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Welcome to NCWA tournament. Tell me who and by how. Covered every single time. They've been a dog to the favorite as you would imagine. It is. Bryce Harper is worth three what? God's name might breaking news at a baseball, my trout and the anger finalizing record-breaking while you're deal with more than. Dollars million of Frank Harvey angels believe that he is worth every penny. Four thousand or so many things what good baseball. What you see change your perception any sporting event. Shoot. Welcome side the lies. I'm Ryan Smith. Breaking news two time MVP, Mike trout and the Los Angeles angels are finalizing a new twelve year deal with more than four hundred and thirty million dollars. That's what sources familiar to the deal told ESPN now based on those numbers. The twenty seven year old would make an average salary of thirty six million annually best things at granny's currently high everage of thirty four million with the Diamondbacks fraught with set to be a free agent after twenty twenty and recent Phillies, sunny, Bryce, Harper made no bones about wanting to recruit him to play in Philadelphia after that time, well, guess that played in workout. Now this new deal when he clipped Harper's deal signed just under three weeks ago by one hundred million dollars. Oh, talk about some Bank. And the man who broke the story whose money every time. He SPN baseball insider, Jeff passan joins us. Now. Jeff, how did this all come together? Well, this came together Ryan because Mike trout wanted to be a Los Angeles angel for life. He could have played anywhere, and he could have become the highest paid athlete in professional sports history. You know, that wasn't just Bryce Harper's three hundred thirty million dollar deal. Cannella Alvarez had a three hundred sixty five million dollar deal with dissolve on. And the fact that Mike trout smash that as much as he did getting another sixty five million dollars plus on top of that just shows how good he is. This is a deal. That's good for both sides. He gets to be the highest paid athlete ever. The Los Angeles angels gets keep him in their uniform for the rest of his career. Okay. So I think the question a lot of people wonder about because of what was going on with Bryce Harper and his sort of recruitment of Mike trout, what impact might Harper and that whole situation have had on this deal. Not a whole lot trout is almost in a universe of his own. We're talking about a player and no disrespect intended to Bryce Harper. Mike trout's on a completely different level. This might be when it is all said and done the greatest baseball player. We have ever seen through his age twenty six season. He has more wins above replacement than anybody in history. That includes Babe Ruth that includes Ty Cobb that includes Mickey Mantle I could go on and on about all of the great players throughout the course of history. Mike trout has been better than all of them from the start. And so the Los Angeles angels knowing that they have Shohei Ohtani knowing that nineteen year old Joey Dell a star in the making outfielder who's going to be with the team at this point next year. And all likelihood I mean that is quite the outfield to form and quite the core for the angels to have and build around. So the other side of this though, is you look at trout and not to. Cash shade on him at all. But this is a man is only playoffs wants. No. He's only been to the playoffs. Once they've never as as I remember never wanna play off game. I mean, how does this kind of contract hamper their chances to win in the future? Or affect know. I'm not sure that it does. And here's why the angels have a three billion dollar television deal. Local TV over twenty years that is filling their coffers with money. They have stadium. That's not quite filled on a nightly basis, but draws a lot of fans already Marino. The owner in Los Angeles is not lacking for money and the competitive balance tax threshold, which is the luxury tax is going to be raised in the next collective bargaining agreement. So the idea that the angels are going to be coming close or even exceeding the threshold. It's a possibility it's realistic. But it's also not something that is hampering them at the moment. So while trout is making a huge average annual value. It's not the type of thing if the angels play correctly that's going to preclude them from going out and putting a championship team on the field. Okay. Let's talk about bigger picture here. Couple of weeks ago. I mean, it was just that just. That soon couple of weeks ago, there was this talk of no more big deals. All these guys working all these years, and they can't get this money. Now. Here we see big deal after big deal after big deal. What is this about the state of baseball and the money that's out there for free agents? Listen, major league baseball is a ten billion dollar a year industry. It's huge and money is flowing everywhere. And the money should be going to the product. And the product is great as baseball. The game is is alternately the players. And I think major league baseball teams recognized that they understand especially with superstars how imperative it is to lock one in its why Manny Machado went to San Diego. It's why Nolan air Nado state and Colorado. It's why Bryce Harper went to Philadelphia. It's why might trout staying in Los Angeles. It's why the Yankees Aaron judge the Indians want Francisco indoor and the Red Sox want Mukhi bets. We're talking about young players in the prime of their career who are trying to get paid. And understandably so because when you have a free agent market that's not paying players who hit when they're in their thirties, players know, more and more get paid in your twenties. And that's exactly what they're doing here. Okay. So for the guys that are still out there. And I know this is kind of the unicorn deal for the best player in baseball. Could this have an impact on whether they sign them what they might get. I do think it has an impact on judge and bets and Linder. I mean, this sets a new standard. This is a new threshold Bryce Harper owned the largest contract in baseball for all of two and a half weeks. But now we see that number over four hundred million and look Mike trout had two years left on his deal Ryan, and they were gonna pay him sixty six and a half million dollars. So really, this is more like three hundred sixty five to three hundred seventy million dollars in new money that being said, you can understand why judge Betson Linda or want to look at that four hundred million dollar number and say, that's where I wanna be these last four big deals that were signed talking about Machado Harper or not all those guys trout more than the rays have had in their payroll in their history. That's the kind of money that's out there. Unbelievable and great job. Jeff passan. Great to have you with us. It's toward him at time. But the betting begin what a difference year makes the past. You wanna bet on a tournament game at the Vegas or your local bookie, maybe now eight states have legal regulated sports betting all since the supreme court legalized it last may could be more next year as twenty three other states are considering sports betting legislation. According to the American gaming association and nowhere is the impact of legalize sports betting greater than with the big daddy betting event of them. All March madness. The AGA estimates some eight point five billion dollars will be raised on the big dance this year with one in five Americans place in the bed overall betting activity, get this is expected to be more than forty percent of the action from this your Super Bowl what kind of debt will this make illegal betting that remains to be seen but betting hit mainstream for many the tournament. Polls aren't the only piece of the action. They're getting. All right. So let's welcome in kazarian, the host of the daily wage, you gotta catch the show, by the way, six PM every night on ESPN news. Let me ask you eight billion in March madness betting alone. How do you think that the change in legalized betting has impacted sportsman not a ton because it went on all along. And that everyone said this about fantasy sports what's going to happen to fantasy sports with the legalization of gambling. It's like gambling on sports has been going on forever. It didn't get invented last may with the supreme court. They have all co existed. So as of now, the terms of the total money bet because as you just mentioned those figures incorporate illegal money, it's really unchanged. Now, that's because the bracket pools that everyone participates virtually has sort of kind of given everyone a sense of what sports bettors get go through on a daily basis. Right. They get involved in the rooting interest in their bracket pools over the three weeks of March madness. But that's what sports bettors do every day throughout the course of the year so Super Bowl and March bad this they gonna taste. What the sports betting community goes through every single and feel that stress that they go through the entertaining. Do I when you win the stress we live has it had any effect on illegal betting? All well. That's the interesting. Yes, there's going to be substitution effec-. No matter. What? Right. So there are people who may have done illegally were now doing it legally in those eight states, obviously seven in addition, Nevada, and there's also going to be people who just never wanted to do. It wasn't their thing. Legal do get now when it's legalized, but this in due time will hopefully or that's the premise behind the legalisation is I would eliminate the illegal market or not there overnight. Right. This is just as an full of states that have joined the party and more will come in due time. But it's it's sort of a long play if you will to get the money off the market. Okay. Now, let's get some of the fun stuff here bracket tears out there. Everybody's making their brackets. I have no idea what to do. But I had one thought. Yes. Which was pick Duke to win it all and you say, it makes sense. Not to bet them to win. It all it's only explicit books. This is why you have to watch the daily wager. We talked about it. On last night. So this specific topic, and it is all about game theory. Right. So Duke is an overwhelming favourite considerable favor. Let's call it about two to one odds. The lowest odds for favorites in two thousand fifteen when Kentucky was undefeated only about even money to win it all and then lost in the final four to Wisconsin. So it is possible. A team like Duke, especially because we haven't seen a team with this low of collective three point shooting percentage. Go on to win the national championship some point it's going to bite him. But all that aside. It comes down to game theory. Now, if you're in a small pool with maybe cousins or something it's only twenty people. Yeah. You should pick the team you think's gonna win. No matter what we're talking hundreds of other entries. You have to think about it right now in the tournament challenge about forty percent of entries of picked Duke to win at all. And I think it's like eighty four percent to reach the elite eight or if your Sweet Sixteen I can't remember but final four, but it comes down to this. It's bang for your buck. It's about combined probability. So if you pick someone else and not Duke, you get so much more advantageous in terms of payout in. If you're one entry. Trying to win the big school. And you say who's favored in the first round says something about the job the committee did in selecting who went to the tournament despite what we may be here. Right. So last year on this program. There was one double digits of ten that was favourite over a seven this year. We don't have any in fact, all the eight seeds are favored over nine seats. So the odds makers over the years, and it was always a broadcasters worst nightmare. They say upset because a ten seed seventy but everyone in Vegas would scream. We don't have any of that. So in that little bubble in that vacuum. Yes. The oddsmakers agreed with the committee in terms of seating. Now, it's not as simple in binary that because there's the rankings of all the seedings, but in terms of the ups. Yeah. All the higher Sita teams are favored based on the point spread over lower seeded teams, any unexpected bets you like or things that people wouldn't think of even profits. There's a tons of prop that came out. And there's all the sharp money coming in. But some places are offering. Yes, no on Duke. Will they went you can simply take the field verse Duke, and then there's fun stuff like total number of ACC teams to make the final four total number of wins by ACC teams. I believe that fifteen because remember it's three once ACC a total of six or seven. I can't remember off the top of my head. But there's all sorts of fun like that. But I just like you maybe the point spread and finding value fading teams. Like, I don't think produce very strong this year. They've had a horrible close to the season. So are they right for an upset outright against Old Dominion, probably not the plus the thirteen interest me and things like that. So there's always. Opportunities throughout. But it's also just it's just cool that the whole country gets involved in this three week stretch because essentially twice as much money to be bet on March madness over the three weeks or so then it wasn't the Super Bowl and like for so many people out there who are worried about placing the individual bets their legal in some of these states, and it's accepted, the big the big thing. Doug. Thank you got shade it by the way, the ESPN tournament challenge is back. The number one bracket game head to ESPN dot com slash bracket to make your picks the brackets are open. So choose wisely because they closed Thursday at noon eastern. Okay. Well, coming up in just hours, the baseball season begins thousands of miles away in Japan. What do the country's best major leaguers think of their goat? Geico presents unhelpful home improvement how to a slippery bathroom floor can result in expensive hospital bills. So today, I'll show you how to cook a serious fall by filling your bathroom with thousands of plastic balls. Just nail a piece of plywood across the doorway and dump in two thousand multicolored plastic balls, you could try to protect yourself with a bathroom full of plastic balls or you could get liability coverage through the Geico insurance agency. Visit Geico dot com and see how a forcible renter's insurance can be. Here's more stuff that matters after thirty four years in Philadelphia leading the Saint Joseph's men's basketball team, Phil Martelli in the university. Our parting ways under Martelli Saint Joe's reached the NCAA tournament seven times, including a trip to the elite eight powered by the back court of demure Nelson and along west in two thousand four earning him national coach of the year honors and he's been at the helm since two thousand one and now Dana white will remain with the UFC four. At least another seven years. You have president saying in an interview on UFC YouTube channel that he signed an extension keeping him with the organization which newly extended exclusive contract with the SPN which last twenty twenty five and today in New Orleans the sun belt conference introduced Keith Gill as its new Commissioner the first African American to become Commissioner of football bowl subdivision or F B S conference Gillet spent the past two years as it Lennick ten executive associate Commissioner of basketball. Unbelievable distant magician with the bat. Dave. Be talking to him and thinking he didn't speak English. And then he drops on me. What's up, dude? I got the witnesses Patty practices power. Whatever he wanted to stupid, Paul. I remember his pre at bat routine where he'd gone to a swat where you just looks like a cat as almost touching the ground that ninja samurai gets the bad affair the great bro from right field. Or him scaling Safeco park for rob a home or? And make three thousand right? And he's done these. Audible player. It was a joy to watch him play. There's just so many things in what you did for game baseball. Opening day just hours away in the home of each euro three thousand eighty nine career hits one thousand four hundred twenty career runs three eleven career average and still going. That's not from the show. Those each euros career stats in the majors when account is nine seasons. In the Japanese baseball league that's four thousand three hundred sixty seven hits the most in history. And now beginning twenty eighth season playing baseball. He starting for the Mariners tomorrow morning's opening day matchup versus the as in the Tokyo dome. You think he's popular there? Take a look at this reception. Just for autographs and that captures how major league brethren feel about him to his success. Paved the way for guys like Otani and Darvish and Tanaka in the majors players who revere him almost as much as Japanese fans. So it's bringing Marley Rivera ESPN baseball reporter who has spoken to each euro as well as other prominent major leaguers who basically idolize the man as many of us do Marley. I gotta ask you. Each euro, this is sort of his moment back in Japan opening the season. How is he taking in this entire experience? I have to save Ryan more interesting thing about this is that each is not seeing this as a bowel out, and if you look at all the headlines about these Japan Series or we're gonna broadcasts starting nice and early at five thirty AM tomorrow on ESPN is the fact that we have a date for for watching that one. But it's the fact that everyone is seeing it as this is the last we see of each euro Suzuki, and this is not how he sees himself. Now, as we well know Ryan that isn't a decision that is made by the players splitting of players in their late, thirties and forties or still unemployed. So obviously each euro at forty five years old, it's shadow of this first ballot hall of Famer that he will certainly be. But at the same time, he's not ready to say goodbye to this game yet. I had the opportunity to go to Kobe in Japan during my vacation and spend some time with him. And he does not look like a man who is ready to hang up those spikes? Oh, man. I could see him being around for a couple years more. That's just me. So you Darby's so hey, Otani sat down. On with some of the guys who have idolized him that we kind of paved the way for what did they say about his impact on the game and how he impacted them and their careers. Ryan have you particularly ever heard of a player being described as God, I think this is something that we hear in the NBA with Michael Jordan. Maybe like these the kind of think, right? When we heard the other day when we heard LeBron James speak about the all that he has for Michael, Jordan. This is exactly how Kikuchi how Otani how Tanaka how you Darvish feel about him. And if you notice the names that I just mentioned are pictures except that well tiny, obviously is the two way player the two way phenom. And also, I left handed hitter who has benefited for many conversations with each euro. But they've referred to him as God as an idol that this is the greatest moment for Japanese fans to get to see each Susuki play at home, not what the buffalo or excuse form. But with the Mariners uniform, which obviously is so significant for HR absolutely is. And you know, we look at him. And I think you know with analytics being so important these days considering the cut player he is the size. He has would he? Have been you think on teams radar in this age of analytics where so much dominated by these different particulars that each row doesn't have on its face. Oh, I actually think I'm gonna disagree with you slightly there. Because a lot of analytics have to do with contact. I let me have to do that UCR that they came up like a outfielders like each row has those numbers he can compete. He's no longer the offensive powerhouse right of those two hundred sixty two hits in two thousand and four. We're never going to see that again for Michio Suzuki. Oh who knows? Maybe we'll never see it from another player. But in terms of defensive metrics. He's still has a place in his even in his early forties right now at forty five I feel that teens would certainly pay attention to him. And trust me Ryan it isn't like a numbers game. I haven't gotten a clock to measure it a timer. But I've never seen anyone run harder to first base that each Susuki in his prime. So I certainly think that he certainly would have a place anywhere. Still tough as nails still one of the best. Out there. I think I think he's still could be on a major league team. Marley. Thank you so much. Appreciate it. And by the way, checkout Marley dot com as she talks with four prominent Japanese stars currently in the majors about each euro and the Japan Series and tomorrow Thursday, we're going to have the Japan opening series from the Tokyo dome between each euro and the Mariners and the as game caldo forget it get up early and watch at five thirty AM eastern. Or if you're the west coast late two thirty or two thirty AM Pacific on ESPN, the we'll be right back. After the show today after work probably had the gym maybe watch some TV and since I'm away from home upset with my family for a bit. You know, nothing fancy just a way to kill time and get a release from the business of the day that starts here at seven AM. So I get the point of major leaguers being into fortnight, it's a distraction. It's a released from the stress and the daily grind to the majors. But how do we get to a point? Where interrupts doing your job yesterday manager Charlie Montolio announced that his Blue Jays where imposing the pre-game curfew on playing video games in the clubhouse. Why some players thought it was too much fortnight last year. And as the Phillies we're losing nine straight near the end of last season Carlos Santana had to take a bat to a TV to wait guys up to what's really important. He said, quote, I see a couple of players. I don't want to say names they play video games during the game. We come and we lose too many games. And I feel like they weren't worried about it. I'm angry because I wanna make it good. And you got gotta give credit to David price. He opted to keep the game at home. After some got the impression after last year's carpal tunnel injury. That it came from playing fortnight, you know, what other should follow his lead. Spare me all the stuff about how it helps the current generation of players bond. How keeps guys together how keeps people from getting bored? Newsflash jobs are stressful. Oh, and guess what jobs are boring you get paid to work not to stave off stress or boredom and game. Shouldn't disrupt from playing a game. Strange as that sounds this is why should ban fortnight during games everywhere. Make it a rule ask for the union support. Because if guys can't police themselves enough to stay away from video games while fans pay to watch them play the league needs to step in and push that familiar, Bella check, reframe tired and true as it is do your job and fell live is next. We'll see.

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