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<music> hello welcome to run poured. This is the place for runners come to be moved to dated. If you're struggling on a rotten you just need to listen to an episode to remind yourself why you're out there what we love Obata and hopefully to convince you to go a little further or a little faster and today you will be provided with the ultimate motivation and in this episode I kid you know I am joined by the female forest in at this woman one day just started running and quite frankly no. She just cannot stop. She is absolutely amazing. Her name is Suzy Chan and I'm beyond through that she is here to talk to us today. Welcome to rumpled susie Jenny. How are you am very well? Thank thank you very much that you do my me. During the forest gump very flattering to forrest Gump I mean he was a good runner. He was a good one actually Smith and FORBE's too. I did actually one day start running and when almost every day I my life since then see the film I remember he just started running. I mean you haven't going to be on it and you haven't stopped J.. He just randomly one day decides to stop but you you haven't reached that point yeah. I haven't seven touchdowns. I haven't the one thing I have learning has taught me actually is to be grateful for it and as I'm getting a little bit older. I'm getting a little bit more selective about what Iran and I want to run forever so I'm trying to cough myself a little baseball to okay now. Listen if if you are just saying off on a run right this minute this is going to be your perfect companion whilst you running because suzy story is remarkable because then we get this right so you're I think we're the same age and it was about ten years ago. You were not runner. No not at all no I. I was a single mom. I didn't run. I was very unfair. It's I like to smoke cigarettes. I support she just sit there and evening drinking of the wine cigarettes watching crappy <hes> very unfair and it never even occurred to me Seattle the I will be able to run and I can remember actually one day watching London marathon when I was sort of smoking. I'm thinking Oh my gosh twenty six miles. That's a really long way they allow that must be that must be amazing to be able up to do something like that. Never even occurred to me out all become one of those people one day see. You didn't watch the Meyerson. Thank I won't do that this. You just wash wow well don't them. I teach no. I did harbor secret to one day. Wouldn't that be an incredible thing to say you thumb. Dan Ron Lena from London marathon but I never never went further than that just as a thing that you saw it'd be wonderful to do one day but I never thought it'd be be possible. Here is a very long way to run. I was exactly the same towards the marathon ice. Jim Miguel treadmill and delay of five K.. I think that's as much as I can do. Those people are Hughes is a long way though very very long way it really isn't and to run in one go is is is is a remarkable thing and I never thought to be able to do something like that. I love her hilarious. Various Susie never thought she could do twenty six miles. She runs hundreds and so you basically just one day were grouped into doing a tank. It was actually a half marathon half-marathon off method and this is this is more of ignorance really that than ambition but my younger brother he wanted to American he had to sort of bucket list of things you on student his life actually much like we were saying. They're about looking marathon wanting to do one so he signed up for Athens Marathon earthern and said come with me on a half marathon. It was his first half marathon and said you can come with me and do it. I was a little bit sad I needed. I needed something. I thought you know what I wanted to be better. Role models from a daughter and I thought you know what maybe yeah I can get fit enough to run thirteen. I mean it seems absurd but agreed and I signed up and I started training running up and down. The road documented my first run. I didn't have firewalls that didn't have a watch but I remember trying to run around two pitches and they'll <hes> being able to do it thinking because that's really hard to store is starting running. The I sort of say month of starting to run is probably one of the hardest the hardest bits of the whole journey because it's so hard to keep keep going 'cause you you feel to it and you feel like you can't do it and I kept him to stop and get back to this field and trying to run around and I of course you do get better but it's very hard. It's quite lonely for me. I did it by myself. Self your lunch break but built are putting car got up to I don't know because I didn't have a what I think. I've got up to about sort of eight miles which is quite a long way quite long enough hasn't really pleased with that really piece of that and and on the day I bottled tape basically the day before the half marathon as I know icon that's ridiculous I can only I can't run it. I really can't run my brother came out in the morning of the race and dragged me out to the start line and 'cause that that took a little wall we had about ten minutes to think about it and then the starting off north at right okay that's go and then what I found out was that it was something called a trail half marathon and I didn't even know what that meant. What what does that mean and people I call mud trees hills? I've been running up and down the road to TESCO's. I had no idea roads. Running is very different. I mean even terms of footwear. This is a whole shoe shop it was it was completely the absolute opposite of what I've been running going on a fat road and hills and styles anyway I was I thought I was going to die for her smile. I was like I was shock that I got to nine miles which at that point the furthest I've ever run and I thought I no actually think I could do this and I had a bit of a mindset change. I went from thinking I caught. Do this. What am I doing? I didn't belong here to thinking I'm GonNa Finish a half marathon and it really changed how I fell inside and I saw two to real my head really run enforced and I finished that half marathon and was right at the back of the field my time only resident to me. I hadn't felt that good about myself for years for years. I couldn't believe I'd want thirteen miles. I just couldn't believe I was so happy and that was it that was that was hooked up right. I know I can run half marathon so I signed up for ten K. and then another half marathon and then of course inevitably the marathon and then quite quickly after that escalated again out of ignorance really I yeah I read about a race in desert and I want to be able to do that started running because most people go half marathon yeah. That's me done it next year. I might to another one. You're no more it was it was I made me feel so good about myself and I just wanted to. I just really really enjoyed it and I just went sort of straight into. It really just gave me something positive in my life to do that. That's the thing about running is is is inclusive autumn graphics and anybody can do it and just really I just couldn't decide a tiny little bit of emirs thought. Maybe I could do that next. I kept trying to see what I could do next and I haven't really stopped me. I mean if you look back to when just before you started when you said used to smoke drink wine and I mean obviously everyone likes to do you know have glass of wine. I mean yeah exactly what would you recognize recognize. The person you are no no not at all absolutely not at all and I've got friends who've no move quite long time and and you know they they they can't believe how much I've I've changed I in other ways just other being a bit fitter knows of confidence and or these things that running brings you is changed. My thing to cheesiest changed my life. It's now my job so really has been a massive postive influence and I genuinely genuinely com. I believe if you told near the so twenty five year old maid at one one hundred miles without stopping. Oh it's our APP see out now thinking lawyer. They wouldn't believe it now. It seems it's it's ridiculous ridiculous thing to suggest so I even either recognize myself from honest achieve phenomenon. I think I think is brilliant. I think as well there's a lot of people that don't they don't realize that it is a possibility to I mean you just have to give it your best shore and also as you said you change your main and say around nine miles and went from beano. I can't do this to be no. I can look at something in a half glass fool kind of way then it's entirely different. It really isn't and get me wrong. I've had some runs where in even I think it was in the park. Hall chronic got two months with alcohol really hard 'cause I was running running to basically but I think I really do if there's one thing it has taught me that is really to have a little bit of belief because I genuinely Ama- very ordinary person I really really I like running. I like running a lot and if anybody has any tiny inkling about wanting to do something a little bit more extraordinary in even in life I it's possible is having that little bit of like maybe I can maybe I could and so I don't stand on a start line thinking a wonder if I can do this I tell myself. This is what's happening today and I've had some roller coaster races where have full it's the end of the world and why my head this is ridiculous. The thing to do seventy miles deep into raise and those are good thoughts is correct but it's it's really is an incredible to your mind the power of your mind and what you can do if you focused positively so we've established that you started running and you fell in love with it quite quickly. What is no the longest race you've done by the way suzy's done some crazy races and we will discuss some of these along the way but what's the lowest one insisted distant so there's two different types of racist racist which you do over day on day on day and in a week so probably about one hundred fifty six hours a week but in distance in a day I Iran around a four hundred meter track for twenty four hours? It was very heavily. Don't come into social media and it was bucket. It rained twenty two of the turn for hours which is a tiny bit. I'll let you know now tiny bit soul destroying after about twenty hours. I loved the fact that she had this schedule of friends to come and visit her as well and the ones that the light to A._M.. Shift honestly friends for life people I honestly friends for life. My husband's stood at the state attract floyd for twenty four hours in the grade without an umbrella but in that race I think I clocked hundred three miles into hours so which is a long day but in a week probably one hundred sixty miles something like that wow right. Can I ask why would you do. I know the track is very hard. Sell actually a lot of the racism racism. Do these ultramarathons there in very beautiful environments so you get to see you know wonderful wildlife or a beautiful view or a new trail something really and you see it's going somewhere is a point to point right so you're traveling in a distance so running around in a tight circle in tooting in south London in the pouring rain is is not is not is not the most glamorous of things today but there was something very pure about that race and it's just you and running and your mind and is very blank. There's nothing changes <hes> and I was just really interested to see <hes> for me. That was a mental challenge initiative physical and I now I can run for twenty four hours so it was just more wonder wonder how my brain's going to deal with this and and you know what happens and what happens is you you you exhaust your entire a playlist of tunes and you run out thoughts in your head and you bought if you sell for Andy rely heavily on your friends to to keep going into to you up and and it was something friends run with rain how to come here for ten Minnesota to give you a cup of tea or whatever and we know. How did you run the not impossible? <hes> it's not impossible. No <hes> you have a little only two hundred I would slow down to walk foot to eat at the <hes>. There's a video of me on my instagram. I she's always trying to eight jacket potato about to is is hilarious them no enjoying enjoying it but it's sort of this strange cameraderie of you and your fellow runners just running pointlessly Surcouf sage not very I found ultimately incredibly uplifting other at the time this is sort ultra running amnesia have because at the time I think I was going through the ring. You know you know really struggling my sourander but those moments when your friends come and it was raining. I had a friend who got up tim his name's he got up like three thirty thirty in the morning drove from he just near the coast to tooting south London to stand trackside six hours handing me nuggets of cheese and and making sure my socks were droid sort of thing six hours he did that and eating can't stop now because he's done that. Keep going that's great. That's one of the greatest things about doing running as well. You've got you make great. Friends are the runners as well. Everyone understands what you're going to new that you need support as well and and that's the beauty thing about that race in many others is is sort of Colorado this of in it together thing and it's it's more often the noise about the experience over your peso you minute mile. It's about experiencing these things together and that is very pure running experience pure ultimately. I really enjoyed it if you asked me. Now is one of the best races I I've done even though as his running she says that knows finished yeah at the time I think I was in a world of spe okay so hang on so we've got. We've got twenty four hours Ryan the track. What about twelve hours on a treadmill because that I I've done three hours a treadmill hours training it was booked Tin Day on Ah to delight rain and so I ran three years no treadmill? I just walked to movies. I'm the Knicks Day. My legs were stunned because you've worked the same muscle on the same kind of Hase yes and everything for the whole time this thing about triples actually because when you if even if you're running one mile on a road what you won't realize actually this this this slight change of pace. You don't want in exactly the same pace and you know you're running. Maybe up and down a little bit but on a treadmill. It's pretty <hes> yeah it's pretty relentless so I ran on the table for twelve hours to break a world record at my Roy poed age <hes> that came about by accident actually that that whole scenario is kind of thing in a pub job. You can't run twelve hours healthier version of that. I was actually a friend of point is a is a sport scientists and he's he's researching into ultra running which is quite a new sport. He's a looking physiology of of <hes> of perhaps people where they run these distances and part of his <hes> research was to have people on fifty miles and a treadmill Wasi documented clouds will be social things and whether eating so I he obviously not many people were forthcoming for experiments but I did it and by the time training for I am out it was very fit. I hopped on ran fifty miles and seven hours something hopped off went home and then we figured out if I'd kept running over broken the world record and there's no not many opportunities entities new you get to monitor that you can actually broken world record so we set about doing it and Guinness essentials a huge rulebook because like twenty three pages of things to do and had to be put in place and so it was it was a huge huge thing to set up and so we set the date sweets did all the things that gains recommended to do <hes> to be open appetizers and an independent witnesses we had all these university students came in and then on the morning. I just thought you know other aqap asked the no actually twelve thousand triple A. Hop on and it was it was as a runner in those days where you just think not feeling it today. It was one of those to keep going. It was quite tough mentally actually because I was massive treadmill that be calibrated and Blah Blah and it was facing a wall so they didn't see now I would have said I will do it but I need ear. FLUENCE IPAD with Ludwig Lud- The movie big screens are patch Louis but it was what happened to us and that was fine. I had also messages and things going through social media but what happened was I gotta cease. I actually got seasick for running on a transfer money or tip because my depth vision was very shallow. This scientists told me this and <hes> looking at screen and lets us this after nine hours so the first sort of okay the ninth our I saw the film really really seasick. I was in the hall of boats. Can I ask what kind of peace you're at that stage so I didn't ask them. Actually I I said to set me to world record pace and we start off a little bit faster because I knew I would slow and I had actually put tiny grading on because it just voted better so because it was just to make a bit actually just mix up because we could then put the gradient downward feel easier later thrown and I don't know I don't know what the pace was. I didn't want to know and it was in comatose now and I did continue the maths work it out. I just had set me on the pace and then just because I didn't know but we did actually move the pace up and down a little bit and we'd built into to the schedule because it's really painful running locked in pays for four hours at exactly the same pace but you'll be I broke managed to break loader could just because I was basic then it Kinda went viral and that all curtains and so I think somebody took it back <hes> somebody took it. I think a few months later oh how dare they do. They're welcome to it's. I know how hard I went through back and try and win. She's horrendous knee holiday. I I know what she went through so Kudos to hush well. It is really hard because you know a lot of people when they start running the they do get on the treadmill so if you're gonNA start running and you're listening to Rumford known you get on the treadmill and imagine running them that for twelve hours wow that's no. I'm trying to think up past high. Come six films. Yes six homes yeah all of fouls whilst you on the treadmill that wow far too and I interviewed Ju- Pavee one episode of run put if you haven't listened to listen to the G._O._p.. The episode because she told by running on the treadmill training for marathons and all the rest in a cupboard what's so there's new windows. She's looking at wool because it was the only place she could put the treadmill and still look after the kids they store and she's running super fast on that treadmill for hours thus halt. That's that's hard core of the I don't really run on chapels very often. I mean I'm a bit fairweather like you <hes> so I prefer not to run in the rain but the other time I spent quite low Thomas Hummel treadmills is when I have to train for some of the race are doing Erin very hot environments and obviously the U._k.'s not that tropical and so I train on a treadmill in something could a heat chamber and it says small very small room with a treadmill mullane and had very tiny sort of port hot porthole window and they set the temperature to to the environment conditions took to those. You're going to run in so you get your body used to it and that's that's hard as well because it's kind of boring boring. Tell me which sham races you train for on that so the math into saw which is a race in this in there and turn up to like fifty degrees much they start off slightly lower LE- Start Your foot about you know twenty eight thirty and then the next time you go and it's like thirty two and then the increase yes it to get your body used to it and I'll do everyday everyday running and hot weather. We knew from on those rare occasions. We get a lovely day here. Maybe it was up to twenty five twenty six. Maybe it goes about higher and if you're you're like me you see this opportunities can run in Lahti Sunshine hard if not growing. It's very very hard and that's that's because we we haven't had time too much to get conditioned to it but anybody anybody can i. It's a physiological you just need to get your body gradually used to those as conditions and then it will fall on more normal is it's people think just because I've done these races so when it's warm when it's summertime people I call it's okay for you. You've heard in the Sahara. No I'm struggling to claim. What temperature temperature does it go up to a new marathon dissolve so the after four times now I think one year it did go over fifty which I don my heat acclimatization and it was hot? I mean it was it was really hot to your your feet. Just burn the entire. We know that if is very warm but you don't realize that you're sweating because when it gets that hot it just evaporates overview so literally just coveting of grace crust crawls crust. Trust in the Sahara. It's a dry heat so it's not too bad. What's what some very recently here? It's been quite warm Iran yesterday and it was very humid and humidity is a whole other thing because you feel like you're cooking when it's not made and so one of the hottest the hottest I've ever felt actually is in a in a jungle. Is this the Amazon no this is a jungle yet another jungle Costa Rica it was incredibly hot and incredible humid and so it's ninety nine percent humidity and so you sweat through the semi nudity that's hard you're not going to look at and not weather when you're running low humidity. It was really really really and and soon as suffocating because you can't quite breathe and that sort of hate say okay. That's a that's a different heat and then I might I've run also in death valley which is standing in an oven basically when you breathing in air and it's hot and it's hurting you throw eggs. It's so hot so how come I can't believe what you've done are you. Are you seeing what the yardstick is there. A hang around with the thing is is because I do this and this this is such a popular thing ultra running and so hang around with people do the sort of stuff in it normalizes you. Don't you don't know what's what's normal and not anymore. Now you just think Oh laundromat runners you. Just you just end up chats in about two as if is normal northerners listener just not miles of what I find it fascinating. What you do I mean I? I don't think I will do one hundred mile race just because I don't think it's possible and you see this is exactly. We just said you just go. You can everybody you've got to want to. This is a thing so you can't make somebody do long racist because you think can. They've got to wake up and one today because if you if you want it it can happen. Anybody can genuinely genuinely if people want to run their first marathon you can. It's a state of mind and a sure fit is training. We'll get you so far but it is very much a mental game. You've run marathons. Everybody gets that bit in the Middle East this. This is really quite hard but it's the same it's the same for any distance of race. I've been in ten KS. I thought this is ridiculous casino so you got to approach each race as and when you come to stay to buy it yeah so when you do an ultra marathon I mean presumably you're not going to run the same speed you adrenaline Amarasinghe. I mean if you couldn't you know like if you're trying honor on a really good marathon you might you might see try and get under four hours or you wouldn't do that. Don't try no suicide pace. That would be no some people I mean this extraordinary <hes> extraordinary runners out there that run one hundred miles was in fourteen hours now which is ridiculous ridiculous patient. I'm Kinda even do the Masol three sub three and a half hour Americans backed toback do they stop him walk. Any those guys won't keep keep trucking no the thing about the thing about what I enjoy about running this long distances paces for me. It's relevant really menino you show you WANNA do well. You want to do your best but let me ask you what you're you're paces and a fifty race for example and often they're not you can't equate to because one will be somewhere which might be he won. Somebody might be quite muddy so you can't really compare times in that way and it's quite liberating to not be a slave to to due to the pace and if you if you do ten cave example often people say what time did you do and if you say did a fifty miles I go. What did you do this just do i? I enjoy park macron Nina. I'll enjoy ten K. all I I'll do all sorts of distances of running because I really like I really like to unlike meeting people in these different environments as well and have you find that running as has changed the way you look at life as well. It was like your friends Chiens as your is your social life very different than as well not social just Ryan his bed by ten fifty big dinner and get sleep. <hes> Gino has actually I've definitely changed as a person. I think I'm I've a lot more positive outlook my my husband through running and sort of my my social very typical typical social weekend me involved running or a race and then a nice meal summer so I have a group of friends and we we go a little running holidays together which tend to over marathon so we'll go away run a marathon Nino for some the people that is like the idea of how I knew I'm with you because I like running on holiday wheel those people on holiday that get up a runner so we can have a big buffy breakfast climate that my husband lies in bed and I might I'll see you in in my however long now. Come back my daughter and Hammer. Just wait and going. We've been waiting for you but it is what you of isn't it isn't it has has changed has my social it pretty much is is daytime and does involve running and the people have met running. Don't get me wrong. I'm not I'm not super healthy in that sense. Now we will happily go and have a big pizza and beer for dinner. You know in that sense so <hes> but yeah it's it's it's changed. I can't imagine myself that running. I've just moved house actually and we bought the house purely on on the trail running nearby not near as train station but you know trails a great enough that I love the different races that you've done as well what's being the most beautiful beautiful well I really do love that desert environment so beauty's in the beholding now have a lot of friends who love the mountains and that sort survive and that's something I like <hes> desert's I think the beetle the desert is mobile than you can. Imagine so M._D._A.'s of sees a very beautiful desert Costa Rica was from there a couple of times ridiculous because you're running along and they'll be like a two in the wildlife aspect of that is beautiful and coasts. I love coastline and I've done a couple of aces on the southwest coastal path beautiful part world so those sorts of spaces are ones which which made me happy and then and I'm very lucky where I live live. I lived down south and the north downs way and there's a place where I train on quite a lot and it's called French ponds. It's very sandy beautiful beautiful there and this is very run and so I've I've been some really one who places then sometimes funding my local channel. I think Gosh Very lucky say pretty here. You know so there's too many places there's not one defining one. It probably wasn't <hes> tooting backtrack. I can imagine they're more inspiring aspiring views and states to have rather than renting and the end E._S.. You've mentioned that a few times I'm Sufi waivers did that with you. Once we have from Port Israel the marathon to stop which is is something quite extraordinary ordinary actually and I've heard Utah Cabrera tip previously as well and you said you know anyone can do your state of mind you could walk at you but actually I think it being very kind to other people. I think is actually harder than you say still the pretenders easy because it's not easy it is is not an easy race in the hardest thing I would say about that. Race is actually the lifestyle because the rate Harry everything so yes so it's two hundred fifty comments about so you are six days day on days. It's normally you know so under twenty miles under twenty miles then you'll have an ultra marathon in the middle which Bela forty miles than America state but the difficult if that rates actually is you have to carry everything you need to survive for the we could you back so you completely self-sufficient so all of your food all of your survival kit and all of your sleeping and that's it what you've gotten that bag is all you have not let any outside help at all they give you water and sort of tent Sony ration the waters voices ration so if you want an extra bottle you get time time penalty and if you want to extra bottles Joe disqualify but there's plenty of water people have fixate on out what you get but the lifestyle is quite hard because since showers either get changed you don't brush your hair either news no luxuries on in a chair seven days I mean imagine just standing up or sitting on the floor for a week and to the lifestyle such quite hard and of course the number one thing I struggle with us. You're so hungry you you're working in slew of negative calories because you can't simply carry them at all the calories you're burning through and eating freeze dried food and things so you use of Craven Orange and a chair imagining things obsessed about ruse potatoes and things but anybody genuine you could because the race is the dropout rate of that racist very slow. I mean you just have to be sensible about it so make sure you're ready for the heat like I've spoken about and make sure your Admin is on point so you you've tested your food and things out but it's timed in a way that if you wanted to you could walk all of it. It's a hard walk but you could you he could yeah. Have you ever met anyone that matches. You and we'll do all these races with you or you. Generally just the only one one of kind of exhausted a lot of my friends they kind of butts husbands bless him he he he'd run a half marathon the mini me and then what I do actually actually I did this him in a limited amount. I just entered him in the man. You got an email and he was like I want to do an eye man so you're doing it with me the Soviet she's been great. I'm glad we've met because she she does. Match richly she really does require stimulant pace. I occasionally be obsessed about one particular race and nobody wants to come with me. You know they'll come in criminal support me so I share the race race duties amongst amongst those those good friends once my running body but now I've handed her. He's doing the firing yesterday. She said let's go out for a run along the Thames and tended to fifteen miles so she didn't tell me was fifty miles. How's the factors that you can just do that? Can I ask if there's anyone listening though this thinking that the challenge of an ultra marathon if you are thinking signs appealing. Is it a very different approach to training for a Marathi no I I think actually it's the the the mileage newspeak relatively similar I would say <hes> the thing which is different is I would focus on pace and more about sort of <hes> time on getting used to one running on tied leg so <hes> perhaps Ron Day and then when the next day then when the next day and then the next thing that have to three days rest so get your legs used to running very tired but the the pre the very important thing the two big differences I think are you've got to make sure so that you eating in in a in a longer longer marathon racing ultra marathon and that's quite hard so the very first time I switched from Marathon I deliberately would stop in a rummage felt very weird. War Can eat which also that's it sounds fun less funding you imagine and then start running game which was kind of painful and just getting a body used to stopping and starting because you will have to do that in ultramarathons and then working on your mindsets <hes> and then I just approach things differently. I don't think in Kids Twenty six point two miles or whatever I think this is what I'm doing this morning. So this morning I'm running or today. I am running rather than thinking about distance. Oh Toy sorts things and if you follow Susie on instagram what's your instagram handle for <hes> Susie onto school turn on the school snappy S. U.. S. E. C. H.. A. N. Just have look for me because I fully and like every other day. There's like a flat lay of your what she doing this but while is amazed by the fact that you have to skimp N._P._S.. Running I it forever okay. I know how come you don't get nothing that we all get really irritating like friction borough. Do you do weirdly so like okay for day racist nothing yesterday. A broad chafing came from you know it just it just creeps up. Sometimes I'll have it. Sometimes I wrote and I don't know what is nothing to do. The clothes either just just happens yeah Su- annoying thing exactly it also is just fascinating. See what you're carrying with you because you looked at different nutrition and sometimes you little Ruxandra. It's just really interesting to see what you take on your run. Maybe I need for my five K.. They do over the back quite up because I just I in my phone crisp drink. Yeah I'll take a showroom love that and okay so we'll is your if anyone was thinking of starting running and they should have a goal invented in for which running event would you say is the one to do. You'd recommend it to anyone any distant soul and he just didn't do you know stall running in the first place. You should really is park run. He has the everywhere and the thing about Pokhran is everybody's at Pokhran ultra runners elite runners beginners walkers every pokemon. It's the perfect place to go and I love actually about that. Distance is five McKay is you can take it anyway like if you WanNa really have a good workout and this this is for elite ultra you could have heart he can and race it or if you just want to get started you can go and jogging job. Walk it so for me. It's probably the place today and the so many of them up down the country and the thing about Parkland is the so many different they can be Hillians. The one eyelid Ame Hobo Popcorn is sandy so it's tough underfoot or this road one so it's it's the place to go and is the place to be inspired. Excuse me other people other runners people from run clubs you know I it's just getting the makes great Pokhran Okay and further afield for the the race that you would recommend depends so I would say my favorite favorite road marathon at she was this loss at assuming different categories to comply favorite uphill which I enjoyed the most was Boston really the fast one fast one because it felt like if felt like a privilege to be this piece of history and they've got the it's just everything about the places marathon everything and it was just an extra experience to be there <hes> but you know I love desert's I love desert so <hes> stick minute as a with water also an I'm happy okay and is there any event that you still have on your list. Yes yes there is one one the daddy the biggest the biggest the biggest of all the desert races and it's just happened is just finish this weekend and it's called bad water one three five and it's I've never seen anything like it is extraordinary. Extraordinary you have to be invited to take part is one hundred thirty five miles nonstop. It starts to pay scoop out to base which is the the lowest point in continental America hundred below sea level. Where is there an in-depth Valley of course and then you in depth and then you through death rally the hottest place on earth and then you end up on the very last of ten of malls are very very steep? Mountain ended up at the top of mountain the highest point in Continental U._S. America and that's where the finish line is where the road runs out so you go from very low down to very high up and you go over to mountain ranges in the desert is honesty. The as I went to see this thing I want to do it and then when I saw it I helped crew this race. I it goes through two nights and by the second night I sent a message to all my friends and Sophie capital letter saying never ever let me into this race and of course I wanted to thanks is extraordinarily this extraordinary optics and that that would be if I ever got that startling and even better to finish on the pinnacle for me how much of a raised you spending selfish and taking footers slows me right attackers you. That's a beautiful one. I think I would have to bring somebody to take voted with me because I'd have to take on incredibly kind of well. Do you see on the way on that one. Maybe snake to no no. It's just really dry the mojave desert S- <hes> so it's very dry so I did actually have some interesting wildlife on some of the ones I've done. I fell over giant Lizard once in a lot of snakes a lot of snakes jungles these tape Mojave desert than at the end you just end with Tequila without and thank you so much for chatting today. I know that your <hes> your daughter is almost eighteen. No no I think I think I think what happened. Was it quite as crucial age of Asia eleven to fourteen to stand in Kuala muddy fields waiting for me Adria wherever you are among those is just not cool no interested she'll start five ks with me when she was younger and I could sort of come out could you into maybe one day our hope so. I really hope so. I'm thinking maybe when she gets about thirty she think mom yeah. She doesn't quite coffee when she oh she she must really admire what you do. Because what you've done is incredible and you've had you've had a few little setbacks along the way as well haven't used not necessarily been the easiest ten years. No No. I've had well running running runnings interesting thing because we didn't have any star is fantastic billion then you get things like the fastest is the fosters and then you plateau and I got a little bit slower just because you just can't keep getting faster and faster and I found that quite hard and then I realized you're actually it's it's I I run because I enjoy it but last year had had a cancer which which kind of set me back I think for few months but it didn't stop me running at all so that was odd because it was countered. My Thyroid Authority controls quite a lot I knew nothing about Faris onto lost but it control of your body and you you call temperature and things so that was quite hard to get to grips with bottom outwards with that and it's all good so honestly because you get that quiet because I saw you last year and I did nor have ACLU yeah it was it was it was all because I found out after they operated. They said this huge company took it down so it was cancer so it was actually quite a we'd way to find out and so <hes> keeping an eye on it but yeah I dealt with it actually bye bye running and kept all the racist had planned in and they were quite admittedly they were quite big races but I kept them in the Darren and they were really really helpful for me they gave me something. Positive folks on something it to work towards don't think about which wasn't you know you're suddenly confronted with. Maybe not as healthy fish. I thought it was actually the races and the running and that my friend I run with kept me kept me grounded and post if it was great simply that you're the other side will get as trial and can I ask you if you quit far questions which trainers Doronin <hes> oh it depends on how quick for too long enough of that is too many so you don't have it. You have different trainers. Tries is different services. Yeah okay okay. I know when you know brand sensitive and you just mix around yet makes okay fair enough and what would be a one tip to someone starting. I keep keep going keep going on. It's okay. It's okay if you're I'm having a day where you don't feel like you want to do it. That's perfectly normal. Everybody has that so just don't don't be to harness of and acknowledge <hes> acknowledge each time he do something good an improvement okay <hes> people running right now. Give them some motivation town. Oh It's you know what I never agree run so if outrunning at sometimes it might be raining. Sometimes we all have those runs. That's perfectly normal to something you know is not great. <hes> I never ever regret a run so think about ah feeling again when you've got in you finish run you trains it often. You're really pleased with yourself. How would you define runner's high? Oh is a real buzz real robots robots and I can get that former one mile race. I can get it from one hundred mile race so yeah it's it's a real sense rule beautiful of achievement from the inside. No I absolutely agree with you there and finally susie. Why do you love running or not a quick for Christmas? I I tell you the quickfire answer is just the people through it and the community <hes> really fantastic inspirational wonderful people. You're amazing listen. Thank you so much for coming in officially joining the room poor drunk club. Thank you don't really run with.

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