holds onto it goes on to the next guy i that gives the rush time to get their hits him as he gets it and then and then you're taking a ball. That's not where he wants it to go anyway and send it into an area with two defenders. It's really interesting to see the end zone angle of this play because you see the linebacker staring right at tight end and you know the tight ends going to break his face when he does that. The linebacker is going to get turned around and you should be able to as a quarterback that leverage and throw that person open but instead you end up with with an interception now with c._j. Beathard of course he is his balls have a bit more zip on them. He's a little bit it. He's got a little bit more of an arm but his accuracy suffers and there were a couple of places where that got him in this game of course that deep deebo samuel it was fantastic highlight reel real catch but that shouldn't have even been highlight reel catch because it should have been in touch down if that ball is where it's supposed to be an up ahead of deebo samuel who has a step on his receiver was a gorgeous this route by deebo samuel. That's a touchdown. It's an easy six and then you look at the out throw which he sometimes some bathrooms throws are just like how did that even happen. It's almost like he's got the tiny hands everyone thought alex smith had the ball just kareem's often at this weird angle at you don't expect it to and he had an out route over to the right side where it's just like the the wide receiver kind of like stretches out and at one to them. It was like i don't. I don't even know why that happens. Yeah i i think and then you look at some of his he. He just really kind of struggles. If he gets any sort of pressure right like he i know there's like the whole thing when when his during his first season with him was like how well he stood in there earn got the shit beat out of him essentially and just took all these hits over and over again and that's fine but he he if he's if he gets taken out of rhythm so i think that's a good way we look kind of quarterbacks and how they're affected by project is not everybody's affected equally by pressure right. Some guys are able to stay in there a little bit longer. Stay mostly in rhythm them get into the throw as they would normally if they had a clean pocket and as a result or often lot more accurate and just kind of better on those throws battered u._c. Him i mean if that pocket starts to break down a little bit and there's any signs he just gets jittery back there even one of his best his best throw in this game which was the one that he had up the left sideline to think it was right. Yeah not the not the highlight reel one that the head on the jump ball but other one kind of the left sideline sideline you see like on the right side of the offensive line. There's a there's a defender. That's like kind of starting to break through but if he just stays in there like that defenders not going to get there before he has a chance to like. Let this ball go. He's gonna have plenty of time to stand. Worry is at the top of his dropping like get this ball out and be fine but he gets kind of a hint of that and just starts starts fading away and like throwing it as he's like falling backwards normally that like it worked out in this case but that is not a throw that he is shown the ability ready to make consistently at any point in his career when he's out there so not something that you expect to really be repeatable and then i think you see what the interception kinda in a more decision making. I think was was kind of the issue with that. One like yes it was definitely made to look worse by jalen hurd kind of stopping on that route or if he continues tinge across their the defender almost certainly doesn't have as clear of a chance to pick that ball off but one of the things you have to do as is a quarterback has confirmed coverage right. You can't just throw blind so honestly that's one of the reasons why i thought this one was in my eyes a little worse than the moans one because it was post nap confirmation and he didn't get get hit yeah so he's initially looking so you've got a heard that's coming from the right side of the formation across the middle of the field when he's initially dropping back and kind of at the top hop of his drop initially. He's looking off to a combination. He's got on the left side and what happens. He doesn't get what he likes. Over there. Just immediately snaps back to the middle of the field and throws rose instantly without having a chance to see what what is the safety that had dropped the safety started high drop down in the middle of field is kind of that robber role and was right there ready to go and if he's able to confirm that coverage you probably shouldn't have made that throw to begin with right so yes it was made to look a little bit worse <hes> because of what her did it but it still wasn't a great process to lead to that throw anyway so yeah. I think that's kind of what we've seen from. These guys like throughout their entire career. I yeah we've seen him as gather some good stuff if they can keep in rhythm and kind of get the ball out to their i look and shanahan can scheme guys open shirt. They're fine fine. They're probably going to be able to move the ball decently enough but once you get to kind of some of those you know more advanced q._b. Stuff you know your first looks gone now. I gotta move off. I'm i'm starting to get pressure something. That takes me a little bit out of rhythm. That's when you see both guys kind of start to falter c._j. Beathard blitz ten times his yards per tempt three point two do three point two yeah. That's that's three three yards and a cloud of dust. Only your throat might as well was handed off at that point right why would you why would you all right. Let's talk about the defensive scheme tweaks because we were excited to see what joe woods might bring to the table. Of course there's the wide nine and talk about. We covered a couple of those things on scheme months. So there's not a whole lot you could glean scheme wise but there were a couple nuggets that we thought were interesting. I starting with the secondary. You have just kind of the split. Let safety looks versus the interchangeable safety stuff. What does that actually translate to on game day while you didn't have an increase in the number of split safety looks it was still really really low with seventeen seventeen percent in this game which is kind of around their season average last year on them but nothing significant yeah nothing significant but what you do have is is you do have those the the starting split say look and then rotating to the strength as opposed to just moving the strong safety to the strong side on every play so that is kind of what we have. This is what happened with this whole interchangeable safety thing and it seems like that's exactly the case. They're not actually keeping marcel harris down low all the time they're starting reading too high and then rotating based on the strength right and i think the the thing that is a little different from what we were thinking it was going to be was that the the rotation is a post oh snap rotation and all this so. I think kind of the way that we looked at it was that they were likely still going to be a team that showed a single high safety at the beginning right that was what what they did on the wide majority of snaps last season. Was you got your one deep safety. That's back there right in what we were kind of suggesting that rather than having the same guy deep all the time they might just move those guys back and forth right where you've got one guy deep on someplace and the other one down the box and then they flip roles on on some other snaps depending on you know where they are setting the strength through to all that sort of stuff in this game. What they showed was a lot of too high to start so pre-snap. Look i'm showing too high. Safeties is deep but then the majority of the time with that they're dropping one down whether that's dropping the guy down to be more that robber role in in man coverage <hes> <hes> or whether that's just getting down as the hook player and cover three that they like to run so that was kind of an interesting thing is far as safety usage goes they did the one the other things that we were looking for us a lot more man coverage forty three percent of the time they were uncovered one in this game which is a big uptick from where they were out last year yeah you they're covered three snaps and they were at twenty seven percent cover three honestly last year you would almost inversed if anything you would see the vast majority of covered snaps yeah right about the versus yeah you you and then you would see maybe twenty seven percent or so cover one. This was slipped. Obviously is just one game but it's definitely something and it's one game in the preseason right so let's let's keep that in mind fine but it's something to note that something to keep an eye on as we move through these games if by the time we get to the third game were seeing at the end of the third game and we see a similar kind of split in terms of cover one cover three main coverage and rotating safety looks. It's probably safe to say that we're that's probably what we're going to see. Come regular season and while it's not a vast vast divergence from what they did this year. It's i think big enough to be notable right. I think the exactly the r- the reason for me that it's notable is because a lot of times what you're seen seen in the preseason is supposed to be kind of what is your base coverage right. You're practicing. You're just like basic stuff against someone else. Finally so your day five installs installs right you had you've had eleven practices so far over the course of like seven or eight days. There's not a lot of time to get to a lot of stuff so this really is the base of your foundation yeah so you you you're. That's what you know usually teams mean when you when you hear like the vanilla vanilla coverages vanilla defense whatever is just kind of like that that base stuff that they think is this. This is kind of the coverage that we're going to call most of the time right so if if last year we looked at it it would have been almost certainly like a high percentage of cover three right. That was there base coverage. That's what they're going to be in on the majority of snaps if suddenly now they're based coverage is going to be more cover one and instead of cover three. That's a significant change right so obviously nobody's overreacting to this one preseason game but definitely an encouraging sign because they were as was the case last year much more effective defensively in man coverage. They certainly weren't perfect but from an e._p._a. Per play allowed standpoint significantly better when they were in man coverage compared to win. They were in zone coverage in this game so i think yeah just again having guys that are around the receivers and in nearby to make some of these throws a little bit more difficult. Give him some tighter windows to try to throw into is a good thing for your defense and i don't know if that's a result joe woods or if that's the result of scouting but either way i think it's a positive about come because they were more effective in that coverage and i think that cover just on the whole knee n._f._l. Has proven to be a bit more effective so i think that's going to be a really really positive development. Whether whether it be because of joe woods or because of south gotta get to the wide receivers. This is another area where cal shanahan says he loves players at separate and at this point no one is separating rating double on time. Each player made some good plays but not really anything that jumped out. Let's go down the list really quickly richey james of course he was unspectacular. He got a lot of snaps a lot of opportunities and honestly. I was surprised to see how many he got especially early on but with trent taylor's injury makes it's a whole lot of sense but i wouldn't say that richard james did anything that completely jumped out if anything i thought it was kind of running after the catch was a little but other than that you know it was like okay okay. You're richard james yeah i. I think that was honestly like i feel like i have mostly the same thing to say about. Nearly all the receivers with the exception of maybe <hes> one guy that we can get to the end there but yeah i think when you look at james in pettus and depot and heard all of them on a kind of route for route basis right like had some good plays for sure like had routes where they were able to get some separation like be able to win even if the ball wasn't coming their way and had some plays where the ball did come their way right where they were able to make positive things happened but it definitely wasn't the kind of consistency i think you would like like to see. I think that's what kind of shanahan's comments alluded to after the game was right like whoa. I'm just not seeing it all the time. I get flashes from these guys on some place but it's just just not there at the consistency level that i really wanna see it at and that was kind of you know my takeaway as well coming out of this. I think you saw each guy. <hes> deebo probably probably had i think the most positive game to me i would say that to me did have the most positive but both in terms of the way the way he was able to catch that that kind of underthrown ball from from c._j. Beathard but also based on his ability on that end around. I think he's a really really strong runner and i think he showed a little bit of that on that end around he had a lot of open space but <hes> he did show a little bit of that and i think that his route running still looked really really refiners compared to even someone like jalen hurd because on that on that deep route for example where he catches the bathroom c._j. They're they're actually running mirrored concepts on either side. It's a stop go. Jalen herders running the stop and go on one side and depots running on the side. We're ultimately he makes a reception and you can just see subtle differences in the way they run the route and while deebo does get the benefit of having i think should your corner on or at least a corner. That's ed terrible mistake awhan bro gotta offhand ultimately. He ends up just running clean around. You can see some of the differences there yeah <hes> gets <hes> gets a ton of separation on there like i mean winds at the line of scrimmage. Even despite i mean part of the reason <hes> you know obviously the the corner does make a terrible decision he re dr is jammed the wrong hand and we jane with the wrong hand. You miss it that leaves you unable to recover essentially and so which leads your which one's your offhand for the uninitiated associated so it's going to be the opposite hand from the one from where the receiver releases so here depots releasing to outside so you wanna shoot as a corner. You're inside hand because that way when i'm opening i'm opening with the receiver and i'm getting my inside hand on him and i can kinda ride him directly going if he goes outside and shoot <music> outside handle that's turning my body position inside and if i miss it's over because now you're you're literally cycle. You've you have no way of of quickly recovering from that position so you always want to go with the opposite hand the receiver releases so that you can mir the receiver that direction and kind of stay on top of him and so yeah you get that part of the reason he does look so stupid is because you know give obviously a little credit to depot there as well for release really gets the last i spit like just as the corner thinks he's screwed in like trying to play catch up you get the little stop like that makes the corner like almost completely. Stop thinking he got a break. He was then yeah. It was great and then you leave it. There and i think that was also a play to that was nice to see from depot because that wasn't a type of throw or catch that you see him. Make a lot in college right. He wasn't a guy that was necessarily a big downfield especially like contested catch type guy and that was the rap that people had on him coming out of of south carolina's. Everyone's saying okay he's. He's a slot guy. He's basically running back playing wide receiver you should throw him in the slot and that's that and when we did the kind of preseason yvonne alan. I'm like no this. This guy can play outside. I mean this is he. Has that skill set. That catch goes to show exactly what it was. We were talking about but let's go to if the preseason before you before daddy runs out for cigarettes and never comes back and you leave once the regular season hits in the preseason yeah. I'm gonna. I'm gonna keep hitting you with these all all for the next couple of weeks man and ultimately. We're going to talk about as much as possible to things. Punters and jalen hurd the two of the three favorite things that david has in the forty niners currently the third of course being running backs. I'm happy to talk about jalen. Let's do it. Let's let's talk about jalen hurd because of course big story the two touchdowns he had a lot come out of the game. Someone's already picked him up. In our dynasty league. They paid five dollars the same the same guy that has like as a quick aside has seven quarterbacks on his ross one quarterback during the rookie expansion during the yes we drafted initially so it was a startup dynasty honesty league this year to quarterback league so quarterbacks. Do you have a lot of value should definitely move them up. Grab a few of them grab six. You can't play six x. You can't even play four or three. He comes from that steven jones personnel panel philosophy. What if i just play all the linebackers you can identify the mike yeah he's like. He's the guy that's going off like the you look at if you look at somebody's like like our own jeff rackliff at p._f. His two q._b. Dynasty rankings rankings right. You're going to see quarterbacks a lot higher on there and that doesn't mean that you should just pick the next guy off the top of the list and ignore roster construction right anyway anyway so this guy's team is completely made up essentially of quarterbacks and then random fucking preseason guys that like sit out like that he's got like waiver claims on rosters terrible but it's hilarious and you have one hundred dollar free agent budget over the course of the entire regular season and he's now spent five dollars on jalen hurd <hes> five five percent of his total budget and it's going to be interesting but jalen two touchdowns of course. Let's first talk about the things that he did. Well i think overall and i've warmed up more so i think over the course of the off season to jalen her. I did think he had a really strong and powerful run into the end zone. I don't think that he that that route entered of itself wasn't anything special. He was open. He caught the ball. I think his which is not you're not gonna raw about that but i do think that his ability to move through contacts get across that goal and get a touchdown is positive because i mean if he's a big dude. That's what you would expect from someone like and especially from the slot a former running to actually sleep running back yeah i would. I would hope that he's capable of doing that. I think that's a great skill set to bring to the table and then of course second touchdown was something we didn't see him. Do a whole heck of a lot now. I wouldn't necessarily call that a contested catch but it will corner wasn't wasn't about contestant but it was very much. Go up and get it kind of catch and and it's not something that he showed off in college and i do think that if he can introduce that into his game he can be a very valuable reds on weapon so i did think he did a couple of things well. We'll even if it wasn't one of these. Super bonkers lights out performances. I think there were again absolutely some good players. I think like you said the after after the catch bit on the first touchdown was probably one of the best parts of it <hes> yeah as far as the route that was open purely that's just kind of their play action in boot concept that they go to a ton he is open because he's like he's not getting open because of some great iran right he's just running to an area and that area's free free because of the concept that they're running and so that part's great made the catch and then yeah the ability to get in the zone and finish like awesome i think as far as is the fayed goes. I'm just like like. I don't care about that. As much as i think a lot of people do because even among the best receivers it still not a high percentage throughout right so even if he becomes among the best end zone fade receivers in the n._f._l. It's still not something they should be doing very often because it still bill overall a very low percentage throw so i think it's important not to overreact like yeah that play not trying to take anything away from him for that play but it's it's about looking at what what is repeatable right. What can you do take from this game that we can expect him to continuously do well going forward and i think you know stuff like the ability after the catch is definitely something that's a lot more reasonable to expect him to continue to do things like winning on the famed ball like it's just not a thing thing that really anybody does consistently and to me. It's less about the thinking that now all of a sudden fades are going to be an integral part of the red zone offense. I i hope they're not. I've been out on fade since circa twenty twelve yes niner fans remember. They still remember but i do think that just <hes> him being able to display something that he didn't necessarily do often in college and do it at least in one instance fairly well. It's okay if he's going to be able to add things in both things on his game. If you already have some of that the catch ability then hey you maybe you have someone who can get us some positive snaps in some areas especially when you've got basically an ambulance ambulant full of players <hes> one of them being slot receiver that is trent taylor. He's got that jones fracture of course which it sounds so benign. It's actually it's like a fracture of your pinkie kito but it's like the bone below. It's right by where it connects to your foot like near the top of your foot and it's like super painful sounds terrible yeah. It sounds awful but but i mean if you're going to have if you're going to need someone in the slot then yeah let's let's give it to someone who can succeed in space and if shanahan's gonna get him open then lets him bull over some dudes. Yeah i think <hes> <hes> again. There were definitely gonna play. I think the thing the only thing i would say is like don't over like don't give too much credit for the touchdowns right. Don't don't like the fact that he got in the end zone the play yeah. I think that was a good player. That had a lot to do with him. Another one's kind of target location right there down. They're going to give them a shot shot like his plays like that doesn't make the fact that those plays ended in touchdowns doesn't make them inherently better than say like a plague deebo. Samuel had right down the sideline right. I would argue that that's more skilled play even though it didn't result in points necessarily and so i think that's the only part there i think overall yeah all all four of those guys he's had pretty similar games and like again one on some routes even on on stuff away from the target point right they they had they got open and then they had some other routes that they didn't and they weren't as good on i did see jalen her to piss off another defender though via his blocking which i thought was funny trump'll yeah he did. He ended up going like a little bit after the snap in the corner comes at him and discredit he. Maybe he learned the lesson shanahan he didn't do anything he didn't retaliate or anything kind of broken. Nobody'll you all right so let's get to up arrow down the section when we talk about players who hurt their stock or helped their stock and maybe end up getting a roster you're spot on the forty niners as a result will start with arrow up and we're going to be two players in this section and two players in the down section but before we get to open era down. Let's take just a brief break to hear from our sponsors. There's hey spencer hall. I'm holly anderson. I'm ryan nannying. I'm jason kirk and we're the host of the shutdown full cast your avengers of college college football podcast it says in the script to riff on what that means and basically what is already every tuesday we talk about everything from cooking disasters to pro wrestling the unfashionable pants with warren middle school. We also do talk about college football every now and then like mascot fights announcers fleeing the booth early and unfashionable pants. 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Daniel daniel subscribed to digest for free today on apple podcasts or in your favorite podcast app all right first i up aero up is going to be naji tauron nnaji tauran. It wouldn't be our podcast. Not i was i. I wanted to go nausea. A kid be nausea it could be. I don't know there's a guy v notch. I'm let's it's our podcast. We do nausea. I'm nausea tauron nausea torn taran taran all right now. Sater's nature sounds better right that i'm sure but i'm still gonna look at the pronunciation guide just in case nah. We're not gonna do that now but nausea taran started at guard moved. The center is actually very impressive reach blocks especially once he moved the center. I thought he had a pretty solid game at guard but then moves to center in i think the second quarter or even in the second half and he actually is playing very very well there and especially considering western rich berg his injury or the fact that western richard may just not be good would anymore this is this is something that could be a really really positive development for the forty niners absolutely they need some interior depth for sure right. They need need some guys that they can have in there especially as a backup plan in case a rich berg. I think other side of the ball on the defensive line was probably the guy that was most arrow up for me demonte more so this. This was probably not somebody that that i think a lot of people would be expecting a ton of just because obviously there are so many more high profile names games on the defensive line right obviously the big additions in bozon ford the guys that were already there that were first round picks like it's a deep position group probably their deepest is that they have by a significant margin. I think more is a guy again if they're going to go to this kind of like philly style heavy rotation. We don't want anybody playing more then you know seventy percent of snaps wanna be able to go seven eight deep there. I think somebody montre more is is is what this type of performance could absolutely like crack that type of rotation in writing be one of those seven eight guys that they go to. He was for kind of some additional context. He was our highest graded edge defender in the af it <hes> before that the whole thing folded which was great has inside but he came out in this game and i think it was <hes> you know overall like really positive had by far. The most overall pressures had three hits three hurries had a nineteen point four percent win rate so just how often dennis he beating the blocker. That's in front of him. That was the highest on the team in this game guys that had at least ten snaps rushing the passer so just overall. It wasn't the most necessarily early like dominant impressive performance right as far as i'm watching guys all game long but it was just kind of consistent steady wins you know affecting the quarterback a little bit affecting throws leading off target stuff got a got a few hits in there again so again is somebody who would potentially essentially be like your seventh or eighth pass rusher that you've got in this rotation like i think he's absolutely should be conversation so i looked it up at his najji. Yeah yeah good call david could call all right so contrasting demonstra more with my aero down player and that's going to be contagious street because sometimes you've got demonte more on one side and you've got contagious street on the other and just the contrast between the two is stark. It is startling at times times kentavious street of course fourth draft. Pick the forty niners. He assumes the mantle of being on the team even post trent balki world. This is the player who you could even forget. He was on the team because he did not play a snap last year. I did that this year. Indeed he's back and i'm watching the tape and i'm looking at the screen screen and i'm like oh man number. Ninety five not snap home in ninety five. What are you doing kind of rubbed. My eyes tank kerosene. Is that you no no. It's contagious street and like me up from this nightmare again. It's still early. It's one preseason game there still time right so this is not going to be the rap on kentavious free forever but at least in this one game he did not do himself any favors. He played on both sides of the line. Both strong side and weakside didn't have botanic success on either side. Got welcome to the n._f._l. Real quick his person happens tiresome. It is all man. He is eating a face mask full of grass. It's just it's bad is not good. It was so good highly encourage you to go watch. This is the very first pass the cowboys during the game and and it's like he's trying to go this outside move right he. He wants to basically be able to swat down smith outside hand and kind of use that to kinda shoot himself around the bend. The corner and smith is just like literally playing with the dude he likes stops at one point and just kind of like waits for them to do it and then he fakes issue so shoots that outside hand and as soon as he sees them go to swipe pulls it back street just hits nothing but air and starts to tumble and then smith is basically early. Toss him to the ground and it's over. It's hilarious yeah. It's it's high level play from fifty percent of that dance and unfortunately that fifty percent is not on the forty niners so number ninety five kentavious. Don't call me tank street. Thanking of play that wasn't so high level the other side <hes> a going back to the offensive line yeah so really really focusing on the trenches here with arrow up era down willie beavers <music> fantastic name this guy seriously he might have the biggest delta between the quality of name and quality of play yeah i i think i think that is probably accurate. <hes> not a great look for my guy in this game. <hes> just just wasn't doing so. Well amazed maze that this guy is so he was a fourth round pick. Once upon a time from the psyching surprised that is startling so i think the biggest thing with him is just clearly lacks the kind of athleticism that we're used to seeing from shane offense one obviously in the run game they wanna be able to get out in space as lettuce ism important pass protector as well so usually you see guys that can kind of move around fairly well right guys that can redirect well once they get up to the linebacker backer level in the run game and stuff like that. This guy is maybe straight out of like the jim harbaugh air like he can. He gets going in in a straight line but he is not moving off that path he and he looks super big. He does look a little bit less athletic alex boone like when when you see his size there at the guard position that's kind of what he's minnesota large dude and so you see like how that can kind of work in his favor and then to his detriment like onto plays that he had on these outside zone run so right one of them he gets up and again he's on his track and he's not moving off that track and the first one that comes this linebacker gets a little bit a to close gets right into his path and he just sends him flying like five yards back like great block drives them completely out of the play toss him to the ground around the next time. This linebacker basically tries to go around and rather than running straight into them and and getting tossed makes a move to get around him. Mm-hmm and beavers is just like completely like he just keeps going like he literally can't stop to to try to redirecting a block on this guy so it was just rough off there it was it was pretty rough in pass protection as well like just had had problems again like redirecting to the inside when guys go there inside move and so he gave up a number of pressures. They're got called for three penalties in this game. <hes> so just overall was was roughly played left. Tackle mostly had some time at right right guard as well like neither. Were good on guard if you're going to you're gonna put them somewhere. Though it's got to be a guard put him somewhere and he's been on the bench. Put him somewhere with the training staff guard. He sorry my guy like it's just a security the security guard nightwatchman. That's the kind of guard bouncer with a name like beavers. I think he'll do with the size of the man. I think it'd be ineffective bouncer yet he basically they tried to get both quarterbacks killed in two on two separate occasions on one and this is super unfortunate because it was a great another great call from shannahan. He causes burner concept. You've got kendrick born running across the middle of the field and the ball hits them in the hands and he drops it but in the process poor bastard just probably i was more willing rolling with ones yeah mullens where he gets his spleen exploded on the way down and battered ends up getting a different hit because he was beavers is out at tackle loses on the inside again and completely crushed but yeah i mean is he's just not someone who's going to be out there taking care of quarterback right. I like the way that i would sum summit. Up is obviously like there was no offensive. Linemen in this game that you're hoping is going to be a starter really right. It was complete like second and third stringers. There's you're not expecting that to look great so when a guy stands out as especially bad among that group that's a problem and that was kind of unfortunately what really beat i i was here yeah but you know what the rest of the preseason. We're gonna take every opportunity to say willie beavers as often as we can. You damn right yep. Willie beavers all right so let's get to our the final segment then and that's going to be i watched. We're gonna break down some of the rookies that jumped out during the game since maybe they didn't do enough to be on arrow down but we still wanted to spend a little a bit of time chatting about their performance and i of course is going to be the man of the hour one mr drake greenlaw of course. He's got a lot of buzz after the game. He is apparently challenging for a starting starting spot. He's pushing adam smith for that linebacker spot which i think again would be great. Someone asked us incidentally why malcolm percents wasn't on our surprise cut list from the mailbag episode because surprise. There are no surprises everything's expected. No i think <hes> triggering law like yeah. I mean i would be great. I i surely hope that he can beat out malcolm smith and assume that role but i think in this game yeah i am not ready. I mean he's a guy that got a lot of hype through camp right so was somebody that i was looking forward to watching this game and kind of seen how he played because he was a guy that we weren't super high on coming out of college right like is his college tape. Wasn't that good. He wasn't overly athletic like there weren't <unk> allot there from what you could just see on tape that that made you really excited about his game and so when he started getting all that buzz kind of through camp and throughout the off season i'm with somebody that was definitely excited to watch and so pay a good amount of attention to him in this game and i mean he was he was fine. He was okay but i think there were there. Were definitely some mirror. They're like busted. A few coverage is one that he had gets really pulled up by the play action allows the the deep crossing around to hit over the top of him another one that we didn't pay for which was in man coverage where he kind of bales on his responsibility essentially and luckily for him the quarterback kind of ends up getting pressured and isn't able to find the wide open receiver that he laughed and so that you know kudos to him. I guess for not getting that taken advantage of but yeah just overall in coverage especially like didn't seem to be processing things super well like kind of beat late and just wasn't always he's in the right spot that you would want him to be in zone drops and so i think yeah like there was some decent he did have a few good plays mixed in there for sure definitely wasn't wasn't all bad it but i think it's still like it's where i would've expected a player like him to be if we didn't hear all of the buzz about him leading up to this game game and i think that's that's exactly right landed with them too is i think that he a little bit like the wide receivers but i think on a more early stage level. He seemed very green to me. He seemed a little tentative and he made some good plays where he was able to one specifically where he of course made that five yard for a five yard loss he read his key exploded and was able to get there a pretty quickly but i think he still made some errors. He still made some mistakes that you would expect from a fifth round rookie in his first kind of preseason action. The hope i think is that you can continue to build on that but there's no guarantee that's going to happen so i would say that this is this is positive in that. He didn't look completely out of his depth. He didn't look he's no willie beavers but at the same time he's not out there completely dominating and crushing second and third string players like you would expect someone who is going to be. Maybe maybe like a sending to a pro bowl in year one right. I think the the contrast for me that really kind of was was pretty. Stark is so guys that were taken in a similar position in the draft had a somewhat similar concerns also as well like either quite produced it like an elite level and in both like didn't test super super well either coming out but was if you look at mac wilson linebacker from alabama ended up getting drafted by the browns just a little bit after the niners at greenlaw the the thing that you have to be so if you're not like the most athletic guy right if you're not gonna win that way you wanna see guys that can process while they need to be able to efficient and their movement be able to get kind of moving in the direction. They need to be earlier than maybe somebody else 'cause. They're recognition is so good and you saw like mac wilson i if you go back and watch a little bit of that browns game was incredible. Just was all over the place in that game made a couple like outstanding plays in coverage that were just like really kind of eye-popping and again. These are guys that came out around the same time in the draft had similar concerns like into see that sort of difference right like mak wilson and not somebody i mean obviously not following the browns as close as they do the niners but certainly not a player that i've heard a lot about going into it as far as like buzzed goes and you see that that kind of stark difference in their performance and i think that's kind of maybe what makes me a little bit more down on green laws like there's this clearly stuff. That's still missing from him. David newman you're telling me that you're not a lifelong browns fan despite the fact that you're sitting here wearing a baker mayfield t-shirt lifelong browns fan yep yep yeah typical just like the lifelong browns fan absolutely <hes> actually there are a ton of lifelong browns fans and they're all very depressed all the i'm not one of those. I'm only here for the good stuff lifelong since twenty. The next person on this list is going to be z's al-sheikh ear or aljazeera ashes air. We're gonna do this all the time because they're all shows air yeah. I thought i thought he actually played need a comparable if not slightly better game than dre greenlaw and i would say that he still had a similar eye-popping play where he completely declared someone on i think it was a screen pass and he is though a more athletic person and that if lettuce system is going to show a little bit more especially in the preseason games because you don't have to make up for it with some of that processing speed even though i thought he did play with a pretty degree with a pretty good degree of processing for another person again. He's an undrafted guy. He's not someone who was heavily touted as as a player that he's not getting a ton of cam buzz. I think he's probably headed for the practice squad but i do think that he's someone who and when you're looking at their performances differences i think comparable in terms of their output but for whatever reason greenland's getting a lot of buzz hopefully that we end up getting shown how that buzzes coming over the next couple of weeks and ultimately ends up putting malcolm smith on the looking forest so the other guy that i was looking forward to watching that was kind of more late round rookie was tim harissa. The cornerback took in the six round so he was a guy that was was really athletic but was kind of a little bit more raw. Maybe a technique wise and that was kind of why you saw him fall as late as he did in the draft this game i think it was. I don't know it was it was i think a little bit more encouraging gene because he didn't look completely terrible and out of his element right there were at least not many plays where he was just like look completely lost was is getting towards for huge gains or that he definitely gave up like several receptions right like gave up a positive plays the encouraging thing with him as he he was at least like in the right area forcing usually at least somewhat difficult throws right by being closer in coverage and again just like didn't look out of his element at all and so i think if there are some things that he can clean up their technique wisely there was one play where he made a great break on the ball had a chance incident interception and just kind of misplayed it and didn't really track the ball that well ends up going through his hands in the receiver makes catch right so little things like that at the could have really shifted how we viewed his performance in this game if they if they would've went them you know more positive direction there so i think yeah he's someone will continue continue to be watching you throughout the preseason because the four hundred do need just depth at that position right. They need guys at corner. They can potentially have plug in their if guys get hurt and so he's when guys get hurt when guys get currently were staring down the barrel of another jason gerrad injury yeah i mean you. You know who could have seen it coming. I guess but oh man. I'm so sad about that. Though i'm robin i know i was. I was looking forward to hopefully getting at least some healthy any time with him and it's just not happening. At least it happened early in the preseason right. Hopefully hopefully this is the one right got our hopes deflated nice and early just really leave took the wind out of it. The last one here on the rookie. I watch is going to be just in school. I don't know that he well well. I do know he did not have a very very good game. It wasn't really beavers bad but he definitely showed that he had willie. Beavers is definitely jordan debbie. I mean in the in the log with no redeeming qualities name. That's his redeem yeah. That's that's how could i forget. He plays music nick to your ears using another instrument his name but you got justin skill. He just is a rookie that absolutely showed he needs them seasoning at this point he is his technique is not super solid. He gets over his feet far too often. He gets defeated in ways that especially from second and third string or is that you you would hope we weren't the case again. You have to remember this guy was he was like a six round draft. Pick right so he's. He's a developmental guy. That definitely needs some development did not super-duper impresses. I go around but you know what there's little time for him to develop your hopefully you hope that he can do something year one but he i think is more of a longer term draft pick and someone. The niners hoped to put a little bit more development time into yeah. I think you know practice. Squad probably makes the most sense for somebody like him like yeah. It wasn't <hes> he he wasn't necessarily guy. You were looking at in the late round. That like is a steel right like oh man how how did he fall that far and like he might be able to come in and be your swing tackle right away or something like that like yeah. He's gonna need like you said a bit more seasoning development so i think i really if you're going to end up keeping him around and ultimately i think the the niners they do retain second waiver priority after cut down day because that's where the they haven't played a game waiver priority hasn't reset but the the ultimate that's where they can probably see if something shakes free and maybe signed someone or maybe even trade late round pick for someone like they did with sean coleman and hopefully end up getting some tackled depth that way because i don't know i mean my designed. <hes> was named ben. I don't know man yeah. I hope he doesn't get in the game because if either staley or mcglinchey is out. That's ex- yeah ultimately. I think think the niners should try to make a move. If something shakes free near cut down day. I think the overall the probably left. I probably shouldn't have been surprised but i did leave. If the game worried about that offensive line death yeah i mean i think that's a i because i think that's just literally a worry for every single team like most teams out there not most but a lot of teams are struggling to get their five their starting five like an decent spot right and not me look at teams like houston whose tackles or just like fucking terrible samyong not ben and i just thought it was a monosylabic first name sure forgettable. This is what it was forgettable name. Know willie beavers that one no insurance <hes> beavers but yeah so i think when you when you come out with an offensive line that again you're hoping that not a single. One of those guys are out there. Come week one you know when when things are kicking off real there so yeah you kind of expect back them to be bad and struggle and that's what they were all right and finally i watch talk to me about punters david why was mitch now skis debut as a partner your favorite putter debut in all of them. You say this like i watched a single punt from his or even a single special teams playing. You're not gonna talk about his coffin. Corner point gonna talk to me about how that ball sweetly rolled out of the sideline inside of the twenty. I spent twenty seconds and maybe not maybe not even that. I took a peek at his great. You're not gonna talk to me about how his hanging time of like. Four point four seconds wasn't and even in jake bailey's hang time he'll jake bailey of course was the guy that thought the niners are going to draft in the fifth round. He had one punt the preseason who was thinking that they were going to draft a punter in any round no so it was yeah no actually i'm pretty sure everyone's like yeah then they're looking for someone more into the fifth or sixth round in the late round but everyone was going to be jake bailey and his hang taiwan is one point was like four point nine seconds which is that's pretty funny no michael michael dixon but he's not australian fair inherent disadvantage correct yeah. That's exactly right all right so that about does it. For this exhibition of the better rivals podcast you can always follow me on twitter at better rivals david working. They follow you. It's going to be at p._f. Underscore david one final note as we wrap up the show show you will start to see another podcast on this same fee. It's going to be done by kyle posey. He is the editor-in-chief of niners nation. We're doing our best to try to get you some content throughout the week. Maybe get you some more newsy type updates. Of course you'll notice that the podcast was just it was just a shade under six or seven minutes long so you might see more of those. Come through the feed at definitely. Let me know what you think. Thank you. Let me know your thoughts. Whether that feedback positive or negative we can figure out how to try to get you the best content on the feed so thanks again for tuning in and as always go niners high editor in chief of eater. I'm daniel janine user here at eater and we are here to tell you about our brand new podcast. Ask your digest every week on the show we dive into the weirdest funniest and most important stories in the world of food with the inside scoop from from the biggest names in the industry and expert insights from the newsroom. It's a really fun time so i would say subscribe to either suggests for free today on apple podcasts or in your favorite podcast app.

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