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Hey everyone welcome to talk with Chris and Jerry and this is our podcast where we give you a behind the scenes look as we create a comic book. We're going to talk about TV movies Comic Books Wchs and hopefully I have a lot of guests. The writers creators and friends check US OUT AT SNARF COMICS DOT com. You can check out our blog and follow along with everything we got going on also follow us on instagram twitter and facebook at snarf comics and please subscribe and leave a review on itunes. Enjoy the episode Sir. All right and we're back wonderful back at you live five. Forty P resolution prerecorded. We have to do that. We have three cameras. Yeah the five forty. Yeah because we gotta guest. Today we do have a guest. What's his name? Mr Alex. I'm a guest guest of I. I is a three time right now. I'm a three time or get up three times. Treat treat my jacket or do I get that at five. You can have a sweatshirt or t shirt. We'll have a work. Were coming out with a new T.. Shirt pretty soon. We've had a artist rendition of our SNARF talk logo and it's like this guy. I literally drew it. It's amazing aggressive and it is aggressive. It's GonNa be a sticker and it's GonNa be a t shirt and I can't wait to get to see something the bloody goat it'll be really good When you say looks like she's got to be a bloody your lip? Oh with his hooves or horns. He's got some some ferns horns but yeah he's also working on another picture for us so we'll see how that comes out heard anything yet but It was a gentleman that I deployed with. He was the convoy commander. So he's in charge of all of us but the he's really good at drawing. He did tattoos when we were deployed on people all the time. He drew me as SNARF chocolate. Doc Tattoo you could I might. Maybe you do it but you'd have to drive down to Charleston Matt tune that down there all the time are you. Yeah for what tuning around. Yeah I do a lot of maturity I do. The Charleston Dance Charleston like frequently do do do it on. I'm Cam oh you sure just everything. Yeah Charleston the little tiny steps like no. That's the gopher from caddyshack. That's exactly what does that is what you gotta look like. I'm pretty sure you did the waltz though I don't know maybe I actually don't maybe a solid box step I've done. I don't Waltz Jitterbug. We used to have in P. Class Dance section. But we did all kinds. We did Waltz I the country line dancing. We did that too. Yeah Oh the Charleston Looks Looks rather intense. I don't think I could do that. I know a lot of hitting. And there's a lot of like being arms and legs and Oh like Charlie Brown. What's the Charlie Brown Charlie Brown like? Where are you you just linger legs for you? Don't really use your arms just like that. What's that one? It's an all the weddings. Take it back now. The cash slide two times but haven that it goes. That's more like a line dance. Yeah but then there's a part in there that says is now Charlie Brown to step forward and back you just keep rocking back and forth. I'm watching people. Danced the Charleston on my computer right now. Oh boy. Has Anybody heard the Casper. Slide like the original one because every time I'm at a wedding and always says this is the Casper side pot to like like where's the first one wasn't oh i. And at the end Casper slide. There was the first one and at the end. They say you know. Be on the lookout for Casper. Side put three three. I think they added the Charlie Brown part. Because I don't think the Charlie bombs in the first one slide not the caspers live the Chacha's that's the casper slide. It's when you take a casper mattress in fashion it into a slide. The Chester Watermark. No it's I thought it was the a casper slide now. Speaking of looking enough he shirts I did at one point when I was listening or watching new. I tried to sketch my own Jerry. I still love that comment about his glasses. And I wanted that to be like on the back of Shirl and then the front was just going to be okay. So do you know the the whole thing how I said I could see tomorrow. I'll it is the US led. It says it says this is something new the casper slide part a two okay and the lyrics but you know the Harry Carey yes saying with the Tuft of hair and the glass. It's just like little. Yes that's what I wanted to do of you. Just the glasses the headphones in the hat and then like part of your Chin and your nose and that Alaska and we got we got an artist. What's his name? His name is Basil Beatles. Yeah that's a real name. He's like the sixth like Basil Beatles. The sixth the something. Like when you have a name like that it's always like Yeah he's he's a phenomenal artist. He also he drew me as a comic book and he also drew me. 'cause because we like In our trailer we had We built cabinets and cupboards in this ten by ten room and I had slept right in in the drawer. So my door that would close to the house I had them drew me. I just sat drumming a grim reaper. And so he drew grim reaper. Like head holding like part of his side Just with to paint markers is like I got to paint murderers that's GONNA use turned out amazing. I saved it and also shipped it back with with me and I have so like I have a two by two wooden door that I stuck in a bag came back. Peaking of cool things nostalgic aljic things kind of I was cleaning out the design market. This Week I've been working on that train. Get a little turned around and went into back and I was cleaning out some boxes and they there was like boxes and boxes and boxes of cake. toppers all kinds really like a whole box. That mickey mouse ones there was boxes from like Disney's Hercules a bunch of different Disney characters. Okay there's a whole box of space. Jam Cake toppers sweet but I came across this just one interesting item still brand new package. That's a setup. Birthday taper candles that I had on my cake as as a child putty no I 'cause I remember it and there's pictures of it okay. That's I was GONNA say. Do you have pictures of these jobs who brian here. What is it Ninja? Turtle Party candles look at those things. Is that a foot soldier. That's shredder man is it. I can't see it how. `Bout that that's pretty old to the yellowing of the plastic. I'm going to sell that thing on ebay split at that. You could website the space jam cake toppers for for twelve dollars on ebay really apiece. That's sweet that's old. Does it have a date data on her. Know you think. Oh Yeah. What about like ninety one? When the ninety two whenever the movie came out they probably had research that it looks to be the cartoon cartooning late eighties? It probably went into the nineties too but this looks too early on. That's awesome. That was all on the back like just random boxes and boxes and boxes of them. Like dump trucks tractors all kinds of stuff wow cinderella with the carriage and the horses. That's really good. Now you're GONNA use any. I don't know I'm going to sell them on Ebay. Started Ebay Shop Jeffer- tappers that'd that'd be great. I think that's a good idea Chris's caked. Yeah that's what I'm GONNA do. I found a bunch of other cool stuff in there too. So Well Bay story where I'll be selling cash registers. Did you ever get those things open that could have had large amounts of cash in them. the ATM machines. No no I haven't yet but I can have them. You have an Aso ventured into the. Why haven't you tried to get those open? I just haven't had time Jerry. It's just a simple Hausky. That always that no that opens the front door and then there's a combination safe on the inside. Oh really yeah like a gun safe. You know. There's a guy on Youtube called the lock picking lawyer. You should get a hold of him because he breaks every lack that's I don't I would market right now. We can legally be talking about this because I don't know but you own them. How could you? That's why didn't to fly out and they were in the building owns the ATM machine. Now you buy the ATM Machine Yourself. I think you do. I'm just GONNA contact the local authorities. ATM STORE WE'RE NOT GONNA mess around. We're going to try and break into a story about it. I mean there's GonNa be asleep by now I have no idea I I don't know anything about ATM's they never mind. Large Quantities Hot K.. There's nothing in the cash register so that's too bad. Yeah what about what about under the belts You know the belt the place here grocery item on and it slides. Yes I did find some stuff under the belting cabinets healed through their urine rags for what do you. How do you never liked for rug doctor? Yeah they were little wet naps but they say like urine things for like wiping down like your before you the doctor. Nice did you keep those just in case doctor's now so that's nice. Are Those in working order. Yeah we use it all time really. Yeah wow you've got everything got everything we got pizza makers got deep fryers. Yes you asked me the other day you want pizza pans shell hundreds of pizza. Pans readily hundreds like just a flat ones like the like like the deep dish. Oh real pizza pants no kidding start a business to start a business. He's off off off the he's on the Lam if you will. Oh Yeah on the Lam. Yeah you've got your hand crooked wrist over there. It's crooked looks crooked things. Are you right handed. Yeah and just so happens you have a right handed injury. Yeah we'll not an injury I had surgery carpal tunnel. Yeah does it. It did it work. Does it feel better crazy. Yeah vizier left. One hurt more yes. It's the pain from the left hand because he probably notice it. More pain in the left hand wasn't nearly as bad as the pain in the right hand but I haven't really felt a whole lot a lot of feeling in my fingertips in three years. Yeah and I woke up and was moving them around. And it's it's kind of weird. Yeah actually have function. Yeah the hand. Well Yeah I mean I had functioned to begin with so they move the tendon. So it's got a shorter path. So they cut the the ligament that goes over the tendons tendons in the nerve to open the carpal tunnel. Yes they cut the ligament the tunnel of the carpet and then he spread out everything and move everything around and he came back and he told me he goes. Yeah everything was pretty tight in there. So it's no wonder do they just like cut you open and just like fluff fluffer around because it keeps seeing things like tight and spread equal spreading go. I said spread around. It does okay the next topic. Do you have any news. Christopher I don't I don't know I don't really have any news. How you I have one thing that I want to talk about and I just want to hammer this home? That the movie doolittle is awful. Yeah well you haven't seen it. No I haven't but everyone it's like taking twitter by storm. I realize is taking the Internet by storm because it is not a good good movie. And here's can I tell you what the ending is. I'm GONNA tell you anyway regardless of you wanting to know alerts it. It's ridiculous so do little is a doctor and they are going to save this clean lady. Apparently and she is in a dragon's den. Okay Okay and they find a dragon. The dragon super mean grumpy. All the time and you know why because he has a pair of bagpipes shoved up his rectum. So you know the doctor does gives them a colonoscopy pulled. The bagpipes out. That's the end of this movie. Sounds like a great movie I Yeah so that's what so. Many people sending doesn't make bag as soon as he pulls the bagpipes out it farts in doolittle's face. I mean I love this good slapstick. Humor get Robert Downey Junior. I have no idea. Apparently money he was for it. What about the scene with the grill when he looks at? You don't happen to be scared. Yeah Oh man ride in the trailer. So John. CENA is the voice of A polar bear on the movie and as soon as he pulls the bagpipes out. And then this dragging farts in his face He says teamwork makes the Dream Mark. Well it out. It's just there's so many little catchphrases apparently in this movie. That are just awful awful writing that I need you to go see it. I'm going to go see so that I can find out how terrible it is. Heather once say you've got like a thirteen percent rotten tomatoes right and if you say you enjoyed this you have no credit like after this like you. Don't what did I take care for Star Wars. That would be ridiculous. You wouldn't be on the show anymore. I mean I'd have to replace you. We'll see we'll see Jerry. I don't know I don't know either but it was just terrible but there are so many people that have said that they've only wanted now that they know that Dr Or do little desert colonoscopy to save a dragon or to make a dragon nice every single one of them have said. I need to see this movie that I saw now that I've heard this so so I don't think it's doing any better business because of that though. Well I probably won't see it just because I don't I'm going on vacation nations soon and I don't know how I can have time. There's going to be enough time. I don't think so ken too much recreating. We might go to bed. Bath and beyond Alex has got time mm all day long. He does Zoro see doolittle. The wife wants to kids. So so how. How is this How long do you offer six weeks? I've been off since December sixth and the US this nice beard that I got growing pretty sweet. I like like the radio city Brewing hat to. It's my favorite local. Bruce Yeah the last time you're here I think he wore a radium city. You started that company with like three or your friends there. In Ottawa Annoy they used to selling liquor stores. They don't want any more right now they It became too much worse for the Keg. Only no I actually couldn't tell you where the kegs being distributed to anymore. Because I know they got at What's the one eighty? Can you be. Shakers Shaker yeah. Can you be red dog like I guess you can but I was going to say. Can you be a profitable brewery by only selling kegs. It takes a long time to make any profit along. I would think you make more most of your money on the kegs eggs because the overhead is so low. I mean the fear itself cost very little to me. Yeah I would assume so. It's your bottling pack. Jack and I would say it costs money which ends on and the Bar Pride takes most of the markup wholesale to the bar you know they're or selling it for a premium then sure Ed's beer. It's funny to see now light years of paying for Craft Beers at bars and what they're getting getting because I know that they're getting a sixth. A lot of places aren't getting a full half barrel that are getting sex so what they're selling per pint and what it cost how much they're getting for that versus where we're telling them for wholesale pretty crazy how much they're making on each well and the thing is like they make amazing beer. Yeah like I like craft beer and I've tried a lot of craft beers and nothing really ever wows me too much but every single one of the Radio City Beers I drink is phenomenal. I've never had it. I don't know if I've ever had one of my favorites. Doubts ever is clock out stout. It's like a standard. They got that space ace man. Ip a stout rates. I've heard of that. The space man blackboard that came later. That's a black a black. That's pretty good but none of their I t.. As are strong and happy very subtle. Yeah we we. We went for the more. Not Way more drinkable Mac. You in the face this every time as much as the one guy. He's a hop head that's all he wants is the most bitter thing that you can make give it to them. I was surprised. They haven't started making sours hours like that. It's a lot of work. It's a little and it's got to be Super fresh to write pretty much. Do you know house towers started. It's an infected beer. That's ultimately what happened. But it's drinkable like mad. Cow Infected. No no no no. It's like so like when it ferment. That needs to be a completely closed container. No air can get in it so no bacteria or anything. Basically what had happened was the first hour that was ever made bacteria got into the fermenters. Somehow it soured the beer so is that that's similar to like a Sour Mash whiskey distilled the processes still make a sour Nashoba. There's a completely different thing between us. Distilled alcohol and a fermented alcohol. I understand but for this you are for mending the grain to distill the beginning processes for the beginning process whiskey. Yes there's there's always a mashing that's interesting about whisky and any liquor honestly is like they all make a big deal about the beginning process. But it's all irrelevant after the distillation process. This irrelevant her elephants. Are you saying elephants up. Call that all relevant because you're just ending up with clean because it right or make sure you're not getting one hundred percent ethanol because he'll yeah but basically you're getting straight whatever that chemical is and then I mean obviously Z.. Whiskey your than aging barrels. So that's where you're getting a lot of your flavor from but you think you're really matters if you're starting from corn or rice or any other grain aim to make whiskey. I think carries through the distillation process because it is evaporated clearly does because every different WAIKIKI. That you've had that has has different grains in it tastes differently but they're also aged differently. Not all of them. I don't think it makes us big not. All all of them are our age differently and then like for Scotch Whisky. They have a certain mixture of grain. That is used for the man. I understand that but I don't what I don't know if it actually makes a difference so scotch is age completely differently than okay aged in. Have you ever had like a ride bourbon versus a regular bourbon like bullet bullet ride versus bullet Bourbon. Absolutely okay can you taste the difference soon. The two of them I mean but again I think I don't know maybe some of that's just the age they agem differently. Not If you're aging. I'm in a white oak barrel or a charred barrel age. I'm the exact same amount of time up in the exact same barrel I suppose right an adult is one thing. I'm a little more skeptical when it comes to clear alcohol vodka that I would agree with. I don't I don't know if that is a big difference because you can take There's like potato vodka and then there's what what else there's a bunch of different kinds but we'll people swear where by the differences in vodka. But when I was in college I had a marketing class that was marketing statistics class. Anyway in this class we did a blind taste test of different different vodkas. I don't know why that's quite the we had like ten different. I don't remember what the professor was trying to do. Other than. Maybe just we're just get you drunk. Yeah Yeah but we did a blind taste test but like skull vodka and like grey goose and like absolute you know spy span or whatever. It's kettle title one all like good whiskey good and bad but it was a one hundred percent blind. Think nobody can tell the difference between them. That's because at the base of them there on mainly mainly the same the same right just straight alcohol. The biggest difference between them is how many times they're distilled smear says it's triple distilled say maybe maybe that does make it more pure. That's why you have less of a hangover people. Say I don't say that that might be your perception but flavor and taste wise. Yes they are they are you cannot tell them apart. They're the same. I mean it's bad go. That's kind of what I think. Now like whiskies not not the case because the aging process changes everything Tequila. Same thing a lot of other Even Jin aged juniper berries after the distillation but like you know I don't know yeah I agree with you. Okay that's Alcohol talk what other than if you had jerry. That's that's it. I didn't really have much. I I know there is more. Oh Oh what was. His name passed away today from Monty Python. Oh Yeah Terry Terry we cruise. No no he is not a British white man. But I do really like Terry crews I do too. It's really good But it was Terry Jones. Terry Jones Yeah he was one of the original is up. What seventy three seventy seven seventy seven? So young pretty young. Yeah a he passed away so that said news and we were just talking about Monty python a lot on our top ten fantasy. Don't remember who he was in that movie exactly but I don't know he's he's at all those movies but yeah oh there was another little piece of news that the first images of Captain America came out from Falcon in the winter soldier. And there is a different white male in the captain captain. America's suit standing at a government building holding a shield which is supporting a theory that the government in this show like the government didn't want Fell Ken to be Captain America because of his Because of what happened in civil war he what was it called. He broke that treaty. Or I can't remember Sarko via the Sarkova agreement so I think in the like the talk is that they're still holding that against him. Said you cannot work for the government or be Captain America because of this. So they're giving giving in to somebody else. How he got the shield though nobody really knows but he unless they've made a different one or if this guy is a like a fake? Nobody really knows. But there is images of a white male in the Captain America outfit from filming so and see what happens there. Ah Wyatt Russell yes cool. Yeah so that's all that Kurt Russell Son. It's Keri Russell's brother brother is Keri Russell. Kurt Russell son no cousin Oh auntie maybe ah continue. Should we do some what we're watching. Yeah well I got a one news just one. Because I've had a lot of guests. Don't bring news I brought. I brought legitimate. Oh we should get into this. Since I've had a lot of free time he's got a free time and Alex brought us a little gift do for for the future podcast studio. Oh for the future. PODCAST studio I will hold it up real quick so you you could see how big it is also there was it says fragile fragile fragile messy. MCS Industries I've always liked MCS industries. Every time I've got anything there I will try to open this. Don't cut your hand. It's just scotch tape areas opening the package. He's doing a PISS poor job. You're here's scratch. I'm pretty excited about this. I feel like some kind of a painting of some kind or with low sir. Oh my gosh. It's framed. Holy the CAL that all puzzle. Is that a puzzle. You did. Yeah you about six to eight hours and you had it framed. Yeah that's amazing. Is it like glued. Yeah Yeah Oh you know just glued. Oh just glued on. How do you glued on top puzzle housing glue thing? That's like you sit role at are you just pour it on and comes with a little scraper and you just brush it all over. Wow this is OUGHTA drive. That's super that is definitely going on to my podcast. Studio Walk Star Wars picks. That'll fit right. Yeah I did another one. It was a Batman like all the villains and stuff in it and I was going to give that to you guys but then I really liked it a lot so I don't the one that that one took me like three days so you're a bit of a puzzle master puzzle or just something to do other than sitting. I agree I started to do puzzles. But you can't really play video games. You kind of have you played a fallen order. I haven't played that he says it's one of the greatest games. Well I didn't definitely did not say that. Probably the single greatest game now. It's not it has a great ending though it's not the it's not that great of a game but it has has a very good evening. Yeah you said that made the whole game I did. It made it worth it for me to look into still waiting for that disk anyway. Thank you very much. We're definitely GONNA hang that up. That's awesome. Let me see that again. I had was that spanning all movies now the new hope straight up right basically. Yeah that's awesome. I love it. It's got a grand off. That's really cool. Thank you you. I'm not a big puzzle myself. I like them. You like Amy Nice. Started doing puzzle over Christmas break. It's still sitting on a table able. Oh my card table in the house right now finished a satisfaction out of it. We spent three hours together just sitting there while all the boys were like doing something I don't know we really did not pay attention to the children at all and we sat there together. It was really fun. Actually actually the last puzzle McConnell one that threw me off. Puzzles is when I was in high school or so for Christmas or something I got a. I think it was called an impossible like impossible puzzle. Okay that sounds tear. It was a whole puzzle. That was the same it was in an ocean and it was the same picture of like this orange clown fish repeated over and over a million times. No and I'm like what is the point of this. Yeah that's not not fun and then I also had around the same timeframe one of those three D. Empire State Building Puzzles. Oh Yeah I can't remember what they were called those compaign Sahara to man that was brutal. Well why were you choosing all these. Like Puzzles Puzzles. Choose Major No. That wouldn't actually was pretty easy because that one looks like it has a lot of different things so different colors so like you just pour the pieces out all right. I want all the everything that's got blue in it and you grab all the blues and then you sit there and you do it. But the Batman one black no because it was like Gotham. Gotham city was in there. Well like vintage Batman like sixty six. It was actually a Thomas Kincaid So it was like an original all like a piece. Yeah like a commission. Yeah that's cool. We should do a SNARF fuck puzzle. Should I don't make I knew him puzzles main for sure for sure. Can we just sit here and cut out pieces like can you. Can you see that kind of but we we could totally have a puzzle man. Oh yeah that could be if you're a patriot. Dot Com Amer. Can you see it up there. No not really okay. Sorry it's a Batman one where he's coming like jumping in there was a lot of black and that and the other thing was with all the buildings like I literally had to look at each piece piece and then look at the poster that came with it. Now what Robin do you think that is. I mean I know. But I didn't even Scott Damian Wayne. I didn't even pay attention. I love being just kind of in the background there but then you had a hostess Meredith Penguin two and then figure out which building it was by the way the windows looked. It was pretty cool but how long that takes you the Batman one four days. It was a pain if you recover. You're just going right back and getting the other hand. I know you're GONNA wait till next year. I wasn't expecting for my hand to feel as good as it did. And now you're like Marie. This surgery part is Amari off and I still have time that I can use. What is it like going from? I don't know three five years. Whatever it's span of straight swing shift to that like two months off well? After the first three weeks I caught up on all the sleep that I had been missing and now I'm back into because I'm a night owl. I can't sleep and it's up till two four o'clock in the morning on my Gosh and then I sleep on the couch and Maj ever gonNA come to bed. The oil sleep on the couch last week spending easier because I'm supposed to keep my hand elevated and and the one time I slept in bed after like five days I think I slept on my hand. My arm hurt the whole day the next day. I'm like non sleeping on the couch. Which again all you've been planning Disney trip? I know that because you're missing me ballpark in it. We're just bored and well the wife and I know that we need to get it. The kids are getting old enough to where they'll appreciate it and Yeah Zurich Ages for that. Yeah for sure. We've had that conversation before for a couple of times All right so jerry. What you've been watching so again I've been I brought it up once before but I haven't quite finished it yet but Cologne watched like one episode of night. You know basically fall asleep Is Jack Ryan Boyd watching that too. If it's good enjoyed a lot I like it better than the first season I think. Definitely it's really a solid show. Yeah it's so good John Kaczynski's amazing I don't know the other actor's name he's good though to he's like a good straight man you know where he's just angry all the time. He was in suits but I never watched that show in the wire he was in the wire to You know I've I haven't seen all of the wire I've seen it but I don't remember him from it. Yeah he's that's where it goes like. That was like I big thing. He was as whoever the main character is in the wire. He was his best friend that was he was like his partner for a little bit and then over the I haven't and watch the wiring so long I know it's been like the last couple of years and tried to re watch it because I don't remember it and I couldn't like the production value was like not good. It's too far back. I loved it. I watched it a year ago. Yard half ago. Yeah I'll give it another shot can have you have. You watched the Jack Ryan the new season. I have not the wife and I have been made into and have you watched any of it. I watched the first. We came out. Man I like it a lot. It's different than I like how it's similar but it is different than what the first season and I just. It's the Action Shell that I needed because we don't really have like a like a crime action show. That is on Netflix. Or any other channel right you get the regular Like cop shows towns. Brigham Cop shows on ABC or NBC. Or things like that but I'm talking talking like big budget. Yes streaming show. You know like they spent money on this show. Yeah feels like they could've made a movie. Yeah I'm glad they believe they could no. I think this is so much better than series way better than the movies are just I think they are. They are not with Amazon. Kazan has made huge strides forward surpassed all the other streaming channels. Maybe the exception being HBO. But they're putting ounce else such amazing content. It's just not as on on a regular that's what I was GONNA say. It's it's few and far between though on what comes out. Relatively net affleck says just bombarding you with content and its media but a lot of. It's been much but just who it's almost two. Oh here is some news that I did hear. Just I read just today before I came. Is that Netflix release that the witcher is now the highest stir like the most streamed aimed shot Joe in net flicks history holy cow. That's amazing. Yeah glad of that on top of the beat the office. I find that impossible. Go for I'm I'm saying. For All Ranger Net flicks original shows it the according to them they never put out any numbers. And you never know well if Netflix is like really telling the truth or not on a lot of the things that they've reported for users and young's and whatnot but they're claiming as of right right now that the winter is the most streamed show in Netflix. For good reason it's amazing so it is and there's so many people that have watched that show it's really caught an old two the track and they've released a that one song as a single now. Yeah and it's charting. It is because it gets buried into your skull skull it will never leave. Call Sikora to your wits circuit over to Youtube that I follow. Low Leo Braci Alley Ma. Yes frankly broadly studios. He did a version of love of that song. I wanted to get the chocolate. Ray GotTa do it all rain Tall so cold and to your witcher off. Take Zondi I How does he know that I used to work in an office? But we're I'd be given two hours of work and was told make this last the rest of the day so so you don't get don't get caught on the Internet. You know how you get into like youtube warm moles and just next the video knuckle video yes I do. I know how that works so the next thing I watched. I've only got two things here that I've been watching is the I can't remember the exact name of it but it's the whole Aaron Hernandez Oh Marley watch that it's interesting. Yeah she she She said Marley. Charlie said it's not good. I can't stop watching it right. I don't you can't rate this on good or bad because it's just telling you it just like telling you the the narrative of how this man went from playing football all the time in his life to getting in trouble and ending adding up killing people in continuing on with his football career like nothing happened and then being arrested and ended up killing himself In the the bad part I this is just my opinion though so there is a story like an underlying story of him being a closet homosexual. I'm a sexual yet. They say that he possibly was gay but he wouldn't tell anybody else out loud. Sounds like he was. Yeah it sounds like he was but they it to me. It looks like they're playing that off as to why he was killing people when in reality like that. CTE DT brain issue that people get from the NFL that has a proven thing where it literally takes your brain autopsy. Bring this one of the worst I have ever seen exactly so. That's still not an excuse because there's a lot of there's not that don't murder no. I'm not saying it's an excuse to murder people I'm saying. Why would you put a show out that? You're kinda pinpointing his homosexuality as why he was aggressive and killing people rather than say like well. His brain was so damaged that the real cause was probably because of this brain damage that he had rather than him just being well aggressive served. Because he's hiding and I didn't see all of it but Marley pretty much told me everything about it. Sounded to me like they're making the case for like it's a bunch of things. It's like a terrible home life. A bad thing happened when he was a kid. HAS IT HOMO sexuality. Cte Yeah the whole thing to me is fascinating because I mean I'm going to go on record right now. I will never let my kids play football now and we. It's just not going to happen. I mean there's too much evidence out there now. Now especially when they're young and developing. Yeah Amy's in the same boat ridiculous. At first. At first I was against that I was like what they could play football but then it again like the more and more you see about so many injuries and so many and now they know isn't it's not big hits. It's the little yeah to every day. The practices the constant a constant nature of it. And don't get me wrong. You could see from things other than just football sure. I mean you can get the little traumatic brain injuries from you. Know racing from driving that car from going from driving go karts it's magnum significantly Because there was so much head contact even though you can say like there's no head to head hitting and you can't lead with your head things like that. It doesn't matter. I don't think sports going to be Long for this world at the. I don't think it'll go an high school level at the at the under high school level for sure. I think we'll still still see it at the high school level for quite a while. Because it's I mean it is an enormous out of the South Texas. You can't Alabama like all. Those states are huge into football. I mean you lounge closed down more Friday nights right redskin pride. I know it's crazy but I mean the evidence is insurmountable at this point. They were showing you know C. T. Scans of brains and stuff stuff of They did a junior CEO yes he had committed suicide and they showed his brain compared to a normal brain and they it just doesn't even look representative of what a normal brain would look like crazy too because a lot of the damage It's an interesting topic. We talked about it a lot in college and psychology classes but a lot of the damage occurs to the frontal lobe. Yeah and it's not specific CORTEX and that is the part of your brain. That's responsible for for like understanding consequences have actions like long-term planning. Isn't it like I'm making all like yeah impulse control decision making so. There's a lot of arguments in in the cycle. Psychology World That when you start to look at prisoners and repeat prisoners and people that are in jail a lot of times what you find is that they have underdeveloped or abnormally developed or damaged frontal cortex and some of that's caused by nutrition in the womb and Eddie young age so that frontal cortex develops a lot in the later part of pregnancy pregnancy. And then in early in the first five years of life. And if you don't have the right Nutritional setting like it will underdeveloped that frontal cortex and it will basically basically put can can put you on a path. So you're saying like malnutrition in the womb creates can't gangsters. Yeah I I mean not add people. That's part of the argument and the argument is that can you take people in prison. And when they have had this situation happen to them now they have this Badly developed frontal CORTEX so they have no impulse. Control is a big thing right with that also like Understanding consequences of your actions and so can you really put those people to blame for some of the actions that they're committing because they literally and you can have this out there. Yeah it's out of their control and you can have damage that frontal CORTEX and not be. I'm not saying like you have a disability. Like mentally like you literally just cannot make make you cannot control your impulses so like relation where you might be spurred to violence. You can't damper that down and think about like like well if I do that. It's going to lead to this series of actions that's going to fuck up the rest of my life but beyond the nutrition part of it. Isn't it true that your your whole frontal cortex hasn't even developed until you're twenty five. That's true honor percents so everything that happens between the Before the age of twenty five that you're doing to your head as as if playing football or some sort of contact sport could be detrimental to that prognosis that Cigarettes alcohol sure all all these kinds of things and the the signs isn't truly settled on the twenty five. That's just guessing at that early though. But it's I mean twenty five. What they're going with now? Yeah so there's a lot of people that and that's why teenagers are so stupid that's why they don't think about their future and they well and when they do it's completely irrational a lot of it and it gets better and it gets more developed. The older you get but even twenty one years old. You don't know what you're doing and that's when you start to have that at thirty thirty five or whatever you start to have that hindsight of like Manuel why was I. What am I doing? What do you think that your life? I changes dramatically twenty five years old. I agree I really do agree with that looking back on it but the only you know you've lived through it already so it is easier to say we'll so obviously I was going to do that wrong because you've already lived it but I would agree with you that something changes in everybody's life after a certain point in their twenties whether it be twenty five or not. I can't pinpoint it but I know for a fact something changed in my brain you know after a certain point because I it was dumb as a brick when my early twenties I know that much. Yeah I mean the impulse control the consequences but also like the arrogance of youth. I mean that's all needed to that. Frontal CORTEX so it's interesting argument that people that are in prison. That have had these issues like should they even be in prison. How do you? How do you assign blame? Yeah but how do you wade through that right you know like how do I mean if they've committed a crime regardless of well although there is is like you said before like that doesn't give him the reason to kill some correct let me reframe. It should be addressing. The problem differently should be addressing it for prenatal care so we addressing it through your child. Nutrition should be addressing through things like that in a in away that's going to have a more beneficial impact towards what happens. Twenty years down the road right and I think I do think You know like like the the full contact sports under a certain age should just not happen. Yeah I agree so there you go. That's the show I watched. LX is here to what about what about smacking your kids around. Is that okay. You can't be repetitive. Like like WH- wants and put them down. Yeah I get up I dare you you make it count and make picture. Their head doesn't hit the floor after you. Well that can't happen. I usually don't even have to do that. That's board my son. Deals zone damage. Image to himself. He fell off the couch earlier this afternoon and smacked his head off recliner. And as long as it's not three times height that's what I've been told at three told told you that my console at but that's a apparently if your kid falls from less than three Times its height your good. If it's over three times or you gotta take him to year. I mean I would agree with the over three times. You're going to the ER but how hundred three three times their height. I still think you could get pretty severe. Cash tripped the pavement and broke his jaw. So exactly that slide that your kid fell off of it. That was way more than three times. He fell but he fell in rubber. Mole he did he shot out. I don't care if it was rubber molter not that Lagos scratched up and I felt terrible. I didn't feel bad for him at all. I didn't get ahead of. You could see that he was far. The problem is the free. PREFRONTAL CORTEX CORTEX. He didn't have good impulse and it's definitely not going to grow right after that he should. I'm soaking wet all put soaking. What kids on I? I shouldn't go down the slide and fizz ball. They were being yelled at prior to this about not going down that slide and he chose not to listen and he shot straight off the side of it. Unbelievable all right. We're GONNA keep this moving. We got a lot minutes. You have eleven minutes Alex. We've been watching. What do you got? I have been watching every. Yeah a lot of stuff so I finished the witcher. The which and all that the toys toss a coin. What was your what was your take them? So I've been take your time but don't feel I've never played the Games. Read the book. Nothing so like you had a new blank so many questions. Yeah and if they don't address them or they will like I'm sure how did he get his powers in well she left and it took me address that took me lake often. There is what episodes so the sixth episode before I realize is that it was jumping between time period. Yes and I was like wow. Here's what you needed to number one thing you needed to do. While the show was going going on is listened to SNARF talk. 'cause we have would have addressed it but see I'm like three episodes behind guys. Oh here's the deal. Because I stole stole elven magic. They started have elephant magic they casino elephant. They had a major order. Whatever they destroyed the elves consensually cast them off they started making human hybrids are sterile? That had could harness the power of magic mills are the witcher's and for whatever reason they hunt monsters they're hired to and and there's other genetic mutants yes like a lot of the monsters are but the the witcher's are becoming more and more scarce I because they just hate them so they right and nobody's volunteering for it and they're sterile they're sterile and they're not making any more witcher's well and then that was another thing that I couldn't couldn't figure out 'cause vessel living forever. That girl looks like she has the exact same is is him. So he's like yeah so she can also control magic she can control okay. I'm serious magic. She screams in everything for of the number no no she's personalized. I'm talking about the girl that he's supposed to meet in. The Woods is destiny. Siri yet about her and I don't know about her either so like if you look at the way her eyes are going the way his eyes are like they look. Almost kind of chosen has the same thing that her mother had well. She's at the same thing that her grandma had. But it skipped Skip the natural Musici- clean that Queen Woman that got into the big fights. Jason was like actually fight battles. It skipped her her dog. He hates else. And she's Nile. Fan of hells elephants elephants. Ill will carry us. We met him. Yeah I just been something anyway go ahead go on. I finally went and watched star. Wars was the rise of skywalker. I liked it. Oh swearing said it like. You're mad at no. I'm not I haven't even listen to you guys is like I said I'm three episodes behind so I like it. I it was good. We do some nit-pick and can I see like the points that everybody makes and what I've maybe rather seen somebody else's writing maybe like Colin was to Varo. Yeah yeah that's a big thing right now. His grip got leaked and everybody loves it a yeah. Apparently apparently everybody likes issues. Did you read it. I looked into it. I didn't read the whole script but now finished before that I did watch gem and the the other day. Oh how was that. I've been wanting to see the yes. It got terrible. It's yeah it was a huge bomb at the box. It's not good. It's good to ours so so just all right. This is an action movie in its will Smith Like Will Smith Will Smith Times to it is but how can you not like that. Will Smith looks exactly like the age will smith he ki- kind of like they could have. I feel good for his age. I feel like the reason why they say Black Dome and looked at looked at a video of fresh friends. Alyssa can use whatever you want rather than just okay. This is will smith now and taking his face and Shag just taken his FRESH PRINCE OF BEL Air Face Right. Put It on a gay finished crisis on infinite. Earths I haven't seen any. I have not watched any see you talk about an action on TV. No no I W budget those is just an it was awesome was The whole Oliver Oliver Queen Arrow. It's it's rough. I'm GonNa like we did our top ten and TV Comic Book Adaptation Correct Right. It's not out yet. Well it is now but as of right now air was number five on my list right now is my number tree. Era was not your number three. There's three or four. I have it in your top old I think it flash a flash sorry the only CW show I had on my list of top. Ten was aero see. I like aero better than flashy too. I love air. I watched aero before watched flash because to me I watch Arrow from from the get-go I start right Arrow. Only I'm only a season behind right now also in to me the flash is just so much cheaper here. I don't know it's just yes it's it's it's not it's so it's so light in the arrows heavy and I can see and that's what I love heavy dark if I don't know why I have. Never we've been in the AD felicity smoking. Something in supernatural Senate's last season so that it's so my God they'll final season finals. Holy cow if you WANNA catch up got no you got like TNT season. No you the the show that the wife and I have been watching which has three hundred and thirty three episodes. What's that there's that many episodes our enemy right now? Oh Yeah I bet you. There is eighteen or nineteen seasons or so but we started not know. Er was on that long back in the ninety S. I did my mind would what we did too. Oh yeah back when George Clooney was once George Clooney left everybody dropped off and other dude Mark yes anthony. Anthony Edward Anthony. Anthony had good with names. You're not knife. I as soon as we start recording. Forget everything what else that's it. Oh that's easy all right. I got mine real quick. I'll try them real fast. I've been watching the new season of twenty four days to Helen back. I A huge fan of Gordon Ramsay because in my kitchen nightmares was one of my favorite shows of all time. This is basically kitchen nightmares. I like his little commercial. which ones I use the cocktail? Stick Doc yeah they with this twenty four hours a hell and back. They added a little bit more. He's only got twenty. Four hours is dire. The restaurants aren't as dire dyers. They weren't kits Canada just a kitchen nightmares. The British version along side love it. Is this the one where he dresses up in like costume. Yeah which is ridiculous because clearly. Everybody knows it's going undercover boss. Yeah why are these cameras. Gordon Ramsay I do too like a lot of people hate him. I don't know why I get it. I watched his youtube videos. And I've learned more about cooking. I I've done it for years. Watch and they're so good they're simple and the biggest thing is is like like scrambling scrambling eggs. All He makes. He's got the best one about making an Omelette a yes. I'm answering. His stake one about making a stake. Is the the best way to cook a steak ever hands out here you yes I agree and I do it this way. I Cook stakes in this only way. I Cook Omelettes and eggs. He has is a He has a Teaching show that was only on BBC but I it's on Youtube now and It's amazing it's I. Love like his passion for it but also like that. He really conveys a lot of emotion. He does everything he talks about is like he's in love with this food but not even though like he cares like I feel like he genuinely cares about what he's doing and he just seems like a really genuine person completely agree. I've only been to one of his restaurants once in in Las Vegas and it wasn't like one of Nice restaurants. It was like one of his Burger Bar. Oh yeah and it was. It was really good. But I'd like to go Tanegashima. One of his five Vegas restaurants all Michelin Star rated. Yes I would too. I've never been to any of them. So that's what I've been watching that and I'm enjoying that. I started watching the new season of curb. Your enthusiasm did you. Yeah and it's just Kirk Right back in it man. Yeah it's curb love can't go wrong with that. I liked Larry David's involved. You know it's going to be absolutely I got one I gave up on marvelous. Mrs Mazel you gave up on it it through in the top. Did you really just. Is this the second or third season started season. 'cause I thought you liked the first one I did. But but there's too much other stuff to watch. Carrie L. Use the new season you've got to you really do have to pick. There's so many the cream of the crop you know. I've only done that with one show. What's the walking you through unless there's too many season? Unfortunately I threw in the towel at the last season as UH when they made the ten year time jump. I didn't even get to that. Yeah no I wasn't even close to that. They got a new show coming on spring a new walking that show. That's ten years in the future deals with the second generation that has been living in. Just I actually thought that sounds interest- it does Kinda some kids that grew up. In in the post apocalyptic of you know I would I would be in for that and they're going to movies gone. I only made it through the very first season. Where Jeffrey Dean Morgan was? He's tough when we're NAGIN was actually turned out like we were just talking about the other day on the shows a a little too much to handle all. That's all I saw. was that very first. She is in the comic book too. He's he's a major role in that series for sure but I feel like he's he's a little more palpable. I don't know in the comic book. He is like the epitome of evil and in the TV series they try to like his the epitome of annoying. Well I think they have to do that. If a sympathetic view well you look at his dialogue logging the book they can't put that on. AMC right so probably have to up his dialogue on the show. Well I think that's also an issue of when you do something thing like that in comics like it's easy to just think of like. Oh that's the evil bad guy you know this is that but when you on TV and then and you see the guy that you've seen a million other things like oh you know he's not always that big and it doesn't translate the film as well or digital. Yeah that's why I quit watching the show and I think that's why everyone else should. I'm still going to catch up back the rest of Cancer it so much I just felt like it was so repetitive. It was the same thing over and over. Honestly that's not the problem. The problem is that free view an individual episode episode basis. Nothing happens right. Nothing happens to advance the story. Forward all the story is given to you in season premieres mirrors season and mid mid rakes. midseason coming back and season finale. Everything else in the mental is complete filler. And it's so boring and see its character development but I feel like the show that did that the bass was breaking bad or loss. But breaking bad you had a huge episode and then two or three episodes where it was now a whole lot happened. They advance the story so much. I mean they had to advance the story so much faster because because it was there was a lot of middle episodes that were there. Were there slow in dairy slow. When you get to that next big climactic episode those those smaller slower episodes make more sense? I think every episode at the end of breaking bad definitely the end of every episode. They left you at the end of every episode. You you gain something from it. I I agree with you. The first thirty five minutes could have been slow. I agree they've awesome last season. A little bit news yes call Saul and they said that which is a better show than they said. Walter White and Jesse Pink men could be making an appearance. I'm I'm sure they will. Okay new show. I started watching only one episode out. Hbo It's called Avenue. Five starring Hugh. Laurie and Josh. Josh Gad really there on a cruise what. What's your view on Avenue Avenue? Five it's chock full of comedy stars It's getting terrible reviews but I really really enjoyed it. I loved it. I thought it was really funny. It's comedy comedy. He caught my attention when I first saw a like a trailer preview for it so I didn't realize it was out already though so I'm going to need to check it out only one episode but I Italy. I thought it was great. Is that week by week week by week but I really thought it was. I think it comes on after curb or whatever but I enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to keep watching it and I like Hugh Laurie in anything. It's getting really bad reviews from one episode. Yeah so watchman got bad reviews it did after one episode and those people eight Cryer dumb. Because that's the best show. All of those people have been fired. I started watching a little shaw called. peaky blinders one. That I want to start watching. Oh you haven't seen. I watched the first episode third the first season fire it very hard to get through but I did finish it and watched the second episode and I fell asleep. Three times is watching the second episode. So we'll see how that goes you just can't let what do people do. They have to sing and dance in front of you like you have to to watch the story playoff. This has happened three times in my life. I've tried to start this show and just having the hardest time with it. I think you've got a thing in your brain like a just a mental Ninja in your brain tells you you have to hate it because I like it. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA keep on it that's why for you I'm GonNa keep going honestly. Don't you watch the show. I started watching a new show called the Unicorn. It's on one of those old fashioned. Things called like network television. That sounds terrible Walter Goggin though it's the only reason. Oh Okay I knew I I love Walter Geoghegan's and it's kind of I've missed some of the first episodes I came in late. Never heard of. I've watched two episodes now. Isn't he a con man or something. No He's like no. It's like a family. A comedy his wife dies and he's like navigating the world of having daughters and dating and it wasn't bad. It's any fines to The Unicorn he's the. He's the Unicorn now I'd get the but it's really drama. Dama heavy comedy so at times it feels like if times it feels like a Sitcom but at times it like it's we'll be okay so we'll see it. I don't know that I'm GONNA keep watching. It probably won't and I've been watching the new season of Dr Who Chris. I've wanted to watch it the first two episodes and they're great. Here's the crappy part about the way the BBC does things. Is that like you can't watch any of the I can't watch window or in. I don't know any of the previous episodes. I don't have cable or satellite or anything anymore and so if I want to try to I know you do and I can't record it. That's the thing that the only way you could basically get if you set your Dvr Dvr to record that show because you never know when it's coming out what about the the BBC. So Yeah I could pay for another APP could do that I. I don't have to pay for them because if you have a direct TV subscription right exactly you. So is his for me. Personally I would have to buy the APP somebody else's logging. BBC's listening Yeah Brothers always always look great and it's my first experience with the new doctor. I didn't see the last season at all. So you're not you didn't go back and watch the conduct. I haven't didn't care. It was really fun. It was really good really good cool honestly I enjoyed it made me feel reminiscent of Matt. Smith doctor who completely different creators on this show. So that's so just real quick. We've really never talked about Dr who we haven't havoc on having hot cast but dr who probably has a bigger part of like my emotion and heart than almost most any show that we've ever talked about and it was also like integral into the beginning of our fridge. Absolutely was it was the start of it. Yeah it was it because of a little time and we had a little drunken argument where I said. Hey we both love star wars and I said something along the lines up. You gotTA check out Dr who I think I might like it as much as star Star Wars and I was like no way. It's not possible. I remember saying that multiple times it is not possible. Then you're just was talking because you're drunk and then I started watching and you said you're like the first season is the ninth doctor. Your husband and five. You've got to get through that season once you're done with that you know. Production gets better and the story gets better. You'll like it boy. Did David tendency my heart. He stole my heart. And then I was like. You can't change the doctor like so the catch with docked doctor who is that they will change into other like physically looking people. It's the same doctor. It's the same time Lord but their physical appearances different And I did not want him to go so bad like I was like you. Just WanNa go. This is where it was David tennant. But I'm not ready right. Yeah or something along those lines but yeah. It was very emotional. Season Finale Alley. It was re I and I thought it was really became a little bit of a Goofy Matt Smith Dr Who and then it was like but Bam Karen Gillan. Yup I hear right then. Amy Pond came into the picture and I was like I'm in a man. And Rory Rory was great man when he you become the Roman soldier and lives like a thousand years to be back earth that was on believable and then we both come and dropped off with Cataldi. Paul d where I dropped because where I completely dropped off. He's not good you injury. He's good but angry. I need to go go back. I never watched his second season. There's a couple of good episodes with Several good episodes in there. There's a couple of episodes with the. Is Stark Oh yeah remember what her character was. It was like the girl who died and the girl who lived. Yeah that's the name of those two episodes. Those were really good you. You don't who Cappelli reminded me when he was the doctor House House was the doctor and I was just right now and stick to medicine. I Love House not done yet. Did they have. The new. New Female doctor came out and I thought all right. That's interesting but I wasn't caught up on the season so I'm like well I can't watch this because I gotta watch the last year and that's the way I watch it and then finally this season started or I don't know if it's a mid break season I don't know what it is but no. This is a brand new season. I'm like you know what I'm starting over fucking so what I know the great one I was like looking into the episodes facades. They've got their only shooting or putting out like eight episodes an eight to ten episodes of Dr who rather than going along with them. Okay they've shortened seasons quite a bit. I think they did that with capacity to the The very last season but the first two he was on were like fifteen eighteen. Okay episode fifteen or sixteen episodes but then the last one he did was like nine and then the first season of the new female doctor was eight. And I'm assuming this one's it's going to be short like that as well. Apparently she's very good for ratings. Yeah that's what I that's what hurt. She's in very good. Let's she's good i. I don't know that she is yet like I'm enjoying her. The doctor As much but the story the lines have been very good. Her is the doctor is different. He doesn't seem as timing really. Can I don't WanNa see capable with that. A female slight. No I feel like you know like the last couple of doctors. They couldn't be in a situation that they couldn't figure out immediately. Really that's true and her. I don't know but I've only seen two percent so we'll see and that's really it. That's all I've been watching. I haven't been watching that much. I've been watching one other thing. I remember what is it. The final season Vikings. Ooh Time it's a good show. I saw the very first season is in of it on history channel back in the day and I hadn't followed up after Um they're all on prime minus the final season which transferred over to as an Amazon thing. Do they own history. It's still on history channel. Just the seasons one through five all free on Brian Okay. How many seasons other six th that are in the six hundred okay? Maybe I'll watch that. I've heard good things. That's a pagoda. It's a huge fan of Vikings. Yeah so all right so we're going to go and we should have talked about this earlier. We never did. You haven't faced any our our main topic of the night an hour and twelve minutes. It is we're going to do our top. Ten game shows vision. Game shows post game. Show our twelve hundred excited no stopping. I'm excited about it because we'll have to cruise through. I love game shows. I did I did too and We asked Alex was going to be on. And we had no idea where we're going to do and it's the first thing you jump to. So why because I've had them done for months because What are the game show fanatic? No I think I've throughout the idea at one point and then you guys said episode. That was the first thing you jump jumped to game shows if we want to be and I guarantee you what we said was it would be a great topic for Davidson up again and then we actually were going to do it. They even yeah and he chickened out. We've been calling him calling him calling him ignores US sends us to other messages. I don't know I feel like three months ago. We talked about it. And we're going to do it so I was doing drinking with how they're at the bar through list down Nice. Well I'm ready for it because I love game shows and game shows have been a huge part of my life. I've everybody's lives every bit as a kid. Especially you're really gonNA game shows but then a little thing happened and like when I was in high school we got Prime Star satellite television. Okay the pre game show network. Yeah the precursor to direct TV and the game game show network and I feel like that was a game changer no pun intended. It was because I was opened up to a whole new world of like seventies and sixties game shows that you know I never had seen before but we're just absolutely amazing I just watched them all and a whole bunch of new. A lot of them were shitty but like a new game shows. That weren't very good but you have always been a huge fan of game shows now. We should talk about so we decided on our wheel rules. Rules here yeah. We've got some rules so we obviously have regular game shows where you're trying to answer questions and win a prize. But then there's also elimination game shows right to where you are battling against their challenging another against another Persian to either eliminate them. I am or not be eliminated yourself on the show towards a goal of winning a prize. Correct we are going to include those news in this Soltau reality. Elimination shows are included. What we have decided to exclude our talent competitions American idol x factor Hell's kitchen things like that anything that you're you're still competing but your The competition requires a specific doc. Talent in order to do that and it's not playing a game talent oriented. What about face off on Scifi? I don't know what that's where they do. I do Hollywood makeup. I Know Nicholas Cage movie. Yeah Nicholas Creative in an Giang. It's called what about Rupaul drag race. Uh No it's a like America's not next forces themselves with drag Queens. Oh I thought it would be Rupaul. All drag racing John Force ultimate head to head battle heavy. I shook his hand. That's a another one of my friends that was in the army with me. John Ericsson. He's into racing. He does drag racing and stuff You know them real well because pictures with his daughter seems like a really great. Yeah of course no but no that would not count because like okay. They're not running America's next top model. None of those count. Those are talent. Competent challenge oriented. Yes So we will start at number ten we also real quick. Have five more. We're going to do so. We do. Have the top fifteen. But we'll give you our five honorable mentions going to give you the meat and potatoes. Give your top ten. But if you want to hear honorable mentions you go to Patriot dot dot com slash snarf comics and subscribe and you will get additional content additional podcasts script pages from our comic books. Yes you get stickers. NJIT shirts whatever we have all different levels. You can subscribe at but to access the bonus podcast material. You need to subscribe at the five dollar monthly level. This'll be the third set of Honorable Mentions we've put out in three weeks. Yeah so we're we're getting we're getting to a guys we're cranking on this stuff bully we we have a bunch of trump's right now and we appreciate you every day. Alex Alex all right number ten. Start Chris. I will start okay. My number ten is Hollywood squares. Hollywood squares I've just always liked to show just for the humor. Yeah so funny. I mean that's all it is. It's just a show place for funny. COMEDIANS medians celebrities yet. You be ridiculous. One hundred percent and none of it really matters other than that. And I I always loved Gilbert Godfrey on their Betty White was on their lives. So it was a big over the centers where a lot of times older. Everyone's let's go back that shows since the sixties what's The really flamboyant older gentlemen that always word like warlike. Oh Yeah Close Elton. John No remember him. He's hilarious. Yeah it was like a shiny coat and I know who you're talking talking about. He was very flamboyant had like white hair and would like throw like yes glitter. You don't be an ad. Hollywood squares is this billy eichner. He would be a lutely phenomenal love. Billy eichner on this billy on the street. He's great. You're I know who you're talking about. He was in the end and won the jackass movies and he was throwing the Confetti and the boats. Probably I don't know I never watched jackass movies. Alright Alex you're number ten number ten is when you hear the beep. Don't forget all the fun you can have on supermarket sweep. ooh supermarkets wanted to go on. That show is a kid that was the afterschool the school school. It's recently on Amazon. I've been watching them. Yeah I've been watching the kids. They love it. I love it so good. It's is not quite what I remembered but I still enjoy. I never understood why people didn't just run down the aisles and five things I feel like I could arm down and just I know you have to have I know I know. It's gotta be five things. Does it have A. There's a limit a FI. I didn't know that but still like go to the Medicine Edison. I'll just like I don't understand it. I feel like I could feel arlene up the other day because we were trying to figure out whether or not the show was filmed in a studio studio or in an actual grocery store. Now it's in a studio. They built old grocery store. One Hundred Guy's grocery games. Okay because we looked it up but I can't remember what we found out now. It's built studio that brought the products into well anyway. Yeah I love that all those Hams. That is really number. Ten is also going to be kind of a little bit of a throwback to my childhood and it is a game called double dare W Ooh. I used to watch that after school all the time it was a nickelodeon show And but when it came onto the game show network for Awhile to see. I never really watched that show because when it was on we didn't have cable so I would only see it in hotels. Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah and I did love hotels. It was so fun it was family oriented and there was like families that would compete against each other or just kids competing against each other. There was always some sort of liquid dropped on people. Oh yeah was that the one where they climbed through the nose yes you. That's what I was just going to climb through the big mills and there'd be boogers all in it. It was like the perfect it kid game show watch and I watched it a lot. I'm always a big nostalgia guy and that is why it's number ten. Yeah great show. So we're on number. My number nine is I don't know if you guys will have it on your list okay. It was a little game. Show on comedy decentral Call Win Ben. Stein's money loved it. I hope that it's like a it's like a jeopardy but but a little bit better. Yeah but you have to go up against definitely a comedy. Oh Yeah for sure and a little unknown name Jimmy Kimmel Joseph. What's that after? Probably after the man show yeah it was during during a really win Ben. Stein's money was on like in nine late nineties early. Two thousand thousand eighty seven. Yeah something like that so it could have been right around the end of it. I guess yeah but I always love that show. I Love Ben. Stein I thought is dry. I sense of humor. Great Yeah and it cracked me up. Every time I watched it apparently at one six daytime emmy awards really. Yeah and out coach Jimmy Kimmel one outstanding game show host award in nineteen ninety nine. No kidding so that was my number nine. When Ben Stein's Monterey Hey rip Taylor? Who did he know? Ben Stein's was a speech writer for Nixon. Now I think it was Reagan. Johnson was a Republican. I think it was Reagan or Bush. I knew I did know that might have been Bush senior. I knew he was in the White House for a while as a staffer. Your number nine Alex. Fear factor fear factor. I forgot about that cockroach feed off. That building was not outta factor. Joe Rogan. Yeah screaming his head off. I never watched a lot of fear factor. I'M NOT GONNA lie. He used to. I did had a lot. I do remember though. I remember one where they drank. Donkey your yet. Yeah and you show. Oh so joe. Rogan talks about this on this podcast. He said maybe I didn't see you just heard on the podcast. Could've been but he talked about it. He said you know what ended that show show. He's an went to crazy like the it. This was like the remake when they were coming back Nixon by the way Ben Stein. That's what I did really think that makes them anyway. Anyway he He said they did that. Stunt were they drank this Donkey Semen and he said after that he he realized like we can't do this. I can't like this. That went through so many levels of management and people like you says that any said that hidden. I'm in production meetings and whatnot. Everything was just getting so ridiculous like you had to one up the next one the next one the next one and then that one comes up and you're like well first off. Why are we doing this and second off like what are you GonNa do? That's worse than this from this moment on and Joe was like I. I don't WanNa part a bit. So he stepped out and then the show kind of failed after that but yeah rightfully so I honestly I'll watch tarantulas and BS. He's on your face. I don't WanNa see that any. Yes sorry I cannot hide you know so you liked act that show. Yeah but the ninth best about nine eight above it might number line is a show. That's relatively new new And I don't even think it's on anymore I don't they tried to make a comeback but it's called the deal or no deal deal or no deal. I liked that show a lot. Because there's a lot of the suspense there when it comes area much so yeah opening that was like a huge huge hit like millions and millions and billions unions of your. Yeah I I so when it first came out though I was like. I don't need to watch that. I wasn't really big into the the game show trend at that point. And then I sat down star watching the show and I was like caught like drawn in you know and I wanted to see more liked it. I liked the style of the game. I like what she had to do. Is I always loved about that. Game like Howie Mandel to would. I always loved game is Real yeah it was Howie Mandel. Oh no I was thinking Wayne Brady to now. No he did he might have come back to make a deal There that's right. That's why they can dealer near deals was the Seattle. Yeah I mean I get it now. If you go to any arcade at the water park in Wisconsin dells in the mall. Have a dealer no deal all game And your kids will put all their money into that. Sure sure to ticket and they'll get no ticket every time it's the worst good game there is really anyway. What I loved about? The game was like the eighteen million different ways that you can think about in quantify like how the game works. You could run mathematical equations in your head to try and figure out like what should I pick here which I do. That's not necessarily the right. Wait isn't you know I'm just saying like there's just a lot of aspects to it. Yeah I thought that was cool and then there's also the mystery of what the Banker Guy's GonNa do. Oh and you completely have to guess at the cases started off so go to Vegas. There's a lot of deal or no deal. They're really six game slot machine type. I'm sure and like that's how you know you've had a successful game show when there's absolutely Louis Number eight yes. Mine isn't a similar vein to that kind of the first one that blew up the all new world of game show. I know what it is. Who wants to be? Yeah I am Regis Philbin. Ni- that shows WEAP- The nation. Ah Did and I watched it and loved it and they were super suspenseful and I always. We would all questions right and I could've sworn that that would be great at the game. Yes until the one that they always lose on is like the one you always lose absolutely and we all as a family would sit down and watch that show when it came on at night. It was a prime time show was like the biggest thing time Iran Hugh White Awhile and I remember watching the first guy that won a million dollars and everybody was like freaking out about it. 'cause a guy finally won a million dollars and then a few few more obviously one after that but I remember seeing the first one and it was a big deal and it was like a family event loved it. I loved that show. I think there's also a lot of vegas lots of you betcha. I'll I'm sure midday show for a while with Meredith Vieira abner after regis. Yeah my My Dad used to get mad at me. You watched it. 'cause I'd answer the question. That's not the answer and then I'd be how. How do we just covered in class like two days ago? You're in fifth grade okay. But it was like seven plus four. Why do you why do you think they made the TV shows a fifth grader? And it's really odd that The other day some old guy told me a joke was laying in bed with the wife the other night. We were watching. Who wants to be a millionaire? You WANNA have sex. She said no I said. Is that your final answer. She said yes and I said I think we got a phone a friend I saw. I ah saw that. That's not that funny number eight. Alex likes the password is spur. Talk Password Hazard. That's a classic. Just that's why it's on my list. It's it was an iconic connick show I can remember game show network tune in Yep I watched it all the time I love Password and they redid it recently right. There's a new version of Passover. Now I'm more of the vintage gameshow upset because the those vintage hosts could get away with all kinds of everything. The One guy who I'm sure at some point we'll talk about. I was in the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. Oh Richard Dawson. Yeah the running man. Yeah that one Richard Dawson. He should be able able to just kiss every woman that was on his show. Other like Standard Wink. Martindale was like every game show. I don't remember it was a bunch of Richard Dawson's the one I remember from. Oh Yeah Richard Dawson would've like five. Yeah what who was the guy. We'll get password either but yeah. I Love Password. Wink Martindale was he did like tons and tons. I think he'd be. I'd like jokers wild and all these different games anyway Jerry. You're number. Eight number eight is survivor ever survivor. This is this is there was a little bit of question. There was a little bit of a game. Show is a reality show. So Rama in here is my argument. Human is that the overall show is a game. You're playing in entire game for a while to win it so it is is an elimination game. Show it's definitely a limiting we started. We decided to add. Elimination game. Shows and survivors might number eight. Because it's a and on top in every episode. There's an elimination challenge. That's based around a game. A game of some kind of main game to see who the winner is which would then Deichmann community. Yes but it could also propel your chances forward in winning the overall game and there's a lot of strategy to survivor. Yeah there is. It's actually a strategy game mm-hmm really for sure that's one hundred percent is and it's so fun to watch. I like watching that. It was a original reality. TV show game. I've really only ever seen one season. Really the one with the older naked gay to the first season The Guy He'll yeah Richard Richard yet. He that's the only season I've ever come back so many times. Yeah he's back up and there's one coming up in a couple of weeks they're starting A. It's like a a winner champions silence survivor thing where they're bringing them all to one island. Pick it up. It's you should watch it. Twenty years going. Oh man for so long crazy and I love it I really really do. I don't know why I don't get to watch it that often because I have lost all of my satellite now just ran away from me. I'm I can't afford it beloved Three it was kind of in the vein. It's not really but I always think I watched it all the time too though for the same reasons but yeah survivor. My number eight love it might number seven is the game. That's made up in the points. Don't matter whose line is it anyway. See I thought of that show. It's definitely game now. Nobody's winning anything points. Don't matter but it's still a game. Show is Improv. Perhaps comedy it's not a game going again. It's structured as a game show it's structuring. It is a game show gives. This is a winner at the end. It's structured as like an Improv class. An IMPROV game show. But there's clearly a game show or winning there is a game. The whole thing's the game I ever drew. Carey wants to pick that up and there's a winner at the end but see that games teams are made other than the points don't match Carey. Show was the only time that that saying ever became a thing. That's but he wasn't the original host. It was originally a British show that I never said it's the game show. Point points are made up in the right or the whatever the Games are made up in the points right right same thing with the brought it back for a little while yes they did with Wayne Brady the host. No it was I see Wayne Brady live at the reality. Juliet when I was in school really was amazing isn't it I Asia Tyler. Yes he should names. But you're really get it. No I think it counts and it's my number seven but greeted US green light show one hundred percent love that that was another show that would the town and watch at night. My Dad would like fall out. Yeah Brady Wayne. Brady was the best at the end because he'd always do those songs and everybody was like waiting at home like to see what song he was going to believe. Elif very good. Nothing has been funny in a long time. I don't know if anything has ask now. It has to be honest. Your number seven Alex jeopardy jeopardy. Wow that's how long that is a stunner. I like other shows better. I mean it's fine just back my window you know what is jeopardy quiz show ultimate quiz. It is it is the ultimate quiz show did you have you been watching the greatest based champion series primetime. Why have sort of that? We had a whole text back. We were live tweeting texting each other and connection this right. Now that's exactly what we were saying Davidson. It was intense. It was intense and Ken Jennings has always been my favorite loved contestants. Amazing think of jeopardy forever. That's the guy that like. Beat the computer and Austin Watson. IBM's Watson but it is a computer. Give him a break. He won the tournament of champions. He did he is the greatest champion of all time and an extra back. Who is we don't know this might be his last season so he's having massive medical issues? Isn't it got terminal Pancreatic Cancer Answer. Yeah it's like stage for is not not not good for him but Yeah it'll probably be his last season but anyway I've loved jeopardy entire life. I still watch it and let's Alex can talk about this show. I need to talk about them. I'm good we just gave all your answers for pretty much podcast. I'm just here. It's your puzzle that I did. I had nothing else going on so so my number. Seven seven is win. Ben Stein's money. Oh Nice I honestly wrote this down and I wanted to say in the last when you brought ended up. But I didn't WanNa say that I had it on my list is that I thought right off the bat like nobody's GonNa have this on their list. I loved the show. I really thought nobody would have have it on their list but I did. I absolutely loved it Ben. Stein was hilarious. How dry he was They did it was still a game show on the fact that they were always strange French. They were answering questions for certain amount of money up like jeopardy If they didn't answer I remember if they didn't answer in the form of a question and they did it three three times they'd have to wear a dunce cap And then they were like made fun of for a while. It was hilarious Ben Stein is apparently only a very smart individual. Oh Yeah it's a good show love your seven my number six. It is American gladiators that is a game show to game show. Aw Sure Yeah I love that. I loved it. Everybody in the world. Their favorite part was the tennis ball. Yeah Oh yeah yeah for sure that course I thought this was before we had this And you weren't in this because you don't have an iphone so I could not text you because I had no service service so I was texting message. Okay Jerry. I was trying to determine what was and wasn't a game show so I kept giving him examples and at one point. Jerry gots annoyed enough by me at me. He basically said he's like I'm not going to answer the question awesome. This is how he sounded in my head. I'm not going to answer every single game show in the world. I got better things to do. I didn't say better things to do but I did say I'm not going and like I sit here. I'm not going to sit here and answer every game show for you. You sound game just like also this is what ause giving a breathing treatment. I I mean it was a very hostile tex-mex I would've been. I probably would have been censored you did. Say I don't think we I. I said I don't think we need to sit here at answer. Figure out every game show that's ever existed. But I was trying to figure out a specific game show without telling you the game show which was American gladiators yes American Ninja Warriors. You did and that's when I ignored it was like all right. I don't care about that show I said I have one in the same realm of that that I think is better than would beat all of them which was my survivor. Okay I don't. I think you just need to quit putting rules rules on your list clearly. According to our thing that game it's it's a show and it's also limitations elimination so accounts and I love the American gladiators. I watched it nonstop and I wish it was on every single day. I wish it was on now. This is blaze. American Ninja Warrior is not as good as I know. It's not even close laser just saying this blaze this laser and this blazer dodgeball. I know but it's making fun of gladiators American gladiators because that's what their names were. All the six the six original American gladiators were Malibu lace lace race. I just I just closed the thing on accent thunder storm Gemini. Lightning man ZAP nitro. tro- he was. I remember remember. Saudi three-month rewind sunny. What about like forearm lab? They brought it back in the two thousand with kids they did. Yeah but anyway American gladiators Levin show. That's my number six and LX Nighthawk press your luck. Oh Oh no women no women and rebuilt of whammy originally press your luck and if you guys ever seen the documentary of the guy who who beat press your luck they talk about it on the gold birds do they ask. They do something Frank Right. I think I don't tally. Halley Endo no no not him. Here's he literally. That was the strategy my watch on co-ord- episodes rose by well. He memorized the patterns of where the squares would move and he knew how quickey had react to get it to move whoa to go to the spot that would pay him the most money or the prize that he wanted and he just kept doing it. He memorized the patterns all spots for it and he just hundreds of thousands of dollars so it just came back this year again they browse the nineteenth eighteen. It was revived. That's fine I'll take. It was it Paul Michael Larsen. I don't know maybe it's hosting now by Elizabeth is with banks really bank so she's like a huge everything like a heart term It is made by Bob Barker studios reviews and yet the original host was I actually thought week Martindale host. I think I'm wrong no I. I wasn't even told about Tom. Larkin Yeah I love. Press Your Luck Peter to the market. But I was saying Paul Michael Larsen was the guy who you beat my game. He won one hundred and ten thousand two hundred thirty seven dollars equivalent to two hundred seventy one thousand dollars in two thousand nineteen. It's the largest one day total of her one on that game show. That's crazy now. I love press your luck totally in the bag. I agree with you all all right Jerry. Mine number six is it. I have six as Hollywood squares. Nice I loved that show so much laughed at it a lot. I liked the setup of it and it was. It is a comedy show There was a winner. People did win and I I. I don't know I liked it. I used to watch it. That was one of the main shows. I used to look for on the game show network after we got it was I'd flip through the channels and if I saw Hollywood squares on aren't you I'm watching it. We're GONNA watch that before. Love Boat Kicks Off your shortly. Mind my number five. We're in the real world top five sharing some time wheel of the pets. I'm not actually huge lafortune fan but I got to pay respect man. You're not a huge fan of wheel of fortune. I like it anytime I've watched it but I don't seek it out but I gotta pay respect. Where do I mean it's one of the big game shows of all time and it is probably the biggest testing in Las Vegas everywhere you go? It's just wheel of surgeon. I have to tell the story when it comes to wheel fortune. It's one of Amy's favourite games. She loves Sushi's very good at it. She's always been very good. I'm pretty good too while she was in labor with grant Getting ready to push wheel of fortune was up on ATV in the room and she solve the puzzle as they're like. What is this prepping? The area getting ready to have have a child and she's yelling out like solving a puzzle for wheel of Fortune. And I remember like cracking up laughing. And our doctor was in there Dr Cosmic Zach and we both looked at each other. It's pretty impressive. For a small soldiers that was on small. Soldiers was on toys like that show. I watched the whole movie during the pushing. Okay Anyway Alex. Your number five top match game match game. Richard Dawson and Charles Nelson Dan Riley sitting there wiggling glasses. He was a character he was say. The Lee absolutely loved the match game do you. We might talk about. Oh I wonder where that came whenever that is Yeah I'm sure this could you good. That's old mine. Number five is a pretty simple one. But it's a great one family feud family what a classic and you know what I don't mind I don't mind the Steve Kerr prices right Bro. That that don't know the prices right. That's I don't mind the Steve Harvey Jersey Great Great. I don't think the new version is bad at all on the originals. Very good and then I don't. Who Was it after the original guy the inputs ray ray he killed themselves? Oh that's sad. It was originally Richard Dawson race race. The guy from Home Improvement Plato. That was after though. Yeah Oh yeah. That's who I'm thinking. He also killed himself no no he did. Not He's alive and Kickin. Richard Louie Anderson hosted for awhile. I remember Louie Anderson did for awhile. I didn't watch Louie Anderson. Much harm was the guy's name number one was Richard Dawson number. Two is ray combs rates. The Guy Kill Guy I remember from my child. Yes I remember him as well because he hosted the show until one thousand nine hundred ninety nine thousand nine hundred eighty eight until nineteen ninety four. He died in nineteen eighty six after hanging himself in the closet of Glendale Adventist Medical Center owner where he's being observed size depression though Yup taking over for him with Louis Anderson and then it was. Richard Karn After that he succeeded Patrick Duffy on game show network's Bingo America Patrick Duffy. After that it was James or Hurley from seinfeld lanes boss from say. Oh Yeah I don't I don't remember all from two thousand thousand six to two thousand ten. Wow that's been Steve Harvey ever since man. I don't remember it's not a family show more no no L. But I actually think I'd like see almost as he's ideal is is very very good at it I liked Louie Anderson too. I think it is like a classic. Thank all time show That you know how many people have said survey says yeah. No it's great you know. They're in their life. I it it will go down in history as one of the best. I think it's the fifth best of all time. Was it the. It's got to be close to the longest running. Oh it's been around for since nineteen seventy we six. Yeah I think we'll forty four which is fairly few. Oh boy no I love family feud and everything back. Probably seen every Richard Dawson episode. First off have you really. I wash it like crazy ray. Combs is what I remember the most from my childhood but then once you got game show network. They play the Richard did. Yeah all I remember that I watched all your real Hansie where I kinda started driving match game in Facie. We're kind of started dropping off with was with Richard Karn although he was good. He's fine. Is that the guy from from. I liked him. And I've kind of picked it up from Steve Harvey. I don't watch the show but it's become like a youtube sensation. Yeah absolutely is and there's a guy that I used to work with Dresden. The other place that used to work He would go home every single day. As soon as he left work He would go home and watch family feud and then judge Judy. And that's every single day. That's what he did. That's a weird life. Got To have a plan. I mean his kids were out of high school. He had nothing else to do what he did. Alex your number four. Who wants to be millionaire? Who wants to be Regis version? Not The mayor thanks. What about the from slumdog millionaire because it was like the Indian version no I want the? US This is America it it was it was no. You're right I loved that easing movie slump. A that was a movie that was requests told to me by David Simmons and he. He is a Patriot subscriber. Thank you MAZING movie. He told me that that I needed to watch it. That was a worldwide me phenomenon. Huge that game show but yeah regis was the prime time. Do you remember the guy who went the entire show. Didn't use one single lifeline till the million dollar question. The only recalled his dad. Paul His dad's. I don't need anything I just want to let you know I'm GonNa win a million dollars the first guy. That's what I was thinking when I was talking about. I don't know if he was the first one but he might have been. I thought it was crazy that people that went out early on easy questions. And then you get like hard questions that you would right now. And you're like what yeah. How do you not know that? Uh So aggravating saying they threw a Lotta tough questions in the milestones of course because those are like like your checkpoints. Yes they've points almost Yeah so so they did so my number four also who wants to be a millionaire is a I loved it like I said my family would sit down and watch the show as soon as it would come on and I couldn't wait for it and then they'd have sometimes they'd have those specials where they'd run two hours in a row well Those were my jams those nights Love it as well. My number three is the match. ooh I absolutely love the match game. I was addicted. This when the game show network came out and watch the the old episodes and how like you just know that you shouldn't be watching it as a kid right and it's super dull humor Definitely and I haven't watched any of the new the ones I've only watched like the old ones with whatever that guy's name Eddie White was on that to allow us I don't know I'm pretty sure. She was on match game a lot. But I absolutely I love that game and What was the guy's name that was like the host Richard Dawson? No he was the host. Now he is gene Rayburn burn. Oh that's right. He was kind of a goofy looking dude with the big yeah law microphone and the new one is Alec the bald women he is. It's actually pretty good at a little bit gene Rayburn was the host. Yeah yes no. I absolutely love that show. And it's my number three Alex Tree. The price is wrong. Bob The price is wrong bitch crisis right Perennial Classic Summers as a kid everyday. Yeah ten o'clock clock right. What about find teasing days single? Who is phrases right? Oh Yeah yes I love it for sure sick days as from work right now prices right but it's great. I used to love watching it guessing. The dollar amounts everything. Yeah get your there was also A. There's a documentary about the price is right about somebody like cracked a formula for that. Show memorize yes. It's really good. Memorize the the the prices of each item. Because they weren't changing them and I watched the documentary. Yes super good is verizon. HBO But Yeah so mine. Number three is wheel of fortune. Yeah Law the four. It's classic we watch it basically every night. 'cause grady has become Marley. Love area awesome so we have the the letters the letters game. Yeah we'll phenomenal. I do think it's amazing that they've had the exact same host in the entirety of the show and host. And what's interesting ladder essay letter. Turner owner she looks pretty yesterday. Sixty something years. I just recently saw an episode of wheel of Fortune. Where Vana was the host up up top? The it was not good. I have nothing against her whatsoever. It just was not show. It wasn't in. It felt weird patsy. Jack is got the perfect amount of creepy impervious. Mommy humor the perfect model also relatively like thrown out of Hollywood because he's a conservative. Well didn't he had a stroke. I mean I did not know. I think that's why event hosted he had. I think he had a stroke like like a bad one. Something something happened where he couldn't. This is where you say. Is there a good one. There's something happened where he couldn't couldn't host the show for a while so van and took over and it was like a whole thing. There's different strokes do ooh. There are no good strokes or bad strokes. There's just stroke put about three three stroker's that's a stroke number two. It would be only yeah. That was my number stock at the prices right. Sorry the price is right. Is your number two number two. I love Bob Corker but I still love drew Carey. I really ready to actually think drew Carey Better I just love the show. I haven't really changed or edited Games. I love the mountain climber game combined. Clamor Games phenomenal little obsessed assist with the plink. Oh I would love to play blink. Oh I think it's great but man that's like the worst game to win money on but you have the best chances of winning the most do. Yeah it's all on higher little disks fall well you place them in the right spot. You need to do the putting game and I know how to place my desk because if you can guess if you can guess you know the toaster and the Spaghetti O's and then the the dry shampoo bottle If you can place those right you're GONNA get forty line to the whole. Be Able to just PUTT for the win manned habit in yeah I I love it. I love the price is right. That's number two LX wheel of fortune. We ellipoid charter every slot machine in Vegas. It's honestly I've never never played it because usually can't find an open wheel of fortune game do you gotTa Stabber Guy to get that wheel. Yeah that's true but anytime you walk into a casino. There's like big wheel of fortune machine. Yes if it's if it's what six o'clock six thirty six thirty is on the show and I'm not currently watching anything and I'm waiting for where we're a one hundred percent watching wheel of fortune. The cats situations happening in our house. That's that's what I signed. It's either that actually eat dinner to wheel of fortune. A lot of mets. We do too to do the same thing. That's funny mid Western. We're like we're not old grandparents. Who are in their nineties? My grandmother just passed away but every single day like clockwork like they better be angry. They missed wheel of fortune. Really yes I mean when that's what you look forward two in the day we'll engine then don't then you build them all right but they're not wheel. They didn't care that much they really like will afford my number. Two is the prices right because it is the second greatest show of all time. If you weren't watching the price is right when you were homesick. It's or SM during the day or in general at home and you're not watching the price. This is right your wrong. You've had a terrible childhood yet. A terrible life or you're really sick when I got I bet a dollar. Learn more than those assholes two dollars. Yep It was It's a great show. There's like multiple aspects to the show where you have the you. You know the people up front trying to battle to get on wheel. Yes sleep empty the showcase showdown. It's amazing it's an amazing amazing like the way it's put together always past the showcase showdown always pass. Always you always pass. But you have to be the person that's on the most money so far so you know what if you've got a crap prize though because some people get crappy prize. A lot of the prices are crap prices like all right. Here's you want you get a new dining room. I'm set with a shoe buffer. I don't want any of that Salomon face. Then the next guy got two brand new like jettas you know you got to guard who of them Jetskis to Jeddah jetskis that came out only in Germany and eighty four and those were both were like fifteen thousand a piece in. You just gave me the cherry dining room table set with a shoe buffer that I cherry leto right that you'd pay six grand for. I can't win. A can't be the highest showdown. It's a flaw. I know both number one. Oh my number one. We're going to get a number one we got Two minutes left. We're right on right on. My number one is just party. Everybody loves jeopardy jeopardy. It's the sheer all time here. Just let me say my number one and then when Jerry says the number one you can talk about jeopardy we can just talk about. What's your number one family? I am not coming if we'll origins over and we're still got nothing special turn on. I WANNA say there's nothing better than the final feud. Oh yeah I mean I agree. I watched somebody the other day. Come back from Lake. They had like seventy points in the first person and the second person came back and they got they want by one point really the last online. That's so fun to watch and it was one that I'm like that as even make any sense had like sixty sixty two to be honest. Those moments are why we watch game shows. Yeah every single super exciting. Yeah Jerry sorry well hey sorry you said likes reports for people. That aren't good sports. You're right it really is. It's some sort of competitive thing that you can be involved with that you don't have to do anything physical because as I can't do anything physically you laughing. I honestly thought you guys had a pause. That's why I said. Hey jury so I was GonNa ask you what your number one was. I didn't know you're interested in talking about my number. One is also sorry. I love jeopardy. I loved it since I was in high school. Oh Yes yes absolutely. I don't watch it everyday. I don't record it. I Know David. C DOT require yes Mr Seething top he records it and I have recorded it before before. I haven't recently but I watch it as often as possible in Ca- it's so fun it's so challenging to its first of all it's challenging and it's very challenging and it's like so exciting when you know the answer's yes absolutely and in like I'm pretty good at. It's more exciting when you and whoever ever else is in the room are actually trying to compete against each other exciting. When you're just beating the pants off of somebody that knows no trivia right that has no brain whatsoever? And that's what usually happens when I'm in the room. Sherve of course it does because a little trivia. Well we're going to have to pledge lead jeopardy should be that should be. I was thinking about that driving here. They should be one of your guys podcasts. Because you guys got four mics now right we do so what jeopardy battle I was just Trivia Trivia night. We don't have of eight microphones while we have the capability of this. So do do you have to have the microphones you mean dude. dudes he's worthless. He's banned from the podcast for an eternity. He's banned from the podcast. or You just have one guest the host and it's Trivia for you to against each other for all the marbles It would be good to have multiple multiple people but we just can't do dude because he's banned for life right until he learns microphone. Disciplined bad microphone discipline as band makes our job harder. Sorry Much Oh no apology. I'm allowed persons. Doing you have must have no issue with your microphone. Microphone Discipline All right. So that's our top ten pat. The Soda is what we've come to find out that jeopardy's the best game ever known to man. Your family feuds good but I mean your list my on his list on our own I think a lot of people will agree with most of our selections. I don't think it's easy to argue what we've picked but now I got got some more flyers out there in my honorable. Mentions as what we do too and guys. If you're interested in this you're going to head over to patriots dot com slash comics to get our honorable mentions because that's in our patriotic exclusive lines. Yes yes yeah. And that's where you got to be if you want to access that kind of content so head on over to patriots dot com slash SNARF comics and sign up and be paycheck subscriber and get access to a whole new of content. That was very good. That was good. And we got new t shirts stickers. COMING OUT WE'VE GOT NEW PODCAST coming out Patriot on at least a couple of times a month we got script pages. We got art coming up. We got all kinds of amazing. Lots of stuff and we go. That's all stuff. This is a lot the contents of a big deal year. Content Machine Alexander's great having any thoughts I didn't P. This episode. Not didn't it very good second. You turn it off your bathroom what I call you. You know what I call that broke in no. I'm bursting over here. Tell you that right now. I talked to this week. I've been Chris Jerry I'm Alex thanks guys to see you. yeah the

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