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Don't we're now recording. So Watch you watch everything like the daily show last night. When you said we were doing drugs. Know. Chris rock is here everybody. Yeah. He he he's spoken of on this podcast often. Finally finally, finally, he's the shadow executives of this shadow. Never will hear it but you know you you. We both play a large role in one another's lives over the phone. Now, he's going to deny it. and. And it's nice to be here. You appreciate y'all coming to my home. Rental. Home you. Sny California. As I work on Machiavelli. As I work on my new Elvis and you're doing press for Fargo season for and also you're learning disabilities wasn't really You know things come out Neil. I, public me. I'm just and it's easier than apologize to a lot of people individually. says. Over the airwaves yeah. Okay. I guess I. that it was very satisfying for me for you to have a learning disability because. Careful careful. Satisfying for me because. We would argue about your. Are Different styles. Basically I feel like I made you less cynical and you made me more cynical. Meaning I have that effect on people? On, the world and somebody that affect people. and. I would argue that I made you slightly I made you realize that there is. Value. To feelings. Never. Value. Bill. Maybe. There's value to my feelings others value to there's like your sort of gruff old exterior. A. Always like, okay, I'm the head of the family, right? Right. So you know me and my kids and sometimes on the boss at work more times than not so. My feelings don't matter the overall Pantheon of moving things forward. Know. We can't slow down for my fearless. Would you say that you've found out that you kind of need to though I need to slow down individually? Yes but I will never inflict my feelings on others. But. I do you. You inflicted your feelings on others by not. Your feelings. So then I bet the next time you run a thing or you run a inaugural, say you'll be your management style will be different than it was would've been five years ago probably probably a little bit from being. Offers. Now. I mean. It's a weird a bunch of jobs. I, won't even take just because. Just, producing things and directing things because some of them. especially like. Like a nightly show or Certain things this required into an urgency. Yeah and sometimes you have to raise your voice when things get urgent. Raising voices against the law now. So, I will not take the job. I'll politely passing them. Okay. Yeah And then you got to assess what's piece of talent you're working with. So some people don't need to be pushed. You know Jimmy Butler of the Miami Heat does not need to be pushed. Yeah. But tally here all might need a foot in his ass. Well. That's the thing but Riley is he's apparently like a real hard like and practice I didn't realize there's a Lakers book. Called Showtime about the Lakers and he would practice the fuck out of them which I didn't know that. Well, he saw the Miami Heat or the. Pat Rallies teams are always the best condition teams in the League. They very rare. Those guys get tired. They. Are Fat or I shack was fat. They're like track stars. Shack was. He. He can have a doughnut but the recipe. That to get this salad. and. That's exactly that's how you like my pet. Para. Okay, I would say now I WANNA play a game because we don't game the game is going to be called this Bianca it's going to be true or false. Bianca's training. Bianca did Bianca Jagger. The. The WE'RE GONNA. Try to guess what it's a Chris rock believe it or not true false whatever have you. We're GONNA. Start with. I'm doing three Mike's live in New York City. Chris. Rock would call me almost every day and say what Bianca. Philip the blank is. What say, what do you think he would say to somebody doing something best one person show. Okay. Something negative get rid of one of those mics. Which is stay in the Mike area. That was a good note, but he would call me. And go don't kill yourself. Why Don't kill yourself now I know that he's a grizzle detective. His Way. I really didn't want to kill you. Know obviously, this is a man who was thought about. Hey. So what do you say? Yeah, guide it's obviously well, you say Alon thought. What Nora Hayman, how you doing, but you bring a griswold to Texas I, just get to the point. Yes. They're all bullshit. They don't really trying to say is don't kill you don't kill yourself. Great. I. Just wanted to get that at least. In all those people got together. They would also did anybody tell them not to kill the? One I feel good. I'm GonNa go have conscience. You sit here and cry I know I told them not to kill himself. Joke with. Our friend. Which Chris's love language is open hostility. some people, give gifts, some people, words of encouragement. Chris Rock Open Yeah. That was a joke that when I told you, I, felt like I. Agree I thought it was just biting humor. Yeah. No, it is. It was biting you but it was there some truth to it I'm. GonNa say. Bianca Chris's aunt had a cat. Was that Cat's name filling the blank cat, my aunt's key so he doesn't have to say it my aunt's cat's name was nigger. Har. This is also the on who who said. It. Also, the that said a broke man is like a broken hand can't do nothing with. US. Close with his aunt. She still around ashes should that while back which he for the cat? Yes she would. She would call. I. Would you almost come before you remember the? Look I gotTa make that. Legally. Funny Okay now. What now in at Chris's School in one thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, five, this is the first year. But you you're in the first year of busing was busted say okay I'm born and sixty, five on seventy five. Ten see how long it took me. That that learning disabilities. Literally to count it. Some seventy, five ten so I would say in. The morning sixty five. Dr King's ally. Yes. That's the thing of how how much like the Voting Rights Act the Voting Rights Act doesn't have until sixty eight. So I'm born my parents can't vote. I mean they can but it's It's they're gonNA get like as you point out a few weeks ago going to get probably fucked up. Yeah. Polls, they're going to get to ask him. What's important about that is not that Martin Luther King. Was So long ago it said it was so recent yet you're so old that that wasn't that long ago. No. Yeah He is. His parents you're the oldest I'm the oldest of my mother's kids. Yeah. So could not could not vote. We did vote the first year. I had no idea. I have no. No, they didn't make it eventually voted but yeah. Fantastic. Okay. Now, Chris Boston, the one of the first years of busing. Now. So I'm the seventy, three, seventy, two, seventy, seventy, two, seventy, three when the black kit there. How many like ten percent of the school was blind will no, no, no, no, no. No, it was me for my ps two, seventy seven was me and three girls three black girls out of. The school eight, hundred thousand. Yes. Four kids out of it. So we you would get at when the bell would ring. Everyone, would you? Grade School was. Grade. School. Like my first days of grade school. I remember like you know like parents outside with like signs. No busing. Go home whatever right. That was grade school. And it was hostile and kids would call nigger and spit on you throw back regular stuff bags of Shit and Piss at you for the holidays but. Holidays he'll. Teachers would call your monkey or whatever. That's the storm trying to get teachers say Wayne these. Going somewhere. Tell you, shits. The janitors rang at three in highschool or lay one time one time or a couple of times I remember. We used to get out like they would let us out at two forty five and let the black kids out early so they. beat. Up. Kind of like get that over with because you don't WanNa just. Easier to watch you. So we get out at two, forty, seventeen, hundred. Yeah, and that was. One of my teachers I time let the animals for some time to let the animals free. And then the janitor said something you said a Something ages is. Just. Everyone's against you is. It wasn't even me. It was like you in for the people. It was just whatever just against black people. Yeah. I was just sort didn't probably didn't. Insane. And you don't have you in therapy and all the shit you don't are you acknowledging that how crazy this I? It's weird. I've always been able to tell jokes about it. But yeah. Now in therapy a M- allowed to. Experience it as trauma. Yeah. You can say and not feel like a bitch feel like now I like a bitch and yeah. I'm I'm a alive I should. That's a fine thing to acknowledge that happened sufficing knowledge and it's also You know the thing about trauma is when you when you experienced trauma, it's not that you. It's basically whenever you think about it. You think about it could happening for the first time your body doesn't know when it doesn't of its present passer viewed right so yeah, therapies allowed me to put it in the past. Therapies allowed me to go. Okay I'm probably not going to get jumped today. Yeah, which is hard which it took me a long time to like. You've now having said that you were getting jumped later into your career than I remember. I got shit. I got robbed Lesson I. Got Rob Lowe was like the first week I was on SNL. A. Laugh on dekalb avenue. I was walking up dekalb avenue in guys punched me in a face until the AVI. And I mean big deal. I lived in Brooklyn. I lived in Brooklyn before it was hit I mean I lived I was born I was. Born in South Carolina raised in Brooklyn but I never moved Manhattan when I did because I knew I couldn't get a cab. Bright. So I had to have a car it costs whatever three hundred dollars a month to park. Corvette mad in Manhattan you need a permit or something right? So yeah. It cost to park a car in Manhattan. So I gotta live in Brooklyn. Because I, didn't want like Farley to have to give me a cab every day is it known that would have been? Funny Yeah. It's still known nowadays, but now I'm kind of an old man. So it's not like in the late leave lanes early early. Nice. I was twenty whatever but I look a lot younger yet nobody no stop. Pre, Uber, Free Yeah. It was whatever it's not. I'm not. No, it's just I'm not gonNA. Sit here and act like just like how late you got robbed Yeah didn't you have a black? Essono cast. Bodo does a lot of makeup on no. Of Black Guy. This black light picture. So it's hard to tell but my makeup so thick. fucking blackout. You think do you think Phil Hartmann or Kevin Nealon had the same problem? No. No. Maybe Phil Hartmann it had more problems. Yes. Turns out. It turns out it turns out Phil was living far more danger explain to Bianca the What happened to the McDonalds in your neighborhood because I have a hard time explaining this to people in a believable. Poor neighborhood. My neighbor was so poor that are McDonalds, went out of business. McDonald's on Broadway and I believe Kosciusko around there was literally they might have opened it back up since then but. Yeah like literally McDonald's boarded up like they couldn't Meghan word. They couldn't compete with the Chinese restaurants. Chicken wakes like think. They couldn't a- two dollars. Sandwich was too big ask. No We had A. Out this okay. This is another true story that Neil Marvels at my life. Yes. Your biography. Seemed to be on Benjamin Button. So happen. Like I have some great tale. What happened? What did bullies you said that bullies will imitate whatever they've seen in a movie. Well I'm going to say, okay here's what nails alluding to. Allege would come up with. Deliverance came out in in. Deliverance. Deliverance came out and seventy, five I believe. So and seventy-five. Delivered comes out on Ted and the common thing was for guys to like gang up on one of their friends and Taina try to rape them. Fame squeal like A. Pig with some real shit. You. You're from a different planet I'm from a different planet like that Shit was like the people think cyberbullying is it problem? Right? Ain't shit and like when deliver first of all Burt Reynolds was the biggest darn world was basically rock. Okay like that because it wasn't just that he he was such a big star. And Yeah, that was the number one scene, the most talked about. John. No was ned beatty media. And deliverance it, and that was very common. Allowed like Yeah Shit went out I'd never got rate but dill late or just how can definitely be attempted rapes were for real at like House party at House for like yeah. Whatever just like you're doing talk about this. I'd never. were. Before, he said it on the files of men get raped. No. No. I know that I mean as a playful bullying thing. Yes. Ask Difference Thousands of men get raped area. They were playing tackle. TAC. Yeah, and. A lot of them happening locker rooms and stuff. Yeah. Yeah. That's like they're shilling here about circle jerks. I'd never seen that in my life that seems like prep school, Shit. Yeah. So whereas in the in locker rooms and it was it was Yeah. Deliverance was the big movie. That's so insane and Hilarious to me and just insane. Yeah. I'm from a different planet. Yes. Chris father used to say. About if you were trying to make a decision. What do you think is father would say about making he can't just guess. I don't know I say. They need to make a decision before the white man makes one forty. Because you're not gonna like his decision now. So you let a figure this shit out right now some true before the white man jumps in on this, will you explain y your? Job was fun because it's an interesting like his role. Okay. My father was a truck driver right and he drove for lots of places. New York Daily News wrangled brewery, Schulman's firs, whatever you drove for a lot of places. But one of his jobs was they would call him. When Basically. When trying to break the Union and get black guys in like the teamsters whatever right. And so my father would go like my father probably like the first black one of the first black drivers at Rangel brewery a what am I black drivers at the New York Daily News Him in maybe two other guys right and one of the reasons they chose my father is because he could take it. Much like the same reason Jack. Jackie. Robinson's the eighteenth. Best. Black. Baseball player. But he gets chosen because his demeanor. He item most STOIC. He's the most STOA. He can put up with this shit and keep playing. He's not gonNA jump in the stands and one show somebody in the face. and. So your dad was just he would get. Harassed. My Dad will get harassed as you will as it's the same thing people don't piss and. Whatever it's seen gangs of New York. It's very much the same gangs of new. York. Eighteen hundred go ahead. But the. Spirits the spirit is exactly the same. Yes so my dad could take it and later on in life I take it. I have a very high threshold for like pain and people doing horrible shit to be. Served you think or do you wish you were a little bit more affected? It's served me in business right? It has not served me and my personal you know. Desolate situations I probably should have. Said something about Oh bite you'll go you'll take. Full shift from people yeah. Yeah. Just friends and whatever the site. People make. I should raise my voice Variant I should've. I Ju. Yeah. But that's almost like. I was saying on the way over here people parents didn't have no one had good childhoods before like nineteen eighty. The idea of a good childhood is like a fairly new concept. Well, yeah I mean parents were basically judged eighty percent of grade was attendance. Yeah. Now it's like fifty percent of your greatest attendance yet, but it used to be my dad's here. Awesome yeah he hit me back me but he's here. I saw my mom. She Fed us every day. All it really required now it's like. You have to be decent. Yeah. You gotta be better with personnel of GONNA ask You To call your children personnel. I think that's Really good approach. Hi, guys, Neal Brennan here would bianca and you know we forbid cast housing. We use a platform called anchor ABC called Ankgor which Bianca refers to as. Anchor? Nice. So it's like I've said before it's fair. 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So we got a vote. and voting isn't just going to the polls anymore. On Election Day options like early voting mail voting ballot boxes are available to more voters in are growing in popularity. There's a platform called how to vote. It's tool created by democracy works breaking down the options. Your state offers for casting a ballot, empowering you to decide when and where to vote. So. Basically it gives you all the information where you need to go what your options are where to go. You don't have to put him party affiliation any of that stuff. It'll just make it way easier. So. You gotta go to how to dot vote. That's it. How to dot vote is the website and Go there and you can register your put your email in, and then they'll. They'll. It's you're not. You're gonNA vote past November I'm assuming I'm assuming you're GONNA live, right right right. You're in my right how to dot vote get your voting. She had together. What has Having daughters taught you about women. Because I noticed I was having a conversation with another friend of ours who has a daughter and he's like, yeah but she's the daughter. So he was like letting her daughter deal with emotions in a different way than he would have his son. Well. What does it taught me about women has taught a lot on the side as a woman allergist you kind of like put us way. It's. You write your son is different and the reality is the whole world stops for crying woman. The whole company will stop what is wrong with Pam. Ena by stopping fulfil man Phil Better, get back to. Work. Yeah. What the fuck is up with motherfucking fill. Doing. Out Is Up with Phil I talked to that. Yeah. So You. I would say you're a white allergist and a woman. And I was wondering if No one's a woman. I mean your daughters. fucking impossible. You can't. Yeah. They don't have enough time you don't have. Too many variations just try to please you can't get a straight answer from. China to. Try to please you guys went to the same university where. I just try to please I got no, I just try to please. Yeah. I. Got My joke got daughters nineteen I got doors. That's sixteen. And I got an ex wife that's fifty. Fifty and I got a mother at seventy five. When they don't get what they want they sound exactly. Yeah Fat Jokes. There if I showed it in France. You couldn't tell them apart. It's a betrayal. Absolute Spiritual Level Bianca was Chris Rock assigned rapper at any point assigned rapper I assigned or side rapper assigned rapper. Yes. Yes. I. Think I was. It was Atlantic. Demos out there somewhere way you you really wanted to rack. I'm born in sixty five. I I saw grandmaster flash play in the park and I've been to the disco fees still hoping to be. Like I'm that Guy, do you have any mix tapes lying around somewhere sign rapper now? DJ DJ BEFORE I. Ever told the joke. was actually not bad could. Cut Backs men ever ever church you brag dance. Break this but. All adds name you you saw. So you were wrapping maybe and scratching working red lobster. At Radio City lobster. I. Deliver. Areas. Like Oh. Okay. That's what I should be doing with the radio city story is basically meal online. It's like one of those things. Father got the paper. When the only people on the block with the New, York Times and the big full page Ad Eddie Murphy is going to be playing radio city tickets go on sale tomorrow. Okay I'll get there at eleven o'clock, and by some tickets this is back. In prehistoric times to go to a place by prehistoric tops. So the line was. Six City blocks long oh my. Longest Line you've ever seen your life. It was it was like one of those depression lines. Rather. For bread like the one of the. Lines like Eddie Murphy's going to be in a building? Yeah in six months. In theory way I'm yes. I'll wait our way that I get online and I'm just read my paper. Comic Strip. Or? Should go there. That I left line and walked. From Radio City to the comic strip. Audition night was not that night they sent me to catch. I want to catch. About forty people outside waiting to pick a number of one of seven numbers. He pick a number, and if you you know, you pick one of those seven numbers, you get to perform that night. I got number seven. I'd never performed ever had. You thought of Shit too. Maybe I was thinking I should online. While I was online do you mean in the? Online. Meant you were in a line on the line? And by the way of the forty people maybe thirty of them had already auditioned before and it was normal thing like like you see open bikers same open makers. and. So they're all like Oh your first time. Okay. Good. Get this one under your belt. You know by is this is my ninth or whatever you know one day you'll be good whatever the fuck whatever was anyway cut to the only. Got It pass. And You had the joke you the one graduate Butler had passed the week before me. Recipes. I'm kidding. Right she's alive, right? She looks great. She was funny bud. And you had here comes the neighborhood, right? Maybe maybe I got it that night. Yeah. I did have it that night you you've you what were you talk about this? No recollection I said some bad joke about miles. Davis's so black lightning bugs follow him in the daytime. I don't know maybe two more minutes of joke. Right. And I kinda killed yeah and you feel like were. You like I shouldn't be killing like this is easy. It was more like this is wasn't like I should be killed. What's the big? Deal this car waiting for Eddie Murphy and I proceeded to kill for about three weeks. So my first three weeks annihilated. I'm to the point they're like. About bringing in the S. and L. People to see you like my first year. And I brought a girl. Back now, this story. And I brought Kim. And I proceeded to bomb for the next three years. Yes, that's what happened proceeded to. It took me three years to even get back to that point. What do you think? It was just one of them. You know that thing that confidence and arrogance you get that. Comedian kick get to that arrogant place. Yeah. Got To be confident that aren't you cross that line. It's like fuck you. The failure you just that like threw you off. The ball was probably too cocky up first of all youngest buck. You, know, Look Nineteen Twenty Eight nineteen twenty nine. But I looked like. Thirteen. I weighed like a hundred and thirty pounds. You couldn't find clothes that fit like like I was back picture of you before one, thousand, nine, hundred, nothing everything is too big. I was so skinny. And really. A lot of stand up is you know there's a reason there's no Justin Bieber of comedy. There's no little like Eddie Murphy's the closest thing we've ever had to a young comedian. and. All the rest of them are thirty years old man. Start. Is. One Young Guy One guy that was twenty two fucking ripped it. But all the rest of them are kinda grown men and women. And young in one part of the reason is no one believes you when you're that young yeah. I mean there's a point of view. There's no way you have no point of view. It's like there's No. fucking. You know care shut the fuck up, but they'll take miles Davis being black. Any any age can see that. Yeah. Take your your silly shit but. have. You ever talked about why your family moved up from South Carolina. Is that like Like we. Some. Here's. I hate all civil rights movies. Like. I. Don't. Get Me Wrong I. Applaud the effort. And they should exist the problem is They only show the back of the bus and the lunch counter. They actually make racism look very like fixable. And they don't really get into how dysfunctional the of the relationships were and like in the forties and fifties like white men would just walk in your house and take your food. You know like. They would just come in your house. They wouldn't know what happened in the during the depression when people are hungry, and why people are hungry in like. Oh. This black people cooking on that side of town. What do you think would happen would walk in Your House and take your biggest Predator prey relations is a Predator prey relationship. What do you think why guys you think when it was time to Rape Rape Raping White Women? No they would go and rape the women they could actually rate without going to jail for. Okay or sexual assault dislike. You know guys and all that shit you know all that. Shit. This shit is so much more You know. Racism and Jim Crow is so much dirtier than any movie ever show it's in it's insidious. It's in every single. Yeah and yes, the the the amount of rules that existed. You would probably going to get to this at some point. I always tell the story of my mother used to get her teeth taken out at the vet. 'cause you weren't allowed to go to the dentist like like no movie shows you that. This is like, Oh, well, we give them some eggs there'll be five. What why are you? Count, relating to see what? where? They Can Anthony Slam breakfast at Denny's why are they marching? KINDA got left behind at why your family had to move yeah. Something happened with somebody got killed. Lose more. Stories. Somebody. Dead. White person somewhere because there was a time guys came into the house now now got three of them were done. I had to do destroy any. But maybe I feel my friends have similar stories to. Some violence went down. Family had to get out of the south. Pretty. Great racism everybody. why do you? Know Hey explain the social media, the Steve Carlton thing. That's the Steve Kerr. The you and I don't like preening on social media which a lot of people do like a lot of people like. Constant. self-congratulation on social media. And you and I are not fans of it and you say it's because Al Franken and Conan used to dislike Al Franken. So weird that people get in people getting so much trouble now for. For busing balls but yeah. Thank God he's motherfuckers were just mean and condescending to me. was like counting cone and smuggle actually own Kirk was really nice. CONAN rose. Like you fucking maybe they weren't. They weren't fucking deliverance deliverance. You put me in my place at the time. But one of the great stories that helped my career out was Al. Franken pulls me to the side because I had a really good show the Michael. Jordan. Show Michael Jordan. When he hosted ceremony hosted SNL Michael Jordan would musical guests public enemy the Oh my God what is show it was the season premiere in one, thousand, nine hundred. And I had a really good show and then the next week I had a bad show. and. One reason I had a bad shows because again, this is the same thing about being really funny getting too cocky. And trying to find that place again. But Al Franken told me the story about this pitcher. Steve Carlton. Probably the best left handed pitcher in history of baseball. The Second Randy Johnson would be number one you've caught number two. So Steve Carlton would only pitch if this Guy Tim carver would catch him. That was the deal that caught on pitches, macarthur catches them. So you know the game isn't just physical two games mental baseball right and they found that some hitters. If they let them get a hit early in the game. They wouldn't try as hard later in the game. So. There were certain guys. They would let get on basis like this guy easy fastball. Let them get on base and we don't gotta worry about that guy later he so selfish he's just going to be like I got mine. Whatever happens happens and Franken's like that's what happened with you. You Got Yours at the Michael Jordan show and then next league you're just too cocky and relaxed, and you got to have that hunger every night. So. Al. Franken Kinda saved my life. Well so I go hard. And the thing that I like about you as you try it like you. Do during the press. You were saying that you had like mirror. You told me you had a mirror and Mike von Stance set up in your house for years before bring the pain, which is like that makes sense. Yeah that you were actually practicing. I practice all the time. Yeah. Yeah. It's not like. Easier flu waiter. Question. You don't have to get. Back here. Sometimes when what's his face Jimmy Fallon with laugh and people like is there something when you're doing the sketches breaking the fourth wall or kind of like why do people get annoyed because there's something? New because when I was there, you'll get in trouble for laugh. You could not just be like lawyer doing a show was like Yo the Burnett show. Like no disrespect your net but that was. When I was doing snl you laughing during the thing was not You know was not encouraged put. It was just like now we keep it together. We keep it together here. Let me sense Here's a good one which is worse which is a slavery or Jim Crow. Wow the. You've your answer we've spoken about this before and it's Thoughts on. Slavery Slavery. Is Like Slavery Slavery It has rules. You know you're a slave other people have been slaves. The thing about Jim Crow is like. This fake reality yeah that we're free. And Yeah I mean. Not to answer this I mean when people say slavery ended whatever years ago I always go every ended I count Jim Cross. Party slavery as far as I'm concerned slavery ended in one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, five. That's what I'm like. Okay. We're black kind. Have some shot. Of. Making this thing work. The plant fields not equal, but there are. Avenues and Caves of success. I can go into. seventy-five. The. Thing in years after my birth. Yeah. You said You said perspective you get you go and I'm not exaggerating. You said, you understand slavery but Jim Crow was just fucking mean well, Jim Crow System the meanest that you're just you have sadistic captors. Yeah Yeah I oh, we got guys. Okay. We we have this thing because we want people to work our land. I can kind of understand that on some level this other shit. Water fountains and all this Shannon. All these even Crack Open Jim Crow. They're really thick and the amount of laws. Just, walking down the street and. Okay and you're walking. But if a white woman's walking your way you have to jump you have to be in the gutter. You can't be on the sidewalk in like all of this shit. that. In some states may still be on the books. You know there's a ton of rules about. How much bread you can buy. It's ridiculous. How intricate was yet fucking mean it's mean mean inclosing. We're almost done because we gotta do we gotTa do Yeah Do Drugs Chris Yeah. Go ahead. I. Have Questions. What's the most expensive gift ever given a woman? I'm not even GONNA say. Somebody's GONNA be pissed is why against the next? Regular, but she knows whether. Okay do you have any phobias? Any phobias. and. I don't think I do I can think of one said, why are you? If you have money or did it? I didn't bring up you to said the reason you're doing arenas and pushing so hard. And Toby of being alert Yes yay. Specific I don't want to be just at. Dave actually just said this on Letterman on Letterman thing like I like being famous I do not want to be the miscellaneous black. Do you said you didn't want to go back to being your? Hat. Thank you. Let's not get in trouble will. You don't want to go back to that. Does it okay does being famous? Feel the way you it when you weren't famous just being you never thought about it what I wasn't famous. You weren't like you would like as open mic mind you could be like y'all Makila Eddie. Because, my name is actually Chris Rock. You just knew. No. No. No. I just had this. Okay. So you're the only black kid only black boy in your grade in your whole school guess what you're famous. Everybody fucking knows who you are. You're already you already It's not A. It's your. Autograph or anything, but I'm no. Is there. Point I. was there what's the police escort? For reasons of. The biggest down and the biggest surprise about being famous. No I mean. I can you get away with? Shit, like can you? Especially, now, you really can't get away which it. To what is the biggest letdown? I don't know the the only let down to me is you can't cut it off and I really feel like caring about my appearance that much. Yeah. Yeah. I just like oh Yeah, probably, no more reason I never took. Any of these talk show offers because I care I don't want to think about my fucking appearance daddy get haircuts every day you gotta get. The painting, the it takes forty five takes. About there's nothing funny about vanity. Speaking of which who would you say in person is the had A. Charismatic effect over women a rapper. You've said it before that that women would be shocked to hear. biggie. Yes. biggie. Had Lots of women coming after like before he was that popular I rapped about having a lot of women but you didn't believe it because. I believe. About. He's also fake. He was very charismatic cat. The couple of times was like, yeah, they were autumn. They will onum cab bless God blessed. And in closing what you're at a nightclub in Atlanta? And A WARF lady is trying to get your attention. Your House fires at the club. In my Kooky from new. Jackson. Girls will come up to me whatever ernest. Girl. She's a little personal here and she's like well, you stay in I was like come on. This she goes. Can't. BLAME 'EM. Bitch. For tryin. I'll always love for the Chris Rock, Ladies and gentlemen. Now, we're probably. Going to do illegal ship. Business God. Bless goodbye. I'M MISSING

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