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Waffle House with Carl Tart (LIVE)


This is a head gum podcast. On April seven nineteen seventy nine president, Jimmy Carter signed up land, technocratic, and vaguely ominous sounding executive order called reorganization plan, number three, this X created the Federal Emergency Management agency, or FEMA, the US government's official disaster response. Femurs effectiveness seems to waver based on the administration under which it serves is become a critical branch of the federal government, especially as climate change leads ever more frequent destructive floods wildfires tornadoes, and hurricanes in twenty eleven female minister, Craig Fugate, in search of an easy shorthand for the public understands severity of storms created an index named after twenty four seven southern breakfast eatery because of the chains present scattered across the most storm prone areas of the US, as well as its refusal close except under near apocalypse circumstances. The index is vivid indicator of how hard our region surrounding given restaurant head level. Green means that location, full menu vailable yellow only limited venue, often because a backup generators been drafted into action and red means closed in which case to quote, FEMA administered, or Fugate, that's really bad. The chain in question was founded in nineteen fifty five and even Dallas dates Georgia, but has its origins, part in getting New England where co founder Joe Rogers started Connecticut's Tuttle house today, this different house named efforts, most popular menu item has over two thousand locations at half the US states and over two hundred and Alabama alone and it's index persist an important media tool though. The chain prides itself on keeping red alerts to an absolute minimum, as CEO won't Aamer, Sydney, twenty twelve interview after many of the storms. It's very often that will hear from folks. This is the first hot meal. I've had a week this week on dope boys, waffle house. What's up guys, boys? Jesus christ. No added immediate fuck up before what a way to say. Guys use song loose sitting to my left over. Our producer extraordinaire. Not our usual setup having you song in plain sight of the audience for people listening. But I think I like it. I like the state's picture you look over there. You look like the world's. Meekest. DJ. Doodo for DJ. Sorry. Guys. Very very excited to be here. Bama guest first time Pam. How you guys doing? Lovely people here, everyone very nice. But before we go any further, we gotta get not nice. This week's roast is courtesy of that beta. Alex eighty one let me introduce my co host the living body of scattered smothered and covered. Make some noise spoon man. Fell. You know. Do you think Bruce Bruce or Seinfeld comes up onstage nervously runs off to get their laptop? Yeah. No. Those are like comedian, I'm a guy who reads dry, monologue, cripple, Wikipedia and treats here. God. And we review fast food poorly. Fair enough. Mitch scattered smothered and covered in reference to a hash Brown, preparation this rise chain. Also, the name of Hootie and the blowfish album. Wow, I'm curious as a fan of Dave Matthews. How do you feel about Hootie and the gang? I feel like it's similar sort of sort of easy rock, right? Yeah. It's one. It's Hootie and the blowfish is fun. We all who enjoy. Kind of mixed reaction. Like thirty percent of the audience is on board. I wanna be with you. That's a good song was cheesecake factory wants and true. This is true as cheesecake factory and would like that song was playing on the and as we sat down it hit it hit the end of the chorus and at that exact moment, our waiter like approach the table and joined in only wanna be with us. How you folks doing tonight? Now it's like I'm tip in forty percent. This book and rules. Yeah. It was great. He saw Mark coming in. He made us. Nick, I was like, I was like, I'm gonna like not shave and go big bearded for Alabama. You know. And then I kinda look like shit. Everyone else looks good. No one is a while. People are bearded, but they say hair of their beers. I just looked crazy. I mean in all fairness, that's not the reason you look like shit. Many factors player feeling like shit do you're having some Tommy tra-. I'm having a bad tour folks. How's the do held in the south is everyone have constant like stomach aches? Fuck do you guys. Why do we like this? It's insane. Well, people just like cheered for. It's beautiful. It's beautiful down here. It's really judical. I keep saying the word picturesque because I'm driving through the countryside. It's great. It is Victor. I've spent fifty percent of my time in a bathroom. Yeah. But it's great outside of the bathroom is usually great from your normal average of forty five percent. Oh, I got to play, well, disposed nation. Let's play a little drop here. Boy this. I was a kid, I was reading tropic of cancer. There's a friend tells them about like fucking. So I tried it approaching my final thrust site. Yeah. Hit nothing to break into three separate pieces. God. Return innocence. What was the music bed there? What was that track? It was return to innocence and Don was your story about fucking apple. I know that. I understood no ampoules. A lot of bananas so far. I'm a banana freak I've been I've been eating those bad boys like Stewart and the gang. Like I'm groups crew. Yeah. You've been in nuts. I've noticed I you know what you're talking about somewhat. You're having some digestive issues banana day. But in a day keeps the rumbles away, that's never been said so congrats on saying sentence. That's never been said I've coined a phrase that was from Nick and bitch. I'm a big fan of really enjoyed meeting the two of you and you song at your life shows Chicago upon telling Mitch at the meet-and-greet, oh, I should read this beforehand, the meet-and-greet I am college freshmen at Dayton. He warned me, not to waste my youth. So I decided to make a drop spoon nation for life. Thanks kale, with the K like the food. Oh, very funds. Very fun. All right. We're going to get walkout soon. Do you. And I don't wanna call you too much on your, I'm not I'm not under a victim blame here. But how much of the intestinal distress do you think is self imposed like white lake? Could you maybe integrates more kale into your diet? Like, have some more go. You're not doing me for I'm not trying to I'm trying to come to a solution that benefits you. It's all on me. It's all my fault rate. It is we've eaten like how we had B's and it really is. It's spicy chicken. Do you have the hot chicken down? Here's the thing less of a thing, more of a tendency thing a little bit. Why is it called Huntsville, four hunting? That's a genuine question is the catch up. You guys know kinds banned in the city. Limits. Hunts is Huntsville with z. No, I don't think so. No, it's about with Z name their town after catch up. It was named after hunting that makes more sense, I think I've six one dozen of the other and the home of space camp. Yes, the Marshall space Flight Center, right here do have any space space camp. Attendees in the audience, they don't go to space camp here attending, but he's. I guess alums is some shouts over there. Very cool. Wow. How about that? There's some guys that look like into space, apparently. So this is where if you want on Nicolosi, and this is you'd get sent to Huntsville. Is that true? Those kids for in first prize. I feel like. What do you mean by that? I feel like I always thought, you got out of Florida like near Nickelodeon studios. You go to Huntsville. Wait. So you're talking about if you win a prize on Nickelodeon game space camp. It might be crazy here. That's, that's that was the thing they all came to Huntsville. That's weird. I think there's our. Oh, okay. That's that mystery they probably sent him to spill hope the Huntsville one. Mitch. We've got a lot to discuss. But for let's introduce our gas or very, very excited to have him from comedy bang Brooklyn nine nine arrests development. Give it up for the great Carl tart. What an injury coral came out holding three drinks. One for me one for Mitch one for himself. He said, I couldn't come on this the drinks. Would never do that Karl. Thank you for being here, not from Alabama. But from Mississippi. We got any mississippians here. Shout out. All right. Where did you grow up, specifically grew up in pascagoula Mississippi Gulf Coast? Everyone is nodding knowingly shared a God. I know what that is. Industrial town Chevron oil refinery their angles shipbuilding, where most of the navy ships that we send out in the world. I've built right in my hometown. Wow. Very cool. Yeah. Flakes. Yeah. We've been spending some time together in the past the past couple of days, we had a flight over. We were sitting in a row, and it was I was in the middle of you guys. And we got I say we got some pretty close company there. So clearly mentioned two kings and. And but Nick had enough space. So to you song, he said us up with that comfort, plus. I know of y'all know about it, but you need to get on it, and it was that was room. You sung is hiding behind his laptops, crane like ducking down. Ms asleep for most of the flight curl to the window, but Nick was sitting in the middle like very scrunched in. Yeah. Work on his labs. I'm like, Nick, you got room right lane over. We know each other we've been friends for awhile and he was just like. Nope. And so, then I started to get a little self conscious I see the room in between us feel bigger than I am giving me body does morphine, I felt, I felt like I felt because I felt very self conscious about that. I was like, I am I recoil from physical, touch, which is I think I know about myself. I know that's the thing of like, wow. What a lucky wife you. I know this thing about myself, but you pointed out, I was like I am kind of just like scrunched up in here. I should I should expand out a little bit. But then when I found myself doing it, I was like I was like, no, I was like touching. The touching walls was spikes closing except they work spice cozy, and there were two of my buddies. What are you talking about? You think we're spikes? I don't Mitch and I have very smooth shoulders. What would what notes were you riding on your laptop? Don't forget, laptop. Clue that backfired. Yeah. We had a nice time we had some, some drinks last night. We went out and had a little bit of some libations. We shared with buddy usong-ho, that was a lot of fun. House were set up with so the, the club air is very, very nice to, to set us up a little place where we're staying and bits. You're. Bits you're downstairs, you and I and use aren't kind downstairs Carl. You kind of got the, the upstairs bedroom. But let me just say this man, the fucking lot. I can't believe how this would be like, I can't believe how much space there is the front yard, the backyard. It's ridiculous. The acreage that this house is like not amazing houses, sitting on, it's a nice house. I'm not trying to criticize the house club provided very nice house. But I can't believe this space down here. That's the thing that maybe startled me the most somebody lived his life in southern California space. Yes. Then in more ways than one a keen observation from the gentleman the audience. What, what was it like as someone who grew up in a special time in Mississippi? And then spent the other half of your childhood in LA. What was that adjustment light? It was tough. Like, when I was growing up, we could go anywhere. We'd ride our bikes all around town, go fishing every like me and my friends would leave at early in the morning, especially in the summertime, we leave early morning wouldn't come back to relate at night. My grandmoms yard is like the size of a football field is huge and own. It now. Flex number two so much. And. I moved to California and we immediately were in, like apartments and stuff. I couldn't go outside and play like us, too. So I would just be like sitting at the edge of the of the gate like one of those puppies in this era McLaughlin, commercial. Run out. But I had to stay in this apartment complex because we, we lived in the hood. Right, mom single mother. Like we couldn't move somewhere. Not could ish like you just didn't just didn't have the means. And so I had to learn how to. Basically, like play by myself. Right. And like there was other kids, sometimes in the complex and stuff like that we all just had. So it was very different than being able to roam around the whole city where you only have to worry about a couple of pedophile. My going to a place where there's so many more so anymore, ails of society. Right. Like Los Angeles. I'm not sure how many pedophile in Huntsville, they're most likely at the show tonight if I had to guess, Carl you, you already proved helpful in translated from a you translator, southern to me. We went to the rental car company. The guys I don't need it Conan. And I was like what the fuck? We leave in the airport, and the rental car place. And the man said, hey, how you doing take the bar code on your car right here? And just like what? I had no idea what he was talking, Mitch. He needs to check the bar code on the door. He. I had translated a form. I've been told I speak fucked up my entire life. Feel welcome to you got up. Yeah. That guy that guy went to, like co worker on breaker? I was like, man. This Boston guy can understand what the funky was. Talking about dogs with that. So we do have one thing we want to address. It's kind of meta here. So for people who just recap here because some of you may not be following boys on Twitter and for those who are follow a different account. There's nothing good on there. But this past week, we kind of had a little bit of a thing with our friend actor, comedian alum, cloud on Obama native aka molasses boy, great great great actor before. All right. And he, he took to Twitter to. He wanted to be the second guess, to our show. We couldn't logistically make it happen. He went to took to Twitter to try to rally people to, to his defense, which certainly worked, but we couldn't work it out. And so as a result, he lashed out and called for a molasses boycott of this performance on his name, we retaliated intern by instituting a molasses ban. We are taking Allen, not out of not just out of live shows, but out of our studio shows and potentially our back catalogue. If this keeps going, and then he escalated that further anyway, just wanted to dress it here, but but move forward, but it felt like thing we had to acknowledge because it's on social media. So agreed. Shut up. For many talk. So slowly, he certainly had a lot to say fast. Weak certainly crammed a lot of words into his Twitter. But let's talk about this week's restaurant a little bit. So I never been this place. I'd never been before. I want to bring up the menu here. Mitch Benn previously been once before I had you been in the south. Oh, I went in Florida Lord. Okay. With that qualifies. Yes. Florida waffle houses and fuck Florida's space camp. I'm with it. So you went you went to one in Florida, I'm gonna bring the menu so we can look at this, and this is. Weird laptops like super sticky and. There's something on the table. Not surprised actually, there is kind of a sticky weird film on the table. Come thing like my laptops. Yes. That's the way laptop stick. Yes, you're lapdogs sticky for obviously beating off and blasting on my keys like a fucking animal. She's, yes. That's what I was implying. There is something there's some sticky sort of. This week. Oh my God. Sports. Thank you, sir. Protests works. God, Allen's here. What the hell you had molasses on your hands, boys. The molasses is on your hands, boys. In the green room. That's opposed to be under locking key. Who's the owner of this establishment? I had my ways I run the state. The state of Alabama state of Alabama, not politically charged. Have my ways? Made it. Wow. This is bullshit. I'm yeah. Clearly people did not really follow through on the molasses boycott decided to lift the boycott. Thank you. That's very big of you. Perhaps. Lift lifted the boycott, we can lift the ban. We can have peace peace in our time. Alan, I like having peace in our time. I think we have something about us to acknowledge, which is something where I know that we're different men from different parts of the country, we've known each other for a while, and realized, fundamentally, we're the same because I learned that you and I have the same wallet. Dear God wider. We both have a fabric wallet from Herschel brand, this same color blue with red inside, who you think any would find this fascinating? We have flakes flay. I have this is revealed that Allen's here with us. And then I bring up you hit the same fucking wallet statement. I have a statement. He has a statement brief statement to read, quiet, quiet everyone now. Stop laughing from that wallet. Reveal guys all exploded that. You know, visual properties works well for podcast and we did it. My statement is as follows. I was born not far from the rocket city. In Florence Alabama. People. I graduated from space camp a mission specialist. First class. Wow. Is that good? Yeah. Yeah, I was all of nine years old. And yet really just a boy. Last week, I expressed my dismay for being passed over as the second guest. In addition to the incomparable, Carl tart. Thank you king for the Doboy live show here in Huntsville. Did I receive a listening ear? No. I received nothing but cruel, threats and hate speech. In response to my full-throated statements and by full-throated. I do not mean what white hopes to feel child enters the room. Fucking. The victims of the great molasses flood of nineteen nineteen did not die in vain. Now that the molasses band is officially lifted. The melas boycott is as well. If you can't your membership to the burger brigade, please recommit, your membership status, self deported from burger nation dust off the citizenship papers if you left the name gang beat yourself back in. If you cancelled your patriot or otherwise subscribe from the Doboy Bod casts, that's probably for the best. And thank you for standing sticking with molasses. Boy, thank you. Immoral words of James Hatfield and Justice for all rest in peace. James have feel. James feels dead. Yeah. Lead singer Metallica. Very sad. James hatfield. I said he was lead singer. Nobody. Oh, that's what you say. I can't understand nothing. Come on. He lives on all of us freedom fighters. Glad that's over. Thank you for being allies. Very starring. There you go if you don't know what we're talking about. Just go to Twitter dot com do it now during the show dot com. More entertaining than what's happening up here. Alan, you your nickname molasses. Boy, we also learned coral, you yourself have a new nickname. Yeah. I'm not a slow as molasses but not as fast water. So I'm surp- puppy. Syrup poppy, you're a poppy. That's good syrup, poppy molasses boy together again. You went to space camp. I did I did. I was I was on course to be an astronaut and. I got into com- there's no way you'd be ready in the ten count. There's no way you would be ready to go to space. Have you ever seen a fast astronaut in space? Okay. Fair. So that's not the gravitational poll causing them to move slower. They naturally take slow. There are naturally, slow like sloth everybody ten nine I'm just kidding my soon. Wound sick. That would always advertise space camp on TV when I was little, I would say, like grandma, I wanna go to that. And she'd be like shut up. You go into the boys and Girls Club. My grandfather got gave me gift of going to space camp, because I was would just otherwise be playing ditches in the woods and stuff. So yeah, not long. I think I was talking a lot about base camp because I saw the movie and then he sent me there, I forgot about the movie my mom sent me a camp. Fateh not a fat camp. And I've said this before, but she's like, I was going to send you this camp data and then I found out that the priest was touching the campers and I was like you set me to camp, Fatima, she's still sent me to Fatima. And she's like I called and I talked to them, and I said, no one, no one, better, touch my son. Song. Insee. She shouldn't say Fatima. It was a fact. It was called camp out. Our Lady Fatima some lady, I dunno wish she was she. I don't think she was fat. I think this is very much in vain what you're saying right now. She's a friend of Mary, I don't know of anyone else. Who is does anyone who fat is thima thima is what it is. Also, I just had a wrong. Here's. There's a priest they're back in those priests. She sent me there, I was there. I nothing happened. It was all good. What were the activities? What kind of camp was this? It was it was a little boys camp. I don't know. Swimming, and. Horse is. There was our tree. You went to you went to math different stuff to like a religious side do it. Yeah, I, I went to fights with Breese. Is that what you want to say I wasn't driving towards? It's not my sensibility. I'm not a predator. We. I went to camp aero bear which was a music camp. And yes, so I would go up there and we play play band play orchestra and band camp. I went to ban cow. Let me tell you. It's not like American pie presents. I mean I went to blue lake camp. You went to what blue leg anybody. Wow, what are you not from Alabama? They might have changed the color of the water. Talking with a British accent. So. Do question space related question have astronaut ice cream. I feel like is something you're very excited to have as a kid, and it never lives up to its potential has everyone here. Had it have we all had astronaut ice cream dip and Dutt's. No, I don't mean ice cream that's the ice cream of the future. Huge duper ice cream is the, the freeze dried like it's like a block. It's like an ice cream sandwich Bakley, but it old dipping dots would be a mess in space. Yeah. Fly everywhere trying to catch us. I've had I've had Astra ice cream. Yes. What did you like it sucks? Right. Yeah. It's kind of bad. Yeah, it is. It's bad. Like why did they make that why don't they just astronauts, can eat ice cream in space? Like how like why not I wouldn't wouldn't you rather have like a cookie ship cookie in space? I guess the crumbs would be an issue right? We got a bus outside go to space camp. Everyone. We brought some chips deluxe. We're going to settle this. No, like like famous Amos a little cookie that you could do one shot. I think that would work. I don't think you can't I don't think you can have crumbs and space will. Yeah. You don't crumbs are not ideal. But they get all into the controls jam the instrument true space camp alone. Yeah. You can't have that control. What's that? A little league sports. Oh, okay. No, I was not. So you have to understand is cream is usually treat for job well done. And if you have made it to space, you've done a great job. Distraught. Are you gotta get some ice cream? Their cookies is like anybody cookies is screaming. Oh, you did a good job. Right funny, as I always, I agree with you at such, but every time I taste here by bike. It's not bad. And I think I was doing that because I felt bad for astronaut. That had to eat it in space as an astronaut, it's rough. It's rough up their food situation, the waste management up. There's you were talking about. Did they tell you that space camp is like a diaper vacuum situation? What is it? It's diaper vacuum. It's a combo. Yeah. It's a combo. It's like a thing you know, vacuum on your butt, and sort of a blowjob machine on your penis. Interesting. That was their words. That's what they say. The same thing, actually. You know what? Now, I'm rethinking if we're diapers space. Maybe I could be an astronaut. I actually wet the bed it's base camp because I was so nervous you really a mission specialist. Is that true? I did. How did you what happened was the liquid started to float up in the air because of the zero gravity, there's zero g scale if you've seen Donnie Darko, you know, the tentacle. Liquid tentacle. That's what happened. There's yellow liquid tentacle Donnie, Darko young. Thank you. I just remember. I remember the rabbit, the scary rabbit, mascot, suit, and Jake Jalen all over much of that movie saw him to basecamp. Alan. You're just lying. You're just one. How do you know? Touche. Let's talk about this week's restaurant, waffle house coral Allen. Both sons of the south. This must be a chain that you have a connection with from your childhoods. Absolutely also important chain after hurricanes. Yes. Nineteen ninety-five hurricane Opal after right after that hit. It wasn't. It was just a rainstorm right time it got us. But we went to while for house. A stronger hurricane in two thousand five hurricane Ivan that was the big one before Katrina hit. You went to house Katrina waffle house out Gauchet Mississippi. Is gone. They rebuilt it but it's always open right after the stone. Right. That's crazy. That's kind of a point of pride, just like a woman in there with a cigarette in her mouth, what you. Seeing if she ain't got a cigarette in ashington into your Brown's the food, they're gonna be good. There was a hurricane Mitch. There was a hurricane Mitch it became my nickname on the football team. You molasses boy on the football team. They called me hurricane. Mitch. Three football players up here right in the south. I was rooting from the stands in the marching band. Cool too. It was cool. It was cool. I was very Barrasso Cain. Mitch get in there. And then I would tackle someone slide off over them. Very I was very I was, I was a categories Eero hurricane. Carl. Did you ever have a sports nickname of any sort? No. My last name is tart that pretty much took the cake. Nobody really gave me nicknames outside right? Waffle house connection from your childhood. There was a waffle house pretty much any house that we moved to, there would be a waffle house around the house in the house. Wow. My dad would make breakfast. And you'd say. Welcome to the waffle house. So I was surprised when we went to place that was called the waffle. Is my dad here? He wasn't there. But it was always a good place. You could go as a kid, because you'd make like some lawn mowing money or something. You know, and they'd go have a nice meal. It's still have any leftover. For the date or whatever, what have you. You seem like a very old young man. How long did it take you to moa lawn? Feels like a weekend job. I mean the lawns are big here. So it took a long time space ground to cover. Yeah, some endurance you know, you gotta have a headset. You gotta be listening some jams. That was before podcasts. I'm surprised everyone yard wasn't a jungle before podcasts. Am I right? I learned to drive on a ride and more. Did you really? Tell her how to drive the anybody showed at experience pretty thing. Wow. This is a soda thing for sure. I do not know this. This is bizarre to me. It's bizarre that it's legal to drive a machine. That's got blades flying. Years old. Wow. Writing more nine. Then the next year my grandma, you can do that. Well, let me teach you how to drive actual case. I gotta go to the hospital. Was she? Okay. I was raised by my great grandma. Okay. Yeah. So she was an older woman. Yeah. Yeah. So she was like gays. I have fall. That's all that. Oh, women is, is if they fall not actually help issues, what's making you fall fall. You could take me to the house Biddle drive. My Cadillac, I'm scared of that. Now. I've had some. I mean, I've, I've do have falls our live show. It's Gago you fucking wiped out finished like we finished the show and I was walking off stage, waving people. And there was like the floor had a small lip, where they were risers see the lip and I tripped over it and face planted. My laptop went flying. It was right. Like it was the biggest reaction we got. Down hard people like like added me or DM me after the show, like, hey, man. I saw that. Like are you all? And then I didn't reply, which I probably. Hanging didn't give us any. Worried about you've become in a coma. I honestly I had like a huge bruise on my leg that lasted like almost two weeks, and it was one of those things. Oh, I'm getting old. And in a few years that will be thing, where I won't break, my hip, or tear my ACL or something. And obviously shut down for like a year, Christ. To everyone's thinking about mortality. Good job, Nick, I fallen I hit my head. I hit my head on the plane twice and I was like, oh man. This is this is these are going to add up. This before, but you're unfunny Mr. bean. You get a Turkey stuck on your head. But everyone's like, oh, no. Is he okay? Yeah. Right. Get the Turkey off his head just bums. Everyone out Nick's gonna to CTE from hitting his head. Do you play football? No. Mitch. A lot of men lose their hair. In fact, two thirds of men lose their hair by age thirty five. Wow, Nick, I'm thirty six. I'm thirty eight thirty eight. So got a full head of hair to I'm looking good. No, I'm actually my hairlines receding. I've got a little bald spot that keeps growing. And the thing is when you start to notice hair loss. It's already too late. It's easier to keep the hair you have to replace the hair. You've lost if you got that bald spot, your hair lines starting to slowly move backs minds backing up Nick I get more and more forehead each year. You know what that is the sound of my hairline backing up? You know what mine is? I had I had a four head. Now, I'm like a six or seven head. Just keeps growing. But, you know, when people say, hey, there's something on your head. You understand what they're talking about. How do you mean my six or seven head? It's kind of in between there right now. How will you feel you're from now, if it's business as usual up there, talking about the top of your dome mask? You, do you want to bald spot the pop up or do you want to do something about it? I, I want to do something about do you want your hairline to recede. Or do you want to do something about it? I do verse. Why do guys turn to weird solutions or do nothing when they can turn to medicine and science because we're scared, well, you know what four hymns dot com is a one stop shop for hair loss skin care, sexual wellness for men. Sure, what sexual wellness concept four into you. Thanks to science baldness can be optional hymns connects you with real doctors and medical grade solutions to treat hair loss. 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If you went to see the doctor or a pharmacy, go to four hams dot com slash Doboy. That's F. O. R H, I M, S dot com slash DO. H. B O. I S Doboy for him dot com slash Doboy. Boys. Waffle house. Let me say this as far as my. My my, my first ever visit at the lovely location in one of the several locations in Huntsville, the corner of four mile post road and Carl T Jones drive, and some great southern street, names and. And just reconnected with me how much I love like breakfast because that was again as a kid like like biscuits and gravy, and getting the southern California version. So of course, I'm sure everyone here would turn up their noses at it. But that was one of my favorites it would be like a guy could have booed him. If you wanted to I conceded that it's probably an inferior interpretation. You're right. But, but that was like a favorite of mine. Those like shit. I can get this. And, and so, like I love going I love going today overall without spoiling where I'm going to my review, Mitch. What did you think of this, this waffle house, visit in general in the abstract in the abstract? Yeah. The idea of an actual waffle house is exciting to me. Right. Faucets. You turn on and Sierra comes out. And the soap is melted. Butter say. So in the abstract, that's what I think of awful house, I bed to while the house once before. When I went to the Super Bowl down in Florida with my dad way back in the day. Okay. And so I had experience at once and I remembered, the how many Super Bowls have you been to go every year. You asshole, I've been to I've been to three three Super Bowl. That's right. Tom Brady's bend to like nine of who cares. What are you guys are you titles? Are you guys? Hey, I love the titans. Wait roll tide. Any any who that? Goad who that? Where eagle. Couldn't bring myself to say. I love pandering. So keep them coming. The thing that I remember my waffle house, I was like, whoa, they can do all this stuff to hash Browns. Right. That's incredible. I never knew that. Let's talk about that real quick because here are the preparations that they offer on the menu. And I don't know if there's some sort of secret menu here. But this is what they say. You can get smothered, covered chunked diced peppered, capped topped, and country, a lot of lot of different variations there. And they eat your captors, mushrooms, peppered is, is hot peppers country gravy, you can kind of piece together, what they are from the description, but those adjectives are fun. You say you can figure it out, or you can't a little country. Just means gravy, automatically. It does mean gravy. Some of these makes sense, only in hindsight, like the only knowing this knowing smothered means grilled onions, I believe knowing some other means grilled onions, like, then in hindsight. You can be like oh yeah. That kind of makes sense. Knowing covered means cheese, knowing chunks means ham, I believe, just junk means something, what is being chunk is ham with the focus diced tomatoes. Okay. They all make sense in hindsight. You kind of have to know but I got all of them wrong. Got a few rain. I love the variation. I love that. You can customize it to, to a very degrees. What's your guys go? I mean maybe we should get into this when we get to our view. But do you guys have a go-to with the way you get your hashbrowns? Is that how you got it today? They actually got my wrong today. Oh, go smothered and covered. Okay. They chunked it was it was ham in my has, and I had never eaten that. But after I took a couple of days, I was like, all right. That'll do. Alan smothered, and covered generally, but today, I tried a different Araya diced and and peppered. But I think now that I think about it. I'm just recalling. I don't think they smothered it. No shit there. Right. I did not notice that at all. When I got it because there's so much food in front of you. When you have seven different plates food, it's, it's not like I'll notice that one little detail. I got mine smothered and peppered. We all we all gotta ask I got my in smother peppered and. Hold on. I'm trying to find the shot of the hot sauce that I took because they have a great name for their hot sauce. I should've written into my notes costs. Yes. Siniora Jackie's CASA day waffle. That's a delight, and that's their Connie sauce, which is which is medium and. Seniora Jackie was so nice to. She works there. She's very pleasant. I love the dice dice, you get like sliced jalapenos in it, and you get a lot of them like, they're not fucking around, like you're really, really getting a lot of spice in there. And it's, it's, it's great that they offer that because I think there's outside of that may be an absence of. There's not a ton of spicy stuff on the menu. Mitch what did you think of your hashbrowns? I loved him. I got smothered covered. Dyson cubed. Talked. Those are hidden head hit him. Anyway. I I I loved them. I I was a little hesitant about chunk. I got I got cubed. Oh, it's not cute. Okay. So I you grow chunked chunked instead of cute and chunk to chunk to chunk to as good. I enjoyed it wasn't overwhelming. It sounds it does sound gross as an adjective, Hubert or no chunked chunks. I keep forgetting it's chunked show, does sound, bad sounds gross. Yes. It sounds like you for it's like it's like very foul. I just can. It does it sounds like that. Sounds foul. What it was delicious. Right. Not if you're talking about dicing Pam. We get in. Dyson ham that good ham kitchen. That's fair Allen in the exact context, that it means on the menu, it does not sound in context in that context. You're right. Glad I made that point. That point. I love I love. I love, I love the hash Browns. They're well they're awesome. They have like a great that great Christmas, wait to scatter, just that just because they are scattered scattered. I think they put it on the floor. Do you have to like a dog? I believe, yes, it's weird because I offered I asked for that. And they made me a plate like a man. No. I like I like the. I like the crisp texture to them, and they're like they're like super buttery like they have a lot of flavor yet. They're really well made Browns. Backing up. I got myself a Cup of coffee and a water. I just take my coffee black stretch. Strong. Diner coffee. Good coffee. What did you guys think that Cup of Joe was a great Cup of Joe? I had one. My stomach is hurting. Everyone suggest I drink a Cup of coffee did nothing. So now I'm scared. It's like let's put some gas when you were like let's add the grill is a work and let's put some gas in there and it's like it's still not working and you're still like that. Feels like what's going on right now? I shouldn't talk about this too much. I think everyone understands what you're trying to pretty bad situation. You might have said, on a wine cork or something. Did not sit. You think there's a wide plugging me up? I don't know what else that is. We went to directly next door to a CBS. Come on, like, we'll we'll figure this out for you. Oh, please don't do this. And we went to the pharmacy, and he was like, hey, excuse me, like do you have anything for the patient and the lady was like constipation? And he was like, yeah, anything, we're constipation. She's like we have this. You have anything that will work quick and she's like, what the fuck you talking about is like, it's four my friend, and I was just dating rain. Decks, and then she's like we have suppositories and ooh. Those work. I was like, what are your phone, not putting suppository anywhere? That's what you saw. We were going to help out. We're not making you put us a positive NB. It's actually. Do damage copy late. Trying to help. Ellen. Did you like your coffee? Oh, yeah. I like I like my coffee took a took. She. You're rubbing my face now. Just put in a suppository anyway. I'm feeling good. You were so lose enthused about the positive story. I mean it's all it's real. It's a real human problem pharmacist was nonplussed with us. It's like what do you suppose that normal are they? Goes forward. He doesn't go backwards. Makes sense. You're comparing. What is pacman and this area? Are the ghosts. This depositories. Guys, watch future. Rama? Ever. So where the professor trying to get gigs of the tour. They wouldn't take him. Yes as asking. Episode on the big screen. Good. Carl. You got yourself a sweet tea. Waffle house. We was good. I don't like coffee if I'm tired. I drink Coca Cola. But you sir. Thank you. Wait known somebody who gets it the guy who clapped worker shirt that says Nicaragua hates fries. It's not true. I love fries. Jesus. I got hashbrowns today because that's what you get with breakfast, vice tried to be there. Jason last night. We went to Drake's, and Nick, y nice, and Nick had a couple of mitch's Browns and winced. Hold on. Say this about Drake's bathrooms. Drake's it was that was a fun. That was fun bar. We had up last, there's sort of an indoor outdoor detaining area, a lot of fun. Last hour was us going. We get another drink. While Mitch tries to take poop. And then all of a sudden suppositories were slipped under my stall from our. No other food food podcast will dedicate twenty minutes to discussing host inability to shit what the Doboy bring related. So we got the and this might be a I in the podcast we all got the same thing, which I think is maybe thing to get at least for me is Neil fight. It's an incredible value, the all-star special. For the all stars. Standing ovation? So everyone is on their feet. It everyone's on their feet is wild. They're all breaking their chairs. My question about that all star breakfast. How has waffle house ever made any money? It's kind of crazy, but it's insane. It's crazy. The amount they offer for that price. Let's run down. Let's run down exactly what you get. And then we'll take a bite of by item. You get one waffle two weeks any way you like grits toast, or biscuit. And then your breakfast, meat choice bread, bacon. Sausage city ham, or country, you want to spend extra dollar city ham is what cured country ham is dry cured as a general rule. So that's they're gonna open a city pig. Like a pig who grew up in an urban area like a pig who has an apartment and a job. Bape too. Right. That's the distinction city ham, babe to babe pig pig in the city country. Babe one, so. Let me start without waffle and Carl you richly joined us for roscoe's chicken, and waffle episode, which is an institution out in LA. They do a great. They do great. Waffles, there the waffle at the waffle house. How do you feel about that bad? That is the only waffle that I think compares to roscoe's. Wow. But also, I like waffle house is more. Wow. See the thing is when I moved from Mississippi LA, I needed something substitute waffle house, rain, roscoe's came closest right? It does not compare waffle house. I was say while the house, my favorite restaurant in the country. Yeah. When I have some thoughts. This is not over yet. No. But yet a waffle was good. I like a soft while I like thin waffle. I don't need a big crispy while. Yeah, yeah. I'm definitely more in this sort of the style of waffle making his opposed to like that, that told Belgian waffle, which is a little too much. Deep dish waffle, waffle style this what's going on here? Stick Bilgin waffle those are fine. But I didn't. Hit on the wrong side. The texture like the soft texture works really. Well, it's got a great, great flavor to it. The whips you get a waffle house whip spread which is our own. Branded butter adjacent substance and some syrup to throw on there. I thought it was it was like perfectly. What else could I want waffle house delivers on having a delightful waffle? I thought it was going bitch Allen. We are thoughts. Do you love them? So go ahead. What? Well, not that. I love the waffles. Oh, yeah. Paying attention to the show. What? Where am I? Yeah. I love the waffle. I love that it came. I it's the butter like you said, it's whipped. I think it makes it melt faster sprouts, very fast in the grits to back to the waffle. You know you get that sweet sweet syrup. I'm a bit of a sweet seeker. Thank you. Nice to get that waffle out of the way I. And then enjoy the rest of the meal, which I eight hundred and ten percent of is this is this common how they do things at waffle house. They give you the items as they as they are ready, or do they normally just give you a full breakfast. This is the first time that happened. Okay. I wasn't overly pleased when my thoughts. I was when, when they gave us the waffles purposely. Well, first of all, I want to have y'all. I it's very, nice very nice, but then I was like, I'm trying to make this closer to win. My actual food comes because I wanna mix everything together damn. That was a good strategy to, to, to wait so that you could combine everything I think that's what every component that you get on your plate. They don't really see them stuff. So you can you can tailor it to your seasoning preferences. Right. And then also everything the flavors, just right. So that you can combine a little bite of sausage or what have you with a bite of a waffle, and maybe egg on the same bite, and all it all works together very well. Yes. King. You had a Carl. You had a grid hack which will get to in a second, where we get to the Brits. I want to say I was raised on Belgian waffle. Yes. Okay. My dad made me Belgian waffles. He's passed away. Now you feel good. I see this thin little waffle house, waffle coming on, like there's no way, there's no way this is going to be. And then they serve it. I which I actually liked because I always like have a sweet dessert. Sorry. Sweet breakfast thing almost like a dessert. Right. And they bring it out and I taste it. And I was it's good as hell it soft. I wish my dad was here now. So I could tell them you were wrong. Wrong. Dad. He was he was he was he was he made take Belgium. They were very good too. But for for, for how thin they are there. They still remain fluffy. Just get the different. Vice I told Allen, this while I was eating I was like as a boy, I always thought the syrup was such an important component of the walk. But that we've putter so it's almost more important than the Shirley. Yeah. It's so good. I don't know about all that. Yeah. I'm not a big fan of Europe. So. Belgian waffles, just they can go to hell. I don't. Country to in the country. Gudgeon go to hell. Gasoline drawl zone. So the. The eggs. I got my eggs scrambled. They're good. They're well, they're well-made diner eggs. It's definitely a step up from what I'd get it like a Denny's. Which, I guess, is in the comparable price range. What did you guys all think of your eggs, can go down the line, Carl banks fluffy American cheese on? That's what I do. They were good. They cook cooked to perfection. You know, not burnt running. Definitely not burn or runny, consistency was good. Mitch why have a lot to say about the eggs. Wow, there's a reason why do you? I'm gonna get into it right now. Lease I copied Carl, I said, I'll get some cheese in those eggs. Yes. And then I also got grits in. I'm a Massachusetts boy. I'm sorry. I don't know what the fuck grits are. It's confusing to me, this weird white paste on the grave. Why would you the host of a food podcast? What grits are? I'm scared by. And these guys said to me they both of you said put butter in there, you put salt and pepper on there. I said, all right. I taste not bad at it's still kind of tastes like nothing and then they were like, well, you got to put some of those eggs in there, eat the grits with the ags. That was. Are you talking about put my eggs in there? Yeah. And you said that in the restaurant everyone's head stern. I think I have said about, you don't use that language in your serve. Cheesy eggs with my grits and convert. It's so it was so good. I swear to God I I loved it. I loved it was, so it feels like it doubled your of eggs, like it was like a hack where it's like filler or something, I like I have a mound of eggs now that I didn't have before. That was the aforementioned hack I was mentioning the eggs, and the grits really plus up the grits. The grits were nice Allen, your eggs, and grits thoughts. I enjoyed just the regular eggs, because again, it's I always put the eggs, I rarely just have egg alone. It's usually do a little stab put a little egg on my four stab a little piece of my maybe some grits. You are the last school. They're, they're component of a larger. It's like. Voltron or something right? Everybody. You know. So. Yeah, no. They were great. And then the get your choice at toaster. Biscuit. I went with that biscuit and gravy, a childhood favourite. This is USA observation that I am stealing a lot of times when you get a biscuit, in gravy, a subpar biscuit, will be covered up by gravy like dry. Biscuit will be the voice of the gravy will compensate for the dryness, the biscuit, here, the biscuit, I thought was was fluffy and moist. There was moist throughout. And I thought that worked really while very satisfying biscuit and gravy. I loved it. I mean it the amount of starch in this meal is insane. The fact that you're having you get a waffle and grits, and toaster biscuit, is out of control. It's and then we added hashbrowns it was with four different start sources. It's crazy. Is this normal breakfast? Hell this breakfast is like if you spend the night as somebody's house, right? And you wake. Well, I guess I'll just whip some again, I'll see what I have in the fridge and is usually Disney, that's insane is the life expectancy like forty one down here. We all feel sleep, the moment, we got home. We oughta lie every single one of us for Nick who can't nap all of us fell asleep. You song you fell asleep to everyone was passed out from this breakfast frayed. They thought they lost us after we all will go by where is us. We were, we were genuinely afraid that you got kidnapped or we're like is you song missing? And then we took no action. Sat on the couch and watch storage wars for like. I looked for a missing persons report online, but I realize we would be the ones that have to file. That's true would have to come from us. Your guys thoughts on the car will start with you on on your toast, or biscuit option. I was that bread toes. I didn't need it. Wait to the end. Yeah. I just didn't get to it. I got you. I'm gonna take boy, but I feel up quick guy. So I've noticed that this trip, you Nick, and I have no control. We eat everything in front of us. Honestly, what makes me so mad at God because? Don't eat that much. I'm actually a slow eater. And I'd usually don't finish my food and yet I cannot stop ballooning. Honesty in Alabama right now. But in Hollywood, that's not a good thing. It affects my career. Even as a writer. Like one less chair. They made me get an extra eat bound in the writer's room. Mitch. You also got the biscuit and gravy. What did you think of that? I loved it, it was great. I don't actually toast guy, but the I mean, it was just insane. This meal was insane. It was so much food while I was already built. So, so I was sweating because I felt sick and I was just filled with food. And then I added more food on top of it probably gonna pass away tonight. Good riddance. Hi everyone. But you can't die. There's no better place to die than Huntsville. Fuck Lamey up against a tree. I'll be happy as hell. That's the city slogan. I think. Try to hold the biscuit gravy was great. Yeah. And also, I saved I had some sausage. So I saved some of that sausage and was eating the sausage with with the biscuit grabby, and you gave me you gave me the wall, waffle piece to eat with my sauce, which was very I wanted you to have the experience of having a waffle in the sausage together. Almost as if voltron, if he were taking. Right. If you're taking a bite them voltron. The ended up my meat choice. I went with the city ham, which I thought was was solid good. It's a little bit. Nice. Greasy is fun. What you guys think of your breakfast meats, got the sausage, eighty when my waffle was delicious. And it was recommended by our waitress, you get like a little a little Patty, like a small disc because as opposed to the link but packs a punch, Nick, it's, it's not just it's their hardy for a little guys. They're good, right? It's a nice salty by it's a little chunky chew. Go on. Did you see much? Salty. First one, I believe, juicy much was the other. Brown. Brown round. I think we've chronicled our meal in, in, in great detail. Let's get to our final ranking of waffle house, based on this experience. And for those of us to whom it applies our previous experiences. So Allan, McLeod will start over on the end with you, you know how this works. You'll sort of talk us through your waffle house experience, and then give us a rating from zero to five forks, go ahead. Okay. So I had the all-star breakfast as we all discussed, and I like I said, I didn't mind it was unusual the welfare came first, but and nothing else for a little while, but it was fine with that because I got my sausages fairly close to that time. And. Let's see. It was it was delicious. It was great. You know, it was I got to mix my stuff. It was fun to talk about different flavor combinations. And make all my little voltron bides and the. I mean like I said, I eight eight everything up, I think that you also have to have an attachment to while full house. It's just ubiquitous in the south. I have. You know, it's, it's, it's a very, very good value for what you get a mess. We have never had to enforce this, but I should I feel like I should give you a heads on your you, you have a four hour time. Can I get a little extra time? Sure. We'll give. Okay. Greg. That I. Got all star breakfast. So the voltron and so everything was was good. It's a prising lead. Always prizes, me how filling it is. When you know you see because it's like it's not like it covers the plate like amount of food. It's kind of spread out, so then you shocked when you feel full but. So anyway, I would say. See if I left anything out here. Yeah. You know, you have the freedom to season it to your taste. And freedom is so important these days. And so, I would give, I would I would give waffle house. Three folks. Plus. I'm not doing my fucking shit. Turn on me. Plus, for dollops of molasses. Jesus. We, we don't know the exchange rate. This two forks. It is four. One dollars equal to one prong of fork. We still don't know how to do the math. Four four pro for prongs. Yeah. So I guess that's four four four four. Wow. Great score. For a second. Forget. Curl tart direction. You review is headed. But please give can I ask a question. Is that normal speed to you? People down here. Do we do? Nikola Danisco sound like micro machines, the micro machine. Are we talking fast? Swee are, wow, you didn't know everybody's got earpieces in translates, everything saying that guy booth from the Hertz rent. A car is translating for everybody on the. Carl your your your review your score. So I hold off a house, very near and dear to my heart. It comes hits close to home every time I have it from Mississippi. I've eaten it after storms. I've eaten it on regular nights on Friday nights after football games when too young deuce, w go to the wild for house. Everybody's there. Leigh feels a great amount of nostalgia cones with the wild house, today's meal was no exception, the waffle came early, and I won't hold that against them. The folks that was in. There was very nice about away soon as we pulled up Nick went out to take pictures of building stuff like that. And the women who are working with, like, what the hell is going on, like stick out the window. Oh my gosh. Caught up police Nick for taking the pictures. They were like you guys are not from here. That's what I said immediately. I enjoy my meal immensely. I was at a waffle house in Atlanta and I watched the do quit his job and a very. Big fashion. The manager was being dig to him like he was taking orders and you know how to yell to the cook. So the guys cook in the food, and the managers, Lyonnaise mother covered. He's like, like I said, I need smothered and covered who's working. I don't even think he was a manager. I think he was just like at the register. So he felt this power and he was he's at the reason I said, I need some other cover. He's, I heard you talking to me like that in front of the customers, he's fucked, you, man. Got to talk to, you live sit thought this ain't nothing. And he just went off on a do he took his, he took his apron off and put it on the Griddle. And I was like, that's about to be good as ale going gonna get two meals today, already know that Griddle hose different kind of spice like a cast iron Skillet that apron, Eddie hat on I was like, oh my God. This would be good today. So I love while house. This gives no less than five forks from me. Mike Mitchell, the spoon man, your review your fork score, rarely am I awake for breakfast. The breakfast our and I don't work well together. Waffle houses. It's great Nick, there's not much more. I can say about it than than what I've already said. It's just a it's just a classic breakfast. Diner? That's done so, well, here's my one complaint. The booths are fucking small tight boats, aren't you guys big down here? What, what the hell's going on our tiny we moved from the booth to the counter to accommodate our party? Yeah. Yes. You about to say I was going to be pissed cents. I am not. We had we had to wheel Mitch over to counter. I I'm mobile. I'm six one two hundred pounds. I'm not a small man. Like I was a little tight in those booths to six two hundred snack alert. Six to one eighty five. Everyone do that was a lot. Everyone's belly laughing at me being one eighty five. The posts are too, small can make bigger boots. Come on waffle house. We've all progress like Pokemon. We're at the next level. Now, we need bigger. We need picker booths. We need bigger boots over there. Am I going to deduct points for it? No five four. That's real. I'm not drying. I know that I, I try to dislike make everyone. Was that? Thank you for reminding me. I'm an idiot people. Tried not pandering. I'm not I it's a five four restaurants. Good as hell, there was a we did. We did. We did a chain in Vancouver. Japa- dog. And you told I li- li- because you're scared of the crowd, and you said it was a four fork restaurant that backstage we were like it's really two forks. Dog was bad. I was afraid. They were mean crowd. These people are nice. I feel like. I feel like you believe it and I will also give my disclaimer that this is not pandering. I can't like this is like this was like a breakfast fiend. This was like a whereas whereas waffle house bed. Oh my life. I can't imagine how many, I think about all of the breakfast, I spent wasted at like Denny's, and Karros. What was I doing what was I doing this? Great. This would've been my favorite restaurant is a kid. I hope some open out on the on the west coast sometime. Maybe part of its charm, is that it is so entrenched, chiefly, the south of the heartland, all-star special dream team because every component works. Yeah. I'm just gonna say. I hope there are some spare drops of molasses around because our special guests molasses boy is the only one keeping this out of the platinum play club at the sands five four. Didn't smoke. Did not smother while he's sticking to his guns. They did. He is Bill. We were roughing. Send let's get them. Let's send a rock and send them to. Please do. I would love it. Well, it's no one criticizes my speed in space. It's in the golden play club, which is quite an honor, maybe someday. I'll get in that plan to play club. Congratulations to waffle house. Folks, that was a wobble house. It's time for say, but we've got a food stuff. We're decide if you put in your mouth, it's snacker wack. Take it away on MacLeod. I'm glad I. Com. Better mixed. Kood any been playing but I would. The pipes on molasses boy. So we've rented, we got a couple of items. We're going to taste tests, real quick running tied in time that we can take some questions for guys. We've got these golden flake. These are some chips that Allen, we're local of looks like they're from Birmingham. And these are the sweet heat barbecue ones. I recommended these two boys because this is next. I grew up with. I'm personally a big fan of the deal pickle golden flake. We've thought about getting dill pickle. But we saw connection here with, you know, Alan as mid something of a sweet seeker. I of course, said I have something heat seeker. So. Some real brand synergy here. These are great. They have a little bit of an after burn and nicely. Sweet barbecue flavor. What do you guys think? I go snack again, not entering I've forgotten got an orange juice. I waffle house. I was the orange juice. So still five forks. Yes. Okay. A water in a coffee. These are snacks. These are good. Really? He's really good. I like little barbecue. A spicy barbecue is great barbecue works while barbecue. Yeah. They get that. Carl. What do you think? You've had the flaming hot lays, right? Yes. Yes. Imagining they added a drop of barbecue. I think these what that would be. Yeah. Say you're getting hot is like, yeah, but that Loeb, little touch barbecue makes them really tasty. It's delightful snack for me. Alan molasses sometimes used in barbecue. Sauces. What do you think of this sweetie? I think it's a nice balance of heat and sweep. Especially like that. It's a soft crunch a not, like, really hard crunch. Do with that. What you will. So definitely it's, wow. Snacks down the line. That sounds like. And then we've got the Carl. You said snack. Right. And then we've also got the correct pronunciation is a great Butko or graphical. Great mako. So we got some great because this is a sparkling grapes, ODA. A southern thing for one hundred years, it says, which is which is nice for this. That's a melted offer pop really, really great sweep. I like the carbonation. I think that really works. What do you guys think of this, this, this, this would be great on a nice hot summer day? Yeah. I'm very refreshing. Yeah. I mean, this is a drink, as well or drank drank, this is delicious. But it also adds to the fact that you guys eat like shit. Carl, what do you think of this, this Ota? I've never had great Bacau before they don't have to Mississippi as we don't have this. When we drink knee high in Fago. Okay. I fake like a jug alot, like juggle out. They took that from us. I think we took it from Detroit is a mid west thing. But I like it. Kind of hard for me to dislike grape soda, right? Right. Not what you're thinking. I just like soda. Thank you. Good night. Alan, and this is a favorite of yours. Did you have this your kid? I definitely had. When I was a kid. It's conjuring all sorts of memories right now. But you know it's not it's good. It's. You know, it's a good flavor. I think it's improved even since I was a kid. It makes me. Almost feel like I'm in the vineyards of Napa. But yeah, no it's good. I'd drink half of my. Drank half of the grape co. It's definitely it's. Yeah, for sure. No, right. Thirty five grams of sugar. A magic consuming this regularly that they're toothpaste thirty five grand here. That was Necker wax lash, drinkers this, this guy who was laughing before, is now mad at me. Kick my ass after the show. VIP experience, by the way, the, the meet-and-greet will be up here on stage after the show will be about five minutes. They let everyone get settled and then you guys can land up over there. But just like a restaurant, we also wait, my mom's Frank Cathy, is that you there? I can't the come down here and say Hello afterwards. That's my mom's friend. She rules. I feel bad here. I don't know what you're going to tell my mom, I hope you'll report back. Your son is wasting life loss Angeles. She just tells your mom like the molasses ban was lifted. Talking about. Restaurant feedback. Let's feedback. Okay. So we have time for three audience questions, real quick. You song over there producer is going to roam around with a microphone. So if you have a question, go ahead and ask it. And if you ask a question, we'll give you a great Moco. Drake. Hi, my question is, what is your fast food desert? Trough. Orff's. Wow. Fast food. Deserts ri- force. I wanna say that. You said, if you ask the question you get somebody offers. Oh shit. Everyone's hands are up like comes up with a clearly fake question. Do you think pretzels or real? Fast food desert try force. That's I think you have to put a Wendy's frosty in there. Yes. Beyond that. I, I mean, this is this is almost it's going to be ice cream base. There's gotta be ones that aren't scream. This is almost a cliche, but I was going to say like the McDonald's apple pie feel like just a craving. Some people might say mcflurry some people might say that chocolate Sunday. I think it's whatever you had is a kid scratches that nostalgia. But that third slot is tough anything come to mind any fast food deserts the fancy Wendy's. Burger King Dutch, apple pie always. I haven't had that in a long time. But that was very, very good as I said, before, I'm not a fan of the Europeans, but they. The country the countinent, but people, but when I found out that applies actually in American institution, Nuys screamed in good. Stony alright. Ellena Ellen any thoughts on the fast food. Deserts. I mean, an accurate heckle. Like McDonalds shake, or somebody like Frappuccino or something. Popeye's has has a mardi gras cheesecake, that is. What did you say? Can you translate that? Aggress dry desert. It's quite delicious. Bo- bury biscuit. Oh. Boba biscuit. All right. Thank you. Is a berry that grows Huntsville? Are you song found next questioner? We did question. But we suite on bunch of options. Ari to notes. One question. Shit. Let me just go to a question. Carl Carl walking. Hey girl, I need you one. You guys between two thousand fourteen two thousand seventeen came to Tig. Wedding. And you didn't go to a place called Gorz words just the shit. Oh, shit harles. Vista breakfast is this shit. Thank you. That was in Mississippi Mississippi thing we're missing. Okay, how did you don't want to this wedding? I was an early adopter, after you guys were on Dan, Harmon's podcast listening. Someone someone texted me on Mitch pizza. You're in the bathroom right now, aren't you? And I was. Who was it? It was, I was in the bathroom you free. How did you know what is what's your deal? I want to removed. So I'm gonna say you're doing it to service to your fans and the south that went you travel down here for leisure. You don't go to our local chains. We're dying so much food. We do have to minimize chain restaurant consumption outside of the podcast because we're doing we do it twice a week. And it's a lot, but that's we, we also have our indulgences, but please get your question. That was my question. Answered my question. All right. Great. One more question. I guess this. Yes, hi. You doing in episode one sixteen. Carl tar talked about the beautiful Roscoe chicken, waffles breakfast dinner. So what is your favorite breakfast and dinner combination? Favorite breakfast dinner. Right now, combination combination, it has to be chicken. I like breakfast more than anything. So I'll eat a bowl of pebbles within. Which is what I think they use the mardi gras cheesecake at Popeye's, but I was when I found when I found that fried chicken, and waffles was a combination because that's a LA thing. I don't and I loved it. I enjoyed it the most thanks so much. The last question was for one guy on the panel. Not out of the park, roscoe's nephew, Freddie has chicken waffle stand on the big island of Hawaii. Is that true? Is this another little black? This is another lie. This is true. There's never been one life. That's true. That's true. There was one lie. Not one lie. Tonight. The molasses flood is a real thing that happened molasses flood of nineteen nineteen. Boston. That's real. Yeah. Overcome by molasses your ancestors were almost wiped down. This blood your mom's friend is shaking her head in disbelief. Guys, thanks much going out. That's it for this give it up. Produced. Happy. Podcast.

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