State v. Keith Davis, Jr. Episode 4 Because of Her


Uh-huh. Keith Davis junior has been behind bars since Sunday June fourteenth, two thousand fifteen after Sinai hospital released him into the custody of the Baltimore police department and just a hospital gown one week after he was shot by four of their officers. Keith was booked on seventeen charges related to the attempted armed robbery of a hack driver as well as the shooting that left him and no one else with a bullet lodged in his neck held without bail Keith has been unable to fully participate in his own defense or publicly assert his innocence. If not for Kelly Khalifa Halsey Davis, we very likely would not know keep Davis juniors. Name let alone his story. Somebody me at work today. If I knew what I knew now like I knew it was going to be like this what I have stuck around in the beginning or what I've just gone my own way. I told him that. I would choose you in a hundred lifetimes in one hundred world's add fine. You in that still chew over in Oregon in spite of the worst thing ever, I got you. So that's enough. That's enough to get me through the worst of worst of days. It is torture. I miss you on. No today was bad. I really miss you. I just need you to come home sacred night east. Tell Peyton go sleep at home bit. No. Are you covering? Here's. She. Going to be at you are in the Ownby good night. Gel. Maybe two. Keith Kelly were married on July twenty fifth two thousand seventeen at Jessop Correctional Institution in Maryland. But back on June, seventh two thousand fifteen the day Keith was shot and his nightmare began the couple had only been dating for a few months. The relationship was new, but they had a powerful organic connection the kind that feels so easy, but can still catch you off guard. One thing I'm wishing washing. So it makes them what she washy. I think that the both of us has such a strong personalities that it's like I like what you could tell me, and I will let you control me. And you know, I think they we kinda dumb any every relationship then. So he's too dumb that people like I really really loved the reason why I really an. No, I'm really want to be the person. I'm not gonna be one of my sister said is his power thing that you guys kind of had the most people don't realize it's very seldom that you. Find your fan. Kind of click with and she always said like, you know, embrace it because I really went back and forth with it and going divorce. My divorce was a nightmare because my ex husband was making a nightmare. I was just on my own always been someone's golfing. I had the same boyfriend from fourth grade to tenth grade then on to eleventh grade, and I had the same boyfriend from eleventh grade until I was twenty and then I met my ex husband and kids day. I've always been someone girlfriend. You know, I was at a time where I was kind of learning myself and learning what did we like and learning how to be independent and I had gotten living alone sleeping alone. You know, all of these things, and he's kinda came and I wasn't ready to give it up. And it's like kinda so war that was men. And I think that any time I tried. I mean, I'm not exaggerating any kind of try to fill a wall that in each Phil now. But that's then he kinda just trampled over it. Kinda was like even if you're trying to be cautious. And even if you're like, you know, what I'm just gonna have fun. She's learn within this. It wasn't like it was always very strong, and it was always very deliberate. And it was it was just weird at how we didn't do anything. You know, we would plan to go on and miss the actual date because. We would just sit there and talk, you know, or we would pass kind just sitting in. We were just really it was just insist and I thought it so much because again one in the in the seat I didn't want to give myself to somebody else because I went to such a hard time was my ex husband being in a a violent relationship in a volatile relationship. And you know, I didn't want to do it to Chris back on it. And my sister always used to be like, this is different. And they used to how you know. And she's like the way he looks at you Kelly is six years older than Keith and a single parent to four children two boys Jaden Amari and two girls Peyton and Chloe she'd been married before which made her more cautious than Keith. He had his own type of baggage Kelly always says that before Keith had her love he had her respect because of how he changed his life all on his own. And after enduring so much without anyone to lean on. On his own older people that you meet as his family. They're not even really family took him in. He was living in abandoned Minia. He had turned the water the light twenty. So and something happened in his friend went looking for him. And the so lives he was vacant. And he was like a teenager. And he went home. It was like, you know, this is how kief is living. And she was like take him. Mccain is is we college. She's she comes to court. She went and was like get your stuff, and you come with the he's been with this family oversight. He'll tell you that, you know, this family taking him in is what taught him how to love its own. Yeah. And they have been with him throughout this thing. They sent him money his family has that the extent. Yeah. So when he got shot three women were there like his mother, and I'm like. Mothers. These were all women who he came into their life, and they took him in. They were taking their time. Just enjoying each other. Then a one minute and seven second phone, call on a Sunday morning changed everything. Even when it was new. It was one of those relationships that you kinda say to yourself kind of focus on each other. So we're the light of focus on we were really cool because we spent all of our time together and the time that we weren't together. You know, we talk who work like over gonna go to all the family functions kind of fade to ourselves because we really did kind of connect on a deep level. And remember one time he told me that he thought it was because just happen gave a strong foundation knowing what was to. I action. Why did you call that? I knew I was going to die, and I need we're going to help I need to find me. And I knew that you hope and trust me 'cause ironic because the this take net what was me to hobby lobby because a country order like I was like using Labinal people anyone baking, which I do unless you want me to say, they know go you say, even though every he just always wanted to be. And I wanted to get back to him so bad later on evening my mouth, and I and she and I was so irritated, and I cut my phone off. You know, that certainly talking like, okay, I'm gonna come down. I'm gonna hopefully get down to the. But I last minute, you know, once I realized I was going to make it. I started to call him to class. They could act news. He's answering. I left a message trae like entering I couldn't face with like, you know, I'm going to put an AT be of my and he liked it. And I was like your life. But he was like, yeah. I've met you. And I was like you then you for the night before he apparently called me he seemed to that. I not infamous call or the guy that I was I wanna go home. And that was and I was like really, and he was like, I don't get like this. I don't care them. Shouldn't I go home really company? Find kids I used to make him watch all of. Supergirl movies that miss Congeniality yonder lights and stuff like that. So we had this thing where from this genealogy when I would be skew lags and. You're a day me one day me and love me. And I was like, it's okay. It's okay. And I said I said that he was like your I it's okay. I heard that affect me when I said, he say, I'll know faces when I can trust you with my mice. And that's why so serious that man 'cause I got I copied off the Duke, and he was like on that makes as he has his he shot, and he called one of the things I always regret is that I played it clean that day when I had kicks to me. I wonder. A one. It's just a. I think for long time, and I don't with much. I mean paddock picked it up and put it back down. But I think that the reason why I don't do it is because I feel like if I wasn't working that day. I would have been you know, she would rescue when I left because I mean, literally she could have been to one before I got it. But if I was like on getting ready to go to leave with me, and I have a mad where she says, I don't know using about this. But I do business funny. How life happened? I just said I I trust what my life in here. You are you've been like an angel. Welcome to undisclosed the state versus keep Davis junior. This is episode for in our special series covering this live case coming out of Baltimore City. My name is Robert Shaw. The I'm an attorney and author of the bestselling book a non story this series is being investigated and reported by intrepid reporter journalist Amelia, MacDonald Perry. Now, if you haven't listened the first episodes, you must go back and listen to them before you jump into this case because Amelia is masterfully taking apart episode by episode. What is the most certainly the prosecution of another innocent man in Baltimore City. As I said at once I have set at one hundred times, I do not have time to go to the post office. It's terrible. But it's true. 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Again, that's stamps dot com and enter undisclosed for four week trial, plus free postage, Anna digital scale all without any long term commitment. Kief Davis junior less quite a bit of blood on June. Seventh two thousand fifteen and much of it was left on the floor inside the auto repair garage for its proprietor bigger Berkeley to find the attending emergency room physician at Sinai hospital founder right cheek gunshot entry wound with significant hematoma and the branches of the car rotate artery, which supplies blood to the brain had to be immediately immobilized in order to control the persistent, excessive bleeding from his cheek and neck region. The force investigation team interviewed nine Baltimore. Police department officers about the shooting of Keith Davis junior that Sunday morning in June four were interviewed the day of the incident, a fifth gave a statement two weeks later and the remaining four officers who all fired their weapons finally gave their accounts in early two thousand and sixteen. The detectives who conducted the interviews Charles Anderson, Michael Boyd Lakisha Graefin raid and Joseph Param ski did not ask. Any of the officers whether they rendered aid a requirement under the department's general orders. None of the officers volunteered that they did anything of sort but four of them claim to have called for a medic. This is strange because according to the police dispatch report the request was for a male injured in foot- chase and given a medical priority code of thirty dash a one for not dangerous body area. When the medics arrived, they learned they actually had a patient with multiple gunshot wounds including two face. Here's EMT David rumba. Person location? What we finally got. To location crime told him as a crime scene. Who's on the shot when we saw him. I mean, he was coming to the granny plane probably. Thing drain side and. Visual injuries. Look like of two ws want to like, it was a great the other like it was a actually like this and damage to cheap. Okay. That he he was semi conscious. He never responded with any words anything he was blinking for his verse. I assume many head. I don't know. I just don't even have been on conscious shot, and he's anything to be got an early and the also kinda directing the same like he had commanded with. He told us put the annual. When I talk about the ad say, we have my face, they go. Yeah. Okay. Stretching. They only dispatch semitic initially. Of course, we realized somebody should've been called for additional resources. They said engine company forty six from nine mistaken files. Town. Rogers. So there. About town. They got they were already. Today have any contact with him. They they didn't. Well, yes, they probably came in the system move of and believe maybe of was talking to police. So I mean, there's another avenue for you guys. But your voice six pretty show old to voltage of Lesar. Normally. Kinda get mission fullest, and they the soldiers in the bay gives a hand we needed. So we had a couple of. So jumping back. There was definitely girl who's in charge. There was a gathering information belief Kita taking cover behind a refrigerator towards the back of the garage and crime scene photo show. Most of the blood splatter was contained the floor directly in front of the refrigerator keeping in mind that the backside of the fridge face the entrance to the garage will the door side face the back wall about five feet to the right of the door. There was a bit of a trail of blood splatter though. It didn't lead all the way to the fridge a few feet from the fridge on either side there were several areas of pooling blood. The most substantial puddle was about five feet to the right of the frigerator and a little over a foot closer to the entrance of the garage. It had an elongated shape measuring about five inches by sixteen inches. And by the time. It was photographed the outer edge had started to darken as it dried. But it was still very very wet blood. The camera's flash reflected a bit of a glare. It's weird to see so much pulled blood far to the right of the refrigerator door, it contradicts recurring detail in the police narrative for the shooting initially offered by Donald burns. And eventually find tuned in the statement and trial testimony of shooting officer lane S skins keep Davis junior surrendered after being shot in the face. The account goes crawling on his hands and knees towards the center of the garage and to the left of the refrigerator if you were facing the door. I was I just couldn't see him next thing. I see him come back out. He's got on his hand the games Ghana. I said sore still on his hand. Disappears. Comes back yard leaves back four. He's got to get the fire more rounds after that he goes back pun refrigerator. We all started. Everybody started yelling at one time. And a toy to be quiet. I gave him verbal commands Meyer. So he could understand clearly I told him put on down into crawl out to where I could see those hands in these Croat where seen. He said to me, you're you. Why? And then he said gonna shoot me again. And I said, I will not shoot you get only do exactly what I tell you to do. I watched him synagogue on top of the refrigerator got his hands and knees and crawl out to the middle of grog floor, then on the lake flat down his arms out to the side, which he did. The crime scene photo show, the contents of Keith's pockets on the ground several feet to the left of the refrigerator with the bunker used by sergeant afraid of Santiago just a few feet away. There were two smaller collections of blood here too. But not what you'd expect of gravity's effect on accessibly bleeding gunshot wound to the face. And there was no blood trail leading out from behind the refrigerator either. And all of that aside, they're still nothing to account for the puddle of Keith's blood more than ten feet in the opposite direction. To his medical records. Keith Davis junior was quote unresponsive and unable to answer questions upon arrival at Sinai hospital a C T scan revealed metal fragments in his face, including the maximum, sinus. But the majority of the projectile was lodged in the subcutaneous tissue of his neck, most significant were the multiple commented fractures to his right mandible as well as the lateral wall of the maximum, sinus, put a little more simply the bullet fractured the delicate mid face bones that surround the front sinus cavity and continued downward shattering Keith job own into displaced fragments. Later that evening, Keith underwent a tracheotomy. Followed by open reduction, internal fixation surgery a complicated procedure to repair severely fractured job own with multiple metal plates and screws. The week. Keith was hospitalized. The police department had him under constant guard and for the first two days fit to -tective, Charles Anderson, had explicitly forbidden any visitors except for Keith's mother. But he offered no explanation friends and extended family members came in went, but Kelly never left even though she wasn't allowed past the waiting room. She kept herself busy researching defense attorneys and figuring out where they could get the money to pay for one since it seemed like Keith might need their services on June, eighth attorney William Billy Murphy strolled into ICU to meet as perspective, new client, ROY Murphy, revive out. You know, I like him I choice in the women. You know? I wanna know got Ammi LUSA for the ponytail years. I would've been so nice to Billy Murphy is a former judge and prominent Baltimore attorney best known for his advocacy in civil rights related cases, including bringing civil lawsuits on behalf of victims of police brutality and their families in April two thousand fifteen he represented the family of Freddie, gray appearing on local and national news broadcasts and on several occasions. He spoke cryptically about the circumstances surrounding Freddie's death. On may first two thousand fifteen Murphy on behalf of the gray family. Applauded state's attorney Marilyn Moesby decision to charge six officers in Freddie, Gray's, death, Murphy and Moesby have a formal relationship of their own. He is also her personal attorney and served on her transition team when she was elected chief prosecutor. After June eighth Murphy's van associate attorney Jason downs began working on Keith's case. But his representation was short lived the firm's retainer was fifty thousand dollars well beyond what Keith could afford. And besides Keith was the victim in the situation. He had done nothing wrong. And it was only a matter of time before Moesby would learn the truth and make everything right? On June tenth Kelly was finally allowed to visit Keith. And although neither of them realize it at the time, it was also the last day, they would get to spend together before Keith will be fully in the state's custody. The hospital setting wasn't exactly romantic, but they managed to conquer a few physical and emotional intimacy milestones in a room ear TV with his mother. And she's profit told me. And signs. He's got a whole damn tree. My son's attitude anytime twenty year old role in his eyes. Like hunting shoulders like okay, that's to me. And you know, he goes to the bathroom and a health into the bathroom. And I was like your mother to help. I didn't go. I'm not a person not all he makes in the leg trick saying here rattling it would freak me out. And I was thinking that I really don't feel comfortable. I mean, I've I've seen all the working a lot of times. But I don't I'm holding for my business. So not me. I'm not that girl skills. Like, no, I don't wanna mother. I said why do you cheat? And he wrote I don't mean to she just is just affect that. She has on me. And I said, you know, even me like, you know, a you. He was like, no, you know, this is the first time that I try to drink out of the store, I'm strong with you being. And I say you are and say, yeah. Her and you pointed to he wrote down or she handed having asking that isn't this the first time I'm getting up and she said, yeah, he said it's cover her as she saying. I would imagine he's been accent. I kept saying I wanna see who she is. Because he's like hang about anything. We're trying to tell me this wants to see her. And so this is a relationship, and my sister know this situation, bro. And then the two of you had to come to grips with how you out. on June eleventh detective Anderson and detective sergeant to Shana gains paid Keith visit their questions weren't accusatory. But that was all the more unsettling given the bullet and his neck and the cop posted in his room twenty four seven they can feel like a suspect for anything. They may have heat. They made him feel like they were asking him. What he remembered himself of wearing you. Remember like what? And he's it never made sense. Because you like like don't you like he hit only write stuff down kind of mouths, but he said he always told me later on when you know, we had conversations they always may feel like they were trying to see what I remember like what did you do? Where were you? Why did you have this? 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And right now, my listeners can try ZipRecruiter for free at this exclusive web address ZipRecruiter dot com slash undisclosed. That ZipRecruiter dot com slash undisclosed ZipRecruiter dot com slash undisclosed. Ziprecruiter, the smartest way to hire. We keep Davis junior was released from the hospital and into police custody on June thirteenth two thousand fifteen. He was given explicit post operative care instructions to ensure that his facial trauma would continue to heal. He was to leave his bandages alone shower only as necessary and maintain a non shoe diet for six weeks in the event of uncontrolled pain, shortness of breath, swelling, discharge bleeding or fever greater than one hundred one point one. He was to notify doctor immediately Keith was supposed to see his surgeon. Dr Kaku me's for to follow up appointments by the end of the month after his job own had begun to heal. He could schedule a second surgery to remove the lead bullet that was lodged in the tissues of his neck. It would be a bad idea to leave that in there too long poisoning his bloodstream at all. Kieft see Dr Kaku as again in June. He didn't see Dr Kockums again period central booking and Jessup Correctional Institution have been Keats. Primary care providers, but the state's attorney's office calls the shots on what medically necessitates outside treatment. Infected incisions with using green pus and a hundred and three degree fever stitches that definitely do not dissolve and needed to be removed three months ago, extreme nerve pain and months of noticeable facial swelling suck it up prison isn't supposed to be fun. Once that exclusive it he came in. You know, we're gonna get a more would just kind of honest thing. So we went from that to sending shot to him going to jail for finding out. I was pregnant. Leasing the baby and then him being indicted, MS might marriages continue it. So we've never had to like I didn't tire relationship has been adversity. Keep Davis junior was formerly indicted by grand jury on July twenty seventh two thousand fifteen one of the original seventeen charges filed by police handgun in a vehicle aware carry transport charge was no longer on the docket. It's not clear if that was a decision made by prosecutors or the grand jury or whether Charles Holden's description of the gun in his statement to fit detectives had anything to do with it by that point status of the four officers who shot Keith was still a mystery the use of force investigation remained open. The police department was being cagey about whether the officers were still on administrative duty. And while it seemed unlikely that most B's office would bring criminal charges against the officers. She had yet to issue. Formal declan. Nation letters, Ben in late August Kelly was asked to come in for an interview. That's about half of eight minute long interview. The rest of the questions are all irrelevant throwaways most be has claimed on several occasions that her office conducted an investigation into the police involved shooting of Keith Davis junior. This interview is Representative of the seriousness of that inquiry. It's an insult to Keith to Kelly and to all victims of Baltimore police violence and Kelly was ready to burn it all to the ground. I know. Entire time that we've ever been together have never seen him waiver. I've never seen him. I've seen him angry at might have seen him happy. But I've never heard fear. It was feared his. What he say was baby. I'm about to die. I asked him where he was what is going on. And why he said what the police shot me? What do you mean, they shot where are you? What is that noise? That noise. I staying today knowing that it was forty four shots. There was four of them and one. That morning. God was in mecca. Raj with him. Some mornings I would wake up for Keith. And I would pray. Thank God for this, man. He's everything I ever wanted. And I believe that those are we'll keep here. They would not let us visit. We had to call the -tective when we called detectives we by terra gated keeps nurse caught me one day because I was right as she sent the Hebrew. How can I feel safe? If the only ones that I'm able to see other ones who did this to this was in October two thousand and fifteen at a weekly vigil in Baltimore called west Wednesday organized by Tawanda Jones whose brother Tyrone west with murdered by Baltimore police in two thousand and thirteen to Wanda campaign for Marilyn most bay based on the belief that she would reopen the investigation into Tyron staff only to see her renege as soon as the ballots were counted in her favor to Wanda frequently invites victims of police brutality and their love. Wants to speak, and it was here that Kelly. I spoke publicly about what Keith continued to endure she has not let up since. Kelly has organized a growing movement of supporters collectively known as team Keith to hold demonstrations, raise legal funds provide court support and other forms of direct action. Here's Angelo Bernardo. A member of the activist collective Baltimore block. I knew that. She was like, you know, from time that she was like later focus on teeth and the twos really passionate about him. But when I met her she was actually just sort of like, really sweet and quiet. Mum. I think we talked about our kids for the first conversation. She's very very sweet. And next time. I met her. She was came to block meeting like get everybody else on board. She came there to talk everyone. I never had one moment of dollar about whether keep them isn't talked her like she just knows it. I dunno. She's very magnetic. I don't. Yeah. Ever. Attentions of being an or Kaiser thinks she really wants to be Tricia rather be doing anything else with early. But yeah, she's boring for it. She's just magnetic. You wanna follow Kelly? Coming to who keep was through her. I like learning about him, which was I guess kind of the missing piece. I mean, I knew that like Pyan had talked to him a little bit on the phone that he really liked him. But Kelly kinda flushed him out for me and really kind of tournament to what I understand about him now, which is that he was very young person who had a really rough life and really expected not to be supported. And I just thought like it's so awful to think of somebody just thinking like, well, I'm gonna go down for this. And it doesn't matter. I did it or not right? That's so. Yeah. To me. It was like I couldn't like over at some point. You know, I think that there is the belief that that that, you know, telly not there that keeps would have at some point along the way like just folded and taking a deal. Yeah. Like, I can't see whether or not that is sort of true from Keith perspective. But it hasn't been so clear that that's what the attorney Spinks cases. Yeah. And they're terrified of her. Like, they never saw Kelly coming even there's never been a Kelly. And so no one was prepared for that. It's like those sort of the chemistry of that. With maryland. Those being turned me Kelly who is unstoppable force. It's been so clear that Maryland v cannot stand that it's pissing everyone off that they haven't been able to break Keith because Kelly's not gonna let that happen. As the mother of a baby, I can tell you that. There's nothing more important in my life than getting a good night's sleep. And getting a good night's sleep is easier and more affordable than you actually think you don't even need to get a new, expensive mattress or sleeping pills. You just need to change your sheets. That's why you should check out bollandbranch everything Boll and branch makes from their betting to blankets as made from pure one hundred percent. 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Once again, that's bollandbranch dot com to get fifty dollars off your first set of sheets with the promo code undisclosed, B O, L L and branch dot com. Promo code undisclosed. Pecci Macomer fee was doing court support for people arrested during the uprising when she found herself watching Keith very first hearing she's been a part of team Keith her cents initialized confused by the charges. My cynical part, which I think has played out is she's doing this too. And uprising he's doing this to quiet the people on the street to get the people off the street. She's the force work because he didn't work this will work, and she did it just to shut everybody up. And that out and that the difference between how she handled that those cases and how she's handled Keith Keith. I generally believe she's doing it. Whether or not she knows how much the police covered up. She's doing it to protect the place who did the shooting and to put protect the police department as a whole whether it's those specific ones are the bigger organization. So she has to stick with the, Freddie gray charges were the same thing. They were protecting the police department. It was just aren't gonna stick. You don't know which other ones she charged with problems on the street where anybody on the street could have told you which to three she's charged so many people not from the neighborhood didn't know the difference between six police officers. She was protecting the police department with charges. And she's still protecting the place department with their persecution Keith Kwami rose received quite a bit of notoriety during the uprising after he told Geraldo Rivera and Fox News to get the hell out of Baltimore. He uses platform to question. The police narrative about Keith early on shortly after Kice arrest. Talk about criminal record like it's still justification as to why you fire over and over and over and over again, clearly they were shooting that keep never made it outside of that garage. There were so many shots. So that there could be a cover no-one whatever help keep store. You know? Here's a man that is young. I think at the time he was twenty three years old man that you know, has this amazing woman and actor. I think I believe that Keith this. And she said, how could I believe some man that's love me. And my kids are made up his ever like do this. I think that that was where it was more powerful Kelly's that occasion. Play. All of this is what I think let a lot of people to like believing innocent. Let's woman that was like fighting harder than I had ever seen. Anyone fight for another person. I mean, it just dawned on me thinking about this for years ago. That Baltimore City police like. Definitely were. Cover up of some sort. Like my car. He was shot James seven. I guess I posted it on social media like a week later on month later from that Baltimore City police lights randomly one day took my car. What? Yeah. Like, they impounded. It. I've never seen that cost. We took my car. Kevin Davis who was like the acting Commissioner at the time told me would get it back. And then Melvin Russell called me two weeks later quantity. We don't know where the cars. That's not all happened after I started talking about Keith. That's interesting. Yeah. This is like July sixteenth or something randomly at night and said, call me get out the car, you know, where you are. We just wanted the car. Wasn't cited for the weed smell in my car. It was literally like we want your car. Did you ever ever police report file, they're like, you know, which officers that never police report is your car totally set were they in the end up our flying. I know what it was uniform. And like they follow me from our house. I believe and then called me over like all voting avenue six officers. They block the street off just took my car like that. And a bunch of other events that happened to me, you know, that kind of always that was like this regret like, you know, have been strong enough in fighting for teeth. You know at the time I was twenty one years old. They definitely did a great job at like, you know. And that's something. I've also heard that there's been people who were loved ones of heads have. Kind of gone silent not necessarily because they believe he's guilty of anything. But that they're my understanding is that there's been kind of similar to what happened with you like sort of implied threats are sort of action that theme obviously kinda connected. The way of sort of essentially telling them keep your mouth shut like stay out of the. I don't think people like necessarily realize just like the biggest gang in Baltimore City. Baltimore City police officers. And I think the very fact of what they did with your car demonstrates a a level of invincibility. And also shows there was no control in Baltimore City. Police at all the top brass literally was just the public face out on the street literally thing to be running things case I for the attempt at armory was originally scheduled to begin September twenty fifth two thousand fifteen prosecutors were granted a postponement they made the same request on November nineteenth effectively guaranteeing that Keith would not be coming home for the holidays. That year keeps attorney Latoa Francis. Williams vehemently objected to another postponement the trauma to a sinus. Cavity was hindering. His breathing. He was experiencing intense nerve pain and the bullet lodged on the right side of his neck had started to move. Keith needed surgery, which required the states cooperation. According to prosecutor, Liz at Ringgold kirksey, the postponement was necessary because one of the officer she intended to call us, a witness was going to be unavailable at least through December third wrinkled kirksey was likely referring to start off Rato Santiago who reportedly laid low and Puerto Rico for several months following the shooting to add insult to injury wrinkled kirksey casually remarked that she was still waiting for the police department to turn over use of force reports for Santiago and the other three shooting officers lane skins, Catherine Philip who and Israel Lopez. Judge Timothy Dory remarked without a hint of irony on the absurdity of the police taking so long with the disclosure wrinkled. Kirk sees request for postponement was granted. And Keith trial was bumped to the beginning of the new year that same month, Santiago Eskin 's Philip Oooo and Lopez received letters of declamation from the state's attorney's office informing them they would not face criminal charges. A couple of weeks later speaking at another west Wednesday and late November Kelly's fury was palpable. Does newly hit his family's gonna fighting for way too long. And I used to sit here and wonder how do they do it today when I got off work inside that this officer was able to start his trial, and my fiance has to miss the holidays, and he has the sit there and pain and everything else I understand how you do it. Pain. That drives you I'm beyond her heart breaks every day. But I be damned if I sit there and do nothing. There's no Justice. No justice. Team Keith ramped up their efforts during the two thousand fifteen holiday season. The group regularly showed up to the office of the state's attorney to demand a face to face meeting with Maryland. Most be here's Baltimore blocks. Dwayne shorty Davis. Attorney Vegas victim of these tapioca shot by the police you got some. You can't have a double standard of Justice involved. Got all these kind of the same with people mistreats common. Fear a mole. You wanna meet time? The top us every day throughout the month of December. Team keeps member Chris KOMO hand delivered a letter to the prosecutor's office inside a privately owned building imploring, Maryland most be to drop the charges. Try to try to be blaming. You have to be insisted at this. Junior come down to meet us alive. Why we're here? Some answers for Keith Davis junior. Sobe get to your point this Christmas time. Go ahead accepted. Another. Not accept hips are Alicia. Cold. His y'all tricky David junior, not humid. He's sitting in jail changing in Banbridge on the contract. Baltimore city. Police all here like drawn. Hundred eighty day. Oh, it's gotta end. We need we need to speak them supposed. Uber. We'll be happy to wait very. This is. His car this is public office. Now, you stand here. Like really celebrate the how you going home to your family. Public office. Most be an elected public official never came downstairs. Here's Chris Cuomo again. It's never wrong to go to a west is never wrong to stay Keith Kelly never wrong. It's important that the family is never wrong to call out racist callout toddy to call out all these things. Right. And that's what we're left with it. Honestly, the the effectiveness like I'm trying my damn this. And we're trying our Dan this to like actually do the most effective things to help these folks get accountability because Justice left a long time ago, but just accountability. But. We can stand on our our principles. Our morals are our values, and like maybe that goes somewhere, maybe not run our spaceships headed to the sun role gonna die like, we should be bracing. Each other take care of each other on the on the downward spiral n we're not. I think we can do to prevent the inevitable that doesn't absolve us of responsibility to each other. Now. Exactly. Yeah. I completely agree. It's still there are Kelly is still suffering everyday key this little suffering everyday. And they are a microcosm. Like, they're particularly. Greece example the entire system, and you know, we've done there's various groups have formed ova over the last few years. Baltimore jail. Support me. Some baltimore. Block members have been involved in starting up, and it's just like people coming out of central booking, and you give them a ride foods like that's never wrong doing stuff like that. Where it's like, regardless of the situation. These are the right thing to do like, that's all we have all we have is direct action. And that means sorry. People showing up your house. Sorry. You know, that's what we have left. Because y'all have folks to the point that this is what's left? On December third two thousand fifteen seemingly out of the blue five additional gun possession. Charges were filed against keep Davis junior. The charges hinged on a felony conviction from several years earlier that disqualified him from ever possessing a handgun, it was a restriction Keith at honored. But the Hammersley trailside twenty two found on top of the refrigerator inside bigger auto repair. Beg to differ. According to the states discovery disclosures. Keith Davis juniors palm and middle fingerprints would prove it. In late February two thousand sixteen EPA three delays by the prosecution Keith Davis juniors trial began and the four officers who shot him toll their version of that story on the witness stand Keith was hopeful that the jury would recognize his innocence, and this nightmare would finally be over but lying in wait. A Baltimore police homicide detective named Mark Vini was preparing to throw him a curveball. Huge. Thanks to team. Keith Angela Bernie co Peggy anchor. Murphy Meghan, Kenny Zack's Waigel, Chris KOMO pious Robbie Kwami rose at the many other people who have supported Keith and Kelly over the last four years. Thank you Kelly for being remarkably open and honest in all of our conversations, and for allowing us to get to know who really is a husband and father and human being Keith, we're good friends. Now, just so, you know, thank you to rob a Susan and Colin for allowing me to come back and hijack their podcast. Thank you to Nick Reilly and Daniel rice from the institute for constitutional advocacy and protection at Georgetown University Law Center. That is a mouthful thank you so much for all that you're doing to challenge. Maryland's bogus broadcasting rule. You guys are RAD. Thank you to executive producer meet 'til Tahhan for all her. Great advice. Like, reminding me not to read mean Facebook comments without sound producer Rebecca Lavoix each episode, which is be a series of audio clips at wildly different ballrooms with transitions. Lots of weird background noises. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for working your magic every week. Rebecca, I really wanna thank Erika FLA Delle donne, low just Britta bliss and Schuyler park. I hope I did not butcher last names. These ladies volunteer their time each week to transcribe every episode you can find those transcripts on our website. Undisclosed dash podcast dot com. I've hope you've enjoyed learning a little Baltimore slang the season. Thank you to our sponsors for keeping the lights on. And of course. Thank you so much all of our listeners for tuning in every week. Make sure to follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are handle is undisclosed pod. And don't forget to write us on. I tunes cenex week.

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