Episode 82: With New York Yankees Reliever/Dark Wizard Adam Ottavino


The. Tied at five to go. The body of these Aaron Boone the leader his first bad of the game. He's. Just to the first what's up? What's happened? Welcome to another dishing of the short porch. I'm your host hubs alongside be my co-host. The Colosseum cloud the veep. God Tommy smokes Tomsk belly. What's going on give me all those nicknames? So now, you're going to you're going back at me. I'm just being difficult as per usual. Yeah. You know, what the next time? And that was sad amount of you know, so much for coming on. Guy. We're gonna have CAD. All. And it's gonna be I'm sure we'll be finished ever. I one, oh, it'd be when I meet a Purdy said that Tom. I'll just goes. He's very guy. So he's very surreal words have never been sure with about you. I think that's why the question he thought. Oh, that's why news here. That's the real. The show. More die and a regular season baseball be an hazier especially jealous and the IMO, basically. His time in that room. Thought it was in like he's going to be thought. It was also love that. He's from New York Yankee fan. Does this show? And hopefully, there was no swing. Is that fell slider game? Just like, here's a gal. Carried the game. Wasn't that? Good. What's that? I just wanna see in a moment. Game on Saturday. You'll have video of that. We are going to get on. Sheriff will have to barbershop that was very interesting. Actually. It is time works. Thank you for explaining hubs to our. We'll be back Monday. Hopefully, no more interest. Please. God. Please see. And then I was like, oh, it's it's opening day. We just missed it. Like welcome to baseball season. I guess I didn't know until last night. My we play card. Everybody's play cards. We call Tuesday cards exclusive group busiv group and after the game. We're watching some college basketball just going through my app to see what's going on like some spring training on. And then it said the next day five thirty in the morning. I'm like, oh my God, that's the Japan game. And that was eleven thirty nine. That's when I knew there was a game. So I set my alarm I woke up I wanted to see each euro last games ever gonna play. So I stayed. I woke up at five thirty in the morning watch verse three innings went back to bed. Mike, Mike fires is pushing for the as we fucking hate him. 'cause giancarl STAN hall him. He's a scumbag, and he was getting lit up. I woke up again an hour and half later. He fucking grand slam the Domingo's Santana, which is cool. I bet on the Mariners. They won. It was cool. But not exactly the most enticing, you know, the Mariners who traded, you know, a good chunk of their guys and the Oakland A's who apparently the Yankees rival. But. Mike fires race. I wasn't really too too enticing to match up. I think it's crazy that you will woke up for it like gambled on it. So that gave me interest, and I want this each euro. It's cool. I'll watch the highlights and I- pitching. He's the other Japanese lefty that they signed the that's pretty well Najan making your major debut, and it's just Japan. Yeah. It's like I mean, just like never left, right? So we'll see like if it's would you be more nervous. The all thousand percent learner then like pitching in the states. Yeah. Yeah. Because not only are you trying to win over your new team the Mariners, but you still have all your Japanese fans watching to it's as nerve wracking possibly be. So I was pretty crazy. There's another game today. And the craziest part also which Casey point out both teams. I think are going back and playing spring training games after this. I mean, I guess it makes sense. But that takes. Almost forget this even happened. I you don't really know what happened. And if you do know what happened you're gonna forget that there. They're probably people who didn't know happen. Yeah. For sure and this will be a full day and half. Breaking news guys baseball season started. He started. So let's get some Yankee news might trout. Locked up twelve years four hundred and thirty million dollars. Angels. Looks like Bryce Harper's attempt to tamper did not work at all. He's me slickest and worst recruiting tour ever. The worst glue Mitro did not listen to anything. He said four thirty seems light with my trout going to be honest. I think he's worth a lot more than that. How crazy is it that Mike chart is so good that he got basically half a billion dollars shattered records for biggest American sports contract ever. And nobody is like he's overpaid. Not one person there's some people who say he's worth about that. But some people, you know, sending needs more. Nobody's saying oh, man. I can't believe they overpaid him that much. He's that good. Yeah. It's what's four thirty five by twelve. What's that per year? Thirty five point thirty five. Yeah. I mean, he's kind of like LeBron James where like LeBron mix what he makes twenty five thirty million whatever. But if you actually like during his prime he's worth fifty like IBM could've probably seventy five. There's no salary said if there's no salary cap if LeBron had played in Europe where there is no salary cap. Like, the starting point would have been like seventy million dollars. So it's great subtract similar way. Good for the angels. Trout. Kluge doesn't give fuck about you know, winning a World Series any of that. Because that's not going to happen with the angels. Could. Okay. I mean, there's a chance within one of these twelve years. I guess they'll have one playoff run aren't like a historically joke of a franchise. Also stuck in the AL west though Astros are just going to be good forever true. But I mean, they were they were the biggest pests for awhile and the two guys that's the Stein's Garret Anderson opposite. They're all. I'm just saying there is going. Precedent there to a degree. It's a complete joke of a team that has no winning history. Yeah. I tweeted I'm just upset that I do not like this new trend of great players not becoming Ke's. It's not great. I rather. It's it is good though that they can't come Red Sox either. Like, no one are not. Oh, I was kind of scared about that. That can't happen. You know, trout God forbid, although people have always said the Phillies with him. I do like how he just fucking fuck face face. Fuck the Phillies like they just because they always thought they were shoe in for him. Like almost like we were for Harper. It was a very similar thing. It was almost more for trout from the area. Jersey native was Westfield Coast Eagles games like every fucking Sunday. So I don't know put the reason I bring this up, obviously is because also Alex bregman six years one hundred million a lot of people getting locked up. I'll quick you know, that Mike trout was almost Yankee, you know, that draft story. Remind me remind I'm looking up. I know they had a pick. So after the comp after the compensate, Tori, maybe for not signing Garrett Cole the before the keys were to pick twenty nine in the first round in two thousand nine after extending qualifying offers to to share and k rod and lose them free agency had the twenty fourth and twenty fifth picks up Heimer called his heart. Skipping a beat when angels took an outfielder from a high school in Texas with the twenty four th pick for a moment. It looked like the angels didn't wanna take a chance on trout. So they thought that he was going to follow them up. Heimer is devastated. When angels took trout with the twenty we're going to take second consecutive heights Clough field therefore picks later. Thank you took a heist cloth from at their own called sleeve, flip Eka. Yep. So I'm pretty sure the angels guy that pick because inky sign to shit or because they extended the share overcame Yankee. So yeah, they were close to getting my China. No. He's painful thing. I didn't need to hear that. Yeah. I've always thought curry in the Knicks type deal. That's now that but it's even worse because. It's like the almost as if that would be if the warriors picked a three point shooting point guard, and then they also pick stuff curry, right? You know what I mean? That's what the they picked cloud fuel there. And they picked another outfielder. It's insane. Also nuts. How late in the first round. He went. Yeah. So I mean, the keys are among twenty five teams. Probably that said, Nope. Not this guy. Not the guy who's pretty much the best baseball player to ever live. They never on a shot. Right. No. I'm saying oh the teams before. That just like had all the chance to the world to take him. And he's the best place. Best baseball player to ever live your tires right now at the age of twenty six years, then he's a whole Famer. He's all right now, he just died or just retired. He's all famous. That's good. His numbers. Are they they stack up with anybody? He's ridiculous. But the reason I bring this up, obviously is because you know, the big elephant the room Aaron judge time lock them up. I think a hate the longer. Wait the long waiting next off season after he wins, the MVP and hit sixty five home runs sixty eight federal prediction for the year. This is like they're in a good spot right now where he's gotten a year and a half of great baseball under his belt. He's just getting better. And better, you know, not that we take spring into account or anything. But if you look at this fucking guy in spring, he looks like a cyborg hitting everything, and he he's got you wanna lock in your face your franchise. They've been doing it with Severino Hicks now, obviously there is the extension curse that we've been talking about. Yes. Don't want to deal with that. But it's being talked about what would you give him? My starting point would be. So he hasn't entered arbitration yet, which gives the Yankees a little bit of an advantage there because whatever you give him if you were to extend them right now, the first three years he getting so much more than what he normally would be getting right? So that allows that number to get a little lower my in my head. I'm not good at this. You know, not a GM, whatever. But I through seven for two hundred around my head that seemed like a number to start at other people like let's give them ten years. Find by any number you give. So the reason I actually don't wanna do it. Now, I think it's too. I don't want to have as we start a new season on Joe speed dealing with contract negotiations. I don't want that to be part of to play baseball. I think he said that he's like it's either going to think he had said it's gonna get done now or the or the off season. He's like I'm letting my people handle at which is fine. And there's no reason to go she ate during the season. That's a stupid. I'm saying get it done now or the offseason, but I'd love to get it down done right now. I'm trying to think of I mean. Would only make six hundred thousand dollars. I would like I don't want. I know he's gonna end up Anki legend. But I don't really wanna be paying Aaron judge a lot when he's like thirty five thirty. I don't think he's I don't care. I don't think his body's going to age. Great just a first baseman or D H. Yeah. I would pay him a lot, dude. He's absolutely free about to be twenty seven right? Yeah. That's why I said seven years. For the Yankees. That's a number that work. I don't know if that's an Aaron judge number. But I'd go eight because then you have him through his age thirty four season. I'd say eight years. Two to twenty. Yeah. That works for me hundred percents. So like, I bet. Mookie Betts turn that number down eight for twenty last off-season. He said, no he's getting he's gonna ask for three fifty and that was before an MVP season. Yeah. I mean Red Sox fans can pick her with us all they want. I'm taking judge every single time. Over Mookie Betts, just I just think he's the better baseball has even close hasn't even come close to reaching his peak in my opinion. And I think that's has. I think that's his last season. That's the best you'll get from vets. And it's not to say that can't continue. But I think judges peak is just so much higher than his. I think you can. You can make the argument that Mucci as -ccomplish more. But I think going forward I want judge judge and and based on these numbers thrown around. I mean, that's seems like he wants to go to free agency which must make red sock fans ecstatic because now they can't lock them up. Corrobos isn't nervous. But I could tell the inside they lose bets that'd be a huge fucking deal magic Yankee swoop than just got him future. Yankee Don future Hanky. I got another one that added to my list this yesterday future Yankee Frankie Laine door, Philly Cleveland's not gonna pay him. I thinking, I don't know where. I think in today Eloy Jimenez. Twenty eight. Okay. Where do you a pretty good spot such a bus? You quote me on that just a white sock. They don't doesn't happen. Why? Talks Davis white socks today. Tweeted out the projections for all the home runs for he went one through nine who's projecting the team John J leading off he said ten to fifteen home runs guests. How many home runs John Jay has hit since twenty fourteen fourteen eleven he's all of a sudden can head ten the fifteen White Sox? Dave is actually the craziest person that's ever existed on this planet, and that's a list. That's just a doozy. He's number one. He's he's absolutely delusional. But bottom line here. I wanna extend judge mealy. I hate the waiting game and all this, and I don't want judge arbitration to get you know, that snake Randy LeVine and just oh you strike out. Too much. You don't hit three hundred judge you hit in the wrist, whatever. I don't need that. I don't need Aaron judge getting that shit. Just pay them in deserves every penny. He gets to be the captain of this team the face. Of the franchise. He deserves every penny. Just get it done. So moving on some interesting news, which is kind of old Casey blew it up today like every Red Sox and Mets fan came out in the book, but I blocked about this three months ago the Cashman stories old, right? But I think some of the other stuff some of the stuff is like, yeah. No, da like, obviously Shelvin the bottom line here, Derrick. Jeeter was an asshole dick, you know, what men so is Michael Jordan, so's Tiger Woods. So as LeBron James is Koby Bryant. So is probably wing Gretzky not really hockey. I assume he was bit of dick the I betcha Tom Brady is an asshole. And he is the best PR people in the world. Not the biggest asshole, maybe not jeeter Astle level. But a bitch. Tom is it's not all sunshine and rainbows. When that guy talks the side. He's been a dick to some people. You're a competitor an athlete at the level talking about like some of the greatest of all times, you're not going to be the most chill guy. Ever. You can't. It's not possible. You have to you have to be arrogant. You have to have an ego. It is impossible to trout is maybe breaking that little barrier because he seems like he is just a good, dude and quiet and kept himself. But you'd have you thought that probably about jeeter in his playing days to and then it's just coming out and trout also isn't as exposed trout was playing in New York with this type of spotlight and media attention that jeeter had maybe he would also become a bit of a dick to I mean out in LA Anaheim, it's like. Got to be mad. So the part. It's it's in this book by Bob classic. Call the inside the empire. And it's I'm sure it's about I'm bunch of other things, and we might have Bob on the show of intially at some point because debut. Probably very interesting guests, and we talk about all these stories and whatnot. Besides jeers, some cool stuff. But. A lot of it was his dealing with Cashman. We've talked about this on the show, and how towards the end of his career cash wanna give him three years fifty one million. And he's jeeter wanted to get paid. You know, like he was still in his prime when she wasn't cashing basic tone. The fuck off jeeter's who else you give them money to he mentioned too, low Geeta stormed off tried look for other offers couldn't even come close to it. And they've taken the money back. So KFC blew that up. Stupid. My biggest takeaway from this whole arcola wasn't about geeder fucking love Brian Cashman. Yeah. He's just doesn't give straight says it how it is at first when I read this as I wife Cashman being so open. Why even like give this guy quotes for his book? And then I realized because he's coming out. Great. So, of course, the people I love Brian Cashman. He just shoots it straight. I love the whole article. But it was about another excerpt about how him in Georgia have screaming matches at each other Cashman, George Steinbrenner. Cast the way he orchestrated the. Deal for Stanton, the mother takeaway. Speaking of that deal is that Jeter anyone out there, which I always thought was a crock shit because I always thought that jeeter was way more about himself than the Ke's. Anyone that thinks jeeter gave Stanton to the Yankees is a more. There is no way he wanted to help Bryan Catherine given their history. Do people actually think that I people always say, I mean, I've always said as we always say there's a joke. Oh, we I think Anki fans maybe didn't believe things like he collude. All I think other baseball fans think oh look Jiro capitan James doing his own thing in Miami. He's fuck about the ankles. Yeah. Trying to build, and I respect that a different party career, you end like people were the whole stand like you said the sand trade, and basically he said take this fucking deal with the giants. The cardinals who are promise you trading. Everybody around you, and you'll be stuck here forever. You know, who that sounds like George fucking Steinbrenner Steinbrenner with them. I I love that. Like, obviously like stands our guy. Now, he's on our team. But juniors gotta worry about himself here, and he was trying to clean house get rid of that huge contract and Giancarlo had this no trade clause. And he wasn't accepting giants cardinals. Obviously Jesus pissed off. There's nothing wrong with that that's called being a fucking owner doing your job as an owner. I do think I mean. I don't think I'm thinking should have done better. There are things we look him not taking Giancarlo to the to dinner and descend on their thing. We are sure I think they're things to learn though, because jeeter was the guy is a life. That was pampered. He had things go his way he told the media what he wanted to tell them and stuff. And now he's in a position where no he has to answer for different things. He has to sort of being pampered as the pamper other people think that's an adjustment. And that was early on in his tenure in Miami. I would think and hope he'll get better at that. But yeah, I mean, he didn't start. Yeah. Definitely not started off great Miami. But I'm sure he'll probably figure it out other things in the article he wouldn't move to third base for a rod that was never gonna jeeter was never moving. He would rather die than not play short. Yeah. That's not that doesn't come surprise. At all me. This is the weirdest. One didn't go to Bob Shepard's funeral because he claimed he didn't know what that was weird that feels false that feels like Bob classic just live there. I don't think that keyed love bup. He kept the reporting of them. He honors him all the time that feels wrong to me. I know I'm not sure I'm not buying can't speculate on that. But I the one thing about geeder. I never liked through his career was his his mistreatment of our boy. I'm an eight rod guy if it's era adverse jeeter tell only to pick one I'm always taking a-rod. So I always wished they got along a little buddy. But jeeter really gave the culture would you gotta respect the garage. She held the garage because it's to be the fucking king of the city when someone's going to threaten that obviously he's going to feel we also want to be a winner. You want to be champion worked out they wanted to nine but could they have one more third chore? Definitely possible. I mean meeting a Packer fan. I saw Aaron Rodgers and Brett farve in that whole power struggle when Rogers right, it doesn't this should happen. So wants to come and take your job or be like the new guy you're gonna feel threatened by his buddy buddy with him. When he also get life article judge is almost opposite of that wanna came to get and sat right accomplished a way, less jeeter. He's been in baseball for had been baseball for year in baseball. For years. We'll see I mean, Aaron judge this is kind of the same. You never do Aaron judge kunas us four World Series and twenty years. Now, am I the book might come back? You'll what jeeter started off like judge is now exactly. And you know, what I still wouldn't give a fuck me five five world championships and the Mets caves he's big Mets fan. He's got three more than them as a free Chai's more than double. Now. Anyone I mean jeeter still one of the all-time Yankees. You don't need to be care. If you're a deck off. You're not don't give an awful person off the field. He was fucking king to the media right hand themselves. So well in front of media, and then he want an on the field. He was unbelievable. That's all I care about. I could care less. How yours a person? I'm prominent the same guy. I'm probably a little bit of different guy. Like you catch me in the wrong day like a dick at some point. Yeah. And you said on the rundown today, dude. Matt. Tell your stories you ready. We met a couple times to different times being demand. I even while we Matt I June of two thousand five in Saint Louis Yankee road trip got word that the keys Edith, we're probably gonna eat at this restaurant. So went there the waiter new my dad's friend who eat there, lots. He set us up. He walked into this back room. Talion restaurants. Jeeter facade, Tino, Bernie and tannin store. It's one of these things it's not like the other to figure out which one. I love tennis starts initials. She gamer. Your initials and as a hey nine at that point. He police on my body had on the stupid collared shirt. I remember the collared shirt I had a Yankee sling bag on and they you know, they signed the ball. I didn't really say anything to me while they were signing, and then they handed it back. Thank you actually turned around. And I had it was an era link bag that I had on just kind of funny Astle vote ever. I told her I was so we wait for table. And then, you know, ten minutes later, they bring us at the table racy right next to where they were. And where I was sitting at view of dark teeter entire meal spaghetti hanging out of my mouth. And remember Derek Jeter staring at me. But like, maybe laugh. It was good. That was a good experience for me few months later. So me, and my family are seeing the keys you were just staring at him. Well, I mean, it's dark fucking jeeter. I'm nine you're not gonna stare at the union. I contact man. I don't know when you look at. It's like Derek jeeter there. It's like a car wreck. But the opposite one time not at nine and probably not now. So anyway, few months later. Family road trips used to be seen the keys in different cities. And just trying to stay at the rotel. This was the first time we ever did it. It was a Marriott in San Francisco. Their goal is to just try and stay at their hotel. Because it's so easy autographs that way you play the elevator game. Which is when you go on your dad's. Oh, yeah. So we would do the elevator game up and down met fan. But she was just along the elevator game. Yeah. That's just ride the elevator. And hope someone gets it. How long does this go for until you find out lighter? And they're once I think Passat are Bernie, you should be on a watchlist. Probably join. Anyway, we I remember there was the street corner that we used to or not used to for this trip. We would stand at because the players would walk back from certain side of talent. They would go that way to get out there walking back, the hotel me and my dad are on one side of the hotel corner on the cross the street, we see Derek jeeter walk, and we had with us my dad's friend was in the picture Derrick jeeter jumps into the stands against the Red Sox on the pop up my dad's fern is like right there blown up picture of him in it where you could see him please Derek can sign this for me. I've see we'd get our own autographs. So we see them across the street. It's a green light. We just Hitel right across a couple of lunatics to Derrick jeeter, please please sign and he just had put his headphones in and it was like. Today. Move. And then a funny story. So from the other side of the street was the hotel, AVI and their big window, and my mom was sitting in the lobby watching the two of us chase after the street, the head of security who I got to know through the years is standing next standing right next to my mom, obviously, not knowing that there's a relationship and goes on would you look at these two lunatics running across the street after Jeter, and she just goes, that's my husband and son. Well, they can't do that. You're getting kicked out of the hotel. See me, Andy, we had our run-ins couple run ins something else. Oh, yeah. So then mom all. So one of the guys who were stocking out the inky with on that street corners. I just saw Derek earlier. I went up to him. And it was like can you please sign sign this? My wife loves you. And he said, everybody's wife loves and just walked away. So he is kind of a dick. But. It is one of this also saw a-rod on that trip. Ere? I thought was very nice. So I was at the corner era talking with his wife at the time Cynthia and his first daughter, I guess it was in the stroller. Eric please sign and he's like, I'm sorry. I can't sign on with my family walk my kid. I said, you know, Alex, totally got that. Totally got that another autograph. I did get was Bubba Crosby. I used to love him show who it was just staring at him. And he was like you want my autograph. Yes. He made me hold his coffee thought that was very cool. I held his coffee some eyeball. He trusted you to hold that. Call and that's why you're Dave's coffee guy. Now it all comes. I always thought Bubba Crosby a superstar. I thought that name which is like Bubba Crosby should be like retired in monument park that Obama Brasby the perfect name for what Bubba Crosby was to have a little bit of a come up and then just collapse fair. Well, try to get him on here. Crosby cry. I don't think it'll be hard. I can't imagine. He's up too much these days he has a lot of meteoric thought of mine. Jeeter might have an asshole. If you did not think if you thought like the clean image in front of the PR was just one hundred percent. I mean, come back to reality a little bit these guys when you get that level stardom, it's impossible not having arrogance to you and a little bit of ego. So I mean, take this do not like not become a Derrick jeeter fan because of this little story. It's just as a student wants five World Series championships. Nothing changed all Yankee fans burning Dirk koetter if they are. I'm gonna fight him. Let's get some current Yankee news still not good. It's actually getting worse injuries. This is becoming a little ridiculous. So dell. Lynn. He's going in the deal 'cause he's not throwing hard and he's top at ninety two. The reasoning is weird. So the calling it a right shoulder. Impingement Batanes is told the club. He's felt weaker than normal and he couldn't fully extend pitching. He's experiencing inflammation that fucking word inflammation, devil of the Anki so far so the shutting him down for a little bit. It's kind of indefinite they think maybe three to five days, they're hopeful. You know, they're very hopeful. He's going to be back. No problem. But for now, he's start- starting deal. Not the I L, but he'll be on a deal the reasoning behind. It is weird. So if you guys in Delon and his wife gave birth towards the end of the season, and he basically said that like because of the birth and everything he didn't throw as much. So then when he came back to spring when he reported low late is a week later, whatever he was trying to ramp it up to quickly, and that caused this whole inflammation thing. So basically reason he's on the deal is because of his newborn kid. Which I point to think that the inky none of the players decided to train this off sees besides Aaron judge just take the off season often get back into it in February. The only guys you care seems like judge Voy Stanton. Gary and bird. I'll give some credit looks like bird actually, did put some I will say, you know, it sucks because you know, especially opening day. You want have guys you want to go into the season healthy being like this team Moroccan? Well, yeah. But you know, I'd rather get the injuries out of the way. Now. Mind, if you this is not really theory. But if there is a theory that a team has only have so many injuries year per se for sure not theory for sure theory. But if that was where there's an average number of injuries, you get per year, at least we're getting out of the way now. But yeah, I I I'd rather not have these problems. I'd say it's okay to Delon's hurt. The bullpen is very very very very very good. Yeah. I think they're going to survive with three. He's the one unleashed worried about. For the least impact on Bing, messed definitely Hicks. Actually, no back injuries or just always annoying. That's the thing. But Hicks is update is that he's feeling better. No pain just waiting out the cortisone shot. He had two of them does like he's gonna be back relatively soon. I would think a week into the season. If he's not back IB, very confused and stunned. I think from all the reports seems like Xs okay, back injuries or annoying though. So they linger whenever Severino did throw which is comforting know he's trying to get back on the program. Granted it was a very soft toss wasn't drawing like sliders or any of that putting any emphasis on it. But he did make some throws and no pain. So that's good. So we'll move on. That's gonna be a gradual step thing. They'll take all precautions. But that's better news Tyler Wade removed from today's game with him. Double hips or double hip, which is bizarre. He he claims it's normal. Tala wade's. This is recall e Hari tolerate says he felt a little tight come into the ballpark. This morning could have been a long bus ride down. He thinks didn't get stretch out quite like he needed to today. But he's not worried says he just wanted to be precautionary with opening day so close so that doesn't sound terrible. If he works not able to make the open day Rosser. Clint Frazier would just be the guy steps in right now. I believe it's just them to battling out for the final spot that would appear the way. But with all these injuries someone else's returned someone we thought was dead or kidnapped. I didn't know where you're going this at first I got to now. Go bales. Breeze back so back. He's he's trying to be like Batman and like save everybody, basically flat. Ground is worried flat ground shitting their pants. My said this unless puck that's my favorite robberies. Now is Jacoby ellsbury versus flat ground right now flak rounds losing flock around Oche. For the past two years. Just been like this guy ended up on the table cruise cruise control. And then all of a sudden the undertaker gif ellsberg's back. He's he soft Oshun his and look like he's throwing a ball in a decade. But he's soft toss in a way haven't really heard of him running it when he starts running the lookout for that ground a flat grounds in trouble. Yeah. This would be a disaster. If he he can still roster spot. He's trying to trying his best. But this would be a disaster. I I don't want to let myself get sucked in I won't. But I might. Suck ellsbury I'm getting sucked at Sessa. He continues to dominate. I sent your screen shot. In spring his point six, I'm not gonna suck. Did I won't get sucked in? That at least ellsbury when he please. He he's been productive like at least at one point is career. Lewis has always been bad. It's time to shine. I don't know what what how many starts in the regular season. Would it? Take for you to be like, okay, something's happening here with who. Sessa? Start like good starts. Let's say five. Like five innings less than three runs. How many like? I can kind of believe me five five starts, you think. More or less who sold. Now, I need five to like if he's really like limited as walk problem. I'm kind of getting the if I wish to hubs from like October would hit me with a fucking sledgehammer right now hubs for three weeks ago. It hit you now probably point six zero spring training stature stupid, but everyone's like assesses back. I I just when Michael Kingstown. Minute says, the men kind of want believe guy, Michael king. I'm sure he's a great guy. He's just hasn't been good guys. Is not a good guy. Still my roster spot. Other than that. We are coming. I mean, we're a week away from opening day or here one seven days seven fucking days. We get the Baltimore Orioles. If is it a must sweet. I don't want to say I don't wanna throw out the term must win. But opening day. I always want to open we kiss beat the Orioles at home Dorrell's on opening day God, especially April. I know this is the opposite. But early April order in March in this case, I I do care about the standing just early very early on. I care ton than I don't really care wants may hits. You'll totally forget, April even happened. You'll even right? You'll forget the fight. I want to get off to just and again, it's like PTSD from elementary school where the start one and two right in the Mets would start. I mean, we're phasing team that shoe in fifty five games right school being like, oh, this is the for finding. And it's just so I care a lot about those first tenor soak games for Karen every game. Yeah. But I mean, we'll talk in in may be like, you know, it's like man the standings. We're not right time to the standings. I am on on April. Second. I dialed into the stand the socks a little bit. And then once we get past the all star break, we'll resume standings check. But early on. I am locked into those standings Auriol's Tigers Orioles. I mean, that's nine games. If they don't go seven to a mucking. Not not gonna hit the panic button. But like six and three is the worst. Yeah. Like, we can't defunct they could Orioles last year, and they one hundred games. What's you add that in the Oriel winds, and we're looking at like fucking amazing Pasu record biggies Eason here. So gotta get on a good start. I mean that's a week away. We'll we're gonna have season preview. Now, you'll hear a week from tonight. But we're just looking at because it's exciting. I mean baseball's I'm watching the fucking Japan game at five thirty in the morning. That's how excited amber baseball. We have March madness Sarah point guard just got suspended for the term at that. Wasn't a great great new. So I'm almost done with March madness. Yeah. Fucking excited. So now, we got out amount of you know, oh my God. What was that autumn? Adam out of you know. Awesome guy. We met him. He narrow tell poolside interview we talked about it when we recap Tampa. But we were nervous about kids screaming throwing fuck and party down by this pool and kids did show up as we brought Adam down to the pool, and you were getting nervous you tell me like fuck. Fuck. Fuck screw. But he's awesome. I hate kids pool. Even grow growing up. The me too grown-up. I never wanted to play with kids on a pool on vacation. And whenever kids whenever I would see kids at a pool I like shit like they're asked to play catcher something. So it's just it's I can't escape and the now doing interviews with the Anki outside of a poll. I don't want kids at my whole life revolving around kids not being. So you're not gonna have kids getting at here. I guess so they're not going to polls in terms of Adam though, talked about a range of things ask them how he's dark wizard. You're going get into you're gonna listen to right now. It's great interview twenty minutes. Thirty minutes about a little over twenty five. Great, dude. So hope you enjoy here is Adam out of you know. We're here. Poolside with new Yankees reliever. Adam AVI, what's going on man, not much happy to be here. Awesome. So we'll get right into it. Why New York you? We're all happier here. But why did you choose New York is the freedom? If all things were equal. This is where I wanted to be joining one hundred one team, obviously, I'm for being from New York being Enki fan growing up that held some weight. But I think I don't know what was going to happen through free agency. And it just kinda worked out this way. Where the best thing was the best thing. What was the free agent process like having multiple teams after you first time we've really gone through your career? I think it was just a learning experience. It's not what you think it's gonna be basically a lot of teams check in and it's exciting early on. And then there's a lot of like waiting dead period of monitoring other guys markets things like that. So it's kinda hard to know when it's going to all come to a head during the winter, especially this winter kimbrel still out there. Yeah. Crazy. No. Yeah. It's it's it's a little scary. But ultimately for me, I was one of the. Lucky ones that had a number of teams like with real interests. So never freaked out too much in the back of your head, though was New York always like the play for the most part like if they reached a certain number like I'm going there because you know, you're from New York all that. Yeah. Yeah. Probably unless there was some like other offer that couldn't blue water with a circumstance. I mean, there was definitely like a couple of places that like I had in mind that would be a great fit and the Yankees were obviously at the top of the list, and then they expressed interest early. So then, of course, right away like inside. I really wanted that two hundred million dollar contract came from royals probably Kansas City, right? You have one of the best arsenals I feel like in baseball, especially as a reliever at what point in your life. Did you realize like I just have? I'm just a dark wizard like basically, I make. I'm basically with wall pitcher in baseball. No, it's been a Evelyn. I mean, I've always had a ability to throw a lot of breaking balls. Those are the pictures. I liked when I was a kid and like just messing around my friends like playing catch like always trying to throw nasty stuff. Right. So fast ball. I was kind of a late bloomer with a fastball. So feel like the movement game was something I always focused on. And now that I got big and strong over time. And my fastball got decent like I've just always tried to incorporate the movement 'cause I knew that that was something that I had you know, for sure do cashiers just like hit you do back to the dugout after an inning. And they're like, why do you do that to me man, like me, actually? 'cause like, it's it's fun. Like, I think catching somebody a little bit like a little bit different than the other guys like especially like with our team now like our other. Main guys like all our rec super overpowering pitchers. So they just kind of set up, and it's like here comes see if anybody can hit it with me. There's a little more of a game. They're like thinking what's throw when throw it? And I don't know for me. Like, I like that stuff. And I think some of the catcher's do to how long does it typically take new catcher to get Justice to you? Yeah. They gotta catch me at least like three or four times. I think I it's like just for the action on the pitches. And then it's like maybe like the target cues that I like, and then and then like what I like to throw. I think I can be a little difficult because I don't I don't compromise on the pitch selections. Like what I wanna throw I'll shake like, I'll just keep shaking. I'm not really afraid to shake. So it takes for them to buy in. Yeah. So you said three or four times. Gary Sanchez may be eight times. He was actually going me. The other day did a good job. That everyone kind of knows about the whole Harlem clinic, and how you reinventing yourself just just talk about it a little bit in case people haven't heard about it. I mean, basically, I mean, it's a it's a cult story at this point scrapie. Yeah. I think the cool thing about it is that. You know in New York, there's really just nowhere to go. Like this is nowhere to throw like I dealt with that problem for a long time. And it's always been in the back of my mind. Like, even if I had just like a small little like Karaj type space. I could get something out of it. You know? And then luckily, I got this like eighty by thirty five space in Harlem, and my father-in-law it up and. It just couldn't have been any better. Like, nobody knew what was going on. And they're like, but yet there's hundreds of people outside the black on the windows. Right. Yeah. The windows are all blacked out. And like, it's very like, you know, Jerry rig like we got things hanging up like and all sorts of stuff. But but it was perfect. And it was like the type of environment where I kind kinda like go do my own thing. Go there at any time day or night, depending on what I had going on with the family, and like other other priorities, but still get my work in and like feel like I'm doing something that nobody else is doing. So there's always some fun in that, obviously it's far away. But do you think when you're playing days are over that can be like a business? You see yourself gotten into is running an indoor clinic like that. I don't know a lot of people like talked about it like right when they saw like people were like this could be a business like wildfire. Yeah. People were like, you could you could have people training here. Like and the market for like baseball training with kids. It's like crazy. I mean, people will pay anything to get their kid like one percent better. So if like you have like a cool situation like that technology. Jump on it. But like for me that I can't think about that right now. Like, I kept trying to tell people like it's not a business. Just like did you have going off to and like I have a couple of friends that will come like that are like other ball players. Like, you know, we grew in there. And like, you know, listen to good music and practice and stuff like that. So for me, it was just like it's not a business yet. Like this actually like literally just so that we can funny how in the article you you said you asked Matt Harvey because you're original mats moved to national crafts. Right. Matt harvey. And of course, Matt hobbies like we're all set. Well, like, so I saw him at the whole story as I saw him like two or three two winters ago. Maybe three winters ago at. Yeah. It was the year before I decided to the lab, and I saw him at union meetings. And I was chatting with him. I'm like, hey, I know you live in New York. Like, let's where do you throw? What's your situation? He's like oh actually throw down in the west village. And I was like, okay. It's a little tough for me to get there like amount Long Island. But like, let's let's figure something out together. Like, I'm going to get this space while blah, then he was like. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Sure. Yeah. No problem. And then like DM crickets, then I was like, I guess I'll just move the clock. He's left on red or just not even opened. I just I just think maybe I don't know. Some point. I don't wanna look. So one pitchy worked on there and one pitch. You say you love to throw is the slider. A lot of people think it's maybe the most effective pitch in baseball for those. That don't understand with simple minds, like us wise the slider so effective like my cider or some. I think just because it's a little bit different than other guys. Like, it's it's not like a hard sharp side. It's like a second curve ball kind of like from like a different angle. So I just think ultimately it's a pitch that the guys aren't used to seeing a lot. So it takes a Justin to and it says it's so much slower than my fastball to that. It's hard to look for one and hit the other. So that's kind of the dynamic there that I think has helped me the air in Colorado changes anything with your slaughter. And do you feel like it's different? It's different Yankee Stadium or any other place than in Colorado. Is there something to that one hundred percent like Colorado? We had the numbers like you could tell right away like being there like something's not right with your stuff like things are moving the same. But then we got the numbers, and we started figuring things out over my tenure there. Yeah. Balls. Just don't just don't move as much not enough air friction. You're just not going to get the same movement. So I had a good slider there, but it wasn't like really big on the road. And it was the toughest part is the adjusting of going on the road and having like really like heavily moving like shit, and then then being at home, and it's like kind of basic. Okay. The Yankees have this ideology. That's like pretty become very public that they are staying away from fastballs. Even though we have collectively as a bunch. I think the highest loss of any group fastball loss, but they love sliders. And all that have they talked about that have they haven't they haven't sat down with you. And be like, I mean, they probably don't have to sliders your pitch while they have a lot of info, I mean. But I think what they're trying to do is maximize the effectiveness of each individual pitcher like they're not gonna tell Britain stop doing his fastball because it's like elite. You know what I mean? And for me like nobody's gonna tell me stuff during my slider because that's how I get people out. So I just think the Yankees like are are fortunate enough to see some trends that work and kind of enlightened some of the pitchers like don't be so predictable with your fastball. But at the same time like if you have one hundred hour fastball, you're gonna throw it. So. I don't think you'll see Chapman going super slide. So only about a month into spring training. But what have you made of the culture so far and like how are you adjust? I mean, you're the new kid in school, basically, how you have friends. Well, I have a Mayhew Colorado, and I know too low, and I I've gotten a couple of other of the other guys like I knew Matanzas like for a long time. And you know, I've met, you know, obviously, everyone and try to simulate a specified can. But yeah, it's definitely like being the new kid at school for sure. Overall, culture is good like the guys are good. And which you appreciate coming here is like there's not a lot of gimmick stuff going on. It's all just about winning, and you can just tell right away that like like we expect to be there like in the end. So it's a little bit different than like, hey, let's like hopefully stayed healthy and have a good year. And maybe great thing could make him happen like America. Yeah. Colorado every year was all right around August run here and make something interesting maybe sticking as a wall card here. It's like if we don't win the division. We won the vision to twenty twelve let's look and go, so it's a little different. Who is your favorite pitcher growing up? Who did you model yourself after? I know your big Jimmy Key guy was. Yeah. Jimmy Key L do K David Cone for me. Those are the guys like because they they weren't overpowering guys. Like those guys identified with like rata curve balls creative out there different arm angles. I love sina. Those are those are my guys like basically just because you want to like somebody that you can relate to you know. So you're obviously a little more analytical than a lot of pitchers and you've talked about that before. But how do you balance the new school on with the old school just sort of feel? Yeah, I think that's tough. There's pitching fundamentals there stuff that like before you can really like execute a game plan like you have to be able to do basic shit like throw strikes and like throw like multiple pitches for strikes, and like repeat your delivery. And do a lot of old school stuff. That's still rings true. But once you get through that then like the analytic stuff the information game is just kind of helping you to make good decisions when you're on the mound and like adjustments over time. So that you can stay ahead of the hitter. So I'm always willing to take any info I can. But I try to remember my roots is like for me like the biggest difference between success and failure is like my mental game. So that's kind of old school thing. But like having a killer attitude out there like stuff that like my dad taught me when I was young. Like, the suffering matters with your stuff, you embarrass alive header sometimes there are some videos and YouTube that are laugh L hilarious, you happen to embarrass one of our former players, I think he's on the Phillies. Now Shane Robinson couple of days ago. And it was so bad that his back foot actually stuck out. He just had no idea what he was doing the poor guy himself on the pace in a foul ball, he took over for judge last year at did not go, so well, but Porsche around can you remember specifically like the most embarrassing moment. Like you've you've gotten to a hitter that you just like. That guy last year. I mean, I had a viral strikeout of Dan's Swanson, right here. Where like it was the pitch was so far outside that, you know. I I was surprised at catcher caught the ball wasn't embarrassing. I just felt like I can't believe he swung at that. I can't believe he caught that. I can't believe I got a strike out. There is like bases loaded like it could have been ball four walked in a run. And it was one of those things where I was just like kind of stunned by the whole situation. And then like they're making it out like that like that. It was like such amazing pitch. And it was like, well, I didn't really mean the throwing quite like that and just kind of happened. And but I don't know. I mean terms of I'm pretty good sport out there. I don't like to try to think about it. Like, I respect all the all the opponents. They're all super obviously, great players. You know, the only guys I don't love or the dodgers. So okay, talking about just like they can never get over the hump of the dodgers. And they like I probably gave up sixty percent of my runs to the dodgers. And they you know, they do it with their with their little bit of their swag. And I just felt like he wants specifically come to mind like. Everyone except for maybe Kershaw who. Other than like their whole lineup. Like great players. It's one of those things they're going to beat you let you know about it. So I always took a little bit of pride. If I did have a good outing against them kind of like fuck you guys. Well, your new version of that is the Boston Red Sox. Gotta hate them more than we got to see. So that sort of begs the question we're talking in Barrasso hitters, how badly would you embarrass Babe Ruth? I mean, you know, I said it already. I I agree with you. The thing is like I wasn't trying to like I wasn't trying to say like some people were like, oh, well, if he grew up in this era, that's not the it's not the Ermolai. Wait, I was making saying back then it was a different game. And I'm pretty sure have a good shot. That's all void. I think takes offense to he was on our other podcasts barstool starting nine. And he was basically like his guy. They asked him. If you go back in time who is you wanna see and he said, Babe Ruth. And then are the guy was like Beirut, essentially be Adam Dunn in today's era, and he'd like void got very. Really? So I feel like when he when he heard your, quote, he was kind of taken aback from that. I think some people just Babe Ruth is like he's a goat. So people look at him a certain way, but at the same time he was overweight drunk and and having hot dogs all the time during the game. So I don't know how in shape he could have been the. Don't you think if he was a modern player, he would be improved because he would have like modern, diet, and workout? I think that's possible. I think that's that's plausible. I don't I don't know bay personally. Seems like he was pretty content on doing it his way. But like little things I was thinking about too, and I made the comment like he's swinging like a forty ounce bat like you hit against any of us the forty ounce bat that would be a mistake. So he'd have to make several adjustments to make a fair fight. You went win number zero. And I know you didn't wanna make big seen. I've it, but everyone you got the green light. What was the you know, what what's the whole thing around number zero with you? Yeah. Just like I wore when I was a kid and then in high school, and then obviously with the Rockies it's like oh out of my dad came up with the idea. It's really just like kind of silly. Played like, obviously more than just pitcher as a kid. So it looks a little less weird. I think on a position player. And then now that I'm just a pitcher at definitely stands out in a strange way. But I think like over the last six or seven years, I've kind of forgotten about it. And then this year, it was reawakened when people were like, you think the Yankees you zero. And I was like she is. I don't know. I understand what the retire numbers mean. So. Get caught up in that. And people get upset about that like ghetto yourself. There is rushed or now where you have to get your number retired. Otherwise, be they only single digit number to knock Eric. I would assume. I would assume to play more than three seasons. Thank you. Really? Three really good season three years playoff MVP's or something. Cool. I'm not opposed to that the keys are strict. And you know, there was debate. Will they let you wear number zero. They also made you shave your beard was that just easier. Was it hard hard hard? Yeah. It's tough. I mean, I've just not used to it. Now, I'm going to share this morning. I'm gonna routine now like every other day, and I'm getting better at it. But it's not something I had to think about before have you have you got an situation yet where like you had a five o'clock shot, and they're like, yo you gotta cut that. They haven't said anything. But I said yesterday like they get on you. I've been I've been really like paying attention to other guys likes facial status. So I can see like what's the where the line is. It's definitely interesting. I think I think they should go away with it personally. But what I something? Something. You mentioned DJ LeMay who is know your friend on the team. And all that give us a little preview of what he's like, really? You know, he's he's new as you are, obviously he's very quiet, but like like as a personality, but he's such a gamer and like such a consistent player. And he's a guy that I've said this before like, you might not notice him like the first couple times you watch them play. But like he really grows on you to the point where you're like, this is my fucking guy. Like you want the ball hit to him? You want him up in a spot. He's got a lot of contact in his game, which is like kind of old school. What we need which is kind of like against these high velocity pitchers. Get a guy who can put the ball in play in a big spot get on base, and he's gonna use the opposite field, which is also nice for the stadium. So I think I think the Yankees got steel with him. Honestly, so move into something that's not baseball. We do social media stocking of every player before they come on stuff to talk about. I noticed. You don't have a Twitter, but you do have an Instagram the thinking on that. Yeah. Like I had a Twitter for a while like. But it was like like not like one that I could be found on psychic get my news and stuff on Twitter. But I felt like Twitter like you gotta have really thick skin to be a to be a ballplayer on Twitter. I'm even Instagram. I mean now shifting to over eighty game planning how to handle my Instagram at Yankee. Because it's way different like DM's just through the roof and comments on pictures and things like that. And even though I don't like really care about other people's assessment of my pitching. I don't need to see a lot of negative stuff. All the time. You know, I'd rather just keep it moving. So I still wanna post and put something out there like connect with fans, but at the same time like how do I stay insulated? So we've been trying to figure that out we in our line of work deal with a lot of criticism to and sometimes a positive things. I've always thought there should be an app just positively like, you could only say nice things. Otherwise does both. There's like a moderator there. This is you can only say your funny. Would you say Instagram's now your favorite phone? I've had it from for a long time. Like, I've always loved it. But a favorite apple my phone? I don't know. I mean podcast. I abs-. I'm always listening to. I'm a big believer in the format and obviously music, but yeah. For social Instagram. I noticed on your team. You have a lot of nature shots some stadium shots into photography's. Yeah. Yeah. You know? It's just something to do. And I have always been into cameras, and that type of stuff ever since I was young and we travel a lot. So I saw I don't want to forget about where I've been at that. Your New Yorker born New York lived in the Aussies, they're full-time. What's the worst part of living in New York? I mean, it was it was a dead guy in Penn station. Was there literally sitting down dead with a tarp over him and people were just walking by is it weird that that doesn't phase? I just hope it doesn't delay. My subway. Grew up in Brooklyn Brooklyn felt like a little bit more of like a little bit less congested than Manhattan now being in Manhattan the last several years. That's the worst part is just your options for getting around, especially if it's cold out are in very good like because you can't you're not gonna wanna walk somewhere really far if it's cold out. So then it's like cab over both like not great because there's traffic everywhere, and they cost money, and then like or you can drive, but then you'll never ever park, and there's also traffic so just like the congestion, I think if you're if you're inability if you have an inability to walk it becomes tougher so glass half full. What's the best part element of New York? Probably the fact that there's access to every everything the best of everything like as a kid. I always felt like if I was passionate about any one topic. I could go see the best thing. Like if I would have been into like opera music. I could you know, went to Lincoln center and seeing the best in the world at that. So you just have such a like the best of the world comes to you every year. And that's kinda unique the game of baseball. Changing in intensive the starting pitcher not necessarily being phased out. But there are just different strategies, obviously, Kevin cash. Raise comes up with bullpen napkin, probably be bigger this year, more people. I mean, they won ninety games with that. What are your thoughts on bullpen? And could you see yourself as an opener? Well, I think I think it's a move that you do like if that's kind of your route to winning like if I can't speak necessarily for the raise. But they feel like they have a couple of real starters and a lot of like Honda hybrid guys. So that's the model that works for them. I'd be surprised if we did a lot of it because we have such establish veteran. Type starting starting guys really solid guys. But I think it's a move that you do kind of like I said out of desperation for your roster. I mean me personally, I would do anything. I would open close do anything in the middle. It's not a big deal to me. But I'm not sure if the game is a better product with opener. Not so we'll see how it evolves. This year. A lot of possible. New rule changes. One of them is the three batter. Minimum for reliever as early yourself. How do you feel that you like probably don't like that? Right. Well, my initial my initial thought on it was like you're taking a guy's job away. But then I was like what you're probably giving more diversified pitcher job. Like instead of just being a lefty specialist now you're rewarding somebody who can get like both sides out probably to make the roster. So that could be good. But just in general like telling a guy how to use his his when to bring in his weapons is like not really what the game's all about. So I'm not in love with the idea. But I'm either vetting it out a little bit this year in the Atlantic league. You can see how that plays out. So we were going to get some more of that. So they're they're trying a few different things. What would you think Rowbottom pirate home plate? How I feel like I've been I've been I've been wanting that for a while. Just and it's not because I don't respect on Pires. I do and I like I like the human nature of the game. I am old school. But there's there's so much on the line with balls and strikes, and it's such a hard job. Like, you can't you're not gonna get them. Right. Like, it's really hard. And I just think being that there's so much on the line with balls and strikes. It'd be great if we can get them right because. You know, they affect people's careers and the seasons like in ways that are like really hard to hard to calculate wouldn't be less fun. Yelling at a robot though. Yeah. Although I try never to get empire. Because it's like, it doesn't do you any good? You want them to call? You wanna lose lose more pitching to give more bitches? Yeah. What about a pitch clock? I don't like it. I'm not for me. I mean the game. I I don't I don't like I don't like the clock between the innings. I mean, obviously, we want things to go in a timely manner. But I think like the clock is just not a thing that you for decades. And decades you went and saw a baseball game. And now to have a clock right in your face like as like hurry up and come set. And I don't know. I'm not a big fan of it between some of those rule changes. And you know, the free agency market taking so long to develop. It seems like there's building tension between players and owners, do you think we're headed for striking a couple years? I don't know. I don't know that it will happen. But I I will say this like the players are are very aware of everything that's happening. And really preparing for that possibility. Like, so I think if there was to be one like this would this would be the time. I'm just because like maybe the last couple negotiations like the players. It wasn't on our radar that that like a work stoppage could be a necessary like tactic. But I think the guys have really like really been paying attention to the last two years and really starting to ask the larger questions and even the young guy. So I think that the guys are more connected now than they probably were over the last ten years. And I think that's that's a powerful thing. If you could steal one pitchers pitch. Let's say the history of the game. Not even now who would be to just add the arsenal. That's a tough one. I mean, it'd be nice to have that Jordan Hicks hundred and three months. Springstreen for one week. You're just adjusting tickets and one oh three. Yeah. Yeah. That's crazy. It's also weird that he didn't have as many strikeouts. You'd think with that. But he also added a slider this off season. So that's yeah. Willing to bet that he's gonna strike a lot of guys this year. I think he's gonna learn figure out some things there was some more sliders figure out maybe four seamer. He's gonna punch tickets if he's the National League. All right. So before we start her up to more kind of just random well once a question one is an assessment question. Just what are few of your pet peeves? You seem like you might keep a list of pet peeves? Olis'? I I have a less. I I don't know if that's a common thing. But what what are some things that bother about baseball? No, just now life life, New York life. New York City bicyclists, really. Bay the rules of the traffic like they're just trying to cross the street and some guy just goes through red. I hate sane buildings that looked like houses, but aren't actually houses. What do you mean? There's there's buildings that they say oh nice house. But it's it's actually a dentist office or funeral home. That bothers me that's interesting. So weird. Any odd ones like that? I don't like smelly. Uber's or like anytime. I'm like, it's really I feel bad like giving people like low star rating or something like that. But sometimes I've been in a car were like a half to get out of this car. And I'm like, but that's your your job is to like create like a good environment in your car. That's the least you can do. And sometimes I'm like, this is just a torturous experience. And I've had that too many times in New York. Uber guy in the city sometimes. Well, just think. Yeah. It's just easier in particular where we are like to get an over to get attached. Better chance will smell better. Usually a better chance are that my other thing, and this is just tell me if this is true or false. You seem like you'd be into aliens and space, I'm into space. Score one for me. One hundred percent. But it's just it's more likely that they are than they aren't by a lot. But but but that that they'll come to earth or been earth that can't say with any certainty, but it's just the universe. Not to get too crazy, but the universe and the multi verse it so unfathomably fathom ably large and the way that we came the be is. So it could it could be done again under the right set of circumstances. And it just seems that many chances that yes that it would be I actually think it might not be that big the university. We don't know for. Sure, it's. Oh, yeah. Like, you know, we're expand. It's got to be big. But we don't know laugher. Sure. I guess we don't we haven't been there. I mean. Yeah. We have pretty good evidence. That shows if you could pick one MLB player to be an alien that you think like, oh, this guy could be Elliott who would. Chapman. Maybe. I mean, he's a freak. He's you know, there's some guys that are just different. They're different. Yeah. Now last question this bullpen is being hyped big time, and it kind of is every year of the Anki this year. It's I mean, we add you bring back Britain Dallin, we got Chapman. Even if Canley concern around green green. Do you like what is the potential here? Do you think this could be the best bullpen of all time? I mean, I think on paper. It's it's obviously very very six closers. Yeah. I mean, it we're just gonna have to see how it plays out. I I last year. I was on a pretty good on paper bullpen to and a lot of things when wrong and Colorado. And so I'm hesitant to like make predictions on it, but guys stay healthy. And they pitched the way they're capable of like sometimes I'm like wondering what I'm even gonna pitch because there's just that. There's that much talent. There's so many guys you don't even think about I mean holders. Good pitcher. I mean, you can tell and green. I mean, he's like arguably one of the best guys in the league. And people think he's like the fifth best guy. I don't know. That's crazy to think. So it's pretty nuts. D do you care about where you pitching like anyways phase out of the game? I just wanna pitch. I mean, I wanna pitch regularly. That's that's my biggest concern. Try not to pay too much attention to the situation. I'm in because you know, I I wanna come in and like dominate when I'm in there, regardless if we're winning losing or whatever I have a feeling you're going to be in very regularly with. Your stuff hope all the best to you. I I look forward for all the viral strikeouts. That you're gonna have this year hopefully against JD Martinez. Mookie Betts this meal. But thank you for coming at them. Bustle? Bustle? Thanks, guys. Thanks. All right. And that was adamant of, you know, thank you so much for coming on. He seems like a guy we're gonna have on gin think he enjoyed it. He likes parcel. He's gonna have a point four Yara. He's going to be a wizard very happy to be friends friends. I think we're friends with. Oh, yeah. When I meet a person their friends of that caliber. He's very interesting guy thought, you could tell very cerebral about thing through thing. That's why the question he thought. Oh, that's why news Elian guy here. That's the replay. Or you're your space guy. Sure. Yeah. Yeah. And interesting guy and rooting for him. Obviously he's going to be incredible this year, especially if Delon's injury lingers a little bit. He's gonna step up big time in that row that I mean that bullpen is gonna be unbelievable. And he's going to be hopefully, big cattle of it love that. He's from New York New York guy, you know, group Yankee fan wish him all the best. So adamant of you know, you are friend of the show, and hopefully we'll come on again. Once you're into the swing of things. My biggest takeaway from that is that he's his sliders. And even better when he was like, yeah. Like, my daughter wasn't that good in Colorado. Wasn't that good? Where after? I just wanna see him mowing down the Red Sox having no idea what to so. That was cool. We're going to give you Tyler raid on Monday show. We are in a barbershop that was very interesting. Hopefully, his hip is okay by then seems like every said about it because that's how time works. That is how time works. Thank you for explaining to the listeners, but we'll be back Monday. And hopefully, no more injuries. Please. Please got see this is John sterling you've been listening to short porch. Byproduct of barstool sports.

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