Get Out There: In Honor Of Earth Day


This is wls am eight five. I'm jonathan wilson. It's time now for our weekly conversation about ways to explore the washington region. It's called get out there. I'm joined by staff writer. Elliot williams in dc est arts and food editor lori mccue. Welcome to the both of you. Hey there hey so. Today is earth day and i hear there's a lot going on around the region to celebrate elliott one major festival. I always look forward to this time of year. The living earth festival. What can folks expect from that this year. yes so. This event is hosted by the national museum of the american indian which is hosting a ton of virtual programming. Today through sunday. Participants can watch film. Screenings cooking demonstrations and panel discussions these presentations focus on agricultural trends business innovation and sustainability within native communities. It's free which is great and definitely worth checking out laurie. How about for people who want to incorporate some more earth friendly practices into their weekend. Are there any recommendations. Well one thing. I'm always trying to do is get more plants in my home. Well correction plants. That i can actually keep alive. I want those in house. If that also applies to you other two events that might be able to help us out this weekend. I is the slow food. Dc plant swap. Basically you bring in plants that either don't thrive in your home or maybe you just don't love anymore and you pick up some new ones while you're there That's taking place at three stars brewery this weekend so there will be plenty of beer to celebrate your new Family members as well. And if you're looking for you know more activities and things to do a group fence atoll d. c. is putting on an earth fest in park on saturday They'll be swapping seedlings as well and also gardening supplies. You know if you wanna get your gardens started. And they're going to be crafts for kids and adults one of them. I hear is going to be a giant art project that's gonna use up cycled materials. I hear crocheting is involved. So if you're crocheter and you want to celebrate her birthday that one's you very cool Elliott earth day is also a day when folks like to give back maybe make our landscape a nice place to live or nicer place to live. Are there any volunteering opportunities out there. That people should know about their sure are one i'm looking at is a cleanup happening in anacostia park on sunday. The group that's hosting it is called district cleanups. It's meeting at the roller skating pavilion and splitting up into socially distanced teams to pick up trash along the riverbank. All day all right. Let's look forward to the weekend more. Generally laurie what are you going to be getting up to well. as usual. i have Some local theater news. So simon godwin. He's the artistic director of shakespeare theater. Here in dc. He directed this production of romeo and juliet for london's national theatre. It's stars josh. O'connor he just played prince charles on the crown And jessie buckley who was just in one of my favorite movies of last year. It's called. I'm thinking of ending things. So this romeo and juliet is a televised play. It's premiering on pbs. This weekend and shakespeare theater is throwing a little virtual pre. Show party to celebrate I'm always looking forward to checking out new local theater. So i'm excited very cool. Jessie buckley also ensure noble by the bureau miniseries. She was awesome in that elliot. What about you. Everyone knows. I'm a fan of standup comedy. Group called e. science comedy is hosting a virtual comedy show called for earth on saturday and is play on words. Right judah friedlander from thirty rock. He's just one of the guests That will be doing standup the host. Promise that the show will be both informative and hotter than earth's global record for the past ten years so sounds like something you'll get some laughs from and some. Yeah that's pretty hot. All right elliot. Williams is a staff writer at c. Laurie mchugh editor at dc s. You can find additional coverage of arts and culture on our website w. a. m. u. dot org and at dot com elliott and laurie. Thanks always thank you thank you.

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