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Hour 3 - Amari Cooper (06-24-19)


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We know the sound of a perfect hot air balloon landing and a less than perfect one. Click for more. We are farmers underwritten by farmer's truck. Fire insurance exchange center affiliates products unavailable in every state. Broadcasting from the Mercedes man cave man boobs. Pancake. I do do my homework. That's the one thing I do. Baba. This is Dan Patrick, but we had a great weekend, everybody final hour on this Monday. Yes basketball after the show on the DP show app, you can watch or the semi finals. It's postseason basketball for the American Annapolis association of America, and it's a chance for mclovin to continue his MVP run here as his team is undefeated and we have two games today. Twelve thirty and then one o'clock tomorrow and all star game as Adam Sandler will join us in the man cave and he's bringing his own three on three team, and then Thursday will be the title game and the last place game. Yes, mclovin, it has the deadline pass for award voting. A regular season award. We have Tom back player of the year. Now this whole full season. We include the postseason here. Well, why do we do that? No other sport does because I said, so I'm the Commissioner. We do it the right way. So there's a most outstanding player the mop and the LOP is outstanding player. But we were having a comeback. Player of the year in the inaugural year. Yes. Because somebody who didn't play well in the first couple of games has come back to maybe play a little bit. No police not. You end the conversation. I'm not the leader. But I played so poorly in games one and two. I set myself up to get some trophy, did you tank to try to win a trophy now to say it's a choice would be bad. Yes. Seton, but the toddler same starner's writing one of the hottest streaks, the game of basketball has ever seen get a ninety second run. That was unbelievable. I thought he was going to do the Jordan. Shrug that he had against the Portland trailblazers when he hit that three and he kind of goes, I don't know what I'm doing out here. Fritzy almost had one of those I think in the last game you missed your first Twenty-two shots to start the season. And then you, you squeezed off four in a row guarded by the big German, I sprinkled in falling on my face between as true in three of this. True. But the, the hook shot was in full bloom and basketball coming up twelve thirty and one o'clock the two games. On the DP show app. Coming up a little bit. Amari Cooper, the Cowboys wide receiver making the rounds today. We'll talk to him six days until NBA free agency opens. I got something for you here in the last fifty years. This player has the best record of any player to play at least five hundred games in the NBA. That includes regular season and postseason, the best winning percentage is this player. I'll throw some names out that are on this list. Tim Duncan, Larry Bird, Michael Cooper, Draymond green Manu Ginobili Klay Thompson Dennis Rodman. You have to have played at least five hundred games. And this is in the last fifty years Magic Johnson magic is second on that list bowling, because they were good almost his entire career. Good or great attack third on that list is Draymond green. This player has won seventy three and a half percent of his games. Coli leonard. Going to win some money with that bet. Kawhi Leonard four hundred and twenty five and one fifty three in his career. Tim Duncan one seventy percent of his games. Larry Bird, seventy one percent. Why is Michael Jordan nut in here? They stunk his first few years regular season. Yeah. And then he got a couple of wizards years, probably took them offline I'd be curious what his winning percentage is probably around sixty seven percent, but collide, Leonard four twenty five and one fifty three. There is growing speculation that glide, Leonard will re-sign with Toronto nothing official obviously. But there is. Growing consensus opinion. It feels like from the NBA executives certainly in the Eastern Conference that he is going to resign, which Ronald I if you haven't tried it, you got to watch the women's World Cup twenty nine thousand nine hundred a women's World Cup and stunning four K. It's going to start at noon eastern today. Direct TV has poor que channels, one zero five one zero six, and if you don't have four K, Goto, AT, and T dot com slash Patrick, four K. For more information poll question brought to you by man versus food on cooking channel MC love the first part of the show was what is with the uptick in home runs is at launch angle. Is undetectable PD's? Or is it the changes the baseball all of the above one that, so we switched it up? I'm putting it up there. Sorry, we got to let people away in nineties bulls versus the warriors. Who do you got just put it up DP show app? No. I'd like to take one year. I said the best. Bull seems is at the seventy two team win. They won seventy two you could have Golden State when they had seventy three and they did lose in the finals. But if you want to do those rosters, you gotta get the Katie warriors, right? Yeah. Okay. So that wasn't the Seventy-three other than I than I would do when Kevin Durant. Is there? Okay. Whatever. The best year. Yes. The two thousand sixteen two thousand seventeen Golden State Warriors. They won sixty seven games with Kevin Durant, and won the NBA title. That would be the team we're talking. Okay. And I'm taking today's Golden State Warriors in today's game with today's rules against the bulls. But if you're saying that we're gonna take nineties rules that will take the bulls. I think they're that close. But if you said it's the mid eighty Celtics mid eighty Lakers versus the nineties, bowls. I'm taking the Celtics. And the Lakers. Yes, mclovin, yet, just to be clear that ninety six bowls team was was coach was on that. And Harper were on that you'd mentioned. You weren't sure wheelchair version, too. Yeah, that's great, too. It is. It's a great to no doubt about it. But you know what it comes down to shooting, Michael Jordan, sixty five almost sixty six percent of his games stats Inc. Just sent me that so he's also responsible for none of the losses. No. Only wins. That's right. Yeah. Yeah. We won one hundred percent of the time. But his teammates, you know, brought that down to sixty five percent. Yes. Mclovin. What's hardly that, that seventy two win team wasn't that the year that they had media with them every game. All it was like a circus year. It was were you around that? Yes. Particularly union covered the bulls back without a help them or hurt. They didn't seem to hurt them at all. That that so much going on. It's one of the rare times when you see a team that everybody was happy to see except for the team, they were playing like the fans turned out to watch the bulls. Demolished their team it felt like. I remember seeing a game in Atlanta and it felt like they were there cheering for the bulls far more than they were the hawks, and rightfully so. But you wanted to see something you had not seen there was a phenomenon around them, and it was certainly Jordan. And you threw in Dennis's Dennis Rodman is well, because Rodman was probably a bigger star in some circles than Michael was is Dennis was out there in a variety of ways. I mean his haircuts, the coloring on his hair. He's dating. You know, Madonna Carmen Electra. You know, Dennis Dennis was a celebrity back then. And also remember that the team before the seventy two win bowls team. They were forty seven to thirty five Jordan made his comeback. And they didn't even get to the NBA finals. They lost the Eastern Conference semis. So Jordan came back, that next year, it was, it was almost like payback time, he had that full offseason to focus on basketball. And then they went seventy two there's another story and we'll get. To your phone calls. Oh, you know what? Let's do our best and worst to the weekend. Fritzy. I'll start with you back row. Best of the weekend. Hubbard poo hits a home. Run at Busch stadium in St Louis. Saturday, gets a standing ovation from the crowd anybody ever problem with a standing ovation for our poodles. Is great. I did too. I think those are they're knowledgeable baseball fans. They're nice baseball fans. And you know what you can separate. He's with the angels, if I'm a cardinal's fan. I'm going, thank God. He left after ten years. We got his ten best years and didn't have to mortgage, the future to get him the angels had to be Ted overpay. He finally came back and PU holes, you know, homered, and I think the fans being respectful baseball fans, they stood and applauded. I don't know what the pitcher felt like that's the only thing I thought is I wonder what he's thinking as they're going. They're cheering. And it just took me deep fritzy. Continue funding through active between him and Molina which was nice to see a worst of the weekend. The Knicks many believe James Dolan, in particular band. New York Daily News journalist from the teams post draft press conference Friday because they feel the papers been too critical of the team. Oh, who, who you've been terrible for a couple of decades here? Tell me what you're going to be positive about and the Commissioner needs to say to James Dolan, James. No, we're not doing that. Can't do that because you pick. And choose if somebody's going to be nice to you or not. You know what? How about you put a good product out there? That would be the best way to counteract somebody who's not writing something. Nice about you. That's, that's silly. Yes. Anything else? They're mclovin your next. Okay. My best is going to be Christian. Yelich hit another home run. He leads league in that. Any also leads the NFL in stolen bases show. He has chance to become the only players in history to lead his league in homers, and seals worst is everyone knows I'm on the brewers bandwagon. And I haven't gear sent to me yet from my friends in Milwaukee, so I'm just saying I didn't know you were Milwaukee that. Well, I mean I when you were bucks fan you become an entire Milwaukee fan. So I thought you were a Phillies fan. I am affiliate fame of my backup teams. Living are you? Twins fan as well. I am partially twins and the Mariners as well. You're you're like a nine year old kid. We throw in the Packers to him is well, Packers playing Green Bay. I guess, cats, but USA women's soccer you like their chances. I like the small market, less obvious would. But you could go Jaanus yelich MVP and then Rogers winning MVP you might want to call it MVP town, and I'm going to trademark. Have probably exists. All right. Good luck with Cedeno Connor MVP town so good. Yeah. What the heck is my oh, you know what my best in the weekend was. Yeah. Gold cup. United States men's team finally getting vengeance against both. Trinidad and Tobago all the team that kept us out of the World Cup about two years ago. Yeah. Embarrassing so United States, big wedding, Christian do great. It was clearly the best player. Okay. The worst though is getting excited over the United States beating a country. The size of Dallas, Texas which. Okay. You get you take your victories, where you could get them, you know, small victories. But do you think that was USA soccer planned the whole long dump the game against Trinidad and Tobago to get in the World Cup law them in a false sense of security for five years later, and then hammered dominate down the -ccomplish Naipaul industrial works best to the weekend? The Celtic signed seven foot six taco fall to their summer league. I'm telling you. I may watch more summer league than regular season. Oh, I love similarly. I that's it. I'm ready. I'm s-. I'm now on watching the Celtics. I want to this guy could dunk without leaving the grant in theory. He should have a big advantage in the NBA since he doesn't actually have to leave his feet to score. But some reason he probably won't be able to play very well, because I think you could leave his feet when he's running right? Very doesn't move her doesn't but taco falls. Yes, mclovin, I saw RJ Barrett's gonna face I on in their first summer league, I July fifth. Are we going to have a watch party for that? That's just huge. So viewing party for summer league bounce Capone. Why, why? Why not? I I've been teasing this story got I get sidetracked here, but this mess with the New York Mets happened yesterday. And you had the manager Mickey Callaway, he got upset with a reporter for New York news day and. I guess he was asked a lot about the starting pitching and why didn't you bring in your reliever, and it got contentious here, and this is a portion of the press conference with Micky Calloway's exchange with the reporter about why didn't bring in his closer. Consider using the as as that inning develops because we're not gonna use them for five outs Subodh long for three hours and maybe going to Zelma coalesced to vomit you order. No, no. We've set it all along that Diaz is are closer. And we we're gonna make sure that he stays in that in that comfort zone, pitches in eight days situation where you're willing to Bill five when he's been that lately used again. No, we're not gonna use them for five outs. I know I know you guys keep on asking, but my answer is going to stay the same. Then got a little ugly after that. I think at the very end the reporter for New York, Newsday said, see you tomorrow. Mickey whoa. Yeah. So Tim Healy of New York, Newsday said to the manager after all of this, see you tomorrow. Mickey. The manager then says, don't be a smart bleep mother bleeper. He then went into the food area came back and yelled get this mother effort outta here. We don't need that bowl bleep. And then you have a Jason Vargas. Tough guy he was standing in his locker across from the reporter and said the reporter was staring at him as Vargas stared him down. All not you the bleep out, bro. Vargas said rushing across the room when Noah Syndergaard and Carlos Gomez intervened. The reporter left the clubhouse. God. Yeah. What if the reporter said to Mickey Callaway I, I actually I probably won't see you tomorrow on how this team is, you know, Mickey all be back tomorrow. I don't know if you will Zang. Yeah. But you have your relief, first of all, you kept a guy in there, who I think it thrones Graham had a Callus on his foot, the manager, then said he was asked why you took to grandma, and he goes ways gassed, way wasn't gassed, he had a Callus on his foot. So you've already lied to the media. He was gassed and you know what degrom does it want that made public if he was gassed, maybe he said he was calloused and then they thought he say guests. His gallant Kelly last hell ass analyst. I'm gonna kick your gallant. How do you even make CRO sound threatening? It was like. Like. Mickey. Hey, listen. We don't need any of that stuff here. Okay. See you tomorrow. Go time. Yeah. I don't know how you make that sound sinister. And by all accounts, I guess, this reporter is a professional and reporters than backed up that he's not one of those guys who's in antagonistic gal tomorrow. Mickey yeah. I'll see you tomorrow. Yeah. Hey, skip have a good day. Yeah. Boom drop them. So they had Lugo, I guess. Yeah, I got, you know, it's the Mets roster so not as well versed in that, but I guess you had a re a pitcher who was in for two Graham and then he had thrown like forty pitches and they couldn't bring in their closer. Yes, I could see where that would be taken out hearing at that sarcastically. What reporter like waves? Goodbye says goodbye to the manager coach before he leaves for the day, just seems like an odd thing to say that it could easily be taken as being a being a wise guy, even if the tone didn't mean for it to be. So when I say, see you tomorrow, Todd. Yeah, that's it. But I'm not covering your team or something. But I think I'm covering I'm gonna make sure I say goodbye to the manager and all the countries before I got home for the right my story. I'll see you tomorrow ton. Take it easy. Take it. He's like, don't win. You're like say you're leaving a restaurant or a diner. Right. And you walk past the person who seated you right or they take your check or something. Don't you just say, all right? Have a good night. See you later. It's like a normal thing these you'd say goodbye to people. Well, I think I'm in courtesy because there was a heated exchange or their what an exchange because it was just the manager that no matter what you said you were going to set him off. Yeah. For if it was after I sent my food back three times. Okay. Nancy tomorrow, chance to come back to this crappy restaurant. Oh, it's the Mets. And I don't know. Mickey, you're so fine. You're so fine. You blew my mind. Mickey you're in trouble. Yeah, mclovin. I mean, the bigger issue is a player thread to report that. Yes. Never good. Shirker. What did you just once? Like the reporter is a former karate champion like the all valley karate champion. And when the player goes, let's go, he goes, okay? Cooling puts his pen and paper down and kicks every player's ass. Yeah. Just an paper down hold my notebook. I got a disguise is going take this guy out to the woodshed, TIMMY, Kirch and go all. Kirch in. I think he's black belt people don't realize that about him. His hands are actually lethal weapon. Young Tim Kirk chanting go down low legs because he's small he's right out. Oh, he'll shoot. Shoot the what is it centers? Have there is what do you do when you're a Russell, you shoot the double leg shoot? No. What are you should loop shoot the it's not shoot. This shooting is when you go for the lex. Yeah. But I thought it was called shoot. The sentence was shoot the glass, glass, you guys are the story when your only killed a man with his bare hands. No. That that is. Snatch rumor there BUSTER only two every time I think of somebody being threatened. I always think of my situation when a rod I thought was going to punch me in the Rangers locker room when remember the whole thing where he did the interview, and I think he had just won the MVP, and then we were recording it and we started talking, and he started ripping on jeeter. What did you think jeeter's contract? I can't believe they're paying him. Eighteen million dollars a year that guy didn't do anything better than me. And then I said, you know, whatever he goes, are you? Are we recording this? I said, yes. And he continued the internet. And then he didn't talk to me for a couple years after that. And then I found out why because we aired that interview meanwhile, he told Esquire magazine the exact same thing on the record. And I got to his locker that day and it was almost. Go time I thought Alex Rodriguez was gonna pop me. That's when you said, see you later, Alex, Alex, what? Yeah. That's when I had, you know, the steroid couch say you had Palmero in Consejo Pudge, and they were just sitting there watching because they were privy to I was coming in. I was coming to town and all I wanted to do was in, you know, I give baseball writers credit because they do go into the locker room the next day when you and the players will respect you when you do that you go in there the next day you show, your face. And that's all I wanted to do you got something to say said to me, I realized there was a chance. He was gonna hit me. And I said to rob Dibble, who is working with me on the show. I said, look, if he hits me, I just wanna make sure he got my back you called in your closer. I did. And he said, if he hits you once he won't hit you again. I said, I bro. Thank you. Take a break. Yes. Mr. Palmeri, we'll take a break here, Maury Cooper, just called in. We'll talk to the Cowboys wide receiver after this on the Dan Patrick show. 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Gatorade beat the heat and aims to raise awareness, among athletes, parents and coaches out of properly hydrate and we've certainly seen the, the bad parts of this. To learn more about Gatorade beat the heat program fans confined heat safety tips on Gatorade YouTube channels. We welcome in Amari Cooper, what was your second best sport in high school. My second best sport. In high school was definitely basketball. How good were you? I was decent. Was decent. I was definitely better football though, who plays in the NBA the way you played basketball in high school. So pretty good question. I would say probably a mix between. Kyri in Westbrook on a flashy with the basketball like to dribble, mortar and I like to score. Now did you play high school with teddy Bridgewater? I did that was my high school quarterback. How how good was he in high school? He was great. He was the best quarterback. I've seen at that point. Did he play basketball? He played for a little bit. But. He didn't play. He didn't finish the season as basketball player. Okay. But did you did you know at the time like that you guys were both going to be going to play obviously college? But maybe a chance to play professionally. Yeah. I knew at the time, of course, teddy was really events. He was. He was like the only tenth grader on. He's a year older than me so out in the ninth grade, I was at a different school. But obviously I knew everything that was going on at the school, I transferred to, because they were a powerhouse, and he was like the only tenth grader on versity. He used to play receiver at first. And then he moved to quarterback really. He was really advance. Yeah, titty. I mean Teddy's probably the best safety. I've seen in high school like, I mean the ball anywhere in this vicinity he's gonna he's gonna he's gonna come up with the NSF, and he's, he's, he's a great athlete. How did Nick Sabin close you. Oh, well, he didn't really have to do much to close me because I, I had my intention, sit I knew if I got a offer from Alabama. That's why I wanted to go. Why them? Just because I like what they stood for. I like that. They were winning, obviously, for thing. But just the way he he coached a game. He approached the game. I mean it was all about hard work. There wasn't any promises that, like most recruiters would do until you, you would come in and, and be a starter. He just gave me the fat out truth that if I was good enough to play the freshman, I would play. And that's all I really wanted to hear because I really just wanted to compete for a spot. And so, I think they did everything the right way. Who do you think is funnier Nick Sabin or Jason Garrett? Oh, well, you know, co Sabin is really like that's really underrated shade of his like he's actually a really funny, God. Like he has these jokes, Betty intentionally tills and they're all pretty much funny. Garett doesn't really intentionally tells tell jokes like saving the, so it's a hard question to, to answer because Garrett is naturally funny, as well. But did you feel like you had to laugh at coach Sabin because he's coach saving. I didn't know I didn't feel like I had to laugh at them, but his jokes were actually funny is Jon Gruden funny. Jon Gruden is funny as well. Yeah. He. He's naturally funny, though. I don't think he, he never chose to be funny. He's just funny. What do you miss about the raiders? What do I miss about the raiders and? I miss my teammates. Okay. Okay. So, but, you know, the colors did did you like those uniform? I mean you're playing for the Cowboys you you've been lucky. You played for you know, these iconic brands here. You're pretty lucky so far. Yeah. Yeah. Very, very story franchises. I mean, a lot to me to have been a part of to great organizations. But who did you grow up rooting for? I'm from Miami. So I grew up a dolphin fan. Did you did you hope to play there? I I wouldn't say I hope to play there. I just hope to be NFL player it really didn't matter what team it was. Dallas era was Miami any good when you were going up. Yeah, the always had a top five defense from where I can remember when I was growing up. We would always go like ten in six nine and seven type season. But they didn't make the playoffs very much because the division was just so hard, he's Amari Cooper, the Cowboys wide receiver p one. Explain a little bit more about this beat the heat program. What would you tell her audience or certainly the parents listening? Yes. So I'm just out here to help Gatorade, you know, spread the message about the importance of hydration and just to give a couple of tips on the subject. And this is something because you played in hot weather, most of your life with Miami, Alabama, and certainly, Dallas, how is that change, though of what coaches allow you do or the, you know, the practice policy when it comes to play in the heat? Yeah. I think I think coaches are just more aware. I mean, you know, obviously people have, you know, falling how and things like that from dehydration and it just being really hot and so- coaches. Do a good job now making sure all the gods hydrated. The water breaks are more often and more intentional. And you know that's a good thing because it also helps with performance when you're hydrated. If you want Dak Prescott to know you're open, and you go back to the huddle. What do you say? Or is there a look? That's a good question. I really just try to, you know what I try to do. I try to always be open like every play every fast, so. Well, you always think you're open. Right. But I try to create like a lot of separation. So I'm creek kind of creative in, in my route running. And so I want him to go and watch film and see in like, watch ten play the fifteen plays and say, hey, this guy, he's opened every place. So from then, on he can no. Like whatever whatever the pass play is he can expect me to be open. And that's how I go about that. Did you recognize Jason Witten when he came in with his new look? New look like what his hair? Yeah. Still recognized. Okay. That wasn't do you guys. Do you guys make fun of him? Do you give him grief a little bit? I I'm not sure I think I've heard some guys talk about his lack of here. But I don't know if they've done it too. How to my boys look this year. We looked good. We have a lot of pieces in place. A lot of young guys who are, you know, putting in a lot of work and just ready to go out there and fight, and, and, you know, put on the best possible season that we can have Wednesday getting paid. That's above my pay grade. When are you getting paid? If Micheal Thomas is going to get what he's getting you gotta be keeping an eye on that contract. Right. I I'm not watching Michael Thomas his pockets. I would if I were you, well, you know what you might not be. But your agent is. Yeah. Probably I think everything is gonna fall in place, when I think, so, too. Hey, thanks for joining us have fun with this. Gatorade, people are great folks, and we appreciate your time morning, if they are, thank you. That's more he Cooper. Cowboys wide receiver I was told I did a little research on on him prior to having him on. And I was told really sharp guy really sharp guy. And in from that perspective of being a couple of moves ahead of the defense like he, he studies to find out tendencies techniques and not that other receivers don't do this. But I was told, you know, he, he's very sharp kid and maybe not kid at twenty five but he's a sharp. Student of the game. We upload kind of bums me out is we don't have these guys on sometimes until Gatorade makes them available. But like Amari Cooper, is really good really good kid and the raiders never put him out there. They never let us have any athletes, and Alabama. They will give you know athletes, they never let their athletes to interviews, only saving does an interview year. And it's always nice, but, like what a what a nice charismatic kid Amari Cooper is an I don't think anybody knew that maybe other people have had them on. We haven't if I was Alabama, I wouldn't make him available. You know, college coaches control everything. And if you're gonna talk to Alabama, you're not gonna talk to assistant. It's like, you know, the patriots very, very sparingly do they allow somebody unless that player says, I want to do that show or I'd like to do that show. Or sure I would do that show if I'm Nick saving I don't want my players doing interviews. You know that's not their job to sell my program. And, you know, I'm not there to promote them until they're, they're ready to leave and all happily talk about a laxed poetic about how great they are. You know, the raiders know they not exactly user friendly. I mean they've made mayo available. But we, we have a relationship with Mike may on Gruden not available on remember couple of years ago, and who was it that the system coach. Oh, the offense, according to for Alabama few years ago, sir keys, you know lane kiffin with we always called for kiffin because he's such a great interview, but they wouldn't let us. And then he left and then we have him on whenever we want to talk about that for two. And I was one of the best piece of news had gotten once when you have guys that we really have it on the show and go from a program where they're being shut down to being able to freely. Come on. It's just it's Christmas. Wait data, we shared by the way, it's not the AFC west issue that mysterious how we don't get other AFC teams other than the Broncos sprinkled in a couple of chargers. We had my is not too long ago with the chiefs pitched the Broncos long snapper, a couple of weeks for June interview. Oh, yeah. That's a slight Grady files this on Twitter. The Broncos Longstaff good dude. If you missed any of our celebrity interviews this week or any week, the Mercedes AM, man cave. Go to the Dan Patrick show app where you can watch, and listen from inside the Mercedes G man cave, Mercedes G driving performance, take a break. More phone. Calls close up shop, but we learn what's in store tomorrow. Right after this support for the Dan Patrick show podcast comes from our friends at rocket mortgage by Quicken Loans. Home is so much more than a house. It's your own little slice of heaven. That's why when you find the perfect place for you and your family, getting a mortgage shouldn't get in the way. 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Last call for phone calls, best and worst of the weekend. Eight seven seven three DP show this day in sports history. Also coming up this day in show history, we just showed that to you, how many years ago was that when we were in Milwaukee at Miller park, eight years ago, I think eight years ago, we were in the sausage races and. That was we had these big outfits there and Mick love, and I think ended up winning fritzy was last. He just finished and you had to run around. See started down the foul pole on the left field. And then you ended up down the right field line and mclondon ended up winning and then afterwards now fritzy couldn't get his hot dog or his hot dog casing off panic attack ball. I really hot and like kinda dizzy, what why we don't have video of that with you trying to get that just audio of that. Yes, I spoke to one of the people in the moment, who cut their camera and I was like, he'd have to keep rolling on this. You have to you have to get this video. And I was like, maybe we'll never do anything with it. But you just have to at least get it. And they were like we can't. It's just to mean. We dismissed that person person or no long fired that guy. He's sensitive and not here. I can't it's just too mean. Okay. And you can find your own way back, but the interns from the brewers are all about nineteen and twenty year old girls in a couple of guys. And Todd has his gigantic disproportionate arms and they're trying to pull it off him. And he's in no way helping. He's, he's kind of like waving his arms. My arms doesn't been that way, telling my arms hasn't been that way people's ridden bedside manner. The bedside manner of this kid was people much bigger than your had no problem. Or maybe he was just telling the truth because they'd played eighty one home games a year. And they don't I guess. Oh, god. Like Frenchie has the arms that you would see where they they're fake, you know, if you were creating a character in one of these animals that perform like you'd have these fake arms that looked like Popeye's. And that was fritzy. Fritzy couldn't get out of the hotdog casing, no matter how they explain to me how to turn my arm to get into the position to slip it off and just could not get there. And seton? Does the perfect impersonation of how Todd is panicking? It's getting hot. You gotta give you out of lightheaded. I guess how can't bend at the waist, and then and then we're, we're out of our costumes, and we're just laughing because Todd can't see us. Little sweaty red face out of that thing. You've never seen such a relief. Everyone's like trying to explain to you. I'm gonna pass out here. You had more, you know, a panic attack more than a newborn baby coming out. It was really bad. I thought I was like you sort of look like a newborn, baby. When you came out, I wanted them to cut the thing off of me. And just whatever I have reimbursed them for the costume care. Jaws of life. Did they cut it to get you out of that? I also saw this story. And maybe I'm the only one that was really interested in this Derek Dietrich. He. He was hit a few times over the weekend. I think he got hit six times over the weekend. So I think he got hit by a pitch three times in one game on Friday and he got hit by five pitches. I think is it five or six that he got hit over the weekend at six six times in Milwaukee, but also he got hit two pitches on Thursday. And so did he get hit more than that? So it was Thursday and then Friday did he get hit then he got hit over the weekend? Didn't he ton? I believe he trying to think he's been hit fourteen times this season. He's he just stand like, in front of a catcher's mitt is. How do you get many times in from two thousand sixteen to two thousand eighteen Derek Dietrich was hit sixty three times so far? He's been hit fourteen times this season. And apparently, he's not big on getting out of the way, you know, Don Baylor's, the last guy remember, who wasn't afraid to do that. But Baylor was a big guy Ron hunt who played for the Montreal Expos a second baseman, he, he might be the all time leader for some reason. I think he got hit like two hundred and fifty four times in his career. Yeah. Paulie, do you think there's certain guys, I know the answer to this. But that just doesn't bother. And they say, hey, I'll get on base. It gets me on base percentage. What do you think more guys should do that to take engine? I don't know. It works. Yeah. I don't I don't know if you're going to have too many guys who just like lean into a pitch to get on, on base. I remember you know, there's certain guys that you played with growing up, and then you were just hoping they got hit by pitch. Because then you knew that, that was the only way they were getting on base that, or a walk this day in sports history. What do you have for me? Polling. Sorry, just one. Second, I was on my baseball reference. We'll obviously mclovin wins the sausage race. That's one thing that happens day. Yeah. My mentioned. No, I just helping only vamp here now Jim Northrup of the Detroit Tigers tied to major league baseball record hit two grand slams in one game. Nineteen seventy-one is a big one than NBA modified. It's four year eligibility rule to allow for collegiate hardship. Cases, Spencer, Haywood two thousand three Barry Bonds of the giants become the first player to reach five hundred homers and five hundred stolen bases. And you remember this one two thousand ten John eastern defeated Nicolas. Yeah. Ma hoot in eleven hours in one hundred eighty three games the last set tiebreaker was seventy to sixty eight games crazy. Yeah. Do we have Ron hunt? And how many times he was hit by pitch. He got hit. Let me see. He got he got hit over fifty times in one season. I believe, yeah, I got him. Ron hunt leading the league in hit by pitch eighth straight seasons. Two hundred and forty three career times. He was hit oh to forty three. I had him at two forty five Don Bailer had the record Craig Bijou two hundred eighty five times he was hit by pitch. That's the most in baseball history. All right. Crackers. Yeah. And a hall of Famer at that this day in sports history brought to you by continental tire proud to be the exclusive tire the Dan Patrick show. No matter what you drive, where you drive her how you drive, they have a tire for you Julian settlement will join us on the program tomorrow by patriots. And Adam Sandler will stop by the man cave. And by the way, if you get a chance see his net movie with Jennifer Aniston, and I'm not in, you should still watch it thought it was really well done at that Sam N did a great job. That. So this day in sports history final results of the poll question McClellan I switch it up to worry versus bulls. Seventy one percent went with the boom. Okay. Yeah I'm fine with that Brent North Carolina. Hey Brett, what do you have for me today? Hey, Dan, hybrid. I got a I got a best and worst. And they're both the same being an Indiana graduate living in North Carolina. I just dropped my fourteen year old off in Chapel Hill for the basketball camp. And then he's bitter sweet. But I love you guys show and I appreciate it. Thank you Brett, and I appreciate that go around the room, what we learned on the program. I'll start with back left and Todd. Fritz safe. Fritzy, you played eighteen holes yesterday for the first time in three years, you didn't quit at the clubhouse on fourteen Prodi. Yeah. And by the way, there's some really wonderful people who've sent in some books. Notes about Lyme disease. I do not have lime disease. I've been tested probably thirty times for lime disease. I do not have that. But thank you people send in a couple of books on that. And, you know, hopefully I'm nearing the end of this chemo run. I got three more visits three more treatments. And then hopefully I'm done with that. But thank you for people who have sent things in mclovin. Aaron Minneapolis had a whole of one. So he says, it seemed O'Connor. Yeah, you're back. Good to have you. Yeah. Eighteen holes. Yeah. Don't ask me, what I shot though. Paulie Amari Cooper told us, he played high school football teddy Bridgewater and Bridgewater was good receiver and a great safety and high school. Yeah, fritzy, what did I learn on today's program? Learn that MLB teams pace to hit a combined six hundred more home runs this year than last year. That's crazy. And I guess it's some little pill blue pill. That's in major league baseball now that, that's the reason why or so the Commissioner said, at least are you guys surprised that he acknowledged that there's something different about the baseball? I am. What we learned brought to you by truecar shopping could be confusing terms like dealer price list. Price, invoice, truecar shows you would other people paid for the car you want, so you can recognize a good price. When you're ready to buy new or used car, visit truecar and enjoy more confident car buying experience. So Adam Sandler will join us coming up tomorrow. 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We know the sound of a perfect hot air balloon landing and a less than perfect one. Click. For more. Them underwritten by farmer's truck fire insurance exchanges and affiliates. Products unavailable in every state Iran discussions. I'm Ed Donahue, the AP news minute secretary of state Mike Pompeo met with Saudi Arabia's King and crown prince about tensions with Iran. Pompeo also says new sanctions on Iran or going into effect. Effort to ensure that their capacity not only to grow their economy, but to abate sanctions becomes more and more difficult than it'll be an important addition to our capacity to enforce sanctions against Iran, Iran's navy chief warned Irani, enforces wouldn't hesitate to shoot down more US surveillance drones from their skies. Chinese in US trade negotiators are talking about ways to resolve disputes ahead of a meeting between President Donald Trump. And she Jing ping at the g twenty summit in Japan later in the week. 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