REShow: Devin Bush. Hour 2 (08-06-19)


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Once you finish you get a true cash offer sent in minutes which you can take to a local certified dealer to cash out or trade in so when you're ready to experience a better way to sell or trade in your car check out truecar today true cash offer not available in all states now a number two of the rich eisen show on the air. We're here on a tuesday before week. One of the preseason comes out in full force in the n._f._l. I mean we are in that part of the season of the the sports calendar year where we we all have on the brain in about i think about two weeks is when we're going to really start talking college football to ask the first full weekend of college. Football comes up with <hes> labor day weekend. Rep yup and you know we we've noticed the last two years that labor day weekend is owned by college football and he gets the ball rolling for the n._f._l. To be <hes> unleashed on the first thursday of september and <hes> <hes> you know absolute full slate sat at third saturday the twenty four th there's actually two games coming up on the twenty fourth miami and florida and then thursday urged friday saturday coming down the pike man. I mean football's back at camp and it's great you know and as you know we'll we'll talk more about the preseason slate and what to look for and what to see what we're expecting mean first off the bat patriots at lyons what we're expecting to see tom. Tom brady play way more than we think he needs to right. I mean shouldn't play at all. The nobody out there has been a right of of summer where where it's a patriots preseason game and all of a sudden we're looking at each other on twitter where see and everybody's like why brady plan a third series game like well because he can protect himself and blah blah blah cetera et cetera right <hes> and then <hes> you know in the baseball world <hes> like i told you in the we discussed yesterday in the american league you've got the yankees are gonna win the east and the astros going to win the west and it is all about who has the best record for a supposed- a._l. C._b._s. and that is absolutely disrespecting the twins wins and the indians and the as and the raise and there's three of those four last four teams as i just mentioned are gonna make the playoffs and we'll see what happens there at the atlanta braves are gonna win the national league east and the l._a. Dodgers are gonna win the al west and then the question is who's going to win the central and then who's gonna go in the wild card race and terms the wild card race the new york metropolitans already have. Let's just put it this this way. The new york metropolitans the mets. He's k. Remember last year when the cowboys gave up a one from our cooper and we're all like what the hell is jerry. Jones made no said. Why would he go that. Direction right. Mets are two and a half out of the wild card right now half game behind the brewers. They have the same number of losses as the brewers mets are above five hundred now after sweeping the marlins in a double dip in new york city and just like last year. We were all wondering what the hell's jerry jones up to acquiring amari cooper. He doesn't know what he's doing and amari cooper changed the dynamic. I don't know if marcus stroman is going to change the dynamic again. It's a pitcher going once. Every five days we were on what the hell is he doing but they held on wheeler and they held on his syndergaard and now they're beginning to roll there. They've won four in a row eleven of twelve eleven to twelve. Suddenly mickey callaway doesn't know jack about manager the year right it's amazing using how things can turn around and baseball. They got rid of vargas after he you know pulled the bobby baena on on a on a reporter so maybe maybe the mets are in this thing been anal- wildcard is the race to watch right now. It's august six. We know right now over the last six weeks of the season. It's the wild card because who knows 'em any one of those teams could could take on the dodgers the seven game series. I think we're all assuming the dodgers are going to win the n._f._l. Right now you never know the braves could do something that we don't expect but but <hes> there are seventeen and five since the all-star break the mets right yeah so <hes>. We've got all this going on but to me. You know obviously i'm. I'm getting set for the n._f._l. Network i'm getting set for you know i spoke to our friend to albino yesterday how nice he was at the hall of fame de jacket dinner did not know within hours and the crowd for you dick ebersol roselle award oh man. He's got one more preseason game than he's going on a road. He's going to be calling the packers and the bears ears. I just love here and sometimes from him that the juices flow just like all of us. Oh we're so amped man. He was upset that i didn't call them. When <hes> greg he didn't know greg. Kinnear is coming on you know they do play golf a lot of really almost everybody almost every client greg near sandbag and on the putts yes no he. He said he's look a seven and that putting stroke excuse me are you criticizing his putting stroke. I'm i'm just saying it wasn't it didn't look like someone who's got a seven andy but you also he also he also he lost to del tufo he came out of the greenery actually did it. That looks exit. It isn't first of all first of all. Here's what i don't want to do is just like that that poor guy on whatever disney movie who went viral because of the way he threw a football on twitter. Oh oh that was terrible but that was the first time that actor ever picked up a football. Excuse me that's not true. All you need to know excuse me. This guy awesome matt no no. I don't know this guy from adam. I don't know this guy honestly. I don't know this guy from adam but this went viral yesterday okay. This went totally viral yesterday and here's what we're gonna do chris. Is i wanna i wanna hit. I wanna hit this a little bit. Okay k. We'll we'll get to the news update later on after all right after devin bush because there's so much to talk about from freddie kitchens and everything else what that name of this actor's name is what robbie bobby amount was that his name and he he throws a football and it does look terrible. It looks terrible but you oh you've you have you. You've been on a set chris. You've been on a t have you. Have you been on t._v. Shoot you've been on a rich forget. We were co stars episode of league okay hey but when he threw the ball there was a hundred thousand dollar piece of equipment like two feet away from him and a sound person who is basically saying. Hey if you throw too hard we'll hear the ball hitting right next to the camera and we can't have that so he flipped update. I'm telling you it's here's here's what i'm saying and somebody tweeted it out. If that was me howard piled on top of it and it goes. It's totally viral and i will say this if it's you. You're not gonna go if that was me and i looked at the day ways and that made me look like i'd never picked up a football before for a big. Hey we're shooting this again. Sportscenter marshall years ago you still see it because stuart scott's what's in it and it's one of the funnier ones he's ever been in an every single time that stewart's remembered and sports commercials it comes on and on and on and on stuart scott is washing his hands in a men's room you hear a flush the toilet though i walk out of the stall we wave flush. The toilet jockey walks out of the max. Stuart gives us look like what's that all about because back to whistling flush. The toilet horse walks behind stuart scott hilarious sportscenter senate commercial. I funny okay now. The one thing that i thought about that day was how come on the one coming out of the can dan and not stuart scott stewart was the one that got to wash his hands the entire time he didn't. I'm the one who comes out of the toilet clearly. Drop it a deuce because i'm in a stall well. Some guy stands storm in. I understand that some people freeze and i know i'm starting up. I'm telling some people maybe of the fairer sex what goes on when the guys go to the men's room sometimes guys frees up and they want to go into right happened but i said if this is going to be shot this way i will not shoot this unless i get to wash my hands before leaving the screen and the number of people from the director and the assistant director and the producer and the person from e._s._p._n. And the ad agency they all came up to me to pull me aside and say there is not not enough time in the thirty second spot rich. Don't worry about it what the sound guy even pulls me up and goes. You know it's more important abbey hands clean before you go. I'm like that doesn't matter. Curricula doesn't matter and stewart even pulled. We assadi goes rich. Just take it easy. No one's going to say anything sure enough few weeks later commercial comes out. I'm going around and yankee stadium before world series game and some can fan screens want you wash heads when you come out of the can literally that happened and if twitter had happened then if there was twitter then you would have gone viral just like this poor actor went viral yesterday he can. He has no say in saying thing. I refuse to do this shot unless it looks like i throw a football he can no. It's easy for you to say it's easy for everyone on twitter to give this guy a hard time man he responded he responded on twitter by throwing a football and his streak to show how he could throw put his wife his wife who is pregnant. She's an actress tweeted out that my date night with my husband is being ruined right now because he's blowing up a football all to shoot video. I know i'm going to have to shoot. He's he's got his practice for that bad. Take i am forever known well hold on. I could be forever known as a guy who never washes his hands when he comes out of the john but there is one saving grace that every single time that they do show this commercial again somebody e._s._p._n. Has told somebody or someone at e._s._p._n. Is assuming that i should be cut auto commercial 'cause they edited me out. You just see the jockey and you just see the horse. You don't see me anymore. I've found a version on your added honestly when i saw this whole thing goin' on twitter on like sitting there at thinking. I know exactly how this guy feels. I mean just wash your hands. I you don't watch my hands chris. That's the point and this guy can throw a football washing your hands and being able to throw a football two different things not even close. What are you talking talking about. I would rather be known as a guy who can't throw a football then a guy who doesn't wash his hands coming out of the can if you've just met me. I don't want you to take your damn. She was off on a plane well according to kurt warner on both what is kirk no about throwing the football anyway point exactly right grade-point seriously. I saw poor guy get roasted on twitter. He got row just destroyed aw man. This is a bad throat and i've been there bad throw in a way all right. What's our poll results as they currently stand before you throw a break we get the young young devon bush who by the way. I'm telling you steelers fans. I've watched this kid play football at michigan. He is the only guy i've seen play the position from middle linebacker like hamid michigan since i've been rooting from his david harris who had a hell of a career in the n._f._l. With the jets and then did what all jets do go join the patriots right towards anything. I know but i'm telling you this is exactly what the team needs. That's why they traded up ten spots to go get him monster. He's about to join us from <hes> steelers campus have over there. Who's more likely to play week. One this year zico elliott melvin gordon or whatever's going on with tony brown feed here sixty eight percents antonio brown. Hopefully we'll find out tonight on hard knocks with the story is <hes> twenty one percent ironically early enough ezekiel elliott eleven percent melvin gore. I'm you know i've just everyone assumes that whatever's going on with brown's feet will heal in time for the season. I'm still not eaten. Del tufo sat ain't happening. <hes> zeke's gonna play week one and then gronk coming back twelve and we're going to basically put thanksgiving gravy right right there on the way we'll take a break. Devon bush comes back then the news update <hes> with the latest on what is going on on with zeke and you know it's amazing how a coach talks and some people assume he doesn't know what the hell he's doing. Everybody's waiting to see how freddie kitchens handles the crucible of being a head coach show <hes> certainly with a roster. That's ready to roll in cleveland. All that's coming up tom. Curren <hes> is gonna join us later on on the program to talk about what <hes> brady signed and what is going on in new england and then the actor brett gilman mr mercedes also he's got stranger things and fleabag. Those three shows that a ton of people are talking about here in studio in our number three when we come back. We've got devon bush of the pittsburgh steelers. The rookie here on the rich eisen show yahoo daily fantasy is going big this year. It's the perfect time to start playing yahoo. Daily fantasy never play daily fantasy before yahu. Has you covered unlike those other daily fantasy sites that let users enter a hundred fifty different lineups in their biggest contests. Yahoo has a ten entry max that means better editor chances for you to win the big contests. You can also try their daily. 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Twenty-five and welcome back to the rich eisen show later on the program a little bit more football with tom curren of <hes> n._b._c. sports boston. Tom brady signing a contract back to play football for millions of dollars at the age of forty two but you know he's he's at the top of the food chain in many different ways certainly from the university university of michigan coming out of college and before we get to our next guest here from the pittsburgh steelers to way back machine to the draft when i mike tomlin on n._f._l. Network work on that saturday finishing up with the draft. The steelers were pretty much already. Hey was in the barn. After zach gentry tied in for michigan made it two players that they chose rose in the draft from my alma mater this happened coach at the university of michigan players makes other institutions of higher learning and also football programs made you choose two of them and this year's draft richie. Get that feeling as you walk in the bekaa hall. Oh man you in a college football setting and then you see the big house and in the back in the right place and i realize i'm giving you exactly what it as you want right there. You go coach. Always you know we. We've always been like this. Fingers crossed joining me right. Now is the man that the steelers moved up ten spots in the first round to select last time they did that was to take toy paula malo in the draft. He's devon bush pittsburgh steeler. How are you devon. I'm good how you doing did you coach felt about walking into shambala hall way man. I could understand everything he had a long shot back. That's definitely the feeling that you get so it. Just it just seems to me. This is a perfect fit devon just from the outside. I'm wondering how you feel so far first couple of weeks in your first training camp i am. I'm still in good. <hes> you know my health is good. <hes> plants that have a fun well just in terms of yeah terms of a fit just the scheme the steelers you. It just feels like the fit and again. I'm wondering how you feel. Oh yeah mean shoot. I'm out here playing football on and <hes>. I think that that's what my biggest sitcoms in. I'm just out here on the team. I get to compete and i get to go out there every day and do what i love so this. This is imperfectly right now. What has what has. Tommy told you face to face devon. He's pretty much like hey you know you've been playing football your whole life. Obviously this is not due to yourself. You know you and what am. I deal fans who may not be aware of what what is being. You mean <hes> if you oh me you know but <hes> for those who don't know ma'am. I'm just a guy <hes> football. <hes> man just energetic brings energy passion of big splash plays a lot of fly around and have fun devin bush steelers rookie linebacker here on the rich eisen show. Is it true draft night. You got a text from ryan shazier devon. I got a couple of texts <hes> yeah he definitely was one who text me congratulate congratulate me and just let me know <hes> do any and everything so did that surprise. You look down at your phone seeing that so it was crazy <hes> it was it was just. Have you know that type of guy reach out to you and you know he's gonna and i'm what does he been saying to. You sense have you have you kept in touch. Oh yeah yeah definitely i what on a daily <hes> he's out there on the field <hes> whether you're doing i individual cheap competitions and you know he's just taught me a tips and advice. You know whether it's football or not you know he's always we always stay in constant contact and you know we just talk so give me a piece of advice that he's given you that you've taken a heart devon bush's <hes> just being a good place like well. If you wanna play a long time leaders dedicate yourself great the things necessary to be great you know by the time you look up and you'll be here eight nine and tom flos so <hes> what what have you seen so far in your training camp that you see you need to work on so far <hes> just a mental part <hes> obviously playing with these with these group of guys. You know everybody's physically gifted and everybody can do a physically in <hes>. The middle part is where i need to know get the upper hand and instead he fell more in the be able just to understand more to defense the more of the offense and and the holiday charter tax so <hes> who who on the team veteran is throwing their arm around you devon and and try to show you some ropes. It's a couple <hes> bents williams mark mark bender <hes>. She's here <hes> campaign with bud depre- notice guys you know they. They helped me out tremendously with indian. They need everything. Maybe a vice <hes> you know they stand by my side and <hes> they they i know you you're probably hearing how many people in a lot of hopes and you <hes> the defense has been. You know quite frankly missing your type of speed your type of ability since ryan shazier. <hes> left the field. I wonder how you shoulder that burden devon bush in pittsburgh now honestly i don't. I don't really think about it. A lot. As much as people think i'm sh- i suppose to should be <hes> kinda. Just approach it as you know. I'm i'm devin bush and that's what they have to be in jaffna to to come a and b. right here and <hes> you know that's that's my my hopes my hopes to come in and w bush and now that's my biggest. My biggest drive is <hes>. Let everybody uh-huh by who i am and your dad won the super bowl with the rams what it what is he passed along to you. Devin everything i know <hes> about football football about life you know about being a professional <hes> you know he's he's the reason i am who i am today and <hes> big big. They has to have so. Let's just say you're warm-up before a game against the browns ravens. Let's just the ravens out there and do they. They walk arm in arm across the field neighbors same result so that ravens that ravens logo gets torn up so what happens have a big scratching man that just how much have you kept in touch with the alma mater already or <hes> i just got the phone with a couple of my teammates last night talking to him seeing how how it is and obviously it's just a tough campus michigan football having over there okay. I just did touch. They're doing good so before advocacy. Tell me devon. I tell me in the rest of <hes> of the wolverine faithful because we're seeing another top ten preseason poll etc and so on and so forth i mean <hes> what can you what can you tell me about what you're hearing about. Michigan's team devonte <hes>. I heard i heard <hes>. The office is pretty good. That's one thing i've heard <hes> heard. The defense is also really good so <hes>. I think it's all about putting it together. That's what i'm hearing no <hes> this is what they're trying to campus for just just to put it all together as one complete unit and go out there and do what they do know white so <hes> you know you're closer to ohio than ever before. They're in western pennsylvania devon. Yeah i mean. Are you running into a lot of flak at all or no. It's you're in penn state cuts to. I mean you're you're not. You're seeing a couple couple buckeyes. Obviously i mean i stay in touch with one. She's i know that it's really is amazing and then i play behind a campaign. That's another one i kinda uh-huh face it here and tell me about it i try to i try to stay away. I just came back from canton ohio. Devon i mean what are you single. Men and i walk around. I also say you're paying by all right so before. I let you go devon. What is your goal for for the first year. Gimme a do write these things down at all no not necessarily i kind kind of keep them in the back of my head so put now put it to the fire head out. Give out your mouth gate. <hes> my goals for the season is the come. I'm in <hes> you know play win. Nothing extravagant not come in and play went. Okay devon plus. You take care of yourself will chat soon. Okay all right. Thank you devin bush. Steelers linebacker mant a few words play win right here on the rich eisen show. I think he's gonna be terrific. I think he's exactly what they said too. I i think we we just talked to a defensive rookie of the year candidate. I think he's exactly what they've been missing. He's a guy that will go to the edge edged a guy that will get to the edge with intention. He is a guy that will leave his mark. He's a guy that will be able to be a leader. Steelers fans chose a winner and again. I only say this you consider and say well. I i root for michigan. I'm a michigan guy and that is true. I've just seen a lot out of michigan football and i know what the steelers missing and i know what this kid was bringing and i think it's perfect match and that's why they trade. I mean here's a stat for you. Last time. The steelers traded up in the first round was two thousand six and they moved up seven spots to take san antonio homes and the first time the stills moved up ten spots on day one of the draft since troy paulo and they moved up ten spots in a trade with the broncos two thousand three they don't do this very very often but as you can see chose to two winters pull them all is getting on the hall of fame by the way that boss has the potential angela for being as good as any other that you think ed reads hair and kevin green hair right <hes>. Let me see stick a quick phone call before take a break bernardo in santa clarita here on the rich eisen show up and hold on for a while what's up bernardo boy. I like it. We'll go yankees. Go rotten bernardo what's going on brother. I just wanted to share with you rich. Thank you so much for <hes> for not keeping sportsman i mean this show is covers all the bases for us. I mean popular culture movies. Jersey your list your top. Your your polls are hilarious and you know what else if there's any justice in the world you for me. Sir are the rep of the n._f._l. Mel and i hope to see you with your own. Goal jackets someday deserve this and <hes> you know what i i hope that comes to someday man because i know the love you have for the game for the players and the history and everything else and <hes> just thank you so much you guys do. I'll let you go have a good one. Thank you bernardo. Wow wow that's so nice so nice. It's very nice. What is it nice to be nice to the nice. What is that again. I don't know what show is that <hes>. That's very nice of him to say that <hes> a broadcasters don't get jackets jackets but you know i i. I love that place. It's why when i gave a a little bit of two cents about how to improve the ceremony yesterday did so with love and affection speaking of movies twenty-sixth anniversary in theaters twenty six years ago today. The samples got switched. No way did y ninety one. Our man switches samples dr nichols lied to doctor nicholas marshal the fugitive. One of the most remote drop worthy films all time easy my wife. I don't care twenty six dan years ago today four tommy lee jones richeisenshow favor jane lynch indeed. I mean grey movie top. Ah i sure doesn't crack my top ten. Sorry doesn't top ten tough list for your top ten. Yeah i mean there's a godfather's in it in the break right down your top ten. It's easy. I've done this before you have well. Let's it's called in the break when on the braille and you still have a more serious here okay. I gotta land the plane on the runway. I love this. I love the runway. The pilots hang on wait. A minute. I got asja got godfather. One ed to there you go. Its jaws so much that last week when i said we've heard that they're showing the shining in the actual hotel that the overlook hotel was shot in. I said it's like watching psycho bates motel shower. You're like it's like watching jaws from the beach and i'm like there are no sharks on the beach. The beach is the safest spot you could be in jaws not really because if you go from the land sharks on saturday night live true not in jaws yes they did not say we need a bigger did say it's we eat a bigger water. Where are you when they say that you're on the beach. We'll take a break. We'll take a break news. Update tom com if you. Tom knows everything about everything about the patriots. The reason why i want put me in my brain we gotta get tom on is aligned from his story about. Tom brady's contract extension that just sticks out like a sore thumb. I'm and i need. I need background on that will set that up when we come back with chris brockman news update back on the rich eisen show on live and your radio stations coast to coast in a moment hey listeners just wanted to take a minute to thank all of my great sponsors and all of you great listeners for supporting. This podcast certainly couldn't do this. Show without either of you. When i wanted to remind you that you can support my sponsors by going to my show page at podcast one dot com clicking on the support this podcast button and there you'll see all of my wonderful sponsors that help make this show possible so thank you for downloading subscribing and of course supporting now back to the show stay tuned for sixty seconds of a._p. News these headlines right after this podcast. I wanna thank <hes> the richeisenshow. If you're listening frank papa rawness i think <hes> he tweeted at me. The fly nice to be nice to the nicest. A frank burns line from nash so i just made a forty year old pop culture reference similar to chris berman singing. If i only had a brain for mark bolger on on <hes> prime time which is in reference to ray bolger from the wizard of oz he played the scarecrow so i basically just pulled a berman right there crow in nineteen thirty nine you believe mash is that was a fifty year old pop culture references would sing. Mark bolger's highlights to the tune of brain. Yeah wow just made mashes forty years old and more that's not. I know the future of twenty six years ago today. What's happening was premiered. I heard like i said forty-six years ago or something really done a wormhole right now. If you go and run okay chris brockman news. Let's hit a button. Mike live report rock. Men with the news is brought to you by the honda summer. Spectacular event visit your local honda dealer and experienced complete car-buying bliss with a great deal on an accord civic sedan or civic hatchback. That's the honda summer spectacular going on right now. Christopher you have the floor okay zeke watch update <hes> twenty nineteen here jane slater reporting <hes> that she's back in oxnard today few details told the cowboys of made quote generous offers to dak prescott zeke elliot and amari cooper putting each of those guys in the top five highest paid at their positions additionally. Jane reported she's. He's told that the cowboys are ready and willing to get the deals done but at the two sides can't agree on numbers that make sense cowboys prepared to play this season with each player on prove it prove at deal prove it deal for me. That's smart for dak prescott. Man approve approve deal for dak prescott. One hundred percent deal dak prescott would be smart to take a top five quarterback yes he would amari cooper be smart. Take top five wide receiver. Thank so to zeke elliot does not need to take top five running back deal when he could be the top one running back right make him the highest paid running back in the league with some form of payment that he can somehow now have to accept because of the situations in which he has found himself or put himself in and not feel in the cowboys. Don't offend. Send him by it right. I mean that's what i'm saying is why zeke have to be the best po paid running back when he's the potentially best running back zeke on field all three downs okay and he's on he's on. He's on a field in third down because that guy could block better than any pretty much any tight end in the business that guy can pass protect man. He didn't just run on catch and eat he blocks. That's the problem and prove it like what is the zeke after prove only proven. That's the problem. There proved deal gimme. You'd say approve it deal by the way to somebody who's already in camp. I'll take a i'm gonna. I'm gonna take a breath and understand that it's too important. The season's too damn important for the cowboys to to let that guy is still sitting in mexico and figure it out man for average running back salary. <hes> five top five is shawn mccoy eight million and devante freeman eight point two five million eight million. You gotta be kidding me. David johnson thirteen million wavy. I'm bell three thirteen point. One million yeah todd gurley fourteen point four is important to the cowboys offenses any of those guys these more important than any of those guys. I mean even girly at c. J. anderson run the the ball with similar effect right. Come on now top five yeah. Here's eight million a year same as leshan mccoy zeke it come on off a combo that ain't happening but dat taken a top five quarterback deal. That's a smart move right making deck. Prove it this year also smart all right. Did you hear what freddie kitchens had to say yesterday. A lot of people wondering afraid he's in over his head this this year but freddie at talk. Are you referring to yourself as a lot of people other people are saying that as well but i am one of those people freddie kitchens said he will not tolerate inside side information being leaked to the public the days of inside information and days of of <hes> unnamed sources and stuff like that have ended so you're not gonna information like that ever anybody if i ever see it. They're fired immediately. That's the way we're running. The organization and i can take john john dorsey can take it. We won't crack promessi. He wins first two games that sorta stuff is viewed as laying down the law and he is in charge of his locker room and he knows exactly what the hell he's doing and nobody will care what bob wiley last years off and on couch and hard knocks star has to say about anything about about the way that kitchens ran things last year and how kitchen sit there said it's really the players. It's not the coach's anyway. I mean he's trying to be. He's trying to have humility and in trying to lay down the law and if they start oh into then everyone will wonder what the hell's going on certainly if they start owen because he doesn't throw the challenge flag at the right grime or doesn't have enough timeouts left or botches clock management etcetera and so on and so forth but what's that simple. Let's do it out. Let's do it out week. One home for tennessee gosh they should win that game and then at the jets. I honestly have no idea home for the rams on on my night could win every last one of those games for san francisco seattle i stand by saying they could be six that could be oh and six we have no idea they had the talent to go six and on both sides of the ball and they have the talent and the whole history and the history to go on six and a and a coach. He's never done it before. What else do you have over there. Okay so this morning <hes> it was reported. Tom brady's brookline. Massachussetts house was up for sale on zillow dot com <hes> jeff dr then it was quickly removed from the site which a lot of people scratching their heads wondering what that was all now you know who who does not go on zillow to try and just check on the price of a house and see if it works in terms of of whether there on the market everyone does unless you're in the market for thirty nine million dollars for thirty nine zillow dot com if you're if you've got thirty nine million bucks it's kind of what has been spent on a domicile in brookline massachusetts usa jeff darlington <hes> our good buddy who's now a matt's brookline matt's did did some digging here goes so t's he's reporting the tom. Brady and giselle have indeed place there brookline home on the market thirty nine point five million dollar price tag. I'm told his closest property as it silo i will ridgefield club is nearly three hours from foxborough. The brady's in bunches also own a home in new york city reportedly have been looking in greenwich connecticut and alpine a pine new jersey beautiful place jeff because this isn't to say brady as making real estate decisions with the sole intention of leaving the patriots at the end of the twenty nineteen eighteen decision as season which has contract would reportedly allow but his most certainly paves the way for their families roots in the boston area to loosen of course first brady's full-time can move the football in the fall. It is also possible for his family with elsewhere outside of boston while he finishes out his career with the patriots in other words. Everything thing is now on the table. After this season. Tom brady will be able to make a decision about his football future without the burden of family or contract to influences his mind. It will solely be about where he wants to finish his n._f._l. Career he wants to finish it in new england. He doesn't wanna go. Do you heard what i said. I played the old soundbite soundbites from four years ago. Five years ago with andrea kremer again until game day morning res talking about his own football game worrying about that of course he understood he could get cut one day and he said that jordan played for the wizards. He doesn't wanna be that guy. Now wants to finish with the patriots sure and i'm sure the patriots wanna finish with him and i honestly honestly. I think he'll he'd rent. That's why i wanna have kern on here. What's real. What's not much. What's what's not tom car again. I'll say this so now. We'll bring this up for with him. This is what i want to have him on. This is lise was the inspiration of having him on. Tom wrote this piece on n._b._c. sports boston when brady signed the deal or it was announced talking about this deal quote allows the patriots to save save face because if brady we're going to go into his walk year with a salary far smaller than is much less much lesser quarterbacks. It would look bad and to be frank. Brady may not have have done it. What does that mean because if he's thinking now if that was happening now clearly as a salary would be more in line of what a topnotch quarterback would make over the next two years what is brady willing to do for what he wants after he's won three super bowls since two thousand fourteen conversation with andrea kremer he's talking about. He could get cut one day. That's why i want tom on in the meantime. I wanna buy a monster boat like like jeff basis so i'm going on yachts dot com com to check it out exactly and i hope the the the boat that's for sale doesn't get taken down. 'cause that's the way i shop for boats. Three hundred yachts dot com these are still there is a yachts dot com motor yachts for sale. Did you have one last thirty second it over asher <hes> speaking of forty two year old athletes vince carter announced. He's going to return for twenty second n._b._a. Season to the atlanta hawks watch out for the hawks by the way that sneaky the eastern conference team. Nobody talks about right twenty second season. We the most in n._b._a. History passing dirk nowitzki kevin garnett kevin willis robert parish like all of us back in the day with less than zero he can't quit. Jamie gertz didn't have a spare ceo square. They're not a square to spare vince carter. Cam newton's not gonna play this week in the panthers pre freddie kitchen says he's still mulling going over whether odell and jarvis and baker mayfield plan week one of the preseason conversation coming up as what a preseason games mean. That's still right around the corner. Our three tom carmen gilman coming up hates adam corolla letting him know about my newest podcast going racing me the and matt the motivator deandra that is we'll <hes> highlight the fastest cars. We'll talk about the best races and the best celebrities and motorsports subscribe now at podcast one a._p. News is sponsored by a._d._t. Real protection is professionally installed smart. The home security backed by twenty four seven monitoring our team will help you customize a system for your home including video doorbells indoor and outdoor cameras smart locks and lights that could be controlled from the a._d._t. App or the sound of your voice you can even help keep your loved one safe on the go with location sharing driving activity alerts and an emergency s._o._s. west button through the a._d._t. Go app that's a._d._t. Real protection. I'm rita foley with an a._p. Newsmen at president trump will visit el paso texas tomorrow tomorrow as the nation wrestles with mass shootings that killed twenty two people there and nine more in dayton ohio shooter in el paso hosted today manifesto online consumed by racist hate in one voice our nation must condemned racism bigotry a tree and white supremacy the motive in dayton still unclear today ohio governor mike dewine lays out his plan to deal with gun violence and mental health on sunday hundreds of people in dayton demanded he do something do something. They're yelling as the governor. I spoke at a vigil for the nine people killed dayton. Barneys new york is filing for chapter eleven bankruptcy protection the latest retailer to buckle as shoppers move online and real estate costs soar. I'm rita fall lay.

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