Ep 66 | You Asked, We Answered! Studio 22 Q&A!


Hey guys, welcome back studio. Twenty two my name is Chad breakthrough, and this is the Chad breakthrough show and I'm happy that you're sitting here watching listener tune in. I don't care what you're doing as long as you're paying attention. We're going to do a little show called frequently asked questions because look, you can scour the universe. That is social media, and get really bogged down and waste a lot of time for someone like made it has a lot of folks who are kinda chiming in tune in and tell me what I should do with my life and all the business and things like that it's kinda hard to keep that element of mystery but I'm doing my best, we sometimes like to come on this show and talk about questions that get asked frequently hits the name. Hot news. Natalie is sitting over here in the hot seat and you have a bunch of cards. I have some cards. These are my socks. I'm wearing if you're watching the middle orange toe socks party Steve sitting over in the peanut gallery. He's got a list of questions. We'll see how far we get. And thank you to candidacy, the Queen of the opium's, who went through and found these things you, she's a heck of a researcher man, and puppetmaster, Mark over there. He's just there for moral support, and make sure that we look good for future shows because we can do this again. I don't know a lot of people know that would do this. So where can they were where can you find the where should they post them so you can find them? So if you're on Facebook or YouTube or whatever you can come right here in just comment right now. Ed, we're talking. No. We're not live, so. Not gonna you know, you're, you're not reading your comments. Right. Usually watch lav. Yeah. Well, we watch it when it comes out lives clock at night. So, but this might be a few days out. So we, we just wanna just here for entertainment comedy craziness. Commonsense. That's what you get right here on the Chad Benson show. Let's get right into the frequently asked questions. I'm gonna go with you Natalie. I'm so scared and these are questions for me. Right. These, these are all around. Oh, okay. No, everybody. Everybody's in trouble. All right. Yep. Okay. My first question is Chad or in or Steve? How's the sex strike going on day fourteen? See my days are running together. They're running together sex strike on day fourteen. I took a cold shower this morning and, and that was because I had. Yeah. Cold showers coming thing right now. There's. Gal was from bad eating. Say round my house, we're not stopping extract going on Steve. Forty eight years old. I think so. Yes. Forty eight forty nine in September September six two. Yeah. I'm the one book all your flights. Okay. So yeah, you didn't do this extract, though, right? No. I've seen your husband, I wouldn't either. That's a good looking man. Joe staying here. They fourteen xtrac. My wife's Levin. Right, genuinely. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. I'm leaving our loan busy Jade's been on this big hard workout, and she's on this four week challenge where she's been eating everything clean and all that stuff. So she ain't got the energy for that anyway. She's wasting away to nothing but looks amazing anyway. For those of you wondering, that's listen Alana, Elizabeth Lana who came out and said, you know, as long as it's Alabama, abortion, Bill has is going through. And we're discussing this heartbeat Bill in Georgia, then we're gonna Rabanne at sex, because, you know, middle get that overturned and people like it were up to man to get pregnant abortions are legal at the seven eleven. No, they wouldn't stop saying stupid, things Fausti. You got some questions. I've got a question here. Where can I get Chad pray thir- show? Merchandise, watch Chad dot com. Watch Chad dot com right now that we're having a little issue of their pay pal account. I gotta get that fixes. We have a new website, watch Chad dot com, and we're about to switch, our merch marketplace marketplace over so I don't know. I we're having some issues with our checkout system anyway. Watch dot com. Say watch dot com watch Chaz. Oh, and we have the new party foul shirts that are coming out. They're going to be like quarter sleeve. They're awesome. They say PF af and they're really funny and they're really useful. And for those of you don't know what PF af means from shirts. Probably not for you. Is it really that hot studio? Twenty two we're on the third level of Gehenna, folks. Like I'm not saying it's hot. But when I went out to get coffee earlier, Lucifer, said, sup. Temperature bro. It's hot studio twenty tubes. Like why do you think my shoes are off? I'm so down to my underwear. And my underwear is actually down here in this leg right now, just melted all the way down my leg. So Sochi because of the sex strike. My. Into my MandA factor. And he goes, you have your testosterone level so low, I have female patients that have more than you do. So. Hey, truth hurts more facial hair to what it is. It's face. I like a little dirty q tip this anyway. It's hot in here right guys. It's hot. Okay. All right. What you got. Okay. What's been Steve's biggest party foul? Nope. Moga MacKenzie said that they could ask anything park, we don't have to answer come on years ago. The night that I told Steve, that one day I was going to hire him to travel on the road with me. Let me just say we were at a friend's pool behind their house and. It was swift suit optional and we found that out because Steve was the only one skinny dip. Yes, D was the only one going jellyfish. Look at shark fin up. He could really swim on his back. It's amazing. Your fans wanna know. Give them what they want. So mazing party has fans. They, you gotta do you gotta die, hards man. There's a couple out there. Yeah. Somebody asks for an autograph with still weird to me. Somebody sent me a message about wanting an autographed picture of me, and so like J they'll like I don't see him or responded. So Jade sees them. Jay made me sign something she sent him off. And so she sit one but she's the guy center, a message back after he received. No, I want I won't want to everybody like he wants a picture you side. He was a big party fouls signed is so what we're going to do is already talked to the guys over in, in, in the think tank took to Alexander. We're going to do like a an ventures poster with all of our faces on there and, and yeah. So David James, you're getting your autograph pictures and you go we're all going to sign it, but we're going to have a fun and everybody regularly on the show. So it'd be party Phalle these Natalie it'd be a puppet master. It'll be the Queen over there. I think I might make an appearance. We'll, we'll put Bucci Sean and metro Jason on here. We'll have to bring Heaton on heating could be like the evil super villain, gene. Loki like a guardrail. Just kind of put heating on there. And then we can put gosh, there's who else who. Oh my gosh. You leaving out. That takes care of everyone Jade Jade. Yeah. That's why my life right there. Yeah. I'm just kidding. I knew all along. She was going to be the center, heart anyway. Oh my Lord have mercy. So wait or not answer that question. That's great. That was a great that was. I don't know. That, that's the worst one but it's probably up. There's close Natalie. Oh, any advice for a C? Dallas. Cowboys cheerleader hopeful. Oh, there's a lot of advice. Let's keep it about thirty seconds. Okay. Getting shape. Do your research, do your homework. You know, they, they took a test last weekend over Cowboys knowledge history current events, you gotta know your stuff before you walk in last year. I think a girl was asked about hashtag me too, and she had no idea what they were talking about. And that went on national television, and it cost her 'cause you gotta know at least be able, if you don't know to fake. You know what you do know? So that would be it don't care if you know who you should know who Ed, too tall Jones, is you should. Yes. And you know, ring of honor, you know, those guys Mitchell Novacek, you probably need to know who Jerry Jones's would be helpful, you need to know you need to know that they're you know that you don't hit home runs in football. Yeah. So it'd be able to kick kick your leg row. High party fell Steve could probably actually give a great synopsis on what people should know because he's watched every episode making the team that was great advice, Sean, Sean good, high kick. That is wrong with us. Pretty good. All right. What you got. How did Chad and party foul? Steve meat. Oh, matt. Grinder grinder dying that was pretty grinder days. I think we're in a bar in Fort Worth. I was turning for. Mark McKinney man at that time, maybe or out with one of the other band setup worked for and we became friends over the years at mutual friends, but I'm one of those guys, if I go to the show somewhere kind of like the hang out back. I'm always one of those guys at check out the merch both, you know, I'm always seeing who's got t shirts try to support this. That is the t shirts. Nobody's getting rich off t-shirts as your Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw. I try to that's what pays the gas to get up and down the road. So I always try to see by some Cousy about t shirt, whatever and always hang out back there at the merchant. So I like every Texas musician out there, I know. They're mircha's. I think we were hanging out and Chillan. And I just like Steve's easy to know. Steve's is easy to know. Steve, Steve never meets a stranger and Steve makes friends with everybody. Steve never has a crossword for anybody unless you cut him off in traffic. And then he's Kershaw little, he's got a little elemental road rage there. But now I mean. Yeah. Steve's a friend, everybody. And so I watched Steve. For a few years kept telling dude, but, like here's a dude who wasn't what do drugs. He wasn't a drunk. He wasn't getting stupid. You know, wasn't getting in fights. He loves his wife and I was like I liked this guy. I want him. I want him a part of what I'm doing. So that's that's told him a couple years ago, Steve, one of these days McCall on you and it's going to be time. And he was like, yes, sure. I laughed. Yes. Sure he's like, what you go hire me to do here. He sits. And you know that PF af is gonna make Alridge. I hope so it's a beautiful. It's a beautiful shirt. It's like a it's like a I kind of went with that ole stylish like seventy style design. That's kind of it's, it's sharp. Yeah. What do you see it? I got pictures of it. I'll show it to you. Good. It's beautiful girl shirt, too. You're right. We can't be quarter sleeve. I know. But I thought we also. Well, we do. That's the star spangled banner, shirtless co cathode. Yeah. Those are those are off the presses right now. They should be here any day. We need any moment. I'm gonna wear your show. What you got. Me. I like this question. Thank you guys. What is tell us your strangest fan? Encounter chad. Well, one of the strangest ones was like I do the videos, and they're like a they're like therapy for me because it just get it off my chest. Right. That's how it started had no idea when the camera phone up in the dashboard on the million people can start watching these videos for me. It was just get it off my chest. And I don't go back and watch the videos. And so I, I don't know what I've said, apparently I'd done one about adult undergarments, like depends diapers men. So this lady comes up to me in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. And she says she's meant to bring a pair of depends for you to sign and I was like, what she talking about. And so, you know, me, I'm just kinda quick witted. I said, well, let me just sign the ones you're wearing, and that could have gone a bunch of different ways. Right. That could have been of offensive or whatever. But she was good natured. She said she was funny. She goes, oh, no baby. I want you to sign some dry ones. So, so that was that was pretty that was that's one, I can tell the strangest one, I'm not gonna tell on this people follow you into the bathroom, and Alison, my good friend and assistant has snatched them out by their ponytail, women have followed you into the men's restroom. And men, I had a guy in San Jose, California who came up and he was, like I just won't let you know that you have gay fans. We're here and I'm like, I know that. Yeah, I had a dude who lives, a couple of hours, north of here. This is a couple years ago. He offered me a sexual encounter, and I'll just let your imagination drift off to. He said it will be the best you've ever had and it and it will be secret. No, it was really not. It was horrible. Oh. Actually and talk about false advertising. Driving hour and a half and rest area. You think you know, hey happen. Yeah. So I've had some pretty funny ones. I've had people that want to, you know, shoot me, stab me, kill me. You know, whatever, yeah. Whatever I love everybody man. I love everybody. You remember that lady said to us in Cincinnati? I still got a picture of all my phone is the very first picture saved up into the top of my album, because she wanted to take a picture about her husband. She said, that's my husband. Right. They're taking that picture. We'd been married forty five years when he's dead. She said, she's going to do was going to. Said she's going to be cremated. Put her ashes introduced beg running through one more time. That's disgusting. I don't need to know that, that that's I'm sorry. I just lost fans for saying that I just lost friends right there for saying that they said they said it. Yeah. Filter people really filters filter, let's, let's keep one right there. Have you ever needed security? Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah. We always have security at live shows, we always have security guards and at times, we have traveled with private security in. Yeah. We always have security because people are crazy. Yeah. They're nuts. You know, the difference between me and a lot of people who talk about politics. I'm really not a flame thrower, like I'm not out there fingers and say you're going to hell for this or whatever, or you're evil because you don't agree with me on some political stance, but it still some people still get ticked off over it. But we always have security, and I promise you, I'm always the first one to go and shake all of their hands. Make sure they're good that night. And hey, you wanna sandwich from back here, anything like that. So. I love everybody everybody loves me. Don't, don't pay attention to security is the first at crafty. And they showed me. Yeah. Anyway. So Hayes one what's been your favorite podcast episodes so far. Honestly, the ones with Heaton the high balls with heat. Great. Those are fun. But if you're gonna take a guest if you're gonna take a guest, I would I've had some good ones. I love the one the other day with James Robertson. That was fun. Phil Robertson was fun. I didn't know where that one was going to go, but a favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite Steve. I don't have a favorite, I love them all. Yeah. See that's a cop out right there. Do you have one? I like the one that y'all did with Jared Joseph, you're sucking partial. Well, no, I'm promoting. It was a good one. You know what? Oh, gosh. Her name is slipping my mind. But our, our hunter that one got a lot of kindle Jones that one got a lot of talk triggered. Right. But, you know that's. You should be making people talk. Well, this is nature of the game. You know, we come on here we do talk if all we did was sit here read the bible to you. You're going to tune out. I mean. Yeah. So, so get so and so, and I'm not diminishing that, but it's the fact that you're going to get, you know, drum and all this. We try to keep it on the edge a little bit, and make people think, but also laugh, we want to trigger you a little bit. That's the nature of what we do. I want to have people in here that I don't agree with, like having people in here that I can disagree with, and we can still be friends. I think it's fun to be able to see that, that's the beauty of me and Andrew Heaton when we debate these topics is that, that we laugh it off. And then we go to dinner, you know it. So that's the way the world works. You know, don't let the virtual world deceive you into thinking that, that's the way the real world is. So we have this trying to have fun of everybody. Yeah. I love hearing people's opinions on things even when the wrong, but no, I think you've got to keep people on edge. There's you got to keep this thing move. And you gotta keep it going. And look, I, I watch it sometimes I get bored. So. Right. I do but I but I know that they're gonna people say, well. Oh you just lost a follower. Thank you for following for the period of time that you did. I really appreciate you. But if one comment is gonna make you leave, you want really following anything like the other day, I had a lady who said you're drinking on the job, I'm leaving. And I'm like, okay, whatever. I mean, God bless you. I appreciate you. But. People came to your defense. I saw that one. A lot of people came to your defense. They're like, Jesus drank on the job, said that I said, Jesus, don't you bring Jesus into this? Well, I mean, you know. I mean, you know, this, I Mira call John jeopardy to he didn't just make wine. He made fats of it. So it's so anyway and his mama. Requested, that's what's what I love about that. Mom mom, we have fun in here. Yeah. I won't be able to feel like they're just sitting around hanging out. That's why to me, this is my favorite thing. I do it really is. I love doing these podcasts live sitting down. I love my family, which is you guys and just, you know good times. Yeah, they're all good. Steve, which got right for Natalie. Two part question, have you ever kissed girl and did you like it? Wait. That was my question. All right, Steve. What is it like traveling with Chad twenty four seven? That's you ask yourself a question. I just sit just like you seem on here like you seem live on stage. He's twenty four seven that way. It's the mowing. It was funny because these bills stays. That he just stuck his fingers in his ears because my mother say she's like, she's at Steve. How do you always just sit through Chad shows, and he's just like this and he put it? Yeah. Well. I mean, I guess we travel good together. We can't imagine anybody else the way we travel. I mean, you'd get sick of somebody, you get sick of your own spouse, traveling as much as we are together Allen, you know, airports and way because we're in stressful situations where we are always in an airport, always in an airplane always dealing with strangers. You know what my mother came to me the other day, we did a hometown show back in Augusta Georgia where group and everybody was back stage. They were coming up. They were hugging talk in and take pictures. And they were my mom's like I don't know how you do it. And I was like mom the differences. I know all those people like I've known those people my entire life. Imagine having to do that week in week out with strangers. Now. I love it because I love the small talk and for me, it's like a second show, the meet and greet is like a second show. I love to go in there and hang out with people, and just be goofy, and do all that kind of stuff. But, you know, you get a lot going on Stephen iron lot of stressful situations together, and we handle it. Good together. Yeah, yeah, I got a phone one. Where do you guys see the podcast in one year, hopefully in an air conditioned room? I'm with you. Yeah. You know go with the podcast is always been. So this is our temporary set. Studio twenty two in, in it's been greats fantastic. There's a lot of history here, actually love this room and. But we're going to be moving into another building. They're building out another set for us in our goal has always been, we want this to kind of be the narrative of, we're kind of hanging out in the man cave, or in the basement, just with everybody just talking chatting it up and having a good time, but we're, we're we're taking it. We're still going to have a lot of fun. But it's going to be a lot cleaner lines like they through this, God bless them, they through this studio together in less than a week. Just a few days, just saying here here we go. But this is going to be a little more of a talk show typeset where we can go in there. Everybody's got a little more space to have their space. We'll have a couch, where we can have more people on any given time as going to be a lot of fun. A lot of fun. Hopefully we'll take us a year to get in there. But see our goal in this is why it's important if you enjoy this, and you what we're going to do is I think that there's a way to take something like this and actually syndicated out, whether it would be a radio show or actually, a television show in television talk show where you could put this kind of stuff out there and make it really funny really entertaining with every day. I mean, everything that you enjoy about television. And talk live. We put music on it. We can put you know sketch comedy. We can cut away to these kind of things that are they're fun. And funny and monologues that are funny. And you know, it's I don't know sky's the limit. Anyway. That's my vision. We'll see what you got mine actually kind of went into the last one. But I really like this, when I want to answer it, what's it really like, really like working with Chad? Wow. The center of attention. I'll start. Go ahead and you guys can pipe into Candice, Mark. I'm the newest to the show. And so when you guys asked me to, to join. One thing that I learned really quickly as I really do believe that the Chad that you see on this podcast is the Chad, that you that you get I it's just it's you, you are, who you are. And I will say the thing that appreciate because obviously, I've said this before you have a brilliant mind, you, you probably don't sleep because you think so much. But there's, there's a lot of brilliant minds. You have zero emotional intelligence, and your emotional intelligence to me is through the roof because you can read a room, you in you, engage everybody, which I think a lot of talk show host actually don't do very well. They ask questions so that you can hear their opinions. That's the only reason why they ask you questions. I really feel like you ask questions because you are learning from everybody when people decide to unfold you. It makes me sad because I wish that everybody would realize that you come from a place of love you always do. There's never you know, we talked about my, you know, my high school sweetheart yesterday and being. Being, you know, but we've been to the shows, we love everybody you love everybody, you know, that doesn't mean you don't have an opinion, but so do they surely know? And as long as we're all coming from a place of love. That's what and sometimes that's what I feel like people are missing in politics today. There is no. There is no Lovin that there's just a lot of hate base. So I really mean that about you. I think you're one of the kindest people, and I think you do an amazing job of engaging everybody in the conversation to Europe. We'll be serious blow smoke. We will start pay you. If you start paying her mission. Candice, and Mark and probably pipe in. They're gonna be like it's good. No, I was gonna say I joined about a month after the show had already started. But it's it's like the greatest group of people you could ever hang out with. And it doesn't feel like work. I get up every morning super excited to hang out with these guys and film and interview some great guests and I don't know a lot of other people who could say that the absolutely love their job, and it's all down to the people, especially on so. Oh. Oh, I feel like it's my birthday or something. That is true. Look at me. Mark. Look at that face every day. No, the best first thing that we're on this show, is that moesha's? I worked on. It's very separate. There's the talent there's a production staff. There's a producers, this show is one team like one family. So that's the funny thing about it. Something picked up as soon as I started working with shed that it'll be different and it's definitely like that we have dinner together. It's, it's really big family. What it is. I think it's the funniest thing about we're big family. I was with my phone with my manager yesterday. And he was, you know, talking about this, and that differences, we could do at the podcast. I might look, we we're, we're growing together. It's not the Chad thing it's a it's a studio twenty two thing, and that's the family. You know, it it's all of us together. And that's I like kind of tearing down that fourth wall where you can see the people behind the scenes, and we try to do that, with Sean Jason on the humor me show, where, you know, their characters, you know, I did the last two shows, I did live shows boozy shell out, on stage won't say what I said to bring him out on stage. Everybody's clapping and cheering for him because, you know, I, I want everybody to have that element of reco- recognition and praise on because I you I couldn't go out in handpicked better people to work with. It's amazing. So they encouraged me and yes, I like Candice better than most of you, but, you know, that's fine. Anyway, probably my thing is I get to come into work every single day. Be myself sit with myself. Enjoy myself. You won't be good drought. Good. Good. Good. It's really such an honor to work with myself. The presence. Nobody. Nobody celebrates Steve like Steve, which brings me to a Steve question. What does party foul do as your tour manager? Ask him to. Somebody's gotta make his whiskey. State. Steve takes a lot of pressure off. You know, Steve make sure that the shows are advanced there's some moving parts to that making sure that the sound checks happen and stuff. The gear gets where it needs to be. And and you know we're on time. Listen, Steve has this bad habit of being a head of time? Like I know that most people like the opposite would be horrible like if you're always late Bucci show, if you're always late this something that's a problem. And so I'm happy that Steve is early two things, but like Steve wants to be thirty minutes early. But then he feels the need to be thirty minutes early to the thirty minutes early. So he's actually an hour early, and that's problematic, especially when you're trying to sleep that extra thirty minutes before seven AM flight at so, but no, we never been late. We've never missed a show. There's a lot. Stays baying on you're doing. Steve some seven hours, but now Steve takes care of everything. He he, he flirts with the ladies. You take all the pictures with them and pretty much. It's all about Steve. It is he sells teams Sonex sold PF af right? Steve cash checks cash checks clicked all the money. I make sure all the contracts are listen in line, I'm such an old man in the regard that I don't drive. I don't like when we go somewhere Jade all the driving. I hate to drive honestly, hate to drive, and I got so much going on. I want to just be where I can deal. So Steve does all the driving. And so anyway, stuff like that. Good stuff. I've seen Steve deal with you. When you're in a non happy place. Yeah, let's and you handle it. Well, I was in Vegas and I don't know what was happening and I didn't ask, but something was stressing you out. And we, you know it you and lost a lot of money that I know of it was something that had to do with that. And I just. Again. Steve handled that the way that goes mad at Steve, I feel like it. I don't think you're mad at me. I think we're having another issue that was, you know, I don't even remember now but it was not me, but I didn't know y'all. Well, so I didn't stick my nose and otherwise, I walked up and just been nosy. But I don't know what it was you. We deal with things within us that are can be stressful. Or just a. You know, there was this missionary that had come back after living twenty years in India. And, and someone asked him they said, you know when you were there, what were your biggest challenges in that jungle was at the Tigers was at the, you know, was at the pythons or things like that. And he said it was actually the mosquitoes and the NATs. And see, that's the thing that people don't realize is, there's not a lot of lions Tigers out there, waiting to each you. It's the little things that build up and then that really becomes the pest so living the life that we live. There's a lot of details. And that's one of the reasons why I love our crew so much again includes Sean Jason. One, they're amazingly talented, but they handle the details. And I'm learning to let go of a lot of details because people say, well, I'll get messages all the time. They'll say, well, whoever is handling chads messages. Would you please tell him and I'm like it's Chad ridden? These messages like if there's a comment on social media ninety nine point nine percent of the time it is me that's doing the responding. Yeah. It's so I, I handle those things, I'm learning to I'll never let that go because my social media, you don't wanna talk to one of my assistants responding to me. I that's. That's not a good thing. Become president, you're going to probably have to let it go gonna be like the Queen who just turns it or Instagram over to somebody. Alison I have finally turned over my travel scheduling, thank you to Alison. That think that somebody else it is. But let's. Booking flights hotels have done all of that stuff for five years now and taking care of those kind of things, people say, why didn't Steve do it? We'd be early he calls. No, no. I don't like four AM flights. So every trip is different every trip is different. So Allison's taken that over, and that's hard for me to delegate and let things go. But anyway. Would you ever take the podcast on the road? Oh, we're gonna we're gonna as soon as we can get this thing moved over into another studio. And we kinda get some moving parts here we can take these cameras out with us and microphones, there's a lot of live places I would like to go out into podcast interact with people, not the least of which I'd love to do what I've seen our buddy, Steven Crowder doing that go into an auditorium, like a theater auditorium, and, and have this show and bring the guests out. We could have some really big surprises and stuff and do that front of a live audience, a lot of fun. And in a bunker in a bunker. Yeah, we go hide out all by yourselves and good in the bunker live signal. But no, you guys have a preference of place. You'd like to do. The live show somewhere podcast from a location. You mentioned the bunker. So maybe Glen bunker. If listen to me, play our cards, right? We wanna Glenn Beck's bunker. From the bunker. Located at yeah, we're gonna we're gonna, we're gonna drop locations. Soga kill me for all this, this treatment service cuts out, right? Glenn quick, Cussing years ago. But I think we could bring him back into it. One fell sweep exactly the no, we're definitely gonna take it on the road. What you guys. Steven will you get the truck back has a dang, good question, dude? I'm hoping this week, hoping this week, that's four months, four months. They've had that Trump had I known road armor roadrunner along, this was going to take. It's been been an issue. We own three vehicles. Currently were driving rental cars. I won't even tell you why the Trump as you know, is gone there at road armor and it's going to be beautiful. When it comes back, I won't tell you about the two cars, though. Jay too. Even I'm not even gonna go I know anyway, for to meta, would you ever, this is this about the comedy tour though? Would you ever take it to Europe? Oh, yeah. Yeah. Sure. Sure. We're trying. We're working on that. Now, actually, you know, we, we've done some international stuff, but, but we're working on taking it to Europe. And I think what we do we have a huge fan base in, in the UK, a huge fan base in Australia. I know there's people right now, watching for both places. So God bless you guys and. November. We're going across the pond with November. We'll be in Ireland. We'll be there for a week. So I'm courage you to what's the website for that red red dirt pub crawl. Yes, there's going to be on that. Hey, come go with us. You can go with us on that. We're gonna have fun, a lot of Texas, musicians ourselves you sign up. Make sure you pick me as a person, you sign up under me. Yeah. Or Steve Bartow state power would be like more. Yeah. So anyway, we're gonna have a fun time. But I think I think the humor that we do. I think with that audience. It would translate. Very, very well in the UK live shows, because we're pretty blunt this folks are still pretty blunt, right? Yeah. Anyway, anyway. All right. Here's my last question. Y'all y'all can keep asking a few more. What's your filming schedule for the podcast? Why do you prerecord filming schedules? Primary on Monday, primarily on Mondays and somewhat on Tuesdays. We do Mondays because I'm still kind of in Rhode mode because I came back on Sunday from being somewhere else across the country and I can get up and come in here and knock it all out. Get it done. And we can deal with the Monday headlines that we typically do here. And then I usually come back in on Tuesday, because that's close enough to win. Stay to do the headlines that we get get it done. If I had my way, we'd come in here and do on everyday, but I gotta get back on the road, usually that starts winding up again around Wednesdays. We don't really do days off. I mean in my life we really don't even days off. I'm still doing something. LA calls me every single day of my life, every single day of my life and wants to talk business and things like that. And hey, I'm not complaining and God blessed. Hope it increases more and more. We have to find strategic ways within the day to get some rest. I got to be a little bit more covetous if you will about resting because I'm getting old. Join local area here. He's cage, every gated that kings do around getting shooting complain or I do. Bash. Where I don't know what she's doing where did you guys get Damon? Like you nearly. Big dude. But cookies. He couldn't carry my jockstrap back when I was quashing Shane, it was he wished nineteen eighteen World War One over, you know, I didn't know it was over a year because I was still walking through the freaky forest waiting California, we had cello Paerson you understand. Issue. I'm joking Leary. Oakley chart go. And I'm starting to feel like. Repeat assures here whole depends. Oh, I gave them wearing a nut brow right now, yet you haven't left until you shit on a toilet. And you hear a splash. Oh, all right next question. Dream guest for the podcast. Donald J Trump Donald J Trump. Let your dream gift present live. We've already asked Jenna Jameson. Okay. If you know you know. Who has responded favorably? We're gonna get uncle Ted Nugent on here. We're gonna get learned the cable pretty soon and. Cable already agreed to come on. It's, it's, it's a matter of low, so like candy see works miracles with getting the guests, like I'll send her message or whatever else say, here's a contact or she goes out and finds herself. But I think I think we got a good shot here, soon have a DJ TJ Donald Trump junior on and. I think that, that would be a fun podcast from the road, right in the Oval Office. Can happen. I've been to the White House, Natalie took a picture through the gate who's your guest that I was just sitting here thinking about that. I think any Trump in here would be really cool. Baraga bottle. I would actually I would actually love to. I would love to see you talk to Bernie Sanders problem with that bunny. There's an open invitation. It's not Kuba will make you wait in line just to come in, in the studio twenty to take him promote his book. Bernie Sanders, I'd love to have a Casio Cortes in here. It was so, like, like, like, and like, like, like, like, drink, maybe we have Sarah Gonzales come be a owes b. That's a good idea. Ten like this. Do that fun. Yeah. No. I don't know. Clint Eastwood would be fantastic. I think we could get Clint might have to go to him. But I think we could get Clint through our buddy. Jacob schick. We'll get Bradley Cooper on. We could get we could get who was just thinking about the sides. Clint I was thinking about. Chuck Norris Chuck Norris. We get here. It's hard to get Chuck out of Nevoso to Texas. I'll tell you is a fun talk. Is his brother Aaron Norse, who did all of his stunts, and executive produced all of this stuff? So Aaron nor stay some funny. Funny stories those of you have seen the, the, the stripper pole motel that we were in Naples, Florida. I was supposed to be staying at Aaron Norris's house that night and I was like I wanna drive that far out to the coast. I mean, he's fifty million dollars from the ocean right there where he lives, and we we went to the stripper hotel. And that, of course, the rest is history. We didn't know the stripper hotel at a poll in, in a mirror in the. Anyway, let's night we stay there. My skin crawl for three days. What else you got? I wanted to ask you, if you ever had it, sorry. Sorry party failed. Did you have a guest that you really want Brooke Brooke Burke, Knicks Knicks Sorenson knits back to the Dallas Cowboys chillers? The oh, have Mark candy. I was going to say Alex Jones, we're gonna get out shows where we gotta go to Alex. Yeah. Austin, that's another one, we're going to do on the road with Alex Jones inside the mind of Alex Jones. Golos. Nuts. Yeah, I love him. I mean, I don't agree with him all the time I trough he's out there. But you got Marcus, and I think it would ever happen. But always let Bill Clinton would be pretty on your shelf. Bring this sagoes. I can't wait area. Well, I'll tell you what she can't do it right now because she's contractually bound to another deal. But Paula Jones is a good friend, and she's become a good friend of the last couple of your, she's more than she'd more than happy to come on the show when she can is awesome. She asked me to escort her to the inaugural ball back when Trump inauguration. And I said, heck, no, she goes, why not like Paula already know yu-su. Not going anywhere with you. She's asleep heart though, I love her anyway. Anyway, was the question what you have. I wanna if you've ever had a legit stalker stalker one that you had to get not past tense like right now you have one. A few there. Yeah. His over the last couple of years, there some that. Like like we've woken up and had gifts on our front doorstep and things like that. So we had to take some measures there have been some things over the years that we've had to kind of get the law enforcement involved at least is this real thing going on threat. Whatever. Okay. You know, in you have to you have to check it out. And fortunately, we. We are connected very heavily to, like, my, my manager, who's Jewish. She's like should I, I have a Masada agent who is currently work protecting Bruce Willis, but we can pull him off that job. If you want him to, like, now I think we got it gave you Bruce can keep him. I don't think I need somebody with an Uzi. Anyway, if you had stalkers you were cheerleader. I did have I had I had one he works with her everyday. See you had to get some help on that. I did. I had as a very scary situation. I never met him before. But he just I think he felt like he knew me and won't be would that be a letdown. Just let them meet me. Then he'd been like never mind. I mean it I mean it was whatever was in his mind was much bigger than it really was. And the police got involved and helped out tremendously, my friend Heus Gracie got involved. Yes, he helped me out tremendously. And what, what do you do call you up said, do you want me to make this go? Hoist is a great. He he's, he's obviously Brazilian jujitsu the Gracie family. He's also a gun lover, he'd he's loves to shoot has fun. And so when he found out about this he said, do you need to make them go away? Now. Now, one that phone I like that, that really feel like he could, you know, so I think he took some measures to kind of help the situation and but the police really were the ones that. Help that interesting threats. What's been funny to me? Sometimes, I'll get messages or what's funny is Jade. My wife will get messages who say you need to pull your husband in. Because he's talking to my fiance, or whatever some gal in her miss. And if I ever see him out. I'm like, why don't you send me the message once? Why are you Senate at my wife? You was, but anyways like us because some catfish account that was using my name, or face to fiance trying to or, or what's crazier is somebody that sends me a message. And they're just saying, hey, love what you do. And I used to respond to me, like, thank you very much. Appreciate Allard early on. You gotta be real careful with that. Because people send you these messages, you respond being friendly and all of a sudden, somebody reads their account like a husband or something. And they're also now they think you're got some online thing going. I've had that happen. Yeah, give him the film's up. Yeah. And to the longest and I feel that so rude to do it like on my business page fan page, whatever you wanna call it. I had to put an automated response people. Send me messages. Like I feel that is so rude to do, because it's so impersonal, and I'm not an impersonal kind of guy, but you have to, like, at least you get some kind of response on. Sorry, I can't respond to you, but you gotta understand. I get I get upwards of twelve hundred private messages, a day that pop in just three. Twelve open them up there. They're all the tape there, there in Facebook, I'll be honest with the Facebook a couple years ago, actually said, basically, they said, we're going to have mercy on you. We see what's going on with your account, so we're going to put heavier filters on what's coming your way. And that's why people say, well, I sent you a friend request on personal page, my personal page grew at one point five million followers just personal page. We all have. Yeah. And they said, so Facebook shut it down. So that I couldn't see friend request because I was getting thousands of day. And God bless you. I mean, I wish I wish I could. But they put a limit at five thousand. Yeah. And yeah, and then people say, oh, you think you're big time, you got getting seventy more friends. Oh, yeah. I remember when I met you that one nine nine, then what's else is funny is I've had people who've posted public comments, and said, there's two funny things like I saw him out in public in Fort Worth, and all he was doing just going around. Flirt with the women trying to see who would take a picture with it. That's exactly what I was doing. That's why I really don't go out. I don't go out. And then there was somebody who said, I saw him leaving that concert that night and he had some brunette with him with glasses on. And they totally left together. And we were like that was my wife. Anybody that knows me knows I got plenty of past. I mean, I've partied with the best of them had a good old time. But, you know it's funny how people just want to go at it attack and haters going to meet anybody still watching this, or y'all still here for forty five minutes in we can do a couple more. And then we got. We'll call it a wrap. Yeah. Is it my turn? Yes, sir. Juba started up in stand started in stand up my buddy William Lee Martin, great comedian, good friend of mine. He was he was cowboy Bill Martin, and now he's doing comedy under William Lee. Martin back in two thousand fifteen he says you need to take this what you're doing and put it on stage. And I said, well, not a comedian still really think of myself as a comic. And I said, he's just try it see people, and they did, and he and I did Forty-five shows together in two thousand sixteen kings, a cow town. Too many people came to that. And we sold out about forty five shows around Oklahoma, Texas and Little Rock and, and so I just kept on doing it enjoyed it as long as we'll do it as long as people show up. Do you have a favorite live show? Experience. Oh boy. Howdy. I, I got that blew away. Over the years, I still remember, like my like when I saw Randy Travis, and Merle haggard together. You know, when I was a kid that was nice and as little sentimental, things like that. Because now Randy can't saying and Merle's gone. And I look back on things like that. But anyway, but you it's. I think it's a best live show of yours. Yeah. That's what I was wondering about Merle. Merle. Yes. But I think it's like have you had a best live show experience. Some them. We're just fun ones was when we did the home show here back in December. It was a big show, but, but like it could have been better like it was a long show. A lot of people there, and I felt like I could've done better. But you do that, you know your front, I, I had a blast this past weekend, it, my hometown against Georgia. But no man, we've had, we've had fun like oh gosh. Where we recently, we weren't Salina Kansas, that crowd was lit dude. Those people were on fire having a good time. I mean because you go out and some people just really ready to have fun. Yeah. And you can do wrong. Right. You know what I mean? You never get the same crowd twice. But it is so fun when you get alive crying, and I hear comics all the time is that you shouldn't let the audience dictate the show understand what you're saying. But like last week in. Where were we in Steve Georgia yet, now we were in Fort Myers, Florida, Fort Myers, Florida? And I just sat on the I just I was tired. So I just had a good time with everybody, and they had this row of seats beautiful auditorium, set, like, I don't know, thirteen hundred people, but they had these roses seats right at the stage. And so I just pulled up the monitor on stage. I sat and talked to this couple for a little while and just had a blast finding out all the things they didn't know about each other for ten years. It was funny. Dude, had a good time with them. But, but everybody else enjoyed it. I think so. Anyway, I said, a bad word on stage and I apologize. I know that it's not a church service shows. It's not it's not a bad. Show. There's not vulgar language too much. Every random blue moon. All right. One more question. Okay. Two more thrown his in a trash. Well, mind. Okay you pick. There's one is do you ever get tired of being on the road or will J B any upcoming episodes of the podcast? She will work hard, Jay's got a lot going on. She's got her own career. Does her own thing, obviously. Yes, you will. But skinny heart she's working hard. Yeah. She's been killing it. She'd been on this four week challenge with. She goes to my buddy Levi member has this thing over in the Bertelson area, Burleson Texas area called in intensity training systems at yes. And so he puts together this group workout thing, this really phenomenal. And I used to do it years ago. And obviously I don't do it anymore at this specimen been going over there. And, and I'm like I don't even know you anymore. She's so disciplined, and so, like, eating all the right things, and this girl, she's getting beach, ready. She was never big to begin with now. She's always been a little tiny person. But yeah, everybody loves and we get in. So we're going to have some episodes where I'm gonna kick all y'all out, and we're just to have a couple of me and Jade, because I think people need that I think they need some Jade, I was gonna say that probably is one of your favorite podcasts. I think that one was really powerful that jailed couple of more just sat around the table and just talked and, and when it came the Jj oh, that we did it at here. Yeah. That was a lot of fun. I think that was really powerful people love that Jade likes to make mad though she likes to make a mad. And and yes, I do get tired of the actual physicality of travel. But let me tell you that getting on stage is so worth it. Yes, is so much fun to get out there and hang with people that we're willing to go there and do it some more, and let me tell you where we're at home for a couple of weeks now. And we'll be chomping at the bits ready to go. Stephen have his suitcase pack, four days before we leave very other packed up be. You'll be sitting by the curb weight, I'm gonna come pick him up and go to the airport. Yeah. Anyway. So, hey, thanks for hanging out with us. This is fun. It's weird. I don't like having like, yes, we're talking about yourself. Makes me uncomfortable. Party foul. Steve hot news, Natalie puppet master, Mark candy, Queen EDO paeans, I'm gonna start starting over here. So that you'll be I. I'm losing voice, again, can hear it starting to feel sultry. Hello, everyone out there and cyberworld. You don't know me, but I know you I see you. I'm watching you right now through the lens of Facebook YouTube, and apple podcasts may, God bless you until next time. Bye.

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