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LG's New Dual Screen Phone Announced - DTH


These are the daily tech headlines for Wednesday Twenty six twenty twenty. I'm Tom Merritt L. V. Sixty thin Q. Five G. as its third dual screen phone with the second screen in case that can be separated from the main phone the V. Sixty has the snapdragon eight sixty five processor and improved camera. That handles eight K. video and a headphone Jack. Both screens are six point. Eight inch F H D plus Ola with a small notch. Lg and Google apps can span both screens. The Five G. is optimized for sub six networks. But there will also be a model optimized for millimeter wave on the rear is a one one point seven inch sensor sixty four megapixel one point eight camera which uses Pixel Binning for sixteen megapixel images the V. Sixty one hundred twenty gigabytes of storage eight gigabytes of Ram Wifi. Sixty five thousand mile. An hour battery prices will be announced by carriers but LG says they will be less than a thousand dollars when the V. Sixty arrives in the spring Reuters sources say key. Foxconn officials have not yet returned to Chinese factories working remotely from Taipei. The sources also say delays in supply chain processes by the covert nineteen virus. Concerns might delay shipments even into the autumn of products. Like the IPHONE that rely on Foxconn Chinese factories foxconn is getting advice on virus prevention. From Jong Sean who is credited with finding the correct way to treat SARS seventeen years ago? Sean was recently appointed head of China's National Health Commission investigation into the cove nineteen virus outbreak. Tempo is a forty two inch. Hd touchscreen with Microsoft's azure connect camera. Inside track your exercise form while you take live streaming classes as he followed the onscreen instructions in strength training Cardio Yoga and more dots on the screen plot. Your movements and instructions appear to help you. Perfect your form classes grade you on your form. Not The total number of residue. Classes cost thirty nine dollars a month for a subscription and the tempo cabinet screen with its standard barbell and weights. Up to one hundred pounds cost a thousand nine hundred ninety five dollars. Deposits of two hundred fifty dollars or needed to reserve one now shipping in Summer Panasonic announced. It will end. Its four year joint venture with Tesla to produce solar cells and modules at a factory in Buffalo New York Panasonic solar manufacturing operations at the plant will cease in May and Panasonic will be entirely out of the factory by September. Tesla plans to continue operations at the factory on its own. Panasonic still works with Tesla on a joint battery cell factory in Reno Nevada. The brave browser now automatically offers a link to an archive dot org page when the current page is unavailable clicking. That link takes you to the way back machine where you can scroll through snapshots of the historical record of the missing page and choose one if you want the Internet archive offers similar functions and extensions for Chrome Firefox and safari the US national transportation. Safety Board announced Tuesday that a March two thousand eighteen fatal crash of Tesla Model X. SUV was caused by a combination of Tesla autopilot operating conditions. It couldn't handle and the driver being distracted by a game on his phone. The SUV hit a concrete barrier at high speed killing the driver. A cushion at the end of the barrier had been damaged in a previous crash and if replaced might have saved the driver's life the board made nine recommendations including the Tesla prevent autopilot from conditions. It was not designed for and create a more effective method of ensuring driver attention. Ntsb also recommends phone companies. Lock out distracting phone features when it detects someone driving. Disney's Robert Iger announced he has stepped down as CEO Eiger announced in two thousand eighteen. He planned to retire. But the announcement Tuesday was unexpected. Disney chairman of parks experiences and products. Bob Chip Beck is the new Disney. Ceo Eiger will assume the role of Executive Chairman through twenty twenty one and continued direct creative endeavors. While leading the board Damian real and Noah Rubin wrote an algorithm to determine every possible eight note. Twelve beat melody contained within an active. They released the Algorithm under an open source license on good hub and released the melodies under a creative Commons no rights reserved license on Archive Dot. Org meaning anybody can use them. The idea is to reduce the number of copyright lawsuits based on simple melodies rather than whole songs the first VC backed startup in Africa to go public on a major exchange ECOMMERCE company Jumia announced it was profitable in gross profit versus fulfillment expenses though it lost money overall. Jumia operates goods and services in eleven countries and raised revenue. Twenty four percent in two thousand nine hundred ninety one hundred sixty million euros and you'll active customers rose fifty four percent to six point one million in the last year despite a forty percent increase in orders in Q. Four gross merchandise value for twenty nineteen declined three percent due to phones and electronics finally research firm. Omnia estimates apple shipped forty six point three million iphone ten ours in two thousand nineteen making it the most popular phone worldwide. The rest of the top five in order was the iphone eleven galaxy eight ten galaxy a fifty and galaxy. A twenty jammies read note. Seven was the highest shipping phone. Not from apple or Samsung at number eight for more discussion of the news of the day. Subscribe to daily Tech News. Show DOT com. You can find show notes and links to all the headlines there as well. Thanks for listening.

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