Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Gin


Welcome to step. You should know a production of iheartradio's how stuff works. Hey and welcome to the podcast. I'm Josh Clark. And there's Charles W Chuck Bryant Jerry over there and we are wasted. We're talking about wasted on excitement. That that's a great motto. Yeah and not a not the worst band name but not the best. It's not the best at also album title more like. Oh Yeah. It's a good album title. Maybe it's jungle. LX raise second album wasted on excitement or bathtub. Gin wasted on excitement. Bats have Jinja fish song. Oh it is The I was walking in the neighborhood yesterday and I saw a A car that was clearly like the child home for for Thanksgiving. It was like this in a beat up jeep from Florida and it had a fish sticker grateful dead sticker and one other thing college in this really nice thing and I was like Own Man I bet. I wonder how much we'd is hidden in that thing. Welcome home son. What's that smell right? Oh you being the sun where we act playacting. No it just it was that civic coffee is took went down the wrong wrong pipe the wrong pipe man. What's up with those faulty flaps? Probably Gin I love GIN and and I love reading about it and researching it and A might have a Martini tonight. As a result. I don't think there's any way you could not have a Martini after reading about Jin for hours and hours and hours. Yeah because GIN and tonic. Season is over for me. Sadly into wine season but wine season a Martini sason there some come morbidity entity their Martini seasons year round. Not For me I mean. I don't drink that many Martinez. It's a mood thing or if with Hodgman we'd pound him. Sure you you can't not drink Martinez when Hodgman's around yeah. Of course. Yeah no comment but correct. So we're talking gin it in because John is Great Love Gin And it turns out James Cat Pretty pretty interesting history to it. I think so too and we did an episode not not too long ago on short stuff actually on the difference between Bourbon and whiskey right. Has that been out yet. Even with the way our schedule works on the way heads. It's coming up tomorrow night. Okay Yeah Tomorrow's in today or tomorrow after this is released tomorrow is in the people who are listening to this day. It comes out uh-huh tomorrow to them. Select Group of humans as far as the dimension of time goes. That's right so Tomorrow everybody you'll hear shortstop let's talk about the difference between whiskey and Bourbon. One of the things that really stands out is there are a lot of laws surrounding whiskey especially in the United States. What makes whisky whisky? What you can call a specific kind of whiskey what you can put on the label of some kinds of whiskey? Lots and lots of laws exists a lot of the country. You don't forget that one. The spirit of America The native spirit of America. That's what it was okay but with Jin it's quite the opposite. Basically as long as you have a neutral grain spirit is distilled it I think eighty proof or higher are you can add whatever flavor you want to it and that you can call it Jin. Okay which is not whatever your if you you buy that thing that I just described although it's technically legally gin gin a lot of people call it flavored Vodkas but there's specific steps. You WanNa follow their specific things you want to do and more than anything. There's probably going to be a taste of juniper to it. Yeah that is that used to be very much the case Now and we talked a little bit about this on other episodes. Just Tangentially I think MHM is that there are many artists engine makers now that are doing all kinds of crazy Jen's in some many issuing the juniper altogether that beautiful little evergreen shrub those little cones that have that Piney CITRUSY peppery taste. Yep that we love so much By the way I should say our buddy Ben Harrison yeah the greatest generation in friendly fire. He I I've seen this online elsewhere. But as far as he knows he invented it. A smoke to GIN and tonic where he gets a little Like a chef's torch okay and smokes juniper berries and then throws the glass on top of it upside down and let's just smoke up and then turns it over and adds the ice in the In the rest of the mix there. I would like to try that. I've had like smoked Manhattan's and smoked Whiskey drinks. Oh yeah wood smoked kind of the same. Anything Yeah same same process. But I've never ever heard of a smoke. Gin and tonic. So hats off to Ben if he did invent that. Yeah it was good and also want onto an animal shelter it up before but I get this local tonic. Now that's delicious. That is the real deal. You know the Chin Shona Bark And it's very different than if you're used to traditional like schweppes tonic. Doesn't taste anything like that. No it's You cut it with a Soda Water and it's very very lovely taste. Oh yeah like good tonic. Water just amazingly good. Yeah and that's you know if if you talk about like fever tree will market sure That is still a little more of a traditional tonic. This stuff is Brown right In Syrupy and then you you you mix it with the soda and it becomes sort of a real version of that stuff so it's probably very similar stuff. They're drinking in India in the nineteenth century. I think so. So we'll go. We'll get we'll get to all that let's go back to Jin all right so you start off if you WanNa make gin and I have a gin making kit from last Christmas. I still haven't haven't used. This is inspired me to go home today and actually make my own GIN and impounded. I'll bring some in. We can all tickets up all right Justice justice up but you start with that base. Spirit ethyl alcohol that's ninety six percent. Ab that you can power a car on. Yeah and then you read the still gin and that is one of the keys here. A real real gin you re distill that spirit with whatever botanical panicles you end up choosing right but typically the main botanical. That's used in the main flavor profile of Jin aside from alcohol. You can power your car. Iran is that juniper berry that that traditionally in the Piney Evergreen any Some people call it like drinking a Christmas tree. WHAT MAKES GIN gin? Once you've had a Super Jinyu will never mistake if anything else for the rest of your life that's right and that base spirit can be And you should also wait until you're twenty one and a half share horse That baseball it can be it can be awry can be corn and can be barley but It can be really anything there. You can make potato Gin or Apple Jin I saw this company in Ireland. That was article advice. By Elizabeth Rush Ireland's best gin is made out of milk. Yeah I saw the two Bertha's Jin they make it And this is produced fully in Ireland which is a great thing because it's a byproduct of cheese making that way Sweet way they They they use. That had to make Jin. It's crazy. Yeah they ferment. The Way and then use that they distill that fermented beer basically And then you distill that further either in the process of bit or the presence of botanical and then you have Jin. It's just this multi step process. But because you're you're starting out with such a ridiculously high a proof Alcohol like neutral alcohol. You can use basically an old shoe to make that that neutral grain spirit is going to taste virtually virtually the same as neutral grain spirit made from or neutral spirit made from barley or from way or from potatoes or grapes it just the the alcoholic essence of those things. Yeah and apparently that fermented way is what makes Bailey's as well which I didn't know Bailey's Elise Irish whiskey for I did not know that either In this I gotta try this stuff. Though it's called Bertha's revenge her Bailey's Irish cream. I'm sorry would you say Irish whiskey. Yeah no no the the coffee additive. Let's Conor McGregor stuff or grandma Birth revenge looks delicious in it. Is I fully made an Ireland in Bertha apparently is cow named after yes she. She died at like age. Forty nine after giving birth to thirty thirty. Something cavs over her life again. She was a very prolific milk. Cow In many ways. Yeah but they They're not the only game in town making King Way based Chin there others as well supposedly again. It's it's they say that there's something in the way that even wanted distilled into its spirit here it There's some there's some mouth feel to it or some flavor profile. The A lot of people argue that. That's just not the case that no matter what you make it from. You're you're going to arrive at basically the same base neutral spirit okay. We'll find out. Just let me have some. I'll try Bombay on-base Sapphire which will later on Perhaps kickstarted the resurgence of GIN. Yeah did you know that in the United States no but it makes it a little bit of sense That I see the dates and the timelines of when it came over but They very proudly displayed their ten different botanical 's on the bottle liquorice juniper of course Kubab Berries in Jelica route almonds coriander cassia Bark Iris Root Lemon Peel and grains of paradise. Very nice. And I like a Bombay Sapphire Martini. That's a that's a good fallback for me. Although I'm a plymouth man through and through when it comes to Martinis yeah and I like. Ah generally unlike the Hendricks and like Tanqueray good old fashioned tanker tonics I'll get a Hendrix Martini when I'm out and about But if if family making it myself I used to like the more boring straightforward London. Dry Gin traditional ones for the Martini. And then I realized like no man. You want to go the exact opposite of that. You like the most botanical gene. You can find for a GIN Martini because I mean it's basically gin with a little bit vermouth right so you WanNa taste your gin. So I've kind of gravitated toward stuff like The botanist Or Saint George's Botanic Tena for those are two really really like I. Guess Botanical is the best way to put it. Jin's that are out there that are really really tasty pasty's at the Saint George that tastes like feet so now that is their aged like rape. Assad Jin yeah that that. I didn't love that where they made it. It like it was like kind of a mess. Cal Or Age Tequila Style Gin gin but it had like some quality of like really a lot like long aged Tequila. I think you weren't prepared for it. I wonder if you'd like it now knowing what it was going into it. Maybe I mean I'm always hip to try something but I love it. Good high-quality London Dry Gin. That's my jam. Sure I mean I. I'm I'm with you. I just like the more botanical ones. These days than I used to the Britannica panicle puritanical ones. The ones that don't have any alcohol at all so I think we should quickly talk about before we take our first break about. Just how you you distill it because there's a couple of ways And then we'll take our break but the first way is stepping and that is you know you Steve Tea and it's the same thing basically you have your base spirit heating up and it simmers and then you have. Those botanical is right in there in the oils are releasing. And it's just infusing through the whole thing The other way you know. Emily has a still now would love to maybe get in there and try some of this for real. I did not know that this she like carry a Tommy Gun around around where now she's got a copper still she's She goes to Athens Georgia once a week to harvest herbs and then distills herbs for ooh very cool that is super cool a lot of fun to tear out there doing that stuff. Yeah that's neat. And then the other way is vapor infusion and and that is what Bombay Sapphire does and that is when you have the botanical in a basket hanging above the boiling spirit in the vapor rises in a does. Is it more through like that steam right so or you can combine the two which is what another kind of Saint George Jin TERROIR Does does where they use the steeping method for most of the botanical and then they use the vapor method for I think like Douglas Fir and Bay Laurel leaves so so. It's it's kind of the tea of botanical brewing. And then just vaporizing through those other. Those last two so cool it is pretty cool actually all right. Now we'll take a break and we'll come back and talk a little bit about the types of Jin which also entails some history right after this? Oh aw them Okay we've taken our break. We had our little half sandwiches. I can't believe he's still cut the crusts off. It's very interesting for Grandma Grenell. I just think it's a little always like a kiss. That crusty taste to it. Then I'm not fond. I've always maintained if they didn't call it crust kids might eat it I think yeah I think if you said you know the M- do you want the magic ring left on your bread. The kids would probably have a whole different view. But if you say do you want the crust I disagree. I think that magic ring would be a gross term now that magic ring e Old Guy. He keeps staring at breath. We'll just insert Josh. Clark's magic word of choice. Yeah I mean it doesn't even have to use the word magic. But what would you call crust. That sounds better to a kid. I'm saying no matter what you call it. I think it would become synonymous something grow. I know but I'm asking you to yes and lean let's see Yes is not my strong suit. I failed out of Improv. Years is more no. But you're right. No there's no but is no while the the the Rainbow Ring. Okay great the Rainbow Circle. I don't like it go back. And edit this part out all right so let's talk about Gen We already talked about the fact that it has to be if he asked me really distilled with these botanical to be the Real Jin right otherwise flavored vodka. That name is can come up. And that's a dirty word. Yes but distilled London Dry Gin Some of the big big cats beefeater in Gordon's and tanker a Or some of those those big daddy. London dries like you said Plymouth Guy Limit too but these are not sweet. That's why they're called dry. Jin's sweet Jin's are Have a long long history and they actually predate Jin for a for by many many years but the London dry. Gin is what most people think of when they when they think of GIN and and a London dry. Gin is actually a sub category of a larger category which is distilled GIN GIN which is basically flavored vodkas. Would you could literally put any flavor into this neutral. Spirit and Collagen distill. Gin Means. It went through that process like we described before the break in London. Dry is one of those us. That's right right uh-huh is that basically what you just said. Yeah I mean I was listening and following it but it just seemed off. Oh interesting well. I'm glad you cleared that. I'm sorry Abe all right then. We get to old Tom. Gin and this has an interesting history of his at analogy I got this from Mark Vir Thaler dollar at tales of the cocktail dot com. Apparently the name old Tom Comes from These plaques that hung outside of pubs that look like there. There was like the shape of an old Tom. Cat Ted And get this and this is amazing. Apparently in London. And if you had this sign hanging up in the window underneath the cat's paw was a slot in a lead pipe and touch to a funnel and you could go down on the street in England and drop a coin in the slot and get a shot of gin in your mouth. Yeah from under the cat's paw amazing. I saw that too. I saw that it originated. Chuck with this guy named Captain Dudley Bradstreet. And the whole reason he started doing this was because there was a law. That said that the informant had to know. Oh the name of the person who was selling the illegal gin for the cops have probable cause to rate a place inter so he holed himself up in this house on this one Ali Blue Anchor Alley and started selling gin that way anonymously and because no one knew who selling it the cops could never raid the place. Wow but yeah it was under the Pov an old like a like a statue or sign or something of an old. Tom Cat I love. It ought to mull Tom went away. It was very much sweeter that was when they were using sugar and a lot of botanical. Too because The the baseball it wasn't that great taste wise. So they loaded up with sugar in this other stuff. And prohibition basically killed old Tom Gin for a long time by the time People started started. You know prohibition was over. They didn't really have a taste for it anymore and it is. It has made a comeback in recent years though a bit of comeback you If you are interested in trying we should start with ransoms old Tom. Gin Yeah. It's just beautiful What about navy strength? Jen Love that. So have you ever had that. No I don't know if I have or not. Actually it will make you blind really. Your hangover is noticeably worse the next day for the same amount out of booze. It's just what's a brand stronger stuff. I think anchor I believe anchor makes the navy strength. Jin that would make sense I'm almost positive. That's WHO's I've had but it's it's just like this higher proof. I think like gin can be as low as like thirty seven and a half percent and navy strength is at least fifty fifty percent. Okay and there's just a noticeable difference in the taste is it's you know it's not terribly ably much different it's just the potency of it but it's it got its name from pretty great little legend from what I understand. Yeah that's In the navy they loved them. Awesome Gem in the navy and they actually got generations in so sailors would test it out to see if it was you know up to snuff or if it was watered down and and they would drizzle it over a little pinch of gun powder and then light it and if it lit than it was navy strength I love it and I it's not like a legal classification. Anything is it. It's just kind of like a well. It says it says navy strength. Jan is at least fifty seven point one percent so I don't know if there's a law in in the EU or if that's just a sort of a standard but that's that's where the name came from at least yeah. Yeah and it's potent stuff. What about Geneva So that is basically like the predecessor of Jin Right. I mean the Dutch drink that was I drunk to for people to get drunk off of. Yeah that's made aide more out of a malt wine I think fifteen fifty percent malt wine And so you know. It's sort of like the multi of a whiskey but the botanical Cova. Jin Era I think. I've always heard that old tom in Geneva or a lot alike Really Yeah they bear resemblance interesting but So so Geneva's like a pretty good place to start. As far as this history of Jin goes because it was like I was saying like a Appro Jin like one of the first the I guess the direct predecessor of Gin as we understand it today but even further back than that that essential component of gin. The juniper Berry uh-huh has been used at least since the seventies and other nine hundred seventy S. I mean just straight up seventy a recipe from pliny the the elder seventy six or seventy seven e That used juniper berries. And you were supposed to boil some white wine with juniper berries as and then drink it was a curative Probably got you pretty drunk and then I thought about this. This was two years before he died in the the eruption of the service interesting weird kind of chilling. Well we'll see how nice couple years there the end. He definitely did The the Word Geneva G. E. N. E. V. E. R. is actually Dutch for Juniper And it is it does come hail from Holland And apparently in the thirteenth fourteenth centuries these and this this was when people were using herbs as medicine. They obviously still do that today. That's what emily's doing but APOTHECARY is there were experimenting with all kinds of curative Herbs Medical Tonics and stuff like that and juniper was definitely in that category all right but we're Geneva took a right turn was they they said wow. Let's just get drunk and like it's not so much a a cure all but I mean maybe maybe cure some things but it it was. It was a drink that you drink to get drunk. It was like yeah the first spirit out of I believe out of Europe for that people drink I mean they have beer and wine and everything before but Geneva was like like this like the first hard liquor. I think that people really drank and like you said it was a malted wine right. Yeah that's the base which sounds like telling you buy in a convenience store drink. Our paper bag like multi wine but They would add like sugar to it and it had juniper which is why a lot of people we'll say this is the direct predecessor gin and it was how the UK was introduced to Jin Was Geneva because I think in the Fifteenth Century maybe something like that sixteenth the Sixteenth Century Queen Elizabeth. I sent some of her royal soldiers to the Netherlands to to fight alongside the Dutch when they fighting for independence and The Dutch said Hey man take a couple of shots this Geneva in you'll you'll find anybody you won't be scared at Paul and The English like that a lot and so they brought Geneva back with them or tastes for it. At least and Geneva eventually Got Shortened to GIN. That's where we got the word Jin from that's right in about Close to a hundred years later The end of the Anglo Dutch war meant you could actually import it legally by the barrel and They're called strong. Water shops. Was the early liquor stores in London. Were called I love that. I'm a I'm sure there are places in America where they have gained that title also were armed garters probably so. I'm so glad you told me that word. Because I've always called you know those are wartime e armbands they never had quite the punch. Yeah arm garters The first GIN distillery in Britain In Plymouth right okay. I'm here I had a lot of trouble figuring this went out. I saw that in eighteen. Forty booths was the first I relation distiller. Okay but in that. The Plymouth wine was oh wait. Maybe that was like the seventeen hundreds. I'm not sure there was a big rush to To establishing GIN distilleries in this period that we're talking about all right. Well I don't. I don't have a date for the Plymouth one. Actually I mean. Look it up while you're talking all right well. Let's flash forward then to the GIN craze because Jin depending on who you're asking was the the crack of the sixteen hundreds in England William of Orange Protestant King of the Netherlands went to assume the throne of Great Britain during the Glorious Revolution. And they were drinking that Geneva And they loved it as royalty but the the working class could not afford this stuff so they started making their own rotgut like bathtub gin right and apparently bathtub. Gin Is It is not brew or not brewed. It's not distilled distilled in a bathtub. It can be mixed with botanical and a bathtub but from what I saw. The main reason is called Bath Jenas to water it down and top it off with water are you couldn't fit it in these bottles in sync see had to do that in a bathtub. Okay but I think there were mixing up botanical and stuff too but At any rate this rotgut gin and seventeen in the early seventeen hundreds And by the mid seventeen hundreds those full on Gen problem in the the UK. Yeah it was called the gin craze and like especially if you read like kind of the The tracks railing against the time and newspaper editorials toils in stories about just the depravity that was going on because of Jin like the whole country was just totally office rocker on Gin and not even even like good gin or even Geneva this this bathtub rotgut stuff that you were talking about where they would add things like Turpentine to Give it a piney flavor. Because they didn't have juniper berries and they would add sulfuric acid to give it a aftertaste like it was supposed to have just really really bad stuff and it was making people crazy. And there were there were stories about mothers who there's a woman named Judith. Four who killed her own daughter order so that she could sell her clothes to buy more Jin or parents like selling their kids into slavery to buy more Jin You know people turning into sex workers there's just to get Jin money Just supposedly it was like you said it was just like like the crack epidemic in the same kind of response to it as well here in the United States dates but this is gin back in the early eighteenth century yet and for sure there was a gen- problem Now historians look back a little bit. And they're you're like you know what these articles were written and these op-eds were written by the upper class in Britain and they had basically an obsession with the the English character being degraded and dragged through the mud by these. Jen Drunks So take it with a grain of salt. There for sure was a gen- problem but they're basically like was is is a chicken and egg thing going on all right. Because they're like urbanization is going rampant in London at the time and was the gin craze of product of this this poverty Or the cause of it and by all accounts these days it looks like it was sort of a product of it. I saw that there are at least two documented in cases of spontaneous human combustion. Really from drinking this Genton. Wow that crazy yeah. Some hardcore cheddar cheese There were eight different Gen X.. From Parliament over about a twenty two year period. Basically I mean they said different things but one of the big ones was. Hey you can't put these. You can't put sulfuric acid in this stuff and sell it anymore right and little by little these incremental laws over these eight acts like made it really expensive to have a license to sell Jin really expensive to import neutral spirits And just basically made data so that Unless you owned a large distillery and an established like tavern you could not legally engage in selling L. ING or producing Jan ingenerie. Yeah I think that's what it said in the act in January. Yes l.. Shout not partake in January of any any kind right okay so especially if your name is my cocaine. Oh you finally did it. I did I do it if I did. It was accidental accidental. No you didn't okay so But over the course of these exit left just like these handful of huge distilleries booths Plymouth. Plymouth by the way was the first it was was in the late Eighteenth Century Oh nice And a couple of others. I think Bhutto's might have been around by then but All the small distilleries stories went away just by law and so when this artisanal revolution that we're currently going in a good that's going on now. swept over to England At this this company called Cyp Smith's when to go start their own and they found out that they couldn't by law that was two hundred years old so they had to lobby. And they were the first company company in two hundred years to get a licensed to Bruce or distill small batch Gin England amazing because of those genetics. It's pretty great. I think so too all right well. Let's take another a little break here and we'll talk more about Jin right after this. Aw them yeah all right. So Jen is going strong in the seventeen hundreds Some might say it's a problem flash forward to the eighteen hundreds K.. Eighteen thirty and the invention of the continuous still came about this. Pretty big. Come over to my house. You see emily down there. She doesn't have. She has a traditional copper pot. Still which means that you you can do one thing at a time. Basically you boil your mash an alcohol. Boil that off. You collect that distilled spirit in the end but then you gotta start all over again. The continuous still was very in the other. Bad part about that as your ABC is going to be pretty low right. You're doing the the single but that's your alcohol by volume. That's right because the Longer distilled the pure and more alcoholic. The ultimate spirit you captured would be right. That's right okay. So if you have a continuous still which was was invented in eighteen thirty. That means you can just keep going man. You just keep throwing that mash in there and you keep that process going and you get more and more pure as you go and you're GonNa get that beautiful clear grain alcohol around ninety six percent in the end and that really really changed the game. Yeah because so. Like with these continuous stills or coffey stills after the man who invented them it's like the spirit rises through increasingly higher up stages is and it's reheated and heated and heated and so it becomes pure impure the higher up it goes and then eventually it gets tapped off. And then you have that high test alcohol all and and because you could get pure alcohol Uses the Base Spirit for Jin. You had less of a funky foul nasty taste that you needed to cover up with stuff like Botanical 's or sugar or Turpentine which meant that? You Could Produce Chin with a much purer Jin that eventually evolved into London dry. Gin Yeah in London Dry Gin again with the dry. That means it's not a sugary apparently Victorians in the upper class at one point decided to Basically lower their sugar intake I don't know if that it was just a major health. Kick going on it. Sounds like John Harvey Kellogg Work here. Oh maybe so. But that's when they started getting rid of the sugar and that's why you get this dryer version which it became the London Dry Gin and the rest is history They started producing some really high quality. Jen's in England at the time time. Yeah they did. I think that's when the booths in poodles and all those guys started Peter beefeater And that was great. That was fine for awhile. Like like you said the the Navy was getting their rations and then going out to sea with their GIN and testing it on gun powder and all that but one of the things that you'll you'll you look at it especially with the London Dry. Gin is well. There's no sugar. There's like a really interesting combination of those botanical 's and botanical. We didn't really say but I think his kind of self evident is any kind of like root plant seed leaf stem bark whatever That's used used to add a particular flavor profile to Jin typically juniper's like the chief botanical in Jin. But if you look at like these lists of botanical panicles that are frequently used in London. Dry Gin they come from all over the world and it's no coincidence. That England was at the height of its imperial colonial mule. Power At a time when London Dry Gin developed because it was in a position to bring all these ingredients from all over the world to the distilleries that had set up shop op in London. Yeah I mean I think even the Bombay Sapphire has each country listed behind the botanical. And it's you know they're all from ten different places or or eleven different places places. Yeah pretty cool. It is pretty cool so The seafaring of the Brits British seapower. Have you ever heard of that band. Yeah I used to love those guys sir. They were like early two thousands right. Yeah that was a big La ban for me okay. I didn't know where they were from then. And now that when I lived in La. Oh I see. They're British from the era of like of Montreal in someone. Still loves you. Boris Yeltsin and all those kind of indie bands at the same time right. Yeah Yeah I think so love. This guy's British Sea power but the That had a lot to do with Japan because the Brits and their navy were very strong and they sailed a lot and traveled. All over. The world obviously Because they had certain interests like conquering here country and make it their own and getting their hands on your botanical. 's that's right and also getting there until like. Let's say the Tropics and saying wow I've never been here before what it. What are these things that we can eat and drink? And what is this disease disease malaria. I don't want to get that. And so they looked at the you know the people from there obviously to get their clue on like they're fine. Okay can we be like them. And the natives of South America chewed on that Chain Shona Tree and that Bark to combat malaria and Chinchillas pretty wondrous that Barak has a natural chemical. And that is the Quinine that you here you know if you look at a tonic bottle contains quinine and it it calms your. You know it makes you feel better if you have malaria but it also disrupts the metabolism of the parasite and kills it. So it's a medicament as well as a a help you feel better type thing. Oh La what medicament I'm GONNA predicament. Because my heart's all flood work. Something just happened to me but these doctors were like. Hey Yeah you British soldier you should They started prescribing this stuff. This Joan of ARC mark And Colonists in India and South America and they were eating a ton of it seven hundred tonnes actually in the eighteen forties seven hundred tons of Joan of arc. A year were being eaten by British soldiers and settlers. Yup and so they figured out how to I guess still Quinine Probably using a coffey still and started putting it into tonic. Like making this tonic water. Basically I'm sure what what you're buying is is still quinine from the bark It's gotTa be right. I mean the thing the other stuff in there and maybe I'll follow up with some ingredients. Okay okay do and bring me some police okay But so with Quinine like you were you. Were basically taking a dose of Quinine in a shot of tonic water and so because everybody was sailing around the world on British ships with gene in one hand and tonic water in the other hand. The eventually put the two together and came up with the GIN GIN and tonic. Throw a lemon or lime slice in there to combat scurvy and you have a complete drink. That's amazing it is Apparently a lot of these gen cocktails were born out of the the nasty taste of the original Alcohol so they you know we were talking about that rotgut. Jin What do you do. You're going to mix it with a lot of stuff to try and make it more drinkable right That is not the Martini. However this is pretty neat story and the eighteen seventies and eighties? This is when Martinez were born and This is from a gentleman named Richard Barnett. And this makes so much sense. It's very cool. He said the Martini is an embodiment of American history at its most diverse Dutch in English. Jen Mix with French. Vermouth serve with Mediterranean olives. German Jewish pickled onions Sir Caribbean limits. And that glass which by the way one of my more annoyances in life Biggest annoyances when you get a Martini getting these days in some weird class. Yeah just get a Martini glass. But do you like the big honking nineties Karen from will and grace style marches. I really like the classic sixties you know Madman Martini Well Okay More Compact version. I like them both. I'll I'll take a I'll I'll take either one but just Gimme that conical glass Don't give me like a tulip glass. I've not seen Martina Tulip class. I have there are places aces around town that serve him in these little two classes and just do it right do right I mean it's. It's literally called a Martini Glass. It's the glass meant for it. Yeah that's just like serving a Margarita in a well. You can serve Marguerite in a lot of different things. I guess sure you can just cup your hands and Drink Margarita and people have that's true You can get a Margarita ingredients. Pour down your throat. You don't even need to use your hand that's true. It Senor in your frogs The nineteen twenties is when the GIN craze. Kind of kickstarted. Again because the prohibition and even went back to putting disgusting ingredients in there not the gene crazed like everybody likes Chin like the GIN craze like everybody's going bonkers because of the terrible Jin. They're drinking right well and everyone's drinking gin because it was It wasn't just straight up ethyl alcohol from moonshine her like Hey let's throw some Quote Unquote Ingredients in here. Oh Yeah Turpentine again. Yeah they use the same stuff that they used in the original gin craze sulfuric sulfuric acid and Turpentine. I know that gross it's a classic recipe. Yeah what else was made the Manhattan Gin fizz. It is the Gimblett got these are all born out of that Sort of nineteen thirties. Post prohibition cocktail movement. Yeah we talked a lot about the the origin of some of those drinks in that how bars work live episode of directly shoes. But it's funny to think like some of our favorite cocktails were built into combat. The tastes of Nasty Jin. Yeah which is why people are like. Oh Yeah don't don't use the good stuff to mix like the whole reason for mixing his to to cover up the nasty stuff. Yeah just drink the good stuff straight. Although I cannot imagine just drinking like like a neat room temperature Jin that does does not sound good to me. Well let me tell you the story of my first Jin experience In Athens in college In Davis put this article together for us and he various points out that if you're a child of the seventy S. ADC probably didn't drink like a GIN and tonic. Early on like this is something you may have picked up on later And that was the case for me. It was late college and there was a fellow waiter. Mexicali Grill that was there for just a brief period named Don can't remember the guy's last name it doesn't matter and Donna and I ended up out on the river late night At oconee springs park with a half. Gallon of Seagram's GIN. Oh my God just took it too far and we're drinking it right out of the bottle and waiting out into the river and not being very safe quite frankly but I'll always remember don for that. He introduced me to GIN. And he introduced me Unsuccessfully to the Dave Matthews Pant. It didn't stick. I don't know why those those always stick out to me but don was the first guy 'cause like man this band playing across the street and like crazy it's kind of jazzy and their multiracial. And it's like you never heard anything like it. and that was Dave Matthews Band. Yeah he was right about that he's he. He was factually correct about two things jazzy in multiracial man Seagram's programs right out of the handle boy. It was bad but I remember very distinctly like tasting that Piney gin and thinking like Oh. This isn't a good thing to drink like this. No it took me many years to finally come around to Jin be like. Oh okay. I liked vodka. Martinis for that was one of my first drinks ever was vodka Martinis and when you were thirteen. Yeah pretty much. I in my tree houses smoking cigarettes and drinking vodka the silver before ninth grade but like I I would drink vodka MARTINIS. It wasn't like I just couldn't take taste of lake straight up alcohol but for some reason I did not like gin and then I finally finally gave it a chance. I was like actually. This is way better than vodka and vodka guy unless you're talking about that delightful birthday cake flavored vodka. Is that the yeah. Hey we don't judge me if that's what you sure of course Jen is making a big comeback. Now though like we said it may have started in the late nineties when Bombay Sapphire I came to the US. Yeah Apparently was a pretty big hit then Hendrix came along in the US in two thousand three yeah well Hendrix. Were saying many brands as possible. So in the hopes that they'll send us a lot of whiskey. We never get Jin. Yeah no no no every once in a while we've gotten Jim but Not Ever No. Not really but the Gina Sanchez on still nice. Did you coin that I did that. That was really good. Thanks Jimmy Johnson's and medicament medicament Medea. Oh that's a real word though. I didn't make that up. I know but use okay. pull it out of Germany ether. Great Fantastic No. I thought you were still going and I interrupted you. And you're going to pick up again. You'd think after twelve years of doing this we would have had that figured out by now how I got nothing else. I don't have anything else. Either accept the. Ah Jin's great. It is great if you're of Legal Age Yup drink responsibly. Yep Don't drive certainly no make take it easy on you to not drive these. Yeah ride hailing APP so you have zero excuse these trite. Well if you want to know more about Jin Again I guess if you're twenty one give it a try. See what happens but like Chuck said drink responsibly. If you're not twenty one you have to wait. Sorry and since I said you're going to have to wait. Sorry it's time for listener. Mail all right so listener mail. This one is Let me see here. Oh this is a hand type letter look nice not an email. It's a printed email also not written in the cutout magazine Letters. Either Sir thank Britain so This is from Westwood Sutherland and he's The guy who beef jerky. Oh yeah thanks Westwood. Hey guys tame is Westwood Sutherland. Currently College Sophomore and Environmental Engineering at University of Colorado Boulder SCO buffs. He says sure Like to say I'm your biggest fan but I can't compete with my dad. Who introduced me to your podcast? He's been listening for years and even acts on some of your information after hearing your podcast asked about B.'s The first one. Not that the beekeeping He became a beekeeper has reaped the rewards for years now an increased as production from our fruit trees as well as getting some honey. Toss though he has to deal with the bear He'd send in that picture of the bear that the that's the local cop the hassles now. It's a bear after his honey. Any name the bear Jerry. Great is that that's not me so he also invested money into a stock. I'm sorry into any stock that worked with crisper. Oh Smart Guy After hearing your gene editing podcast and he is very happy with the results else. Wink wink I didn't I should have. Yeah we didn't even take her own bike with my problem Anyway the reason I got into your podcast started a beef jerky company. When I was fourteen I love that stuff and I was selling enough that I spent Lots of hours cutting marinating lean meat and bagging jerky. During those long hours. My Dad would help me listeners. Snit stuff you should know one after the other and may time go by very quickly just want to say thank you for your wisdom comedy insight and making my days of Jerky production a bit easier included some samples of Jerky as thank you so and that is Westwood Sutherland. And you can find his beef Jerky at west side Jerky DOT com. I believe Westwood comes from a pretty amazing family and you know what. Let me correct that too. He does come in from an amazing family. It is west side. Aw as in Westwood so W. E. S. T. S. S. ide JERKY DOT com the extra s stands for super small batch approach flank steak beef jerky gluten gluten free and one hundred percent not Vegan. It's what he says on his card. Thanks west of that was pretty cool. All in hats off to your dad to for being so cool as well. That's right we need to do administrative detail soon because I came across the list. We've got stuff that was given to us a year ago. Go at like shows in October. Now Yeah so we need to do it soon. Okay totally okay. Well if you WANNA get in touch this like Westwood did you can go onto our social links start start at Steffi should know dot com and you can also send us an email where you can send us to typewritten letter but try an email to you can send it off to stuff podcasts. At iheartradio dot com stuff you should know is production of iheartradio's how stuff works for more podcast. My heart radio is the iheartradio APP apple podcasts. 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