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No one likes to feel stuck especially by your cloud but the IBM cloud is the most open and secure public cloud for business. It can manage all your apps and data anywhere smart. Loves problems. Ibm Let's put smart to work visit. Ibm Dot com slash flexible interruption? But I'm Mike Wilbon all star weekend. Almost too much for me totally sauce. I should probably be home. And I'm Tony Kornheiser. Sounds like it's GonNa be a great show by it is. I'm a man. I'm going to get my hot tea here like you do. Every day I do once a year. You know what you're tired you're saw Yup. You know you should be sleeping. Coughing complete disaster when a man up? Yeah COMING AFTER YOU THIRTY MINUTES TRYING. Make it all the way through welcome. Pti boys and girls and today's episode controversy in the Dunk Contest. Baseball warns teams not to throw at the Astros and Mike Tomlin backs Mason Rudolph. But we begin today with the All Star game specifically the fourth quarter of the All Star game in that time quarter when the first team to reach the target score one. It actually looked like a serious honest basketball game. There were blocks charges. Defense and real effort. We'll bomb you were there. What did you make of this modified eat lamb ending Tony? I like the fourth quarter particularly the last ten minutes of the fourth quarter the fourth quarter the first quarter you know. I was wandering around the United Center. Staying out of my friends in the first quarter did nothing. The fourth quarter was great and the question. I guess it's okay to have one great quarter. Ask guys here for one quarter of an all. Sorry I mean. James Harden played tougher defense more intense defense than I've ever seen him play in the playoffs. Because that is a situation where your peers are looking at us saying. We're all in here right and so. I thought it was great but the again. Tony isn't enough to have that for one quarter. I think the answer actually from most people is yes so I'm going to go further than that. We both agree that the All Star game in the main is a television show. Nobody plays art. There's a Lotta dunks a lot of shots from thirty seven thousand one dumps out there. There's something like that. But what the fourth quarter of this game proved in particular. Was that even great? Players will rise to the challenge. When there's something new in the actual game is on the line. I'm going to suggest this might. I'm going to suggest that the NBA immediately adopt this format for over times in regular season games. Not In the playoffs just like in hockey not in the playoffs. But in regular season overtime games get to ten. I you win the game. Look all the other sports have gone to this on some level. Baseball has not yet. They're and they're going to. They might but football i. If you score touchdown game over obviously soccer hockey look how much people like this in college football? You know Tony you know what two or three more weeks and you might persuade me. You might wear me down with this. I might say you know what Tony this has to be done. It has to done for millennials and subsequent generations of my hand. Pay attention if the ratings are bad and regular season games and you go to something else. This can do this. You go on North quarter because then you can't milk the clock. You gotta try to score. Might BE EXCITING ENOUGH. But not the plane's not might be. I'm not slamming the door. I'm giving you tired anywhere. Me Down there you go. That's easy is a first question. Where do we get to the Nice Dunk contest? Didn't provide the drama thirty two years ago tone when Michael Jordan Dominique Wilkins squared off here. Madison Street but there was controversy. Derek Jones junior my pick to win it even though you never heard of him to. Friday had some fabulous throwdown as if he was launching himself from a trampoline but Aaron Gordon thought he had stolen the show and won the contest when he went over and through 7-foot-5 Taco fall the United Center roared and then through some inadvertent balloting. You why we are Chicago Jones. Junior had one more point and the win. Oh my man. Jones junior of the Miami heat deserved to win this now. Not even a little no allen. Gordon deserve to win this. I don't care who else was out on the court because let's go back to what he did he went over. A guy was at least seven foot. Five and in shoes is maybe seven foot seven. I don't care if he kicked him in the neck he went over this guy. Derek Jones junior is that his name. He didn't do that Ken. Griffey junior didn't do that. You know over Taco full and you don't and you have landed on the ground yet. You Win game over dunk contest over the kid. Got Got hosed. I want to disagree with you because I picked Jones junior to win this and I think he's the best dunker in the league. Okay Tony I don't know how much inside we're going to get here. But the voters weren't planning to Award Jones Junior the contest on that duct. They got the right. They didn't get the math wrong. The execution of something well intended didn't work because they should have held up to nine extrovert healed up. Forty seven when you jump over. Guy Who Seven Foot Ryan. Give him a forty seven by the way yuming enough with whole numbers. I mean I didn't major in math needed to Juno. But you know what you gotTA GO FRACTIONAL. You gotta be somebody a nine point five nine point seven and not just want to get you. People got no calculators in the League office. Whoever's running the dunk cuts stopping some eight nine ten? This is dumb. Alan Gordon Yellow. Going back out there said never going back to old now in the words of Brian Iraq. Poll come on then. What are we doing out here? Man Seven five boom see you. There is all sorts of reporting John. B Line is on his way out is Cleveland Cavaliers Coach. Either by his own decision by somebody in management's the sixty seven year old beeline agreed to coach the cavs for five years and left the University of Michigan to do it the cavs fourteen and forty under beeline. We'll is it too soon. Give up on this south already. Have I've certainly been told here during all star weekend that this is over. I mean before we get off the air. I mean this could be over and it sounds like it's going to be over shortly and I got. I got conflicting feelings on this. Look you know. I am not a person who believes in the main. There are exceptions. That college coaches you know convey to the NBA NFL TUBER NBA. And when this happened you know I said I wish jumpy lies a good man and a good coach. There's no doubt about this. No arguing that but when you put them in this situation so I don't know is I don't WanNa say you can't give a college coach opportunity to prove the person but I don't know that I would be that guy. There's a sort of predictable and I feel bad for John. V Line. Well just just two words Brad Stevens. I mean you can come from college. That's right you can just in this particular case. This is an unmitigated disaster about a week or two into the season Cleveland. Players wore already saying that they didn't lie. John B line that he didn't know the pro game that he was coaching like a college coach which he can't do in the pros a few weeks ago. He called some of those players thugs and said hold on. I didn't mean thugs. I mean slugs and now he's telling friends associates that it's miserable the way you lose because in college you played thirty five games and you lose a good school like Michigan. Five to ten fourteen and forty. So it's better for everybody. He took this job. I'm sure for the money. Sort of like an annuity. It hasn't worked out. Give him a settlement and you know what he should do my go back to college. T One d two D doesn't matter that's right. That's yeah and Tony While you WANNA point out of glowing exception in Boston he he's Tony. I can stack names of guys who didn't work. No you gotta go back to college and they do any do a successful. And you're right. Probably Hall of fame coaches like Jerry Arcadian. Didn't they try this point? But it's guy he's he chose. You can happen and it can happen in a big way. The Houston Astros in their misbehaving is dominating the beginning of spring training. Commissioner Rob Manfred. Spin is time yesterday warning managers and the Grapefruit League. They better not try to exact revenge from the STROZ. This season Manfred said quote. It's dangerous and it is not helpful to the current situation close quote and plans to say something tomorrow to managers in Arizona in the cactus league so Manfred right to try and protect the Astros. I'M GONNA take issue with the question in this regard. I don't think he's trying to protect the astros. I think he's trying to protect human life. I mean they'd look you can't have this. There are ways within the code of baseball to throw at somebody and not hurt somebody but if you throw it somebody capriciously because you're angry at something that happened like a team cheating. You gotta go and you gotTa go. If you're the pitcher for thirty games because you protecting human life here the pitching coach and manager. You gotta go for five to ten games. This could happen in spring. Training could happen in the regular season. It you cannot managers know and Umpires no and if you throw capriciously get out. Can't have it. I'm not gonNA disagree with what you're saying. Why does it take this? You mean rob Manfred and our friend bud ceiling before him you mean. They can't find other situations to warn managers as a group or the League wanted. Somebody warned Thug Pittsburgh pirates last year about thorny people which they did all the time. Throw them at this. It takes this well is it takes one team being the scourge of the League for Rob Manfred saying. Here's the smart with your analysis. Here's the difference with the Pittsburgh Pirates. What it wasn't twenty nine against one with the Pittsburgh pirates and you've got to come back and you've got to tell me what do you want? What more do you want to happen here? Because if I'm rob Manfred I the players immunity because you know what Mike. If I don't have the players on my side I got no game. There's no game. So what more do you want as a result of myles Garrett again accusing Mason Rudolph of a racial taunt Rudolph's coach. Mike Tomlin is defending his player. Tomlin said in a statement quote if Mason said what miles claimed it would have come out during the many interactions I had with those in the browns organization I received no indication of anything racial in those interactions unquote this morning on. Espn I take show. Tomlin said quote. I fully support Mason Rudolph when these allegations return this weekend. I thought it was appropriate. That Mason is properly defended unquote will what do you make a Tomlin's position? Well Tony just watching Mike. Tomlin mostly from afar mostly. I think he's the most unassailable unimpeachable witness. You could have in this situation to speak out and when Mike Tomlin speaks out like this to me. He has complete and utter credibility and I believe him I. I've said to you. I don't know what to believe here because you don't just throw this accusation arousal can't you can't and perhaps was thrown around because nobody on the field you look. Tony. I've been involved in these situations where I've been called it. Other people have been called it and then comes out right away right away. It comes out it comes out while you're swinging the hell you called me what I mean. You don't hold this back. And so I agree with Mike Tomlin. I understand what he's describing. He's very exact. And his defense of Mason Rudolph. I believe him one hundred percent so it comes down to this. If Mason Rudolph said this and by the way as you watch the tape all the time there is at least one lineman within one foot of him and he would have heard it usually to linemen within one foot and they would have heard it but if Mason Rudolph said this. He is a marginal player he will be out of the League. Because you cannot have this guy on your team. It just doesn't work in the locker room. But if he didn't if Myles Garrett is making this up then you have jussie smollet situation you have somebody saying there was a hate crime here. But they're making it up for his own advancement. My sense of this is on Cleveland. That Cleveland has a lot of guys that run their yaps like Baker Mayfield and they'll Beckham and there's no accountability. I don't know what happened here but like you. I look at Tomlin as having the authority in this particular circumstance. So you're the commissioner. Don't you have to all parties to New York? Yes and have a nice and not just yourself ono in together do call some experts and both of them and their coaches and owners and you have to say we have a potential situation. Here we're going to get to the bottom of this and we're not going to visit it again. Yeah no we're GONNA stay all night until we figure this out that's right let's take a break but still to come with Jay Wright be wise to leave Villanova for the Knicks. Why L. No as you talk your struggles over the weekend. The minister expectations for his. I watched a lot of that tournament. That makes the NFL ever been locked down. You know suffered a setback. Fired left out. It happens it happens a Mike. Bloomberg middle class kid worked his way through college. Got A job started a family boom fired at thirty nine would it? Mike do for a lot of us. Do we got back up. Dove back in. He had an idea designed a new computer able to crunch data and process information in a unique way he built it. He sold it. He built more. He sold more. He built a team. Built a company. Created twenty thousand jobs. Bloomberg is a doer. This is Michael. Douglas I played a president and movies. This is real world. This is our World Mike. Bloomberg has what it takes to win unite the country find some common ground between Democrats and Republicans and then lead the way a leadership. Mike will get it done. I'm Mike Bloomberg candidate for president. And I approve. This message paid for by Mike Bloomberg Twenty twenty every week. The email box is filled up with thoughtful questions. But mostly spam so much spam. Let me see what I would. You ADVISE J. Right to take the Knicks Job. If offered no hell no and there's this report that the Knicks are interested in J row. Of course they're interested in Jay Wright and they'd be interested in like interested in Steve Kerr. He's told them No. They've been interested in a lot of people. Most of whom have told the Knicks. No Jay Wright has a great job he lives close enough to New York and knows. The garden knows our whole culture. Well enough to say thank you. I'm staying here I can win championships plural. 'cause that's what he's done. I know you. You agree with me most of my life. I have loved the Knicks. It's only the last ten years that I've moved away from them. I was there. As you know when Willis Reed came out the captain and hit those shots love. Read and Butcher and Bradley and Frazier. Don't take this job and then to have Philly Guy Mike the Seventy sixers offerman job to think about you have to writing about. He's not a New York. Those players don't mean anything to him. Moses Malone Julius erving guys like no don't take this job no no. We agree on that. Stay away from that place. Does Tigers poor finish. Make you less optimistic about his season ahead. I was never optimistic. Mystic about season hit. I'm optimistic about the masters. And that's about it. He went seventy six seventy seven over the weekend to finish. Dfl Glass Yeah. I look we know. Riviera is not a place that he likes anyway. But Tony you have been optimistic. I'm not optimistic. I'm realistic. I mean tigers. Tiger's the greatest. I mean on the Mount Rushmore. There's only one other guy that's automatic with him and that's Nicholas and I guess that's right. Calmer Trevino you can do whatever you want but tiger. Does it have to do Jack. Yeah I don't think he I'm not optimistic. Whatever he does is house money he loves her. Vero because it's the first course. He played where he was against the pros but he doesn't score well. Well they're no he's not only was he plus eleven on the weekend that included an eagle. So you really gotta do something. His putts were wildly offline by feed waffling. But what? It's chilly there. It's not going to be chilly and Augusta. Augusta's what he's asking for its Augusta so I'm not discouraged. I'm not I'm not all right but you've got carried away. The last couple of not discouraged do you applaud nat McGowan's candor during his halftime interview. You have to fill this discussion because you don't want to watch this junk. I watched Matt mcglone of the New York. Xfl team was terrible in the first half and he told Dinero seaney walking off the field that you know it was the coaches fault. Essentially didn't use those words. Diana talk to the coach. Who said what does this. Do you need to do on offense to get something going here? Gave Land at halftime. What do you need to change about the Games? I believe this is a lot going on right. Now there's an awful lot of things we want to fix it. Kevin Gilbride Tony. Right and Kevin. Gilbride said do needs to play better. Who Gotten this so you know how much you liked? Joel Embiid yes. That's how much I now like Matt. Mcglone oh glowing glowing John Fat. May He blamed the game plan. And maybe the game plan was terrible but he was terrible here look. I watched a lot of this. The XFL has a bunch of things that the NFL or to adopt immediately including sideline interviews during the game. He was honest. I thought he was terrible as a quarterback but he was honest in this. They should adopt that. They should adopt the transparency of the replay. The extra point rules the kickoff rules. I'm bight away the defenders who won that game in Carbondale Jones. Look good again. Tcu Defenders say this real quickly. You know how you don't watch the NHL you don't watch MMA. Don't watch soccer. Who Don't want you to be soreness. Even 'cause I for the tendency was up nine percent which is good enough female. Let's take one last night but still dot Com Stephen a Smith right that the celebrity all star game was rigged against him. Why Cam sure hope it was early. Vote off could the rate be ready to offer big money to Tom Brady? I'm so tired of this. The raiders the Tom Brady going there. So you Stephen as so be rigged for you. Five double-digits that's fifty seventh birthday Michael Jordan in a strange way Michael Jordan seems to have disappeared from the NBA even though he owns the Charlotte Hornets. They're a bad team in Jordan has not made them any better. Kevin Garnett recently told the Chicago Tribune that the Chicago Bulls have failed to win free agents lately because of the allegedly shabby way they treated Jordan at the end of his career but hardly anybody in the NBA. Now even remembers watching Jordan play. Michael Jordan lived his life in public. For what thirty years I mean. Now he wants to stay off the stage either light people are gonNA resent that. I hope they don't because I wish him well. Happy Birthday Happy Anniversary David Robinson. On This Day twenty six years ago you recorded the fourth quadruple double in NBA history. Thirty four points. Ten Rebounds Tennessee's ten blocks. They didn't start counting blocks and steals until Nineteen seventy-three so that eliminates Oscar Robertson Wilt Chamberlain and Bill Russell Ten blocks astonishing Alvin Robertson of the Spurs got by getting ten steals but nate Thurman came allies. One God with ten plus blocks. Wow Tony I mean that's amazing and I thank you for the history. Lesson and Nate Thurman played most of those years before seventy three when they kept blocks right. Yes he did yes. He did happy trails to Stephen. A SMITH CELEBRITY ALL STAR team. Not only did Steven get technical foul in this game. But his team went down meekly to wilburns apparent Juggernaut by fifteen points. And we'll do not even have an assistant coach. We'll bounce number one play was common. I mean that with a Capital C. Not Common Sense. Anybody can do it. We'll did not light up a victory cigar like read our back which surely you are ecstatic that you won game and defended the honor of your city. Yeah thanks a common famous those in hold on. I guess should've played. Jose Andrey isn't bad. Plenty more my apologies to them. It was a great time Tony. You should've been there courtside. But you know you New Yorkers you ran away you went the other way. You don't WanNa hear anything for a year. I think bad bunny and I have beef. I'm not sure. Big Finish Larry Fitzgerald Senior reports. That the raiders plan to offer. Tom Brown to your deal. Six million seventy cents. Larry Fits senior fits. He's working still you and I do. What show monkeys? Yeah Yeah Milton Gordon till CBS sports. He thinks Philip rivers will end up on the Indianapolis Colts. Is that a good fit. Frank Reich was his offensive coordinator and quarterback coach at one time by tells the Atlantic. He wasn't always ready for games last year. Spent the first few innings. Loosening up your thoughts. Hobby was ten percent more his ability. Oh my God. He will cash in if you've got. Mvp Kyrie Irving was elected the vice president of the NBA players. Those joy at the last one I was stated number three Kansas tonight trap game. Jr's yeah but they'll win before they get to number one time better nets time. Tony Kornheiser Mike. Robots same time tomorrow its final all star weekend shut off the Kansas Parker the tree.

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