RuPauls Drag Race Season 12 | Episode 10 Ru-Cap


Hello hello and welcome to the RU Paul's drag race recap here on reality. Tv WRAP UPS. I'm your host Liana. Boris and we are here to talk about episode. What episode is this ten ten of Paul's drag race season? Well of course I am not alone with me is a man who I'm sure we'll now legally be changing his name to Brent the planet Brandt Welcome. How are you? I died in fell out when she said that and I was living for her all the more like I thought it was just a nickname and then when I heard she legally changed her name. I was like you go bitch. We love you and like I had a great time with her throughout this entire episode so it was very nice to be here. Yeah that follow through so committed I love it. Oh God yes well. Of course we also have a man which much like drag brings joy. He brings joy Amman Amman. How're you doing? I am also really really good. Super duper excited talk about this episode. the ending. I felt was like the only appropriate way to end an episode. Like this though I feel like this is just like an episode. Where you know. You don't often get those and drag races. I'm excited great. Yeah well we will definitely get into everything including the. Save the double save that we got this episode and all of the makeovers here which I'm really looking forward to. And then of course we will talk a little bit about the episode of secret celebrity drag race that also aired this week. Let's kick things off and get into what happened after the elimination. There's not a whole lot talk about here but you know you get a little bit more of the inner saboteur talk discussing widow and we are reminded of course brand that this is our top sits. Yes our top six and it's going to remain on top sakes for awhile which is also kind of crazy thinking. It's also our top five. Yeah that's true true. I didn't even think about that actually. Yeah wow that's why we're we`re. We're we're really close. Yeah we're really close and then also thinking okay so if somebody had gone this weekend I guess this will apply to next week. Like that is our top for which is kind of crazy. Assuming it's not you know Sp but I guess we'll see okay. Well did you say after the elimination to me like not that much going on? No you know. It's sad to see Widow go but like I think it was her time and I think that they sent her up pretty well so I think pretty well but I also think that they definitely through a little dirt on the coffin on the way out the door because they showed her like quote unquote giving up which I don't think she was giving up. I think she was pissed off When she was getting criticism from the judges and I felt like the editors went out of their way to make sure that we at home felt righteous. In the fact that widow had gone home like they WanNa make sure that we wrote came with the fact. That would've gone home because let's be real. She's a front runner for a while and then for her not win and not even make the top four and not even make three honest top six. Yeah I I think that they probably equally as stunned as we were and they wanted to make sure that we were not rioting in the streets. Yeah I guess that's true. There was a little bit. Did go off a little bit of this self defeatist attitude. But the you're right. They did emphasize especially the throwing the arms up. Or maybe because it was. Heidi was talking about it. But of course editor shows to include that part of my thought though and I had this thought throughout the entire episode was. I think this is a very sherry pie. Heavy episode especially based on the results of the challenge like Cherry Pie and Terry Mizzou like look exactly the same And so I kind of feel like some of the editing was kind of making for that so there might be some. I don't know maybe some weird stuff in there here and there but whatever. Let's jump into the next day in the workroom where we get our Maxi Challenge. Which is the superfan makeover at now. Amman they did this really cool thing early. I thought it was cool. Where they put the super fans or we're GONNA be made over kind of in a separate area and said Oh you're just going to be in the audience and then tricked them when they brought them into the room. So I mean maybe I'm putting on my hat okay but I always questioned the validity of shit like this because you have to sign some sort of released when you agree to go on television and I feel like I feel like there has to be something extra that you're signing if you're also agreeing to potentially have your appearance changed or obviously it took place over multiple days so. I feel like and like all day over multiple days. Yeah like I I thought maybe maybe they were able to be a little Like maybe admitted some things like they sort of like skated around was actually going on and skated around the truth. But I have to imagine that they had to know that there was. It wasn't just that they were going to be audience members because it was just so much that they committed to in a short period of time. Let me just live in my fantasy world. Amman it's definitely real will lose. I thought it was also finding say. Put little audience labels on them. Which now that I'm thinking about it. That's kind of like you know when you're telling a lie and Kinda like add extra onto it to make the lie believable. Maybe that's what they were doing here with a little audience tags. This reminded me of Big Brother Canada when those people got under the show. Instead of our beloved Kirsten McGinnis and then they said that they were out of the audience and they've gotten selected and how believable was that? Lie So no. I wasn't buying this at all and I was like yeah. I think what happened was they probably told these people you know. Yeah there's there's a chance you could be in an episode of drag race and because you to sign releases and stuff like that like I mean. There's all sorts of things that go into something like this and then a new. Maybe they needed. They thought that they were like Like a fifty fifty shot like it's damning like there's another group of six but then they were surprised to learn that it was just then. I think I think that's possible. Don't they knew that they were going to be the ones that were chosen? But I think maybe they didn't even know what the the episode was going to entail. I would totally believe that. Maybe they lied about like. Oh Yeah you get the chance to be on the show you get. You get a chance to meet the Queen's and be like An audience for a specific competition and then Lo and behold you walk into the workroom and then you are the competition so I would definitely believe I mean I mean they have to get it. Ok'd from these people ahead of time there. Okay being apart of drag race Getting into drag and having a drag makeover like and some people may not want to do that. Some people may not want to look silly on camera. I know that drag race fans by and large would but there's always people who are naysayers and you never know they can't tape something like this and then one of the people is like actually. I don't really feel comfortable doing this because of X Y and Z. My job my husband my my kids some whatever and then have to go back and reshoot something like they got this approved ahead of time so they had to know something anyway. That's the magic of Y'all just no okay. Well I'll living my magical by. We do. Get our wonderful Contestants here I don't really call them but There are super fans that are going to be made over. We have Bethany. Brace Janet the planet Nicole Shea who lay number two and tiffany so there was some discussion. I know online which I which I had I had not heard about and then watch the episode had like lots of fun and then when I was watching readings in the commentary people. Some people were upset that there were women that were chosen to be made over like super fans and I was like why don't really get Yeah so I don't know I just WANNA throw it out there that whatever. I'm not even I don't even like I don't even know what to make of those comments because this was just so fund me and I'm really happy with the women that they chose the show. Yeah and it was like it was the whole thing was super fans and game in. Aren't the only people that watch this show like? Yeah I'm on you know there's definitely a segment of the population. And you know like I'm not exactly the most absolutely progressive of the gay population. So like I understand these people coming from although I think they're fucking idiots The thing that drag is specifically for gay men and that it's always been for game and and it's just our little thing and they are very exclusive about it. They are not inclusive about it and of course we do not agree with that and drag. It's so fun to watch. These women have the time of their lives getting into drag revealing. Who they are. And if you can't recognize that you're just a little backwards and come on the program not little ally like these that come to your shows and give you money so that you can do this damn shit so if you want to give them a damn makeover real quick let it be like insane to me. It's it's drag. It's not that serious right. You're not what was it? It was during the presidential proposal. So good yeah. Plus they've made over family members before so is like at a well. Gene gets to do the pairing here so she pecks Bethany And then crystal. I don't know if this matters crystal gets Grace Sherry Pie gets Janet Planet Heidi Nicola. Dj gets shake. Who Lay number two and Jackie? It gets tiffany And it was just. It was so wonderful to see the super fans there. Because that's one hundred percent. Would I would be like I think it was a crystal Methods Girl Grace. Who was like on the verge of tears because she was so excited one hundred percent would have been me but anyway we get a lot of workroom stuff this episode. So I don't know if there's anything. Amman that you WANNA touch on from all of our work realme shenanigans. Here I mean Rupaul. Death this is on the end of the episode but I think Jada did a pretty good job here I feel like she matched everybody up With somebody that was matching their energy and every all of them were very excited to be there and I was happy. I was surprised at first that she didn't choose. Aren't we getting Superfan? Sam's I'm surprised to hear that she didn't choose the woman because as far as makeup was concerned. That can be a bit of a challenge. if you're not used to using paint that's not of your shade But I'm glad that I'm glad that if she wasn't going to get her then she did. At least give her to hide so. Heidi wouldn't have to worry about The makeup at least But I think I'll side of that like she did a pretty good job of matching everybody up. I think everybody was kind of perfect. Yeah I'm angry about that. I'm I'm also forgetting the names. I know you said then Leon while I'm talking. Do you think that you could type them in our little skype chat? Because I forget like I mean I remember Tiffany Whiz. I remember that's all I remember exactly. I remember Janet the planet with Sherry Pie. And I remember. I remember a tiffany with our girl. Jackie but everyone else. It was just like who are you again. I love you but who are you getting all right? We got it. Yes yes you're welcome. I don't have I have. They're dragging and later. It's okay I can remember. Actually I remember the Dragon US far more than I do. They're they're real names. Yeah because they called. They called them more by their drag names by their real names. Especially because how do you forget snacky Cox else Makiko like the grow could do the splits? I was impressed I know she was living in Ohio. She was yes. We'll talk about it. Well we get. Oh my God. Yeah we get gee-gee with furry helmets. Which as soon as I saw the helmets more hat. Yeah here we go. I think one of the biggest stories here is really Janet the planet which I know we talked about a little bit before But you know especially if you're the workroom we get her talking to Rupaul. Talking about being six foot tall and the practice she legally changed her name to Janet the planet. I mean she just seems like such an interesting person and I kind of wish even though we got to know her. I wish we'd gotten to know her even more. Yeah that's insane to me. Actually I think somebody that's a fan of our show. She's a fan of our sap. I think I saw a tweet during the episode that she actually used to work with Janet. The PLANET'S I'll have to ask her about About Janet but yeah she seems to be the most well-versed in not just drag race but the art of drag itself. And my what a shitty deal that ended up being for her and that she was the one that was paired with Sherry pilate. She's the reason that by even got screen time like if it wasn't for her like they would have just been going about their business as usual when it comes to editing her out but yeah I thought I really did find her very compelling to the point where I actually was like. Can we just replace her? We place area with our because I'd be much more invested in her as a competitor. Yeah she was great I agree. She was so intriguing to me. I just wanted to spend more time with her. I think that literally the people that produce drag race could do something with Janet the planet on a Web series. I would totally sign up for it and watch it. She had such a vibrant fun personality and she seems totally comfortable in her own skin. But you also feel like that. She's a bit of an old soul who wasn't always comfortable in your own skin. Which I in some ways can identify with like I. I love people like that but if face their demons and come out stronger for it in the end yeah seem very very like while. She was excited to be there. She wasn't like in your face like it was very like. Oh I'm so excited to be here everything about all of you guys. I'm so supportive of all of this. I cannot wait to get dressed up. It's going to be so fine. If we ever need superfan impression we know who to go to perfectly capsule but I love it. Yeah no Franky Granada for sure. Perfect the perfect sleeper fan. Yeah I thought it was. I think the other sort of main story that we get here is with us. Heidi's of superfan Nicole and sort of talking about her insecurities and I was really great especially with the work through where ru says you know. You're not born to blend and you're born to stand out and this concept of drag bringing joy I thought was just really cool like a mon- you said this the beginning of the episode but this episode was kind of a warm heart fell episode all the way around episodes packed with a lot of emotion and I was. I was kind of shocks that we did get to see as much content from the super fans as we did because sometimes when we have makeover episodes they don't really focus too much on The people that are getting made over They focused they just tend to focus more about the queen's and what their perspective is but we damn near got pretty much confessionals from these super fans and that it was just gave a lot more context To the competition and to just like totally took you out of the competition a bit like because Heidi sort of had to have two jobs in this episode. She not only had to be drag race contestant but she also had to be a bit of a therapist when it comes into coal and like sort of like trying to meet in the middle with her and I don't know if I'm jumping the gun a little bit when I when I mentioned this. Heidi does actually share the make the make overlook intended on bringing to the competition So I guess that they told them all that they were doing makeovers like any other competition and she had everything set up but of course because Nicole was a little bigger I'll put that she brought was not going to fit her. So that's why I mike when I said that this episode has a happy ending a sort of like I kind of sympathize situation because she brought stuff but she couldn't use it because of the way that production ended up. You know handling the show so I was happy that she was able to get one more chance at the very end so okay. Yeah I didn't know that I mean I kind of made the assumption that that was the case but we can talk about with some of the judging comments too. I just thought that was really well handled kind of the way that they did the whole thing. So all right. Is there anything else you WanNa talk about before we just jump into the runway jumping? Let's jump okay. Daisy Ridley was our guest judge who is a huge fan Which I didn't know I thought that was cool and I thought she did a pretty good job as our guest stretch this. I love daisy literally. Every time she came on the screen. Daisy daisy really fan. I'm so I'm a big star. Wars Fan I think Brent is too so it was great to see this like Sort of crossing over of worlds and I think that she also was a little similar to me Nicki Minaj and that she was a little bit more cerebral than I thought that she was going to be. She seems to really really watched these queens and really offer up some thoughtful and insightful critiques. I was happy that disability was asked to be a part of this episode. Yes there's no one who is more of a fan of busy Ridley than me. Only because I remember the excitement that I felt after watching star wars episode seven in what I thought could have happened to her character. Obviously I hated episodes. Eight and mostly nine nine was okay but I didn't love what they did with her character in particular. I don't love where they took care of drove her all. So I in some ways. I have like some Unrequited FEELINGS FOR DAISY. Ridley of what? I could have been so watching her on this episode of Drag Race and getting to know her a little bit more even when she was not necessarily in line with the panel. I thought it was a lot of fun Yeah yeah I thought it was good and I thought that her I mean just general. Being excited fat built the fit with the whole team episode because authentic exactly yes. It didn't feel put on definitely felt. Okay Brent tell me all about Heidi Aphrodite. Eighty and honey almighty first of all if there's going to be a name that sticks other than Heidi in closet. This is the one I love this name. I like boy. This works. Heidi effort eighty. And I'm the huge fan of Mira Sorvino. She wanted to Oscar for Mighty Aphrodite. If you don't know the reference and I love the fact that their spelling it A. F. R. O. Because obviously the original mighty Aphrodite e which refers to the I don't know Vista Roman Goddess. Or The I forget great. Thank you okay goddess of love and. I've never got a straight by the way but yes I love this name and I loved this pairing but my goodness when they walked out on the runway. I was like where is the family resemblance and they were giving her so much. Praise in the beginning during the judging. I thought for sure they weren't going to say anything. I thought that it was just going to be like we love you. You're amazing how he you're great and Nicole you're fabulous you're working at girl we love you. And then that's it but they. They gave her all of that and then they said now. Let's talk about the family resemblance and then I was like thank you because they're saying well they're saying what we are all are thinking at which is this doesn't look remotely from the same house of drag. I mean what is this like? I thought that she should have been in the bottom for the design of the outfits alone and obviously it makes more sense. Amman after you said what you said because you know you know for instance Cherry Pie doesn't just happen to have to tearoom Assu or whatever the hell outfits in her bag on accident like she knew they were going to do a makeover challenge so she brought those kind of things with her but something like this where Heidi has to use of outfits or materials that are not from some stuff that she previously bought are brought with her is is a part of the reason why we get some uneven results at the end of this challenge with regard to these two. But I'm really glad that the judges called it out because it did not look like there was any resemblance whatsoever not even makeup wise. Yeah the fan was interesting to see. How highly was gonNA affair with this family resemblance? Because she's had I struggle with her makeup. Its entire time that it's by her. She doesn't even know what she looks like she's creating. She's like recreating and experimenting with her own makeup throughout the entire competition. By the time you have to get to somebody else to do the same thing. It's like it's going to be you're still in experimental stages of is going to be a little bit different So it definitely came across and I so I while I sympathize with the look. Sort of like. She her having to rearrange things. Because it's not what she intended. What she did show on. Twitter wasn't what she wore either so I don't understand the choice that she made in like dousing herself in sequins and then giving Nicole pretty much adorable to wear is either. Both of you are going to be wearing sequence or both of you are going to be wearing dailies like if you're not going to be together in the face you at least need to be together in the clothes. And she looks pretty like The the worst part about this to me was that Heidi looked like the pretty sister because of the because of the secret mcgown and then like like that. Nicole wasn't getting the same amount of treatment. I wish they'd been a little bit more honest on the runway about it. Like why do you have your partner now looking as good as you Heidi? That's what I wanted them to say. Right yeah yeah I think it was challenging because her partner honey or was hurt. Nicole was dealing with those insecurities and it's so hard because the as okay like I'm just putting myself in the judges see I wanna Critique Heidi so how do I make it come across as I'm critiquing. Heidi and not honey. And it's a really sort of fine line to walk and I think that's part of the reason why you know. The critiques went away. They went for Heidi and honey because of that whole situation but I completely agree when they walked out I was like what am I looking like? Okay the hair looks sort of similar makeup. I thought actually looked sort short of similar at least in a passable way but to me the outfits were very very very very very different And so like you said on Mon. If she is going to have to scramble and find something else then it seems like an odd choice to be so incredibly distinct unless that was maybe like the only thing that she could do. You could tell them on that. Rupaul was annoyed by calling out. Heidi about like. Where did the time go like? What did you do that was roof roof being funny about it but Ruas pissed? Yeah Yeah and I was. I was talking about this with a roommate as we're watching too because if you tell them ahead of time that there's going to be a makeover challenge right and you allow them to bring Similar looks for that week. How much time are you actually giving them I? I'm not saying that there was no time. I was like a piece of me. Wondered if Rupaul was giving Heidi a harder time than it was appropriate to because if you're allowing them to bring stuff ahead of time which is exactly what all the rest of them dead than did they really. How much time did any of them spending anything besides talking? I think that's a valid critique. I think though the problem was is that Heidi's answer was I got to know her and we talked about disco. Andrew was like yeah. I know I learned that in the walk through the if Heidi's response had been Well we had to come up with the concept. I couldn't use the outfits that I had brought Blah Blah Blah. I don't know if there had been maybe more. I don't know like realistic answer. But also at the same time you have honey who really has some insecurity and you don't want to say on the runway like hey I couldn't use the outfit because like she's a different size like to point out on the runway might be really hard and if Heidi is trying to have empathy for honey. It's hard to to do that so I think it's a really tight rope to walk. Yeah it was But the gap the gap and the T- thing though now that I'm leaving they really have. Yeah it was like Oh see. That's like a totally easy won. Miss that I think I can understand like getting some serious critiques for so especially when we have such a amazing top sex that we're dealing with it. It does come down to those little details. Which is kind of what happens with the jockey and snacky car so. It's not that Jackie. I think. Did something inherently wrong It's just maybe it's not up to snuff. Compared to some of the other looks that we see on the runway this week. I'm on it was. It's not it's it's serviceable. You know what I mean. Ever since I've heard Brent use it all the time but it's like I I think the they did they will great from the neck up you know and I definitely see a bit of a family resemblance. I feel like some of the of the of the little. I don't go with makeup terminology but the stuff around the is. I could see what she was doing there and I mean she really lucked out and getting the partner that she did because I think she's probably like the most charismatic out of any of them. I mean maybe with the exception of Janet Planet she was just like so ready to just dive in and I think that her energy really helped sell what might not be a particularly stellar. Look but because the energy was I mean because of the fact that we are so down to the wire it's still going to like not end up working Jackie's favor but I feel like if this Philip if this were if this competition taking place a little earlier in the competition. I wonder if Jackie would still be in the bottom Brad. What did you think about Jackie and snacky this week boy? I did not care for this. I thought this was worse than what they were giving them credit for. I thought that the drag looked really small really small like there was nothing big in fun about it like she was in like a waitress cocktail dress. Like there wasn't a lot to it. It was what Rob Ross said. Where Yeah like. I said I do not believe it was good. But if you'RE GONNA go with with the thought that it's good in was good everything else or everyone else was trying to be great and I really felt like Jackie. Just mailed it in here like okay a pantsuit and cocktail dress. That's what you're doing for your family resemblance and like I thought that the hair actually was the worst part of it. The hair looks like helmet hair. It looks like it's literally been sprayed with aqua net and frozen in place. There's no body or moving. I don't even particularly care for the shape of it like we always talk about how G G has like helmets. But this look like helmet hair like kick look good. The makeup I don't think is even close And I don't even I really don't think it is Maybe around the is a little bit but like I don't feel like they look. I feel like the the I make up shadow on. Jackie is so much heavier then. What is on what's her name. I'm looking tiffany and the the outlets while there is a little bit of mirroring with the color line it. It doesn't quite do it for me. Because the because the outfits are dissimilar like in order for for mirroring to work outfits have to be the same shape of the same size like where Sherry pies like red and gold and golden red and in there the same type and you you look at them and you get it But this I again. I thought she looked like I thought it looked like Jackie was the rich sister and it looked like tiffany was the less fun less sexy one. Is anyone else getting not now? All I can see his helmet hair on smacky so like that. Not One hundred percent agree with. I think there's a little bit more I guess they do the kind of look like second cousins. They are family but a little bit more distant the Bengals or the am earrings look very similar. The nails of the same To I can see the cheek about the show being a little bit heavier on jockey but the pattern and the color palettes look this. Am I do wonder if how much Okay so. Let's say you know you're going to have to make somebody over and you don't know exactly the size. That person is going to be. Maybe your outfit. Decisions are sort of influenced by that. So maybe Jackie was like Oh. This is an outfit. Because it's shorts so you can easily Taylor the length of the shorts if needed or the like. There's some reason for that also. Sorry I thought it was. I thought it was. I thought it was a Like miniskirts shorts shorts. She does a split. You're right you're right. I'm sorry I forgot about that. Well whatever I still I still hate it. It doesn't matter if it's shorts or not. That's even worse. You're wearing shorts. On the on the runway of rupaul. Drag race. I mean so. So did you think than a man that these two were the clear bottom to looks with Heidi. Jackie being in the bottom two. I unfortunately I really think that there could have been a case made for g g because if you WANNA talk about mailing it and that's straight up late in that's like I mean I guess it was kind of smart on her end in a way because she created such a big look no matter what size somebody was it. Was it probably would fit most people but there was nothing to that. Look I mean even the makeup was just like okay like like I didn't I didn't get it. I didn't get it from cheeky. I ever did get something from Jackie from the neck up because I take the critique about the offense I do The helmet hair. I don't necessarily see because whenever queens go like seventies look the always go for this helmet here like I remember Valentino or something similar on season nine and got such praise from the judges for it like with the same kind of wig so like I just thought that was just like seventy dragway in my mind So I didn't. I didn't take any offense to that but I mean in A. I guess you'd like I said before when it's down to the wire like this. I can see why she was placed in the bottom so I think we said that these were the two bottom pairs I we can. We might as well just talk about next if you're okay with that. I am annoyed about the judging and the way things went at the end of this because gee-gee was fourth here. She was in the bottom okay. She was clearly in my eyes. The number three out of one two three at the bottom and route called her safe right away which is going to lead her to believe that there were four tops and bottoms. No bitch you were in the bottom and I hope that after watching this episode back. She realizes that she was in the bottom once again. 'cause it doesn't annoy me like. I feel like they really gave her a pass. I love the fact that God. What's her face the Star Wars on the panel? Daisy Ridley. Sorry. I blanked under neighbor second. I love that. She basically admitted to being pressured to go along with the panel. And she's still wouldn't she was like I guess. It's like an unpopular opinion. But I was not a big fan of this and then you have. Ross just like defending it to no end wine. Yeah I just loved you. Good they're still sucking her dick so whatever. I I I apparently she can do to run like like I said ru even called her safe like they didn't even make her sweat at the end. Which is what I wanted. I wanted them to make sweat again and realize hey there are people who are doing better than you in in the competition. Right now isolated. As far as the looks go t G. I think the makeup is smart and the outfits are smart but this is like the equivalent of the kid in grade school who turns in a blank piece of paper when asked for an essay answer by the teacher and then says actually that was my answer because yeah the world means nothing like you know like okay like. That's smart but yet I'm still annoyed by it so I completely agree. It did. Give me a very much Alaska. Allstars season two vibes. Maybe just because it was black and white but it was like this very much feels like you're phoning at end like what what what is going like. Okay the makeup skills I get it like G G is gorgeous but I think it was Jada who even said like Shi'as Gorgeous so you put a gorgeous girl and make up. She's GonNa look gorgeous like that's the way that that works so i. I really really wish that they had made it clear that she was in the bottom here on especially considering what everybody else bribe especially considering what she said. Last week they showed that to us for a reason and then it was like they're going to give her a pass gorgeous. Omega remember number she said last week I will not be in the bottom again and yet she was and we got no payoff for that whatsoever. Yes she should have been in the bottom here. I mean the bottom to necessarily to the bottom right to the bottom just like come on. That's not fair that you can get away with this now. She talked a little bit and talked about how we were. I was hoping that this would be you know my mom and I would get to do this together but I think she was prepared regardless or whomever it like this outfit would work. I'm like pretty much anybody so anyway. Fine g good and bb bad. Also with I I. They were going Gaga over. That and I was like that's just so on the nose. I feel sick. I really boring. I wouldn't remember he's recapping. He likes stuff like this. Okay you love what you love him on my heart. It was stupid but like I chuckle and I like that kind of stuff. I was watching the episode with me and he was like. Oh my God. She's going to be bad and then when that was the name she's like I so called Rue says. Don't try and reinvent the wheel. You know like just comment. The best answer is the the the most common so yes. That's right the wheel is fine. Now let's take a break to your word from our sponsors and we are back. Well let's jump back to Jada and jazz essence hall of the Essence Hall family and Jada ended up winning this week. Did you think that this was deserved? Yes and I was really glad it didn't go to Sherry Pi. Yeah I was really worried. There was going to go to Sherry Pie and because remember the time that they take all this. They didn't know what was happening with Sherry pilot. They could have given her the wind and the Queen's would have been fine with it and they would have celebrated and like we would've felt really icky at the end of the episode. I felt like this was the clear winner and I was nervous that they wouldn't give her the wind because she got the win last week. And it's often on repulsed drag race that they give people back to back wins and she is FAA nominal. She is amazing. Jada I stand you like I. I swear to God Jacob when the season she better win because she is absolutely amazing the fact that she can take a girl who looks so unlike her yes. She's pretty but but she doesn't look like her she's a white girl and at that she is an unsteady white girl who has never really walked in heels. Very much. Didn't really like them. Kinda thought Jada the entire way to the point where these queens had a ladies within who were like Adam here I wanna live. My fantasy in. Jada wasn't getting that and I'm sure she might have regretted her choice a little bit at the beginning where her her partner was a little. Bit more introspective and you know had opinions of her own. Wanted to make those opinions known. Jada is a firm Queen where she was like no. We're doing it this way. This is how you gotTa do. And if you're if you're worried about it then you're already defeated like Jada doesn't come from the school of Quito. Von Do where they asked what? Oh why were you wearing the biscuits every week? And she was like I was just prepared in case I needed to lip sync. I wanted to be able to dance and they were like. You're preparing to fail. Jada does not prepare to fail. She came to win. She shoots for the stars and I like like if she was playing a reality show like not like a competitive reality. Show like Big Brother or survivor. She would be like the the Tony because she would be a big baller player. She wants to go out there and absolutely kill each and every time she doesn't care if she becomes a bigger and bigger target. This was phenomenal because I couldn't believe she made this and not only that for the makeup to look as good as it does with the whigs skills that she has to make. That look like seriously. How do you make this white bitch look like how they just phenomenal to me? I'm sorry I keep using. That word phenomenal. Because she's just so amazing in the fact that she was basically our narrator throughout this entire episode and giving US opinions on everybody else and telling us about her struggles with their own superfan and she was also like. I'm like the drag queen to the super fans because I'm babysitting them. Your welcomes like. She's so funny I just she can do no wrong in my eyes. I can't wait to see her win this. I'm I'm just picturing Jada up in a tree in her spine. Gee Tony compare out on my mind. Well how did you feel about eight this week? Okay so I think that the week. I don't know if she won this challenge. Definitely in the top definitely should be commended. For the fact that yes you gotta you gotTa chocolate woman and you gotTa Vanilla woman standing next to each other and you can still see the resemblance and the fact that we got to see so much of her coaching Bethany through this. And like you said Brent like she was like no. We are doing this too well and she did not let up like Bethany was like I don't know about these hills and like I feel like if it were any other queen they might have let their superfan Taco a making them all the way with with their with their vision by Jada was like no. No no no no no no I chose you. You're going to do this. I know that there's something deep inside of you. That has it and you were not no. Let's let's let's get our shit together and I loved that because I was like you would think. Oh superfan you WANNA take it easy on them. They didn't sign up for this like you did. Well actually no. They did sign up for this. I'm sure it's not something back. They're saying like when they get made over so be prepared. So you're you're here. We'll make the best of it so I believe that Jada was the star of this episode. Yes I read the whole the whole little bit about her babysitting kids and talking to the other super fans and trying to make sure they had a great experience. I liked that because I like that. She was about her business but she also was able to recognize. I mean these are just normal people that are on the show with us to have it. They're going to have a good time. Let's let's let's show them a good time so I think that she had a fantastic edit and I. I'm not complaining about her winning because what it does now is tied up with Digi good and makes things interesting for the end of the area. And I don't know I like I said I don't know if she won this for me but I I'm not mad that she did. I think I agree with Amman a little bit more. I Love Jada and I want her to win this season. Like if you made me pick somebody right now. That needs to win Rupaul. Xdrive grace this season like Jada is the first name that would come out of my mouth because the fact that she like rent like you said was able to make this way bitch look like her is absolutely amazing and not only that but Jada 's attitude just makes me so happy inside Jada is i. Will you know I'm like pick going to pick myself up like we're GONNA work through this? We got this. We're GONNA do this and the appreciation that she gave for you know being able to make over the super fans and be there and be supportive is just phenomenal out of this world like I absolutely love it and of course like the looks this week. Gorgeous makeup gorgeous. She is gorgeous however who I think should have won this week and I'm curious if you and I have the same thoughts Was Crystal Method because I think the fact that crystal did this frigging gender. Flip of Bert and Ernie look is insane. Like there's something so incredibly artistic about what she did. This week that for me I think pushes her a little bit over the edge and I think I would have given the win this week to Saul not dead. Chill okay. I'm on Yes. I agree one hundred thousand. I don't give it to the weird queen this week. Give her her coins. She absolutely deserved it. She took it outside of the box. But it wasn't to outside of the box that you will like. What fucking box is this. You understood immediately. What she was going for the makeup it look and people were in the. I'm not sure which one is crystalline. Which one is is is OPAL and I. I agree like you couldn't tally. Because the makeup is so heavy it works. I mean you had a gender flipped Ernie and Bert. Two people that are considered to be iconic. Lgbt characters but not entirely because it's never been confirmed to the fact that she was able to just you know what let me just have own interpretation of them? It's just like these. These are the iconic lgbt characters that we know and love. And I'M GONNA give it to you in this special point of view. I love the fact that she that their faces were Were painted and I love the fact that their arms were fabric. All of the jewelry all of the all of the details the flannel the CI. Like how did she find those shirts? How she does are the exact same colors that burden. Ernie wear everything was perfect and I just the way they committed to it on on stage and everything. I just something that you did. Not Expect and compete. She delivered and it was clear and concise. There was sustained and it was. It was a point of view that you don't often see and yeah maybe you don't always want to give it to the word coming. This show has sometimes it has issues with giving. Shits Weird Queens. We just crowned award winner. So maybe all weeded out. And they're looking for the next best thing which I don't know why though Biji good or whatever. I just feel like this is like this. That was dragged that was ultimate drag this week and she. I think she clearly deserved the win. This time around rants yeah. I can't agree with that and I respect you guys'll opinion and it's fine. It's fine. I thought she was clearly three a three. I thought she was in the top but she was number three for me and this is the reason why because he didn't read his drag to me. It read as costume. And maybe you don't care that there's in my is a difference between those two but I think there is a noticeable definable difference between a Halloween costume and drag and this felt like Halloween costume with the makeup. It did not feel like it took in. Don't come for me. The same amount of effort that Jada essence hall that makeup skills with her queen to make her look like she came from the same family without plastering it onto her. I I thought that was foreign above. What crystal method was doing here and I also take issue with the fact that a mom was like you clearly know what's going on here obviously not because Ross had to ask what the fuck am I looking at so. I don't think that that's necessarily true. The in a good way away fun. Yeah I'm again. I'm not coming for him. It's not like the failed the challenge. They did amazingly well. I had a great time with it. And it's not. I also take issue with the fact that I'm onsite. Well it's outside the box. But it's not so so far outside the like no hunting down the block off the street to the check cashing place like this is like so far away from the box into universe. But it's still fun. It's just that I don't think it's the winter and that's okay like I felt like this to me. This was okay. They were applauding crystal. For sever than always saying you know what we say when you come on rebels drag race to show us who you are but I also felt like this was the easy thing for crystal to do something like this to do the heavy or clown real that she veers too sometimes which to be fair. She has been getting away from in recent weeks. And we've been loving from her so I guess I'm GonNa stand her because she is a queen of makeup skills and can basically do anything. But I wasn't as impressed by you guys but I still loved it. I think for me it okay. Do you guys ever have like? Sometimes you see a piece of our work in a museum or in a store or something and you're like I don't know why I love this and I can't stop staring at it. Let's feel about this. I can understand where you're coming from with the like. What is the you know the the line between something that is maybe more on the costume side versus more in the drag world. But for me I love the art of this and I love the fact that she was able to contour different colors of yellow or different colors of orange like that is a drag makeup. I think is super impressive of DASS. It is amazing to me the fact that I didn't even notice before that the arms are covered with cloth like Burton. Ernie that is so fucking. Coal don't thinks of something like that. So just unshirkable audacity alone like I understand why she's challenging for the win here again for me. I would've gone with Jada but I wouldn't be mad if this was the winter. If that's what they ended up going West but they would have. I felt like if she was going to be the winner they they would have needed to give me a few more editing. I knew she wasn't the winner. By the way the entity was going Which in some ways. I'm kind of a little bitter about because I would have liked like I basically knew it was between Cherry Pie. Jada I was like basically at the end I was like thank God. It's not cherry pie like I wasn't quoting the fact that crystal wasn't amongst the top. Yeah Yeah I really just thought that. It was a feast. You know what I mean like. I just thought it was just so much to chew on and it was just. It was just an invigorating and yeah I mean it sure. It's a little bit on the costume side but crystal method is on the cost side. And that's that's a if there was if there was anything that she was going to do to make somebody else over. I would never have thought that it would be you know what I mean because while because a wild Jada did a fantastic job. It's I I don't remember it. The way that I remember Kristal Kristof his job and the same thing for Sherry Pilic Cherry Pie. Did a fantastic job with that makeup because that did not Janet it did not look like Cherry pies a little sister. It really did so. She did a fantastic job is as far as family resemble respond. Resemblance goes but I just think that crystal sort of took that extra step that none of the other queens dead and I just that's setting it apart from me. Yeah I mean it's definitely outside of the box or the sesame street I guess and just as a as a no before we talk about Cherry Pie briefly Mike Bloom did message me. And he said if we ever do a live. Rha P. B. NBC show. We are dressing like this. My mic also apparently vary like also the fact that crystal meth that had such a great partner in grace where she was just living her life out there. A lot of the other bitches. I think would not have been so enamored about being like painted like Burr from burner. You know what I mean like. I don't think of them would have been like so hip to this. Probably biased for that too like I. I fucking loved Sesame Street as a kid like I was sess too so I'm sure that has a little bit to all this too. I'm the Disney game. Loved Sesame Street Street of it no I do. I do wonder if that had been me like. What would my reaction have bank? I was waiting for that. A little nervously of you know of grace of and like what the fuck. Why am I DRAG? Queen? I'm looking like I look like a clown. But nope she didn't do that okay. Well let's talk about Cherry Pie and Terry Mitsu brand. Because they did look as a mom pointed out exactly the same show alike. I couldn't tell who was who came out and I really couldn't tell who share and WHO's not. I really couldn't. I literally had to like okay. Wait that's Sherry right okay. Yeah that's Sherry. I took me a second. They were so amazing. I I hate giving Cherry Pie props. And we don't have to spend very much time and her by God. Dance looked good. She gave Janet the planet all the family resemblance in the world. And I really thought for a moment that she might be the winner. It was that talent right there to have to be able to do that to somebody's face and just completely transform their image that way And they had like a little stick as well with being waitresses and having the little props on stage with them And you know during the walk through really stress to her that she registers as old and how it's important for sort of shed that image and I didn't really get. I didn't get old from the two of them. You know what I mean. I definitely got older time on which is signature. Cherry Pie AS Roma's point out but I didn't get old when they came down. I got you know too late in the diner taking orders and they looked related that you nailed it so if she did a good job yeah. They looked related in the sense that they look like identical twins. That's that's the one comment that I will give like. I really honestly could not could not tell them apart. Yeah okay so the superfan lip sync is what we get next. Which I thought was kind of like it was fine. I gotTA ZONE OUT DURING IT. But the women looked like they were having fun. Which is Great Opel seriously killed it like it was a little bit like. Oh Sean tell you all stay so. Mary said that I was like Oh. They're not eliminating like oh they're just talking about the super fans. Oh my God Ida frontex that was like hey like let me know as soon as you watched the episode and so when this started the lifting start if they do shenanigans where like the superfan lip syncs and like somebody goes home because of the Superfan or something I was prepared by like some twist turns out it was just a double saying it was like all right. Yeah exactly like it would've died okay. Well Gina wins the challenge here. Which like you guys pointed out her third win which girl and then we have the lip sync between Heidi and Jackie Amman. How did you feel like this? Do you think that I don't know? How did you feel about this whole thing? I thought it was good. Sometimes with these double Sean Hayes. And they don't they don't happen often but the thing that worries me about them is like somebody the clear winner here and because of the fact of how scheduling works. This is going to be a double Shaun tait anyway. But now it's bad because somebody should clearly should have gone home and you just had some sort of like edited the best that you could but I didn't get that vibe. I WANNA see felt like the two of them. Approach this lipstick from two different point of views. I mean you guys Jackie in the comedy routine which sometimes get a registered as like a bit of a cop out or as like you either do too much and it's like okay like this is just. You're not taking this seriously. I think she did a good job. And you know Heidi's a dancing queen so she's always going to turn it out but I think that it was a pretty levelly matched lip sync. So I kind of saw the Double Sean. Payton coming. A bit of it has to do with new. How a new where. The finale was supposed to land. So we're going to hold up. The numbers aren't adding up. Something's GonNa but something's about to happen but it wasn't like I wasn't able to tell I was I was like seriously like wondering who the fuck is going to go home because the two of them are really neck and neck right now. Yeah I could tell. I'll I think that Amman's right. It was built into the episode whenever you have this kind of an amazing song as the lift sink. The show is preparing because they know that there are just certain songs like drag Queens are always going to kill and this was killed by both of them they were really really good And I knew instantly once. They told Heidi that she was safe. I knew the Jackie was also saved because they gave Jackie that preys on the judging panel when Michelle was like she was like Freaking Gilda. Radner up there like. They wouldn't let that in if they were about to eliminate her so you knew the Jackie was saying I was just waiting for Rupaul to say it they also did it in a different way. Usually rawls like Shanta. You both stay but this time. She was like Heidi you stay. Jackie girl it's been fun. We liked your magic tour and we're about to get a little bit more of it because you stay like I. I enjoyed that very much. Yeah I guess he did it to like really Shaker. You wanted to ask you to really feel the pressure of it all because she just been in the bottom already so yeah I was still living in my fantasy world where I thought that the super fans had no idea there being made over so I was like Oh. She's going to go home because even they had the hug. Where Heidi you got to walk all the way to the back and like you guys harder about you know. They did the whole thing it was like. Oh that's so then. Of course it was a you know a non elimination. I think was a lot of fun because of the sort of two different approaches. The one thing I could not stop staring out though. It was high eighty with those sleeves when she was like windmilling them around. I thought that was so. She was trying to get her cocoa trees. Yeah that was that was. I couldn't stop staring at Heidi's WIG line. I kept like she was with the net hair around everywhere. I kept waiting for it to fall off the fact that she had that. Shit pinned and taped in there. So well girl. I give you major props for because I can't stand it when wigs fly up on the runway during the live sinks in the fact that she was working her ass off. But it's still sit on her head girl. You better work Completely agree and Jackie doing the humor. Like Gilda radner approach. I thought was also pretty fun. It made like a neat contrast with the two different approaches and for an Amazing Song. So here we are with a non elimination episode. We are still at our top six slash five and we will next week most likely be down to our top five slash four of which could be. Pretty Lake. Oh my God. I don't even know what to think or feel literally don't even know what's GonNa Happen Now. Like I feel like this was like a bit of a reset in my brain lake. Obviously not all of them are on the same playing field. But I honestly filling gets sort of anybody's game especially with what we know about Cherry Pie so this is actually I mean i. I was sort of bummed at the beginning of the season. Because like Oh my God this sherry politics like ruined everything but now that we know she's pretty much a non factor from here on out. I'm like This is interesting again. What's going to happen? Yeah and I agree with a like a such a solid group of girls it has. This has been a really fun season given what happened. Obviously really quickly. I do interrupt but Cherry Pie obviously not going to make the grand finale. So this is striking to me because we're at the top six and that means that two of Jackie. Heidi and crystal method are going to make the final four if they do a final four like that because Jerry. Pye Isn't there and so and somebody else isn't there so only one of them cannot be there. Two of them are going to be there if they do a top for those home next episodes. That's it I'm going to find a forest. I mean well. There's a part of are they going to do like a top three light you know like I could see Ruderman like fucked up top three but I really hope they do do a top four. It's kind of like really really up in the air because we don't even know what they're gonNA do in terms of filming because true that down so yeah I mean those. These are all like good points. Because let's let's work through it right so let's assume we lose someone next week and then we lose someone the week after so then. Does that group Agra before do they become the top three because like a month? You know you pointed out. We don't know what the finale is. GonNa look like unless any of you guys have any insight. I think Mike Bloom actually put up a poll. Awhile ago I don't know. Where does he tweets so much but it was like? What do you think is going to happen? Is it going to be an announcement? Do you think there's actually going to be some sort of lip sync competition? They don't know they don't know let's be like there's still like they're like us they're just like waiting for the world's reopened just like just pure speculation on my part but if I had to guess I would assume that they would probably follow the lead of other reality shows like survivor that are choosing to do Virtual Finales and so. They'll do that but I could see something like because virtual drag shows are all the rage nowadays because no one can go out to the clubs so I wouldn't be surprised if these queens that are in the in. The finale have a small team of people that get put together to create lift think performances Because gee-gee good was already doing that like as soon as the shutdown happened. I wouldn't be surprised if we get a final four. And they all independently create their own liftings. And then Rupaul like decides from there like I don't. I don't know interest. I don't know the so the ink masters. Apparently this is according to PIA on twitter. Inc Masters canceled their live finale. All three finalists received a cash prize. So I don't know if they would do something like an insane also are already came off the hills that Arthur ash and again. I don't do that shit again on that again. Yeah so I guess we'll just have to stay tuned It's possible could just like have them each do a lip sync like virtual of sink and then just name the winner like not not through a lip sync competition but just like you know to to quote Unquote Impress Roo. One last time and then name a winner like they did back through seasons one through eight well and that would make sense. They could do a top three right because then it doesn't have to be bracket you just play you eliminate Cherry Pie the final three. You do it that way. And then you have the winner announced. I could definitely see something like that but then. Oh yeah okay. Okay yeah the point yes. Yeah because if they do do the final four in but that was never mind never mind. Okay Yeah Okay Okay untucked. This week was boring so I don't know if anybody would say actually I didn't watch it again because again it taped after it's not. Dvr It's not taping untucked and I'm really annoyed about it because you re and a half hours. I don't know why it's because it's my my my. Dvr Is taping secret celebrity drag race but it for some reason it's not grabbing untucked. I don't know why it's not. It's drag race. Hello well next week. We get the mini challenge of puppets is back who think God so excited and our main challenge is going to be a one woman show with whoopie. Goldberg is our guest looking. Okay okay that it was how coincidental it was. That both Heidi Jackie war seventies outfits seventies lifting. Get your hat. People kids if they were like we have to make this team too so the two bitches of the disco outfits. You're going to be left singing right. Okay let's talk about secrets celebrity. Draw Grace Brian. How did you feel about this episode? This was a lot of fun. I didn't have as much fun as I did last week. With the three guys who were on the show but I still had a fantastic time. I couldn't believe it when Vanessa Williams walked out on again. I'm forty five years old so I was alive when Vanessa Williams was crowned the first black Miss America right was Miss America. Miss USA. I forget Yes Erica and I reserved on. Her crown was taken away from her. I remember being in the car with my mom and we heard the news on the radio. We were like you know. Traveling somewhere and they. They said her crown was taken away on the radio. And I was like why we knew that. Yeah and I'm almost like because they. They found these nudie pictures of her. And I'm like and like she won. How can they take it away from her? And no concept of the world at the time when I was eight years old but Yeah she she is the epitome of a good comeback because she lost everything and then came back stronger and has been giving us the best for last for the past twenty five years and we are loving her for it. So I love this Williams. Also I did see on her wikipedia page. It's been updated where they have all of her titles so mismatch missing. Orrick Missouri Cues America's next celebrity is right there at the top which I love I'm a mind. What did you think about this episode? I really enjoyed this episode. I made my heart warm then. All the contestants were black women older black men was a nice touch Lonnie love listen. I love her but I'm so appreciative. Of just how much emotion she was willing to share with us but she was going through something and it's episode soon in tears every other segment. I'm like what's going on Mama like. Are you okay like but she? She was clearly having an effect on her and I am glad that she was there. Felt like she really needed it. So I think that it is a much more Heartfelt and emotional more warm of an episode than the premier And I feel like they might be ramping it up. You know in terms of like the secret celebrity -ness of it all because I'm not as familiar with tammy roaming because I don't watch any. I don't watch basketball any of that. Yeah I do. I did know who she was So it looks like at least for me. I feel like they might be climbing Stare and how these how well knowing that celebrities are going to be because all three of these people. I was definitely more familiar with than last week. so it was. I thought I thought that it was really really cool. I thought that was just so. She wish her energy was so infectious. A love the fact that her and Eliza we're partners because I felt like they just they just felt like kindred spirit to me. She need a cocktail. All of that was just so funny. I take your point about Vanessa Williams. I'm also a bit of a Vanessa Williams Stan. I was first introduced to her through a little movie called Family Johnson Families Family vacation and I loved her in that and so I just yeah. It's just I felt like to actually have an idea of what the show was about. This one a little bit more smooth to me. I love the fact that they chose to do Larussa Coll- After that was a nice touch for the for the three of them as well. I just love this episode. All around I thought it was really really cool. Yeah I'm a Liana really quickly I Have I love Vanessa Williams but I loved her so much because I have an award show fan. You know how like I'm on is at Disney Stan. I'm like an award show Stan. I got an award show Gabe and so there was a time where Vanessa Williams was nominated for best supporting actress in a comedy series at the Emmys and it was for ugly Betty and there were it was like Amy Poehler and a bunch of other people and any polar got all of the women who were in the category to these weird eyeglasses. Like one had like like Sunglasses like these big glasses. One had like a monocle. One had like a little like little like disguises. Right okay. Then they're going through all of them and they're like you know any polar for a Saturday night live and you know like Julia Louis Dreyfuss for whatever it was like six people who are all supporting actresses and then Vanessa Williams and Vanessa Williams not only doesn't have the little outfit on that everybody else who was in on the gag did but she's also staring at the camera like I'm too famous for this shit. I watch wait this out. This is good said. Yeah that's the Williams. We love you and I but I I didn't know who the fuck tammy Roman was. She was a lot of fun and I loved her energy. Throughout this episode. I'll agree with them on on that but I didn't think she was a very good drag performer. Because when she came on the on the stage you could definitely tell the difference between Vanessa Williams and Lonnie love and somebody like Tammy. Roman who clearly doesn't have much of a stage background because Tammy wasn't giving us drag drag up sings. She was just sort of lip. Synching like you'd lip sing to the spoken word. Like her mouth wasn't big. She wasn't giving energy. She wasn't doing it extra like it was just like mouthing the words do you know where. I'm coming from not feel you. I think that if they both had a better idea of what they were supposed to do. And the fact that Vanessa Williams is a pageant grow already pageant girl So she's sort of like had she knew how to To carry herself on stage more so than the tammy would have and her and Rupaul have been friends for decades so going on here. Tim Forehand still. She was a judge right inside has been a judge George Strait. Yeah so without going up but I I was actually really interested. I was just thinking about the logic behind this episode being the second episode versus the first episode. I don't know maybe if this is kind of what they're going for is like Oh. We either wanted to pair this with the like makeover challenge because it was all women we have like women as competitors. Or because of Vanessa will I? I knew all three of these people. I did not know any of the people. Why New Niko but just I knew his name whereas like I was familiar with all three of these people so I thought that was kind of an interesting choice because obviously none of these have to be an order but but anyway and it was a great thing Asia Trinity Melissa Back on our screens as well. I think God Asia when she came out Let's let's make these butterflies lake fly or something we we can teachings butterflies how to fly. Yeah there was no good. What a good sense of humor you like have to Latin. We're halfway through your celebrity drag race so we'll have two more episodes of that coming up in the next couple weeks. I think that wraps everything up for us. So let's get out of here brand her you doing. What are you up to? I'm going to be podcasting this evening. So probably after you guys. Listen to this. And it's downloaded into the feed but there is an amazing game of Sequester. That's going to be played tonight between a bunch of twitter and youtubers and actors and entertainers and our own. Amman add win is playing in it. Taryn Armstrong playing in its. I'm very excited. I'M GONNA be on cursed Kennison's channel calling the action during the breaks and I'm hoping for in Amman Taryn Vinyl to hear anyway. That's where I'll be. You can always find me at one lucky gay on twitter. That's one spelled out E and I'm living my best live how you doing and well Amman. You are playing the game tonight. Although probably by the time most people here this you all have hopefully one right away. I'm going to do my damndest but you can also follow me on. Add Win and check out all the stuff that I got going on over there all right and you can follow me on. Twitter outlay on our age this week for the RTP BNB. Mike and I talk to Lauren Beck from survivor. Season thirty nine. She was forgetting so we play some insane games. She was down for all of it and just really enjoyed our time talking to Lauren. Look out for that also talking about Massingir with Julia. That's going on so listen. Okay also become a patron of rob has a podcast. Checkout DOT COM. Leave US star ratings and reviews on itunes or the drag race wrap-up shoutout to Scott air behind the scenes. And we will talk known I.

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