Ep. 291 - Infanticide Is Worse Than Blackface


Virginia. Governor Ralph north is now denying that he appeared in a black face Ku Klux Klan photo on his medical school yearbook page one day after apologizing for appearing in a black face Ku Klux Klan photo on his medical school yearbook page. He also denies ever appearing in black face except for that time. He wore black face to a Michael Jackson impersonator contest. But don't worry he won't perform the moonwalk anymore because that would be inappropriate according to his wife. Oh, yeah. Also, he supports killing babies after they've been born we will analyze the sheer political brilliance with which Democrats took down one of their own governors to avoid talking about their growing support for infanticide. Then variations on a theme. An Indian man sues his parents for giving birth to him without his consent than nerve of them. All life is suffering. He says, but a new study shows that people who have endured the most suffering may live the longest lives, we will try to make sense of the competing cultures of life and death. Finally, speaking of. Death Super Bowl fifty three and the death of football. I'm Michael Knowles. And this is the Michael Knowles show. Ralph north them what a tragedy in three acts a comedy and tragedy in three acts. We'll get to in a second. But first, let me talk to you about you know, how much I love this purple mattress. I am proselytizer for purple mattress. It has saved my marriage. It certainly saved my back. It is the greatest mattress I have ever slept on. I have recommended it to all of my friends you need to get it yourself. I'm telling you, it is the best that you will ever get it is unlike any bed you've ever slept on. It's not quite a memory foam. It's not an innerspring. 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Take out your phone text co FICO v f f e two four seven four seven four seven the only way to get this free pillow is to text co Fe c o the F E F E two four seven four seven four seven C O V E four seven than seven message and data rates apply. Okay. Now, the look I love purple mattress. But now we can get to one of the most incredible political displays of of the last three or four years other than everything Donald Trump's done this. The Ralph Northam turn around is a jaw-dropping political display for those of you who missed it over the weekend. Here's democrat Virginia. Governor Ralph Northam reacting to. The news that on his medical school yearbook. Page is a photo of a man in black face and a man wearing a Ku Klux Klan outfit. This according to the Washington Post. Ralph Northam is in this photo. Ralph north gets exposed and he comes out and apologizes that photo and the racist and offensive attitudes. It represents does not reflect that person. I am today or the way that I have conducted myself as a soldier doctor and a public servant. I'm deeply sorry. I cannot change the decision. I made nor can I undo the harm my behavior calls then and today, but I set responsibility for my past actions. And I'm ready to do the hard work of regaining your trust. He accepts responsibility. He is apologizing. He's about to work to gain back your trust. Just and then he realized wait a minute. I'm a democrat. I don't need to apologize for anything. I don't need to take responsibility. Yippee? I'm democrat governor. So then a day later, he goes out and unapologetic. Responsibility for content that appeared on my face. And that was fairly racist and offensive. I'm not in will not excuse the. The rate and is good. When my staff showed me this Vogel. Yup. I was seeing it with. I did not virtuous idiom. And I was unaware of what the all my. When I was confronted with the hemorrhages yesterday. I was Paul that they appeared page, but I believe them. And now that I am not either of the Keikel have photos. I stand my statement policy to the many Jin who were hurt by content on a yearbook faith that belongs to being a leftist means never having to say, you're sorry. Listen to that language, then he says, well, I'm apologizing that there was a racially offensive photo on my yearbook page, then he asks us to believe that he never saw the yearbook never purchased the yearbook had nothing to do with the the photo being on his page. Although then one wonders why was it on the page. And why are you sorry that it appeared on the page? Then he says listen to the language I believe that. I was not either of the people on that page. Now if that photo comes out guy in black face guy, wearing a Ku Klux Klan uniform, especially if you're a democrat governor, I mean that you know, that's there's a long history of democrat governors wearing that uniform. If that appears and you weren't in that photo, wouldn't you come in and say, it's not me you wouldn't apply. Jobs for it. When you then unapologetic, you wouldn't say, I believe I was not in that. You would say it's not me. I'm not in that photo. I didn't do that. So come on get off at this is a political dirty trick or something like that. Instead, he's just saying don't believe your lying is this is what they always do. This reminds me of joy Reid. Joy Reid is that MSNBC commentator, and it came out that she had written on her blog all of these anti-gay writings years ago and all of these anti-gay writings come out, and she denies that. They were there. She says, I don't know how they got there. Maybe it got hacked. Maybe my old website ex post facto got hacked, and then all of these anti-gay writings appeared there. And I anyway, not no responsibility. It's not me. And then so he doesn't deny that. He wore black face ever his excuse. Ralph Northam is that he's he he wasn't wearing black face in this photo. But he has worn black face before. He wore black face for a Michael Jackson impersonation contest. That's up to them. If everything is in soundbites these days, but I I really do believe that both of them are wrong. But there's a contrast but seeing between the black face and someone standing there in a klu Klux Klan outfit and me dressed up in a Michael Jackson costume for dance contests. And again, they're both wrong. But I would hope people would see the contrast. So speaking of seeing contrast, I the one reason is Michael Jackson line is just obviously bogus is that Ralph Northam today is much darker skinned than Michael Jackson for much of his career. So that, you know, the time line is very important here on when you're doing your Michael Jackson impersonation. But why is he admitting that he wore black face for Michael Jackson contest or party, or whatever the reason he's doing it is that the guy's obviously worn black face. He almost certainly were black face on that photo. He were black face or he wore the hood. I don't know which one's better for Ralph Northam, but he. Knows he's done it. And he knows that probably some other photos exist. If this guy was going out where in black face in the eighties. Probably that's not the only photograph. If one of the photographs makes it to us medical school yearbook page, probably they're going to come out. And so when the next photo comes out, it's going to be much more difficult for north them to have any credibility. Not that he has any now. But the best part of the Michael Jackson line is the resistance of this whole be useful press conference when a reporter asked him to do the moonwalk, and he almost doesn't people that do that kind of research, perhaps they should have looked at that. Yes. That's right. An appropriate circumstance. My wife says inappropriate circumstances. Are you still able to dance the moonwalk? And what is for those of you who couldn't see it? He looks around. He's looking around for a place on the stage to do the moonwalk and he's smiling. And if you've probably doesn't know how to do the moonwalk I I wish if only his wife weren't there. We could have seen that somehow the press conference would have been even better really beautiful. So now after this press conference all of a sudden leading Democrats or coming out against the guy, Terry McAuliffe ex governor of Virginia Eric Holder, exit Torney, general Hillary Clinton former future, president of the United States. They're all coming out. They're saying he no he doesn't have the judgment. He can't be governor of Virginia. He's got to resign. He's got to get out of office. You'll notice all of these Democrats were waiting until after the press conference. It wasn't right. When the photo came out. It wasn't you know, any of his other actions as governor it was after this press conference. They realized this guy is not capable of remaining office. He's looking too bad for us with this is about the reason that that Ralph north is being pushed out of office is not because he wore black face or recoup Ku Klux Klan hood thirty five years ago. He's being pushed out for being an incompetent spokesman for the democrat party. And what this is really about is not about black face or racism or bigotry, what this is all really about is abortion. And this was an amazing move by the democrat party. I don't know who is behind this. I don't know exactly where the tip off came from. I don't know how it all played out moment to moment. But pivoting this conversation from this man in. Endorsing infanticide to this, man. Having worn black face thirty five years ago. So he's gotta go. This was one of the most brilliant strategic communication strategies. 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Check it out. You're gonna love it. This was the brilliance of this row. Ralph Northam democrat strategy first of all who tipped off the press about this photograph. I don't think they just coincidentally discovered. This photograph a day after Ralph north exposed the entire Democrats abortion position, which is to kill babies. The after they're born as they're being born right before they're born. He exposed what abortion for what it really is which is infanticide the killing of babies a day later his career is over the is of a photograph that someone obviously had for a long time, and they were sitting on it sitting on ammo just waiting to us. So who tipped off the press, according to reports now it was a concerned citizen not a political opponent. And this this is from big league politics, which published this quote a concerned citizen. Not a political opponent came to us in pointed this out, I I think there's a lot there how it's being reported. Now is that it was a medical school classmate who was outraged by the infanticide comments. But how was the? Medical school classmate outraged because he's pro-life or because he's a democrat. I don't know the language very concerned citizen. Not a political opponent makes me think maybe this wasn't a political opponent. Maybe this was a democrat. Maybe this tip came from a democrat who wanted to get abortion and post birth abortion and infanticide out of the headlines because it looks really really bad for Democrats. You know, we talked about this on the show last time on Thursday for so long. The leftists had us argue pro-life at the moment of conception where the majority of Americans support legal abortion three days after conception two weeks after conception, whatever. But the logical conclusion of that is that the day of birth or the day after birth or the day before birth and now because of guys like Ralph Northam and Andrew Cuomo and other Democrats were arguing about abortion. It's logical conclusion which is the baby which is infanticide and today other than on this show. No other than on maybe a couple of other conservative leaning shows people aren't going to be talking about Ralph north them and infanticide. They're going to be talking about some stupid photo thirty five years ago that I truly care nothing about that is truly not relevant to. To our lives to our public policy to racial relations to abortion, just remember this three or four days ago. This is what we were talking about from Ralph Northam. When we talk about third trimester abortions. These are done with the consent of obviously that the mother with the consent of the physicians more than one physician, by the way. And it's done in cases where there may be severe deformities. There may be a fetus that's non bible. So in this, particular example, if a mothers in labor, I can tell you exactly what would happen. The infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable the infant would be resuscitate. If if that's what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother, so so I think this was really blown out of proportion. So it really blown out of proportion. Well, something was blown out of proportion here. But it wasn't the infanticide comments. It's it's now been blown out of proportion because of this new thing I'd I'll say it here. I'm probably going to be called racist for saying this. I. Think that it is worse to slaughter babies after they've been born than to wear black face. I know I'm going to be kicked off Twitter. I'm going to be kicked off Facebook. It's you're not allowed to say that my show is going to be canceled. I think actually a lot of reasonable people would agree. It is worse to kill infants after they've been born in twenty nineteen than it is to have worn black face in nineteen eighty four. That's what I think. Call me. Crazy. Call me crazy. But of course, everybody thinks that and the leak strategy worked. We're now talking about black face, which everybody can condemn Democrats can go out and condemn democrat politicians. Presidential candidates can go and condemn him. Call for him to resign rather than talking about infants who've been born alive who are now being killed which Democrats can't condemn the democrat presidential candidates who have announced and who haven't announced have been very quiet about these abortion bills in New York and possibly in Rhode Island. And in Virginia, the ones that allow you to kill a baby is it's being born or I guess even after it's been born. They can't talk about that. Because if they come out and say that's too far. Then they then they create a losing issue for Democrats. They're going to lose the primaries. And the question is obviously then going to be well if it's too late to kill a baby on the day. It's being born or the day after it's been born. What about the day before it's been born? What about the? Week before it's been born. What about twenty six weeks? Now, you can kill a baby twenty six weeks and whole lot of places. Women who are twenty six weeks pregnant have a giant belly. You can feel the baby kicking you can see on three D sonograms that it's clearly a baby. What about that? And it also it also this strap this leak strategy which was so good puts Republicans on the defensive because we expressly very explicitly do not hold people's thirty year old yearbooks against them. This was the whole Brett cavenaugh incident was that brick Cavanaugh wrote about chugging beers in his high school yearbook from the eighties and Republicans rightly pointed out who cares what he wrote in his high school yearbook. Who cares what he did in the eighties? I care what's happening now. So just sort of by principal Republicans don't want to condemn people for things that happened thirty years ago, especially if they've changed especially if they've said that they're sorry. I don't care. I don't care if this guy wore black face thirty five years ago. I don't care if he wore the Ku Klux Klan hood third. Thirty five years ago, especially because he's a democrat governor. And basically all of them were the Ku Klux Klan hood for the for the majority of the existence of the Ku Klux Klan what I care about is. Is he sorry for it has he changed is he doing things as governor that are discriminatory toward people of other races. Is he oppressing people? If he's doing that I'm much more concerned about that. He's obviously, oppressing one class of people, namely, babies or babies who are not wanted or baby says in that video he says, look, we're not killing the good babies. We're we're killing those disabled babies, that's nobody wants a disabled baby. Now who wants that? Nobody nobody wants a baby who has a mental or physical deformity. No, come on that I care a lot more about that. So now Democrats by switching up this story on Ralph Northam, they're trying trying at least to argue on terms that they can win on these are not comparable things. And it's also worth pointing out as we talk about this these abortion laws, which are growing around the country. Now, when we talk about them, we should make clear that there are real differences between arguing over these bills into arguing over other democrat policies, I always refrain Ryan reluctant to call things evil to call people evil to condemn people categorically because they want to raise taxes because even because of awful political ideologies like socialism, I like to point out that people who are fun of socialism, usually do so because they're ignorant because maybe they have good intentions, but the road to hell is paved and good intentions. This is different these abortion bills, so called abortion bills and really. Fantasize bills or different? They are categorically evil. They are categorically barbaric. They are evil down to the core. They're horrific they transcend mere political difference. And we should talk about it that way is pure barbarism. The people who support that should not be permitted into polite society people who vote to support that to support the killing of babies after they've been born should be ostracized. They should probably be deported. At least they should be held to criminal stand. There should be laws passed against this sort of thing. This should be held to criminal standards. It is wickedness total evil depravity. That's what that guy did Ralph Northam. That's what he said on that radio show is we should allow babies to be born. And then if they have a deformity or if their parents, don't like them than their parents should be able to kill them right on the table while they're smiling up at their little mothers. That's what he said. That is. Pure evil. And the Democrats have us not talking about that. They have us talking about a guy wearing a racially insensitive costume thirty five years ago. Brilliantly done my hat goes off to those cynical. Depraved political strategists who manage to do that? It was really really well done and pretty horrific. They're really really. Really cynical and really effective. Now, the reason the reason that the north comments are so dangerous for Democrats is that they describe the reality of abortion, and there's a new series coming out from live action which shows this beautifully. It's really astounding when you have arguments with people when you have political debates with people, you never change their mind. But this issue as I say time, and again is different. I was having a debate at politic on with Democrats like what's his name? But Corrie sellers few others. They said we need to meet in the middle. I said you can't meet in the middle on abortion. He said, you're right. That's what you can't. That's a different kind of. This is a different kind of issue. We'll get to that. In a second. We'll get to ante Natal ISM. We'll get to the Indian man who's suing his parents for giving birth to him without his consent. 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You get the backstage you keep the lights on you keep coffee in my Cup. Do it. If you're on Facebook or YouTube good a daily wire dot com, you'll get the leftist. Here's tumbler, you need the left tears tumbler. This is a great model it holds those vintage nineteen Eighty-four leftist tears from the Virginia vineyards, it's really really good where they're now. Stuck defending the indefensible infanticide and on top of that they're wearing KKK hoods. Again, you thought those days were over there. Not really not looking great right now. Go to daily wire dot com. Get you left. Here's but we'll be right back. The reason that Ralph Northerns interview there is so dangerous for Democrats current democrat politicians the Democrats running for president is because they describe the reality of abortion. The pro-abortion activists always use jargon. Whenever people use jargon. And euphemisms, you know, that they're hiding something from you. They'll say think when they describe abortion in the in the pro-abortion activists movement, they'll say, well, we use we use certain tools and employ certain tools to find the cranium. And then we remove the product of pregnancy from the uterus. They all make it very clinical. There was that video of a woman trying to describe abortion to children because she's obviously deranged. And she said it just, you know, it's not a big deal getting abortion. It's just like a weird body thing. Direct quote, it's kind like going to the dentist. It's just a clinical. But it's it's obviously not. Not like that. So you hear all of the clinical euphemisms, jargon that the pro-abortion crat uses. And then what is Ralph Northam say because he's obviously not a terribly intelligent, man. So when he's out there talking on the radio says, yeah, the baby's born. And then we leave it on a table. And then we kill it. If we want to. He's the more honest person. He's the one telling you what it is. At least he's being honest, all that jargon is very dishonest. So live action pro-life organization has this new series video series where they go up to people. And they said, what do you think about abortion? And then the people say, well, I support it mostly I think it's basically fine, and you know, should have the right to choose and Bob, whatever. And then they show them videos of what an abortion is. When it does the videos, obviously, the videos are not being shown in here because they're pretty graphic. And then instantly the people change their mind. This never happens in political debate that happens over time. Maybe it's very hard to convince someone except on this issue, which is different check it out. What are your thoughts about abortion? I think everyone should have a right to it. It's our body. It's decision. Right. So we were to go ahead of the pregnancy. Watch of audit. It should be solely on the person. Who? Carrying the baby. So yeah, that's what I feel about it. So when you both support abortion all the way up to the moment of birth. Oh, yeah. I do. I do. Yes. So now, she's watching this video you can see certain images from the video on how it's being done some graphics. One word your thoughts on what you saw. I was that was hot trenching. I guess I mean. Yeah. I mean until you see something like that. You don't often things that you're going to change opinion. Right. I mean, that's something. I would I would not want anyone to go through. Right. Not myself. Not to know anyone on a month to one right? And I had no idea. This is how a Boston takes place. Right. Looking at the video and the way it was performed. It's an eye opener. So no, I don't think any kid any baby any infant. I mean in any features should go through that. No, listen, she stingy so confused. You can hear me. That's how you can really tell that, this is genuine. She's saying, I don't think any infant. I mean fetus. But even if it's I still don't think it should go through that. By the way, fetus means offspring. It's a Latin word that means offspring of apparent. Really effective tool. And this is always the tool. I mean, when you show the reality when you show the images that is what is going to convince people if you just have a debate, you, you know, you kind of have a bull session freshman year, where you're debating these abstract ideological ideas of abortion, and you say, well, isn't isn't abortion sort of like if a woman is changed to a hospital bed and she's connected to a parasite which she didn't ask to be there in the Perez morally licit to to oak. Well, first of all, these are referred experiments are ridiculous. They're not terribly good analogies for it. But rather than us some silly thought experiment. How about we just look at what an abortion is that what they won't let you do that the left doesn't want you to do that. Because when you look at the reality of it when you see the story of what's going on. That's gonna make you pro-life for all. But the most. Psychopathic people that will make you pro-life. It has. The this is the difference between an ideological manifesto and unin aerated. This is why politics is downstream of culture. This is why the culture matters so much is because we live in stories ideological manifestos doctrines, boom, boom, boom, five bullet points that describe all of life. They're always wrong. That's why are always wrong because they can't contain the richness of life. Stories can get at the richness of life. This is why myths describe life so much. This is why Christianity is the truth. It's the greatest story ever told the stories doing when we watched the narrative of what an abortion is. There's no ambiguity. I don't have to wonder what's cranium. What's a what's this tool? Looked like how is what is a fetus or an embryo or a blast sto splashed, ULA or this or that? What is no it's a baby it's obviously baby. And it's obviously being killed. And it's obviously trying not to be killed. And that's what it is. That's the story. How you feel about abortion really comes down to how you feel about life. That's what it's really about. It's not about what you think about medical procedures. It's not about necessarily even abstract ideological principles. It's what do you think about life is life? Alternately? Good is life alternately a comedy. Is it significant? Does it have purpose is your life geared toward a purpose or? Is life? A tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury. Signifying nothing at all. Which is. Those are the two of us, the traditional view, the Christian view, the religious view broadly, is that life has a purpose and has a T loss, the classic ancient view, the Aristoteles view. There is a purpose to life. There is a significance to life, the modern and post modern view is that it's nothing. It's an accident. We're just a bunch of weird molecules bouncing together that we accidentally ended up in this semi conscious. Probably not even Free State has probably all determined anyway. And then we delude ourselves with silly illusions like love and virtue and purpose, but it's all just ridiculous, and it's really full of suffering. And it's really just awful. It would be better not to be born that there is an Indian guy who is now embodying this really forest endorse way, he is suing his parents for giving birth to him without his consent. His name is Ralph. I'm sorry, Rafael Samuel. He says he has a great relationship with his parents, but he's compared having children to kidnapping and slavery. He's the leading a movement called anti-nato ISM. And when I first saw this. I just assumed it was joke. I assumed it was satire. But the weird thing about the age that we're living in is that it's not clear you have a sitting governor describing how it's perfectly normal and good to kill babies after they've been born if you don't want them. So in that world if this is satire, it's very good satire. I'm not convinced that it is. This guy Rafael says, quote, my life has been amazing. But I don't see why I should put another life through the rigamarole of school and finding a career especially when they didn't ask to exist. He's got this campaign. He's posting it on the internet where he says if parents truly know what is good for their children. Why did they have them isn't forcing child into this world? And then forcing it to have a career kidnapping and slavery. The only reason your children are facing. Problems is because you had them which is true. That's why the children have problems is because you gave them life. So is right in that way. But what it comes down to is his life alternately, a good thing life. Ultimately, a bad thing. There's a great little poem by Robert frost called a question and the question the poem reads, look me in the stores and tell me truly Miniver if all the soul and body scars were not too much to pay for birth. And what's funny about that poem is it's not a question. It's actually an imperative right? He's actually telling you to do something. And of course, the person who is telling you this. It seems to be the voice of God, the voice of your creator. And you look up in the stores. I've had this experience. I know probably all of you have to and you think gosh life has some suffering in it. But there is a transcendent beauty an awesome nece to life to this world that makes it all worthwhile. That makes life is good. Let's take away. Life is good. And the so there's that aspect of it this. The the life is good view juxtaposed with this modern Neal is few that life is all suffering absurd. Meaningless awful. Despair. But then there's also the idolatry of consent consent is a word of the it's all we hear about is consent. It's the ultimate good. We create an idol of choice. It is ridiculous. Conclusion of this ideology of choice is that you should be able to consent to being born. You can't do that. When you're just a little glint in your father's. I, you know, maybe, you know, your your parents are getting a little frisky. Nobody wants to think about that's not a good image to have in your head. You're not able to consent to that. Because you're born of the product of that love and the Christian view. Of course, is that the whole the whole of creation is a product of love the love that moves the sun and the other stars. This is what we see in especially Dante's comedy. Spells this out very well, the love that moves the world and the other stores out of this love is all of the creation. This idolatry consent. Also undoes a ridiculous premise that. We've talked about a few times in the last couple of weeks, which is this libertarian premises. Hyper individualist premise that you totally own yourself and your body that you this is all me, it's all in my possession. I am sufficient I am an island unto myself. But you don't own that you were created by God, you are begotten of your parents. You have certain responsibilities. Not just your parents, not just to your creator to your community as well. You have bonds of loyalty and duty we like to because we're a selfish in decadent culture, we only like to talk about rights, and then we invent a bunch of ridiculous rights. I have the right to your labor. I have the right to some new technological advancement. I have the right to pretend that I'm of a different biological sex. The right to redefine social institutions. I, blah, blah, blah, all these rights. What really we we should talk about our duties. We are. Born out of love. I mean, obviously in a very literal sense. The love of our parents and the love of our creator for the creation, and that's what we're born out of. And this creates some responsibilities that you should want to embrace out of gratitude veneration gratitude providence what gives away the game on this anti life crusade that the left is gone on is that they come up with different excuses to reach the same conclusion on this antinatalist movement. They also have a meme it says, quote, should we continue to bring more children in this world and exceleron the process of environmental and social degradation. Wait is what argument we I thought the argument was we shouldn't bring children in the world because it's unfair to them because they didn't consent to it. Because the world is awful and full of suffering and terrible. But now you're saying we shouldn't bring children into the world because it's bad for the awful world, which probably shouldn't exist in the first place. I it seems as though they have reached a conclusion, and it's a conclusion in search of a premise that conclusion being life is bad, and then the various premises and arguments, even if they contradict one another are used to buttress that conclusion this is how a lot of conspiracy theories fall apart conspiracy theories often concerned somewhat convincing and one reason they sometimes fall apart is because you'll have different conspiracy theories disproving one event or you mean against one event, but all of the conspiracy theories disagree with one another they all contradict one another and it conspirists don't care because they've reached a conclusion, and they've got a conclusion in search of a premise a conclusion in search of an argument this rhetoric is leaning leading now to the alert. Nation of down syndrome people all throughout the world in Iceland one hundred percent statistically, one hundred percent of people with down syndrome or killed Denmark. It's ninety eight percent England. It's ninety percent free and seventy seven percent. The US sixty seven percent. To to show that the let the left rather that this is wrong, perhaps we should start using leftist language met Walsh, had this brilliant phrase that he used the other day referring to undocumented infants he said, we should use the left language. Don't talk about them as babies or fetuses or this or that undocumented infants trying to pass through the border of the birth canal in search of a better life. This is what we should we should talk about the down syndrome community how it's being targeted how it's being persecuted. How this ablest that's a leftist term that means discrimination against people with various disabilities and handicaps actually in this case in the in the slaughter of down syndrome people that's going on now even in our own country. The majority of Dan syndrome people being killed before they're born. That's the one time that these leftist terms can apply these kind of vague, leftist, slogans such and such community the such and such victim group. They actually are victim roof. They actually are being. They actually are being wiped out. The left insists that anyone who suffers should be killed. That's what they're saying. That's what the anti-naval ISM is saying. That's what governor north is saying when he talks about deformities and why we should kill people with deformities what he's in port. There's a road to hell is paved in good intentions. There's a little sliver of that here in in a totally evil idea. Which is that we should not allow people to suffer and death would be better than suffering. The trouble is the logical conclusion is that we all suffer. So therefore, no one should be born. There was a study that just came out today in Bloomberg the holocaust paradox long lives for those who survive the the old idea was that people who went through the holocaust and survived would have shortened lives because they had all this immense suffering. You would hear about this a lot? And what they're now finding is straight from Bloomberg quote living through a horrendous event like confinement in a concentration camp prisoner of war camp does create health problems serious enough to short most people's. Lives. But those who survive also seem to have other characteristics, perhaps a stronger immune system into more optimistic outlook than the general population that tend to make people live longer new research suggests that such resilience can often overcome scarring and this. I mean, there was an analysis about this from the American Medical Association, we see this again. And again, Horace Walpole has a great line the English gothic writer. He says life is a comedy to those who think and to tragedy to those who feel we hear this again, the light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome. It. We even hear it in this very popular slogan, which is whatever doesn't kill me makes me stronger that we get these the inklings of the same thing. Politics is downstream of culture culture is downstream of religion. And Edmund Burke, founder of modern conservative thought Russell Kirk later explained the conservative vision is grounded in veneration and providence, one glaring example of this providence, the divine order that the world really does make sense really does have purpose to really does. It really is good providence. One glaring example of this amid all this crazy talk about infanticide. Actual. Fantas I'd killing people after they've been born came out this week every week. There were different readings at the Catholic mass. These are not dependent on the news cycle there. Not decided by the priests two hours beforehand. They've been set long long long in advance and coincidentally were providential. However, you like it this is how the entire mass reading began this week, quote, the word of the Lord came to me saying before I formed you in the womb. I knew you before you were born, I dedicated you a prophet to the nations I appointed you, but do you girls your loins stand up and tell them all that? I command you be not crushed on their account as though I would leave you crushed before them for it is I this day who have made you afford, a fide city a pillar of iron a wall of breasts against the whole land against Judas kings at prince's against its priests and people they will fight against you. But not prevail over you for. I am with you to deliver. Were you says the Lord amid all talk of infanticide amid all talk of suffering is why we shouldn't at all Y. Life is ultimately bad. Providence is a great comfort and comfort means to strengthen we have come for as little dollies safe spaces hugging. Kumbaya. That's not what it means. It means to strengthen you can comfort people with tough love to it means to strengthen them with come fourties strength. Even when things look bleakest one cannot deny the comforting signs of providence pervading this life, which is a gift and a very good thing will end on that note, and we'll skip the SuperBowl. Because everybody else did to lowest ratings and ten years too bad for them. That's our show come back tomorrow. In the meantime, I'm Michael knows. This is the Michael Knowles show season. The Michael Knowles show is produced by Robert Stirling, executive producer, Jeremy Bori, senior producer Jonathan. Hey, our supervising producer is Mathis Glover, and our technical producer is Austin Stevens. Edited. By Danny d'amico, audio is mixed by Dylan case hair and makeup is by Jesualdo Veira production assistant, Nik Sheehan. The Michael Knowles show is a daily wire production copyright, daily wire twenty nineteen. Hey, guys over on the Matt Walsh show today. We're gonna talk about Ralph nor the the thing that strikes me is that the left is outraged at him because of an inappropriate costume that. He wore thirty years ago. They are not outraged about the fact that he advocated for infanticide only a few days ago. So what does that tell us about the left? Also, the Super Bowl featured a whole bevy of insufferable cringe inducing virtue, signaling ads and we're going to go over some of the worst offenders that. We saw. Last night. We'll do all of that today over on the Matt wall show.

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